Curious Short Stories

Curious Short Stories





Copyright 2016 Charles Hines

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Motel 6

The Great Escapade




I could barely keep my eyes focused on the two-lane road. I suppose the whiskey finally caught up with me. There were other things on my mind though; more specifically the broad sitting in my passenger seat. Her stylish blonde hair was a bit too much for my taste, but everything else was perfect. Her soft face, blue diamond eyes, and petite body hit all the right beats.

The neon sign for Motel 6 came into view. That’s where I’ve been staying since I landed in Florida. It does the job, but I’ve really been having fun with the brand new 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo that I rented. When I take this baby out people can’t help but stare. I slowed down and pulled into the parking lot and quickly found a spot. I exited the car and ran around the front just in time to help Lisa out of the car. I’m pretty sure that was her name. I took her hand and led her to my room. Lucky number seven on the first floor. I scramble in my slacks to find the room key. I find it and unlock the door. We walk into the freshly cleaned room and soaked up the cool air conditioning. I kicked off my shoes and felt the soft carpet and headed to the restroom to freshen up.

I splash water onto my face from the sink. What am I doing right now? I’ve never been with another woman before. I’m here on a business trip, not to be a bachelor. Oh well, I’ll blame it on the alcohol. I take a swig of the complimentary mouth wash and spit it into the sink. Hopefully that would hide the blunt smell of alcohol.

“John? Are you okay in there?” Lisa called out.

That was my queue to leave the restroom. I walk out and look around for Lisa. The striped sheets were messed up on one of the beds. She must have tried out the bed. I continue to scope out the room and notice that the back door was cracked. I take off my coat and throw it on the dresser; then head outside. I pull out my back of Marlboros and put it to my mouth to grab a cigarette. Next I reach for the matches and strike one to light my cigarette. I inhale deeply for the first puff and fell the smoke throughout my chest. Then I exhale to let the smoke out along with minuscule problems.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” I said. “I just know you’re beautiful.”

“Oh please, don’t make me blush.” Lisa smiled. “You’re letting the whiskey talk.”

“Yea, probably.” I laughed. I was halfway done with my cigarette, savoring every puff.

Lisa stood up in hurry and headed into the room. On her way past me, she grabbed my hand. I wasn’t done with my cigarette though. I flicked it out into the bushes and shut the door on the way in. Lisa turned around and attached my lips with hers. We undressed each other at a steady pace as we tried to keep our lips connected. As I took the last bit of clothing off her I pushed her onto the bed.



I wake up in a startled manor. The sunlight blazed through the back door, it was almost excruciating. My eyes and head are pulsing in pain. I look to my left and see a naked girl sprawled out in my bed. I only remember bits and pieces of what happened. But from what I can remember it was fantastic. As I reminisce about last night I look to my right at the alarm clock that reads 6:55 A.M. Shit, I’m running late. I need to be at the airport in half an hour to catch my flight back to The Big Apple. I get up as slowly as I can, managing not to wake Lisa. I gather my suit and luggage and prepare to leave the room. Just before I turn the handle, I decide to leave a few dollars for Lisa for a cab. I slip through the door without a peep.





The Great Escapade

Jack woke up with a jolt. He got up, showered and ate breakfast all with a little more pep in his step than usual. Before going to bed the previous evening, Jack decided that he would go tell his friend Cindy that he wanted to take things further and begin to date. Cindy was a long time friend of Jacks, knowing each other since Kindergarten. Jack had not really thought about Cindy as more than a friend until very recently. The only problem is that Cindy would be leaving to go overseas to study abroad and he would have to tell her today of his recently found love. So Jack got up today with a mission and got himself ready to go tell the girl of his dreams that he wanted to take things to the next level. Right before he left his house he went and sprayed his favorite cologne on his neck collar and wrist for good luck.

