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Diary of a Potion Maker, Book 1: Potion Expert


Diary of a Potion Maker, Book 1: Potion Expert

Copyright 2015 Mark Mulle

Published by Mark Mulle at Shakespir





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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







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Day One: My Special Skill

Dear Diary,

We witches try to make it look easy, but it really takes a lot of hard work to perfect our magical skills. Every witch goes through some basic training to learn the most important spells and potions, but once we are done with all of that, we can pick what we want to become experts in. Even though I like spells, I love making potions. It’s so cool to mix a bunch of different things and get something totally new.

I studied for years to learn everything that I could about potions. I wanted to be able to help people with my potions, not hurt them. I’m finishing up my studies tomorrow and then I need to figure out what exactly I want to do after this. Oh, and by the way, Diary, my name is Verita.

Day Two: The Next Step

Dear Diary,

Today I officially finished my potion-making training. My school even gave me a certificate and everything saying that I had completed my training. I was ready to do whatever I wanted with my potion skills, but I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with them.

No matter what I am going to do later, I know that I need to move if I want to do anything. There are a lot of witches where I live now, and I’ll never get any business if I stay here. I need to find somewhere without any witches. I need to make a name for myself somewhere new and with new people. It was time to find out where I, and my potions, belong. I’ll start moving tomorrow and thinking about what I want to do with my new skills.

Day Three: My New Idea

Dear Diary,

Traveling gives a witch a lot of time to think about what she wants to do with her life, and while I was moving around, I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my potion skills. Ever since I was little, I had really liked sharing. I know that it’s weird for little kids to share anything, but I liked seeing how happy people were when I shared. Of course, I knew that I couldn’t just share my potions for free if I wanted to make a living with my potions. That’s when I got the idea to open up my own potion shop. This way I would be able to share my potions with anyone who wanted them, but I would also be able to make some money at it too.

Now, I just had to figure out where I would open my new store…

Day Four: My New Home

Dear Diary,

After traveling for hours today, I finally came along a village that looked just about perfect, but I had to explore to make sure. I walked into the village to see what was around. There were a whole bunch of houses, which meant that there would be a lot of customers to buy my potions.

The Villagers also looked pretty nice. No one was carrying weapons around in the street or anything. This seemed like a safe little village that would be great for starting my own business in. I just needed to check for one more thing…

I walked around the whole town a couple of times to see if there was already a witch living here or not. I know that I might still be able to sell potions if a witch did already live here, but I would be able to sell a lot more if there wasn’t a witch here.

After walking down all of the streets, I couldn’t find any sign that another witch was living here, which meant that this witch would be moving in.

Day Five: Moving In

Dear Diary,

Now that I knew what village I was going to live in, I had to find a place in the village to live. It didn’t take long to find a house that was perfect for me. I didn’t know how long I was going to stay in the village, so I decided to just rent somewhere to live instead of buying a house.

I found a nice little apartment in the village. There was a place for the store in the downstairs part of the house, and there was a place for me to live and make my potions in the upstairs. It was near the center of the village, so I was sure to get a lot of business in my new shop.

I spent the whole day moving in my things. I didn’t bring a lot of things with me when I moved, so it was easy to get everything set up in my new house, and I even got most of the store set up too. It was a hard day’s work, but it was all worth it.

Day Six: Preparing the Potions

Dear Diary,

Now that I was all moved in, it was time to start working on my store some more. I had already set up the store, but now it was time for me to actually make some potions. I had learned how to make all sorts of different positions during my training. Now I just had to figure out which ones I would sell in my store.

I decided to make a lot of healing potions, some invisibility potions, and some potions to make people run faster and see in the dark. I also threw in a few slow-motion potions that would hurt enemies. I didn’t really want to sell a whole bunch of potions that would hurt people. The last thing I wanted was for people to be using my potions to mess up some monsters or something.

It took me all day, but I finally made enough potions that I would be able to open my shop tomorrow. I had potions that could do all sorts of different things, and of all different colors. I was excited for this shop to open; I just hoped that the Villagers would be excited too.

