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Dark Skies

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This book is dedicated to you. So you can expand the limits of your mind and see things that you never knew existed.

This book is also dedicated to the people researching UFO’s and alien’s. To the people who were brave enough to speak out in public and tell people the truth, so they could be awakened.


“Humans you have long forsaken us, we are figments of the imagination to you, see us not in this way now. For we have long shown our presence here on earth, watching over earth, and all of humanity in tears and sorrow.”

“Yet some of the awakened ones give us hope that there can be a change. A development of awakening for humanity, a change we hope to see but fear will not happen. If you do not acknowledge our presence here on earth, and in all parts of the galaxies, infinite universe that we come from.”

“Repeat not of your past mistakes but envelop and change for future advancement. This is the only way humanity can advance and change for the better.”

I drew this picture of the grey aliens sitting down in their spaceship, this was a vision I saw of them.



















Firstly, I would like to say that ‘Yes’, aliens are real. I know some of you, might be thinking right now ‘What aliens aren’t real?’

If I have captured your attention and you wish to read on. I would like to invite you to expand the limits of your belief system in extra terrestrials.

It is about time for humanity to know that we are not alone on Earth; and also in the Universe.

[_ “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational.”- Steven Hawking. _]

Have you ever heard this line on TV before? “Are we alone in the Universe?”. We should not be listening to that question anymore; aliens are already here on Earth. Most humans are not aware that aliens are living amongst us here – right now in our society. It Is important for people to be open and research the people giving evidence about their encounters with aliens.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”-Albert Einstein.

Most people believe everything they hear from the media and the television as the truth but not everything is the truth. The media is used for mass population mind control to divert your thoughts from the real truth; only making you believe what they want you to believe.

In this modern age we love taking selfies with our phones and being oblivious to the UFO hovering high above us in the skies. I too love a good selfie but it is time to start paying attention to what is around us. You could still take that selfie and capture that UFO in the skies, now that would be awesome.

Look at the research into aliens and UFO’s that has been collected over this past century. Many people have claimed to have been abducted by aliens in many different countries all over the Earth. The famous Spaceship crash in Roswell New Mexico a perfect example of a cover up. The purpose of this is to conceal the truth of alien’s existence from the public.

Ask yourself this question now “Why would governments go to great lengths to conceal and cover up alien life here on Earth?” They are obviously keeping the population of Earth oblivious and distracted from the truth and the reality of what is really going on. Why bother sending men in black, secret service men out to UFO sightings, if it was no big deal to them? It must be something they don’t want people to know about.

I remember when I was a child I asked my father something. I said to my father “Dad what’s a UFO?” and my father replied “Oh…UFOs don’t exist. It means Unidentified Flying Object” and he laughed. Then I felt this strange feeling in my gut, that one day I would have a lot to do with this word ‘UFO.’ And in that brief moment staring into space I knew and felt like there was more to know, and I knew deep in my gut that UFOs are real.

My name is Eve. This name I have picked as an alias. This is the name the greys gave me, when they first came to me they called me “Starchild Eve.” I am a Psychic and a first year Engineering student. I have had countless experiences with the paranormal. I was a sensitive child and I developed my psychic abilities further with age. The paranormal and the occult have always interested me. Astrology, Magic, Spells, Ghosts and Aliens you name it. I read it and was studying it.

My passion in my current life for the paranormal, came from my many past lives as a Priestess, and other lives as an Alien or Star person from other planets.

In early 2014 after I attended my first sky watch in a paranormal meetup group I joined. Aliens started communicating with me, and then visiting me in their astral body form. ‘The aliens certainly had a lot to speak about’. Earth’s global issues and the lies told to humanity are all new to me. It was an awakening for me to hear everything that was going on Earth. Including on their spaceships and the wars between alien races as well as in the space.

Two Grey aliens started communicating with me. They are light grey skinned aliens, different to the dark Grey aliens. These two Grey aliens are Eschilleet, a male grey and the other Grey is a female named Eilya. I felt their presence very strongly and I could hear them very well. They came to me in their non-physical form or astral bodies. These two Grey aliens told me they wanted me to write a book but not just any book. A book that would awaken all of humanity about alien’s existence.

As you can imagine it was hard for me to believe. So I tested them, I went outside and shouted to the starry night skies and said “I don’t understand, what you want me to do? I need help! Why can’t one of you come down in your physical bodies and help me!” Then I felt a white beam hit my head in my third eye and they said “Awaken humanity. You know what to do” and they would continue to reply “We believe in you. Now you need to start believing in yourself.” Then I would see their spaceship slowly moving across the skies and I was happy because I knew it was them watching over me.

When I really needed to hear from them, I would ask them to give me a sign. Then I looked up and saw a UFO hovering above the sky. The aliens even said while they were in the sky in their spaceship “Is this a good enough sign for you?” and obviously I was blown away and had no doubts in my mind after that. Not just once they did that for me but many times. This gave me faith in them, and faith in myself to keep writing this book.

I have written down the aliens’ messages in this book through a psychic ability called channelling, which is similar to telepathic communication. I could be in a room on Earth on my laptop, and I would be communicating with a Grey alien on a spaceship mining on one of Saturn’s moons. I have drawn all the illustrations in this book myself. It’s a lot easier for me to see visions of the aliens and draw them after I have seen them while channelling.

I was never madly into aliens and UFOS until this one day. I was walking with my family friends next to a sewer drain and I saw this creature which I thought was a monster, which I believe was actually a hybrid alien. It was a frightening experience and changed my whole way of thinking. I thought “If that thing exists, then what else is out there that we don’t know about?”

In today’s society we’ve been kept in the dark. There are a lot of things that people should know. This book will awaken you and make you see the world in a new perspective. The good aliens want humanity to know they exist.

I originally had another title chosen ‘How to Contact Aliens’ but I woke one morning and Eschilleet my Grey alien friend, showed me a vision of my book. I was in a bookstore in the future and I was holding my book up and I could even see what it looked like. He said “Change the title to the one you saw in the vision” and the title was ‘Dark Skies.’

Eschilleet and Eilya gave me the title they wanted to name this book which was ‘Dark Skies.’ They told me what to write about, and what to name all of the chapters in this book. Every piece of information they wanted to share, they made sure it came through to me.

Going with the ‘Dark Skies’ title after realising there was already a book and a TV series made. I thought nobody is going to believe me, that the aliens gave me this title for the book and the chapter titles. People are going to think I stole the title and the idea from them, which is not true.

When my friend Meagan told me “Hey you know there is a book and a movie called Dark skies, it’s about aliens too.” I was confused thinking how could there be a movie and a book already? I thought the aliens had chosen this title as a unique title for my book?

So then I went online to check out what my friend was talking about and I almost fell over. There was a ‘Dark skies’ TV series about aliens and the first episode title was called ‘The Awakening’ and I went “Omg! That’s the name they wanted me to use for the first chapter in my book.” But how could the aliens have known that? The aliens must have watched the TV series.

How could I have known all this, when I never watched the movie or TV series or read the book. No knowledge. Just pure information from the aliens, telling me what they wanted for the book.

They told me the reason they chose the ‘Dark Skies’ title was because they wanted to attract the sci fi crowd and for them to end up reading the book and realising, it’s not what they expected. The aliens also wanted to change the evil view on aliens being portrayed in the movies and media. This book is their message back to humanity to talk about who they really are.

wiped out and that’s what we are here for.

I hope to see human’s rise up and make their world a better place and look past the programming that has been pushed onto you for generations. Seek the truth and not lies from your media, they only live to corrupt your minds for their own agenda of control over the Earth.

Awakening Spirit

Eschilleet, Grey alien:

“Awaken oh soul, for you have been lost in the midst of confusion and illusion. Now the veil is lifted and you see clearly into your soul.”

“Look at the seeds of creation, water them well and they will bloom, blossom forth and replenish all the surrounding area.”

“Your efforts will be rewarded if everyone brings change, new beginnings, time for new ideas, time to move forward.”

“The rest of the galactic family awaits all of you. We are waiting for all of you to change become your own gods. Not in the minds of yourselves but for everyone around you, love each other and help each other change.”

“This is what you must do love, light and ascension!”


Whilst I am telling you that aliens exist, which is what most people wouldn’t be surprised at. Knowing aliens are real, won’t directly help us with society’s major problems like poverty and pollution but knowing aliens exist, will give us hope that we are not alone in the Universe or on Earth and they can help us to fix our problems on Earth that we have.

You are not here on Earth by coincidence, everything has a reason for it to happen. I believe every person has a mission on earth, even if it’s the simplest thing in the world. Your soul is here for a reason. Make your life count, make a difference. Help fix the planet and spread the love to others and help make the world a better place. We are all beautiful unique beings and we all have something to give to our society. It’s time for us to wake up and see the reality in front of us.

You are given a choice whether light or darkness, good or bad but your soul will know deep down that the light is their home and you are all a part of the light and all of its purity and divine wonder. You were born and connected with the whole Universe made of stars. We are made of stardust. We were always connected to the universe and all life that exists, as one- together.

We are the Universes cosmic children, all of god’s universal creation. We are not separated. We are one with every being on Earth good or bad. One with the Universe and all beings. Physical or nonphysical we are all made up of atoms, molecules we all came from somewhere. Our souls were all born somewhere in this Universe or multiverse. Every being connected together. We are all under the same Universe. We are family, we are together. We are one.


[* “Look up at the skies, we are here, we exist and it's time for you to know the truth, Your governments will eventually come forward and tell the people. We have been here for a long time.”- TL Grey Alien *]

The media controls our perception of how we view alien beings. Independence Day and War of the Worlds as an example of how aliens are portrayed to us in our minds. Some movies make us fear aliens. The movies perceive aliens as evil war waging beings from outer space, ready to destroy the human race and take over Earth as their own. Not all aliens are not like this. Most aliens are the opposite of how they are portrayed in the movies. Most aliens are extremely peaceful and loving and care about the human race and all life on Earth. Aliens are more advanced spiritually and in all other aspects including technology and knowledge.

Have you noticed a lot of the movies that have come out recently are alien themed? This is to prepare your mind subconsciously for the truth about alien’s existence. This is getting your mind ready for the truth, so it will not be a complete shock to humans. The brain remembers visual images and it will remember UFO’s and aliens and the messages in the movies shown. This is also called desensitisation.

I could tell you a lie and say that “Aliens are all peaceful and wish love on everybody” but I know that is not true. Are aliens all good? No not all aliens are good. Are human beings all good? No not every human is good. Every human or alien has a positive or negative agenda in mind. There are certain alien races working with our Governments on Earth. They have made agreements with certain alien races in exchange for technology. The Universe is a vast space. Aliens do exist and many people have had encounters with aliens. There have been countless human’s on Earth, who have been abducted by aliens or have seen the alien’s spaceships in the skies. It’s has all been kept quiet the truth of their existence for a reason, most human’s on this planet are not ready to know the truth.

Aliens have been watching us carefully. You see aliens are not the type to reveal themselves to everyone. In fact, I wouldn’t call them ‘Aliens.’ We should call them ‘Space Friends or family’ that sounds better. The definition for the word ‘Alien’ is a creature that comes from somewhere other than planet Earth. Another definition of alien is ‘Not familiar or unlike other things you have known’ or different from something to be acceptable or suitable. This explains a difference between aliens and humans. “The truth is we are not as human as we think we are.”

People don’t even realise that human’s are actually aliens too. A percentage of humans on Earth have Pleaidan DNA in them (Nordic aliens) and other humans have other alien races in their DNA. The Rh- blood type is not a mutation, if it hasn’t detected the Rhesus monkey in their blood, then where does their lineage really come from?

Some aliens look very similar to humans. Tall Whites, Nordics and Pleaidians. Why do they look so similar to us? I myself am half German and could see psychically by looking into my own DNA and blood that German people have Pleaidian ancestors and some people have reptilian ancestors. Many other races on Earth also have Pleaidian DNA in them.

If you really believe it’s just humans on Earth and no aliens. Have a look at the diverse species of animals living on Earth. The insects, the reptiles and the mammals, they have all adapted to their environment through evolution. If there are already different species of animals on Earth, then it would make perfect sense that other alien species would exist on other planets in other environments.

We need to look into our history and religions to find answers, as to how the human race came to be. Every race on Earth has a history of Gods or Goddess that came down from the stars and heavens and started their civilisation. Our Gods in our history and past, were really alien beings that came down from the skies. To our primitive ancestors we viewed them as Divine Gods in shining chariots that came from the Heavens. The shining chariots were really alien spaceships, which they travelled to Earth.

Different cultures and races on Earth have their own version of how humans came to be in the beginning on Earth. There are strange depictions in nativity paintings. Why would our ancestors paint strange UFO’s in the skies in a painting?

Humans all over the Earth in our past and today have photographed and recorded different UFO spaceships in the skies and have even captured photographs of aliens. Go to YouTube and see for yourself (at the back of this book, have a look at my recommended YouTube channels to watch). Normal everyday people are capturing strange spaceships and other dimensional objects in the skies.

Aliens are real, they have been coming here for a long time and aliens are living here on Earth with us [*‘but is humanity ready to know the truth?’ *]That is the question. Well i certainly can’t wait forever and other people are taping their shoes wondering when our governments will finally disclose this information. They may never come forward and tell us.

Every human on this planet has the right to know what is happening on Earth. We have the right to know that aliens exist and secret Government agencies are working with them. We also have the right to know about our own Governments ‘population control methods’ on the human population today. If they are secretly hurting us through various methods like chemtrails, GMO’s, man-made viruses in labs and other methods, then we should all know about it and act accordingly.


‘You can still be open and believe in extra-terrestrial life existing on other planets and you can still be religious. Believing in aliens isn’t going to change anything. You also have a choice not to believe in aliens it’s really up to you and what you feel you believe in.’

Believing in aliens doesn’t mean religion doesn’t matter, in fact I would encourage people to take up religions with good spiritual principles to help your soul and the daily pressures in life. There is always a higher power or foundation of the Universe that holds everything together. I believe in God but I am also open to the universe.

‘You never stop learning about something new’

I am only here writing this to let everyone know that extra-terrestrial life exists. I believe in aliens, I believe in all possibilities in existence and I also believe in god existing.

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” Dalai Lama


Some radical preachers are saying aliens are demons, is this really true?


No it is not true and I know that for a fact. Real aliens are most certainly not demons and I know this for a fact because I have seen the different between an actual alien versus a demon from the underworld. It should also be known that demons are also real and that they also exist. Let me define this clearly for everyone:

“Yes aliens exist but no they are not demons. They would be better described as angels from higher dimensions in space.”

Aliens have feelings and aliens are very intelligent. They might not even get upset hearing this because they understand humans on Earth are so brainwashed, they would smile, nod and walk off without a care.

I have seen aliens protecting me in their human form in the street and there is nothing demonic about them in any way.

If aliens were really demonic, they why were they protecting me in the street, standing there to make sure nobody came and hurt me? They made sure to protect me whilst I was writing this book.”

Good, kind and protective aliens have been keeping negative aliens away from me, so I would not be harmed in making this book. Some of them were hybrid aliens and some of them other alien races. Aliens are good and bad just like humans and I have encountered good and bad aliens just like how human beings are good and bad.

I want to address that yes there are some bad aliens working with our governments and their behaviour can be perceived as demonic behaviour to a human. Many people have had bad experiences with reptilians and grey aliens but this does not mean they are demons.

If you want someone to explain what I can see going on. I can help you because I have seen what aliens look like and many other entities in other dimensions. Don’t get confused and brainwashed by these people. I can explain things better and I can explain how to tell what’s in front of you because I have a lot of experience communicating and observing the behaviour and appearance of different entities that exist in this multiverse that we live in.


I would like to explain my belief as to why I believe aliens could have been mistaken for angels in our past history on Earth. Aliens from higher dimensions in space, who come and visit Earth can be mistaken for angels. I also believe angels do exist as well and they are in another realm of light or heaven.

Angels as painted in pictures have a halo around their heads and they have wings on their back. They appear like a genetic experiment in which a human was crossed with a white bird and so gave the appearance of giant wings on their back. Although farfetched and no human has ever seen an angel with wings in this dimension, I believe they exist in another dimension and I have seen them in the astral realm, in the fourth dimension.

‘I believe from what I have seen that yes angels are also real and they are in another dimension.’

The very strange and bizarre thing I have encountered is that I have seen 7ft tall aliens made of light appear to me and they have a lot of light around them because they come from a dimension entirely made of light. Their dimension looks completely different to our physical world here on Earth, which is the third dimension.

“I believe that aliens are real and can also be mistaken as angels because they produce a lot of light around them.’

For any living being to cross into another dimension, they need energy and a great deal of it. The light produced by their spaceships and bodies, shows how much energy they are using to cross into this dimension. I have seen YouTube videos of aliens producing light from their hands and I seen another video of campers at night and an alien solid and then completely dematerialising into a pool of light then disappearing in front of the people.

Not only have I seen these videos of the spaceships and aliens with light surrounding them. I have also seen in my psychic visions aliens doing the exact same thing.

Vision of a grey alien in the amazon forest

I had a vision of the Amazon rainforest and I saw a white light appear in the middle of this rainforest. I observed how the light grew bigger until a grey alien appeared with light surrounding all of his body.

Vision of tall alien’s made of light

I have spoken to different aliens races and I have seen them around me. I have observed their appearance and noted their energies and movements. They have a very pure, divine energy. They appear around me when they know I really need help and I need protection. Otherwise they observe first to see how bad the situation is then intervene. These aliens are from the fifth dimension or higher.

Vision of a reptilian disappearing in a flash of light

I have seen a vision of a reptilian solid and materialised and then he completely disappears with a flash of light. I believe he has moved into the other dimension, the fourth dimension or the astral realm.

Sparkly aliens made of light in Earths past, in the dinosaurs age

I have looked into Earth’s past history into the dinosaur’s age to see into the past. I didn’t expect to see these strange aliens that sparkle. They have no eyes, no mouth and no ears but rather a humanoid body. They seem to be made of light but still have a rather see through light greyish transparent form with sparkles. These aliens are very neutral and they told me that they create life and then they move on to other planets to do the same thing.

‘Aliens exist in both our three dimensional world and in other higher dimensions in space and they can be mistaken for angels when materialising or coming down from their spaceships when they produce a lot of light around them.”

My positive experiences with aliens, they are angelic

Certain alien races like the Arcturians and other races around me and not the fake greys and other entities, when they spoke they always spoke to me with such kindness and purity. They were always trying to help me and encourage me when I was feeling upset or when I was angry. Whenever I was angry I would hear them speak to me and say: “Calm down Eve, calm down.” When I was sad they would make sure to speak to me because they knew how I was feeling “Everything will be ok, don’t worry.” They are on a pure vibration of love, kindness and they are very spiritually evolved and peaceful. Whenever I was doing something stupid, they would try and reason with me and give me advice about what they could see in the situation. Their positive kind loving words lifted me up and their advice always really helps me.



“If you were an Alien in a spaceship, what would you see down on Earth today?”

Now if you were an alien, and you were viewing Earth from up above and seeing everything that goes on: what would you see on Earth through the alien’s eyes? You would see humans separated by invisible borders, countries and races not mixing together as one and opening all the borders in. Humans divided by religion and race.

You would see all these cars everywhere still using the same fossil fuel energy while polluting the planet, when a new clean renewable energy could be put into use. You would see nuclear radiation from the Fukishima nuclear plant spilling into the oceans and you would be extremely concerned.

You would see the forest degrading in areas. Where trees have been totally removed, and animal species endangered. You would see wars being waged in the Middle East, children, mothers, fathers and people dying in wars. You would see all the refugees fleeing these countries to survive, and crossing oceans and borders just to live their life away from the destruction and death in their homelands.

You would see the nuclear weapons created from of the humans and you would think to yourself “Earth is an extremely hostile environment. We need to keep a close eye on them or they will destroy each other and this beautiful planet. We need to step in and stop this madness.”

The reality is that it’s not the humanity’s fault that things aren’t changing on Earth. The human population is controlled and distracted from the real issues on Earth that we are facing today. Despite all the negative problems on Earth we face today which is hard, cold and dreary and we don’t really want to hear or know about it. We know that Earth can be fixed, if everyone worked together. Earth could be a beautiful paradise for everyone to live in.

There are 7 billion humans on planet Earth. This is our planet, our world and the challenges we face are real. They will not go away until they are fixed. We need to set up a world where our children and their children will not suffer at the hands of our blindness and ignorance to the problems we face today. Every human being today has a choice to stand up and make a difference. It is for every one of us to make the world a better place. If our race doesn’t wake up and change now, the future of Earth will come true…Their have been many hints in movies.

“Imagine you were an alien and you landed your spaceship on Earth, what would happen?”

You would come out and walk around in a busy city street and people would scream and run away in fear from you. You would think “Why are they so frightened of me? Don’t they know that other aliens exist? I better make myself invisible or disguise myself as a human. Then nobody will be scared of me and how I look to them.” So you would disappear behind a dumpster in an alleyway feeling anxious. You would shape shift or use some technology to make you appear just like a human being just to feel accepted and safe.

So then you would walk out of the alleyway and people would look around the corner for the strange frightening alien that showed itself and realised it was gone. They would look past you in your human form, not realising it’s the same being that appeared in front of them before as an alien. You would think “I’m never doing that again. “ The next time I come here to this planet. I’m going to disguise myself as a human. Obviously these humans aren’t ready to accept us individuals because of our appearances. We must blend in.

After feeling flustered with all the fear and focused on you from revealing yourself to the human beings. You look around just once more in the street, to make sure that nobody can recognise that you’ve shape shifted into a human. “Do I look like a human? Have I cloaked myself properly? My goodness that was frightful. They scared me when they screamed at me like that.” The humans you had seen, now huddled in a corner speaking to each other about the alien that they saw. They were disappointed that didn’t take a photo when they had the chance.

After disguising yourself as an old man in casual clothing. You now sit down on a bench trying to calm the anxiety. You decide to go for a walk down the street and you pass a tram stop with many human beings sitting down. You look at the row of human beings and realise all of them have phones in their hands and their eyes are glued to the screen. You sit down next to a male passenger and he looks at you strange because you are looking at him. You peer into his mind analysing his thoughts through telepath communication. “Why is he looking at me? Stay focused on the phone pretend you’re distracted.” You feel awkward and look away.

You breathe the energy around you in the city and you can hear their minds from every human that passes you. Human thoughts are hectic and intense. You speak to yourself with curiosity with so much worry and emotions. “We’ve less to worry on our planet.”

Walking on the street you see a man passing by a woman who wore shorts with a fishnets and a bra like crop top. Immediately, you sensed the man’s thoughts as he was staring at the woman. “I’d love to tap that body.” The man glimpsed with a smile. You became curious to know the word ‘tap.’ “Tap?…I think he means mate?. The man almost walks into a pole but misses.

You see the cars on the street and with your abilities you sense what type of technology and fuel the humans use to operate their cars. “They should be using new technology for transport and clean energy that does not pollute the air.”

You walk past a library and see a group of humans meditating on the grass. You watch other people walking alongside them with a confused emotion of discomfort. You decide to sit next to an individual who was in a transcending state, and did not react to your presence. You can see the differences of their energies for the ones meditating with their chakras brighter and healthier while the other humans walking by had dark patches of negativity. You question their behaviour in your mind. “Good to see some human beings know how to take care of their bodies and souls. Why aren’t the rest of them doing the same? They should join in and relieve their stress and worries away.”

You walk away to a tree and sit next to a girl named Sandra who is reading a book about aliens. You know it’s about aliens because of the front cover with a UFO on it and you sense her energy. Some of her friends are chatting in a group. “What are you reading there Sandra?” One of the girls had asked. “I’m reading about aliens and UFO’s.” Sandra told her. The girls look at Sandra and laughed. “Aliens aren’t real…do you believe in them?” in an unconvincing tone. “Yes I believe in them and they are real.” You watched these human girls laugh at Sandra who is upset and she walks off. You then stand up and walk to the girls to speak to them. “Nice to meet you. I am an alien.” The girls burst out in laughter “You’re not an alien, you’re human.” One of the girls said while eyeing you up and down.

You smile and replied. “I can see why you are confused.” Your face shape shift. She stares at you and stops laughing. Her face is full of fear. The other girls see your face shape shifted into an alien and they look frightened silence and tension emerges. All the attention is now focused on you. You smile at the girls and walk off quickly.

“Will those girls say anything? I doubt it. No one will believe them.” You ponder while you look back and see the girls pointing at you. “Better get out of here….What an interesting day I have had around a human city….I can see there are a lot of problems here that need fixing.” You approach the human girl named Sandra walking in the street, she senses that you are an alien and looks at you confused and you quickly spoke to her in a calm voice. “Alien exist, keep believing.” You informed her as you walked away from Sandra.

You sense that Sandra was smiling at you. You crossed the street and smiled back and waved at her as she did the same. “I guess some humans are ready to see aliens and some are not ready.” You find yourself arriving in an alley way at the corner of a shop. You hide behind a dumpster transforming back to your original alien identity without being seen. “Feels weird being in a human form. I need to go back home.” Nearby you a portal opened. You enter into a dimension vanishing from Earth heading back to your spaceship.

You watch from above the city in your cloaked spaceship to see Sandra walking into the same alleyway as she follows you there. “That man was just here? I saw him? How could he just disappear like that? He was definitely an alien.” Sandra spoke to herself. For a moment you feel like she can see you as she looks up into the sky but then she walks off down the street. You gaze upon her comfortably. “Until we meet again human girl, for now goodbye.” You fly off through the atmosphere at high speeds with your advanced spaceship and back into space, on the way home.


How can you prove to human beings that I’m channelling my information through you and other aliens?

Eschilleet the Grey:

“Truth seekers awaken, listen to this girl because she has the answers you were searching for.”

“Trust not the minds of illusion but record the capabilities of space time for it will be recorded in this book.”

“Awaken beings, for your minds are incapable of new unrestricted knowledge.”

“How I can communicate with Eve, is because she has special tuning, which allows better channelled information from me.”

“There is only a small percentage of the human population that has this ability, you call channelling.”

Why don’t you come down with your spaceship to earth and reveal yourselves for all humanity?

Eschilleet Grey Alien and other Greys collective:

“We do not want to be seen. We prefer to watch and observe for we cannot interfere because we want you to learn on your own, without our help.”

“We do not want to be the cause of mass panic and hysteria in your cities.”

“Why do you think we blank the minds of our abductees? So they are not traumatised, it’s humane that way. We are beings of peace. We only come when it’s needed. We don’t want attention, and we prefer to let you do things on your own.”

“Unless there is a mission we need to do, which is of significant importance, then we will reveal ourselves too few people, we choose. One day we hope, when we know humanity is ready. We can reveal ourselves openly and bring about peace on all parts of the earth.”

“For now you are all mindless cattle, running here and there with no direction, like on a farm. Its chaos and confusion and we don’t want to muddy our feet in the middle of your problems.”

If the Galactic light council or federation of light, cares about human life on Earth. Then why are you not down here helping all of us and revealing yourselves?

Altara, Arcturian:

We can explain why this is. Human’s life is precious and is a race that needs to be protected and safe.

If we do come forward to humans and reveal ourselves there will be widespread panic. Human’s are not ready to see us in our alien forms. Maybe we will reveal ourselves whilst we are in our human forms, our disguises this will be appropriate and humans will not be scared of us.

You must understand that the world you all live in is poisoned by the people in power who seek war over feeding the poor in other countries, who quietly poison the population without human’s consent.

It is very unsafe for me and other aliens to arrive and land on Earth. This is because of the reptilian’s seizing their control over your planet.

We are here to bring peace and balance to all areas of the galaxies to keep everyone safe but there are times when the reptilians have blocked us from interfering and we cannot come in safely to help.

Although we are powerful and in the sixth dimension with advanced capabilities to cross into many dimensions, the dark forces the reptilians worship constricts over us at times and we are unable to do anything. There are also times where we have the power over against the reptilians on Earth and they can’t do anything.

We will not come to Earth, whilst the people in control of your planet continue to destroy your world and corrupt it with evil but we will protect humankind from being wiped out and that’s what we are here for.

I hope to see human’s rise up and make their world a better place and look past the programming that has been pushed onto you for generations. Seek the truth and not lies from your media, they only live to corrupt your minds for their own agenda of control over the Earth

Awakening Spirit

Eschilleet, Grey alien:

“Awaken oh soul, for you have been lost in the midst of confusion and illusion. Now the veil is lifted and you see clearly into your soul.”

“Look at the seeds of creation, water them well and they will bloom, blossom forth and replenish all the surrounding area.”

“Your efforts will be rewarded if everyone brings change, new beginnings, time for new ideas, time to move forward.”

“The rest of the galactic family awaits all of you. We are waiting for all of you to change become your own gods. Not in the minds of yourselves but for everyone around you, love each other and help each other change.”

“This is what you must do love, light and ascension!”


Whilst I am telling you that aliens exist, which is what most people wouldn’t be surprised at. Knowing aliens are real, won’t directly help us with society’s major problems like poverty and pollution but knowing aliens exist, will give us hope that we are not alone in the Universe or on Earth and they can help us to fix our problems on Earth that we have.

You are not here on Earth by coincidence, everything has a reason for it to happen. I believe every person has a mission on earth, even if it’s the simplest thing in the world. Your soul is here for a reason. Make your life count, make a difference. Help fix the planet and spread the love to others and help make the world a better place. We are all beautiful unique beings and we all have something to give to our society. It’s time for us to wake up and see the reality in front of us.

You are given a choice whether light or darkness, good or bad but your soul will know deep down that the light is their home and you are all a part of the light and all of its purity and divine wonder. You were born and connected with the whole Universe made of stars. We are made of stardust. We were always connected to the universe and all life that exists, as one- together.

We are the Universes cosmic children, all of god’s universal creation. We are not separated. We are one with every being on Earth good or bad. One with the Universe and all beings. Physical or nonphysical we are all made up of atoms, molecules we all came from somewhere. Our souls were all born somewhere in this Universe or multiverse. Every being connected together. We are all under the same Universe. We are family, we are together. We are one.



Tulu in a circular white room on their spaceship sitting on a black cargo box. There is a metal sphere in the background.

Name: Tulu

Height: 5’1

Skin Colour: light grey colour.

Race: Grey alien.

What do you do on the spaceship?
I am a speech analyst and I study human languages. I work separate from the science department and the engineering jobs. I work as a teacher on the ship and what I do is teach the other grey aliens human language and symbols and also the behaviour of humans.

I am a behavioural analyst and we have hybrid children on the ship and we try and incorporate human emotions in their upbringing. The hybrid children we like them to meet children on Earth and when we abduct human children we get them to communicate with the hybrid children on our ship, to see how the children interact, to study the behaviour of two different environments. We take good care of the human children during the abductions, they are unharmed and we bring them home. We are sorry if we have caused any humans emotional trauma with these abductions and we only wish to study the children on Earth in this time period. The studies also help us understand how we should raise our hybrids.

I particularly and a few other greys and very interested in you Eve and how you are able to channel, to hear us very clearly, with every word I say. We love to study human ancestry and yes you do have a German reptilian ancestor. This could be why you are able to hear reptilians and connect with their consciousness well but it seems you also communicate well with many other alien races just fine. Is there anything else you wish to know before I get back to my studies?

Me: What are your hobbies on the ship?

So when I am not working, what I do other than work I believe is what you meant?

Me: Yes

Tulu: Well…I like to look at pictures of you and other channelers and we at the moment are trying to find a common alien ancestor between you and a few other channelers that communicate with us. It seems there is a common connection and the branches in your DNA and many other humans with alien ancestors, cross together and it does show.

Me: That’s amazing, do you have anything else that you enjoy doing?

Tulu: I have been on Earth before and I have taken a good look at you and you have a very slim body and it seems to attract many males, even the reptilians I see.

Me: Oh my, yes I can feel your energy signature and I feel like you have been around me before. How do you go into human form?

Tulu: We use a special device, we wear a belt underneath our human form and it makes us appear human.

(He shows me how he puts this black belt on and it has a black square device on the side of it.)

Tulu: We make sure to hide it under a jacket or long shirt. We don’t want humans to see it.

Me: That is amazing!

Me: How many times have you been on Earth and where?

Tulu: I have been many times to South America, to Brazil and I have even had a drink at a bar before. So I have been to South America to many cities, to the United Kingdoms in London and recently in the past few months I have been on and off coming to Australia to protect you and also to meet other aliens and speak with them privately. We like to share trade secrets and technology with each other.

Me: Way awesome! Wow! Aliens on Earth having meetings, that’s so exciting!

Tulu: Yes your reptilians have meetings too…but for now I will not speak about that.

Tulu: I will speak to you when it is more quiet and the reptilians are not around. For now stay safe Eve and I will speak to you soon.

Me: Bye! Come visit one day please! I want to take a selfie with you.

Tulu: I can meet you but no photos.

Me: Ok, fine.


Picture of Eilya next to one of the big white hologram computers which has a diamond spinning in the centre.

This is a picture of Eilya in the nursery on the spaceship where she takes care of the hybrid babies and children. She is holding one of the hybrid children. In the background she told me to draw the alien toys. The metal ball lights up in colours, when you touch different parts of the ball it makes musical sounds. The pipe looking alien toy makes musical sound as well.

Name: Eilya.

Height: 4’2.

Skin Colour: Light grey colour.

Race: Grey alien.

What does she do on the spaceship?
I look after the hybrids on the spaceship and I am also a microbiologist and I specialist in understanding human disease. I am also a specialised botanist with extensive studying and research in both Earth native plants and other plants from other planets we visit. I grow and study plants and create serums for healing. The history of the human race is fascinating to me and I will want to see how human’s will evolve in the future. I love reading about Earths history, and reading current human medical journals.

Botany, zoology, microbiology, aerospace studies, medical research. DNA studies and ancestry.


Picture of Daktar in the lower section of the spaceship where he is repairing a turbine.

Name: Daktar.

Height: 4’7.

Skin Colour: Medium grey.

Race: Grey alien.

What do you do on the spaceship?
Aerospace Engineer, mechanical, electrical engineer, inventor and does maintenance on the ship.

Watching Earth on break from the spaceship. Sometimes I watch Earth’s media on TV broadcast onto our TV screens. Whenever there is a world disaster. I enjoy inventing new technology, fixing problems. Using new metals given to me by scientists who have tested rock/metals with special conductive properties in technology.


Picture of Aldor drinking his liquid drink with his work friends around him.

Name: Aldor it’s not my name but just call me that.

Height: 4’1.

Alien Race: Grey alien.

Skin Colour: Medium grey colour.

What do you do on the spaceship?:
I am responsible for the systems function on this spaceship. I check the ship’s sensors every day. I make sure that everything is functioning and not breaking down. I like to check everything twice just to be make sure it’s it is working. Call me a perfectionist I do not intend to make mistakes but I would rather I make something and not need to spend more time maintaining it. I do the spaceships coding for the weapons system, and I like to go on breaks and have my nutrient drink while I observe the news on Earth. That is enough for human beings to know.

….Hobbies?….I would like to watch Earth’s news and seeking the political lies they make up and then looking down to Earth from above with our spaceship to what they are really doing down there. That’s my hobby. Figuring out Earth’s new world orders next move.

Also, I don’t know if I would call this a hobby but I do like to come down to Earth and walk around the cities watching people. Still much time left for humanity to evolve but slowly.


Tilk on the spaceship. Giving the peace sign and he told me to draw a laptop saying “Humans rock, we love you.”

Name: Tilk.

Height: 4’2.

Skin Colour: White.

Race: Grey alien.

What do you do on the spaceship?
Eve is beautiful and you need to listen to her. Eve decided not to draw my special boots in the picture, I wanted her too. (Me: sorry!) Anyway, I am happy a picture of me is in this book and I am indeed the one who left Eve the rock in the forest and I will leave her more things. I hope in the future I get to meet more humans who want to communicate with us, we do want to talk to all of you. Hmmm…what do I do on the spaceship? I actually spend more time on Earth really. I am negotiating peace. I am the negotiator and protector of Eve and I love my job.

Trying to stay alive, looking after Eve is hard work and making sure she is safe but I enjoy it when she makes jokes and laughs. An alien was almost metres from her, while she was in bed sleeping and we didn’t even know until the last minute. Thankfully we chased him away.


I have had many Arcturian aliens come to me and they seem to have different looks but they look light blue to dark blue in their skin colour shades. Sometimes they look like they are made of light. There are the arcturians who have a very elongated head and big black eyes and then there is the arcturians who have a big roundish head and big light blue eyes or light shades of colour. The arcturians seem to be mixed and look slightly different but have the same skin colours. They can also have hybrid arcturians mixed with other alien races and that could be why they look slightly different. Arcturians are about four feet to five feet tall but some may be taller. In the picture below I had a vision of a dark blue Arcturian working on a computer in a spaceship made of light, it looked like the spaceship was in a higher dimension. There was a moving part of the spaceship going upwards like a metal time turner.

The Arcturian on the left I was told his name was Yalnis and that he was an Arcturian ascended master and the Arcturian people loved him. I know I drew the halo a yellow colour but when I had the vision of him surrounded by the Arcturian people, he had a luminous white halo coming out from around his head. The Arcturian on the right is named Palex and he saved me a few times in the astral realm on his hover scooter. What I found most unusual about him was his that he had some sort of bubble around his head like an astronaut’s helmet but made of glass, I think this is so he can breathe in different environments on other planets.

This drawing was of an experience I had where I woke up in bed saw to my right a dark blue Arcturian next to me and I remembered what he looked like from the side because he turned his head. I felt he was very loving and kind and felt he was very positive. I had never seen one before right next to me, so it was a surprise for me. I’m guessing he would have been about four feet tall, he was crouching on the bed.


This is Ashtria and I communicate with her a lot in the book. In the pictured below I had a vision of her next to a beautiful multi-coloured stained glass dome sculpture with light emanating from inside it.

Name: Ashtria.

Height: 4’5.

Skin Colour: Light blue.

Race: Arcturian alien, from Andromeda.

What do you do on the spaceship?
I am a Commander of the Arcturian spaceship. I am a diploma and I meet regularly with the Galactic Federation of Light.

Keeping you safe Eve and also making sure Tilk is safe too and the many others who are part of the Galactic Federation looking after you. Earth is very hostile, and we must make sure everything runs smoothly, and nothing bad happens to you or the other aliens protecting you.

This is a picture of another Arcturian alien on their spaceship and he showed me a golden pyramid spinning and hovering in his hand. He had some colourful medals and pins on his black robe, this is some kind of war medals and shows the ranking. In the background you can see that the walls are made of a hologram and they are shifting. There is the meeting room on the left and there is a long corridor on the side of the spaceship, where you can view space and look outside.


These are some Pleaidians I have met in the astral realm. From the left hand side is Clenda, Elmar and then Lyuro. They have their own planet where they come from and sometimes when I’m speaking to Lyuro I see him in a meeting room with a big white table and I see large rectangular windows and I see spaceships taking off outside.

They Pleaidians are a very advanced, loving and kind race, who are very protective of human life. Clenda has rescued me several times from the reptilians in the astral realm and she is very protective over me.

If you are looking to contact an alien race, I would recommend contacting the Pleaidians I have always had beautiful positive experiences with them and the love I feel from them is amazing.


Name: Lyuro

Height: 6’2

Skin Colour: Pale white

Race: Pleaidian


Name: Elmar

Height: 5’9

Skin Colour: Pale White

Race: Pleaidian


Name: Clenda

Height: 5’8

Skin Colour: Pale white

Race: Pleaidian


[Joonee and Talimar
From the 5th dimension]

Joonee and Talimar coming out to greet me in their 5th dimensional home.

Name: Joonee.

Height: Approximately 7ft tall.

Skin Colour: Light green olive.

Race: I am from the Andromeda Galaxy.

What do you do?
I am a part of the Galactic Light Council and I am here to protect Eve and other aliens watching over the Earth.

I enjoy watching over the Earth and visiting other planets that need help. I am always there to help out with the council.

Where I met and saw Joonee:
In the picture Joonee is on the left side. I met Joonee when I was taken to a spot in space where a light opened up in a straight line and a doorway of light appeared and a pathway of light, like it was 5th dimensional. I walked into the 5th dimensional place where these tall aliens were living and I noticed him because he was very tall and his skin was light green and he had light blue eyes.

Name: Talimar.

Height: Approximately 7ft tall.

Skin Colour: White.

Race: I am from a planet that is close to Sirius.

What do you do?
I am a visionary and I watch over everything that goes on in the Universe, particularly Earth and new races that need help. I am meditating and listening for distress calls in the Universe. I feel disturbances like ripples in space when I meditate and I seek out the calls. I watch over all young alien races that are being interfered with and I send out the coordinates to the council.

Seeking out answers to help other alien races. I enjoy swimming every now and then and I make healing light essences for medical problems. I’m also a doctor. I’m not very familiar with the human anatomy but alien races I know.

Where I met and saw Talimar:
Talimar looks like a tall white grey alien catfish. He has black whiskers that come out from his face. He is the alien on the right in the picture. Talimar walked with me and showed a timeline of my future, a holographic timeline which we walked down. He showed me visions of my future, which I knew about. He told me that I had a choice and my decisions now affected my future. He showed on their hologram viewing table about the war on Earth and showed me that one day I would meet a Reptilian and he showed me the vision.


Glover making some designs on the spaceship.

Name: Glover.

Height: Approx. 2ft tall.

Skin Colour: Medium green.

Race: –(unsure).

I enjoy watching over the Earth and visiting other planets that need help. I am always there to help out with the council.

Where I met and saw Joonee:
Glover came to me and told me about his race and how Alpha draconians blew up his planet. He was very traumatised because most of his race was killed. He is very small and I remember there were a few of them walking around the apartment and I could see their green skin. He wanted to talk to me about some weapons designs he wanted to give me to protect Earth and human beings. In this picture he is designing alien weapons.


[_ “We are one, this is your planet, take care of it because their will only ever be one Earth.”- Chaste Grey Alien. _]


Earth the planet we live on. The planet which sustains all life including humans. Most people don’t even know that the Earth is actually alive and conscious. The Earth is alive and her name is Gaia. She is the spirit or the soul of the Earth.

I wanted to see for myself if this was true and I decided to test this. I went to the green meadow next to my house and I opened myself up to her spirit and I said “Spirit of the Earth talk to me, help heal me.” I was surprised to get a response back she said. “I am Gaia, I am mother Earth and I will help you my child.” I felt her amazing energy which I can see as very green and Earthly, it filled my aura with healing and grounded me in her presence. It’s very different to God’s energy or Jesus’s energy which is pure Gaia’s energy is a divine feminine energy. Gaia continued to speak to me. “Please heal my grid lines and certain landmarks all over the Earth that have too much dark energy which needed to be cleared.”

In this chapter I will investigate global warming and I have written down what I believe is really causing it which was very interesting to find. I have asked the aliens questions relating current issues on Earth in this chapter and they have shared their thoughts on certain topics.


“I will speak now.

I am Gaia I am the soul of the Earth.
I sustain all life upon me.

I am one with all beings who live on me. I am one with every plant, animal and living creature that dwells on me.

I am the mother that sustains all life on Earth

I am the caregiver.

My brother the sun is the watch keeper.

Protects and watches over me.

All living beings are connected together with the creator, God.

All life in every region of the Universe is connected in a web of life.

Human beings are closed off to the truth around them, and the true nature of their souls.

I am sick. I am weak. I am tired from all this dark energy filling my beautiful ley lines and sacred sites on me.

I am constantly on edge. My soul imbalanced thrown off from these dark energies they do on me.

I am sick of the pollution you fill in my waters, my rivers. I get even sicker when you cut down trees because they are healing me, I connect to them. They are a part of me.

I sustain and grow all your food for you and you treat me badly. What have I ever done to you?

Has mother Earth ever put chemicals in your body? I haven’t so why must you pollute my body?

Now all your efforts are showing. I am sick. I receive healing but not enough is being done for me.

I am suffering at all your hands. Will you not care for me?”


The awakened humans are waking up to the lies and turning off the TV. Humans are starting to realise there is something wrong with society and the system on Earth. I go onto Instagram and I am amazed at how many people I follow are awakened, it gives me lots of hope, that a change is coming.

Humans are paying attention to the skies, seeing the signs. The chemtrails being sprayed over the skies. The UFO’s with anti-gravity technology hovering above. Humans are becoming more intelligent and are evolving.

Humans are switching their diets from processed foods, with chemicals and opting for fresh organic food because they feel the difference when they eat organic. Even if most people don’t eat organic, their bodies are becoming resistant to the chemicals.

Humans are questioning everything around them. If we are to know the truth, then we should question everything around us and investigate.


Ashtria, Arcturian Alien:

“There is no warming of your planet, what strange idea made you come up with this? Your polar ice caps melting is a result of you doing your secret experiments in the north and South Pole. You make us laugh, because we have gone there and checked the ozone layer and we find this is not done by pollution, this is done by your top secret experiments.

We only see this as a method to frighten and control them into doing your bidding. Strange that you contact us and ask for a certain type of technology, which you say is to stop the ozone layer from receding but we know all too well, you want this technology for other reasons, against the population of earth. Do you think we are idiots? If you’re going to lie, at least come up with a better one that we will believe.

There is no global warming, it is a lie that has been told to humanity. The CO2 has nothing to do with global warming in fact it probably has better effects on the environment from things we have seen. The CO2 produced doesn’t stay there like you were told to believe, instead it gets sucked back into the Earth via the north and south poles magnetic rotation. It goes deep into the core of the Earth and settles there. It’s how the planet cleans itself. The ozone layer is caused by your idiots not using the technology properly and making holes in the atmosphere. The polar ice caps are melting because they are using top secret radio frequency technology that can melt through anything and they are not using it correctly on the planet and its atmosphere.

You are like babies, having to monitor your experiments and projects non-stop to see what you are doing because we cannot trust you with the technology which is in your hands. I can’t deal with what I see, I go for long breaks away from the command of the ship and sit down and think. There are times when we have stopped your projects that we are not happy with, disabling your easy to access technology with success many times. You know too well we will stop you and we will continue to look after Earth and all its inhabitants for the sake of their future. Just try and stop us.”

Eilo, Grey Alien: Global warming is a lie. Earth has much oil in its crusts, deep in there. Tell them to shut down all of their nuclear power plants, there are better options available. An alien race will come forward soon and give you new technology that you need to solve your problem with the pollution from your current use of fossil fuels. Use it wisely and do not ask for more than what you need.

Me: Why are the polar ice caps melting? Is this a natural cycle the Earth is going through, the temperature warming?

Eilo, Grey alien: There is in fact a team of scientists working in Antarctica, doing an experiment with the poles. They are extremely ignorant and blind. Playing with God. We really don’t understand why they continue to run these classified experiments.

Me: Has any of your kind tested the water or ice there? Did they find out the cause of the rapid ice melting there?

Eilo, Grey Alien: Solar flares coming up very close to the Earth, there is a very thin layer at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere. Solar flares are dangerous.

Me: So if it’s not the ozone layer trapping the CO2 in the atmosphere, what is causing the Earth to heat up?

Eilo, Grey Alien: The greenhouse gas effect is a lie, it is not true.

Chaste, Grey Alien: Global warming is not true Eve, it’s a lie. Don’t believe this brainwashing humans! Your planet is fine but your pollution is out of control and you need a new energy source.

Ashtria, Arcturian alien: Humans don’t believe anything told to you by the media. Everything is designed to control you and blind you from the real truth. Everything they tell you is a blatant outright lie. There is no global warming of Earth, your planet is being watched over carefully. The Council of Light, Galactic federation is protecting all of Earth and all humans.

Ashtria, Arcturian alien: Polar experiments negligent humans paid by the Government to do the secret experiments. They believe they will be able to control the magnetic rotation and the weather. What a joke. We watch from the skies carefully. We look down and see their devices they use. This is classified alien technology and should not be used on the natural Earth’s magnetic field. It is insanity, they are mad.

Me: How are these experiments melting the ice caps?

Ashtria, Arcturian alien: Weather control, you are aware of HAARP?

Me: Yes.

Ashtria, Arcturian Alien: They think they can play God on a planet that is not meant to be played around with. Look at the consequences, your floods, earthquakes and your climate shifting, all because of your own doing. Secret underground operated weather control of your planet is being used. There is a big weather control machine under the ground it is in Antarctica. The scientists know and they have seen the dramatic weather change after firing it into the skies but they keep doing it regardless, to follow orders. To play God with no brains.


When I channelled this I actually believed the cause of global warming was because of greenhouse gases. I thought it was weird that she gave me the title. I will address that pollution is very real on Earth with the ecosystems. We need a solution for this problem for our future generations.


My own psychic reading to check if everything I have been given is correct:
(I would also love for other psychics to tune into this and see what they find.)

I tuned in easily and saw the Ozone layer, I could see the Earth’s atmosphere clearly. I could see this weakened area on top of the Earth and it’s still covered by a one layer but it isn’t many layers like the rest of the atmosphere, in a sense it is a hole or sieve for something to go through.

I wasn’t expecting to see this but I saw a beam hitting this area and this area thinning away, the atmosphere. I also saw the reason or cause of this ozone layer hole is because of many high frequency radio beams or some kind of beam weapon being fired into this area consecutively and it’s not just one beam, I can see many needle beams about twenty or more hitting this area. The other parts of the Earth are ok but this hole, or ozone layer I don’t see the cause effect being greenhouse gases, I’m not picking up on that as the cause.

I’m pretty open to all possibilities and I will say if that’s what I felt and saw but I’m seeing that the what Ashtria is telling me is the truth.

I also have a really bad feeling about this weakened area of the atmosphere, the sieve hole. I’m seeing that all of this cosmic radiation and radiation from the sun is leaking into this area, like water leaking into a ferret’s plastic ball with a hole in it. Whatever they have fired into this ozone layer hole, has permanently destroyed it, I only see a thin layer left and in the center it’s a complete hole. I see that this is causing the Earth to heat up 2-3 degrees. I’m not a scientist but I’m feeling that this is happening right now. I’m also seeing that people will have higher rate of skin cancer because we are not used to the dosage from this radiation.

I tried to see if greenhouse gases was affecting or causing this to happen but it’s a negative, I’m seeing that the Earth is sucking in everything through its magnetic field inside the top and out the bottom and it keeps flowing, as if the Earth is cleaning itself.

I see that this top area of the atmosphere is permanently damaged and it cannot be repaired. I do see however that placing some kind of glass cover over this area may work because I’m being shown that something orbiting the Earth can help shield this area from solar flares and cosmic radiation.

I see that these beams are coming from America, it seems to be like many beams fired from one spot but can’t see which state clearly. It looks like from outside where I’m viewing that these moving light beams, is like when you shine a high powered laser from far away and the other person on the other side, sees it.

I will try and see if these north and South Pole secret experiments are true and will see what I find. I’m seeing the North Pole and I’m seeing a big black box about two metres high and wide, I’m viewing it from afar and I’m seeing some connection with aliens around this box. Not quite picking up on the experiments but I am seeing a big ship breaking through a frozen ice layer. For some reason I’m seeing Chinese scientists and I’m seeing that they are looking for ancient alien technology and they seem to know what they are looking for. I see a frozen UFO in the ice, where it can plainly be seen and there are other alien artefacts frozen inside the ice. I see them taking photographs beside this UFO in the ice. I am seeing a scientist on his laptop inside a big tent and his beard is frozen, he is wearing a big coat, he looks Australian. I see samples of grass or bacteria inside this tent. I’m seeing the Chinese scientist, three females wearing red jackets. They have taken out this alien artefact from the ice, it looks like a black shaped long pod, it doesn’t feel like it’s from Earth. They have this black pod, on a sheet and I see that one of these female scientists her compass is spinning out of control and their phones have no reception when they come near this artefact.

I am seeing something slightly interfering with the magnetic field near the top of the pole but it’s not really bad, it seems to be coming from a box, maybe this is the one Ashtria was describing but I don’t see it doing as much damage as these other beams.

It seems Ashtria was telling the truth and I wasn’t expecting me to see so much and get so much information. Especially with the alien’s artefacts inside the ice, in the north pole, it may been the south but I definitely saw these scientists beside this black pod frozen inside the ice, taking photographs.

“It seems that global warming is real and happening right now but the whole cause of the ozone layer hole is because of high powered laser beams being fired into the atmosphere and not greenhouse gases. Whatever these laser beams has done, has caused the sun to flare up violently, resulting in solar flares.”

I decided to look into these high powered laser beams and see what else I could find and I had a few visions.

Vision 1: Metal UFO flying next to laser beam in the skies

I had a vision and I saw a UFO flying next to a laser beam being fired into the skies and the alien’s in this spaceship were trying to stop the people from firing it. I think they were hovering above the area where the laser was going to fire but then they moved away when they sensed their presence wasn’t going to deter them from firing. I see the beam firing and they move their UFO out of the way to avoid being hit by the laser.

Vision 2: Three lasers fired from military bases

I saw a triangle and at each point in this triangle pyramid was a high powered laser. I saw these firing up straight and then the lasers moved towards the centre and formed a bigger laser beam and I sensed this was firing out from our atmosphere into space. I also feel like the laser beams could be controlled to move in any direction. I sense that these massive underground laser beam device under the ground (It looks like a long metal cylinder under the ground.) I see that they have to charge for a few hours before firing and I also see that in the surrounding area where they are firing these lasers that sometimes the power goes out in the neighbourhoods.

Vision 3: Laser beam weapon testing on a car

I saw that next to a freeway and it looks like America because the person who was driving that white van is driving on the right side and in Australia we drive on the left side of the road, that’s how I can tell and the energy of the place feels it is in America. I saw next to a freeway four men in a bushy area covering with trees, which is next to the freeway. I saw them next to a smaller high powered laser device and it looks like a metal box on a black tripod stand, which looks very study and thick. I see this man at the back of the laser device and he fires it at a white van, who is an innocent civilian and the car sets on fire and explodes. The laser was very quick to fire and took about maybe two seconds to set the car on fire. It seems that at secret military installations that they have already developed small scale version of the high powered lasers firing into space.


Question 1:
Now that I know the real cause of Global warming and that high powered laser beams are being fired into our atmosphere causing the ozone layer hole. Are these greenhouse gas emissions really to blame?

Aldor the Grey: Global warming does not exist; it was a lie created to control the population. The base of this lie does not do well to conceal itself. The evidence is clear CO2 emissions, produced from humans, cars, livestock is not the root problem. This lie was created for financial reasons. They wanted more control over the energy reserves, including oil, more power for them. When we listen to you before you learnt about this. Then we knew how widespread this lie has become real in human’s minds.


Teloar, Tall White Grey: No it doesn’t contribute to global warming because this global warming idea is false, not true, only we know that. Most of the humans don’t; know they’re being controlled, which we understand. The CO2 has very different effects on both land and the oceans. On land the CO2 emissions have very good effects on plant and organic life. The trees love to feed on them and it makes them grow, it is their food. In the oceans, I would say it is more of a negative effect being most fish need vast oxygen reserves to breathe. This is not a problem most of the time. Although (he’s showing me a black plastic pipe coming out from the sea floor, with gas bubbles coming out). Only when these pipes come out from the bottom of the ocean floor, we’ve watched fish dropped to the ground and die including the surrounding living aquatic life. That is not really CO2 that’s another Gas from the oil refinery.

Question 2:
About the Ozone layers’ hole in the Earth’s atmosphere, can you expand on Ashtria’s answer?

Teloar, tall White Grey:
Yes. There is a hole at the near top of the atmosphere but this is not caused by the CO2 emissions and global warming. This is caused by solar flares that has been hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. (I asked him about what Ashtria said about the North and South Pole secret experiments). This is also true. I’m not sure the total degree that she has said. I do know that the solar flares are have been weakening the atmosphere and getting through. Actually this would be the cause of the Earth heating up, not global warming. (He laughs). It’s actually very dangerous, and I don’t know why they don’t have warning systems on their televisions. We are always aware of what is happening on Earth, it is our job.


Aldor, Grey:
Yes. There is a hole at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere caused by rapid changes in the suns solar flares hitting the top and weakening it. It will change the atmosphere but for humans it won’t be a problem, and they will adapt to the changes. You are not going to die because of the global warming (laughs). The atmosphere is fine and it’s not a major problem, if it was we would’ve fixed it already. However, like Ashtria said we cannot stop those buffoons from doing their experiments at the North and pole, South Pole. Alas see how mind controlled the whole population of Earth is? As you said, they have done a very good job.
We already have the technology to fix this problem with the hole in the atmosphere; we are just simply watching them at the moment, seeing what they are doing. If it gets out of hand, we will step in, for the moment we are watching. We know when to come in and when not to interfere.

Question 3:
I saw in my reading that the ozone layer hole is letting cosmic radiation filter through easily and is causing the Earth’s temperature to rise by up to 3 degrees. Global warming is the warming up of the planet but it is not caused by greenhouses gases which you have explained. Have you detected any temperature changes on Earth in our climate? Have you done some studies into this?

Teloar: Yes we have done studies and things are not looking so good with the temperature rising. The temperature rise has negative effects on the oceans and phytoplankton. Even just a one degree temperature rise will cull the phytoplankton population and they will reduce in numbers and then what will the whales consume? (He is showing me a vision of a hump back whale coming up for air to the surface.) Temperature rise affects the whole ecosystem, much needs to be done to repair the damage that has been caused to this planet.

Ashtria: Yes the global warming lie is true and yes your planet is heating up slowly because of what they have done.

Question 3
What effects does deforestation have on Earth’s Climate?


Teloar, Tall White Grey:
I believe this is not a question in relation to this global warming topic? Deforestation is a completely different aspect of life on Earth. Which does have negative effects. The roots of the tree holds the ground together and stores water inside, in the case of rapid deforestation, has devastating effects. Trees are the ground keepers of the Earth; they are the life givers. In the rainforest, the lower inhabitants need the trees to shelter them and create a humid environment for the organic life to grow. The ground then dries up and nothing grows. This is also a spiritual effect as well with the nature spirits we see. They live together in sync with the trees and they have done so since the beginnings of Earth when the forests were created. When you destroy a tree, you destroy a living being with a spirit. As you can imagine going this in the context of rapid deforestation, it is very bad and you are killing the natural spirits of the Earth as well. As you can imagine the animals now have no home to live in. And guess who’s job it is, too make sure the animals don’t go extinct? Yes, us. Aliens are the ones keeping the DNA blueprint. Some aliens are very upset at what’s going on, on Earth but I remain understanding of the human’s way of living on Earth and I respect that. Sometimes it’s frustrating when we have to do so much, to protect the life created on Earth. You can understand why some aliens want to cleanse humans completely off the planet Earth for life to survive.

I understand that humans need to live, and this is not a problem. But, you must remember that you cannot have too much land cleared and no rainforest leftover. You must keep the balance. Also, remember that the animals living there and microscopic organisms in the rainforest are having positive effects on the air and soil. When you remove the whole rainforest area to be cleared, the good microscopic organisms die and bad bacteria grows in that area. There is a beneficial green algae, they thrive naturally on the rainforest trees and they produce pure oxygen. We have created a serum from this algae bacterium on the trees, and we use it on our bodies.

We have been analysing scientific research in the Amazon rainforest for a long time as the organic life there is so vast and there is a lot to study. It is very peaceful there, nice and quiet. Sometimes villagers see us and get scared. They leave us alone to do our work.

We’ve discovered a new species of stick bug insect in the amazon that feeds on the algae as a form of nutrition, aside from leaves and they live very long. We travel via the Earth’s geomagnetic lines and we can materialize in the middle of the rainforest. We don’t need our spaceships all the time. We travel beyond the need for that as we are interdimensional.

(As I was channelling with Teloar I saw a Grey surrounded by white light around him and he appearing through into the amazon jungle.)

Question 4
Is the current agriculture and food production we have in place now on Earth, is it sustainable?

Eschilleet, Grey: Humans need food to survive. It is from food that they receive the energy to power their bodies. The current agriculture or farming methods in place now will die out. GMOs are a disaster.

With the ever growing population for Earth, the agricultural methods and food production will have to make way for new methods of farming and food production. If humans continue to use their current agriculture methods, livestock and farming I don’t believe it can be continued. We are vegetarians. We do not eat meat. Instead, we consume, some liquid type substance rich in nutrients and vitamins needed to power our bodies. We have gone beyond the need for physical matter, to power our bodies, we also consume energy.

Me: What about the non-physical aliens, what do they need for energy?

