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Dealing With Smoke: Confession of a Military Drug Dealer (Own and Dominate Book

Dealing with Smoke Part 2

Confessions of a Military Drug Dealer

By Archie Kennedy

Text Copyright 2015


Ball of Confusion

With Gen. Decker giving us total access to the supply units, we decided to expand. Every week, I, Tina, and Miss Alexandra would meet at her “on base” home to discuss business. The supply units were able to move the products faster. My street teams at this time were now use for managing rather than gathering product. There was no reason for them to keep “kicking in doors”. Naturally, it was bringing in unwanted attention from the Brigade. The kind of heat you have to pay off. Unbelievable, here we have Colonels and Two Star Generals, who make as much as six figures per year; just to find out they’re more crooked than an Al Capone.

Also, some of the local drug dealers started pushing back. I started thinking how would the news coverage look? I remember when I first got to Fort Lewis. I heard about the Rangers and those idiotic Hilltop Crips having a gun battle in the Lakewood community. I did not want that and neither did any of the base bosses. So, I decided to cut a deal with the biggest gangs surrounding every military base we had operations on. Essentially, the deal was we stop hitting them, they supply us, and we give them a percentage. The percentage was never the same or very high because every couple months it was always a new leader in those gangs. Once in a while, you had someone come along thinking they’re Caesar and demand more money. However, when you got underpaid Green Berets, street teams, and grossly underpaid lower enlisted soldiers working for you, sending them down to “Straighten Caesar out” was never a problem.

Business was good. Money was flowing in. Everyone was happy and no one was getting hurt. “I had thoughts of stopping a lot. However, I felt like the President of the United States. No one look down on me as an “everyday black drug dealer” or a king either. That’s one thing I miss about the military. Buzz words like racism, sexism, etc. “It does not exist amongst most. Yeah, you still got the good old boys, and Black/Hispanic only crowds, but it’s not as it once was. It’s all about who you know and hung with.

Tina and I were still seeing each other too. She was very involved with the “business” and was still able to play military wife. Manny still did not realize how deep his wife was into the operation. Nor, did he realize about our affair. Having Tina around was great. Even though I felt so sorry for Manny, I could not stop seeing her. Tina was very sexual. Most of our off time was sex and hotel rooms. She was the perfect affair. Tina never spoke of us to no one, and she carried our relationship like distance friends. Manny, who at this time also had many mistresses, gave me a lot of his trust. Manny would let me come pick her up and take her places. While he thought we were grocery shopping, we were actually talking business, going out to Olympia for “Us” time or having a quickie before the work day.

Tina and Miss Alexandra were nice allies. We rarely argued over anything and always came to a mutual decision. One thing I did not get was the relationship between Gen. Decker and Alexandra. I also found it strange that she introduce and insist on us calling her Miss Alexandra. I never sat down with Gen. Decker and quite frankly, I don’t think he ever had an opinion about the situation. It was weird. This is a guy who been in the army for 30 years. In it was his connections that made the business boom.

However, we quickly found out who was the mastermind. Alexandra made all this happen and she simply controlled a “beat down” old man. I knew little about Alexandra. She was just another military wife at first. I saw at the party that she enjoyed a drink or two. However, she stood out in her own way. She dressed differently and held herself higher. She saw herself as a Queen not a wife. Also, she would have this look on her face. I could not describe it. Tina once said she reminded her of “Natasha, from Rocky and Bullwinkle”. She reminded me of a “crazy bitch”. Nevertheless, once she sat down with us I knew this was not an “ordinary military wife.”

At the ending of one of our meetings, I decided to ask her about her marriage. Once Tina walked out, I ask Alexandra “So, what’s the deal with the ‘Miss’ thing”? She looked at me with a surprised expression “I thought you would never ask, True, My husband and I are married, but he is no man. So, to make a long story short, it’s my way of taking my independents back”. I really did not understand her but I just let it go. She had been drinking, so I decided not to dwell anymore. Tina was waiting outside.

Once I jumped in the car another pulled up beside us. It was Rico and Trot, two of Leveret old crew members. Both of them were wearing about a thousand dollars of jewelry and were riding around in a Maserati Ghibli. Mine you, we were on a military base and both of them were in uniform. I could not believe these two and before I could start cussing them out, Miss Alexandra was outside doing it for me. I did not even see her come out her home “You two stupid fucks are you kidding me”? In her heavy German accent she said, “Take the car and all of this shit back, before I have your heads”! Both of them were shocked to say the least. However, she was not “fucking around”. Alexandra snatch there jewels off and threw it in their laps. Rico open his car door like he was ready to attack. I stopped him and after a couple minutes they left and I just look at her. Alexandra with her dead eyes looked at me and said, “That’s how you control your dogs”.

