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Coloring to Life: Archangels & Ascended Masters



Amelia Bert


[*This eBook is a preview of featured designs and not suited for coloring on any device, or for printing. As a gift, please scroll down to the last page to get a direct link to download a free PDF file with 3 high quality images for printing. *][[

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The methods describe within this Book are not intended to be a definitive set of instructions for this project. You may discover there are other methods and materials to accomplish the same end result.

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First Printing: January 2017

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Archangel Michael

































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I am not artist, I am author, an Angel intuitive, a person who likes to spent their time in a productive and fun way. I have dedicated many hours expanding my spiritual side and skills. I am learning, studying, and writing about all those things I have learned. This book is not about sharing that knowledge; it is about helping you to expand as well in a productive and fun way. This is just any kind of book, it is a coloring book to enhance your spirituality, expand your spirit and welcome Divine energy into your life.

Meditation is a tool that helped me relax, find peace, connect with spirit, as well as to put my life in order. I have to admit it took me months to reach that calm state where I could easily let go of thought. Most of the times I couldn’t clear my mind and failed to meditate. It is true, meditation is such a valuable tool for all, but it becomes frustrating to relax those thoughts. For this, I spent time looking for an alternative method to relax my mind; and then, I tried coloring.

With coloring, you allow yourself to wonder as you do you do not restrict thoughts, but allow them to be realized and then released. As you do, your mind relaxes and succeeds peace, clarity and achieves connection with spirit. This is because the more peaceful you are, the more you become a match to your higher self. I found that inspiration and guidance from my guides and Angels came regularly while I was coloring. I was able to remove stress, negative energy and ease my mind, similar to the benefits I gained from meditation. Coring became my best alternative.

Furthermore, coloring and in particular this book has more benefits than just those mentioned above. Coloring goes beyond meditation to achieve spiritual connection and manifestation of our desires. Here’s how: As you color, you focus your attention on the picture in front of you. You spent 15 – 60 minutes even more, looking at that project, paying attention to every little detail. If you have studied the “law of attraction” at all, you know that everything that you observe is important, all you see, notice or think bring you similar events or circumstances to match that which you saw, noticed or thought. So why not spent those 60 minutes in fact using the law of attraction, to help you achieve a desire, a goal, an emotion? Every image that exists in this book, helps you to utilize the time you spent on each sketch productively, so you can attract a positive outcome in your life, as well as relax, connect with your higher self and find peace of mind.

The coloring book you are reading right now focuses on “Archangels and Ascended Masters”. Each one of them exits in the nonphysical and helps you in different ways each time you call for them. Usually you use prayer to connect with them, but the truth is, all you need is a thought or focused attention so that they know you call for them. as you spent your time coloring their image, your attention is on them, so they surround you selflessly and shower you with their love and you are peaceful enough to receive their assistance. As you work on the project in front of you, they too, work to help you in any way they can. This book dedicates an information page on each Archangel or Ascended master, explaining how each one can benefit you, as well as an invocation that if read out loud, you allow them to do so. One can help you by bringing inspiration, guidance, healing, and protection or even help you find your path. Working with Angels is really constructive and this book helps you to do so effortlessly, creatively and in a fun way.

Clear your schedule as often as you can and allow time for healing, creativity and peace. Remember it is not a waste of time, but a productive and healthy time for your spirit. Bring some peace, inspiration and divine frequencies in your life now. You deserve it!



27 different Angels and Ascended masters fill the pages of this book. As you color them their energy accompanies you and work to assist you. Clear your schedule, put a “do not disturb me” sign outside your door and go on a fun, healing and uplifting journey with them as you color their images.

The instructions book are simple: Free your schedule for at leat 1 hour, put some relaxing music on if you want, sharpen your coloring pencils and read the information page on each Archangel or Ascended master before you begin your coloring. Read the invocation out loud if you wish to invite them to heal or assist you.

Remember all Angels and Ascended masters are omnipotent meaning they can be in many places at once. You will not be taking their time if you call for them because in spirit time does not exist. They can be everywhere, and they love to assist anyone who calls for them selflessly.