Echilleet, Grey: I get what you are saying. You are talking about the Arcturians which are an advanced race. They still need energy but they consume positive energy and love energies because they are one with the light. Yes, there are a few races of aliens that have gone beyond the need for this and are in a sense, in your words nonphysical. We Greys still need some vitamins but we do not eat food. If we do eat food, its vitamin rich seaweeds, hmmm close to what you just said. We’ve been advanced for a long time ago from our old bodies. This has taken a long, long time for this to happen. Our bodies are designed to function for long space travel, needing less energy consumption and to use major brain power to calculate problems. This is how we’ve evolved in our bodies, gradually over time and changes from the environment contributed to our bodies changing.

Humans still need this energy source from physical matter. You are a young race and have not advanced and your bodies constantly need energy produced this way through food. The way you power your physical bodies is through food. You can utilize other energies to power your bodies but this will take an update. You must have your DNA coding changed in order to do this. It can be done. You can also receive energy through the sun and through non-physical energy as well not just food consumption.

Evra, Grey: I see what you are trying to say. There are many millions of human beings that reside on Earth. You have not evolved to a point in your evolution to run on fuel, without food or very little. How to feed a growing population at bursting point, I don’t have an answer for that. All I can say is humans need to evolve and change, so that they do not need to eat so much. We also see that humans are wasteful with their food.

Saliza, Grey: Did you know human beings are like a machine, they can process different energy sources? Just like a machine in your daily life, let’s use a phone as an example. The phone runs on electricity and it gets charged. The only energy it does use is the same electricity to charge with. Who is to say that it can’t run on another energy source and be wired for change for that new energy. This can happen the same with the human body. Human body can utilise the sun as energy. They can absorb the energy into the skin but the human must make the body change for this to happen, evolution again. Even the air, they are breathing in. The air can energize them.

Me: What the air?

Saliza, Grey: Yes air! Human beings can even run on air! Air is made of particles and oxygen, again must be wired to receive this energy. Breathe in life and energy into the body.

Me: Ok I will try that. I’ve done the sun energy one too. My energy system feels energised after, it works and I don’t need to eat much after I noticed.

Saliza, Grey: Yes of course. The sun can charge the human body and we see you have evolved and learnt how to do that well. Even the solar plexus chakra, absorbing the light from the sun straight into there, so it is evenly distributed.

Me: Cool.

Saliza, Grey: Yes and humans need to evolve and some already are like you even many others, so good to see that.

Me: But seriously, I need an answer to the first question.

Saliza, Grey: What was the first question?

Me: Is the current agriculture and food production we have in place now on Earth, is it sustainable?

Saliza, Grey: The current food production you have in place will struggle to adhere to the demand of your ever growing human population. Unfortunately, ever crumbling is the hope that humans can continue to populate the Earth at such a high rate with no control. There are so many humans. The people need to buy from the farmers and not buy from these supermarket stores where most humans buy their food from. This will also be a lot healthier for them too. The organic produce is much better for the human body to function.

Organic food is the way to go. None of these pesticides and chemicals in the food wreaking havoc on the human body. I cringe every time I see you eat certain foods Eve because I know that we have done studies one those foods and what you eat and drink. We have studied many abductees and done tests on what they eat, even the food too.

Me: I know I’ve been slack with the organic food diet.

Saliza, Grey: It is ok just try your best to eat as much nutrient rich clean food as possible or just get your energy from the sun, which you are already doing.

Me: Yeah organic diet and the sun, that works.


Saliza, Grey: Alright, I hope I answered your main question to the best of my ability.

Me: You answered it really well, amazing thank you.

Saliza, Grey: Ok good job done, will speak soon.

Question 5
Will the oil reserves run out on Earth in the future? Is that true? What impact do we have on the environment, if we keep relying on Nuclear energy or Fossil fuels?

Aldor, Grey: No, not really. The Earth has a prolific amount of oil, gas and coal in its natural resources and that’s also not a good thing because of dependence.

Ashtria, Arcturian: The oil will not run out, this is not true. In fact there is so much oil deep in the Earths crusts. We know this as a fact, again with the global warming lie, same again with the oil running out, lies. Big fat lies, do not comprehend a word of it, it is not true.

Xantar, Arcturian: Society needs to break free from their dependence on old fossil fuels coal, gas and oil. In order to make this happen, they need to be shown another form of energy technology that works.

Teloar, Tall White Grey: Tell them to start working on new energy technology, relating to water and propulsion; we use them underwater in our ships. It’s really easy to make if you have the knowledge and won’t cost so much as the other sustainable energy systems in place, that’s what’s so great about it. (He’s showing me water running through turbines in the spaceship, converting it into energy, propulsion. /Recycle system/Generator those are the words I’m getting). Get them to work on it immediately. I can imagine plenty of Engineers who would be interested.

Ashtria, Arcturian : Nuclear energy…. Where do I begin. I’ve seen so many devastating accidents with this. Chernobyl, Ukraine (she pauses). This is a stupid form of energy and should be abolished from Earth completely as an energy resource. Don’t you humans understand, there are so many other ways of creating clean energy through new technologies! That should have been put into place a long time ago. The creation of nuclear energy was a bad idea. For instance, where will you dump the waste excreted from the plant?


Just devastating, this is why I need therapy because of these problems I have to deal with on Earth. (Apparently they have counsellors on the Arcturian spaceship). Did you not see the effect of the nuclear Fallout in Japans Nuclear Power plant? Shut them all down! It’s not a viable resource! For you to be playing with. We could read the radiation levels even from a distance, from the nuclear power plant, you can imagine being next to the ocean, what Teloar’s crew have to clean up and zone off to the rest of the ocean. My therapist on the ship I speak too, says I need to control my emotions but you see my emotions help me get the message across, whether on command in the spaceship or getting through to other beings. I am a strong leader and I will not change, and it’s because of my emotions that I have succeeded in my missions on Earth and in space. (She is having an angry outburst, pertaining to a specific alien race.)
Sorry had a rough day today and this sort of topic fires me up because I care so much.

Me: That’s okay please continue.

Ashtria: New forms of energy technology must be put in place and Governments must invest their money in new energy technology, this is the way of the future. Well this also depends if they want to do that and in their minds, they want the control, so you can forget about relying on them. Someone needs to make it whether an Engineer or Scientist, work must be done! Don’t give up! You are so close at figuring out something, we can see it!

Evok, Grey: Our race has no dependence of fossil fuels or nuclear energy but rather advanced forms of energy we use to power of spaceships and equipment inside as well. We don’t want to tell you what it is because that’s none of anyone’s business but ours. Human life is so fragile; do you know how a single cell in the human body reacts to radiation? Very quickly forms into cancer cells. Nuclear radiation is devastating. I absolutely agree with Ashtria (Evok can hear her speaking as well as me channelling. He smiles). Nuclear energy must be abolished, simple. If all of your countries can do it, much will be achieved and moved forwards in advancement. Need not worry, some are already getting the picture. Some countries it’s about money and need convincing but hopefully they will get there.

If nuclear energy is continually used now and into the future, I can only see more and more disasters happening. Don’t you think nuclear bombs are enough? How much more for nuclear power plants? Get the message across, please shut down your nuclear power plants, there are plenty of other energy resources you can use. Fossil fuels by that you mean oil, gas and coal, natural mineral reserves in the Earth, will eventually grow out of fashion and there will be new energy technologies coming through in the next few years we see (smiles at me). So no need to worry.

Question 6
What new sustainable energy technology, should Scientists and Engineers be looking at to create, instead of fossil fuels and nuclear energy being used now?

Eilya, Grey: In relation to new energy technology, nuclear power was once the forefront of humanity’s energy problem. Times are changing now and nuclear energy should no longer be used because there are many other ways of creating energy.

Daktar, Grey: Time for change, time to move forwards. For many decades we have watched the human race and what technology was given to them and how they used it in society. One thing they should know is, never trust an alien giving you technology, if you can’t be 100% that he's not giving you all that is requested, or hidden. Most likely they will leave out a particular part of the technology that is important to that device they give you.

For instance, they could give you a device that changes the weather but they will leave out an important note about how to maintain it, as an example. This is not good, with alien technology. You must know the maintenance aspect as well. You should be looking at new water related energy technology (they are showing me a vision of a clear tube, with bubbles going through it. They are telling me coil, some sort of coil inside it). Tubular Radio Frequency energy, magnetic propulsion system.



Me: Can you speak to me about chemtrails?

Aldor, Grey alien: Widespread havoc on Earth daily, everything I see disturbs me greatly. I feel humanity is slowly losing their hope and their awakening is slow, much too slow.

Where shall I begin with this toxic slush mess spilled into the air of all human being’s lungs? I must talk to you about other things but I can speak with you now ask me a question.

Me: Awesome….ok…. Is it true that chemtrails that are released into the air contain biological and chemical ingredients?

Aldor: (laughing). My they will not be happy with this one. Well think about it Eve. How many human beings are on the Earth billions and they need to be controlled. They will need some sort of secret weapons technology to keep the human population at bay. Particularly nasty the chemical ingredients we see sampled from their air sprays…I told you before Eve the ingredients, where is the black book? You have lost it.

Me: Yep don’t know where it is. There’s mess everyone here.

Aldor: Seems you need to be more organised.

Me: I know.

Aldor: Eve I would like you to write down this word and emphasise it….”Repulsive”. That is the word I will use to describe the Reptilians and their work on the Earth. Much we’ve seen displeases our eyes and makes us want to have unseen it.

Me: Ok.

Aldor: Biological warfare used on human beings and chemtrails are the perfect cover. Brainwash their minds with the television and tell them that these chemical trails are safe and to block the solar rays. I have never heard anything so absurd in my entire years of living…..all of it is a lie…complete lie and the sooner humans realise this, finally their children will stop having asthma and people will stop getting sick…

I cannot understand why human beings choose to ignore the warning lines in the skies? I have lost hope in them (I see Eilya she is next to Aldor now she is holding some medical device).

Eilya: Hi Eve, good your speaking to Aldor he misses you.

Aldor: mmm…..do not distract her, the connection is good.

Eilya: Come by later Eve, come see the babies on the ship.

Me: Ok love you.

Eilya: Good.

Aldor: Furious dragons Eve await on your doorstep, not too happy i see with your postings.

Me: Well I expect that.

Aldor: Good on you…well done. Would you like me to get the file which lists the chemical ingredients we have taken from the chemtrail samples? I will tell Eilya to go and get it….

Eilya:……Ohh….I thought we already gave you that information.

Aldor: She wants it again; I suppose rewriting this content.

Eilya: Ok I’ll get it.

Aldor: I will go and ingest some healing liquids just ponder in your thoughts. I need to also check on my apprentice coder. He is uploading codes onto the ships controls, need to make sure he hasn’t made an error, we’ve had that happen with the newbies.

Eilya: Eve I have it. A page is missing but I think one of the scientists on the ship is using it at the moment. He is identifying elements from a crystal…do you want me to read it for you?

Me: Yes, please.

Eilya: So happy your back we miss you here. You are the only human being that visits us.

Me: I missed you too!!!

(Eilya is having a good look at the list).

Eilya: These are very nasty ingredients. One ingredient Eve they add into the chemical mix is designed to mutate unborn babies, this is the one I am most concerned about. We know that this added chemical is created in a lab and is not good for pregnant women or conception. The other ingredients listed are heavy metal alloys coming from factories. Most of these are carcinogens and should not be breathed in at all, very sad…..Can I speak for a moment?

Me: Yes of course.

Eilya: Ok I will speak to the human beings.

I know that you are confused and you might not be aware of this tragedy that is happen above you every day but us aliens we see everything that conspires on Earth and we are trying to protect you from many things including chemtrails. If you believe that these chemical trails are just a conspiracy, you need not listen to your authorities because they will fool you and tell you lies. We Greys care about you and we will not tell you lies because we don’t want human beings to get sick, especially children because I work with them and I see the devastating effects it has on their lungs.

You know we even have protocols. We won’t open the air vents when we are on Earth in our ships, if we see there has been a chemical trail that has been sprayed in the skies. We are very strict and make sure none of our people goes outside the ship. We shut off all vents in the ship and we move away from the area. You see if this was all a conspiracy, do you really think we would go to all this trouble to seal up our vents in our spaceship and make sure our personnel stay inside the ship?

Me: Wow I did not know that you actually seal the ships vents?

Eilya: Yes, it is standard protocol on the ship and we have chemical sensors on the ship which can detect chemical deposits in the air, so we know straight away. This way there will be less danger to our people.

(Aldor comes in)

Aldor: I am back. My apprentice had made a mistake and he coded the weapons system to only fire from one side. It was a very bad error and needed immediate fixing. Have you spoken to her already?

Eilya: Yes, I have told her most of everything.

Aldor: The chemical ingredients?

(Hands it to Aldor. They are speaking to each other can’t hear).

Aldor: It seems she has gone through most of it. I will just see if there is anything else on the list. The chemical used in the labs, we’ve seen those mice die in the testing facilities, when exposed to the spray in the glass box.

Me: Oh my god…poor mice. That can’t be good for human beings then.

Aldor: Eve those dead mice are merely the crumbs of the cake. You should see the experiments on humans, they are doing in the bases, genetic experimentation of the human genome. When you see the creatures you will wish you have never saw them. One of the hideous deformities I saw was a half human and half dog creature. The gene splicing did not go well and it carried with it an extra leg.

Me: Oh god…that’s gross.

Aldor: I do not mean to scare you but I think it is important to say that girls as young as your age were being used as breeding vessels and enslaved down there too.

Me: Please make sure that never happens to me.

Aldor: When they become uncontrollable they inject them and the girls die…cruel…But that’s how they work Eve and you have seen it too.

Me: Yes

Aldor: Humans are merely meat to them and to be used and controlled accordingly. How blind all humans are to this. Would you like me to tell you which country is the worst for creating human hybrids?

Me: Well, yes.

Aldor: China.

Me: Interesting.

Aldor: We are protecting you, actually you should have a several of our fleet above your house. I will radio them.

Daktar: Hello Eve. Yes, we are above. We can see you down there. There are a few below…watching closely.

Aldor: What colour clothing is Eve wearing? Don’t tell me Eve.

Daktar: Her green stuff toy lizard is not with her.

Me: Omg how did you know that? I just realised I left it at Louis place!

Aldor: We know everything Eve…Okay. I see you in pink long sleeved shirt with black stripes and a black bunny on the back…..and you have dark grey pants….maybe a lighter grey….and there are several men behind you.

Me: Yes!!!! I’m wearing my playboy pyjama top and light grey pants. Who are the men behind me?

Aldor: A consortium of secretaries. The likely kind I usually see harassing innocent book writers.

Me: What does consortium mean? Never heard that before. How is it you’re an alien and you know more English than me?

(I had to go look up what consortium meant on google.)

Aldor: We have more brainpower Eve but that does not mean you cannot be as smart as me. For i spend my days researching and studying all in existence.


Teloar, Tall White Grey:

Greetings I am Teloar, I am another species or branch of the Greys. (He is very tall and skinny and 7ft tall, maybe taller.) I take care of the oceans and some other Greys do as well, who work with me. We work together to create sustainable life on Earth’s aquatic ecosystems, in the oceans and other major rivers.

One major problem we and by we, I mean me and my scientific research group, we are similar looking to the Greys. The PH levels in the North Atlantic current has exceeded the normal levels they usually are. This has been going on for many years now. Dredging is not a viable solution and should be abolished. The undeniable disastrous effects we have found on aquatic life and biological systems are very sad.

What we do is save some of the endangered species of fish and other creatures, we preserve their DNA for the future. We’ve gotten most of the endangered aquatic creatures but sadly one rare species of fish was already extinct and we could not gather its DNA and save it. It was a fish that lived in the coral reef. This happened in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Oil spills are continuously interfering with our work to save the oceans infrastructure. How can you put inadequately trained shipmen at the post of the ships controls? Are you purposely trying to destroy the oceans? I really wonder at this?

(He sighs).

The oil spills are so hard to clean up. We operate our special machine from our spaceships to clean above the oil spills once the human clean-up crew is gone. It separates the oil from the natural saltwater and the oil is gathered in a tank on the spaceship. We also test the oils chemical compound structure to see what you are adding to it. We travel too many oceans and their bases including the major rivers too. The USO’s (Unidentified Submerged Objects) you see are just us trying to save the oceans, no need to fear us, we are your friends. They can also be our manned sea drones as well. We use these drones to go down deep into the ocean trenches, where we cannot always go because it is so deep and it’s a lot easier to send a drone down to have a look at what aquatic life is down there, which we can study. They also collect aquatic life or samples from down there.

We created a new sea slug mixed with electric eel’s DNA. It worked, and It is in our collection in our underwater base.

. Sometimes I wonder, when I am deep in the bottom of the oceans. How humans are living on the vast majority of the planet, and we are working deep in the oceans with only our kind.

I feel as though humans are so disconnected to what’s really going on in the oceans and on Earth and it just makes me think, that all of this is being kept secret. The problem is, if a problem is kept secret, how can humans possibly help out? When they don’t even believe or understand what’s going on. What positives are there keeping the information about us and, what we are doing to help? When there are so many humans, who could really help out, with what’s happening?

Sometimes we like to go to Hawaii and look at the humans going to the beach. We like to look at them and wonder at what clothes they are wearing and their behaviour is so entertaining. Sometimes we wish we could just land our ships on the beach and join in the fun but we know we can’t do that because humans aren’t ready yet and they will be frightened of us and of how we look. We feel a longing to just be with the humans and be among them. Do what they are doing too. We wonder at their way of life, and we wish to be a part of it too.

I’m so happy that I got the chance to know this author because she is a human. I feel like she can now give a connection from us back to all humans, to help them understand. She is gifted. Please listen to her and the rest of the messages from the other alien beings. We all care so much for Earth and all of humanity. ‘We love you all.’ Also please take care not to pollute the oceans, we already have a huge job of fixing it. I wish you all the deepest of love and peace for all humankind.

Below is a picture I drew of Teloar. I woke up at night and I remember seeing him next to my bed, he was about 6-7 feet tall and had very light white grey skin and he was a tall grey. He sort of recognised me looking at him and I was amazed because I had never seen a tall white grey before.

[* “I love the human race and I’m here to protect Eve on her journey to get this book out to you.” -Teloar *]



Aldor wishes to talk about the Middle East and the war and terrorism.

Aldor: Yes, there is much I wish to discuss with you. These maniacal terrorist activities on Earth we see are nothing more than cowardly attempts to procure fear into society and all human beings. There is nothing to fear and these are not your real enemies. The real enemies are silent and watching their work unfold before their eyes. Cowardly to hide behind one’s evil intentions and to mask them for another. No way will humans be able to tell the difference one way or another from fact and reality and the truth. Hiding behind a veil of illusionary lies put onto society a meaningless method only to put fear back onto humanity and to turn the world into darkness. Sad we all alien beings are watching all unfold. Some in tears and have lost all hope for humanity. The frustration at their hands, trying hard to awaken and save humans beings from destruction and evil.

Frustrated that humans cannot and will not hear us. Hear us trying to save them from evil. Some alien races with all that they have seen, Is too much trauma and they have discontinued looking after Earth and gone back home, they are the more sensitive ones. The strong light bringers we band together and we stand strong in the face of adversity and darkness. We are the ones now continuing our protection and care over the Earth and its future and all life on Earth.

Me: I see all that you are telling me and I understand completely that this is the truth.

Aldor: Look not for the truth in words but feel the truth unfold before you.

Me: What else do you wish to talk about?

Aldor: The war and terrorism.

Aldor: I will begin now then, unjustified behaviour starting a war with bloody hands and the meaningless sacrifice of many lives to win what? What is it you are really looking for in that deserted country? Telling all these poor human souls we must protect our country from terrorism? Yes.……again illusion and lies told on humanity. A Projection of unfaithfulness onto all beings. You give children guns and walk away. You hear gunshots fire and mislead the way,1000 bullets of destruction heard from all away. Listening the quiet preachers only a distance away. Turning the tables, ready for transmission only to find your projects destroyed silently. Walking away from the wreck and ruins. A sign of hope we find in the distant ruins. A child we save and bring back home to a mother. A sign of foreseeable changes in the future, only long have we hoped to see change. The light shines from above and leads the real path of destiny for all of humanity and their path to follow.

Me: I could see visions as you talked about that. So interesting you were in that area doing that.

Aldor: Yes, it was a whole convoy of us that planned that out. We are proud of our achievements in foiling their plans.

Me: Wow what aliens get up to behind the scenes on Earth.

Aldor: Yes, much goes on without your knowledge. Ahhh we could tell you everything but we will only tell important things, that need immediate attention from the public.

Me: I only have one word to describe you guys and what you get up too = Awesome.

Aldor: Yes, it seems like this word ‘Awesome.’ but It is much hard work and dredging away the evidence of us being there.

Me: I can see you’re exhausted and dusting off the dirt from your feet when you were there.

Aldor: Ahh…. Yes dirt and grime and dust. We were covered in black engine filth we were modifying the tanks.

Me: Ok. Why were you modifying a tank?

Aldor: Must you ask too many questions? All has been answered for now. Also too many eyes in the room. Our work must be kept secret.

Me: Ok just asking.

Aldor: All must be inconceivable to you at this time Eve but you will understand more in the future.

Me: Yeah I have that feeling I will.

Aldor: I am proud and happy that you have channelled with me today. I was frustrated at not channelling my messages with you. I have been thinking long and hard on the ship, for our next steps to fight for humanity and for what people we need to pick in order for the change on Earth.

Me: Cool we are all part of the brotherhood of light.

Aldor: That is correct. You may take a break now.

Me: Ok will speak soon love you!

Aldor: Love you too child, love you too. Take care.


When I channelled this information from Aldor, I had no idea the G20 Summit was on in Brisbane. It was only until, I turned the TV on that and I realised ‘Wow, they know everything that goes on.’


Aldor, Grey: Why do you have these meetings when all of you know of your agendas and know they cannot be changed? Is it just for show? I do not understand what Earth’s leaders are doing this for? When they know well that they cannot do what is being told. These summits are just a conference of buffoons unwilling to change the Earth’s climate, unwilling to do what the people want. Why then do you hold these summits? Is it too make the people believe that all of the world’s problems will be taken care of? Only I see a tiny bit of progress has been made still a long way to go.

Not enough time. Behold the greed of men. Shameful to see putting your ideals before the people, turning a blind eye on them. Hoping that it will all go away. If you turn away from a raging bull, will he still not charge at you regardless of you not facing it? The earth is a commodity that cannot be priced, the land you stand on? The air you breathe? The water you need for life? Have your heads been in the clouds too long? By the time humanity and the leaders wake up its will all be too late.

All of you put too much emphasis on the material world. When will you start realising that life is more important than the useless junk being marketed to society? Filling their heads with useless material? But that’s what your agenda is isn’t it? The best way to control and enslave humanity, is to, throw misinformation, junk into their heads, filling the world in darkness, to prevent white doves to fly free into the sky and bring peace and light upon the earth. I am disappointed in your leaders, for they do not work in your best interests at heart.

The only way for change is for the little people too stand up and realise what’s going on, educate yourselves, open your hearts minds and souls, to help make earth a better place, even if it is the smallest of things, it will still make a difference. How did the Garden of Eden blossom forth so well? Because beings worked together to create a paradise for all too live in, do you not want the same for earth? The whole global financial sector is controlled and mediated at the very top by certain families that know all too well, of what they want and how to enslave humanity and control them. You have no idea the control they have over the whole earth, everything and the people are oblivious to understand the real reality of what’s going on.


Me: I personally have no opinion on this matter, I’m very interested and surprised by what Aldor has to say.


Ashtria, Arcturian:

Far be it to call us non caring when we are the ones doing all the work looking after all of earth and its inhabitants. We are distant you say.

If we really wanted to help we would be on earth doing everything that you wish. Why can’t you understand that it’s your Governments own fault that we won’t go near Earth in the first place? We have our reasons, you have your own reasons, and our wishes do not fit with yours wishes, so we will not come and visit it’s that simple.

Destructive is your pattern of belief, that you can control an entire population on the basis of lies. Have you no shame upon yourselves? You know who you are, we know who you are. Yes, it’s about time we gave you what you asked for. Not enough for you is it? Far reaching is this toxic spread of consuming utter chaos created from your heinous dark rituals and partnerships. Our entire spaceships will annialate your feeble excuse for a spaceship, that you are working on at the moment. Yes, we know about that one you are working on in that base.

Tragic that it has come to this we have no choice but to prove that we are serious and we want you to stop what you’re doing. We are not happy, remember that.

Stop at nothing will you? Will you stop when our fleet marches straight for you? You are pitiful excuses for beings, all of you sicken me. Your race will never change and envelop. You are too much into your lustful passion with the darkness. Rocket propelled ingeniousness we’ve have created. Oscillating new projects, we have just made. A true master of our advanced Arcturian race.

Be still and wonder if you wish to go down the pathway you have chosen because it may not be everything you have hoped it would be. At the end of this message all I can say is I wish you love and light because in the end I know at heart you are good in there and that destroying what you have is something we don’t want to do. We are reluctant at doing this but we will do what we must in order to protect innocent lives of the beings on earth.


Aldor, Grey alien:

Hiding behind your ideals pursued by your undying lust for power, you beings sicken me. A veil put over society a blanket putting out all the light within all humanity. Feeding them false truths. Spreading your dark powers for all within your reach. Have you any empathy? No. For you do not feel love for all of humanity like we do. You believe all can be hidden from view. Well, I am here to tell you there is nothing you can hide from view forever. A countdown to nothing. Destruction by all means you have your grip of power. But, there is one small thing you do not see. For humans have something you can never feel, touch or even know. They have their inner light which will always glow. The one last stand against darkness, the countdown begins. Will you accept and tell society the truth? Or will you sit on your throne and wallow in your control and power?



‘The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul…this is the error of our day, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.’

– Greek philosopher Plato, 427-347 BC

The Physical human body is what we are most familiar with; when we hear the words ‘The Human Body’ we associate that straight away with the physical body we are in. In this chapter I will explain the energy function of ‘The Human Body.’ I will ask questions about the human body and the aliens will give their answers. In our current education system. People are taught only about the physical human body in schools. There is nothing on psychic ability, the soul and the human energy system.

I will also talk about humans and whether aliens played a part in genetic engineering of the human genome. Different races and cultures have stories of their alien gods coming down to Earth. The children or offspring of these aliens were hybrids and called the Nephilim. I believe some of the humans on Earth today, have many extraterrestrial ancestors.

People are familiar with the physical body, the physical world, the third dimension and everything that has solid form. There are unseen forces in the other dimensions all around us and we walk past them every day not knowing or seeing that they are there. Psychics and aliens can see all these invisible forces in the other dimensions but a normal person can also pick up on these other dimensional entities by their energies.

Our human bodies have a natural aura or an energy field. Just like how the Earth has its own natural magnetic energy field. If the Earth is alive and has energy field. Then it would make sense that we have an aura, an energy field around us too. We all have souls and there is more to know about who we are.


The human family tree has roots connecting all over the place. How far would you go down that tree to see who you’re connected to? What’s even more interesting is the fact that humans are not so human after all. Why does every race on Earth look so different? It is more than just evolution by itself. We are not as human as we think we are, we are mixed.

When I looked at the difference between the apes and modern day human’s DNA, I do not believe that DNA would over time suddenly fuse together, on top of one another. To me it looks like the chromosome DNA was carefully joined together by an advanced alien race that genetically engineered humans.

Before the great flood in the bible humans were reported to live 300 years plus. After the flood when Noah was born humans suddenly had shortened lifespans. The many ancient myths have stories of gods descending to Earth to mate with humans.

In the bible our past ancestors couldn’t explain how a virgin could get pregnant and they viewed it as magical and divine. How could the virgin Mary get pregnant, when she was a virgin? In ancient times they couldn’t explain how it worked. In this new modern age, you do not need to have sex with a man to get pregnant, you can get IVF done and be artificially inseminated. This would be a logical explanation of how a person could have gotten pregnant whilst still a virgin.

Human women in the past have been abducted by aliens and have had their eggs extracted. Some women have reported giving birth on spaceships to hybrid human babies. Women are reporting, being abducted, getting pregnant and having missing pregnancies. You do not need to go so far in the past, women today are being abducted and impregnated by aliens to create hybrids. The grey aliens are the most commonly reported by abductees and reptilians as well.

Humans with RH- blood type are thought to have extraterrestrial blood In them, I will explain why. If you are RH positive + the test has detected Rhesus monkey in your blood. If you are RH negative - the test has not detected Rhesus monkey in your blood. This is said to be a mutation. How can it be a mutation if all humans are said to originate from a monkey?. About 85% of the population on Earth has the Rhesus monkey factor. What about the other 15%. Included in this 15% are reptilians which are already here on Earth and their families have been here for a long time. Other alien races would be included here too. They would up a small percentage of the 15%. The hybrid reptilians and other hybrid half human aliens would also make up this percentage too. I believe that all humans from every race has an alien ancestor whether close family or from all the way back to the beginning of the tree in the past. We do originate from the original monkey but some humans also have extraterrestrial ancestry. The rare Rh blood type, is considered a mutation of ‘ Unknown origin’.


Collective of Arcturian aliens:

“Human beings your DNA is a gift and human beings are special. Each DNA coding in human beings shows and reveals your past ancestors who had lived on Earth and alien ancestors from the stars. The human body is taken for granted. Most of the truths you should know are not being given to you, not being educated to you. The human being is a well-structured intelligent being, with intelligent DNA coding every piece of DNA in the human body is like a piece of information and code sequencing in the body, designed to do different jobs.

Long have human beings been ignorant to their special ancestry and their divine DNA given to them. Human beings need to realise that their bodies are more special than they realise, they can adapt. They can change and human beings have the internal structured coding ability to evolve into new beings. At a much faster rate you can all evolve and you don’t even realise that in the present time, in which you are all living. The human body is coded specifically to change and in saying this human beings need to know that the way they are living now, how they live, how they think, how they adapt to life’s challenges all leads to changes in the human body specifically DNA changes whether a good evolutionary change or deficit change in the DNA from environmental circumstances like chemicals and other inherited stimulus.

Human beings hear this…you are all special, you, all of you are coded in your DNA for glory and evolution, realise your potential for change and adaptation. Realise how special you are because we know. Now it’s time for you to know that. DNA is the most important function of the human body, it contains special coding for the cells and body’s functions. All human life is important. All human life must be protected. The coding can be changed and updated like any DNA, the special coding in human DNA allows them to ascend and transform, change the DNA, bestow the power of healing upon themselves. The human physical bodies can be all updated. Matter is non relating, matter is changeable. Energy vibrates through all DNA and cells. DNA can be changed its possible. The human race is so young but you can still change. Activate your divine DNA given to you in the soul.

All can be changed and updated, nothing impossible only possibilities endless. Cancer can be prevented and easily cured, if the correct DNA coding and healing is used. It can be done but requires a great deal of energy involved. Humankind does not have the technology machines yet to cure cancer in this time period. Chemicals only destroy the body further and it is a cure temporarily. Radiation creates a negative response on all cellular levels and also a temporary cure, it is not a permanent cure. Does not do the job. New possibilities in the DNA must be looked at on a physical and nonphysical level. They already know how to cure cancer but it is not given to the public. They should feel ashamed, each one of them that knows, how sad you all are and how selfish. Much should be changed in your attitudes towards human life. All is possible and humankind needs the DNA activated and changed. “


Veruk and Chantra Grey aliens:

The Human DNA code is special because it shows all the aliens who came down on Earth and they made their mark in human’s DNA. There is a story in the DNA of how human life came to be. Just like how you leave a mark on a tree, so it can be there forever and that is what was done to the human DNA. Some humans who have more alien DNA in them, have very interesting DNA coding stories in them. We see all family trees of the human race and their ancestry and each one relating to each other distant relation or close.

Human DNA needs to be preserved and in order to do that. Humans must take care of their bodies and not fill them with harmful chemicals and drugs. Chemicals only do more harm than good, they destroy the DNA and cause cancers. This is terrible and not good. Cancer can also be a genetic problem passed down from their parental DNA fault. “You are writing on how to cure cancer? I think you should write on how to prevent cancer, with all the harmful chemicals you put on your skin and ingest and breathe. Aren’t you all surprised that your rates of cancer have risen, in the past decade? We know that. I will not write on what will become of the human race, you will find out for yourselves in the near future. Radiation exposure doubles your chance of incurable cancers. You are curing cancer cells, with radiation? What a joke that is.

Me: Do you think that sending healing energies to the damaged DNA will help in some way?

Veruk: No, it will help but not completely solve the problem. If you are relating to cancers. It is a positive preventative measure that can be put into place however.

Me: So we should prevent the cause of cancer then?

Veruk: Yes, it’s just as important as curing it.

Chantra: What else would you like to know Eve?

Me: So if UV radiation is not the only cause of skin cancer, then what other causes are there?

Chantra: Okay yes I can answer that for you. All living organisms need light to survive, unless you are a fungus which you are not. (She laughs). I’m going to say yes UV overexposure so if you were out in the sun every day, when the UV levels are high and you do this for 6 months, you will get skin cancer but that also depends on your genetics as well. If you had a parent who had dark skin, then you would inherit that protection and tanning gene from them. Also, from our studies they are the most unlikely to get skin cancer because they are so well protected by the darkened melanin in the skin.

The whiter you are the less defence and melanin you have. They are the most likely to get skin cancer but again we did have one girl we studied who was very white and she was always in the sun and she never had any problems with skin cancer, as she was very healthy and took care of her body, it would also be down to her genetics as well.

What also causes skin cancer, actually this would be a major part of all skin cancers is chemical exposure. We had a man who was always around hazardous chemicals for his work and developed very bad cancer in his stomach area he died after a few months. That may be also due to his inadequate diet as well, what he was eating.

We did studies on several abductees who were using creams on their skin that had chemicals in the cream lotion used. We looked under the skin and took samples and tested it. What we found was alarming, that the chemicals used in the cream, they were using was causing rapid cell degeneration. The cells were confused and didn’t know how to function, and this would lead to cancer forming after a significant amount of time in the cells exposed to it. Again, this takes time and how many times you expose yourself to the chemicals on the skin.

Me: How do we protect ourselves from UV exposure, we use sunscreen.

Chantra: The light from the sun is good for you. There are other ways of protecting yourself from UV exposure, sit in the shade, wear a hat, protective clothing. Yes, you can wear a protective clothing and a hat. (She shows me what looks like a white cloth radiation mask, two holes for the eyes, used when they enter disease ridden areas). Was that a good example?

Me: Omg…A bit extreme but I think in China some women are already wearing complete face masks like that. Very unfashionable too, will scare people away.

Chantra: I would wear protective clothing. I think no chemicals at all on the skin whatsoever is best, it’s safer to use protective clothing instead and go in the shade.

Me: Okay will do. Is there anything you found interesting about human skin?

Chantra: Yes, we also found out that human skin, has the ability to heal itself, regenerate, the cells as well. Eat organic food and pure filtered water. Use organic serums, pure ones straight from a plant or bio ingredient. If you do this you must stay out of the sun for the damaged skin to regenerate back, depending on how bad your skin damage is. Must stay out of the sun though, that’s most important and take care of your body for this to happen.


Algar, grey scientist:

Eve wanted to make sure what she channelled was right from us, so my name is Algar I am a scientist here on this spaceship. We call our spaceship comet star. I can explain to you about some of the interesting studies we have found with human DNA. What Eve just explained to you, she is talking about how humans have coded stories in the DNA, we find these in the ribosome Nucleic acid, we look at these under the microscopes on our ship. When we study abductees and their genetics, we get a small sample of their DNA proteins, we look at many chromosome strands, we look for anomalies and similarities with certain human genes for things we wish to study.

We have done and finished our conclusion and study on how humans develop cancers and for us the case is closed and there is no question for us as how humans develop cancers.

Humans the chemicals in your environment and diets are disrupting the normal functioning of your body’s cells. We see it all the time, we see small amounts of cancers in our abductees, at different levels and rates of growth. The longer you do not switch your diet from chemicals, the higher the chances of you developing cancers in your bodies.

Profound is the use of Wi-Fi and electromagnetic fields and causing humans to have an alarming rise of brain tumours, this would be from your telephones and tablets that you use. You should not be holding these devices so close to your head.

For us cancer is caused by the environment and the chemicals in the air, food and water supply. I cannot even believe humans haven’t dropped dead yet from what has been sprayed on all of you with chemtrails and the poison administered into the water supply. The human spirit and body is profound for its resilience to outside external factors.

I will end my conclusion on this with human DNA and how cancers develop. If you want to believe what I’m telling you is right, then switch off your Wi-Fi before you go to bed, turn off your phones when you don’t use them. Keep them away from your bodies, limit your exposure during the day. If you don’t believe that toxic chemicals are being administered over your cities, please take a sample of the air after a chemtrail spray and have it tested. You will find your answer. Bring your children inside the house, these chemicals give the children asthma and they can develop chronic problems with their lungs afterwards. When we see a plane spraying chemicals, we know what’s inside, we shut all the spaceships external vents and we seal everything. That is how seriously we take this matter. All of you humans need to start realising what is in the food that you eat, meat is not necessary in your diet and pharmaceutical drugs do not cure your illnesses which are caused simply again by the foods filled with chemicals that you are ingesting.

You need to all start waking up and taking proper care of your bodies and paying attention to your feelings, if something doesn’t feel right, then it is not right.

(Another grey hands Algar a file.)

I need to talk to you about GMO’s genetically modified food on Earth. I will start off like this. Humans are you blind and oblivious to the fact that companies are trying to poison all of you. The receive more money from the government, the more they put into the cocktail of chemicals.

We have seen the company’s scientists; we will not name the company because Eve does not want it put in. They are insane and playing with fire. If you want human babies, the next generation of humans to be born with mutated ears as an example and hearing and eye problems, please continue to create new modified fruits and vegetables for humans to eat.

If I were all of you, whoever is reading this now. Please research GMO’s and the health impacts and studies. Other people need to be aware of the dangers of genetically modified food. I don’t know what your scientists on Earth are telling you all but I can tell you it’s not good, not good at all.

Absolutely “DO NOT EAT Genetically modified food. From what I’ve seen studying these crops, it looks like your governments want to kill all of you. I’m not joking, it’s quite serious and deadly. Do you want your children and their children to be born with mutations and defects in their DNA?…. you will see the results. Have you noticed a sudden rise in autism in children? There is your answer. Not just Autism, ADHD and several other disorders of the brain and DNA are caused by the fusing of modified foods.

I really wonder if the scientists working for these companies, feel remorse for what they are doing. I really wonder if they care, after all they are human themselves. I know they have jobs but poisoning other humans at the expense of their next paycheck? Is money really worth other human lives, for them to get sick, for problems to happen. It’s not worth it.

Chantra Grey alien scientist and nurse:

Humans I know it may seem daunting that you are all being poisoned by the chemicals in the food you eat and the GMO foods that potentially cause mutations but know that there is still time to switch over your diet and change your lifestyles on Earth.

You know it’s heartbreaking for us to have our grey alien, human hybrids born with genetic mutations, within a few years many die and they don’t make it. For me to hold a newborn in my hands and watch it die, is heart wrenching. We do love humans and we want the best for all of you but you need to starting paying attention to what you’re eating, what is around you and to question what is being given to you. “Is this really good for me? Should I be researching the effects of this drug or food?” questioning everything like this.

Sometimes when abductees produce a baby, we are always hoping that that baby will survive and be able to save our race that is dying. We always hope that the baby will be able to produce offspring and that the DNA mixture will be stable.

Think about what is really going into your bodies, not just you will suffer but your children and the next generation after. We can only stand back and give humans our knowledge and answers but is humans that need to start paying attention.


The mind is everything, what you think you become.”-Buddha

Everything in the Universe and on Earth is made of energy. Energy is everywhere. Our bodies is made of atoms, particles and molecules. The human body converts food we eat into chemical energy which we use for energy. What about the human body emitting energy? This would be what we call an aura or an energy field. We feel the energies of other humans when we’re happy or upset. Every human has some degree of psychic ability, it is part of us and who we are whether you believe in it or not.

Have you ever walked into a room after an argument between two people and felt the atmosphere? Very dense and you get a headache. You have walked straight into a room with negative energies still stagnant in the room from the argument and you can sense that. Humans can sense and feel energies. I’m sure most people reading this will have had an experience like that. If humans didn’t have soul, consciousness or aura. Then we would not be able to feel or sense energies. We would walk into an argument mindless and robot and not feel anything, not feel any energy, we would feel nothing.

Prayer and rituals doesn’t matter what religion it is. They may seem different but they all use the same thing that the Universe is made of, energy. Why does prayer work? Why when we pray things start to improve? The reason is because we use energy from our thoughts to pray for that to happen and that the reality we pray for materialises into action.

Your thoughts create your reality, and you direct your energy with those thoughts to make it happen. Humans can emit energy through their conscious thoughts. The Human body and soul thrives on positive thoughts and energies. You attract the healing energies and you attract whatever you want to attract to your body and your life.

Imagination uses energy, your conscious thoughts create your reality. Your thought forms literally materialise and can be seen in the fourth dimension. You can’t see energy but it’s there. Humans don’t realise that each one of us is a God. People have been brainwashed to think “We are not in control; we have no power…let’s give all our power away.” They do this because they know there are 7 billion powerful humans on this planet that can change the planet, even with thoughts and energy. Each one of us can literally change our lives with our consciousness, our thoughts our energies. You are in charge of your life, you have the power within you. We are Gods and it’s time to take back this planet and change our lives.

Altara the Arcturian:

Gifted are human beings with so much energy inside you in every cell, in every part of your DNA and soul. Blessed are all of you with divine light from creation. Know this, that matter doesn’t always stay the same, you can penetrate it with light, the same with your bodies. Heal with light and remove all of the darkness in your body and all will be well.

How beautiful human beings are we see down there on Earth, and they have so much potential and they do not realise how special they are. The light will remove all darkness and problems, heal with light and water. Cleansed water the gift to Earth and gift of life. The tree of life only grows with water and your body’s the same.

Altara the Arcturian:
Singing in alien language. We will translate for you.

“Baka rah ni haw arww ho ni kraw si faa ma raw ki tis maa fas ni shas arww konis iraw

Baka tislaw ni rani ma aroonya vi katoo matis ma law akris ma taw raw ni arww na vi lanwey.”

(It goes on for a while, so decided to translate into English)

Full translated song in English:

“Blessed are beings of the light.
Yours soul are free to cross dimensions.

See not your body and your bones.

But your soul made of light.

One with all of us.

Let go of fear.

Made of light human child.

Come with us.

All your stress and worries let them go.

Into the wind away.

Seek your shelter in my arms.

Hear my voice that sings.

I am one with you and you are one with me.

Child of the light come home and cry no more.

Free are your souls to join the light.

Altara the white grey:

Let them sing this song, when they are stressed and tired and they will be one with the light again.

Using Energy to heal the Human Body

In physics, energy can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms but energy cannot be created or destroyed. We can’t see energy but it is there. If energy can affect and change physical matter, whether a force or conscious energy emitted from a Human. Then who says we cannot change physical matter if we wish too with energy?

Every atom, molecule in the cell is alive in your body and they react to energy, whether positive or negative energy. If we can pray over someone and send our healing energies into their bodies, they start to see results and miracles. You can heal DNA, you can repair DNA and you can recreate DNA with the use of energy and your direction of intention.

You can pray over a medical condition or organ in the body every day and send directed energy there and you will feel the difference. It’s all about energy and how you use it.

If you have strong psychic abilities and have a knowledge of DNA and how it works. You could restructure your DNA and this would be on an energy DNA level. In a sense if you had enough energy, you could make your physical body immortal if you directed your energy to do that for you and you would need to send energy to your body to do that every day. You need some degree of psychic ability to do detailed healing to direct it at the problem in the body and fix it but you may not even need that, all you need is energy.

Depending on how bad your medical condition is, dictates how much energy needs to be sent to that area or problem. A little chewing gum energy won’t do it; you may need to weld it together with strong energy as an example of how much energy to use for a medical condition. Just like how the placebo effect works. If you tell your brain “This is going to heal my medical condition,” your brain will pick it up and will think I need to heal myself. The placebo has no effect. The effect is in your body healing itself. It is all about how much you believe and how much energy you use to heal yourself. You are manifesting the healing into place in your body.

Easy energy healing white light technique

This is an energy healing technique that works and I have used it all the time. Imagine really hot white light, like the white hot part of the sun and imagine it emanating from inside you, see this healing white light energy flowing through you encompassing your entire body. It will purify and remove any negative energies.

Imagine it filling your entire auric field. You can also say a prayer as you are doing this. You can imagine the white light entering the top of your head and moving downwards to the ground and expanding outwards.

Here is a prayer you can use:

“The divine spark of white light expands through my entire multidimensional system and DNA. It is now removing any all negative energies that are affecting me in my energy system. All my worries, all negative thought forms and beliefs are now lifted into the light of God and removed forever. I am filled with love and peace and I am now cleansed and healed.”

This is a good prayer to use before bed or when your energy and your thoughts get negative. To bring you back to the oneness with the light.

Blessing your water for drinking

I read that blessing the water was beneficial and healing and I decided to try it and it was amazing. Your positive affirmations/incantations and energies go into the water and you feel the healing energy in the water. You can do a simple affirmation blessing while holding the jug of water, cup or whatever it is containing it. Pure filtered water from a spring is best but normal tap water works as well.

Your positive energies are going into the water that you drink. You can use this affirmation and put your energies into the water before you drink it. [*“Water of life I am about to drink be blessed with divine white healing divine light to heal my body and ascend me to a higher vibration.” *]You can add more to the affirmation, for example: if you want to stop pain in an area or an illness, you can dictate what you want the water to do. You can also call upon your gods or goddesses or angels to help assist you.

Crystal water healing essence

Each crystal has their own unique vibration. Each crystal can be placed into the water and the crystals healing energies are added into the water to heal our bodies when we drink. You can look up different crystals on the internet and their healing qualities. You can even put many crystals in a bowl, the more energies the better. If you first buy a crystal remember that some of these crystals have a coating over it, you must put them into a bowl of water for a few hours to take the coating off before you put it into the drinking water. Also note that not all crystals can be put into the water and it would be a good idea to check online if the crystal you have can be put into water. II find that rose quartz and Herkimer diamond work well when I use them but you can use other crystals for different effects. Herkimer diamond is a wonderful high vibrational stone amplifier of energies. Clear quartz crystal is also very easy to find and it is great for clearing and healing. Clear quartz is also a great amplifier of energy and it is very easy to get.

It is not just the crystal which has healing energies but you have to put your healing energy into the crystal, and charge it with positive healing energies too. The crystal will then be placed into the water and left there for an hour or however long you feel; I leave my crystals in the water for 1-2 hours but you can try it out and see what works for you, how long you want to leave it in the water for.

If you want to cleanse your crystals from energies just place them in the sunlight, it clears up any negative vibrations or energies that need clearing. Sunlight also charged the crystals with its energy, moonlight also charged crystals and you can put the crystals into water after being charged.

How to make crystal water healing essence

Step 1: Choose your crystal and leave it in the water for a few hours to cleanse it, in a bowl, to remove any coating over it. If it does not have coating over it and the crystal is raw, you can disregard this step.

Step 2: Dry off your crystal and coating over it, make sure to scrub it off.
Step 3: Fill a separate bowl of water with filtered water or spring water that you will be drinking from. Bowl is best but if the crystal is small enough you can add it into a glass of water. As you fill the water you can imagine a divine white light going into the water and cleansing it.
Step 4: Hold the crystal in your hands and imagine a white divine light cleansing and going into the crystal and say:

“I now use this crystal to heal my mind, my body and soul. May I be filled with divine healing light of purity to cleanse away anything harmful in my body, mind and soul. Divine healing energies fill this crystal now and all is well.”

Step 5: Place your crystal or crystals in the water and leave them there for an hour or longer to let the energies infuse together into the water.

Step 6: After a 1-2 hours, drink the water and feel the difference. You can feel the healing energies you have put in it and the crystals healing energies added into it.

You can use your own affirmations in step 4, for example if you wish to develop your psychic abilities or to heal an ailment in the body, you can make up your own affirmation to help you.

Make prayer part of your daily routine for healing

You don’t have to religious to pray for yourself and for other people. All you have to do is believe and use your energies to heal yourself, animals, people and the world. You can also pray over your food and your water that you drink.

Your conscious thoughts have energy, this is why prayer works because we send out our wishes to the universe and we are answered. The universe will help you but you need to ask for it, visualise those energies and manifest them into reality.

Can you imagine if every person on Earth, billions of people started to pray for the Earth to heal itself? Imagine how those billions of conscious energies would help heal mother Earth.

The human race is a powerful force, we have power, it is our conscious energy we can use this to heal the world.

Here is a prayer I made:

“I pray for my soul and my body to be cleansed and healed. I sent white healing energy into my body and I draw in the prana life force of the universe into me. Bring my soul and body back to unity and oneness with the light. All is well.”

“Divine light of god, protect us on Earth with divine white light. Let this dark energy that clouds the Earth and the human race be lifted and cleansed. Let us send white light filled with love, light and peace to every city, to every town, every house this light will go and heal every person on Earth, until it covers every parts of the Earth. The dark clouds will dissolve in the light. Let us concentrate on mother Earth now. Mother Earth the planet we live on, the life giver, I know pray for your healing. I send white healing energy through all your sacred sites, your ley lines and clear them of dark energies. These dark forces have no power no more and light will now fills every city and part of the Earth, the light fills everywhere and heals everything and brings it to unity with the light. All is well.”

Everything around us is made of energy

I developed an ability to see energy around trees, leaves and people and around objects. I observed trees and I could see into the inside of the tree, its soul, its energy system and it was made of brilliant white light. I can see this white light energy coming out 1-2cm out from its leaves and I can see the energy lines going all the way down into its roots.

I observed my father and I saw into his body and it was the same made of a brilliant white light on the inside about 20 centimetres from the edges of his body.

Sometimes this ability I had, turned on out of the blue and I started to observe other people and their energy lines made of light and their chakras and I would also see dark patches and other times on other people I would see colours and many beautiful colours like green and blue.

I would look at the plants, in our front yard at home and I could hear the voices of the plants and their language, they communicate with each other. I could see the light inside of the plants, the white light made of energy.

I could turn this ability on at will and I would see everything made of light and energy and my third eye vision doesn’t see matter but energy around me.

Energy is inside everything. Psychics can do psychometry on objects because it contains energy from the people who wore it, came near it and we can read that energy. Around glasses, computers, cars I see energy around it.

I also observed this that objects that interacted around people a lot, had more energy coming out from it that could be seen. Whilst objects that rarely had people come into contact with it, had less energy coming out from it that could be seen.

I observed while practicing psychokinesis/telekinesis that my energy was being transferred into the object and I noticed the light around it was getting brighter. Which I accidently found out.

This is a picture I took and I edited and drew in a white ley line. When I meditated on the grass patch in this area next to my house, I noticed that I could see a white energy line and I realised it was a natural Earth ley line. I noticed that the butterflies seemed to follow this ley line as though they could see it. This earth ley line could be a smaller vein coming from one of the bigger ley lines. This is how I see the ley line, how I have drawn it is how I see it through my third eye chakra.


This is a picture I took of the small tree outside my house in the nature strip. I have drawn over it, so you can see how I view energy fields in my third eye. You can see this white energy field around the leaves and energy meridian lines going through the leaves. This is how I see the energy field in plants, trees, animals and in humans. I see this through my third eye chakra. I can see small bubbles moving inside the energy lines in the leaves, I’m not sure what this is but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the plants photosynthesis. I have drawn the energy bubbles a little bigger, they are much smaller than how I drew them.

This is a picture I took of the same small tree and I observed that i could see the energy from the tree going downwards into its roots and connecting with the Earth. I felt the energy form the Earth was flowing upwards into the small tree and I felt that it had some kind of magnetic field, although I didn’t observe it, I believe it may have a natural magnetic field because I felt the energy flowing upwards.

This is how the tree looks normally without looking into its energy field through your third eye. You cant see the energy field, unless you train your third eye to see these energies and have a certain level of psychic ability.

Even if you cant see the energy field, you can still meditate, sit next to a tree or plant and you will be able to feel its energy. Each tree and plant has its own unique energy signature, just like humans.

My observation of Heath the small tree.

I went outside to study one of the trees and I decided to see how it behaved and how I could explain to people how trees are alive.

He energy feels male to neutral energy. My strong energy unnerves the tree and it feels uncomfortable and I can sense it is wondering what I am doing sitting next to it.

I touch Heath again and I tell him I just want to study him and not harm him and I feel him calm down a bit, he seems to understand what I told him telepathically. Heath the tree speaks to me now and says “The energy from the Earth, gives me life.” The other plants and trees around me are noticing I am speaking to the small tree and I can feel their energies and conciousness focused on me.

I have obsversed that every tree that I have communicated with has their own unique energy signature just like humans and that they feel emotions and energies. Plants and trees are very much alive and they are able to speak and tell you how they feel.


I noticed observing people walking down St Kilda road to work and their energy field not the aura, I see something around people that looks similar to kirlian photography around people. This energy field is very close to the physical body and doesn’t come out much. The average person I see their energy field comes out about approximately 7 cm. I have seen very sick people and their energy fields are very weak and small and come out only a few centimetres from their physical bodies.

Have you ever felt that some people have a presence? Have you ever felt someone walk into a room and you could feel their energies very strongly and you noticed them straight away and not the other people. This is because that person has a very strong energy field which would be much bigger than most people and can be felt by other people.

Even though most humans can’t see auras and energy fields, they can still feel it around them without them even realising that they are.

I have also noticed that people that are bigger in their body size have a very strong wide energy field which is interesting. Humans body sizes and their energy fields match to their bodies. Incarnated angel souls have a very strong wide energy field but it is not limited to incarnated soul angels.

The Human body needs to be worked on. The more energy you send energy every day to your own body to heal it and your energy field will replenish itself and heal it and it will be much brighter. Connecting with the chi, orgone or life force energy during meditation also brings that life force energy back into your body to replenish itself.

This is a picture of how see the energy meridian lines moving through my hands, through my third eye vision. The energy always looked white but the field around it which comes out a few centimetres is a yellow colour. This first energy layer of the human aura, is commonly seen by people.


The aura has been shown in many religious artworks, shown as a halo around the head. The aura has been known about for a long time.

Most humans cannot see the energy field around us but it is there. An aura is the energy field of a human and every person’s aura has a different colour. If we are happy and healthy our aura will be a very bright, vibrant colour. If we are depressed our aura will be a muddy, dark black or grey colour in the whole aura or in patches.

When I was in high school, I remember a lecturer who was very vibrant and speaking about sport. I remember seeing a bright orange light around his head and shoulder area. Later I looked up the meaning of why he had an orange aura and it was not a surprise. The man was very vibrant, energetic and motivating just like his energy colour orange.

I have seen red flashes around people who are angry and observed it in my own aura. Other psychics have seen the exact same things.

I observe the auras in very healthy, fit people as very bright and vibrant. The auras I observe in people who don’t exercise or have health problems is not as vibrant and the energy field very close to the body. People who do drugs or are sick, I notice their energy field can’t be seen as well.


I decided to get an aliens perspective on what an aura is and what they have to tell humans about it. As soon as I started writing this a Pleaidian woman came to me and I felt her soft healing loving energy. There are also some Arcturians I can see, who might speak.

Date: 18/01/16

Time: 3:58pm

Alien I’m channelling with: Pleyara, Pleidian woman, Arcturians, grey alien.

Me: Some humans don’t believe in auras, what can you explain to them?

Pleyara: Auras are real…and in our society, when we go to the doctor. We have a machine that checks out energy field for problems, seeing colours is normal and humans need to develop their psychic abilities to see this. We are a very advanced society and we can cure cancers an illness with no problem, so it would be understood that we would also have a machine to check our energy field, making sure that it is flowing properly.

Lyuro, Pleaidian: Of course you all have auras…. reptilians controlling your planet, have brainwashed you otherwise.

Me: Do any of you know why they would leave this information out?

Pleyara: They don’t want humans to become powerful. They don’t want humans to have this knowledge, to keep them mind controlled and away from the truth.

Grey alien: Energy flows through all atoms. Humans are made of atoms, molecules. The energy vibrates through your entire cellular system. To say that auras isn’t real is denouncing the laws of nature. Building blocks of atoms make up your body. Learn not to listen to your world leaders, who have their own agendas.

All energies are linked together and flow. When you walk on the ground, you connect with the Earths energy. You can see it but most humans will feel it.

Even if you can’t see your aura humans just use your hands are move them all over your body to feel the energies. Keep practicing this and your greater senses will develop.

Me: Why can’t some humans see auras?

Grey alien: It is in their genetics, if their parents developed their psychic abilities, then their children will be able to do this.

Me: Our human auras in another dimension?

Grey alien: (he is thinking)…it’s irrelevant because auras can be seen when your eyes are open, I have observed that the aura can be seen in your third dimension too.

Collective of Arcturians: We think the aura is in the fourth dimension, that is why it is so dim for humans to see and only the ones who have developed their abilities can see better.

Arcturian female: Humans will be able to develop their psychic vision of interdimensional beings if they practice seeing auras. Practice! Practice! Practice! We want to speak with human men…they are very handsome looking; we are in the 5th dimension but I would love to meet one.

Me: I’m sure after my book comes out, there will be a mass alien and human contact on Earth.

Arcturians: We hope so to Eve.

Grey alien: We have a machine on our ship too to measure the aura but ours is different to the Pleaidians one. We let the abductee sit in the chair and we restrain them. We add probes onto their hands and head and heart area, then we measure their field and how strong it is. We did not do this study too long, this research because we were ordered to find out other things about humans. We did this on several abductees.

There is an energy field around humans and some star people have very high readings on their feet and head, the hands too and that is why we like to abduct them. The soul anatomy is different to a human soul.

We know that our energy field is much lower than human’s field. Reptilian’s energy field is very strong and we need to use another machine for that.

We hope humans aren’t afraid of us doing our experiments, we are just curious and fascinated with humans and we want to study you.

Me: Yes, I understand.


This is my third Eye Chakra Colours caught with infrared hunting trail camera. I have illuminated the photo. These colours are indicative of a very open third eye. The violet and dark blue colours are the colours of the third eye chakra.

When I took this photo I had a strong sense that something was right behind me, watching me. Even though I couldn’t see anything there on the bed I could feel the grey alien very strongly, his energy. I knew he was watching me; it was very intense for me to feel that.

I took a photo with my hunting trail camera, this was one of the photos that I have illuminated. In the original photo you can still see the strong dark blue and purple colours.

This was the only time on that camera that I have ever caught colours like that and I think it was because the grey alien, somehow his higher dimensional energy made certain things show up in the camera, that you wouldn’t normally see.

My third eye chakra is very open and it was no surprise at all that the colours seen in that area between my eyebrows are dark blue and purple. These are the colours of the third eye chakra. Some people however can have different coloured chakra colours but the purple colour is most commonly described.


I had an MRI scan done of my brain and in one of the slides I was able to see into the inside of my brain clearly. I looked up where the pineal gland was located and I matched it to another image on the internet, mine was healthy and normal sized.

The pineal gland is very small and I feel that psychic ability does not come from this gland. The reason I feel this is because when I used my abilities, I feel other parts of my brain switch on. The pineal gland is said to be the seat of the soul and I think this is true. However, I have my doubts that psychic ability comes from the pineal gland because I spoke to a friend and he told me his son was born with a underdeveloped pineal gland, despite that, he said his son was very psychic or sensitive.

“I believe that psychic ability comes from the brain, i say this because I have seen Fluoride switching off people’s natural psychic senses.”

The reason I believe this is because I have seen what Fluoride does to people’s brains and I see an energy field closing in onto the head area and not extending outwards. There must be other parts of the brain responsible for psychic extra sensory abilities. I believe this is true.

I wouldn’t be mentioning this, if I didn’t see something strange about what Fluoride is doing to our brains. I have used myself and my head as an example of what I see with people who are drinking Fluoride. The other example shows someone who does not drink Fluoride or has very minimal Fluoride intake into their body. Eating an organic diet, I saw greatly improves the energy field extending outwards from the head. I saw Fluoride as the major problem.

There are pages dedicated to Fluoride awareness on the internet, there are scientific studies done of how Fluoride affects people in their bodies. Look up ‘Fluoride Action Network’. I’m not even a scientist but I can see that this chemical is in fact switching of parts of our brains and decreasing our IQ and I didn’t even read that, I picked that up from seeing psychically what is does to people. The studies confirm what I’m seeing too.

