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Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today

Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways To Change Your Money Luck Today


Amethyst Qu


Crystal Cash Spells is a stand-alone no-fluff practical magick short that will show you how to perform three simple workings to draw more money into your life-- even if you're a complete beginner to prosperity magick.

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Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways To Change Your Money Luck Today is © 2015 by Peachfront Press. Stealing is a bad idea with legal and karmic consequences. Don’t do it.


Photo note: All photos including the cover photo are © 2015 by Amethyst Qu and Peachfront Press.


This is a book about magick— the unexplained. Crystal Cash Spells is sold for entertainment purposes only. At this time, we can’t guarantee that you will get the same results or any results. Neither the author nor the publisher can take any responsibility for the outcome of your crystal magick.


[][] A Gift For You


I have created a very short audio meditation read aloud by voice-over artist James Hutto to help you focus while clearing a crystal, stone, or magickal piece of jewelry. To get your free mp3 recording, please sign up for the [+ Amethyst Qu’s Readers Group right here.+]

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[][] Introduction

It was a green December in a forest thousands of miles from my home. When I scrambled to the peak of a white granite slab, I could see a landscape dotted here and there with distant castles. The sky was blue, the clouds fluffy. Was it all a dream?

Soon I found myself lost on a lonely path forgotten by tourists. I turned a corner and startled a Firecrest. The tiny bird flared its bold stripe of blood-orange head feathers in defense of its territory-- a tumble-down shrine overgrown with a tangle of shrubs and vines.

I started to walk away, and then something called me back. I felt a touch from an invisible hand. Heard a soft whisper from invisible lips.

I’d carried a small polished pebble of azurite-malachite in my pocket for all these thousands of miles.

Now something… someone… had claimed it.

I buried the stone at the foot of the shrine and released its magick into the world.

What is magick? What does it mean to perform a magickal working-- a magick spell? I would argue that when we do magick, we are using unconventional techniques to somehow lift our awareness out of the everyday world and into the unseen realms where we can make changes in our lives that we couldn't make any other way.

Magick can be a quest-- a journey across continents. But you don't have to travel to distant castles to find magick. More often, the journey takes place in the invisible worlds inside our mind.

Some people can change their circumstances with a simple act of meditation or prayer. Certainly our society regards meditation as a more respectable technique than magick. But the trouble is that our society isn’t always very honest about how difficult it is to use meditation or prayer to change our lives. Anyone can say a prayer, but can anyone use prayer effectively?

If all you had to do was mutter a few words in your head and have the gods come running, we would already be living in heaven, wouldn’t we? The reality is that effective meditation and prayer are challenging practices that take years of study. Those monks in a hidden monastery on a distant mountain? They’re not kidding around. It just isn’t that easy to sit quietly and put yourself in contact with invisible forces just by saying (or just by thinking) a few words. Effective meditation is hard work. Effective prayer is hard work.

And it’s hard to do that work when we’re worried about money. That’s where active magick come in. Working magickal spells allows us to focus on the action and get out of our own way. We’re not looking at the worries inside our head. We’re playing with crystals, stones, and magickal talismans that dazzle us with their beauty and glitter.

Is taking a hike through a magickal landscape a spell or even a full-fledged ritual? Does it matter? We’ll let other people quibble about the fine distinctions between spells, rituals, and active meditation.

We don’t care about those quibbles. We just want a method that works.

This little book contains three spells that have worked repeatedly for me over several years of tests. Although nothing is guaranteed with magick-- if it was guaranteed, it would be technology, not magick-- I believe there's a good chance they'll work for you.

I’ve selected these three workings because they are quick, easy ways to change your luck that harm none.

[][] The Magickal Sacrifice

Most people first turn to money magick because they need cash. Real money magick recognizes the fact that you probably don't have as much as you want or need at the moment, so you're starting with low-cost stones-- or even free pebbles from a stream.

I have seen prosperity workings that ask a person to bring a large sum of money or even gold jewelry or coins to the so-called psychic. Supposedly she burns the money or buries the gold to blast away the negative forces standing in the way of your prosperity.

That’s a scam, people. There are two kinds of magic, and that self-appointed psychic has a gift for close-in stage magick. You may think you saw the money being burned, but trust me. The money is safe in her pocket.

I say “she” because, many times, the person put on the front lines of this organized crime scam is a woman. But a sufficiently gifted man could certainly craft the same scam.