As an Angel channel, I am able to connect with Angels and Ascended masters and translate their energy to words. I present quotes from each one as a reply to my question: “How can you help us?” Each information page explains how each Archangel or Ascended master can benefit us. If you choose to ask them for assistance, read the prayer at that page, to allow them to work with you. If not, you can simply begin coloring and you might experience a shift of uplifting energy or inspiration. These great Archangels or Ascended masters help anyone who calls for them. There is no discrimination or preference. They love all of you equally, so do not hesitate to call for them. (If you want to know about me and what I do please visit ameliabert.com )

I have decided to include known Archangels and Ascended masters as I could not add them all; for this I have tried to accommodate known figures of most religions.

Now that you know the various benefits of this activity, you understand that the time you spent coloring is sacred; do not allow others to interrupt you. Think of it like meditation, you need peace to relax your thoughts and re-center your being.

Happy coloring!




[]Archangel Michael

“I am Michael and I bring you power from above. Call me to strengthen you, bring you courage and protection. I save you from the darkness; I bring you to the light.”

He is the most known Archangel. He is very old, wise and powerful. He helps all who call upon Him generously. He is usually portrayed holding a sword as a representation of fighting negative energy.

My experiences from Working with him, are that He uses this “sword-like” object to vacuum negative energy. I had felt the vacuum effect several times while asking for cleansing.

Call Archangel Michael for physical and spiritual protection. He currently works with several other Angels that accompany him to learn, and assist us. He also helps us in finding our path and what really matters. He cuts any negative cords of attachment with people, events or circumstances that have a negative effect on you. This way they do not affect you any longer.


Archangel Michael, please join me now. I ask that you protect me, and clear my energy from any negative thoughts, emotions, or physical attacks. Remove blockages that keep me from living in alignment with my true purpose.

Cut all cords that are draining my energy and well-being from this or any other lifetime.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and so it is.



[_      _]

“I am Raphael, I illuminate your soul, I bring it healing light. Entrust me with your pain, I will carry it away.”

I have worked with this Archangel many times and the results are almost instant and noticeable. His presence is light yet easily known to those who can sense energy. Sometimes people feel a mild tingling energy as Raphael works to heal them; others see green lights. Raphael knows what you need to heal but he needs your permission to do so. The following invocation is all you need to do so.


[_ “Archangel Raphael, I call on you now, I ask for your healing strength. Please restore my body in its natural healthy state. Please take away the sadness, take away the pain, and help me experience life in the best possible way. Thank you, I love you, and so it is.” _]



“I am Gabriel, the messenger of God. I bear messages for things to come; I bring you to the truth, guide you to your purpose.”

As a spiritual author I work with Archangel Gabriel regularly. She is one of the spirits that I can channel very clearly. She is keen on communicating with us and so she lowers her energy to match our own. Archangel Gabriel accompanies writers, journalists, artists, actors, dancers, and teachers. She is considered as a messenger of beautiful news as well as a guide. Moreover this Angel guards and protects children.


“[_Archangel Gabriel, I ask that you assist me with _____ project. Please inspire my creativity. Help me open my mind so that I bring unique ideas. Please help me have the energy and motivation to follow through on this inspiration. Thank you, and so it is.” _]



“I am Metatron, I am the guard of your thoughts. I hear all requests, guard all prayers. I bring peace of mind and nourish wishes.”

Metatron is the guard of “Akashic Records”, the records of all knowledge and experiences of every spirit, all worlds and universes. They say that Metatron is only the second Archangel that used to walk in physical form. This makes Him very close to humans and familiar with all our needs and desires. He understands them and he can help us fulfill them.

The geometric cube that he holds in the sketch is a representation of him accessing and controlling the flow of energy.

Metatron can help you release negative thoughts and energies, access the Akashic records so you can understand where you have been and where you are going.


_ Dear Archangel Metatron, please help me extend my connection to God and guide me to understand my choices and my path. Thank you, and so it is._




“I show you the path, I shine the way. I inspire your being so that you find your way. I never let you fall; I surround you with love and light.”

Jesus Christ is a great Ascended master that made us understand our connection to what we call God, and helps us find our truth even now. He is known as “the son of God”. He has done many miracles while in physical form and still does so while in spirit. His energy is very loving and powerful to those who can feel, see or hear connection with spirit.

He helps us to connect with God and with our own divine power. He restores our faith, heals us, inspires us and brings miracles into our lives.

In the sketch he stands in front of a path and invites us to join him. Doves are a representation of the Holy Spirit as it was portrayed in the Bible.


