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Codex Evernium - First Edition






A Bounty Hunter’s Guide

to Terra Everna


First Edition


Compiled by Andry Chang


Vadis Creative Team







Compiled by Andry Chang


Vadis Creative Team


Published by Vadis Publisher at Shakespir


Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2017 by Andry Chang



Shakespir Edition, License Notes


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1. Welcome to Terra Everna!

2. The Source – Tale of Creation

3. History of Everna

4. Geography of Everna

5. General Terms in Everna

6. Magical Creatures of Everna

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M

N | O | P | Q-R | S | T | U | V | W | X-Y | Z

7. Espers and Mythical Beings of Everna

8. Legendary Heroes of Everna

9. Legendary Relics and Weapons of Everna

10. Skills and Magic Spells

11. Stories, Articles and Bonus Materials

12. List of References

13. Authors and Team Profile

14. Works of Everna Saga, Omnia and the Multiverse



Welcome to Terra Everna!

Whenever you see the world map of Everna or the blue planet from space, you might ask, “Is this Earth?”

Actually, the core concept of Everna is Earth in an alternate dimension or plane, a similar yet different world that you can never reach with spacecrafts or scientific means, no matter how advanced they are.

One of the differences between Earth and Everna is, most of the myths, legends and tales of fantasy on Earth are history, myth and legends in Everna.

In other words, Terra Everna is like Planet Earth in the universe called Omnia. The original Earth and the original universe we live in is the first plane. The second plane is the Mirror Dimension, the alternate reality and history that happens on Earth, for instance. Everna and Omnia are in the third plane, the Parallel Dimension. There are many other planes and dimensions in existence, together in an infinitely vast, unnamed multiverse.




The Origin of the Omnia Universe, Terra Everna and Religions in Everna


In the beginning, there was only darkness and void. Everything was empty. Everything was nothing.

And then, a spark of energy emanated from that void, creating the first mass of energy and matter, the first ever consciousness, the first ever being in the universe.

The Source, what I called myself.

As time flew, I, The Source grew and became bigger and larger, like an embryo in an egg crust like a sun as large as all the stars and planets in the entire universe merged as one. As the force became too great and too compressed, I broke free from my crust through an ultimately massive explosion. It was a Big Bang, a Supernova.

The Supernova sent countless shards of my crust sun all over the universe. The shards then transformed into planets, stars, suns, comets and so on. Amazingly, the stars and planets aligned and resonated magnetically with each other, clustering themselves into solar systems, constellations and galaxies.

I, The Source who was born in the Supernova viewed the universe with joy and awe. In countless number of planets, there resided life forces so identical with their source, namely myself. I found out that I was not alone in this universe, and my joy was complete.

However, my being was too divine, too almighty and too great. I didn’t want to favor a certain planet, race or entity of life by staying in one of those planets. Moreover, I saw inhabited planets exploded and was destroyed so suddenly in their early ages. Then I knew at once I had a responsibility to save all lives in that temporary “crude-crust” universe I called Omnia, not letting them all disintegrated into oblivion.

So, I, The Source used my infinite, almighty powers to create another universe that was truly eternal, divine and indestructible, not like this “crust”, Omnia. It was a divine universe called Aethera or simply “heaven”.

From heaven, I looked upon all the cycles of life and the entire universe. I observed how creatures in a world evolved into something better, more alike me. The world that evolved most rapidly was Terra Everna. So, I considered Terra Everna as one of my favorite worlds in Omnia, and observed it most eagerly.

Ages and centuries went past. I, The Source ceaselessly strived to reach the countless realms of Omnia. My longing to invite the mortals to enter and live in Aethera, the realm eternal of my creation intensified and became unbearable. Of course, I have also created divine, heavenly beings including angels. However, their sole purpose was to serve the light. They lived like flashes of a single, white light, and the mortals lived like a rainbow, so colorful and exciting, full of variations, emotions and sometimes… adventures. Without these colors, truthfully, I felt very lonely, so lonely like hell.

Speaking of hell, that loneliness roused the deepest, darkest and negative aspect within myself, The Source. My dark side then created another universe of darkness, a realm called Nethera or simply “hell”. For a time being, Nethera was an empty realm. It became my playground, the place where I dumped all my loneliness and boredom. There, I went one one challenging and dangerous adventure after another, just for fun and sport. After that, I went back to my chores in heaven.

As expected, the evolution in Everna reached the final stage the earliest in the entire Omnia. The highest entity is was divine, but limited to each task and talent. They were called gods or dios.

I, The Source was overjoyed because my long-awaited opportunity came at last. I planned to use the gods to invite mankind, the most complete mortals near and alike me to “come home” and stay in the realm I’ve created, the true heaven, Aethera.

Alas, the gods had their own plans. They have created “worldly heavens” and ethereal realms such as Elysion, Valhalla and Nirvana. And they also built their own divine domains such as Asgard, Olympus, Shangri-la and so on. The gods even created their own “worldly hells” such as Udgard, Hades or the Underground as prisons for unrighteous souls after death.

The gods didn’t realize that the realms they’ve created could and would be destroyed because they were parts of the “crude-crust” universe, Omnia. They ignored all my “good news” they should convey to the whole world, in this case Terra Everna. Instead, the gods lived their immortal life, using their infinite lifespan in false, hollow luxury, pleasure and even incest and debauchery. They didn’t even realize that they could still be killed with supernatural or equally divine powers, artifacts or weapons and not truly immortal.

I, The Source, the true owner of Omnia Universe event sent messengers and prophets, warning the gods that their way of living would bring wars and destruction in a global scale. Sadly, they even killed those messengers by the most gruesome ways ever known. Of course, that ignited my wrath. Alas, I loved this world so much, I kept on sending messengers, prophets, signs and warnings of disasters and such instead of total destruction as punishment.

Finally, my fear has come true. The World War of the Gods, also between gods, humans, monsters and devils erupted. It was called Ragnarok or Armageddon. At first, the wars seemed sporadic and limited to a dispute between gods within a “god nation”. For instance, the war between the Asgardian gods and the Jotun frost giants led by Loki.

However, the simultaneous timing between those wars made them grew to a global scale, causing damage throughout Everna. At the very end, a fire god from Valhalla, Surt made the core of Everna explode, and the whole world was engulfed and consumed in flame. This was Everna’s first doomsday, globally called the Apocalypse.

Witnessing all these, I, The Source was deep in grief and despair. The end of Everna was apparent, yet absolutely regrettable. Yet, there were still flickers of life and hope in that planet. So I decided to take actions, giving Everna a second chance, a gracious favor no realm has been given before.

With my powers, I extinguished the raging flames with ice, thus creating an Ice Age that lasted for 1024 years. During that time, I entrusted Everna into the hands of Freyja, an all-powerful Asgardian ice goddess who survived Surt’s Apocalypse.

Changing her name to Frei Val’shka, Freyja repeated the mistakes of her divine predecessors and fellows. Frei also forgot the fact that her authority and power came from me. She wanted to manage Everna according to her whim. So, I waited until the eternal snow melted, not forcing it to melt with my powers to avoid causing another apocalyptic disaster. Finally, Frei Val’shka got her payback and the world was restored through mankind’s struggle. Humans, along with other races fought Val’shka, led by legendary heroes and warriors including their finest, Vazar and Marvella.

During the Second World Era, I, The Source decided to handle Everna personally in this one-and-only second chance. I soon realized that I was an embodiment of three contradicting elements. So, I took a part of my body and soul essence and separated them into three divine beings. Vadis from positive essence, the god of light and the sun; Adair from negative essence, god of darkness and the moon; And Enia, from neutral essence, goddess of life and nature.

And so, since the Age of Restoration to the Space Age and beyond, new religions became widespread throughout Everna. Some of the principal religions are:



Vadisian Religion worships Vadis as the divine father of light, the sun and time in Everna, also acknowledging Enia and Adair as a union in the Trinity. Vadisians are mostly humans, also some dwarves, havenlings and many other races.



Adairan Religion worships Adair as the divine father of darkness, the moon and afterlife in Everna. He aids the strong and the ambitious through the road towards power and glory. Adairans are mostly orcs, goblins, dark elves and some other races.



Enian Religion worships Enia as the divine mother of nature, with the main teaching of preservation of nature, creatures, love and life. Most Enians are elves, dryads and forest-dwelling races.



Heretic Religions worship the “Old Gods” from the First World Era, thinking that the pantheons still have the authority and force towards fate in Everna. For instance, some people in Parthenia still worship Zeus and the Olympian gods, and some people in Bjordan still worship the Asgardian gods. Included as heretics are those who worship “New Gods” other than the Trinity of Vadis, Adair and Enia. For instance, most of the dwarven people of Grad worship the three gods, Joldin, Ulric and Thurlam.



The secret occults also emerged in Everna. Most of them worship evil or chaotic deities like Frei Val’shka, Vordac, Arachus, Mephistopheles, Xylen, Nöac, Ahriman, Kali, Tholocaus, etc.

Since the Civilization Age and mainly during the Arcane Age, the Vadisian Religion spread most rapidly. The Vadisians were met with numerous threats and challenges. One of the most powerful adversaries is the occult of the Dark Forces led by the dark lords Vordac, Arachus and their successors, Mephistopheles and so on. Even so, Vadisianism continued to bloom and grow.

Actually, the Trinity of Vadis, Adair and Enia have traveled and spread their teachings throughout Everna. So, religions similar to Vadisian-Adairan-Enian also emerged in many territories, with different names to call Vadis, Enia and Adair.


Antapada and Arcapada Region:

Sang Mahesa (Sang Hyang Mahesa) (Vadis), Sang Angkara (Adair) and Sang Srisari (Enia).

Ubanga Continent:

Asvai Askari (Vadis), Te’ata Voodu (Adair) and Thu’mar Uma (Enia)

Wushu Empire:

Shen Wang (Vadis), Mo Wang (Adair), Tie Mu (Enia)

Shima Empire:

Shin (Vadis), Yami (Adair), Ama (Enia)

-Al-Kalam Region:

Al-Khalik (Vadis), Al-Thair (Adair), Al-Imina (Enia)


Through and by these religions, I, The Source still tried to quench my longing. Many souls have come home to rest and live forevermore in the true heaven. Although many lives were also lost in hell or reincarnated, at least religions were the best solutions for salvation in Terra Everna, all the way until the end of all time.




Everna has gone through ages and phases in history:


p<>{color:#000;}. First World – Prehistoric Age (Billions of Years before the Age of Gods)


Since The Almighty Source ignited the first spark of life and shaped Everna for eons, living beings have been evolving towards perfection to survive the ever-changing world.

And then humans emerged, the most advanced species with neo-cortex brain and conscience, far superior and more intelligent than all other beings. Therefore, The Source entrusted the care of Everna in their hands.

The First Ice Age or Period ended the Prehistoric Age, making the dinosaurs extinct and the rest evolved into more advanced beings.


p<>{color:#000;}. First World – Age of Gods or Age of Myth (10000 years before the Ice Age)


Thus humans evolved further, and a few of them even overcame the boundaries of nature, even natural death. They were called GODS.

Thus godly dwellings were established: Asgard on top of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life; Olympus on the floating islands above the mount; Shangri-la, the hidden city and Nirvana, the floating city forever covered in clouds.

In awe of these marvels, humans worshipped the gods instead of The One Source. The Creator was enraged, yet he changed his mind about destroying the world. Instead, he let the gods struggle for absolute supremacy so humans would finally realize that the gods were not perfect and not worthy of worship.

The climax of that struggle was Ragnarok, an almighty war between te gods, later involving devils and monsters. On the end of that war, the Devil King named Surt was finally defeated. As he fell, Surt ignited the fire from the sky and underground, causing a chain reaction that set the whole world ablaze, destroying almost all life on Everna. It was the first doomsday that ended the Age of Gods.


p<>{color:#000;}. First World – Ice Age (1024 Years)


Surt’s folly made the Source act, unleashing a long winter to extinguish the fire. However, it lasted a thousand years and more.