Day Seven: Grand Opening

Dear Diary,

Today was the grand opening of my new store. After thinking about it all night, I decided to call it “Perfect Potions for Every Occasion.” I didn’t want my store to sound too spooky or like the potions were bad. Too many people didn’t know that people could use potions for good things, and that’s why I decided to call it “Perfect Potions” instead of something like “Bewitching Potions” or something like that.

It was a slow first day of sales. A few Villagers came in and out of my store, but not too many people actually bought potions. A lot of younger kids and teenagers were the ones who bought potions. Invisibility potions were a number one seller, so I know that I need to make more of those later.

I hope that I get some better sales tomorrow, but overall, I guess today was a good first day of sales. I hope my business keeps up!

Day Eight: New Customers

Dear Diary,

The store was open again today. I didn’t need to make more potions last night because I didn’t sell many yesterday. I was wishing for some better sales today, and later in the day my wish was granted.

A group of new customers came into my shop today. They were humans. They didn’t look like they were from around here. They didn’t look like they were from anywhere. There were three men and two women in the group that were dressed head to toe in different colors and material armor. They looked like they had just gone through some kind of battle, and now they needed to restock on potions.

This little group of travelers nearly emptied my shop. I had to close early because I almost ran out of potions to sell. I hoped that this great day of sales would encourage more people from around the village to shop in my store. Until then, I had some potions to make.

Day Nine: Multitasking

Dear Diary,

Just as I had hoped, many more people came into my shop today. I guess that I lot of people heard how much the travelers liked my potions that they wanted to see what they could do first hand.

I had a little bit of trouble running my shop today. A lot of people wanted to buy my potions, but I also didn’t really have that many potions to sell today. I had to get the materials to make potions early this morning to make the potions. There was already a line of people waiting outside of the door when it was time to open the shop, so I knew that I had to get right to work.

While I was selling potions, I also had to make potions. I was running back and forth from the main part of my store to the potion kitchen and back again.

If business keeps up like this I might even need to hire some help. Business sure is booming!

Day Ten: Magic Haters

Dear Diary,

Most people in town seem to love my potions, but some people in town also hate them. Not all witches are the nicest of people, and that gives the rest of us a bad name. While the Villagers here seem to know that I’m pretty nice for the most part, some of the Villagers still aren’t able to accept me.

Some of the Villagers hate magic, and because of this, they hate potions and they aren’t too friendly to me either. I wouldn’t mind it that much if they didn’t like me, but they aren’t being too nice to my customers. Sometimes when the magic-hating people were around my shop, it made the other Villagers want to stay away too.

This isn’t good for business. I hope they go away soon or at least find some other witch to bother.

Day Eleven: The Protest Begins

Dear Diary,

I hoped that the magic-hating Villagers would back off, but it seemed like they were just trying to push me out of town faster. Today there was a whole group of Villagers outside of my shop with signs. The signs said things like “Potions Contaminate Villagers,” “Children Misuse Magic,” and “Witches Belong in Swamps.” There were a few others, but they were way worse than that. I wanted to do some spells to make them go away, but that would only make me seem like the bad witch that they were saying I was.

Even with all of the ruckus outside, I still managed to sell a few potions. The protesters left later in the day when they realized that their signs weren’t doing much, which let more people come into my shop to buy potions. Business went well in the afternoon. I hope it goes even better tomorrow. I really hope that these protestors go away too.

Day Twelve: Drama in the Streets

Dear Diary,

Even though all I wanted was for the protesters to find something better to do, all they seemed to want to do was make my life harder. Today they brought their signs back, but they also came with a threat. The protesters wanted to make potions illegal to make, sell, or buy. I doubted that their efforts would pay off, but at the same time, the thought of my potions becoming illegal made me nervous.

One funny thing that happened out of all of this was that more Villagers were actually buying my potions. I wasn’t the only one that was worried that potions were going to become illegal, so they were buying as much as they could while it was still legal to buy them. This was a great day for business, whether the protesters liked it or not.

Day Thirteen: A Quick Decision

Dear Diary,

A terrible thing happened today. As I was making the potions to sell or the day, I heard an announcement on the radio. I guess that the protesters had complained to the mayor of the town about the potions that I was selling. The mayor got sick of all of the complaints, that he just decided to make potions illegal. I thought that this village was going to be cool, but I guess the government here could use some working on.