I call for Jesus Christ and I lovingly ask him to assist me find forgiveness and resolve the hate. Help me heal my life in all ways, find strength and peace in mind and well-being in body. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you. And so it is.




“I am Haniel, I surround you with loving energies, I supply you with courage. I empower you when the moon is full with the power of the stars.”

Haniel is often presented as a feminine Angelic presence.  Her name means Grace of God and she helps us to remain pure and true to our divine self. Haniel’s energy supports us to raise our connection with this Higher self; she often guides our clairvoyant abilities, inspiration and inner judgment. She is associated with the moon and the stars, as she can easily use their energy to boost our own. Similarly, as presented in the sketch, Archangel Haniel holds earth in one hand while a big star on the other, to stabilize their energy, and offer us a lighted earth. It also represents her ability to enhance our clairvoyant abilities.


Archangel Haniel, please bring your Divine energy to enlighten me, enhance my connection with my true higher self so that I receive clear guidance, inspiration and wisdom. Thank you for guiding my words, actions, and ideas. thank you, thank you and so it is.


* *



“I am Uriel; I foresee your light, ensure you stay pure. If you ever lose your way, call me to return you to the shine. I bring you love and harmony to both spirit and body.”

Archangel Uriel is one of the most popular Archangels. She is often presented as both female and other times as male. She is full of wisdom and knowledge as she helps to push us forward towards our own expansion. Call her for instant solutions or resolutions. She helps to lighten the right path to anyone who is in need of guidance.

In the sketch she holds the book of the “Akashic records” that is a representation of all the knowledge and wisdom that exists.


[_“Dear Archangel Uriel, Help me to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that I need .please assist me to understand the messages you give me, help me find my path and purpose.” _]



“I am Mary, I am like a mother to all who call upon. I embrace you in my arms, pamper you with love; kiss your forehead, light up your heart. All is alright.”

Known as “Virgin Mary” or “Madonna” is the mother of Jesus Christ. She has pure loving energy and is known as mother to all. She cares for, guides, reassures, nurtures and loves unconditionally. She often raises the vibration to those who call upon her. Her presence is often acknowledged by the smell of roses or the feeling of unconditional love and peace.

Call Mother Mary to find strength, healing, peace and reassurance.

In the sketch she spreads her arm towards you to wrap you in a warm loving hug.


“Mother Mary please be present with me now; wrap me in a loving blanket, help me be at peace. Reassure me of good things to come, remind me of my divinity. Thank you , thank you thank you.”



“I am Ariel; I connect you with your divinity, guide you to your gifts, bring bounteous abundance from beyond.”

Ariel is the Archangel of nature, manifestations, healing, and prosperity.

She is usually seen as having a female form. In the sketch she is presented with a lion as her name means “lioness of God”. She heals using the energy of earth. she is a protector of this planet and of animals. She has a close correlation with spiritual elements such as fairies, gnomes and elves.


_ Archangel Ariel, please join me now and help me remove any financial blockages that keep prosperity to flow in my life. Also, please guide and inspire me to find ways to assist earth. Thank you, and so it is._



“I am Jophiel, I surround you with loving beauty. I replace troubles with love and purpose. I reveal the beauty that exists within all.”

Jophiel is known for the Angel of beauty, not only for the outer beauty, but also the beauty within. She helps us see the kindness and beauty within all people and circumstances. She eases worry and anxiety to fill us with positive thoughts and emotions to find meaning in all we do and beautify our own lives.


Archangel Jophiel I ask that you help me beautify my thoughts and actions. Help me see and spread love. Thank you thank you thank you.

[* *][

* XI*


“I am Sandaphon, I accompany your soul to travels. I guard yourself to sleep, I foresee your wishes and bless you with what you need.”

He is known as the Archangel of music and messenger of our prayers.

In the sketch he sits on top of earth playing his peaceful harp to the world.


[_“Beloved Archangel Sandalphon, I ask that you deliver my prayers to God and help me understand any messages so that I apply them with success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” _]

(If you have any particular prayer or request ask Archangel Sandalphon to deliver it with your invocation.)



“I am Francis, I know your hardships, see your struggles. Fear not, you will find your way if you follow your heart. I stand by you, watching you grow. Call upon me for courage and strength and I shall bring you plenty.”

This great Ascended master is known for many miracles. He gave up all the riches to follow the humble life, devoted to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. He is also known as the patron saint of animals, the environment.

