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This book is a compilation of information that has been disclosed by Corey Goode and David Wilcock on an internet interview show titled “Cosmic Disclosure” at the website of: http://www.gaia.com.



Prepared by

Maurice Osborn


Deeper Disclosures

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Maurice Osborn



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1. Introduction


2. The Dark Side of the Secret Space Program

2:1 Contact is Made

2:2 The Government Troll Data Center

2.3 Remote Viewing and Influencing

2:4 Voice of God Technology

2:5 The Dark Fleet


3. Inner Earth

3:1 A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth

3:2 Revelations from the Inner Earth

3:3 The Grand Tour

3:4 The Library

3:5 Into the Hall of Records

3:6 Debriefing with the Alliance


4. The Deeper Secrets

4.1 Celestial Timeline

4.2 Super Earth

4.3 Who Built the Moon?

4.4 Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities

4:5 Age Regression and Time Travel Technology


5. Confirmations

5.1 SSP Testimonials with William Tompkins

5.2 William Tompkins Biography

5.3 SSP Think Tank with William Tompkins

5.4 Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins

5.5 Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins

5.6 Founders of Solar Warden with William Tompkins


6. Recent Events

6.1 Veiled Threats and Open Disclosures

6.2 From Venus to Antarctica

6.3 The Earth Alliance Strikes Back

6.4 The Return of Gonzales

6.5 Encounters with Ancient Sentinels


7. Concluding Remarks

7.1 Summary of Information

7.2 Analysis of the Information

7.3 Advice for the Future



1. Introduction

This book is a compilation of subsequent information that has been disclosed by Corey Goode on an internet interview show titled “Cosmic Disclosure” at the website of: http://www.gaia.com.


Cosmic Disclosure Internet Show


The information from the first two seasons of that show was presented in a free E-book titled “The Secret Space Program”. That book provided a compilation of information, which was organized according to the topics that were discussed for easy access. This current book provides the information from the subsequent four seasons with each complete episode arranged according to an easy-to-read format. Altogether, the information that has been provided by Corey Goode, under the skilled guidance of host David Wilcock, is absolutely essential for the future development of mankind on Earth.


Corey Goode on the Cosmic Disclosure show


The host David Wilcock of Cosmic Disclosure


Corey Goode has shared his personal experiences within a secret space program that has been in existence since the 1950’s. Corey is from Texas. He became involved with a secret government program known as “MILAB” at the age of 6. At the age of 12, he was brought into a support program for a Super Federation of many extraterrestrial groups. The support program was involved in a “Grand Experiment” that consisted of a group of 40 to 60 human-looking aliens that ran 22 genetic programs.


At 16 years of age, he committed to a “20 and back” program of enlistment in the Secret Space Program. After 20 years of service, his body and mind was returned to the time of when he began his service and was reinserted back with his family on Earth. Within the last few years, his memory has returned regarding all that happened while he was away and he has been disclosing this publicly ever since then.


Corey worked with people who are in a Space Alliance that is dedicated to ending what the Secret Space Program, or SSP, is doing. He is acting as a liaison for a race of alien beings known as the Blue Avians with support from a man named Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales. The Alliance has been given defensive technology, but they are not allowed to use it offensively. The Blue Avians want us to free ourselves with full disclosure and they want us to create a new foundation for future humanity.


This book presents additional information that Corey Goode has recently disclosed. First, details regarding the Dark Side of the Secret Space Program are presented. This is followed with information about races of human beings that live within inner Earth. Then deeper secrets are revealed ranging from celestial history to recent events. Next, confirmation about much of what Corey has said is provided by William Tompkins. And finally, the book ends with disclosures about recent events and some concluding remarks.

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2. The Dark Side of Secret Space Programs

In this chapter, there will be a review of what was revealed in the previous E-book “The Secret Space Program” and then the dark side of the secret space program will be exposed. This is followed by information about a secret government troll data center that monitors everything. Then, there is an exposure of how humanity is being remotely viewed and influenced. Next, the “Voice of God” technology is described, which causes people to see, hear, and sense things. And finally, there is a disclosure of what the Dark Fleet of spacecraft and military personnel are doing in space.

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2.1 Contact is Made (Season 2: Episode 1 and 2) (Season 4: Episode 6)

It was previously explained in the prior book of how the differences between current and advanced secret technology is due to a break away society that evolved totally different from normal human civilization. This break away society is a more controlled totalitarian regime that began in Germany in the 1930s. It was devoted to acquiring advanced technology that would enable them to take over all of humanity on Earth.


German breakaway group”


Ancient Vimana flying craft


They did not separate science and esoteric spirituality and intertwined them in order to obtain the greatest results. They searched the world for ancient text about ancient craft in order to reverse engineer it and they created many anti gravity devices.


German breakaway flying craft


Draco alien reptilian entity


These secret German societies also made contact with reptilian alien beings known as the Draco and an underground race of humans known as Agarthans in order to obtain their advanced technology.


However, there are also benevolent alien races known as the Sphere Being Alliance who started coming here in the 1980s. This is the name that was given to these beings by the Secret Space Program and their opposing space alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance is a group of beings who are associated with giant spheres of different sizes. The Secret Space Program was not sure of what their purpose was because these beings would not communicate with them.


A Blue Sphere entity


Corey Goode has also disclosed the different aspects of the Secret Space Program on the Internet show “Cosmic Disclosure”, which was presented in detail in “The Secret Space Program” E-book. What follows next is a summary of that information about the SSP programs, which includes the programs known as Solar Warden, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, and the Global Galactic League of Nations.


Solar Warden manual cover


Solar Warden began in the 1980s for the Strategic Defense Initiative. It polices and controls our solar system from intruders. Large numbers of advanced intruders cannot be stopped. But, most incursions into our solar system have just a few craft. There are between 40 and 60 extraterrestrial groups that are permanently stationed in our system and they will also defend themselves. But, Solar Warden will engage and attack a few ships that may intrude. There are many marauder groups who attempt to come, take things, and leave quickly.


Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate symbol


The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, which is also known as ICC, is the largest group from Earth. The ICC consists of nearly all global aerospace corporations, they have all of the most advanced technology, and they own nearly all space based facilities. They have been exploiting the moons of Jupiter and Uranus, but Saturn is forbidden. The ICC became very powerful in the late 1950s when the U.S. military and their corporations were taken over by the German breakaway group. It was they who set up a foundation for the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate to massively colonize space.


Global Galactic League of Nations flags


Another part of the Secret Space Program is called the Global Galactic League of Nations and it is similar to a NATO type of group. Many countries on Earth began working together in secret programs in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Agreements with other countries in the late 1940s were for alien spacecraft retrieval. The Global Galactic League of Nations was then secretly created before the United Nations. This was formed in order to keep everyone quiet and have them feel more involved with protecting the planet. Bases were provided outside of the solar system and nearly every country became involved. A lot of government officials and scientists are involved as well as financial people. More of humanity then began to be involved in the 1980s and 1990s at many space bases.

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2.2 Government Troll Data Centers (Season 4: Episode 4)

On-line trolls are government agents who seek to share their negative and depraved opinions over the Internet. They use websites, postings on forums, and established researchers who have been compromised. They use informants and they have infiltrated UFO and esoteric communities since the 1950s. The disinformation presented in the UFO community is pervasive, heavily controlled, and manipulated. Researchers are misinformed by infiltrators and they are made to feel that they know the truth.


John Mack wrote about abductees who had benevolent contacts, spiritual encounters, and prophetic experiences. He wrote about apparent benevolent contact experiences and other contacts that were actually terrifying negative events. The alien abductions are only negative events with the taking of genetic samples, terrorizing events, and then mind wipes to forget the experience. There are also those who report negative things that have been seeded with believable data in order to make it appear to be acceptable.


There are paid agents that pose as believable researchers and authors. The most important thing for these agents to have is a psychological profile of their targeted people in order to get into their lives. They are then able to manipulate their beliefs and actions by being familiar with what they look for, their studies, and interests. This is used by agents with caveats to infiltrate and parrot information in order to manipulate others as well.


They can break down a person’s personality into 16 types with detailed data to determine how they think about everything. They want to know how people think as they move around in order to determine how best to target their victims. They find out the type of friends they have, what is watched on TV, on the Internet and any comments they may have. Psychologists then determine a profile that will tell what responses will occur in certain scenarios. It tells what scenario will elicit a desired response by a person like lawyers who profile jurors. They will know the person’s health and their medications, which may be switched out, and anything else that they can use. Agents will reveal their confidential knowledge about their victim in order to intimidate them with surveillance for pervasive details. A person’s vulnerabilities are studied to determine how best to manipulate desired situations.


People online in discussion forums give nasty comments and they never acknowledge whenever a point is made. They never change their mind and they will constantly be on the attack. They are never able to get past their own opinions. They feel powerful with the anonymity of the Internet especially when they do not feel powerful in their own lives. There are narcissists and sociopaths that enjoy being in endless circular debates. Corey was involved in setting up government trolls in a virtual data center of stations with 6 monitors for each agent. The person at each work station runs a computer for each monitor with servers that are located anywhere around the world. Each monitor has an IP address of wherever the server is located.


The operator has over 12 personalities that are created online with background data. These operators are personality metamorphic types of sociopaths, infiltrators, and good liars. They can troll around looking for information or they can be given specific targets to attack. In internet forums, they would log on with 3 or 4 user identities and cause a huge disruption against any threat. They disrupt topics that are truthful or considered to be undesirable and even have arguments among their own identities. They have the ability to use fake personalities on different monitors with different identities.


These operators put out misinformation to cloudy the issues and make people doubt or think there are inconsistencies. They put out disinformation and bait people into debates that turn into circular debates to frustrate them. People give up and do not return to the forum because of many tactics that manipulate people and play with their minds. They harass and stock certain people online and form alliances with real people to also cause problems. They will manipulate people of a certain mind to cause problems as well and feed data to other skeptics. This happens with bloggers who have good intentions, but a certain view, that are given false information to use. Anyone can open a blog or write a book and these people can be compromised as well.


Their goal is to throw people off by triggering them until they loose it and can then be criticized. A lot of these operators will approach people in a real friendly manner and then turn on them with threatening information. It is important to be very careful with those who tell you that you are special and try to boost your ego. Many times, people who act friendly will turn instantly and become aggressive against you. The data centers that Corey put up were for targeting truth tellers and for reporting them to higher people.


Edward Snowden exposed exactly how they do this to infiltrate UFO groups and others. Esoteric, UFO forums, and political non-governmental forums are their main targets. Once a person is reported up the chain and put on lists, they become open game to be targeted in many ways, by the IRS, and other agencies. Corey was brought in to do virtualization with equipment, training, and then moved on. The operators would then argue with their different identities, cause problems in forums, and do other things.


In response to this, be aware of potential threats and do not engage them, ignore them, or get into a circular debate with them. Just move on. They will use your personality profile to elicit desired responses. It is better to cultivate friendships in the real world because they act differently then on the internet. Internet forums are heavily compromised by troubled people and paid government trolls. To get the truth out, speak to those who will listen and want to know more about your truth. Don’t waste your time with those who just want to argue with you.

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2.3 Remote Viewing and Influencing (Season 5: Episode 2)

Everything in time and space is connected and we can use our consciousness to view whatever we like. Remote viewing may seem new, but we have always been able to go into a deep state of consciousness in that way. This enables us to remotely view and influence whatever occurs elsewhere. The U.S. military began using this after they found that the Russians were having success with it. This has been used in the private sector to find lost children and items and it can be used by everyone. It has been proven that nearly anyone with an interest can be taught to do this.


To begin remote viewing, a target is given in a code and then brought to the channeler by another person. Afterwards, the viewing is not considered to be successful until it has been verified by other sources. But, once a channeler gets validation of a hit, they are no longer used because they accept all that they receive. There is always some information that comes from the subconscious, which must be filtered out. Three or more people are used in order to triangulate the information that is received by others based upon background information.


Remote viewing involves all of the senses like sensing wind, tastes, smells, sounds and visions feed by other sources. The mind puts together concepts based upon all of this with some senses that are better than others. You have to clear your mind with no prior information or past feelings, hunger, thirst, or bathroom needs. Children were trained in deprivation chambers for no other sensory input other than from the target. Later, they could focus on the target while outside distractions were around them. Average people can be trained to perform remote viewing depending upon each person’s abilities.


People can also be trained to influence what happens by others over vast distances. There is also technological enhanced remote viewing that is used as a weapon to kill people. This technology provides two plates for people in theta state to touch, which is connected to an antenna array. This can cause another person’s heart to stop beating or cause an aneurism and other things. This is used a lot and can enhance a person’s ability to harm and kill others without the technology. People are also trained to look into past events and to view probable futures with many variations.


The weapon system technology is also used to guard facilities, equipment and spacecraft. They can also use this to shield from being remotely viewed by scattering the thoughts of others. Children are tested and trained to protect themselves with psychic abilities from remote viewers. Corey was taught to visualize counter rotating balls around him that keep spinning faster. He visualized that whoever was viewing him was pulled into it. He pulled each end until it snapped, so that energy was sent to the person, which caused a eutheric headache.


The Nazis were experimenting with psychic powers way before the Russians were. Seemingly casual techniques of approaching people and obtaining psychic information are often used. Sometimes, as boring questions are asked, a bad headache is felt, which means that you have passed a test. Corey was required to identify which person, among many, that was eutherically attacking him. Some people make deals with entities to defend themselves from attacks by remote viewers. Some dark practitioners use black magic to invite or use entity attachments for protection and other things.


People can be remotely influenced to have certain thoughts that lead to certain actions to occur. People are caused to act on things in ways that they normally would not act on them. The more often and the more people influencing the person, the more likely the expected outcome occurs. Scandals are caused in this manner that cause people to be distracted from what they are working on. People have used consciousness on objects like voodoo dolls that are seen and manifested by the victim. Scopolamine is a drug that is used in drinks to take way freewill and to rob a person with their own help subconsciously. This is also used for blank slating and to implant hypnotic suggestions.


Objects can be charged with powerful energy and will hold that energy until neutralized. The military has used remote viewers to determine what another base looks like in order to attack it. Corey viewed our solar system as seen from the Nemesis star with cosmic winds hitting him. He also viewed beings in the sky, flashes from the Sun, and people coming together and singing. There were also negative beings that were disappearing like they were falling off the Earth. Viewers are not usually given any feedback for personal validation, just given another target to view. The tasking was also used to determine what would be happening with the Sun and when it would occur.

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2.4 Voice of God Technology (Season 4: Episode 5)

In the history of the Cabal, ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mystery schools were absorbed by the Romans. They absorbed the Library of Alexandria and brought it to the Vatican and then to England. The religious wars of the Crusades began about 1,000 AD and the Cabal began to work with the Assassins. The Illuminati and Occult Syndicates were involved in mind control with drugs, trauma, and reinforcements. The use of drugs and sexual abuse in young people was used for segmented personalities in a very ancient process.


They can induce people with trigger words that cause them to change their personalities. They also use gate-keeper words to cause them to have no memory of what they did like the Manchurian Candidate type of situation. MK-Ultra is a program that was not just recently developed by Nazi Germany, but it is an ancient technology. MK-Ultra has been used on Illuminati family members for a long time. The state of consciousness can be affected to remember lots of things with ceremonies in a willing person.


Voice of God Technology


Corey is aware of technologies that are used to affect people remotely with radio waves and flat panels. The flat panels can be focused on a person in a crowd and send a signal that would vibrate their skull. The person would hear sounds or voices in their mind. This is known as the Voice of God technology. The panel is like a laptop on a stand with a cable to a box with a microphone and recorded audios. The panel could be aimed at a person and it would be focused on the target. There was also a data download function that downloaded a complex program that affected all of the senses, which was created by programmers. The person would see, hear, smell, taste and feel what was desired to be experienced in hallucinations.


This can be used on anyone within a limited distance. But, new devices are also line-of-sight technology without the blooming effect for long distances. This can be used from aircraft, drones, low Earth satellites and can penetrate certain materials. It can be targeted on a person’s heat signature and can download a dream or false experience in their sleep. It can make a wake person see and sense another person in order to download information to operatives in the field. This has also been used by agents on ex-wife’s new boyfriends and it has become off-the-shelf technology.


There is technology that can cause sounds to be heard and senses to be felt of great evil or danger like with a monster, temperature changes and other visions. This has caused one man to drive away in a total panic and he never returned. This technology is called bio-nerve interfacing and it has been used to have people be in contact with religious figures. It is also used to have people be in contact with ascended masters or extraterrestrial beings that they are channeling, with downloads. The download feature causes paranoid skitsophrenia over prolonged periods of use in normal people.


Some people who believe that they are channeling with positive beings, are being manipulated with this technology. This has also been used on the enemy in warfare and they were shown religious figures that told them to give up. It is used with Blue Beam technology that causes many people to see solid objects and hear voices. The Voice of God technology is in wide use by different Black Ops groups. This can be used to trigger parts of the brain to release chemicals that cause depression. People can become chemically imbalanced and take pills for anxiety or depression that enhance this effect.