I didn’t know what to do. I stopped making potions right away and I decided to close my shop for the day. I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. Will I need to move out of town? Start a new business? I don’t know. All I know is that this new law is stressing me out, and I need to find something to do to help me to calm down.

Day Fourteen: A New Job

Dear Diary,

I wanted to leave the village and start over somewhere else, but then I remembered that I was renting out my store and house, so I kind of had to stay at least until the end of the month. Until then, I needed to find a new job so that I would be able to pay my bills and buy whatever else that I needed.

I decided to grab a newspaper to start looking for jobs. There wasn’t much for a witch to do in a small village like this one. There were some jobs advertising positions for delivering newspapers, selling farm animals, working on a farm…there were a lot of farm jobs around here. Even though I was sure that the farm jobs seemed nice enough, but they weren’t really for me.

Maybe I would find a new hobby instead. That might be fun.

Day Fifteen: Smelling Stress Reducer

Dear Diary,

Not having a job, not having a plan, and not having much else were really starting to stress me out. I needed to find some way to calm down, and today I got a nice idea while on a walk. Even though most witches like to fly for fun, I always find that taking walks is a nice way to relax.

While on my walk, I found a whole spot in the grass that was covered by flowers. I loved the smell and colors of flowers. Seeing them gave me a good idea. I decided to pull up some flowers by the roots so that I would be able to replant them later.

I brought the flowers back home and made my own little garden plot. This would be my new hobby, I decided. Even if I couldn’t make potions anymore, it was still nice to be able to make something.

Day Sixteen: Reopening Shop

Dear Diary,

Even though I couldn’t sell potions anymore, I still had this shop rented out, so I decided that I might as well use it for something. Even though the law said that I couldn’t make potions anymore, it didn’t say that I couldn’t use magic anymore. When no one was watching, I decided to put a spell on the flowers so that they would be able to grow faster. The flowers grew overnight, giving me enough to sell in my store.

I reopened my shop with a new name “Verita’s Violets and Other Flowers.” A few Villagers came in to buy flowers. They didn’t seem to know what to think about the change. I still had a decent amount of business by selling the flowers. I figure that I will keep this up until I can find a new place to live. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn to love planting flowers.

Day Seventeen: A Strange Comment

Dear Diary,

My flower shop was getting a lot of business again today. It wasn’t getting as much business as my potion’s shop did, but it was getting me enough money to survive.

Today something weird happened in the flower shop. I put all of the flowers in vases with water so that people would be able to see what they would look like in a vase. Today, a customer said that the water in the vase kind of looked like a potion that he used to buy from my old potion shop. Even though that I knew that there was only water in the vase, it gave me an idea.

A lot of potions were blue, and they looked like water. If I tried really hard, I knew that I would be able to sell potions again, but I knew that I would have to be sneaky about it. I had a new mission for myself, and that was to do what I loved. I would sell potions again, but I had to keep it a secret and only sell it to my loyal customers.

My potion business would come back, even if I was the only one who knew about it right now.

Day Eighteen: Blue

Dear Diary,

It’s late at night. I closed the shop a few hours ago. Today I only sold flowers, but tomorrow I’m going to add potions to my store again. I’m only going to sell blue potions starting tomorrow. Blue potions will be the easiest to hide. I’m only going to tell a few loyal customers about the potions at first. I don’t want the wrong people to know. If one of the old protesters found out that I was selling potions again, then I would almost definitely get arrested.

If these blue potions sell okay, then maybe I’ll add some different kinds of potions. These blue potions will be a sort of test to see if I really can sell potions and flowers at the same time. It will be a big challenge, but I’m sure it’s one that I’ll be able to manage if I try my best.

Day Nineteen: Flowers and Potions

Dear Diary,

Today is my first day of selling potions again, even if not many people know about it yet. I made sure to keep the flowers with the potions in the vase away from the normal vases so that I wouldn’t get them mixed up. I hid them away in little corners of the shop so that only customers who were actually looking for them would be able to find them.

One of my loyal customers, a local adventurer, came into my shop today. I made sure to slip in a note saying where the potions were hidden. He gave me a weird look, but by the time that he left the shop he had bought two vases full of potions. He made sure to tell a few of his friends about the potions too. By the end of the day, I had sold more vases with potions in them than without it.

