Disappear & Re-Appear!

Disappear & Re-Appear

by MR Valentine

Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

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After watching the CBS series Hunted I decided to write this book as I have decided to DISAPPEAR & RE-APPEAR!


Actually I like challenges and new frontiers and this DISAPPEARANCE act is an ULTIMATE one and then top it off with RE-APPEARING! Plus it does not take “rocket science” to see we are living in DANGEROUS times in especially the United States. First I am not a Democrat or a Republican as I am a long time card-carrying Libertarian like my former news colleague John Stossel. So, for the record, I voted for Gary Williams and Warren Weld.

Several of us have been looking at other places to live. I have been looking at the US Virgin Islands and Belize. My friend David and his girlfriend just returned from a whirlwind trip through South America and they liked Uruguay.

However before we talk about these countries I want to lay some ground work for wherever you DISAPPEAR!

As you may know I teach SITUATIONAL AWARENESS through my Templar Commandos business along with ESCAPE & EVASION.

I can assure you that at least 95% of especially today's young Americans are NOT practicing Situational Awareness! They are moving about like Zombies in a trance glued to their smartphone screen! They are like the equally UNAWARE Cherokee NC casino attendees I saw glued to their slot machine screens! You could have fired a cruise missile across that room and most would have NEVER known it! What is so ironic is that the original Cherokees were EXPERTS in Situational Awareness!

So what is Situational Awareness? It’s real simple – it is being TOTALLY AWARE of your surroundings and what is occurring in them!

Are you aware when you get out of your vehicle at especially a convenience store that there is most likely a crew of carjacking experts in cities like Atlanta just waiting for the opportunity? Here is how they operate:

One watches as you get out of your vehicle to see if you are on your smartphone and most likely NOT paying attention to your surroundings. As you move away from your vehicle while you are pumping gas most likely to hear what the other person is saying, thief #1 unhooks the hose from the vehicle. Thief #2 sneaks around to the UNLOCKED driver’s door and quickly “hot wires” the vehicle or possibly the occupant is dumb enough to keep it running! Or better yet they just wait till you go into the store as most will do!

So now you know to LOCK your vehicle when going into the convenience store!

Also if they see that you are looking around and spot them they will not choose your vehicle!

Another place most of you are UNAWARE is while shopping in a mall. You decide to have lunch in the food court. You most likely have packages so you put them down while ordering.


You take your packages to the concierge desk and have them watch them while you eat!

Okay now you are free of the packages; however you put your purse over the chair back.


You first NEVER sit near the traffic lanes passing through the food court. Also you place your purse in your lap!

Now you are in the parking lot with an arm full of packages. You try to unlock the vehicle and place the packages inside the trunk or even inside the vehicle.


You go out to your vehicle and get in while observing what is going on. ALWAYS have your keys placed in between your FINGERS and in a fist with them protruding.

Now you pull up to the entrance of the mall where the concierge is waiting with your packages to place them in the vehicle.

You are jogging ALONE!


NEVER do that and take a lesson from the young mothers murdered and kidnapped in California recently! ALWAYS jog in a group and LOCKED AND LOADED with weapon VISIBLE! I now carry a military style baton like Jack Reacher used and so did my Dad as MP for General Patton. When I am walking along Highway 64 I have that baby twirling menacingly in my hand. Most of the vehicles now pull FAR over into the next lane. They think I am carrying some short rifle or shotgun as they see me!

Okay I am hoping you are getting the picture about SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. Later we will discuss ESCAPE & EVASION.

Okay let’s get back to changing your name.

Why would you do it? You are getting married or divorced.

Another reason is what I have heard of the MAGIC with names!

How many Hollywood stars are using their birth name?

Not many!

Why? There are numerous reasons. Some were born with names that are too difficult for the fans to remember. Some had names that were way too long. And some were just plain boring like mine!

Years ago I heard some New Age psychobabble that said there is POWER and MAGIC in a name. I really don’t know if there is any VALID SCIENTIFIC research to back up these claims but an awful lot of people – in the MILLIONS – have changed their name!

Why did I pick my name – MR Valentine or Mister Valentine?

If my 71 year young memory serves me correctly, there was a cool pre-James Bond TV hero named Mister Valentine in the 1960s. I distinctly remember watching that show and thinking how cool he was especially with the ladies! I was an overweight kid wearing Coke bottle thick lenses who spent most weekend evenings home with my parents!

Contact lenses became a life saver for me; however I still was “high pants Corky” as Corky was my nickname given to me in the hospital by the nurses as there was back when I was born in 1946 a comic strip kid named Corky.

After several attempts to finish college, I did a three-year tour of duty with a Post Newsweek TV/CBS affiliate covering the late 60s drug scene and Civil Rights in the South as an investigative reporter. Then I returned to college finally finishing with a Sociology degree and going to a Midwest college to get a Masters in Advertising and Public Relations.

That led to putting out my PR shingle and being hired by the Original Marlboro Man, the late William Thourlby, to publicize his first book that became a best seller entitled You Are What You Wear.