It was a sunny day with the perfect amount of clouds in the sky and a light breeze in the air. It was a picture perfect day in the City of Minneola. Jack walked down the sidewalk to his old car that usually gives him trouble, but today it started right up without any problems. Everything seemed to be going his way this morning. This made Jack extremely happy and excited for what he was planning to do. He backed out of the driveway and began his drive to Cindy’s house absorbing the beautiful scenery. Minneola is a very small town of just over a thousand people where everyone knows each other. It also has rolling hills and a beautiful lake. The only thing out of the ordinary is the treacherous mountain range right in the middle of the city. It is very odd to think about but very grand to look upon.

After about twenty minutes Jack made it to Cindy’s street. His heart was about to beat right out of his chest as he approached her house. He pulled into her driveway and sat there for a brief minute thinking of things he might say and how to say them. The time was now though and he got out of his car and headed to the front door. Jack could barely walk straight he was so nervous and excited. He nocked with a bit of authority. After a few seconds the door opened. Jack was surprised by who opened it. It was Cindy’s father, who looked back at Jack in confusion.

“Hello young man,” he said, “May I help you?”

“Um yes, is Cindy home?” Jack replied trying not to stutter.

“No I’m sorry she left about an hour ago. I could take a message.” Her father suggested, but I couldn’t waste time explaining the situation.

“It’s okay, but I need to talk to her in person.” Jack says as he turns back and runs to his car.

Cindy’s father started to say something but his words were muffled as he ran away. Jack jumped in his car and started on the highway. He felt very hurried now. If she left an hour ago, she was already a good ways to the local airport by now. Jack knew he would be to late to catch her. Maybe he should just call her and tell her how he felt. He began to fell in his pockets but didn’t feel the bulge of his phone. Crap, he thought. The odds were against Jack now. He needed a moment to think. Then it hit him. Cindy surely would of stopped and got breakfast at the local diner her and Jack always went to. He was almost positive. If he could get there without any traffic and a little speeding he could catch her before she leaves the diner. Jack got a quick burst of excitement and couldn’t help but feel like he was in a movie. What were the odds of this actually happening?

Jack sped as fast as he could down the back roads leading to the interstate. He made good time getting to the diner. Finally he could see the diner coming up on his right. He pulled in and hopped out of the car and walked inside. Just about all the workers greeted him by name. He and Cindy were regulars there and had a great relationship with the workers there. Jack looked around and instantly noticed that Cindy was not there.

“Hey Doug, was Cindy here?” he asked the nearest person he saw.

“Yea man she left about fifteen minutes ago. You just missed her.” Doug answered.

“Okay thanks, I will see you all later.” Jack said about to leave.

“Is everything alright?” A server asked as he passed her.

“Yea, I just… have to tell her something.”



There was only one thing Jack could do now and that is to drive to the airport and catch Cindy before she gets on her flight. He got into his car and sped off onto the interstate. The sky was getting darker as the day went on, just like Jack’s situation has gotten worse and worse. As if this cat and mouse chase couldn’t get any more inconvenient it started to rain and Jack was approaching a roadblock. He pulled up to the car in front of him and could see they were making cars turn around and go back the way they came. Jack had a decision to make now, turn around or somehow continue his journey to tell Cindy how he felt.

Jack looked around and thought about his options. He looked to his right and stared at the mountains. Just as he glanced away something caught his eye, a barley visible path to the top. He pulled his car to the side of the road and reached for the glove box. He moved his hand around and found what he was looking for, a map of the city. After a few minutes of studying the map, Jack realized that if he could make it up the mountain and down the other side he would be at the airport. This was his only option and he was going to take it.

As Jack approached the mountain he noticed the sky was severely dark, the wind was forceful, and the rain felt like needles hitting his skin. He began his climb without another thought and got off to a fast start. Jack followed the path as much as he could and it eventually got him to an alley in the mountain. He was protected from the weather and saw a sight he never thought he would. The airport was in plain view and he could clearly see the small building that housed waiting passengers and a smaller airplane right outside.

The airport in Minneola was very small. It was a building with a max capacity of 150 people. They had a private plane that would take passengers to a larger airport in a bigger city. The town is so old fashion that you would just walk onto the runway and up the stairs to the plane, like the president.

