Diary of a Creeper: The Potion Brewer

Diary of a Creeper

Part I

The Potion Brewer


Day 1

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Creeper. You probably have if you are reading these lines. I will tell you how it is…It is awfully lonely and no one, and I mean what I say – NO ONE – in the entire world of blocks wants to hug you…

No one even wants to hang out with you and all the other creepers are busy with one thing: finding a mob to hug.

I was always wondering why we don’t hug each other. Once I asked a creeper I knew if he wanted to hug me and he just asked me;

“But, why?”

I answered:

“Oh…Never mind…”

“Really what is the point?”

I didn’t know so I let it go.

That is when I decided that I need to find a friend – simply said, I was tired of all the lonely days filled only with sounds of me hissing around the woods.

That day, I thought I would finally find a friend and that is when I saw this guy:

Conveniently, he was stuck in a hole in the ground, so I thought I’d stop by and asked him what he is doing down there.

“Hey…what are you doing down there? Is that your house?”

“Please move away and stop hissing at me…”

“But, I am not hissing…”

“Go away!”

“I am not hissing…”

I still think I wasn’t hissing at him. Why would I?

“I just wanted to ask you if you would like to be my friend and hang out maybe…”

“I will get a cat and throw it on you if you don’t move! I don’t want to be blown up in pieces!”

I didn’t get it…Does he not understand what I am saying?

“Look…I don’t want to blow you up. I just want to know if you need any help getting yourself out of there.”

I approached to give him a hand and help him out of the hole and instead of accepting my help, he went out shouting at me, trying to run away. I gave up and moved away.

Humans don’t seem very friendly, do they?

As I was minding my own business, walking away, I ran into that same creeper I met a couple of days ago.

“What’s the matter? Why didn’t you hug that human? You had him in the hole…you could have hugged him without any problem.”

“Yes…well, I don’t like that idea that much. I want a friend. I don’t really like that hugging obsession of ours.”

“You are weird, you know that right?”

Yes. I knew that. In case you are just a bit different than others, your kind starts thinking you are weird and next thing you know you are “that creeper who doesn’t like that” or “that creeper who said that”…

“What am I suppose to do?”

I was really desperate.

“Well, I am going to go over that human and hug him and in the meanwhile, you can go in search for the Potion Brewer.”

“In search for what?”

“You mean, in search for whom…”

I didn’t have a clue about what he was saying. Maybe he was out in the sun for too long. Way too long.

“I think she might be able to help you.”

“Help me with what? Who could help me with what?”

“There is a witch living at the edge of the forest. I heard that she can do magic with her potions. She is the Potion Brewer and maybe she could help you with your friends…”

What friends? I don’t have any!

“You think she could help me find some friends?”

“I am not sure, but you can try asking her…If I were you, I would just do what all creepers do – hug everybody without their consent, but…hey, we are all different.”

We were all different. At least us two. Still, I was sure that there was someone or something out there, just like me, waiting.

Day 2

So, I took the advice I was given by that creeper. I am not sure why, though. He seemed a bit odd to me just as he claimed I was weird to him.

Maybe the reason I began this journey is desperation growing – yes, loneliness is tough and if no one can seem to find you, you need to find that NO ONE. Somebody would be a better word, but you get the point.

I was on my way through the forest and just as I thought, given my poor luck, I ran into a bunch of cats.

Oh my block! Oh my block!

Please, cats! Just leave me alone!


“Wait! Stop it! Why are you making that sound? I don’t like it so just quit it, all right?”


Oh, my! That is so annoying! And looking at them, I realize that they are not even trying to understand me. They are just walking around me with those tails, meowing annoyingly.

Why? Just, why?

I run away from there. I couldn’t bear it anymore. And everyone around is complaining about my hissing! And what about cats and their noises?

Luckily for me, I was out of there in no time. I can be fast when I want. And I did want to run away as far as I could – I was running until every sign of any cat was lost.

“Watch it!”


I bumped into someone. That is how upset I am.

“So sorry…I didn’t see you there.”

“Are you hissing at me, fellow?”

Of course, I run into a skeleton – they are not the friendliest mobs to run into. I think this is the case because of the weapons they all carry around. Mobs with weapons are moody in general – and yet everyone is running away from me…Lucky me! Ugh…

I wonder what would happen if I had a weapon of my own – I think there would be no one to greet me for blocks and blocks of walking.

“You should be more careful, creeper! Look what you’ve done now!”

He was frowning with no reason. I’ve done nothing – and that was the whole truth. Plus, I said my sorry. That should be enough for him to keep his silence and just let me go.

“What have I done?”

“You ask? Look!”

Look what?

