WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK You’re different, special and unique not just in the colour of your skin and eyes or in the shape, height and size of your body nor fingerprint and DNA makeup but those are the unavoidable evidence that you’re different in purpose, destiny, potential, and vision. If you can be yourself you will definitely astound yourself and others with the great impact, influence and contribution you will make in life. You can't accept yourself without discovering you, and discovering your purpose is discovering you, discovering you is the greatest discovering you can make in life. You should never ignore the ever yearning or hunger for Success and Fulfillment that you were made to achieve. We are all born with it whether we uncover and accept it is up to us; you can’t throw it away because it is built within you by God. It is always redirecting you to the place where you’re meant to be. It’s within our very soul, maybe God Almighty put it inside of us to lead us to our purpose. See, if you ignore it and go a different direction in life it’ll hurt your soul with great pain that leaves you with dissatisfaction even at the last moment of your life, it is still hurting you. If you want to create the life you desire you've to read through to the last page and follow every exercise so that you can Uncover The ‘Why" Of Your Life. The essentiality of ‘Why' deals with the importance of uncovering the why of your life and the unavoidable consequence anyone has to go through if he ignored his life purpose, and before achieving it, there is need to discover it and this ebook of about 25 pages will enable you to uncover your purpose. ‘The six elements of purpose' explain things people don't know about the purpose and this makes it difficult for people to uncover their purpose ‘The cracking process' is a design of exercises that is divided into three parts each part will help you crack or uncover your purpose. Remember, you can make use of this ebook to teach people and help them to uncover their purpose. My goal for giving it out for free not minding the what I've invested in producing it is to help at least one million people to uncover their purpose so that they can live a successful and fulfilled life between now and the next 366 days. I want you to help me to reach out to one million people by sharing the ideas in this book with those around you and help to distribute this ebook.

  • Author: Sir Gideon Chukwu
  • Published: 2018-08-28 23:40:07
  • Words: 4973