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Dirty Danny - The Bizarre Experiences of Andrew Sullivan - Case 2








By Rajkumar Andrew


Copyright 2017


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East Coast Road – Chennai. The road laid along the coast of Bay of Bengal. The scenic beauty of the ocean at the side will take anyone’s breathe away.

Once ECR connected Chennai with Cuddalore via Pondicherry. Now it has been extended up to Kanyakumari spanning a distance of around 800 Kilometers.

ECR Chennai has two faces, the clean face and the dirty face. For every Chennai Youth, the first opinion for weekend parties will be this place. There are so many entertainment spots at this place. Theme parks, Open Air theatre, Pubs, Resorts etc. etc. All what you need is, money to spend here. The local people of ECR, mostly fishermen, will show a different dimension of ECR. A ride into the ocean in the fishermen boat, with a case of beer and a pot of fried fishes is total bliss.

Now, the dirty face. Every Saturday nights, there will be lot of parties and enjoyments at this place. Chennai has a diversified population. People from many parts of India work at Chennai. Each weekend, people march to this place. Mostly wealthy and hi-fi people like IT folks, Actors, Politicians, TV Anchors, college students and likewise. To note that, there are a few colleges in this place where students from all over the world arrive for studies. These students also choose this place for weekends. So what is dirty about this?

In most of the parties, liquor will be served. Both guys and girls drink it. After all we are in the 21st century, the first century of the third millennium. There is nothing wrong about such culture, if we think like that we are doomed. If a guy drinks liquor and becomes cataleptic, what is the maximum harm that can be done to him? Steal his money purse or other valuables? Beat him to death? But think about what will happen if a girl is in such a cataleptic state. What can a single male do to her? What can a gang of males do to her? And that’s what happens in such parties. Well, not in every parties, and not all the girls consume alcohol and not all the guys are perverts. But still, there are so many women who have lost their lives at this place. Some share their stories to the world and some carry it as a secret to their graves. Once lost, is totally lost. Let’s keep aside the parties. There are other ways to die here. Drunken drive, hijacking, over speeding (its heaven to ride fast in the ECR) etc. etc. Last but not the least. There are cases recorded in this place, of Psycho killings. No motto murders. It is very dangerous to sit in the beach after dusk, however the cops won’t allow to sit, except for the locals. Even if you slip the cops, you may caught by a psycho. They just slit your neck from ear to ear and leave you dead. They won’t steal you or molest you, but they just kill for no reasons. And they won’t get caught. And there are recorded cases of this kind.

The Princess of Dragonwood

Your Majesty…What do you need from this filthy slave in the middle of this morbid night…The dragons fly among the woods at this time and it is not safe for you my lady…I plead thee to return to thy palace my Lady…” Vivian knelt before the Princess and pleaded.

“Arise Vivian.”

“But…the law restricts this humble slave to rise in front of you my lady…”

“Do not call yourself a slave Vivian…You belong to the nobles from now on…”

“My Lady, I am a slave…I do not belong to the nobles…”

The Princess lifted him up by his shoulders. He started blabbering its punishable to touch the nobles. She made him stand on his feet and looked into his trembling eyes.

“You shall take my hands in marriage…I shall be your wife and bear your kids…You shall be freed from your slavery…”

“If the King knows about this, I am dead my lady…I beg you to allow my departure…I shall return to my camp…and the dragons…” She stopped his speech by kissing him on his lips…

He stood like a statue, dumbstruck…

“Oh my Vivian…my dear…do not be afraid…The gods have chosen you as my soul mate…I have seen in my dreams…you will rule this land…” She kissed him again…

“All the kings shall bend to your knees…the dragons will fear you…you are not a slave Vivian…you are chosen by the Gods…Trust my words…do not be afraid…”

He looked at her for a moment. She was extremely beautiful…”Kiss me Vivian…”

He reluctantly moved his lips towards her…and kissed her passionately…after a while of passionate kissing, he departed his lips from hers…her mouth was covered with fresh blood…

“I apologize my lady…I have never kissed in my life…Please forgive this slave…” He could feel the taste of blood on his tongue.

She smiled at him and said “You did no mistake Vivian. It was me being thirsty.”