“You blew my cover! Now everything I’ve been working on has just vanished in vein.”

What cover? What is he talking about? I run into him as he was just casually standing by the bushes. And it was only one bush – how on block can one bush be a cover???

“Sorry…I already said I was sorry and there I said it again.”

“No Sorry is going to repair the damage you caused.”

Oh…here he is again…

“I don’t think your cover is ruined. You can just go back to your bush and do whatever you were doing before I stumbled upon you.”

“You think that is easy as just say it…?”

I do think so.

“Actually, yes. It’s easy. Plus no one even saw you.”

There was really NO ONE around. He was just making a fuss out of it because…well, because he was a skeleton. They do that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would start shooting arrows at me.

“You saw me!”

“Yes…but I don’t think you were hiding there because of me…and I won’t tell anyone you are here, so…what is the problem actually?”

I asked what the problem was, but the fact is that I wasn’t interested in hearing what he had to say. He was just so stubborn and angry with no reason. I was even considering asking him to be my friend or to hug him to make him feel better, but I changed my mind…

Will he ever stop complaining???

Wait! That is the solution! If I offer him a hug…

“Hey! Hey…Want a hug?”

He started to run. Yes, I thought so…Bye, bye, angry skeleton. You’ll have to find another bush and another creeper to annoy.

Day 3

The only thing I knew about my venture was that I was searching for some kind of a potion brewer – the fact is, I don’t know how witches are supposed to look like or where they are supposed to live for that matter…I knew nothing except that I was supposed to look for her somewhere at the edge of the forest. What edge? Where? How? That I didn’t know.

The question was: does all this make any sense? After all, I did take an advice from a creeper I know nothing about, so if anyone is interested in knowing how desperate I am – that is how the things are: following ghastly trails in order to find something that might not even exist.

Growl! Argh! Rargh!

I know that sound…there’s only one mob that sounds like that.

Zombie. I’ve never understood that thing of theirs just as I don’t understand creepers’ need to hug everyone around. All that growling and dragging with their arms set in front of them as if they are after you, haunting and stalking – yet, they are so slow that they couldn’t catch you even if you wanted them to.

As I was passing by he just went on with his growling. Unlike other zombies I’ve met, this one wasn’t dragging around. He was just standing in one place making sounds like this:

Argggh! Rargh! Growl!

That tickled my curiosity so I approached and asked him:

“What are you doing?”

“Huh? Hey…Nothing…Nothing special.”

“Why are you standing there?”

“Why are you standing there?”

Who answers to a question by posing another one?

“Well…I was passing by and I just stopped to see what you are up to.”

“I see…Well…I don’t have a clue about what I am doing here…”

He wasn’t the only one.

“…I think I forgot something so I’m just standing here until I remember.”

He would probably go on standing and growling there if his arm didn’t catch fire.

“You are burning!”

“I’m what?”

“Burning! Your arm is burning. Come on!”

I grabbed him and dragged him away to the shadows of the trees. We put the fire down.

“Look at that…I really was burning…Oh, that is right! I wanted to get away from the sun until the night falls and then I forgot what I wanted to do and caught fire anyways…Hah!”

Wow! That is a forgetful zombie right there. And that forgetfulness could turn him into ashes.

“Thanks! Thank you for dragging me out here…”

“No problem…”

I was glad I could help.

“So, where are you headed to all by yourself?”

“I’m kind of looking for a certain Potion Brewer…a witch that supposedly lives at the edge of the forest.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of her. Maybe I know someone who could help you find her. He is not a friendly fellow, though. Just so you know.”

Um. I wasn’t thrilled with the way he described that someone, but do I have any other options? Not really.

“Really? Who do I look for?”

“Just a couple of blocks away in that direction you will find a Zombie Pigman. He can help you. He and the witch are spawned on the same stormy day so they have a sort of connection of theirs. They drink tea together every Wednesday…and things like that.”

Drinking tea with a witch on Wednesdays? That sounds…Strange. But then, everyone think I am strange, so who am I to judge?

I’ve never had a chance to hang out with a Zombie Pigman, but one think I knew about them: they were not the friendliest mobs in the world of the blocks, but then again they weren’t as annoying and aggressive – unless you were a human or a villager getting in their way: then you will get to see aggressive.

I thanked the forgetful zombie and went in search for the Zombie Pigman that might help me find the Potion Brewer.

Day 4

I’ve always liked day better than night. I am not sure why, but there is something beautiful in the way the sun is shining out through the bright blue sky. Lovely. When I think about friendships I think that would be the way it feels like having a friend – like watching the bright blue sky.

I think that Zombie Pigman should be somewhere around here as forgetful zombie described it to me.

