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Diary of a Rebellious Zombie: The Beginning

Diary of a Rebellious Zombie

Part I

The Beginning

Written by Alex O’Connell


Day One – Who am I?

My whole life, I’ve been living in a cave. I don’t remember when I was born, how I came into this world or why. All I know that I am a Zombie and my name is Frankie. I have watched other Zombies being born and it always amazes me, how they appear in a cage and just walk out. From where are they coming and why, no one seemed to know.

There are a lot of other Zombies in the cave with me, but I don’t know who my mother is or if I even have a mother. My life is sad!

I hate it!

I woke up in the morning… I eat something… I walk around… I do nothing else…

“Frankie,” one of the other Zombies will call me and we would spend the next hour talking about something as stupid as what we have dreamt about.

What can a Zombie dream about? We spent day after day by just sleeping and eating. We never go outside. We have no idea what is out there.

One day, I asked one of the older Zombies what is outside. “I don’t care,” he answered me. “I am happy here and outside it might be dangerous.”

“But, is this everything in life?” I continued to insist. I wanted to know so many things. To understand why I am the way I am.

“Why Zombies are the way they are?”

“Because we are Zombies…” the other Zombie answered a bit annoyed.

“But, why?”

Completely annoyed with me, he turned around and went to sleep in the bottom of the cave. My home was actually amazing. The cave was dark, but not completely. During the day, there were glimpses of light, coming through small holes in the ceiling.

Jonny, one of my friends, once told me that it was the sun that made the light, but it was dangerous to us. Zombies weren’t supposed to walk outside in the light.

“We are creatures of the night,” the older Zombies continued to repeat, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Why shouldn’t I go outside?” I asked them again and again.

“Because we, Zombies, live inside the caves.”

“But, if I go outside…”


“Buuuut…” I continued to whine. “I want to see what is outside there.”

“Uffffff…” they used to sigh and then they started ignoring me.

“Do you know someone, who had been outside?” I asked the oldest Zombie in the cave. The others were saying that he had been the first to come to the cave and then came the rest of us.

“No,” he answered me angrily. “Do you see that cage?” The Zombie pointed at the cage, from which we all came to life. “I came from there, I lived in here, all I know is this place and these Zombies.”

I listened to him, but something in his answer told me that he was lying. Why will an old Zombie like him lie to me? Now that was strange.

Day Two – The dream

If you wonder what Zombies are like, you should know that we are simple creatures. All we need is some dark place to sleep and something to eat (usually rotten flesh). We don’t think about stuff like feelings or emotions. That was why, when I woke this morning and still remembered the dream I had during the night, I was surprised.

I dreamt of the world outside. There was light, there were colors (in the cave everything was just black, gray and red from the lava), there was life. I saw myself walking amidst all that light and that felt good. I was very much surprised to see and feel all that. You see, I had never seen the world outside the cave and what I dreamt about was just my imagination.

“What are you mooning about?” Jordy, another one of my friends asked. “Come and walk with us.”

“I was thinking about the outside world,” I said, before thinking about it.

“Ha, the outside world!” He mocked me. “What for do you do that?”

“Don’t you want to know what is out there?”

“No,” Jordy laughed. “I’m happy to be in here.”

“But, what…” I tried to protest.

“But, what? Ah? What?” He shouted angrily. “You want to go out there? Then go. No one is stopping you.” Jordy continued to shout and even gave me a push.

“What is going on here?” One of the older Zombies asked from behind me.

“He is crazy,” Jordy explained and left us be.

“What is it?” He asked me then.

“I told him that I want to explore the world outside our cave.” I answered tearfully.

The oldest Zombie shook his head and asked me to follow him. I looked around and saw that no one else was interested in what we were doing. The Zombie took me to the far end of the cave and we sat down.

“You want to know what is outside?” He asked me then.

“Yes,” I exclaimed.

“Only once in my long life I went outside,” the old Zombie said. “I was young and stupid, and just like you, I wanted to know what is out there. So, one night I exited the cave. It was strange, exciting and new. Everything around me was different. Instead of stones and lava, there was grass and water. Instead of darkness, there were stars in the sky and during the day everything was becoming bright and colorful.”

“Uh-huh,” I drank each one of his words. “What did you do?”

“I walked around during the night and then hid during the day,” he continued with a smile. “Everything was interesting to me, but then I was all alone and after a while I got lonely.”