He realized that he was bleeding and felt little drowsy.

“My lady…what do you mean…” He backed off and fell on the ground.

“I pity you Vivian…It was easy to provoke your greed and lust…” She knelt near him and whispered in his ears.

“So the myths about the blood thirsty princess are true after all….”

“Myths shall remain as Myths Vivian…why don’t you know another secret before you die. There are no dragons Vivian. So do not be afraid of dragons after I leave you drained here. Only dogs and wolves shall feed on you.”

He saw her face for one last time, blood dripping from her sharp fangs. She bit him in his neck and started drinking his blood. With no energy to resist, he succumbed to her.

The screen closed. Everyone raised and applauded. Danny watched the whole play with much admiration. He had never seen such a commendable play in his life.

The English Drama School – Chennai, September 2024, headed by a British lady who was passionate about dramas. The girl who played as the princess was Asha, a very talented girl in her twenties. She has received so many accolades for her acting skills. Danny wanted to congratulate her.

The Event Manager recognized him at once and greeted him. Danny was CEO of Rathi group of Companies, founded by his mother Mrs. Rathi Vincent. She was famously known as the Lady Warren Buffet of India. Unfortunately Danny’s parents were killed in an accident when he was five years old. After that Rathi’s brother bought him up, and at the age of twenty four, after completing his MBA, he took over the Companies and became CEO.

Asha was about to leave the theatre when the Manager introduced Danny to him.

“That was such an awesome act Madam. You were fantastic on the stage.”

“Thank you sir. That’s so kind of you.”

He got an autograph from her mentioning that she would become a huge star someday and he may not be able to meet her so easily.

“I have seen you somewhere…”

“I am really sorry. I dint introduce myself properly. I am Danny.” He gave her his business card.

“You are the CEO of Rathi group of Companies?”

“Yes madam. I am.”

“Your Company has been sponsoring for so many events, Sir. You are being a very good support for people like me. We all are grateful to you Sir.”

“Aah. It’s nothing…One beautiful act like what I saw today is worth for life time….”

“Actually…I dint act Sir…”

“Pardon me?” He threw a confused look at her.

“You know…lately I have been so much obsessed by the character…I don’t think I am acting…I feel myself as a Vampire…Funny isn’t it?”

He looked into her eyes for a moment and replied “No…Not at all…Your level of dedication will take you to heights someday…”

“Well…Thank you Sir…”

“You can call me by my name…and if you don’t mind I can drop you at your home…”

She hesitated for a minute as it was about to 12 in the midnight…

“Or I can tell my driver to drop you…?”

“No…It’s ok Sir…I have my two wheeler…”

“All right then…drive safe…It was a pleasure to meet you”

“Pleasure is mine Sir.”

“Danny it is…”

She smiled “Yes Danny…”

He smiled and started back home.

He expected that she would call him sooner or later and so she did. She invited him to her next play and so he went. This time too she played a Vampire. After the play, he waited to see her.

“You were awesome as usual.”

“Thanks Danny…Thanks for coming…”

“It’s my Pleasure…”

“Would you like to dine with me tonight?” He asked her in a hesitated tone and she agreed.

Thereafter, they met often. Asha was left in an orphanage by her parents when she was born, for reasons unknown. She grew up in the orphanage. When she was 2 years old, a British couple adopted her and took her with them to England. Her foster parents were so old when they adopted her, they passed away due to illness, one after another. Then she decided to return to India, to pursue her dream as an actor.

Soon they fell in love and decided to get married.

A glass of blood, please.

Karikattukuppam was a fishermen settlement located nearby the ECR. It had a population density less than 1,000 and had around 300 houses in it. It also had a primary school and a small church. Records state that the settlement was at least 150 years old. The settlement was destroyed by Tsunami in the year 2004. The people were evacuated before the Tsunami, but their homes were destroyed. The remains of the settlement remain untouched till date. Roofless houses, scattered and worn out furniture makes it look like a ghost town. No one resettled in that place thereafter.

New-year 2022.

