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Collated Dockets ~ Spring Jumps Sockets (We're In Summer's Pockets)


Collated Dockets ~ Spring Jumps Sockets (We’re In Summer’s Pockets)

Barbara M. Schwarz


I liked to keep it ‘just there’

that after-thought ‘I like to share’

but Spring is beavering everywhere

and Summer springs without a care


On the front: “The Many-Pronged God Loved The Little Garden Frog” 2017

where Iris eyes could see – how the garden mesmerises me.


“But, show me what you have just there…

when Spring still whispered on the air”

and the stillness humming where

thoughts much greater showed to dare


brought the lair of my intention

and every goodly mention

out into the open cold

for Springtime was so youthful, bold


and Summer turns to gold

the sun now in the sky behold

all those seasons once you told


all those energies you sold

for neither pay nor worth

just to celebrate Springtime’s birth


and now you start to see:



considerately, you blew your memory free

from dusty imagery


and instead a clouded head

billowed laughter freshly fed

the growing of the trees

the empty humming of the bees


the kindest sense of pleasant breeze

all of these you tease

with such rounded energies!


Fortitude and wind struck there

such a gathering in the air

as the mellow blossom sphere

pollen ‘luminated’ sheer


every sort of growth

every sense of oath

and you loaf around,

wondering what you had found

but, here, you stand on solid ground


restful ease abound

when you hear the cracking sound


the temple torn in two

as the lion sprang from you


for you knew in your good time

all of life would re-align

in the joy of summer sign

in the sweetness of the wine


in the sense you see,

busy bee:

rest now easily.


Collated all my dockets

those simple thoughts

that sprang their sprockets

that fired up the sockets


and gave fine breath to

appreciate what you now do.


It’s quite the following

when Springtime start to sing:


“Behold my Summer now enfold

into a season rich and gold”


and as a heart hold still

Summer’s restful thrill

fill my will to see:


here lies a path for me

to jump so easily.


Purple Eyes Publishing

And empty now my pockets,

and loosened all my sprockets


Spring had been like dockets,

but Summer flourishes through


and in the end (you knew…)


you held onto all the sunshine

that streamed through


there’s nothing left to do

except enjoy this moment grand and new


the sense that summer design

it all perfectly on time


‘giving the right bite to undertakings’

establishing actions and delightful makings


Plumb line -

the pieces are ready for their prime


I design wealth on time

as a living preoccupation sign

of what is worthy to define

as ‘this life of mine’


How my seasons flow ! ! !

All ducks in a row


for it was just a little hunch

time to go for the crunch

and munch away

until the break of day


In a garden, slow despair

stopped to languish there

and yet Summer sheer repair

Growth of seasons’ full blown fair


A highlighted rhyme

to get the season’s swinging sign


Rites of Spring: the simple

pouring (a) surrendering


Shell shock beach – the final truth

wisdom teach (Focus, and lose the ‘hocus pocus’)


I swept the Great Wave

over all I’d wish to save

for I crave no more

than the sun at my door


Rites of Spring – full blown your whispering

and Summer’s eyes: ‘you are open to surprise’


what you once thought wise,

is simply even size:


The large and the small

reach above it all -


the rest, and the test

discover their own happiness


Each season to its own

when joy in wedlock own


there sense you scratch a bone

when the future now you hone

in what you loan for free


a measure of your mercy


the seasons dissipate

but in Summer all awake

and see!


Life’s grand precocity !


I coloured blindly on

the scent of life had filled my song

and bid me even rest

after colouring the zest

of seasons’ hard-earned best’!


Summer: rest and ease

now, give your heart a quiet squeeze


in tranquil breeze

all that your brain tease


floats away on feathery cloud today.


Unicorn, your heart beat warm

and in the Summer, shorn of desire

you gave life everlasting fire


A poet and a soul -

lets see the matter whole

for of great wealth there toll

the empty singing bowl.


Golden dawn that free,

life’s hollow victory

the fresh air ‘restrictory’


the breathing clear and in

the brand new voice to win


‘First thoughts are juggernauts’

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. how industriousness matters

(when all the useless shatters)


as a vibrant initiator of change

rather than just continuity

(you blew a wind so free

in fresh air harmony)


‘where is the law at home?’

