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Cold Reception: The Hystericals Series Two

Cold Reception

Copyright © 2016 by Wolfen Saunderson

Hyena Press

All Rights Reserved

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“Hey! Look at what all the other cats managed to haul in.” Jessica greeted ecstatically; cordially slapping paws with me along with a genuine sisterly hug in front of the main entrance to Silver Shadows. “How ya been?” She asked, a slight bit of concern beginning to become etched in her tone. “The rest of the crew and I haven’t seen you for a good week or so since we finally put deputy dog in his place in the can.” “Don’t really like to dwell on it all too much right now.” I answered simply with a smile sigh. “Let’s just waltz right on in here, and enjoy all the rest of our day off right now while we still can. YOLO.” “Lead the way.” Jessica replied as we casually strolled past the two new bouncers at the doors and made our way inside. We found Jenni and the rest of the homies at her usual favorite spot of the lonely island style table and booth way off in the back left corner, and padded right on over. “Ah. It’s alive.” Jenni quipped in her usual uproarious and comical way. “Funny. I never once had the slightest idea of knowing any of us hyenadae could hibernate, and last I checked, it ain’t even damn near close to winter.” “Just trying to keep myself from ever going rusty on ya’ll.” I said. “You know what they say, kickin’ it a day, keeps the reaper away.” “Good.” Wolfen cut in. “Cause sadly, our free time now is just about coming to a highly unsatisfying close. Sis and I were just discussing along with Donna here about a possible return and rise to power of 40K once again in our home turf.” “Shit. The triad mobsters?” I snorted. “What the hell are those duck sauce fucks still doing in business? I thought we put them out fully out of commission with that Ketamine bust down at the port two years ago.” “Yeah. We did.” Jenni confirmed. “But, let’s just say we made a slight mistake in underestimating just how uncannily expansive they truly are. The have a new leader now; with ties both in and out of the pen, and possibly to all other equally high powered crime syndicates all around the city. We need to go pound the concrete and let these low down scum of the earth know their place at the bottom of the totem pole. You down?” “Always.” I nodded affirmatively. “Let’s go get this party cracking.”

Cold Reception: The Hystericals Series Two

The gang is back into action once again; this time facing off head to head with one of the most ruthless and unforgiving Chinese-American crime syndicates in all of the east coast, and quite possibly even the world over.

  • Author: Wolfen Saunderson
  • Published: 2016-05-03 00:35:12
  • Words: 437
Cold Reception: The Hystericals Series Two Cold Reception: The Hystericals Series Two