I got in the car with Tina and left. Now, I’m thinking “this chick is crazy”. She thinks she is in charge and unfortunately she kind of was. I did not underestimate anyone. Alexandra was someone who wanted more. I decided to be watchful with her. I got the vibe from her. She would pounce if the opportunity presented itself.

A couple days went by with no drama until what I dub “Muddy Monday”. Manny and I were at the Jack in the Box drive thru directly off post. It was in a small town called DuPont. Lunch time had finally arrived, so we decided to get some chow. The drive thru was a narrow one-entrance one-exit. Once we finish ordering, I notice the drive thru had cleared out. While looking in my mirror I saw an SUV behind us. The SUV had completely skipped the drive thru box. At the same time another car pulled in directly in front of us. We knew what was about to happen. Both of us ducked immediately and the shots started to ring out. The car in front failed to block us in completely. I notice that it was nothing on Manny’s side. I hit the gas and turn the wheel right, desperately trying to avoid being hit. However, all I did was get the car stuck in a ditch. I started yelling “Who the hell puts a ditch by a fast food restaurant”? Fortunately for us, they stop shooting.

Chances are they believe once I hit the ditch, we had been killed. The situation unfolded so fast. By the time we looked up, the shooters were gone and the police was there. Manny was pissed, but my brain start calculating everything. The MPs, DuPont and Tacoma police were there. A lot of other military personnel were around and saw the entire event. I knew, the next day everyone would know and we would be “on the radar”.

After we gave the police “bullshit” information, I made a few calls. My guys wanted to retaliate, but I knew my guys would annihilate anyone they suspected. I did not let them know I had a feeling who did this. It was a guy name Scarfo. Scarfo and I knew little about each other. However, our paths crossed before. He was the boss and connects to all the gangs around base. He was one of the first people I made a deal with regarding the “street teams”. Also, he was the original dealer who united the local gangs to push back against the “street teams”. After I was alone, I called him immediately and he did not mince words; Scarfo told me right away, “Your boys hit us a couple days ago. They took our jewelry, money and my son’s car; I thought we had an agreement”.

I was shock but I had to play it cool, in a deflating tone I replied “Yes, we do have an agreement, but I need you to promise me something; what happened today will not happen again.”

Scarfo replied, “Sure, but why did you send them and then call to apologize? That’s a move of a coward”.

Still sticking to my script, I said “I did not send anyone, but I will take care of it. By the way, do not forget who you talking too. Our guns work too”.

Now at this time, I started thinking who could have been so stupid. Remember when I said, “I stop the teams from kicking in doors”? Well, turns out that is what Rico and Trot had just done when I saw them that day in front of Alexandra’s home. I did not know who they hit or what gang they robbed.

After hanging up with Scarfo, my attention turns to Trot and Rico. While searching my phone for their numbers, Alexandra number popped up. Before I could tell her what happen, she told me she knew, and she had both Trot and Rico with her. I ask her “Do they know and where are you?”

With the most unforgiving voice, she said “Hilltop, making a drop off.”

I hung the phone up, because I knew what was about to happen. I did not know how she got the info so quick or if Trot and Rico knew what was about to happen to them. No reason to write about it. Knowing the type of person Alexandra was and that Hilltop was Scarfo’s territory, I knew she was delivering them to certain death.

Around this time Tina called me wanting to know about the shooting. While talking to her, she explained that it was all over base. After telling everyone to relax and keep a low profile, I was told that my 1st Sgt wanted to see me. When I arrived Manny was there. With his eyes he pointed towards the corner where a man in a black suit was standing. I knew it was an CID (Criminal Investigate Division) agent, and they wanted information.

1st Sergeant asks me “What happen out there? Why were they coming after you two?”

I looked at him with a grin and said “Mistaken identity I guess”.

Too say the least, he was not amused. However, I did not give a shit because I was not giving them shit. It was my business and I knew the man in the corner was not looking out for my best interest either. We were in there for hours; Manny and I kept the same story. After a while they relented and finally let us go.