Either way, if somebody offers to remove a curse from your money, RUN. There are simple, effective, low-cost and no cost ways you can clean your tools (including your money) yourself. We’ll get to that later in the book.

If you’re new to magick, that’s probably all you need to know for now.

But if you’ve been experimenting for awhile, you may be aware of the concept of the magickal sacrifice. You may be saying to yourself, “Hey, there’s no such thing as getting something for nothing. What’s the catch?”

That’s a very good point. The “something for nothing” mentality won’t get you very far in the world of magick. You’ve got to give up something, at least for a little while.

That may be part of the reason why simple prayer doesn’t work for a lot of people. They’re barreling ahead with an attitude of, “Hey, invisible guy up there, gimme, gimme, gimme…” Yeah, I wouldn’t respond to that either.

The invisible forces seem to have a sense of humor. They want to be entertained. They don't need our cash. Sacrificing money-- burning cash or burying gold-- doesn't do anything for an unseen, invisible non-material being.

So what does get sacrificed? In my experience, it’s your ego. That’s right, sports fans. To be the most effective magick worker you can be, you’ve got to learn to let go of your ego and your own sense of self-importance. If you feel ridiculous when you’re doing a magickal working, you might just be doing it right.

I’ll give you an example from my own experience. For several years I made a practice of picking up pennies as a way of being mindful that the universe is trying to throw money at me. This practice was inspired by the old folk saying: “See a penny, pick it up. All the day you’ll have good luck.”

Yes, it was awkward sometimes. Yes, sometimes people laughed at me. Pennies aren’t worth much. But they’re money.

And you don’t want to send out the message to the invisibles that, “Yeah, I’m too good to pick up free money.”

It works well. The more pennies I picked up, the more I found. Nickels, dimes, and quarters too. Even a few bills. If you’re open to money, if you’re grateful for money, the universe is more likely to send more in your direction.

There is one potential issue. You may say, “Picking up pennies makes me feel cheap.” Feeling cheap is not congruent with feeling prosperous, is it?

But that’s an easy fix. You only have to pick up the penny. You don’t have to hold onto the penny. It’s perfectly OK to put it right back down for the next person to find.

Keep the chain of magick going.

[][] Purifying Our Stones

The natural crystals and stones we use in these workings have around for millions of years. For most of that time, they’ve been bathing in a running stream, basking in the sunlight, or sleeping in the earth.

But it's a reality that some stones might have picked up unfortunate associations on the path to you. I buy stones from estates to reduce the impact of commercial mining on the earth's surface. I very occasionally collect a stone or two-- no more than fits easily in my pocket or purse-- in an area where it's legal to collect.

But the reality is that commercial mines still exist, and many of our stones may have come from such a mine. Since I tend to collect pre-owned stones, I need to also be aware that some stones were previously owned by people who used them in their own workings or, perhaps, experienced some powerful memory associated with the stone.

Most stones just shake off that stuff. If you do get a really bad feeling about a stone’s relationship with humanity, you can thoughtfully place that stone in a running stream and wish it well. But mostly you’re drawn to a stone either by an intuitive feeling you were meant to be together or by its physical beauty.

Either way, you want to cement the bond with your stone and develop a magickal relationship all your own. You want to purify and repurpose the stone to focus on the current situation. That’s why most magickal workers recommend that you perform a very simple purification process before using a stone, crystal, or talisman in a spell.

At the front of this book, I offered you a link to an mp3 recording of a very simple stone cleansing visualization. You can simply play the audio on any device and let the narrator guide you through the crystal cleansing.

You can also make up your own recording to help you visualize the cleansing. This is the exact script we used to make our mp3. Feel free to use it to make your own audio recording:

You are sitting in a quiet place with the crystal in front of you. You are completely relaxed.

Visualize a glowing white star about eight inches above the crown of your head.


The light expands from a star to a glowing white sphere.


A ray of light flows from the glowing sphere to the crown of your head. Now the white light flows down to your body. Down into your shoulders. Down through your arms.

Lift your hands slightly over the crystal. Your hands are glowing with white light.

Now send that light shining out of your palms into the crystal.

It is a cleansing light.

A purifying light.

The crystal is bathing in the light. Let the light flow from the palms of your hands into the crystal.

The crystal glows in the light.

The crystal is clean and ready to use.