Jack scrambled through his bag that he brought and pulled out a pair of binoculars. Right as he focused in he could see Cindy getting ready to board the airplane. Jack felt very discouraged by this sight; there was no way he could ever make it in time. He turned around and took a seat on the damp ground. After a few moments he saw light flickering off the rocks that surrounded him. Jack didn’t know what to do but hide. He found a rock big enough to conceal him. He peaked just enough to see an old man in robes walking towards him. There was no way this is real though. The Elders were just something made up to make kids scared of the mountain so they would never wonder up it and get hurt. Jack couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Come out.” the man said.

Jack didn’t know what he should do, but hesitantly came from behind the boulder.

“What is wrong?” he asked.

“I was to late. I can’t make it to the airport.” Jack explained.

After a few minutes of talking Jack was convinced to continue his journey to the airport. The elder talked him into not giving up and so he listened. The plane still hasn’t left yet, Jack knew there was no way he could get there in time, but he just kept going.



After a very long journey Jack finally made it to the airport and headed towards the airplane. Jack convinced the workers to let him onto the plane. Cindy was sitting by herself and looked very surprised when she saw Jack. He told Cindy everything about how he felt towards her. While Cindy still had to leave she told Jack that she also felt the same way about him and would love to pursue a relationship once she returned home. Jack left his house thinking he would go on a quick car ride and confess his love for a friend, but instead went on an adventure to do so.






The fishing boat chugged as quietly as it could into the sunset. Purple, orange, green, and blue covered the sea like a beautiful painting. Denis had never seen something quite like it.

“This is it!” Captain called out.

He cut the engine and it let out a few more rumbles before dying out. Captain walked out from the rusty cabin and down the squeaky stairs to the deck.

“Are you sure you want to do this Denis?” he asked.

“Yes Captain. I’ve studied this for three years. Things don’t add up. I need to see this for myself.” He replied.

Denis began to gather up his diving gear.

“Remember this date Captain, June 29, 2014! We are going to make history tonight.”

Denis zipped up his wet suit and started to assemble all the other necessities to the suit. Then he hooked the end of a fishing rope to his belt.

“Alright, I’m all set. If anything goes wrong down there, I’ll tug on the rope and you can just pull me up. But let’s not think about that!” Denis said as he jumped into the Baltic Sea.

Its salty water submerged Denis. It was peaceful; the cool water was an energy boost. Any tiredness that he had was gone; the current took it away. He put on his goggles and inserted the mouthpiece to his oxygen.

“Good luck.” Captain said.

Denis gave a thumb up as he twisted his body to face down. He slowly sank into the ocean. Once he was down a good fifteen feet and began to kick. The sea was dark and empty. He barely saw any sea life. He clicked on his flashlight, which was attached to his head.

The water grew colder and darker as he descended deeper. His legs were beginning to ache and his oxygen was decreasing slowly. Denis was down two hundred and fifty feet; he should see it by now. Then he saw the circular formation. It looked like rough granite with sand and sea life growing off of it. Denis underestimated how gigantic this thing was. Now it was time for answers.

Denis swam as close to it as he could without touching it and found a spot to hover. His heart was beating a thousand miles per hour right about now. He took his hand and rubbed the side of the structure. Sand flew off in a steady flow to reveal the true texture of the anomaly. There were patterns everywhere; it was like a huge maze. One of the paths was red. Denis wanted to know where it led; he kept wiping away the sand and eventually found himself on top of the anomaly. The red line led to what looked like a hatch. Denis grabbed the handle and pulled. Nothing happened.

A strange sound began; it came from the anomaly. There was a ticking and it grew deeper and deeper. Then a blast occurred. It pushed Denis away from the anomaly along with all the sea life and sand. This isn’t human he thought. It began to roar, like it was coming to life after years of hibernation. It began to lift off the ground and positioned itself. Then in a blink of the eye the anomaly blasted out of the water and into the sky.


Curious Short Stories

Curious Short Stories contains three pieces of work from first time author C.J. Hines. This book contains stories that range from science fiction, intrigue, and romance.

  • Author: C.J. Hines
  • Published: 2016-06-19 02:35:07
  • Words: 2802
Curious Short Stories Curious Short Stories