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Coloring Book for Adults




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The following link contains 15 Unique Adult Coloring Patterns which you can download and print-out to use whenever you want:

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How to use this book?

That’s really up to you but we think you have 2 options!

Option 1: Download the link above, find a pattern you like, print it out and get coloring!

Option 2: Like with any fun activity, it’s worth taking precautions, so try and:

p<{color:#000;}. Get some proper ‘me time’!

p<{color:#000;}. Turn off all the phones…

p<{color:#000;}. Computers? Shut them down, you won’t need them for a while!

p<{color:#000;}. Try not to be disturbed?

And finally…Download the link above, find a pattern you like, print it out and get coloring!

Top Tips:

p<{color:#000;}. Placing a piece of paper (or card) under the pattern you’re coloring in will stop any ‘ink’ bleeding through between pages.

p<{color:#000;}. Each pattern is printed on one side of paper only making these ideal to remove from the book, keep for yourself or give as a gift (they’d look lovely in a frame!).

p<{color:#000;}. Enjoy yourself and leave any stress behind.

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Coloring Book for Adults

New for 2015 - 15 Anti-Stress Coloring Patterns At Fat Robin Books we love Coloring Books for Adults and are proud to introduce this 15 Pattern Book which can introduce you to the world of Adult Coloring Books before you purchase a larger paperback book! These 15 patterns can be downloaded using the special link in this book and they've all been carefully chosen to cater for the absolute begineer through to the 'coloring ninja', we simply want everyone to enjoy their coloring and de-stress at the same time! The patterns will also give you a feel for what our main books contain and currently their are 3 volumes of 50 patterns each. You'll also find a direct link to all these volumes within this book. Thanks and Happy Coloring Fat Robin Books

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  • Published: 2015-09-24 11:40:11
  • Words: 450
Coloring Book for Adults Coloring Book for Adults