A couple days pass and the shooting was all over the news. That same week two bodies were found in the Pungent Sound. I knew it was Trot and Rico. Both bodies had two shots in the back of their head and were left with their ACUs on. Scarfo was sending a message. I knew it was about to get crazy, but I never thought anyone would die. However, I did not shed a tear. They knew the rules and the risk. They got out of line.

Even though I would have been diplomatic about it, Miss Alexandra was not. Now, I knew who I was dealing with. Alexandra was a cold bitch and Scarfo would not blink to try to kill us if we crossed him. Manny did not say much about the shooting. He never brought it up because just like me he was use to the violence.

Manny called me after work with some news. Once I got home I returned his call. “What’s up bro”? Manny with excitement said “Tina is pregnant. I am so happy right now and I had to tell someone”. My heart drop and I started to sweat. Manny was still on the phone. “Hello, is anyone there”? After a sec I responded, “Yeah, yeah. Congrats. When did you find out”? Manny replied “She told me today, I was totally surprised”.

After my conversion with Manny, I immediately called Tina on her other phone. Tina picked up with a somber tone. Before, I could say anything, she started talking “It’s true and it’s yours”.

With a stark tone I replied “Well, that was direct”.

Tina got quiet and said “I am having an abortion. I cannot do this to Manny anymore either.”

I did not argue with her I said “Okay.

To me fussing about her having my kid and breaking off our affair did not mean anything. I had money, power, and I knew she would be back just like every other girl. My concern now was with Miss Alexandra and my operation; that was apparently getting out of hand.

I realized that I and Tina were over. However, the next day she was at my home. I ask her “What are you doing here?” She looked at me with a surprised look “For, our business, what else”. Now I’m a petty individual, if you don’t want to fuck me ok. However, if you are not doing something for me, than you have no value to me. Looking at her with a smile, I shut the door. She did not knock or call me. Tina knew what it was and I did not owe her a thing.

Once I got dressed I called Alexandra and arranged a meeting at her home. Once I got there she let me in. Right before my eyes, Tina was sitting there. I look at her, “Why are you here”? Tina sitting right beside Alexandra said, “This is our business too”. It was like the record just scratch in my head. These two are trying to take over my business. Right then and there I decided I need to do some digging. I sat down in went on with the meeting as planned. One thing I never told them, that Nick had total control over the numbers. True, Tina and Alexandra were deep into the business. However there were certain things I did not tell them because of moments like this.

After the meeting, I called Nick, and ask him for the numbers, info, or anything on Tina’s said that did not seem right. He told me that Tina and Alexandra was taking a lot of money and storing it away. Lucky for me Nick had access to this account. I decided to get rid of them. Alexandra would have to wait, but Tina had to go. Don’t get me wrong I love Manny, but his wife had lost her mind; although I still thought of her as my “tall drink of sunshine”. However, where I come from that kind of behavior was not tolerated.

Meanwhile, my Brigade had a week-long field problem. Field problems mainly consist of extended stays in the middle of nowhere. The companies will take military vehicles, equipment, and weapons out to the field to train. This particular place was some grassy area on base. I used that as the perfect time to move on them. Once in the field, most people did not have cell service or even a place to sleep. I had both. The Sergeant Major of my Brigade was a customer and investor. So, when we did field problems I had the best equipment. In if anyone asks, Sergeant Major would vouch for me.

Around that time I did not decide what to do yet. While I was making some calls, Manny had texted me. Manny was back at the battery and was coming out to the field later. However, this text was not for me because he had sent a picture of his “dick”. Before I could delete it, another one came over and it said “Did you like that Miguel; I want to put it in you again.” Now, I was mortified because Miguel was Tina’s brother and he had just turn 18.

The next time I saw Manny, I did not say anything about the text messages. When he came out to the field, he left his phone around me. This time I went thru his texts and, boy, was I surprised. He had text messages dating back a year ago. Apparently, he and Miguel were having an affair. These text messages were very graphic and held nothing back from the imagination. I deleted the picture he sent to me and forwarded those message and future ones to my other phone.