I guess that my potion plans were working. It looked like I was going to be selling potions again!

Day Twenty: Risky Business

Dear Diary,

I made some more blue potions last night and added them into vases again to sell today. I still had some vases with just flowers and water in them. Some of the protesters were starting to come back into my shop. They were happy now, thinking that I wasn’t selling potions anymore. They were the only ones actually buying the flowers without potions in it. I was a little worried, though. With all of the flower business I was getting, I was bound to have a former protester buy one of my potion vases on accident.

At the same time, more and more normal customers wanted to be able to buy more potions. I couldn’t exactly make a million potions in one night, and I was running out of potions during the day. I had to figure out a way to step up my game, and my potions.

Day Twenty-One: A New Discovery

Dear Diary,

I was trying to figure out a way that I would be able to sell more potions. I could just make more blue potions, or…I could figure out how to make other potions look like water so that my customers would have a bigger selection to pick from.

I had to look in a whole bunch of old potion books that I had laying around, but eventually I found the one that I needed. Now I am able to make all of the potions that I want. I can make all of the potions that I was making when I was actually allowed to sell potions.

It took me all night to make all of the potions and change them to make them look like water. It was a lot of hard work, but I knew that I was going to make a lot of money because of it. I really didn’t mind spending all day making potions, after all, it is what I trained for. I just hope that no one important, like the cops or protesters, find out about it.

Day Twenty-Two: Better Business

Dear Diary,

Now that I had every kind of potion that my customers could dream of, business was back in full swing again. Some of my loyal customers had spread the word that the potions were back, and now that they were back, so were more of my old customers.

I was glad that I was getting a lot of business today, but the old protesters weren’t too happy about it. Since I had started selling flowers, some of the protesters had gotten over the fact that I had sold potions when it was still legal. These people bought flowers now and didn’t bother me about much. Sadly, some of the old protesters were still mad at me from before, and now they were getting suspicious that I was getting so much business. There were other flower shops around the village, and they weren’t doing nearly as well as I was.

I would have to try harder to keep this a secret if I didn’t want to get in trouble.

Day Twenty-Three: Strangers in the Shop

Dear Diary,

I didn’t usually get new customers in the store. There were usually just the people who loved buying my potions, and a few former protesters that thought my flowers were pretty. Some new people came into my shop today. They weren’t travelers, who also came to my shop sometimes, but Villagers from this village that I had never seen before. I didn’t mind seeing new customers, but it was what they did that made the whole thing weird.

These strangers came into my shop just to look around. They were peeking into every corner. I think they were trying to find something in my shop, and I was worried that they were looking for the potions. These strangers didn’t buy much either. Every new stranger that came into the store only bought one flower.

I think that someone knows that I’m selling potions again, and I don’t think that it’s someone who wants to buy some.

Day Twenty-Four: An Accidental Purchase

Dear Diary,

More strangers were in and out of my shop all day today. Some of them just looked around and bought only a little bit of stuff like they did yesterday, but one of them actually bought a vase full of flowers, but there wasn’t exactly water in the bottom of the vase.

The customer was snooping around where I kept the potions. I tried to direct them back towards the flowers with only water in them, but they seemed to really like the flowers that were in the potion vases. That was one problem about putting flowers in potions, they tended to look a lot cooler than the flowers with just water in the vases.

No matter what I did, the stranger bought the flowers with the potions in it. I just hope that nothing goes wrong because of this.

Day Twenty-Five: Potion Spill

Dear Diary,

Just as I worried, something went wrong with the customer who accidentally bought the vase with a potion in it instead of water. I guess the villager who bought it had a pet ocelot at home. Ocelots tend to bump into things or to knock things over on purpose because they can. The ocelot knocked it over, and the vase broke, making the potion spill all over the floor. The ocelot licked up the potion from the floor, and it turned invisible right away.

Knowing that ocelots don’t usually turn invisible, the Villager who came to my shop the other day knew that something had to be wrong, but they didn’t know what had actually caused the ocelot to change.

I’m worried that other people will figure it out that it was a potion that did this to the ocelot, and that they’ll figure out that the Villager got the potion from me.

