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COSMIC JOKE Cartoons, Stories, Poetry








Cartoons, Stories, Poetry


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15 cosmic joke cartoons stories and poetry-Conclusion

















Dear reader,


I am simply a beginner, beginning again here now as I complete this book from my heart to yours. At best it will let you in on the mystic secret of the cosmic joke, for those who already found some cosmic humor, compassionate laughter and for those that don’t get it. The seed has already been planted.









Cartoon 1



Story 1


A transformation in highschool


I was 17 years old, an Oakcrest student. I had just had spiritual awakening in one amazing day on a jersey beach the day before. I was transformed from a cynical lonely misfit, rational materialist, anti-spiritual and anti-religion, total mainstream science, strict-Darwinism total emotionally wounded hater plus a paranoid conspiracy theorist to the universe seeing oneness through a small embodied being in a pocket of time space. The experience went away but I had a little spark of faith in a spiritual level of reality. As I walked down the hallways of oakcrest… I was happy and smiled without fear and felt home in my heart faith. The school I used to hate, the people that where all against me I thought… I loved. I felt connected to them all. That day is echoed into the present as I remember be here now. I still have plenty of challenges, I forget and I remember. Yet the past memories can remind us to be here now. Love to Oakcrest and people that went their at the time I did.




sweet yearn for the divine


Oh the sweet yearn for the divine

A blessed meal only One to dine

on the path looking for a sign

A little clue

A glimmer in the morning dew

A glimpse to keep me keeping on

It is darkest before the dawn

An age of chaos coming to an end

The be here now era around the bend

A leap in evolution moving forward now

do you really mean it when you say WOW???









Read Be Here Now, life changed

October 12, 2001


Around this time, I shed my atheism materialistic philosophical point of view that saw all spirituality as delusion the first time I tripped on LSD, and experienced everything as one consciousness, one being, that is everything, and… although everything was interconnected and interdependant, beyond all the planes of consciousness, there was a true love, that unconditionally loved all of itself… Yet I could only realize this being on psychedelics, so I was naturally into Tim Leary and Aldous Huxley… knowing this my meditating Uncle recommended Remember Be Here Now… when my copy arrived in my dorm room, the first time I looked at it, it had a glow or aura like I was tripping.

It was a magical book it seemed, I sat down a read the beginning story of Ram Dass, crying, and feeling my heart open to the experience of oneness not on a drug but through a presence that mirrored in me finding my own presence, When I got to the brown section of the book, it was read to me by a divine voice… thus, I began practice to be here now, and find methods that were always avaliable in the present. The book became a bible to me since then… and when I got to meet Ram Dass for the first time in austin texas in 2004 at an omega retreat, I realized Neem Karoli Baba as my guru… Even today I see visions of the pages of the brown section when I run into a situation that needs the books guidance. It is a living book and it lives in my soul




Without Sin



Golden memories of ET love affairs with civilizations long past

they fall, chaotic imbalance with scientific progress, only love lasts

We are all One when will the globe awaken to here now

Does it matter in the ecstatic embrace of the present holy wow

Yes it does, fierce urgency has it’s place, change the world the human race

The race is to our symbiotic destiny, no more endless chase

We will win, love wins, see all beings as kin

We are born pure holy and without sin










A stream of consciousness tale of Eric and Elise

I had been praying to this Indian Saint, Ananda Mayi Ma about my dream tantric partner spiritual wife for life and beyond, on a contract to help awaken… I made a list of the qualities I desired Had to have had powerful psychedelic experience and natural spiritual experience Had to understand the different levels of consciousness, the different channels,,,,


CHANNEL 1: Ego duality the material gross planes and the astral planes


CHANNEL 2: Soul Land, all souls are home, loving everything both in soul land and in the spiritual heart where it lives during incarnations… the soul sees it is all ONE and begins the dance of merging back to ONE as the ego dissolves