“But, aren’t there other Zombies outside?” I asked surprised.

“Probably, but I didn’t meet them,” he shook his head. “One day I met a very scary creature, which wanted to kill me, so I ran back here and never again attempted to go out.”

I listened with open mouth to what he had to say about the outside world and when he stopped talking all I wanted was to go out and see it for myself. Something in his words had attracted my attention – he had spoken about beauty and colors, but also about loneliness and fear. I didn’t know what all those things were, but I wanted to try them by myself.

Day Three – A new beginning

That day I thought a lot and finally reached a decision – I was going to get out of here. It wasn’t easy to take that decision, but I had no other choice. I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life wondering about what it could be.

So, I waited for the night to fall and then carefully exited the cave through the only exit it had. The exit was usually guarded, so I had to look for the guard and make sure to reach the front of the cave without anyone noticing me. This first step of my journey went well and after an hour I was able to walk outside the cave.


I thought that it will be dark like inside. It was night after all, but what was my surprise when outside turned out to be a different kind of dark. There were small lights in the sky, shadows everywhere, and some kind of light, I have never seen before. Inside the cave it was always a dark red glow that illuminated things, here the light was like silver.

For the first few moments I stood there speechless – everything was new to me, but what really amazed me was the fact how more beautiful and complicated it was.

Don’t understand me wrong – there were stones here, just like in the cave, but they were different. Some were covered by something green, which I have heard was called grass, others were colored in strange hues and most importantly, the stones weren’t building walls or caves, but were lying on the ground, leaving the sky open to see.

My first few hours in the MineCraft world, I spent walking and exploring the surroundings. There were trees and planes, and a small pool of water… Everything looked wonderful to me.




I was constantly finding something new to amaze me. But, suddenly, I realized that hours had passed and it was going to be day very soon.

“What should I do?” I asked myself loudly and looked around. I wasn’t very far from my home, but returning wasn’t an option. That was when I noticed a small hole under a hill and decided to use it for a hideout during the day.

That was how my first day (or better night) outside ended…

Day Four – The Witch

During the next night, I, Frankie, the Zombie decided to go and explore a forest which I could see from my position on the hill. It was as if the woods were calling me and I decided to go. The previous day had went by quickly, with me either sleeping or watching the outside world from my small hole.

I walked towards the forest slowly, exploring all the things I met on my way and enjoying the open air and the soft breeze. A few times I saw something moving in the grass, but I was too far to actually notice what it was. The thought of meeting some other Zombie or worse, some other creature, was still scaring me.

So, when I reached the forest and then started walking inside of it, I felt free and excited. Life could be really beautiful, after all. There I actually met with other MineCraft creatures. First, it was a Witch, who I found in the middle of the forest, sitting under a tree and chatting something to herself. Although, I was scared of her, something in her behavior told me that she won’t harm me, so I approached her.

“Hi,” I said from a few steps away. “My name is Frankie and I am a Zombie.”

“I know what you are,” the strange creature answered me, looking up and even coming closer. “What do you want?”

“Nothing,” I said, surprised. “I was exploring the forest and I saw you, and wanted to say HI.”

“You are lying,” she shook her head. “Everybody in this world wants something, Zombies especially. Don’t you know how a Zombie should behave?”

“I wanted to see the world outside my cave, and that is why I escaped my family…” I offered, as an explanation.

“You left your family?” She asked. “Why?”

Why? The question took me by surprise. I still had to answer that question myself. “I don’t know. Maybe, I wanted something more…”

“It’s dangerous out here,” she said. “It is dangerous even for me. And I am a Witch. For a young Zombie like you, it is impossible to live alone.”

“What should I do?”

“You have to learn to defend yourself,” she answered and took something out of her bag. “Look at this, for example, it is a powerful potion, which can destroy all your enemies.”

“How do I use it?” I asked, looking at the small bag, she was holding.

“You throw it at your enemies,” she said helpfully. “I can show you.”

That was how we spent the rest of the night – the Witch showed me how to use the potions and taught me a lot about self defense. When she had to go, she left with me a few of her potions, wishing me to find my way in MineCraft. “Don’t forget that it might be more painful to be outside and be alone, than be inside with your family.”

I didn’t understand her words then, and decided to continue my exploration. Unfortunately, as soon as she disappeared from my sight, something passed near my left ear. Hisssssssssssss… The sound scared me and I threw myself on the ground. From my new position, I tried to look around me and that was when I saw him.

