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Danielle-Extended Sample

It's been four long years since plus-sized beauty Danielle Dotson has let real love into her life. Since the un-timely death of her high school sweetheart, Danielle has concentrated on nothing but fulfilling her dreams of becoming a successful business owner. Too disillusioned with men more concerned about the size of her jeans instead of the size of her heart. Love could come later. If it came at all.Danielle would never have thought being pressured into a last minute blind-date by her favorite cousin aka best-friend would drop the perfect man in her lap. Perhaps a little too perfect for her. Christian Lawrence is far from perfect. At least that's what his Ex said. Christian finds himself in a new city trying to piece his life back together after a break-up he should have seen coming a mile away. The only thing he walked away from after a four year relationship was a beautiful daughter and a scorned heart. That is until he's introduced to Danielle a woman unlike every woman he's ever found himself attracted to before. The really issue is are those differences just enough to bring them together, or pull them apart? Danielle is Volume 1 of an on-going standalone series dedicated to plus-size women(or men ?) called Heavy On My Mind

  • Author: A.N.C. Media Publishing
  • Published: 2018-05-23 14:35:08
  • Words: 22953
Danielle-Extended Sample Danielle-Extended Sample