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Dark Earth Part 1: Prelude to the Nighmare



Dark Earth

Part 1

“Prelude to the Nightmare”


Josh Hilden






Copyright 2015 CT Phillips

Shakespir Edition



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Day One



June 21, 8:52 am (Eight minutes to dark)

Montgomery County Jail

Dayton, Ohio


“Get your ass in line Stoltz!” Jonah Wilson, the block guard, bellowed from the far end of the hall. When there was no movement from the end of the line of sweaty men, the overweight correctional officer thundered down the hall.

Zach Stoltz rolled his eyes. At nineteen years of age he’d been in and out of the penal system for more than a decade. It was always something petty and stupid that he got in trouble for. At ten, he’d been notorious for going into other families back yards to swim in their pools and play with their kids toys. At thirteen, he was busted for smoking for the first, but far from the last, time. His current situation was the result of three things: bourbon, being underage, and a cop who just didn’t think Zach was funny.

“I swear to Christ, Stoltz, if you’re not in line when I get down there I will fuck you up!” Wilson shouted.

“We can all hear you,” Zach said conversationally. He made no attempt to not be heard.

“What the fuck did you just say, you little bastard?” Wilson shrieked spittle flying from his mouth.

“I said, ‘we could all hear you.’” Zach repeated a devil may care grin on his face. “And I think it’s safe to say we can all smell you too.”

Nobody ever saw the club in Jonah Wilson’s hand move. One second it was at his side and the next it was buried end first in Zach’s gut. The tall young man doubled over in pain and dropped to his knees.

“Not so fucking funny now are you asshole?” Wilson said laughing.

The grin on Wilson’s face was soon replaced with one of shock.

Still struggling for air Zach brought a clenched fist up into the fat guard’s groin. He was rewarded with a solid contact and the gasping wheeze of the fat man doubling over. Not one to ever waste an opening Zach snatched the retractable riot baton from the guard and struck him across the back of his head.

“Holy shit white boy! You done fucked him up!” one of the other prisoners said from the line.

Zach was sure he was screwed. Just like always his instincts had taken over and he’d done something he never would have under normal circumstances. His eyes darted from one end of the hall to the other. Wilson had been taking them to the recreation yard, a job that should have demanded three guards but in this age of budget cuts and mass nonviolent drug arrests the entire system was taxed to the breaking point.

An idea occurred to him.

This is really dumb, Zach thought snatching the antiquated keys from Wilson’s belt. If they catch me it’s not going to be a few extra weeks in lockup, it’s going to be hard time. Fuck, even if I don’t run it’ll mean hard time since I brained that bully, officer fat ass.

“You think they gonna let you outta here white boy?” the same voice called out. “I’ll save a spot for ya when they drag you back and you get outta the infirmary.”

Zach dashed for the massive doors at the end of the hall. In one hand he clutched the keys, it still blew his mind that the county jail apparently hadn’t upgraded since the 1970s, and in the other he held the baton. Zach hit the door and frantically began trying keys in the ancient lock. Just as he thought he was screwed one slipped and turned with a loud click.

Before opening the door Zach turned his head looked at his fellow inmates. None of them had joined him in his dash for freedom, he really couldn’t blame them. Most of them were in there for petty offenses and would be released within the month. Unlike him, they’d caged the odds and decided to stay put.

Your loss mates, he thought before throwing the door open and heading into the unknown.


8:55 am (Five minutes to dark)

Stoltz Residence

Kettering, Ohio (South of Dayton)


The little girl was still crying and it was making Jeffery very irritable. He’d already assured her that he had no intention of hurting her. He’d even made her dinner and put that stupid movie with the ice princess on for her while he spent some time with her mother.

Little bitch didn’t even eat her ice cream, he thought as he sat at the end of the bed naked with his head in his hands. He just didn’t understand why everyone always had to make things difficult.

Moans from the bed behind him caught Jeffery’s attention.

“Oh. You’re awake,” he cooed getting to his feet and stretching to crack his back. “I was sure you’d sleep much longer, I guess you can’t get enough of me.” He allowed his playmate to feast her eyes on his pudgy naked body before adding, “Not that I blame you. I mean, who would turn all this down?”




Jolene Stoltz was gagged and bound spread eagle on her own bed. Her wrists and feet were tied to the posts of her head and footboards. She was covered in welts and cuts from the morning of intense activity and her breath was coming in sharp gasps through the panties shoved into her mouth.

Slowly she twisted her wrists back and forth using the sharp edges of the headboard to provide friction. The pudgy little man had bound her arms and leg with pantyhose from her dresser. Either he never considered that there were better things he could have used or he had no idea the limitations of the undergarments.

Please god, please don’t let Dani come up here and see this, she begged silently. Please just let her go to sleep and not wake up until this is all over with.

Jolene still wasn’t sure how this’d all happened. One second she’d been eating breakfast with her daughter and trying to decide whether she should stay home and work in her little garden or if she should take Dani to visit her paternal Grandparents in Springfield.

Then there’d been a knock at the door.

What happened next was a confused jumble. She remembered the feeling of the taser rendering her paralyzed and the cold electric fire racing through her nervous system. The next hours were a swirl of pain, violation, and tears.

