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Deaf Children's Wisdom

Deaf Children's Wisdom re-presents the views of ten bilingual, bicultural deaf children who were asked to talk about their experiences of school, friends, family, Deaf Club, sign language and their futures. The children were involved in many of the decisions regarding how their signs might be recorded and re-presented. I have done my best to bring their individual and collective voices to that which follows. The children all use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language. Their parents are all hearing. Two of them have deaf siblings. Three of them are the only child in their family. All their families use sign language in the home. While the children’s descriptions, narratives and viewpoints are compelling, insightful and perhaps unwittingly profound, my task was to frame them faithfully as children’s work, while honouring and doing each of them justice. Looking back, I can see differently not only the coherence but also the inconsistencies, gaps and contradictions in what the children told me. How unthinkable it would be for a group of smart, funny, articulate, reflective children to tell me boring, tight, regular, chronological stories. How much more enlightening to dip into a different take on life, a snapshot of what was going on a few years back—in terms of school, of community, of friendships, of negotiating a deaf/hearing world, of being loved and supported by parents and siblings, of growing up deaf—and to treasure it for what it is: a collection of stories of young deaf children’s wisdom.

  • ISBN: 9780463859247
  • Author: Donna West
  • Published: 2018-10-12 20:10:08
  • Words: 25542
Deaf Children's Wisdom Deaf Children's Wisdom