In theory, that’s all you really need to do. In practice, as I mentioned before, we’re not all at the same level of skill with our visualizations. That’s fine. Most of us like to call on the cleansing power of nature to make sure our stones are clean on the psychic as well as the physical level.

Here are three ways to give your stones and crystals a psychic cleanse.

The moonlight bath is one popular technique. It’s so easy. Just take the stone outside and allow it to bathe in the light of the full moon. In the morning, the stone will be ready.

But maybe you’re fired up to get to work right now and don’t want to wait for a full moon.

In times gone by, setting the stone in clear running water was a popular technique. But I’m moving away from this one. It’s harder and harder to find an unpolluted pure mountain stream.

Some people sit the stone under running water from their faucet-- but in a world where drought is a growing reality, I'm not comfortable with the potential for negative karma.

Also, it’s possible your water is treated with chlorine or chloramine. That’s great for fighting bacteria, but these chemicals aren’t regarded as particularly friendly toward magick.

If you don’t know if your water is treated with one of these chemicals, ask at a local pet store. If you have to treat your water before you can keep goldfish safely, that’s a pretty good sign that your tap water contains chloramine.

You can try resting the stone in a bowl of clear spring water. But these days I almost always like to cleanse my stones by smudging them in the smoke from an appropriate incense.

I like this technique for several reasons. First, the power of scent speaks to some of the most ancient areas of the human brain-- which helps us link into the ancient lore of magickal crystals.

Second, it’s easy. You can buy incense sticks almost anywhere, from a mysterious botanica to your corner dollar store.

Many people in the United States and even Europe are influenced by native American lore. In days gone by, you might smudge your magickal tools and even your body in tobacco. I still occasionally see tobacco twists offered for this purpose. But I feel like the negative associations of this particular herb are too much for me to overcome.

Most people these days prefer to smudge their stones with sage. In fact, I’d say the majority of the magick workers I know are using sage for this purpose.

But I still like good old-fashioned sandalwood. For me, that’s still the scent of magick.

Whatever gets you in that magickal frame of mind will work just fine to cleanse your stones.

One word of warning: It’s the twenty-first century, and I still see some advisers telling people to sit their stones in salt.

I guarantee that, given enough time, salt water corrodes even stainless steel-- let alone our beautiful crystals. Don't sit your minerals in salt. Just don't do it.

If you feel an intuitive need for the purifying power of salt, then YOU are the one who should bathe in salt water. People need to exfoliate. Stones don’t. I like to light a white candle and then bathe in warm water sprinkled with Himalayan salt.

Now you are clean and ready to work your magick.

[][] Spell #1-- Lucky Money Talisman or Pendant

People have worn stones to draw prosperity for thousands of years. You are tapping into one of the oldest and most universal forms of magick when you choose to wear a lucky stone. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

But you can’t just buy luck off the shelf. If you could, everybody who ever bought a jade pendant would be winning the lottery right and left.

You need to do a little work to tell your stone or talisman what you'd like it to do. Some people call that "programming your crystal." I don't like that phrase. If you respect your crystal as a living entity-- even though its life may be millions of years longer than what we usually think of as life-- then maybe we shouldn't talk about programming it like we'd program a smartphone app.

I like to say that we’re bonding with our lucky talisman. You and your lucky stone are going to be a team that’s working together to change your luck. You’ll be doing the material work down on the ground. Your crystal will be quietly shifting the conditions around on the invisible plane to help direct more prosperity your way.

Too many people simply don’t take the time out of their day to bond with their new lucky pendant. It’s as simple as that. They don’t want to make the magickal sacrifice of a few minutes’ time and attention. In that case, why should the stone get all excited about doing the work if you’re not all that excited yourself?

This is so easy. You can do this. The biggest obstacle is your own ego in the way, telling that magickal spells are silly, spooky, or just plain beneath your dignity.

Don’t overthink it. Just take action.

Speaking of overthinking, if you’ve been around magick for awhile, you may have heard a certain tired terminology debate. Is your lucky stone pendant an amulet or a talisman? Honestly, it’s a difference that doesn’t make a difference. For the record, an amulet has more of a protective energy, while a talisman has more of an active working energy.

Consider these examples. A hematite bracelet worn to absorb negativity would be called an amulet. A jade pendant carved in the shape of an elephant to attract wealth would be a talisman.