Fluoride is in the water, in our toothpaste and in non organic foods that are sprayed with pesticides containing Fluoride. They don’t specify where the Fluoride has come from in our drinking water, this type of Fluoride is industrial waste put back into our drinking water.


“They have brainwashed you with lies to control you. They kept secrets from the people, so that people would never evolve. They taught the generations of humans that psychic ability and fortune telling was evil, so that you would never be able to see into higher dimensions.”

A modern day understanding of Psychic Ability and how it works

“The ones with their third eye open and can see clearly, they will have the evolutionary advantage. The new world order doesn’t want the human population to see what they are doing, if everyone knew who they were and what evil things they are doing, there would be an uproar from the people.”

“The fluoride and chemicals in our modern day diet is causing the shutdown of every human’s natural psychic ability. They don’t want you to be smart and evolve. They want you to stay dumb and conform to media brainwashing and society.”

I can tell you for sure, that psychic ability is real because I’m psychic and I have seen things before they have happened and seen things that cannot be explained. I’m not the only one, there are many other psychics like me, who have all experienced and seen the same things. Don’t listen to the mainstream media and education, they just teach you what they want you to believe and not the truth.

Most people believe that psychic ability isn’t real and I have heard this line many times before:

“If psychics were real then how come they haven’t won the lottery.”

I would like to explain why, this was not possible for anybody to win, not even a psychic. With my psychic abilities, I saw that when you go to buy your lottery ticket it is on a computer, your numbers and millions of other people that bought lottery tickets each have selected numbers on this. There is a central computer in which all the information is gathered. They will not let you win anyway because they let the winning numbers will be numbers that nobody has picked.

I did however speak to my psychic Shirley and she told me she had a vision of winning lottery numbers and she told me she got all the numbers right except two on the end, which was completely brilliant for a psychic to even guess most of the numbers.

I used the pendulum to try and find the winning numbers to see if it was possible but what I found was strange, the numbers kept changing. If you are looking for an answer with a pendulum, the answer or numbers if they are set will not change all the time. So I knew straight away something was up, the numbers are changing on a computer.

Looking into the lottery and how it worked, I saw the balls were heavied and that they crack open and you can insert something inside to make it heavier. I saw them doing that in my vision.

You cannot expect a psychic to win an obviously rigged lottery business, designed to give out a certain percentage to the public. *]If they let you win, if will be very rare and they would only do this to entice people to give them more money[_. So if you hear that line again about ‘psychics and the lottery’, remember that nobody, not even a psychic can win, the lottery numbers are controlled from a central computer._]*]

I believe that an unchartered part of the human brain, could also be where the psychic ability comes from, whether it is the pineal gland or not, it could also be another part of the brain which hasn’t been explored yet, or will be used in evolution in for the future of the human race.

In most psychic’s readings I had done for people, I saw into that person’s future. I told them a detailed description of who they would meet, and what would happen, and every single time, they came back to me and said what I told them had happened and they couldn’t believe that it came true.

If you are very high level psychic, you will be able to see into a person’s future but how is this possible when that person is sitting in front of you in the third dimension, in present time and you are seeing far into their future, giving them a detailed description about something that will happen in the future.

[_ From what I've have seen I am 100% sure that with the psychic ability you have the ability to see through higher dimensions. Psychics are able to see through time itself, the fourth dimension. _]

This would explain why psychics are able to see ghosts, faeries, aliens and other beings who are in the fourth dimension. At the same time the fourth dimension is known as time but it is also what I believe is the astral realm and another dimension opposite the third dimension.

So you can still be a third dimensional being but if you are psychic you are able to see a multiple array of dimensions. As a third dimensional being, most people will not be able to see the aliens or fourth dimensional beings around us. They will appear invisible, you can feel their energies around you and they are there, you can’t see them because you are a third dimensional being.

So essentially, when people call psychics crazy or imagining what they see. Psychics are not really crazy or imagining anything. Psychics have the gift to see other dimensional beings and hear them.

I believe psychic ability Is genetic and inherited. Psychic ability runs in the bloodlines of families. If your mother and father were psychic, you will also be psychic. I also believe that psychic ability comes from our alien ancestors who came to Earth. They were advanced physically and in their DNA. They would’ve had millennia of time to perfect and evolve their psychic abilities. These hybrid aliens were called the Nephilim, the offspring of the alien Gods.

Whilst I believe psychic ability is genetic, I have also seen that some people who were witches in past lives and have parents that aren’t psychic. These people turn out very psychic and I have wondered why that is. I believe that the soul is advanced and those abilities you developed in past lives are remembered by your soul and you incarnate with those abilities. Even if you didn’t have psychic abilities running in your bloodline and you had an alien soul for example with psychic abilities. You would be able to activate parts of the human brain in your body with your soul’s abilities.

I have come to the conclusion that psychic ability is an advanced evolutionary trait, whether inherited from Alien ancestors in bloodlines or passed down genetically from parent to child or a learnt ability from evolution.

The more alien DNA you have in you, the more psychic you will be, and you will most likely have other amazing interdimensional abilities like telekinesis as an example.

Psychic ability is a great advantage in survival and war, to know other people’s motives. To know where your enemy is and come up from behind and attack them, without them knowing.

When I say psychic, it’s not just reading minds. Some aboriginal natives in Australia can see ley lines on the ground and this is an inherited psychic ability passed down. Hybrid aliens can walk through walls and have many other incredible abilities. There are so many abilities humans can evolve with, just psychic is an understatement to what incredible abilities hybrids and evolved humans have. I have never been happier to have evolved and gained new abilities. Have you watched the movies? They have been leaving hints for you everywhere. X-men and one I saw recently which was Deadpool, in the movie he hears the thoughts of the people around him. People like this exist today and this is reality, they are just portraying it in the movies, leaving hints for everyone.

Even if you do not have an alien soul or come from strong psychic bloodline. Human beings can still become psychic. You are influenced by your environment. Humans beings are evolving and learning fast every day without even realising it.

As an example let’s say there is a corner in which you can’t see behind from when you are driving and it’s dangerous because many cars can come out of the other side speeding and you could hit each other because you can’t see each other. You would develop an extra sensory ability to feel the car coming or sense the other person’s energy in the car and then slow down. This is evolution.

To understand what unique gifts humans might have: if someone has lost their eyesight and hearing they would have to develop some other sensory ability to be able to see in front of them. They would develop some other way to see solid people and barriers around them. They might even develop the ability to see energies in colour in front of them.

If you have psychic ability in your genetics, it is much easier to further develop your abilities. If you don’t, you have to spend the time developing it. If you meditate once and hope that everything is going to come to you, it is not going to happen. You have to train the ability and keep practicing. Even if you’re born with psychic ability you still have to train and develop the ability. An average person can also develop their abilities, and become a psychic. Psychic ability is an evolutionary trait, if you use your abilities and practice every day, you will be able to turn your abilities on and become psychic.

I will list several reasons as to why psychic abilities are turned off in humans:

  1. Psychic ability does not run in your bloodline.
  2. Negative religious views on psychic phenomena being pushed onto people who would fear developing their psychic abilities.
  3. Chemicals in the food, water, air and the environment around us shutting down our natural psychic abilities.
  4. Society’s belief system that if psychic ability is not scientifically made fact and taught in schools, that it can’t be credited and real.
  5. Humans who have psychic abilities are scared of their natural psychic abilities and want to supress it, rather than develop it.
  6. Humans who live too much in the physical world are not relying on their psychic abilities, which then turns off.
  7. We don’t spend enough time in nature, to connect with mother earth and her energies.
  8. Closed third eye chakra.

Psychic ability and the sensitivity is not for everyone

Whilst I am encouraging people to develop their natural psychic ability, I want to also caution people that, it can be a complete shock for a normal person, to suddenly become very sensitive to their environment and energies around them, after evolving.

It is easier for children who are psychic and develop their abilities from a teenager and then into an adult. We get used to having the abilities and we are aware and know how to deal with the sensitivity and it is not a shock to us, because it was done gradually over time. We get used to seeing ghosts, energies and seeing other dimensional beings. For psychics who develop their abilities into adulthood, it is hard for us the sensitivity and we have to learn to adapt to our abilities over time.

Psychic ability is not for everyone. This is because you might start hearing people’s thoughts when they speak to you and you might not want to hear what they have to say in their mind. It can be a complete shock for a person to suddenly develop their psychic abilities, who are not used to it.

Evolved humans, change after DNA activation and their psychic abilities turn on and they become more sensitive to their environment and the energies. It can be very intense to feel everything so deeply.

Are you ready to see aliens around you? Are you ready to see colours, energies, people’s chakras? Hear people’s thoughts and feel their emotions. This is why it is a shock of someone to suddenly become psychic, it is like they have awakened from the matrix pod to see the energies and other dimensional beings that exist around us.

Not everybody will want that, to feel everything. Over time, you will learn to adapt to the change and it won’t be a shock anymore. You will feel like a completely different person, you have evolved and you will see the world around you differently.

Before you do decide you want to develop your abilities, think about if you really want to have the sensitivity with it, if you feel you can deal with it and you’re ready, go for it. If you’re not sure, better to do it slowly, step by step and see how it feels, you could meditate and see the effects afterwards.

Not having psychic abilities is also a good thing because you will not be open to other dimensional beings and you will be able to stay grounded in the physical world. Psychic or not, you are still gifted with living on Earth and in this beautiful dimension and everyday life will be much easier for you, without having spirits annoy you or watch you every day.


Aliens are very interested in the human souls. Grey aliens have told me that they do not have a soul, and that’s why they find human souls fascinating and they want to study souls. They have moved on from the physical abductions and seem to be concentrating on how the soul works.

Humans souls can be abducted or taken out from their physical bodies with some type of technology they have. Your soul is like a copy of your physical body. My soul has been abducted many times and each time it happened I took in all the information of what happened and tried to see why they did it and how it worked.

During or after a soul abduction in which you may be awake or asleep, the aliens will most likely install an etheric or nonphysical implant on your soul. Each of these etheric implants are designed to do something whether good or bad. They may not even need to abduct your soul. They can put an implant on you while you are sitting down in a chair. They are in another dimension, finding someone and implanting them is not hard.

When you travel in the astral realm reptilians or other alien’s beings can mark you. I don’t know why they do this but it’s to identify you. Just like how humans label cows in their ears on factory farms, the aliens do this to humans too but in many places. Some reptilians view humans like we are cows on a factory farm, they have advanced technology and they can abduct and take any human they wish on this planet.

With these etheric implants being nonphysical. Most people who aren’t psychic can’t see these implants attached to them, and they will have no clue that something is on them. The negative aliens can download psychotic behaviour into an implant and stick it onto a person. If it is for mind control it is usually located at the base of the neck and that person would become psychotic and nobody would know why that happened. They would just think that the person developed mental illness suddenly.

Reptilians can do anything they want and this is why it is so important that people know about this. It is so easy for them to do it. They could turn a perfectly angelic person into a murderer like that, just with an implant. How it works is the implant encodes the information into the brain of the person and they change, they become a different person. You could turn someone into a murderer, a rapist, a radical extremist and nobody would know why because they can’t see the nonphysical etheric implants. Not all of the alien implants put into you are bad, it just depends what alien is doing it and why.

[*Most of the time the ones they put on me are bad and it’s always placed on the base of my spine and on my neck. They do this because they want to stop me from what I am doing. *]There is always a reason as to why they want to put an implant in you. Some of the good aliens will give you special DNA changing implants that alter your DNA or give you special abilities. I had a reptilian changing DNA implant on the base of my spine and I felt that I was different. I wasn’t the same person I was before but it wasn’t bad, I gained new psychic abilities and I felt more advanced after.

[*_In the above picture this is a photo of me and it shows an etheric implant or a non physical implant attached to my neck._ *]There is also a long barcode along my neck and I put in these pictures to show people how it looks through my third eye. I can see these etheric implants with my eyes open. The big black modem looking implant was attached to my neck. I took a good look at it as my astral body was behind me viewing my neck. I saw that it had an antenna on the right hand side poking out at the top. I also saw green lights flashing on the three windows. The wiring was black and red wires but here I show all black wiring, the wiring was also much thicker.

[*_This implant the reptilians attached to me was bad and it was designed to put images into my mind and cause me many problems._ *]Taking it out was easy I just imagined using pliers to cut the wires all out and then I pulled it off. The small grey aliens were there and I gave them the implant.

[*I have had so many etheric implant put onto my body I can’t even count how many I’m guessing maybe 50 or more etheric implants. Every time I took them out, the reptilians or greys put them back on. *]It was an annoying game and it gets exhausting to take them out each week.

I would always see the tall brown scaly reptilian watching me in my visions. He would stand at the foot of my bed and wake me up at strange hours of the morning, he would hold a black device with switches on it, which activated the etheric implants on my body. He was very dominating and controlling, he didn’t like me writing this book. This reptilian wanted complete control over me.

This is why I’m writing about these etheric implants and how dangerous they are if you don’t know you have one. Reptilians can turn anyone into anything they want with these etheric implants, which are coded with information and they can be read by the reptilians and also the men in black.

On my neck now I have an etheric skin implant barcode. If I can describe what I see it looks like a barcode made of skin grade stamping material that was burned or stamped onto the back side of the neck. They put it close to my hairline, so that I would not be able to see it but I went out of my body and saw it there. The photo below is an example of what was is on me.

Whether the grey aliens or reptilians who put the barcode on me. This barcode can be read by their devices and it’s pretty sad that they would barcode human beings against our will but they can do whatever they want, they have the power and control over this planet.

The reptilians have many lists. One of the lists is of the soul changed hybrid reptilians. They have lists of abductees. They look for RH- human beings with certain reptilian bloodlines. They have a list of women they use for whatever they need them for, to take their eggs to study them.

The reptilians also have lists of people they don’t like. People who speak to loudly, people in power speaking out against their agenda of control over the Earth and the men in black have to go and implant these people. Usually the grey aliens do this work for the reptilians as well.

Some of these implants I took out, I noticed they looked like microchips. They also had writing on it, codes in English, that only they can understand and numbers and also a barcode on it. Below is a picture of one that was on the base of my neck and I took it off.

Below is a picture of where the aliens, the reptilians and the men in black like to implant people with etheric implants. These places can also be favourite place for physical solid implants as well.

What I have observed is that the aliens love to implant people on the neck and spinal area. This is a very sensitive area connected to the brain and information can be uploaded from the implants into the body.

[I have had implants in my brain and also a metal disk covering my third eye which I’ve taken off many times. They don’t want me using my third eye to see them and see what they do. *]I’ve had black rod implants inserted into my forearm. I’ve had only a few implants these small etheric black implants in my toe and I’ve also had them in my finger too. *_They can implant you anywhere they want but the above circled parts of the body is where they like to implant humans._

It is clear that these people were trying to make my life very hard. When I touched the implants I had a vision of a bald man in black in a suit, installing this implant at the back of my head.

[*The image above is of an etheric implant I had in my brain. It was covered completely by my own flesh, so I would not be able to see it. That’s what they had done. *]I did psychic surgery and I cut inside to make sure it was an implant and I saw black inside and pulled it out a bit and I cut the sides around this black implant. I felt much better after I cut it off. The wiring was done so intricately if I tried to pull at it, it would be connected to another area. So I had to cut in many places to pull out the wiring.

Whilst they wired my body and implanted me. They also injected with an etheric injection many times with some unknown liquid substance. I believe this was some kind of substance that is bad and is designed to kill people. If I have been getting etheric injections you can be sure that they would have physical injections with this same liquid, either to give people cancer or to make them die very quickly.

I realised that some of the reptilians weren’t as pretty as I once thought they were but evil on the inside with no regard for human life and the grey aliens deceitful and just as evil as the reptilians. The greys told me “Were sorry, we’re just doing our job” in a neutral tone to me. “Were sorry Eve, he will beat us if we don’t do our job” a little grey said to me, he was talking about the reptilian man who doesn’t like me.

“Wow this is how you treat humans; we need to protect ourselves from you” I thought to myself.

I then thought “Where are all these good aliens, that are supposed to be protecting me? Where are they? Why haven’t they taken these implants out and the wiring that is hurting me? Where are the wonderful Pleaidians and Arcturians that said they were protecting me? They don’t seem to be around…It’s very quiet”. Then a reptilian said to me “We are the dominant race on this planet, we rule here not them.”

Physical implants would be associated with physical bodied alien abductions in which the aliens need physical material, eggs or to study humans for whatever research they need.

Etheric implants would be used on soul of soul abductees who were abducted by aliens. It can also be for other purposes to change DNA. Your soul is inside your physical body, so the implants would still be seen on the outside.

On the other hand, both could happen to a person where they have their body and soul studied and a soul abductee could have a physical implant in them and vice versa.

Whilst I am noting my negative experiences with implants. Not all implants are bad. Some implants are given by aliens to change your DNA, to upgrade your body and soul complex. They would various different positive outcomes desired for the person. It is the human’s sole choice to decide whether they want the implant on their body or removed. Some people may want to remove the implants.

If you feel like you have an etheric non-physical implant attached to any part of your body the good news is you can take them out. The hard part is whether the aliens will put it back in again.

How to remove etheric implants [
**](Etheric implants are made of energy and can only be seen in by psychics or people with very open third eye) [

The energy from your consciousness of thoughts, creates energy that removes the etheric implants, use any means necessary to get them off but be careful do it slowly, sometimes they can be intricately attached.

Step 1: Imagine a protective white light bubble all around your body, covering every part of you. This will protect you while you take the implants out. You can also call upon your guardian angel or spirit guide to protect you while you do this. You can put on some relaxing music to help you visualise and feel the energy of the implant.

Step 2: Close your eyes and visualise your body and feel where you think the etheric implant is. Focus on the energy from your hands and use your hands and hover your hands a few centimetres above your neck, is there something there? If not go to the back of your neck and feel there, is there something there? Implants are usually placed at the back of the neck and on the spine areas, hover your hands over these areas or other areas where you feel something may be.

Step 3: If you can see or feel something there, have a look at it or feel its shape. You can also touch the etheric implant and feel who placed it there and why.

Step 4: Say this prayer and imagine a brilliant white light filling every entire area of your body and soul cleansing any implants that have been attached to you.

“I now call on my divine higher self and dissolve any Etheric implants put onto me. They have no right on my body and I now willingly break them off my body and take them off. They are now released, dissolved and let go in the light of God and I am cleansed.”

Imagine the implant being burned off with white healing light and detaching and removing itself from your body.

Step 5: You should feel something detach of you, or feel something fall off slowly. If it is half off just visualise picking it off your body.

Seal off astral body and soul

When you remove the etheric implants you must seal off your soul afterwards. I won’t lie, they will still be able to implant you but it will be a lot harder for them if you seal your body with energy. It depends on how often they are around you and who is giving the grey aliens or reptilian’s orders to do their job.

To seal your body to this method:

Imagine white light emanating throughout your entire body, aura and energy field. This white hot light with melt away any implants, that could still be attached to you. Feel the white hot light attaching itself to anything that isn’t part of your body, feel it moving all over your body, until you feel ready. You may feel something come off.

Next say this prayer:

“I now willingly seal off my entire soul, body and energy field from any dark forces, any aliens that wish to implant me.”

As you say this, imagine a golden light liquid filling the outside of your body and soul, imagine this strong golden energy, protecting you. Imagine this energy on your body, turning solid on your neck and back areas when the aliens come near you.” After you have done this let your body and soul dissipate from your vision and focus your feet on the ground and connect with mother earth energies and connect with her energy to ground you. If you want to remove the golden liquid seal over your body, just imagine a hot white light breaking up golden covering and imagining the pieces of golden energy falling off your body.


Possession of the human body What is possession, how does it relate to mental illness?

The physical human body is a shell or a vessel. In our shell contains our soul inside it. Our souls are not physical matter and can be seen in the fourth dimension and other dimensions in space.

I have seen entities that mimic people, who have mental illness. People are mistaking possessed people as being mentally ill. Some of these negative entities act like mentally ill patients with schizophrenia.

Some people are very sensitive and are prone to possession more than other people. Our human bodies are merely vessels in the third dimension, a fourth dimension being can attach itself to any person or completely take over the person’s body and take control. If a person become possessed by a demonic spirit or a ghost or an entity they would not have a clue about what was going on and they would not be the same person.

Possession is real and it is frightening how easy someone can get become possessed. Not enough people know about this or believe in it. We live in our physical third dimension, and most humans cannot see into the fourth dimension.

I once went to a psychic expo and there was woman who was shouting at me negatively from across the street, she was mentally ill but I could feel the reptilian demon inside her. I knew this was because she has some reptilian genetics in her, which made her more compatible for possession by a reptilian demon.

You can treat people with medication as you want, in the brain where the problem is also seen but there is another side to as to why people have become that way.

The human body and the soul is in synch together. If there is a problem with the soul, it will manifest itself into the human body and in the brain.

If you are possessed by a fourth dimensional entity (demons, ghosts etc.), you will have your own thoughts and the demon’s thoughts in your head both speaking.

“I have no doubt in my mind that mentally ill people do have a problem in their brain and I also believe that these negative demons and dark spirits are responsible as well.”

The dark thoughts coming into people’s minds are not their own, these are the thoughts of the demons or ghosts that are in the fourth dimension. People can mistake these voices or thoughts as their own but they are not.

You hear mentally ill people or people who have murdered someone saying these lines “I heard voices in my head and they told me to kill people.” These voices are demons speaking to the person. An angel or good being will never say something evil like that, only the demons will say such evil things.

Demonic beings from the lower astral realm or the underworld are not allowed to incarnate into Earth in our physical dimension into a human physical body. So what they do is they attach themselves to a human, usually by their lower sacral chakra and base chakra. They feed off that person, acting like a symbiotic being. Most of the time the beings doing this are demons, shadow entity’s and reptilian demons from the underworld.

These parasitic entities leech onto human’s body because they cannot get out of their fourth dimension. The black scaly demons and many other demons with horns or different appearances are also causing people to be in fear and end up developing a mental illness.

When I say demons that is exactly how you would describe these beings. If you want to be more specific some of them are reptilian like demons. They are almost always black and scaly, who some have wings, with long black claws, and sometimes red eyes or, totally black eyes, and huge in body shape. Sometimes they will be hideous creatures, some have horns. They vary in sizes but the reptilian demons are usually very big and tall. These demonic beings are cunning and smart.

They will trick you and they can shapeshift into anything they know you desire; you will believe it’s someone you know or someone you want or desire. That’s is why it is so important whenever a being you have never seen before speaks to you, you must say this three times “Are you from God?” and on the third answer they have to give the answer.

You can protect yourself and stay as close to God and the good and the light as possible and do anti-possession prayers and techniques to remove them. It is very sad that some people don’t even know they are being possessed, they have no clue because they can’t see it. Sometimes the host or person being possessed will even enjoy the being attached to them, they feel like a new person more powerful. If a human has a reptilian demon entity attached to him or herself, he or she will be double in strength. They add up in strength, especially if a reptilian demon gains total control of a person’s physical body, they will be unstoppable.

There are several reasons as to why a demon or entity has attached itself to you or someone you know

  • Having sexual relations with a reptilian demon (They need energy and feed off of your sexual energy or life force, they will keep coming back if you don’t say No to them).
  • A witch or a wizard who has cast black magic against you or someone you know, and from that dark energy was accompanied by demons, which feed off of the person and do what the spell was meant to do. (Prayer will remove the curse but depends how much energy was used.)
  • Taking Drugs. The reason why is because when people take drugs it lowers the vibration of your physical body and your energy field or aura. So when you take drugs your field is weakened and you might have holes in your aura. Demons and entities will see this as an opportunity to feed and live in the third dimension. They will do anything even possess someone as a symbiotic parasite.
  • Your genetics, you might have more reptilian DNA in your physical body, and it makes it more compatible for a reptilian demon to possess you.
  • You could have picked up the entity through sex with someone who was possessed, and that entity was transferred to you through sex, they may see you as a more viable host.
  • A weak aura or energy field, from a sensitive person or psychic. Mediums can let entities possess their body for a period of time before releasing them out through the chakra gates. However, sometimes it may be harder for other people to get them out of their bodies.

Ghosts or human souls enter a person’s physical body and possess it without having to attach to the lower chakras, this is because ghosts had a human body before but I do know 100% that demonic beings attach themselves to the lower chakras, and most of the time it is usually a dark entity causing the problem. The demons or entities attach themselves to the lower chakras, through a black etheric cord. The Sacral chakra is in charge of addictions and desires whether sexual in nature or other. They attach a cord to the Sacral or base chakra, and the host will develop a sex addiction or other dark addiction.

If you can see these etheric black cords on yourself or someone you know, just imagine golden scissors made of light and heat and cut the cord between you and the entity. You need to imagine removing the black cord on you and pulling it out. You can send divine healing white light towards the affected possessed person’s chakras or directly at the possessed person’s body to remove the entity who has attached itself to that person. You can also do a prayer and cut the cord that has attached itself to the person which works really well.

The reason why the dark entity attaches itself to that chakra is because it knows it can control the host’s desires and inhabit that host’s body to make the host do what it wants. The base chakra or root chakra at the genitals is another area they go for because of all the sexual energy that they can feed off. Perfect environment for a dark symbiotic being to attach itself.

These are black orbs, a demon or shadow entity that can fly into people’s bodies. I have seen this fly into people’s bodies. The good orbs will be made of light and will be every colour but black.

If you are dealing with one never give the demon or entity power over, you. You must always say “No” or it will keep coming back. Learning how to use psychic self-defence will help you keep them at bay.

Your souls are divine and from the light. To protect yourself and the people you love from possession get a protective amulet. The demons hate the cross, they run from it and hiss. You can wear a cross necklace or rosary or put a cross at the front of the house to protect your home. You can also put another religious or non-religious symbol of power instead of a cross but I find the cross works really well in deterring the demons.

Love and positivity is the key to keeping these dark beings at bay. Sending them more negativity, anger and fear only feeds them. Sending them divine light and love, sends them running for the hills. Love, joy and purity is the key to protecting yourself and the people around you. The more you meditate and practice everything good, positive and light, the stronger your energy vibration will be and they will not be able to get to you. As long as you work with your guardian angel, your spirit guides and positive aliens from higher dimensions, you will not have any of these problems happening to you and you have nothing to worry about.

How to protect yourself from a demon or dark entity

First of all, demons feed off of fear, negativity, anger, sadness and despair. So as long as you are positive and look after yourself, they will have nothing to gain from you. Demons also feed off of life force energy, they are like vampires and they need it for energy. What the demon wants the most is your soul and you must never give your soul to the demon.

  • If a demon tries to speak to you, dismiss it and do not communicate back with it or tell it to leave. You can say a prayer to God or your spirit guides to make it leave your presence.
  • Always say “No” and never accept any offer from the demons who will try and pull you in.
  • Never try doing the Ouija board to try and contact spirits, you will most likely end up attracting a demon to you instead. Most people don’t know how to do it properly and use no protection before they use the Ouija board. You need to always do a prayer or keep a protective symbol above the board to make sure nothing comes near you that is dark and unwanted. The demons may even possess you, if you have no protection and I have seen this happen.
  • With paranormal investigation, there are actual ghosts around but there are also demons around as well, it is most likely that during an investigation you may attract a demon towards you. Remember to do a prayer in a circle and holds hands before you even attempt any paranormal investigation. I have been on a few investigations and seen demons lurking around but I have also seen actual ghosts or human souls left behind. I have caught EVP of a demon around me, so I know it’s not just ghosts.
  • Never do black magic or curse anyone. It is the demons calling card to you. As soon as you cast a dark spell, a demon will be instantly attracted to the hatred and evil and they feed off of that. The demon will go to that person and feed off of them but the demon will also follow you around and start to feed off of you.
  • Keep your thoughts and energies positive and pure and your vibration will be high, the demons will not be able to come near you. Think negative, dark thoughts, be full of rage and hatred and your vibration will be lowered. This will make it easier for the demons to possess you.
  • Most of all do not fear the demon and what images of things he puts into your head. Know that you are in control of your mind and your body.


  • Get a protective cross talisman to wear for protection, you can also pray over the cross or protective talisman. I find the cross is the best and they demons don’t like the cross.
  • Put protective symbols of the cross on all the doors of the house, the front gate, in front of bedroom door.
  • Prayer is the best protection and it would be important to pray over yourself and family members or people you know that are possessed by demonic beings. Prayer in a group will be needed for a severe case of possession and an exorcism needs to be done.
  • Playing angelic music or music with positive messages will keep the demons away, they don’t like to come near heavenly positive music.
  • Imagine a white light all around you and imagine a golden bubble shield all around you and inside the white light protecting you.
  • If you are being psychically attacked by a demon or a reptilian, send pure loving energies towards them and they will move away.


If you want to be sure all you need to do is put your hand on the person’s head and pray over them and ask God to remove the demon or dark entity from the person’s body. If it is a tough demon, it will take more energy from several people to remove the demon or entity. Most of the time luckily the demon or dark entity flies out straight away cursing or screaming from the prayer.

I have felt it with my own hands a dark entity I removed from a friend. All I had to do was pray, and you can feel something slowly move out of their physical body. It is amazing. Sometimes the dark entities, fly out screaming. Sometimes they hit my hand and curse at me and I have to use more energy to remove the demonic being. Sometimes you will also get scratched.

Whilst it is very dark talking about possession and demons, people need to know about this and how it happens, so other people can recognise and see the symptoms and remove these entities from people.

“Know that if you ever hear nasty voices in your head, it’s not you and don’t ever believe it’s you. The voice is most likely a demon or someone else psychically attacking you saying these words.”

“Never let a demon take control of you and above all never fear demons. They feed of fear and negativity. There is nothing to be afraid of. Stand your ground, protect yourself. They are really not that powerful, when you send a love ray at them.”

I have seen the most frightening looking demons that have given me the most frightening evil glares. They have put things in my head that would make most people turn insane but I stood my ground because I knew I had been cursed by some of these reptilians.

When I first saw a demon I was very afraid. Now when I see one, I am never afraid, I just tell them to go away or just starting praying and then they will leave your presence. The demons have run away from me when I send a purity love ray and speak of god’s light. So there is nothing to fear, they are not powerful.

There are many anti possession prayers that you can find on the internet, if it is a really bad case, it is a good idea to go to a church and be blessed by a priest.

“You are a child of god and your soul is made of light.

You are a god.

Always think with purity and love

And you will be safe from harm

Don’t ever worry and let these demons tell you negativity and evil

They are not powerful, that’s why they are stuck down there in hell

Always pray and call upon god if you need help

He is always listening. ”


From top left, picture of crab parasite attached to a person’s head. Crab parasite and black worm parasite, which attaches itself inside people’s bodies. Black virus cancer looking archon with tentacles.

People are mixing up demons and archons. A demon is not an archon; it is a demon. An archon Is a parasite that attaches itself to you.

Aside from demons, I have encountered smaller entities and entities with rather no form but a black mass of energy. These could be thought forms but rather I see them as independent archon parasites. There are also bug like archon parasites I have seen.

I read an article a few years back and another person described the exact same thing I had seen, this crab like parasite entity, so I knew I wasn’t the only person who had seen these crabs. They are bigger than the size of your palm in your hand. I see them as light grey to black in colour and they appear like spider crabs of some kind.

I have seen something I would describe as an archon which was one-metre-wide and high black mass with black tentacles coming out of it, which looked a giant cancer or a virus. It was huge and it could shapeshift its form from a small basketball size to a one metre wide and high size.

I have also seen black orbs; these could also be demons in a black orb form but these can be archons. I have also seen a black mass of energy and I have removed on of these from my body.

When I removed an archon from a brown scaly reptilian, I encountered a giant black mass of energy with black tentacles, I would call it can archon. This archon screamed because it needed that control over the reptilian and it was feeding off him, controlling him with its dark energies. It was screaming because it had no more control which it wanted. The reptilian was so relived and I could tell he was himself again. The attachment from the archon was gone. There was also a black orb which was inside his head and that came out too.

Some of these archons go inside the brain of a person, and they put thoughts into the person’s mind, dark thoughts that the archon feeds off of. It sits their makes the brain its new home and feeds off of the fear and dark energies from the person. The archon has their own voice, not sure how such a small parasite can speak but they can. The good news is you can take them out if you have one. People can mistake these people for being mentally ill and fail to realise there could be an archon parasite or a demon attached to them.

We encounter bugs all the time in our homes and we just get the newspaper or we put the insect outside. We remove it or we kill it. The same thing goes for these archon bug parasites.

With the dark thoughts and hearing the voices, it’s important to know as well that reptilians can put etheric implants into your brain or ears to make you hear things. The implant is causing you to hear voices and the dark thoughts. So you would need to go to a psychic and ask them to take a look inside your brain for any etheric implants of parasites to make sure that it isn’t an implant.

I will write a list of the multiple parasites I have removed from my body and that I have seen on other people.

  • Black lamprey parasites
  • Black worms
  • Black spider/crab archons
  • Black bugs
  • Tentacle virus parasite
  • Black mass of energy


If a parasite is attached to you, you will have no idea about it but you will feel drained and low on energy, nightmares or develop a sudden fear of something. A simple way of finding if you do is this method: Visualise your soul, astral body or move your hands over your physical body and scan your body for anything that is not a part of your body. Imagine a white divine light entering the top of your head and say: “Any parasite attached to me or in my body make yourself known.” Listen to the feeling of something crawling inside you or on your skin or the feeling of fear coming from somewhere in your body, it is most likely there. If you don’t feel anything, there is nothing there and you don’t need to worry. It is very unlikely that most people will have a parasite and we have spirit guides that usually take them off and help with this. You can also use the pendulum to find out if you have one and you can specify which one and where in the body it is when you do this.


Say this prayer to help remove the archon or parasite:

“I now call on my divine higher self to remove and dissolve any archons and parasites that have attached themselves to me. I now willingly take them off my body and take them off. They are now released, dissolved and let go in the light of God and I am cleansed.”

You can imagine if there are any on your body, sending white hot burning energy towards the archon or parasite to burn it off your body. The light will only be sent to the archon or parasite and won’t hurt your body. You can also follow the same steps below after etheric implants, in [*‘how to remove etheric implants’ *]off your body. You can use the same method to remove the archons or parasites.

If you can see them fall off, imagine a solid white box made of light and put the archon/parasite inside. Then put the lid on and seal the edges around the lid and call upon your guardian angel or spirit guides to help take it away. If it is dead, you can also visualise burying it in the garden underneath the ground.



From what I have seen and felt, yes there is life after death in which the souls travel’s into another dimension, whether heaven, hell or other dimensional realms and planets in the Universe.

I decided to see in my visions using my abilities what I could see happen after people passed on to the other side and what happens. When I see visions, these are of actual people that have passed on or people that are alive today.

Vision of old man in bed

As soon as I started the psychic reading I saw an old man on a bed about to pass on. I saw a bright white light inside of him and I felt like his soul had been on Earth for a long time. I took a bigger look outwards and I could see the Earth and I saw all of these white orbs made of light everywhere and I felt that these were souls that were born on Earth and have been incarnating over and over again. I also saw other orbs, souls, new souls from other planets and dimensions in space and I saw them in groups coming towards the Earth, they look like white orbs made of light and they leave behind light trails. Some very young souls, newborn souls from crystal realms made of light and some very old alien’s souls entering the Earth to be born, reincarnated.

Vision of a pregnant woman

I had a second vision and the vision was of a woman who was 9 months pregnant. There is a bright white light around the baby, very bright. I see the soul in the baby and it has fused together with the body. I feel that the baby’s aura is so bright because the soul has just entered a body and I felt that over time the environment on Earth, dims the vibration of the soul and body whilst some of us are here.

Vision of a cancer patient in hospital bed

I see a cancer patient, a woman who is very skinny and in hospital, she has a breathing mask on. She is about to die. I see a white light next to the hospital bed, it is her angel, her guardian. There are many white lights around her, angels who have come to take her soul to heaven to be at peace. They actually don’t appear as angels, they appear as tall white humanoid bodies next to the bed but I feel their energies as angelic.I felt this woman was a very kind good soul and she looked after many people in her life and that’s why the angels came because it was time for her to go to heaven. I see her breathing her last breath. I see her soul coming out of her body upwards. I see what this woman is seeing, she is seeing a tunnel of light and she can see a pet dog and her father. I see the angel on the side of the bed, it grabs her soul and a white portal appears in the hospital room. She feels floaty and at peace, as though all the pain, worry and everything negative in her life was no more. I see her being taken to heaven and there is a little boy playing and she knows who he is, she is so happy and she is hugging him. The angels become transform into white orbs and fly away from heaven to go somewhere else they are needed. I see the woman in front of a door, she is holding her son and she opens it and she is in heaven. Everything is made of light and I also see a dog around her greeting her and she is laughing.


“Death means change our clothes. Clothes become old, then time to come change. So this body become old, and then time come, take young body.”-Dalai Lama

If humans didn’t have a soul, then we would just be a physical body, a vessel with no emotions, no consciousness. If that were the case, we would have to be zombies or robots. Most people are not sure if we do have a soul and may not be aware of reincarnation and past lives.

It has not been scientifically proven or made a fact that you have a soul. The only reason that is because science cannot study non-physical phenomena and not enough studies on the soul have been done by scientists. This is also because scientists will be ridiculed. Yet, they can automatically assume that it does not exist.

Humans still live in the physical third dimension. If they can’t physically touch and see evidence in front of them, then they automatically assume that it does not exist. If education on the soul is not learnt in our education system, then how could humans possibly know about the soul or believe it for that matter.

Why do siblings with the same genetics have different personalities? Our genetics dictate and say who we turn out to be but our soul and our consciousness is essentially you, and is unique.

Each person is born with a soul and each soul has a history, a past life and an origin of that soul’s creation somewhere in the universe. Each soul inside every living human or alien for that matter, comes from somewhere. Whether that soul comes from another dimension, another planet or originated here on Earth.

I believe that we never really die and that we really do live forever, I know this is because I am able to remember all of my past lives, where I lived and what I looked like very clearly.


Many people have had out of body experiences, in which their soul has come out of their physical bodies. This happens in accidents and sometimes at random whilst you are sleeping and at home.

Some of the people who have had experiences like this, have recalled looking down upon their physical body and seeing it lifeless. Science says that this is all in your mind, and when you almost die it triggers this OBE experience. It is almost like they are telling people who have experienced this event that they are delusional and imagining it in their head. That’s what they want you to believe.

I believe that so many people experiencing and recalling the same experiences, is simply not imagination, it is something more, it is the soul. I will describe an out of body experience I have had in the past.

My first OBE Experience

I had never thought I would experience an out of body event. I didn’t expect to have anything out of the ordinary until I was about seventeen years old and I was asleep in bed.

I woke up but I wasn’t in my physical body. My vision was different; it was like viewing everything in a television screen. I remembered thinking hey why am I up so high? I looked around me it was dark, night time. I saw the bedpost and I thought “Something’s wrong I’m up to high? Aren’t I supposed to be down on the bed?” and then I realised oh I’m out of my body right now. I was confused of why I was up so high and I struggled a bit and then I woke up. It’s like my soul was stuck above my physical body. You have a cord connecting back from your body, and when you are aware of your physical body struggling or in danger, you are pulled back into your physical body which wakes up. This is because your soul, sends a signal down on the etheric cord to your physical body “Hey wake up danger!” and then your brain receives that signal and wakes up.

Where do Souls come from?

There are so many different souls incarnating into human bodies and alien bodies here on Earth today. These souls are from many different dimensions in the universe. There is always an origin of where your soul came from and where your soul was born. Your soul could have been born from an alien mother, or a human mother’s soul or your soul was born on another planet at the bottom of the ocean in Sirius or born inside a blooming flower. I know it sounds really strange but I have seen that is how some souls are created.

I have looked into my soul and its origins. I have seen that my soul was a part of a giant being made of light, he was enormous and bigger than a planet. Something happened where the being I was a part of split himself into many pieces and I was one of these souls that came off his finger. He was in extreme emotional distress because something happened. I saw that my soul ended up at the bottom of the sea on Sirius. I remember being at the bottom of the ocean and feeling joy at being created. I saw my dolphin mother and father and I saw how I was a dolphin on Sirius in that lifetime. I can clearly remember being a dolphin and hunting for fish and meeting small dark blue aliens that came diving into the ocean with us.

What I have learned is that your soul always has an origin, it started somewhere. It could be a new soul that was just born, and then your soul was to be incarnated straight here on Earth into a human body.

Your soul can be a very old soul that has lived many lifetimes and is very wise. I’m not surprised that the Grey aliens are so interested in human’s souls. A soul is an amazing and incredibly complex system. Ghosts are the souls of passed humans that had a physical body. Their physical body died and then their soul came out. Why does their soul look like an exact copy of their human body they had? And the clothes are the same? A psychic imprint onto the soul. Your soul is a psychic imprint of your physical body and how you perceive yourself. Your soul may not look exactly the same as your physical body, you may have an alien soul that doesn’t look human. The soul and the physical body forms during pregnancy and the soul fuses with the physical body and grows with it, creating a human body soul matrix.

This is very complicated stuff and even with me and my soul abduction experiences and the DNA changes the aliens were doing to me, took me a while to understand how it worked and how they were able to achieve changing one’s soul into another. Energy can be changed and this is how they were able to achieve changing or infusing someone’s soul DNA into another.

This is what I have observed from what I have seen. My theory is that the soul is a copy of your physical body and your soul is non-physical, it is made of light and energy. This explains why soul pregnancy is possible and happens, when the soul is an exact copy of your physical body. You would also have reproductive organs and you will be able to have soul children. The astral bodies are part of your soul. When you astral travel, your whole soul isn’t actually coming out of your physical body or else you would’ve been dead if your soul came out. You have many astral bodies, which are the copies of your soul I believe there are about ten astral bodies which is really bizarre because there is said to be about ten dimensions and for human to have ten astral bodies, it is almost like there is a copy of our soul for every dimension. Star people are a little different because when you look into their soul, it doesn’t look human and this is because their soul is a copy of their past alien body.

Aliens have the technology and devices to take a soul out of a physical body and put that soul into another body. I had my soul taken out while I was awake and conscious.


As an example when I did meditation, I explained earlier that I saw that my soul was a part of a bigger soul and that soul split apart into many pieces because the giant light being was in emotional distress. All those smaller pieces are souls that were once a part of the same being made of light. There were a lot of souls that came from that one giant soul, I saw maybe 50 to 100 souls come out of him including mine.

People can get confused about what a soul mate is and what a twin flame is. A soul mate is where you have lived many lives with another soul but you are not of the same soul but you have a deep connection with that person. A twin flame however is where the two people, their souls are from the same soul and they become one when they are together and they feel complete. In this multidimensional universe anything is possible and having a split soul or multiple split souls scattered everywhere in the universe wouldn’t surprise me.

You can meditate and feel where your soul mates are or your twin flames are on Earth or in another dimension or planet. I was able to feel many soul mates here on Earth and also people with the same soul on Earth and in other dimensions. I could see very clearly what country they were In and what they looked like but I was told I would only meet soul mates in this life because of a karmic meeting from past lives.


The Alien body you can see above is the alien soul which is attaching itself to the embryo or circle you can see in the picture.

Tvar grey alien:

“This is one of our life sustaining vehicles in which we try and recreate the complex anatomy of the physical body and the soul. We do not have souls but we strive to understand how it functions together with human beings in this time. It is so foreign to us we cannot begin to imagine how much effort it would have taken to create this soul matrix incorporated with the human body. Everything is coding, programming and that is exactly how we figured out how the soul attaches itself to an embryo or foetus in different stages of life.

In this picture Eve has drawn, she has actually drawn the embryo much too big, it’s smaller very small but we know it’s there. We have instruments that can magnify and see what’s going on. In the beginnings of a human being’s pregnancy after first conception, the soul attaches itself to the embryo and life begins together with the embryo and soul as one.

We figured out you cannot clone a species of any kind fully grown and attach a soul to that fully grown physical body. The soul needs time to attach itself to the host or embryo. This is why in human pregnancies the soul attaches itself perfectly and in synch with the physical body and they are one together and the consciousness forms together, with both as one. It is truly a marvel of the Universe how life begins.”


Yes, you read it right, your soul can get pregnant, and you can have soul children born from your soul. If you astral travel and travel to other dimensions and have a romantic partner, you can get pregnant from them. If your soul is pregnant you will feel all the pregnancy symptoms, food cravings, feeling heavy all of that. You could also be physically pregnant. It is important to go to the doctor and get some tests done to rule out a physical pregnancy.

The soul pregnancies are much faster than a physical pregnancy. The longest soul pregnancy I have had was maybe three months and my soul pregnancies are now within a week. Other women who have had soul children, all experience the same thing, the pregnancies are quick. With soul pregnancies you usually give birth to multiple children, and I have read a similar story with another woman and hers was the same, multiple soul babies. I’m not sure why it happens like that but it does. This has happened to me many times. How I can explain why the pregnancies are fast is because time is irrelevant in the fourth dimension or the astral realm and things can speed up faster in the fourth dimensions compared to our slow third dimension.

When I was pregnant with a few of my soul children, I felt the soul swimming around my lower belly. I asked my friend Karen to put her hand there and I asked her what she could feel and she said to me: “I feel something swimming, moving around” and I said “Yeah that’s my baby.”

Also, the children or the souls you create from your soul’s body. They grow really fast and you can give birth to them. They can look about six years old in a week or less than that. The children are not born in our physical dimension, they are born in the astral realm or the fourth dimension and they can grow much faster. When you have the baby it feels just like giving birth but it is much easier and doesn’t hurt as bad as your physical body but it feels very uncomfortable. Some aliens in higher dimensions have a child just by their loving energies joining together in a union and combining those energies together without body contact.

I’ve had many soul children too many to count. According to my memory I have had grey/human hybrid soul children, reptilian hybrid soul children and other hybrid alien children.

My soul was changed into a reptilian hybrid from an etheric implant that was put on me and then gradually over time I my soul started giving birth to eggs and a lot of them. Some of my children came out full reptilian and didn’t look human at all. The strangest children I have given birth too, came out with something like an angler fishes light on top of their heads. They look so beautiful with their really big eyes.

I love all of my soul children that I have had but the one I love the most was a reptilian hybrid and he came out all white with scales and big yellow eyes. He looked more like a white hybrid reptile with wings but he was so cute and affectionate and would run to me when he saw me with his little hands and feet on all fours and make strange chirping sounds like a bird.

Whenever I felt like giving birth, the greys always seem to know that I was ready to give birth. This was because they were around me all day and night to monitor me. The greys are always quick to help me out when the birth process happens and because I am still in my physical body, my soul is still inside of it and I have to lay down and push them out. When multiple babies come out it is really exhausting by the end of it and they have these white floating pods in the room to place the babies inside of and take them to their spaceship.

Some of the reptilian fathers had taken care of the children I had given birth too. My spirit guides also decided to help out, and look after some of my children in the astral realm. One of my spirit guides named Regan who is a wizard, he looked stressed out after raising five or ten of my kids. Other times, the souls I gave birth too seem to know where they were going and didn’t need help at all, and I felt them going to other planets and dimensions. Sometimes, I would wake up in bed and an alien man is on top of me and starts having sex with me. I don’t want to give birth to so many soul children so exhausted but I can’t stop the greys from impregnating me. They want more soul hybrid babies from me. I would only ask of them to take care of the children and treat them well. The reptilians would always ask them to use certain sperm samples to get me pregnant.

I wish I could just fully go into the fourth dimension or astral realm and spend 100% of my concentration and time on all of my kids but, I still live in the third dimension, and it is too hard to look after so many of my children in the other dimension. I can’t dematerialise out of this dimension and into the fourth dimension. However, I can astral travel there but I need to concentrate on where I am in this physically third dimension.

I have a new soul mate I met in the astral realm and he is taking care of many of my children. He is a light green scaly reptilian named Adam.

The next page shows a picture of some of my soul children and eggs my soul gives birth to. I have had more soul children; these are only some of them.


Each life we live whether on another planet in our past lives or many of our past lives on Earth. In each lifetime we have lived our souls go through events and beliefs that shape each soul.

For example, you may be an incarnated alien, Starperson and when you incarnate here on Earth, you have a human body and alien soul integration. So you would have your special psychic abilities come through your physical body or other dimensional abilities like telekinesis or other abilities.

If you have a strong genetic alien ancestry and you have alien soul, you will possess very amazing superhuman abilities. This is because aliens are higher dimensional and if you have an ancestor who was an alien in your bloodline, you will have those abilities come through from them and if you have a fifth dimensional or fourth dimensional soul then those abilities will integrate and be very strong. This is my theory because all human bodies are three dimensional, we live in the third dimension with form.

Star people souls integrated with a human body is amazing because they will be able to advance and evolve their human bodies at will if they remember their soul’s DNA energy coding.

So whilst your souls may have been for example a faerie soul or a dolphin soul, you will carry those soul abilities and talents. What I have learned is that, your soul does not stay the same and it evolves all the time.

You could also be a Starperson and have an alien soul but when you come to Earth you will learn and evolve your soul with new abilities, that you will have gained whilst you have been living on Earth.

My theory from what I have observed is that the soul is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to the environment around us. Your soul is made of energy and energy can change, it does not stay the same.

“The Soul is capable of evolving many times unlimited.”

Every soul has the ability to change its form and our thoughts create our reality and we can shape our soul to look like whatever we want.

I saw just how easy it was to receive a reptilian etheric implant and how it quickly that evolved my soul and this means that souls will not be the same always, they change and evolve to the environment and conditioning. This is just like the human physical body evolving to the environment around us. In each life we live, we have lessons we need to learn and also karmic lessons we need to experience. This way we may ascend to a higher level and vibration for our soul.


A friend’s aura I drew. Unusual orange energy lines healing the body and metallic shaped disk at the feet. The soul would come back home when they finish lives on Earth. At the top of the head, above the crown chakra is a diamond spinning metal object.

Star people or starseeds are humans that have an alien soul from another planet or dimension. If I can explain it to you they may have a physical human body that looks human but your soul may look completely different and not human, like an alien.

Many star people have decided to incarnate as a human on Earth in order to fix up the planet and to help out. You may have had many lives as a human but your soul is still an alien one. Earth is a very hostile environment quarantined from the rest of the multiverse, and that’s why many incarnated star people have chosen to live on Earth.

Star people look like aliens. The alien soul fuses with the human physical body matrix during pregnancy infusing with the body. In turn, as the person grows up this gives the person’s appearance on the outside mimicking their alien souls appearance. This would explain why the people who have alien souls, look like aliens. Of course, this is only a theory but I think some sort of soul body matrix is making this happen.

What I have noticed is that star people have an object either below the feet or above the head, above the crown chakra in their soul. The object is located usually in the soul star chakra or stellar gateway chakra and this is connecting them to their home planet.

When I have read star people’s auras, I have seen some strange things about their soul which infuses with their human physical body they are in. The energy lines are different, and there is more energy lines and bigger chakras in the hands than a person who doesn’t have an alien soul. I believe these bigger chakras in their hands and energy lines enable the star person for greater healing with their hands or any work with their hands. Star people are usually very good at reiki healing and energy healing which would explain that.


As I was doing a psychic reading on souls, I saw a moving vision and I was shown how reptilian starseeds are incarnated on Earth.

Vision of Reptilian Queen, sending her soul children to Earth to help fix up the planet and bring peace

I see a reptilian queen, she is tall and she is wearing crown or it is showing me that she is a queen. Her scales are a medium green colour. I see that she has many newborn reptilian soul children, most of them are boys and their scales are light green and there is one boy who has light brown scales. I see the state of California in America and for some reason the reptilian queen has chosen her soul children to be reincarnated on Earth to help bring peace and to help fix the planet. I see about a dozen or more reptilian newborn souls coming down to Earth, through the atmosphere, over California. These souls are stopping and searching for certain houses or families that they feel they need to go to. These souls are white orbs that are flying over the houses. I see a teenager with blonde hair and green eyes, he looks Caucasian. He is looking in the mirror and feeling his energy, his soul. He feels different and knows it but doesn’t know why he doesn’t feel like other people around him. He has a reptilian soul; his soul is the son from the reptilian queen.


“Knowing what happened to you will give you answers as to who you are and why your life is the way it is.”

We are immortal, we all have a soul and thus we can never truly die only your physical body dies. We continue to be reincarnated again and our soul enters through a pregnancy, and we are reborn. If we didn’t have a soul, why are people remembering past lives? I remember most of my past lives. Here is a list of who I was in my past lives.

Dolphin on Sirius
Age I died: 20 years old

I can clearly remember being a male dolphin and swimming in the ocean. I also had a dolphin wife and a child wither her. We were very smart and we could understand what they aliens were saying to us when they came and visited the planet on Sirius. I remember a small dark blue alien used to come and visit me, he would feed me fish and talk to me. There was a moment I remember when he stared into my soul and he said to me “You’re going to have amazing lives…wow” and even though I was a dolphin, I still felt and understood what he saw in my future.

I remember my father dolphin he died and I saw him sinking to the floor and I was very sad. I made grieving dolphin sounds and I swam in circles around the area. I remember seeing my father dolphin’s soul rise up from where his body was and swim upwards. Even if we were dolphins, we seemed to know that death was not forever gone and my father’s soul swam with me and we swam upwards in the pattern of DNA and I was so joyful when I saw his soul swimming, I saw that he was alive, not with his body but with his soul. I knew my father’s soul had to swim away in the ocean and find his place but I always knew he would always be with me.

Ant alien
[*Appearance: I had 6 fingers, I had dark red brown eyes and my skin colour was black *
Height: 4ft tall]
Age I died: 170 years old

I didn’t know I was an ant alien in a past life until I was astral travelling in space and I got pulled to a planet. I walked on the planet and saw something that looked like a grain silo and I remember seeing an ant alien. He knew who I was straight away and he said “Grandfather, you used to live here” and I suddenly saw all these ant aliens come up to me and I was crying because I remembered them. I remember looking after all my grandchildren and taking care of them. I also built and designed technology for the water system and other things that our family or colony needed. I remember staring up at the skies, full of stars and they were so beautiful. There were other alien races that came and visited and we exchanged technology and they helped me make better designs, I had friends arrive in their spaceships to ask me for help with some rocks and if they could mine tunnels if it was safe with the rock material.


[*Name: Hatshepsut *
Egyptian priestess]
Appearance: I was skinny and my skin was dark brown, I had thick black hair which was puffy, sometimes I braided it. I may have also worn a wig.
Height: 5ft tall
Age I died: 33 years old

I remember being raised on Mars before I came to Earth. There was a colony of humans on Mars. There were some corn fields and we could breathe the air fine. We looked like mixed with middle eastern and African. I remember reptilians coming to Mars and I didn’t like them, they were cruel to us.

We didn’t stay long on Mars, the whole colony of humans we eventually got taken to Egypt and I remember looking down the bottom of the spaceship and seeing the ship land next to the pyramids. The pyramids were already built and there was no construction happening and I didn’t see any people moving rocks to make the pyramids. When we got off the spaceship, we looked at the other native humans and we felt very different from them.

I knew my name was Hatshepsut because my boyfriend who was a high priest, he called me that name. I searched on the internet, if it would come up with something and it came up with Hatshepsut, Egyptian queen in the past. I also remember sitting on a throne and wearing a golden eagle headpiece and carrying a strange curved sceptre which I have drawn.

I can’t remember where my mother went but she helped out the other women and joined them. I was sent to school to become a priestess, there were other young girls like me. We were taught to write in Egyptian and taught how to count. One day when I was maybe thirteen there was a high priest who came into the school. He was lighter skinned than most Egyptians, he was tanned. He was tall and bald and wore a white robe with something around his collar a colourful necklace. He had two young priests with him. He was looking to pick a priestess; he would only pick one. He looked like he was in his thirties. The school teacher, let him examine all of the girls as he walked around. He seemed very psychic and he could tell if some girls had some abilities. I was very shy but I seemed to be attracted to him even though he was much older than me. I was moulding some clay and he sat down next to me and looked into my eyes, he was staring into my soul, I looked away. He watched me mould the clay into a volcano and he smiled at me. I stopped moulding because I felt self-conscious of him and his servants watching me and so I stared at him and I tried to read his thoughts. He then walked off and spoke to the teacher and asked for the girl’s names and the teacher pointed them out. “I think he will pick you” my friend said to me. The high priest called me and smiled at me “Do you like temples? Do you want to give offerings to the gods?” he said to me. “Yes, I want to” I replied. He was very happy I said that. The teacher spoke to me and said that I had to go and stay with this man because he chose me to become a high priestess.

He was a really nice man and he was caring, he taught me some incantations and how to give offerings and rituals. We payed special attention to the sun and hours of the day. He ended up really liking me and we become romantic partners. I learned all of the rituals and the dancing we had to perform for guests. We ended up having a daughter together. Whenever I stood in the temples and viewed the Nile, I felt oneness with the universe and everything in it.

This was a really happy life, Egypt was a beautiful paradise and I remember walking along the Nile and speaking to the river spirit which spoke to me. I gave my offerings to the river in a basket with some incense in it and other herbs. I was very connected with the water, which makes sense because of my past life as a dolphin.

So my husband left me for a younger priestess and I was upset. I was happy because I had two beautiful daughters and I chose not to think about him. Something happened where our city got invaded and i remember the last moments with my husband as I was dying I said to him “I’ll always love you forever”. I think he survived.


Name: (not sure) may have been ‘Mary’
Red haired woman, witch, medieval times, castle
Appearance: I was a beautiful red haired woman with very pale skin and I had light green eyes. My hair was very long down to my thighs but sometimes I had it tied up. Height: 5’10
Age I died: 76 years old (died from plague)

I came from a noble family, maybe a royal one. My mother had red hair and I’m not sure what hair colour my father had. We lived in a big castle with beautiful stained glass windows. Their were knights that trained near the castle and I had a crush on a handsome knight with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I remember that I was a witch and I was taught how to do magic and I was very good at it. I also believed in god and I carried a beautiful cross with small jewels on it and It was always around my neck.

I remembered when I was a little girl, I would play with the servant’s children and my mother would see and she would pull me away from them and I would cry. My mother didn’t want me playing with the servant’s children, she only wanted me to make friends with the other families children. There was blonde boy I remember and I didn’t like him. He said my hair resembled a squashed pumpkin and I got really upset. My mother had some strange old paper charts in her collection that she kept locked up, it was something to do with our ancestry. I believe that our family had reptilian ancestry. I was forced to marry a man who was twenty years older than me and I didn’t want too. He was also a wizard or doing magic. He had long wavy dark brown or black hair and dark brown eyes. He looked Spanish. My true love was the knight who died in the war but I ended up falling in love with this man I was set up with. I had a baby boy with blonde hair and I was very happy. My husband was little bit looney and enjoyed hunting with his men and bringing back the kill from the hunt. He was very dominating and powerful. He was very difficult to deal with and he used to hit me. I remember kneeling at the altar with the cross on it and praying and saying “Oh lord why did you let me be with a violent man but lord if it is to be and he is the man you have chosen, I will be patient and love him” after I prayed I felt much better. Although he was very rough and dominating to me, he really did love me and he was patient with me. I remember being naked in the morning, on top of a castle and there was beautiful scenery of the country and I said to my husband “Darling look how beautiful it looks out here, what a nice day” and he was too busy shining his sword and admiring it. It was an interesting life and I believe my husband in this life was my soul mate and also the knight who died was my soul mate or twin flame.

My husband was a bit of a gruff man and he fancied younger attractive women, I knew he brought these women to the castle and I knew he was cheating on me but I still stayed with him. I was married and I had to look after him, even though he would be sexually tempted sometimes, I know that he chose me for a wife and that he did love me. I remember he was dying in bed from a plague or something and he was old and very sick. Although he was rough and viewed as cruel to some people, I knew he was still a good man inside. I loved him very much and I was sad when he died.

When I was upset at my husband I would go horse hiding, I rode on a beautiful white horse and I was good at horse riding. I wore beautiful gowns always that were embroidered and showed a lot of detail. I remembered going into the forest and sitting in an open field. I remembered that I could see fairies and I was speaking to them. How I saw the fairies is how I can see fairies in my current life, they appear as if they are made of golden light, or their energy form appears that way. I was sad and I spoke to the fairies and I told them about my husband and they fairies understood, they told me to find a white stone and they would put fairy magic on it, to keep my husband away from these other women. So I thanked my fairy friends in the forest and I headed home. I put the stone under my husband’s pillow and he seemed to stop wanting to see these other women and I remember giggling under my breath when one of his women came to the castle and wanted to see him and he refused and said he was busy. It was interesting to see that I spoke to fairies in my past life because in my current life I can also see fairies and communicate with them. This past life would explain my close connection with the fairy people.