During this period, an Ice Goddess named Frei Val’shka became absolutely almighty. She gathered the survivors of Ragnarok and established an empire on which she reigned one thousand and twenty four years.

At the end of this age, The Source sent a warrior, Trevus and a seer, Marvella to search for the Eternal Fire Ruby and the Seed of Yggdrasil and fight against Frei Val’shka’s tyranny.

At last, Frei Val’shka’s reign ended in defeat, and the Yggdrasil Seed was planted in the future site of Elf Kingdom of Thyrine. Yggdrasil grew rapidly, starting a new spring that ended the winter – and Ice Age – in Terra Everna. Note that this Frei Val’shka Ice Age was the Second Ice Age.

p<>{color:#000;}. Second World – Restoration Age (1 – 2480 A.R.)


In this newly restored world, The Source incarnated into three entities of Trinity:

p<>{color:#000;}. Vadis: God of Light and Positive Force

p<>{color:#000;}. Adair: God of Darkness and Negative Force

p<>{color:#000;}. Enia: Goddess of Nature and Neutral Force


During this Restoration Age, the Trinity channeled the human evolution into making new races, among them were:


p<>{color:#000;}. Elf: A demigod race with superior magic and intelligence and everlasting natural lifespan.

p<>{color:#000;}. Orc: A demidevil race with superior physical, brute strength.

p<>{color:#000;}. Dwarf: A mini-demihuman race with superior stamina.

p<>{color:#000;}. Goblin: A mini-demidevil race that was either extremely savage or intelligent.

p<>{color:#000;}. Havenling: A mini-demihuman race shorter than dwarves. They had superior intelligence and mastered technologies ahead from their time. They were often called “colobockles” or “hobbits”. Some havenling sub-races including gnomes.

p<>{color:#000;}. Faerie or Fae: A demigod race with various shapes and sizse. Some have wings like dragonflies or butterflies. Generally, they lived in their own solitary “world” more magical than the elf kingdom.

Also many minority races as described in the codex.


During the Recovery Age, a conflict occurred between Vadis and Adair. Enia tried to end the war in peace and sacrificed herself, merging herself into the Core of Everna. Finally Vadis ascended to heaven and Adair descended to hell – typical Evernan afterworlds.


p<>{color:#000;}. Second World – Ancient Civilization Age (1 – 4000 A.C.)

The emergence of new civilizations marked the beginning of this era. Empires rose, expanded and fell.

Human race became more populous and widespread. Yet they grew more oblivious to Vadis. Some nations even went back to worshipping the gods from the First World, believing that they still had influence in this age.

During this time Vordac the Dark Prince rebelled against his father Adair, yet he was defeated and imprisoned. A thousand years later, Arachus, Lord of the Underworld in Everna freed Vordac.

Centuries later, the Ice Goddess Frei Val’shka was freed from the Eternal Fire Ruby. She gathered a new force to re-create a new Ice Age so she could reign in the entire Everna again. A hero named Lesnar Geine rose to fight her. Vordac unexpectedly aided Lesnar and finally vanquished Frei Val’shka again, imprisoning her in her own citadel for centuries to come.


p<>{color:#000;}. Second World – Prior Arcane Age (1 – 1638 A.V.)


Civilizations became more advanced, and in this age magic and alchemy became more widespread and widely practiced than science and technology. Even the center of Vadisian Religion in Valanis also served as the largest magic academy and research center in Aurelia.

Conflicts were also frequent: Nations against nations, kingdoms against kingdoms, and on the peak of it all, Forces of Light versus the Dark Forces. The culprit and leader of the Dark Forces was none other than Vordac, the Dark Overlord.


Some of the Dark Forces’ campaigns during the Arcane Age:


p<>{color:#000;}. The Dark Forces, led by Vordac and Arachus took Sylvania, Land of Everlasting Night from the vampires.


p<>{color:#000;}. With the Gremion orcs as their allies, the Drak Forces conquered Aurelia from Slyvania to Borgia. In Myrcalia, the Capital of Arcadia a sudden reinforcement from Sage the Fireheart thwarted the Dark Army. A vampire hero, Gairon of Crypton even sent Vordac to his demise.


p<>{color:#000;}. Vordac’s spirit entered the Deathblade Kraal’shazar and later possessed Mildred Urganon. With his father Mandrach Urganon they conquered Borgia and Arcadia. They planned a two-way conquest with Arachus in Sylvania, yet the Forces of Light led by Antoine the Avenger infiltrated Arcadia and vanquished the father-son tyrants.


p<>{color:#000;}. Once again, Vordac tried to re-emerge in the world and found a new host. Again, the Dark Forces swept across Aurelia only to fail because of a woman’s heroic determination. The Forces of Light struck back and raided Kraal’thragon, the main stronghold of the Dark Forces in Sylvania. Cornered, Vordac unleashed the ultimate force to bring cataclysm like Surt did in the First World. The second apocalypse was averted, yet this considered as the end of Prior Arcane Age.


p<>{color:#000;}. Second World – Latter Arcane Age (1638 – 3747 A.V.)


During this age, the usage of magic was still widespread, but was gradually diminished upon more and more scientific inventions. Humans further dominate the world, pushing other races especially elves into seclusion.

The climax was the prolonged war between “magic” and “science”. Remnants of the Dark Forces seized this opportunity to strike again. So once again human and other races including elf, orc and goblin joined forces and fought back.

Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life corrupted by the Dark Forces was finally destroyed, and the Thyrinian elves staged an exodus to find a new natural domain in other continents, marking the end of this Latter Arcane Age, also the Second World Age.


p<>{color:#000;}. Third World – Machine Age or Steam Age (3747 A.V. – 3950 A.V.)


As magic was gradually declining, people kept on inventing new technologies with science. Magic crystals were getting rare and rarely mined and used. Machines became more powerful and useful in any work. The alchemy machina was considered obsolete.

The general use of electricity and oil fuel, and later the invention of new technology like computers and automatic or electric gadgets and tools marked the end of the Steam Age and the beginning of the modern age.


p<>{color:#000;}. Third World – Modern Age (3950 A.V. – 4378 A.V.)


Humans further dominated the world, pushing other races into the brink of extinction. Technology became more advanced. Magic was further decimated into oblivion, only practiced subtly or in secret. Wizards, witches and mages were quite rare – at least in the open world.

The Dark Forces were gone, yet forces of evil still lingered sporadically, presenting a latent danger, and later, new threats that forever was a part of existence of Terra Everna. Not to mention threats from fellow humans, plus alien invasions.


p<>{color:#000;}. Third World – Space Age (4378 A.V. – ?)


As technology reached the summit, humans and pro-technology races went to explore the space, seeking worlds to colonize or interact. Life in Terra Everna went on, until the third apocalypse occurred and maybe, there were glimpses of post-apocalyptic lives.


Timeline Glossary:

A.R.: Anno Restoratum, the calendar of the Restoration Age.

A.C.: Anno Civilium, the calendar of the Ancient Civilizations Age.

A.V.: Anno Vadisium, the calendar of the Arcane, Machine, Modern and Space Age.


The location and spread of continents and cultures of the nations in Everna is similar to Earth, of course with different names as follows:





1. Orien: A continent similar to Asia on Earth. This largest continent consists of several regions.

1a. Al-Kalam: A region similar to Middle-East on Earth

1b. Na-Wan: A region similar to Earth’s Far East including China, Japan and Korea.

1c. Antapada: A region similar to South East Asia.

1d. Arcapada: A region similar to India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Bangladesh.

1e. Boreal: A region similar to Australia.

2. Myriath: A continent similar to America on Earth.

3. Ubanga: A continent similar to Africa on Earth.

4. Frigia: A continent similar to Antarctica on Earth.

5. Aurelia: A continent similar to Europe on Earth.



A continent similar to Europe on Earth.

There are at least twenty nations in the Continent of Aurelia, which names change from time to time. Listed are the names of countries in the Arcane Age, with details.


1. Arcadia

An empire similar to France on Earth

Major Cities: Myrcalia (Capital), Concorcea, Vochaux, Redne, Xenticen, La Porte

Description: The richest, most populated nation in Aurelia continent strives in capitalization, economy and commerce. The first hunter guild, Cescathon (later named Fireheart), was founded in Arcadia, and until now is known for giving large rewards for hunters and escorts to tackle monsters and bandits. The Griffin Riders from Arcadian Highlands are known as the legendary protectors of the land, and there are rumors that certain near-extinct Phoenixes live in Mount Gryveil near Grad.


2. Escudia-Corazon

A united kingdoms similar to Spain and Portugal on Earth

Major Cities: Galacia (Escudia Capital), Cadoban (Corazon Capital), Hellenir, Thalag’dhega (Minotaur Realm), Beatreal, Ancormina, Flamenca

Description: The United Kingdoms of Escudia-Corazon, bound by marriage of King Jaime III of Escudia and Queen Vicentia of Corazon was found in the Arcane Age. Once an Enia-worshipping nation, the great Enia’s Sanctum at the center of Escudia was abandoned when people were converted to Vadisianism.


3. Lore

A kingdom similar to England on Earth

Major Cities: Alceste (Capital), Rand, Varestine, Partridge, Leddingsford

Description: Maybe the word ‘lore’ is derived from the many stories and great legends that came from this realm. Although the monsters there are quite ‘dull’, but the bravery and heroism of Loreans are far beyond compare. The thing is, the maritime and adventurous life also result in piracy and buccaneering. Loreans are also known for their daring to explore and trade with far countries beyond the oceans.


4. Borgia

A kingdom similar to Germany on Earth

Major Cities: Freidle (Capital), Handelburg, Ingvhus, Ballax

Description: Borgia has been positioned in many fronts, either as an agressor or an enforcer. Either supporting the Forces of Light or the Dark Forces. The cities of Borgia are well-known for the blacksmiths and weaponsmiths, as well as various industries.



5. Grad

A kingdom similar to Switzerland on Earth

Major Cities: Ylbarra Grad (Capital)

Description: Most of the Grad territory is mountainous and occupied by the dwarves. The Grad Kingdom, ruled by the Grand Trow and the dwarven people amass great wealth from their trades. However, riches make the dwarves arrogant and unwelcome to outsiders, except when they’re trading outside Ylbarra.


6. Terranova

A kingdom similar to Monaco on Earth

Major Cities: Rechivral (Capital)

Description: Terranova is most probably the smallest kingdom in Aurelia Continent. This territory bordering Arcadia in the north and Valanis in the south is inhabited by two Adairan races, the night elves and the dark elves. The night elves who are focused on forest preservation are constantly in conflict with the dark elves whose professions are fighters, bounty hunters, assassins, bandits or mercenaries.


7. Valanis

A holy nation similar to Italy on Earth

Major Cities: Ascension (Capital), Encarte, Pervilon, Rigatta, Berlynis, Ymer (Island of the morfs)

Description: Valanis is chosen as the “holy land” because it’s the birthplace of Vadis after he splits from the Source and becomes one of the Gods of Trinity.

Apart from its role as the center of Vadisian Religion in Ascension and magic in Encanta, Valanis also becomes the center of arts and crafts in Berlynis. So, in Valanis there are two leaders. The pope is the spiritual leader, while the physical, political leadership is held by the merchant guild, which also have similar functions as nobles.


8. Bresconnor (Formerly Kullsheim)

A kingdom similar to Poland on Earth

Major Cities: Barc’vadon (Capital), Gantr, Caen, Llomvard

Description: An orcish kingdom called Kullsheim conquers Bresconnor, its neighboring kingdom at the beginning of the First Arcane Age. Bresconnor is liberated centuries later, only to suffer under the rule of the twisted and corrupt Van Kreulen Dynasty. Plus, the marshlands and the Great Swamp of Jigdha’uthul hinder Bresconnor to fully prosper from farming and cultivating the land.


9. Bjordan

A kingdom similar to Finland on Earth

Major Cities: Sabin (Capital), Kobrant, Hrandurn, Il Thenr

Description: Along with its sister country Fjorn, Bjordan shares the reputation as one of the coldest nations in Aurelia, being the closest to Frigia and the North Pole. The Bjordanians are excellent blacksmiths, producing the finest weapons and vehicles. The best of them all is the divine great hammer, Terra Nakroβ.