It was while living in Atlanta that I wrote my first book A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond, appearing on Fox News, CNN and Coast to Coast AM with the legendary Art Bell. I knew I had finally found something I really could be PASSIONATE about – Preparedness and Survival. It also tied in with SpyFest 2003 that I co-produced on the Queen Mary with over 60 TV and film spy stars including 007 George Lazenby, a former member of the CIA’s paramilitary operation and a former KBG general who had just become an American citizen!

I told this to show you how I made the round trip from Mister Valentine TV show to myself leading a cool life teaching at my Templar Commandos and XtremePreparedness businesses!

One of the BEST times to start over and use a new name is in a new location like the US Virgin Islands, Belize, Uruguay, etc.

So how do you make the change?

First, you should make sure of this LIFE CHANGING future life with a new name. Is this just another whim or are you sure? For me it was a very COMFORTABLE feeling and I KNEW it was RIGHT! It felt POWERFUL!

So what is the next thing you need to do after you decide to change your name?

It will vary with each US state and possibly even each county. You want to check to see what are the steps you are going to be taking including paying into the HUNDREDS of dollars.

In general, according to WikiHow, if you are only changing your last name to match your significant other or if you are recently divorced and changing back to your name before the divorce, then it a fairly easy process wherever you are in the USA.

If you are making the name change like I had planned, then the process will be more involved. Here are some guidelines:

*there can be no racial slur, one that incites violence or is just plain offensive

*make sure it is not confusing or involves numbers or punctuations

*make sure you are not using a name related to a celebrity or popular figure

*make sure you are not doing this for fraudulent or illegal reasons like evading the IRS!

Okay you pass this test and so now it is on to Phase 3.

If you are making the change due to a marriage or divorce, you just start using the name after you have:

*taken either your marriage certificate or divorce degree to the court house or possibly you can do it online (you will be asking for help at the court house or online looking for “name of change” petition)

*either way make sure you have: the petition for change of name; order to show cause for change of name; social security card; birth certificate; photo ID, etc.

*the petition for change of name ask general information: present name, proposed new name and reason for the change which will be marriage or divorce

Now if you are doing it like I had planned to, you are going to need the same information; however you will be asked why you are wishing to change your name: don’t like current name (my reason) and changing a name to properly reflect your gender. Also in North Carolina you are required to go through a Federal and state criminal background check and be fingerprinted! Then you are required to send all this to the FBI!

NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR ME! I don’t want these agencies prying into my life anymore than they already do! I will wait till later on and just use it as a PEN NAME as I did here. My Magic Man webmaster Joe gave me another option that I will be pursuing BEFORE leaving North Carolina. He said that I can claim my name as a DBA (Doing Business As) or assumed name.

Next you will most likely be asked to publish the order to show cause for name change in your local newspaper at least once a week for several weeks so possible interested parties will know and even object to the change.

In addition you will now take the information and forms to the courthouse where the clerk of the court will have you sign and date the documents. States like Texas require these documents be notarized and signed in front of the notary before taking them to the courthouse. California requires you to submit the original signed document and two copies.

Remember I said earlier there was most likely MONEY involved in this process. It may be waived but usually runs from $100-200. After paying the fee the clerk will assign you your date in court. If you are in California be prepared to pay $435!

Next will come the hearing before the judge who will review your petition and decide if he/she is going to grant the petition.

Here are some tips that will be favorable to a positive outcome:

*arrive early allowing for an extra 15-20 minutes before your hearing

*make sure you have brought all the copies of the documents and a pen and paper

*as the Scout motto says: BE PREPARED for ANYTHING and remember Murphy’s Law!

*most likely you will be sworn in and say everything under oath

It will usually go smoothly; however the judge could determine your name change violates law or he/she does not agree with your name change. If it does meet the court’s requirements and is granted, then you will receive from the clerk a name change decree!

Next as soon as you can you need to start changing your name with all your legal documents especially regarding your financial ones like your checking, savings, stocks, bonds, real estate, social security, IRS and state taxes, credit and or debit cards, business relationships (partnership and corporate papers), driver’s license or state ID, school, place of work, creditors, attorney, physicians, dentists, mortgage lender, post office, UPS store, etc.

I would advise you make out an EXTENSIVE CHECKLIST and keep checking it especially if you have business partners or a significant other.

Since you are DISAPPEARING you might consider closing out ALL your Social Media sites and not opening new ones! Of course you may be one of those people who can’t live without it!

I will say that those 18 people on the CBS Hunted made their BIGGEST mistake by NOT closing out ALL their Social Media sites especially Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The expert HUNTERS formerly of the FBI, CIA, MI5, White House, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Marine Recon, US Marshals’ Service, NSA, etc. searched the HUNTED’s Social Media accounts FIRST! They were looking for first relatives, fellow employees and friends. Their software would then begin to interconnect these people. Plus then they ran WANTED POSTER ads in the TARGETED area on Social Media!

Even if you close out the Social Media sites, law enforcement can go to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and reopen your pages.

For me I found particularly with Facebook it was wasting my PRECIOUS time! If I am looking for business contacts the LAST place I look is Facebook and Twitter! My site of choice is LinkedIn.