Tina had sent me a text message that day with some demands. I sent her one back with the message, “My love, I am sorry; I have to do this to you”. I sent her a couple of Manny’s text messages and pics to Miguel. After a while, she sent a text message back “We have to meet”. I still had a couple days out in the field, so I decided not to reply. I wanted her to sit on the worry for a while. Tina knew that in her family her brother would be ostracized and her husband killed. Puerto Ricans hate gays. Tina also knew she would become a pariah, someone who sat there and allowed her husband to sodomize her kin. While the field problem was winding down, I thought about all the stuff that happen. Not only did I have Tina on a leash now, I also had Manny by the balls. “Boy, that’s what I call fucking leverage”.

Killing in the Name

After the field training exercise was over, I was going to follow up with meeting Tina. The company arrived back in the motor pool. Coming out the field always took a long time. Equipment had to be accounted, gear had to be checked, and soldiers had to be punished. You are so excited about coming home, by the time lunch rolls around; you level this back to “pissed.” Most of the time the officers and high enlisted would be the only ones that left. However, since Manny and I were “in business” with most of them, we just took off.

Once I dropped off Manny I texted Tina. I wanted to get this meeting over with, but she was at work. I called Alexandra, but no answer either. Something was up, but it was still early in the game to suspect anything. I went home and contacted all my other partners, including Nick. I decided the money those two were storing should be distributed to everyone. In doing this it showed them I would share everything no matter how small it was.

After talking with them about everything that was going on down here on Fort Lewis, Tina had finally called with Alexandra on three-way. Both of them were ready to meet and settle this. I wanted Manny there and went to his house. Once I arrived there were police and ambulance everywhere. I decided to keep driving and check his security system. We both had video surveillance and both had access to each other’s system. I needed to act quickly to erase his recordings and mine.

I stopped at the Burger King parking lot on base and logged in to his system. While looking at his surveillance, you can see that some white guy pulled up while he was checking his mail and shot at him. I don’t know how many times he was hit, but he was firing back and it looked like he smashed some windows. I called Tina back and told her about everything I saw. She actually did not know what happened because of her work schedule. I started thinking to myself, “No one gets shot on base. Who would be that stupid and brave to do something like that?”

After the call, Tina went home and talked to the MP’s. They told her about the shooting. Also, they had the guy who shot Manny, and she immediately texted me that info. One person we did not tell a thing to was Alexandra. Even though she and Tina had an alliance, Tina knew she could not trust her.

I called down to the police station and talked to SSGT Scott, a military police officer with a lot of clout and a good friend. I asked him to put the guy somewhere secret so I could talk to him. I knew if he was to get to a phone, he would call would ever sent him (?? needs rewording). A couple of hours passed, and Manny called me. I was not expecting him to call so quickly. Manny told me he did not get hit at all. He wanted to me to stay away from Madigan, the hospital on Fort Lewis, because the Tacoma police was there. He said he would call later.

After hanging up with him, Tina called me. Tina wanted to end this beef between us. Although I was apprehensive, I decided it was the best for our situation. I decided to meet her without the presence of Miss Alexandra. It was brief. I remember it vaguely. A hug and a long conversation. I was more concerned with Manny’s call. I always pride myself on being political about my endeavors. I can forgive and forget many things for the sake of business. Tina was not that much of a threat to me anyway, so making amends was not hard.

Manny finally called and told me straight forward, the guy who shot at him had a Germanish accent. It was Alexandra, and there was no doubt in my mind that she had to go. Once Manny was released from the hospital, we had to rush back to formation. It was night fall, and everyone was getting released for the day. Manny and I stood in the same formation that day, and First Sergeant came out to talk to the company. He talked about how two of our soldiers were found dead and that a shooting had taken place today. It went on like that for about 10 minutes.

Afterwards, Manny and I went to the station to talk to this guy. He was sitting in his cell pacing back and forward. Scott was on guard that night and he let us in. I knew Manny was going to hurt this guy, so once we saw the guy I stopped and said to Manny, “Let us get the info, than you can pounce on him.”

Manny smirked and we walked to his cell. He just stared at us with a brave look. However, that look quickly went away when he saw the guard walk away. Now, I’d rather talk to someone before I proclaim it to be “ass kicking time.” I asked him, “How old are you and what’s your name?”

“My name is Todd and I’m 17,” was his reply, and I looked at Manny with a smile. You almost got killed by a 17-year-old. Manny just nodded but was still visibly pissed. Speeding up the conversation, I asked nonchalantly, Ok who sent you, why, etc. etc. I love saying etc, it just speeds everything up, but back to business.