But if you’re protected from negativity and loss, you’re going to live a more abundant life. If you’re attracting prosperity, you can use your material wealth to help fight back against forces that would drag you down.

I’ll call the magickal pendants we’re making today talismans. But if you prefer to call them amulets, you’re not wrong.

So how do you find or craft a lucky money talisman? I start by looking around me. If a stone, pendant, or coin with a lot of prosperity folklore associated with it comes into my life, that’s probably a pretty good sign from the universe that I should be working with that material.

Want to start with a super-easy talisman to draw good fortune? Try this one based on an urban legend about “hole-y” coins from Japan. All you have to do is take a Japanese coin with a hole in it and wear it on a cord or ribbon.

A second way to create a talisman to draw money luck is to use a silver locket with plenty of room inside of it. This is a very useful way to wear tiny but powerful polished stone chips of money-drawing stones like jade, emerald, green quartz or green aventurine. You could even fit a smaller lodestone inside of the locket.

There’s a lot more about choosing the right stone to draw abundance in my first book, Crystal Cash. If you want to dive deeper, check it out. But the short version is that I personally tend to prefer jade or green aventurine for situations that involve gambling or a higher level of financial risk.

Choose the stone that speaks to you. Many of us actually have old-fashioned silver lockets in our jewelry box, perhaps gifts from our ancestors. You can also seek them out in mysterious old shops.

Wire-wrap is a third way to create a magickal talisman. In days gone by, I liked to wire-wrap my stones and wear them under my clothes against my skin-- all the better to influence me with their positive prosperity energy.

Unfortunately, in recent years, a lot of hobby suppliers seem to have moved away from offering 14 karat gold-filled and genuine sterling silver wire. Instead, they offer so-called craft wire, which is often a coated copper. They probably do that in the interest of offering a lower-priced product to the new hobbyist, but we don’t want any penny-pinching energy anywhere near an abundance working. It’s counter-productive when you’re trying to develop a prosperity mindset.

Your experience may vary. But in my experience I use craft wire only as a practice wire. If I expect my stone or crystal to attract prosperity, I've got to use the materials a prosperous person would use-- silver or gold-filled wire.

Some easy talismans I’ve made

Once you have your talisman, you need to charge it up with magickal power. Start by picking one of the methods we talked about in the last chapter for clearing your stone of its old associations. I like to set the stage by lighting a white or green votive candle, firing up my sandalwood incense stick, and using the audio to guide me through this one-minute stone clearing process.

Once the stone is clear and ready to hear your message, you can tell it what you’re working toward. Some people use a little jingle here. Make up your own, or feel free to use this one:

Money Luck to Me, Green Prosperity

Is Now a Certainty

With Harm To None, Good Luck Must Be

Some of us are very visual, and we focus on pictures we can see. For instance I can visualize the white light flowing out of my hands turning into gold light and then into a shower of gold coins. I can even visualize that with my eyes open. If you’re a good visualizer, then feel free to use that image to communicate with your talisman. See the shower of gold flow into your talisman until it’s shining so brightly that all you see is the gold light.

The talisman is full of prosperity energy and ready to start pulling new money luck into your life.

Wear it under your clothes and let it do its thing undisturbed.

[][] Spell # 2: Lucky Money Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are all the rage these days. And why not? You can easily set up these mini stone altars in a private place in your home and have them quietly working behind the scenes 24/7 to attract more prosperity into your life.

As you get deeper into crystal money magick, it’s fun to play with more complicated grids. But let’s not overthink this when we’re first starting out.

You can spend as little or as much as you want on the stones you use for prosperity magick. Emerald, one of the most valuable gems, is a good prosperity stone.

But I try to exercise some awareness about where people are coming from. If you’re already dripping in diamonds, you probably aren’t seeking out a magickal source of help to change your financial condition. So I’m going to assume that most newbies to Crystal Magick are looking for inexpensive, fast-working stones they can easily find at a low cost.

Crystal grids can be surprisingly effective in helping you do that.

You can start small, with a simple spell using nothing more than five smooth pebbles and a small denomination bill. As an American, I like to use a crisp two-dollar bill fresh from the bank, because this denomination has attracted a lot of myth and mystery around it. But, wherever you live, in whatever country, just pick a small bill that people often consider lucky.

Make the grid by placing four pebbles on the four corners of the bill. Put the fifth pebble in the center.

That’s it.