Corey saw this technology being used in the field for splitting up groups and causing in-fighting. He also saw it used to make people believe that they were in contact with ascended masters and extraterrestrials. He states that the term “V2K” or “Voice to Skull” is the technology that causes the skull to vibrate. The term “Remote influenced behavioral technology” refers to the overall program. The term “Long range acoustical device” also refers to the Voice of God technology. The term “DARPA’s Sonic Projectors” refers to most of this technology that came from DARPA.


Pete Peterson has said that 18 to 25% of people have alien material in larger amounts that prevents them from being affected by this technology. There are also people who have a stronger will and are less susceptible to it. Those who are more spiritual can be more resistant, but they can also be tricked easier due to their over confidence. Everyone who used this technology had to have it used on them in order to know how it felt and if it was being used on them.


This technology was used in the early 1980’s but could have begun even earlier. People can offset the effects and reach out for help from the group known as “Targeted Individuals”, but they may not be able to help. This technology cannot make someone become an automated killer instantly because this takes years of conditioning. Normally depressed people however, may be triggered to do bad things, but it cannot turn someone against their own values. Ultimately, this is an influence that we can choose to listen to or ignore.

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2.5 The Dark Fleet (Season 4: Episode 6)

There exists a military faction known as the “Dark Fleet” and it is in dark programs and Black Ops. The rest of the Secret Space Program knows very little information about the Dark Fleet, who is autonomous with secret weapons and bases. They have several different types of vessels like a wedge-shaped craft like Star Wars destroyer craft. There is also a very large diamond-shaped craft and pumpkin seed-shaped craft. The pumpkin seed-shaped craft are over 600 feet across, but smaller than the wedge-shaped craft.


Dark Fleet craft


Their purpose is for doing offensive battles along side of the Draco reptilian race outside of our solar system. They fight for conquest, defending Draco territory, and helping the Draco on military expeditions. There are a wide range of reptilian races that are involved with the Draco Alliance.


Draco Reptilian humanoid being


Insectoid alien race of being


There is also an Insectoid race and a strange blond humanoid race that is forced into servitude. There are many types of Draco beings who are bipedal with some short beings that look like the Grey species. There are reptilian types that stand from 9 to 14 feet and higher with many casts within their system. They have their royalty at the top that control everything.


Grey humanoid entities


A Tall Reptilian royal entity


Corey saw a 14 foot tall royal being, very muscular, of reptilian type with vestigial wings and a tail. The wings, at one time, could have enabled flight, but no more and these beings have vertical slit pupils. It was able to powerfully interface psychically with Corey’s mind while its eyes were constantly morphing in shape. This was a very invasive and powerful interface with energy waves that penetrated into him, which caused severe pain and nausea.


These beings are very infected with Artificial Intelligent type of nannites and they serve an unknown overlord. This group works along side of a human group that has technology that has been enhanced by the Draco. They spend most of their time outside of our solar system, but they do have a remote base on the moon. It is nearly pyramid shaped with the top chopped off that has been illustrated by an abductee named Carolyn Hamlett. It is nearly impossible to get good data about what happens there.


The giant reptilian being that Corey saw did not wear cloths, it weighed about 3,000 pounds and was more than 5 feet wide. It was white skinned, had claws on its feet and its tail was about 2 feet long, which was wide and stubbly. Another type of being is smaller, has brown skin that looks red, and has small vestigial wings. These beings have different nasal areas with slits that go upwards and nostrils at the end of a snout. The Draco have their own vessels and the humans that are allied with the Draco, control their own Dark Fleet craft. The Draco have many kinds of vessels that are mostly shaped like triangle and delta types. The true objectives and intentions of the Dark Fleet are unknown.


Most of the Dark Fleet has been stuck outside of the barrier around our solar system, but many are still here. The remaining parts that are here have been cannibalized by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, or they have defected to the SSP Alliance. Those from the Dark Fleet are like Star Wars warriors who are stern, arrogant, and elite mined and they always wore black uniforms. Those who became the Dark Fleet came from the German Nazi secret societies.


The Artificial Intelligence system, also known as AI, can monitor the thinking of everyone on Earth. If it finds that we are thinking inappropriately, it can cause us to feel tired, distracted, fearful or sexy. They keep a file on everyone’s thoughts and the effectiveness of their tactics at the National Security Administration facilities. Because of the AI infiltration, there are AI prophets here along with the Draco infected reptilian beings. When an AI prophet died and was dissected, it was found that it was infested with nannites. This is considered a great threat to humanity and the Dark Fleet members could also be AI prophets. The AI system causes people to pass out and manages them with attachments in order to prevent disclosures.


Dark Fleet members are 100% invested in off world matters, very regimented, and totalitarian. The Dark Fleet only consists of men and women from the different human races in support of the Draco system. In whatever position a Dark Fleet member has, they are told that they are special, elite, and have access to all information. The Dark Fleet offensive technology has been enhanced by the Draco system. Their higher technology enables them to do additional things like using time travel portals as well as the ability to destroy craft. Dark Fleet members come from MILAB programs and are bred from secret Earth syndicates. They find out what people’s talents are and they groom them in ways that they can be of best use.


There is not a lot known about all of this as it remains restricted, but a lot is known to happen in the Ort cloud. The Dark Fleet is like the tip of the spear, an offensive militarized unit like the Navy Seals on Earth. To stop the Draco, humanity will have to save ourselves without relying on the Sphere Alliance to save us. They are just equalizing the playing field a bit, but we have to solve our own problems ourselves. We must do our own work and fix these problems after a catalyzing event occurs that wakes people up. Data dumps will then occur about the crimes against humanity, other extraterrestrial races, and other secret groups.

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3. Inner Earth (Season 3: Episode 1)

The Earth does not have a hollow center with a Sun in the middle. It is more of a honeycomb structure with a large network of porous caverns that are bigger than Texas. This exists down to about 40 miles below the crust to the mantle. They were formed by centrifugal forces with a viscous layer between the crust and mantle that is full of water. With twice as much water underground, this forms cavities with oceans and rivers that flow.


Inner Earth cavern area


There were many expeditions down into the honeycomb areas looking for ancient artifacts. They found low light generating microbial life like algae that grew thick eating the rocks. Many different animals were discovered there like newts, spiders, insects, cru stations, and fish without eyes. There is also a small intelligent lizard type of creature that walks on two and four limbs like cave men once did.


Inner Earth humanoid entity


Inner Earth lizard creature


There is an albino bald headed type of human-like being. There are also raptor-type of reptilian beings with scaly feather plums that are very quick and dangerous. Pueblo-type ruins also exist on deeper levels for many different races of entities with pottery. There is a black humanoid reptoid alien type of being that stands at 8 feet tall. And there is an elephant type of smart humanoid being with large ears, a long trunk and blue slits like gills.

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3.1 A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth (Season 3: Episode 2)

The Secret Space Program Alliance formally requested that their representative, named Gonzales, should take over as their ambassador to the human races that lived in inner Earth and have Corey be removed. This request was denied by the groups of Inner Earth humans. Gonzales told Corey that a new council of inner Earth groups was being formed and that he would meet with them. The SSP Alliance is accustomed to bombing their way out of trouble and they were worried about disclosures from Corey Goode.


Corey knew the council was of ancient inner Earth breakaway civilizations that moved underground due to surface cataclysms. They claim to have arisen as the first human natives on this planet from between 17 and 18 million years ago. There were multiple phases of breakaway technological civilizations with inner Earth and space programs. When cataclysms occurred, they went underground and helped the survivors afterwards.


These human races were isolationists, genetic purists, and they would not mix with other races on the surface. The galaxy has a template of a type of life form for zones that can support them here and on other planets. The inner Earth beings settled under the crust because of the many forms of life that developed on the Earth. They believe the Earth is a sentient life force being, as well as the entire solar system and galaxy.


Corey interacted with the inner Earth beings through a hostess that was over 130 years old. The inner Earth people recently formed an Alliance among their different races, which was unprecedented. There were various groups that had interacted and formed alliances with secret societies and governments on the surface. But, there were no genetically mixed races with the people on the surface that had recently turned against them.


There were highly advanced races from other planets that destroyed their own civilizations. They obtained the attention of other extraterrestrial groups that relocated them to the Earth and they mated with the surface humans. The surface race of humanity on Earth is actually a mixture with other worldly warlike groups and other extraterrestrial groups. The inner Earth groups tried to give the surface races civilization and spirituality with competing agendas. There were often open conflicts between the subterranean humans and the different extraterrestrial races, which are still occurring.


What has changed is that the secret societies, which they had allied with, have recently turned against them. This was after the reptilian Draco races offered to turn over all of their subordinates to the SSP Alliance in exchange for safe passage out of this solar system. Everything then fell into total disarray. Other extraterrestrial groups and Cabal people also have their own underground bases. There were skirmishes and the inner Earth Alliance has weapons that can reach their bases.


The inner Earth Alliance wanted to talk with Corey Goode in order to relate with the Sphere Being Alliance that created a barrier around our solar system. They wanted to know why the Guardians would not interact with them directly. Gonzales told Corey to be ready for a meeting. A bright flash of light occurred and Corey found himself underground in a huge domed room. There were two people standing at each of four doors there and a group of inner Earth humans approached Corey with Gonzales among them.

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3.2 Revelations from the Inner Earth (Season 3: Episode 4)

Gonzales approached Corey in the underground facility along with a group of four people that were all wearing white robes. The four people stopped a distance from Corey and Gonzales approached to greet him. Corey tried to shake his hand, but he told Corey that he didn’t want to perform a cleansing ceremony again. Corey was told that he would have to go through a cleansing ceremony and they walked to another room.


Inner Earth Priestess Caree


A woman from the group was a Priestess. She was pale skinned, had large eyes, white hair, a narrow face, and was very beautiful. The other men in the group had white, brown, and black hair. They were at different heights and they were thin, just as the woman. They all wore a gold-colored Saturn symbol pendant with different stones at other positions.


Inner Earth temple complex


This was a temple complex with no talking. They walked through a door with an 8-pointed star on each side. They entered a smaller doomed room with white water pouring onto a female statue on platforms. The inner Earth people departed and Gonzales told Corey to take off his clothes. Then, the Priestess returned with some clothing. She gave Corey the linens, nodded at Gonzales and left the room. Corey cleaned himself and dressed in a similar white robe.


Corey and Gonzales exited the room and they all walked to a large door and waited. A woman came through the door. They all put their hoods up and walked into a meeting room with many other people and they sat on stone benches. There were seven groups with three people in each group. There were also people sitting at the front behind a carved table with two stars.


The members of each group were taping on their emblems which caused holograms to appear to only them. The different group emblems were a silver star, a stylized swastika, an Omega sign, the Saturn symbol, an hourglass shape, and a green tear drop shaped emblem. The group with the Saturn symbol was a Caucasian race with pale skin. The group with the silver star symbol was also a Caucasian race with darker skin and hair tones.


Inner Earth lighter Caucasian race


Inner Earth darker Caucasian race


The group with the hourglass symbol was of an African race with bronze skin and they were stocky. The group with the stylized swastika symbol was an Asian race and India race with pale blue skin.


Inner Earth African type of race


Inner Earth Asian and India type of races


There was a shorter Mediterranean type of race with a green tear drop shaped emblem and the group with the Omega emblem was a Caucasian type of race who worshipped Venus.


Inner Earth Mediterranean type of race


Inner Earth Caucasian type of race


They were all there to meet and discuss the events that caused the council to be formed. There had been a lot of battles and attacks underground that were very troubling to them. They are purists of their culture and genetics who spoke a pre Arcadian and Sumerian language. They talked about the surface population becoming a threat with advanced weapons. There were also skirmishes with other subterranean non-human groups. They also spoke about the return of a race known as the Guardians.


When they finished speaking, the Omega group, who were not well liked, asked Gonzales to speak out of order. But with proper permission, Gonzales said he appreciated that some of them visited an SSP base in the Kipper Belt. He stated that they should start working together more and be more open without deception. He also said that they should stop telling the surface people that they were extraterrestrials and other type of beings or Gods. The energy went up and the other people were not comfortable with what he said and they talked among themselves.


They stated that they had been on Earth for 20 million years as the original humans that developed here. Over time, there were cataclysms that changed the Earth and they had persevered. Over many cycles they moved their elites underground and returned to help the survivors on the surface as Gods or elders. They helped to get them going again with culture, medicine, language, and arts in cycles over eons of time. They allowed the people to think that they were Gods for operational security so people would not feel threatened. There were other planets in our solar system that were inhabited by similar life forms that were very warlike. They caused major problems on their worlds and other extraterrestrials moved them to Earth as refugees. They started their aggressiveness here to take over the surface and they mixed their genetics and created the surface humans that exist now.


They told Gonzales that they would not inform their surface contacts about their true identities. They said a lot of people they were in contact with were questioning them about new information. They were going to tell them they were special beings and that other people are tricksters that are not happy being exposed. They feel that their program is essential to helping humanity to grow spiritually and overcome certain programming. They also consider this program to be essential for their own operational security strategically.


They tell those on the surface that they are ascended masters, extraterrestrials, or icons from religious beliefs who are passing positive information. They are not giving them negative information that is trying to hurt them. They are trying to help people to overcome their genetic and environmental programming remotely. Many times, it is a shared experience where people are contributing to the experience bi-directionally. The subterranean humans feel they are seeding a more spiritual perspective and that the good outweighs everything else. They are just interested in protected their own security so that people from the surface do not come down trying to look for them.


They scolded Gonzales and said that they knew the Secret Space Program had caused atrocities. But, they were withholding judgment about that. They also said that they expected the SSP to do the same because they have little understanding of who the inner Earth beings are. This did not go over well with Gonzales or Corey as the meeting closed. Everyone then put on their hoods and exited the room. Others just portaled out and disappeared.


The Priestess asked Corey if he would share an experience with her that he once had as a youth. He agreed and they entered another room. She told Corey of an experience that they knew of where he had interfaced with crystals in a MILAB program. This was an experience where he was able to interface psychically with these living beings that were taken over by the raptor species long ago. She asked him to share the full experience with her. Gonzales gave his permission and Corey agreed to her request.


They sat facing each other, holding hands and they interacted telepathically with each other. They were able to view parts of both lives. She locked onto his memory of being in a cave and he saw her losing someone dear to her in an Insectoid attack. They relived his experience in the crystal cave and then sat back shaking with overwhelming pleasure. They both had tears coming down their faces. Since then, he has been very self reflective and intuitive. She told Corey that some of her people would not approve of this, but many more would be extremely happy. They will be glad to learn what information was recovered from the crystals that he did not know about. Afterwards, she offered to give them a tour, which Gonzales quickly accepted.

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3.3 The Grand Tour (Season 3: Episode 5)

Corey and Gonzales had been invited to take a tour of inner Earth by the Priestess who was relaxed and happy after their shared experience. They went into a small room where she tapped on her emulate and there was a bright flash of light. They found themselves in another large room where they walked into a huge cavern with tall towers in a city. People were walking around in one-piece colored clothing. There were buildings and domes that emanating light. There were also many saucer, egg, and cigar shaped craft flying above that flew through the sides of the cavern.


Inner Earth city complex


Inner Earth farming complex


They walked into a huge state-sized cavern with segmented crops and vineyards as far as they could see.


Inner Earth natural park setting


They walked into a park with tall trees that emitted a wide-range of smells and there were animals in another huge cavern. In the center, there was a huge obelisk below a big plasma ball the shown like the sun naturally. Another woman stated that it would take a long time for surface humans to ever live as they do. The Priestess said that their ancestors had been involved with helping the Arcadians and Sumerians. She invited Corey to visit their library with her and he agreed. Gonzales, before being taken back to his base, told Corey to remember as much as possible in the library and to give him a full report about it later.

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3.4 The Inner Earth Library (Season 3: Episode 6)

After the tour of the inner Earth, they walked to another room. The Priestess touched her emulate and there was a bright flash. Corey and the Priestess were in an area of white polished stone with a carved hand holding a crystal above them. This was a library with stacks of books, tablets, and scrolls and there were hovering chairs in the lower main area. They reached an area with books from the 1500s, 1600s, and recent ones, but most were in another visible format.


Inner Earth library complex


They stopped at the books on ancient aliens like those by Zachariah Sitchin, Van Donican, and some in German. Corey was told that they had complete access and followed the Internet closely. Regarding ancient Sumerian and a pre-Arcadian language, she brought out a large dictionary that was a complete Sumerian dictionary in three languages for every ancient word. She told a story of the Annunaki, ancient Sumeria, and the current translations that many ufologists subscribe to.


She said that all of the information in Zachariah Sitchin’s books was contrived and not accurate translations. Annanaki actually means royal seed and not just any extraterrestrial alien. She said that there was a secret society that put out Sitchin’s books to place an elitist religion in the esoteric society. She said that Sitchin had three people giving him the narrative to write in order to make humanity believe their religion.


The Priestess got into other issues like which came first, the chicken or the egg about who created her race. She said that an alien group came to this solar system hundreds of thousands of years ago as a genetic farming group. Corey asked if that didn’t match what the Sitchin texts were saying about who created her race. She replied that this lead to questions like who engineered the engineer and that at some point, there is one. She also said that the statements of the Annunaki coming here to mine for gold and create Adamu, is not true.


She said that they believe everything in the cosmos is sentient life and that each of us is an expression of Earth. Each of us is a sentient life form that lives, dies, and returns to the consciousness of Earth. This was their root belief system as they were a developing civilization. The solar system and galaxy are a creative sentient life force and that logos refers to their intelligence. Each galaxy and solar system has a resonant or vibratory template of the life forms that they create.