Had to be into classic rock form the 60s and 70s, especially beatles moody blues beatles solo stuff grateful dead bob Marley and so on Had to be open as seeing sex as sacred offering to the divine and tantric yogi Had to be a beautiful hippy woman Had to have an instant connection, past lives Had to love my sense of cosmic humor Anyway, I read the list and prayed staring into the Indians Saint;s glowing eyes for 6 months every day no success





Then there she was an instant connection and remembering on my part. I watched her walk by she feeling strange feelings too, went into the bathroom, doubting the experience… as she walked out, I was standing there saying “One consciousness” to a classmate. She saw it as a good sign, and embraced our connection. We talked as we started walking to class and both got a feeling of being kindred spirits, We exchanged numbers Next we ran into each other at Lake Fred, the lake around Stockton campus. As we straggled each other lost in love, I came to find she had all the qualities I prayed for, especially the channels, as you understood them right away, After a month of spiritual passionate tantric experience where in the middle of the sacred sex we went out of our bodies to the deva angel planes of reality, where we recalled we were there in only light love and play, but that we decided to go down to earth share the karma and do some reincarnations on those planes. And then back to the love making, explaining to each other our dual OBE experiences, it blow our minds.. A month late a disabled man, through the grace of the guru, decided we should get spiritual married for life and beyond. So we did, right there in that pizza shop/. So begin our hot tantric love making romance spiritual awakening wild rollercoaster ride of a relationship. With many stories for another time. Over 10 years later after all the thick and thin we been though, my partner Elise has been there for me as I have for her, I write this with great faith that our journey shall last, the Erise journey, until after this incarnation, until after reincarnation on deva planes, in Nirvana, that I can taste a glimpse here and now on earth… Going nowhere NOWhere






Love poem to ET


I love my ET friends above

They know “All One” and they love

Love all, with compassion and one consciousness being

They have cultivated for their planet, the One

what only realized beings on earth are fully seeing

The One, the place where are souls are home, we won!

So I write this love poem to my ET friends today

May they soon help our planet find a way

When we are ready for their help, it must be soon

Perhaps they even have bases on the dark side of the moon









Flying miracle painting


So this painting done by my mom just flies off its place without any wind or force, Newtonian physics can’t explain this, it is humbling miracle. My life is freaking a long strange trip to be here now. Newton obviously never had this happen to him








The way is the way


Sacred mother earth, creatures, nature hear me

I call to you as I write poetry may I be and see

All as ONE in a divine mysterious soup

Karma and reincarnation goes in a loop

Break the cycle find the guru’s play

Don’t you know, the way is the way

New moment, new day

Greet each new day and here now with Love

Hear the soft sweet song of the inner dove






Mozzie stick miracle

Put 8 full mozzie sticks into oven prayed to baba to as a miracle eat half of one like he did as a prayer an earth prayer to Paris, out of the stove one mozzie stick halfway eaten the rest untouched, a miracle sign for sending a miracle of human unity and action to realize collective intelligence and evolve into symbiotic harmony with Earth. Picture of miracle below..





Birds and bees tantric embrace


The birds and the bees, the flower and trees

The gross material world be transformed please

In my perception, let me see it as grist for the mill, tantra

yes tantra, if you will,

using the external and worldly here and now

whatever arises to transport you into childlike humility the great wow

The terrible drama of nature carries with it a tiny bit of humor haha

I know that I can cry and laugh in love at the feet of neem karoli baba

Who balances nature and formless for me into one eternal spirit

Who gives me a glimpse, unconditional love, just a little bit

And it is…

enough for now…






















This is just a taste of the cosmic joke presented by south jersey baba


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To be continued…

COSMIC JOKE Cartoons, Stories, Poetry

This slice of cosmic joke stories, cartoons, and poetry is good for the whole family to enjoy. Come on take the ride, its short and free,,, and I got more books and youtube channel if you need more.

  • Author: South Jersey Baba
  • Published: 2016-08-24 12:05:13
  • Words: 1715
COSMIC JOKE Cartoons, Stories, Poetry COSMIC JOKE Cartoons, Stories, Poetry