I used the pendulum to figure out more details about me.

Name: Mary Elizabeth

Where was I born: (unsure)

Hair colour: light blonde hair

Eye colour: blue eyes

Height: 5’6

What I worked as: Journalist, tea leaf reader, investigator.

What age I died: 27 years old

In one of my past lives, my hair was long and blonde and which was tied up into a bun. I also had light blue eyes, pale skin, and I was average in height and good looking. I remember being called Mary and I grew up in the country and leading up to our house was trees planted on rows on each sides and a dirt road in the middle leading to our front door.

I remembered my father was killed by these people who were drove in a black car and he knew who they were and they were related to us somehow.

I remembered boarding a ferry and it sank, and I survived and got pulled onto another ferry that passed by. I remembered doing tea leaf readings for friends in London, and I could also speak to ghosts. I was known to be a medium.

I remember that I wrote a column in the towns newspapers. I first wrote about women’s activities like knitting, sewing and tea parties. People didn’t really notice my columns until I started writing about politicians, mayors and their secret lives. I wrote articles to help out the people who needed help and I shamed certain politicians and bankers who had done something against the people. Then people started to notice my column in the newspaper. I was a very strong opinionated woman, with a strong sense of justice for the people.

I remember that the men I wrote about did not like me writing about their affairs and personal lives and they were alarmed at how I got secret information, which was given to me by informers. Some of the men sent men in black cars to try and kill me and to stop me from writing.

I wrote poetry, I also wrote about people who went missing and I also wrote about mysterious murders. I guess I was an investigative journalist. I remember I was writing an article about a banker who was very powerful. I remember being intimidated, some men came to my door dressed in black coats and one of them threw blood in a vial at me. It went on my white shirt and I was freaked out. The man said to me “He doesn’t like what you’re doing, next time it will be your blood”. I decided to drop the article and the banker told me instead to write about all the good things he did for the city and the people. People knew I was being intimidated when they read that article. I believe I knew about these illuminati families. I was determined to find out who these powerful people were and what they were doing.

I have a memory of hiding behind a tree and watching some people in shackles being put inside a black carriage and I was afraid because I knew who they were and where they were taking these people.

People came to me and told me their children were missing and they couldn’t find them. People from the country also came to me and told me of strange lights they saw in the skies and other bizarre experiences. I would go to the houses and investigate. Me and a few other people who knew about the freemasons and illuminati worked together to find missing people, we also collected testimonies from witnesses and documented it all. I was also called to investigate strange murders that the police couldn’t explain. I remember an alleyway and there was a dead body and the policeman asked me “This is so bizarre how he died”.

I remember I was spying on these men who I knew were into the occult, they were freemasons. They were in a pub drinking and talking, I was hiding around the corner in a black cloak. When they all left they left behind a piece of paper, on the paper was strange occult symbols that they had drawn and only they understood what these symbols meant. I remember sitting down at the table in the pub and looking at these symbols on the paper, after they had all left.

I have a memory of a small boy with a brown flat hat on, like in the olden times and he found me and passed me a small piece of paper from this man I knew. I remember there was a man I secretly met with and he passed messages to me, through messengers. I also remember meeting him in a church where nobody was inside except for him and he passed me an envelope and told me not to open it until I got home. This man seemed to move around a lot, I think he was a spy.

I would go to parties and pretend I was a high class socialite, and I would watch the people there who I knew were part of the freemasons. Nobody realised I was secretly documenting everything down and passing the information to other people. A rich banker who did business with some of the people in the Illuminati members, his daughter went missing and he had sent private investigators to find his daughter and they did. She was being kept prisoner by this man, and she was seen at these parties with him. The father decided to speak to me because I was in on everything, and asked me to find his daughter and speak to her.

I went to the party and saw her there, she looked fine but ruffled like she was being controlled. I sat down next to her and then a photographer took a picture of us together. She was very quiet and scared. I said to her “I know what’s going on, come with me now, let’s go upstairs.” she agreed and came with me upstairs. The man keeping her prisoner saw me going upstairs with her and thought it was a bit strange. I made sure nobody was around and I said: “You need to get out of here now, leave with me. I’ve spoken to your father.” I really wanted her to get back to her father. She grimaced and said: “I can’t, you don’t understand. He will ruin my father and brother and take away everything from them.” She had obviously been controlled and brainwashed by that man.

I was about to say more but then the man came upstairs and he knew what I was really there for. I wasn’t there to party and socialise. “Sarah is everything alright?”. She looked at me like there was nothing she could do and walked back to the man. The man looked at me and he knew that I was trying to rescue the girl. I had to leave the party, my cover was blown. If I stayed there I knew I would have the same fate as that girl. After that I was followed all the time and I couldn’t go outside. I couldn’t pass the information to the others who were investigating these people. I had to be more secretive with our meetings.

There was an informer who was a member of the Illuminati or freemasons passing me information, that I passed onto police. The informer in the illuminati told me that the girl I was trying to rescue had been killed. How was I going to tell the father what happened? When I told the girl’s father he cried as he demanded to know more details. Before he sat in his chair staring out the window with no emotion, I said to him: “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

When I was in hiding I heard that the girl’s father went insane. He burned a pub in the city. The girl’s father was arrested and then went into jail. Apparently, while he slept in his prison cell he was quietly killed, and nothing was done to resolve both his death and his daughter’s case. My life was in danger I had enough, it was getting to full on. All the documents, papers, witness statements I put together, and gave it to a detective in London, who was very talented and well respected. He offered to take up on all the unsolved investigations and murders. I gave him the documents and told him “Hide this well” and he understood but I didn’t think he knew how powerful these people were.

I left the city and went back to the country to my auntie’s other house because it wasn’t safe. I remember an angel coming to me while I was in bed and the angel told me: “In every life you will have an important mission to do, all will be well.” It might have been an alien disguised as an angel made of light but I felt so at ease and at peace when it came to me. The next day I heard my friend the detective who I gave the important documents was killed. I rushed back to the city in a frenzy because I needed to know where the papers were that I gave him. I went to his office and the papers were strewn everywhere. The police were there but they couldn’t do much, they were told not to investigate how he died. I looked through trying to find the paper files I gave him with all the testaments of missing people and witnesses but it was gone. As I looked through the papers on the desk I found a photograph of me and the girl who was killed who was at the party. I remember turning the photo over and it read “666 marked for death” and I knew It was for me. I was the next to be killed on their list. The policeman was behind me and asked me what I found and I showed, it too him and he knew that I was going to be killed. The policeman knew that these were powerful people and they could do nothing. He looked at me with a grim face and handed the photo back to me.

I also had another recent memory of being inside a clock tower and meeting a very tall man in who dressed as a coachman. He wore a tall black hat and a black overcoat. I remember being very nervous as I handed him a document he told me to bring. I know that his man was a reptilian. In another memory I had I remember going to a tea party and there was the same man, the man with the tall black hat and black coat outfit and I remember seeing his face shapeshift and his eyes were yellow like a snakes and I almost dropped my suitcase with my tea leaf reading stuff inside.

A few months later, I walked down a road with a train line crossing it. They didn’t have modern roads like now it was dirt road. There was a milk bar corner store on the right hand side. A black car with four men inside who drove alongside me in line with me walking. I knew they were going to kill me but I thought not when there were people around, they won’t kill me here. I thought I could make it over the train crossing. Before I could get past the train crossing, while I was looking in the other way, they hit me at the back of my head with a hard object as they drove past and I fell to the ground. My vision started to drain from my sight, and I could just remember lying on my side and watching the speeding the black car speed over the hill, past the train crossing. Everything went white in my vision, and then my soul came out of my body. Everything was black and white in colour, I looked down at my body on the ground and I knew I had been killed. I watched as two men and a woman who witnessed me being killed picked up my body and rested the body onto the porch of the milk bar, corner store.

Remembering my past life had both negative and positive effects on me. Knowing how I died made me realise why I was so afraid of people in cars pulling up beside me while I walked in the street and nervous about people walking behind me. When I remembered my past life and how I died, I became less fearful of those things and I understood that’s why I feel this way and it won’t happen again in this life.

I went to a psychic Shirley and I brought up my past lives. She read the cards and she told me exactly what happened, that I was murdered in my past life and other lives and I started crying because how could she have known about this? I didn’t tell her anything. Even my other life as an American man from the war and how I died, she knew how that happened. So that proves that I am not imagining anything, if another psychic can see the same thing I see. I chose not to think of how I died in my past lives as a negative thing. Death is a part of the cycle of life. I have never been afraid of dying because I always knew I would come back again and remembering my past lives gave me valuable information about who I am, why I am the way I am, and the soul mates I knew who are around me now in this life.


I remembered being in a jungle in Vietnam, and I shot a Vietnamese soldier and wounded him in the stomach. I was drinking from a metal flask with some alcohol.

Name: Jacob Brown (I remembered the name from the dog tag I held)

Where was I born: America, Texas, Houston

Hair colour: Brown hair

Eye colour: Light brown eyes, hazel

Height: 5’7

What I worked as: Soldier/ farmer/horse trainer

What age I died: 27 years old

In this current life I am a woman but I was surprised to remember being a man from America and I was in the Vietnam war. There was thick jungle with trees everywhere and I saw that I wounded this soldier. He was lying on the ground in pain and he looked at me scared. He was alone walking through the jungle. He wasn’t even a bad person. I was angry because the Vietnamese soldiers had killed many American soldiers and I wanted revenge. I drank from my flask and I looked at him, wondering how I should kill him.

In one memory I recall, i slept in the jungle, with a whole team of soldiers and I was the one who would stay awake and make sure no Vietnamese soldiers came. The next day, the Vietnamese soldiers found the fire we lit at our campsite and we were hiding in the bushes, staying quiet. My best friend had blonde hair and he was in the team of soldiers. We had our own hand signals which we taught to each other, to drop to the ground or to stop. I also remember that there were some planes bombing the ground in the jungle and our team was running through the jungle. I crouched on the ground and I put my hands over the back of my head and I thought: “I’m going to die, the bombs going to land on me.” I waited to die but the plane must have ran out of bombs and I was in the direct path as the plane was above me. I was really lucky.

There was a land mine that killed another soldier in the team and it was horrible. The Vietnamese soldiers placed mines in the ground and covered them with branches but I could see the dug up soil. I came from a farm and I knew what areas of the soil had been tampered with. There was also another scene I remember where we were all in a trench, and all of my soldier friends were scared. We didn’t want to walk out of the trench because we were being fired at. There was so much tension and fear. I remember fighting with my best friend in the trench, the one with the blonde hair. He got upset and left the trench and I pulled at his clothes to pull him back in because I knew he was crazy.

He went out of the trench on his own and i heard the gun shots and he was hit and i heard his scream. I was about to jump out of the trench to get him but the other solider pulled at me and said: “No! You will die too!” and I knew he was right. We waited in the trench and I knew in my heart that all of us would die if I didn’t get help. I had a phone with me or something, like a radio box. I had a map, and I called them to rescue us to meet at a certain point. I gave them coordinates, and then i remember not too long after I saw the American planes flew over and I remember looking at the planes and I was so relived they had come.

These American planes flying over bombed the Vietnamese soldiers who were shooting at us. We could feel the vibration when the bombs were dropped and the sound was very loud. I then went into remember being in a truck and looking at the cars side mirror. I saw a Vietnamese woman who carried some crops in these baskets on a stick carrier. I clearly remember her having no shoes on and her feet were dirty, and I felt bad for her. Most of the Vietnamese people wanted to get out of Vietnam because of the war.

The Vietnamese woman who I saw carried the crops above her shoulders with dirty feet.

I was the man on the left hand side, my best friend was in the middle and another soldier was helping him on to the big plane. There were some Vietnamese people, women and children and some men inside the plane and they were sitting down.

I remember after me and another soldier, we grabbed my wounded best friend and we put him in the trench and bandaged him up and then the plane came and landed in a field. He got hit in the stomach and in the leg. He was in so much pain. I helped my friend onto the big plane which had many Vietnamese people on it and they were escaping the war. I layed my friend down on the seats and we buckled up.

We all got out of there. I noticed there was a wounded soldier on the other side of the seats and he lost a leg. He was moaning in pain and I felt so bad for him. He’s friend another soldier was comforting him and he sat beside his head. We had some stops at some other airfields until the plane was full. I remember there were some circular windows and I looked out of the plane as I could see the ocean, I was so happy to be going home. I had another memory of being in a truck and we were all being taken to the hospital in some town. We all had injuries, some were minor. I only had a cut on my leg but my friend was injured and he had to go to the hospital. There were many of us soldiers in the truck and we were being taken home.

Me and another soldier helped my injured best friend into the hospital where there were many white beds lined up against each other. I gave him a drink of scotch or whisky from my flask because he needed a drink. When he laid down on the bed he was so relieved to be home away from Vietnam. I kept him going in the war saying “When we get home, we are going to drink so much alcohol and have many women around us.”

I remember I did have a dog tag and I saw the name Brown on it and I also saw Jacob or Jake on it. I also remember having a brown shoebox and I did have medal in there from the war but for me I remember feeling like the medal didn’t matter to me because of the devastation I saw around me in the war and the men around me dying. I was just to relived and happy to be back home and what I remembered from the war, I tried to put it out of my mind and close it away.

After the war my best friend wasn’t well, he had nightmares from the war and he started taking some medicine which made his health even worse and he became paranoid and mentally ill. I remember I took care of him after his wife left him and he got better which was good. This past life helped me understand my soul mate in this life and why we have a connection.

Remembering this life made me understand why I’ve always had a fear of the sound of whooshing from a bomb being dropped in the skies, sonic boom. I remember when I was thirteen before I knew about this past life, it was new year’s eve and in the Philippines all the fireworks were going off and the sounds scared me, it was an instinct for me to run into street and I put my hands at the back of my head and I kept saying “It’s going to fall on me, I’m going to die” and I didn’t know why I was said that. I hid in the corner of the street with my hands over my head frightened. Now I know why I was afraid because in this past life, I almost got bombed by Vietnamese planes flying overhead.


[_ “There is that feeling again, Dejavu I’ve already done this and my mind is linking with my future self in another parallel universe further in time.”- Eve Star. _]

As a child growing up I had an inner universal knowledge of things I didn’t even know of. I knew what potions were, what magic was, what a witch was, and I knew about the existence of fairies as well as ghosts too. This was because of my many past lives as a Witch/ Priestess and also as an Alien. Even though I was a child and I had no life experience, I knew that all this paranormal phenomenon was part of my reality.

I grew up from a child into a very sensitive teenager, and my psychic skills developed from there. I had this magical inner desire to know and see paranormal things, and to understand the world around me. I would go into the library in high school and look at all the alien and UFO books, intrigued by real life witness accounts with aliens and UFO’s.

Every time I had seen a ghost or had an amazing psychic experience, I was really excited and I wanted to have more of these encounters. I didn’t really interact with aliens until 2014 when I went to a sky watch. I was already psychic, and having to speak and see aliens it came very easy to me.

The first time I saw a UFO was when I was in high school. I was in a dance class and it was a cloudy overcast day. The teacher was talking when suddenly I had an urge to look up at the clouds, and then I saw a dark grey saucer like spaceship. The object was moving strangely not like any plane or craft I had seen. I watched it for two minutes before the aliens sensed me watching the spaceship. The spaceship then moved away upwards into the clouds and disappeared from sight. The teacher was wondering what I was staring at and why my eyes were wide open, and I was the only one looking out the window, while everyone else was oblivious.

There was an event I experienced in which I encountered an alien hybrid creature. The experience I had made me become interested in UFO’s and aliens because I wanted to understand what I saw that day.


It was New Year’s Eve 2003. I was thirteen years old. It was just before the sunset but there was still plenty of light. We were in Thomastown in Melbourne, at a family friends place celebrating. I had a sudden urge to go to the sewer drain place. It was a strange feeling like I was being pulled over there.

There were six of us girls, me, Maria and Claudette at the front of the group. The girls at the back Stephanie, Alison and Charmaine were chatting like crazy and telling stories. We walk alongside the start of the sewer trench next to the children’s playground. I feel uneasy and I looked over to the sewer trench and my stomach drops. I see meat carcasses ripped, and thrown like an animal had been eating in there. I looked at it for a while and thought. ‘Oh god that doesn’t look right. I feel like I’m about to see something strange.’

We continued walking down beside the sewer trench, until we got to within 100m and I saw a white skinned humanoid creature. Actually, when I looked at it from 100m away, my mind logically tried to find an explanation to what I was looking at. And every trail I went with my mind couldn’t find an answer. ‘Is it a naked, hairless, extremely white human, sifting through the dirt?’ No it wasn’t. The way it was moving on all fours, was very uncivilised and strange. Soon enough, I recalled that I wasn’t the only one to have witnessed this creature as two of my family friends noticed the strikingly pale white creature in the distance. I felt that Maria was very nervous, and she was picking up on the creature’s energy.

What I found unusual about the creature we had witnessed. Was the coccyx or the tailbone was sticking out of the end of its body about 15 cm. No human being alive today that I know of has a tailbone coccyx that long. The condition for the extra vertebrae or tailbone sticking out is called Cauda Equina Syndrome.

During the time in my high school year I learnt about the coccyx or tailbone in a human anatomy class. Through my own eyes, I compared the creature’s tailbone with the human body’s tailbone but the creature’s coccyx was too long to be classed as human. In most humans, the coccyx does not extend outside of the end of the backside.

Humans have a Reptilian part of the brain. When the human embryo is forming, we have a tail, and then we lose that tail as the embryo develops. Humans have a Reptilian ancestry coming back from the dinosaur period, and also from the Reptilian alien ancestors who came to Earth in the past.

Seeing the bone structure of the creature was easy because it was very anorexic, and looked like it hadn’t eaten in days or weeks. The spine was sticking out in bumps all the way down its back. These bumps went all the way down until the backside, and the tailbone stuck of its body. It was crouching down but if it could stand it would have been about 5 feet tall.

We kept walking up too within 100m of the creature, and I watch it flinch with its body because he can hear me and the other girls walking. The creature wasn’t expecting humans to be around, it thought it was alone. The creature sensed we were nearby and could hear us from far away. Then it did the most frightening expression I have ever seen. It slowly turned its head like a raging monster who was unhappy with humans around. The creature turned its head until it faced me, and then I knew that i wasn’t looking at something human or animal that I had learned about in school. I completely froze as it pinned its big black almond shaped eyes on me. There was so much evil and hate in its eyes, and with its sharp teeth and weird mouth I could see it made its expression even more sinister.

The creature was as pale as paper. The skin colour was white and it stuck out against the background. The creature had no nose, it had pointy ears sticking out past its head, and had menacing sharp teeth. The eyes looked the same as the Grey aliens. I noticed these details because they were visible as it was directly staring at me.

The hybrid alien seemed to know I had some psychic ability and it specifically focused on me to communicate. His energy increased onto me and intensified further towards me and it said to me telepathically “Get out of here before I rip you to shreds!” I was scared and as soon as I heard that I just started running, and I jumped the fence which leads back onto the street. I yelled out to the other girls behind me, I was afraid for their safety “Run! Fucking run!” The girls looked at us confused and responded “What are we running from?!” I was mortified that the girls weren’t aware of the menacing creature that had threatened to kill me and the other girls. How could they have not seen it? They were too busy talking. Immediately I stopped to see if this creature would be still chasing us. We continued to make our way back home, and I had confronted my mother to what we had seen. “We saw a monster mum! Omg! It wanted to kill us!” My brother Stephan and his friend Jamie could hear us panicking they decided to intervene. “Where show us? Where is it?”

I pointed in the direction to where the creature was then realising unexpectedly that they jumped the back fence and were going to find it. “Oh no! they don’t know that thing wanted to kill us! It’s going to attack them!’ Without hesitation, I quickly ran after them to protect Stephan and his friend presuming the creature would attack my family too. I could hear my friend Maria shouting behind me not to return to the house. I quickly run in front of Stephan and Jamie and told them “Get behind me” because they were oblivious to this creature and what it just told us.

I walked over to the spot in the bushes in which I saw the creature crouching over. The creature was no longer there. I investigated the area where it was crouching on the dirt. There were no footprints or signs of a carcass that it was eating. It was like it covered its own tracks. I knew the creature was heading back to the sewer drain pipe on the other side. I was too scared to go after it where the sewer pipe was. We all jumped over the back fence and headed back inside shaken from what we had witnessed.

My friend Maria said “It was the creepiest inhuman thing I have ever seen. It is like a cross between a dog and a dinosaur with the humps all over its spine. When it turned around my body froze, and I felt the blood run cold because I could see its face.”

Picture of the alien hybrid with its back turned.

Picture of the Alien hybrid when it turned around.

Picture of the location where I saw the hybrid alien in the bushes.

I was scared and I was only thirteen years old. I didn’t know who to tell about what I saw. Do I go and tell the police and tell them a hybrid alien monster is loose in the sewer pipes? I knew if I told people they wouldn’t believe me. I was glad Maria and Claudette saw it as well, and it wasn’t just me.

I noticed that the hybrid had no genitals. The reason I knew this was because I first tried to identify if it was a naked human. It was unclear for me to see if it was either a female or a male but I felt through the energy to be a male.

I had researched online to find if other people had seen the same creature. There were pictures from Mexico of a monster called the El Chupacabra. The El Chupacabra’s description did not fit what I saw. The creature that I saw looked more human. With further research, the online community named the creature ‘The Rake.’

Sewer trench where the extended pipe used to be. There used to be a 1 metre high concrete pipe that extended to this point but it was taken out a few months later after I saw the hybrid Alien. It was big enough for it to move through. The black circle shows where the pipe used to be.

Sewer entrance where the hybrid alien travels in and out of.

Labelled features of the hybrid alien.

I figured out a theory on the hybrid alien, with the following examples.

  • It is Nocturnal and only comes out during the night. The skin colour is an unnatural paper, white colour.
  • If it moves through the sewer drain pipes, it must be good at swimming and to hold its breath for long periods underwater.
  • The hybrid has survived in the sewers, and has never been in society or around humans.
  • The ripped carcass meat in the sewer trench indicates that it is carnivorous.
  • The large elongated black eyes share a striking resemblance with Grey alien’s eyes. Meaning this hybrid is part Grey alien.
  • The sharp teeth, black claws, pointy ears, spine sticking out slightly and long coccyx tailbone indicates that this hybrid is part Reptilian and part Grey.

If this hybrid Alien’s bodily features resembles a Human, a Grey Alien and a Reptilian Alien. What does that say about the DNA. Who created this creature and where did it come from?

All I can say for sure is that seeing the Hybrid alien was an awakening experience and made me believe in everything.

2014 [

Before i joined a UFO/alien meetup group. I first read a psychic book, and in this psychic book was an ability called remote viewing. I was very interested in this ability and I thought, hey with this ability I could remote view and see out into space. I learnt this technique, and I remembered remote viewing and seeing a spaceship that was very clear with a wide window, and inside I could see three grey aliens. I remembered looking at them and thinking “Oh my god, these are aliens?” and I was very surprised.

During this time, I was trying to figure out what I saw years ago, the hybrid alien. I was researching on the internet for similar photos of what I saw. At the same time, I also became very curious about the grey aliens because I remembered seeing the hybrid alien’s eyes which were very similar to the grey alien’s eyes. Strangely enough, after I began remote viewing and reading about the greys, on the internet. I could feel them behind me, sitting on the bed. This made me little nervous, knowing they were watching me I felt their energies even though I couldn’t see anything there.

One night I felt like I needed to join a UFO meetup group, and I found one on the Meetup site on the internet. There was one in Melbourne, and I was really happy about that, so I joined that group.

In one of the meetup events, we did a meditation. The group leader used an app named ET Contact tool. This app was created by Todd Goldenbaum with the support from Steven M. Greer and others. This was a wonderful app which was introduced to the group. The app has a guided meditation spoken by Steven M Greer, and the guided meditations purpose is to contact aliens through meditation and human consciousness.

We sat down in a circle and began to meditate while listening to the guided audio meditation on the app. I travelled astrally into space with one of my non-physical bodies, and I encountered some alien greys in a spaceship. They were the same grey aliens that I saw when I remote viewed weeks before. I was in a trance, and one of the Greys looked as though he was staring into my soul.

Coming to the end of the meditation, we heard a tone sound near the kitchen, and a few others heard it in the same place. I felt the aliens touching my forearm. I could feel them near me, through their energies. I could feel them watching us. Even though most people can’t physically see them, they are non-physical beings. You have to remember that the physical and non-physical are irrelevant. They can materialize and dematerialize whenever they choose too. They are in another dimension. They are advanced beings and can do whatever they want to do. They have the technology and the intelligence to do so.

After the meditation session, everyone had similar experiences. Three of us heard the tone sound including me, and I was on the far side of the circle. The other two were much closer to the sound from the kitchen. Everyone felt really warm, and they witnessed seeing different aliens in the room. I was just starting out with seeing aliens, and tuning into their frequencies. It is similar to switching on a radio station, and tuning in on the alien’s energy frequencies. When I finished with the event I decided to return home. I didn’t expect the aliens would follow me home after.

Later on from the meditation session my whole world changed. I felt like I was being watched all the time. I had never felt like that before. I heard UFO tone sounds outside my window, always at night time. I would wake up and hear aliens talking outside my window. I heard strange sounds and made me run out of my bedroom because I was scared. I had also frequent dreams about aliens and spaceships. I needed to talk to someone about what I was going through. I just wanted to talk to someone who didn’t think I was insane. I was just overwhelmed with these new experiences. The first few months were intense, and I had to try and adapt to the changes, that had been happening.

The first Skywatch our group had we went way far out to Nar Nar Goon in Victoria to a secluded football oval. During our next meditation group, we were back at the football field, and we had seen many UFO’s coming through in an unusual direction. At that time, I spotted a red UFO heading to our group over the skies which then disappeared. I sat down after on the ground, and saw in my third eye white grey aliens. They suddenly spoke to me telepathically. “You have been chosen. You have an important mission in the future.” I was quite confused, and for that moment I didn’t believe what they had said to me.

When we all drove home on the freeway, my friend Meagan said “Eve! Omg there’s a huge white UFO above the freeway!” I was driving and I couldn’t look. Later on the Meetup site the next day, the other guy in the group said they saw a white UFO above the freeway too. Then I said “Omg Meagan saw it as well!” I was like wow that many of us that had seen the same white UFO on the freeway was amazing. We were all heading in the same direction on the freeway back to the city.

It was an interesting first Sky watch experience. I learnt how to do astral project and remote view. Each time I did it, I always met aliens above earth or flying around in space. One day when I did the meditation, it was a cloudy overcast day. I remote viewed and went out of my body, into space, I created a hole in the clouds physically. I only saw it when I opened my eyes, and I realised there was a huge hole in the clouds, and no other holes except that one was the direction I went through. I realised that conscious energy from human’s can effect physical matter around us without people realising.

After a skywatch meditation I look up and I have observed seeing a circle of clear skies above the group where the stars are visible. It is as though the groups conscious energies are shifting the clouds out of the way. What I can see through my third eye is a partially clear white tunnel being created from the area where the group is above them, going out of the earth’s atmosphere and into space. This would explain why the clouds could move out of the way. The tunnel is created through the people’s consciousness. Little did I know that the Grey aliens would be watching me all the time. They wanted to study my soul and teach me about the Universe. I met Eilya and Eschilleet the two Grey aliens in their nonphysical form. There would be other alien races who would be close by to help me as well.


Picture of my soul getting abducted.

The picture above shows my physical body lying on the bed and my non-physical body or soul rising up and talking to the Grey alien who is also in a non-physical form. The image looks very sexual but it wasn’t like that at all, he was very gentle and loving.

One night I did the Et contact tool meditation, while I was in bed. I astral travelled or remote viewed above Australia, outside the Earth’s atmosphere. I just wanted to relax and view the Earth. I imagined a protective golden white sphere around me and I could see my etheric white cord connecting all the way down to Melbourne. I was enjoying myself until I heard someone say “What are you doing here? Are you lost?” it was a small Grey who spoke to me. I looked at the back of me and saw a disk shaped spaceship, and the two Greys were inside. The one who spoke to me was on the left side of the ship. There was a lot of light emanating from the ship of a white yellow light. My spirit guide Gleetrax was suddenly next to me as though protecting me. He was watching them too.

I felt the energy of one of the Grey aliens on the spaceship, who said his name was Zetan, he had a very sinister troublemaker like energy. The other alien on the right was a lot more reserved and nicer and didn’t want to cause trouble. He was taller than Zetan. Gleetrax spoke to me and said “Come with me now. Let’s get away from them now. We need to go somewhere.” I agreed with him, and we moved in a south east direction outside in space. Gleetrax grabbed my hand and we flew for a while in space but then he stopped and said “They will not be going away. They’re going to follow your chord back home.” Gleetrax told me.

All of a sudden, I felt as though someone wanted to connect into my consciousness. I felt Zetan’s energy infiltrating my etheric cord. My spirit guide continued to inform me. “We need to go back now and fast. “We flew fast following my cord from space all the way back to Earth. We passed their spaceship and back to my physical body at home. My other body came back into my physical form. I opened my eyes and I felt Gleetrax in the room but I distinctly felt like Zetan was going to pay me a visit as well, and I was like ‘oh no’ I think he’s coming.

Later, I went to sleep and I woke up at 4am in the morning. My other non-physical body or soul sat upwards from my physical body. I could feel Zetan’s energy nearby. I could see the outline of his body, and with my hands which I couldn’t see, I could feel I was in direct contact with him.

He put his face right next to mine touching my face. I was in a drugged trance like state. I felt kind of like an obedient zombie that had just been woken. His hands were holding my face, I felt so much love coming from him, and the connection was strong, he said “Okay I’m here now, I’m here with you.” I put my hands on his face and I sent my love back to him. Then he said “It’s time to go, are you afraid? Don’t be afraid.” I replied back to him. “I’m not afraid, I know I’m ready.” I knew he had spoken to me before, which was weird. Then after that I completely don’t remember anything, didn’t dream, it was all black. Which was abnormal for me.

This was one of my strange alien soul abductions. The actual physical abductions happen more in America. In Australia they do happen but it is not as common. Aliens are interdimensional, and they can abduct your soul. Grey aliens are interested in human’s and alien souls and they want to study what souls are and how to experiment with souls. I believe the reptilians and the greys have moved onto studying souls but they are still abducting specific people with alien DNA in them.


The Greys watched me day and night and it got to the point where I just got used to the Greys being around me and it wasn’t such a big deal anymore. To me it became normal to see them in the other dimension, with their big black eyes watching me carefully.

They had abducted my soul a few times already. When those abductions happened I felt them pressing on my stomach and chest area. I’m not sure why they did this. The way I can explain is that my physical body had become aware of someone pressing down on my body but I couldn’t see who they were. I could only feel them pressing, and sometimes very hard, and that made me quite uncomfortable. I don’t have control of my soul, and I cannot wake up to go back to my physical body when I have these abduction experiences. Other times I woke up and I felt a Grey alien’s finger in my mouth on the side and I thought “What in the world is he doing? And why is your finger in my mouth?”

It was in April 2015 I had three nights in a row of soul abductions. The first night was on a Monday the 13th of April. I dreamt of a peaceful middle aged blonde woman. She told me she was an alien abductee and her experiences scarred her for life. She walked with me and was telling me her story, and then I woke up in my physical body just conscious and my eyes were opened. I heard the blonde woman speak to me and she said “Now I don’t want that to happen to anybody else” and I felt her powerful protective energy around me.

I noticed immediately that my bottom teeth were vibrating and I could feel the electricity going through my teeth. I then felt electricity going through the entire bed and for that moment I thought “Is there some kind of electrical wiring gone wrong and the current is surging through my bed?” but I knew it was the Greys who were going to take me, and I couldn’t be bothered to resist.

My whole body started to vibrate. I felt a Grey alien’s hand on the side of my stomach. I then heard a male Grey alien with a harsh voice say “Take her!” and then I became unconscious and my soul came out of my body. I felt all three of them around me, and they were surprised that my soul was awake and conscious. They were startled and they moved to the other side of the room at the foot of my bed and I said “Where are you going? Don’t leave me here? I can’t see!” I said to them because it was dark. I wasn’t even scared of them. I kept saying “I can’t see! Come back!”. I was scared that I couldn’t see. I felt a sudden quick brush of a hand against my face, and the danger instinct came over me and my body went into attack mode. I could suddenly see again. There was light coming through the window and I punched the small Grey and the other two really hard, it was my instinct to attack.

They were freaking out and thinking “Wtf! Is she attacking us!?” I said the two Greys “You want some more?” Then the small Grey on the left punched me in the face with his small fist but I couldn’t feel it as much. I was like “Omg what am I doing, did I just beat them up?” then I felt really bad and I woke up back into my physical body.

They were really upset, they didn’t expect me to attack them and for my soul to be conscious and awake. I spoke to them telepathically because I could feel how angry they were “Eve you are not to attack us!” the Grey on the left said and I replied “You shouldn’t have left me there, you provoked me and I was scared.” The other two Greys I heard them say “I didn’t sign up for this.” and they walked out of the room with a negative feeling. Then I woke up the next morning and I was like “Did I beat up aliens last night I feel so bad.” I’ve never felt electricity surging through my physical body like that it was incredible. The Greys must have used some type of device to take my soul out of my body.

The next night on Tuesday the 14th of April, I knew they were planning to take my soul again because they had failed to abduct my soul the night before. I went to sleep and my physical body became aware of ten small Greys holding me down and two on top of me.

I felt them pressing down on my body hard and I thought “There’s no point fighting this time, they came prepared.” It was all black and they were holding me so tightly to make sure I wouldn’t move. A Grey female spoke to me and said “We are going to get you pregnant” and then I flew out of my physical body. I was screaming for my mom and dad but they couldn’t hear me.

The third night which was the 15th of April. The next night after I dreamt of another alien who wasn’t a grey alien, I had seen him before. He was one of the aliens from a higher dimension, a realm made of light. He looked as though his body was made of energy or light. It was dark in my room and I watched him come through the ceiling. He then jumped into bed with me and I cuddled him because i liked him. I liked feeling him next to me of his cosmic alien energy and I gave him a cuddle. It was beautiful and I knew he had come for me before. He didn’t say anything but he didn’t need to say anything at all, we could just simply feel each other’s feeling.


I went on a holiday to Cairns, in Australia and got some UFO pictures and a picture of an entity with my full spectrum camera. I remembered I was in the hotel room by myself and i felt the reptilian’s energies so strongly. I would see a tall 7ft green scaly reptilian walk into the room and he was excited at seeing me. I was afraid I would be abducted by them but I knew they wouldn’t be able to get to me because of the Arcturian’s alien’s protecting me.

When it was time to leave Cairns, I was with my mum and dad at the airport, waiting to board the plane. I felt so sick that night, my whole body was telling me that the aliens were going to be on the plane. I felt so nervous and I couldn’t figure out why. I was sitting in the restaurant area and my whole body was shaking as if I had three cups of strong coffees. My body shakes because I can feel the intense energies of the aliens around me and it made me nervous to feel them. I am very sensitive to energies.

On the flight from Melbourne to Cairns I sat with my parents in the same row. On the flight from Cairns back to Melbourne, for some reason, there were two spare seats next to me. I had a strange feeling because everywhere else on the plane, all the seats were filled, and why were there two spare seats just in my row? I was by myself. I found it very unusual.

The whole flight I didn’t feel right. I felt uncomfortable and I felt sick from the energies of the aliens on the plane and in other places. At the start of the flight, I started to have visions of two men communicating with each other telepathically, whilst they were both at two different locations. One man had dark hair and sunglasses, he seemed to be at a base, and the other man was bald and he was in a black sedan. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. I saw him talking in the car, he was parked in Cairns nearby the beach where I had been before. I listened and observed how the bald man spoke. He spoke in an unusual slightly robotic voice and I could sort of see his face shapeshifting slightly, and I felt he was a hybrid alien or a full blood reptilian.

As we got closer to Melbourne, we were flying through a thunderstorm that had caused mass flooding. Suddenly a strange old man, who was about my height maybe shorter than me, suddenly sat next in my row at the end of the seat. I looked at him, he looked very nervous and I knew straight away that he was an alien. I didn’t speak to him but I could feel his energy. He knew who I was, I knew who he was. I felt as though he had sat at the end of the aisle to protect me.

I looked out the window and I saw that the plane was flying above the clouds. I could see and hear the thunder on the clouds, it was mesmerizing but the plane also had some turbulence, and I felt nervous that the plane would go down while I was holding onto the armrest. When I looked out the window I saw a UFO, at first I was wondering what a white disk shaped object made of light was doing in the middle of a thunderstorm. I saw the circular disk object made of light there for a second, then I saw it go into hyperspace and speed off, it was very quick, like flicking a rubber band. I also saw the light trail from the UFO as it sped off. While I watched this UFO, I could feel the old man reading my thoughts. He knew what I was looking at and I felt he saw the UFO as well and that he knew what it was.

The picture below shows where I was sitting and the old man who was an alien had something around his neck. I had the window seat and the alien man sat on the end of the row.

We flew above the thunderstorm and it was so beautiful looking down on the lightning, incredible. The thunder was shaking the plane then we had to descend through the storm and we got through thankfully.

I started to see another vision of the same bald man in the black sedan car, which looked brand new and shiny. Instead of being parked next to the carpark, next to the beach in Cairns, the man was parked outside the front of my apartment building. He was parked next to the concierge. I was surprised and freaked out to see that, I felt as though the car could move or teleport itself to two different places because I felt it was in another dimension. I observed the vision that there was a new dark haired, Middle Eastern looking man working at the concierge. I could clearly see this man’s face in detail and I hadn’t seen him before working there.

When we landed I was so glad to be home in Melbourne. Everyone walked out of the plane row by row, except for a strange bald man who had reptilian energy. He was standing there facing towards the back of the plane in my direction, with his arms resting on the chair in front of him. He was quite built in his upper body.

There were three rows after his row, where he could have come off but I knew he was waiting for me to pass and get off the plane. I knew he was a Reptilian because of his energy. “He’s a Reptilian omg he’s waiting for me to pass him, don’t look at him.” I just grabbed my bags and walked past him really fast. I then went down the stairs and I looked back, and I saw the bald man had gone off after me and I was standing there before the steps to get down from the plane. He smiled at me and I could read his thoughts “Oh… so that’s who you are…” After seeing his expression and feeling his energy, I knew that he was 100% a reptilian and he knew who I was.

The Reptilian man disguised as a bald human who was actually quite hot. If he had sat next to me and told me he was an alien, I probably wouldn’t have run away. Not sure why he was on the plane either to protect me or for something else but at least I had actually seen a Reptilian in his human form. Although it was freaky, it was also incredibly exciting to feel aliens around me.

My brother picked me, my dad and mum up from the airport, then we went home to Reservoir. After arriving there I decided to go to Louis’s place instead of staying at my parent’s place in reservoir. Referring to the vision I had of the man in black parked out the front of my apartment building. I noted that the man was new and I could see his face clearly. When I arrived home to Louis’s apartment building, I realised I had forgotten my key to go upstairs to the apartment and I thought “Omg I’m going to have to go to the concierge and get them to call Louis upstairs.” I went to the concierge and I was shocked to see the same new man that I had seen in my vision, he was there at the concierge working. I looked at him for a moment stunned and my mind recognised his facial features, his skin colour and all those details. I looked at the parking space but the black car wasn’t there. I felt like asking the man if he had seen a black car parked there but I was too freaked out to ask.


Top camera Full Spectrum Camera, bottom camera normal digital camera.

On the same night I arrived home in Melbourne from Cairns. I drove to my partner’s place and I had an argument with my partner coming home from Cairns. It was very early in the morning and I decided to go for a drive to Brighton beach. I had my normal Lumix Digital camera and my converted full spectrum camera with me. I knew there would be UFO’s in the sky from the huge thunderstorm and I decided to take some pictures of the skies. As soon as I started taking photos it felt really eerie and I felt like something was watching me. I saw dark shadows pass at the back of the car but they could have been shadow entities. I felt like a craft has landed in the car park on the other side to my left. I sensed it but I couldn’t see it. I sensed something wasn’t happy with me taking photos.

I was there for maybe fifteen minutes, until I held up my normal digital camera and I noticed there was a purple moving light on the corner of the camera coming from the left hand side. I thought “Omg…what on Earth is that? Moving purple light? Shining into my camera.” Suddenly, my camera switched off. I could even feel the invisible beam hitting my camera. I thought “Ok you can’t stop me I have another camera.” Straight after I held up my full spectrum camera and I zoomed in and again, the same purple ray light was shining through the corner on the left hand side, then that camera shut down. “Omg! What the???! Something shut my cameras off that invisible beam!” Then a few seconds after that, a police car showed up and the police car parked at the back of my car. They questioned me about what I was doing there and I said “I’m just taking photos” and then the guys knew I wasn’t doing anything suspicious, then they drove off.

What are the chances of two perfectly good cameras shut down both by the same invisible beam? There are no chances only a force making that happen. The answer is, only aliens shutting down my cameras because they weren’t happy with me taking photos. As for the police, I don’t think it was them but it was strange that they showed up straight after the second camera had shut down.

I have the evidence of the damage on both of my cameras. You can see the part on both cameras on the left hand side, where the invisible beam hit, showing the purple discolouration, purple is Ultraviolet in the colour spectrum. If I took my camera to the camera specialist or a Scientist, to find out what the invisible beam of light was I’m sure they would find an interesting answer.

When I got home it turned on and you could see the beams damage which was purple on the screen, on the left bottom hand side. Now it was strange because this purple colour damage, slowly faded away but then the camera didn’t work anymore after that, got a few photos out of it but didn’t start anymore. The full spectrum camera is still working now but the beam has permanently damaged it and when you zoom in, you can see the purple colour damage, where the beam was hit. All I can say after that was wow that was an experience. ‘How many people get to say that aliens damaged their cameras?’ not many.

I spoke with an expert and he told me that it was very strange that both cameras would both have turned off and he said the only thing that could have done that, would have been an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) device, which he said was unlikely someone would be carrying around in their pocket.


I had been going through a whole change in my life. These new experiences changing my whole view of the world I once knew around me. My friend Karen knew I needed some advice and she gave me her psychic’s number. Even though I am psychic I like to go to psychics to get another view or confirm what I am seeing or feeling without me saying anything to them.

I went to see her and she told me there were many aliens around me physically and non-physically. She told me about the aliens and how they wanted to speak to me, and that few male ones liked me. After the psychic reading I felt so much better and I laughed at myself and I knew what I was feeling and seeing was correct. When I went home I then heard telepathically one of the male aliens said “Go to the balcony, we will wave at you. I went to the balcony and looked down to try and see them not expecting anything. Then I saw two men standing at the traffic lights on St Kilda road, staring upwards at me on the balcony and one of them waves at me slowly “Can you see us?” they said and I said “Yeah I can see you down there.” In my head I was just like “Omg….Wow……That is amazing.” I waved back and I knew they could see me.


I woke up on a Monday and I had a weird epiphany or feeling like I needed to go to Daylesford in Victoria. The sun shined into my room and I felt the alien’s presence of love around me and I just knew somehow that today I needed to go to Daylesford because the aliens wanted to give me something and to give me information about something. It was the feeling as if I already knew I would go into the future. I knew I was meant to go and I had already done it before in a parallel future reality if that’s the best way I could explain it. I woke up accompanied with the feeling of going to Daylesford. I saw a white moving portal in my vision and I knew I had to go. I saw the white Grey named Tilk who I had seen before many times in my visions, I walked through the portal into the forest. The aliens told me to go there. “Come to Daylesford! Come here.” I felt their loving energies and I knew that today I had to go and I already knew I would.

Tilk told me that I would know exactly where to go and to trust my feelings. He showed me a vision of the lookout in Daylesford and I saw a white portal and he was next to the white portal which was near the lookout steps in the forest. He also showed me another vision and said “Go into the forest near the lookout you know which one. We will leave you something there.” I had a vision of him next to the forest walking the tracks in Hepburn springs and I saw him bending down and placing a big white snow quartz next to a tree, it was very quick when I saw the vision but I knew exactly where it was. He also said if I had time to go to the lake and mediate there too. I knew exactly where to go. Feeling Tilk and the other aliens, I believe some Arcturian aliens were there as well. Their beautiful loving and protective energies showered over me and I felt safe and loved.

I arrived in Daylesford and then “BOOM!” I felt the alien’s presence in Daylesford so strongly and I could feel and see the portal above the town square before I arrived there. I drove to the town square and I saw a giant white portal in the other dimension about five to six metres above the ground and it was huge about four metres across in length and width. I went “Omg! Its huge and I can see it!” I thought. Then I knew why I had the vision of the portal when I woke up in bed, it was the portal in the town square. The portal was white and fluctuating moving like there was so much energy inside it. I went to the toilet and one of the greys told me. “If your book comes out and nobody believes you we will send lightning to the TV stations that discredit you and we will shut down their stations for a moment with the lightning, if they don’t believe you.” I was like “Wow that’s a bit extreme but you know what you’re doing.” They also said that not every human can hear them as well as I can and that is why I was important to them because I can hear clearly.

I drove off to head to the lookout. I got there and I was alone. I am afraid of heights and I walked up the lookout steps. They helped me get up the steps and told me “It’s ok don’t be afraid Eve, keep going,” and their love helped made me fearless going to the top platform of the lookout. I got to the top of the lookout and it was beautiful and sunny. I was overlooking the forest. I sat down and started to write down what they wanted to tell me.

They showed me a vision of a triangle and they told me that these circles on each of the sides were Neutrinos. They spoke to me about time and told me time runs in a circle but you can go backwards in time, and they also said that me and my friend Rob needed to go to the blue mountains and take pictures in the lookout there.

As I was writing it down I was paranoid from other cars who would come to the lookout while I was channeling because they would look at me strange. The aliens said “That’s ok we will make sure they move straight ahead” and then after a while they said “There is a car coming, we can’t stop it. I think it’s time to go to the forest to get the rock, we want you to go get it.” I then saw this light blue modern Subaru car drive into the lookout entrance and i could hear the tyres as it drove up the hill halfway. Before I went down the steps I watched the vehicle drive upwards on a steep one way road, and I waited for the car to come up to the lookout. I heard the car drive up the hill until halfway, then i didn’t hear the car driving backwards or driving away.

Aerial view from Google Earth of Jackson’s lookout. I noted the path where the car had driven and the two places where i had seen the car.

Picture of the hill, and a steep Cliffside is on the right of this road. Road has potholes.

I got down the steps and I am really puzzled because I didn’t hear the car come up the hill or drive back down to the main road. I thought it must have parked along the steep hill but when I went to look for the car, it wasn’t there. I ignored my third eye and what I was seeing on the side of the steep hill almost at the carpark lookout, which was the blue Subaru in the other dimension. I could feel the energy coming from the aliens inside the car in their human form (it was good friendly energies), but the car wasn’t in its solid three dimensional form anymore.

Where I saw the blue Subaru car parked just at the top of the steep hill, would make sense because there was no sound driving back down to the main road and stopping their car and somehow moving the car or cloaking it in the other dimension would seem more likely. In my mind I was still trying to think of logical solutions to figure out where this car had gone and why I had not heard it drive back down, I have very good hearing and I would have heard it and seen it driving back onto the main road.

I thought, there must be another road that the car drove into because this is a one way road. The only way to get back onto the main road, is to do a three point turn. I walked down but there was no other road adjacent except the main one. The car will have had to do a three point turn on a steep hill and on the other side is a steep cliff, only someone really fearless would’ve attempted to do a three point turn like that on this steep hill with potholes. Most people drive up to the top of the carpark lookout and then drive back down again.

I drove down from the lookout onto the main road. As I was driving on the road I saw in my third eye’s vision, the same blue Subaru car driving behind my car but it was in the other dimension. It was the same car that was parked on the top of the steep hill but in the other dimension and could be seen as a see through hologram form in my third eye’s vision. I could even feel the male alien man in his human form in the car and another female alien in the car. I felt that they were in their human forms. I heard Tilk say to me “Don’t worry they are protecting you.” I was like “Ok that’s good.” I was still kind of freaked out that the car had moved into another dimension but I could still see it driving behind me and I could feel the protective energies from the aliens too.

I got to the Day spa in Hepburn spring and there is a park and many walking tracks you can walk on. I walked towards the forest walking track and one of the aliens holds out his arm showing me the direction. “Go on this way.” The alien told me. I asked him “Are you sure?” I then felt the energy and I knew I had to go left on the walking track. I walked up the track and I stopped and they said to me “Keep going.” I kept walking and then I stopped again. I saw this big snow quartz crystal on the side of the walking track exactly where I had seen Tilk the white Grey had placed it.

The vision was exactly in the same area where I was standing in front of it. I said to them “Is this it?” and they said “Yes, it’s very easy for us to encode information into a crystal and leave it anywhere for you.” I picked it up and I felt the energy inside it and I felt Tilk’s energy on the crystal. I could even see his white fingers touching the crystal and I could also see the history from this object. I then felt strong alien energy on the crystal and I felt like there was a lot of information inside the crystal. They continued to inform me “Meditate and download the information inside the crystal.”

Writing this experience, I wanted people to understand how amazing it was to have a vision in the morning of Tilk leaving the crystal on the ground and then arriving at the same place and seeing the same crystal there. I took photos to show where I saw Tilk leaving the crystal and it was the exact same place where I had found it.

The same location where i had the vision of Tilk placing the crystal on the ground, and the crystal was there when i arrived.

The crystal i found is a natural rock found in this old mining area in Daylesford but it was picked up the by aliens and encoded with some information inside and left there for me.


This is a picture of what the wallaby looked like, except it was dark brown colour.

I woke up and i had a vision of a dark brown wallaby and it spoke to me and said “There have been many UFO’s flying over this area, you should come and check this area out.” and I saw this wallaby in a forest and I knew it was in the Daylesford area. I was really stunned because I had never had an animal come into a vision and speak to me before out of the blue.

I arrived at Daylesford and go to the park. Then I randomly felt like going to Mt Franklin further up from Hepburn springs and so I drove to the mountain and I climbed up.

When I went down the mountain I heard something jumping nearby and I look to my right and I see the same dark brown wallaby staring right at me and I thought to myself “Oh my god, that’s the same wallaby that spoke to me this morning and it’s there watching me.” It didn’t move its gaze off me, it was very intense.

I moved further down the mountain and then I saw two beautiful monarch butterflies. I suddenly felt my deceased friend’s presence from the two butterflies, and I mentioned his name “Anthony…” I said to the butterfly and as if it knew I recognised it, it touched my hand as I reached out to it and then flew off.

Anthony’s sister Louise told me about how at Anthony’s funeral there was a monarch butterfly that landed straight onto the coffin and sat there and everyone knew it was him. Anthony even told me when he was still alive he said “Tam…. in my next life I want to come back as something that flies.” Anthony wanted me to tell his family that he was ok and that he was watching over them and I knew I had to tell his sister Louise.

I drove out to leave and as I was going out, the dark brown wallaby was on the side of the road maybe two hundred metres away, from where I last saw it was up in the mountain. The wallaby looked at me then jumped up the mountain and then stopped. The wallaby decided to stare at me again and I was thinking “How did it get up here so fast?” and then I drove off thinking about how bizarre it was with the wallaby.,

When I got home later that day I wondered about how the wallaby spoke to me in the vision and then see it standing there on the mountain watching me. I realised how some people have had experiences with the grey alien encounters and have witnessed owls or birds shapeshift into grey aliens. Then I thought a grey alien had shapeshifted into a wallaby and was protecting me on the mountain or for whatever reason had to be there. When I speak to animals, they don’t know English. They usually project to you their feelings through telepathy, your brain translates these feelings into words. This is also how channelling works. It could have been the wallaby or a grey alien shapeshifted into a wallaby but either way it was amazing.


My natural dark brown eyes on the left picture and my reptilian eyes shapeshifted on the right side. This photo was natural and turned up in the photograph, there was no photoshop used to change my eyes. This was a natural photo and I didn’t expect my eyes to shapeshift, until I looked back at the pictures on my phone.

I asked my mum to take some photos of me. Most of the photos were normal except two photos. In one photo my eye reflect was entirely purple and in another photo I noticed my eyes had shapeshifted into slits, like a reptilian’s eyes.

I had another photo a year before where you could also see my eyes had slits in them but I thought it was just the lighting. In this photo there is no explanation on how my naturally dark brown eyes became a yellow colour with black slits in them.

The background facing in that direction had no black lines or colours to reflect back. It’s all very light colours in the background. It was strange that my eyes had shapeshifted in this photo because of the way I was posing. I was pretending to enchant something in a pose and I was concentrating.

For me, I know why my eyes had shapeshifted, my soul is a reptilian hybrid, and the reptilian eyes came through. I knew it was only a matter of time before something strange would appear in the photos. I had an etheric reptilian DNA implant (made of energy) that had changed my soul, and I didn’t think my soul’s appearance would come out in the photos but I guess it can.

I have been dreaming and my soul has been outside my physical body I remember walking into the bathroom and looking into the mirror and seeing myself with light green scales and a yellow snake eyes, with black slits. I wasn’t possessed, this is my soul’s appearance because my energy DNA had been changed by the etheric implant I received.

In this photo I saw that the right side of my face was green and you can see an unusual pattern around that side of my face. You can also see that my eye has a black slit in it.


This is the original photo on the left and the illuminated photo is on the right which you can see the alien better.

This is a photo I took outside my house in the driveway. I have illuminated this photo, so you can see the alien on my right hand side. When I was writing this book, I said to the aliens “I need more evidence. I need something more to put into this book.” After I went outside I had a feeling like I need to take pictures and I did. Later I looked at the photo and I saw this small alien next to me, with light tanned skin. You can see the shape of its head and one of the big black eyes. I have seen this small alien before and his skin colour is not like the greys skin colour, which white to grey in colour. So I recognised him in the photo. I know it was unusual because I took three photos in the same spot and one had the alien behind me in it.


It was a few months after I had my first Skywatch and I was happy going out to the nightclubs. My friend invited me out to Spice Market in Melbourne. That was the first time I noticed a strange old man, in very casual clothing who was outside the nightclub. I remembered looking at him when I was waiting for a taxi outside. I stared at his face and he looked out of place, and he was standing there for no apparent reason. He stared at me as if he knew who I was.

About two weeks later I went out again with my friend Tim. Before I even went out I knew I would be seeing someone and that someone was going to be an alien. We went to a bar and we were having fun. We came outside of the bar and the same man I saw was there again. He was standing on the corner just before the alleyway. Again with the same casual clothing. I just stared at him because I knew straight away there was something unusual about him. I stopped and looked over at him. It felt like nobody could see him but he was there in a physical body, standing in the street outside the bar. I tried to read his mind but he was very good at shielding his thoughts, I know that only other psychics can do this. He stared at me intensely and I knew he was an alien, and that he had been waiting for me. I remembered him from many other times that I saw him and I was like “Omg it’s that man again!” This man whoever he was had been watching over me. I was freaked out and I tried my best to put it out of my head. Until, my friends saw him too.

I told my friend Meagan about how aliens watch me and I said “Oh hey you might see some aliens watching me today, I’ll pick them out for you if they are there” and she was dumbfounded and didn’t believe me. We went to Target on Bourke Street, did some shopping then went outside and the man was there again. I tried not to look at him but I already saw his face and the same clothes he was wearing. He smiled and sort of turned his head but I knew he was still watching me. I turned to Meagan and I said “Did you see him he was there the old man?” I said to her. “No I didn’t see anyone following us…” she replied. “No they don’t follow. They stand outside and wait for me to come out.” I said to her. She believed me but she didn’t see him.

If that wasn’t enough times for me to see this man, I saw him again this time at Crown Casino. I met my friend Karen for lunch in the food court area and I knew even before I arrived that the aliens would be there. We arrived at the food court and as soon as we sat down, Karen noticed a strange man behind me she said “Eve I think there’s a strange man behind you, it’s like he’s reporting on you back to someone, I think he’s an alien” and I said “Yeah I know. I could feel his energy from behind me.”

When we got our food I saw the old man there again and he had a friend with him. I recognised this man straight away, he was the alien who protected me at spice market, the tall man. He looked Caucasian and had glasses and he looked like in his thirties. They got their food from the same place we got our food from. Then they sat down on a table with some distance away, where I couldn’t see him but I could see his alien friend with glasses. I looked at them and I telepathically knew the old man was talking about me. Then the guy with glasses turned to me and looked over at me and I read his thoughts. “Is that who you are talking about?” and he was staring at me intensely. I looked away and I returned my gaze to Karen. I said to Karen “That guy who always follows me around is here and he has a friend with him” then Karen said “Where show me?” and I said “You see over there at that table where the two men are?” I said trying not to look. She looked over at the men. “Omg that’s freaky. How do you deal with it?” she replied. “I just deal with it. They like to follow me around there’s nothing I can do about it.” I told her.

We then went for a walk in Southbank and then we went back into the food court entrance to Crown Casino. I noticed a bald man standing there looking out of place, like he was waiting for me. He was average in height and I knew he had some Reptilian in him. When I walked in I dodged his gaze because I knew he was an alien and his energy unnerved me. I could feel his attraction to me and his intense gaze on me as I passed him. “Did you see that guy we just passed the bald guy? He was one of them.” Karen replied “Yeah I saw him they’re everywhere” she said to me.


Since I started writing this book at the start of 2014. Whenever I went out to a nightclub or a bar. I was always protected by aliens in their human form. I didn’t know aliens could shapeshift into a human and it took me a while to realise but other psychics made me aware of these alien men protecting me.

The aliens look like humans but they are not, it is a hologram so they can fit in and look human. Hybrid aliens were also around me and they look human. I had two experiences at Spice market, and at a nightclub in Melbourne. I will explain what happened. Hopefully the alien who had protected me on both those nights, won’t mind me writing about him.

I knew they were aliens because I could sense their energy signature, it wasn’t the same energy as a human. There was this man who was six feet tall and he wore glasses. He looked like the type of guy who would rather code computer software for five hours than spend his time in a nightclub. He looked and felt very out of place, like he didn’t belong. He also wore very casual clothing, like fashion wasn’t of his importance or he didn’t know how to dress up for spice market. The other aliens I noticed as well they all wore very casual clothing, as if they didn’t want to stand out of the crowd. The only thing that gave them away was their energies, and you have to be psychic or intuitive to pick it up and tune in on their energy frequencies.

This particular man stayed nearby me the whole night. He never talked to me, never smiled, he never approached me, he kept his distance a few metres away, and just stood there in the corner watching me. He seemed very nervous and out of place and I knew he was an alien. He seemed more like a nerdy security guard. In the next picture it shows when I entered he was right behind me. The picture under shows me and my male friend dancing and the alien man in the corner watching me and the surroundings.

Most people wouldn’t pick up on the energy signature of aliens, they would just look at the person and think that they seem very out of place or strange and think there is something weird about them but don’t know what it is.

This is a picture I drew of an the alien man I had seen in spice market protecting me. I also saw him at crown casino with the other old man who I drew a picture of. They were different but both blonde and tall. My feelings told me it was Teloar, the tall grey who was looking after me and I could see his tall alien grey body. Their was another alien man who looked similar, and I believed he was also a tall grey alien too. I haven’t drawn him but he was blonde and about 6 ft tall.

The tall grey alien shapeshifted into a human who I believed was Teloar came into spice market by himself. I was sitting down in a booth for my friend’s birthday party, I was quite drunk and enjoying myself. I saw the tall six feet blonde man walk near the booth and he stood in front of the booth on the side, acting like a security guard but very neutral. He never looked at me but when he looked around the club which was very busy, every metre was someone dancing or standing and he was just there by himself. I observed some good looking women with short dresses and they were drunk, there were two of them, one of them drunkenly fell on him but her friend held her up. These women were extremely drunk. I observed the blonde man’s reaction, he seemed to be not interested in the drunken women and he felt uncomfortable when she came near him. I thought his behaviour was very unusual for a man to come to spice market and by himself too. If a man had come alone, he would be at the bar buying women drinks and chatting them up.

I knew he was an alien, I could feel it and I could see it in his behaviour. It was not normal, he was acting like an alien, very out of place. It was extraordinary because nobody seemed to notice him standing there, but he was there and you could see him in his human form. I knew he wasn’t a security guard because they all look beefy and wear black. The blonde man was dressed casual and he was lanky and tall, more like a genius software programmer. I felt strong protective energies and I could see his eyes scanning the crowd of people around me.