(a proposition zone, the rule of law to hone)


‘collusive diversity’ – the human university


‘A bird in flight, an entirely different sight’


medium how you hum; the ‘other one’

the thought become the living sum

that said:


“Architectural poetry is clean in my head”


structured form and industry – ready now to

truly be perfectly, magnificently, ever active



I surrender the punctured massage

(with which I’d hoped my rest to barge)


light and sound = the wooded rebound

and all around I see, the hymns that

each architect free deep inside me


structured sense conclusion,

and, yet, such endless profusion

counting now on you

to build with block anew


what you had whittled to

the summer that now blew

sweeter memory

of all that you held dear to me


lightly sepia show

what had strength to grow


each message from the past

has us resolutely ask

how they mastered such a task


as to leave to legacy

of what fascinates us constantly


Summer, you’re awake

and Springtime now break…

away to let you have the light of play


So many empty pages,

so many hidden facts

so many false confessions

so many cataracts

and in the splits

the sacks

of far too many racks…


and the scent of the flowers

held the breath of summer’s powers


see it showers true

the glorious, grand and new

that beckons you to see

that simple journey…


architecture begins

with singing birds and whispered words

and energies in giant herds

of understanding

to the stars and back again

thoughts that deluge like the rain


and I release my former zen

to hold a pen and see

what springs forth imaginatively


the simple perfect score,

when I start to draw

and start to see

the mind’s eye deliver me

a structured opportunity


where works not words -

gather swiftly as the birds


herds upon herds of things

that flutter with their wings:

such great imaginings

and temples so untold

makes the spirit grand and bold

(this, my frog ,I told:

the many-pronged god enfold)


for here the magic brings

much greater things

of what life now sings


Hamsa bird of flight -

it’s going to be alright


right into the light

full into sight!


Behold the sunlight

blossom bright


[Ahh God, no more for others a rod

for which they further plod -


the glory in creation is a live sensation

of veneration nation – when we start to see

the form of life’s enormity

in Springtime’s mystery enfold

Summer’s strength in colours bold]


see, I left the bog, and with my life I flog

the greatest interaction:

‘the just-keep-going traction’


in pure and early satisfaction

of my own great doing:

works not words, I’m spewing


blossoming accruing


Your path in sight:

your bird take flight


Prosecco – life’s joyful echo

see the air is cold and still;

see our lives, feel our will,


see the memory flee

of what ‘once became me’

see the steady show of hands

it is love that now commands

all our shores upon the sands

of time – the moment that we dine

in eternal summer sunshine


a final healing rhyme

a final healing sign

before I call final time


I shall kill all I see

mucus energy – natural enemy

the virus within hasn’t got a chance to win

(natural exorcism – release your every schism)


and as I turn up the heat

with a fever pure and neat,

I am knocked off my feet

until the healing is complete


summer’s energy livens up our memory


virus imagination – virus fevered persuasion

but in the end, my friend: you are well on the mend


countless sunshine without bend

when to summertime we wend

with our desire

there the apex catch all fire


meditation – strangest form of animation

when the energy’s still

feel all life in overspill

Summer kills all streams

that stagnate into listless dreams

that soak away the chore

‘of what we have… and so much more!!!”


reliquary – where once you sought to see me

there is nothing endlessly on display

(for) that had left another day


now the cold wind play a tune

the fresh air focus zoom

and all life loom ahead

best get to bed

what your heart beat said

when you slowed right down

see you wore a feather crown


ancient creed of days – behold all movement sways

ancient creed and call, to stand now oh so tall,


mesmerised by all and simply as I fall

(asleep, now the river running deep),

I start to rise: the river wise and free

rushes by expectantly


sun dog, march your frog,

we are happy in the bog

all of life a grand big snog


Lent, Lent – time well spent

discover now your own true vent

to always augur through

to Summer’s grander queue


a simple sense persuasion

an automatic aggregation


allegation: exhortation

machination: pure creation


force and vibrancy

watch out for ecstasy


in Summer’s harmony

where birds sang so free

a strength of energy


Vivalidi memory

the Summer that could always be…


fast and swiftly there

Summer humming everywhere


existentially, life opens up for me

and now: ‘Blossom proud and true -

the only life that matters to you!’


