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Compilation - A Final Source Of Veneration


Compilation – a final source of veneration

© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz

Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-65-6


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “Wonder-ring – a sense of what the future bring (a blur of everything)” 2016.


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If you take it as one thing, what is the new that it will be bring

except that with a soul to sing has its own ‘wonder-ring’.



Compilation – A Final Source of Veneration


Without the compunction to redact,

I wondered how we’d act

if we simply start to see,

life bigger now for you and me,

to breathe right through

all we sought to shape and hew.


A block of wood taught its own good…


A compilation verse without the need to re-disperse

is melded into one, as though to speak as one song

and moments of the past

in such echo last

for I took a little thing

(heart and soul of wondering)

and neither thought to care

what resonated where

but simply start to share

what was there …


A sublime test

and call it all (for) the best

whatever now arrest


or poke its head

and ruminate

why leave it all to fate,


when now I hesitate to reveal

a medley of a spinning wheel


and time in its own sign

drew each breath away

to let the flow of memory stay

an ‘in and out’ today.


It took a moment to behold

all I cherish now of old

and in the cold

of morning sun

I rejoiced in seasons


a simple source of fun


when we know not to disguise

here is how time flies

and the cawing of the bird

‘almost full moon’ heard


A final introduction

a simple source deduction

and in compilation

breathe – a sense of happiness


to move among each bough

and see such growth somehow

had wrought it’s own good end

(for here I leave it now my friend)


And hidden so for all

the mystery in its own stall

always keeps on going

always keeps on showing

where the fresh wind is blowing

fast and free

“A hail to all imagery”


and in such moments true

I dug around

and so met you

out on the open field


for nothing opened

now concealed

the hidden depths

that yield

all of life appealed


And I thought to just compare

move my spirit in the air

but instead, to put to bed

a compilation wed -

for previous fresh air sped

on to daring-do:

“Life here and now, I worship you!”


and there a final clue,

to simply solider through

and let joy renew

as you once wished it to.


Compilation – a final source

of full gestation on the

verge of new creation, a

sweep through generation

to suddenly explore: infinity

knocks on my door (and

why should I roar when

all to life gentleness



Compilation – a final source of veneration

a final moment true

to immerse yourself in blue


blue blue sky

how the spirit fly

and I am left to see

an inner outer harmony

and hidden from the stars

the twinkle shards away

what had moved today

in a different way

from all my former play.


I scrubbed away what once I saw

I scrubbed out to an open door

the heat of life could not ignore

‘see how her spirit soar

when her energy pour

bright and new”,


and so turned around

I knew – the start of life

that choose to

call again “Renew

the purpose true

and clear

that carried fresh

your yesteryear”


Yesteryear and yesterday

all those troubles blown

away, and instead I see:

life needs mercy.


Compilation source

it was the water force

that sprang again anew

and worshipped life

through and through.


Why should the end

reflect the last?


Why should a memory

fresh light cast?


Why should the draft

of what we used to say

matter anyway?


And then I knew

all life is chosen

to compile anew.


A medley literally

of ‘prior displacement energy’

reverberates endlessly.


And I am left to know:

the new shall always grow

beyond the words we show

life keeps its own flow

to marry deep below


the deep unfrozen thing

the heart and soul to sing

no matter what the future bring.


Compilation source

Life’s veneration force:

a flooded water course.


And a butterfly flew

across the field in front of you


“How could you ever know

how the green grass grow?


How could you ever feel

what to life is its own deal?


How could you really tell

what could ever heal a well?”


And token sense now broken

such simple words were spoken

out into the open.


The sense the horrifying

is now death-defying


The sense of disaster

is now life’s new master


The sense of treachery

a world’s calamity


The sense that life undone

in the freedom that is spun

to mar the life of everyone

in a null-sum game

to always conquer yet again.


And yet, teeming through

compilation can renew

the source of life -

the wooden block that always hew


the untouched thing

a simple source of wonder-ring.


Wonder-ring a final veneration sing

It is not too late

our lives can extrapolate

what to joy we may equate

when we see our path

as a light shaft

of wonder and delight

that inspite

of what we see

we know our spirits to be free.


Wonder-ring the final choice that we shall bring

The future all a blur

The simple choices we concur


And yet teeming through

compilation starts anew

steady purpose coming through

when worlds start to see

cataclysmic is just one reality


an orderly sense of time

open the divine

a block of ancient wood

unhewn can do it good.



Purple Eyes Publishing

The value of knowing is that we never stop growing.


Compilation - A Final Source Of Veneration

Words can not ring true when horror surround you - words can not convey the medley of a yesterday - words can not explore what was once an open door - yet words can recall what life is living for: veneration caught on the cusp of new creation, when we start to see what matters for humanity.

  • ISBN: 9781910774656
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-07-19 18:05:07
  • Words: 1024
Compilation - A Final Source Of Veneration Compilation - A Final Source Of Veneration