Demonocratic Party Politics


Demonocratic Party politics

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2 Timothy 4:3 ^3^For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. –From the Christian Bible

The present-day Democratic Party in United States politics, as a whole, not individuals in it, has shifted far from being a “progressive” party; and far from being a “liberal” party. Based upon the statements in his speeches, if President Kennedy were around today, he would undoubtedly reject them and be a Republican. Today it has become an insidious institution that is a lot different than just left-wing. The traditional Democrat concern for the “little guy” and the “children” has been exploited by a new, completely different organism.

It’s not that the Democratic Party has always been high-minded or virtuous. No political party ever is. It has a history of racism and race baiting. The reason the GOP, or Republican Party was formed with Abraham Lincoln as its first presidential candidate, was to be the anti-slavery party. Yet, Democrats routinely call non-Democrats out as being racist. If they can convince minorities of it, which they have, they will gain the minority votes, even though they don’t do anything for minorities.

The National Rifle Association was also formed to protect blacks from racists. Slave owners looked to the Democratic Party to protect their racist interests. Yet, today the Democrats still oppose the NRA and the individual right to protect oneself.

President Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat and an archetypical Constitution breaker, was the one who had innocent Japanese Americans put in prison camps during World War II. Roosevelt also permitted the Soviets to take half of Europe, who suffered under tyranny for 60 years.

Looking at the extremely corrupt organization through the lens of the Bible, today the Party has become the “Demon-ocratic” Party. This viewpoint will infuriate many, but if you don’t adhere to the Bible, then you will not be able to understand this. This article itself will describe how those who will oppose these claims will behave badly and why. But to those who agree with it, they will recognize the spiritual warfare at once and want to share this with others.

The Democratic Party is the party that booed God during their convention. They also behave badly some other ways. They claim to be tolerant, but in fact, they are only tolerant of things that are anti-Christian, and are extremely divisive.

These new emotionally-charged Demonocrats will argue any and all points by talking in circles and usually end up name calling, or race baiting, or come up with some new form of political correctness. They have no problem coming up with extreme exaggeration or lies.

The media is full of mindless Demonocrat lackeys. They are the ones who ask the Demonocrat candidates what questions to ask in debates with non-Demonocrats. The Demonocrats in the media will omit any unflattering or unfavorable stories as much as they can get away with. The deceased press in America covers up the crimes of Demonocrat politicians by omission. Consequently, Demonocrats routinely get away with breaking their own laws, while they lose their minds if a non-Demonocrat does it. If a non-Demonocrat commits the slightest error, or simply opposes the Demonocrat agenda, they are attacked unceasingly. The evil politicians and their media lackeys sling mud constantly, hoping some of it will stick. Yet, nothing happens to them after their accusations are proven false.

When Demonocrats are in power, they will use any tool at their disposal to get what they want. They have no problem breaking the Constitution to get what they want. They do not care about our system of government. They only care about their agenda. When we have had Demonocrats in the President’s office (which includes some Republicans) they will often write “executive orders”. These orders often illegally take power away from the other branches of government, thus violating the Constitution. When there are Demonocratic judges on the Supreme Court, they will often illegally make up “laws” to get what they failed to get from elected officials in Congress.

When Demonocrats are out of power, they rely upon their media and Hollywood sympathizers to relentlessly attack. They hope that many will not see through their fake news and overvalued opinions.

Demonocrats rely upon their state run colleges and universities, who are staffed by true believers of their cause to indoctrinate future Demonocrats. They tell you that you or your child will never get a good job unless you/they go there. After they are there, many of them believe they are the enlightened ones and everyone else is ignorant and below them.

There are many Demonocrats in the Republican Party. They somehow still think, after many decades, if they continue to compromise all the money out of the US Treasury, that the Demonocrats will play fairly and stop calling them names like “obstructionist”. This “spirit of bi-partisanship” and “common sense measures” has never worked in the past, and never will. Those Demonocrat Republicans who turn against those who are intent upon “draining the swamp” are extreme cowards.

So what does the Bible have to do with all of this? The goals of the Demonocrats are anti-God, and anti-Christian. This is more than just coincidence. Those who are not Christian will be against Christ. Satan is the god of lies. The Demonocrats will tell any lie, or destroy the American system to achieve their unbiblical goals.

If you are against the anti-Christian agenda, you must be silenced by not being able to talk about it in schools, and not being able to talk about politics in church. So they make laws that ban such discussion, like banning creation science in schools. Those who did this, and all of the other evil deeds mentioned in this article will answer to God for what they did. Nothing will be overlooked. Woe unto them if they stand before God and do not have Jesus as their Savior.

If you agree with traditional marriage, (which has been established over thousands of years) over gay marriage and other gender confusion; which was illegal not so long ago, then you are labeled as a bigot and attacked relentlessly. It is sometimes more important to be good than it is to be nice.

Demonocrats are against the killing of murderers, yet are for the killing of the unborn. They are for the rights of children, except for the right to be born.

It is more than just coincidence that the Demonocratic agenda is the opposite of whatever the Bible says. If you want to know what their next cause will be, just read the Bible and see if there is anything in there that they are not already opposing. This is the spirit of antichrist. Anyone who is intellectually honest can see it. But many will choose not to see it. Even if God came to earth, like His Son, Jesus already did, we know that many would kill Him.

But Jesus will be back. He is God and was risen from the dead. God will judge every person. At the end of the Bible, you can read who will win.

Not so long ago, I would not have written this message. It would have seemed too radical. But now, after so much proof in current events, it is obvious that many need to start saying the same thing. It is now time for all Americans to resist the spirit of anti-christ that is pervasive in the Democratic Party and much of the Republican Party. It always has been time for all people to accept Christ as their personal savior. Don’t go into eternity in front of God after you die without being able to claim that Jesus paid for your sins.

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Demonocratic Party Politics

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Demonocratic Party Politics Demonocratic Party Politics