The Priestess then took Corey to the second level where people were psychically interfacing with surface people and they also interact with each other. Below that floor was their hall of records. She said the Sumerian tablets were an accurate history of that time and should be taken literally. She also said that some of the Sanskrit writings had some of the more interesting information about above the Earth. They discussed how some of our ancient and current myths are historical. She also revealed that their council had open conflicts with extraterrestrial races in the sky and that all of humanity saw this over many years of time.

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3.5 Into the Hall of Records (Season 3: Episode 7)

Over the following weeks, Corey studied Sumerian websites on line to verify that what he was told was accurate and was shocked to find that it was true. He found that there were whole Sitchin story lines that did not exist, which opened a lot more discoveries for him. There was nothing about mining gold. The fact that the destroyed planet Tiamat, which became the asteroid belt and had its surviving races transferred to Earth, is correct.


The Priestess stated that the Summarian Kaneea forms are accurate when translated and examined accurately. She said that billions of years ago, there was a race called the guardians who left our frequency. This is the same race that the Secret Space Program Alliance calls the Ancient Builder Race and they are very advanced and powerful. There were no other extraterrestrial races that would dare to violate their territory. After they left, there were energetic barriers that protected their zones.


It was disclosed that the alien groups in our solar system grew to become aggressive and technological. When they destroyed Tiamat, the energetic barriers came down and then all other extraterrestrial races then rushed in here. The Draco reptilians arrived here between 340,000 and 370,000 years ago. There were other groups who came here around 500,000 years ago and the Draco were not the first. The first were genetic farmer type of groups who took survivors and moved them to Earth. This is what has caused all of the problems on Earth and the beginning of all genetic experiments.


All of this history comes from people who have admitted to deceiving the people on the surface as being extraterrestrial beings and gods. However, the Priestess said that everything changed after the return of the Guardians, who are also known as the Sphere Being Alliance. She wanted to know why her people could not make contact with them or even be acknowledged by them. Other alien races, the Secret Space Program, and the secret Earth governments also wanted to know why there has been no contact.


Corey told her that he was told there are many extraterrestrial groups here that are positive and there are other races that are in service to self. The Priestess did not like that answer and asked if that means that the Guardians are of service to self for on their own agenda. She said that those of the higher frequencies have residual connections with us and that we hold them back. They have to help us to progress before they can move forward, so they have an agenda too.


They talked about the wheel of karma and how the inner Earth beings have not accepted the concept of Karma. Corey asked why they could not accept karma when they are being affected by it now in fourth density. They then stopped talking and went down one more level to a large area with many egg-shaped seats with people in them. The Priestess said that all of those people were waiting to connect with people on the surface. They sought to interact with surface people who seek contact for channeling. In another area, the people were having a shared experience viewing information and interacting about it.


Inner Earth communication chairs


They went to the bottom floor and came to a bright dome that they could look inside thru a window. They could not go inside because it was very hot. The inside of it contained a single crystal similar to the one that Corey saw in the crystal cavern as a youth. They were trying to get it to grow and people were telepathically communicating with the crystal.


Inner Earth telepathic crystal


Corey could now understand why his shared experience in the crystal cave was important to all of these people. The priestess told Corey that the others were returning from different realms and that they needed to cleans themselves. Then, they said their good-byes, Corey walked to the center of a room, there was a flash, and he found himself back home again. Afterwards, Corey spent lots of time in his head with this information, validating it, and thinking about it. It was a life altering experience. He can now feel other people’s emotions and what they are thinking.

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3.6 Debriefing with the Alliance (Season 3: Episode 8)

Within 24 hours after Corey’s return home, he was contacted by Gonzales and they met locally. He told Gonzales tentatively what had happened, and Gonzales told him about some new intelligence. He said that he was informed about things that were not going well for an Alliance on Earth that was falling apart. There would be a new Secret Space Program council meeting that Corey was invited to attend in order to tell about his experience in the library.


Gonzales said that the Earth Alliance is composed of many dozens of small groups like militants, secret societies, and technicians. He said that a lot of the people from the International Monetary Fund are now power brokers with the Eastern Alliance and Bricks organization. The Earth Alliance and the SSP Alliance don’t have the same agenda but the same overall goals. Some of the Earth Alliance know about the SSP Alliance, they have met with them and shared information. The high level Earth Alliance now has the same information as the SSP Alliance for redundancy.


The Earth Alliance has been heavily infiltrated by Illuminati groups that have caused them to split apart. The East now wants to have a new financial system to be more fair and represent the global economy. They do not want what the SSP Alliance wants for disclosure to happen now but a long way into the future. They have shared their information with Cabal groups, who freaked out and want World War III now more than ever. The Eastern Establishment believes that release of information should be over a 100 year period. They want us to still have a Babylonian money system, but more fair with a gradual release of information.


The Earth Alliance is not a united entity, but consists of rogue groups that loosely work together for liberation. They believe the Cabal must go, but there is a lot of variance where some want what the SSP Alliance wants. They also want full disclosure, tribunals, release of technology, and a transitional civilization. There is a huge fragmentation of the Earth Alliance which includes every aspects of human society. Many problems are due to the Energy systems that exist in the solar system and people are not able to acclimate to it. A lot of this depends on one’s own spirituality, polarity, what type of person they are to handle the changes.


All of this was talked about during his briefing and they said that they wanted to hear from Corey. Gonzales said that people were upset that Corey could visit the library alone and they were concerned that they must rely on him. They have intuitive empathic people there to detect any deception, but a lot of their concern was ego driven. The Earth Alliance has been told to stop all violence by the Sphere Being Alliance and they have been told that all Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate developments will be turned over to humanity at some point.


At the appointed time, a blue sphere brought Corey to a Kipper belt base that was full of SSP Alliance council members. There were about 60 people there of different races and there were prior agitators that provided forced apologies. Corey gave his briefing and comments were made about the subterranean beings wanting to talk to the Sphere beings. They were not surprised by the fact that the Sumarian story was altered by the Cabal and other things. But, information about the “Guardians” also being the “Ancient Builders” and the “Sphere Being Alliance” was new to them. However, many of the SSP Alliance were not interested in being more loving, forgiving, and accepting of the Law of One concepts.


Gonzales was told to contact the Sphere Alliance for a meeting or exchange with the inner Earth council. The new council was seen as a positive change to the SSP Alliance. The SSP Alliance had already met with the inner Earth council and they sought to gain favor by arranging a meeting between the Sphere Alliance and the inner Earth council. Gonzales said that he would try and Corey was ignored. Then, the meeting ended.


Corey was given details about the fracturing that was going on and opinions that were expressed about data being prematurely released or over a long period of time. They were concerned about the corruption of the data that was being released to the public. They were also concerned about infiltration that was happening within the Earth Alliance and the sharing of information. Regarding World War III, there were sects of the Secret Earth Syndicates who wanted Damascus to go up in smoke. They believed that would start World War III, but Russia had recently gone into Syria against ISIS of the Cabal.


Corey was also told it was believed that information must be released during a catalyzing event so that people will be willing to look at it. If it is just dumped on the public, the mainstream media will discredit it and the internet could be shut off and managed. And, if the SSP Alliance were to display their craft, they would be shot down. A lot of this has to do with our co-creative consciousness, waking up, and creating a positive future. We must not allow our co-creative consciousness to be manipulated by the Cabal powers.

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4. The Deeper Secrets

This chapter contains information that Corey Goode has revealed, which is considered to be deeper secrets that have been kept from humanity. These secrets include historical information regarding a Celestial Timeline, a Super Earth, and our moon. Additional information is also presented about Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities. This chapter then ends with information about age regression and time travel technology.

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4.1 Celestial Timeline (Season 5: Episode 1)

The universe is 13.8 billion years old and the Earth formed 4 billion years ago. It cooled down into a liquid water planet 3.8 billion years ago when microbes first appeared. The tangible evidence about the solar system is in the form of ancient builder race ruins. The ruins have been excavated on different planets and could not be dated because they were too old. The ruins were found from Venus out to the ort cloud either underground or covered on the surface. A transparent alloy aluminum technology was also found. It was found to be impregnated with micro elements that changed the surface to display information. In addition, they found stone like artifacts that turned out to be technology that could not be understood.


The German breakaway group was first finding these things during World War II. They found ruins on the surface of Earth that looked like they had been hit with blast waves, which were twisted and bent back. The ruins that they found underground were better preserved, but no writing of their source or what happened could be found. There were collapsed domes, towers, and rectangular structures of different shapes and structures. There were also many pyramids and obelisks found underground on Earth and on other planets. The pyramid shape appeared to be important with a lot of sacred geometry.


They had to really search in order to find anything of value because of its old age. The exact same things were also found in our local cluster of about 50 stars that are held by a cosmic web. These stars react like in a group or hive consciousness and they appear to be connected on a deep energetic level. All beings that reside in these star systems are also connected on this deep energetic level. Apparently, the star cluster was under the protection of the ancient builder race with a protective grid. The builder race left and the grid was kept up for billions of years. The Germans have had the ability to leave our solar system since the 1930s. But, they found that they could not go anywhere else without making political connections first with other races, or they would get shot down.


There is a partial disclosure version plan that says no one has left the solar system yet. Another plan provides disclosure of the ancient builder race and that extraterrestrial beings once existed, but they are not here anymore. But, travel to other stars involves traveling through portals or the use of craft with torsion drives for super luminal travel. The Germans have had super luminal travel since before World War II, but the U.S. was decades behind this kind of technology. Other disclosure plans say that there is a barrier that prevents us from leaving the solar system. But, those who traveled outside of our solar system found technology that was very similar to their own.


However, the delivery systems of the builder race weapons were found to be giant spheres the size of moons that were carved out on the insides. The spheres had space stations with giant outside hulls and massive builder race civilizations. A massive effort was used to try to acquire the advanced technology. But, after the ancient builder race departed eons ago, others came in and removed all writing and information.


500,000 years ago was when Earth’s moon was placed in orbit and was called the Arc. It has been speculated that the dinosaurs were killed deliberately to make way for new civilizations. The moon was old technology when it arrived here and was used as an arc for new inhabitants. There were many ancient advanced civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth. The inner Earth civilizations recently claimed to have first arrived about 18 million years ago. They say that they developed on Earth and are a product of Earth creating life. There are other different groups and some of them arrived as early as about 30,000 years ago.


About 30,000 years ago is when the super Earth planet Maldek had a conflict with the beings on Mars. One of the races hacked into a giant sphere and tried to use it as a weapon against the other side. This is when Maldek exploded and brought down the protective defense grid. All other extraterrestrial races came in and interfered with all civilizations in the local star system.


A Super Federation group first arrived here about 500,000 years ago. About 375,000 years ago was when the Draco arrived along with waves of survivors from a war. This was also the period when the moon arrived with its inhabitants. 75,000 years ago was when people were reincarnating from the Mars and Maldek survivors. Corey was told by the ancient inner Earth people, the Anshar, that there were cataclysms on Earth in cycles. After Maldek exploded, debris was flying everywhere and it was hitting planets that caused damage. There were civilizations found on every continent and nearly every land mass.


Secret societies had access to guarded books about Atlantis and they are now kept at the Vatican. Information also exists about conflicts that occurred on Earth and within our solar system. On the moon, there were wars and the destruction there has been left as a memorial and reminder. There have been wars in our skies even in our current era of time. Atlantis consisted of a conglomerate group of civilizations and was destroyed by a comet that caused a flood. The gods created different civilizations that were combinations of extraterrestrial races and inner Earth groups.

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4.2 Super Earth (Season 4: Episode 1)

David Wilcock has said that “Super Earth” is mentioned in the “Law of One” as the planet “Maldek” as others have also said. Richard C. Hoagland once said that an asteroid is not something that can occur naturally. Corey Goode also said that he knew that the asteroid belt is the debris from a destroyed planet. He is also aware of a program named “Brilliant Pebbles” that uses a computer to compute the size and density of the asteroid belt. David referred to his insider, named “Bruce”, who said that the program created a computer model of the prior planet. Corey said that the asteroid belt has been studied and mined for a long time and it is well known what it previously looked like as a planet. Different strata have been found in the asteroids that consist of planetary mantle, core, crust and mineral deposits.


Thomas von Flanderen created the “Exploded Planet Hypothesis” and said that comets were ice from the water of an exploded planet. Corey was aware that there was ice in a certain area that came from the ocean of a destroyed planet. But, von Flanderen also claimed that there are no extraterrestrial beings in space and everything out there is ours from his military work.


The U.S. military promotes what insider “Bruce” stated regarding ancient extraterrestrial races that came and went and that they are not here now. It was said that the ancient builder race was here 500 million years ago. But, Corey understands that they were here many tens of millions of years ago. When their structures were found, it was discovered that the glyphs on them were always whipped away by later races.


Bruce said that the military was disclosing secret information to certain individuals so it would become fact. Corey confirmed that this was a process that has been used for partial disclosures with their own spin on things. They are preparing people now for the release of information about an ancient builder race that came here and left. Polls in conservative areas have shown that 57% of people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Corey believes that information about the destruction of a Super Earth will probably be used in the disclosures.


Hoagland believed that Mars was a watery planet that had been captured like a moon to the Super Earth. Corey said that information from the smart glass pads confirmed that debris from the Super Earth struck Mars only on one side. It was believed that this caused its atmosphere to be stripped away and it has never recovered. Bruce stated that 3 to 10 extraterrestrial groups settled in our solar system and the Super Earth race also built things here. Corey said that the race on the Super Earth was not the ancient builder race.


Recent information shows that the Earth got refugees from other failed planets of Mars and the Super Earth. David said the “Law of One” stated that the Super Earth, or Maldek, blew up 800,000 years ago and not 500,000. Bruce had claimed that a ring was in the process of being built around the Super Earth, which was being made from a transparent aluminum alloy. If the ring had been completed, it would have been a weapon that could have destroyed other worlds.


This weapon was attacked and destroyed when the Super Earth was destroyed and it became part of the ring of Saturn. There were rooms that people could live in within the shattered ring that still exists around Saturn. Corey said he was aware of artifacts that were found in Saturn’s rings, but not that it was from a giant weapon. However, the artifacts did contain transparent alloy in the rings and debris that were part of destroyed structures.


The biggest chunks exist at the edge of Saturn’s B ring and they are actually habitable rooms. The rooms were built for beings that were 70 feet tall and other huge ceiling rooms have also been confirmed by Corey. A lot of these tall structures were from the age of the Super Earth. Healing beds were also found for the ancient builder race, which was for giant size beings.


Bruce had said the Super Earth race was very warlike against beings from other worlds. There is not much known, but many people are trying to relate what happened to their own bloodlines. The Super Earth race had advanced technology that could enable them to travel to Saturn and build massive structures there. Corey shared how the people in the Inner Earth council had said that other races were also advanced, aggressive and destructive. When their planet was destroyed, beings from other worlds relocated the survivors to Earth.


The information which Corey had was that Mars and the Super Earth had different groups of beings that arose from different planets. Although Mars was heavily damaged, there were survivors that continued there in underground facilities. The smart glass pads stated that the moon arrived here about 500,000 years ago and formed a lock with the Earth. It came here when the Super Earth exploded and entered orbit with Earth under intelligent control. Some of the information that Corey read stated that the moon was artificial and it was used to bring refugees here. But along with all the information that he read, there was also peer reviewed information with other interpretations and prevailing views.


There is no absolute standard that everyone can agree on with different religious and cultic beliefs that also exist. The inner Earth races, which have been here for 17 to 18 million years, stated that they objected to the survivors being brought to the surface of Earth. They objected to them having such an aggressive nature, being dominating, and interbreeding with other surface races. They consider surface humans to be a mixed race that is very unpredictable and dangerous. Bruce had also stated that the Star Wars movies were not just fiction, but were also a disclosure of advanced weapons, craft, and the force. Corey also found this to be similar to syndicate cults and illuminati groups who believe in the source field.

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4.3 Who Built the Moon? (Season 4: Episode 2)

David Wilcock said that there were survivors from the destruction of the Super Earth, which only exists now as the asteroid belt. Richard C. Hoagland’s insider Bruce provided information that Corey Goode was able to verify from what he had read in the smart glass pad. He said that the beings from Super Earth were a human race which was 70 to 90 feet tall and that this was due to a different barometric pressure there.


These beings were technologically advanced and were involved in trans-humanism efforts with their bodies mixed with computers. They evolved past verbal speech with an internet WIFI form of communication with micro Orrick light on their faces. Corey confirmed that there are other races that also communicate telepathically with changes of light on their faces. Bruce stated that they also had the ability to upload their whole consciousness.


They used nannites to build facilities inside of moons which were sent into the past so that the moon would be ready when needed. A film currently exists that shows the current technology of small objects that can move independently and perform various tasks on their own. Members of the Secret Space Program and the Super Federation are very careful about safeguarding from the influences by Artificial Intelligences.


Before our moon arrived here, it was either hollowed out or just had facilities built inside of existing caverns. Corey heard that the contents of the moon did not match the geological age of this solar system. The insider known as Jacob said the moon was portaled into our system and that it was older than the planets. The people from the Super Earth are the ones who portaled it in at the last minute before their planet was destroyed. They portaled 12 to 16 billion members of their elite races, which were between 70 to 90 feet tall, into the moon at a depth of 20 to 40 miles deep.


