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Inside a tiny suburban apartment, Subby has decided to relocate to Delhi NCR to pursue his dream software job in the USA. Joy Mukherjee, a make-up artist, follows his sweetheart actress Mithali in the hope of eternal love. Vikram Pinroe – trained by life, flawless brain enters their lives as they all join BayBank – the world’s largest bank. Burt Quintana, head of India operations has to cut down costs by half. With job cuts en-masse, it happens to them too – take a lesser job or quit. Bouts of frustration, local bar alcohol sessions, and a looming despicable state compel Vikram to reveal his closely guarded master plan, a cyber-heist. Call it coincidence or a cosmic union of three great talents - perfect for the plan to work. But will it so? With the foreign ministry involved, Heerain, an eccentric CBI officer must ensure faster results. A perky cyber-crime specialist and the veteran fraud prevention manager of BayBank will put their skills to test as they decipher complex codes. Can they succeed against brilliant minds? A gripping, First Time Ever insider view of the real, strained existence in a contact center, a meticulously planned cyber heist challenging the investigators, a reluctant stockbroker, stocky Chinaman - All creating a perfect blend for a world-class suspense thriller. 500 pages of thrilling, fast-paced original worth every second of reading time.

  • Author: Gurruraj Dhankss
  • Published: 2018-09-29 01:35:06
  • Words: 138988
Cybber Cybber