I have heard many stories and I am always amazed and appreciative of him.

[*Prayer written by Saint Francis: *]

“Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.”]



“I am Chamuel, I bring you divine love and peace. I connect you with your divinity. You are godly beings of love.”

This Archangel is known for helping us find Love and Peace. She brings harmony in our relationships and helps us find our inner peace.


Thank you great Archangel Chamuel for healing my life, and thank you for healing the relationships with all the people in my life. With you guiding me, I know great things follow. And so it is. Amen.



“I am Raziel, I surround your being when asked. I remove blockages from within so you reach your full potential and glory. I bring you to your shine.”

The Archangel of wisdom, Archangel Raziel helps us connect with our divinity so that we find our path and gain the knowledge that we have forgotten.

In the sketch, He holds our life’s contacts and shines the light on our path.


“Archangel Raziel, help me heal away any fears from previous lifetimes so that I focus clearly upon my Divine life work.”



“I am Zadkiel, I bring you forgiveness and grace. I know your struggles and hardships; I bring you the mercy of God. You are forgiven and so loved.”

As we hold memories, we hold good and bad energy within. With forgiveness we release resentment and Archangel Zadkiel assist us to do this. He also helps us to remove negative energy and emotions from our memories so that we find peace.


Please Archangel Zadkiel remove all negative emotions that I have inside such as anger, hate and resentment so that I find peace. Thank you for helping me forgive and shift any painful memories or recollections. Thank you, and so it is.



“I am Raguel, I bring peace and harmony, resolve your fights, restore your relationships. If you need me ask and I hear you.”

This kind Angel helps us find new friends, resolve our arguments and bring understanding in our disputes. She also assists us to accept and love our own selves.


“Dear Archangel Raguel, please heal and harmonize all of my relationships and help me to be a good friend to myself and all others.”



“I am the universal energy bringing forth your inner desires. Do not hold your wishes captive. Open the doors to let them flow.”

Lakshmi is one of the three Hindu Gods. She, is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and prosperity. She holds the promise of material fulfillment and contentment.

Most use mantras to call upon her. Mantra is a phrase or sentence that is repeated over and over. The following three mantras call for Lakshmi to bring forth prosperity. Choose any one and repeat it silently as you draw her image.

Lakshmi mantras:

[_ (1) OM Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha; (2) OM Hreem Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmi Namaha._]



“They call me Buddha, I am one with all, and so are you. Call me to help you cease the gap and recognize it so.”

Buddha is an Ascended master who lived in Nepal during the 6th to 4th century B.C. he spend hours in meditation receiving answers from spirit and hence he because the wise Buddha known to many. His teachings are alive today and followed by many known as “Buddhism”.

As we call for him, he can help us remove our own mental blockages and find our divinity within.


[I call upon you great Buddha, please guide me to find my true divine nature, silence the ego and connect with my true self.

[_ _

_ _



“I am Jeremiel, I shine your pathway towards blessings and fortune. I show you the way. See; I light up the way for you to follow.”

Archangel Jeremiel often brings mental visions known as clairvoyance in order to help us understand our path. It is known that this Angel helps souls that crossed over understand the life and choices of that life. Anyone who calls for him, can help to do the same.

In the sketch representing him, he shows the crown chakra and how he connects to it to bring us visions.


“Archangel Jeremiel, help me receive Divine guidance that will best lead me along the path of my life’s mission.”



“I am Azrael, I bring you protection and faith. I light the way in the darkness and assist you on your great journey.”

Archangel Azrael is our supporter in times of loss and grief. He helps us communicate with our loved ones that have passed, and understand the bigger reason behind their passing. He also directs newly passed souls to find their way to higher planes.

In the sketch he is represented as a warrior, fighting our darkness so that we find peace.


Dear Archangel Azrael, please helm release grief from my heart so that I move on.”



“I am Anael, I bring you the power of joy. I welcome loving emotions to those who call upon me. I accompany them to journeys where love conquers all. I bring you bliss, feel it from within.”

Not a lot of people know about this Archangel but as an Angel intuitive, she has been revealed to me. She brings joy to those who call upon, and helps us see the positive in every incident. As you work with her, she helps you appreciate the beauty all around.

In the sketch she stands behind the girl who prays, reinforcing her with blissful energy.


Archangel Anael, brings help me be happy now. Help me appreciate what I have so that I love where I stand. Thank you.