Corey had heard that the Super Earth refugees came to Earth in our moon after the destruction of their planet. Jacob said they programmed the moon’s orbit around Earth so that it would create the tides and make our planet a habitable place to live. Corey confirmed that it caused a lot of changes, but he stated that there was already life that existed on and inside the Earth. The moon incurred severe damage on only the far side during its travels here.


NASA had recently revealed that the dark seas on the moon actually form a square shape and Corey said that this was what is known as a soft disclosure. Eventually, there will be a partial disclosure of ancient structures and other items on the moon. The Cabal believes they are an elite race and that their gods of the ancient builder race is in their bloodline. They believe that a portion of the population must be eliminated as genetically impure useless eaters. Some of their elite races have the ability to go into space and take a tour of remote sites from their gods like in a movie. Their beliefs go back so far in time that they cannot accurately date them.


All sorts of extraterrestrial races now have bases on the moon, including humanity, after it was used as an arc. Holography and other means are used on the moon to hide things that are there, but no Artificial Intelligence is known to be there. The beings from inside the moon migrated to the surface and built domes from transparent aluminum and lived inside. Corey witnessed many ruins on the moon of that type of structure in the form of domes, buildings, and towers.


There are damaged remains from different conflicts that occurred at different times, which are kept off limits. They are kept as reminders of open warfare before there were federations, treaties and agreements. Independent verification of these structures is also provided in the form of photographed bases on the moon. There are square buildings that appear to have been built with stones or concrete and there are bent towers. There was massive damage and evidence of many other smaller catastrophes like from incoming debris.

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4.4 Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities (Season 5: Episode 6)

This section is devoted to etheric beings and everything related to that subject. Corey explained that there are plasma beings that live off the electric field of Jupiter. These beings were plasma based, which main stream science does not consider to be life. They are sentient beings that show signs of the preservation of life and do not like being experimented on. To avoid being harvested for experimentation, they have been known to avoid craft that come towards them. They reproduced like with mitosis and they travel through the electro-magnetic field of Earth. They are almost completely invisible to the naked eye, but they could be seen in other spectrums.


These are not giant plasmic bodies that can be seen with our eyes. Jose Escamilla has referred to sky fish, which are a similar type of plasma being in outer space. A Space Shuttle video has showed a tethered experiment with spherical glowing orb forms that appeared. These are likely one type of life form with a hole in the center that lives in the Earth’s electro field. Every planet with an electro magnetic field is going to be a part of their feeding grounds. They do not appear to be around satellites or space craft in space.


If they are intelligent, then they do not appear to be interested in us or in communicating with us. They just appear to be interested in living out their life cycle and reproducing. These beings are not a technology and they are the highest density of the sphere being alliance. They are ninth density beings that appear to be orbs or spheres of any size. If it is sentient life, that does not have a corporeal physical body, then it should be considered to be etheric life. Some have had a physical body, some are from another reality, or they have always had non corporeal bodies.


Shadow beings are malevolent entities that observe people or cause fear in order to feed off the emotions. Some are people that are having out-of-body experiences to do the same things such as what reptilians do. Sometimes people will see the shape of a human walk by out of the corner of their eye. It may quickly duck into another room. You may turn your head and just miss seeing it. Corey’s daughter has seen them like the silhouette of a human that just remains stationary like a 3-Dimensional shadow.


Psychotropic drugs have been found to cause encounters with shadow beings both positive and negative. Experiences with positive beings will result in getting spiritual knowledge or teachings or experiencing blissfulness. Negative beings feed off our energy, observe, and are energy attachments that are placed by the Cabal. They are also used for mind control or use entity attachments to cause reactionary states of mind. The shadow beings are also used as gate keepers to prevent disclosures with anxiety attacks and other effects.


Trauma-based mind control psychotropic drugs and the entities are used together to get desired effects. Physical and sexual trauma is one way that can cause entity attachments. The etheric beings that are used for entity attachments are like parasites that are dedicated to fulfilling a task. If a person tries to disclose information, they will be thrown into a panic attack, made to fall asleep, or other things. Over time, these entities can cause a person to have tumors and have weird things show up in the body. The entities are anchored to a person’s energy field that suck energy from the body and cause illness.


Shamans are aware of spiritual attachments and rid them with changes in vibrations and consciousness. Psychically willing them away works as well as the use of salt and other crystals with stored energies. Entity attachments can also be purged inside a pyramid with a crystal and a cleansing ceremony of forgiveness. Emotions have energy with a mass that these entities can hold on to until they are let go.


Corey went through a period of when he could not talk about his knowledge without stammering and doing other things. After a remote viewing of his light body, he saw a frog-like being in a sphere inside of himself. The first time he saw it, it got excited and said that Corey would forget about him. Corey then had a deliverance of getting rid of these entities so he could talk freely once again. He did this by calling on Jesus and saw beings leaving his body and he has shivers whenever he thinks about it. In the Secret Space Program, dark practitioners attached entities to people in order to keep them in line and to control them. The dark Cabal people use these entities like tools.


Eating higher density foods, exercising and keeping cleansed prevent entities from anchoring onto you. They are then no longer compatible with your energy levels. Staying in positive environments also prevents entities from anchoring to you. Most people have some form of attachment or connection with traumas that affect your daily lives. Changing our diet, forgiving ourselves and others also causes a release of energy that entities can’t hang on to.


The Blue Avian beings have said that etheric beings will not be able to stay in our reality as we move to outer realms. Everyone has had someone that was mean to them because of symbiotic relationships with entities who feed off their energy. When an entity is removed, the person goes through withdrawal symptoms like addicts experience. We should not demonize this or accuse others of having entity attachments. Their suffering will be a daily struggle against infected people that must be kept away. All entity beings will be gone with the energy forces that are occurring now. We will be incompatible to these beings and they will be driven back to the outer realms where they came from.

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4.5 Age Regression and Time Travel Technology (Season 4: Episode 3)

Corey Goode’s claim of having served for 20 years in the Secret Space Program means that his service would have ended in 2007, which does not agree with his age now. This is due to the claim that the SSP technology is far more advanced than what is known to exist today. The “20 & Back” program, that Corey took part in, has been used by thousands of people who served 20 years and then returned to the same time as when they started. Many military personnel also do this by serving 20 years in the SSP and then returning to serve out the remainder of their military service.


For those who cannot believe that this technology exists, history has shown that there has been many disclosures of prior technology that no one knew existed. Unfortunately, advanced technology may not be disclosed without revealing other things that also exist like extraterrestrials, free energy and many other things. Disclosure of free energy alone would cause the collapse of the Babylonian global economy overnight.


After completing the “20 and Back” program, the person is age-regressed back to their previous age. Then, the person is returned to the same time and place as when the person started the program. But, before being returned, the person is age regressed, debriefed, blank-slated, and given a screen memory of what previously occurred. Then, the person is taken back in time and inserted back to the point of their departure with a screen memory.


During the 20 years that Corey was in the SSP, he worked in several different programs at different locations with no possibility for an early end of his duties. Everyone in the program obeys orders and performs their assignments in a rigid and regimental manner in order to avoid any unpleasantness. The discharge process includes the signing of papers at the Lunar Operations Command and going through an enhanced debrief process. This is where you are put in an altered state and debriefed about your full service while being hooked up to monitoring equipment.


The debriefing process is fairly detailed unless there is a need for more details. This process usually takes 2 to 3 days while other tests are also conducted. There are also other people that go through the same process individually. This group of people is not permitted to discuss their processing with anyone else except for small talk. During this time, they sleep in small rooms with others from the group with 4 bunk beds in each room.


Outgoing sleeping area


Next, they go to a science and medical area where the age regression takes place. Age regression is done in a typical type of triage room where people explain the two-week long process. The person is placed in anesthesia and kept totally motionless in an induced coma during the age regression. They must be kept totally immobile during the process and their body parts are strapped onto forms. They are moved to a bed where needles were inserted and consciousness is lost.


Age Regression process


Corey explained that when he woke up, he was at the age of 20 years earlier, but he also felt nauseated, disoriented, groggy, and achy. Another debrief then took place with different people who warned about prior agreements that were signed. Everything seemed different to him at the Lunar Operations Center base with new people doing debriefing and a blank-slating process. There were different levels of blank slating that were used to remove past memories with conflicting screen memories.


A detailed file was kept on everyone, which was verified and then the person is returned home in a groggy state. There are conflicting memories and then there is a return of memories that the person had at the time of when the person left. When back at home the next morning, groggy, they see themselves in a mirror and are confused by what they see. Over the following weeks, the blank-slating begins to wear off and disturbing memories return. More problems occur with memories until contiguous memories are able to come flowing back. Corey was confused, things did not feel right to him, and he had conflicting memories of his return home and to bed.


Before Corey entered this program, he was promised the ability to attend college, get a good job, and lots of money. None of that happened afterwards. There was no pay or money in the Secret Space Program, everything was provided, there were no contacts with Earth, or even any nick knacks. There were notes and letters from prior worker contacts, but no other sentimental items. During the 20 year program, there is no contact with Earth at all, including any access to radio, internet, TV, or the news.


There are ten percent of people from the program that continue to remember their past, even after multiple processing. Other people begin to start remembering their past, only when 20 years pass after their return. Everyone who ever took part in this program is monitored for any indication of returned memories.


Corey was returned home just prior to when he turned 17 years of age and was returned within a 6 minute window from when he left. When he then reached his twenties, he started to know what he would look like as an adult. When people return from the program, they just think that they had a strange dream, had been sick, or had bad night mares. Within 2 days after returning, Corey felt fit enough to continue his normal life. Other people who came back from the program, have reported having neurological issues in their limbs, eye problems, and retina issues. But, these people cannot get any paid treatment for their problems.

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5. Confirmations

This chapter is devoted to revealing what other people have presented regarding their own personal knowledge about the Secret Space Program. Michael Tellinger discussed how the Ubuntu philosophy meshes well with the message from the Blue Avians in two episodes. William Henry presented imagery from historical works of art which corroborate Corey Goode’s testimony as to the long-term presence of extraterrestrial beings in three episodes. Clifford Stone also relayed incidents from his years of service with the U.S. Army where he served as an empath and was charged with making contact with extraterrestrial beings in a total of four episodes. In addition, Dr. Bob Wood described his background in ufology history and his interest in exposing proof about the U.S. government’s involvement with the UFO subject, which he explained in two episodes.


However, the most important and conclusive testimony was offered by a person named William Tompkins regarding his own personal knowledge of working with the Secret Space Program. This was presented in six episodes that included a short biography of Tompkins’ life with this program. There is a description of what it was like for him to work in an SSP Think Tank. Then, Mr. Tompkins verifies the existence of the “20 and Back” Program that Corey participated in. Next, he discussed the arrival of Spheres in our solar system. And then, he described his naval battle group design, the existence of under sea bases, and the battle of Los Angeles.

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5.1 SSP Testimonials with William Tompkins (Season 5: Episode 10)

William Tompkins is a person that worked for McDonald Douglas as a draftsman until his section Chief went through his background and found out what he did in the U.S. Navy. He then put Bill in a walled off office in a think tank unit with 200 other people. They investigated all about extraterrestrials and their military, commercial, and private contacts. He was assigned to design advanced naval battle group spaceships of craft up to 6 kilometers in size. He also designed spacecraft carriers that were built at Utah underground facilities in the 1970s. Project Solar Warden had these spaceships that were designed in the think tank at McDonald Douglas along with many other things.


William Tompkins on Cosmic Disclosures


David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussed the information that was presented by William Tompkins regarding his insider space program testimony. David said that Bill, who was 94 years old, has provided testimony that validates what Corey and other insiders have disclosed.


William Tompkins displaying his models


Bill was first noticed by the U.S. Navy as a young boy who drew and built scale models of naval ships. The navy took notice of how his models were so close to reality, including some top secret components. He was placed in a naval think tank during World War II. After the war, he went to work for Douglas aircraft. He worked in a think tank where he helped to design ships, buildings, craft and all else for a secret space program.


Bill also explained what the Germans had secretly investigated and discovered since the early 20th century. He said that in 1942, Admiral Rico Botta sent spies into Europe to investigate advanced German developments and it was discovered that they had entered into agreements with reptilians alien entities. They found many advanced weapons including round UFO type craft of 60, 200, and 500 feet in size. Some of these craft were built from Cromally steel that weighed tons and lifted into space by electro gravitic propulsion drives.


Secret German advanced flying craft


All of this was revealed in an agreement with reptilian aliens for the purpose of creating a parallel space navy. This navy was to operate in space along with the reptilian forces in order to take over other planets and enslave them. The Germans developed many kinds of craft with different propulsion systems, lazars, and other things. In occupied countries, they had massive facilities to build equipment, mainly in underground complexes. The Germans expanded those facilities and put 11 UFO shaped craft into full production.


When our spies tried to explain everything, the Admiral could not believe them. Only a typist, 1 or 2 captains, the Admiral, and Bill were briefed about all that was discovered and no one else. Bill worked for the Admiral with a mission statement that was written by Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal. Secretary Forrestal supposedly had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to a hospital were he was pushed out of a window. Before he died, he wrote the mission of Admiral Rico Botta, which became Bill’s mission.


Secret government documents about aliens


No other country except Germany knew about extraterrestrial beings and it was assumed that they would take over the world. The Germans cloned a battalion of soldiers, sent them to the battle fronts and had advanced medical research. All of this was considered unbelievable by Admiral Rico Botta, including the longer life developments. The life spans of Nordic alien beings are from 1400 to 2200 years, but they look just like us.


TRW Facility for advanced technology


There was a study at TRW on advanced life systems to extend life and this may be available within two years. It will be available to some people by taking 4 pills for 6 months and it will immediately change people to a nicer appearance. Women will revert back to the age of 21 and men to the age of 29 and they will remain at that age for the rest of their lives. Their brains, which only 2.2% were being used, will increase by 400% of what existed previously for thousands of years. Five of the top research groups are involved along with hundreds of other companies, but everything is being kept secret.


A Reptilian extraterrestrial entity


Everything that has been taught to humanity is false because we have allowed reptilians to prevent us from learning about everything. Our history for thousands of years has been controlled like the Romans that were mind controlled. We are just now finding out about this and we need to fix it. From 1942 to 1946, Tompkins was involved with receiving information from the 29 spies about the Germans. They said that they experienced their space program firsthand and that the Germans cut a deal with reptilian aliens.


Corey Goode


Corey Goode was gratified to know that so much of his testimony was being validated by William Tompkins when he did not even previously know about him. He believes that Bill’s information was inserted into the smart glass pads that he used while in the secret space program and that he had read Bill’s reports.


People live short lives in these programs, depending on if they abide by the rules, like a president does. Ufology is considered more secret than the atomic bomb and reprisals to leaked information are considered justified. Secret information is only revealed to those who are cleared and justified with a need to know it. Many people find it hard to accept information about highly advanced things.


Corey agreed with Bill about the Germans working with Reptilian beings and that Nordic groups were also involved. The Germans and reptilians worked to create an interplanetary, interstellar and concurring space navy. Corey was shocked to find out about Bill’s revelations because Bill did not even know him or his prior disclosures. They both have disclosed the same genesis of how the Germans are working with the reptilians for their own defense and for conquering others. This was a part of the deal in exchange for advanced technology for Germans with a conquer mentality.


Corey confirms Bill’s testimony of the Nordics living between 1400 and 2200 years of age, which was common for space races. Corey knew about cloning that the Germans did in later years, but he did not know about them also cloning during World War II. He was also aware of cloning research that was being done by the United States later in underground facilities.


Corey confirmed that space craft were produced in the same way as described by Bill in underground facilities. The craft were produced in sections that were much larger than 500 feet in size with Cromiley steel and other materials. Weight does not matter when you have torsion and gravity canceling technology. Corey also confirmed information that was stated by Bill about life extending abilities like with his own age regression.


Corey warned that those in the life extension programs may become reliant on continuous treatments. David Wilcock also said that his informer, named Jacob, revealed that people would be required to get shots with Artificial Intelligent nanites. However, technology does exist that detects the presence of nanites and it uses electricity to destroy all AI nanites, but caution is advised.


Maria Orsic developed advanced technology


Bill said that a young Nordic girl, Maria Orsic and others worked with Germany to create UFO type of craft independently. The girls ended up in Antarctica and the reptilians had 3 massive caverns and let Germany use two smaller ones. There were cities and manufacturing facilities in the caverns and the Germans used the girl’s technology for themselves. Germany decided to move everything to Antarctica before the end of World War II. Admiral Byrd took a U.S. naval fleet there, but they were attacked by German and reptilian flying craft.


Admiral Byrd commanded a fleet to Antarctica


Corey said that he believed Maria was human, but she interacted with the Nordics and the Germans. David said that Maria began with automatic writing in the Sumerian language with sketches and documents. Since Maria only wanted her craft to be used for transportation, it appears she was in contact with Nordics. Corey believed that the Nordic help was to bring balance to the situation with the negative Reptilian forces.