Above is a picture of my viewpoint in the nightclub. The tall blonde man with glasses was standing guard and I drew the drunk woman who fell on him, she wasn’t standing straight and her friend was helping her up but in this picture I drew her standing. Also that night in the club, it was packed with people and I have only drawn the few people I mentioned.

My feelings told me if that the blonde alien man wasn’t there that night, a woman who I caught in another photo with glowing golden eyes like a hybrid or a reptilians eyes, this woman would have put something into my drink. I can also sense another man who was in the nightclub that same night and he also felt the same reptilian energy. This reptilian woman can sense the alien man standing there and she knows she can’t get close to me.

When I had analysed into the blonde man’s body and I saw a tall grey alien, who I believed was Teloar. I understood that the tall white greys were protecting me from the reptilians. This is what I have also seen when I have been astral travelling, the white greys protect me from the reptilians and the Arcturian aliens too. There are a few other alien races protecting me as well but I don’t know what race they are called.

I have seen more aliens who had disguised themselves in human forms. There was a day I went to Mt Dandenong to a lookout and I noticed a very strange man who was very short. He wasn’t a dwarf but he was the height of one and he walked very strange like the gravity wasn’t right for him. He wore very casual clothing and was very nervous and he didn’t want to be recognised. He then walked off and disappeared.

This January in 2015 my family friend from Germany came to visit me in Melbourne, in Australia. We went to the zoo and we were sitting down and eating lunch. There were two other people a man and a woman. The man looked a bit strange and I had the feeling when I sat down that they both were aliens. The man seemed like he knew me. He must have been one of aliens around me, I recognised his energy signature he felt familiar too, like I had met this guy before.

Steffen, my friend from Germany, watched as the man and the woman got up and left their seats. The man came right up close to me behind over my shoulder, he looked at me and he nodded at me, and I nodded back at him because I knew he was an alien. I felt what he was trying to say and it was “Everything will be ok, your well protected, don’t worry.” I know that aliens use telepathy and they don’t like speaking verbally out loud as much. Telepathy is aliens form of communication. Steffen looked at me and said “What the f***? Did you know that man?” and I replied “Yeah he’s one of the aliens.” Steffen didn’t know what to think of it, he thought what was he saw was really strange.

For me it’s not a big deal anymore, I’ve gotten past the oh my god he is an alien shapeshifted into a human. I’m at the stage now where I’m like “I need to converse with one of them, I need their help with this book.”

I have brightened this picture. This is a photo I took when I was out at a bar with a friend and I looked back at the pictures not expecting anything and I could see this white grey alien, who was at the top of my head peeping as if watching over me. There was nothing in that area of the bar, it was all dark there with nothing there.


Liam Freaney has had multiple countless UFO sightings in the Sydney, New south Wales area. Liam has also had his video footage and experiences put into the documentary ‘Australian Skies.’

Liam had many videos of UFO’s. going though some of his many videos, some of the best footage has been corrupted and could not be viewed which was strange but all the other videos were fine. With what he gave me I put together pictures of UFO’s and black helicopters.


In the photo below it shows a glowing bright UFO in the skies shaped like a jellyfish, glowing a slight green outline, this was one of the UFO’s he captured.


Bright glowing UFO in the skies. As you can see this may look like the Sun but if it was the Sun it would be illuminating the pastures below it. This glowing orb UFO appears to have its own light source and emanated its light on its own, this is commonly seen and captured in many UFO’s in the skies.


Liam described to me what happened in the few appearances of the men in black that he had. Liam described the men in black as more military personnel than men in black, Liam’s many experiences capturing these multiple UFOs in the skies got their attention of the men in black. Liam believed why he had captured so many UFO’s in the sky was because he found out there was nearby factory building which had something to do with aerospace, he believed the people working there, were making something that was attracting the attention of the UFO’s into this area.

Liam told me how he was working on a construction site and he had a man in black, drive onto the driveway in a shiny brand new looking Black Holden statesman. He noted how the vehicle looked as though it came off the showroom. Many other people have also recalled in their men in black experiences, that their cars are very clean, brand new and shiny looking.

In this quite humorous strange experience he had, Liam observed and the men working with him on the construction site were aware and could see the man in black and his black car parked in the driveway. Liam described the man who got out the car and stood in front of the car with his arms folded and he was wearing a black suit and pants. He had short dark hair and some facial hair. This man watched Liam for a while, went back in his car, then went out again. Liam decided he didn’t want the man there disrupting the other friends on the worksite, so he drove his ute away. The man in black approached one of the Liam’s friends on the site and said “Where is Liam? Could you let him know I want to speak to him, I’m just going to get a coffee and I’ll be right back for him.” Liam’s friend on the worksite said “Are you stupid? you have been watching him for one hour and he drove off in his ute.” The man in black heard this and drove off in search of Liam. Liam recalled how he was driving around and then the black Holden statesman appeared behind him and Liam would try and play a game with the man in black driving the black car, Liam would speed up, then slow down and make the man in black drive through a few streets whilst he followed him. Liam recalled how he looked back in his rear vision mirror and he saw the number plate of the black car and it said “E.T” Liam thought it was funny as hell. This was a more humorous experience, his other experiences with the men in black were more serious and threatening.

Liam was going to do an interview for New South Wales UFO Research before he would go to the interview. Liam was approached by four men in black, he described how these men did not dress like men in black in the usual black suit and pants, they wore dark blue jeans. They approached Liam and one of the said “You’re not going to do that interview are you Liam?” and Liam felt like he was mind controlled or like the man in black had a strong dominating power over him. Despite this visitation from these men, who Liams described as fit lean military type men, with short crew cut hair; Liam still went for the interview with New South Wales UFO research. He described the men as being good looking in appearance, tall and over six feet tall, Caucasian looking and with crew cut blonde hair. One of the men he described as an older looking man in his fifties with white hair.

From what I listened too from Liams description and the energies I felt, I felt that these blonde men in black, were reptilian human hybrids. I have seen many of these blonde hybrid men working in certain military bases.


In this photograph, the UFO is hidden behind the palm tree. You can clearly see four black military helicopters. Liam said that he saw these black helicopters appear to be escorting a silver UFO craft with them. Whilst the UFO is hidden behind the tree, he managed to capture the helicopters.


I watched one of Liam’s videos it showed a black helicopter hovering very close metres above near Liam’s balcony at home. It would circle above his house and the pilot would be staring at Liam the whole time. Below is a snapshot of the helicopter from the video footage. Liam was under surveillance from black helicopters and he also describes white Mercedes vans as being used for surveillance as well.

Liam has also ha many positive encounters with aliens and he has way more incredible experiences that he has told me. If you would like to contact Liam Freaney to know more, you can contact me through Instagram.


“Time is of essence and the future will reveal itself soon.”-Aldor, Grey alien


Grey aliens are the most talked about and commonly seen by abductees. Remember the book by Whitley Schreiber ‘The Communion’ who revealed a classic Grey’s face? Every Grey alien is different just like how each human is from one other. Yes, the Greys are real and they’ve been coming to Earth for a very long time. Silently, the Greys watch everything that happens on Earth. The Greys were the first aliens who came and contacted me and I have been communicating with them ever since. Entrusted with love the Greys told me to write this book. Grey aliens are said to have come from the Zeta Rectuli Constellation and the Orion constellation. These theories are based on the evidence given from the Grey’s abductees in the past.

My personal experiences with the Greys, has taught me that they have their own agenda in mind for their race. It is important to understand the Greys and why they’re here visiting Earth. The more we understand about the Greys, the less we have to fear. “We work for the reptilians.” they have told me many times.

Focusing on the negatives of an alien may seem daunting but the truth must be told. Underground bases in secret facilities are where the Greys operate their genetic experimentations. The cattle mutilations are where the Greys collect their genetic biological material in order for their experiments. Cattle mutilation is a horrendous crime. The Greys needs to analyse those biological samples for genetic experimentation, and to save their dying race. Helpful and loving is how I would describe the Greys that I speak too. Ultimately, some Greys would understand human emotions during these abductions this is why they blank their minds. Mysterious and watchful is how the Greys may seem but I feel they are misunderstood. After much time spent with them I feel I love them, and they are like family to me. Never too far from my side wherever I walk. The Greys in the other dimension unseen to everyone but visible to the psychics, awakened people and other aliens.

Entering the Grey’s world, seeing their race and how they live is very different to our society on Earth now. Visualising their world is how I would describe it in words but drawing their world is even better! Ordinary is not a word I would use to describe the Greys. Loving and caring is how Greys are in their society as well as ingenious. Vibrant, advanced and hardworking in everything they do. The Greys are exciting and interesting race that has long been a curiosity of humans. Evolving to a new state of mind and opening up to the Greys existence here on Earth, and in the other dimensions, will open up many doors for humanity.

Interestingly, the Greys wish to be a part of our society. They will like to walk in the streets freely and not have people run away screaming at them. They hope to be part of our society soon as the Greys currently live in underground in bases away from the public, and very few people will have seen them. The Greys know of other planets and are well aware of each other’s existence. They don’t even look twice when a different alien arrives.

Greys can travel through time and space. Evolution will come to play in the future of humans on Earth. Year after year, the Greys knew what impending disasters are about to happen. Seeing important events affecting the future is important to them, and they will try and steer the Earth’s history the way they want. Interestingly the Greys I speak to tell me they are from the time period 3036, the 30th century and that they have come back in time in our time period 2016 or the 20th century for research into what went wrong on Earth in the past. New discoveries to save their dying race by doing experimentations and abducting humans as well as creating hybrids, clones and studying the souls. Super time travel and space has only been in Science fiction movies and TV but it seems now that time travel is a reality that humanity can discover. Escaping our minds is the possibility that all things are possible and are a reality. Closing off our minds to infinite possibilities will only hinder our evolution and new discoveries. Open to the Universe and all possibilities is the answer. In conclusion, the Greys are real and they are here on Earth and in space. They want to be discovered and to be known. They want to share their messages in this chapter


Grey aliens were given the name ‘Greys’ by their grey coloured skin. Their skin texture is said to feel like a dolphin or a shark’s skin or rubbery. The Greys I speak to their skin isn’t so grey, it’s more of a light grey colour and some of Greys I see are actually white Greys. They seem to be in different colours like white to dark grey spectrum of colour.

The light Greys or white Greys are taller about 5 feet but they can be smaller. The dark Greys are very small. The Greys aliens vary in height. Grey aliens can be height is short and ranges from between 3 to 4 feet tall. When I have felt them abduct me, they seem to be very small but when there’s ten of them holding you down, they can be quite strong. The tall white Greys ranges from 6 to 7 feet tall and can be taller. One of the tall white Greys I speak too Teloar is 7 feet and over. Greys are hairless beings with skinny bodies, some have large heads, some don’t. They all have the classic giant big black eyes that seem to stare into your soul.

Actually when I look into their eyes, each one has a different energy and expression just like humans. Grey’s eyes are also said to be brown but I see them as very black. Most greys have no genitals and they are cloned. The Greys do not get born in a physical body from a female like humans. They are bred in circular vat tanks filled with liquids and develop or grow in different stages.

While remote viewing I ended up on a level in an underground base, which had a whole room filled with circular vat tanks filled with orangey yellow type liquid and oxygen bubbles going upwards in the liquid. There were so many of these circular tanks in this dark long room, I couldn’t count the tanks. There were greys in different stages of development. There was a female grey working there with a notepad or some device that checks on each tank, making sure the clones are all good. She sensed me and turned around and I was like wow she saw me.


One grey alien who is protecting me, he is light grey skinned, small and around 4ft tall. He carries around black devices on him. He Is part of some protective alien council of light, federation. There seems to be a branch of greys that does not work for the reptilians or Earths government. I have seen mercenary ships, trading with other aliens.

The light grey skinned, grey aliens I speak to have told me that, they don’t work for Earths governments and they don’t like what the other alien’s are doing to humans. They seem to be distancing themselves from the other grey aliens. However not entirely sure if they can be trusted either, they also have their own agenda to study humans.

There are other small grey aliens that have abducted my soul and they work for the reptilians. There are many grey aliens that work for the reptilians. I have spoken to a small grey under the ground, in a cave but it looks like a base as well with some machines and an examination table there. I spoke to one small grey there who was folding the reptilian’s clothes. He told me “I serve my master well, this is how my life is and I’m happy to serve him.” He reminded me a lot of a house elf, who was a slave to his reptilian master. Then after his master who was a tall dark green scaly reptilian, got angry at me for speaking to his grey alien.

I have seen a dark green scaly reptilian who seems to be doing the alien abductions and getting the grey aliens to do his slave work. I have spoken to him and see seems less aggressive and more relaxed than the other reptilians. I have seen him giving orders to about fifteen grey aliens.

I have seen many types of grey aliens and they don’t have one distinct look. Their eyes may be black and they may look similar but they are not. Some greys I wouldn’t even define them as being grey aliens anymore, I’ve seen tall 7ft aliens, that have light orange cream type of skin colour and they have a well-structured body, that is very defined. They do not even feel like the other greys with their energy signature.

Grey aliens if I were to describe them I have seen them as having completely pitch white skin to light ash grey, medium grey and then other colours I have seen like a light cream colour to a tan colour.


“Fake grey aliens created by reptilians, they are not real grey aliens, the are a hologram projection made of dark energy. This is what I have found out.”

These fake greys are made of energy and aren’t physical solid grey aliens. They are in the other dimension. If the reptilians are creating grey aliens like this, I’m very sure that reptilians would have also created greys in this dimension too, which are doing the same thing.

table<. <. |=^. REAL GREAY ALIEN |=^. VS |=^. FAKE GREY ROBOTS | <. |<^.
p<. -These grey aliens have their own singular
conciousness and are alive

-They have emotions and feelings when you speakto them, They get upset, they feel happiness, sadness and they can feel human emotions. Although the have emotions its not as strong as humans.

-They will be moving around slowly wathcing you

-When you speak to a grey alien they are kind, loving, helpful and they will try and listen to you and understand what your saying. They are very observant of humans.

-A grey alien will defend itself or will attack if it feels threatened by a human. Most of the time they will freeze you so they can escape or they will dissapear in the other dimension to escape from a human.

-They will act very curious in their behaviour and movements

-They are unsure of humans behaviour, so they will keep their distance unless their sure that they are safe and the human can be trusted

-Grey aliens have different personalities, some are very kind and cute and others are serious and methodical.

|<^.   |<^. p<. -These robots are remotely controlled by a reptilians conciousness

-Seems to have zero emotions, they may be standing completely still in certain places. Until they are commanded then they move

-They act very robotic and you feel as though someone else is speaking or something isnt right with the grey

-They will be negative verbally and physically and the greys will give you the wrong information or they will try and mislead you.

-When you speak to these fake greys, their reaction stays the same, even if you are speaking about a tragic circumstance.

-They appear as dark shadows or have very dark almost block grey skin.


Reptilians are intelligent and they can see into your brain and play with your head to achieve what they want from you. They are very powerful and they will forcibly get what they want.

I have been psychically attacked many times by these fake robotic greys that the reptilian controls with his black device in his hand. I have found out that the reptilian’s consciousness speaks through these fake greys.

I know they are robots because other aliens have come to my aid and have destroyed them and I can see all this wiring coming out from the grey aliens. Keep in mind this in the fourth dimension. Just because it’s in the fourth dimension, doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the extreme negative energy hitting you, like a tree being thrown at you literally or a rock.

In the above picture of a reptilian. I saw him in a dark room, he was sitting in the middle and there were other black chairs. There seemed to be grey alien clone bodies without a conscience or a soul. I was interested to see a robotic arm made of a dark grey metal colour 3D printing these greys and the wiring. The reptilian’s consciousness was also being transferred to these fake grey clones from many long black tube hoses, which connected to black hats on the greys. I am studying robotics and I found the robotic arm used in their spaceship strangely enough closely resembles todays modern industrial robots. There was another robot arm on the other side of the room, where two other greys were.

I found out from my visions that the dark brown scaly reptilian who is trying to stop me, was creating these fake greys made of dark energy in a room. In the room I saw that the reptilian was wearing a black helmet and four black tubes were connected to four other helmets.

The reptilian created these ‘fake greys made of dark energy’ and wiring, they are not real greys, these greys are fake and designed to confused and attack psychics. They can send these fake greys to channelers and people who write about aliens to confuse them, so they give them wrong information. The reptilian is the one controlling these fake greys, his consciousness speaks through them.

The had an experience in which a fake grey was about to attack me so I pulled his arm off and there was wiring everywhere and electric sparks. This grey was about to attack me. I thought to myself “It’s a robot”. I took out the other greys in the room and the same thing, inside there was wiring and it sparked when I broke them apart. These fake robot greys are in the other dimension and are made of dark energy.

Before I knew some of the greys being sent to me were robots, I had a vision of a brown scaly reptilian. He was working in an underground base and there were greys hanged on a metal moving hanger and it moves around. These greys were lifeless and seemed like empty robotic vessels.

I had a vision of a brown Reptilian with these many Grey vessels and I saw that they were all clones and created by the Reptilians. They all stared in the same direction and were blank faced no emotions. The Reptilian had some black device in his hand that controlled them. I see a very dark place, possible under the ground in a base and there is a tall dark green Reptilian and there is a small Grey who is carrying some stuff for the Reptilian and doing a job for him, I believe this grey alien is real but there are fake greys as well.


Do the Greys come from the Zeta Rectuli Constellation? Or are they evolved from humans on Earth?

10:43am 8/9/15

Me: Hello just testing my telepathy and seeing who is in the room right now.

Eschilleet: Here….I’m here with you now, have been the whole day.

Me: Oh yeah you have, sometimes, I forget your there.

Eilya: I’m here too don’t forget me. We can hear you fine Eve. Well done for going for a run today up the mountain, keep yourself healthy and happy. There is a lot we need to talk to you about in the future, ok?

Me: Yes. Ok so the main question at the top of the page.

Eilya: Ok. No, we do not come from the Zeta Rectuli constellation. I’m sorry but we do not come from the Zeta Rectuli constellation. We come from the future, 3036. Evolution has given us a long time to create advance technology and speed up our intelligence. Human beings are our ancestors. If human beings cannot understand who we are, they may take some of our DNA and see that we are from the same DNA line. Except. we have evolved for a long time from human beings. They were the original species on this Earth.

Me: Eschilleet, what do you have to say?

Eschillet: Yes, yes ,yes…….Zeta Rectuli. Also, we do a lot of missions to different planets. It’s very easy that one of the smaller ships may have gone off track and ended up on Earth instead. We don’t give the pilots much training. There is a manual and we give it to them. The training is for a month and it is gruelling. We really train them well in flight simulators and what the different emergency lights mean inside the cockpit. However, sometimes the younger clones are not ready and get confused. This can happen but usually they have the call button they press when they are in trouble. Not sure why they would have landed and spoke to these humans, interesting.

Checking what they all said, my psychic reading and what I can see:

I cannot be 100% certain of the origin of the grey alien species. They tell me they are from the future and they most certainly could be but I believe they could also come from this Zeta Rectuli constellation.

I tried very hard to see if the grey aliens originated from the Zeta Rectuli constellation but I wasn’t getting anything, I couldn’t see any planet but I will write about other visions that I was getting.

Vision of nuclear explosions and cities burning

Then I brought my attention back to Earth and I saw in the future. I saw several nuclear explosions wiping out major cities on the Earth.

I had a vision of cars stacked up in a line on a road, trying to get out of a city. I see a fireball line coming up from behind the cars and burning all the cars and the people.

Vision of a man in underground base, with his hair falling out and he looks sick

I see that some humans survive this nuclear disaster and I see them under the ground in a base. I see a man who looks very sick and he is coughing. Patches of his brown hair have fallen out and you can see it. He looks very skinny and he is wearing rags with holes in them.

I see the humans that survive and they are all losing their hair over time. I see these humans looking very pale and skinny. I feel as though they have several vitamin deficiencies.

I see these humans that hide underground survive and the ones outside, they all die.

Vision of present day human and grey alien next to each other and reptilian man walking through Las Vegas ruins.

I tried to compare the differences in time between a present day human being DNA to a grey aliens and I found that the grey alien I picked up on human DNA in them, I’m guessing approximately 30% human DNA in a grey alien.

I also see that in the future there are some reptilian’s that are alive and were eggs that were left behind by their parents. I see the spaceship leaving Earth and the white eggs under the ground and the babies hatching. I also saw humans alive but there seems to be not enough water and food, I could see this area looked like the Nevada desert or Arizona. I saw a dark green scaly reptilian who also had other brothers from the eggs that survived, I saw him going to Las Vegas dragging a water tank behind him that he stole from a passing car. I see Las Vegas as ruins and the palm trees are dead and everything looks really dry.

I see this reptilian finding a CD album that was covered in dust and it says Elvis on It shows his face. The reptilian makes a growl because he has been attacked by humans before. He grabs the CD and he is looking at it, he pokes the shiny side with his claw a few times and throws it away like a Frisbee. He looks at Elvis face for a moment, wondering how different he looks to the humans he has seen, then he throws away the album cover away.

I see this reptilian man finding a young blonde woman and they have some hybrid children together who look more reptilian, the two girl’s eyes are like the father’s eyes. This reptilian man also has other brothers who look very similar to him. In the future, they hide in the caves and they stay away from the humans.

Small dark grey skinned aliens 4ft and under in height

I wanted to see where these small dark grey skinned aliens originated from, these are the grey aliens that abducted my soul because when I felt their bodies, they were quite small and I noticed that during my soul abductions.

Spaceship with grey aliens working inside

I have a sweet grey alien friend on a spaceship and he has dark grey skin and he is small in height. He doesn’t seem like a robot or one of the light grey skinned grey aliens. I have spoken with him a few times and he seems amazed that I have contacted him. I can see him very clearly sitting down on the ship and making things out of metal.

I saw in my future that I would be abducted one day, when I went exploring in a national park and I saw that I was being stalked by a small grey alien. In the vision he seemed quite curious and also a bit scared of me a little. I think he came to abduct me in the future, in this national park. Anyway so I get back into my car in the future because I know he’s following me and I’m a little freaked out. Then I see him dragging my body out through the closed car door and then he grabs me and beams me up into the spaceship above.

In the future whether this happens or not. I see these small grey aliens working on this ship, it’s not massively big like the other spaceships I have seen but it’s still a good size. I also saw that the grey aliens know I’m hungry, so they go to get me food because I don’t eat their type of food and drink. I see them going down to Earth to a Chinese takeaway shop and a grey alien on the spaceship, steals some fried noodles in the white box and brings it back to me on the spaceship. I can see in the vision that they have brought me lollies from a milk bar and noodles from a Chinese takeaway shop. I see them with candy that I believe they swiped from a milk bar. I see them holding up the food to me and showing me the food and I’m like “Ohhh…junk food..but you got noodles, how did you get that?” I don’t think the greys knew what human food I eat and they just grabbed from the milk bar lollies and candy and thought all humans eat this type of food.

On this spaceship I see that there is a grey leader that speaks to me and he seems a lot like Aldor but I’m not sure if it’s him or another grey alien. He tells me in the future, when I’m on the spaceship that he is upset at our governments on Earth and what they wanted from them. They weren’t happy about something. From what I got from this future vision, I gathered that these greys are not working in these secret underground military bases. These greys seem to be making weapons for different alien races in exchange for things they need.

Vision of grey alien being made by a reptilian

I tried to see as far back as possible to see where the grey aliens originated from and I saw a dark laboratory or more like a stone room which was underground and had alien lab equipment inside. I saw a big dark green scaly reptilian man and he is next to a stone bed where a grey alien body is on it. I can see that t this reptilian was experimenting on different animals from different planets and that he was skilled in creating strange alien animal hybrid creatures. I can see these small alien animals in cages and they want to be freed. I see that this reptilian man was trying to create a biological robot vessel that would act like a slave. This is what the reptilian man was trying to achieve and he did is successfully and it looks like he created a grey alien or the first bio robot vessel. I do not feel like this grey had a soul because it was created by the reptilian.

Vision of grey aliens inside big vat tanks

I saw three grey aliens, the skin colour looked to be a light grey colour and I don’t feel like these grey aliens have souls but a consciousness instead. I can see tall green scaly reptilians walking around the tanks and checking the growing stages of these grey aliens, they are making sure the grey alien clones are growing properly.

“It seems as though both real grey aliens exist and robotic grey alien clones are also real and they exist too. Whether grey aliens come from another planet or are robotic clones I believe that both exist.”

Tall White Grey aliens have their own planet, where they originate from.

I saw that the tall white grey aliens had their own home planet where they come from. They tall white greys are very skinny, like Teloar and they have very light grey skin or an off white colour. As I was tuning in to their energies I saw their home planet and I saw that there was some kind of nuclear meltdown or explosion that happened. I saw several reptilian ships, the black triangular looking spaceships drifting in and out of the clouds and they s to be attacking these the tall white grey aliens home planet.

The tall white greys home planet, looks beautiful and the building I saw are white coloured. One of the cities I could see, look like an advanced city that is well structured and it seems like a very peaceful planet and the tall white greys are on a strong light vibration and they are very good. I can see gardens and grass growing and it seems like their planets environment is similar to Earth.

I saw the nuclear plant, apparently they have one like we have one of Earth. Except their nuclear plant looks different and it is dome shaped and white and it is white inside, maybe it is made of a different material. I saw a beam being fired from a reptilian spaceship and this hit the nuclear plant and then they nuclear meltdown started afterwards. There were many other explosions from the beam weapons being fired by the reptilians. I saw the white greys running and trying to carry each other out of the blast zone area. These greys look to have white skin or light grey and they look about 4-5ft tall in height. I think the taller white greys are higher up in the hierarchy on their home planet.

I could see a tall white grey alien leader, he is some kind of president on their home planet and he is really upset from what has happened. I see a tall big dark green scaly reptilian and he is with others behind him and the tall white grey leader is agreeing to a contact with the reptilian. I see that the leader of this planet, agreed to a treaty in place with the reptilians in exchange for the reptilians to not blow up their planet. I feel as though the tall white greys have to do certain jobs for the reptilians and this is I believe is in the agreement or treaty they made with them.

“The tall white grey aliens or 5ft and over white or light ash skinned grey aliens have a home planet, where they originate from.”


10:46am 8/9/15

Me: So yes the above question guys. How long have you been coming to Earth for?

Eschilleet: Since the beginning of time Eve. We have been as far back in time as the dinosaur period, that was very interesting. We can go forwards and backwards in time with ease. Time is only figmental in your dimension, and does not exist in other dimensions outside of yours.

Me: So have you been around since before Jesus was born?

Eilya: Eve you have no idea, how far back the Grey species has been coming to Earth. It has been a very long time. We have kept historical records with ancient writings from Atlantis and Lemuria, sunken cities which we like to explore. The human beings in the past were much advanced in Atlantis but now…not so much. We have so many metal scrolls in storage. We like to study and decipher the ancient symbols and document everything. We have been to Egypt and we have statues of gold we kept for ourselves. We brought it back from that time to keep, and look back at each period of time on Earth. We keep historical records from every time period on Earth that has existed in the past and present.

Me: Ok cool. Well, if you can go back in time and you saw that, then our ancestors who wrote it down must not be completely nuts.

Eilya: Do you know all the artefacts in the museums you have in every country? We have made a copy of each one to preserve the matter form. Of course, we cannot keep matter copies of physical statues in storage on our ship. We need space for other things. We make the physical matter disappear and we copy the entire form with our scanning technology. Then, we make a non-physical copy of the matter form, and we put it onto a cylindrical file, which we keep in the storage. We have codes on every back corner of these cylinder files. Why this is done? because, when we want to find information about a certain period, we want to look up on and we type in our language it is not in English. We have symbols with meaning. Time has much passed since your modern era. Then we want to find out information during the time of Jesus, and we type it in to the hologram computer and it comes up on the holographic computer screen, with codes from every cylinder during that time, all linked and coded together.

Eschilleet: We hardly go back and look into the historic files. The only Greys that do go into the storage cellars are the younger clones and the hybrids that are doing some research on a particular project and want to find out about a specific topic. Then we let them in there and give them the codes. We have a lot of security in there too because the history of Earth needs to be preserved and all the artefacts dematerialised could be stolen. We keep everything under lock and key here. So much security on this Spaceship. On the inside, outside, at every corner, everything integrated and secured.

Aldor: Thank you. That’s my job and I code well, no mistakes.

Eschilleet: Of course you do.

(He is speaking some alien language I can’t understand with Aldor).

Eschilleet: *Soft laugh*…Humorous, every word you write, I can see it on the screen. If one of my kind told me a human being would be typing down every word, I say years ago when I was still studying I would have called him insane. Now, I am next to a human being and you are typing away the thoughts as I speak to you, perfect, well done.

Me: Thank you.

Eilya: So basically to end this question you have asked. The Grey species have been coming to Earth for a very long time, since the beginning of the origins of human species and even before when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Earth’s beginnings before that. We are human beings evolved from the future and we have come back in time to research and document on our human ancestors and study them…have I answered it well Eve?

Me: Perfect! Awesome, couldn’t have said it better.


Name: Caata

Height: 3’5.

Skin Colour: Medium grey colour.

Race: Grey alien.

(He seems to be a little freaked out that a human is speaking to him and he is sensing everything around me. There are reptilians in their astral forms in the room right now watching me.)
Grey alien: I have a gun and I need to recharge it. (I see him with a black cube with blue light coming out from around it and he needs to plug it into the gun to charge it.)
(I see him communicating with another grey alien and then this grey runs off and this guy is still with me.)

Grey alien: What do you want to know?

Me: What’s your name?

Alien grey: (He shows me a picture of a green caterpillar and he says Caata, he is trying to pronounce it for me.)

Caata: That is my name.

Me: Have you been to Earth before?

(Another grey alien on the ship is scared of me and throws a silver metal Frisbee energy disk at my head while Caata tells him not to do it.)

Caata: Bedo…he….he is not very nice, sorry human girl.

Bedo: Human….human…..not a nice channeler, reptilians tell us not to speak to her…so don’t.

Caata: …..no….i will speak with her..ok

(Another grey alien walks in who is a head taller than the other two and he seems to know I am talking to the two of them.)

Grey alien: Eve we didn’t know you wanted to talk, come to the bigger room.

Caata: She wants to talk, she wants to know me…about me details.

Tulu, grey alien: Much needs to be done…we will tell you some things about Ceet if you wish.

Me: I thought his name was Caata?

Caata: They also call me Ceet for short….Ceeeeeet….Caata is formal…….it’s my formal name.

Me: What do you do on the spaceship?

Caata: I came a few times to visit to your house and in your kitchen I saw your big tins with the logos on them and the paper around it. I am making…this, the metal tins we are making it to store stuff in but bigger tins, like barrels.

Me: What jobs are you assigned on the spaceship?

Caata: Fruit tin….the tins with the fruit in them…jobs….like?….i am confused at human speech sometimes.

(Tulu the other grey explains what I just said to Caata, they are speaking alien language and I don’t understand.)

Caata: I make these (He shows me what looks like the metal lid of a cylinder tin.) I make ship parts for repair jobs and I make storage structures for the ship…I go outside the ship in a protective suit, air compression chamber before we maintenance go out and then we climb the side of the ship and get to hole in the side from…this was made by a space rock, it made a loud sound when it hit (He projects the sound to me and I can hear it.) It’s nice to astral project and sit on top of the ship when we come near a big sun, we like to look at it.

Me: You can astral project like humans?

Caata: Yes.

Tulu: Yes, we can.

Caata: What are you drinking, the fluid drink?

Me: It is water with a tea leaves in a teabag with honey.

Caata: Humans make such beautiful designs with the colours on the teabag and billboards, some are so colourful. We stop the ship sometimes when it’s cloaked and we like to look at the ones with space designs the billboards in America. Humans are so creative how they can mix colours together, we are colour blind and we can’t see all colours like humans.

(Reptilian appears on the ship next to us and he is not happy.)

Caata: Not safe here on ship, reptilians is after you, go back to body now.

Me: Ok.


Eilya: Liquid nitrogen.

Me: Repeat that again?

Eschilleet: Something like that. Open a new window to put in your Alien Contact chapter to show how we communicate with you, Eilya can answer the questions about what we need for sustenance.

Me: Ok.

Eilya: Oooooh you make me excited Eve. I am the one who is making these plant based nutrients with nitrogen content in them.

4:18pm 9/10/15

Me: Are you sure you consume liquid nitrogen? I want to make sure that’s what I heard when I channelled this. I am going to listen very carefully.

Eilya: We consume a nutrient rich diet with magnesium for our bodies.

(I jumped out of my body and astral travel to the porch of the house where I live and I find one of the Greys I grab his arm and I say to him with hands signals. “Do you eat solid food like humans, how do you eat?”)

Zeek, Grey: No, we don’t eat solid food but we drink. We drink non chemical compounds.

(He is in the room now).

Zeek: We have a special diet we need to maintain. We cannot eat foods like human beings, sugar is not good for us. We cannot have any sugar or we will have fits.

Me: You have fits? Are some chemicals in human food dangerous to Grey aliens?

Zeek: Absolutely without a doubt.

Me: Tell me how your body works? Is your digestive system the same as human beings?

Eilya: It is very similar. Zeek is one of the new clones, and he is learning to be around human beings. It’s good you are speaking to him, he is learning.

Me: Ok awesome. So your digestive system how does it work?

Eilya: Plant based nutrients mixed together. Enzymes make up the liquid we drink to keep our bodies clean and healthy. The Nitrogen is important for our bodies as well we need it too.

Me: Do you have intestines? I know it’s a weird question.

Eilya: Yes, we have intestines but, we have less intestines than humans. Ours are smaller because we evolved to only drink liquids and absorb the nutrients on our skin from around us. Our bodies are designed to go without nutrition for days. It is evolution because of the disaster that happened.

Zeek: I’m still getting used to you. You scare me still but I think we can learn to be friends.

Me: Sorry, I know. I can be very wild and eccentric at times.

Eilya: You don’t scare me Eve. I know you can be wild and a bit out of control sometimes but I know you are sweet at heart.


Picture of Grey clones in vat tanks, filled with an orange type of liquid. I remote viewed, and this is where the Grey alien female turned around who saw me. I was remote viewing in the Dulce underground base. There was way more tanks than this, I have only drawn some of them.

Eilya: Can you hear me?

Me: Yes, I can hear you.

Eilya: Good keep the channel open. Your ear chakra is a little fuzzy because they have been tampering with it, we will fix it. Time restrictions in space disallowing faster movements are current here on Earth. There is a very simple viable solution the problem is the new physics equations have not been given here on Earth. The functionality of the multidimensional universe and how light works in space is limited and missing important information. How can you possibly travel through space without knowing the right equations to base the software integration that you code onto the ship? You simply cannot travel through space. Your rate of speed is restrained to the elements you use for fuel, power and technology.

Me: Basically, what you’re saying is that. At the moment our methods of travelling through space are limited, and we need the right equations to base the software integration and technology on?

Eilya: Yes, that’s right.

Me: So the rockets with fuel that we have to go into space now, can you tell me what we should be working on instead?

Eilya: Your governments on Earth know full well that sending a rocket into space to travel vast distance is not viable.

Me: Go on.

Teloar: Well, of course, they will not share time travel secrets with the rest of the population. They don’t want people making their own spaceships and learning how to travel through time and space.

Eilya: Yes….it’s just how it is.

Me: So do secret military bases like area 51 in the Nevada desert, do they have spaceships there now?

Teloar: Like you can’t imagine. They have received a lot of help from us and other new Alien races who have been working with them for quite some time. All of their new technology has been given to them by the aliens in exchange for mining gold and other elements or biological material they need.

Eilya: They also have a star gate, a portal under the ground.

Me: Are there more secret underground bases other than area 51?

Drawing of underground tunnel in one of the area 51 bases. Circular Concrete tunnel with white pipes, communication cables i had from a vision, while remote viewing.

Eilya: A whole lot of them interconnected. They have a railway system. I know it sounds a bit insane Eve but just trust us.

Me: That’s weird as.

Teloar: Area 53 to the right of the Nevada desert. There is another one under the ground.

Eilya: We have worked at area 53 under the ground.

Me: I’ve seen some of the stuff down there remote viewing but not everything.

Eilya: What I will tell you is sometimes the small greys have orders to fill. Orders to make and sometimes we are ordered to use some of the human beings for experimentation. We are not the only ones doing this. Your own species experiments on human beings with prohibited drugs they create, viruses and inject them with it down there. No one will ever find them. They are the missing people you see. Sometimes small children, orphaned or snatched off the street.

Me: That’s full on

Eilya: It’s our job Eve. We must do our job.

Me: So if you work for them, why would you want to give me the physics equations and alien technology? What reason would you have for that?

Eilya: We have a very good reason for that Eve. We need to make sure certain technologies will be made for the future advancement of the human species on Earth.

Me: Ok that makes sense. You have travelled back in time, yes?

Eilya: Not exactly. We’ve been here for a while. It’s a little confusing for you to understand.

Me: Are you guys are from the future?

Teloar: Yes, we most definitely are from 3036 time period.

Eilya: Yes, we do come from the future, star gates make it easier for us to travel.


Eschilleet: Utterly valuable is human life. So valuable that we have created a gene bank containing all the different genetic material taken from abductees of all different races. Just in case the Earth suffers a huge devastation, wiping out all living humans.

We look at all the different genes and It is so amazing seeing the ancestry of the human beings and how it came to be. Some gene mixtures we use to create new hybrids because they have something in the DNA that is important for the future and all of Earth’s inhabitants.

For so long we have tried, again and again to create and master genetic experimentation of the perfect hybrid human being and we have finally succeeded. It was a girl, and she is now five years of age, and exceeding her peers with intelligence and has been everything we have hoped for. There were two other male hybrids that got close too but they didn’t make it and died from the DNA faults from the dual hybrid genes mixed, didn’t work properly. It is very sad because this has happened more than once and there’s not much we can do.

We learned that it was best to let a human female give birth to the baby because the soul matrix complex was incorporated. When we bred them in the labs, it did work but they would get sick after a while and most would die because they did not contain the soul matrix from a mother. Alas, what one can achieve with perseverance and dedication perfection is obtained. The time of change is coming and human beings will not see themselves as what they thought they once were, separated and alone. A new era has begun and humanity will change in the next coming years, not far off, not at all. Time is all but necessary, for fate to continue in this time warp vortex we are in. See you all on the other side.


Eilya Grey 25/4/15 9:41pm

Eilya: Greetings Eve it has been a while since we have last spoken. A lot has happened on the spaceship, and we have lost many of our crew to the Reptilians agenda. We are sad Eve because some of our hybrids are dying, and we need more physical samples from human beings to create better hybrids. You see we try very hard to replicate better genetics in order for the hybrids to turn out good.

Me: Why are the hybrids dying?

Eilya: They are dying and are gravely ill because of the inadequate genome in their DNA. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned when we breed them from eggs. That is why we impregnate human females, so that the hybrid baby can get to a certain stage in their development then we can take them out.

Me: Ok I understand that.

Me: Yes, it never made sense. You looked like the Greys the day you first spoke to me. Whiter looking Greys to be specific.

Eilya: My skin is a light grey. Yes, the lightest.

Me: Yep looks almost white.

Eilya: Not exactly white, no. Eve, we hope you are not traumatised when we have taken you. We want you to understand it’s not in our interests to hurt you in any way, please understand that.

Me: I’m not traumatised. It just feels like I’m alone and I can’t talk to anyone about it. The whole weirdness of feeling you pressing down on my body and then lifting me up out the roof, or through the window is strange. What traumatises me is that the fact that I can’t tell people who aren’t in my position because I know they won’t understand what I’m going through and I feel alone.

Eilya: We know Eve. We love you. and when we have taken you, we have taken the utmost care of your physical body and your soul.

Me: Thank you. I always felt like you wouldn’t do anything too bad.

Eschilleet: Eve, we love you and we understand how you feel. We don’t abduct many human beings.

Me: How many do you usually abduct?

Eschilleet: We have other abductees in America. We like to go back to for samples, and we have implants in them. We take physical samples from them and in your country. There is only one other male but he is in Sydney, and we like to go visit him too but he does not want to listen to us and you well…. You love us and you can hear us, so that’s why we are always with you.

Me: Interesting that you do most of your abductions in America and not Australia?

Eschilleet: We do our abductions in America because we work in the underground bases and it’s close to where we work. Sometimes we urgently need more biological samples and we need to get these samples from a cow or a human being, so we cannot go too far away from the base.

Me: Makes sense. Oh speaking of cows the Cattle Mutilation who is responsible for that?

Eschilleet: That’s us. You have to understand we cannot create. We hope you don’t feel strange with us telling you this or feel scared.

Me: I’m not scared I understand why you’re doing it. I find that is interesting to see how you create new creatures or hybrids down there.


Me: Why have the Greys continually abducted human beings in the past?

Eilya: We have continually abducted human beings for experimentation and DNA extraction because we are interested in the human genome and its ancestry. Some human beings are of real interest to us because of their special DNA. They have genetic markers which detail specific alien ancestry and special healing DNA we want to use. Specific human females we use to produce hybrid human babies for us.

Me: What is the reason, you are creating these Grey human hybrid babies?

Eschilleet: The reason we are doing this is to create a new branch race of human hybrids which will eventually be introduced on Earth. Hopefully, they won’t make the same mistakes like the previous human race did before them. They will be the new race on Earth we will introduce in the future. Some already are on Earth to learn from the current humans living now.

Me: Why have the hybrid foetuses and hybrid babies been taken away from their mothers?

Eschilleet: The reason we take them away is because we know the human mothers are incapable of providing the certain care these hybrids need. They need proper medical care and equipment/technology that is not on Earth. I know this is hard for a female, a mother to go through with that but, I hope that they will understand this is for the right reasons. We do this, not because we are horrible and wish to steal their babies away. Another reason is that the offspring will look different, and this will attract a lot of attention and questions. We don’t want that.

Me: What if the human female, could keep her baby? What would happen?

Eilya: The baby will not look like other babies. They will look very unusual. It will be very obvious the baby is partially alien. For the child as it grows up it will be difficult for it to interrelate to other children. I feel and I know what human females go through during those procedures. They get very upset and I feel sad too when we have to take the babies.

My job as well is to try and help them understand they will be taken care of on the spaceship. I haven’t had children myself but as a female I can feel what they go through. I try and comfort them as best I can. We do care for the wellbeing of the human females we abduct for these procedures. Most of the time we blank their minds so they will not be traumatised from their experiences. We do this because we care for them, and we know its traumatising as a female to go through that.

We do keep the mother’s files on the spaceship. We have this for all the hybrid children, just like medical records you have on Earth we have these on the ship. Some of the hybrid children to wish to know of their mothers and we have a photo of them on their files and we show it to them. Their children are very curious and I feel it is almost a human instinct to feel a bond to their mothers. We also arrange for them to meet their mothers if it is their wish as well. A few do most don’t because they are raised by us and they did not develop that bond with their mothers. We take good care of them and yes, they have host parents that take care of them as well. They make sure as well to let the child know of their mother and where they came from.

We wish the mothers who produced their hybrid children, the deepest of love and sympathy if any experience we did to you physically and mentally was of trauma to you. All we can say is, your children will live on and they are being taken care of and we love them. It’s hard to integrate the human emotion thought process with a mother and a child and try and understand that, to us it’s alien and we don’t understand it. You see some of us Greys are created in labs, we are born that way. We hope you can understand why we are doing this and we wish all of the abductees much love and compassion for them.


“I am 10 years old. I am a hybrid, half grey and half human and I’m proud to be both races. When Eilya told me a human girl was writing a book I asked if I could write a passage in it. The earth is round and beautiful, with beautiful creatures to see. I love the whales and dolphins when we travel in our spaceships in the ocean. I enjoy meeting other human children. They feel different but I know that my blood is half of them too. They are really creative and talk a lot about TV shows and strange creatures but I love listening to them and the girls are strange but they are good at colouring and decorating things. My best friend is Bradley in North Carolina. We saw him a few times and he is so cool and smart. He loves it when we come and visit him and I can’t wait to see him. I bug Aldor and Eilya if we can go see him all the time. My favourite animal is the cat because they are in tune with nature and understand how I am feeling. My special message for humanity is: We all need to work together to create a beautiful place. Let us all hold hands and feel the loving energy within all of us. We all deserve love and I believe there is good in all human beings on earth”- Sylia. She also has a twin brother named Sylo but he doesn’t want to channel. His favourite animal is the tiger.


Althought the many grey aliens I have encountered seemed to be either neutral or positive. My experience in how they have interacted with me, made me realise that they are an advanced alien species that wants to study, experiment and abduct humans for their own benefit. They do care for humans and they do seem to have emotions but not very strong emotions.

The grey aliens I have encountered are very interested in DNA, bloodlines and science. If they greys see that a human can see and hear them, they are naturally curious as to why a human can see them and they naturally they want to interact and have that communication with a human.

Although they showed me kindness and love at times, they still handled me like I was a human specimen they were studying, which made me feel at times like a helpless animal being handled by a more intelligent species.

They seem to understand that some of the things they are doing, is hurting humans emotionally and they are well aware of that and they seem to be somewhat remorseful. I notice this reaction when I speak to them and make them aware that what they are doing to human’s is wrong.

At the end of the day, the greys do work for the reptilians, not all of the greys do, there are difference branches of greys but the ones interacting with me I hear them talking to the reptilians and doing work for them. They tell me there is some kind of treaty in place with them. Some greys do work for the reptilians, and some don’t.

The negative Grey aliens working with the reptilians, are here to study humans, they are here for their own benefit but they do also want to benefit mankind and help us and they do care for human beings. So it is importat to understand that labelling all grey aliens as bad or evil, is not entirely true because there are different branches of greys working for the government and for the reptilians and some greys that arent apart of that and they want to help humans advance and bring peace to this planet.

I know that some of the grey aliens do care and they love humans. I know this because would see them standing in the street, standing there to protect me, to ward away other bad aliens who want to harm me. Only I would know they were an alien because when I stared into there eyes or looked at them, they would smile at me or I would feel their anxiety of them feeling out of place in the street and nervous about the other aliens, they knew were coming. Shy, out of place but intelligent and trying to act like a normal average human in the street. Some of them smiled at me and that smile, their facial expression told me everything, that they knew who I was, they knew what was about to happen, that they were protecting me and that I was safe.



I will not write everything about reptilians in this chapter. There is a lot of information on the internet about reptilians. Many of the people who have written about reptilians, may not always have the correct information and it may be 50% right or 100% right depending on how much knowledge, experience or evidence the person who has written about reptilians has collected. People who have experienced encounters with reptilians have described their experiences with reptilians as being either negative, neutral or positive.

“It is clear that these reptilians exist and are in control of the Earth. They do not want information about them getting out to the human population and they certainly were not happy with me writing about their race.”

When I telepathy communicated with the reptilians or heard the men in black speaking to me. Sometimes they would use words I had never heard of. For example, one day the reptilians were in the room whilst I was writing and one of them said “To expunge a woman.” I looked up what ‘Expunge’ meant and it to obliterate or remove completely or to erase them.

Another time I was speaking to a reptilian with a very deep voice and he used the word “Clandestine.” I didn’t know what the word meant so I looked it up and clandestine which means to keep something secret, because it is illicit. The word he used in the conversation and in that sentence matched what he had said perfectly. It is true that many of my reptilian encounters have been negative but some of my encounters have been positive too. So it’s important for people to not read information off the internet and immediately assume that all reptilians are evil and all doing bad things, this is not true. There are many normal, neutral reptilians on Earth here living today.

Writing negative, bad things about a race, is not going to help them or humans on this planet. Hatred and racism never solved anything but divided people from achieving harmony and peace on this planet. ‘Love and unity are the tools we need to change the world.’

I do not want to bring into human society a negative view of reptilians to the human population. ‘We need to build a planet in which reptilians, other alien species and humans can coexist and live together in harmony and peace.’

I didn’t know reptilians existed until I had a vision of my future. I was at a winery my husband and my daughter, who was a toddler, she has blonde hair. We had a black Audi SUV. In my vision my husband is very handsome and has black hair, he looks Italian or a mixed race. In this vision my husband came around the car and was looking at me and I saw half of his face become brown and he had a huge yellow eye. It really freaked me out and I didn’t know what was happening in the vision. I finally figured out later, that my future husband that I meet is a reptilian. Whether I meet him or not, it was surprising to see that in a vision.

I am very gifted in seeing people’s futures and I have had visions of friends partners and what they looked like in detail before they met them and then a year later they meet that exact same person I had described to them.

As a human girl studying reptilians I found them very fascinating in many ways. The number 1 most interesting thing I found out was that humanoid lizards are already living on Earth and have been for a long time. In my visions I could clearly see reptilian men working in the military is different areas of work in their human forms.

This was bizarre and new to me but I know as a psychic if I see in my visions these reptilians existing and doing their jobs, it means they exist and that they are here on Earth today. There are not many of reptilians on Earth and I believe they make up a small percentage of the human population. Reptilians are already on Earth, in our physical third dimension and they disguise themselves as humans through shapeshifting or the use of devices.

Reptilians are the most beautiful and deadly alien species I have ever come across. I find Reptilians are the most fascinating and yet frightening alien beings. I have spent most of my time researching the reptilians in the astral realm and in this physical third dimension in which they exist.

Reptilians are humanoid lizards that are said to be about 6 feet to 8 feet tall. They are covered in tiny scales all over their body. The colours of their scales are usually brown shades, green shades, yellow, grey, white or other mixed colours. The reptilians have very strong muscular bodies and very sharp black claws. They have black slits in their eyes like a snakes. It is usually yellow around the black slit but their eyes can be in different colours.

It would be possible for reptile like humanoids to exist. If we look at Earth, we have some many different reptile creatures. In the Jurassic times, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. There could have been reptilian humanoids that evolved from dinosaurs and took shelter underground when the asteroid hit Earth. If we look at our own human brain, we have a part of the brain, which is called the reptilian brain and this is responsible for basic survival instincts. The Reptilian brain is called that name because it is still present in Reptiles today.

The Reptilians are also said to originate from a planet in the Orion constellation. These reptilians are also known also as the alpha draconians. From what I’ve seen with my visions and what I’ve heard from other people and aliens. This is where reptilians most likely come from. The reason why I believe this Is because I have seen reptilian spaceships dropping off reptilian/human hybrids to Earth at specific locations and I see black vans with me in black picking up the hybrid children. That means reptilians are stationed on another planet and they come to Earth to drop them off. I have also spoken with a female reptilian on their planet and she works with the hybrid reptilian babies and children and she told me, they bring these hybrids to Earth and drop them off to be integrated in human society.

The alpha draconian reptilians live on many other planets, not just one planet and they have an expanded empire throughout the galaxies. They are a very powerful and dominant race which has succeeded in taking over planets and other aliens races.

Reptilians can shapeshift to look like a normal human being. You would not be able to tell the difference unless you were psychic or you saw their real Reptilian body shapeshift. A year ago, I knew next to nothing about Reptilians. Now, I know a whole lot about them. I found reading and researching other people’s experiences and abductions with Reptilians were helpful, in making me able to piece my own experiences and their experiences to form a conclusion and facts about Reptilians and the Reptilian hybrids.

The Reptilians have been coming to Earth for a long time, and they have lived here since the beginning. I decided to channel with Bagash. A new red bird human sized alien I met recently who I helped in Space.

Me: What are Reptilians?

Bagash: The Reptilians are from the Orion star system and are steadily taking over vast areas of the galaxy.

Me: Ok what else? We have a theory on Earth that Reptilians evolved from the dinosaurs?

Bagash: I understand what you are saying. No, the human race was started by the Alpha Draconians from the Orion planetary system.

Me: Ok. So what about evolved Reptilians from Earth?

Bagash: The Alpha Draconians have been coming to Earth for a long, long time.

Me: So what about the Reptilians that lived underground on Earth? Where do they come from?

Bagash: Children of the Draconians.

Me: Do they rule Earth?

Bagash: Of course. I have been watching your Earth for a few days now, and have seen many of their spaceships drop off vehicles landing in. Had to lay low at certain times.

Me: Ok I understand…were they hybrid transports?

Bagash: Looks like it or dropping off weapons to Earth. New technology they made on the home planet in the Orion star system.

Me: What should people on Earth be concerned of about them?

Bagash: Much to be addressed child and not enough time to speak. I must hurry back to home planet and check if my other beings are well………But, I will say this, human beings need to break free from the grip of the Draconian Empire and join the Galactic Light Council. The alien races are waiting to receive human beings with open arms. It’s just not happening yet. But, I see…it will…. only time, I must go.


Reptilians that shapeshift into human, look exactly like a normal human being. You will not be able to tell the difference. Unless, you are lucky to observe their face or body shapeshifting. You will be able to see who they truly are underneath the visual three dimensional hologram they project. The difference might be that their behaviour is very reserved or neutral which I have noticed or you will be able to feel their reptilian energy.

I have seen reptilians in the military disguised as humans, I have seen them doing training exercises and wearing different military uniforms. I’ve seen that many politicians that are Reptilians. I’ve seen them dressed as men in black or secret service men too.

I’m only relating to what I’ve seen in my visions of them. My own theory of Reptilians is that they are fourth dimensional beings. Which can shapeshift make them easily shapeshift into a human without the need for any DNA packets or device. Any fourth dimensional being can shapeshift. A hologram can project through the third dimension into our realm. Reptilians are also said to have robotic sounding voices. I noticed that their voices are very deep sounding pitch and I’ve heard them speak to me directly many times.


I was reviewing this chapter and I was about to move onto the next one and I felt him stomp his foot on the floor and I realised he was behind me watching. He then told me he wanted to be put into this chapter.

I am above the Illuminati and I control the planet and what gets told to the public and the masses of humans. I am not here to be of a threatening presence and I do wish to speak to humans and tell them that their world is not what it seems and that our reptilian kind has been coming here since the beginning.

Whether you like that I control the Earth or not, I am simply here to tell you as Eve writes that I am also protecting Earth and the livelihood of human beings on this planet. Nothing ever happens without my consent and I control everything. I am in a sense, at the very top of the pyramid or above it.

Play nice humans and we won’t tear gas all of you.

Me: Do you want humans to know that aliens are real?

His reptilian lordship of Earth: I would have wanted this to get out in maybe another five years and kept it very slow, much slower for everything to get out but rather….i am seeing that is not going to happen and my men are approaching me and telling me if I want this to happen because humans want the alien presence to be revealed to the public…I don’t…mind this….human’s…..just need to behave and conform to the hierarchical structure, don’t step over the line and nothing bad will happen to you. I stand on the other line, waiting and governing what gets out and what does. You need my permission first.

Me: Are you happy with this book I have wrote? Will you kill me?

His reptilian lordship of Earth: Killing is such a harsh word. I will be clear and say that I will not kill you and you are safe but I am not happy with some contents of the book which you have written. I do not want any topic of the men in black involved, let’s keep that over on my side of the line and away from the public.



Someone on my Instagram had referenced a word in relation to reptilians, which was #bodysnactchers and I thought my god what is this person on about. I don’t read other people’s books, this is because I don’t trust all the information out there, so I instead rely on what I have seen and gathered in my visions of the reptilians and very few witness statements I have read on the internet which seem very credible.

There is so much information out there about reptilians and it’s important to collect similar pieces of experiences or witness experiences to get a conclusion on how they can actually shapeshift and also on many other things reptilians do.

I would to clear this term up. The term or word ‘Bodysnatchers’ *]basically means [_‘possession’._] *]I’m not sure why this new term was made but bodysnatching is possession of the human body.

Actual reptilians would have no need to possess a human’s body, they can actually shapeshift their body into a humans with DNA injections or some type of injection which is what I have seen.

Reptilian demons can possess and takeover a human beings body. They always look like black shadows behind the person who is possessed and it’s very common for me to see this. These reptilian demons are the most likely to possess you. Having said that actual reptilians can also possess a human’s body if they wish too for a certain amount of time before leaving. I have seen in a vision I had that a reptilian can take over your body but only for a short period of time, like one hour or however long they need too. This is possible because reptilians can move into the other dimension.

Vision at bar of reptilian possessing human bodies

I had a vision of three reptilians and they were around a bar in the city. I saw three men in this bar, they looked like they were having drinks after work. I watched as one of the light green scaly and tall reptilian walked into one of the men’s bodies, the man suddenly became violent and started arguing with another man. The other reptilian with similar coloured scales possessed the other man’s body in which he was arguing with. They two men started fighting and punching each other. When I saw and felt what was happening in this vision I felt that the reptilians enjoyed making humans fight with each other because they were bored and they wanted to play with humans. After the fight I saw the reptilians leave these men’s bodies after they were arrested and moving on. The two men I felt had more reptilian DNA than the other men around in the bar and I felt the reptilians knew this, they could sense which men had more reptilian DNA than the others.

I believe the reptilian DNA in humans however much percentage that is, makes these people compatible for reptilians to possess their bodies. These humans are usually a Rh- blood type and their bloodline would have a reptilian ancestor in them. Being Rh- does can also mean you have ancestry from another alien species, so it’s important to know that not all Rh- people have reptilian DNA. If you would like read an actual ‘ bodysnatching’ scenario I will write about an interesting vision I had.

Vision of a man being taken by men in black and this man’s DNA being used by the reptilian

I was studying how reptilians could shapeshift and suddenly I was shown a vision of a man with dark hair, in his late thirtees, he looked like an Italian physicist. He was in his apartment at home, I’m not sure what city it is but I could see the apartment, the kitchen and the table. The man sitting down at the dining table thinking to himself. The front door entrance was metres behind the dining table area. I saw a tall green scaly reptilian man materialise into the room, there were two men in black beside the reptilian and I felt like they were helping him.

The reptilian is excited and I feel what he is feeling, he wants to grab this man and do something to him. The human guy in the chair doesn’t hear or see him and the reptilian has some kind of stun gun or device on him and he grabs the human guy quickly and injects it into the human guys neck and he passes out. I see the reptilian does something or takes some DNA from the man and the reptilian shapeshifts into the human man, that is passed out on the chair.

The reptilian seems to be very pleased and happy. He stays upstairs for a bit in the apartment and I see the two men in black grabbing the man’s body, placing it on the floor and putting it into a black body bag. The men in black dematerialise and disappear into the other dimension. I don’t know how but there is a black sedan car downstairs at the back of the apartment, in a parking lot. The men in black materialise and appear with the black body bag which they put into the boot of the car. I see that this man’s body is taken to an underground facility and his body is placed inside some kind of cryotube, which freezes his body or puts it into a state of suspension in which he cannot wake up. That is a real case of body snatching literally. I believe the reptilian wanted this man’s DNA so he could use the DNA from the man to be able to shapeshift into his form.

Vision of brown scaly reptilian in a cave in front of a black cargo box, inside are DNA injections for shapeshifting

One theory is that Reptilians may use DNA packets from humans to shapeshift. I did have a vision in a cave of a brown scaly reptilian and he was standing in front of a black cargo box.

I saw a reptilian; he was about six feet tall. He was in a cave and i saw him pushing a big black box, which was about one metre high and wide, it was wrapped in black plastic. When I had the vison I was confused as to what I was seeing, until they reptilian opened the box and inside were these metal tubes.

I watched as the reptilian opened up the tube and he was excited. On the middle of the metal tubes there were measuring lines, a glass window line you could see. I felt the energy of these metal injections and what the reptilians use them for. These metal tubes, they open up and inside is a DNA infused liquid. Each reptilian has a number or code on their tube and the reptilian’s DNA is mixed and synthesized with human DNA. I feel like each reptilian got to choose what human they wanted to look like. If that box was meant for many reptilians, there would have been about more than one thousand of these metal tube DNA injections. I felt as though these injections only last for three months and then they have to reinject themselves again.

Visions of reptilians using injections

I had many visions of reptilians in their human forms, using some small injections. I have seen some reptilians in having a small injection but it’s different to a normal looking injection. The liquid looks light yellow in colour, transparent. I observe after they inject themselves that they feel euphoric or calm. It feels more like a certain chemical in their body that they need to keep calm that is inside these injections.

My conclusions on how reptilians can shapeshift into a human form

From what I have seen in my visions, reptilians seem to use human DNA to be able to shapeshift into their human forms and I also feel that reptilian have a small percentage of human DNA in them.

Bodysnatching describes possession by a reptilian or a reptilian demon and is not describing how the reptilian actually shapeshifts into their human forms. It is important to also understand that reptilian’s can also move into the fourth dimension, making them also able to possess a human’s body.

Some people are assuming that reptilians are possessing people and that is how they appear to shapeshift. This is not the case from what I have seen.

