Coloring Books for Adults - Volume 1 - Mandala Circles


Volume 1



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Coloring Books for Adults

Although I was born in Glendale, Arizona, today I live in Tallahassee, Florida, with my seventeen year old daughter Sarah and two dogs. My son, a realtor, lives just down the street with his wife and two year old son, Josh.

A local government officer for many years, today I spend much of my time looking after my grandson and indulging my passion for art. I also spend time each weekend helping out at a local senior citizens center where, among other things, I run classes on relaxation. It was here that I first experimented with adult coloring and began creating my own coloring patterns.

While I was hesitant to do so at first, encouragement from others finally persuaded me to gather up my coloring patterns and publish them as a series of books. Today therefore a much wider audience can experience the joy of coloring and either take it up, or continue with it, as a firm favorite when it comes to shaking off the trials and tribulations of life and simply relaxing.

In this the first volume in my Coloring Books for Adults series I have gathered together a range of lovely mandala patterns, ranging from the reasonably simple to a few that are very intricate.

Have fun!


This kindle book is designed solely to show you the outlines available, and to give you one or two examples of what a completed colored drawing might look like. To use the book you will need to download the outline drawings and print them out on your own home printer. You may also take the download file to your local print shop if you like and have them print them out for you, possibly in a larger size or on heavy weight of paper.

To download the outline drawings please click on the link that you will find at the very END of the book.

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Click Here to download the outline drawings

Coloring Books for Adults - Volume 1 - Mandala Circles

Mandala Coloring Books For Adults Represent The Oldest Form Of Coloring For Grown-ups. Whether we are talking about traditional Tibetan, Indian, Celtic, Buddhist, Zen or Native American mandalas, or modern patterns which are probably better described as being in a mandala style, mandalas and mandala artwork have been used for many years for healing and meditation. Coloring is something which has been associated for a long time with children and it has been accepted that, as we mature, we put aside our crayons and turn our attention to more grown-up pursuits. In recent years however we have seen this wisdom being rejected and coloring for grown-ups has become a widespread and growing pastime. But why has coloring for grown-ups become so popular? There are many explanations for the explosion in adult coloring, but here are just some... Coloring Reduces Stress And Anxiety Psychiatrists have long recognized the fact that coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain and allows your mind to get some rest. In fact the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, is known to have given his patients mandalas to color over one hundred years ago. In today's hectic world the stress reducing properties of coloring are possibly more valuable than ever. Coloring Trains Your Mind To Focus Staying inside the lines as you color a simple black and white line drawing takes focus and, while you are concentrating on this stress-free and relaxing activity, you can forget about your worries. Coloring is a mental exercise which lets you put aside everything else for the time you spend coloring, and this is extremely important in our hectic world. Coloring Helps To Develop Motor Skills And Vision Coloring forces the two sides of the brain to interact and involves the use of logic (necessary for coloring forms) and creativity (as we mix and match colors). This, in turn, brings the areas of the brain concerned with vision and fine motor skills into play, and helps in keeping these active and in developing them further. It is this aspect of coloring which is being increasingly seen as particularly valuable for older individuals, as many professionals believe that it can delay, or even prevent, the onset of dementia. Coloring Provides The Opportunity To Be Social Although you might feel that coloring would be a purely solo occupation, its growing popularity is fast turning it into a social one. Families, friends, colleagues and others are now getting together to enjoy something to eat and drink and the chance to socialize, through their common interest in coloring. Indeed, this is a perfect excuse for partying, as coloring needs only minimal concentration and can easily be done in a group. Coloring Allows You To Be Yourself There are no rules when it comes to coloring and your coloring book is just that - your coloring book. If you accidentally color the cat's rear leg green because you mistook it for part of the grass, who is going to care? Should you feel like making the sky yellow, does it really matter? You may be as creative and experimental as you wish because this is your coloring book, and yours alone. You may of course already be a follower of adult coloring, in which case you will appreciate its value. Alternatively, this may be a new project for you and one which you are thinking about for any one of a number of different reasons. If this is something new for you then I encourage you to give it a try. It is no accident that so many people are fired up about the world of adult coloring, so join in and start to enjoy the benefits for yourself today.

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Coloring Books for Adults - Volume 1 - Mandala Circles Coloring Books for Adults - Volume 1 - Mandala Circles