If you are REALLY wanting to DISAPPEAR, then you also want to ditch your computers, laptops, and tablets.

Again don’t make the mistake of just putting them up on eBay or Craig’s list without having an EXPERT clean out the devices! And I do mean an expert! NBC News did a segment on this topic. Just RESETTING your device does NOT clean it! I would suggest your use them as target practice! That is what I threaten to do with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 when I could not get the attention of Customer Service. Believe me when they found out that I was serious and a former CONSUMER reporter planning to make a YouTube video of the target practice the assistant to the President of Samsung USA called me. I got back my money. And this was before the battery problems.

What I am saying is make sure YOU control the cleaning out process!

Several of the HUNTED even left their computers home in the rush to get away to start their 28 days saga to $250,000! Are you kidding me? I would have been mashing them to pieces before I walked out the door and taking the pieces with me until I could find a place to bury them!

Same goes for anything PRINTED that could lead the HUNTERS to you. On that show one of the members of a couple left her desk calendar behind thinking that if she tore off the page with that month’s calendar she would be safe.


Again she should have DESTROYED the rest of the calendar and for sure not left its remains in a wastebasket! It is an old trick taught to spies especially to take a calendar like this one and lightly scratch a pencil over the page.

Voila! What has been written APPEARS on the discarded calendar! And that helped the HUNTERS with figuring out more of the potential people the HUNTED might visit! By the way they were captured!

Carefully check anywhere and everywhere you might have something the HUNTERS could use to find you! By the way I learned that if you are a wanted FUGITIVE (could be because you are wanted by the INFERNAL REVENUE SERVICE or for back child support) the HUNTERS have the RIGHT to enter your place of residence WITHOUT a search warrant!

So what are some other things you need to do as you DISAPPEAR?

According to another article in the VERY helpful WikiHow here are some other things to consider:

*Don’t bank or shop online for several months before you plan to disappear and CLOSE the accounts. Of course again authorities can go look at your previous information if they can successfully get a warrant.

*Delete your information from data mining sites. I am no geek but I did find I can hire an expert to clean out my data and have it permanently REMOVED! However before you hire these experts check to see if the data mining sites offer you a process you can use yourself. The downside to this step is that it is time consuming. My advice this time – hire the EXPERTS!

*It goes without saying do your best to eliminate ID THEFT! True story. One of my deca-millionaire clients had his identity stolen by an employee at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank! It took months of wasted time and HIS money to resolve this nightmare!

So change your passwords OFTEN and make them difficult to figure out! Generously use a PAPER SHEDDER! MEMORIZE your Social Security number like I did within weeks of getting it decades ago! Then keep it in a safe deposit box or safe instead of carrying it.

Here is one I think you are going to really like – pay less money in taxes to the government and keep the government out of your checkbook on April 15th in the USA.

1. Contribute to your 401k or IRA.

2. Don’t pay off your student loans because you can deduct the interest.

3. Buy a house as the market is again making it affordable.

4. Contribute to a charity.

5. Go back to college and take those classes you have wanted to.

6. Save your receipts in a shoebox or better yet in one of those accordion files.

7. Have your taxes done PROFESSIONALLY!

Getting back to banking.

The HUNTED on the CBS Hunted also made a HUGE mistake using ATMs! I am sure you are aware that every ATM is equipped with a CAMERA. Using one just sets up a trail for EVERY place you are traveling! By the way the ones that were caught used ATMs way too often even though they were allowed to use them.

When you are closing out the account, do NOT volunteer ANY information with the so-called friendly banker. Also work the account down to under $5000 as that is the current number for the US Federal government RED FLAG on withdrawals. It might change to a lower figure any time! It could be a good idea to withdraw several hundred dollars out each WEEK for several months before closing it!

If the banker ask why you are closing it out just reply that you found a better bank and leave it at that! Of course they will try to convince you to stay with them. IGNORE them and politely break off the conversation!

Most importantly DISAPPEAR after closing out the bank account/s! So you better have REALLY PLANNED OUT your DISAPPEARING long before you do!

From what I have heard those new wallets that can block counting cash in your wallet seem to work! If you are going to use one make sure it is a HIGH END one. I would also recommend you wrap the money in ALUMINUM FOIL too. This double protection system should work.

Furthermore I would purchase a MONEY BELT hopefully with the anti-counting technology built in and then wrap the money in the aluminum foil!

Of course it goes without saying you need to have your BUG-OUT BACKPACK ready to go after closing out the account/s.

As a Preparedness and Survival consultant I KNOW what you should have in that backpack as I do in mine right beside the bed!

I never really saw what those contestants had in theirs but I would bet they did NOT have the right stuff!

So what is the right stuff?

First it is the RIGHT BACKPACK and that is NOT one of those flimsy Chinese ones from Wal-Mart! I personally use my friend John’s USA MADE Battle Lake Outdoors one that has been tested to hold up to 75 pounds! Of course, you will not be carrying that much weight. This very sturdy backpack will help you avoid broken straps at inopportune times!