A group of nymphomaniacs were standing under a light post in a street leading to the Karikattukuppam seashore. It was past 2 AM and most of the harlots were hired, only 3 of them were remaining. A red Audi stopped by and hired two of them, leaving one behind. Time passed by and the New Year fun started to settle down. The one woman who was left out thought that she won’t get any customers and decided to return home. She started walking towards the ECR. That particular area had only one bus stop and no buses will stop there unless someone is waiting, mostly no one waits there as there were no houses at that area. She has to spend until 5 AM in the bus stop, the time when the first local bus will arrive.

As she walked towards the bus stop, she noticed a car standing in front of the bus stop. Few vehicles passed by, but the area was quiet. She went and sat in a bench in the bus stop. She looked at the car, she was not aware what model was that, but was for sure an expensive model. The car’s windows were closed and tinted so that she could not look inside.

As she stared at the car, the car’s door opened and a man got down. He threw a dismissive look at her and lit a cigar. He was about in his late twenties, tall, thick bearded (not long, but immensely thick), fair and attractive. He stared at her, smoking. She was too tired by standing for hours together at the same time was happy that she might not return home empty handed, so she signaled him by winking her eye.

After thinking for a moment, he opened the back door of his car and signaled her to get in. She rushed and got into the car. It was so cold inside, the A/C was at its maximum. He finished his cigar and got in the car, and started the engine. He drove the car towards Mahabaliburam. After a few minutes’ drive, he started talking.

“What’s your name?”

“Reena.” She replied.

“Mmm…Is it your real name…?”

“Names doesn’t matter…does it?”

He did not say anything in response for a few minutes.

“How much more time is left for dawn?”

She looked at her watch and said “Its 3.25 AM now. We have a couple of hours hardly for dawn.”

Suddenly, he made a sharp left turn and drove towards the beach. She was startled by the sharp turn, her head hit the car’s pane.

“You scared me man, where are we going? There is nothing here, only the beach is there.”

He stopped the car at the street end. It was an unoccupied forest area. He turned off the Engine and got off the car. He then signaled her to get down.

“You missed to mention the trees.” He said with a sweet voice.

There were a stand of trees, nearby the seashore. The wind made the trees shed its leaves and the moon light lit the place up with an enchanting mood. The sound of the sea will make anyone’s heart jump in joy. It was a perfect spot, she thought.

“No one will come here by this time. We are all alone.” Saying that he walked inside the stand of trees.

All she had experienced so far in her life were dirty rooms, animals in human form who devoured her for their pleasures. No one ever had taken her to such a place. But a little bit of fear peeked in her head, what if he is a psycho or something, or what if someone else, maybe a drunk gang is already at the area.

“Are you afraid, Reena?” he called out.

“Umm…No…” her instincts said her that something terrible is gonna happen. After thinking a moment, she convinced herself that she is just being paranoid.

He walked inside the forest, it was a small forest with around some 300 trees and beside the forest was the beach. They reached amidst the trees, and he asked her whether the place is okay for her. She nodded. Moon light filtered through the leaves, lit his face. She haven’t seen a man that much handsome in her whole life. He came near her.

“Before we start, let us first discuss about the payment.”

“I am willing to pay whatever you ask. No more speaking.” Saying that he hugged her suddenly. With a little bit hesitation, she hugged him back. She was wearing a chudidhar, the shawl covering her neck. He slowly removed her shawl and threw over a distance. Then, he kissed her neck and she moaned. She was getting to the mood and started enjoying his kisses. He slightly bit her neck and she moaned louder in pleasure.

Slowly, the pleasure faded away and pain overwhelmed. She could feel his teeth inside her neck. His grip was becoming tight and she could feel wetness in her neck. She tried to push him away but her hands lacked the strength to do so. She could feel her energy draining out. After what felt as an eternity, he loosened his grip. She felt his teeth retarding from her neck. Her vision was little bit blurred and she saw his face in the dim moon light. Terror struck her and she wanted to scream but couldn’t. She saw his fangs, grown and sharp, dripping with her blood and his eyes a blood red, his face more attractive than before.

The pores in her neck made by his fangs was spitting out blood like a cascade. Mesmerized with the smell of blood, he resumed quenching his thirst for blood. She no longer resisted.

Flash News.