That’s the whole spell. Leave it set up in a quiet corner of your home to draw more money into your life.

A simple grid with five natural pebbles

If you collected the pebbles yourself from a pure mountain stream, they are already pure and waiting to bond with you. All you have to do is create the grid. But if you’re not sure where they’ve been, just smudge them with a bit of sage or sandalwood, and you’re good to go.

A lot of us resonate with quartz crystal. A grid I’ve been working with over the past few months consists of four optical quartz crystal points plus a flattish green slab of green quartz about two inches long. Place the aventurine over the bill of your choice, and place the four quartz crystal points around it pointing outward.

An easy quartz money grid

One thing I’ve noticed about this grid is that sometimes it draws a lot of little jobs from different people. If you get too many jobs coming in at once, it’s OK to turn down some of them. That won’t offend the stone and stop it working. When I get overloaded, I do take down my ads and I do refuse jobs. It’s just good business.

Just be sure you’re turning away the job for a good reason. “I need enough time to give my current clients 110%” is a good reason to turn down a job.

“You know, I just don’t feel like it today,” is not a good reason. Don’t ask your stones for a favor, and then turn around and tell them you didn’t really mean it.

You can have more than one crystal grid working at any given time. I usually have three working on my prosperity projects. I’ve gone from using two-dollar bills to hundred-dollar bills in my magick during the time I’ve been working with my lodestone grid. It’s a flat piece of marble with the money on top of the marble and the lodestone on top of the money. Every Friday, I feed the lodestone with a drop of water and a drop of magnet oil.

There’s a lot more information about the care and feeding of lucky lodestones in my first book, Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, so I won’t rehash that information here.

[][] Spell #3: A Simple Home Amulet To Blast Away Obstacles to Your New Life of Abundance

This simple spell will create a psychic sink to protect you from any outside source of negativity that might be impacting your ability to draw luck.

Have you ever felt that your success was being blocked by another person's negativity or even society's obstacles? You might suspect that somebody is ill-wishing you. Or you might have noticed that a friend or relative has crabs in a bucket syndrome-- that is, you've got a negative person in your life who tries to pull you back down every time you've almost clawed your way up to the top.

Ever come into a little money, and some relative immediately has a crisis and needs to “borrow” the money? Ever won a significant prize, and some Debbie Downer starts ragging on you about how much you’ll have to pay in taxes? Sometimes it seems like there’s always someone there to throw cold water on our biggest successes.

In an ideal world, we would just walk away from those negative influences but sometimes it's somebody you can't realistically get away from-- your boss, your parent, a sibling, a frenemy that's part of your social circle whether you like it or not.

I love that word “frenemy,” by the way. It perfectly describes that person you’re supposed to call a friend but who you know very well is undermining you as soon as you turn your back. But you may actually care about that person, and they may care about you. They just don’t know how to go about showing it.

You want the negativity to go away without hurting anyone. A lot of spells create a sort of psychic mirror that bounces the negativity back to the person who sent it out in the first place. I really wouldn’t perform that kind of working as a matter of course. There’s always a risk of the karmic consequences coming back to you if the person doesn’t really deserve the blowback.

Sometimes a person is negative because they’re anxious or depressed. Maybe they’re afraid of being left behind when you become more successful. You don’t want them hurt when they’re already insecure and hurting… so in my opinion it’s better to create a sort of psychic sink where the negativity can be absorbed without going anywhere else to hurt anybody.

By the way, if you think you’re cursed, or you think your money is cursed, this spell is the magickal working to start with. Even if the only “curse” is the noise inside your head, you can gain a sense of peace from this spell that can only help you attain a more prosperous lifestyle.

For this working I like to use black or brown tourmaline crystals, which you can purchase for a reasonably low price at a rock shop or a gem and mineral show. Many people I know prefer to use hematite pebbles for this purpose, which is really useful to know because you can often pick up polished hematite pebbles for a dollar or so at the rock shop. Just be sure it’s really hematite and not a reconstituted stone like hemalyte that may or may not have any magickal properties.

I actually have two tourmalines working in my home-- dravite, brown tourmaline, and schorl, black tourmaline. I don't think it matters if the tourmaline crystal is brown or black. I just like it to be nice and dark and substantial-- sort of a spiritual black hole for negative energy. Choose the tourmaline that calls to you.

Black and brown tourmaline from my collection

Whether you choose tourmaline or hematite, the steps in the magickal working are much the same.