Battle Lake Outdoors also makes STRONG STURDY SLACK PACKS unlike those flimsy ones you see at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store. I carry my drawstring one EVERYWHERE and it will be perfect for the little kids to have. Any child 10 and above should have the backpack. In either the backpack or the slack pack should be a Lawson hammock/tent combo.

That brings up SHELTER.

I personally use my friend Wes’ Lawson Hammock that was voted the Number 1 hammock on the Appalachian Trail. It doubles as a hammock and a tent! It is VERY compact and fits nicely in my backpack along with the tree huggers to protect our trees.

Third comes FOOD & WATER for a MINIMUM of THREE DAYS. I use the well-packaged long lasting Survivor Industries food and water ones. This company has been in the business of supplying for disasters since 1983 all over the world. They also have a compact Super Ark package I recommend purchasing that as it has extra goodies you might need in addition to the food and water.

The other experts say you should have a change of clothes and I do; however if you are going to another country like myself you can find clothes to wear there that fit the climate.

I ALWAYS carry the the Sawyer Insect and Snake Bite kit along with their portable water filtration kit that cleans 100,000 GALLONS! I would highly recommend taking a Wilderness First Aid course as well as the standard one. I did and now I can set broken legs in makeshift on-the-spot splints and recognize symptoms of problems you might experience in the wilderness.

I found what is called a Survival Grenade that is the coolest item I have seen in a long time! You can carry it in your backpack or wear it on your belt. If you are traveling on a plane I highly recommend you put it in your backpack as security might think it is a REAL grenade! Here is what this item contains: a wire saw, 45 feet of 550 para-cord, duct tape which surrounds the item, fishing kit, snares, first aid items, water-proof paper and pencil, steel shackle, spring link that can bear weight of 350 pounds, compass, fire starter, cotton balls for tinder, small 15 minute candle, knife blade, 1 gallon Ziploc bag, wind and water proof matches, large needle for sewing, water purification tablets, safety whistle, sheet of aluminum foil for numerous purposes, safety pins, and most importantly water-proof laminated user’s guide.

Another cool item that I carry with me at all times but will NOT have on me when I go through an airport is the Smith’s 10 in 1 item that acts as my keychain with the following: sharp knife blade with excellent locking system which is on the saw blade too, compass attached to para-cord, tweezers, whistle, carbide sharpener, fire starter, removable powerful LED light that has a removable stand, signal mirror, and even storage!

From my personal experience you can NEVER have enough STRONG para-cord so I also wear a braided bracelet of it around my wrist!

Needless to say I will NOT be carrying any firearms in my backpack as I leave from a regular airport! Therefore you will find me leaving from a SMALL private airport or better yet from a marina on a seaplane. Then I will carry my SWAT style semi-automatic shotgun, new 380 Taurus mini pistol, my powerful 1200 feet per second pellet rifle with scope, and the Velocity Archery crossbow that can drop an elephant!

Air rifles and pistols at the right feet per second (fps) can work nicely especially for hunting small animals. I would NEVER use any of these at less than 600 feet per second like my classic Benjamin pump pistol. The drawback with these non CO2 powered weapons is they are SINGLE shot. Therefore NEVER use one in self-defense!

PLEASE if you have not been trained to use ANY weapon get training BEFORE you use it! There are probably both bow and arrow and firearm courses close to you. For instance here with only 35,000 residents in our county, we probably have a half a dozen QUALIFIED firearm instructors! I know we have over a dozen gun stores!

These experts will make your life easier because of this training. Then spend at least ONCE A WEEK practicing with your weapons. Learn to shoot them standing up, kneeling, laying prone on the ground, etc. I had one expert say you were not proficient enough with your weapon till you had fired 500 rounds with each round HITTING your target!

By the way if you are going to a foreign country even like the US Virgin Islands check your gun laws! There in order to be able to OWN one you must be either current or former military or law enforcement or be a gun manufacturer’s representative!

The other BIG mistake the HUNTED made was using their vehicle or public transportation. The HUNTERS are going to know immediately the license number of your vehicle. As it showed on the show almost every major Interstate and even other primary highways have license plate readers now. I have actually witnessed one in action with a DeKalb County patrol car parked on the side of Interstate 85. It is ACCURATELY reading over 10,000 plates hourly! The officer explained to me that when it beeps it has located a vehicle of interest.

In addition to staying off the Interstates you want to avoid toll roads and bridges and HOVs.

Several of the HUNTED had sense enough to abandon their own vehicles and the winners NEVER used their vehicle! If you are trying to get out of the country via the private plane or boat get a person, preferably not related or a friend, to get you there!

I could not believe that one of the couples used a Greyhound bus! Were they not aware that EVERY bus station, train station and subway is covered with cameras? One couple found that even the local fast food restaurant drive-through was covered with a camera.

Talking about cameras the show said Atlanta area was covered with over 12,500 cameras!

So I recommend that you WALK or BIKE and stay away from places that you would expect cameras. Consider also using TAXIS. NEVER rent cars like several of the HUNTED did.

If you are staying in the USA or even if you are moving to another country then you need to learn some of the aspects I teach regarding ESCAPE & EVASION.