“Woman found dead in mysterious way, at ECR. It is rumored that the women has been drained out of blood to death. Media was not allowed by cops inside the crime scene. Cops refuse to publish the picture of the deceased as it may cause terror and panic. So, the vampire tales are actually true? Does Vampires really exist? If yes, it might be possible that a Vampire is on the run. Let us ask an eye witness of the crime scene.”

The camera turned to a middle aged man.

“Sir, please explain us what you saw.”

“I’m working in a resort nearby. I usually come to the beach for walking every morning. I sensed a foul smell and dogs barking at a distance, nearby the shore. It looked like the dogs were biting something and fighting amongst themselves. When I went near, I saw it. It was damn pale, skin was very whitish. I realized that it was a corpse. It was like there was no blood in her body, only flesh was there. I was terror struck. I was afraid to go near, so I returned to my home and called the police. After that when I went back I was not allowed inside that area.”

“How do you know that it is a corpse, Sir?”

“It was a women’s corpse. I identified by the dress. It was a chudidhar.”

The camera zoomed out to cover both the reporter and the witness. The reporter continued “Thanks for sharing, Sir.” The camera focused on the reporter. “It is clear that, something horrific had happened to the woman, yet to be identified. We have to wait to learn more about what happened to the woman. Thank you, this is Shyam signing off.”

Reporters were swarming over the crime scene. They managed to click several photos of the corpse. The corpse had been moved to government hospital. Assistant commissioner Andrew Sullivan was present at the crime scene. He denied to give any comments regarding the crime. He just mentioned that they are investigating and will let know soon.

The pictures went viral all over the country, such gothic images terrified the people. Several theories were made up by the media and made it a hot news. Two days later, police department held a press meet to answer the press people. Andrew answered for the reporters’ questions.

“Sir, have you identified the woman? What is the cause of her death?”

“We have identified the woman. The victim’s name is Reena, she was a harlot. According to reports, she moved from Mumbai to Chennai, 3 years back for pursuing her studies and eventually ended up in prostitution. She was an orphan, raised up in an orphanage in Mumbai. We are investigating further on her friends circle. As per the doctor’s report, cause of death is draining of blood. Something has bitten her neck and sucked out all the blood. We are investigating further on the case. We request media not to flash the gothic images, which have already went viral.”

“Do you have any leads Sir? Any suspects?”

“We have a list of suspects. But we could not say anything surely now.”

“Sir, Rumors are spreading that this may be done by a vampire, what is your opinion about this?”

“People still believe vampires? It’s ridiculous. There is no such thing known as a vampire. It’s all fiction, not true. We cannot answer for people’s imaginations.”

“What would you like to say the people? People are terrified, however it is not safe for the people to have a psychic killer roaming free in the city.”

“We assure that the case will be closed within this week. We are here to protect. Security had been tightened in the city. People do not need to worry. That’s all for now.” Andrew ignored the reporters’ further questions and moved out.

Days passed, no clue was found about the killer. The case was shifted to several police officers, but could not be solved. Eventually, the case was shifted to CBI. But the killer was never found. No traces of the killer were found. The CBI shelved the case, not able to reach a conclusion. Moreover, none of the victim’s relatives or friends came to retrieve her body. Her body was cremated later on. As years passed, people forgot about the case. Slowly, ECR started regaining its glamour.

Ray of good hope

4 years later.

Andrew was reading the previous day’s newspaper, sitting in his office, sipping a cup of coffee. It was midnight. The building was silent, there were only two sentries for protection and they too were sleeping in standing posture. His phone ringed, piercing the silence of the midnight. Confused who is ringing at this hour, he looked at his phone’s display. It was a private number.

“Andrew Sullivan speaking.”

“Hello Mr. Andrew. This is Doctor Cruz, from good hope hospitals. We have met before, remember me?”

Doctor Cruz was a famous psychiatrist aged 55. He was the most expensive doctor in Chennai. He knew almost all the secrets of Tamil Film stars, as most of them gets depressed at a point of time and comes to him for counseling. Not only film stars, also famous business magnates, politicians come to him. And he was a close friend of Andrew’s father in law.

“Doctor Cruz!!What a surprise. How do you do doctor?”

“I am doing well, thanks. Can you come over to my hospital now? If you are free.”

