Deep State Tyranny


Deep State Tyranny

by Den Warren

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This article is primarily about the political situation in the United States, but is well be suited to most of western civilization, as most governments have their own version of the same thing.

Most of this information is of no surprise to many who will read it. But it is important that it be distributed to younger readers, college students, etc., so they can understand what is really going on. So please feel free to send a link to this article, or send them a .pdf version so they can read it. You also have permission to reprint this message in its entirety. Doing so independently will help insure that this unpopular message will always be available.

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There is a war of ideas being waged across the planet. It is said that it is conservatives versus liberals. When in fact it is Judeo-Christian Capitalists standing against Secular Humanist Socialists. It is a struggle of those who believe in providing for themselves with the help of God, versus those who expect the government to give everyone their fair share, regardless of how little is available.

The Secular Socialists have no basis for right or wrong, other than whatever is right in their own eyes. Therefore, there is nothing that they will not do to achieve their aims. They are entrenched in all branches of government, yet they have sympathizers in many other areas. This entrenchment is the Deep State. The Deep State is more than just a minor fringe faction. It is a world system.

With the Deep State’s brains, and your lifetime of hard work with minimal to show for it, they will make the world a paradise. They know you won’t rebel from their lordship over you, as long as you are well fed and have plenty of entertainment. That is why so many follow the path of least resistance and just check into their ready-made kennel of public assistance. It’s easier. You can leave all of the decisions up to them. They will protect you from distasteful things like personal responsibility.

The Deep State is a term used to describe the shadow government that controls most of its functions against the will of the majority of the people. The Deep State will use any lie or crime to advance their cause, which is their own enrichment at the expense of all of the hard working voters.

A belief in conspiracy theories is considered to be almost synonymous with being wacked out crazy. But is it too hard to believe that anyone would want to accomplish their selfish goals while remaining under the radar? People who are satisfied with the status quo often don’t like change, even when it is the obvious that they are benefitting at the expense of many others.

The Deep State is considered by many to be a conspiracy theory. Yet there is far too much obvious evidence to say that it is a theory. It is not obvious how extensive the formal component of the Deep State stretches, but clearly its ranks are filled with close-minded robotic cowards who have at least an informal allegiance.

It is ridiculously obvious to see who makes up the rank and file of the Deep State:

Democrats: Those who are blindly loyal to the Democratic Party, because their parents told them never to vote for a Republican. The Democratic party of today is nothing like the party of John F. Kennedy. Perhaps even worse than the Democrats are some RINO Republicans who say they stand for “conservative” values, yet when it comes time for a vote or action, they back down.

Minorities: Who are told that Republican racists seek to hold them back, even though the history of the Democratic party is filled with racists. Deep State lies to minorities have worked for decades. Republicans cower in fear of being race baited, while illegal aliens pour over the border to grab their share of the US treasury, compliments of Democrat demagogues.

Labor Union Members: Who are led to believe that the only reason union members or even other workers in the country have decent pay and benefits is because the government stepped in on their behalf. This form of legalized extortion has sent millions of jobs to Asia, Mexico, and elsewhere. Meanwhile, silos full of union cash goes to campaigns of the demagogue politicians.

News Media: Journalism is dead. About all they do is bring up topics that advance Deep State causes, or other fake news while omitting any stories that make any of their own look less than heroic. The only segment of media that is worthwhile is talk radio. These programs are popular because they are listened to by working taxpayers during their weekday commute.

Universities: Most colleges are run by overpaid Deep State professors and instructors who are happy to take a large salary and indoctrinate your kids into their lies. Costs to go to college keeps going up, while the product they produce is less useful to business looking for productive workers, not radicals.

Hollywood: People worship entertainers. They scream their heads off at the mere sight of them. Their views immediately go viral. But if they are against Deep State causes, they know it can end their career. So entertainers, who are isolated from the struggles of the real world, gladly help to promote the fantasy utopia that the Deep State promises to its gullible followers. Hollywood knows that if you ever got interested in serious things, you would not need them as much.

So, who are all these Deep State people and their hundreds of millions of adherents really against? Who are these mean-spirited Judeo-Christian Capitalists? They are people who care about the country. They know that socialism does not work. It has failed or is failing everywhere it has been tried. Bible believers know that God wants them to trust in Him, not government. Bible believers have a guidebook for life, an owner’s manual. They have a Savior, Jesus Christ who paid for their sins, so they may have eternal life in a perfect Heaven that won’t allow for any sin.

The words of the Bible seemingly always run contrary to the aims of the Deep State. Christians are vilified by Deep State apologists at every turn. They say Christians are racist, bigots, flat earthers, mean spirited, selfish, and on and on. The Deep State world system is working hard to get control of everyone and everything and will cowardly work behind the scenes to silence all opposition, just like tyrannical book burners. If given the chance by the distracted majority, they will commence with mass executions.

Bible believers clearly see one thing as they read the Bible and watch the news; the Deep State and Satan have the same goals.

Serious students of the Bible also know a couple of other things: They know that this was going to happen, because the Bible talks about it, even though it was written thousands of years ago. And they also know who is going to win in the end, and it is not Satan or the Deep State.

It would be a good idea for you to make sure you are truly on the right side of this struggle. Do you really know anything about the Bible, or are you just blindly following someone else you admire? This is the single most important decision of your life. You must do what is right for you, not what someone else may think about you.

The Bible also mentions another thing: Most will not choose the path that leads to Heaven. They will choose the path that leads to their own destruction. Will you be one of those who wrongly chooses eternal destruction? Or will you choose an eternity with your loving Creator in His perfect Heaven?

Deep State Tyranny

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Deep State Tyranny Deep State Tyranny