“I come to those who call upon me. I help you understand your path and lift your burdens.”

This is a very powerful Ascended master that helps us with discoveries, healing and he helps us understand the knowledge of the universe. Additionally, he aids us to find the freedom within ourselves.

Saint Germain helps those who wish to work towards world peace and bring about integrity and morality.in the sketch he holds sacred geometric key to help you with ascension.


Saint Germain help me to do good deeds and help the world. Help me be free from ego so that I ascend.



“I am Orion, I bring peace if you are upset. I bring high energy to face your bothers. I bring harmony to your worry. I release you from troubles so you are free.”

This is a relatively new Archangel. H[*e *]is the Angel of manifestation. He helps us find the path towards what we desire. He will help you get clear on what you want and why you want it, and help you manifest it from a place of clarity.


[_ Archangels Orion, please help me understand what are my true desires and help me manifest them rapidly. Thank you and so it is.      _]



“As you open the connection amongst us, you let the energy that I bring be one with yours. With that energy I speak to you, I direct you, so you understand from your past, and thrive in your future. I help you translate divine energy into words so you are never lost, but always found.”

Saint John the Batist was the one who baptized Jesus Christ. It is said that John prepared people for Jesus’ arrival. He was a great teacher in dark times and a prophet.


_ Great Saint John, please guide me to the light, shine my pathway so that I act for the greatest and highest good for me and all. Thank you._



“I am Quan Yin. Like the flowers that bloom you do as well. I help you recognize your fears so you donot hold them hostage within, as you let them out, you allow yourself to bloom and grow.”

(As I was connecting with this great Ascended master she kept showing me blooming flowers.)

Quan Yin in Sanskrit means “she who hears the cries of the people” but many know her as “the goddess of compassion.” This great Ascended master is known for giving out compassion, love and mercy.

She is known to relieve us from suffering and past trauma, comfort us when in pain, and ease any physical or emotional pain.


Quan Yin, mother of compassion, please heal any pain and suffering I have at heart, help me let go of sadness and grief. Help me live peacefully, in good health and happiness. Thank you for hearing my prayers. And so it is.




[_ “I am Barachiel, I guide you to projects, I grand you requests, I bring you blessings. Notice what you have now and be grateful, then ask for what more you need and I shall guide you to it.”_]

Barachiel means “God’s blessings.” Similarly this archangel helps to grand us our deepest desires as long as they resonate with our higher purpose. He helps to bring success, strengthen our relationships, and bring abundance in all areas of our lives.

In the sketch Barachiel stands behind our praying figure summoning the frequency of our desires back to us.


[_ Archangel Barachiel, I acknowledge and appreciate all that I have now. Please help me to bring (name your desire) into my life now. Thank you for showing me the way towards it now. I appreciate this desire now as I know it will be with me soon. Thank you, and so it is.”_]



We all have one or even more Guardian Angels looking after us. They help us find our path, restore our energy, and connect us with people or events that will benefit us.

This sketch is dedicated to your own Guardian Angel. No angel or spirit can assist you unless you want and allow them to. Read the following invocation out loud so that your Angel hears and connects with you while you color.


_ Dedicated Guardian Angel, thank you for looking out for me, for assisting me to find my path and restore me when I need. Please join me now and inspire me, help me understand what is the next step to take towards a life full of happiness and purpose. Thank you, and so it is._

Special thank you to:

[*- *]All of my dedicated followers, may we widen the light among all.

[*- *]My patient illustrator designer: Riska Maulinda[_ [email protected]_]

[*- *]To my greatest supporter K.H

[_ _]


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Amelia Bert is a freelance author and online journalist. At twenty five, she discovered her intuitive side, and mastered the clairaudient and clairvoyant ability to connect with spirit. She chooses to solely communicate with lighted spirits such as Angels that guide and inspire her.

She works closely with the Angels, through her psychic abilities. She gathers wisdom and information in that way, and shares it through her books and meditations. She aims to help others make a connection with their higher consciousness and discover their life’s purpose.

Amelia has a degree in English language and literature. She spends her time writing, learning from the Angels, and painting. She lives with her fiancée and three cats and she plans to travel the world.

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Coloring to Life: Archangels & Ascended Masters

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Coloring to Life: Archangels & Ascended Masters Coloring to Life: Archangels & Ascended Masters