Let’s see…he should be somewhere…

Oh, nope…that’s not him.

“Hello there!”

It was just a spider. And a massive one. I have never seen them outside of caves. And those living in caves weren’t friendly at all. They were poisonous on top of that, so if you ever see one, the best solution would be to just run and let them have their cave – believe me.

Unless you are a human with a sword in your hands – then you will probably make them leave and you will keep the cave all to yourself.

Still, I wanted to try and see if these massive spiders were any different. I can always run away if he tries attacking me. And as for the things are, he is more likely to run away from me as everyone else does.

Although I said “HELLO” he didn’t reply.

So I repeated, thinking: he doesn’t have ears, maybe he didn’t hear me.

“Hello THERE!”

“I heard you the first time.”

Then why didn’t he say something?

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I don’t do that.”

“Do what?”


“Oh, well, you must be lonely.”

“Nope. I am fine.”

“You don’t feel lonely?”

That is strange. He is probably even lonelier than I am and there he is not caring about it.

“Don’t you have any friends? Other spiders?”

“Nope. Spiders are annoying.”


“But, you are a spider as well…”

I was really (really) confused. He is a spider, right?

“I know that. I am annoying too. No one wants to be my friend and I don’t need anyone to be my friend.”

“I could be your friend if you like.”

“I don’t do that.”

“Do WHAT?”

Oh, he was right – spiders are annoying just as living in the Nether.


All right…I’m just going to leave now.

Where is that Zombie Pigman? I just hope I won’t run into another spider instead of running into him.

Am I lost? I must be lost, because he would be somewhere around….


I’ve never seen a zombie pigman from this close. He really looked creepy and yet I was the one called CREEPER.

One part of his body was almost entirely rotten while the other part was pretty much pig-like.

Should I approach and mention my forgetful zombie friend?

“Hey there…”

He didn’t respond. He didn’t say or do anything although I was standing right in front of him. I would rather have him tell me he doesn’t want to talk to me than to keep his silence.

“So…I came looking for you as your friend, a zombie…forgetful one, told me you could help me find the Potion Brewer. A witch living at the edge of the forest…”

After a couple of more seconds of not reacting to me, he looked at me still keeping his silence. He looked like he wanted to ask me why I needed to find the witch so I continued talking.

“…I wanted to ask her if she could help me find a friend. You see, there are not many mobs that like hanging out with creepers. ”


I took that as a YES as he looked at me and started to walk, going deeper into the woods, I followed hoping that he understood what I told him and was ready to help.

We were sliding through the bushes and trees, chickens and cows, rabbits and cats (block, why do they even exist?). I really wanted to like cats, but I just couldn’t.

“How close we are?”

I didn’t get an answer, of course. I didn’t even get an OINK.

After a couple (actually, more than a couple) of blocks of constant walking and moving and sliding through the woods, the trees disappeared and I could see the snow biome starting to shine in white glow on the sun.

We were there – at the edge of the forest.

However, there was no sign of the witch.

I took a look around and I saw that the Zombie Pigman I’ve been following the entire time was now missing. Where did he go…?

He left me here without telling me where to go next and I didn’t feel like getting back or going forth to the snow biome. I hate cold and chili weather.

I was following the sound of water I heard in distance, hoping it will lead me to a clue since Zombie Pigman was nowhere to be found. It turned out even better than I expected – I think I just found the home of the Potion Brewer I was looking for this entire time.

Just a bit behind the hut I saw the Zombie Pigman I lost talking to what I think was a witch. I can’t tell as I’ve never seen a witch before. She had something on her head. It wasn’t hair…I am not sure what it was, but I was certain it was a witch.

AS I was approaching them, the Zombie Pigman was leaving without even turning around and when I looked back at the witch, she was looking right at me.

“Good day…”, she said.

“Hello! Good day…Your friend, Zombie Pigman, he showed me the way to you and I’ve heard about you from a friend of mine.”

“Yes, I know why you are here…Come in.”

She led the way and I followed as she was climbing the little staircase, entering her hut.

“Why didn’t your friend want to stay?”

“Well, we can’t drink tea if it’s not Wednesday, can we? Plus, he is not very fond of strangers nor they are fond of him…”

“So, you know why I am here, is that right? Can you help me? Please?”

“Yes, I know the reason you are here, but I am afraid I cannot help you my dear creeper. It isn’t Wednesday so I can’t even serve you some tea to make you feel better.”

I didn’t want tea and I didn’t care if it wasn’t Wednesday…

“But why? You don’t want to?”

“No, my dear. That’s just not in the range of my power.”

“But, I heard you were making potions for everything that can solve anything.”