“Any problem doctor?”

“Not a problem. But, I have someone who may interest you.”

“Would you mind telling me what is it about?”

“You remember the vampire case? Which was closed years back. I think I could give you a lead over that case.”

“I will start at once doctor.”

Andrew informed the sentries and left the station, in his bike. He had a Royal Enfield desert Storm, his wife’s gift. He loved riding it. While riding towards the good hope hospital, memories flashed in his mind about the vampire case.

It was his engagement day. He noticed a tension and nervousness in the inspector’s face who came to attend the function. Once the ceremony was over, he informed Andrew about the murder in ECR. Andrew left the hall at once, apologizing to his fiancée and her family. It was a harsh scene to see right after his engagement. The sight of a dead woman, pale and bitten by stray dogs, totally distorted his mood.

It was uncommon in a place like Chennai for such murders. But murders do happen once in a while, which become more popular among the media. People always love weird stuff. Andrew had seen so many crime scenes, but not anything like this one.

The next day he had a conversation with the doctor who did the post mortem.

“Did you find out anything doctor?”

“Yes Mr. Andrew, please sit down.” The doctor took a deep breath and continued. “The woman had been bitten in her neck and most of her blood had been sucked out, not all of her blood, but most of her blood. I can confirm they are human teeth marks. The murderer must be some psycho, for sure. There are no hand prints, you might have received the forensics report I hope. The body must have been lying there unnoticed at least for a week, we can say that from the state of decomposition. The rotting smell should have attracted the stray dogs.”

“Is there any signs of physical abuse?”

“No, there were no signs of rape. But, I can say one thing for sure. She must be having physical intercourse with different men. More like a prostitute.”

“How do you say that doctor?”

“It’s easy to differentiate the private parts of a normal woman and that of a slut…Pardon me, for my language.”

Andrew shrugged, “So she did not have any intercourse or any kind of abuse during the time of death. Am I right?”

“Yes you are.”

“All right…you mentioned that her blood had been sucked out right?”


“How can a person drink blood? It’s very abnormal. You know there was no blood spill noticed around the scene. So the killer had sucked all the blood without spilling we assume. How strange is to drink raw human blood? What kind of mental illness does causes such act?”

“It is little difficult to explain. Normal people get repelled by blood smell…but certain people, you may have heard of drinking raw blood of hens or goats in temples…I am no specialist in psychiatry…but I have heard of mental illness which pushes the person to drink blood…we call it clinical vampirism…a psychiatrist may explain you more in detail…”

“Even I have heard…I did a case study of such vampire style murders…but nowhere I could find details of sucking blood out like this…”

“This is a little weird…The murderer used his teeth to pierce holes on her neck. You should note that there were only two teeth marks, that too with a gap of 50 mm in between. Can you guess what it means?”

“Yeah, I get it. He had sharp fangs, longer than other teeth.”

“Exactly. Then the murderer had sucked the blood out. The woman’s body was squeezed vigorously in an attempt to drain till the last drop of blood. That’s the reason why the corpse looked abnormally pale.”

“That’s so horrible. Is it possible to identify the person with the teeth marks?”

“Generally yes, but not in this case.”

“Why is that doctor?”

“The killer must have had artificial teeth. It is not common for a human to have long canine teeth like animals. So, the killer must have used some sharp artificial teeth, probably made of steel.”

“So there is possibility that the killer may have got rid of his artificial teeth after murder, making him untraceable….”

“Yes…Moreover, further traces were also destroyed by dog bites…”

“But Doctor…there should be something…some small detail…anything…which can give some clue about the killer…”

“The victim had a name tattooed in her right arm, “Sasha”. Might be someone close to her. However” Later it was found that Sasha is her sister, who died years back.

“I will keep in mind doctor.” Saying that, Andrew left the place.

After that, investigation was done in several perspectives but to no avail. The smuggler’s area in ECR was shut down and sealed. Several leads were traced, but no clue of the killer was found. And one fine day, the Inspector general summoned Andrew to his office. He informed that the chief minister needs to talk about the case. He was expecting the call by 10 AM.

The phone rang. The IG responded, wished the CM and continued. The phone was on loud speaker.