10. Fjorn

A kingdom similar to Norway and Sweden on Earth

Major Cities: Helvgard (Capital), Femuel, Byrk

Description: Fjorn is known as the old site of Yggdrasil, the world tree, the center of Midgard and the main portal to the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge of Asgard, the realm of the old gods of Valhalla. Fjorn still lives up to that reputation.

The Frozen City of Helvgard has a bastion so magnificent, rivaling its counterpart in Grad, Freidle and Myrcalia. The sixty-meter walls and towers are used to fend off the jotuns (frost giants) from Jotunheim in Frigia. Fjorn is always hand-in-hand with its sister country, Bjordan to face the harsh climate and a longer winter in one year.


11. Meshallah

A sultanate, an empire similar to Turkey on Earth

Major Cities: Khattara (Capital), Thak’avur, Bashar (oasis town near Uzarro Desert), Urnhas, Lathian

Description: Meshallah becomes one of the richest empires in the world, thanks to its vast territory and strategic position as the gateway between two continents, Aurelia and Orien. Moreover, Meshallah is also known as home of one of the bravest troops in the world, the Mamdin Trible from the oasis town of Bashar. They have been a great aid for Meshallah to conquer ancient kingdoms and unite them all as one great nation. The Golden Age in Meshallah lasts throughout the Arcane Age and during the Machine Age, only ended at the dawn of the pre-modern industry and manufacturing.


12. Sylvania, Land of the Eternal Night

A kingdom similar to Bulgaria on Earth

Major Cities: Desdemon (Capital), Crypton (Vampire Capital), Kraal’thragon (Dark Citadel), Segall

Description: Sylvania is once a normal kingdom, until vampires overrun it and turn it into the land of eternal night by blocking the sun, moon and stars with permanent rainclouds. Centuries later, the demons and the Dark Forces take Sylvania by force from the vampire rule. They then use high magic and the dark portal to move the Dark Citadel, Kraal’thragon, teleporting that vast fortress form the underworld to a wasteland near Desdemon. Since then, Sylvania becomes the main base of the Dark Forces until the fall of Kraal’thragon and the end of eternal night after the Third Holy War, Sylvania then returns to its original state as the Kingdom of the Bright Sun.


13. Wardstone

A duchy similar to Ireland on Earth

Major Cities: Crawford (Capital), Hampton

Description: Once a kingdom, Wardstone becomes a vassal state to Lore and later part of the United Kingdoms of Lore. Various races once inhabit Wardstone, such as the Firbolg Tribe (orc), the Fomorian Tribe (hobgoblin) and the fae tribe of Tuatha de Danann. Then, the fae welcome the humans to live in Wardstone and fall into conflict over the use of metals, which the fae despise. To avert senseless bloodshed, the fae leave Wardstone and return to their original home, the magical realm of Avalon.


14. Val’shka

An empire similar to Greater Russia on Earth

Major Cities: Narvik (Capital), Tolstrad, Zaburyvostok (Crystal Palace, Ex-Capital), Kolvod-Ergetium, Goeslav, Jorbin, Magoroth, Manthau

Description: The name “Val’shka” is retained as a monument that this empire once is a center of the world during the Second Ice Age. However, there are suspicions that the people here still worship the despot goddess, Frei Val’shka. The proof is, Val’shka’s Ice Palace, Zaburyvostok is still standing, entombing the goddess inside along with her lover and most loyal retainer, Rytsaried.


15. Parthenia Republic

A republic similar to Greece on Earth

Major Cities: Kyrios (Capital), Thalos, Orionos, Venapolis

Description: Parthenia is known to have an advanced civilization during the Ancients Age in Everna. Through the Arcane Age, Parthenia is the most advanced nation in terms of technology, philosophy, science and even the republic system in its government. During the Crystal Wars, Parthenia sides with its fellow “machina countries” like Borgia and Bjordan, fighting over the scarce magic crystal deposits in Lore, Asthri, Thyrine, Grad and Val’shka, in conflict with Lore, Arcadia, Escudia, Corazon and Valanis, supporters of the magic-user kingdom of the elves, Thyrine.


16. Thalag’dhega

A kingdom similar to Andorra (Eastern Spain) on Earth

Major Cities: Thalag’dhega (Capital)

Description: Thalag’dhega, formerly a dwarven territory is now the sole territory for minotaurs or taurens. The stronger minotaurs overrun the dwarves. Led by the hero Thurlam, the surviving Thalag’dhegan dwarves join forces with the Grad dwarves led by Ulric. Together they set up the new nation of Grad and Ulric and Thurlam’s successor, Joldin becomes the first Grand Trow of Grad.

Meanwhile, the minotaurs stay strong in Thalag’dhega, always fending off troops from Escudia and Arcadia trying to occupy the mythril-rich territory. At last, Escudia and Arcadia are forced to sign a treaty to let the minotaurs stay in Thalag’dhega as an independent nation.


17. Thyrine

A kingdom similar to East Germany and Czech on Earth

Major Cities: Evanesta (Elf Capital in Yggdrasil), Welfergrin (Trade and connection city)

Description: Thyrine is the territory of the wood elves and light elves in Aurelia. The city of Evanesta, built on the branches of the World Tree, Yggdrasil is perhaps one of the three most magical cities in Aurelia, two others being Yvais and Ascension.

To honor the alliance with humans and dwarves, the city of Welfergrin is built. It soon becomes the home for half-elves, humans and the elves who wish to interact with other races and not always live in the shade of Yggdrasil.


18. Merida

A kingdom similar to Austria on Earth

Major Cities: Qeltan (Capital), Ludl, Ovalna Lake (water creatures kingdom territory)

Description: As one of the five kingdoms in the Regia Confederation, Merida Kingdom is said to have the “wettest” territory. Almost one-third of its territory is water, and most of the water is in Ovalna Lake, the territory for water elves, merfolk and nagras.


19. Edel

A kingdom similar to Hungary on Earth

Major Cities: Klosser (Capital), Ekinmor (gnome/colobockle/havenling territory)

Description: As one of the five kingdoms in the Regia Confederation, Edel Kingdom once reaps the most from the alliance by supplying their abundant food and fabric products to neighboring countries. Most of the raw materials for food go to Halethia and Castoria, and most raw fabric materials go to Arcadia and Valanis.

Edel also benefits from their mutual relationship with the havenlings and gnomes in Ekinmor, striving together for prosperity. Yet, the greedy and suspicious nature of the citizens in Klosser often hinders the two races from strengthening that relationship.


20. Halethia

A kingdom similar to Slovakia on Earth

Major Cities: Lu Vazr (Capital), Icothl

Description: As one of the five kingdoms in the Regia Confederation, Halethia holds a reputation as the most prosperous of the five kingdoms. It’s thanks to the virtuous rule of its kings, especially Queen Ulrisse the Wise. Halethia territory is also encircled by legendary places like Mount Hvalgarr, Mount Mordsgard, Piar Meadows and the Griffin Cliff (later also named Avracense Griffin Sanctuary).


21. Castoria

A kingdom like Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina on Earth

Major Cities: Dalamar (Capital), Turmane

Description: As one of the five kingdoms in the Regia Confederation, and being one of the kingdoms bordering the Dark Land of Sylvania, Castoria is always in full alert. Most of its coffers is spent on security, troops and fortifications, so it deteriorates the economy. People are avoiding the old capital of Turmane, so the capital moves to Dalamar in the far west border.

Being in the confederation means the five kingdoms have a rock-solid alliance and constantly support and watch over each other. So, the closest ally to Castoria are the Kingdom of Ashtri and the floating city of Yvais, also bordering Sylvania.


22. Ashtri Kingdom

A kingdom similar to Romania on Earth

Major Cities: Zalburg (Capital), Pelgas, Yvais (Floating City of Angels)

Description: As one of the five kingdoms in the Regia Confederation, Ashtri is the only kingdom dominantly inhabited and led by humanoids. Some of the kings are arias, a race of half-human, half-rams.

The mountainous territory of Ashtri provides a natural barrier to repel enemies from all fronts, especially from Sylvania. The floating city, Yvais is the frontmost defense of the Forces of Light against the Dark Forces.


23. Gremion

A khanate, united tribes similar to Netherlands on Earth

Major Cities: Logburn (Capital), Ghoddar

Description: Since the fall of Kullsheim, Gremion becomes the only orc, goblin and troll nation in Aurelia Continent. The climate is rather harsh, it can be freezing cold in winter or at times. Since the exodus from Kullsheim, the natives are either crammed together in Gremion or roam throughout Aurelia as vagabond bandits or raiding parties.

Gremion reaches the peak of greatness under the rule of Hagnorj Khan and later the Great Khan, Dar’gum Stormbringer. So, Gremion becomes the new Kullsheim. Gremion finally falls at the end of the Crystal Wars and the natives are forced into an exodus to the far reaches of Eastern Val’shka. Gremion then becomes a new kingdom, Bastenmar.



A continent similar to Africa on Earth.

A continent of vast forests and deserts, living on natural resources and partly primitive technology. The known nations mentioned in some Everna Saga stories are:


1. Dzingwi A kingdom similar to Ethiopia on Earth.

2. Mirkah A kingdom similar to Kenya on Earth.



A continent similar to Asia on Earth.

Orien is the largest continent in Everna, with four regions plus Boreal, the fifth region which later considered as a continent. The known nations of Orien in stories are:


Na-Wan Region: A region like the Far East on Earth.


1. Wushu (Wu-Shu)

An empire similar to China on Earth

The largest nation in Orien in terms of territory and population, plus a civilization that dated back to the Age of Myths in the First World Era.


2. Goran

A khanate similar to Mongolia on Earth

The united tribes of the steppes, with fearsome warriors and a hunger for world conquest under Jantha Khan.


3. Shima

An empire similar to Japan on Earth

Shima is the archipelago empire that upholds honor over anything else, as embodied in their code of warriors, the Bushido.


4. Taehon

A kingdom similar to Korea (North+South) on Earth

Taehon is a highly cultural and peaceful kingdom, is famous of its top-quality, almost magical ginseng.


5. Khor

An empire similar to Indochina on Earth

Khor is a vast empire which is divided into three smaller kingdoms according to their distinct tribes and cultures. Also divided between the three princes to avoid civil war after the last emperor of Khor’s death. They are:

– An-Khor: (Similar to Myanmar) Derived from the eldest prince’s name, Anmuthar.

– Su-Khor: (Similar to Cambodia) Derived from the second prince’s name, Sudathar.

– Ni-Khor: (Similar to Vietnam) Derived from the third prince’s name, Niaungthar.


Arcapada Region:

A region like India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Bangladesh on Earth.


1. Alengka: A kingdom like Ceylon or Sri Lanka on Earth.

2. Ashtina: A kingdom like Central India on Earth.

3. Mahltaj: A kingdom like Pakistan on Earth.

4. Ghanoj: The realm of the nagra mutant race.

5. Aishra: The realm of the garuda mutant race.


Antapada Region: A region like the Southeast Asia on Earth.


1. Jayandra: A kingdom like Java Island on Earth.

2. Swarnara: A kingdom like Sumatra Island on Earth.

3. Kalingga: A kingdom like Borneo or Kalimantan on Earth.

4. Rainusa: A kingdom like Bali and Southeast Isles on Earth.

5. Akhsar: A kingdom like Sulawesi or Celebes Island on Earth.

6. Bethara: A kingdom like the Molocca (Maluku) Isles on Earth.

7. Dhuraga: A united tribes like Papua Island on Earth.

8. Jerian: A kingdom like Malaysia on Earth.

9. Limazon: A kingdom like Phillipines on Earth. Previously named Lupang Araw, it’s the colony for Escudia since the Latter Arcane Age. Lorekeeper: Kayzerotaku.

10. Baraka: An independent city like Singapore on Earth. A city-state of pirates. Lawless, ruled by a Wushunese pirate king.

