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Crash-course education: True magic without rituals





Crash-course education: True magic without rituals


Bernat Bogner



Published by Bernat Bogner at

Shakespir, this eBook

ISBN: 3903021989

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© 2015 Bernat Bogner



Please understand, that I am not a native English speaker and that no professional editing is done on this short booklet, because I am afraid, that some of its fine tuning could get lost.


If you read my other books which are professionally edited and you have doubts about some details, come back to here, to find your answer. Especially when some of my German books get translated.


Be aware, that such a short text, which you do read now, would be absolutely insufficient for something as big as the entire subject of magic. But if you have some knowledge about magic, you could read it as a stand alone lesson. I do take some pride in having simplified an overwhelming complex subject by making visible it’s most essential inner workings.










1 Warning


2 How Magic Works


Is magic for real?

So, how does magic work?

Doing your magic


It’s all in the mind


3 Published Books By Bernat Bogner – German


4 About The Author


5 Promotion for this book



WARNING: There will be no further warning, so take this one serious.


Unfortunately, the state of ecstasy – At some spots this small booklet refers to ecstasy. How to reach ecstasy is published and well explained in many of my German books and likely some English ones will be available by the time you read this – works well for magic wishes, even if you are not ready for it and subsequently your life can turn into a total disaster. Generally three out of four people, who apply only the soft methods introduced here, are in danger to need psychiatric, not only psychological help.


One out of four people, and this is shown by statistics again and again and around the world, one out of four persons applying these methods explained here, do actually need at minimum an ambulant psychiatric medical treatment. Do not fool around with real magic, use it wisely to your personal growth.





2 How Magic Works



Is magic for real?


Depends on how you define real. Usually it is not: for example, you do wish that somebody calls, and she calls. You should look up her number and send a message, but more often than not you wish such a wish and your call happens.


Magic is for real, but not nearly as practical as a phone book. However, the fact, that it actually works, can easily be seen and reproduced by everyone after having understood this very short text and by everyone who seriously wants to try it. This is no exaggeration and definitely does apply for small wishes. Though it might take some work. Some work, though it is not difficult.


If you can’t make it work, you have to wait for my printed mainstream book in English, ISBN: 3903021199, available soon, which is not an adult book, but will be complemented by its adult counterpart, for the ecstasy part.



But true magic does work without the ecstasy meditation. However, sexuality helps with big wishes.


And I do mean it: I want to give everyone – who seriously wants to learn real true magic, not just fulfillment of wishes – the opportunity to get down to the bottom of the real thing, without devoting his whole life to it. All my materials to learn true magic shall always be easily affordable to everyone.


Again, if you have an open mind to a subject matter like real magic, not magical tricks, and if you have no preoccupied opinions about it and if you are able to read and study this and exercise, indeed this short writing is all you need to go the whole way. It’s the hard way though.


Our main purpose here is not to handle your whole life, like, for example, books like: The Secret does it, though understanding the inner workings of magic will help you to apply and be successful with such books.



So, how does magic work?


Magic is what you think. Of course your thinking influences your own actions, but magic is the direct influence of thought. The intention of the thoughts is the effective force, the cause.


Magic really is that easy: think yourself a wish and then no longer think of any reasons why this wish should not manifest itself.


Usually you do prevent it yourself that it happens, if you believe that it can not. Of course, this is to some degree due to our view of the world – Weltbild.


In your views of how the world is functioning, there are thoughts, likely contrary to your magical wish. The intentions of such thoughts prevent your wish to come true.


To avoid the influence of these counter-intention, we use a process that creates a balance of the elements.


The elements are fire, water, air and earth, as they have been defined in Antiquity, not the chemical elements of modern science.



An example: Your daughter goes out in the evening. She never calls home. You know this and it makes you not too worried, because martial arts is her hobby. In the past you rather had to worry about the young men if they did not keep their distance, when they should.


You feel comfortable, as always cozy at home until the time of bad news on TV, and suddenly you desperately want that she should call. In general, her phone is switched off, although this is not typical among young girls. We do assume this in our invented example. No phone book can help us in this case.


Ideally, you now can apply element balance as follows: be aware that your wish has produced an imbalance.


Note, in an ideal world, the moment when you want it, the call would be made immediately. Thus, the imbalance would be solved.



