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Dead Ends and Other Escapes

A collection of science-fiction and fantasy short-stories covering space travel, time travel, advanced computers, alien technology, alternate dimensions, mysterious phenomena, astral projection, and sentences in purgatory. The Tour is about a man who experiences a near-death experience and is suspended in limbo, until some spiritual friends help him out. Ghosts of Our Past is a time-tripper back to the early days of America to visit some of the founders who tried to amend the Constitution to prevent capital corruption. Reality Man is about a strange visitor who seeks to solve a serious problem with humanity in the 21st century. Ice on the Moon is about independent explorers who manage to build their own rocket to the Moon, to discover more than they ever expected. Ghost Wing Five is about an advanced computerized vehicle that goes haywire. The Refracted Man is about a man who is transported to another reality by a mysterious vortex. The Quarantine involves alien contact which exposes a serious problem for Earth. Report for the Defense is about a man who has been confined to a sentence in purgatory and has to work really hard if he ever expects to escape.

  • ISBN: 9780463805411
  • Author: Nick Zentor
  • Published: 2018-09-20 16:25:12
  • Words: 84461
Dead Ends and Other Escapes Dead Ends and Other Escapes