11. Moshaka: A kingdom like Thailand on Earth.


Boreal Region: A region like Australia on Earth. It will be considered as a single continent with the new name, Mincarlie.


1. Mincarlie: A kingdom like Australia on Earth.

Major Cities: Matilda (Capital), Wallaby, Alkima (Tribe)


Legendary Places

Places of great importance In the annals of Aurelian History


Enia’s Sanctum

Before converting to Vadisian, Escudia was once an Enia-worshipping nation like Thyrine and the elves. One of the reasons of Enia worshipping was because most of Enia’s incarnates were from Escudia.

The great Enia’s Sanctum at the center of Escudia was abandoned when people were converted to Vadisianism. After that, this vast, underground structure became the site to seal the demonic Deathblade, Kraal’shazar.


Yvais, the Floating City of Angels

Yvais is the stronghold and the special domain for the gregorians, the mortal or “fallen” angels. That domain is led by an archangel and inhabited by the aelis and the divi.


Necropolis of Crypton and Desdemon

A necropolis is a monstrous, floating city made of obsidian stones and magic crystals that generate blight to feed the undead. The ones in Aurelia are in Desdemon and Crypton. It’s a contrast to Yvais, the floating city of angels.


Natahir, the Black Forest

A vast, dense forest near Rechivral, capital of Terranova. Treants are its original native inhabitants. Being their territory, dark elves and night elves often roam there.



Yggdrasil, the World Tree (The Second)

The gigantic tree in Thyrine where Enia re-creates life at the Age of Restoration. Later it’s the capital city of Thyrine.


Thaung Shurian, the World Mount

Situated in An-Khor, Thaung Shurian is believed to be the place where a portal between mortal world and afterworld are linked. It’s Vadis’ gateway to the Eastern Everna.


The important terms either adapted from Earth or unique to Terra Everna, the Arcane Age.


Essential Aspects and Events

Aspects and events of essential importance In the annals of Aurelian History as varied from our world, Planet Earth.


Omnia Universe (Place)

As described in “The Source” section, Omnia is the third-dimension universe with sub-realms as follows:

1. Omnia: Omnia is the physical and natural universe, it can renew itself but it can also be destroyed.

2. Aethera: Aethera is the divine and astral universe, also called heaven. This is the ideal and perfect realm, created by The Source for his home, the place he lives in.

3. Nethera: Nethera is the diabolical and infernal universe, also called hell. The Source creates this realm to quench his loneliness, his dark side, but it develops itself into a prison to torture evil souls for eternity.


Ragnarok or Armageddon (Event, End of the First World Era)

Meaning “Fate of the Gods,” Ragnarok was the greatest wars that brought about the end of the First World Era in Terra Everna. Actually, it was the world war between gods of Asgard, Olympus, Shangri-la, Nirvana, Daeva and other denominations plus the humans and creatures against monsters, creatures, demons, humans, mutants, ashuras underworldly deities and opposing faction of gods like from Udgard, Hades, Ashura and so on.

In short, the whole world was involved in this First World War. The Ragnarok was ended with the First Apocalypse or doomsday ignited by Surt, an Udgardian.


Apocalypse (Event, End of the First World Era)

The first doomsday in Everna, caused by Surt who ignited explosions on the fiery cores that burned the entire world, marking the end of the First World Era.


Corona Solar System (Place)

A cluster of planets revoluting on their orbits around the sun, the corona. The names of these planets are derived from some of the greatest heroes that ever walked, fought and lived in Terra Everna by the scholars of Astronomy in Valanis led by Balthazar Luc, at the end of the First Crusade in the Early Arcane Age.


The ten planets on this system are:

1. Trevus: (A planet like Mercury in our solar system) Trevus is the yellow planet nearest to the sun, also the hottest. The name is derived from Trevus, a hero wielding a great sword who retrieved the Seed of Yggdrasil and brought about the end of the Second Ice Age.

2. Marvella: (A planet like Venus in our solar system) Marvella is the green planet, a planet covered with a green veil of gas. The name is derived from Marvella, a heroine enchantress-seer, Trevus’ partner and spouse in the Second Ice Age.

3. Everna: (A planet like Earth in our solar system) Everna is the blue planet, the one with the clearest signs of life in the whole system. The name Everna, meaning “the most everlasting and eternal of all” is given directly by the Source and then through the Trinity, Vadis-Adair-Enia.

4. Aesis: (A planet like Mars in our solar system) Aesis is the red planet that looks hot and desolate.

5. Geine: (A planet like Jupiter in our solar system) Geine is the orange planet, the biggest planet in the system. The name is derived from Lesnar Geine, the third emperor of Arcadia and a great hero who, at the start of the Earlier Arcane Age prevented Frei Val’shka from creating the Third Ice Age.

6. Vazar: (A planet like Saturn in our solar system) Vazar is the white planet with a great ring encircling it.

7. Zebula: (A planet like Uranus in our solar system) Zebula is the dark-brown planet with many moons orbiting it.

8. Caeleth: (A planet like Neptune in our solar system) Caeleth is the aquamarine planet. It’s said that most of its surface is sea water. The name is derived from Caeleth Deneuviel, the elf queen of Thyrine, the Archmage of Nature and a great heroine in the First Crusade, Earlier Arcane Age.

9. Xegvis: (A planet like Pluto in our solar system) Xegvis is the purple planet and the smallest in the system. The name is derived from Xegvis, the sorceress in the Bresconnor-Kullsheim Wars in the Earlier Arcane Age. She became a legendary heroine because of her heroic sacrifice.

10. Nyxxa: (A planet like the rumored tenth planet in our solar system) Nyxxa is the grey planet, the farthest from the sun.


Language and Culture

The Spread of Nations, Cultures and Languages in Everna


Basically, no language-splitting chaotic event like the Tower of Babel in Earth ever took place in Terra Everna.

When humans and beings were being re-created from the World Tree, Yggdrasil at the beginning of the Second World Era, the Age of Restoration, they lived together in the area around Yggdrasil. This caused a conflict between races and it developed itno a world war that almost wiped out the entire human population in Everna.

Tired of war, the entire population decided to flee and go live somewhere else in the world. The Trinity, the patrons of Everna then sent gregorians (fallen angels), powerful heroes and the like to guide the people in the pan-exodus, the journeys to the places they were originated from since their evolution in the First World Era.

Because they had lived together in one area for many centuries, all the countries in Everna uses the common, origin language that is still valid globally to this day. Aside of that, the “guides” who later became leaders of their people taught the people the languages which they once used in the First World Era. So, each country in Terra Everna named things, places and aspects in their own original, primordial languages.

Because Terra Everna is an alternate dimension to Earth, the primordial languages are the same as the languages of the same nations on Earth. For example: Katana as a kind of sword, kimono dress, kimchi vegetable, feng huang as a kind of phoenix, lung or ryu for dragon etc.

The developed culture and characteristics of each nations in Everna are very similar to Earth. For example, the characteristics and culture of Taehon in Everna is similar to Korea on Earth. Shima is similar to Japan, Arcadia to France, Lore to England, Borgia to Germany and so on. This happened because the gregorians, leaders and guides copied the aspects and languages directly from Earth and taught them all to people in every country in Everna.

The new languages which are truly original in Everna are only languages for spells and the trigger and connection to supernatural and magical powers. The most famous are the runic languages, which are the Eirienne (pure runic) and Encanta (similar to mixed Latin-Sanskrit) languages.


Customized General Terms

General terminologies in Terra Everna, whether unique to this world or a mirror-effect adaptation from Planet Earth. The main reference is the First and the Latter Arcane Age.


Ankh: The Vadisian religion crest representing light, faith, goodness and love. The figure is similar to Vadis who extends his hands, embracing anyone who comes into the Way of Light. The mark and term are derived from ancient Sethra civilization and religion during the Age of Ancients.


Guild: A party or organization or company that represents certain kind of people. For example, there are guilds for hunters, thieves, mages, merchants, craftsmen etc, formed for business or a certain cause.


Eirienne: An ancient runic language specially created for magic incantations since the Age of Restoration. Due to the long set of words in one spell, Valanian archmages invented a new spell language with one or two-word spells which are quicker to cast. Yet, Eirenne spells are still widely used.

For example, the Fireblast spell is An Vyr’me Fyasch in Eirienne, and the Encanta is Pyroagnios. Credit to Ashara.


Rune and Runic Language: Runes are writings in runic language. A runic language is a special, ancient language used as magic incantations to trigger magical powers.


Alchemy: A branch in magic and sorcery, covering the skills of concocting chemical ingredients to produce magic or a force equivalent to magic. It’s also a skill to process magical substances like magic crystals or sorts into alchemical products.


Inner Strength and Magic Power

The basic principle adapted from Earth and customized for use in Terra Everna and some places in Omnia Universe only. Note that in Arcane Age, even Non-Oriental fighters can use martial arts and inner strength in their skill sets.


The basic, essential principles are:

– Inner Strength: Inner strength is the supernatural power augmented to physical power, projecting it in fights or supernatural activities like healing etc.

– Aura: Aura is the life force within every living creature, the spiritual energy that activates the mind and body. Aura can be considered the soul itself, which is an energy.

– Mana: Mana is a general term of supernatural and magical power. Mana can be drawn from within the caster’s aura or life force. Or mana can be gathered from external sources, like magic crystals, the environment and many others.

– Chakra, Prana or Chi: Chakra, Prana and Chi are other names for inner strength, the terms are originated in Orien (Chakra from Arcapada, Prana from Antapada and Chi from Wushu). It’s the inner strength or mana that is processed in the body and then being channeled through magic spells or martial art techniques.


Reincarnation: The principle of reincarnation in Everna is somewhat and maybe different from in Earth.

Reincarnation is a divine will that, when a creature dies, it can be reborn into the same of different creature. It’s believed that the reason is: A person (human) who has a balanced amount of good and evil in his/her soul, or he/she is not acknowledged to the true divine or devilish entities. When that person dies, he/she either doesn’t enter the afterlife realms or become a ghost. Instead, that person is reborn in the world as the same being (human) if he has a balanced amount of good or evil, or the good part is slightly dominant. If he is slightly evil, he is reborn as a lesser being than human, most probably an animal.


Jolly Roger: Jolly Roger is the name of an emblem on a black flag, portraying a white skull and crossed bones. It’s widely used as a general insignia for pirates.

According to a legend in Everna, the name is originated from the nickname of Rogerio Santos de Almeida, a legendary, tyrannical pirate admiral, “Jolly Roger” in the Earlier Arcane Age. He always sung merrily while killing, and always got angry or grumpy when he was supposed to be happy instead. One time, one of his subordinate captains staged a mutiny. Jolly Roger was then caught and punished with foot-tickling so he laughed to his death.

The mutinous captain, Patrick McGallagher then put Jolly Roger’s skull and two crossed bones as a memento of that mutiny and his authority as the new admiral. And then that particular mark continues to exist as flags and as the general identity of pirates, a fearsome force of the oceans.


Ranks of Nobility

Titles that apply on both Earth and Everna in Arcane Age – from the lowest to the highest rank. In Everna, this ranking system is originally adapted in Aurelia, later it’s in Myriath and some Third World nations.


The ranks of nobility are:

– Baron – Baroness: The lowest-tier nobility rank. As an official, usually a baron becomes a village chief or a rural town mayor. Baron is a feudal landlord who owns a village-size land. So people can work, reap and make a living from that land, as long as they pay taxes to the landlord.

– Count – Countess: Second-tier noble. Usually a count becomes a county town mayor or minor minister. Also as a landlord who owns a county-sized land.

– Viscount – Viscountess: Third-tier noble. Usually a viscount becomes a district head, a town mayor or middle-rank minister. A landlord who owns a district-sized land.

– Marquis – Marquise: Fourth-tier noble. Usually a viscount becomes a city mayor or top-rank minister. Also a landlord who owns a district-sized land.

– Duke – Duchess: A nobility rank equal to prince or princess. Usually a duke becomes a provincial governor, prime minister or a marshal. A duke can be elected as a regent or even a king if there’s no prince or princess as heir to the throne. In several cases, a duke can be appointed as a viceroy or even a king in conquered territories.