*Use DIFFERENT routes to and from your home. My former Navy SEAL friend in Atlanta has three routes planned from his home in Buckhead.

*Don’t accept packages at your home. I have mine currently delivered to my UPS store. I also use this UPS store as my mailing address. This makes it more difficult for the government to track me.

*As I do, use a REAL compass and try to avoid using GPS! Ditto for using REAL PAPER maps.

Folks we are living in the USA and other foreign countries in a BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU scenario! George Orwell was way ahead of his time when he wrote his classic 1984 in 1949! Today certain Samsung TVs have the ability to know what shows you are watching and even when you switch to a DVD! One of the coffee makers sends back information to the manufacturer on how many times you use it! Of course it goes without saying your phone calls can be monitored by local, state and Federal agencies! I am sure the National Security Agency listens to my conversations especially since this report came out!

Talking about phones it appears that even so called BURNERS may now be monitored! For instance the MEXICAN owned StraightTalk and TracPhone have offices in Miami as I have talked directly with them. They were able to go through EVERY call I made when I was looking for a refund involving calls I did not make!

I have found one company that I have emailed that claims there unit is 100% secure from any snoopers! EVERYTHING I have learned about KryptAll™ seems to be legit as NO calls can be intercepted or calling list subpoenaed! Why? Because according to Richard at KryptAll™ NO calls are EVER recorded! HERE ( http://portal.sliderocket.com/BSLPM/KryptAll ) is a slide presentation Richard sent me and make sure you watch the TED video in it (you do have to provide an email to watch it). Richard has also agreed to reduce the price of their K iPhone 7+ from $4900 to $3900 if you mention you have read this ebooklet! That is a savings of $1000! You can pay by PayPal, credit card or wire transfer.

Here is something Richard shared: “Making calls with KryptAll™ is secure, without a record and often cheaper than using Skype . The KryptAll™ phones do not have a monthly fee or contract as they operate off of prepaid phone credits, that roll over every month. The available credit can be checked at any time from the K iPhone and when additional credit is needed it can be added in increments of $110 plus a 20% service charge. Calls are 15 Cents a minute when calling K Phone to K Phone anywhere in the world and 2 Cents a minute when calling any standard phone in the US from a K iPhone located anywhere in the world. Rates vary when calling regular numbers in foreign countries depending upon the calling exchange number. Rates are less than Skype calling.”

Just to keep everything on the up and up I am an affiliate for KryptAll™.

I did learn from my expert Callie that the satellite phones she markets are NOT 100% secure as government agencies can obtain the records from the company. She does have an alternative that is safer. Again I will share this with you when I learn more.

One more area to discuss – your reading and viewing habits. If you are using something like Amazon Prime or Netflix you are being tracked! You are better using a place like our Friends of the Library where slightly used books, DVDs, magazines, etc. are sold. I even now find books BEFORE they are published because some book representative leaves them there. The used books and magazines are pretty up to date because we have a lot of seniors retiring here.

As you have noted in this day and age you should NOT take out books and other things from your local LIBRARY. Since 9/11, all your books especially are kept as records for law enforcement. Of course I am sure the books I have bought from Amazon are on record. I have been finding some of my books on the Net as PDFs with no tracking like Amazon. Also I don’t have to pay for them!

If are planning on living in the USA, you might want to have me consult you on how you can find very HIDDEN property and take you off the grid. We have plenty of candidates here in the western North Carolina mountains. Also right now I am less than two miles from an entry point to the Appalachian Trail where I grant you I could DISAPPEAR! We represent an award winning container home company, a new solar power system and a revolutionary new soilless growing system that goes beyond aquaculture and hydroponics. We have also found a water making system from air!

I can’t emphasize enough how important ADVANCED PLANNING is in getting ready to DISAPPEAR! I think you can see from what you have read so far it is VERY IMPORTANT and even more so for you when you RE-APPEAR!

I am putting together a team that will be able to efficiently and effectively help when you RE-APPEAR.

I have one of the top reconstructive and plastic surgeons on board, Susan Kolb MD. Dr. Kolb graduated from Johns Hopkins University and received her medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine. She completed her post-graduate education in plastic surgery and general surgery at Wilford Hall Medical Center. Specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Kolb has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1985 and is a founding diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine. She is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, American Holistic Medical Association and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

As you also can see I have Dr. Michael & Leslie Duckett, experts in BRAIN RESEARCH authors of the best-selling The Mental Codes, that you are going to learn about right now!

First of all, I want you to know the astounding background of Dr. Michael Duckett. He did not come into the world living in a nice middle class neighborhood. In fact, he did not even have a home! He and his seven sisters were abandoned in a Detroit ghetto and had to fend for themselves!

Before Michael was even a teen he knew that it was his DUTY to take care of his family even though he was not the oldest. By the time he was twelve years old, Michael OWNED an ice cream shop and pizza parlor in Detroit! Folks, these were BRICK & MORTAR businesses! In fact, Michael’s oldest sister’s boyfriend had to open the bank account for the businesses because no bank would allow him to have an account at his age! His sister and the boyfriend are still happily married and he is CFO of Michael’s far flung multi-million dollar empire!