Corey was gratified and shocked about Bill’s revelations because he had read old typeset documents. Bill’s accounts of unmarked, German cigar-shaped craft were new to Corey, but he would not doubt it. Corey was excited, but eager for more information from Bill and other whistleblowers. There was verification about all that Corey had said about Operation High Jump with Reptilian assistance.


David said that there where others who could corroborate this information, but they could not expose themselves. He also said that their show is a game changer for our future and he encourages others to spread the word. It is vital to humanity’s future that we educate ourselves about this and become aware of it all.

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5.2 William Tompkins Biography (Season 5: Episode 11)

This is a biographical presentation of insider William Tompkins and his association with the Secret Space Program. At 9 years old, he toured, researched, and was interested in building navy ship models.


William Tompkins at age 9


While living in Hollywood California, his father often took him and his brother to the bay of Long Beach in the 1930s. During the time of events that occurred in China, the Eastern fleet came to the West and a new breakwater was constructed to enclose them.


Bill went onboard the navy ships and sketched the ships as if they were space vehicles. The ships were being refitted with the latest things and Bill could draw the shapes and sizes of everything. He saw secret steam catapults and made detailed drawings of everything in the proper perspective. Then, he built the parts and placed them on the ship models of about 40 different ships. People found out about this, newspapers reported it, and he displayed models at a store after school.


William Tompkins in a newspaper article


Some Navy people took a look, told an intelligence guy about his efforts, and they investigated his Dad and him. Bill shared a room with his brother and had stacks of papers that were reviewed by the Navy. They found no threat and his family moved to Long Beach where Bill was able to have access to all of the latest stuff. He went to a special school for two years and then moved back to Hollywood where he took a drafting class in Junior High School. A girl next to him was surprised by the speed of his drawings and how he was far ahead of the class.


At Hollywood High School, Bill talked in class about his tours on navy ships and models. He learned how to speak in public in that class and he spoke to four groups at the Hollywood Stadium about the U.S. Navy. A naval person asked his dad for permission to take him to the Mt. Wilson Observatory and look through the telescope there. Bill was surprised that the scientists there said there was no life in space, but he knew there was. When Bill stated his opinion, he was dismissed by the scientists.


The Navy then took Bill and his Dad to San Pedro for his enlistment in the U.S. Navy. The Navy first sent him to the Vultee Aircraft Company in Downey California, to make extraterrestrial communication systems work and then copied them. He went to Lockheed, worked with their wind tunnel and did research, but he knew that he needed to go to the Santa Monica facility.


Bill got a job at Douglas Aircraft as a draftsman and they used his models to advertise the Douglas Aircraft Company. The Corporate Vice President of Douglas had him copy and build a large sailboat as a birthday present. Bill’s section chief, then checked his background and put him in a think tank with 200 other people. He gave them a naval document that he wrote about unconventional propulsion systems.


They investigated all about military, commercial, and extraterrestrial craft and designed 16 different battle groups of space ships. The larger ones were from 1 to 6 kilometers in size and some were space craft carriers that he designed. These were actually built in the late 1970’s in Utah underground that became a part of Project Solar Warden. Solar Warden came out of a think tank from inside of the engineering department at Douglass Aircraft along with lots of other stuff.

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5.3 SSP Think Tank with William Tompkins (Season 5: Episode 12)

As with the first interview, William Tompkins has been shown to be the consummate insider about the Secret Space Program. He explained that there were U.S. spies that reported about advanced German developments in space craft during World War II. This episode goes farther to describe his work in a secret naval think tank for Admiral James Forrestal.


Bill stated that Forrestal was Secretary of the Navy and everyone liked him. He was very nice and intelligent. But, other people who were involved with him at Majestic 12 were at the apex of the alumni. At Douglas Aircraft, they put together packages in the secret think tank. Other people in the tank were aware that they should not use Forrestal’s Majestic 12 group name. But, they all knew how every document that they came up with would be accepted by that group.


Admiral Forrestal and Majestic 12


They wondered if they were deviating from the group’s agenda and they wondered what their agenda was. They wondered who else was involved and if they and other organizations were involved in each other’s activities. They structured their presentations to Forrestal with the assumption that he was the highest authority. They assumed that he ran the proper organization technically to handle the extraterrestrial matter.


We now have the Navy space system, which is not an organization, but it came from the secret think tank. That operation was controlling everything in the country and the President of the United States was not included. Top military personnel and Congressmen were not included. So they were giving away the store to the people who were causing the problems. This may be hard to accept, but this is what was going on. They did not know it, but that is what was happening.


In documents that Bill submitted to the Navy, he made comments to find out who the information went to without a response. Dr Wolfgang Klemperer was a brilliant man that could be kidded with, and he was Bill’s boss. He was convinced that there were two groups of standard organizations and another secret group on top. They knew that the Admiral was heading the secret group on top.


After Forrestal was assassinated, they assumed it was because he was talking too much. These were the complexities that Bill’s group worked under by themselves and without being influenced by anybody. They came up with what they thought they would have to do to solve an unbelievable problem. When you don’t know who your boss is, you just do the best that you can.


David Wilcock said that Mr. Tompkins provided corroborating information, as with many others, about how they keep this stuff secret. It was not known who Secretary of Defense Forrestal was really working for. Bill had mentioned the “Alumni” and Corey said that was a word that was used for the “Illuminati” group. Corey also confirmed that the group was actually the Majestic 12 or MJ-12 organization.


The basic tool that is used to keep people in the dark is to not disclose who they are reporting to. Everything is highly compartmentalized to where people in one group would not know what others are doing. Program names are given duplicate secret names so that, if revealed, they can refer to another program. A group is given several other names so that it will cause confusion and prevent disclosure. People in one faction do not know about other people in other factions above their level of security. It was reported in Corey’s smart glass pad that Forrestal and others had been eliminated for security reasons. Everyone in the secret programs know what happened so that they know the implications for security leaks.


Bill said that he could never get his secretary to admit that she was a Nordic alien, but he knew it to be true. She was in the Nordic Navy, like a Commander in Intelligence, with a mission to support a program that he worked in. She supported the Apollo program to go to the moon, to build bases in our solar system, and our star system. The two Nordic girls in Engineering, during a four year period, never did anything that would hamper that mission. They always tried to prevent obstructions to the mission, cover it up, change data, or do anything wrong.


Apollo Nova truck designed by Tompkins


Bill did four years on the Apollo program developing Nova trucks that were 8 times the volume of the rockets. These were trucks to haul all of the facility equipment that was needed to build a 20,000 man center on the moon. The mission to the moon was to build these facilities, but all we did was to go to the moon. Some entities gave us the finger and told us not to come back after 3 more missions. Those were the Reptilians who were already there, which we did not know beforehand. We got stopped a third of the way through the missions.


Extraterrestrial Nordic Humanoid race


We now know that there are many different types of Nordic races. But back then, they only thought there was one race. The two ladies in their mission represented the Nordic civilization and Bill’s assistant was a Nordic Navy Lt. Commander. She had a specific contract for a specific mission to get the entire Apollo mission implemented. The group that she supported from the galaxy was the greatest thing that could happen to our planet. That lady was always way ahead of everyone. She telepathically conveyed information to Bill and guided him.


Bill then moved to North American Airlines and then to TRW with help there from Nordic ladies in the same way as at Douglas Aircraft. His Administrative Assistant at TRW was providing support and was probably from the Nordic Navy as well. The Nordics were at war with the Reptilian entities and the Solar Warden program was our portion of that war. They were at war with Insectoid races, that are also known as praying mantis people and we were fighting them as well.


Extraterrestrial Insectoid race


So, we were fighting two of the really bad races of beings, which the Nordics were already at war with. The Nordics had lost one massive battle between theirs and another planet. The Nordics had then restructured and they were at war once again. Corey stated that he had been portaled to a moon of another planet in another solar system with a large base on it. While the Apollo missions were ending, the Secret Space Program missions continued to the moon.


Secret Space Program moon base


Human looking Nordic race


There are many different races of Nordic humans that were categorized as differing sizes and shapes. Corey confirmed that the Nordics and Inner Earth types had military and scientific types of personnel. Corey also confirmed that wars were fought by the Reptilians and their allies and they had conquered other planets. One of their allies is 8 feet tall, has a large forehead, 6 fingers, and was a human looking Nordic. Corey said that there are many Nordic people that are walking on Earth now and are working in high security positions.


Inner Earth Nordic people


The Inner Earth Nordic people are known as the Anshar and they were banished to Earth thousands of years ago. Regarding security with the Nordics, it was found that we have been deceived about some things. They are learning about the Reptilian threat and their allies and they wanted humanity to be peaceful. There is a mixture of alien and inner Earth Nordics that are here. The inner Earth species claimed to be created here naturally and that this was their home. When Corey had a mind-meld with a Nordic Princess named Caree, he saw her in meetings with global military assistance.


Mr. Tompkins said that a lot of people were being abducted and have been for years. He stated that we need to determine how to prevent this from happening. He also confirmed that there are ancient alien people who have been living underground in massive caverns for thousands of years. The Earth is like a honey comb with millions of massive caverns with one that exists in California, Oregon, and Nevada. There are bubble caverns inside of caverns and some are only a couple of miles long.


It was stated that extraterrestrial beings came here, some before Noah built his raft and some came after the flood, but there have been 7 floods that have occurred. One occurred with earthquakes from Alaska to the South Pole and split the Earth wide open. There are extraterrestrials here now with cities and industry in underground caverns who live a full life here. Some have short lives like us, while others live 2,000 to 3,000 years and still other do not stop living. They live together with different agendas and different lives and missions.


The U.S. Air Force has created diggers that are a half mile long and are 100 feet wide. There are trains that travel underground between cities and other countries within this hemisphere. The alien tunnels are about 400 feet wide. The Air Force diggers go between 2 and 3 miles per hour and they reduce the gravel into micro size and spray it on the sides. This becomes glass-like and when it is electrically charged, it provides lighting for the tunnel. There are subsonic trains that follow rails all over the planet. When our diggers run into alien tunnels, we are ordered to take another route and have had wars with alien races in New Mexico.


Human slave laboratory worksite


People are taken from university laboratories and arrive one second later to be used as slaves to do work. Slavery is occurring all over the planet and extraterrestrials from space take slaves to other worlds and are used underground. There are billions of laboratories on other stars and galaxies, not just on Earth, that are doing the same thing.


Corey says that many alien races have embassies in caverns all over the planet. There are three independent sources that refer to the inner Earth as being honeycomb. Corey has also confirmed that there are millions of caverns in the Earth which have developed like a vascular system. The caverns are way down under the crust and have alien technology that prevents them from being effected by earthquakes. Corey says that submarines are able to go far inland in sea water filled caverns and then surface in underground lakes.


Corey also confirmed that the slave trade exists by alien and cabal groups that abduct and trade humans. To end the slave trade, it is necessary to make people know that it exists. Corey says that there are extraterrestrial and breakaway groups that are involved in trying to end slavery. Infiltrators of the slave trade program put tracking markers on the victims for benevolent allies to retrieve them. Those retrieved are helped by the ancient Mayan groups to heal and recover on one of their planets. This process is already ongoing and people should know that slaves will recover and be returned home. David Wilcock encourages everyone to learn and help disclose all of this for the betterment of mankind.

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5.4 Validating the 20 & Back Program with William Tompkins (Season 6: Episode 4)

This section provides information by William Tompkins that provides independent confirmation about Corey Goode’s own disclosures regarding the enrollment program of the Secret Space Program. He has stated that thousands of people have joined the Space Navy for a 20 year tour and have been given examinations. Many people went to our moon and got checked out, organized, and established about where they will go and do. They are informed about what the criteria will be, what they will develop into, and that they will be sent to a Mars facility.


Some are sent to Jupiter’s moons where we have large facilities there and they get assigned to a base. They work for a short time before being assigned to a naval cruiser or attack craft or space craft carrier. The carriers are of 1, 2, or 4 size classes in 8 different battle groups. New recruits serve on the carriers or on many supporting craft, including supply craft.


At the end of the 20 years, they can reenlist for 20 more years or return to Earth and are age regressed. It takes several weeks for them to be returned back to the age of when they joined the navy. During the 20 years that they served, they had no contact with family, acquaintances or loved ones. Normally, the prior contacts would be 20 years older then when they joined. But, the Solar Warden program enables them to go back to the age of when they enlisted. During the restoration process, they loose nearly all memories of there service in the space navy. When they return, everyone is at the same age as when they left and this system has been operating since the 1980’s.


David Wilcock says that this testimony could only be debunked if Corey and Bill had conferred with each other, but that did not happen. Corey said that only high ranking people know about all of this, but Bill’s details were right on and exciting as well as shocking. Corey also confirms that thousands of people are recruited and serve in this navy all the time. He only differs from Bill by saying that new recruits usually go to the Lunar Operations Center, or LOC, on the moon initially and not to Mars.


Depending upon what their duties will be, the new recruits are taken to different facilities and receive training. Corey did not know of any reception area of new recruits on Mars like that which exists at the LOC. This process is different for career navy types than with civilian assets that are pulled in for the MILAB program. David said that Henry Deacon worked on Mars along with 200,000 others, but that only 10,000 were born on Earth. Corey said that many of the people were recruited in the brain drain era and three generations have existed since then. He also confirms that bases on Mars have 200,000 and more workers there with very large facilities.


Corey confirms Tompkins’ statement that there were 8 battle groups that existed in the Solar Warden era. Most craft are still in service with different fleets of carriers, destroyers, and supply ships in the 8 groups. Each group had the same range of craft in fleets that conduct different missions and support. What they do depends on factors like avoiding detection from astronomers and others on Earth. Corey never interacted with other battle groups or other craft in his fleet. But, he said that the size of fleets change depending upon their missions where craft may be transferred to other fleets. There are over a dozen of the large craft in each battle group with many more support vessels.


In the beginning, there were many conflicts with damaged or lost craft when they went in off-limit areas. They were attacked by sophisticated weaponry by extraterrestrials around planets that are off limits like Jupiter. There were likely defense contractors that leaked data to producers of Star Trek and other space movies. It is doubted that Tompkins could be lying, considering his credentials, details, and the fact that he does not have access to the internet.


Bill confirmed the 20 and Back program which was implemented after Solar Warden began around 1980. However, it was believed that Tompkins actually meant that memory loss was 99.9% and not 90.99% during the recovery process. Corey stated that the only memories people would have would surface in dreams with no context. People who sign up for the U.S. Navy, may serve in the “20 and Back” program and then serve the rest of their prior enlistment. Corey said that he met people who had served multiple “20 and Back” programs and they looked to be the same age. If they were aware of secret information from another program, then it would be removed from their memory.


The Cabal does not want disclosure because they do not want their life extension abilities to be revealed. If age regression was revealed, then many people would demand it as well as all of the healing technology. Bill confirmed the rules about no contact with anyone on Earth during the program as well as a lack of any TV, radio, or internet from Earth. Corey said that a lot of ping pong was played in recreation areas, and there were movie nights of old movies. The number of people here now who served in the program and were blank slated are in the thousands. There are some people, like engineers and scientists, which may only serve 8 to 10 years. People are monitored after they return and behavioral scientists look for signs of remembering what happened, and they are reprocessed as necessary.


Bill stated that, due to the lack of acceptance about extraterrestrials by workers, they would try to jeopardize the programs. There were top level people at Douglas, GE, TRW, and General Dynamics who tried to thwart all that they tried to do. It was asked why there was so much of this by high level people and they were asked who was telling them to do this. Corporations, while doing military programs, also do other things that could end the space programs like Solar Warden.


The corporations used all of the military advances to enable them to move off the planet and mine materials in our solar system. They also went out into the galaxy through the 12 closest stars to extract materials in order to make money. The top Corporate Executives were paralleling the space missions for industrialization and for making money. They were using all of the best capabilities for missions in order to go to other solar system planets for greed. Whatever helps them financially, that is where they are going to invest and do the development.


Corey was impressed by Bill and understood him to be discussing the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. Bill said that all of the advanced military complexes have formed their own breakaway secret space program. He confirmed that they mine and build the facilities in space and they match perfectly with the ICC. David said that the resistive elements of the defense industry seem to have created the ICC to be a free segment. Corey said that when they work for Solar Warden, they are required to abide by their rules, but ICC has no accountability. They have the most advanced technology, weaponry, and vessels that are greater then what they have given to military. The military works together with the ICC because they rely upon them for their own technology.


Corey said that he was not aware of any diplomatic relationships for the ICC to go and build in other star systems. But, he did attend a meeting of the Galactic League of Nations on a moon of another star built by ICC. Some ICC leaders are out in the solar system, but many are here recruited from corporate executives. Their Super Board has members from all of the Corporations that are part of it and they make decisions. Some of their products or product parts are made here and shipped into space and assembled there.


Corey said that he believes very few people on Earth know about the ICC and only the Super Board members know about it. People can work on parts for it their whole lives and never know what they are being used for. It was speculated that Tompkins probably received most of his knowledge from high ranking officers in the Navy. Groups within the Navy are in a conflict with other branches of service in order to prevent any of this to be disclosed.


