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Death's Dreamer

In America it is a time of rebuilding on a devestated continent. There is an empire in the east allied with underground science cities that survived with technology. In the west there are growing villages and alliances working without technology. A teacher of the invisible side of life sends one of his students to help King Tabak of Shas a kingdom known commonly as California Mountain. Moorn comes as an educator and counselor yet is seen as an enemy of the ferocious military leader of Shas, Nuban. Given the title Prince Moorn to enhance his position he is captured by enemies and thrown in a bottomless well. Moorn reaches an underground city and escapes with the aid of a genius inventor of that city. The forces both for and against freedom and truth are a complex mix of a witch, the King's grief, the King's daughter Anna, Moorn's companion Sara, a pirate captain, the science city's leader, Ferran, slavers and tribal societies. Moorn must survive to continue his secret mission.

  • Author: John Gordon Jenkins
  • Published: 2018-07-19 09:05:07
  • Words: 75443
Death's Dreamer Death's Dreamer