Then he allowed her to sleep.

Now the sun was up on a new day and the doughy little monster was poised to resume his games. Jolene wasn’t sure how much more her body could handle, for Dani though she’d endure as much mental trauma as this little bastard could dish out. But her body had limits and she was terrified that if she couldn’t keep him occupied he’d turn his attention to the only other person in the house.




“Now,” Jeffery said, his voice quavering slightly in excitement, “I’m going to remove the panties from your mouth. When I do if you scream or make any noises I don’t approve of I am going to hurt you. Do you understand me?”

Jolene nodded vigorously.

“Good,” he said pulling the saliva soaked panties from her mouth in a single jerk.

Jolene gagged and coughed.

“Aww… that’s adorable,” Jeffery giggled. “Now let’s see if we can put something else in there.”

Downstairs Dani slept soundly on the couch.



8:58 am (Two minutes to dark)

Montgomery County Jail

Dayton, Ohio


I can’t believe I’m almost out! The thought raced through Zach’s mind in an unending loop as he took the fire stairs three at a time. It was still relatively early in the day and the stairwell was empty. Zach hit the landing on the first floor of the massive 19th century building and was confronted with three choices. The basement, the first floor, or do I risk the alarm and go out the fire exit?

The alarms that started banging away decided the question.

Zach hit the crash bar on the door and was rewarded with the smells of the outside and the braying of the fire alarm. Zach couldn’t be sure but he thought the fire alarm might actually be louder than the one caused by his escape.

Outside the air was hot and humid. The alley between the jail and parking garage smelled of of auto exhaust and the general decay that perfumed downtown Dayton. The north end of the alley emptied onto Monument Ave and the Southern end exited onto First Street. Zach looked one way and then the other.

“North or south, just pick a direction Zach,” he muttered.

Without stopping to consider he was still dressed in the powder blue jail clothes Zach darted south. When he reached the end of the alley he skidded to a halt. It was early on a Monday morning in June. First Street was moderately filled with cars, trucks, and buses. The sidewalks were sparsely crowded and none of the people flowing around paid him a second glance.

Now just act naturally and get the hell out of here. Zach thought joining the flow of people heading west. First get out of Dayton then worry about where to go next.

He was just beginning to feel like he might make it out of the city when the sky changed. The first clue something was wrong was the scream of a woman behind him. Then he realized that the previously bright and sunny sky was now rapidly growing dark.

Zach looked up… and froze in place.


8:59 am (One minute to dark)

Stoltz Residence

Kettering, Ohio (South of Dayton)


He thinks he’s broken me, Jolene thought, her heart pounding. The bastard thinks I’m passive and that he can do whatever he wants. Don’t think about what’s about to happen Jo, he’s already used you in every way he can think of so this is nothing. Let him make his move and you make yours.

Hands grasped her forehead and jaw.

Her mouth was forced open.

Jolene went numb and waited until it was time to act. She knew she only had one shot at it. If she messed it up she and Dani would be dead.



Jeffery almost stopped before insertion.

Something was different, the night before she’d fought him at every step no matter how much he hurt her. He beat her into unconsciousness at the end and now she was passive?

She’s broken and she wants you now that she’s experienced you, the voice in his head said. It was the same voice that’d picked this woman out at the Kroger’s grocery three days earlier. It was the same voice that’d convinced him to burn down his grandparent’s house with his family still inside when he was seven.

Jeffery opened her mouth as far as he could, entirely too far considering his minuscule size, and slipped in. For a few seconds it was heaven… then the pain exploded and the screaming began.




It happened in a heartbeat.

At the same instant Jolene jerked hard on the bindings around her wrists and bit down with all of her strength. One of her wrists came free while the other stayed leashed to the bed. Jolene had thought she could bite clean through but the engorged piece of flesh but it was much harder than she expected. Her mouth filled with blood and Jolene fought the reflex to vomit. Like a terrier on a rat she refused to let go.

“Let go you bitch!” the chubby man screamed hysterically beating at the top of Jolene’s head with weak meaty hands. “Let go of me or I’m gonna kill your brat!”

It was the wrong thing to say.

Jolene whipped her head back and forth her jaws still clamped down on the increasingly shredded bit of flesh in her mouth. Every time her head moved the more it ripped. She was so focused on her objective that she was unaware of the blows to her head.

The hits became weaker as the blood gushed from between her lips.

“Stop,” the man gasped weakly, blood loss already taking its toll.

With her last bit of strength Jolene reached out her one good hand and seized his testicles. Then she pulled and twisted as hard as she could while simultaneously jerking her head back… her jaw still clamped firmly shut.

Outside the world went dark.



9:00 am Dark Hour


At 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time the sun, and stars disappeared from the skies of planet Earth and the moon ceased to glow. The darkness was followed by panic.

Around the world people looked up and saw nothing.

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Dark Earth Part 1: Prelude to the Nighmare

  • ISBN: 9781310165672
  • Author: Gorillas With Scissors Press (GWSP)
  • Published: 2015-11-14 18:40:15
  • Words: 2706
Dark Earth Part 1: Prelude to the Nighmare Dark Earth Part 1: Prelude to the Nighmare