The SSP Alliance is comprised of people who have broken away from all of the Secret Space Programs. So, there are former ICC people who have also joined the SSP Alliance. Those involved in the ICC are benefiting from their efforts due to cosmic capitalism. They are also trading biological and technical assets to aliens for technology and the galactic slave trade. What the ICC receives goes through Research & Development in order to back engineer it, and reproduce it for here on Earth or in space. The Super Board wants to grow the Corporations and make them profitable in order for it to profit. Like Corporations that use child labor, the products look nice, but the workers do not reap the benefits from their labor.


The ICC always has the best of everything and only gives some of it to other space programs. The Blue Avians told Corey that everything, including ICC facilities, would be given to humanity. When the SSP Alliance attacked ICC facilities, the Blue Avians told them to stop. That was because all of the ICC infrastructure will be handed over to the people of Earth after full disclosure occurs. The ICC works with thousands of groups, so it is assured there is crossover with the Draco Reptilians. Corey believes that there are aliens that exert control over the ICC, but they are just humans who function for their own purposes.

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5.5 Arrival of the Spheres with William Tompkins (Season 6: Episode 5)

William Tompkins said that today, it is accepted that there are hollow planet sized spheres that are vehicles in space. They move throughout the galaxy to monitor everything, good and bad, and for one and a half years, one has been parked just outside of our solar system. It has over 2,000 different extraterrestrial beings onboard as observers and monitors. It has been monitoring humanity on Earth since before the Romans were in power.


Hollow planet sized sphere


They have blocked all aliens in underground facilities and in caves from leaving and not allowing others to come in. One goal is also to nullify the affects from the sun, which is alive, as well as all other stars and they also have moods. In our galaxy, there are not a lot of stars as compared to other big galaxies. All of the stars are affected in some way by each other and when our sun sneezes, all of our electronics is affected. There is a group of people who are trying to nullify these effects in a region as a business venture.


Our Sun is alive


Our daily attitudes can change drastically, but the beings in the sphere are not agreeing with our sun. They are also very concerned about Reptilian beings that implement situations that are not tolerable to them. They must have been noticing this long enough to decide that Earth has had this long enough. They appear to have the belief that this situation needs to be corrected.


David Wilcock and Corey Goode said that Mr. Tompkins provided lots of information that correlated very much of what Corey has disclosed previously. The spheres do appear to be monitoring evolutionary progress as well as any interventions by outside groups. It would be like violating the prim directive in Star Trek and they may be taking non-interfering action. It was reported that a sphere, called the “Seeker”, that was in our solar system with 800 mile wide ports for ships to pass through.


The information that was made available to Corey did not indicate any spheres outside of our solar system that prevented anyone from coming or going. His information stated that there were energetic spheres, which may not be accurate information. Bill had said that a sphere arrived here one and a half years ago and that it had been here since Roman times. Corey believes that he meant that the spheres have been coming and going since that time. It is believed that Bill’s information must have been passed down from sources in the Secret Space Program.


Regarding the creation of an outer barrier, Corey stated that spheres have been arriving for a number of years. The Cabal knew that the spheres were here and were monitoring them, but they could not communicate with them. At first, they thought it was the return of the Sumerian Gods and they became very excited. But then they realized that they were not here for them and used a new experimental weapon on one of the spheres.


Sphere attacked from Australia


The weapon was in Australia and targeting for it was in South Africa. It was fired at a moon-sized sphere. The energy was redirected back to where it was fired from and destroyed the base and killed many people. The International Space Station made a video of this event that shows a red sphere with a ray that appeared from the surface of Earth. NASA has stated that this was just a test to try to create and artificial star with lazar technology.


The area around our Solar System


When the attack occurred, the outer barrier was established immediately thereafter. The barrier is actually a sphere that expanded to a size larger than our entire solar system in order to prevent escape or reinforcements. Because Bill said that this happened in December of 2014, it appears to be information that had trickled down to him. David is amazed that Bill had the same date of this occurrence as was provided by Corey, who was also shocked by this.


David Wilcock said that people who watch the show may find it hard to believe this was a real event and not just entertainment. But the things that Corey has been saying, has been passing through the entire space program. The smart glass pad that Corey had previously viewed showed that some groups had esoteric thoughts about the sun being alive, but not everyone believed this. There is much in the “Law of One” document that has a lot of crossover with what Corey experienced while he was in space.


Bill appeared to object to the term of the sun sneezing, but the briefings also referred to this as a “Solar sneeze”. In the space program, there are different ideas about what will occur when a solar event happens. Some believe in a spiritual harvest, temporary rebuilding, or an extinction level event. Bill said there would be an adversarial relationship between the sphere and the sun. But Corey was told that the spheres are here to buffer the sun’s rays until we are ready for them. They are here to help the sun to go through a transition.


Regarding a sphere’s inhabitants, Corey was told that there were confederations from different planets. Bill stated that the other reason for the spheres was to insure that the reptilians did not take advantage of us. It was satisfying to Corey for someone like Bill, who is credentialed, to validate what he has been saying. Bill was aware of the Draco problem and said that there was a link between the spheres and a defeat of them. What Bill said is what Corey has said of them not defeating the reptilians, but for us to clean up our own problems with them. The spheres are also here to mitigate the energies from the sun now and in the future.


Douglas Aircraft Company documentation


Bill stated that the main mission of the Douglas think tank was to develop Unconventional Propulsion Schemes. They got into things that they thought were futuristic, but it was for different missions that were needed. The Vice President of Engineering made Bill the disseminator of all space research and he also dealt with all incoming mail. One of the mail packages was a report of a UFO incident with a Northrop Flying Wing craft that was seen from the Santa Monica beach. Bill often got reports of UFOs sightings like this where the UFO had flown around the aircraft and that someone inside the UFO gave the pilot the finger.


The Douglas think tank got those reports and responded based upon what was reported. Bill’s reports were what the space program came out of and were displayed in the smart glass pad that was used by Corey. The reports were based upon needs like if a craft flew within the solar system or performed inter-stellar travels. There were different types of propulsion systems like temporal, tension, and electromagnetic drive systems. These drives came from different alien races that may use temporal drives in order to be anywhere instantly.


The different drives would be needed for the International Corporate Conglomerate programs and then they were disseminated to other programs. Most of the space craft have a return-to-home feature that prevents someone from trying to escape. The Secret Space Program pilots are very cocky and believe themselves to be a breed above everyone else. In Bill’s accounts of 1955, this was a time of when the German breakaway groups were showing themselves over the U.S. Capital building. Most of the German craft also have imaging systems that enable the pilot to see in all directions without windows.


Unidentified craft over the U.S. Capital building


Bill said that the guys at Douglas Engineering were the best ones that he ever worked with. However, Wernher von Braun arrived at Douglas to find out why he lost the contract for Intercontinental Range Ballistic Missiles. He also wanted to know who the surfer named Tompkins was, so Bill hid at one of the many drafting tables. When he found Bill, he was given a derogatory document about V2 rockets and then left embarrassed. Corey said that was a pretty brazen act by Bill and that it was not advisable at any time. David said that it was amazing how much corroboration there was between Corey and Bill over such a wide range of information.

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5.6 Founders of Solar Warden with William Tompkins (Season 6: Episode 8)

This segment deals with the 3 topics of a Naval Galactic Battle Group, Under Sea Bases, and the Battle of Los Angeles. William Tompkins showed one of his designs of a 2 kilometer long spacecraft carrier that he presented in a design review meeting. His design was of a stream lined craft that was objected to because it was meant for use in the vacuum of space without wind resistance. But Bill said that the electromagnetic protection system may not be able to protect against all weapons which may exist. He also said that in certain conditions, it could operate in the planet’s atmosphere and this was accepted.


Design for a Spacecraft Carrier


Lower side design for support of landings


The lower portion of the craft is shown to have different classes of arriving fighter and other craft. There are a vacuum controlled entry sections that are designed to fold down in support of the landings. No one flies in the squadrons because that is all automatic with lowered hatches to land on. Bill said that they looked at all possible missions and submissions and made recommendations to the Navy Admirals. One Admiral remarked that just the shape of the craft would scare all enemies away.


Corey stated that other configurations are rectangular and have other shapes depending upon their missions. David commented on the very detailed diagrams that were presented by a retired person appeared genuine. Corey said that the design was not of anything that he had seen in space, but admitted that he did not see them all. But, it did look like other wedge shaped vessels that he saw with angled upper areas and stealth sides.


Wedge shaped battle spacecraft


David asked if the design was due to charged fields and gravity in space that may need to be cut through. Corey responded by saying that not all craft were wedge shaped and that outside materials on craft provide electromagnetic shielding. Vessels that travel through atmospheres are aerodynamic, but they travel in a bubble with no resistance. He also explained that the flat side panels at angles were for the deflection of radar and other different waves from being received for stealth purposes. The designs for stealth go way back to soon after the invention of radar.


Corey believed the hatches that opened outwards would cause a lot of logistical problems during battles. He stated that usually, there are doors that open and close with panels that slide sideways or up and down. The triangular shape of the smaller landing craft was very familiar to him along with remotely controlled drone craft. Bill’s design could be for offense and defense, but mainly for attacking an enemy. Everyone in the battle groups is required to obey every order that is given to them. Corey is aware that the Dark Fleet does go out on offensive missions with reptilians like in the “Avatar” movie. However, he did not see any aircraft that flew in atmospheres like in the “Avatar” movie.


Regarding under sea bases, Bill said that he was hired by General Dynamics for a navy program to locate German submarines. The navy selected the P-3 patrol bombers to locate German ships and submarines in the cold war era. There were 15 other NATO countries that used 800 of these craft with related equipment and the United States had 2000. There were only 11 enemy submarines that were operating at the time with 2800 aircraft looking for them.


Anti-submarine warfare, or ASW, was not the real mission. But, there was also an anti-submerged unidentified warfare mission, or ASUW, which was for tracking submerged UFO extraterrestrial craft. This was the second largest amount of money spent for the entire military program. Bill was in charge of a group at Data Graphics, part of General Dynamics, and also served at the corporate level. This included his being responsible for the training of personnel with aircraft and the upgrading of sensing equipment for underwater detection with satellites. What they were really doing was looking for extraterrestrial vehicles and bases in oceans and lakes. Enormous resources were used to look for aliens.


David remarked about the enormous resources that were used to do all of this. Corey was aware of operations that used naval fleets to look for bases and unidentified submerged objects, or USOs, and that few people actually knew why. This was being done until strong enough sonar and satellite coverage had been developed for this purpose. Everything in the navy is kept secret and everyone is trained to obey orders.


Corey is aware of different types of bases that exist under water like a large mobile base that moved along the ocean floor. That type of base was doing testing of the bottom as it passed over it and it needed to be tracked as it went. There are a lot of regions inside the honeycomb sections of Earth that belong to different alien groups. He is also of many aliens that come here, who have no interest in us, but only in life forms in the oceans. A lot of these alien beings are aquatic and they see the oceans as a life form.


The movie “Abyss” was likely encouraged by groups in the military industrial complex to seed our consciousness about this reality. When Sony was hacked, it was proven that DARPA and other organizations were passing ideas for the production of movies and shows.


The last portion of statements by William Tompkins are about his own personal views about the Battle of Los Angeles. In February of 1942, Bill said that he was living with his family in Los Angeles, just 4 blocks from the ocean. Above the horizon, he saw a white dot that did not move and a beam of light that pointed down to the left. It caused a very bright flash and then disappeared, so he went to bed.


Unidentified object and beam of light


Searchlights on a large and many smaller objects


At 12:30 that night, the antiaircraft guns started firing, which began the Battle of Los Angeles. Bill went outside and saw a massive object right above him with shells blowing up on the bottom of it. Nothing was happing to the object that remained there for an hour and a half. There were hundreds of circular and cigar shaped objects that were also flying around the craft. This became boring after a while, so he went to bed at about 3:00 AM while everyone else was watching.


It was not reported at the time, but the bay was full of navy ships that used up all of their ammunition during 5 hour battle. The coastal artillery batteries also used up all of their ammunition. But during this 5 hour period, no body got sick or scared, unlike in England that was being bombed by the Germans. Only 2 men were killed from shrapnel and nearly a million people watched this battle.


David said that this was a classic event of UFO lore that cannot be covered up. Corey was also aware that an extraterrestrial craft had been recovered from the ocean in that area during this event. The reason for the craft to be there might have been a rescue mission for the craft that was recovered by the navy. It was also speculated that they could have been probing our defenses or were demonstrating their own abilities. It could also have been an attempt to prevent World War II, but the reason is still unknown.


Benjamin Fulford had reported that 75% of all funds in Hollywood is coming from the defense department. Corey confirmed that a lot of money from the Department of Defense and the Pentagon is used for propaganda. Since people knew about the Battle of Los Angeles incident, they could be spinning what happened to make people believe that all extraterrestrials are negative or that it is all just science fiction.


It was speculated that if the Mohamed treaty is overturned, there may be a lot of UFO sightings in order to let people know that they are here. But, the Cabal and Secret Space Program is afraid that some of their platforms in space could accidentally fall into an urban area. They have retrieval teams and cover stories ready to respond in this case with stories like there being a crashed dangerous nuclear satellite. There is now a crescendo of battles now that are taking place above the Earth between different types of entities. David referred to Bill’s revelations as being absolutely mind-blowing stuff.

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6. Recent Events

In this chapter, disclosures are provided about what has secretly taken place regarding the Secret Space Program and the SSP Alliance activities. This is intended to provide insights about what all of this means, what is occurring now, and what can be expected in the future. This begins with some veiled threats and open disclosures along with information regarding what recently occurred at the planet Venus and in Antarctica. Then, there is an episode where actions by an Earth Alliance are described for the betterment of all life on Earth. Another episode then describes the return of a healthy and rejuvenated Gonzales with new information provided about current events. This is then followed by a description of Corey’s encounters with ancient sentinel beings and information that was passed for use in the future.

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6.1 Veiled Threats and Open Disclosures (Season 5: Episode 7)

After meeting the Priestess Caree and touring the inner Earth, Corey did not want any further telepathic contact. He told her that he only wanted personal contacts due to the possibilities of interference by others. Caree then smiled and said that soon everyone would be communicating in a similar manner. Their contacts then continued like out-of-body experiences with her sitting in an egg shaped chair and him appearing to be standing in an endless teleconferencing room for their meetings. They were then able to converse mentally.


Caree then broke the ice by describing the new manner of psychic communication. She then told Corey that Gonzales was in their city and that he had been living with them for weeks. But, he was not told why. After his visit to inner Earth, Corey was brought down once more and then he met with the Blue Avians personally.


Harassment soon began after his inner Earth visit and after Corey had been informed about a break away that occurred from the Secret Space Program. Some of the lower level SSP members had secretly broken away and formed an alliance apart from the Secret Space Program. This new group became known as the SSP Alliance that was devoted to revealing the secret programs to the public.


Chinook helicopters began flying over Corey’s home around the winter of 2015, which he videotaped. At another time, while he was outdoors with his son, Corey saw a targeting lazar light on his chest. Other suspicious events also occurred like with a man in black watching him and a lit cigarette in his house that was meant as a warning.


Corey was then taken into a craft by military people and was strapped into a folding chair. They took hair and skin samples and took his blood in order to tell where he had been. They used an I-pad with a camera to determine whenever he recognized photographs of people that were shown to him. One of the pictures that Corey recognized was that of Gonzales.


Corey taken onboard a helecopter


Corey began having etheric conference calls with Caree and Gonzales, who was acting rudely. They discussed upcoming meetings and Gonzales was delivering information from the SSP Alliance. He was providing briefings with a lot less information and he was trying to squeeze Corey out. While he was being pulled in by the SSP Alliance, he was also being harassed.


In one of their etheric conference calls, Gonzales said that a big disclosure would occur on Earth and full disclosure would not be dragged out over a long time. But, this was the most important part of negotiations that were secretly taking place between an alliance of people on Earth and the Cabal groups. What they could not agree on was when and what would be disclosed and how it would be released. One of several plans was for partial disclosure of the lower SSP programs. The Cabal did not appear to have any choice about this because of defectors that were leaving with sensitive information. They were negotiating from a point of weakness while fanning power.


Caree informed Corey that he had unwittingly disclosed a total of 3 secret agents, including Gonzales, to the Secret Space Program. Corey could not understand why Gonzales was so hostile towards him until he realized that he had disclosed his association with Corey and the SSP Alliance by recognizing his picture. Gonzales had been living on Earth with a cover identity to interact with the Alliance and operatives. He was quickly rescued and removed by the inner Earth people and he became unable to fulfill his prior duties. Of the three people that were disclosed, one was killed and one other disappeared. The Cabal knew everyone in the Secret Space Program but not all of the SSP Alliance members or their double agents.


Caree said that Gonzales had been behaving erratically, doing intelligence gathering, and went into restricted areas. Gonzales wore out his welcome with the inner Earth people, who were known as the Anshar. Gonzales was sent to a Kiper belt base. The Blue Avians said that all of this was permitted and needed to occur in order to be catalysts for other things to happen.


Soon after his talk with Caree, Corey was teleported to one of their flight control areas. He was taken to a meeting in the Kiper belt. At the Kiper Belt base, he saw Gonzales, who was disgusted with him, and another big man that was known as the Wrangler. Gonzales was now favoring the restriction of information to Corey and the meeting was very short. They did say that there were certain threats against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump that were not being taken seriously. They said he could be assassinated by an appearing Mexican national, but it would be a Cabal operation.