– Prince – Princess: A direct descendant of a king and a queen. A royal family member who is also a duke or duchess and can be elected as crown prince or princess, the heir of the throne. When a crown prince becomes king, his siblings retain their noble ranks.

– King – Queen: A king is a sovereign ruler of a kingdom. He is the leader of all people and nobles. In the govermental system in the Age of Restoration and the beginning of the Age of Ancient Civilization, every city or polis is ruled by a king or a duke.

– Emperor – Empress: An emperor is a supreme ruler with absolute power. In several cases, an emperor can be a ruler of a nation with a very vast territory. Or he can be ruler of a home country and its colonies. Or he can be a superior leader to kings and kingdoms. There are also emperors with powers so absolute, they are even worshipped as gods, demigods or deities by their people.


Ranks of Military

Titles that apply on both Earth and Everna in Arcane Age – from the lowest to the highest rank.

– Soldier: Ordinary soldiers up to Private and Corporal in Modern Age.

– Sergeant: Leader of a group, a team or company of no more than around 50 soldiers, a low-rank officer.

– Captain: Leader of a platoon of 100 – 500 soldiers or a war vessel, a middle-rank officer.

– General: Leader of a battalion or legion of 1000 soldiers and up, a high-rank officer. In the navy, it’s called an Admiral. There are tiers of General ranks according to the number of soldiers they can command or their roles, which in Modern Age are classified into ranks of Major, Colonel and General.

– Marshal: Leader of the entire army, the highest rank in the military.


Geine Currency System

The Continent of Aurelia

Through a convention, the Continent of Aurelia adopts a single, unified currency system called Geine, derived from the name of one of the greatest heroes in Everna, Lesnar Geine. The forms are in coins minted in Valanis, which are distributed among all kingdoms and empires in Aurelia.


The names, forms and values are:

– Geine: The currency mark. You can buy the cheapest, smallest bread with one geine.

– Zenny: Bronze coin. The value is one geine.

– Florin: Silver coin. The value is ten geines.

– Crown: Gold coin. The value is one hundred geines.

– Galleon: Platinum coin. The value is one thousand geines.

– Arthium: Crystal plate. The value is ten thousand geines.


Measurement Units

The Continent of Aurelia, Age of Myth to Arcane Age.

In Everna Saga stories, the measurement of things is converted directly to Earth metric standard.


Aurelian medieval length units:

– Spear: One long spear is equivalent to approx. two meters.

– Sword: One sword is equivalent to approx. one meter.

– Fingerspread: The length between tips of the thumb and little finger on the same hand. One fingerspread is equivalent to approximately twenty centimeter.


Aurelian medieval weight units:

– Stone: One stone is equivalent to approx. one kilogram.

– Rock: One rock is equivalent to approximately one hundred kilograms.


Job Classes

Classifications of job classes used to assign tasks in hunters’ guilds, royal appointments and such, to uphold and maintain order in the martial world itself.


Some of the fighter-type job classes are:

Fighter: Fighter is the general term of men-in-arms, from novice to expert. Differs greatly with mage.

Swordsman/Swordmaster/Blademaster: Sometimes confused with the more general “fighter”, a swordsman is a fighter who wields a sword or a bladed weapon.

Paladin: (Title) A holy knight, anointed by the Patrons of Light as a champion for his/her heroic deeds.

– Paladin: (Job Class) A multi-class fighter, whether as a knight-mage, archer-mage, cleric-knight and so on.

– Knight: (Title) A knight is a fighter anointed by a king, an emperor or the like as a hero or leader of troops. A knight is called with the title “Sir” or “Lady” in front of his/her name.

– Knight: (Job Class) A knight is a fighter who dons a heavy armor for optimal defense against physical damage, plus heavy armaments for an extreme attack.

– Warrior: A type of fighter who depends of weapon instead of armor, offense instead of defense.

– Berserker/Barbarian: A type of warrior from a barbaric trice or nation, or from Northern Aurelia, known to be more savage, brutal and braver than normal warriors.

– Amazon: A type of female warrior. Most amazons are grouped into barbaric tribes in Aurelia and Myriath.

– Assassin: (Job Class) A stealth killer that belongs in an order or group, or be a lone assassin. It’s different than the Order of Assassin as a secret organization of killers.

– Archer/Bowman: Bow-and-arrow shooters.

– Sniper: A kind of shooter, either with bow-and-arrow or a gun with excellent accuracy.

– Ranger: A fighter or mage who operates mostly in forests or woods. A ranger can be a swordsman, an archer, both or any other type or combination.

– Rogue: A fighter who relies on speed to fight in close and long range. A rogue can be a thief, an assassin or both.

– Bandit: A type of outlaw whose job is robbing people.

– Pirate: A type of fighter who specializes in fighting on board a ship and even underwater. As a title, a pirate is an outlaw sea-robber or sea-bandit.

– Corsair: A type of pirates or sea mercenaries from Meshallah and Al-Kalam. They are usually pugilists wielding scimitars, poniards and so on.

– Pugilist: Also called “fighter” in general, a pugilist is a kind of fighter who specializes in martial arts.


Some of the mage-type job classes are:

– Mage: Mage is the general term of magic users, from novice to expert. Differs greatly with fighter. A mage usually masters a certain element and a certain type of magic. A special kind of mage has a special name.

Sorcerer/Sorceress: Another name for a mage who masters the elemental and mind magicks (black and white).

– Wizard/Witch: Another name for a mage who masters the elemental and mind white magicks.

– Warlock/Witch: Another name for a mage who masters the elemental and mind black magicks.

Summoner/Conjurer: A type of mage specializes in summoning creatures or espers to help in a fight or battle.

– Archmage: An archmage is a high-mage, a mage who has attained the superior magic power level, as proved from his/her deeds, achievements and role in the order.

– Healer: A mage who specializes in healing magicks.

– Cleric/Priest: A mage who specializes in healing, protection, support, control and/or offensive magicks.

– Enchanter/Enchantress: A mage who specializes in curses and enchantments that affect other things or creatures.

– Necromancer/Necromancess: A necromancer is a mage specializes in the dark arts of manipulating souls, corpses and reanimating the dead.

– Chronomancer/Chronomage/Chronomancess: A chronomancer is a mage specializes in manipulating time and space by using mana and magical aura as a vessel.

– Bibliomancer/Bibliomancess: A rare, special mage type who can turn written words into magic spells.

– Linguamancer/Linguamancess: A rare, special mage type who can turn spoken words into magic spells.

– Druid: A pagan priest who can function as a priest, an arbitrator, a healer, a scholar and/or a magistrate.

– Magi: Master of magic and divination, reading the stars to predict the future. The magi job is originated in Al-Kalam.

– Seer: A seer is a paranormal who can predict the future by dreaming or through divination methods/magicks/artifacts.


Some of the jobs customized from regular jobs are:

– Alchemist: An alchemist is a mage who is an expert on alchemy, the magic chemicals.

– Blacksmith/Armorer: Making, upgrading and enchanting weapons and sometimes wielding them.

– Artificer/Tinkerer: Relic and artifact maker or expert.

– Merchant: A side job for fighters, mages and the like by selling and trading goods, weapons, magic items, etc.

– Hunter/Huntress: A fighter or mage who hunts for food, fur or bounty from the hunters’ guild.

– Machinist: An expert in building, modifying and/or repairing machinas or automatons.


Some of the special variation job classes are:

– Thaumaturgist: A thaumaturgist is a mage who specializes in combining two or more creatures as one, creating monstrous beings and mutants. It’s an extremely rare job because it takes a powerful mage equal or more than an archmage. Courtesy: Magic: The Gathering by WotC.

– Memorier: A memorier is a mage specializes in extracting, storing and delivering someone’s memory into someone else’s mind. Created by Ashara.

– Hermesier: A hermesier is a magic messenger equipped with magic gloves and such. Its job is to deliver secret messages. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.

Esperier: An esperier is an advanced level summoner. A regular or novice summoner can only have one summoned being or an esper at a time. While an esperier can have about three to five espers, depending of the esper’s grade and power level. For instance, an esperier can have the maximum of one esper midea and three esper inferos, or two esper mideas and one esper infero. Another have five esper inferos, and another can only have one esper dio. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.



Whether you’re a traveler or a monster or bounty hunter, knowledge of unusual creatures and races in Terra Everna is of greatest importance. It’s for your survival, for sure. Note that there are countless numbers of creatures you can befriend or hunt, or you rather avoid it unless you have enough means and power to handle it. This codex summarizes some of them.



The essential datas on creatures are classified as follows: Name – Race/Creature/Monster/Esper Type – Overall Class – Element Affinity – Origin – Description and Information.

Classes: F (Helpless), E (Feeble), D (Poor), C (Mediocre), B (Strong), A (Superior), S (Godly), X (Ultimate)


Monster or Magical Creature

Creature, General Term, Global

A monster is a creature with unusual or unique shape or has characteristics that defy laws of nature. It can be classified into magical creatures or simply freaks of nature that is, by itself, monsters. It can be a unique individual, a kind or a population. In short, a unusual or magical creature that doesn’t belong in a race is considered a monster.


Creature, General Term, Global

A race is a group or population of creatures of the same kind that lives in a community. A race can utilize its members’ intelligence to develop civilizations, culture and crafts. Some even have conscience as part of their spirits. Without all of the above, that creature is classified as a beast or a monster.






Monster, Class C, Water, Quezal-Myriath

Ahutzotl is a monster that looks like a monkey-man with very long hands that extend to its tail. It’s a scary monster with fierce eyes, and sharp nails and teeth. As a river-dwelling man-eater water monster, it can grab people on the boat or near the shore. Sometimes it cries to attract people. When somebody goes near it, the ahutzotl grabs him quickly and devours him.



Race, Class C, Wind, Limazon

Alans are half-bird, half-human monsters from Limazon, Antapada Peninsula. They spend most of their time hanging upside-down on trees. That’s because they have long fingers on their feet and heels on their hands. They’re very friendly to humans, even participate in some heroic deeds.



Monster, Class D, Nature, Southern Aurelia

Amphisbaena is actually a two-headed lizard-snake, one head in front and one in behind, with flashy eyes. Live amphisbaena grants immunity to diseases for the bodies it climbs, and its dead carcass is a cure to rheumatics.


Monster, Class A, Fire, Al-Kalam

A cross between a phoenix and a roc, it lives in mountains of Al-Kalam region. Like a phoenix, it can live for centuries. Actually, it’s a variant of phoenix in Al-Kalam.



Race, Class B, Water or Wind, Arcapada and Antapada

Apsara is a cloud or water elemental fairy. Her body can transform all water or vapor, and she can blend, disguise or hide herself in waterfalls, puddles, ponds, clouds and sorts.



Divine Creature, Class A/S/X, Light, Global

An angel is a messsenger of god, that’s Vadis in Everna. A liminal being who can be considered the “wardens” of the positive forces of light, stationed to monitor the forces of darkness, and if necessary, keeping them at bay or fighting them. Please differ between the heavenly angels and the fallen angels (gregorians).


The hierarchy of angels is divided into several courtly ranks – in descending order: Seraphim (Class X), Cherubim (X), Thrones (S), Dominions (S), Virtues (S), Powers (S), Principalities (S), Archangels (S) and Angels (A). Two of the lowest ranks are allowed to inhabit Everna with physical flesh-and-bones as gregorians, just like the Devils and Archdevils on the dark side.



Monster, Class C, Earth/Dark, Al-Kalam

The ammut is the legendary witness at the judging of the damned who is called upon to consume the evil souls. The good news is that they only eat the wicked, and the bad news is that they enjoy killing the honorable as well. Instead of eating the corpse, however, they just play with it until a hungry scavenger comes along. Oily, smelling of decay, and a cross between a crocodile, hippopotamus and lioness, the ammut does not present a pretty picture. It has massive claws and jaws to match, often roaring deafeningly during combat. Hating the light, the ammut is usually found underground seeking sustenance from amoral beings.