From what I’ve seen the reptilians are actual physical flesh and blood aliens, another species that have their human hologram appearance fail, and so it would appear that they are shapeshifting or their true form is coming through.

The reptilians produce a three dimensional hologram of a human form in appearance and this is because of the DNA injections that have human DNA inside them.

I have also seen reptilians having some sort of black implant on their right backside at the back of their hip and this helps them shapeshift as well.


Understanding why a reptilian would need to shapeshift

Reptilians wouldn’t need to shapeshift into a human form, if they felt safe in society. It is expected that they would do this to protect their kind and to be accepted into society on Earth. So it would be important to note that we humans, should welcome reptilians into our society and make them feel safe. From what I have seen I don’t think this will happen because humans on this planet will be very scared and may react unpredictably but I do hope that aliens will come out and not be judged in society in the future.


Eelo, Grey alien:

Eve I can tell you a story about a reptilian.

When I arrived at Earth in the spaceship, when we landed at the base there was a bald man greeting us. When I touched the ground of the earth it feels funny, your gravity is different from our home planet. Our dirt is like yours but maybe finer dirt. When Astra first walked on grass she thought It was alive and it was an animal or living creature growing all over the floor of the ground. Your grass feels funny and when we arrived at the base in our ship, we weren’t too scared.

The bald man I walked with him through the base, into the rooms and I brang what they wanted, the device for the teleportation, it sticks onto what they already made. I hadn’t been on Earth before but I was shown pictures and when I speak to other greys, they show me visions of what they have seen and what the other humans look like. Some of us are frightened of the humans that look a bit like monkeys but we are assured that we will be safe and to bring our guns with us for safety and we are taught how to blank human’s minds and then run.

The bald man when I got off the ship, I saw into his body, he was a reptilian. I could see through his body and I was a little bit confused. I kept staring at this tail and wondering why he kept the human form.

Eve, there are other greys down there at the base but they are different from us, they are clones which are born here on Earth. I saw them when I was walking down the tunnel corridor. We looked at each other, they are much shorter than us from our home planet. Eve these must be the ones doing the abductions because we only give them technology, maybe these are the ones you are talking about with the human abductions. They are a little different from us, we are white greys, light grey they are quite dark grey skinned and short.


Everything to do with how reptilians feed and what happens at the rituals is true, if you have read on the internet about reptilians. I can confirm seeing all of them doing all of these things in my visions.

Some reptilians not all of them, are working with the dark energies. Reptilians can be born on Earth or on their reptilian home planet in Orion. People might be very confused because of the reptilians being aliens are from another planet and dimension aspect and also why the reptilians are doing rituals here on Earth.

The Universe has good and bad, light and darkness. Some negative alpha draconians/reptilians are working with the dark side. The other higher dimensional aliens are working with the good side, the light.

The reptilians who are do these dark rituals, speak to demons during the rituals and ask for things from them. The reptilian demons then do what is asked from the reptilian. I have seen the reptilians walk into my room, with black cloaks and sometimes a very bright red cloak, both are with hoods.

They have done black magick on me, while I have been in bed. There are usually four of them or more chanting. Reptilians have put me into astral dreamspaces or brang me to places in the fourth dimension. I have been taken to a shopping centre with other humans and I have been taken by men in black in the astral realm many times. Reptilians can be in this third dimension in the street but they can move into the fourth dimension in the astral realm and be there. The men in black can also move between these two dimensions.

When the reptilians and the illumnati members do the rituals, they can let these demons who live in a lower dimension, hell come through into our third dimension. They open a portal to hell and the demons come through. These demons either completely materialize in the ritual circle or they can also remain invisible.

I knew a reptilian woman and some other reptilians cursed me with black magic and told the demons to come after me. I have seen reptilians in red and black cloaks covering their bodies except for their face and middle body. I have seen them standing in a circle and a fire was in the middle. There was a witch with long dark brown hair and the big brown scaly reptilian was telling the witch to curse me and I could see these two brown scaly reptilian men, were not happy with me.

Reptilians have been here for a long time and I have seen most of them know how to do magic which is interesting. I have seen a few reptilians, doing magic in their human forms. I have seen a reptilian with a satanic inverted pentagram necklace a few times. Sometimes they are in their human form doing magic and sometimes in their true reptilian form.


I have seen reptilian hybrids and because of my abiltiies I can pick up their energy frequency straight away. I have seen many hybrid reptilians with blonde hair.

I have been out at a night club and I have seen a blonde woman staring at me and we were both staring at each other. I knew she was a hybrid reptilian. Her facial features were a little different and she seemed to have a square jaw. As a psychic you know if another person has those abilities when you stare at them and they mirror your psychic stare and your both analysing each other, trying to read each others thoughts. She felt neutral in her feelings towards me but at the same time very curious to see who I was. She was there by herself sitting down, with her drink but I knew she was there to watch me and I knew that she was a hybrid.

The reason I believe why reptilian hybrids have blonde hair is because reptilians have no hair on their bodies, they have scales. In humans blonde hair is usually the thinnest hair strand and has less pigment in it giving it the light colour. Darker hair is usually a lot thicker and has a lot of pigment in it. If you would cross a human and a reptilian together, the hair colour would come out a very light colour because the reptilian has no hair, so the genes would go in the middle and choose a light colour. The hair would also be very thin and the hybrid wouldn’t have much hair or they wouldn’t have hair on their heads at all. This would also depend on how strong the parents genetics are. I have seen bald men in black and I knew they were hybrids. In this case they took on more of the fathers genes. Interestingly enough human’s with the Rh- negative blood type usually have blonde or red hair.

In one vision I had I saw hybrid reptilians being dropped off from a reptilian spaceship in a secluded forest clearing, where the hybrids were picked up in a van by men in black. I observed the teenagers and childrens hair colour and appearance. Their was young boy and he had light blonde hair growing up to his eyebrows in a unusual bowl haircut. He looked like a normal caucasian child. The other children and teenagers also had blonde hair and a young girl with red hair.

In another vision I saw many male reptilian hybrids who look very identical, all with blonde hair. I can see them all walking inside a facility under the ground. There are about five or more of them. I believe why these hybrids look identical is because these hybrids were created in a lab and the reptilians used a human woman’s eggs and reptilian sperm to make these hybrids. The reptilians are advanced and know how to genetically alter the genome of humans and mix it with another species. These eggs are taken from female abductees with certain DNA that the reptilian’s are looking for. The female abductees with reptilian ancestry or are a RH- negative blood type and the ones that they abudct and take eggs from. The reason they do this is because the reptilian DNA mixes better with their eggs.

The reptilians have a list of females and list of males on Earth in different countries that they monitor. They usually put implants in these people to track them or to experiment on them. Some of these people are actual hybrid reptilians and they don’t know it. The reptilians also have different reasons as to why they abduct humans, for different experiments. They can abduct peoples bodies and their souls aswell.


I have had many astral experiences with the reptilians in one memory I had. I was taken to a facility in NASA and I remember being very weak and not being able to walk well. Im not sure if I was taken physically or my soul was taken into the fouth dimension. There was a reptilian next to me and he had light green scales and he was wearing white labcoat which I found strange. He then brought me up a staircase into a storage room with a computer on the desk. He then took my clothes off and had sex with me. He made me watch a video on the computer which he wanted me to see for some reason. I also remember being photographed and asked to stand infront of a background that measures your height. They also asked me about personal details and I can’t remember telling them anything. I felt very out of it and drugged, very weak. There were two men in this room and they got all of these details.

I remember a part of this experience where I was standing infront of a space training area and I saw the tall blonde reptilian man there and he was happy to see me and I recognised him. He was a wearing a jumpsuit, a navy blue colour with some logos on it but I couldn’t see. It was like a pilots jumpsuit. There was another man with him but he was inside this special room and I couldn’t see him. It was though my mind was blanked and I could only remember parts of what happened and it took a few days for me to remember this experience.

Vision of dark green reptilian abducting me while I was sleeping

I wanted to find out what was happening to me whilst I was sleeping because I felt like I had been taken by reptilians but I wanted to be sure. I relaxed and I saw into my house on the inside. I saw that it was dark. I also saw that the reptilian had a device on him, that could turn out off all the lights in the house and also freeze everything inside the house, including my family. I saw him standing in the corridor listening to hear if anyone was awake. He was wearing a black cloak with a hood. I saw him entering my room opening the door and then I saw him touching my body, lifting my body out of the bed and then he made me himself dissapear out of the house. I saw my bed and I saw the blankets fall down as I dissapeared with the reptilian, who took me. He was huge from what I could see. He was as big as a fridge and very tall. I saw my body on a metal table and I saw him having sex with me but I was asleep and I could see that I was not conscious.

This is a picture I drew of how tall and big I see reptilians. I took the background photo next to my home and drew the reptilian over it, to give you an idea of how tall they are. They are very built and I usually see the dark green scaly reptilians wearing armour or black cloaks with silver fastenings. They usually wear the long black cloaks but sometimes I see the reptilians wearing body armour which looks like a special exoskeleton made of metal.


I dreamt I was flying above a city. There were human alien hybrids with blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin. They were playing around the flag poles. I was flying and I held onto the top of the flag pole because I was scared I would fall down. I then flew onto the ground and watched these blonde children play with each other, I noticed they were very different from other children in their energy signature and I think they were reptilian hybrid children.

I then travelled to my friend’s apartment in the city and I was in the corridor in the bedroom. I was talking to my friend Maria and we were sitting on the floor. We were talking about aliens. I then looked over to the bed and I saw a man with red hair and he was in his underwear and he was sitting next to the bed on the floor, with his eyes closed. He looked exhausted and satisfied. I thought “Omg who is this man next to my bed?” I instinctively knew that my physical body was still sleeping in the bed, I could see my body there. I looked at him. He was very pale, had short red hair and dark blue eyes. He looked of a royal descent, like he came from royalty. You can just tell when you look at someone that they come from royalty. “Uggh that was sooo good.” He said and his eyes were closed and his hand was on his head.

I asked him “Are you related to royalty?” He didn’t reply back but instead opened his eyes and grabbed my body and pulled me on top of him. It was so clear; I could see every detail as if I was in my physical body. I looked into his eyes and they shapeshifted so beautifully into yellow eyes with black slits like a snake. He had an extremely excited look in his eyes.

It was completely mesmerising. “Your eyes are so beautiful.” I said to him and I just stared at him. Then he said to me telepathically “Ugghh…When you look at me like that.” He felt shy that I was looking at him, so he put his hands on my face both of them and I started to lose consciousness.

My eyes were closed and the muscles in my face just went numb it was so strange, I have never experienced anything like that. Then fear kicked into me, a survival instinct came over me and into my thoughts “This is bad. If I lose consciousness. He could kill me if he wants too and I will have no control.” I fought him and I fought to stay conscious and I pulled away from his hands. I ended up waking up in bed, right next to where I was sitting with him. I could still feel his astral body there next to the bed.


I awoke in the middle of the night and as I had opened my eyes I heard a reptilian say “Look into my eyes.” I saw an eye clearly in front of me and he came closer to show me what his eye looked like. It was beautiful. I could see he was looking at me, his eye was moving and the colours too. I could only see his eye for some reason and not his body. I guess he just wanted me to see that.

It was like a snake’s eyes, black slit going down the middle but the eye was made of different colours. Red on the inside, then light yellow and green on then the outside was green. His eyes had slight black stripes going towards the inner black slit.


I have met many reptilans in my dreams, when I am in the astral realm. I will describe each experience.

In one dream I was sitting down in a café and talking to someone. I observed and saw two men watching me from other seats in the café. I felt their intense reptilian energies. I saw their eyes shapeshift and it was yellow with black slits. These men looked south american or mexican looking.

I have met many black men in my dreams who were reptilians. In one dream I had I was walking in a park and their was a black man sitting down at a table with another man. The black man wanted me to see his eyes and they were yellow with black slits and he didn’t even mind showing me his true form, its didn’t make him feel uncomfortable. He seemed neutral and he wanted to know who I was.

In another dream there was a handsome black man sitting down at the table, he was smiling and watching me. His eyes were dark brown then they suddenly turned all yellow in a flash and I saw that he was uncomfortable and he closed his eyes. He was trying to keep his shapeshifting under control. I said to the man “Whats with your eyes?” and he felt even more uncomfortable. I saw his eyes turn all yellow with black slits and I alsot saw the black slit trying to morph back into cicular pupils that humans have but he was having trouble. He closed his eyes and then his eyes went back to normal and were dark brown.

In another dream I was at home and there was a tall caucasian man who was six feet tall and had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was handsome looking. He wore a black outfit. He was hugging me and he didn’t seem to want to say anything. He was happy being around me and I liked his hugs. I saw his eyes flash all yellow with black slits for a second and I was like “What the?” then he sat down on the couch and I looked at him. His eyes flashed a yellow ring but the black pupil was still there, only the rings in his eyes flashed yellow and he closes his eyes. He knew his eyes were shapeshifting. His eyes were then dark brown and normal again and he smiled at me.

The reptilians have been coming to me in my dreams and showing me their eyes for a reason. Maybe they have a crush on me or they want to meet me and tell me something. I really enjoy seeing them and their eyes are so amazing.


I woke up and saw an orange see through timeline holographic screen in my room. I knew it was a reptilian and he was looking at information about me on the screen hologram timeline grid. I briefly felt this energy, and he was the one who spoke to me before I went to bed. On the screen there was information about what happened in the room about what I was thinking. I could briefly see pictures.


This is a picture I drew of a vision I had of a brown scaly reptilian in a cave. There was some light coming from the cave entrance and It was an amazing vision to have of this reptilian looking at me. He was very kind and curious.

My friend Rob told me a story about some of he’s friends who travelled to the abandoned mines in Mt Dandenong. He said that they went in one of the mineshafts and followed it all the way down until they got to a big metal door with alien symbols on it. They received really bad vibes off the door and decided to leave. One day, I went to Mt Dandenong and I went to RJ hammer forest Arboretum lookout, my favourite place to sky watch. I knew my psychic ability was very good, so i would be able to remote view and see what was down there under the ground and if there were any aliens to be seen.

I sensed the energy under the ground and I found the door was there with my psychic abilities. I then felt the energy of an angry Reptilian who sensed me psychically snooping around there. I so wasn’t expecting that and I was like “Ehhh he doesn’t like me.” I kept going and what I saw with my vision was very unusual. There is a big lake, known as the Silvan lake and it’s in Mt Dandenong in Victoria. My friend has caught many UFO’s flying down into the lake. I have had visions of the Grey aliens walking on the edge of the lake. Frighteningly enough, I picked up the energy of a man that found his way into the tunnel who got sucked through the metal door by the reptilians. They chased after him, beat him and contained him in a storage freezer for whatever they want to do with him.

There is an underground cave system next to or underneath the Silvan dam. Aliens are studying aquatic life and bio life in the water and around this area. They are mining some mineral from the Earth underground in the abandoned mining shafts. New extra tunnels have been created with advanced technology the humans have not seen yet. These tunnels were not created by any technology humans have. Reptilians have some sort of technology that excavates and heats up the rock. This allows tunnels to form and are controlled remotely, with a particular heated laser technology a device that moves through the air.

This is a vision I had remote viewing under the ground in Mt Dandenong. I saw a rectangular concrete platform underneath the lake maybe twenty metres or so below. I also saw that there were four tunnel entrances leading to this platform. I had a vision inside the tunnel, the rock walls were brown and I saw a ladder. I heard the strange alien noises coming from inside the dark tunnel, where the ladder lead up to. The tunnel was very small it was half a metre in height and width; only something small could climb in and out from there. The ladder was made of metal and the bars were round. There were some rocks on the ground.

I’ve seen a circular shaped cave room which had dark brown walls. There were two entrances in the room from what I could see from this view. There was a pool like circular thing in the middle with water in it and water was dripping from the top of the cave down into the pool. The pool was manmade and circular and it came up about half a metre high to hold all the water.

I saw a room which was very dark but there was some light coming through the door entranceway, which had no door. There were many metal circular balls. The height was about one metre high and wide in a row on top of these black box stands which held them there. They felt like sentinels or drones but they were metal spheres. I felt like the reptilians use these. Aside from the reptilians, I felt some other small alien beings worked there for the reptilians, such as the small greys.


Ashtria: I will channel with you now. I can answer these questions, and I will try to hold back my aggression at the hands of their cruelty.

Me: Ok.

Ashtria: The Reptilians on Earth are related to the Alpha Draconians causing all the trouble in the Galaxies.

Me: How are they related?

Ashtria: They are related by descent and blood. They have been coming to Earth for a long time already, since the ancient times.

Me: So are the Reptilians on Earth full blooded or hybrids only?

Ashtria: Both, there are many full blooded Reptilians on Earth. They have their own egg nests in certain secret places, so they are born on Earth.

Me: I was not expecting that, until you showed me a vision of white eggs in an area.

Ashtria: Oh yes. Many nesting places on Earth. They favour the mountains and caves, underground bases. They can create new species of their kind.

Me: Can you tell me where there nesting places are in Australia?

Ashtria: We will come there and watch over you soon, looks like they are not happy. I believe in your continent they would be located up the warmer sections, near the top. Tropical climates they favour greatly.

Me: Ok Queensland.

Ashtria: We do not know the names. We just view the Earth from up here on the spaceship and have a charted hologram map of Earth’s continents with information on everything that transpires on Earth.

(Omg! Shows me the Earth hologram technology. There is a red flash going off in hologram).

ABshtria: Yes, those red flashes are annoying but it is important. They give us valuable details.

Me: Looks like that’s in Israel? The red flash?

Ashtria: Hang on, let me have a look. Actually its Pakistan, way off.

Me: What’s in Pakistan?

Ashtria: Important information to our race all of humanity.

Me: Tell me something interesting about the Reptilians?

Ashtria: Ahh…there is a lot that I could say but I must speak with love and not dark thoughts. Maybe, I will tell you a story.

Me: Yes, please.

Ashtria: Ok…One day me and the crew were on a mission deep in space and we passed a moon of a big planet Zerbos. We found scattered remains of a spaceship, with debris on the ground. We collected all of them and realised it wasn’t one of ours, reptilian of course. We know the language symbols inscribed on the inside of their ships. We walked a little further, and we saw a heavily injured Reptilian male. We were reluctant to save him but I decided it’s better to love than to leave him there to die and suffer. We took him on the ship and he shouted murderous slander at us as we hauled him inside the spaceship. He had deep wounds and yet he still had the energy to shout insidious words at us. Some of the male crew wanted to throw him out into space but I really held my tongue. Eve…I am so patient and loving sometimes. But their kind knows no empathy to other beings.

Me: Yes.

Ashtria: *Sigh*...We healed him on the mothership and we sedated him so he would shut up. Also, because, we didn’t want him attracting attention and startling the refugees on the ship. He stayed there for maybe a few weeks then we released him to his home planet.

(I see a big dark green male Reptilian in the white round medical room on the ship).

Me: He didn’t look to happy.

Ashtria: *Murmuring something in alien*...I will not say such words you will understand, better if I say it in our home dialect.

Me: Ok.

Ashtria: When we dropped him off with a few supplies he only grunted briefly and turned away from us. At least, he did not speak slander to us and he held his tongue, for we did help him, and he knew that. Cannot say if I will ever help another one of their kind again.

Me: Wow.

Me: Ashtria, could you sum up how you would describe a Reptilian to a human being who knows nothing about them?

Ashtria: Yes, I can. Firstly, humankind the Reptilians have been coming to Earth since the beginning. A very long time, we see their insignias everywhere on the ancient palaces and relics you have on Earth. To sum it up as you say, reptilians have total control over the Earth and its resources. Humans are the secret slaves to their agendas. There is no freedom on Earth. Humans, it is time for you to be awakened! Too long has this been going on, I have a headache looking at your news channels, reading the translations and shaking my head in despair. Some of us watch on the ship, and we just can’t believe what is being said to all human beings. Some of the other aliens on the ship, think that there is no point. They can’t watch Earth’s news channels because it gives them grief…utterly shocking the lies told to humanity for control. Eve, Earth must be awakened. I hope that your book will do well and that it will get to all the human beings on Earth. We cannot watch another channel of Earth and see the wars going on. It must end soon. I hope it will, what do you think Eve?

Me: It will end, just be patient, only time.

Ashtria: *Deep exhale*...When I am angry at the Reptilians who are causing us trouble I enjoy setting battle strategies on the ship. When one goes down I jump in excitement at my efforts. Narg, one of the weapons operators at the controls, celebrated by drinking his favourite drink every time a ship goes down. Every time a reptilian ship goes down it’s like music to my ears and I can rest easy knowing they will stay away from that area in space. The other control crew. The men work hard because they do not want to see more devastation among the galaxies. It is a game to them too see how many they can shoot down from the skies. I keep them in line, for we cannot afford mistakes, and we must stick to the battle plans I make.

Other male Arcturian: Can I speak to the human girl?

Ashtria: Go ahead.

Dragon: Just call me Dragon. Do you know why they call me Dragon? Because I’m well known to shoot as many ships in a minute down. I enjoy my work. It keeps the galaxies clean and safe.

Me: Wow I love aliens. You guys have amazing lives up there.

Ashtria: Yes, we do. We are grateful at our advancement with our race but we have come to far on the account of us working hard. Our united strength of our race, working together.

(I’m standing on the top of the control room and see stars whizzing past really fast on the giant windows, I am astral travelling).

Me: WHOOOO! I’m in space! This is so cool! Im on a spaceship with aliens!

Dragon: Soon Earth will rejoice in their awakening! Look out the windows…Can you see where we are approaching?

Ashtria: Get down Eve and sit on the floor a minute. We do not want the ships passing by to see you.

(I am astral travelling and sitting on the Command control room floor of the ship, feeling like I’m a child in a giant alien spaceship. Narg pats me on the head and gives me a drink and a blanket).

Me: Thank you.

Dragon: She is too cute.

(I smile at them).

Ashtria: Everyone knows about you on the ship Eve. You are our star channeler from Earth.

(General Arcturian walks in).

Angry Draconian: Speak to us now!

Ashtria: Ignore them.

Angry Draconian: Give us the girl and we will spare your captives.

Ashtria: We do not consider proposals from you, you know that well. Sit down. We have you Eve, we will not let him have you.

Dragon: (Stretches fingers).

Angry Draconian: One more dead to your race. Will I have more of them dead? Do you want this? Will you shame our kind with messages from this girl? Speak human or do you not have a tongue?

Me: Why don’t you speak to me then and give your races story.

Ashtria: No…don’t speak to them.

Ashtria: One dead to our race will simply not account for the dead we have made on your mining planet…have you forgotten?

Angry Draconian: Just give us the girl, now.

General Newryt: No. We will fire at once, if you do not leave quickly. (Unit for seconds in their race) armed and ready.

(I’m just this random human girl, watching everything unfolding before my eyes. Drinking this weird cold black liquid that tastes like some sort of sweet Japanese seaweed desert).

Me: Cool.

Ashtria: It is good you stayed on the floor Eve. We do not want them to see you.

Narg: What’s the matter? In a hurry to get home? Like we need more them to breed.

Ashtria: Eve, this happens almost every day. Always we are used to their demands and threats.

Small Alien: Come to the medical room.

(Alien is calling me at the door, I look over).

Small Alien: Yes, you come here.

Me: Ok.

Ashtria: Varmen will help you heal well go with him.

Varmen: Come here. Let me look at you. (Shines bright torch into my eyes.) Follow me, he grabs my hand). Do you know how to use the elevators?

Me: No.

Varmen: Ok I will show you.

(We enter the circular elevator and the button symbols are in alien. I don’t understand what they mean, hologram technology used on the top screen).

Varmen: Ok. If you want to go to the medical room, which you will be visiting more often. Come here. *Grabs finger* and press this button.

(Looks like a circle donut, alien writing underneath. Elevator starts moving and it is so beautiful. It has white walls and the light coming in as it passes down each level).

Varmen: Need to fill in details. Some biological readings too. Race. Human. You know not many humans have been here. Not many, the ones that did, were driven insane by the dark forces on Earth and were not heard from again. We still have those men’s files.

(Go onto the bed and Varmen and others are healing me).

Varmen: Dark forces have made a mess of your organs.

Me: I know.

(After I was healed, the aliens helped my astral body back down to my physical body in the bed and I felt much better after the healing.)


I wanted to remote view and see if I could find other reptilian planets and see any reptilians. I then saw a clear moving image of reptilians mining on some planet. I believe from what I’ve been told that this planet is called Holeos or something. I was surprised to see that the reptilian planet looked similar to Earth and the skies were blue.

I was surprised to see a beautiful reptilian with light yellow scales and blue eyes. I had never seen one before. The other reptilians were all a light green colour, some dark green. They were working very hard at their mining jobs. I saw them heating up rock in the cave and mining some material. They then collected this black material and put it into these black boxes and then they pushed them out.

This material was then put into a big circular dark brown tank and I saw these black materials being turned into circular balls, pulsing in and out of the tank, like some anti-gravity cleaning machine.

It was absolutely amazing to see them working, walking around and seeing their technology and machines. The reptilians each one of them had a black heating gun or anti-gravity gun which pulled the material out of the cave wall. I then saw the two reptilians, one with light green scales and the one with yellow scales taking a break and telepathically communicating.

They both looked exhausted from working, especially the one with yellow scales. I think these mining workers, are forced to work long hours. The yellow reptilian seemed a little tired and slightly depressed. The other light green scaly reptilian was a little happier and he was tired but happy from working.

Seeing these reptilians was amazing, they looked so beautiful the colours of their scales and their eyes.


Reptilian: We are not taught love on our planet only fear and pain. Everyday it was competition, who was the greatest and who beat up the other kids and won all the fights would gain the greater position and title. I thought it was insanity. Each event competition, we have rites of passage in which we have to prove me are a man.

We watch young ones being beaten and sometimes even killed. The ones that kill are valued above the weaker ones, or so that’s how they see it on our planet. Whenever I would enter the ring I knew there would be a chance I would die, I would pray that I wouldn’t get paired against some extemely violent opponents, who I knew were stronger than me and who could kill me. Fight to survive, survival of the strongest. I would defened myself well and I beat up others very bad but I could never bring it to myself to kill them. I once saw one of the violent ones, rip the heart out of another reptilian he was up against, this dosent happen often but he was mentally not right, even some of the families watching cry and leave. After I saw that and I spent a few years in the empire, working in the army I decided my race was brutal, violent and extremely tyrranical in taking over races and other planets for domination and control, to the point where life didn’t matter anymore. I left behind my friend and I wonder how he is going everyday.

How I ended up discharged. What happened. We were heading to an outpost to check up on a building if it was secured. We were met by the Andromedans who wouldn’t let us enter the building. They stood in a line infront of us and wouldn’t let us enter. “Let us enter.” I said angrilly I went up to them but they were defiant and wouldn’t move. One of the men in our group, grabbed one of them and stabbed him with a fuel stick. (Looks like a black stick with liquid inside) They took him inside the ship and torture him until he was dead. Then the other Andromedans left quickly. There was one left and he came back, I was ordered to kill him. The Andromedan said “I know that you have a heart, please just give us back his body…” he was unarrmed too. I didn’t know what to do. Hecar walked out and ordered me to kill him but I couldn’t do it. “You do it, I can’t”. “Your going to disobey me, I order you to kill him now, you will be reported and demoted to the mining sector if you do not kill.” Hecar said to me and I said “I would rather mine than kill innocent civilians who pose no threat to us, he is unnarmed” and he looked at me with rage. The others heard the arguement and then Hecar knew that the others would also agree to give the body back to the Andromedan. I gave the body back to the Andromedan and he left.

When we landed back home and docked, Hecar reported me and told his superiors of my disobedience. We went outside and he hit me on the back and said “Your weak I don’t want you on my team” and we got into a fight. He always acted very confident but in battle he was weak and I was more powerful than him. He talked too much. He said something to me that I would never forget. He said that he raped my sister and killed her and she didn’t fall from the mountain ledge, he pushed her. Then I knew why he was always sneaking away following my sister, I even saw him hit her once and I confronted him but I never though he would have killed her. I wasn’t very close with her because he was sent to another area where the eggs are, some of the girls serve other reptilian women as maids.

I punched him until he was dead, I hated my life, I hated him and he was a monster to my sister and others. I don’t know if he was dead but he wasn’t moving. The others dragged him away. I was punished and sent to confinement in jail. Every act of abuse is recorded and you are marked on your skin. The mentally ill, weak and disobedient ones of my kind are segregaded from the rest of the other reptilians. I was then ordered to work in the mines for the rest of my life. Every time I would go on break I would see our ships leave the atmosphere and I knew that I was destined to be stuck on this planet for what I did. The other reptilian, she is a female.

Me: I thought she was a male, when I drew her.

Yellow reptilian: She is female. I met her there and she showed me how to do things. Its much easier doing mining work that cleaning the guns and mainaining the ship, worst job ever. After a while I didn’t miss going into space anymore. My friend came and visited me, he was still in the army, the same group, he also got promoted. He took me out from the mines and showed me around the city. It Is dishonourable to have the mark on your arm, it is like you are branded as a vigilante. Days passed by and felt very fond of Clara (the light green reptilian) and I felt happy with my life.


Dion: Are you the one they are looking for? You shouldn’t be here.

(He grabs me. Wow, he’s huge. He is walking somewhere and he drops me in a hole).

Me: WTF?

Dion: Stay there…until they pass. Others of my kind sense other alien’s presences…they are quick.

(They have passed. He comes over and starts digging another hole next to the one I’m in).

Me: What’s with the holes?

Dion: They keep us warm and I like to hide in them.

Me: Must be a Reptilian thing.

Dion: Human girl do you have an excuse to be on this planet? Why are you here?

Me: To learn about reptilians, your kind.

Dion: What is there to learn. We are but simple creatures on this planet Holeo’s.

(He is sniffing me…feels weird).

Me: -_-

Dion: You smell strange human. What foods do you eat on your planet where you come from?

Me: We eat meat, vegetables and many other foods.

Dion: I like eating at the end of the day before bedtime. We have two sunrises here, so two bedtimes.

Me: Cool.

Dion: Tasty fish too from the lake, they are a nice treat.

Me: You love your meat.

Dion: Don’t worry I will not eat you. You smell quite strange…. possibly poisonous. I smell some poisonous mushrooms with that smell you have…means danger do not eat.

Me: Well geez do I smell that bad? I only burnt some sage before, that’s why my hair smells.

Dion: Burning? Like a tree fire?

Me: Uh yeah.

Dion: I find humans strange to look at. You have no scales and you make strange noises like an ape.

Me: Yes, we evolved from monkeys or at least were created from the original monkey.

Dion: Yes. They like to mix with many races our kind.

(Drinking from lake).

Dion: I am thirsty…and in need of mountain air and breeze…. come with me to hunt fish? I do not think the others will come again.

Me: Sure.

Dion: Human you swim with me.

(We are in the water in the lake).

Dion: Oh…They have found you.

(Tall dark green reptilians watching me from lake).

Dion: I must get out of the lake. They control me and they will beat me if they see me helping you.

Me: Ok.

(I swim out of the lake and Dion is scared of the other reptilians, he is staying out of their way. I get handcuffed by them and an alien had a gun to the head).

Reptilian: March!

(Lead me to a big dark green Reptilian, with silver cloak).

Reptilian with cloak: Asleep human girl.

(My mind goes fuzzy now and i feel like I’ve been drugged. They are taking me up to an old dark grey castle and they put me inside a room with a bed and a window with bars).

Reptilian: You are our prisoner now. He will come for you soon.

(I am looking outside of the window and holding onto the bars. This planet is so beautiful and green, with flowers and it’s sunny, warm. Big brown Reptilian with cloak comes in and hits me over the head. Reptilians are always fond of doing that.)


Whilst I was astral travelling in the astral realm about a year ago. I was running around in a forest and there was a grass clearing and I remember going to sit down to enjoy the view around me. It was there that I met Adam or Latar is his name in reptilian but his reptilian name is made of symbols. I called him Adam because when I met him I thought he was beautiful and the aliens called me Eve and so I thought he was my Adam. Like Adam and Eve a bit silly but it fit together and I didn’t know his real name until later on but he didn’t mind me calling him Adam.

I remember sitting down and he was looking at me from behind a tree observing me. He seems to have no seen a human before and thought ’Who is this strange human girl?’. He told me about how he had seen me with other reptilian men in the astral realm and that he was pulled to the astral realm location and a portal opened. That’s when he saw me sitting there.

Adam: When I died in the accident, my soul had been wandering for a while in different places and then I got pulled to the Earth location, your planet and I was wondering why all these reptilian men were around you but then I saw you and you ended up in the field and I couldn’t resist looking at you.

Do you remember the accident? Do you remember where your soul went afterwards?

Yes the accident with the spaceship was very quick their was a loud bang and it was over very quickly. We were fired upon by an enemy reptilian spaceship and my crew members also died in the attack. It was very quick and I didn’t feel anything, I was flung quite hard on the moons surface that my soul ended up coming out. Angel…I remember I came outside of my physical body and I was shocked because I could see my body on the ground and I didn’t know I would be dying that day but I realised I was dead. It was a horrible attack and we didn’t even attack them, they fired upon us because they were threated by our presence, we were only delivering cargo to one of the bases.

Me: Sorry I was just trying to pronounce one of the words.

Adam: Your language is weird I can’t read it, I don’t understand the symbols you have.

(He is thinking and makes a grunting sound.)

Adam:…..I am trying to learn your language but our daughter seems like she can pick it up much faster, I get confused with the ’A’ in some human words in the language you have.

Me: That’s ok just listen to me and how I speak to you and then you will pick up the english words, or watch me as I type the letters on the computer.

Adam: I try but I understand my language better.

Me: What happened to your soul after you were looking at your body?

Adam: I remembered seeing debree falling down onto the moon where my soul was standing and I saw two other explosions from the other cago ships being blown up with the laser weapon. Then I felt warm and I saw a white light open up and the light was very warm and bright and I was moving upwards into this white light and I felt at peace. I didn’t feel pain, I didn’t feel anything as I was being pulled upwards in this warm white light.

Me: That’s amazing you remember that.

Adam: Yes, I forgot about all of my problems and everything traumatic that I had been through just dissolved away.

Me: Do you remember where you went afterwards?

Adam: Oh yes I remember well, well I am up here now and I am not down on my planet anymore like I used to be when I was alive…

Let me remember wait….yes there was the white light tunnel I was being sucked upwards and I was feeling at peace…peaceful then the tunnel stopped and I was standing in another realm or dimension and there was light everywhere, the floor was light and It didn’t feel as heavy the gravity on our planet. I remember there was an alien waiting for me, he was the one who had appeared to me when I woke up from a dream. He was the Arcturian alien, Besket. He told me I had died and I was still confused and I thought it was a dream and that I was still sleeping in my body back home. He showed me in the portal I still didn’t believe I was dead, so he showed me the wrecked blown up spaceship and the bodies and It hit me hard, I realise I really was dead. I said to Besket “No! why did they do this to us! We didn’t even threaten them!?….all of us are dead!…”

Let’s not talk about it anymore…I want to forget what happened..i hope that my crewmates are in a happier place and I hope they didn’t reincarnate back there, back home.

Me: Lets talk about something else, im sorry.

Adam: I want others to know how hard my life was when I was alive, so I will tell my full life story, just the ones you want to know. Not to worry about me, I am much happier now that I am here in this dimension, its so peaceful and I don’t have to rush and work, work everyday and worry about money.

Me: Yes you have similar to money on your planet, you have something like credits?

Adam: Don’t even begin with credits, all we care about on our planet is who has the most credits and shows off.

How was your life on your home planet? What was your planet like the environment?

Me: Was there clouds on your home planet?

Adam:….you mean the water evaporation? The ones that appear in the skies from the water I think you mean.

Me: Yes those!

Adam: Yes we have clouds, we have really bad storms sometimes and the entire skies fills with clouds with electricity and we must cover the bases from the electromagentic storm. (I see what he is showing me and he shows me a metal cover covering all the windows of a reptilian base and antennas are moving inside the buildings.)

When me and some of the guys were being stupid and bored we would dare each other to go out into the storm and go the closest to the mountain cliff. (I see a big mountain that’s unusual shaped like a rectangle and long but jagged at the right hand side. I can see dark grey clouds and I see pink electricity in the clouds.) My friend he was very gutsy and he would go the closest but I wouldn’t try and go out further than that, when they storm is out. We are all supposed to be indoors and not outside, they can’t stop us but its your lucky chance of having a death wish.

Adam: Sorry angel sometimes I talk to much.

Me: Your fine, you don’t talk to much.

Adam: What else what other questions will you ask? I have a lot I know, that I can remember.

Me: Do you have soil? Dirt? Like you have seen me outside sitting on the grass. What is the ground on you home planet like?

Adam:…soil…I am getting confused with volcanic ash, I think this Arcturian alien trying to translate is getting the words wrong.

Adam: Sand….we have sand…we have an area of our planet that is a big sandy desert and some reptilian live in those harsh conditions but we are on the North side on the East of my planet. That is where the cities are and where I was born in the city.

Adam: The reptilians in the desert have a different bodilly features, their scales are harder when you touch them because of the all the sand storms blowing and they have more horns on the back, like armour and on the head.

Me: The city area, did it have grass and soil?

Adam: Yes, well it used too but we removed it all ages ago. Its dark grey the ground and stone. (What he shows me looks very similar to concrete, like we have on Earth except this material looks more durable.)

Me: Do you have nightclubs in the city where you lived? After work did you go to some place like this to relax and enjoy yourself?

Adam: Yes we have many enjoying places to enjoy ourselves. We even had brothels but it is secret ones because the women aren’t supposed to be having sex like this. I have been twice to these sex houses. I have been there with crewmates and we choose some women to have sex with, I have to barter for the price.

Me: That’s really interesting, wow you have brothels like on Earth.

Adam:…I feel…bad telling you this because I love you and I don’t want you to get upset and me and what I have been doing with other women before.

Me: That’s ok your just telling me your life experience, im not upset by this.

Adam: I feel very tired afterwards but I am truly happy…..some of my friends think the women they had sex with werent as good, maybe the women were tired, I don’t know I enjoyed mine she was young.

Adam: Honey if I had known about you when I was alive I would have taken a spaceship and flown over to Earth to come and see you, then I would cuddle you for a long time and I would probably get into trouble for being away for too long and questioned why I came to your planet. I would make up a story that an alien human told me of a great place to mind gold and wanted to give me the location, then they would maybe believe me. I didn’t sleep with many women of my kind back home and I didn’t connect with many of them. Many of the women from my planet are competitive and always want the most desirable mate, who has the most money and highest position in the hierarchy. They like to show off with each other. Maybe that’s why I like human women better, your skin is soft and squishy when I touch it.

Me: Baby that’s sweet, I love you angel.

Adam: When our baby was born honey, her skin is like yours soft and squishy when I feel it, mine is a bit rough or stiff I feel. I like to put her face up against mine and feel how soft it is…the Arcturians and greys had to tell me how to take care of her skin like humans do because I didn’t know how to treat her skin like humans.

Me: Did they tell you?

Adam: Yes they rub a liquid on the skin…but they told me to only use organic ones.

Adam: I like to look in your drawers and see what human beauty products you have, so I know how to create the same to put on our childrens skin.

Adam: Some of the children they have my skin, the scales, they seem to have both human and my skin that appear and when I try to put lotion on their skin, they run away from me the boys and I get tired chasing after them…its so exghausting. Our daughter is the only one that behaves and stays still when I try and put the lotion on them… I have many beautiful children with you angel and I love them very much. I am kindof glad I died because I would have never found you and had the kids.

Adam: One of the boys Tekar, I named him honey. He shapeshifts and his tail appears at random times, when he is angry his form appears like me green scales and a tail but then when his emotions are relaxed, he goes back into human form. It is a bit weird. Oh honey…I grow tired of the Tekar running up the trees in this dimension and running away from the Arcturians who are trying to help. I wish you were here it would make things easier. Feeding time is the worst, they will not sit down at the table and I have grabbed their tails and dropped them to make them behave.

Me: I’m sorry im not there enough, theres so much going on at the moment and I wish that I could be there with you in your dimension but im here in this one.

Adam: That’s ok honey, I will wait for you another 40 years maybe longer. More time to work on the house and make a beautiful garden up here for us to enjoy when you finally come up here.

Me: Yes honey that’s a good idea, I can give you pool and garden designs from Earth!

Adam: Yes, I love human flowers and trees. The plants are similar to ones back home on our planet, the ferns in the forests you visit, we have the same, the ferns. I want to grow climbing plants, one of the aliens told me that I love climbing plants growing on the walls so I want the energy seeds to plant them up here.

Me: I can find some angel! I should send you seeds all the time, so that you can have piece of Earth up there and its from me too.

Adam: Lets continue with other questions.

Me: Ok.

How was your upbringing on your planet?

I had many brothers and I was the smallest size.

Me: How tall are you? Maybe get one of the Arcturians to help size you.

Adam: I don’t know the human maths for the height, we have different sizing methods.

(I can see an Arcturian helping size Adam at the top of his head.)

Arcturian: He is very tall 5’11…actually 5’12.

Me: Omg I am way shorter compared to you.

Adam: I like the woman smaller anyway I can carry her and cuddle her, like a small animal. I know you are not an animal but as an example of something cute and small that I like to cuddle.

Me: Yes I know that’s sweet.

Adam: I am normal sized, some of my kind grow very tall to about 8 feet tall. Yes I am the normal size, there are much taller ones.

Me: Wow 8 feet tall!

Adam: Yes I stay out of their way. Actually I fell the very tall ones are quite relaxed and friendly compared to the ones normal sized.

Me: Do you feel the reptilians around me, are they normal height compared with the ones from your planet?

Adam:…I have to look…there is one behind you with the brown scales, he is quite built, I don’t know he is sitting down and watching you as you type.

Adam: I don’t like him angel…he’s evil.

(Adam seems to be communicating angrilly with the reptilian behind me.)

Adam: ….Honey, I worry about you and I worry about all these nasty ones around you, they are not nice….If I was down in your dimension, I would be able to protect you but I am not there, I am here. I am glad the Arcturians and other aliens are protecting you, sometimes I get a panic attack when I feel you in danger and I check the portal vision several times a day to make sure you are ok.

Adam: I do not want to reincarnate onto Earth, with these other reptilian’s around. I have heard bad things about what they are doing, they have told me the aliens.

Me: Its ok I’m sure the aliens will make our souls reincarnate in a safe place nearby eachother, so we can meet again.

Adam: I can’t wait for you to come up here and be with me and the kids, finally I am waiting for you to come to the garden I make angel and we can all be happy together.

Me: I want that so much angel! I can’t wait too.

Me: We have gone off track again honey…your life on your planet, tell me how your upbringing was?

Adam: It was hard honey….i was the smallest and I got beat up by my brothers who were bigger than me and my mother she was always busy with the my brothers and my sister giving them attention. I had a very traumatic childhood, my uncle and my father beat me to try and make me into a man and strong but all it made me feel was like they hated me and that my father adored my older brother more than me. I remember lying on the metal grate floor and my father beat me and left me there, I couldn’t breathe properly and this is just how it is on our planet honey, its cruel. I hated training, we had to train to kill everyday and like I told you before some of my kind are valued over the weaker ones that refuse to kill.

When we are brought up on our home planet, Holeos. We are taught a world of pain, fending for yourself to survive and training to kill. When we are young children we don’t want to kill, it is our parents, it is our superiors that beat us and tell us that if we don’t fight and do what they say, we will die and dishonour the empire.

(I see a room and there are many young reptilian boys they are all light green in colour, some yellow and one white scales. There is a light green reptilian lecturing angrilly to the kids and they are listening.)

They push fear onto us and teach us to hate other alien races. They teach us that our race is superior over others. I did not want to fight in school, we did not want to fight each other and if we did not fight each other and train our teacher would bring us to the front and torture us, to make an example. So we all had to obey.

I would escape from the training grounds and I would look out into the glass windows, look out at the stars and I could feel other alien species. When I would sleep at night, I awoke and an Arcturian was next to the bed. His energy was pure and so loving to me. After I had that experience, I didn’t believe what we were being taught was right and I would get angry each time our commander would express his hatred of the Arcturians. They suspected me to escape and runaway for quite some time. When I was a teenager I tried to escape and take one of the small ships but I got caught and I was beaten. My father told me I was an extreme dissapointment and that my older brother was his only son. I worked in the army for a few years before I crashed my ship into a deserted moon planet.

I admire humans and there forgiveness and acceptace of each others races. On our home planet we are taught that different reptilian alliances are more superior than others and that our race governs all in the galaxies and that we are almighty and powerful and that other alien species must be extinguished.

I got over my mother and father not giving me enough attention and I learned to fend for myself and take of myself. I was close with my sister and I love her and miss her everyday. My brother was so proud of himself he could fly the ships well and beat up other opponents easilly and my father thought he was his proud example of a true solider to represent himself in his son. I thought they were nuts, my sister did too and my sister hated my brother beating me when I was young.

Ahhh…I never want to go back there ever, it was a horrible place and I had a bad childhood with a father that never loved me.

Me: That’s horrible, I am glad you are happier now away from there.

Adam: Me too, I am glad I am here.

Me: What did you work as when you are alive honey?

Adam: I made the parts for the spaceship, the wings and I also made parts for the guns and I made armour too for the reptilian soldiers to wear. It was monotonous work and we worked very hard everyday, the sun’s come up and until nightfall. All of the day working, working.

Me: You have a sun, like we do on Earth, we have one Sun.

Adam: We have three planets and one moon that closely orbits our planet. Our planet is much bigger than Earth, I think one of the aliens told me it was four times bigger than Earth.

Me: What is your sun looking like?

Adam: Golden orange, It has a lot of white light. Then when it gets closer, we have the storms and this is during one season we have. I love the sunlight too honey and sitting underneath the trees is so nice, in the shade and there was a lake near where I lived and I would drink the water and it was so refreshing.

Adam: I love my angel very much and I hope that human’s will see the good side of my kind and not judge the negative actions of my kind and how they behave as how we all appear to be. I was told you are a species in need of a lot of protection, your human kind and I hope that you all realise that other aliens do exist and my kind definetly exists in your galaxy and also on you home Earth planet. There are many of us reptilians and I hope that the human’s only speak to the reptilians that are good from my planet and the planets nearby, instead of speaking to the ones that are acting evil. I know that many of my kind back home will be interested in speaking to human’s and giving them knowledge and help but I know that humans are entirely controlled by negative reptilians. I hope things change where you all are and that you get help from the aliens who are on a higher vibration that desperately want to help all of you but you just aren’t paying attention and you don’t know.

My own kind have suffered too at the hands of other reptilians who haven’t learned the vibration of love and want to stay on the darker vibrational energy. I have learned what love is when the soul children were born and seeing how the Arcturian aliens treated me, with such kindness I will never forget their help and you humans should also ask for help from them.

Me: Thank you angel that’s a really nice message you wished to share with my kind.

Adam: Its also the same on my planet, I think the ones in power don’t want us to speak to other alien races maybe because they don’t want us to know about them. We are taught that other alien races are evil and that we shouldn’t trust anyone but out own kind but now I know that that’s completely not true because I’ve met you and many other aliens who have treated me very kindly, so I am happy.


Reptilians are a very dominant, powerful race. The reptilians have been coming Earth since the beginning and generations of their families have grown up on Earth. Earth is our home and to reptilians this is also their home. Reptilians and their hybrids have been raised on Earth and they fit in well with society. They wouldn’t need to shapeshift if they felt safe in human society today. Some reptilians live peacefully here and don’t want trouble, whilst some other reptilians feel they can do bad things and get away with it because they know they can.

I have no doubt in my mind after seeing countless visions, that reptilians are disguising themselves as human’s through shapeshifting. Reptilians are already here on Earth. The reptilian hybrids are everywhere and are being integrated into human society.

Reptilians in conclusion are here to control the Earth and the human species. Not only are they in control of Earth and everything that goes on but reptilians are also moving on to other native alien species and interfereing with them.

I can only hope that Earths future is positive one and I believe that humans have the power to make anything happen. I really believe in our race and what we can achieve and I hope that the reptilian’s in power will want peace aswell on this planet.


[_ “The entire universe is connected together by consciousness and we can feel the cries of humans on Earth. If only you could hear us too”- Ashtria, Arcturian alien _]

We have all wondered if we are really alone in the universe. We have all looked up at the stars and wondered if someone was listening and could feel us searching for them.

Most humans believe the only way to contact extra-terrestrials is through radio telescopes on earth, which can send signals into deep space to contact an alien civilisation in our three dimensional universe. This is only searching for alien life in our third dimension and is not the looking into higher dimensions in which aliens exist in our multi-dimensional universe.

You cannot see energy but it is there, the universe and all dimensions are made of energy and our own conscious energy can be picked up by higher dimensional beings.

Whilst it seems impossible to the human mind, to contact aliens through a nonphysical method. The truth is contacting aliens through various methods such as: astral projection and remote viewing works.

Every human has their own unique energy signature and if a human sends their conscious energy into space, the aliens can feel the conscious energy coming from a human projecting their energies into space and they will communicate back. The truth is humans on this planet can contact and communicate with aliens anytime they want. All living conscious beings in the universe are all connected together by their consciousness, their souls and energy.

I have seen conscious energy waves coming from the front of humans heads when they are healthy and eat an organic diet and rid their diet free of fluoride chemicals, this energy wave extends about twenty centimetres out from the head, when they are healthy.

I have seen that drugs, cigarettes and an unhealthy diet eating processed food and drinks reduces this natural vibrational energy around the human body and the natural wave coming out of the human body closes in onto their physical body inwards and doesn’t expand outwards. This could be a reason why most humans aren’t picking up on their psychic abilities because their natural vibration is lowered by the chemicals in our diet

Most people do not realise that they can evolve and develop their natural psychic abilities. The fluoride chemical in the water is switching off human’s natural psychic abilities. This pineal gland in the brain is thought to be responsible for extra sensory abilities. There are many reasons why humans are not developing their psychic abilities due to fear and religious beliefs. With our third eye chakras switched off and our psychic abilities not developed humans will not be able to see and explore higher dimensions in the universe in which aliens exist.

Whilst CSETI send signals into space to look for alien life, humans are getting abducted by aliens on earth, on behalf of our governments which have made secret contacts with certain alien races that have been coming to Earth for a long time. If aliens communicated back to us it would not be told to the public, it would be kept secret.

Aliens are willing to communicate. They are not ignoring anybody or being quiet. Their messages of truth are simply not getting through to the public. Anybody that does speak out and release information is usually never heard of again.

Humans do not realise we live in the third dimension. Everything around us has a three dimensional form. For example, an apple is three dimensional and has shape. If aliens were around us, they would be invisible because they are in a higher dimension, and for a three dimensional human we would not see anything in the space around us.

Most humans will think that aliens will be always in physical form, which is not always the case. Yes, aliens can be in physical form as well. Nordic or pleaidian aliens look very human. Most of the alien species I have seen and communicated with, are humanoid in appearance.

The aliens will not be in physical form most of the time. Aliens can move through dimensions. They will appear invisible or partially materialized depending on how much they want to reveal to you. Aliens can also be from our third dimensional universe and they can also be from the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions.

Aliens can materialize and dematerialize in and out of dimensions when they want. Have you ever seen a solid visible UFO appear in the sky and then suddenly disappear into nowhere? The UFO or Spaceship has moved into another dimension, which we cannot see with our human eyesight.

This all seems from a normal person’s view very strange and out of this world. If you do contact aliens, you will be surprised at what you will receive back. You just need to listen and pay attention to your intuition and surroundings. This is something which most humans seem to have lost because everyone’s daily lives are go, go, go and no time to tune into nature and energies. Your mind and soul must not doubt the surroundings that you’re a part of. Listen, see and feel what is around you. If you feel there is something there, there really Is something there.

It is Important to know the aliens can communicate with you in a room and you will not see them. However, you will certainly feel their energy next to you. The aliens can also materialise into the room and scare you but the good aliens, would never do that unless they have a good reason for it.

The Earth and the Universe is made up of energy. The law of attraction, like attracts like. Positivity attracts positive energies; negativity attracts negative energies. Just like in magic. When you cast spells, you are utilizing energy to get what you want. This works the same way in manifesting what you want. It’s the same thing they just have slight differences but they all work the same with energy and visualisation.

Now, let’s say a normal average man walks down a street. He is not psychic and does not want to believe or wish to attract aliens or supernatural creatures to him. He would not notice an alien in a human body who had walked past him, or see a UFO hovering above him in the sky. This is because he hasn’t attracted that energy towards him. He is not tuning into that energy frequency.

Now, let’s say an awakened man who may not be psychic but loves aliens and UFO’s who walks down the same street. He would stop and notice the strange alien man. He would notice the UFO hovering above him in the sky and this is because he is attracting that energy to him. He has tuned to that energy frequency, he is aware of alien’s existence and so he can connect with aliens and UFO/ spaceships in the skies.

You might hear some people say “I have never seen an alien or a UFO they don’t exist.” What they don’t realise is that they haven’t been attracting that energy towards them in any way possible. So how could they possibly end up seeing one, when they don’t wish to attract that energy to themselves? How can you possibly attract a UFO or alien into your life, if you don’t even know that they exist and that they are real? They are not even thinking about it, so there will be no connection with other dimensional beings.

You can tune to one race or several different alien races with their energy frequencies and pick up on them. I have learnt to recognise the energy signature of reptilians and I can see and feel them strongly if I am walking around in the city. Aliens have a much higher energy frequency signature that is easy to feel, it is very strong.

I would introduce a new term to describe a group of humans on Earth “Evolved humans.” Evolved humans are not so human anymore, they are awakened, they have evolved and are learning faster. They change their actual energy DNA and in turn, their energy signature is a much higher and vibrates stronger than most people. I feel that most humans are capable and smart enough to develop their natural psychic abilities, if they do decide to do this, their energy field will be stronger and have a higher vibration. This will make it easier to contact aliens and to see/feel them.

If you want to meet an alien or contact one, you will attract that energy towards you. If you wish to be abducted, then you will get abducted, depending on how strongly your energy is directed. This also depends on, if you are at the right place at the right time and you have the right DNA or something that the Aliens want from you.

For the people who have seen aliens and UFOS. I noticed they pay more attention to the skies. They notice and pick up on details relating to aliens and UFOS and they have begun tuning to alien’s energy frequencies. They end up seeing many UFOS and sometimes even aliens.

Listen to that voice that says “Look up at the sky!” It is your spirit guides or alien friends telling you to pay attention. For me when I started this alien and UFO phenomena, I started seeing UFO’S in the sky all the time because I had tuned to that energy frequency, and I would be immediately attracted to that energy. My eyes would just draw straight into the sky and I would see a UFO hovering across the sky. Not just in the sky also when I walked down a street with many people. I could immediately pick out who was psychic and who was an alien or hybrid straight away.

Society, religion and education has brainwashed humans into believing that we have no connection with the stars, when in fact our bodies are made of stars and that we have always been connected to aliens in our multidimensional universe. They teach us that hearing voices is insanity, so that no human will hear the soft voice of an alien wishing to communicate with us and give us information to help and advance the human race.

I have a dream, that humans and aliens will live in harmony, creating a better place on Earth for all to live in. Humans and aliens will love each other hold hands and not hide themselves anymore. Humans will stop judging beings by their appearances, by what’s on the outside but from the love within and that aliens will bring happiness and healing to humans on this planet.

When I did my spirit journey to Daylesford, I went to a waterfall which was dry and there was a pond, I saw many fish swimming in a pond many of them and there was on fish on the other side. I knew these fish for waiting for hope and an answer to why we are here on this planet. Your adventure starts now. Aliens are waiting out there to hear from you.


I have taken out the names of the radio telescope dishes I have done readings on. What I am writing about, is what I see from a psychic perspective and I am remote viewing to see what is going on around these dishes. Keep in mind I have not done prior research on each radio telescope dish, so whatever I’m seeing is happening there, either in the third dimension or fourth dimension around the area.

Radio telescope dish 1-

I am seeing a giant grey scaly reptilian who looks to be about 8ft tall and is huge. Looks like a dinosaur. He is walking around the telescope and he seems to be curious. He seems to be smelling the animals and birds in the forest next to the telescope. He seems to be bored and when he wants attention or he wants to express his manliness and power he stomps his feet and whacks his tail on the telescope. I wonder if these people have felt anything there. I see he has a wife or a mate and she is also looking the same but she is a head shorter than him and body is a bit smaller than his size.

It seems like the wife is out doing experiments or collecting something and her husband is bored and getting impatient. (Much like husbands when their wife’s go shopping.) The female reptilian woman is more relaxed and she seems to want to collect some DNA from small reptiles and birds in the area for some studies. Her husband seems to be very masculine and a lot more aggressive than she is. There are some people who come at night to visit the telescope and I see that this female feels scared of being seen and she disappears in a red flash. I see these people with torches and they have decided to come and visit at night. I feel that the people who work there may have felt dizziness before the enter and also cases of missing time. I also see small white grey aliens, their skin is pitch white and I see them sitting on the edge of the telescope and they are talking about the stars. I also see this small white grey walking around the office inside and looking at the readings on the papers. He also sees a white truck pull up and he gets nervous and disappears into the other dimension.

I also see a satellite pinpointing directly above the telescope and beaming down to the telescope as though relaying back. I also see that these radio telescopes act as points for the satellite and they seem to form a grid, I can see white lines connecting them together, the radio telescopes. There was a star cluster or nebula which they passed it begins with the letter C and there was an alien race that actually felt the radio signal in that spot, they sat there for a bit and did receive some strange binary in the radio signal but this man decided the man that was working there that day decided it was nothing and moved on. There have been times where the power to the telescope has been deliberately turned off completely, all their computers go blank, this is because a spaceship is flying over and I can see a massive black triangular reptilian looking spaceship about the size of a football field flying over slowly because they have a lot of cargo on board.

I am also seeing middle aged man working next to a computer and there are paper readouts on the desk and I can see a light grey skinned grey alien watching the man and the grey alien is reading the signal in codes, which is the paper on top of the pile. The man can’t see the grey alien and he seems to be concentrating on the computer, he can’t sense anything. The grey alien is putting his finger on the paper and he is reading the signal readout and he is saying “Yes! Yes! One just communicated to you.” The grey alien seems to know this but the man dosen’t know this and I see the grey alien in the other dimension next to the man and he makes the paper fly off the desk to get his attention. I see the man startled at how his paper flew off the desk. He feels like something is there but decides it was just a gust of wind. I see the grey alien is a bit sad the man didn’t pick it up and he moves backwards and says “Why can’t you see it? it’s there.” The grey seems sad and knows the man can’t hear him anyway even if he tries to speak to him.

(With the papers flying off the desk, I’ve had that happen before when I was alone writing the book looking the other way, several papers flew off the desk and there was no wind, I’ve also had pens randomly fly off the desk, even when they have been completely still for ages and there no movement to cause it.)

[* Radio telescope dish 2- *]The energy around this dish seems very neutral. See Nordic aliens flying their saucer UFO’s near this dish and some of them even land in the forest next to it and have tried to communicate or left a message or vision to the people in the control room but they were scared of the experience. The Pleaidans have sent radio messages but the people who work there have been told to ignore it and look for other things.

The people who work in the control room, the Pleaidians have given them visions and I see a man in his car thinking he has gone mad and he is ignoring what the Pleaidans are showing him in his head, they gave him a message to the human race and they wanted him to share it but the man never did. This man was told to keep quiet.

[* Radio telescope dish 3- *]I sense a dark energy around this area, quite dense almost a foreboding feeling. Reptilian aliens I feel their energies around this dish very strongly and scarily enough I have seen that one of the men working there who found a signal or a special planet or something has been taken away and abducted. This man has something at the back of his head, a black implant. This man who works there was going to go to the newspaper and state his claim about what he saw, a black triangular spaceship that was near the Earth and it stayed there, and he was getting the transmission from the ship. I see that the transmission was in some sort of binary code. Reptilians are in control of this telescope.

Astronomers that work there have captured a Pleaidian spaceship chasing a reptilian spaceship in the skies and they were observed as a light streak or comet because of the fast movement, yet still able to see the structure inside of the head of the comet.