They stated they care about Trump and Sanders because they oppose the powers that be and are against their power and lies. They did not prefer either one, but they were very pleased about their political movements. They did not believe that Trump was with the Cabal and they knew that he was very different than them. The Cabal believes that if Trump wins the election, it would be catastrophic for them. Corey was told that there was no way that they would allow him to win by stealing the election or anything else. They also expected more terrorist attacks by ISIS, who moved into Europe and sought to come to the United States.


It was obvious that Gonzales felt differently and wanted Corey to only get very manicured intelligence. They thought he screwed up, even without his approval, and that it had cost them dearly. Corey was very upset on the way back, but relayed to Caree all that had occurred telepathically. They entered a blue swirl portal in the ocean, arrived at the flight center, and he was sent back home.

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6.2 From Venus to Antarctica (Season 5: Episode 8)

Corey stated that during his meeting at the Kiper Belt with Gonzales and the Wrangler, it sounded to him that there was no progress for disclosure, but that information about Antarctica was coming out. He was also told about underground bases in Brazil and Argentina where the Cabal was sending supplies to. There is a rift system from Antarctica, under South and Central America to the United States. These are tectonic rifts of cracks between plates under water that are built upwards with bases and outposts.


There are black submarines the size of container ships with containers that follow the rifts to Antarctica. It is believed that the Cabal is migrating to South America. The Cabal is trying to escape justice and some of them thought there was going to be a solar kill shot event. They also know there is going to be a public exposure of them and their demise since there is no longer any negotiations taking place.


Corey told Caree that while he was at the Kiper Belt base, he underwent a chemical interrogation by the Wrangler for the SSP Alliance. To get their trust back, they had asked to do a chemical debrief on him to find out what he previously disclosed to the SSP. Corey agreed and the debriefing was horrible with burning injected chemicals and a rude interrogation. The Wrangler treated him with complete disdain, told him to obey and do Gonzales’ work. He was told that if he did, they would give him money and help with his health issues from the 20 and Back program. He was also told that he would have problems with his eyesight and neurology and that he should wear lead sunglasses.


Although the Alliance is supposed to be the good guys, they are damaged people from the Secret Space Program. They want to bring advanced technology to humanity, but they are also being hit by galactic energy waves. People are suffering the end-time madness, they are going crazy, and are emotionally agitated. People are being forced into karmic cycles until they learn what they need to learn and do.


Corey was being given coercion and intimidation to have him become their asset. They said they could help prevent technology that was pointed at his bedroom and interfering with his dreams. He did not act because he did not understand how serious this was. The Wrangler then told Corey that he must respond about being their asset, or not, at their next meeting.


A week later, Corey was going to turn them down when a blue sphere arrived and took him away. He was brought to meet with a Blue Avian entity named Ra Tir Air in a big sphere where he saw electricity flowing between other spheres in space. Corey was told by Ra Tir Air that they had informed the SSP Alliance, through Gonzales, that he was not going to accept their offer. This was of great relief to him.


A Blue Avian entity named Ra Tir Air


Corey had prior contacts with this higher density extraterrestrial being from a group that is known as Blue Avians. These beings are 8 feet tall with humanoid bird-like bodies and they have blue feathers without wings. They have a small flexible beak that moves as they speak along with hand signs and telepathy. They come from a level of 6th through 9th density or plain of existence, which is both close and far away. They are of a positive polarity who are not agenda oriented.


Later, Caree told Corey that Gonzales had gone to a working ancient builder race outpost, a base at Saturn, and then to Venus. Venus was a no-fly zone for the Secret Space Program, but the Anshar have research bases there that float in the clouds. There are also high pressure bases on the surface. Gonzales and Caree entered the atmosphere in an Anshar bus craft. They saw huge “H” shaped buildings and landed in a cavern and saw a working builder race outpost. Gonzales had to wait at the entrance and saw the others walk to a colossal size structure with symbols. They returned and said that a tall white Sentinel being, with a long nose, refused to allow him to enter as he lacked humility.


Even though the ancient builder race was long gone, the Sentinel seemed to appear as solid or was projected. This was similar to the holographic clouds over Venus. After this, they left because Gonzales lacked humility. Corey was supposed to be with them. But, Gonzales had out foxed him even though he had been asked to attend. The Blue Avians only spoke to the Super Federation through Corey and Gonzales was prevented any further contacts. After both meetings were blown, he was taken to the Kipper Belt and has been there ever since then for healing with the Mayans there. He once told Corey that if he ever disappeared, he would be with the Mayan group for healing.


Corey still likes Gonzales, but understands that he is just in a triggered state and upset. Gonzales had said that he had people that he cared about on Earth. He had an important job liaising with the SSP Alliance in a plan for full disclosure on Earth. But, one person was killed, another one is missing, and he was removed because of what happened with Corey. The SSP Alliance now had to do everything covertly, but they were also given clearance to go to the Lunar Operations Command facility on the moon. Until they were discovered, they had a lot more access and were doing a lot of things overtly.


During this time, the Anshar were attempting to have a meeting with the Super Federation, the Draco, and other extraterrestrial races. They wanted to discuss the Mohamed Accord that would enable them to interact with humanity openly. All groups in this solar system agreed to this accord after meeting with people and having open conflicts. The treaty stated that humanity could develop on its own, but its leaders could be manipulated covertly. This treaty was agreed to by all races because of all of the skirmishes that had occurred. They were also concerned that the conflicts would destroy their experiments on Earth with mankind. The treaty enables all of them to interact on Earth without revealing who they are covertly. This also permits attempts to take over the planet or assign different parts under different race control.


Caree stated that the reptilian Draco claimed that this was their genetic experiment millions of years ago. But, they say that other groups came to this solar system and wiped out their three lost races here and they are upset about it. They only showed up here 35,000 years ago after the Anshar, but they said the Earth was always theirs.


It was at the end of April when Corey started getting 8 or 9 unpleasant briefings about failures between the SSP Alliance and the Anshar. Caree stated that it was critical to have this information made available to the public. They wanted other people in the Earth Alliance to have this information because of other operations that were going on. With the loss of Gonzales, Corey provided the only way to get this information out.


Corey was having many telepathic calls with Caree and then was told to prepare for a meeting on Venus. A few days later, he saw a flash and found himself in a different place with Caree. She said they were to go to the outpost and they boarded another futuristic bus craft with all around windows. They flew out of a blue swirl and traveled toward the ancient outpost on Venus. The craft stopped in orbit where other bus type of craft could be seen blocking them in a scheduling conflict.


Corey refused access to Venus


Caree said that they would have to return another time and they started to head back to Earth. Corey told Caree how his relationship with the SSP Alliance was now very bad and that he had nothing more to offer them. Caree said that would soon change because he would now accompany them on a reconnaissance flight.


During their reconnaissance flight, they returned to Earth and skimmed along the water with ice, they went through a large sheet of ice, and entered a huge cavern. They traveled along lots of land, ice, and water and Corey saw light that came from a huge ice dome above. They were in the Northwest part of Antarctica with thermal vents, mountains and vegetation.


Antarctic underground industrial city


They came upon a big industrial city with huge broken “H” blocks that were once ancient ruins. There were many large triangular shaped craft on or near the ground and large black egg shaped submarines. Their upper sides were open and huge cranes were offloading supplies from inside the black submarines. As Corey wondered about other facilities, many holographic displays appeared inside the craft with him. They traveled to a bay area with another city and a high ceiling with a large hole upwards.


Antarctic submarine facilities


They went underwater to a cavern area with submarines past a curving rift and a huge arch. They popped out of the water where a blue swirl was and went back in, which brought them back to the air command center.


The Wrangler was very angry that information about Antarctica had not been made public by Corey Goode and David Wilcox on their Internet show. He would not be replacing Gonzales, but Corey was the only person who could relate to the Blue Avians. The Wrangler told Corey that he needed to tell Caree that the meeting about the Mohamed Accords would not occur. This was because the Draco groups were refusing to take part and without all signatories, no meeting would occur. He was also told that humanity would experience a lot of end time madness if they were not immune to it. When people start having visitations from dead family members, it will be a sign that we are going through the transition. This will be ascension and much about ufology will be seen soon afterwards.


Caree contacted Corey through the etheric construct. He told her that their request for a meeting was turned down and she said that this was expected. Caree stated that this would cause negotiations for a meeting to begin. Corey was glad that there would be no more meetings with the Wrangler and that he was no longer under any more obligations. He will continue to get all information out, but it is up to all of humanity to promote full disclosure. Everyone’s efforts are needed to help spread the word and bring about a new golden age for humanity.

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6.3 The Earth Alliance Strikes Back (Season 6: Episode 1)

David Wilcock and Corey Goode got into a lot of trouble for not disclosing information about what recently occurred in Antarctica. This had to do with a battle and what was found under the ice shelf there. What led to the battle was 6 teardrop shaped Dark Fleet cruisers that surfaced and tried to leave the Earth. There is still a barrier around the solar system, but they could still leave the Earth. They were trying to go to another base somewhere in the solar system.


A battle between the Dark Fleet and Earth Alliance


Chevron-shaped craft of the Earth Alliance attacked the teardrop shaped craft and they went back underwater. The triangular shaped Chevron craft had powerful weapons and they belonged to the Earth Alliance for the purpose of stopping all escapes. This was a game changer because the secret Earth Alliance now had its own space program.


Those were advanced craft like those provided by the International Corporate Conglomerate and it was not known how they were obtained. The incident sent shock waves through the cabal and the SSP Alliance who were not aware of them. The Dark Fleet was trying to escape like many syndicate groups who are trying to escape to Antarctica. They were expecting some event to occur and they tried to get away to the farthest part of the solar system. This was an attempt by the Cabal to prevent disclosure of secret information.


David Wilcock said that they got into big trouble for not disclosing the battle to the public. Corey also said that it was also important for him to have reported about his reconnaissance under the ice. It was what he knew about the location of the bases and what existed there that could have been of value to the Earth Alliance. At the time, there were assets in the area but they could not attack without this information, which had not yet been released. Soon after that is when the Wrangler arrived in an attempt to get Corey to perform, since he had not disclosed the information. David admitted that he also deserved equal blame since he had devoted himself to completing his book at the time and he was unable to help.


Caree contacted Corey in what was like a eutheric conference call of all white space. She said that the Antarctic security forces were now alarmed that they were not able to detect the Earth Alliance and that their locations were now known. They realized that, if the Earth Alliance had previously known, they would have had a bad time in an attack.


Corey was depressed because of the Wrangler, which Caree was able to help him with and she provided other information. She also told Corey that Gonzales was with the Mayan breakaway group and was going through their healing process. Corey was happy for him, but did not think that he would ever see him again. Over the following weeks, there were small meetings with Caree of no significance, but he was told that he would be needed later. He was also told that the nature of their mind melds would enable her to look in on him for the rest of his life.


On July 10, 2016 at 3:40 AM, a blue sphere caused Corey to wake up with no prior notice of a meeting. He got up and the sphere took him to a large sphere in space where Ra Tir Air and another being was standing. He looked outside the sphere at other spheres and at crackling energy in our solar system from the Sun. Because of the change in energy levels, the spheres were repositioning themselves to buffer the waves.


An alien humanoid named Ambassador Micka


Ra Tir Air greeted Corey and an alien humanoid introduced himself as Ambassador Micka. He was about five and a half feet tall, he wore a shimmering green robe, brown sandals and had a round head. He had a mixture of features with an African looking nose, North American cheeks, and a darker orange skin. He had black hair, brown eyes, wrinkled cheeks, and he had a very compassionate look on his face.


He told Corey that his people were in a star system within our local star cluster and that they are our cosmic cousins. He said that his people are enamored with Earth people, our cultures, art, music, and entertainment. They had similar things on their planet and have been following our radio, TV and internet since their inceptions. He spoke perfect English with no accent and said they had 94% of the same genetics that we Earth Humans have. He also stated that he had been in our solar system for some time as an ambassador.


He told Corey that his people had been oppressed by the same beings that are oppressing us now. It had only been three generations since his people had won their freedom from their oppressors. Their lifespan is about 300 revolutions around their star. He told Corey that his people are very interested in coming here after we break free from the control system that is in place here. They are interested in helping us to make the transition with similar effects and they could help us if they were permitted to do so. But these, and other alien groups, do not expect us to be reaching out immediately once we gain our freedom.


He stated that he had been through the end of their conflict and came in contact with Ra Tir Air just as Corey has. He said his people had been on Earth as refugees during the time when their society was being dominated. There people underwent a similar process along with liberation as well as a possible ascension. He had the ability to communicate telepathically, but preferred to speak to Corey in English. He told Corey that we have a lot to overcome, that he liked our culture, but not our desire for violence. However, it was understood that our violence is influenced by mind control propaganda and other issues today.


Micka was very matter-of-fact, calm, and compassionate. He was basically introducing himself as a contemporary that had fulfilled a similar role with the help of Ra Tir Air. He said that he wanted to meet Corey and he wanted humanity to know that we have family out in space. He also wanted us to know that once we have broken free, there would be a wide family of beings eager to meet us. They could help with their experiences to enable us to heal, grow, and become a galactic species. They have a very similar story to us, but the wide range of ethnicities and religions, is more complicated.


He had just finished a comment, when a blue sphere appeared and took him back home. Corey wanted to talk about the cosmic scene that he had viewed, but he was also brought back to his room. This experience was exciting and it was nice for him to know that things would continue. He had been going through withdrawals because he was not getting many contacts with anyone else. But, he thought it was interesting that Micka had gone through similar roles with Ra Tir Air as he had experienced himself.

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6.4 The Return of Gonzales (Season 6: Episode 2)

What happened next was that Corey was brought up in a blue sphere to a meeting with Gonzales. Gonzales had been away for healing with the Mayan breakaway group and was now a different person. Corey felt anxiety when he first saw Ra Tir Air and Gonzales standing next to him. But, the look on the face of Gonzales was completely different without the usual scowl and wrinkled forehead. Gonzales got a serious look on his face and apologized to Corey, saying that he had been triggered and depressed. Corey told him not to worry about it, that it was in the past and that they should move on.


Gonzales was pleased by what Corey said and stated that the Mayans had enabled him to know his past, present and future. He said that this enabled him to see everything with different eyes and he did not see things the same way. His experience involved past lives, reincarnation, soul destiny, and soul mission topics. Regarding his past, he had always been mission oriented for the greater good and he joined the military in order to do that. But, because of his rank and missions, he fell into a lower density trap of ego. Corey said that he was also offered to know his past, present and future by Ra Tir Air and Caree. But he refused both times and Caree called him stubborn. Gonzales encouraged him to do this and said that he would remain with the Mayans and be their delegate.


Corey said that he was given an emotional and psychological healing and he gave Gonzales a summary review of the previous battle that took place in Antarctica. He also said there may be another opportunity for an operation to overcome the forces there, which could not occur before. He told Gonzales that the Cabal forces were going to Antarctica in an attempt to hide from a future solar event. There were different ideas about what would occur including a massive coronal mass ejection from the sun.


Some thought it would be a blast wave to knock out all electronics and destroy the Artificial Intelligence that was here. They also thought it would be an opportunity to introduce the new technologies to everyone at the same time. Others thought it would burn up Earth’s atmosphere, cause earthquakes, and cause volcanoes to erupt. They believe that it would cause a nuclear winter effect and cause it to be dark for days from the sun. Other esoteric groups believe this will be a spiritual or ascension type of event that syndicates would try to hide from. But, David said he felt that preparing for a spiritual or ascension type of event was the most important thing that we could do.


As Gonzales was talking, a blue sphere arrived. He told Corey, “I think Ra Tir Air wants to bend you ear for a while” and he was taken away. Ra Tir Air greeted Corey and showed him how the sun was pulsing with blast waves outwards and static electricity. Corey saw a wave hitting Earth, wrapping around it, entering the poles to the core and then outwards all over the planet. The energy was white, but it interacted with the magnetic field to create a global aurora borealis effect. This vision caused Corey’s heart to beat hard and he was breathing fast. Corey wondered how the cabal groups thought they could hide from this.


Our Sun emitting energy waves


Ra Tir Air said that now was a pivotal time for humanity’s co-creative consciousness about how everything would occur. The mass consciousness will work in tandem with the solar events in a massive way and this was very important. Every person on Earth was equally important and equally partaking in it, even extraterrestrials have an influence. There will be a positive outcome for positive people, a negative outcome for the negative types, and others will go elsewhere.


This is similar to the Mandella Effect, which refers to people having different memories and experiences to the same event. Ra Tir Air said that all that happens will become real experiences and that there would be a merging of temporal realities now. Corey felt anxiety as he saw all of this as quite a sight to behold with faster breathing and his heart beating hard.


Ra Tir Air said that, if this happened now, less than 300,000 people would be harvested for ascension. In the “Law of One” book, it says that, to ascend, people will need to be at least 51% in service to others. Much may be due to the control system on the Earth that effects our vibration and does not allow us to reach our potential. The control grid was also being affected by the solar event to the point of where it was being tuned up to its maximum setting by the cabal. This causes people to react erratically in apathetic, bazaar, and ineffective ways due to the sun’s energy.