Akuma (Toori Akuma or Ma)

Monster, Class A, Fire, Shima

Akuma is a scary giant or human-like monster, with a fiery hair and eyes like a pair of burning brimstones. He can fly and use his burning-blade sword at the same time.



Monster, Class D, Order, Ubanga

Abatwa is a symbol of peace and order in Ubanga. Abatwas are smaller than average human adults and live in Southern Ubanga. Very shy and only want to show themselves to children under 5 years old, magicians and pregnant women. It’s believed that a pregnant woman who sees a female abatwa will conceive a baby boy. Vice versa, if she sees a male abatwa, she’ll conceive a baby girl.



Monster, Class C, Water+Poison, Southern Na-Wan and Northern Antapada.

Adaro is a kind of merfolk that lives in sewers, polluted rivers or swamps. They eat sewage, garbage and poisonous things, so they become poisonous and cause plague and death to anyone or anything they encounter.



Monster, Class B, Lightning, Al-Kalam

Anzu has similar properties to a griffin or gryphon, except that it has a lion’s head and front body and the beak, rear body, hind and wings of an eagle instead. It’s quite large, its flapping wings can summon hurricane, rainclouds and lightning. Its other name is imdugud, meaning “rainclouds”.



Legendary Monster, Class A, Water and Earth, Arcapada

Airavata is a gigantic white elephant with wings. It has four ivory tusks, seven trunks and the whitest of all eight male, eight female siblings. Airavata can suck a huge amount of water and spray it from above, or blast the water from its trunks like a gigantic water cannon. It is called Erawan in Moshaka and Erawana in Antapada.




Demon, Class C, Dark, Limazon (Lupang Araw)

Aswang is a kind of demonic witch feared in Limazon. It takes a form of a shy old hag in rags at daytime. At night, aswang becomes an agile demon that can run fast and can jump to five meters, with blood-red eyes and can fly without wings. It has sharp fangs to devour human flesh and abnormally long tongue with a sting on the tip to suck blood, fat or fetus out of a body or a corpse.



Monster, Class A, Dragon, Earth, Val’shka

Aitvaras is a shape-shifting monster, becoming a rooster when indoors and transforms into its original form and size, a dragon when outdoors. When it stays in somebody’s house, nobody can send it away unless he’s powerful enough to do it. Aitvaras brings good and bad luck at the same time to anyone who lives in the house it’s staying.



Monster, Class A, Dragon, Poison, Bjordan

This dragon eats snakes and keeps their venom in its body, so it can spread plague or poison with its breath, wherever it goes. Many consider Ajatar to be related with the dragon Aitvaras from Val’shka.



Race, Class C, Fae, Any Element, Ubanga

Azizahs are a faerie-elf blended race that live in the jungles of Ubanga. They usually give righteous hunters enchantments and healing when needed. They also teach practical and spiritual knowledge to the natives, especially during the Restoration Age.


Alkonost and Sirin

Celestial Being, Class C, Dark and Light, Global

Alkonost (dark) and Sirin (light) are half-woman, half-bird creatures. Both of them have beautiful singing voices and can mesmerize ordinary humans and mundane creatures and races. A sirin is from Heaven and sing songs to envigor and rally the listeners. While an alkonost sings to mesmerize or torture her target to death. One legendary, most powerful alkonost is named Alcyone (Esper Infero, Class A), who is actually a woman cursed to be an alkonost, thus becomes the queen of the alkonosts.



Mutant Race, Class A, Earth, Al-Kalam and Seth-Ra

Aqrabuamelu is a man-scorpion race, with upper body of a human and lower body of a giant scorpion. They are very formidable and possesses an almost-godlike strength.



Monster, Class S, Light, Arcapada-Antapada

Ananta, ananta-sesha or adi-sesha is an ultimately gigantic dragon with many heads. In its ultimate godly form (Class X) it is said to have one thousand heads. In esper form, ananta has another name, that is Antaboga.



Group of Races (Giants and Mutants), Various Classes (Many Varieties), Any Element, Antapada-Arcapada-Na-Wan

Ashuras, daityas or detyas are supernatural or monstrous beings, giants and mutants in exact. They are representing the negative aspect of Everna, as opposed with the daevas, generally and naturally. Among the ashuras are rakshashas, yakshas, giants and half-human, half-beast mutants.



Creature, Class C, Wind, Aurelia

Amadans are frightful fairies, because even their tiniest touch can cause a terrible pain. That’s why amadans are known as aggressive creatures.






Monster, Class D, Wood/Nature, Orien

Bakrus are small people with size of average human child with an overlarge head. Their bodies are half-flesh, half-wood. They tend to bring prosperity and soil fertility – only at their own free will.



Undead, Class B, Dark, Aurelia

Banshees are woman ghouls with supernatural powers. They can fly like a ghost, with long, sharp nails as weapons, and large, bulging eyes. Some are capable of using hypnotism. The most dangerous weapon in their arsenal is banshee’s deafening scream, capable of stunning their opponents or victims.



Undead, Class C, Dark, Aurelia

Mainly dwell in Lore and Wardstone, boggarts are shape-shifting ghouls living in abandoned or old buildings, houses, cabinets or closets. They often come out from closets or cabinets, scaring with the form of their target’s worst fear. If controlled by a warlock or a witch, boggarts can be a formidable army, attacking the enemies physically and mentally. This type of boggart is called a dementor.



Race, Class E, Nature, Aurelia (Mainly in Lore and Wardstone)

Brownies are more intelligent cousins of goblins and hobgoblins. They tend to avoid evil deeds and dedicate their lives to live in harmony with humans. They have small faces with big noses and ears, are either bald or have bushy hair. In another dimension, some people call them “house elves”.



Monster, Class B, Earth, Aurelia

Bugbears live in the woods, forests or rocky coasts of Western Aurelia. Their form is of a bear with almost human-like faces with bushy beard. They can be very fierce and stronger than ordinary bears when they’re hungry or feel threatened – it’s a common animal instinct. Their fearsome visage are often described or portrayed to scare naughty little children.





Monster, Class A, Psyche, Global

Nicknamed “King of Reptiles”, these monsters look like a giant salamander or komodo lizard with elongated neck and tail like a snake. It has all the arsenals: the gaze of its eyes can paralyze, stun or even petrify you. The spikes on its tail bludgeons the paralyzed victim. Its two front fangs are like twin daggers, full of venom, plus its overwhelming strength and agility. Sometimes basilisks come in form of a gigantic snake. Basilisk is inferior only to the king of all magical and celestial beasts, the dragon.



Monster, Class C, Light, Shima

Baku is a monster with face of a lion, body of a horse, legs of a tiger and tail of an ox. It’s called the “dream eater”, because it’s said it swallows people’s nightmares, making it into a dream or a good omen.



Monster, Class C, Water+Earth, Boreal

Bunyip is a monster dwelling in Boreal, exclusively. Its form is like a giant seal with legs of a hippoppotamus. An amphibian man-eater, its slow movement is compensated by its strength. It preys on the weak, fights the strong, but weak against the agile.



Monster, Class C, Light, Al-Kalam

Burak is a celestial horse with human head and voice, donkey ears, horse body and legs, and peacock wings and tail. Its eyes are blue like sapphires and glow like stars. Its body is larger than a donkey, but smaller than a mule. Burak is one of the few kinds of celestial animals that are allowed to enter heaven.


Boar, Giant

Monster, Class C, Earth, Global

This ancestor of the domestic hog is not to be taken lightly. It will charge into and viciously gore its target. The giant boar is an omnivore which will eat anything and everything, and it knows no fear when hunting. The boar resembles a hog, but with a shorter snout, coarser hair, straighter tail, and vicious tusks.



Monster, Class C, Wind, Lore

Unlike the kelpie which lives mostly underwater, brag is a land shape-shifting monster. Most of the time, it takes the form of a horse. The brag horse attracts men to ride on it. When somebody mounts its back, the brag will take the rider running in an extremely terrifying way, and finally throws him into water.


Barmotez (Barbaric Sheep)

Monster, Class D, Nature, Western Al-Kalam

Barmotez or Tartary is also known as the “vegetable sheep”. It’s actually a sheep-like beast with half-vegetable body. It usually sticks on a tree, on a very short branch and hides inside a bunch of leaves. Once it eats up all the vegetations it can reach, it will starve and die. The barmotez is considered an exotic delicacy, because its flesh tastes like fish and its blood is sweet like honey. Only a farmer with magical skills can keep barmotez as cattle.



Race, Class D, Ice, Grad Mountains

Barbegazi are shy gnomes. They live in caves and tunnels almost reaching mountain peaks. They sleep throughout the summer and travel around only when the air temperature is below freezing mark (zero degree Melchior – equal to zero degree Celcius). They lave very large feet, and they can use them as a combination of ski shoes and ice picks.

Barbegazis like very much to walk on thin, slippery ice. They can also use their feet like shovels, to break through a heap of ice. They usually bring benefits for humans by warning them of avalanches and helping those who are trapped in an avalanche-caused heap of snow to get out to safety.



Monster, Class C, Light, Seth-Ra

Ba is a bird with a human head and mediocre powers.



Monster, Class E to A, Metal, Taehon

Bulgasari is originally insect-sized. It casts away nightmares and cures water pox. It eats iron and swells up until it’s as big as a house and becomes fireproof. It has a bear body with elephant trunk, eyes of a rhinoceros, porcupine spikes, cow tail and legs of a tiger.



Race, Class C, Water, Lore

Buggane is a race of mutant goblins with half goblin with long hair, teeth and nails and half horse or half calf.



Monster, Class C, Chaos, Wardstone

Bwabchod, Bwca or Bwbach is a house fairy (eil). They do lots of work if appreciated, but turn evil when they’re offended (and they actually can be easily offended).



Monster, Class C, Fire, Ubanga-Aurelia-Myriath

Bicorne is a rare monster that looks like an obese, over-eating front-half-panther, back-half-bull. They move rather slowly, which is compensated with massive strength.



Monster, Class B, Fire (Sun), Seth-Ra

Just like a phoenix, a benu can attack with fire and be resurrected from its ashes when it dies. The differences with a phoenix are, benu looks like a purple crane and it always draw power from the sun.


Bogie or Bogey

Undead, Class C, Dark, Aurelia

The bogeys are ehtereal undead with small bodies, and they love the darkness. Bogeys usually hide in closets or wardrobes, and they are evil and cruel. They can shapeshift into a large cloud, a mass of dirt or a heap of dust.


Black Annis

Monstrous Witch, Class B, Dark, Lore

Black Annis lives on a plateau and hillside of northern Lore. She looks like an evil witch with blue skin and an eerie, bulging, single eye. Her figure is of a hideous hag. Whenever she spots humans, she will eat them. It’s said that she usually sits on top of a heap of skullls and bones at the entrance of her cave. If no human is around, she hunts and eats sheep or deer, raw.



Monster, Class C, Fire, Antapada

Banaspati has a fiery-red skin, has horns. It’s half-human, half-beast. Its large body is covered in flames. It’s frequently seen on the trees, scaring the travellers and savors the negative energy from humans and the like. From afar, a banaspati can be seen as a flying fireball like a torch fire in the middle of the forest. It’s said to be walking upside-down with its hands on the ground and its feet flailing upwards and function as hands. The legendary King of Banaspatis is called Kirttimukha, the Exalted Face (Esper Infero, Class A).



Demon-Ghost, Class C, Dark, Al-Kalam

Bakhtak is a demon who likes to sit on top of its sleeping victims, giving them worst nightmare and savors the negative energy from their fear.


Note: Nightmare-bringer creatures like Bakhtak are mara (East Aurelia), hag (Lore), kanashibari (Shima), subirse el muerto (Quezal) gawinulim (Taehon), guiyashen (Wushu), karabasan (Meshallah), karadarahu (Goran), ja-thoom and alu (faceless ghost) (Al-Kalam), phi am (Moshaka).