He was big and scary, with some kind of weapon in his hands. Later, I learned that he was an Archer and that I should run from him. That first night, however, all I did was to lie down and pretend that I was dead. Maybe the Witch had been right. How was I supposed to survive all by myself in this world?

Day Five – A new family

The next night, I was more careful and didn’t go near creatures I knew nothing about. The encounter with the Archer had taught me how easy it could be to lose my life in MineCraft. I had stayed for hours there, lying on the grass and hoping that the Archer will go away.

So, I walked, I looked around, I explored, but I didn’t take any risks. The moment something or someone came into my sight, I ran in the opposite direction. That, until I met someone, I could really relate to.

At the foot of a small mountain I saw a group of creatures that reminded me of my family. And I was right – they were Zombies. At first I was exited, then I was scared, but finally I decided to talk to them.

“Hi,” I greeted them with a large smile. “My name is Frankie.”

“Hi,” they said to me with matching smiles. “What do you do here?”

“I left my family to explore the world,” I explained. “And what about you?”

“We are all like you,” another one of them answered. “We escaped from our homes, and came here to live free.”

“You all were together?” I wondered.

“No, we all come from different places, but after a while we met and decided to live together.” The first one explained to me.

It was very interesting to me to listen to their stories. I felt that I could learn a lot from them. They were all rebel Zombies, just like me. They were hiding in the small cave during the day and refused to live according to what others say.

“We like to be free,” they continued to repeat and I was wondering what did they meant by that. What it was like to be free? Personally, I have never felt really trapped by my home, but I really wanted to see something more of the world.

I asked them if I could stay and they told me that I can do whatever I want. So, I stayed and learned a lot about myself and the world outside. For example, that night for the first time I heard about the Players. According to the rebel Zombies, those Players were the most horrible creatures in the MineCraft world, as they were unpredictable and always ready to kill.

“But, why do they kill us?” I asked a bit scared, but mostly curious. “Do they eat Zombies?”

“No, they just like killing us,” my new friends explained. “For example, if you go too close to their homes, you will see that they have built traps for Zombies and if they see you, they most surely will attack you.”

“So, it is better to stay away from them?” I asked again.

“Yes and no,” Jimmy, one of the youngest Zombies explained. “The Players have a lot of tasty food and it is kind of fun to scare them.”

“Ha, ha, ha…” everybody around us started laughing and I just had to join them. My new friends gave me food and a place to sleep, promising to tell me more the next day.

For the first time in a long time I was happy again. After all, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted, right?

Day Six – Learning about MineCraft.

And then something wonderful happened…

I started having fun – wow… can you imagine, I was having actual fun.

It all started with us walking away from the cave in search of diamonds. Jimmy told me that we were going to steal as many diamonds as we wish. And we did just that. We approached multiple Players’ houses and stole from them the diamonds we found.

It was fun to hide in the shadows and wait for the place to be empty, so that we could approach and take the diamonds stored in there. We had a lot of fun running from behind the trees and stones and picking up diamonds from under Player’s noses.

We were also having a lot of fun eating whatever we wanted. I tasted things I have never seen before and it was good and new, and exciting.

“Mmmm,” I became used to say. “What a wonderful taste.”

As you can imagine, up to that moment all I have tasted was rotten flesh and the prospect of fresh meat was more than appealing. My friends taught me how to procure fresh meat and more importantly, they taught me how to interact with the Players.

“You better stay away from them, if you are all alone,” Jimmy continued to insist. “Once I was almost killed by one of them. It was horrible. The Player came out of nowhere and attempted to kill me with a sword.”

“What did you do?” I asked in a barely there voice.

“I ran,” he said.

“Ohhhh,” I exclaimed.

“And I learned the hard way that Zombies and Players don’t mix.”

“I’ll like to meet one of them,” I said carefully, afraid of his reaction.

“What? Are you out of your mind? What did I just say?” Jimmy started shouting at me. “PLAYERS ARE DANGEROUS!” He repeated slowly, underlining each syllabus.

“Okay, okay,” I raised my arms in a peace offering gesture. “I will stay away from them.”

But, as most things in this world. I promised something that I wasn’t going to do. So far, I haven’t been able to meet a Player and I was very interested in what they were like. I have seen their homes and have stolen their diamonds, but I had still to see one for real.