“Mr. Riyaz. It’s been almost a week since the ECR murder. As you know, media is giving too much importance to the case. So far you have not made any arrests. Who is in charge of the case?”

“Mr. Andrew Sullivan is investigating the case Madam.”

“Whatever. I need the case closed within 48 hours.”

“Yes madam. For sure madam.”

The phone clicked on the other side.

“Did you hear that Mr. Sullivan?”

“Yes Sir”

“Two days. That’s all you got. You may go now.”

Two days passed, but no clues evolved. The case was shifted to Andrew’s colleague, more of a rival. The new officer arrested many people who were in contact with the victim, but no one was proved to be guilty. He too failed to crack the case. After a month, the case was shifted to CBI and the aftermath is known to us. Security and patrolling was enhanced in ECR. Youths started avoiding the place.

The Leech

Thinking all these, Andrew arrived at the Good hope hospital campus. It was located in OMR parallel to ECR. He went to the reception and asked for Doctor Cruz. The receptionist informed him that he is waiting for him and directed him to the doctor’s room.

Andrew knocked the door and entered inside. Doctor Cruz welcomed him and offered coffee. It was around 2.00 Am. After formal greetings, the conversation turned to the subject.

“Mr. Andrew, Why I have called you today is a little bit strange but at the same time, important.”

“Tell me what it is doctor. You said something about the vampire case.”

“Yes.” He paused and continued. “I have a man, who may be the person you are searching for.”

“What? Who is he? Where he is?” Andrew asked in a surprised tone.

“Come with me.” The doctor walked him into a prohibited area of the sanitarium. “We deal with different kinds of mental illness Mr. Andrew. You know half of my lifetime I have spent with such people. You know what? We call them half minded, but it’s not true. They are actually special persons. Their mind suddenly starts working more than usual which causes them to freak out suddenly. But if a person knows how to control and not to freak out, he can harvest his extra capability in any way and achieve great deeds. Most of us do not know this.” The doctor kept talking as he walked and they reached in front of a tightly shut room after a 5 minutes’ walk.

“Andrew, you must be very careful. The person inside the room is highly unstable and dangerous. Though he is sedated now, we must be cautious. Do you have your gun?”

“Yes I have. Loaded.”

“That’s good.” Saying that, the doctor pressed a green button in the right side of the door. The iron door’s lock clicked and a hologram screen appeared in front, demanding a retina scan. The door opened for the doctor’s retina.

It was a small room, dimly lit in blue. There were sophisticated equipments in that room. There was only one bed in the corner, occupied by a person. They both walked towards the person. He was lying like a statue, breathing heavily. His body and hands were tied tight in a mummifying pattern and his legs were chained with the wall nearby. He was in deep sleep. Andrew could not see his face clearly in the dim light.

“Isn’t there any bright lights doctor?”

“I would not prefer that Andrew.”


“Vampires are allergic to light.”

“What do you mean doctor?”

The doctor went near the bed and signaled Andrew to come closer. The doctor opened the person’s mouth with his pen and Andrew was shocked by the utter sight. The man was having long, sharp canine teeth. A shrill of fear hit his spine and suddenly he felt chill.

“What creature is this doctor?”

“He is a human being, like you and me.”

“How long will your sedative work on him?”

“As long as I wish. Now let’s go out and discuss further.”

They left the room and went to the smoking lounge outside the hospital. Doctor Cruz lit up a Rothmens cigar and started talking.

“His name is Danny. Heard about the Rathi group of companies?”

“Yeah…Miss Rathi, famously known as the Indian lady warren Buffet.”

“Exactly…He is her only son.”

Andrew was surprised to hear that. Rathi was a famous business magnate. She and her husband died in a car accident many years ago. He dint knew that they had a son.

“How de he end up like this doctor?”

“I do not know the reason why he became like this, yet. But we can find it out on further diagnosis.”

“I meant, how he ended up in your hands.”

“Oh that’s a long story…His wife Asha bought him to me for consultation last morning, early around 3 AM. He was so drunk, unconscious and his mouth was bloody. And she was bleeding. I understood the situation at once and immediately moved him to the intense psych ward. You know, only I and few others have access to this ward. This ward have seen many psychic killers in the past, but a vampire, this is the first. So, I sedated him after he gained consciousness. In his sub consciousness state, I had a really bad conversation with him and that’s why I called you.”