By the time Michael was 21 he had fulfilled his dream and was a self-made millionaire! This gave him time to return to the books, which he did with a vengeance. He did not just become a chiropractor, but also a nutritionist. He was not satisfied with this level, so he studied law. In fact, Michael has, at last count, at least eight different degrees!

He now speaks to thousands in packed arenas in the People’s Republic of China where he is considered another Tony Robbins. He is the consultant to numerous multi-millionaires and even one very well know Academy Award winning actor who told Michael that he had been his role model for years!

According to Michael and Lesley, your MENTAL CODES determine your MINDSET and your SUCCESS.

I am going to concentrate on the Mental Code that affects us most – F.E.A.R.

So why have I created the word “fear” this way? One of my other mentors the late Foster Hibbard taught me the following and I have never forgotten it: F = False; E=Evidence; A=Appearing and R=Real. FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL! By far the best definition of FEAR I have ever heard!

Think about it. In the USA if I mention—IRS tax audit—most every American will go into a F.E.A.R. Mental Code. We have been conditioned, through horror stories in the media, about what can happen to people who are audited. They can lose their possessions. They can even go to jail. However, the chances of being hit by lightning are greater!

Of course the media loves to dredge up the horror stories especially around April. So they are creating FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL or F.E.A.R. Of course it is very possible the IRS encourages these horror stories to discourage Americans from cheating on their taxes.

Michael offers a great exercise for you to do IMMEDIATELY before going any further. It is called the Fear Run Down:

1. Identify the F.E.A.R.

2. Begin to write down step-by-step asking yourself: “If this F.E.A.R. was REAL, what would happen to me?” Using our audit example, you could be forced to pay back monies and be fined. You could lose your possessions. You could go to jail.

3. After WRITING out the answers like I did above, ask yourself this important question: “If the next result happens to occur, what would happen next?”

Continuing with our example, if you had to pay the back monies and fines, you might have to declare bankruptcy. If you lost your possessions, then you would have to earn more money to replace them. If you went to jail, then you would have to prepare your family for what is going to take place and get certain things in order.

4. Now you are going to take each result that could occur and keep WRITING what could occur with each scenario getting worse. So let’s use the one about paying back monies and fines. As mentioned, you might have to declare bankruptcy. When you declare bankruptcy, they can take away a number of your possessions but not all of them. You could have your salary garnished cutting back on your take home pay. You would definitely have to change your lifestyle. Since your yacht could be considered your home there is a good chance you could keep it! May be not if the Infernal Revenue Service declares it a second home.

5. When you have successfully finished this exercise, you will find that as Michael says: “You are still alive and this too shall pass.” Actually, it could be a God given WAKEUP call! So what if you lost your possessions through bankruptcy or the audit. Today you want to SIMPLIFY your life! Personally, I am getting my life to where I can put everything into two suitcases, the Bug-Out backpack, a briefcase, my crossbow case, and of course my shotgun case!

Now that you have learned the Fear Run Down, I suggest you start making it a regular part of your DISAPPEAR & RE-APPEAR training. Do Fear Run Downs on ALL the scenarios that you think apply to your situation.

Here are some more things that Michael and Lesley say about F.E.A.R:

“You can only succeed in any area of your life to the level of your greatest fear. Fear is a tether that holds you at a specific level of existence. Each time you attempt to expand beyond that point, you find yourself being pulled back to a “stuck point.” Right now find a rubber band. Now take that band and pull it out from its current state. Now let it go. What happens? It returns to the state when you first encountered it. This is the “stuck point” the Ducketts are referring to.

“You become ADDICTED (my emphasis) to the EMOTIONS (my emphasis) caused by your fears.” Are you aware that the emotion caused by the F.E.A.R. is addictive like a drug? Depression according to the experts is really repressed anger, which of course is an emotion. Therefore depressed people actually become addicted to being depressed! It becomes a vicious cycle!

New research in EPIGENETICS (GOOGLE it!) says that not only do we become addicted but we more importantly can pass this on to children at birth!

“Use a SUCCESS INSPIRATION instead of a MOTIVATION one (my emphasis).” Actually the Ducketts say this goes against most of what you have heard. The Ducketts say: “Motivation moves you AWAY from something you don’t want and INSPIRATION moves you TOWARDS something you do want (my emphasis).”

In your case it is going to be INSPIRATION to DISAPPEAR & RE-APPEAR! The bigger your WHY or WHYS the more you will be INSPIRED! When a snitch is used by the US Witness Protection program the big WHY is usually his or her LIFE!

Using the FEAR RUN DOWN on this plus the MENTAL CODES will prepare you! Get, read and study Michael and Leslie’s The Mental Codes ASAP! I make no affiliate commissions on this book as Michael has been a long-time friend, mentor and client!

I can arrange for you to be privately counseled by Michael and Leslie.

Several of my friends are retired US Special Forces and I especially like and follow SEAL training for my clients. One of my SEAL mentors is US Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine who served as a SEAL for 20 years and is the founder of both SealFit and Unbeatable Mind. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Way of The Seal, which has become my handbook! GET THIS BOOK ASAP!