The boy’s mouth started flowing like a faucet. He confirmed it was Alexandra, and she paid his way here from Germany “to get one of us,” so she could have more of the business to herself. I stood up and before I could say anything, he started screaming, “Please don’t rape me!!”

Manny and I looked at each other with confusion. “Why would you think we would rape you?At least, we could get don’t kill me.”

He looked at us and said, “Well that’s what happens in American prison, right? And you guys are black and Mexican.”

I just looked at him and shook my head. “I don’t have time to tell you everything that was wrong with that sentence, anyway.” I told him Manny will stay hidden, and he was coming with me. It was setup time. While all of us were getting up to leave, Manny turned around and slapped the “soul” out of the kid. Manny ran out laughing like we were back in high school. I helped the kid up and smelled a foul odor.

Manny from down the hall, said, “Hey, it smells like shit back there”. Even the guard on duty smelled it. When Manny smacked Todd, he crapped on himself. Todd cleaned himself up thoroughly and left with us. When we walked past Scott he said, “What do I tell my CO?” I’m thinking I wrote down a number and said, “This is SPC Mason, that’s your guy.”

The next day Todd went to Alexandra’s house. He told her Manny was in the ICU and he was not going to make it. Alexandra was thrilled and told Todd, “Now, if we can get Tina next, that would be great.” However, before Todd went to Alexandra's house, I gave him some %[email protected]%*& laced with Cocaine. I told him just put it in their house so the cops will find it.

While Alexandra was talking, she heard a knock at the door. While she was gone, Todd took the drugs out of his pocket, only to spill it in her coffee pot. He took a spoon and mixed it together. With the rest he brushed it in the dog bowl. Alexandra came back and sat down. Todd was sweating, but she did not notice. Before she could pick her drink up, General Decker came downstairs and drank her coffee and took the coffee pot.

Todd started daydreaming. He looked around and noticed the dog sniffing and eating his food. Alexandra hit the table to bring Todd out of his daydream. “Do you want to get paid? Come.” Todd nodded and went upstairs. To his surprise, Alexandra had tons of the drugs in her house and lots of money also. She gave Todd 50k and told him, “I am done with you, now.” Todd, still nodding and sweating, grabbed his money and walked out of the house casual but fast. Todd told me all of this on his way to the airport. While telling me this, I got Scott to take two other people and conduct a random search of General Decker’s house. I had no idea the amount of drugs she had in her home. Apparently, she was storing it.

When they got there, Alexandra was in the shower upstairs. General Decker was in the front room. They found the dog asleep and General Decker sitting on his couch. When they approached him he jumped up, revealing himself to be naked. I guess the drugs and caffeine don’t mix, because according to Scott it turned him into the incredible fucking hulk. Looking at them with red in his eyes, he screamed “intruders!!” then jumped on two of them. He swept Scott’s leg and bit the forehead of one of the two he initially jumped on. They shot him with a Taser, but even with the Taser at full power he could not be taken down. Miss Alexandra, with facial cream on, ran downstairs to find her husband fighting the three policemen.

After Decker broke free of the Tasers, he jumped on them again. He managed to take the gun away from one of them. Simultaneously, Alexandra, shocking everyone, screamed, “What’s going on?” General Decker, with a swing of his arm, screamed “monster” and shot her in the face, killing her instantly. After the shot, Scott broke his nightstick over Decker’s head, breaking the nightstick in two and finally bringing it to an end. The other MP pointed at the wall where Alexandra was shot. You could see right through her head.

Scott heard the neighbors exclaim “What’s going on?” and saw more people coming out of their houses. Living on base, let alone an officer community, everyone can hear your activities. Before anyone could make it to the door Scott closed and locked it. He told the other two policemen with him too do the same. He ran upstairs and saw the money and drugs. He walked downstairs slowly with his head down looking at the situation. Scott pulled out his phone and called me. Picking up the phone, the first thing Scott said was “We have a problem”


Message from the Author

I want to thank everyone for investing your time in reading my stories. I had a blast writing it. Don’t write for profit; I write for fun. Too everyone who has enjoy my stories I thank you and would love to hear back from you.


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Dealing With Smoke: Confession of a Military Drug Dealer (Own and Dominate Book

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Dealing With Smoke: Confession of a Military Drug Dealer (Own and Dominate Book Dealing With Smoke: Confession of a Military Drug Dealer (Own and Dominate Book