“What did he say?”

“He mentioned about the ECR vampire murder. He said that he did it.”

“Have you recorded it?”

“Yes I did.” He took out his personal phone which had direct access to all the cameras and computers at the hospital, and showed the diagnosis session video he had with him.

Danny was lying in the same position as he saw.

“Danny…” The doctor called out. He dint respond.

“Danny…Isn’t it your name?” The doctor asked.

“That’s what people call me. But I am not Danny.”

“How do you wish to be called?’

“I am Adrian.”

“All right Adrian. How old are you?”

“I am 732 years old.”

“Ok…tell me about you…”

“I said you, I am Adrian…I am 732 years old…”

“Did you mean that you lived for 732 years?”


“Okay…Are you a human being?”

“No…I am a Leech…”

“All right…So…you feed on blood…do you?”


“Did you try to drink your wife’s blood?”

“That’s a long story…”

“I have all the time to listen to the story…”

“Asha…My wife…I wandered the earth for 700 years searching for my companion…At last I found my Asha…My soul…My life…Everything…She is the sexiest vampire I have ever seen…”

“She is a vampire too?”


“Where did you meet her first?”

“I met her in a function…You know…I usually drink blood in solitude…I have never showed my real identity to anyone…But her…She is different…She feed in front of everyone…And everyone accepts her…”

“If she is a Vampire too…why do you try to hurt her…?”

“I was little drunk…She smelled of blood…She must have had a nice meal lately…So I thought of borrowing some…that’s not a serious matter…she will heal before dawn…”

“All right…You mentioned…that you feed in solitude…where do you get the blood to feed on…”

“I usually steal blood from a blood bank near my home…I do not want to hurt anyone…But sometimes…” He stopped…


“Sometimes I feed on people…you know…bad people…”

“Bad people in the sense?”

“Prostitutes, sluts, whores…”

“You feed only on women?”


“How many of them have you fed on before?”

“I do not know…Could you please off that light…I am burning…”

He switched to a dim light…

“So you are photosensitive…”


“All right…Do you remember feeding on someone lately?”

“Lately, I don’t remember…I fed on someone few years back…It was a New Year…Near a beach…I could have got caught in that incident…So I travelled to Brazil and spent few years there…”

“Did you feed on anyone in Brazil…?”

There was no response…


He was fully unconscious…

The video stopped with that…

“That was insane doctor…haven’t seen anything like this in my life…”

“Neither have I…You know what…they got married only few months back…She is an orphan, a stage actor…He saw her while on stage, casting as a vampire…and took her for a real one…fell in love…proposed…and she accepted…married…and here they are now…she also mentioned that he never leaves the house during day time…only after marriage she found his activities weird…”

“That sounds logical…But doctor…Is he really a vampire as he claims? I mean do vampires really exist?”

Doctor Cruz laughed and continued…”Yes Andrew…Vampires exist…in people’s mind…We call this a Clinical Vampirism…popularly known as Renfield’s syndrome…People with this syndrome have a strong urge to drink human blood…they believe themselves as vampires. Usually such persons must have something terrible and painful happened in their lives. Mostly they become inspired by either comics or novels or movies or even games related to vampires.”

“What about the fangs in his mouth?”

“He must have sharpened his teeth by artificial means.”

The clock ticked to 4.00 AM. Andrew felt very tired, he was supposed to be at home by this time. They both remained silent for some time.

“So Andrew…what do you suggest to do next?”

“There are possibilities he might have caused more casualties.”

“It is possible.”

“First I will inform my higher officials. We must produce him to the court and get him remanded. After that we have to start further investigation. It is not safe for him to be here.”

“As you say.”

“What about his wife? Where is she now?”