Mark is also a very successful entrepreneur and has developed strategies and tactics you can use based on his SEAL training:


(a) Fit – Is what you are doing the BEST use of your talent, time and energy?

(b) Importance – How important is this to the overall STRATEGIC MISSION?

(c) Timing- Is it RIGHT?

(d) Simplicity- Is what your are considering SIMPLE and CLEAR?


(a) Priorities – Top 3-4 for the MISSION

(b) Realities – Get REAL about your CURRENT situation! NO BS!

© Options – Pick and rank 3 based on CURRENT REALITY

(d) Path – Which ONE is BEST course of ACTION?


(a) Situation – Research EVERY DETAIL and CIRCUMSTANCE leading up to need for ACTION!

(b) Mission – WRITE out your ENTIRE mission with EVERY step you know NOW!

© Action – What ACTIONS will lead to fulfilling the MISSION?

(d) Command – Are you in charge? Then take charge!

(e) Communication- If you have teammates or family members involved HOW will you COMMUNICATE and WHEN? Make sure ALL communication is SECURE i.e. KryptAll™

I hope you see how IMPORTANT all the above is to your SUCCESS of DISAPPEARING and RE-APPEARING! GET THE WAY OF THE SEAL!

I have mentioned both PRIVATE airplanes and boats. These will avoid the BIG BROTHER TSA!

My preference is a boat as unlike a private pilot who has to be FAA certified the boat owner does not! Of course it comes down to if you can trust the boat owner and also does the owner have a SEAWORTHY boat?

My preference would be to see if you can rent or borrow a boat. Of course you are going to have to be trained to pilot the boat.

Or better yet so that you can leave ANY TIME you desire from another country you might consider BUYING one!

Now I am going to share with you what I wrote in my book Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards coming out in late Spring 2017.

First you have to decide if it is going to be a motor powered boat or sailing yacht. For me it is a sailing catamaran. Here is why I chose this mode:

*You can’t rely on FUEL as the only way to get to places.

*If you are on a budget like myself, motor boats and houseboats can be VERY expensive.

*A catamaran is less likely to capsize in bad weather.

*Hopefully with our new Smart Sail Technology sailing even for new sailors will be easier.

Now probably like me you do not have the budget for a brand new 30 foot or more catamaran. So you are going to be looking for a USED one. So let me share what I learned while writing my book Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards:

*Get out by WORD OF MOUTH you are looking for a USED boat that might require some work. Visit local boat stores, marinas, boat shows, boat clubs, yacht clubs, etc.

*Go on the Net and Google “used boats for sale” and look through the literally hundreds of sites!

*Put up ads ANY place they will allow you especially marinas.

*Find ‘chat rooms’, forums and blogs on the Net about the type of boat you are interested in.

*Checkout those AutoTrade magazines as some have more than vehicles for sale.

*Read the want ads in your local paper.

*I also found Sail Boat Listings very helpful with lots of photos and even videos!

*If you are near a marina then check with the owner and also see if there is a bulletin board that might have yachts for sale.

*You will want to talk to a yacht BROKER but ONLY to get advice! Take them to lunch or dinner and get to know them before you use them!

*Even if you were to use our Smart Sail Technology with your sailing yacht it would be very smart to still take a CERTIFIED sailing course so you can learn sailing techniques, navigation, parts of your sailboat, weather affecting sailing, etc.

Another important aspect are the laws pertaining to sailing on the Seven Seas. Here is what I said in Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards:

Maritime Law

Maritime Law (also called Admiralty Law, the Law of the Sea, etc.) is rooted in United Nations agreements, which themselves are largely made up of generally accepted rules of the sea that were created by tradition over time.

On the open ocean, in international waters (defined as anything beyond 12 miles from the nearest coastal point of a nation, but more clearly as anything beyond 24 miles of the nearest coast) the law to be enforced on the boat is the law of the boat’s flag of origin. In other words, a vessel flying a United States flag of Stars and Stripes or other recognized U.S. maritime flag (e.g. the yacht ensign) are subject to the laws of the United States.

Thus a vessel flying the American flag (legally) in international waters may carry any firearm allowed by U.S. federal law as well as legal ammunition to go with it. This, however, is only true in international waters. Obviously, a ship must go to port sometime.

International Law

A vessel entering the protected waters (coast) of a nation becomes subject to the laws of that nation once it does so. So for an American vessel entering the coastal waters of Mexico, the vessel, despite the U.S. flag, is now subject to the laws of Mexico. Currently, those laws prohibit firearms except by special permit and with some exemptions (such as the ship’s emergency flare gun).

National Law

A firearm may be legal in one area, but you may pass through other areas where it’s illegal in order to get there like Canada to Alaska.”

In some places, all that is required is a registry of the firearms and ammunition on board and certification (subject to inspection) that those weapons are safely locked away. In other places, no provision is given for the carrying of firearms at all. In still others, only specific types of arms are allowed.