Monster, Class A, Water, Limazon (Lupang Araw)

Bakunawa is a Limazonian sea dragon-serpent with the shape of a gigantic, legless serpent with a very broad mouth, a red hand-like tongue, a long goatee and gills on the sides of its body. It also has two pairs of wings, one pair on the upper body is grey and very broad and the other pair on the lower body is smaller. Legends are told of Bakunawa being the cause of moon eclipses because it swallows the moon and spits it out again.



Monster, Class B, Water, Val’shka

Bukavac is a six-legged serpent monster with a frog face and crooked horns. It strangles its victims by the river.



Race, Class E, Chaos, Wardstone

Bogles are Wardstonian hobgoblins who like to do petty thefts (a kleptomaniac).



Undead, Class D, Dark, Aurelia

Bodaches are supernatural beings or ghosts who enter the house through chimneys or any opening to kidnap or terrorize children by poking their chests with candlesticks, pushing them around and then giving them horrible nightmares. It’s believed that bodaches only bother naughty kids. To ward them away, a child must sleep with salt sprinkled on his chest. Bodaches will not touch salt. Their form is of an old man.



Legendary Undead, Class A, Dark, Aurelia

Bogeyman is the most powerful and legendary of all bodaches. He’s actually an immortal, handsome man of his thirties with a very pale skin. He obtains his bodach powers and amplifies it towards a dangerous level. He feeds on children’s aura or life force, which must be transformed into darkness element first by making nightmares in their sleep.



Race, Class D, Earth, Lore

Buccas are goblins who live in tin mines so they are like kobolds. The difference is, the kobolds are weredog-goblins and the buccas are pure goblins. Some buccas also live on ships. Some of them can predict the weather and prevent shipwrecks. But they must be paid with a few catches from fishermen or bread crumbs from the others. One more thing, only kobolds can make cobalt while buccas can not.



Mutant Race, Class C, Nature, Boreal

Baginises are mutants with upper half of a woman and lower half or any mammal and are always female. They possess incredible beauty, with claws as hands. Baginises often catch men, but often kill them. If they like the men they’ve caught, they’ll mate with those men and then let them go.



Monster, Class D, Chaos, Aurelia

Bendiths and mamaus are ugly fairies. It’s probably because of the mating between fairies and goblins. They like to kidnap children by exchanging them with their own children called crimbils. If a child escaped or is saved from bendiths or mamaus, they won’t be able to remember anything but a beautiful tune.


Black Dog

Monster, Class C, Dark, Lore

Black dog is a very large hunting dog, larger than any that ever lived. Its size is like a calf or larger. Their reddish eyes can glow in the dark, and they have fangs and claws of darkness energy to fight.


Bishop Fish

Monster, Class D, Water, Aurelian Waters

A bishop fish has a head like a shaved hair of a bishop. Its body is entirely a fish. It has scales, fins and two arms that look like fins and claws.






Creature, Class B, Chaos, Global

Cyclopes are giants with a single large eye on each of his/her forehead. Their average height is 5-6 meters. They are generally more intelligent than trolls, but more primitive and barbaric than humans. Almost all of them use stone clubs as weapons, and cyclopes are known as man-eaters.



Monster, Class C, Water, Ubanga-Aurelia-Myriath

As contrary to bicorne, chichevache looks like a skinny, skin-and-bone front-half-cow, back-half-panther. Their attack is rather weak, but they move very fast, driven by their eternally insatiable hunger.



Monster, Class C, Wind, Aurelia-Myriath-Ubanga

A mixed monster with body of an antelope, front legs of eagle claws and the hind legs of a bull. In Aurelia, it’s often portrayed as a symbol of speed.



Monster, Class C, Nature, Seth-Ra and Al-Kalam

Cameleopard is a cross between a leopard and a camel. It has camel body and leopard skin.

It can be tamed and is the ride of nobles in Seth-Ra.



Fairy, Class D, Earth, Wardstone

Coblynaus are little fairy creatures who live in mines, and showing the miners ore deposits by their knocking signs. They are ugly but kind-hearted. When angry, they tend to throw stones at those who angered them.



Race, Class B, Nature, Global

Centaur is a race of half-human, half-horse creatures. With upper body of a human and lower body of a horse, a centaur blends with nature but bears two extreme traits – the aggressive, beastly behavior, the wise, resourceful one or a bit of both. A few centaurs can even predict the future, the oracles.




Monster, Class B, Earth, Aurelia-Ubanga-Al Kalam

Catoblepas is a giant monster with a combination head of a boar and leopard, with body like a rhinoceros. Its gigantic tusk can pierce through thick iron and ram into city walls. It almost always lowers its head, close to the ground.



Monster, Class A, Dark, Aurelia

Cerberi are giant three-headed hell hounds. The original Cerberus (Class A, Esper Infero) has three snakes as tails. It’s the stout guardian of the underworld or hell, and Hades’, later Adair’s favourite pet. The inferior, earthly cerberi live in catacombs, caves and sorts and may serve masters with a greater power than them.


Chimera, Biological

Monster, Class A, Fire, Aurelia

Biological chimera is a giant monster with head and wings of a dragon, head and front body of a lion, head and hind body of a goat and a snake as tail. The three heads can breathe fire. Overall, the dragon’s cunning, the lion’s strength and a goat’s agility makes chimera one of the most dangerous, almost-perfect monsters in the world.


Chimera, Mechanical

Legendary Machina, Class S, Fire-Air-Earth-Water-Lightning, Enia’s Sanctum, Escudia-Aurelia

The mechanical (machina) version of the mythical chimera is more gigantic and more powerful, a merging between five final machina guardians of Enia’s Sanctum (all Class A): Vyr the Fire Dragon, Jokl the Water Alligator, Borg the Rock Bear, Eshmyr the Wind Pegasus and Voltar the Thunder Bird. They’re named after the five elements in Eirienne runic language. Those five were once living creatures and close guardians of the Mother Goddess, Enia. They perished in the eve of Enia’s sacrifice, and ressurected as giant machinas, the final guardians of Enia’s Sanctum. Created by Andry Chang.



Race, Class F, Unknown Element, Global

Changelings are faerie children who are left as a change to human babies or infants kidnapped by faeries. When exchanged, a changeling look identical to the child it replaces. Like faeries, changelings have natural gift for magic, and can be found in North Aurelia, Wushu and North Myriathan tribes.



Race, Class C, Mystic-Psyche, Lore-Wardstone

Corrigans belong to a fae sub-race, also mystical natives of Lore and Wardstone. Like their kind all over the world, they are known to kidnap healthy human babies and replace them with changelings.



Monster, Class C, Dark, Myriath

Chupacabras are dogs turning ravenous and bloodthirsty like vampires. So, chupacabras are actually infected by a virus more powerful than rabies and become inferior, primal-stage form of hellhounds. A mysterious cult, El Chupacabra is known for worshipping devil as represented by chupacabras and exists in Everna and Earth.



Monster, Class B, Psyche, Aurelia

Cockatrices are monsters who look like an overgrown rooster with a peacock-like tail. Avoid its eyes’ gaze because it can paralyze you temporarily. Even in an exaggerated rumor, it can turn you into stone (petrification).



Creature, Class B, Light, Aurelia and Myriath

Cornus is a very rare magical horse species, a cross between a unicorn and a pegasus. To put it simply, it’s a horse with wings and a long horn on its forehead. It also has speed of a pegasus and fortitude of a unicorn. In Everna, there’s another name for cornus, that is zephyr. It’s derived from a single, legendary, very heroic and immortal unicorn named Zephyr (Class B, Light).


Cei and Neo-Cei

Race, Class A, Ice, Global

– Cei is a race of white-haired witches (all female), transformed from human witches by possessing their souls with frost sould (lost jotun (frost giant) souls and pure ice. They’re hand-in-hand with the jotuns during the Ice Age (Post First World Apocalypse). Ceis are the elite witch force closest to Frei Val’shka, the Ice Goddess. They’re believed to be extinct in the Age of Restoration.

- Neo-Cei is an ultra-rare race women with rainbow eye irises. They are descendants of humanized ceis. During the Recovery Age their lineage dwindled. In Arcane Age, the occurence of neo-ceis are extremely rare. They even said there’s one neo-cei born in Everna every ten years or so (Only one is born in every generation). Neo-Ceis (newtypes) are believed to bring chaos, blessings, disasters and bliss altogether. Cei and Neo Cei are joint-created by Andry Chang, Mad-Writer (Alantika) and Shanifa Watson.



Monster, Class C, Nature, Ubanga

Crocottas are monstrous hyenas with very strong jaws and razor-sharp teeth. They can rip into anything with their teeth and can devour and prey on any creature.



Race, Class C, Water, Lore

Ceasg is a mermaid, that is half-human, half salmon fish. They can marry with humans, and their offsprings become great sailors.



Monster, Class B, Water, Goran

Chu-srin is a crocodile monster with lion legas, horse mane, tentacles, fish gills, deer antler and flower-shaped tail.



Monster, Class A, Fire, Val’shka

Chudo-yudo is a multiple-headed dragon that can breathe fire. It has around six to ten heads.



Monster, Class C, Dark, Lore and Wardstone

Cyroeraeth are like banshees, their weapons are their shrill, loud screams. The difference is, sometimes cyroeraeth’s scream can be just a warning or a threat, not a lethal attack. Their form is of a woman with long, messy hair, very lean and have very, very long arms with dagger-like nails. Their faces look pale and hideous, and they have long, sharp black teeth.



Legendary Monster, Class A, Water, Valanis

The sea monster Charybdis is believed to live inside a cave on the cliff, on one side of a narrow channel. In Everna, it’s between Isle of Shilfen and Valanis Peninsula.

Three times a day, Charybdis swallows a huge amount of water and then belches it bac out again, creating a large whirlpools capable of dragging a ship underwater.

It’s like a gigantic whale with an overlarge mouth to swallow water and everything else.






Race, Class C, Order, Grad Mountain-Aurelia

Dwarves are actually shorter-than-average humans who live together in communities of the same kind. As time passes, the dwarves compensate their lack of speed and agility with superior physical toughness. Dwarves are experts in mining, metalwork and trading, amassing great wealth and building glorious cities inside mountains, mountain cities and great fortresses.

Dwarves like to grow long beards, though it makes them look older than their actual age. They dwell in caves, in mountains or underground. They are highly adaptable to underground environments and can see clearly in the dark without the aid of lanterns. There, they mine for metals like gold, silver, iron and sorts. They are also master blacksmiths and weapon smiths, and metal-ware merchants. Although they run slowly and can’t ride horses, they are formidable defenders. Dwarves are also credited in making superior and legendary weapons, including the Mythril Arsenal of Eil’thanath. Dwarves like to call their own kind with the original, honorary name, the Knurlan Race.


Dire Wolf

Monster, Class C, Ice, Global

Dire wolves are oversized wolves with snow-white fur. They live in snowy areas or high mountains, and occasionally come down to the warmer forest to hunt. Their cousins, the common giant wolves are called wargs.



Race, Class A, Dark, Global

Demons are inferior to devils. Yet, they are more aggressive and tend to go berserk whenever necessary. If they do, the opponents will get tremendously severe damage. Most of the demons are as large as ogres or giants, and some are human-sized.




Mystical Creature, Class B, Mystic-Psyche, Aurelia

In Everna, doppelgängers are shape-shifters. They are invisible at first as ghouls, wraiths or such, as they’re following their target human or humanoids except elf and fae first. And when they’re ready, they become their target’s identical double. Either their “twins” accept them as a surrogate, or the doppelgängers must kill their doubles or let them die if the doubles are dying. So, if an ordinary human suddenly has mystical powers and is miraculously healed after dying from severe illness, be careful, as he or she may be a doppelgänger.



Monster, Class A (Common), Any Element, Global

Dragons are the true kings of monsters and magical beasts, said to have evolved from giant serpents or basilisks. Dragons come in various forms and sizes. Common dragons are winged giant lizards that shoot fire or ice from their long snouts, with spikes on their tails to wipe the enemies out.


Some of the distinctive dragon sub-species are as follows:

– Drake (Monster, Class B, Wind / Water / Fire): Drakes are the smallest of the dragons, and the quickest, especially wind drakes and faerie drakes.