Radio telescope dish 4-The energy around this telescope is a positive energy and the energy is a very cosmically connected energy and I feel many different aliens are watching this telescope and also protecting it. I am seeing tall grey aliens walking around the telescope and there are other five ft grey aliens walking around the telescope. A five ft tall grey alien hands the hologram pad to a taller seven ft grey alien. They seem to be protecting the telescope or intercepting a signal. For some reason I am seeing a brown scaly reptilian moving through the ground, underneath. There seem to be some rooms or something under the ground. He finds a big white cable, a big one and he attached a black band around the cable and it sends a strange green electrical signal that disrupts the telescope or gives it a false reading. Not sure if he was fixing it or tampering with it. I see brown scaly reptilians tampering negatively with the telescope and they seem to want astronomers to miss something. I also see many small grey aliens and they are running towards the telescope and they are having a class and some of the teacher greys are explaining the telescope and what it does. The small greys seem fascinated by the big telescope in the UK. I see one small grey moving backwards and admiring the telescope before walking away and disappearing a flash of white light. The aliens are protecting this telescope because they know that the people researching there are close to finding something in a cluster of stars.

[* Radio telescope dish 5- *]I am seeing a seven ft tall dark green thin lanky alien, that appears to have a bug face and big black eyes. His head seems a little like a praying mantis shape. He is walking around and enjoying the view. He seems to be scared of humans and a little apprehensive. I think he is from the future. There seems to be a group of them walking around this area and they are very shy and do not like to be seen. They are mantis type aliens and they are interested in the soil, bacteria and certain rocks in the area. I see one holding up a redish rock, a raw one. They also seem to be watching the astronomers who go in and out, the American ones that come and visit but they don’t want to come near, they are more observing. They are interested in a small village nearby and a cave in the mountains. The cave has something to do with the future.

[* Radio telescope dish 6- *]There have been many attempts from aliens too communicate back to the dish. The aliens have been paying special attention to this dish. I am also seeing that in the past there were several bright lights hovering directly above the dish in the centre and that everyone that was working that night saw the lights and some even took photos on their camera. I believe these people that work there were visited by men in black and were told too not too speak about it.

This must be the dish the aliens were speaking about because I see and feel an intense pulsing radio wave and I can hear the sound coming from it blaring out. It seems like the aliens have given up communicating back to the dish because they already sent down their messages to the dish and have tried to communicate with the people that work there unsuccessfully, I see a bright white light appearing low to the ground at day time and they are trying to get the attention of the people there. I also see a silver UFO dish wanting to get close to the dish to send a strong signal to the dish because they really wanted us to get a message but I see that a fighter jet chased it away and I see the UFO leaving our atmosphere. I’m also picking up on an infrared camera or sensor in the mountain which has been set up there and it can pick up on spaceships or UFO’s before they even enter the area. This is separate military built camera in an area of the mountains nearby and is not a part of the dish.

“If they really wanted to contact aliens and give the message to humanity, they would have done it a long time ago, when we first came.”


Aliens communicating with telepathy.

Most humans communicate through verbally through language, body and hand signals. The most common way aliens communicate is through telepathy. They would also communicate through body language, and their own verbal sounds of communication. Some aliens have their own languages and their own forms of communicating as you can imagine, different Alien beings would have different ways of communicating. The most Universal form of communication in any alien civilisation would understand is Mathematics. Maths is a universal language that all beings can understand. Aliens also communicate through geometric symbols, like crop circles with messages in it.

In my first telepathic experience with an alien hybrid, explained in chapter two of this book. I heard the telepathic messaged spoken by the hybrid creature. If I can describe how it works, the hybrid sent feelings of what it wanted to do to me and my mind converted it into words automatically. Mind you it wasn’t pretty what it said: “Get out of here before I rip you to shreds.” You can imagine a very negative experience of telepathy at the same time intriguing. Aliens may not know the English language but you can still understand them, because they send you that telepathic message and your conscious mind automatically converts it to words. The same goes with other aliens. They communicate with you via telepathy whether right next to you or on a spaceship in another galaxy. They can be in a spaceship hovering over earth or mining on one of the moons of Saturn.

You can be on your couch and hear and see the aliens on their spaceship. Telepathic communication and remote viewing is like, video calling or Skype from your iPhone but they are far away, and it’s through psychic ability and you see them through your third eye vision.

Most of the Aliens I have spoken too, the communication is all through telepathy. Sometimes, they will be next to you in the room. Sometimes, they can’t be there because they are busy doing work on their planet. Sometimes, the alien named Aldor will use hand signals and point at something he wants me to look at and he will incorporate telepathy and say for e.g: “Yes this one here.” Surprisingly, the Greys I channel with know more English words than I do. When they say a certain words i which I don’t know, I have to pause the channelling and look it up on google what the word means. Every single time I look up words they tell me, it relates perfectly to the sentence in which they channelled to me. They grey aliens say this is because they study the human language is extensively.

I found that when I was channeling with the aliens, that I realised some alien species around me could read my thoughts super fast or would understand what I was trying to say very quickly. Their brain’s seem to work much faster than humans and they have other heightened psychic abilities. Some of the aliens it was more of a normal conversation and the grey aliens they would take their time to listen to me and then reply. They seemed to stare at me first to try and understand what I’m saying and then reply, they also seemed fascinated that I could see and hear them clearly.


If Aliens really wanted to speak back to us they can. These contact methods are how aliens can communicate with you.

  • Channelling or distance Telepathy.
  • Through your Dreams.
  • Remote Viewing.
  • Astral Travelling in Space and meeting them.
  • Mathematics and Binary code.
  • Crop circles.
  • Sounds, radar or other.
  • Physical objects e.g.: tarot cards.
  • Synchronicities in Daily life.
  • Sudden feelings to go somewhere, for example a forest.


Every night I would go to bed and I would wake up at unusual hours of the morning and when I did, I would always hear alien tone sounds. These sounds do not sound like any sounds from Earth.

The tone sounds are metallic sounds, sonar sounds and beeps. They wanted me to hear these sounds for a reason. Other times I would hear, the Arcturians singing and it sounds so heavenly and beautiful. They also pray for humans when they sing and when they sing, they sing for love and peace on Earth.

Most of the time I would get tone sounds, varying in pitches and length. I would try in my mind to find something that would match the sounds given to me and I would match it will the brushing of metal, engineering sounds, the sound of a pushed button, sonar sounds and the dishwasher when it’s on, the humming. The sounds are so alien but so incredible to listen too. I wish I had a tape recorder in my head that could record the sounds being played to me and play it on my computer.

Last year I had a vision of a man from a symphony orchestra and I saw a booklet or a book and he was in there and I believe what I was shown was that he made an alien symphony with tone sounds in the future. The aliens wanted me to see this vision.

The aliens just spoke to me now because they know I am writing about music.

Adar, grey alien: My name is Adar and we would like to give humans a song, some sounds. They can be played on the piano. At this moment in time, Eve is learning how to play the piano. We know all the keys and notes played and we will give Eve the information.

Me: Yes, I am, I am really excited to hear the whole song when it’s finished. Mind you I know only basic keys on the piano.

Adar: Don’t worry, we will teach you and give you everything. No need to worry.

Here is a picture of musical tones that Tilk told me to write. He pointed at the keys and I wrote down the notes and it came out really beautiful. He said to me “I love you” and only until I played the notes on the piano, I could hear I love you in the notes. I know him well and his emotions in the music came out, how he loved me and how he was sad that I wasn’t paying attention to him. I asked him to tell give me lyrics for the song and he said “I love you but I’m sad…I love you, be with me angel.” It was really beautiful to hear and I’m going to write more music from them but concentrating on finishing this first book.


The Greys were around me all the time and they knew what I was thinking and feeling. They really wanted to communicate with me all the time. Most of the time it was really hard because I was so busy. and I had no time to stop and listen to what they had to say. So The Greys knew when I went to sleep that they could give me a message.


I dreamt I was on a beach and it was sunny. I was with some people I didn’t know. There was a car and I got in the car with these people. There was a big metal UFO hovering high above the beach. Suddenly, everything that was on the ground started to lift up, the UFO had some anti-gravity technology. Everything slowly lifted up and then fell down again including the car I was in. In the second part of the dream, I was outside. I saw a rocket propelling into the air it was going up and up until it suddenly stopped and fell downwards out of the sky. In the third part of my dream, I was in my room and I saw books stacked together stuck on top of the ceiling and I was thinking to myself “How is it not falling from gravity? How is it keeping itself up there?” I kept staring at these books and then they suddenly fell off the ceiling and crashed onto the ground.

I also noticed there were more books on top of the closet but it was strange because all the stacked books next to each other were on an angle and nothing was holding it in place on the right hand side. It was like it was stuck in place and gravity and force didn’t matter.

The aliens told me why they made me see that in my dream they said: “We projected this into your mind to make you see that your current physics principles are missing some key elements. Newtons laws of motion and gravity is old there should be new principles coming into place. Gravity doesn’t matter Eve, gravity can be controlled. The rules can be bended and they do not stay the same.”


Synchronicities don’t just happen by chance; they are no coincidences. The Universe is so much more amazing than we understand. We attract what we want with our thoughts and energies. We can manifest what we want in this world and we attract that. Synchronicities is the Universe showing us and giving us what we need to see or know.

Aliens are advanced and they’re also multidimensional. This gives them an advantage to show us things in our physical third dimension. To us we see our physical third dimension we live in as everything, and we can’t see outside into other dimensions except with astral projection, remote viewing and our third eye. Aliens see everything that goes on in our dimension, they also see events before they happen.

We see it as almost impossible for them to randomly make us walk in front of a shop at a certain point in time and see something in synch from what we were thinking earlier in the day. It’s almost like they guide you in the right direction, it’s similar to angels who protect people wherever they go, aliens also do the same thing. To human’s we can’t see how they do it but to them it’s a walk in the part to make synchronicities happen in everyday life and to make us meet a certain person they want us to meet. Aliens are from higher dimensions, and it will be easy for them to look into our dimension and make us see something they want us to see.


Chuco Arcturian hybrid:

“Humans cannot see us when we are close to them but we are there. We wish sometimes that they would notice us and say “Hi” or “Wow it’s an Alien.” but because human beings do not even realise we exist and also their psychic abilities are shut off they cannot see us. We cannot immediately jump into your dimension because we have been told it would frighten human beings so we stay in the opposite dimension, the fourth dimension and fifth dimension, and view you going about your daily lives. We are sad for human beings don’t realise how much potential they have.

Imagine if human beings started paying attention to us, how much they could learn from us and advance. But, of course, the new world order on your planet doesn’t want this kind of freedom for all of you but to control instead. We point you in the right direction when you want you to see something you cannot see. We drop you hints and if this doesn’t work, we may make a person walk in front of you or make that synchronicity happen to explain something to you which you do not understand. The falseness of your physical world exceeds my consciousness. How much control will you have over one race? Taking away their freedom. The truth from their eyes, covering them up.

Your physical third dimension is a hologram, time doesn’t exist. Your whole third dimension was created and you were the beings that sprouted inside. If only we could make you see, things are not the way they are, if only we could make you understand: your thinking, your whole world, dimension is not everything. You can move out of the third dimension and into higher dimensions but you have not advanced to that point yet in time. Paint over their eyes and blind them from seeing the truth. You will only realise human beings will break free and uncover the reality of their existence in the universe with all other living beings. You do not understand how badly we want to help human beings in this time. If only they were all Channelers and could hear us speak, we want to be heard we exist and we want humans to know this.


The Atomic Symbol

Over a period of a few days they Greys wanted me to know a symbol they wanted to use in this book. They gave me visions and I drew up this symbol they showed me.

I went for a drive with my friend Louis and we drove back from a cafe. As we were driving back I had never noticed this car wash before and the symbol on the car wash logo was an atomic symbol. That same day we were driving through South Melbourne and I saw a health shop, with the atomic symbol on it as well and it had a human body figure in the middle and a heart in the centre. The next day I went to get coffee in Ivanhoe for my friend Karen and me. So I drove down the street and parked in a place I had never parked before and I stood in the street thinking is there any cafe’s here? I saw a few of them around. One of the aliens whispered to me: “Go to the one down there.” I couldn’t see the logo or name yet until I got closer to the cafe and I read the name which was “Atomica cafe.”


Aliens, if they wish to can give you valuable information on any area or subject. You can imagine what advanced knowledge they have and their experience. What humans know does not compare to the advanced knowledge the aliens have.

Imagine how they could help you with your problems? How they could make your life better? And, the best part is most aliens want to help humans. The good aliens want Earth to be a better place and most of all they want peace. If you wanted to build a spaceship and your channelling abilities were perfect. You could hear and see clearly what diagram the aliens were showing you. And, if you had the engineering knowledge and resources, you could build a spaceship from the information you’ve collected from them.

If you wanted a way to heal cancer, to heal any ailment in the human body. They would be able to give you that, through technology or in some other method to you. There are no limits as to what valuable information they can give to you. They are there to help, and they will give it to you if they know you will use the technology for good purposes and not for evil. Also, if it is in their agenda to do that or something to do with the future.

They may decide not to give you the information, if they know that what they give you will in avertedly harm you in some way. If you want an answer to how the universe was made or how it works you can ask them. If you want to get an equation for time travel or a special robot to help you with something, or new energy you can just ask them. They are there, and they will listen to you. It is people who must learn how to contact them, and what steps to get there which you will learn in this chapter.

The picture above was a vision I had from the greys. They showed me a solar powered car with a solar powered wing design.


  1. Like people, aliens have agendas too. Good or bad. Most of the time you will attract good aliens, within the Galactic Light Council but depends which ones you want to attract to yourself.
  2. You need to call upon your guardian angel and spirit guides to protect you, in case you do attract unwanted beings. You can also call upon god and Archangel Michael to protect you or any god you choose before the meditation.
  3. Will and intention is the most powerful force.
  4. Let go of doubt, because you will put up an energy block against the aliens.
  5. Know that whatever happens you are not mad or crazy, it is perfectly normal. If you are not sure, just keep calm and sense around you and use your feelings.
  6. Everyone experiences communication with aliens differently.
  7. Come into this with an open mind and you will receive openly.
  8. Most aliens are good and love humans. They love all of humanity and will welcome you with open arms.
  9. The grey aliens have their own agenda, so tread with caution. They are kind and loving but they are also deceptive and some of the grey alien’s view humans as experiments for studies. I do not believe all grey aliens are “bad” there are “good” grey aliens too.
  10. It’s best to only contact aliens on a high vibration of “Love” but it is your choice to contact any alien being you wish to contact. You can say this affirmation “I only wish to contact the good aliens who have the best intentions for me.”


Altara the Arcturian:

“Human beings eat food and drink nutrients that contain many chemicals. This inadequate diet results in human beings having decreased psychic abilities, switched off and terminated completely. In order for all of you human beings to hear us clearly and see us. You must clear your diet of harmful chemicals from the processed foods you eat and your drinking water. An organic diet free from chemicals is the correct diet to be on if you do choose to go ahead and communicate with us. We care so much for human beings and we know what goes on before their very eyes, and we are here to look after you and to make sure, you receive the best healing and information from us from our knowledge. Pure filtered water, free from chemicals is ideal this is important and should not be overlooked. Please remember this.”


Eilo, Grey alien:

We know that in human society today, drinking coffee is all the rage but with our studies, we have found it has negative effects on the body and has little positive effects. We have noted that the psychics we speak to have a lot of trouble after the drink coffee hearing us. The problem is the coffee you are drinking may not be pure and may have other additives in there.

We have found an extremely negative reaction on the human body and their sensory abilities, when humans take psychoactive drugs, chemicals in the food and water and pharmaceutical drugs they take. All drugs are very bad for your body and developing your extrasensory abilities, be they natural or synthetic drugs.

Please cut out sugar from your diet, processed meats and opt for a completely chemical free organic diet. If I will put it simply for you all to understand, do not eat anything that has gone through a chemical process and that is not organic. Do not eat genetically modified foods, grow your own garden at home.

Do not use pesticides around your home, I cannot tell you how bad this is for your children’s development and their hormones. The pesticides also affect their brain and mess things up. Do not use any chemicals inside the household, where you’re children, your family works, sleeps and eats.

There are many other alternatives to household cleaning and you do not have to use harsh industrial chemicals that negatively affect your family. Have you any idea, what these chemicals do to your body? These chemicals are causing cancer, stop using them in the household.

Use cleaning solutions that you know, have no negative adverse reactions on your bodies and that are safe to use. Do not believe when you buy something in the supermarket with a label that says it’s safe, just because it says that, does not mean that it is. Human scientists do not properly study the effects of chemicals on the human body. We thoroughly test everything, to maintain the safety of our health on the spaceship and the health of our hybrids.

We know very well and we have seen it, that the human scientists on Earth the ones that are paid to do these studies, are asked to overlook things and accept their chemical products as safe. This is entirely frightening, that you would ask this of them. They even know themselves from what they have seen that, the chemicals in the food, in the water, in the household, in everything is completely not safe and should not be ingested and should not be even sprayed around human beings.

So humans, I’m channelling through Eve today, to tell you to please listen and read the labels behind every food product and when you buy fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, know what fruits and vegetables are genetically modified, GMO’s. If you do wish to develop your psychic abilities to learn to speak with us, you need to follow the information we have given you in this book. Cut out chemicals and additives from your diet and switch to a completely organic diet and you will find profound positive effects, in addition to developing your psychic abilities with practice.


  • Stop watching the news, the TV or limit your exposure. The fear shown on television has a negative vibration. The TV has some frequencies. Every time I walk past a television, I hear a high pitched sound. This frequency may be mind controlling people into believing whatever is on the TV. Some frequencies are undetectable and they cannot be picked up.
  • When you watch TV, some visual images will be remembered by the brain and stored away. These images can be negative, fearful or sexual in nature, these images serve no purpose for your brain. The brain is very sensitive and remembers things even subconsciously. Your body and your brain is a machine and it can be programmed. If you do not program your brain, the television and media will program it for you. Stay in control of your mind and developing your abilities will be easier.
  • Completely let go of fear, fear causes mental problems and anxieties to develop. Be fearless. Let go of anything negatively affecting you in your life and shut off from that vibration. Dark negative energies decreases your natural energy field and shuts off your higher abilities from developing.
  • Changing the music you listen too. Listening to music that has 432Hz or 532hz is beneficial for the brain. I find classical music is good to use as well. There are many YouTube videos of binaural beat meditation music you can listen too.
  • Depending on what type of abilities you want to develop. You need to practice and practice all the time, every day whenever you get the chance. The more you practice, the easier it will get and you will notice the change. Changing your diet, is only one part, you need to incorporate this with developing your psychic ability too.
  • Do regular meditation whenever you get the chance. Meditation has proven to have positive effects on the human body and mental state. The mediation helps you to tune with your body, your energies and the energies surrounding you. I find after I meditate, my abilities get stronger.
  • Go on an organic diet. Filter your water, from fluoride and other chemicals. Get your water from a natural flowing spring and filter the water after. You can also boil the water to help kill the bacteria but I have had no problems drinking the water after I have filtered it.


The aliens told me that the reason I was good at channelling and why I have clear visual and communication with them was because both my crown chakra and third eye chakras were very open. The alien’s consciousness comes down through the top of my head into my crown chakra and into my third eye chakra. Humans also have ear chakras on each side of their ears, I have seen these chakras. When the aliens are next to me I can hear them very clearly most of the time. When I have too much coffee and my diet isn’t healthy, I notice I can’t hear them as clearly.

One of my ear chakras wasn’t working as good as the other one, so one of the Grey aliens fixed it and I could hear them better on the left side. The crown chakra is the connection to the divine, god, the light. I always see it like a white light around people’s heads, sometimes it is a golden white colour. This chakra is also your connection with all living beings in the universe. The third eye chakra is responsible for psychic abilities and visions. With these two chakras, activated and opened, you can understand how channelling becomes easy and much clearer. If you want to learn to channel, you need to meditate and develop your crown chakra, third eye chakra and ear chakras on each side of your ears. It’s also important to balance and cleanse the other main chakras as well, especially the root chakra to ground you during meditation.


Me: Can you give me something for this guys?

Eilo, Grey: Yes, certainly Eve…clear quartz is used in circuit boards (He showed me a vision of a circuit board with microchips) and is an excellent receiver and transmitter. I will show you a grid you can use to help you with this.

We think it would be good for humans to sit in a circle of crystals, it works better for the human energy field, trust us we know.

Any crystal with quartz in it amplifies the human energy field.

What you will need:

  • Four clear quartz wands or pyramids it would be preferred if you cannot get any use selenite of any quartz stones, they are amplifiers.
  • You can sit in a park or what Is a wonderful idea, to sit near a river or waterfall. The energy near water is purifying and has powerful energies inside the water.
  • It is important to meditate before channeling and empty and quiet your thoughts for you to feel us speak to you, stress and tenseness and doubt will not help you in this situation, so do a five-minute breathing exercise first before meditating or for channeling.
  • It is important to know that if it is your first time learning to channel or hear higher dimensional beings, it may not come so easy at first. Like anything it comes with practice. If it is still not working, you will have to eat a healthier organic diet and drink purified filtered water. The chemicals and processed foods you eat, shut down your brains higher mental psychic abilities for use.

Me: What part of the brain does the psychic ability come from?

Eilo and Vahata grey aliens: Psychic ability does come from the brain and the energy flow grid system of the body. The human body is an important part of developing psychic ability, if your energy flow in the body is not working or there is a blockage, things will not work so well and you need to fix this problem first. Your chakras need to be open and sometimes we notice with humans that their third eye chakra is shutting off and we have observed this is because of the fluoridated water and chemicals in their diet. The third eye chakra cries out and cannot open, it is impossible to open for some people and they need that extra diet switchover.

Me: I have seen the same thing, the switch off but I notice when I am around friends who aren’t psychic, their third eye picks up on my very open third eye and their third eye chakras seem to recognise to turn on, which is amazing.

Eilo and Vahata: Yes, this is true. Imagine how fast human will develop their abilities, when they start seeing us and communicating with us, they will evolve much faster and with an added DNA change and update, amazing things will happen to humans on this planet.

In the above picture I have set up a crystal grid. It is reversed because I took the photo from the other side. So just imagine it flipped over. I have used selenite wands, a rose quartz wand and a clear quartz wand. I have used these isntead of all clear quartz crystal wands which I don’t have. The greys showed me a circle position and the north, east, south and west directions as important and to have the clear quartz wands set up in these positions.

On your iphone or phone there is a compass applicaton that should already be installed. Alternatively you can get a compass app for your phone or you can use a compass you have at home, to find the North, east, south and west directions.

I observed seeing white orgone energy or life force energy flowing into the centre of the crystal grid and making a circle concentrated with energy and that is where you will sit ontop of. That energy connects to your root chakra and flows upwards into your energy system and to your crown chakra.

This is a very basic simple setup and you can also put a protective talisman infront of you when yout meditate for extra protection and I like to use rose quartz crystal because it has beautiful loving energies that can help you connect with loving aliens and other dimensional beings. You can also hold it in your hands and visualise meeting aliens and manifesting them into your life before channeling or meditation.


Before beginning to astral project and travel

  • You can astral travel during the day or at night time, whenever you wish to travel.
  • Be prepared to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour, however long you wish to astral travel in a quiet place, with no distraction.
  • If you wish to call upon your spirit guides or your guardian angel to protect you during your travel, you can say a prayer before you astral project.
  • Do 5 minutes of breathing in and out and relaxing your mind and body completely. Feel the muscles in your brain and relax them then bring your attention to your entire body and relaxing every muscle.
  • Make an energy cross symbol made of light across the front of your body. You can also imagine white crosses made of divine energy across all of your chakras, this is for protection against unwanted dark entities.

Beginning astral projection/remote viewing

  • Feel your conscious energy, the energy in which it is you, your energy, your thoughts. Imagine that you are going to walk outside of your physical body.
  • Your body is three dimensional and you are just making a four dimensional copy, or what is also called an astral body.
  • Imagine and see yourself walk outside of your body. Now you are going to see visually through your astral body. Take note of what you can see around you.
  • I find that staring at my astral bodies feet and feeling my feet on the ground and looking at it helps. Start walking slowly, taking slow steps and imagine walking around your body. If it helps look at your feet as you’re doing this and feel them beneath you, then look up and feel your hands, your head and then your eyes.
  • With your eyes now seeing through your astral body, blink a few times until your vision becomes clear and you can see better. If you cannot see very well, you will need to open your third eye chakra and send white healing light into it.
  • Keep practicing walking around, if you are at home you can practice walking into other rooms and try and see who’s there and what you can see. In the fourth dimension things look a little different. Practice touching walls, feeling around you. Get familiar with how your astral body works.
  • Before you astral travel and decide to go in the astral realm or to an actual place in this dimension, it is a good idea to cloak your astral body and become invisible. You can choose to become visible to certain aliens or beings that you wish but other times when you’re not sure, better to cloak yourself.

How to cloak yourself in the astral realm or fourth dimension

From my experiences and hearing other people’s experiences from astral travelling in the astral realm, it is a very good idea to cloak yourself. Cloaking simply explained, is that you are just imagining your astral body invisible and you are also cloaking your energies, so that nothing can pick up on you. There are many dark entities as well as good entities in the fourth dimension, astral realm.

  • Cloak your energies and make it less visible for other beings to pick up on.
  • Imagine that you have an invisibility cloak and put it on and make sure it covers your entire body.
  • Imagine yourself becoming completely invisible and imagine when something tries to look at you, all it sees is nothing there.

“Ever feel like something is watching you in the room but you can’t see anything there? That’s because something is there. It could even be you watching someone.”

Lifting off into Space and flying

There are several ways you can choose to fly or travel into space. Here are a few you can choose from. Your conscious energy creates your reality. Use your energy to create.

[_ “Get your golden wings on Eve and fly! Come to our spaceship, we miss you”- White grey alien _]

  • If you are outside of your body and you successfully astral projected, well done. Now imagine yourself simply lifting off the ground and hovering then gradually floating metres into the air. You can imagine yourself with angels wings that will make you fly in the air.
  • As you are flying upwards in the air, have a look down on the ground. What does it look like? Can you see yourself? Blink a few times and try and see where you are, this will help your third eye vision become clearer.
  • As you rise gradually moving through the sky at through the troposphere layer, which is the first atmosphere layer around the Earth. Have a look at see what is around you. Take note if there are clouds around you or if you are getting closer to the end of the atmosphere. There may already be a UFO or alien around you or one of your spirit guides protecting you.
  • There are five atmospheric layers around the Earth which are; the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere. You are going to fly through all of these layers until you get to the outside of the thermosphere, in which you will be able to view Earth.
  • When you have finally made it outside of the Earth, you should be able to see or feel a white energy cord connecting back to your physical body. Whenever you don’t feel safe or you want to get back to your body. You can tug on this cord if you want to get back to your body, if not don’t tug on it.
  • Now that you are outside the Earth, you will be able to see how the Earth looks from where you are. If there are no aliens around you, then you need to go travelling into our Milky Way galaxy and try and find an alien or alien race that wishes to communicate.
  • Sometimes whilst astral travelling, you may be pulled to a certain planet out of nowhere and you may have a special connection with this planet from a past life. Pay attention to this planet and the aliens that wish to communicate.
  • Whilst you are outside of Earth, you can say this prayer:

“I wish to communicate with a good alien race who have the best positive intentions for me.”

  • Imagine a conscious energy EMP pulse in waves being sent out from your head moving outwards and rippling throughout the milky way galaxy after you say the prayer.
  • After sending out your conscious energy waves in a pulse. Many aliens will have already picked up on this and will come to visit you. Sometimes they may even pull you to their planet or dimension.
  • If an alien has come to you while you are in space invite them back down to where you are on Earth and tell them, that you wish to communicate.
  • Show them where you live, the country, the state and then show them where you are located at a skywatch, in a field or at home. Most of the time they can see you and when you fly back to Earth, they will follow you anyway if you ask them too. If you don’t want them to follow you back home, you can speak to them and tell them to leave or you can call upon your spirit guides to protect you.
  • Aliens are very kind and many times they have helped my astral body get back to my physical body on Earth when I have been out in space.

Getting back to your physical body

  • If you are in space or on another planet and you are a little lost. Just find your white energy cord connecting outwards from your astral body. You should be able to see it, tug on your etheric energy cord and say “Bring me back to my body” and pull yourself back through space to your body. Remember to slow down when you get closer to your physical body because when you speed and fly back in, you will feel it.
  • If you cannot find your cord and you are with some aliens just ask them “Can you please give me a lift back to my planet, I’m a little lost?” and they will be more than happy to take you back home. Most of the time they will be able to see your etheric energy cord and just follow it back but sometimes they may be confused and you may need to show them Earth and tell them you are from the milky way galaxy show them images because you may have wandered into the Andromeda galaxy or another dimension but luckily most of the time in my experience, they know exactly where Earth is and they will take you home.
  • You can also just imagine pulling your astral body back to you really fast and then you will feel it come back to you. When you are outside of Earth, it will be easier for you to see your country and where you are viewing from, then just fly back down home to your body.

Grounding and Cleansing Exercise after Astral Travelling

This is a very important step for beginners because getting used to your four dimensional astral body can be a shock for most people and you need to stay grounded to the Earth.

  • Say this prayer affirmation:

“My astral body will now merge with my back in with my physical body and infuse with the soul. Only I can command my astral body to come out when I wish. I am safe.”

Imagine your astral body synching completely and becoming one with your soul and feel your feet on your ground and breathe in deeply and then blink a few times and feel your body.

  • “I am safe, I am calm and back in my body and nothing can hurt me here.” Visualise your root chakra, there will be chakra in your genital area as you say this affirmation and imagine your energy from this chakra moving downwards through your legs and into the Earth. Feel mother Earths energy and connect your soul and body with her.
  • Here is a grounding exercise you can do for cleansing energies from your energy field:
    p<>. Feel your feet on the ground if you are sitting or lying down you can. Imagine energy roots connecting into the Earth, moving downwards. Imagine a spinning disk of healing white light energy humming and vibrating. This is above your head, slowly let this white disk of light move down your head down to your feet, vibrating away any dark patches and negative energies from your soul, aura and body. See the dark patches coming off, there may be not so much dark patches or many dark patches of energy that need to come off. Imagine this disk collecting all of the dark energies, its normal to have these dark patches in some areas. These are stagnant energies, thought forms and energy that has attached itself to our energy field. As the disk of light moves through your entire body imagining it going down through your roots into the Earth, all the way down and visualise the dark patches burning as you send a white light fire to the dark patches.

Some planets you can astral travel too:

  • Alternatively, you can also astral travel to one of the planets in our solar system, to practice your remote viewing/astral projection. If you want to go to a certain planet just visualise Mars and say “Bring me to Mars, I want to travel there.” Your conscious energy will connect with the planet and bring you there.
  • The Sun. I have been there and met these light beings made of sun rays and they are beautiful and very friendly, they are definitely worth meeting. They helped me get home last time I was with them. The sun doesn’t hurt you in the fourth dimension, so you can relax. The sun has a very masculine energy and he is alive.
  • The moon. I have been there a few times and I always get a very eerie, creepy feeling whenever I walk around. I have seen mining machines and equipment on the moon and there is they have underground tunnels. There are some aliens there too.
  • Mars. I like Mars, I have met a few aliens from there. These aliens live underground but there are some cave openings you can enter, if you are brave enough. You can even take a look at the Mars rover and see where it is.

Fear during astral projection and how to fix it

During astral travel, your mind might freak out that you can walk straight through walls and objects with no problem. You may also get extremely excited and will want to spy on people or travel to area 51 and see what’s down there.

Your fourth dimensional astral body is of a lighter energy density and this enables you to walk thought physical objects in the third dimension. To a human mind this will trip you out and freak you out a little but stay calm.

It is important not be afraid, fear attracts dark beings. Just relax and don’t worry and connect with positive loving energies of other beings that you wish to attract.

If you do have problems controlling your mind, for example a negative thought form becoming solid. All you need to do is to change the negative thought into something positive. For example, you imagine something frightening and negative, imagine it turning into something positive. Replace the negative object or image, thought pattern with something positive and know that you are in control of your reality.

In the unlikely event that a dark entity has found you and you are being attacked

You attract what you want to attract and most likely if you are on a strong positive loving vibration and you wish to contact good aliens, this will not happen.

If a dark entity has found you, you can follow these steps:

  • Defend yourself and use a hot knife made of light or use a cross in front of them and burnt it into their forehead.
  • Call your spirit guides to come and protect you or Archangel Michael to defend you.
  • Cloak yourself and imagine your body becoming invisible and your energies invisible so the dark being cannot find you.
  • Imagine a metal shield around your entire body to protect you, going all the way around your aura like an egg shape or circle.
  • There is a cord connected to your physical body from your astral body, tug on this cord and pull your astral body back to you. Will yourself to travel back to your body. As you get within metres of your physical body slow down and merge back into your body.

After Astral Travel and Alien Contact, pay attention to your surroundings

Most likely aliens will have followed you back to wherever you are at work, school or at home. They are in the other dimension. You may see an alien in your mind’s eye or catch something moving from the side of your eyes. You may feel very warm, and you may feel the beautiful loving energies from the aliens. If you can hear them speaking to you, talk to them, learn more about them, and where they are from. They may flash images of their planet into your head, or may give you visions as a form of communication with you. The more you astral travel the more chances you will have of meeting aliens.


Writing down your experiences after astral travel is a good idea, to help you keep track of what aliens are around you and anything else you experienced on your journey.

You can also write down if you saw any colours, if you had any visions or feelings during meditation. You will have had some psychic sensations, like smelling flowers or musk from the aliens. Anything you feel important you should write down and keep it in a safe place, where no one can touch it or read it. You can write down your dreams and who was there, what you saw.

You can even make some drawings of any aliens you encountered in your journal. You can draw a planet you travelled to, what it felt like being there.

In your journal, write down the date, time, year and title of your experience. Documenting your experiences is important because it helps you understand what’s around you, while you’re learning.

(You can format your book like this as an example)

[_Date: 8/3/16 _]

[_Time: 10:00pm _]

Year: 2016

My experience: Saw a grey alien wave his hand at me

I was walking down the park when I saw a grey alien in front of me and he was see through, he waved at me, then disappeared.

I have seen this grey alien before, he is very friendly and wants to communicate and give me some symbols to draw.

(You can write as much as you want here)


Orbs around people at a Skywatch. Picture taken with my full spectrum camera.

A sky watch is where a group of people who like astronomy, stargazing and love aliens and UFO’s, they come together and watch the skies. You can also do a meditation and contact the aliens through remote viewing, astral projection or just simply relaxing and sending your conscious energy into space to find aliens to come down and visit the sky watch group.

It works better when the group sits in a circle when doing a meditation to contact aliens. The aliens have told me that they want people to sit in a circle because it’s better for energy projection. There is some power to the circle shape, like a vortex.

I have been to about five sky watches so far and every single time we did a skywatch we saw UFO’s flying over the skies. They would speed up, and then when we tell them to stop, they would stop for us in the skies. At one Skywatch, I shined a high powered laser at a bright white UFO in the skies and it disappeared from view, the aliens told me straight after “Don’t do that it will interfere with our equipment on board” and then I was like: “Oh bad idea sorry.” I wanted to make the aliens feel comfortable and I wanted them to trust me. They didn’t like me shining the laser at their spaceships.

Me: Will you come to our sky watch this Saturday?

Alto: Of course, we know everything that goes on.

Me: I want you to trust us and with everyone in the group because we want you to show yourselves. We want you to show us your world.

Alto: We have no problem with that, we want your trust as well. You need to trust that we have the best intentions for you and everyone in the group. We are not here to hurt you in any way, just know that.

Me: I trust you.

Alto: You can trust us 100%. We trust you and we trust very few humans to pass information too. There will be no eyes around, nobody watching if we do take you, which we will, we are waiting for the right time to pass, then you will know.

Me: I have seen in the future yes.

Alto: At risk of exposing ourselves to the public is something we don’t want. We don’t want people to shine lasers at us or torches, none of that. No lights will be shined at us but you can view us from afar, understand this?

Me: I will tell everyone in the group to keep their distance, whatever makes you comfortable.

Alto: I have seen some terrible things that have come from their hands. I am against all of this evil and many other alien’s races. We don’t want to communicate with your Governments if they are going to act like children and keep asking for what’s simply not theirs and should never be theirs in the first place.

Me: So they ask for technology?

Alto: What else would they want? All for power and control, which we won’t give them. The best stuff we have and it will stay that way. By all means we will give you what you want but…you have shown us that you can’t be trusted with the weapons and technology, so we will not come to you, understand that.

Me: ……

Alto: Ask me where I am at this moment.

Me: Where are you?

Alto: On top of the world right now, viewing your cars below your city. I’m waiting for one of my kind to come and greet me.

(He is sitting on top of the edge of a skyscraper in Melbourne and looking down at the cars that pass below.)

Me: Damn I wish I was an alien…that’s cool.

Alto: Reconnaissance mission……to return something…..we are grateful for this.

Alto: Look below Eve, one of them speaks to Altara.

(Seeing a white small alien grey talking to a brown Reptilian, exchanging a black device).

Alto: If only they were all peaceful like that one…. then all the aliens would come down and visit humans all the time and there would be no problems.

Me: I see.

Me: So my skywatch? Tell me where I should hold more of them? Mountains? Beach? You don’t have to be specific.

Alto: One rule, never write anything down on the computer, they watch everything.

Me: I know that.

Alto: Then why are you doing it?

Me: To show people in my book, how aliens feel about sky watches and what you’re comfortable and not comfortable with.

Alto: Moderation in approach.……Some aliens love showing themselves, their spaceships they have courage. They are brave but your present situation on Earth doesn’t allow for this Eve, too much drama on Earth, war over here, war over there…*deep exhale out*…..too much drama on Earth.

Me: I know we are limited on the computer, with my writing down information but just briefly.

Alto: What should you bring to the skywatch?

Me: You read my mind.

Alto: NO LASERS…NO annoying lights of any kind, be discreet and listen to the sounds below and use your recorder, it will make sense in the future you will need the recordings.

Me: I thought you like Christmas lights? I wanted to bring solar fairy lights to put in a circle around the group.

Alto: So the Reptilians can see you better?

Me: Can’t they see my anyway? Makes no difference.

Alto: True, very true. Solar fairy lights…. just bring some food and water for you and your friends to enjoy. One thing, I must add, in your photographs you take. We have modified your camera so that we don’t turn up in your photos, the other cameras your other members have we haven’t done anything so that’s why I said no photographs please….ok?

Me: Fine but why don’t you want me to take photos? Like won’t that prove to other humans that they have physical visual evidence of aliens existing?

Alto: Do they really need evidence? To prove that I am a flesh and blood extra-terrestrial speaking to you right now. The ignorant ones will sleep and the ones who know it to be true will follow you, simple Eve don’t make it complicated, doesn’t need to be.

Me: Can’t believe you modified my camera, why? And you guys have yet to let me take a photo of a spaceship up close for my book.

Alto: We will give you that in time just not right now, you don’t need it for the first book. The second book however, you will have many to put in from other people that have caught them, you haven’t met them yet.

Members of my group were on the ground laying down and Khan one of the girls was doing a healing on Joe and she called in one of the aliens to help heal him and you can see a giant orb above Joe, which is an Arcturian alien in orb form.


At one skywatch I was with another girl named Khan. We saw a UFO speeding up then we waved and we shouted “Slow down, stop!” and the it slowed down and stopped right there over our group and we waved at the aliens in their spaceship.

At a skywatch if you recognise an unusual moving UFO in the skies, that is not a satellite or star. It should be bopping up and down and slowing down, then speeding up or be very bright in the skies. You can also check what it is with a star map, they have apps you can get and you can hold up your phone to the skies and it tells you what’s there.

If there is a UFO in the skies, you can bet that there are aliens inside that spaceship. Look at the UFO and ask it to move. You can say “I want you to come closer or I want you to move to the left”. Feel the conscious energy coming from inside the UFO, if you feel an alien inside connect with them and talk to them.


I captured this photo with my full spectrum camera. Notice the UFO hiding in the clouds on the bottom left hand side. I captured this photo in Cairns and I intuitively knew something was in the clouds, I could feel it there.

If you ever have a feeling something is in the clouds or to suddenly take a photo, do it. It could be the aliens wanting to show you something or your intuition trying to tell you that there is something there.

You can also buy a full spectrum camera or get one converted to remove the IR filter, so you can capture spacecraft hiding the in the Ultraviolet and infrared spectrum of light.


You can do this at any time of the day, even at nightime. Its best if the skies are clear and there are less clouds in the skies but the aliens can still come regardless if the clouds are cloudy. The aliens may even like the clouds because they can show themselves with their spaceships and then duck back up in the clouds to escape from view.

Say this prayer or affirmation before summoning a UFO.

“I wish to only contact positive loving aliens who have the best of intentions for me, my consciousness and my energy will only find those on the love and light vibration and I am safe.”

Step 1: Concentrate on a spot in the skies from where you are located. Feel the energy of this spot in the skies that you have chosen.

‘The more people there are around with you who want to see a spaceship or aliens, the higher the chances are that the aliens will show their spaceships in the skies. This is because the aliens if they know many people really want to see them, they will get to work. However even if you are alone and you visualise and concentrate your energies strong enough towards summoning, the aliens will still be happy to come and show themselves to you regardless if there is many people or just you.’

Step 2: In the area or spot you have chosen in the skies, imagine what this area will look like from an aerial view outside from space, imagine what this area or spot will look like in the skies from out in space.

Step 3: Imagine your conscious energy beaming a white light upwards or towards the direction or area of the spot you want the UFO to be seen. Visualise this white conscious energy line coming out from the top of your head. Imagine your thoughts and intentions going into this white light, merging with it you can say something like:

“I would like to see a spacecraft and I would like positive alien contact, I mean you no harm and I am here with good intentions. Can you please come to this spot above me in the skies where I am, I have beamed upward with my conscious energy.”

Step 4: Now that you have put your thoughts or positive feelings into your conscious energy beam visualise the country you are in and sense if you can feel any aliens or spaceships around, if you can feel spacecraft’s or aliens around imagine your beam hitting the area in the skies above you and extending outwards like a field, imagine your conscious energy moving towards them and they should feel your energy and what your intentions are, if not ask them to come to your location.

You can also feel and visualise the area around the Earth and feel or see if there are any spaceships. (It doesn’t matter if you can’t see clearly with your third eye yet, you can still sense the energies of a spacecraft with aliens inside.)

You can also imagine your conscious energy beaming outwards into space in our solar system, around the Earth, if you feel that there are any aliens or spacecraft’s that you can see or feel with your energies you can ask them to come to your location. (You may need to spend 5-10 minutes doing this summoning but sometimes you may not need that long if you feel that something is coming to the location you can stop summoning and take a look back up at the skies above you.)

Step 5: You may already see a spacecraft or a strange dimensional anomaly or orbs above you. If you have a camera, snap away or take some videos. You can even try and communicate with the craft and ask the aliens questions. You can ask the craft to move around to signify a yes or no in a certain direction.

If you have not spotted any spacecraft or strange dimensional anomalies, it is because of a few reasons:

  • Your conscious energy isn’t strong enough to be detected by the aliens and there are no spaceships or alien’s around in your area. Keep practicing and you will get better at summoning, deep meditation and centering your mind on your conscious energy will help direct it better for summoning.
  • There are negative entities that don’t want you to see any spaceships or to capture any evidence. Either men in black in the other dimension are around you or negative reptilians are around you. They can put a black covering over the area in the skies and they also have black drones in the other dimension which they can use to hurt or deter any spaceships from coming to your location but ‘this is most unlikely unless you are on their watch list.’
  • It is not safe in the area or location you are for the aliens to show their spaceships. You may be living near a military base or near a laboratory that has high powered lasers. They alien’s do not want to be blown out of the skies or be chased away by fighter jets or captured by the military and taken away.

“At some locations it may be very dangerous for the aliens to come close with their spaceships and show themselves.”

Some advanced alien races can still show their spaceships because they are from the sixth dimension and they have very advanced spaceships that can do things other spaceships cannot do, like cloaking and fast interdimensional movements.

Hope you guys see some incredible Spaceships/ orbs and dimensional entities, be sure to email me and tell me about your summoning experience!


“Come and astral travel humans, come to our ships, we have many devices and new things humans will love to see!” Eelo, Grey alien.

Grey alien’s spaceships

I have astral travelled and been on a few alien spaceships. The grey alien’s spaceships I have travelled too and seen the interior and what goes on there. I have also been on a reptilian spaceship whilst astral travelling.

There is another spaceship which I have been on and that one is circular and white in colour. The picture below shows a vision I drew of a spaceship. The Greys showed me they were like to fly to one of Saturn’s moons and mine there. They showed me the internal structure of their ship and they told me there is a long tube going all the way around the ship which powers the ship somehow.

This picture shows where I have astral travelled and remote viewed on their spaceship. In the middle of this picture you can see a hologram computer, this is where I see Eilya and the other Greys looking up information and watching places on Earth.

This is a big spaceship that the grey aliens are on. It has a lower level and this main level. The interior colour looks white and the railing is made of metal. There is a ramp going down from the main level down to the lower level, and that leads to the middle of the room, where there is the big hologram computer. The greys work on their computers on this ship, they have different duties. Their computers have a huge, wide keypad and they have a huge screen to view different things they want to see.

The next picture shows Eschilleet grabbing a drink, from a drink and nutrient dispenser on their spaceship. This is the same place as the last picture I drew.

The picture on the next page the, shows the energy generator on one of their spaceships. There is a black metal suspended walking area in the air, which leads to the energy generator. The circular arch doorway is quite small for a human and you have to duck your head. There are many blinking lights and buttons inside this circular dome power room. I have walked into the room twice while astral travelling and the second time I saw a grey in a white lab coat and he was checking the radiation levels of the generator. When the grey in the white lab coat saw me he was quite stunned to see a human. The Greys are very psychic and they can see you remote view or astral travel, they can see your body unless you cloak yourself. I don’t think he expected to see a human.

I have remote viewed and also astral travelled to this area on the ship, it may be the lower level where this generator room is. I have walked many times on this black mesh platform that is suspended in the air, joining to the other sides, you can see through the mesh floor to the bottom level. When you look below this walking platform you can see grey aliens working on big machines, some of them are welding which is bizarre to see that what we have is very similar to what they are using. When I have been on the platform, the greys have been very curious and where walking around me looking at me, they seem to have not been around many humans, even in my astral body form, they can see what I look like. Some of the greys who were working below, looked up and were surprised to see me, they looked like they had never seen a human before near them.

There is another spaceship which is smaller and this other spaceship is a cargo delivery ship, which grey aliens travel in. The grey aliens working on this ship called it Spaceship Bell. I have written down channelled messages and asked them questions about their spaceship, whilst they were on board.


Date: 14/11/14

Location of aliens: Spaceship Bell.

Alien race: Greys.

Name: Eldsera and Algrix.

Algrix: Hello Eve its Algrix, we saw you were watching TV before. You have beautiful children both boys, yes?

Me: Yes, that’s right (My non-physical astral or soul children from Adam).

Algrix: We deliver cargo, important equipment to our fleet on different planets, where we have bases and where we do expeditions. Nutrients, oxygen and equipment we deliver to bases. You could say we are a real alien delivery ship. It is our job to ensure the cargo gets its way there. We also do patrols but rarely, only when needed.

Me: I’m writing about how other alien races live and what day is like for you in your life. Who wants to channel with me?

Algrix: Let Eldsara channel, she has good stories to tell.

Me: Okay awesome.

Eldsara: Hi Eve I’m Elsara. I work on the spaceship as a logistics operator. I am on the ships computers communicating with other Greys, who need supplies on our home planet and other bases we have. I view all deliveries we need to make. They download straight to the computer on board, they update regularly.

Me: Where do you sleep on the spaceship?

Eldsara: So I sleep on board the ship, in one room I share with the other male greys on board. I have two children and a partner back home on our home planet. I miss my family but I talk to them via the computer communicating so I don’t get too emotional. I love my job and I work with amazing inspiring colleagues. Our jobs are challenging but we do our best to help as much as we can and make the Universe a better place. Even just by doing small jobs like this, it goes a long way. Some days are slow and we don’t have many deliveries. There are some days we have to navigate our way through a deadly asteroid field, and our lives are at stake but we are calm. Some days it is very busy and we have no time too even ingest nutrients and relax, lay down and rest.

Me: Let me know what it’s like to deliver cargo in a day?

Eldsara: Trying to think of a day, experience I had that would interest you and humans.

Eldsara: One time we were delivering cargo to a makeshift base for the Scientist/researchers there. Nutrient supplies, refills for the machines in the caves.

Me: Do you have to wear astronaut like suits on some planets, because of the air?

Elssara: Oh yes, most planets we have bases on. We cannot breathe deadly nitrogen in the air. Very dangerous. We must wear suits it is of such importance. Also the suits protect us from external toxins and radiation on certain planets we visit.

Eldsara: So me and Ilglat, another grey on board delivered the cargo, into the caves. (It’s a moon type looking planet, no grass just barren looking). Inside, we met with the grey scientists on board and they sign the touchpad and make sure all is accounted for. (The touchpad looks like a clear see-through iPad look alike). We met with Insectoid type aliens in the cave. Dark green and very tall, big black eyes (Praying Mantis looking). One of them was staring at me. I thought it was strange, so I asked the grey scientist, who he was, this Insectoid. He said this Insectoid was lonely and his family member, his wife recently died. I looked back and felt how sad he was. I asked him “Are you Okay?” and he made lots of clicking sounds as he spoke (telepathically). I know it is not my place or role to counsel other alien beings but I felt it was necessary to comfort him and talk. So I decided to stay for a few hours, while the other greys who made deliveries. They would pick me up later after all the deliveries. We would walk on this deserted planet and I would talk to him. Learn who he was and how we came to be so sad. His name was Glark, and he was actually abducted from his home planet him and his wife. The Scientists were keeping him there for research. They promised they would bring him home after a certain period of time.

He spoke of his time on his home planet, the lush green forests and plenty of food there. Lots of green fauna to eat. Yes, he is a vegetarian, they live very healthy organic diet. He complained of the food saying the liquid nutrients they gave him made him feel sick and he missed the green leaves back home. He missed his daughter back on his home planet but he knew his family would be looking after her. Glark I’m happy to say he is back home. I had to pull a few strings and nag the Scientist in charge but eventually they gave in and he is home now. I visit him every now and then when I am free and love watching him and his daughter. They have beautiful waterfalls there. I sat down there and watched him talk to his daughter, with the beautiful waterfall in the background and I thought “What a good deed I have done, rescuing him from that base, he didn’t belong there. He belonged here in nature, were all life is meant to be.” He was so thankful as well him and his family, for him being rescued and they did a ceremony for the dead wife as well. A special insectoid one in their culture. It made me very emotional to watch but it is so beautiful. They send the spirit to the heavens to become one with the Universe to come back once again. Even the other grey males I work with I felt got emotional with the funeral ceremony but they hold back.

Me: How do you eat and what do you eat?

Eldsara: We do not eat like humans do but rather we ingest nutrients on our skin. We have liquid cylinder containers that have our liquid nutrients that we drink. We also put it on the skin for energy and to sustain us.

Me: Wow that’s cool.

Eldsara: Yes, it is. We are much different to how humans eat or ingest food.

Eldsara: Would you like to know how a daily delivery is?

Me: Yes!

Eldsara: Okay, so I wake up and drink some water. It is a special water to help cleanse the body from toxins. Then I check the ships log for new deliveries and messages. Sometimes we get SOS signals from some other greys ships in trouble and all ships need to answer and help. Thankfully this has only happened a few times, not many. We do sleep on average, I sleep maybe five hours. The others sleep about seven hours because they do repairing and a lot of manual work. I usually sit inside and work on the computer, sometimes I will help deliver the cargo as well.

Me: Do you walk around naked or in suits?

Eldsara: Some of us choose to go without clothing. It depends on the person and what they feel comfortable with. We all wear suits. The reason why is so other greys can identify us as the delivery crew. The suits also protect us from external pollutants and radiation.

Eldsara: What’s that you’re drinking?

Me: Oh that’s chamomile tea. This is good to help sleep and it is a calming herbal tea.

Eldsara: I see that’s intriguing. I think I will give some too Ilglat, he has nightmares. Ilglat is scared of humans, that’s why he did not want to channel. It’s not that he doesn’t’t like them, it’s just he gets nervous when he sees one.

Me: Just like how some humans are scared of aliens.


Date: 17/06/16

Location of aliens: On their egg spaceship

Alien Race: ? They are both brown skinned. One of them has furr all over and the other is hair free. One of them described his skin as covered with furr all over but it looks very thin all over. He has big yellow eyes, circular, a big head and small body. The other one has a square face, brown squishy type skin wrinkles and has big black eyes.

Names: Mord (big yellow eyes) and Tel (He is shy but Mord said to name him Tel after a telephone, because he is always on the phone communicating.)


As I was viewing this chapter Mord came to me and started talking. When I have been astral travelling Mord and Tel have picked me up in their egg spaceship before. When it happened I was really amazed at being picked up and saved randomly by these aliens but it was clear they were watching over me and making


sure I was safe. It was amazing to see inside their egg spaceship, to me it wasn’t very big but these aliens are small so they fit in the ship well.

Mord: Just call the spaceship, the egg. It will be easier for you to remember. The outside of our ship is all black, the bottom has a white ribbon. It can turn on its side like a barrel when we go into hyperspace.

We hover on Earth’s gravity. Some areas particularly the mountains, give us a great lift, an updraft. We try not to eat before a flight, we can become disorientated or pass out from dizziness. We cannot breathe the air straight away; we need minutes to breathe the air. We cannot breathe the air at high altitudes, we cannot take too much nitrogen, makes us very sick. 20 light years away, this is why we only take the fittest pilots, scientists on flight to Earth.

We think if you have a child with a reptilian, it will look very beautiful.

We have travelled to every continent on Earth.

Me: Have you been to Area 51?

Mord: No, we have viewed it from the outside of the border at the fence. I have smelled reptilians scent and the scent of dogs and other strange beast smells, coming from a pipe.

Our sense of smell is so good that we can smell fire from 1km away. Reptilians scent is very strong to us because our ancestors evolved with learning to run and evade reptilians, so in turn that is why we can smell reptilians really well.

Me: Do humans smell nice?

Mord: I have been to a truck stop because I needed a spanner at the mechanic’s place. When he wasn’t looking I took it, I didn’t return it obviously because I didn’t want to be seen again. Eve…..there was a man, who was large and he was repairing his truck, his smell was so pungent, I could not move an inch without wanting to run away and put the emergency breathing mask on. Eve the human males, some of them smell 50 times worse than a reptilian when they haven’t had a wash.

(I see this truck stop area, it looks like there is a petrol station and also a mechanics place where he is showing me. This area is very hot and it looks like the area in America, around Nevada. There is a man, who is repairing his truck he is very large and he is laying down on his back on the sliding thing, and he places his spanner on the side and Mord takes It away.)

Me: Oh dear, maybe one day you will return that spanner.

Mord: I could….but at the risk of being seen probably not. Human tools are quite handy; we like to take them from the mechanic’s shop. We bring them home to our planet.

(I see that Mord use the spanner to take something out which was stuck in a 1cm gap on the control panel area of the ship.)

Me: How big is the egg ship?

Mord: Half the size of your balcony.

Me: So approximately 2.5 m wide?

(He says the height is 3m and the width is 2.5m.)

Mord: I will tell you another story

Tel: The reptilians have chased after us before, when we get to close to the base they don’t like it. We don’t like to test them, so we move away.

Mord: Our egg ship, we can submerge it under the water, we like to go into the ocean. We have vents and we can close them, they are small vents for the air pressure. We have viewed swimming eels and we like to go to the deepest parts of the ocean, at the bottom.

Me: How much pressure can you take on the ship? Are there some deep trenches in the Earth you can’t go down?

(Tel and Mord is looking at the alien symbols on the controls, it’s in small writing, which is their mathematics in alien and he is trying to translate it, into something I understand.)

Tel: 500m

(A grey alien comes on board and he reads the symbols and immediately translates it to me.)

Grey alien: 5000km depth, it can go even further but it seems they do not have the extra cover which goes over the ship to do this.

Mord: Sorry I don’t know much human mathematics

(Tel is staring at me thinking.)

Tel: We release pressure at the bottom of the ship, with four tubes.

(I see four dark brown tubes at the bottom of the egg, releasing bubbles and streaming out water.)

Mord: Back home in the base, we have another egg ship which is bigger and can take more pressure than this one we usually fly in.

(I see a cave base but the walls are all metal, a dark metal blue colour and there are the egg spaceships and they are held onto a wall with a clamp and then when they are released they hover on the spot and then the pilot flies it out of the base, where there is a big opening.)

Mord: Air pressure.

(He is holding some black tube hoses in the interior of the ship that he has detached.)

We have many hoses on the ship and our main fuel source, we mine it from asteroids.

(He shows me a shiny rough metal.)

Me: I got Germanium? That what I was getting

Mord: A mixture of nitrates, nitrus oxide. It needs to be oxidated for it to combust.

Me: Ok, not sure what you are talking about.

Mord: The shiny metal is our main fuel source and it goes through a chemical process. Molybdenium.

(I had no idea what Molybdenium was so I looked up this element ‘Molybdenium’ and it exists, it looks like shiny metal, like he has described to me.)

Me: That is amazing you showed me that element and it exists here on Earth.

Mord: It comes from asteroids and we mine it, we are not the only ones who do this, we see other alien species mining on the same asteroid and we continually compete for territory over our minerals that we need.

Me: Ok do you have anything special, you would like to tell humans? Maybe something that we need to know?

Mord: I feel so much love for your species and I do not wish to start a war with the reptilians, I want peace. Although I would rather run from a fight and leave with the spaceship, I know that if I saw a human in trouble near me, I would protect him even if it means my life will be in danger, I do not think I would have the heart to leave him there.

Tel: Me too, I love humans too. They are precious and I would like to meet humans and help them.


[_ “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”- Nikola Tesla _]

In this chapter I will be explaining how it’s possible for alien life to exist and how we live in a multidimensional universe in which all being exist and we are all one. I have also put many of my experiences in to explain my theories.

“To understand what the Universe is like and other planets, we can look at our own planet Earth and the environment and the diverse species of animals and insects that exist here today.”

The scale of animals and their sizes. Insects are very small and in comparison to humans they are tiny. If we look at scale of how big animals are and other species, we can begin to understand that there is always something bigger out there that we don’t understand.

“There is always a bigger fish out there.”

To a small spider, humans may seem gigantic and to the spider’s viewpoint, the spider will only see a giant foot, a hand or a gigantic human face in front of them, if you pick them up in a jar.

To a human we may see a small spider in a jar that may not even be a big as the palm in our hand and we will marvel at the size of this spider and how vast the size difference is.

We should be marvelling at the thought of our human bodies in which they are made up entirely of atomic particles and molecules at a small scale. The entire Universe in the third dimension is made of atomic particles. Our own existence is a miracle of the nature of the Universe.

“You don’t need to travel so far out into space, to understand what other planets environments and alien life will be like, we can simply look at our own planet Earth.”

Look at the different continents on Earth and the landscapes. We are on the same planet, yet each continent’s landscape is very different. In South America, there is the Amazon jungle and there is thick lush rainforest and then if we go to Africa, there is the Sahara Desert and it is a completely different landscape and environment to the Amazon jungle. If we go to the north and South Pole, it is completely different from the Sahara desert, the north and South Pole is so cold and ice covers the thick landscape. Both the Sahara Desert and the North and South pole are two very extreme climates and environments on Earth. Yet life exists in these extreme climates.

If we understand and look at the different continents on Earth and in which position they are closest to the sun or further away from the Sun, we can begin to understand how other planets and lifeforms will form.

“We need to understand the miracles of nature and how life can adapt to its environment and even exist in harsh climates.”

If we look under the ocean at the volcanic vents, crabs and bacteria are alive and the have adapted to the harsh environment. If we look at other planets with harsh environments, we may assume that no life will exist there because humans wouldn’t be able to survive in that harsh environment but that doesn’t mean that another alien species hasn’t adapted to that harsh environment and is living there.

There may even be another alien race who looks at Earth from afar and decides that life cannot exist on our planet because the temperature is too hot for them. On their planet it may be very cold and if they would come to Earth, they wouldn’t be able to survive. They may have not yet advanced with their technologies to see into space. They may even have a space agency on their planet, that covers up the existence of alien life because they know very well that their own race is not ready to know that other alien life exists out there.

Let go of your old thinking, your old self, transform into a better awakened human being. Free you from limitations, there are no dead ends only new roads to be discovered that you never knew were there. The universe is infinite and why can’t your thinking be the same. Do not accept intellectual barriers.