State-Specific Law

Even just sailing along the U.S. coasts, whether from Florida to New York or to Texas, territorial law changes as you leave and enter each state’s “jurisdiction.”

Finally if you are going to join the over 10,000 Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards plying the Seven Seas I would advise you to sail as a GROUP!


Unfortunately PIRATES do exist on the Seven Seas today and they can be as ruthless and dangerous as those of old!

You might say you are only going to sail in the Caribbean like myself. PIRATES are very much a part of this area!

If you are in a GROUP or flotilla as my Knights Templar descendants use to sail in, you are less likely to attract the attention of PIRATES. Also they will not be to sure how well you are LOCKED AND LOADED! Personally I would be carrying as much FIRE POWER that I could afford including rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and even shoulder missile launchers!

For your safety, as least in the beginning, I would ALWAYS be able to see LAND with the NAKED eye! PIRATES are usually further out to sea. Also if bad weather should come up quickly (a REGULAR occurrence) you can get back to the safety of land quickly!

In the beginning you might consider what I plan to do in my new country. Live as a “land lubber” first but begin to look for a boat and learn to use it! I want a way out of ANY location and for me the Seven Seas offers the least GOVERNED method! For instance as a protectorate of the United States, the US Virgin Islands could also come under MARTIAL LAW!

I model my life after the US Navy SEALs are taught to handle a MISSION. They use Standard Operation Procedure (SOPs) and CHECKLISTS. I have followed this in my new book Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards coming out late Spring 2017 for those of you looking to be a full time or part time “live-aboarding”.

SEALs also know at times the TACTICS for the mission will need to change.

If you do decide to pursue the “live-aboard” life then as captain you are morally and even legally responsible for the crew! You are the equivalent of a SEAL LEADER!

So I want to share with you what LEADERSHIP means to a SEAL that I found in the book entitled Extreme Ownership written by two former SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin who both saw and participated in EXTREME URBAN WARFARE in Ramadi, Iraq:

*Confident but not cocky;

*Courageous but not foolhardy;

*Competitive but a gracious loser;

*Attentive to details but not obsessed by them;

*Strong but have endurance;

*A leader and follower;

*Humble not passive;

*Aggressive not overbearing

*Quiet not silent

*Calm but not robotic, logical but not devoid of emotions

*Close with the troops but not so close that one becomes more important than another or more important than the good of the team; not so close that they forget who is in charge.

And it is YOU that is in charge! NEVER FORGET IT!

I hope that this short ebooklet has helped you if you are considering to DISAPPEAR & RE-APPEAR!

I want to leave you with some quotes that I also shared in Sea Gypsy Live-Aboards:

“What do you suppose will satisfy the soul, except to walk free and own no superior?” Walt Whitman

“It is not recognized in the full amplitude of the word that all freedom is essentially self-liberation — that I can have only so much freedom as I procure for myself by my ownness.” Max Stirner

“Freedom comes only from seeing the ignorance of your critics and discovering the emptiness of their virtue.” David Seabury

“Freedom is the opportunity to live your life as you want to live it. The urge for freedom is so much a part of human nature that it can never be suppressed by laws, slogans, or commandments. There is a difference, however, between the urge and the reality.

“For most people, freedom remains a pleasant fantasy — something to dream of while carrying out daily obligations in the real world.

“They spend their lives talking vaguely of what they want in life, what they think they’re missing, why they don’t have it, and who it is that prevents them from being free.” Harry BrowneHow I Found Freedom in an Unfree World

Yes for me to DISAPPEAR & RE-APPEAR! is FREEDOM! I don’t want to live my life as described in Orwell’s 1984! I did not grow up with BIG BROTHER watching me!

As I mentioned in the early part of this book I look at the current chaos in the USA as a Libertarian who sees more of the same on the horizon! I am not preaching DOOM and GLOOM only the Boy Scouts Motto: BE PREPARED!

If you want to reach me then email me at MRV[email protected] I also have another book coming out soon that is my most complete Preparedness & Survival book I have ever written: Be Prepared Not Scared. Those on my email list have an opportunity to get it at a DISCOUNT!

WARNING! I have learned that ANYONE playing those “treasure hunt” games on the Net are VERY good candidates for KIDNAPPING and worse! Like any other program on the Net these games can be hacked! There is NOTHING 100% SECURE on the Net! This could definitely be a danger for your CHILDREN who love to play these games!

Please consider warning your children and even tell them to watch CBS Ransom episode aired on March 25, 2017 with this very same scenario of kidnapped children who were playing a treasure hunt game. It was not the company that created the game that was responsible as a hacker successfully used their game for their own purposes. You might say this is just a TV show. My research shows that these episodes are based on a real company specializing in hostage negotiations.

By subscribing to my news reports you will be learning what I or my team find could both help or hurt you as you prepare to DISAPPEAR & RE-APPEAR! Email me at [email protected].

Disappear & Re-Appear!

You will be learning: to change your name, what to have in your bug-out backpack, how to stay off the radar as you disappear, what my Navy SEAL mentors taught me and their checklists, to develop the right mindset for this mission, what I consider the best way to disappear, etc.

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