Confide in the Right People

Confide in The Right People

By: Destiny S. Harris



It is favorable to always assume the best from people, but we must be realistic. Do you recall times where you told someone your private feelings about someone else and later came to find out that the information you conveyed got “leaked”? There is a strategy to avoid this altogether: only confide in people who have no connections or knowledge of the person you share information about. The ultimate strategy is to never gossip or talk about people; if you follow this route, you will avoid many problems. However, we are human; sometimes we simply need to vent about people who struck a chord (good or bad) with us. If you need to vent, express yourself to someone who is completely unbiased and has nothing to gain from your venting session. The trouble with talking about people is not always about what is said, but who it is said to, and the method it is conveyed (e.g. word of mouth, text, phone, email, etc.). Keep your most private thoughts and opinions for face-to-face conversations with the right people. Lastly, if you gossip and talk about people in public, people will notice and will assume you will do the same to them behind their back; talking publicly about others in a negative fashion will tarnish your reputation and people will know not to trust you.


Rules of Communication:


1. Never say anything negative or questionable about anyone with a documented trail (e.g. email, text, all electronic and written communication).


2. Never confide in someone about someone else, if that person knows them (exceptions can be family and similar relationships).


3. If someone comes to you to talk about someone, maintain a neutral stance and give no opinion.

Confide in the Right People

  • ISBN: 9781370473083
  • Author: Destiny S. Harris
  • Published: 2017-02-02 01:05:08
  • Words: 296
Confide in the Right People Confide in the Right People