“Yes, ALMOST anything…I can’t give you a friend with my potions.”

“Please? Can you at least make me more likeable? Please?”

The witch was silent and I was desperate.

She rolled her eyes and turned around, now facing a stand filled with bottles, some of them empty and some filled with colorful liquids.

She was doing something with water boiling and smoke coming out of the stand. I thought there for a moment that we were all going to explode and I didn’t even have to hug anyone.

She turned around and gave me this bottle:

It looked like a bottle of water.

“Here, drink that.”

“And this will make me likeable?”

“Yes, that will make you likeable.”

“This looks like an ordinary bottle of water…”

“Maybe…but it is actually a potion.”

I had to believe her and hope for the best – after all, she was the Potion Brewer and I knew nothing about brewing or potions.

“How can I thank you?”

She just said:

“Just go out there and find a friend.”

Day 5

I was hoping that the potion I took will work. But it was hard to prove it is working if there is no one around to try it on. I just remembered that I forgot to ask the witch about the way it works – was it everlasting or it had an expiration date? Or what did it looked and tasted like water?

Come on…Anyone? Someone?

Hey, there’s someone right there!
I saw a villager a couple of blocks away from where I was standing. He was collecting mushrooms and I saw that as a good opportunity to ask him if he needed any help and see if the potion was working.

I approached, trying to reduce my hissing to the minimum and said, with the friendliest tone I had:

“Hello, there! Do you need any help?”

He turned around and looked at me briefly only for a couple of seconds before he started to sound like this:


What did I do?

“What did I do? I just asked if you wanted any help! Hey, wait!”

Maybe the potion isn’t working on me or maybe the rule of the potion doesn’t apply on villagers.

I was wondering around for a while and then I saw that villager again. He was walking right towards me. He was holding something in his hands. A present maybe?

Then a couple of more villagers appeared right behind him and I could see that they were all carrying something as well. It looks like I am going to have more than one friend!

Oh, no…Nope. That’s not it.

They are carrying swords and walking towards me and what I thought at first was a smile is actually mad frown, so, yes, they hate me.

I’d better go! That potion was useless!

Still, as I’ve thought before, maybe this potion doesn’t work on humans and villagers or maybe it’s not working YET. That’s a lot of MAYBE, but a creeper needs his hope that someone will like him one day and stop running away.

Here they are. I am going to stop and check if the potion had started to work yet.


Nope. It’s not working! They are chasing me! I am out of there. Luckily I can run faster than them.

Day 6

I was hiding in the bushes, deciding to stay there and remain like that forever, until a villager come and slay me or something like that. I will be waiting for the end of the world here.

I have decided. If a potion can’t help me, then nothing can.

“Shhh! Hey? Who are you?”

What was that? Maybe I am starting to go crazy. All this loneliness has to take its toll somehow and sometime. I knew that would happen!


There it is again…Umm. No thanks the voce in my head! I am not talking to you…myself…whatever. I am just not and that is how things are now. I am not going to talk with anyone ever.

“I am sorry to tell you, but I am not a voice in your head. And for someone who says he will never talk to anyone ever again, you talk awful a lot.”

The voice was giggling and I took a look around to see if someone was really there.

That is when I saw this little fellow:

This little creature was maybe the cutest thing in all the biomes of the world of blocks. He looked like he would never do harm to anyone. It looked like a zombie but he was way smaller and had a chicken as a companion – truly amazing.

I would rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t imagining, if I had eyes that is.

“Hey there, little guy…I am so sorry, I thought I was imagining.”

“It’s all right. I am not offended. I am actually amused!”

He was giggling again.

Is my potion working? He is not scared of me – I don’t see him run, scream or anything like that, so the potion must be working.

“Who are you little guy and what are you doing here all by yourself?”

“I am a Chicken Jockey and I am everything but all alone.”, he smiled, “My chicken and I, we go everywhere together.”



“All the time?”



“That’s right!”

“And since forever?”


I wish I had someone since forever. They must be great friends.

“I was spawned with him, so we are more like brothers…”

“That sounds awesome! Does he have a name?”

“I call him Captain Squeak.”

“That’s a big name for a little fellow like him.”

“But it suits him, trust me…I wanted to call you by your name, but I don’t think I’ve heard it.”

“I am a Creeper. Just Creeper. Creepy Creep Creeper…”

“Is all that your name, Just Creeper Creepy Creep Creeper?”

Hah! He was really funny!

“No, no… Creeper.”

“All right, Creeper…Why were you hiding here in the bushes?”

I was too embarrassed to say it, but I said it anyways.