Doing your magic


We now need to remove the counter-intentions. Some may be hidden. Some are obvious, thoughts like: “How would she know that she should call, she is probably busy with something else, and well, how would she know it at all?” Your own negative experiences, as well, could be counter intentions, and there could be other hidden counter intentions, for example, when something has gone wrong in a similar situation in your past.


This is what prevents your wish to come true, not your initial fear, caused by the bad news on TV.


To remove their influence means to bring them into a harmonious balance, the four aspects of this imbalance, which correspond to the four elements: Without having to go into every single thought of counter-intentions in detail, the establishing of elemental balance do cause the counter intentions to loose their influence. Of course, usually this requires some thinking.



If you feel faint or exhausted due to the situation, this corresponds to fire. Your fear corresponds to water. Your inability to clearly think about it corresponds to air. And the awareness, that it seems, that nothing can be done, to earth. Earth corresponds to everything else, and of course, to the fact, that you don’t want or don’t like it, that she does not call.


To restore the balance, it may help to consider the elements individually. If something can not be clearly assigned to a single element, then it belongs to several elements. Everything that exists can be assigned to one of the four elements, fire, water, air and earth, as this is how they are defined.


Of course you have to stick to your wish. If you no longer wish it, the balance is restored at that moment.


Please note, your thought: “… something is wrong”, after the bad news on TV, was not the wish. Your wish was a decision you made immediately thereafter.



Fire stands for strength, water for feeling good, thinking, talking and such for air and the rest for earth. In a way, earth is a compressed combination of all the other elements.


You feel weak, because you want, that she calls and she has not yet – fire. You are afraid for her – water. You think about what could happen – air. You are aware that you so do not want the situation – Earth.


You can now apply magic in this simple way:


Fire – overcome your current weakness.


Water – again feel good and comfortable about it.


Air – think that it is no problem anyway, perhaps even think of why it is not a problem and reassert or reestablish your ability to talk about it or at least be able to think clearly about it.


Earth – perhaps a conscious moment of awareness, that one has exaggerated, a “teachable moment” or sometimes it is enough, that it is clear, that you can take the matter off of your attention.



That’s all you need to know to balance the elements. Of course, one should keeping in mind, that she (will call, does call – the only magically right wording is) calls. Then exactly it happens. Just then she calls.


No specific order is required to balance the elements. Of course, friends and conversations can help. And the whole range of modern psychology. Many books about magic do begin here, without having explained anything so far, just telling you what to do. Now you can understand and apply them better. But any reasonable healthy person can do it, if he once has understood what is going on here.


If she doesn’t call, you have cheated yourself. You may believe that you have achieved elemental balance, but this was not the case.


Of course some magical wishes can not be realized immediately, for example if a wish is to meet someone in the future. But with a little practice, you develop a sense of whether you have done it right.


You have done this already regularly in your life: for example, if you have, in such a situation, come to the conclusion, that it is not as bad as how you have thought, based on the bad news and you will face the company of your friends again, only to be interrupted at that moment by the call.


You have used magic without knowing it. There is nothing mysterious about elemental balance and nothing mystical about the four elements. It is a simple psychological procedure. It is every days decision, that life goes on. Its magic is to know to use it on purpose and with awareness.



Why does it work?


But how can that be possible? One would think that such a thing is impossible. But such things happen again and again so that you – sure sometimes – have the feeling that it has to do something with yourself. Do not think that it is impossible and it happens. The exact way, how magic works, is not known, eventually physics will be able to explain it. Sure, more questions then will show up, as always with physics, when one question is answered.


Magic can be applied by everyone and repeated as an experiment and it will surprise you how simple it all works when you begin to experiment with small wishes.


In spite of the fact, that this here is just the most minimal book, I guess you can see, that magic is not only: something somewhere withdrawn in a smoky little room with incense and performing a sacred ritual.


Magic is an integral part of current life, it always takes place in the here and now. And of course, especially in quietness and seclusion.


To have understood this, your perception may extend directly, and maybe you can stretch your attention and awareness, to be able to see and observe when and how magic occurs.





For centuries, the best exercise to sharpen your senses in this direction, is simple but difficult. Its German name: Schweigen. Perhaps clumsily translated: Being Quiet or Silence. It does not require an absolute silent environment, silence refers to your mind. Your thinking.