Those who ascend will experience an optimum temporal reality of the best case scenario for ascension. The number of ascending people can change because the temporal realities are not set and they can be affected by how we respond to what is occurring now. The mass consciousness is a major factor regarding which temporal reality that we end up on. Ra Tir Air said that we will know if we reach our optimal reality, or not, if we experience the world shaking around us.


This is like a cosmic wake-up call for humanity to work through our Karma and be of service to others. We are still making a choice, as a mass consciousness being, of which reality that we will choose to have. A worldwide disclosure event will change the consciousness of the planet and that will boost us the right direction. If everyone receives the truth, then they can move on and work on self improving aspects. It was obvious to David and Corey that they were being steered in this direction in an attempt to turn the tide.


Corey had more questions for Ra Tir Air as a blue sphere returned Gonzales, who made a funny remark of “I hope you didn’t miss me too much”, which was nice to hear. Gonzales repeated the same information regarding Antarctica and said that there was an ancient burial ground that existed. In those grounds, they found beings with elongated skulls, wide hips, and small rib cages at a normal height. They also found preserved remains of beings that appeared to be flash frozen in the ice. The remains in the graves were from 18,000 to 60,000 years old, but prehistoric animals were also flash frozen as well. There were many large blocks that were also found flash frozen in ice, which were many feet off the ground in Antarctica. It appeared to be like an ancient civilization was hit by a catastrophic event and they had no time to react.


Gonzales also said that the Cabal syndicate and Earth alliance groups were getting nowhere in their negotiations. The syndicates were insisting that all of them must be pardoned or none of them. They did not want those with lesser crimes to be pardoned and not them. But this was not being agreed to and that was where they were now. The military intelligence groups had been tracking Department of Homeland Security assets quietly as they were getting ready for social unrest. They heard that DHS was willing to put down any uprising with violence. So, the military was putting assets in place to shadow these groups and prevent them from committing violent acts.


Gonzales said that the syndicates were not going to allow Donald Trump to become President of the United States, even if they have to stab him on Inauguration Day. The military does not believe that Trump is a cabal stooge and they believe he will cause trouble for the syndicates. During the negotiations, the cabal insisted that there must be a controlled disclosure over a 100 year period. The syndicates say that it would be irresponsible and would cause economic collapse, causing countries to strike back, if there was full disclosure. They are still pushing for partial disclosure and a lot of the Earth Alliance members agree, but not the SSP Alliance.


The syndicates are opposed to any further document dumps and think that this would be irresponsible as well. As a result, data dumps will occur in spurts to avoid having the cabal flipping a kill switch on the internet and stopping it. The Cabal is very willing to cause racial disharmony and riots and are expected to use this as a wedge against humanity. They have threatened to cause super volcanoes under the sea to erupt and cause an extinction level event. They are also threatening, with a lot of brinkmanship, to do things like shutting down the internet. However, all of their prior attempts to start World War III and other problems like this have been unsuccessful.


Corey told Gonzales that the SSP Alliance had recently tried to offer him overtures of appeasement by having the Wrangler apologize to him. They also offered other things like advanced healing technologies and Gonzales’ previous job, which he declined. Corey does not want to be silenced and be under the control of the SSP Alliance. Their meeting then ended abruptly with blue spheres taking them both away and Corey ended up back at home. Then, Caree contacted him and told him to prepare for a trip to Venus, where he had been turned away from in the past. So, Corey started meditating and making sure that he had the right energy to insure that he would not get turned away.

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6.5 Encounters with Ancient Sentinels (Season 6: Episode 3)

Corey described what happened regarding a visit to Venus, which he could not go to before due to a prior scheduling problem and confrontation with other craft that were blocking them. On the 3rd of August, Caree asked Corey to get ready and he began meditating and getting into the right frame of mind. When Gonzales had previously visited there, he had been turned away by a sentinel who told him that he lacked humility.


About a week later, Corey was laying in bed when a bright flash occurred and he found himself standing with Caree and two other Anshar humans. They went to a hanger, entered a pencil-shaped craft, and a blue swirling light was seen above them. They went straight up through it and came out above the ocean with a blue swirling light below them. While remaining horizontal, they went straight up into space through an authorized passage way.


The trip to Venus only took about ten minutes, where they paused at the same place as before, and Caree became deep in thought. Caree said that they were cleared for arrival. Corey said that he was ready and they rapidly went through the thick cloud cover of Venus. They stopped about 1,000 feet above the ground and the terrain looked eroded by lots of wind and rain. Then, the floor and ceiling of the craft became transparent and Corey could see a huge H-shaped building below him. He watched as they rapidly descended down a narrow separation between two halves of the building, which looked to be miles in height.


Above an H structure on Venus


In a cavern on Venus


They flew inside a cavern at the bottom and landed in a very large grotto area with glistening walls. There were tall stone structures that looked like obelisks on each side of a passageway that were comprised of H-shaped sections. Suddenly, a 14 foot tall humanoid being appeared and was wearing clothing like shiny white plastic. His head had black iris eyes, a long nose that was turned up at the end, and a chiseled type of bone structure.


A Sentinel Being in the cavern


A larger cavern and pyramid structure


He motioned with his head, turned, and entered the passageway like an intelligent hologram. They entered a larger cavern with a 1,000 foot tall pyramid structure, which had bottom sides that curved inwards. They followed the Sentinel inside the structure and looked at a wall of a corner area with a backwards E sign on it. The tinted glass went clear and many different symbols appeared and moved in all directions. They were pulsing in all of the colors of the spectrum and a full range of tones were also heard.


Different symbols appear on the walls


Corey looked at Caree who pointed and said to watch. He asked if this was mathematics and Caree said that it was the mathematical language of the ancients and he was told to watch it. As he was watching, the Sentinel communicated to Corey in a very strong manner that shook his whole body. It asked him “Would you like to know who you were, who you are, and who you will be?” Corey said “No” because he did not want this to change his relationship with his family. Caree was not surprised by his response. The being disappeared and all of the symbols disappeared except for the first symbol.


The structure went tinted again and they walked back out of the cavern. Corey was told that information had been imparted to him. He felt that whatever was imparted to him took up space in his head but he did not know how to access it. He said to Caree that this did not make any sense to him and he was told that it would make sense in the future. The feeling he had was that if he had answered “yes” to receiving information about himself, he would have access to the information.


They reentered the craft, exited the way that they came, and moments later, he saw Saturn about the size of a silver dollar with dot-sized moons around it. They paused and entered a temporal anomaly where all was black except for a station. It was desolate inside with tall ceilings and they walked into a forayer area with no seats.


A space station near Saturn


A Sentinel appeared, similar to the previous one, and showed Corey many short video clips that appeared rapidly. He saw memories of his life since childhood. He also saw past times that were not his own, but were familiar to him. There were also wild cosmic scenes out in space. He saw moon-sized spheres that discharged bolts of electricity destroying other large spheres and vessels.


This was very upsetting to him. His heart rate increased and he was breathing hard as he saw so much destruction. He saw a habitable Mars with one sphere that ripped a gap across the surface with an electrical weapon. He saw water and the surface blowing away and other parts turning red hot and falling back down. Where the bolt entered the atmosphere, it was expelled into space and froze into space dust. The Super Earth was not in any of the scenes that Corey saw. He then saw Mars as it looks now with what appeared to be nuclear explosions on it and craft that left in all directions.


Corey was hyperventilating as the scenes ended abruptly and the Sentinel disappeared. Caree was concerned and asked if he needed a moment to compose himself. Corey was very upset by what he had seen. They got back in the Anshar vessel and departed. But, Corey does not remember returning home because of what he saw. Caree said the purpose of all this was to provide a repository of ancient events that was imparted to him. He asked what good this was if he could not retain any of the knowledge and report it. Caree just smiled and said that it would make more sense to him in the future, even though he has no idea why this occurred.


Corey does not remember any of their journey back to Earth until they exited the craft. He felt drained of all energy, both emotionally and physically, and it was hard for him to walk. A short time later, he was returned to his room at his home. He went right to bed and slept with his clothes still on. When he woke up, the thought about everything, but could not remember anything that was downloaded to him. Since then, he has had more meetings with Caree in the construct about his own personal relationships.

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7. Concluding Remarks


This chapter contains a summary of all that has been presented in the current and previous books, it provides an analysis of what this should mean to humanity, and it offers advice about how best to take advantage of this information. These remarks are being offered by the preparer of these books, Maurice Osborn, as someone who is very familiar with the material and has an overall view of what all of this means.


The initial E-book titled “The Secret Space Program” was comprised of different subjects from the first two seasons of the “Cosmic Disclosures” program, which were arranged according to the topics that were discussed. The current E-book provides complete episodes from the subsequent four seasons of the show that are arranged according to related subjects in chapters. As a result, readers are able to directly access information that is of interest to them.

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7.1 Summary of Information

In the first book, titled “The Secret Space Program”, there is a review of Corey Goode’s biography in the SSP. This includes information about the childhood training that he had to endure and his duties while in this program. Next, there is a long list of secret discoveries that have been kept from humanity on Earth. These discoveries include developments in the human brain, findings about our ancient history and lost technologies, what is actually happening in space, portals and time travels.


The next chapter then reveals the secret developments in recent history that have brought us to the situation that we are now currently in. This begins with what Germany secretly discovered after their loss of the first world war. Then, there is an explanation of a breakaway society that formed when Germany lost the second world war and how they took their advanced secret technologies with them. This is followed by information that shows how this secret society has taken over the entire world and has developed outer space for itself.


The following chapter explains what the current situation is now. It discloses how the United States is involved in all of this with secret societies. It also reveals that a Super Federation of alien races currently exists, which influences what happens on Earth. However, there is also a Space Alliance of human beings who want full disclosure about all that is happening. Unfortunately, there also exists Artificial Intelligence, which also exists to dominate everything. But, the last chapter describes future possibilities for spiritual awareness, full disclosures, alien contacts, consciousness development with high energies, and a beneficial future for all.


In the second book of this series, titled “Deeper Disclosures”, Chapter 2 provides information about “The Dark Side of the Secret Space Program”. This reveals secret government programs that are involved with malevolent alien beings. It also describes how information is being gathered about everyone and everything. Then, the way in which psychic powers are used to gather information and influence people are described. This is followed by the explanation of how technical devices are being used to control people remotely. The next section describes a secret military organization that is used to conduct battles in space for the domination of other worlds. And finally, this chapter describes how people are made to go through age regression and time travel in order to promote all of these programs.


Chapter 3, which is titled “Inner Earth”, presents information from all episodes that refer to what exists underground. It begins by describing different environments and creatures that have been discovered underground. Then, a meeting is described that took place with an advanced and ancient human race in inner Earth. This is followed with a description of a grand tour that took place in inner Earth. Next, concealed information is disclosed within the inner Earth Library and Hall of Records. And finally, a secret Earth Alliance organization is disclosed along with their modes of operation.


Chapter 4 is where “The Deeper Secrets” are revealed. First, a secret celestial timeline is revealed along with information about what happened to a Super Earth planet, Mars, and the moon. Then, Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities are disclosed. This is followed by how secret societies use unethical practices to get what they want. And finally, a tour of space travel and secret bases in Antarctica are described.


Chapter 5 presents confirmation about Corey Goode’s disclosures from independent sources. Many sources are presented, but William Tompkins actually worked with the secret space program and he was able to provide evidence and detailed information that supports Corey Goode’s testimony.


Chapter 6, titled “Recent Events”, describes what happened when Corey unwittingly revealed that Gonzales was secretly working with the SSP Alliance. Then, Corey had to endure a harsh interrogation and Gonzales was sent away for healing. This is followed by information about how an Alliance organization on Earth had attacked the Secret Space Program. Next, benevolent contacts are described between Corey, Gonzales, and an entity named Ra Tir Air. And finally, information is provided that describes what happened when Corey met with ancient sentinels on Venus.

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7.2 Analysis of the Information

This portion of the concluding remarks deals with an analysis of important questions that need to be asked and answered about all of the information that has been provided. These questions include: “How does all of this affect us now?” “Who is involved in this” and “What can be expected in the future?” There will now be an attempt to answer these very important questions.


Regarding the question about how all of this is affecting us now, the following information is provided for consideration. The first thing is to realize that there are many secret discoveries of advanced science and technology that has been kept from humanity and could be of great benefit. Next, it is important to realize that there are many different alien races that have come here from other worlds, some benevolent and some malevolent. Then, we must understand what the alien beings are doing here and determine what can be done about their interventions here.


The next important question involves determining who is involved in all of this. The original group was a breakaway group of Germans after World War II who developed advanced space craft, took up residence in remote parts of Earth, and expanded their reach into outer space. When the United States joined with this group, the “Solar Warden” program was created to prevent unauthorized alien access of Earth. This evolved into the Secret Space Program that has been used to settle on other worlds and advance there power. An Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate organization was also formed to create all of the latest technology and profit from their quests in space. There also exists a Dark Fleet military organization of humans that are involved in battles on other worlds to expand the elite power’s wealth and domination throughout space.


In order to keep all of these secrets from humanity, all of the countries around the world were invited to be a part of the Global Galactic League of Nations organization. This enabled the secret recovery of any crashed spacecraft from any nation and the participation of their citizens in secret projects on other worlds. Fortunately, there are benevolent extraterrestrial races from other free worlds who seek to help humanity evolve with freedom. These include giant sphere beings, a tall humanoid race known as Blue Avians, and an inner Earth race of humans.


In addition to the malevolent alien races and human organizations that exist, there are also other groups of people from the secret projects who have broken away and now seek freedom from them along with full disclosure of their activities. This includes an SSP Alliance of people who now reject the Secret Space Program. There is also an Inner Earth Alliance of different human races that live underground who came together when they were being attacked by surface forces. In addition, there is also an Earth Alliance of humans on Earth with advanced craft and weapons that oppose secret societies who seek to escape in Antarctica.


There is also the question of what can be expected to occur in our future. There are negotiations that are currently underway in an attempt to resolve all the conflicting issues that have arisen recently. Regarding the matter of full disclosure, there are proposals for partial disclosures over a ten year period, which many alliance groups reject. There is another matter of making those who are committing horrible offenses accountable for their actions. This is also in dispute because the offending parties want full amnesty and they do not accept the possibility of anyone that has committed lesser crimes to be freed and not them. They are also threatening to flip a kill switch on the internet, cause racial disharmony and riots and cause super volcanoes under the sea to erupt. However, all of their prior attempts to start World War III and other problems like this have been unsuccessful.

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7.3 Advice for the Future

There is a higher density extraterrestrial race of entities known as Blue Avians who want us to free ourselves from malevolent control with full disclosure and they want us to create a new foundation for future humanity.

A Blue Avian entity, named Ra Tir Air, revealed how the sun was pulsing with blast waves outwards and static electricity. He stated that now was a pivotal time for humanity’s co-creative consciousness about how everything would occur. Humanity’s mass consciousness will work in tandem with the solar events in a massive way that will be very important for our future.


David Wilcock stated that he felt preparing for a spiritual or an ascension type of event was the most important thing that we could do. We are receiving help from higher dimensional beings with information in our dreams. This is necessary because we need help in order to prepare for the end of a major cycle. Prayer and meditation also raises our vibration and consciousness. Meditation is very important and should be done at least an hour daily in order to help focus our energies. We need to become more loving, caring and forgiving and not so reactionary to everything that occurs. Meditation helps us to co-create our reality and determine the outcome of experiments.


Life for Humanity when the Alliance goals are met will be like the Star Trek era. There will be star gates available, replicators, green deserts, desalinators, and matter changers. Without money, there will be no need for any financial give or take. There will be a transitional period with everyone having whatever they want and the ability to go anywhere. First, we will need to deal with our past without weapons because of buffer technology. This buffer technology, like on temporal drives, will exist to prevent problems.


Once full disclosure occurs, advanced technology will then become available to everyone and contacts with extraterrestrial beings will begin. It will take some time to overcome the current problems before advancements can be made. But then we will meet our long lost cosmic family when we become loving and not a threat to them. Once we become more positive and are working together, we will be with our cosmic family.


The portals will be used for them to come here and for us to visit their locations. Portal technology will be made available to mankind for this and other galaxies. Our galaxy is just a spot among many that form the cosmic web to everything else. Everything in time and space is connected and is just a short distance away. We live in a geometric egg carton universe that is formed by filaments. Our universe is a giant torsion field and everything is connected in a cosmic web to everything else.


Corey believes that each of us has a higher self, that we should look inward at ourselves, forgive ourselves and others, and seek our own upward evolvement.

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This E-book may not be complete. It is based upon information that was still being provided on a weekly basis from the “Cosmic Disclosure” interview show over the Internet at the website address of: www.gaia.com. If additional information is disclosed regarding recent events, it will be added as new subsections of Chapter 6. So, look for updates periodically at Shakespir.com and on my website at: www.PleiadesMission.com where all of my books are freely available. You are also encouraged to contact me at my E-mail address of: [email protected]


Maurice Osborn



This book is a compilation of subsequent information that has been disclosed by Corey Goode on an internet interview show titled “Cosmic Disclosure” at the website of: http://www.gaia.com. The initial two seasons of that show have been published in a previous free E-book titled "The Secret Space Program" also on Smashwords. In this book, covert secrets are revealed, information about civilizations that live in Inner Earth is disclosed, hidden information is exposed, confirmation regarding the truth of this is provided, and recent secret events are made public.

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