My running self creates clear wealth

the stealth of access days

in amongst the haze

of how the light now sways


and insight new arrays

all my says and all my plays


the gush and flush and mighty push

and then the greatest hush

Summer now so lush!


Rites of Spring – the ending

and school of the built wilt away

as the environment begin to play


Summer’s greatest tune:

the architecture completed soon


Rites of Spring -surrendering

the moving collage float your barge,


in breezy breezy air, you catch a life without despair


A fair breeze – I make treatise to the strawberries


The look of love grew in her eyes

(Summer now so wise)


The look of love – the weather sighs:

see now how she flies!


Get dressed!

Get ready for the universe!

(a simple matter non-rehearsed,

never now to be reversed)


Get dressed – get ready for this life on earth!

(Equinox birth cedes to Solstice hearth)


slate: the future now illuminate

the future that now shake

like a viable earthquake


Honey suckle tree

and the bear winked at me


not a moment now I flee

in the garden indulgently

an allegory – happiness for all to see

cast out indeterminately

such brand new energy


first the bower of the tree

the love that showered down on me


a closed moment true

to open to the world anew


a sober sense of time

becomes a living sign:


the wealth now to create

I dare not hesitate,

and moving swiftly through -

apparent now in all I do


I rise to journey brand and new

(and forget all about you and all you thought to do…)


Now resigned to history

a busy bee out there exciting energy


Fifty shades of nifty

Summer’s not so thrifty

as to show how real abundance flow


design takes over you

in colours bold and true


and a ripple in the sky

gives a reason now to fly


it is Summer that I spy,


hidden in my inner eye

I no longer shy away:


bright the sun and bright my play


all that matters is today

here and now the cause to stay

and learn the architect’s way


And I came at last to see

the full measure of me,


a countenance of energy

a wilful force of memory

a sense to soldier on

and let sun’s goodness

sheer prolong


a rippled reality

release the sea

of flooded memory


those golden days

those arched pathways,


when hidden in the shade

we to the sun had prayed

that light and heat displayed


architecture crafted fine,

you survived the summer rhyme


and in time could see

Palladio splendour infinitely


the balance and the course

the symmetry and the source

and the sense of spell-bound days

in the light’s heat arrays

are conjured now by you

in summers light and blue


Maikäfer – Arbeitsschläfer

große Produktion

große Lebensinfusion


Living moment strong and true

I blew kisses right at you


and I glory in what you do:

Summertime – great dreams renew


Palladio, it is the way I go

symmetry and harmonic proportions

Summer’s wealth without distortions


where I see, a new destiny

of full moon energy

the apex of desire,

now caught fully fire


for when all has come to be,

I release the God in me

and realise with great surprise

where now wisdom lies


futures energise:

life’s greatness size

open luck now prise


a medium devise

just see how Summer flies!!!


the centuries foretold

how our luck we hold


the greatest birthday display

a grand sunshine hooray

is to Summertime today


so, release the blind to see

a greater harmony


Asparagus – jetzt der Überschuss:

bounty in my quarter -

arise now living daughter

of mankind

and to the earth rewind

all that is now good and kind


Summer’s destiny – a sweetness we shall see


Feather flight: the dancing light

amazed at the sight of all the colours

now turned bright


the lightness of the being

the instrument I’m seeing


a feather flight – the action sight

for there was dancing light


the stillness that could be

life without misery


light without heavy pause,

and Summer opened its front doors


‘Let’s just see, shall we…”


and a bee,




Collated Dockets ~ Spring Jumps Sockets (We're In Summer's Pockets)

A final buzz of energy - and Summer took over so swiftly: Spring endeavoured courageously and then turned around to see: the bee now hummed profusely. A final sense it's all got going - and the apex soon be showing - how golden is the time: our lives arose to pure sunshine.

  • ISBN: 9781370778027
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-05-16 15:35:11
  • Words: 2383
Collated Dockets ~ Spring Jumps Sockets (We're In Summer's Pockets) Collated Dockets ~ Spring Jumps Sockets (We're In Summer's Pockets)