Dinosaur Ditties


Dinosaur Ditties

Written and Illustrated by

Roy Bentley

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Published by RoyBentleyArt

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Copyright © 2016 by Roy Bentley

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This is a ‘work in progress’ and will be updated and added to from time to time.

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Dinosaur Ditties

About the Author

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[]Dinosaur Ditties

Imagine, by a warm Triassic sea,

You sat and had a picnic tea,

Or maybe made a secret camp,

In a smelly Jurassic swamp,

And one warm Cretaceous afternoon,

You hid beside a huge lagoon,

And watched to see how they really were,

… all the different dinosaur.


An Ankylosaurus called Gail,

Had a massive bone club for a tail,

With just a small swish,

She would get every wish,

She was a very assertive female.


She has lots of sharp spikes down her side,

Armour plates over a very tough hide,

But if you’re polite,

You might just catch sight,

Of the friendly warm Gail inside


Gliding on the wave top breeze,

Ptera scans Cretaceous seas,

A sudden plunge and a basking fish,

Is grabbed for today’s fresh dish!


A few huge flaps of those mighty wings,

To a cliff top nest the fish she brings,

And lands aside her ugly brood,

Who screech and gape at the sight of food.


An Bactrosaurus called Bill,

Constantly thought he was ill,

“I’m doomed,” he would moan,

“Soon I’ll only be bone!”

I’m destined to be an old fossil”.


A young plesiosaurus called Pete,

Had flippers instead of just feet,

In a warm shallow sea,

He caught fish for his tea,

His life was so perfectly sweet.


Then with the most terrible crash,

The land split in a fiery gash,

The sea drained underground,

Volcanoes blew all around,

Poor Pete was all buried in ash.


Professor Smith discovered one day,

Pete’s bones in a black seam of clay,

They were washed, cleaned and sorted,

And carefully transported,,

Back to the Museum on a tray.


Now Pete’s skeleton is up on display,

‘How wonderful’ the visitors say,

His bones strung up with wire,

Was that young Pete’s desire?

No! It was chewing his fish any day!



A huge diplodocus called Dick,

Was simple, if not to say thick,

With a very small brain,

To steer his huge frame,

He’d lumber around,

Footsteps shaking the ground,

Munching plants all day long,

Quietly humming a song,

He was happy, just not very quick.


An old stegosaurus called Fred,

Was very definitely dead,

For when he was found,

Buried deep in the ground,

There was just a few bones and his head.


A micro Ceratopsian,

Was as small as a cat,

And if she was trod on,

She’d be totally flat.

There were big clumsy Dinos,

Just stomping around,

But Cera was listening,

For any dangerous sound.


Even when feasting,

On slimy plump lice,

Or tender young sluglings,

All juicy and nice,

She was ready to run,

She was quick, she was fast,

Which is how she’d become,

A stony fossil at last.


A Pentaceratops called Ned,

Would constantly stand on his head,

He hoped the blood flow,

Would help his brain to grow,

It worked! He’s a genius, it’s said.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex, we hear,

Was the top predator to fear,

With razor teeth, with mighty roars,

A speeding run and slashing claws,

Gorging blood and flesh and bone,

He slurped his fill, and then went home.


At home the T’s were at their best,

When little Rex’s were in the nest,

Attentive parents hatching eggs,

The helping chicks on wobbly legs,

That mighty head gives a gentle shove,

A kindly smile; could that be love?

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[]About the Author

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I am a free-lance author, illustrator, artist and cartoonist working near London, England.

Previously published books are:

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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

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Dinosaur Ditties

Comic and silly verses about dinosaurs with cartoon type illustrations. From time to time, as the mood takes me, this book will be updated and extended.

  • ISBN: 9781370584826
  • Author: Roy Bentley
  • Published: 2016-08-09 19:50:11
  • Words: 815
Dinosaur Ditties Dinosaur Ditties