Created in the Image of God

Created in the Image of GOD

by K. P. Walker

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Created in the Image of GOD

You have probably heard politicians and religious people say that all people are made in the image of God. Those that quote this are frequently people that seek to justify personal or political doctrine. But is this a true statement? Were Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mengistu, Edi Amin, Pol Pot, and Genghis Khan all made in the image of God? The National Socialist Hitler killed mercilessly about 11 million people that he considered inferior or undesirable. The Communist Stalin ordered a genocide of Ukrainians and in his time as leader of the USSR he killed about 40 million. Communist Mao Tse Tung (Zedong) killed conservatively 60 million Chinese. The Muslims of Ottoman Turkey carried out genocide of the Armenians and others killing 2 million. Muslims have slaughtered many more millions as they conquered former Christian countries. They have enslaved over a million Europeans and tens of millions of Africans. Mengistu Mariam of Ethiopia slaughtered 1.5 million Eritreans. Edi Amin of Uganda killed a half a million. Then there are leaders of the past such as Genghis Khan. He is reputed to have killed 40 million, a large percentage of the world at that time. Are murders, jihadis and abortionists made in the image of God; or women who had abortions or men that abandoned their wives? People are not nice, male or female. Do they really reflect the image of God?

The God revealed in the Bible is a loving-God. He is the God of life, yet humans that were supposedly created in his image hate and kill. The phrase “made in the image of God” is simply kicked about like a football. Recently an American politician said illegal aliens have the right to stay in America because they were made in the image of God. With that kind of reasoning people can do whatever they want. But with the atrocities above clearly in mind do you want people living near you without self-control? You might be orderly and peaceful, but with the world such as it is do you want to live in a society devoid of institutional restraints? Of course not! Many people cannot be trusted as you can. They like to express their freedom at your expense because their hearts are full of envy, strife, self-centered behavior, and societal mischief. That’s why we have laws, police and boundaries (personal and national).

So what does “made in the image of God” mean? It is a quote from chapter one of Genesis the first book of the Bible. (I’ll let you look it up yourself.) So God created mankind in his own image, male and female. Does this mean that God is a male and a female? Does this mean that God is a glorified man? You can check out on-line the positions and interpretations of the various church denominations and sub-groups. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some say that being made in the image of God affirms the dignity and worth of all humanity (like Stalin?). Others say in God’s image means we recognize that we are part of God’s creation and we must love each other since all are expressions of God (like Mao?). Others say we it means that we have the ability to think beyond providing sustenance. We can create as God does (weapons of war, agents of destruction, the atom bomb?). [Read the free booklet Universe and Beyond by K. P. Walker for more on this universe.] Others think that God’s image enables us to act like God in that we can reject him and act independently, that we are free to do as we please. Unfortunately such serendipitous expressions of freedom mean everyone will have to live in fortresses. This actually happened. Cain built the first city mentioned in the Bible. He built it because of fear of others (Genesis 4). Since no one can agree to what being in God’s image means politicians can apply any meaning needed to justify a political position and get away with it.

[Actually you can read the full story of “in God’s image” in the free sample portion of the book by K. P. Walker called Plan for Life.]

Being made in God’s image is not about a license to kill or rob your neighbor, as the history of humanity seems to suggest. Lets look in Genesis at the story of Adam. First note that only Adam was made in God’s image while Eve was created in Adam’s image, being “bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh.” The story tells how Man had the ability to obey or disobey God. He chose to disobey. This is sin. God drove Man (Adam and Eve) out of Paradise because sin creates a separation between God and Man. [Read Universe and Beyond by K. P. Walker] In Man’s fallen state ruled by sin every good attribute that God gave Man was turned upside-down. Good became bad while bad become good and even fun to do. It is sin that has made the world such a miserable place in which to live, or rather to die. We are exiles from heaven. Yes, we were like God; we were one with him living forever in Paradise because we were part of him. But when we chose to disconnect from him we could no longer live forever, as does God, thus we die. But it’s a good thing the loving God didn’t choose to discard us. He set a way to enable us to reconnect with him. It’s got to do with Jesus. In fact the Bible is all about Jesus. Yes, even the “Old” Testament is about Jesus. Front to back everything written, and every story alludes to the Messiah – Jesus [Read the book by K. P. Walker Plan for Life.] because in him we can be restored to Paradise.