“She is under trauma…I explained her everything…He had bitten her belly to drink blood…You know, she loves him very much…I missed to mention one detail…actually she was under the guardianship of one of my close friends, Stephen…it’s he who arranged the marriage and all…she had first told him about her husband’s weird behavior…Stephen thought that he might be depressed due to the death of his parents…so he suggested her to consult with me…but she took it serious only after that incident…she loves him so much you know, she dint want to go to the police…she dint even tell Stephen about this…But, I convinced her that if he is left outside he may kill more people…She is in big shock now, just imagine once how it will be to know that her newly married husband is a psychic killer…”

“I understand doctor…”

“You know, so many cases of clinical vampirism have been recorded so far, but in India, this must be the first one…”

“Thank you so much doctor…I feel so proud of you…”

“That’s my duty as an Indian citizen, but one request Andrew…”

“Tell me doctor…”

“Please don’t involve me too much in this case…I do not want to spend my old age running to the court and all…hope you understand…”

“Trust me doctor, your name will not be mentioned anywhere…that’s a promise…anyway, if you wish, we may use you to further investigate the victim…”

“Ah, come on Andrew…there are so many young doctors longing for a breakthrough…I can suggest you some of them…”

“Well, it’s up to you doctor…Anyway…thank you so much doctor…you have made a great breakthrough in the case…”

They wished each other and departed.


Additional Deputy Commissioner Andrew Sullivan cracks the vampire case. The vampire killer responsible for the ECR murder years back had been arrested today by Andrew Sullivan IPS. Breaking News flashed all over the nation.

“I did not crack the case. There is someone else behind the scenes, who cracked the case actually and that person do not want to reveal himself.” Andrew said to the press.

The accused was produced to the court and remanded for 15 days. The whole process was very difficult, as the accused started screaming and frenzied when taken to daylight. It took several cops to calm him down. Then they covered him in a dark blanket and took him to the court.

Further investigations started shortly. As a kid, Danny was traumatized by the horrid death of his parents. He was fond of vampire comics and video games. He was left unattended as a kid and he found a friend inside himself, Adrian. He was diagnosed of split personality banded up with Renfield’s syndrome.

The accused’s home was raided by a police team headed by Andrew. When the servants in the house were interrogated, they mentioned Danny as a very polite and reserved type. They were shocked to hear the news. In the search, cops found several evidences to several missing cases dated years ago.

Adding more horror to the case, there was an underground dungeon in the back yard. It must have been locked for years together. When the dungeon was opened, it smelled of rot. They found 13 corpses inside, totally decomposed, and must have been dead for a long time. It looked like a huge catacomb. The corpses were removed from the place for identification. The place was sealed by the police.

Danny was charged with 14 brutal murders. He accepted all the accusations placed over him. He said to the judge that he had killed more than 100 people in his 700 years of life, and he did not repent for it. He was judged as insane, which he never accepted. He said he was not insane and he was not a human.

“I am not insane. Don’t call me insane. I agree that I have murdered numerous people and I don’t think what I did was wrong. I did it whole heartedly. The only biggest mistake I have ever made in my life is to Love a woman. You know, I have seen ages. I know much better about this world more than everyone of you. If you think, you can hold me in prison cell, you are wrong. All of you are wrong. I will outlive every one of you. How long will you keep me inside, what about thousand years later? This prison will not be here. But I will live, forever.”

The judge was bewildered listening all this stuff. Later on, Danny ended up in a mental institution for psychiatric treatment. Asha tried to see him several times, but he refused to meet her.

He died after spending 3 years in the mental institution, though there was a surprising element in his death.

As an attempt to eliminate his fear of daylight, they tied him in a wheel chair and took him to a ground during day time. He screamed like hell and died after few minutes of continuous daylight exposure.

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This is the 2nd book of the series. More cases will evolve.


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Dirty Danny - The Bizarre Experiences of Andrew Sullivan - Case 2

Dirty Danny is the case 2 of the book series "'The Bizarre Experiences of Andrew Sullivan". IPS officer Andrew Sullivan experiences another bizarre event in his life, this time a psychic killer. The previous case "stolen corpse" dealt with a doctor who was a master in mummifying dead bodies. This case is one of the several Bizarre experiences of Andrew Sullivan.more cases will evolve.

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Dirty Danny - The Bizarre Experiences of Andrew Sullivan - Case 2 Dirty Danny - The Bizarre Experiences of Andrew Sullivan - Case 2