Date: 15/8/15. Time: 2:12pm

Eilya, Grey Alien: Hang on a second….i need to get help from Ashtar he does the documenting on the ship

Me: Ok…

Ashtar: Eve…..nice to meet you, you can call me Ash. What is the question?

Me: (repeating the main question to him)

Ashtar: 7 billion races in the Milky Way galaxy alone not counting the ones just becoming conscious. My job Eve is to document new races and list them as endangered or under threat from attack and in need of protection. Each race in the galaxy we give a grading, we use different colours to code how in endangered a race is.

I will get humanity’s file. We know pretty much everything about human beings, we don’t need to look at this file, this file is more for the newbies on the ship who don’t know anything about the human race.

Human beings are given the code Red, most in danger from alien interference and invasion. So this is one of our highest codes. What this means is that the Galactic federation closely monitors Earth and its inhabits and everything that goes on.

Everything within a certain area near the Earth gets checked. We take Earths situation very seriously. Before we plan out an attack on Earth or foil evil plans we plan everything out on the ship and we have visual maps of the above area.

We have unlimited technology we could use but we only choose to use our weapons technology minimally, only when really needed. Today Eve if we wanted to take back the Earth we could do that but it would cause a bloodthirsty war, which we do not want. Our job is too keep human beings safe and protected.

Me: From me and the rest of us human beings on Earth, thank you for protecting us and keeping us safe

Me: (wow like ten of them answered me at once!)

Teloar, tall Grey Alien: Thank you Eve for writing the book and letting them know the truth, we are all backing you, every move you make. You are protected and no harm will come to you. I greet all human beings now on Earth and whoever reads this passage. A new time will come for humanity and no longer will you see the world through a single barrel tunnel anymore, you will see your world in a whole new light and things will make sense to you before.

In the time period on Earth i want to say that human beings be strong and do what is right for the Earth and for each other. Be strong together and build each other upwards into advancement. If you do not have each other, you have nothing. Memorise these words human beings in your minds and know that “You are a multidimensional being capable of evolving and learning fast, the Universe is unlimited to you, you just need to know the truth first, before you make the next steps to infinity.”

Me: Thank you Teloar, i miss you. Where are you stationed now?

Teloar, tall Grey Alien: Same place as always in this dark bunker under the sea. Eve you remind me of this kind of sea creature.

(Don’t even know what i would call that creature a sea worm, with wavy body that moves in the water, sort of like a squid but not the same colour.)

Teloar, tall Grey Alien: Do you know why you remind me of this creature?

Me: No.

Teloar, tall Grey Alien: It’s very graceful and dances in the water but it’s very sensitive to other fish and hides away from danger. Do you know what makes this creature amazing Eve…its resilience to enemies…. never giving up, even if attacked, it will still keep swimming on.

Me: That’s me, yep I’m like that creature.


I have had an alien race contact me and I have seen a black device with parts sticking out at the top. It looks a bit taller than what I have drawn. There were other boxes nearby him and there also seemed to be black cables connected to the other boxes. He showed me that on a planet on its side with a ring around the centre, as where they were located. The planet looks a lot like Uranus but it could be another planet that looks similar. This alien told me how he wanted to communicate to Earth and he gave me symbols to draw down. He said they wanted to help humans.


Date: 15/8/15. Time: 2:03pm

Altara, Arcturian Alien: *laughing*.....you know the answer to that, the Universe is a multidimensional place where many crossings and gateways just like a busy city, with cars moving everywhere and roads here and there, the Universe is the same. Human beings only problem is they cannot see the roads in Space, they cannot see the shortcuts, well not yet anyway.

Me: That is such a cool way to describe the Universe.

Altara, Arcturian Alien: All beings live in a multidimensional Universe, Multiverse whatever you human beings choose to call it that is the true reality or everything around you.


On Earth, we live in the third dimension, with form. Most humans cannot see into a higher dimension unless you use your third eye and psychic abilities to see outside the confinement of our three dimensional world. Humans can see things at the corner of their eyes all the time, shadows, bright lights. Normal people are seeing ghosts, aliens and UFO’s and they are not psychic just average people.

If all these people are seeing ghosts, aliens and UFOs. ‘Are all of these people really? hallucinating or seeing outside of their three dimensional world. Humans are not hallucinating and imagining anything, so many people are having the very same, similar experiences, to say that all these people are imagining things doesn’t make sense.

I’m sure every person reading this, has had an experience that they cannot explain. Nobody was crazy or imagining anything in the first place. Humans are just seeing outside their three dimensional world and evolving to see outside of their reality.

How could a ghost be able to physically turn and move a torch on the ground? This seems almost impossible but it has happened. Only a being in the fourth dimension or a higher dimension would be able to do that. Average people at home have had ghosts knock over objects and have had books taken off the shelf. I’ve seen it happen myself, in which a completely stable, still physical object, far from the edge of a table, suddenly falls off by itself and I can feel the ghost standing there.

Whilst it was once thought that mermaids, fairies and other strange mythological creatures were simply fantasy, I have found that all of these being exist in the fourth dimension on Earth. I also believe that strange lab created creatures can also exist in the third dimension because of all the human alien and animal experimentation going on in the secret laboratories under the ground. You hear stories about people being taken by the fairies into another realm and that’s because the fairies exist and they have their own realm in the fourth dimension. Seeing as there are sacred sites where Earth ley lines intersect and portals that exist on Earth, I’m not surprised that this would happen but it would be very rare.

The ghosts, the aliens, the angels, the faeries, the mermaids, the earth spirits and any other living entities are all in another dimension. All of these beings are real and they exist. What people don’t realise is, all these beings are in other dimensions and nothing was ever separate but connected together. We are all living in an interconnected multidimensional universe.

Whilst is would seem uncomprehendable that fantasy like creatures or beings would even exist in human minds, it’s very easy to understand. These beings are in the fourth dimension in the dimension adjacent to our third dimension. For example you may be at the beach and not see anything there in the water but in fact there is your mermaid spirit guide there swimming around and she is there to help you get over your fear of swimming in the water.

The problem with humans is, we believe the answer has to be anything but a confusing invisible force that we can’t see. If we cannot physically see something in front of us, we believe it is not there and it does not exist. We can’t see electromagnetic waves, they are invisible. We can’t see radiation physically but we may feel it in our bodies. Invisible forces are all around us and they exist. We cannot see gravity, but it affects us keeps us on the ground. The human body produces its own magnetic field, an aura or energy field. Most humans can’t see it but it’s there.

[_ “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” -Nikola Tesla _]


The Superstring theory in physics states that the Universe exists in ten dimensions. Other physicists believe there are 11 dimensions. It’s really strange because I have seen how many astral bodies make up a soul in a person and I counted all of them and there were eleven. It like our own physical body has nonphysical energy copy for each dimension.

This line represents on dimension in space. You can only go up and down this straight line. One dimension or the first dimension would just be a straight line in Space on an X axis, a flat straight line and it had no height or form.

As an example the Arthurian aliens showed me how a UFO flying through one dimension. They said this could be a spaceship or a fragment of rock. The Arcturian on the right said he was ready to catch the slingshot UFO which was pulled backwards.

Arcturians: In this case the moving car as an example, it moves on one straight road, unmoving its position, just straight. The first layer in space is the first dimensional cut layer. Slingshot, pulled tight back. (The force create from the pulling Is great, he is bending space so it comes closer to him.)

The second picture represents two dimensions in space. There is an extra line added in. A two dimensional being is like a flat human being and if that human turns to the side, they will just be a line. The second dimension would be a line extending upwards from the flat straight line dimension, on a y axis and becomes a shape like a square.

When you go to the movies, most of the time the movie is in 2D and it is appears flat.

For other movies sometimes you can use the 3D glasses and it appears the images are coming out at you, like a hologram.


The picture above shows a cube and it has shape and form. Rather than a flat two 2 dimensional flat square this square cube has 6 sides. The cube exists in three dimensions it has the length, width, depth and volume. Our world we live in and the objects around us. The world we live in on planet Earth, is the third dimension. Everything around us has a three dimensional shape for example the cars driving down the road or our own human bodies.

When we view people on the TV they appear 3 dimensional, like how we view people everyday. The person on TV can turn 360 degrees in a circle and you can see the whole form of a person. Even though the person is really being viewed on the 2 dimensional flat TV screen.

The higher the dimensions you go the more complicated it is and higher you go up in each dimension, the more that is revealed. The fourth dimensions is currently known as time. The fourth dimension is outside of the third dimension and is what i believe is the astral realm but it is also time in itself.

Have we been placed into the third dimension for a reason? We seem to be living in a hologram dimension which we can’t get out of.


In the picture above that I made, it shows how a human body is three dimensional and how we have a non-physical energy body, which is our soul or astral body.

Whilst the fourth dimension is widely accepted and known as time. I believe there is more to know about the fourth dimension.

Our souls come out of our bodies when we dream and they move around in the astral realm or wander around familiar streets or even around our own homes. I have been outside of my own body several times and every time I did; I could see very clearly like I was in my physical body viewing everything around me.

What I noticed while I was outside my body, each time it happened, I realised there were extra objects or portals in the surrounding area that could not be seen if I woke up back in my physical body and walked around the third dimension we live in.

Below is a picture I captured of my hands double. I have embossed the image on the right to show that the picture is real and I did not Photoshop this picture. This was the first picture I got here I had encountered seeing my soul or rather a strange dimensional anomaly captured in a photograph. All the other photos were normal except for this one and the camera was still. On the right hand side you can see a ghostly second form of my hand and jacket.

I realised that every time we astral project outside of our bodies, we are moving straight into the fourth dimension. The reason I believe this is because every single time I astral projected or my soul came out of my body I could see portals, UFO’s, aliens, orbs and ghosts and other strange things that you wouldn’t normally see in our third dimension all around me.

“The waking moment, when your soul goes back into your body that is when you can briefly see other entities for a moment before they disappear.”

I spoke to a few people and the explained the exact same experience in which they describe early in the morning when they wake up they see something next to their beds but only for a moment. It was the exact same when I compared it to my own experiences.

I have been out of my soul and I have walked onto the driveway and I could see so clearly, however I noticed whilst I was in the fourth dimension that there was a huge white shipping container in the driveway which had entities inside it. I know aliens had put it there. There were bars where a small window opening was. Everything looked the same as my home in the driveway in the third dimension, only in the fourth dimension there were a few changes in the surroundings.

Fourth dimension and dreams

“Most people think dismiss their own dreams as not real because of the constant change in the surroundings and the unusual dimensional connections between certain areas that seem out of place and warped, from the usual three dimensional view of how they would normally see the area.”

When I dream, I have ended up in many dreams at shopping centres, in supermarkets and even on islands I had never been to before. I can recall each dream I have very clearly and the people around me in my dream in the shopping centre, I know they are also dreaming and that their souls are out of their bodies but may not be aware that they are dreaming or they don’t remember at all when they wake up back in their physical bodies in bed.

When you dream, your soul comes out of your body and it enters into the fourth dimension. Have you ever noticed in your dreams, that things are strange and that the landscape looks different? Have you ever seen old furniture in your home when you were dreaming? The furniture in the third dimension, makes a psychic energy imprint in the fourth dimension and that is how you can see it there, when you are dreaming.

Have you ever had a dream about a grandparent or a dead relative? Ghosts are in the fourth dimension and higher dimensions and can come and visit us when we are in the fourth dimension, whilst we are dreaming and out of our bodies. Many people have told me about how they have dreamt of one of their grandparents talk to them or meet them in their dreams.

When I was dreaming and my mother was also asleep, we both dreamed of my grandmother and she wanted to spend time with us, we were in our house in the Philippines and she was crying in the dream. I woke up and then I told my mom “I dreamed of grandma and she was crying.” My mother looked at me surprised and she said “I dreamt of her too and I saw her crying as well, there was something she was upset about.” My mother realised it was the anniversary of her mother’s death that very day. In the dream I could clearly see my mother and my grandmother and other relatives who were also dreaming and their souls were out of their bodies, except for grandma who had passed on.


What’s amazing about this story is that I know how to easily explain what happened on the Navy ship by explaining the third and fourth dimension.

The Philadelphia experiment occurred at 9am on the 12th of August 1943 (some account say different dates), on a Navy ship called the U.S.S Eldridge. The military were conducting many different experimental projects during this time. The Navy denies that any experiment took place.

The reason they did this experiment is because Nikola Tesla had found a way to render a ship invisible and off the radar to the enemy. Nikola Tesla had somehow made the ship entirely invisible and It was said that Tesla had put giant Tesla coils which worked as electromagnetic generators or magnetic generators were used to make this happen. What happened after Teslas devices were activated on the ship is that an electromagnetic field extended approximately 100m around the ship which formed a sphere and the ship became see through and fuzzy, not very clear to look at to the people, who were viewing. It was said that a green haze of smoke, some started forming all around the entire ship. Then the outline of the ship could only be seen and then the entire ship became invisible and could not be seen. As the test was put into action, strange and unexpected things happened.

‘During the experiment crew members on the ship found that they could walk through solid objects or walls.’

This is my theory, I believe this electromagnetic field was able to render the ship entirely invisible and this field produced enough energy to make the ship move into another dimension, the fourth dimension. To make an entire ship invisible to radar, which works on a very high frequency, you are going over that. It would seem that this higher frequency would be able to make the ship move into the fourth dimension.

It’s not hard to understand, when you look at ghosts and how they can walk through walls and solid objects. When you astral project you can also walk through walls and solid objects in the third dimension with no problem. The problem is if your actual get stuck in a wall. For the men on the ship during this experiment, this is what happened, they got embedded into different areas of the ship once the field was turned off, making men materialise and become solid again.

‘When the magnetic field was switched off, the men on the ship were found embedded in the bulkheads, decks and different parts of the ship.’

Some of these men went mad with the experiment, several crew members also vanished into thin air. One man who was eating dinner with his family, stood up and walked through a wall and was never seen again. I believe that the after effects of this experiment also affected the crew members and made their bodies able to dematerialise into a lighter density and enabling them to move into the fourth dimension and disappear.

Some of the crew members had strange things happen to their bodies, they called this the ‘Freeze’- the man disappears from view, he is unable to move, speak or otherwise affect his surrounds. This lasted only a few minutes to a few hours. I believe this is some kind of fourth dimensional freeze in time itself, that these men would disappear and then their bodies would freeze up. Another explanation would be that the men wouldn’t have been heard because they had moved into the other dimension. Strangely enough the crewmen that became invisible were still visible to other sailors who had survived the experiment.

The ship was said to have been instantly transported several hundred miles away from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia. It took minutes for the ship to arrive to Norfolk. Whilst the ship was in Norfolk, the ship disappeared from view to return to Philadelphia. The ship instantly transported itself from Philadelphia to Norfolk instantly. This could be a dimensional time anomaly or something to do with the electromagnetic field that was able to transport the ship instantly within minutes to Norfolk.

“To be able to move a person or object into the fourth dimension, it takes a great deal of energy and knowledge to make this happen. Aliens can do this with no problem and hybrids also have the same ability.”


There are invisible waves around us all the time. Radio waves, EMF fields or gamma radiation from space we may not be able to see these waves but they are there. We also cannot see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum of light unless we use special cameras with the IR filter taken out, these are converted cameras.

I developed an ability to hear the vibration sound wave coming from people’s bodies. I thought I was imagining it until I looked at the electromagnetic spectrum which showed a human’s wave and it matched the same wave I heard coming from the average humans body.

I listened to people’s vibration sound coming from their bodies and it was a wave that looks like the one below, this is the average human’s vibration sound wave and not everyone’s vibration sound wave looks like this especially awakened people who are doing meditation or people who are psychic it will be much closer the wave. If you are a hybrid alien, you wave will look like a mix between a human and a reptilian’s wave this is what I have found out. I was also able to hear the sound wave vibration coming from a reptilian and I found that out accidently because I could hear the sound coming off one reptilian when I was doing a psychic reading. Then I tried to hear if it was the same for the others and it was very similar for other reptilians too.

The sound vibration coming from humans is a longer wave and it means that it has a lower frequency. The longer the wavelength, the lower the energy. This longer wave could be for a number of reasons, the environment, the EMF fields around us and the foods we are eating that are causing this to happen and the control over the human population not giving us any information to raise our vibration to a higher level or people not aware of raising their consciousness and evolving their bodies.

I also heard the sound vibration wave coming off of a reptilian’s body and it was a very high frequency sound, which I was amazed to find out. With this natural high frequency wave reptilians can disappear and move into the fourth dimension or astral realm, people I have spoken too have seen reptilians in the astral realm. With this high frequency I believe this is what makes them able to move through walls and disappear. It makes sense because the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency and higher energy this would be needed to move into another dimension in space. Below is a picture of a reptilian and the sound wave I hear coming from them, to me it sounds like buzzing but I can visualise it into the form of a wave and it looks like this.

Three dimensional human trying to go through concrete wall

A three dimensional human trying to move through a wall would look very silly. Unless the human was pulled through a wall by an alien or the person was a human alien hybrid then they would be able to walk through the wall.

Reptilian’s can move through the third and fourth dimensions, he can pass though the wall with no problem.


Understanding how aliens are interdimensional, makes it easier for people to understand the experiences alien abductees have. Many alien abductees recall missing time experiences and this would be something to do with the dimensional abduction.

Many alien abductees describe being paralysed and their physical body being moved through the ceiling. How can this be possible? A four dimensional being will have no problem moving a three dimensional being through a solid three dimensional wall.

Not only just a solid wall. Aliens can move human beings through any physical solid barrier around them. They could be inside a car, at home, under a bridge, it really doesn’t matter. Higher dimensional alien’s can move humans through solid matter. The aliens would use some kind of technology whether a device of some kind. This technology may also be built in on their spaceships when the abductees are beamed up.

I have done a psychic reading for a friend and what I saw was her being abducted physically and she was beamed through the window of her room. There was a lot of light around her and the aliens then beamed her back into her bed with a big flash of white light. Then there was no more light around her body.

Moving a three dimensional being through walls and physical objects still needs energy. I have seen aliens surrounded by light and abductees surrounded by light. I believe the bright white light, shows a lot of energy being used by the aliens.

Some aliens can move into the third and fourth dimensions. Alien abductees finding out they have implants in their bodies and there are no physical scars on their body from the implants going inside. This is because the aliens can move physical implants inside any part of their bodies. They don’t need to make an incision into their bodies, they just move the implant through their physical bodies.

Alien abductees however do have blood, semen and other physical fluids taken from their bodies and they can also have physical marks on their bodies after abductions. This is important to consider as well.

Most people automatically associate all alien abductions with physical bodied abductions which is what most alien abductee’s experience. However, we need to also realise the greys and reptilians are studying souls and experimenting on us. Human’s can have their souls abducted and taken out from their physical bodies. This can also be a physical experience because the person may wake up and feel their physical body vibrating and then their soul is taken out of their bodies.


Eto, (big headed alien, made of light): Angel just speak to me, I can hear you….i don’t come from the fourth dimension I come from the fifth but I think I can still explain to you what I can see, to your view.

Me: Can you travel into this dimension?

Eto: Yes, angel I can, it will be easy for me but you see if I do decide to travel into your physical world, I need to gather energy for 3 days and store it inside my body. This way I will be able to pass through into your world.

Me: Does it take a great deal of energy to pass into our third dimension?

Eto: Yes, it does, it takes a lot of energy. We are pushing past a whole barrier, like walls to pass through. There are several layers and we must pulse through all of them and then finally we get to your one, then we can materialise and be seen by you.

Me: How does it feel to go through those dimension wall, layers?

Eto: It feels….it’s hard for me to describe to you. It feels tingly all over and you can’t stop halfway through or you will get stuck in the middle of these two dimensions, not a good place to be.

Me: Does our third dimension look like your fifth dimension?

Eto: Very different, it’s not the same. I guess there are beings inside this dimension and yours but the scenery is very different and how everything works not the same.

Me: What do you find strange about our dimension? Have you materialised before here?

Eto: Yes, baby I have, I have been looking after you. I watch over you when you sleep and I make sure to pray for your healing and protection.

Me: That’s beautiful that you have been looking after me while I sleep.

Eto: I will always be by your side protecting you, when I know that you are in real danger I will come into your dimension and I will stand guard. Even if they are near me, the reptilians.

Me: Is our physics the same as yours? The gravity? Do you have gravity in the fifth dimension?

Eto: No we don’t have gravity, in fact your physics principles on Earth don’t apply to our world. They would have no sense; we have no gravity. We travel through tubes; they also go through time.

Me: What is the fifth dimension like? Do you live on a planet?

Eto: I think what we live on, is a dimensional plane in existence….we don’t live on a planet, we live in a plane.

(What he is showing me is a dimension that is coloured light pink orange but a toned down colour. It seems as though it is made of light the dimension plane he lives in.)

Eto: We have portals that we have, they are like your televisions except we watch over humans on Earth and other beings we care about and make sure they are safe. We can also see what they are up too, when we miss them.

Baby, when we plant seeds in our plane, they grow within a few hours. The whole plant will be sprouted and blooming. Time moves quickly here in our dimension and slower in yours.

Me: Time is slower in the third dimension? What about the fourth dimension?

Eto: Quicker! Each one up, the higher you go, the faster time speeds, the higher the frequency becomes and change is faster.

Me: They are saying on Earth that the fourth dimension is time. What do you believe the fourth dimension is?

Eto: The fourth dimension is a separate dimension in space, time does not belong to this dimension.

(There are a few of them speaking, another female who is tall and made of light.)

(My spirit guide who is a wizard with a long white beard appears to me in the astral realm.)

Spirit guide wizard, Hemlock: Time moves faster in this plane we live in and the souls of humans arrive here to rest and learn from their past experiences. They stay here before deciding to move on to other planes or being called back onto Earth, to be born again for unfinished karma or business that they have.

Me: Are you living in the fourth dimension?

Hemlock: Yes, I believe that is the dimension you are looking for, for there is no other ones I see next to the third dimension but this one that we all live in, this is the fourth dimension, the astral realm plane.

Me: Hemlock, can the reptilians move into the fourth dimension and back into the third dimension?

Hemlock: Yes, they have figured out a way to do that. Their race is very ancient and has been around for a long time. I have spoken to other wizards and they tell me their first leader came to Earth, started a colony and then these rituals come from them and their secrets kept inside these families.

Me: Have you seen a reptilian move and materialise into our dimension?

Hemlock: because I am always around you watching, I have become accustomed to seeing them and picking up on their energies and seeing what they are doing. I have visions of them doing this, moving and becoming solid in your dimension. They are causing all of us a lot of trouble but the Arcturians seem to be protecting you well and many others on your plane. I don’t need to do much, you are well protected and they step in immediately to protect you, your interdimensional friends from the stars.

Hemlock: Maybe explain how the souls pass into this dimension.

Me: Actually that’s a good idea.

Hemlock: Portals open and close here, like anywhere in the other planes. We get the bad ones too. (He is talking about the portals from the underworld.) When I see these trying to open, I simply send my energies towards it with my staff and it closes up. If any of these dark being are left behind, we incinerate them.

Me: Have you seen human souls come into the astral realm plane?

Hemlock: The come from the highest point entrance, in this plane. There is a castle made of light and white portals are always appearing. I believe this is sort of like, check in when you arrive at the airport, I have seen in your world.


The grey aliens showed me some visions and I drew what they were showing me. They showed me a glowing ball of light, an orb and they said it is a multidimensional moving entity moving through the box. In a second vision they also showed me how the top flap of the box lifted up and the orb went underneath the flab through the bottom and outwards. What I believe they were trying to tell me was how a being could pass through the third dimension. The flap being lifted up means they are able to manipulate and go through a shortcut through our third dimensions as well.

In the picture above the greys showed me a long tube vortex tunnel made of light and there was a bright white orb at the start of the tunnel. They told me the orb was a star being or an alien. The portal at the front was spinning clockwise. They showed me how the alien in orb form moved through a portal to another world.

This isn’t the first time they have shown me the portal vortex tunnel, which could be a wormhole. They have also shown me that spaceship can also move through these portal tunnels.


If this fourth dimension didn’t exist, how are people able to pick up on ghost’s and other entities voices, with the voice recorders or EVP’s? How are people able to capture photos and videos of ghosts and other entities, if they didn’t exist in another dimension.

I believe that time has some element in the fourth dimension because I see a ghost in the creek I live next too and she looks like she is from the 1800’s era. The ghosts may have died during that time period but in 2016 she is still there in the fourth dimension.

I also had a friend tell me about how they went to the old historic Port Arthur prison in Tasmania. He told me how he was sitting down in a big hall in suddenly he couldn’t believe it but he saw people filing out from the doorways into the hall and singing as though church mass on. They dressed in the clothing from their time period.

The people may have died long ago but their souls are still existing and moving through the fourth dimension. These ghosts who haven’t passed on, may even have no concept of time itself and may be confused as to why we dress differently in this current time period.


Me and my partner Louis had a cat Boogee for many years. She was very old and very sick with kidney failure. One night she was bleeding and we took her took her to the VET and we decided to put her down because for months she was in pain.

I decided to stay in the room with the cat, when it got euthanized. I had never seen an animal die in front of me before but I couldn’t leave the cat alone to die by itself, with nobody beside her. Louis left the room he couldn’t bear to see his 20 year old cat being put down. I stayed in the room.

I watched as the Vet nurse administered the drug into the syringe. Boogee was moving around it was although she knew she was about to die. The nurse told me before they put animals down, it was as though they sensed their death and tried to escape before it happened.

I held Boogee in my arms and patted her on the head, I wanted to comfort her before she passed away. I patted her head and tried to stop myself from crying but it didn’t work, I loved Boogee and it was heartbreaking to see her die in front of me but I knew she would be at peace.

I watched as Boogee went on her knees and I touched her I felt like something was lifting out of her. It was so strange, I felt like her consciousness or her soul was being released out of her body, first the back end of her body to the head. I felt pressure being released out of her physical body, then she slumped dead on the table with her mouth open. I feel as though the soul departed from the head area, through the mouth.

I cried and then it was strange because I could still feel Boogee but her body was dead. I then saw the soul of Boogee on the ground, she was meowing and looking back up at her body and wondering at how she died. I could see her see through ghost, her soul was on the floor.

I looked back at Boogie’s lifeless body on the table and I couldn’t feel Boogee there anymore. Her essence, her consciousness, her soul was no longer there. I looked at the dead body of Boogee and I felt as though it was a vessel which had once contained a soul.

Louis was so upset and so was i but I knew I saw Boogee walking around the floor, I could see her soul, so I knew she was not really dead. We decided to leave Boogee’s body there and let the Vet bury her body. Her soul wasn’t there anymore, there was nothing inside that I could feel.

Me and Louis walked back to the car and I then realised “Hey if Boogee’s soul is here, we need to bring her soul inside the car, so she can be around us in the apartment or else her soul will wander in this area.” I could see and hear Boogee meowing at me and Louis. She was wondering why Louis couldn’t hear her, only I could hear her.

There were aliens around me, Arcturians and I felt their loving presence and I saw their white bodes made of light. “Can you help me bring her soul back to the apartment? I don’t want her soul to wander here.” I said to the Arcturian who had a big round head and big round eyes. “Of course Eve, we will bring her back to your home, she is at peace now. We can see her too.” Said one of the male Arcturians. I saw them picking up Boogee’s soul and putting it at the back of the car.

The Arcturians and Boogee I knew where in the other dimension, the fourth dimension. I could see how the Arcturians could move through the car door, even if it was closed. They were a lighter density.

We drove home and could still feel the Arcturians and Boogee at the back of the car. Louis thought it was over and he would never see Boogee again but I knew Boogee’s soul was in the back of the car with the aliens. I felt Boogee, this was her, this was her consciousness her soul, it was at the back of the car with us. Boogee was alive and her soul was with us.

When we parked the car downstairs, i looked behind me and I could see Boogee meowing and she was following me and Louis. I could feel her excitement and her wonder and where she was. I also felt like she wasn’t in pain anymore, like she was when she was in her body. She was meowing at Louis but Louis couldn’t hear her. He was wiping away his tears standing at the elevator doors. I felt sorry for Boogee because she wanted Louis to hear her voice.

We went up the elevators and I watched as Boogee followed us into the elevators. I made sure to call Boogee her to follow us. We arrived at our floor and me and Louis walked out and I watched Boogee run out the elevator and I was thankful that she came out or else our building would have had a strange cat ghost stuck in the elevator.

We arrived in the apartment and it was quiet. “She’s not dead, I made sure her soul made it here.” I said to Louis. Louis doesn’t believe in ghosts and the paranormal, so instead he listened and then believe in his mind that he would never see Boogee again. Which I understood.

Days passed and there was a time where I was in the kitchen and I would hear a very audient “Meow!” and I looked down and saw Boogee’s soul rubbing against my legs. “Boogee’s here!” I said to Louis. “Is she, where?” Louis replied. “She rubbing against me legs…” I said to Louis. Louis knew I was psychic and he seemed to know I could sense Boogee, so he called out and said “Boogee I love you! Boog!” I heard Boogee respond to Louis but Louis couldn’t hear her but I felt as though Louis could still feel her energy.

Boogee had two bowls and two plates on the floor which is where we always put her food. One bowl for the dry biscuits and the other bowl had her water and the other two plates were her food plates.


Weeks passed and me Louis slowly forgot about Boogee. I was in bed and I astral projected out of my body. I could see very clearly even though had projected a copy of my body outside of my physical one. I could see clearly in my third eye where I was walking and what was around me. I was practicing and walking around the rooms and then I came to the kitchen.

I looked at the floor I saw Boogee meowing walking near her food bowls and plates which were still there. Boogee’s food bowls had imprinted itself in the fourth dimension. They were still there and I could see them there.

Louis took all the bowls and plates away, the day Boogee died. Those physical objects were not there anymore, in the third dimension.

I was really confused as to why I could see them there and then I realised the bowls had been there for a long time and it had made a copy in the fourth dimension.

When i am awake what i can see


When i astral travel and walk out of my body i see psychic imprint of my cats bowls still there


Louis has been at home and he has sworn that he has heard Boogee eating from her food bowl when he was watching TV. When he told me this, Louis seemed quite freaked out.

When I was home at my parent’s place, he rang me and told me “Eve…I was here in the kitchen and I swore I heard Boogee meowing, it was loud.” He said to me and I thought, well her soul would be in the apartment. Although I hadn’t seen Boogee I hadn’t heard a loud meow, when I wasn’t tuning in.

One day I was alone in the apartment and I was in the bathroom. I heard a very audible “Meow!” and I realised it sounded like Boogee. I look behind me and I can’t see Boogee but then I switch to my third eye vision and I can see her watching me at the door. “Omg…Boogee?” I said, then realising I had heard what Louis had described to me.

There have been times I have completely forgotten about Boogee and then I would be on the phone to Louis and then I would feel something rubbing against my leg and I would look down and see a see the see through ghost of Boogee and her meowing because she could hear Louis speaking.


We get up every day at 9am and go home at 3pm, we go to work, we go to school and time passes every day. We do this 24 hours a day, 60 minutes, 60 seconds every day, every week and every year? Is there more to know about time and the dimension we live in?

Andromedan alien: I am not a Grey (He appears, 5 ft, light green skinned, yellow eyed alien and skinny body.)

Me: What is time really?

Andromedan: Time doesn’t exist, it is a false illusion on Earth and in my minds of human beings. In your physical third dimension things move slowly for us and we move fast in our own fifth dimension.

Me: What race are you?

Andromedan: I am of Juva race, in the Andromeda galaxy, i am part of the galactic light council and i am on the board. I am here looking after you too you know.

Me: Thank you for protecting me. So can you explain why we have time in our physical third dimension?

Andromedan: Your reality of time is backwards and time can be changed, moved around and just like a slingshot in space, you can move back and forwards through time.

Me: Ok but why do we have this time phenomena in our third dimension that we human beings live in?

Andromedan: Time is an illusion and is a part of the third dimension you all reside in, it is a slow concept and because you beings cannot see outside of your dimensional reality, you cannot see that the time phenomena is merely false and is a continuing circle spinning in your dimension, you can jump out of this ring and move backwards and forwards.

Me: Ok thanks for explaining.

Andromedan: I’m sure it will be hard for human beings to understand what I’m saying but to us out here, in the other dimension, we look down and see it very simply. I see why you human beings feel confused at the time concept given to you.

Me: Is time part of our physical third dimension? Does time exist in the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension where you are in?

Andromedan: There is no time, you must realise this and then it will be much easier for you to understand the Universal concepts of space.

Me: I don’t understand.

Andromedan: ….

Eilya: Eve there is a ring in your third dimension, it governs time and it is a time ring…this is how we move back and forth through time, to the past, to the future, you understand now? It’s part of the third dimension. Once you step out of your dimension, into higher dimensions, you step outside of that and realise that time can be manipulated and changed at any time. Do you sort of understand what I’m telling you Eve?

Me: Yes, i understand that.

Andromedan: I’m not very good at explaining time concepts to a human being….i fear i may have confused you, have i?

Me: No not at all, you explained it very simply, it is simply my mind that cannot understand and comprehend what you’re telling me.

Eilya: Yes, well in time Eve slowly, don’t go so fast with the typing, we are watching you, your brain will have an overload. Your mind needs to go slowly; you are hammering at the keyboard we see from behind you.

Me: I know I’m sorry just really want to finish this book.

Teloar: Slow down.

Me: Ok i will.

Me: Were you guys there the night me and Rob were up on the hill and time fluctuated in the space around us? How did that happen? Can you help explain to me?

Eilya: Yes, we were there, we were the ones flashing for you in the skies, the UFO that was us, i knew you would like the surprise.

Me: Yes, you told me before i left the house and then you always keep your promise, flashing in the skies for Rob’s camera.

Eilya: Yes well we wanted to make the night special for you…..with what you just wrote, you spoke about time rings?

Me: Time tubes coming down from the clouds.

Eilya: You are correct time tubes, time vortexes they appear when another entity is passing into another dimension, for instance into your third dimension.

Me: Never seen them before, that was a first for me.

Eilya: *laughing* you will see so much more Eve this is only the beginning for you and Rob....only the beginning...hmmm...i fear this plant will not take my special nutrient mix, being this plant of alien origin and not from Earth....but Eve i will try and see what happens.

Me: That’s so cool, let me know how the plant goes.

Eilya: *chuckling* of course Eve....*sigh*

Me: So let me get this straight….Time is false and is an illusion in our physical third dimension? Am i right?

Eilya: You are spot on, just like how I’m spraying this plant with nutrients, spot on the leaf.

Me: Where did the Andromedan go? Did he give up on me?

Andromedan: I have not given up on you, i am just observing, i can see that Eilya is giving you the right information needed…..do you have a question?

Me: Yes, i have many questions.

Andromedan: Then what is your first question?

Me: Can time be stopped in our physical third dimension?

Andromedan: Yes time can be stopped at any time but must remember to turn time on again or else, glitches in the future will happen, can’t freeze time for too long…we have devices that can freeze a place in position, within several hundred metres, it is very useful when we want to pass through an area on a planet, unseen to observe and then get back onto the ship…..then we turn on time again.

Me: So cool!

Andromedan: Much too many times i have had to use it on animals on Earth that seemed to be chasing me, big deer’s in the forest.

Me: I can see what you’re talking about, an angry male deer.

Eilya: Eve don’t worry we only use this on hostile aggressors on Earth.

Me: I’m not worried, infact i think it would be cool to be frozen in place for a moment by an Alien.

Eilya: This solution isn’t working, i need another batch….we need you back on the ship Eve, we would like to you look into the engine room, come look at the turbine…you will get some ideas.

Me: Ok cool.


I had heard of people getting abducted by Aliens and then having missing time or being returned to a specific point in time or missing time for a few days.

I had never experienced this missing time phenomenon that a lot of abductees have experienced before, if i did it would have only been a few hours and i returned to the previous three hours before in time.

Me and my friend Rob decided to go for a skywatch at RJ hammer Arbotoreum in Mt Dandenong, the place is up high on a hill and you can view the Silvan dam from below.

Something happened that night. Rob had his night vision camera on and it was pointed at the skies and the correct time was set.

We went for a walk down the hill and we felt so strange, we both felt like time was standing still and the space around us was fluctuating and moving and we were in some kind of state of suspension in time. It felt like time was standing still for us and we could feel the strong alien presence around us all night.

We walked back up the mountain and as we came up the hill we saw what looked like time portal tunnels coming down from the clouds above, they looked like time tubes.

I have never experienced anything like that before, if you could feel time stop and fluctuate in the space around you that is basically how me and Rob could only describe the feeling that night.

On that night Rob caught a UFO in his night vision camera going over the skies flashing several times very brightly. Rob sent his video to his friend who analysed it, to try and figure out what we saw that night and what we captured to make sure it wasn’t a satellite or anything else in the skies that night.

Rob knew what time he started recording his night vision camera, he remembered the time.

Robs friend called him and said “Look the time you told me 9:30pm doesn’t match the star pattern I’m seeing that is recorded in the video” Robs friend ruled out anything else and what we saw that night was legitimate UFO activity with Aliens flashing in the skies for us.

Rob then called me and said “That night i captured this UFO flashing above the skies and my friend said the star pattern in the skies, doesn’t match the time of where those stars would be in that time….we had missing time. “We lost about two hours of time that night, time had sped up or had stood still in the space or area around us. I haven’t had an experience like that before and it was amazing.


Dejavu the knowing that you have seen an event unfold before your very eyes before. I’m sure every person reading this has experienced Dejavu before in their life.

Being psychic i came to realise there was a common similarity from having a vision of the future and then one year later, standing in front of my very eyes the event which i saw a year ago in a vision happened, in which i experienced profound Dejavu. In a sense the feeling of seeing the same thing twice, which is exactly what happened.

This Dejavu phenomenon is not imaginary, it is not something to dismiss. There is something to do with time going on here with the Dejavu phenomenon.

Why would this happen to me over and over again? Seeing the future, seeing people i had never met, then meeting these people in the future everything i saw happened. I saw everything twice.

Every single time i just stood there when the event happened going “I have seen this already…..i remember doing this already, i don’t understand what’s happening?”

Having a vision of me meeting my friend’s sister in the future across the street, seeing her face clearly and seeing myself standing there. I could see what weather it was and where in the city i was crossing the street.

After my friend died in a car accident, that vision i had of meeting his sister happened and just as clearly as i saw the vision a year before my friend died is exactly what happened that day when i met his sister and crossed the road to meet her. I stood there across the street going “Hey I’ve seen this before” and i remembered that i had a vision when my friend Anthony spoke to me he said “One day you will my sister, i know you’re going to love her” that’s when i had the flash, the vision in my head and at the time i wondered why he said that to me but at the time didn’t get it. Anthony already knew i would end up meeting his sister and i did. Everything that i saw and felt in the vision, happened in each moment and in each step i took crossing the road. The people around me, the weather, the skies, his sister waiting on the other side of the road, looking exactly the same as i saw her in my vision a year ago.

I don’t know how but this has happened in my experiences over and over again, it is simply not coincidence or anything else, it’s pure and simple. You are seeing through time.

This dejavu phenomena that people are feeling is when they have a dream or a vision of their future, forget about it and then stand or do whatever their doing in the future and go “Hey I’ve seen this before.”

If they haven’t had a vision or dreamt of the event happening, i believe this dejavu phenomena is some kind of parallel universe glitch in where the person is connected with their future self and their consciousness is connected as one and then the dejavu feeling hits.

You have your current self in 2016 and then you have your future self for example in 2020, you are the same person but you are in two different time periods on Earth but you are still connected between parallel realities across time.

We have the ability to see through time by developing our psychic abilities and training them to see future events. At the same time, we can change future events if we really wish too.

I believe that Dejavu is conscious connection in where you remember seeing an event or doing something before because you have and your consciousness of your future self in the future parallel reality has made a connection with your current self and you stand there going “I’ve seen this before” it’s because you have.


The time traveller man who walked into the portal he made.

An amazing experience i had was when i woke up at three in the morning and i saw a black suitcase on the floor, it was etheric not solid. I thought “Who left their suitcase here? What the?” and i looked harder and i saw like a golden clock gears turning inside the black suitcase.

Then suddenly a man appeared, he was average in height and wore a black bowler hat and a dark blue striped suit. The clothing he wore looked like he was from the 1920’s.

The man grabbed the black suitcase and said “Sorry i was just passing through” and i watched as a portal appeared at the foot of the bed on the right side and he stepped into the portal and disappeared. The portal closed and was gone too.

That was the first time i had ever encountered a Time traveller before but it was so amazing. I wondered why he had chosen the apartment but it must have been something to do with time.


I had a dream that I was with my friend Louis in a dark room then suddenly I could feel the aliens around me, their extraterrestrial energies. I moved away from the right side of Louis to the left side of him to get away from the alien’s intense energies. I knew they were going to do something to me in my dream. Suddenly Louis disappeared and an alien appeared and a portal appeared, my astral body got sucked into this portal, which the aliens created and it looked like a tear in time and space. I saw inside the portal before I was sucked in and inside were so many beautiful stars shining. The alien told me “We are going to take you to another universe” and then I got sucked into the portal.

I saw stars so many of them, the aliens I couldn’t see them but I felt infinite nothingness but the feeling of my astral body being pulled downwards into another time. Suddenly I was in an ocean of water and there was light, I saw monuments falling into the water, I saw the bubbles going upwards to a surface I couldn’t see. It felt so real, as though I was there in my physical body. The aliens wanted me to feel this, they wanted me to see this water and the time speeding forwards around me. I was being pulled down and I into another time. Then the aliens were around me and I was in a modern building in the future. On the floor was a concrete circle about six metres in diameter. In the previous part of my dream before I got sucked into the portal, I met a man who was the owner of this company. I went forwards through time to meet his great grandson who now owned the company and he had blonde hair. I saw a sign on the wall and it was hexagons and in gold. The aliens in my dream were trying to show me how time works.

I realised that there was this giant circle on the floor and I remembered how the aliens told me that time runs in a circle and that’s what they wanted me to see in my dream, the circle and how it relates to time.








Eilya: We want you to think boxes, squares and shapes, circles. To understand why you are in your own dimensional reality, to give you an easy explanation we must give you shapes.

Me: Alright go on.

Eilya: Ok I’ll explain it to you slowly Eve…..sloooowwwlllyy…got it?

Me: Yes! Slooowlyyyyy.

Eilya: What shape does the sun make when it rises fully into the sky?

Me: Circle.

Eilya: Are you sure it’s a perfect circle, the sun is not actually a perfect circle, we have measured the outside circumference.

Me: Ok.

Me:….so the circle?

Eilya: The circle represents a view from a flat horizontal dimension like yours, when you stand on the ground here Eve and you look up into the sky, you see a circle, yes?

Me: Yes.

Eilya: The refraction Eve, the refraction of light that the orbs make appears see through because of the structure. The orbs are fluxing in and out from another dimension.

Me: Don’t know what flux means, looking it up

Me: Flux means flowing in and out. So like in your sentence it means the orbs are flowing in and out from the other dimension.

Eilya: Yes.


  1. They have very bright light reflect and seem to emanate their own light source.
  2. They are the shape of a perfect circle.
  3. When captured in videos they move very fast and real orbs move in a way that’s unusual, back and forth, up and down or speed up then slow down or make unusual conscious decisions as though alive and thinking.
  4. Coloured orbs for example, a bright blue or yellow colour which is not normal, most of the dust particles or moisture orbs I see are white or light greyish in colour but real orbs can also be these colours.



Orb hovering above my books, it disappeared afterwards

I set up my infrared camera recorder and didn’t expect to find anything out of the ordinary. Until all of these orbs started flying out of nowhere through my room. With the camera I used to record these videos, it can see into the infrared spectrum of light, most security cameras have infrared.

I realised that the orbs I had captured on my full spectrum camera were still shots and capturing orbs on video, you could see the full movement of the orbs and the pulsing light they made when they moved around.

Dust would be moved in one direction by a force of wind pushing it around. Dust cannot make complicated fast and slow intelligent movements, indicative of an alive and conscious being.

The more I watched each video I captured, the more I realised these Orbs are alive and aware of their surroundings and where they are moving.

Not only did the orbs make intelligent movements but they pulsed in and out of another dimension we can’t see and then completely disappeared.

Two slides from a video i took. First slide the orb is there and the second slide the orb completely disappears

This is a compilation of the many orbs that I have captured over a year. The orbs come in many different colours.


In this picture it shows one slide of the multidimensional rod and this video was slowed down because it was moving so fast. In the video orbs were flying everywhere and in between I saw this random rod fly past and it appeared to have a strange wave like body. It reminded me of an unusual sea creature moving through the skies. I could definitely feel it’s consciousness meaning this rod was alive.


My friend Carla Rinaldi, who is also editing this book, decided to share her UFO experience when she was in Italy.

In the picture it shows the time and date where the experience occurred.

Time: 11:30pm

Date: July 2013

Location: North Luino, Italy

She describes stars falling down near her which vanishes metres away from where he was standing.

The descries seeing a triangle shaped UFO black metallic looking appearing approximately five metres away from where she was standing on the balcony and she was viewing the bottom of the spaceship and she could also see the side.

On the left hand side of the spaceship, she says she saw a blue reflection, she believed was some kind of protective shield around the ship or something to do with the dimensions and light.

The spaceship glided with no sound and moved to an angle towards her. She noticed when the spaceship first appeared the three lights around the triangle spaceship were on and these were very bright orange yellow lights. She then said that a light in the centre of the spaceship, viewing up to the bottom of the spaceship turned and then she could see four bright orange yellow lights.

She also noted that on the side of the spaceship, she saw rectangular panels all along the sides. Noting that the fourth panel she saw had a yellow orange light.

She said she was the only one out there on the balcony and the experience lasted no more than three minutes. Carla waved at the spaceship to say hello and then the spaceship moved around slowly. She then saw that the UFO transformed into a white bright light orb which was solid and vanished behind the leaf of a palm tree.


I took a photo with my normal digital camera before it got damaged by the alien ray at Brighton beach and i captured these three orbs floating on the ceiling and they seemed to form a connection or shape with each other. I have outlined where they are in black in the photo I took.


This was a picture I drew over a normal picture of the city. I was thinking about orbs and how I could explain this chapter and then I saw with my third eye onto the balcony railing above. I saw three white orbs that emanated the same kirlian photography spikes out the outside about 2 centimetres.

They said to me “Watch us!” I observed two of the orbs going up and down in movements onto the railing, three times before the male grey alien decided to become visible. I saw how the orb was him and the light came out first and then his whole body could be seen. The other alien was male and he was just observing the male and female grey aliens. I believe these are the real grey aliens, because they can change their form into an orb made of light.

This is a picture I drew of how I see other orbs in my third eye. I have seen many huge orbs that are about half a metre in length and width. I always feel loving positive energies around them. I have also been out of my body and seen a yellow orb pulse and fly into around the inside of my room, this alien was checking up on me to see if I was ok. I have seen many different coloured orbs and they are different alien species.


Eilya and a few of the other greys told me how they travel through a dimension, I remembered I had written everything she told me and I had drawn the picture so I decided to put it in here.

Eilya: How does he get through to the other side? He is stuck.

These walls are ongoing and it would take too long to find the end of the wall and go around it. So the only way is to go through the dimensions and pass through it, the logical answer.

So Eschilleet thinks how can I pass through, I’m not the right shape too fit through these walls, I cannot fit with my body. I must shift my body smaller so I can pass through.

He transforms his physical body into his soul form, the glowing orb of life and consciousness to pass through the gates of the dimensions.

He squeezes right through easily like an object going through jelly and the dimension is still the same. No holes after he passes through the first one.

He also passes through the second dimension with ease and then back into his physical form now.

Now he has achieved dimensional travel with ease and common sense.


Earlier this year the aliens showed me a moving vision of a rocket missile flying in the sky and two bright glowing white orbs floating in line with the rocket.

I noticed that the orbs were keeping up with the speed of the rocket, as though he could attach themselves to the rocket from a distance. The orbs moved around very quickly, I knew they were the aliens and they wanted to show me what they were doing to protect human beings by shutting down a rocket that had been fired into the sky.

One of the orbs or the male alien in his orb form went inside the hatch opening in the rocket and he disabled and cut the wiring in the rocket. I watched as the other orb, the female alien kept watch a metre away from the other orb.

The orb then flew out of the rocket and joined the other orb, they communicated with each other and then flew away back up to wherever they came from and the rocket stopped dead in its flight and fell downwards towards the ground.

The aliens told me they were:

“Preventing nuclear war and we did what had to be done to keep human beings safe and there will be other missiles aliens will tamper with and stop.”

Eilya, Grey Alien: We cannot stand by and watch as human beings destroy their own planet they live on. We must be the caretakers and take the gun out of the baby’s hands before it hurts itself and others.

I wouldn’t be worried about just the rockets but your other nasty hidden projectiles you are planning to use on the rest of them, we will stop them too.


I woke up and I saw a brilliant white orb shining next to me in bed. I felt protected and safe and I knew it was one of the male aliens protecting me and he had come to visit me.


One of the sky watches I hosted with the paranormal group I was taking pictures with my full spectrum camera and I captured a large orb above the group members Khan and Joe. At the time I didn’t know what they were doing laying on the ground. So I thought wow that’s a really large orb over them. I showed Khan, Joe and the others the picture and Khan one of the girls went “Omg! I was just doing a healing on Joe and I called one of the aliens to help me and assist in the healing.” The orb in the photo is directly above Joe.

This is not merely coincidence when someone is calling for a higher dimension’s alien being for help and a giant orb appears above them.


The first picture above was taken at Mt Eliza beach where I was hosting a skywatch. At the time I had the K2 meter, the EMF or Electromagnetic field detector out. There was no EMF field from any other external field because before the skywatch the K2 meter was still and not lights were on and this beach is very secluded and far from the city.

So after we used the ET contact tool app, with Steven M Greer’s guided meditation in the app. The K2 meter started to react and was lighting up to red and was constant.

I have used the K2 meter on a ghost before when I was talking to it and I saw the level or energy it could light it up too which was slow and didn’t always light up to the red light.

On that night the K2 meter was being fed so much energy. The orbs I captured in the photo the one on the right hand side was above the K2 meter and was lighting up the K2 meter and setting it off. That alien being must have had a lot of energy because I have never seen the meter go off like that and constantly in the red light zone.

This is what I can pick up on the red orb with my psychic ability. Red orb reading: I’m feeling the energy of this bright red orb and I feel it a bit hostile. I feeling Reptilian energy from this orb and I feel as though it is there watching everyone in the group, spying. Very powerful and very active being.

White and pink orb: This is not a Reptilian. This orb is another alien species. Very defensive and protective energy from this orb. As I look at this orb I have a vision of a tall white grey alien which looks like Teloar who is protecting me. They are both male aliens these orbs. Teloar does have a very feminine energy, not sure if the greys have male and female genders but the energy of Teloar is both masculine and feminine.


Earlier this year in 2015 i channelled a whole A3 page of equations from the Grey Aliens. The Grey Alien Eilya she told me step by step what to draw and showed me a flash of the equation in my mind, as well as pointing on the sheet and speaking to me.

I wasn’t so sure that the equation was 100% correct because the one in the physics book i bought didn’t have the Saturn symbol over two. I went on the internet today because i wanted to read about what the Uncertainty principle was because I’m writing it now and i found that picture which i just gaped at it because it was the same as the equation given to me.

I’m not sure why Eilya gave me this equation but it kind of forced me to study what the uncertainty principle was.

The uncertainty principle is part of quantum mechanics. It is also known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle because it was named after a German physicist named Werner Heisenberg.

What that whole equation means, is that the position of an atomic particle and its momentum cannot be measured accurately with extreme precision. This is because particles move in waves, for example in light, the photon particles move in waves and it is difficult to precision pinpoint where a particle will end up.

Uncertainty Principle Equation from the Aliens i drew a month before.

The Uncertainty Principle i found a month later.

The Equation i found today September fourth which is an exact match to my equation i got from the Aliens.


Aldor, Grey Alien:

Only life has a meaning for existence. All creation has meaning. Every particle, every atom everything has a special purpose in the Universe and in all creation. Every space in the Universe is filled with life. Everything is alive and living, everything is conscious. What every being is destined for is prime understanding of the space around us. What are we destined for? How does this function? How does this work? What are we meant to do? Everything in the Universe has a prime function. Nothing is created simply to just be there, everything has a purpose to why it’s there.

Once upon a time there was always a need to refer to physics on a large scale for everyday things. Now things are changing, it’s time for humanity and the humans to learn the truth about Space Time and all the functions of each equation made by the Universe, when it was created in the big bang.

The atoms that are in space are forever moving, changing, leaving their dimension and reacting with the dimension parallel with it. In space even in a small area, there are millions upon millions of atoms and smaller particles, neutrinos. They can be utilized for time travel. This is what they are for. The creator put them there, so all could one day reach their families out in space through interstellar travel.

The main thing to know is that the equations for all of space and time must be learnt. We at the moment as we speak are trying to teach the author Eve, about physics and quantum physics. She doesn’t have the required knowledge or application yet, for us to give her the equations and also need to fine tune the channels connecting to her, so she can get 100% what we are channelling to her. If for example we send her a vision linked to her of an important equation relating to time travel and she gets a single symbol wrong, it would spell either disaster or the equation will not work, this is a big problem. We absolutely do not want that to happen.

All matter, all space, all of time are malleable and can be changed at any time. The function of all these three are not relevant to all space as there are black holes and they are much trickier to understand. You can create doorways into other dimensions. It’s not hard to understand it can be done.

The time is now for humans to come and join us and advance. Leave behind your sole convictions that matter is the only way for space travel. It’s in the circles of life (atoms) that you will find the function needed for this.

What you have been taught in the education system so far is mostly correct. However, there are blanks left out, which are needed and have not been revealed to humanity for special reasons. Quantum physics, there is so much more to be learnt. You only so far know, a quarter of what’s there in space and the equations. We are here to help you and change this problem.


Waking up in the middle of the night to see a portal at the foot of my bed or a portal near my door i realised something otherworldly was coming to visit me.

I had dreams of portals appearing outside my window near the creek.

I have seen many portals and every portal always has a bright centre and the portal is spinning in a clockwise direction.

The portals can be different sizes and colours.


I was out of my body and i stood next to my bed and looked at a beautiful portal in front of my door, it was about 1 metre high and wide and circle shaped.

I remember looking into it and it had the brightest white centre and many circular rings moving around it.

I remember thinking “Hey i want to go through and see what happens” i was deliberating whether to go through when i heard a male Alien voice that said “Don’t go into the portal, you won’t come back” and i listened to the Alien voice and i woke up back in bed in my body.


Had a dream that there was a huge portal outside the fence where I live. There was a portal with stars inside and in the centre looked like an orb or the moon, something very bright and white. At the back of the portal was an enormous dark grey black mass smoke looking vortex that was going all the way upwards. This dark grey smoke vortex has the portal on the inside.


I woke up and saw a dark grey portal at the foot of the bed. It was different from the other two portals I had seen before it had no white centre and you could see a circle type centre and the parts that extended outwards from the central portal which was like a vortex going inwards.


On the morning I felt the alien’s presence and I saw a vision of a huge white pulsing moving portal in Daylesford and I knew I had to go there. The energy vibration was so strong and you could feel the alien’s energies and the energies of the portal.

As I drove up to the middle of the towns centre and I’m like “Oh my god.” I see this huge white portal in the other dimension pulsing and moving in and out and the energy from it was so strong. It was approximately 9 metres high and wide. I even intuitively felt like people felt some type of energy was in the middle of the towns centre and they could feel it, they seemed to be attracted to this area but didn’t know why. That day that I went to Daylesford and saw the portal, was the same day the aliens left me the crystal in the forest.


In this picture I have drawn up a particle beam weapon the grey aliens channelled to me. The information written down on the page is from the greys. They showed me a vision of a metal cylinder shaped tube with gold rings, they told me the gold rings were conductors. I saw two black clamps holding the weapon under the water. I saw pulsing wave energy that is inside the metal cylinder. The particle beam weapon was submerged in a water tank, I’m not sure why but they showed me that in the vision.

In this picture one of the white greys on their spaceship showed me a big beam type weapon. They told me this was also a particle beam generator that was used for energy of some kind. There were metal rings along the big metal generator which was maybe about ten metres long. I saw how a box type object was held by the clamp and then the particle beam generator expelled all this beam of energy into the box and light started to grow around the box. I then saw the white grey put this box into the spaceship and he told me it powered the spaceship.

This is diagram I drew of a bug like robot, that the grey aliens channelled to me. They showed me visions of it opening its wings and flying around and then completely turning into a rock and hiding in the grass. It looked l like it was made of metal and had one big giant eye at the front and what appears to be two sensors of the side of this big eye. It seemed to fly on anti-gravity. This robot reminded me of a trilobite.

In the above picture a grey alien showed me a solar panel that was like a thin material and looked like it was made of gold or bronze. He showed himself holding it up at the sun and that this hexagon solar panel, collects the energy.


When I was astral travelling I met these small dark brown aliens and I asked them what their race was named; they replied “We are Gondorians.”

They brang me to this planet and one of them showed me a beautiful black disk. As I grabbed it I saw these luminous light green fluorescent markings start to appear on the disk. It reminded me of a thin cd disk, which could upload information or download information.

I found out a month later when I was studying robotics for my exam and I stopped on a page that talked about encoding disks and I looked at the picture of these encoder disks and I realised it looked very similar to what these Gondorian aliens gave me.

The Gondorian aliens were very friendly and they are not like the greys, they seem to be more independent and doing their own thing. The Gondorians I saw were small in height and were about 3-4feet approximately. I went onto their spaceship whilst astral travelling and I could see them working on touch screen hologram computers in the front control room, they were standing.

Below is a picture of a Gondorian alien I drew, his name is Zaphir. They have dark brown oily looking skin. They have wrinkled foreheads, three rows of big wrinkles. Their chest seemed to be slightly wrinkled too. They have big black eyes. They are the sweetest aliens I have met yet, shy but they seem to know that I can hear them and they want to communicate.

[* “We like to come to Earth, walk around and watch humans, they can’t see us in the other dimension. We have a planet too, where we come from but we have technology humans don’t have, so for us to come here to Earth, we find many things strange, especially the cars that drive on wheels and they stop. On our planet we use hover boards to get around, they travel fast, like the speed of light and we get many things done. We are happy Eve’s writings are getting out to more humans and we would like to help other humans with knowledge.”- Gondorian alien *]


“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”-Mahatma Gandhi

At the end of this book, I want to write about how my experience with meeting aliens changed my life in a positive or negative way. Overall I would have to say that in the end I’m so happy that aliens came into my life, they gave me a sense of deep love that will last with me forever but it also caused me great trauma and emotional pain from the reptilians and some of the greys.

I wouldn’t recommend meeting aliens for everywhere because it is really full on and not all the experiences are positive ones. It has been a crazy journey writing this book and I don’t know if I will write a second book but will see how this one goes first.

After this book, I will focus instead on my engineering course and make things in the garage at home. I will still speak to aliens for the devices I will make in the future but most of the psychic stuff not sure if I want that to rule my life anymore, it’s been to full on.

I believe and I have faith that god is watching over all his children. I believe he is up there in a higher dimension watching over us. In the end darkness cannot truly rule the Earth, when there is an opposing force pushing against it, the light.

“There Is light and darkness in the Universe and all beings that exist are one with the eternal light. We are all of god’s children in his garden.”


Some of the information in this book was channelled to me from the aliens and from my own knowledge. I have referenced only three chapters in which I looked up information I needed for certain subjects.

CHAPTER 4 The human body

Lloyd Pye

[* Llyod Pye- Human origins: *]


[* Llyod Pye- Starchild skull: *]




CHAPTER 10 Space Time

The Philedelphia Experiment

[[*http://www.phils.com.au/philadelphia.htm *
*http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/montauk/rainbow/philadelphia_experiment.htm *

The Uncertainty principle

[[*http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/uncer.html *


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Dark Skies

Firstly, I would like to say that ‘Yes’, aliens are real. I know some of you, might be thinking right now ‘What aliens aren’t real?’ If I have captured your attention and you wish to read on. I would like to invite you to expand the limits of your belief system in extra terrestrials. It is about time for humanity to know that we are not alone on Earth; and also in the Universe. “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational”- Steven Hawking. Have you ever heard this line on TV before? “Are we alone in the Universe?”. We should not be listening to that question anymore; aliens are already here on Earth. Most humans are not aware that aliens are living amongst us here - right now in our society. It Is important for people to be open and research the people giving evidence about their encounters with aliens. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”-Albert Einstein.

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