The problem is that we cannot regain Paradise with our sinful natures. Since sin (a state of rebellion against God) precludes our entrance to Paradise we have to be freed from the shackles of sin. That means we must repent. We must turn away from sin and turn to Jesus. With Jesus as our new focal point we can see what we have missed, peace with God and life with him in Jesus. But again, we cannot regain Paradise with our sinful natures, so we must die to sin. Jesus paid the price we owe for sin. He died the death we deserve. Since we are dead to sin we have shed the legacy of our earthly father whose image was of sin and death. In Jesus we have life. He gives us the Holy Spirit who gives us new life and reconnects us to God. By this we are born anew. This is a spiritual birth, and it gives us the right to be called sons of God even as Adam had been. All of this life-saving action by God is called grace – unmerited favor, since there was nothing we could do by ourselves to merit the status as a son of God. As newborn sons we are born in the image of our heavenly father, God (Elohim in Hebrew). Then everything that had been turned upside-down by sin is righted. Good becomes good again. Righteousness becomes second nature instead of alien behavior. Love then covers everything and becomes part of us (instead of being simply sex or an expression of desire). Joy is restored to being with God. The other attributes of God such as grace, justice, mercy, goodness, and faithfulness are celebrated instead of being cursed.

With this knowledge you can see that Genesis 1 is not about us sinful people being created in the image of God, rather it is about becoming new creations, created in Christ Jesus – male and female. Although we are living on this evil planet we become citizens of a better place. In Christ Jesus we shall be with our God forever, as opposed to being separated from him forever. God loves you. He wants you to turn to him in Jesus. He wants you back with him in Paradise. He wants you to be created anew, new in his image. Only in Christ are you made in the image of God. If you are not “in” Jesus you are not and never have been created in God’s image. Keep in mind that “good” deeds will not gain you entrance to Paradise, nor will past evil deeds keep you out. All our deeds are as filthy rags in God’s eyes, so all must repent. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mengistu, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan and his hoards could have repented. Murderers, abortionists, Muslims and jihadis, along with women that have had abortions, and men that have abandoned their wives and families along with liars, cheats, thieves and all people on this earth can repent if they choose to. [For information on immigration to Paradise read the free publication Illegals not Allowed by K. P. Walker.] But understand, repenting means to turn away from the attractions of this sin-infested world and make a complete and permanent about-face (180-degree turn) reaching out in faith to the one that enables you to have life in Paradise forever – Jesus. No one needs to join a church to repent, just repent. God loves everyone, but will only accept to be with him those that forsake sin (rebellion against him) and by faith accept what he (God) has done for them in Jesus.

Now you know that the section of the Bible about being created in God’s image was a prediction of the future when Man (whom God knew would fall away from him) would be restored to his rightful place with God in Christ (King) Jesus forever. [It is in Christ Jesus we will reign also. For more about that rule read the book Plan for Life. For more about King Jesus read the book KING Jesus by K. P. Walker.] Therefore you have no more excuse to use the phrase “Man was created in God’s image” to justify evil, or foolishness, selfishness, ignorance, arrogance, political stances or stupid personal choices. The worst personal choice is to remain separated from God. Repent! Turn to God in Jesus. Do it today. Tomorrow you may wake up once again completely blinded (spiritually) by sin. You were meant to be with God. If you choose anything other than the God revealed in the Bible you will die. If you choose any other path than Jesus you will die. Life or death; you choose. God will honor the choice that you make. Why would you choose to die? Choose life!

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[For a more in-depth presentation about the God that loves you read The Way to Life series, a set of four books unveiling the purpose of the Bible and the God the Bible reveals. The first of the series by K. P. Walker is Plan for Life. It is about God’s plan for salvaging life out of the jaws of death as presented in the Old Testament and the plan’s implementation today. This theme continues in the New Testament with the books KING Jesus and Life in Christ and culminates in the Revelation to John with The Living End. Each book can stand on it’s own if you prefer to read them out of order. If you don’t like such expository books read your Bible and you will do well.]

Created in the Image of God

You've probably heard numerous times that all people are created in the image of God. What about Hitler and Stalin; were they in God's image also? If so, then they were doing God's work. Is it God's job to have people kill other people? This sounds like a very violent theology, but it's certainly not Christian theology. This statement about being created in the image of God is an enigma to most people. Even Christian preachers have stumbled over this seeming conundrum, while unscrupulous people (like some politicians) have capitalized on it to justify personal agendas. But it's actually no mystery at all when examined according to its purpose.

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Created in the Image of God Created in the Image of God