Silence is the king exercise, known in a hundred shades in almost any esoteric direction. Roughly speaking, you exercise that no other thought spits into your desire of your magic wish or spoils your elemental balance. The exercise is simple and can never be practiced with one hundred percent perfection. Two people sitting on chairs in about one meter across each other, do not move around, look at each other and saying nothing.

Perhaps for a duration of five minutes up to several hours. The aim is to think of nothing. If you will be carried away in thought, and noticing it, you are supposed to let off of your thoughts and be in the room with the attention again.


Being aware, that magic exist always and everywhere, then the rest follows almost automatically, you will try in life – live – to influence, and to determine if or at least suspect, that your own thinking is part of it and actually has an impact.

One can see very beautifully, magic is not black or white, it is a more or less.

Magic is not difficult to understand, but Wikipedia does not have everything right, as of this writing: rituals, spells, amulets and the like are highlighted, but the essence is not recognized: it’s all your thinking.



It’s all in the mind


You must think it right and that’s difficult. Because man is typically driven by desires and fears. Magic requires a little, but not really much discipline of thought.


We will not go into rituals here. They have their purpose, but we do not use them here, because when you apply not-understood rituals, it makes it even harder to get results, because you instinctively have the attention on trying to understand and why you apply such rituals. You do not operate magic, but try to understand rituals.


The right way to learn it: Use only your thoughts for small, very small wishes to come true, so that you gain confidence about how magic works. Then, with confidence, it is easier to make big wishes come true.


Besides using ecstasy, to be ready for big wishes, you may need to give substantial work to the growth of your own personality, not to make you stronger or anything like that, but because your wishes from your forgotten past can manifest itself, so that you might get unwanted results.


If this happens, the force must be taken away from old and no longer desired wishes. Usually it is sufficient to become aware of them, to make their influence disappear.


Often it seems, that magic wishes did not come true, but one has only dropped ones intention, did not really want it to happen any more – this can be recognized sometimes when analyzing ones mental activities.


Although it may be difficult to be patient, because you can not immediately materialize big wishes, you have to gain a feeling for and understanding of the procedure, how magic really works, with little wishes first.



3 Published Books By Bernat Bogner – German


Originalausgabe – Magie Lernen


Magie Lernen

Lizenz: Magie Erlernen

Magie Erlernen: Bilder

Keiner Wagt Es Magie Zu Nennen

Magie Lernen Extended

Magie Erlernen Extendet

Magie Erlernen

Magie Selbst Lernen: Der Text wie im Video gelesen

Learning Magic: Almanach

Magie Ohne Rituale Verstehen Und Anwenden Lernen



Technical Writing

Windows Assembler Lesson: How to get into debugging Windows Callback Procedure



4 About The Author


Always a little bit crazy, going his own way, Bernat Bogner lives with his long time girlfriend in the EU in Vienna, where he was born in 1948. Father of three adult children, lived and worked for years in different countries. Though sociable, often loving to be alone, he’s still in his research into esoteric areas.



5 Promotion for this book


True magic has nothing to do with rituals. It’s all in your mind. How it works and how everyone can tap his potential, is well described in Bogner’s books. This one is his first book about magic published in English.


True magic seems to exist only in the weird world of psychics, outside the mainstream of rational thinking. Magic Without Rituals shows a way for, no matter how skeptical a person might be, to verify for himself, what the truth is: everyone can re-experience for himself, that true magic exists and see, how small wishes do come true, using the methods offered here.


This booklet shows just the bare minimal, it is not a self help book, to apply it you have to exercise. It does not help you to overcome your fixed opinions about magic. Without being forced to believe in anything strange, an open mind, no matter how critical, will be able to apply magic with it.


Crash-course education: True magic without rituals

True magic seems to exist only in the weird world of psychics, outside the mainstream of rational thinking. Magic Without Rituals shows a way for, no matter how skeptical a person might be, to verify for himself, what the truth is: everyone can re-experience for himself, that true magic exists and see, how small wishes do come true, using the methods offered here. This booklet shows just the bare minimal, it is not a self help book, to apply it you have to exercise. It does not help you to overcome your fixed opinions about magic. Without being forced to believe in anything strange, an open mind, no matter how critical, will be able to apply magic with it. Note: The full English version as announced in the booklet will not be available as announced, but there is a free pdf available at my site, book: Final Website..., which contains its English Draft at page 38

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Crash-course education: True magic without rituals Crash-course education: True magic without rituals