Day Twenty-Six: Problems with Authority

Dear Diary,

It turns out that a lot of the Villagers that are protesters are a lot smarter than the guy who bought the potion the other day and accidentally had his ocelot turn invisible. The former protesters weren’t so happy that I hadn’t stopped selling potions, and they were ready to get revenge on me.

The protesters got together and told the local police that I was selling potions again. They weren’t going to arrest me right away because they had to check my store for evidence of potions.

Tomorrow would be a busy day of cleaning up the big mess that I had made…

Day Twenty-Seven: Clean Up

Dear Diary,

I spent the whole night yesterday cleaning up in my shop. I decided to do the cleaning last night so that I wouldn’t need to close the shop during the day. I figured if I closed the shop that it would seem suspicious to the cops and protesters.

Even though I hated to do it, I had to find a way to get rid of all of the potions that I had worked so hard to build. I used magic to make the potions vanish in an instant. That was just from my storage room. I still had a bunch of potions in vases. It was hard to figure which vases had water in it and which had potions in them. I did my best to guess which were potions and get rid of them. I just hope that I got all of them.

I expect that the cops will be here soon. I just hope that I got rid of everything suspicious.

Day Twenty-Eight: The Cops

Dear Diary,

Just as I expected, the cops came into my store today. They kicked out all of my customers so that they could take a look around my shop to see if they would be able to find any potions. They even searched the part above my store to see if I was hiding any potions in my room. Luckily, I had already thought of that and had completely gotten rid of all of my potions instead of just hiding them. I hated to get rid of something that I had worked so hard on, but I knew that I had to do it.

The cops searched my store for a while, but they couldn’t find anything that proved that the potion had come from me. They left without arresting me. I had gotten away with it! I just had to be more careful from now on…

Day Twenty-Nine: Cops and Flowers

Dear Diary,

I decided that I will only sell flowers for a little bit until this whole potion thing blows over. I’m thinking about leaving town and starting a business somewhere else. I’ve come too close to getting in trouble in this village. I’m not sure that it’s safe for a witch to live here.

A cop came into the shop today, but it wasn’t to search me. He wanted to buy some flowers as a way of apologizing for all of the trouble the cops had put me through my searching my shop yesterday. I was nervous to have him in my shop, but he seemed nice enough, so I sold him some flowers. Selling that vase was the worst mistake that I ever made. It turned out that I hadn’t gotten rid of all of the vases. I had missed one, and that was the one that the cop bought today. This wouldn’t have been that bad, but the cop spilled some of the potion on himself. Instantly, he could only move really fast. He knew that he found a potion, and I knew that I was going to be in trouble for it.

Day Thirty: My Arrest

Dear Diary,

I am currently sitting in the village jail. I was arrested this morning for making and selling potions and transported to jail. Luckily, they let me keep my diary. I was glad; I didn’t have much else at the moment to call my own.

I am worried about what is going to happen next. All I know is that I don’t want to be in jail for. I’ll break out if I have to, no matter how many potions or magic it takes. Diary, give me luck because I know that I won’t get anywhere without a lot of it.







The End







About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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Book Two: Finding Steve

Book Three: The Final Mine


Diary of a Potion Maker, Book 1: Potion Expert

GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) All witches must train to learn their own special skill, and Verita decided to learn everything that she could about potion-making. Verita has just completed her potion-making training. She studied from the best potion-makers that there are, and now she is ready to go and make a name for herself and find a village where she can make and sell her own potions. Verita packs up her things and find the perfect village for her. There isn’t another witch living there, so she can make and sell all of the potions that she wants! Business is booming, and most people love Verita’s potions. At least, that’s how it goes at first. It turns out that not everyone in the village loves the idea of magic or even potions. These Villagers want to make life tough for Verita, and it’s not hard for them to accomplish that. When the Villagers get their way, and potions become illegal in the village, what is Verita supposed to do to make a living? Will she stay in the village and just get a new job? Will Verita sell potions in secret instead? Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • ISBN: 9781310708688
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2015-11-09 13:40:11
  • Words: 6056
Diary of a Potion Maker, Book 1: Potion Expert Diary of a Potion Maker, Book 1: Potion Expert