“Well, I was trying to become friends with a villager I stumbled upon and he didn’t seem to want the same thing. He started shouting and the next thing I knew was that he came with a couple of more villagers going after me…”

“With weapons, huh?”


“The worst part, yes.”

“They were chasing you as well?”

“Oh, yes, they have. Humans and villagers seem to be collecting different mob species these days…I don’t know what they are planning on doing with us but I saw them taking away rabbits, cows, a couple of zombies and a skeleton – all that within only few days apart…”

Humans are weird and villagers are maybe even weirder.

“I knew they have strange customs, but that is just odd.”

“Yes it is…that is why I am hiding here. I am waiting for them to go and then I can go back to the beach.”

“You live by the beach? That is awesome!”

“Yes, it’s pretty nice. There is soul sand all over one part of the beach so I have visitors like zombies and skeletons and the rest of the undead company…”

The piece of the world of blocks he was talking about sounded like a piece of heaven.

“You can come over any time you want.”, he added.

Could it be? Someone is actually inviting me over. ME! As a friend, maybe?

“So you don’t think I am creepy, scary, odd, weird or strange?”

He started to laugh. I think that even his chicken was giggling in its own way.

“What’s so funny?”

I was a bit embarrassed…

“The things you are saying are. Why would you think something like that?”

He didn’t see other mobs reacting to me – that why he is saying that.

“You wouldn’t be as surprised if you’d stick around with me for a while. Other mobs either avoid me or try attacking me…like those villagers we were talking about.”

“They will attack anything that moves.”


I was hoping they forgot all about me and that I have seen the last of them. I was just having a good time with my friend.

Day 7

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

What on block is going on? What is that?

Little Chicken Jockey and I were still hiding in the bushes talking about the soul sand and that forgetful zombie I’ve met a couple of days ago. It turns out that the same zombie that pointed me out to the Zombie Pigman that led me to my salvation is the little Jockey’s uncle – he confirmed that his uncle was really forgetful, so forgetful that he once forgot he was a zombie.

“Hey! You need to run! They are everywhere!”

“Who? Where? What?”

There were a couple of zombies, annoyingly waving their arms around us and growling, constantly repeating: “They are everywhere around!”

“Who??? Who is around?”

The little Chicken Jockey got out of the bushes and I heard him saying:

“We really need to go. Look, creeper!”

I got out of my hideout as well and took a look around. Villagers were everywhere – they were covering every block of the landscape, approaching us.

“Maybe they don’t know we are here…”

I was trying to make things look better, which was impossible.

We saw dozens of zombies running around, trying to escape. Among them there were a couple of skeletons and some zombie pigmen that were trying to lead the villagers away.

“What on block is wrong with the villagers?”

“I don’t know, but we need to go! Now!”

The zombies were already on their way, dragging their feet and growling away.

The little Chicken Jockey was pretty fast, so there was no doubt that we could escape the villagers’ clutches. I wasn’t slow either as I could slide out of here very fast.

The most important thing for me was to help my new friends, captain Chicken and the Jockey run away to safety as well.

That unfortunately seemed impossible. There were more and more villagers arriving, taking anyone they laid their hands on.

A couple of them saw the Chicken Jockey and they started to chase him. I knew what to do.

I could make them go away in no time – no one liked me (except for the Chicken Jockey, but that was a new thing).

I started to hiss and slide towards them, scaring them off and hearing only:


That sound was the only thing left hovering in the air after they fled.

As I was driving them away from my friend, I didn’t see that there was another group of villagers, stubbornly chasing the Chicken Jockey. I was trying to break through a bunch of zombies and skeletons as they were all panicking or fighting back.

“Creeper! Creeper!”

The little Jockey was calling for help. I was trying to get to him, but the crowds did its job and I was stuck.

The villagers were already retreating, obviously satisfied with their catch of the day – they got my friend.

After everything was over I was left alone in the middle of the field – they didn’t even want to take me. I was that repulsive.

I can’t let this happen…I just found a friend – a mob that likes me – and the villagers took him away? No! I won’t give up and I won’t let them have Captain Chicken and Jockey.

I know where they left. The only thing I need to do now is follow their trail.


Diary of a Creeper: The Potion Brewer

Journey into the unbelievable world of Minecraft and follow the lonely Creeper in search for the mysterious Potion Brewer. Take a look inside and meet up with the main character as he faces the world he lives in, its inhabitants and the adventure that’s waiting for him. Dive into the engaging life of Creeper and experience the greatest journey ever told in The World of Cubes. Adventure awaits you! Jump in now, only if you dare!

  • Author: Lexi Forbes
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Diary of a Creeper: The Potion Brewer Diary of a Creeper: The Potion Brewer