Check your calendar. We want to push negativity out of our lives, so it’s best to perform this spell during a waning moon.

I know. You’re in a hurry. But part of the magickal sacrifice with this spell is that you have to wait for the right time.

So. Schedule the working for a night where the moon is waning or even on a night of the new moon.

Light a white candle.

Light your favorite cleansing incense. For most people these days, it’s sage. But sandalwood still works just fine.

Clear the stone of past purposes and influences. You can use the script we talked about in the chapter called, “Purifying Our Stones.” Download my audio mp3, use your own audio recording that you’ve made yourself, or simply read the script from that chapter.

The main idea is to visualize the cleansing light pouring down from a star down through the crown of your head, down your spine, down your arms, down your hands… and ultimately out of the palms of your hands to bathe your stone in the cleansing light.

The stone is clear and ready to bond with you.

Visualize the light expanding until the stone as well as your entire body is surrounded by a glowing white light.

You are no longer open to other people’s negativity. You are free to go forward to your good.

Now place your stone somewhere in your home where it can secretly continue to work. You don’t have to hide these crystals. They don’t seem to be particularly shy. I actually keep mine in my mineral display cabinet, where they sit innocently among a large collection of green, pink, and watermelon tourmaline pieces.

If you feel the need to, you may renew this simple spell at every new moon. But if you forget, that’s OK. I’ve noticed the reason I forget is because the negativity is no longer touching me. With the quiet support of my stones, I’ve learned to ignore and rise above those negative influences. The “crabs in a bucket” and “Debbie Downer” crowd have mysteriously vanished in search of the next victim.

[][] Some Frequently Asked Questions about Crystal Magick

I answer a lot of beginners’ questions in my first book, Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones, but in case you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, let’s touch on a couple of important concepts.

If I use my power to attract money, won’t I lose my powers?

That’s silly. A football player taps into his physical power to draw money. Some of them get offers for tens of millions of dollars. Why are you less deserving of prosperity than a guy who moves a ball around a stadium?

Do you really think someone who uses their mind, their spirit, or their heart to achieve something is less deserving of success than someone who uses their body?

The theory that you shouldn’t earn money through magick harkens back to the “crabs in a bucket” syndrome we talked about in the last chapter. Some people think it’s easier to pull you back down than to lift themselves up. So they become “concern trolls” who are “concerned” that you will lose your powers if you start enjoying some money luck.

The best thing to do with concern trolls? It’s the same best thing you do with any troll. La la la, I can’t hear you. Ignore them, and they’ll go exercise their “concern” somewhere else.

And, just in case, do that simple spell with a hematite or dark tourmaline to make sure their negativity will stop influencing you.

Where can I learn more about the most popular prosperity stones?

Check out my first crystal cash book, Crystal Cash: Fast Easy Money Magick Using Popular Stones.

Follow-up with a deeper dive, Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity

Visit my official author’s blog at http://amethystqu.blogspot.com/ for full-color pictures and discussions about my real experiences with these stones.

And please don’t forget to join the [+ Amethyst Qu’s Readers Group.+] While the offer lasts, you’ll get the free mp3 crystal meditation right away as well as updates on my new releases.

Just out: The Moldavite Message shares the story of a seeker whose reality shifted after wearing Moldavite while witnessing the fall of a rare green meteorite.

[][] About the Author

I’m a stone-cutter who has been practicing the ancient lore of crystal and stone magick for over a decade. I’m an eclectic worker rather than a purist. If an ancient stone has attracted a lot of legends around it, I’m willing to give it a try.

Want to talk to me about your experiences with stones? You can occasionally find me @AmethystQu on Twitter. Feel free to follow me and message me with your questions. I apologize in advance if I can't get back to you right away, since I am frequently in the field or in the shop working with more interesting crystals.

Like my work and want to support it without spending a penny? If you benefit from this little book and think it deserves a review of four or five stars, please visit the online store where you found the book to leave your review. Your opinion really does make a difference.

Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today

Crystal Cash Spells is a stand-alone no-fluff practical magick short that will show you how to perform three simple workings to draw more money into your life-- even if you're a complete beginner to prosperity magick. You will be amazed at how easy it is to start using metaphysical stones and crystals to draw new money into your life.

  • Author: Amethyst Qu
  • Published: 2017-05-28 21:05:11
  • Words: 5759
Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today