Day Seven – A new friend

The next day, I was doing my Zombie thing and running around in search of food, diamonds or some fun…

Hissssssssss… sounds were coming out of my mouth, warning everybody around that I was there too. It was amazing how every creature I met was scared of me and… it was a bit sad too.

During my exploration, however, I did something unexpected. I walked too far away from my new friends and realized that I was lost. That was when I noticed someone walking on the other side of the clearing, I was standing on.

It was a Player…

I could see him clearly now. He was dressed somehow strangely in red, and only when I got closer, I noticed that he was actually a she. After the first moments of fear, I turned around ready to run, but unfortunately I stumble on a fallen branch and fell on the ground.

“Are you okay?” Someone asked from behind me and I quickly stood up. The Player girl was standing me, looking really worried. “Can I help you?”

“No, hisssssss,” I said and tried to scare her.

“Don’t be afraid, I am not going to hurt you,” she answered in the same sweet voice and even smiled at me. “I saw you falling and wanted to help you, that’s all.”

Her words surprised me. All I knew about Players was pointing in the opposite direction. They were supposed to be bad, to be dangerous, to be my enemies…

“Hisssssssss,” I let out again. “I don’t need your help.”

“But, you looked badly hurt,” she protested again and sat down on a fallen tree. “Once a fell in these woods and hurt myself really badly. I needed three healing potions to get back on my feet.”

“I am a Zombie!” I said to her coldly.

“I know,” she smiled again. “I am a Player. My name is Molly, by the way.”

What was going on here? “Frankie,” I said carefully. “I mean, my name is Frankie.”

“Nice to meet you, Frankie,” she said cheerfully. “I know that it is not usual for Players to talk to Zombies, but I have promised to myself to be friendly with everyone.”

“So, you are not going to try and kill me?” I asked anyway.

“No, I just wanted to help you,” she said again. “Oh!” she exclaimed then. “There are Blazes coming our way.”

The girl was pointing at something behind me and I turned around to see what was it. The woods looked as if they were on fire and I could distinguish five horrifying creatures coming our way.

“What are they?” I asked her with fear.

“Blazes, they are dangerous and will kill me, if they see me.” She answered, the same fear I was feeling visible in her words. I was confused and still unsure about her, but her fear looked genuine, so I choose to believe her and even to help her.

“Come,” I said to her and started walking in the direction, I have come from. On my way here I have noticed a small cave, so I showed it to her and Molly hid inside. “You will be safe here.” I told her and walked a few yards away. The Blazes might come our way and I wanted to keep them from her.

Day Eight – What it means to be a friend

The next day was a rainy one and the Blazes disappeared from the forest. Molly came out of her hiding place and thanked me for my help. “You should come to my home,” she said hopefully. “I have food there and you can rest a little.”

At first, I wanted to say no, but so far she had done nothing to make me doubt her, so I said yes and followed her to her house. It was smaller than the ones I have seen before, but it was beautiful and warm inside. “You can sit down if you want,” she offered and went to some smaller door and brought back food.

We stayed together for a few hours and I was happy to listen to Molly telling me about her life and her dreams. Her smile was rarely leaving her face and I noticed that I also started smiling. There was a strange warm feeling in my chest, something very different from the warmth of the fire. It scared me, but it also made me do good things.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped, but it was still cloudy outside, so I was able to walk without fearing for my life. I did a few good things for Molly that day. I brought her water, collected some food and flowers for her and even showed her how to build a trap for Blazes. We filled it with water and made sure to cover it with some branches. “When they feel inside, they will die, because Blazes don’t like water.”

We become good friends that day and that new and unexpected friendship was making me happy. Molly was very different from me and my usual friends, but she was also amazing. During the night, I walked around Molly’s house and made sure that no dangerous creatures came closer.

Molly wanted me to stay inside with her, but I refused. The truth was that I was a little afraid of the new things I was feeling and wanted to think about them. Being friends with Molly was against everything my short Zombie life had taught me. She was a Player, I was a Zombie. She was a girl, I was a boy. We were supposed to be natural enemies. Why then it felt so good to be near her and help her?

“Oh, Frankie,” I said to the dark night. “You are going crazy.”

I stayed by her house almost until the next morning, but then I decided that it will be better if I have some time alone to think some more. I left Molly a flower by the door and left her house to go and hide from the sun in some lonely cave. I wasn’t feeling like going to my Zombie friends either.

[]Day Nine – Right and wrong

However, the next night, when the sun was down again, I couldn’t resist the urge to go back to Molly’s house. I walked fast, but on my way there I met with a Spider, which looked determined to distract me. When I finally reached the house, I noticed something strange. The door was opened and there was smoke coming from inside.

“Molly,” I called urgently and ran towards the house. By the open door I could see Molly lying with her face down and looking completely still. “Molly, are you okay?” I asked again and went to touch her.

But, she didn’t move, didn’t answer me and didn’t smile at me as she used to. In her hand there was the flower I left for her last night and beside her I could see clear signs that Zombies had been in here. All Molly’s food was stolen and the chest where she kept her diamonds was broken and empty.

“Oh, Molly,” I cried over her cold body. She had been my friend for only a few hours, but I already felt for her something I haven’t felt for anyone else.

I could see what had happened here – my group of rebel Zombies had found her house, killed her and taken everything she had. Why did they have to kill her? I was sure that she probably opened the door for them. If they had asked – Molly would have given them everything she had.

“It’s wrong, it’s wrong…” I shouted to no one in particular. I covered her body with a piece of cloth and ran towards the cave of the rebels. It took me hours, but finally I was there. The place, however, was empty and I had to realize that they had not only killed my friend, but also left me behind.

Much slower, I returned to Molly’s house, all the time remembering the happy moments we had together. The smiles, the way we worked together, the small talks we had. I had learned so much from that smiling girl.

Her friendship and death made me start wondering if my way of life was the right one. Wandering about, killing other mobs and Players, stealing food and diamonds – was that why I walked out of my home? I wasn’t sure anymore.

I started questioning what was right and wrong and what it meant to be a friend. Were the other Zombies my true friends, or was Molly the real one. It was true that I was a Zombie too, but Molly was a Player and she wasn’t behaving the way other Players did. She had told me that she wanted to be good to others and be friend with everyone.

But, was that possible. Could a Zombie be a friend to everyone? And what about the Zombies, who killed my friend? Could I be their friend?

I had no answers to all those questions, but I was willing to find them. But, first things first. I carried Molly’s body to the cave I had found nearby and placed it inside. Carefully, I covered her body with flowers and then closed the entrance of the cave with a few big stones. No one was going to disturb her last sleep and this way I could come and visit her every time I wanted.

Day Ten – Who am I now?

I remained close to Molly for the whole day and then the next night. I was hurting, and that was new to me. A Zombie wasn’t supposed to hurt. We were the ones hurting others. But, somewhere in my hollow chest, I was feeling a strange feeling, I was feeling pain.

“I will avenge you, Molly,” I shouted in front of her tomb. “I will avenge you, I swear it.”

I was confused and unsure of how to deal with this strange thing that was disturbing my heart. I wanted to understand it and started examining myself, my feelings and my desires.

The creatures, who were supposed to be closest to me, who I considered to be my family had killed the only thing in this world I really cared about. Because, you see, when I was with the other Zombies, I was one of the masses. I was like that, I was one of them, I was nothing special.

While, the few hours I spent with Molly, showed me that there was something more out there. Actually, I think that I finally found the thing I was searching for, when I left the safety of my home and family.

Molly gave me love and friendship. And more importantly, she gave them to me without me asking. Molly had shown me what it meant to be a good being, what it meant to be there for another being.

I was going to miss her, and it was going to take me a lot of time to get over her. But, first things first, I was going to avenge her death.

That night, I decided that I was going after my former friends to teach them a lesson. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I see them again, but I had time to think about it and decide. For now, it was enough that Molly was taken care of and that I had realized that the best thing in this world was to find someone to call a friend.

“Goodbye, my friend,” I muttered for a last time, before turning around and returning to the house. I had already spotted the traces left by my former friends. It was going to be easy to follow them.

To Be Continued…




Diary of a Rebellious Zombie: The Beginning

Journey into the unbelievable world of MineCraft and follow the Zombie named Frankie in the quest to escape his home and explore the world he lives in. Take a look inside and meet up with the main character as he finds himself traveling across the world, meeting new friends and getting to know all that life can offer. Dive into the rebellious life of Frankie and experience both joy and loss in the greatest journey ever told in entire world of cubes. Adventure awaits you! Jump in now, only if you dare!

  • Author: Lexi Forbes
  • Published: 2016-03-19 17:35:09
  • Words: 5035
Diary of a Rebellious Zombie: The Beginning Diary of a Rebellious Zombie: The Beginning