– Wyrm (Monster, Class A, Fire / Nature / Earth): Wyrms can be equal or larger than common dragons, retaining the shape of the head with snake-like body and cannot fly. They reside where their element is abundant. For instance, fire wyrms live in lava pools.

– Nagra Serpent (Monster, Class A, Fire / Water): Nagras are more powerful than common giant sea serpents, they can move with elemental power, and some can shoot bolts of different elements. For example, a Wushunese nagra water dragon (shuilong) can shoot fireballs. The legendary nagras are Leviathan and Shen Long, the Dragon God.

– Dracolich (Monster, Class A, Dark / Ice / Fire): Mainly creatures of darkness, dracolichs are dead dragons, even dragon skeletons animated as dragon lichs (dracolichs). Depending on their powers, dracolichs’ element can be pure darkness or retain their original elements, the possible ones are ice or fire. Dracolichs raised from ancient dragons are mainly Class S.

– Ancient Dragons (Monster, Class S, Any Element): The strongest or very ancient kind of dragons, they are ultra rare or one of a kind. Sometimes the ancients have superior intelligence than humans and elves, also magical powers rivaling the strongest mages. A few can even shape-shift into other beings, preferably humans or elves. When they are dead or still alive, ancient dragons can become espers, bonding with their summoners through a certain relic, magical contract or sorts. Among the ancients are: Behemoths, Bahamuts, Leviathans, Zmeys, Orochis, Tiamats.


Some of the legendary dragon sub-species are as follows:

– Zilant (Monster, Class A, Dark, Goran): Zilant is a hybrid dragon, a mixture between a dragon and a wyvern. It has black skin and scales and can have two heads.

– Yelbeghen (Monster, Class A, Cosmic, East Aurelia): Yelbeghen is like chudo-yudo with a form of a winged dragon with seven heads.

– Verechelen (Monster, Class A, Dark, Sylvania) Verechelen, the invisible dragon has a gigantic serpent form without legs and with wings so it can fly.



Creature, Class C, Nature, Global

Dryads are fairy-like creatures who dwells inside trees and plants in form of a young girl (nymphs), resembling that tree (treants) or a human with tree-like body parts (original dryads). In most occassions, the dryads’ bodies are merged or fused with the tree, so they are often called “tree spirits” or “tree elementals”.



Undead, Class C, Dark, Al-Kalam and Aurelia

Dybbuk is a spirit originated from Western Al-Kalam, constantly seeking to possess and enslave humans. Like ghosts, dybbuk can only be ousted or banished to nether realms by exorcists.



Monster, Class C, Sand (Earth), Al-Kalam

The debbi is a hateful and selfish desert scavenger. It is but two feet tall and resembles a hyena. Its snout, head and jaws are those of a scavenger, and its body that of a nimble monkey. The debbi “cause fear” in many other desert animals – this ability occasionally causes magical sparks to spring from their coats.



Undead, Class B, Dark, Aurelia

Draugr, aptrganga or aptrgangr is a warrior’s corpse raised to wreak havoc among the living. The difference with a revenant, a draugr has supernatural ability and the ability to make himself bigger into giant-size. Draugr’s victims are often tortured to death, like being crushed under his giant feet, drinking the victim’s blood, making the victim insane before killing him, or drowning the victim’s body slowly and swallowing him whole.


Dandon or Dendan

Monster, Class C, Water, Al-Kalam

Dandon is a giant, black fish. It tends to avoid humans because it moves slowly and cannot match human swiftness and resourcefulness in combat. Dandon always throws out lots of fish from its mouth if it is caught, begging the captors to spare its life.



Race, Class C, Chaos, Taehon

Dokkaebi is a goblin-like or troll-like humanoid, with an ugly face and short horns on its head. Sometimes dokkaebi wears a magic hat (gamtu) that can render it invisible and carries a magic club (bangmangi) that can summon any object it wants, even if it means stealing it.

More annoying than dangerous, dokkaebis like to trick humans and block their way, challenging them to a ssireum duel (Taehonian wrestling).

There are some kinds of dokkaebis according to their size and traits. The naughty ones are called cham dokkaebi, the evil ones gae dokkaebi, etc.




Mutant Race, Class C, Nature, Antapada

Davans are human-mouse deer mutants, adapting mouse deer’s cleverness, agility and flexibility. They tend to be mischievous at times. Created by Rickman Roedavan.



Monster, Class C, Water, Lore

Dracae is a shapeshifting creature, its true form unknown. It floats on the river in the shape of good-looking thing or man which attracts women. It kidnaps the women and threatens to drown them into the river, unless they become slaves to care of dracae babies or children.



Race, Class C, Wind, Bresconnor

Dziwozony is a race of Bresconian fae with tall, athletic bodies. This wild, barbaric all-women tribe-race (like amazons) live in the forests. They attack human travellers and sometimes force young men to become their lovers and mates. Like the fae, they usually kidnap human babies and exchange them with fae changelings (Class F).






Race, Class B, Any Element, Aurelia-Orien-Frigia-Ubanga

A race of noble, superior human-like beings with pointy ears. They can live for centuries and retain their youthful looks, yet they can be killed except by poison or by natural causes. Generally, elves are very agile and use magic in many aspects of their lives.


The elf sub-races are as follows:

p<>{color:#000;}. Wood Elf (Nature): The most common of all elves, living in forests and houses on big trees. Best rangers and archers of all elf races.

p<>{color:#000;}. High Elf (Light): Elves who live in hidden, beautiful cities. They are the strongest mages.

p<>{color:#000;}. Night Elf (Dark): In dark forests, these night elves are stealthy assassins and live to hunt-and-kill.

p<>{color:#000;}. Water Elf (Water): Being the best swimmers and divers, these elves can breathe underwater like frogs or other amphibians.

p<>{color:#000;}. Sky Elf (Wind): The high mountain ranges are the sky elves’ dominion. They fly and glide with their rides, namely pegasi, giant eagles, griffins or faerie dragons.



Monster, Class B, Any Element, Global

Elementals are creatures that embody one of the basic elements: earth, air, water and fire and the combined elements of lightning and ice. Human-sized elementals are Class B, and giant elementals are Class A. Bodies of original elementals entirely consist of that element, for instance a fire elemental has a body of fire and nothing else. Earth, wood and metal elementals are considered golems.


The elemental sub-races are as follows:

– Borg: Earth elementals or earth golems

– Sylph: Air elementals

– Nereid: Water elementals

– Vyr: Fire elementals

– Voltr: Lightning elementals

– Jokl: Ice elementals

– Uthl: Mud (water+earth) elementals

– Ragnr: Meteor (earth+fire) elementals


Evil Eye

Monster, Class D, Dark, Global

Evil eyes are monster with shape of a gigantic eye that floats without wings in the air. They can shoot their opponents with dark ray blast. According to legend, evil eyes are products of demonic necromancy experiment on giants’ and ogres’ eyes.



Race, Class A, Earth, Al-Kalam

Ettins are two-headed giants. Both heads sit atop the shoulders and give ettins an excellent ability to spot prey. They wear tattered, moth-eaten animal skins and tend to be quite filthy. In combat, an ettin attacks with a massive club, this monster is truly a fearsome foe. While their normal skin color is greenish, there are rumors of even more powerful albino ettins who are as strong as dragons.

The most effective way to defeat an ettin is to make the two heads confused so he will be disoriented.



Monster, Class C, Chaos, Aurelia

Empusaes are half-woman, half-donkey man-eating monsters with mediocre power, yet very nimble.


Eil or Ellyllon

Group of Races, Class D to C, Various Elements, Global

Eil is a general race of wingless fairies. Included in this general term are ellyllon, brownie, leprechaun and the like. They are decent folks and extraordinarily handy in any kind of crafts, like shoemakers, tailors, blacksmiths, tinkerers, librarians and sorts.

Eils like to help people but they tend to leave if people treat them badly or disturb them. One of the most popular group of eils helps Santo Klaus (known as Santa Claus in Earth) in Frigia, making toys as presents for children.

Creator’s note: Eil is the exclusively-invented subtitute name for elf in Everna, so readers won’t mistake it between the original fairy version and the human-sized, magical elf race (the J. R. R. Tolkien version adapted in Everna Saga).






Monster, Class E, Water, Global

Flobbers are jelly-shaped monsters. Feeble, they always use flob, very ticklish and irritating mucus as weapon or a mean of self-defense if attacked.



Monster, Class F, Nature, Global

Flobberworms are perfectly harmless, slow-moving and boring jelly worms which produce ooze that’s used to make magic potions.



Mutant Race, Class C, Nature, Global

Felixis are human-cats, werecats or catfolk. With cat’s eyes that can see through the dark and sturdy claws, plus excellent body flexibility, the felixis are great climbers and very agile.



Monster, Class C, Chaos, Aurelia

Fachens are humanoid monsters, their bodies are full of feathers and have tufts like a rooster’s. An extra hand grows from the middle of a fachen’s chest. An extra foot grows from its stomach. Every fachen has a single eye on the middle of its forehead. To make itself look fearsome, it makes its feathers stand before attacking its victim.


Race, Class C, Nature, Global

Fauns are close cousins to satyrs, yet more gentle. They are mutants with ears, feet and tail of a deer. Their faces and bodies are of a handsome young man. They can be very merry at times, even shy and timid. Yet, if trained properly, they can be formidable combatants or soldiers.


Feng Huang

Monster, Class A, Fire, Wushu

Feng Huang is a Wushunese phoenix, living on high mountains nearest to the sun. Feng is male and Huang is female. They are also a symbol of eternal love. “They have colorful (up to five-colored) feathers like peacocks, and they often warble five-note harmonious tunes.



Fairy, Class D, Earth, Grad Mountains

These fairies live in the valleys throughout Grad Mountains. They bring good weather for farmers. And if they like a farmer, they will put little bells on the necks of the farmer’s cows so they won’t get lost.






Monster, Class C, Chaos, Global

Goblins are half-height humanoids with pointy long ears and commonly green skins. There are two kinds of goblins: the suicidal, dumb yet aggressive brutes and the intelligent tinkerers.



Monster, Class B, Light, Global

Griffins or gryphons are majestic beasts with head and front leg of an eagle and body and hind legs of a lion. An embodiment of great yet balanced power, agility and intelligence. A griffin is absolutely loyal to a partner it respects.



Race, Class D, Order, Global

Gnome is a race of little humans that resembles havenlings. The differences are, they are fond of book, knowledge and most of all, magic. They can be called havenling mages or magic havenlings. Grown-up male gnomes usually grow very long beards, so they look much older (and perhaps wiser) than havenlings or even humans.



Race, Class B, Water, Global

Gavials are half-men, half-crocodiles which reside on marshlands. They are very strong, fierce and brutal like primitive barbarians. They’re also masters of weaponry as well as using their vicious fangs.



Monster, Class C (small) Class B (large), Any Element, Global (originated from Western Al-Kalam)

Golems are monsters made with inanimate, solid objects which are animated with magical energy and spirits. Most common golem variants are: stone golem (earth), rock golem (earth), wood golem (nature) or metal golem, for instance golden golem, iron golem, silver golem, bronze golem, brass golem, mythril golem or the rare adamantium golem (non-elemental).



Race, Class A, Light, Global

Gregorians are mortal or fallen angels of Yvais, envoys of Vadis and sentinels of Everna. They are the balancing counterparts of the mortal devils and demons from the underworld. There are times when gregorians are mixed with other races and produce new sub-races.


The gregorian sub-races are as follows:

– Aeris (plural), Aerio (singular male), Aeria (singular female): Aeris are winged, original gregorians of a superior stature. Most of them serve as leaders and soldiers.

– Divi (plural), Divo (singular mage), Diva (singular female): Divis are wingless gregorians of an inferior stature, so they look exactly like fair humans. They serve as peasants, workers and various professions. Their greatest gift is divine singing voices.

– Nephilim (any element): Descendants of angels and humans, each possessing unique supernatural powers, traits or abilities.

– Nephalem (light and dark): Descendants of angels and devils, each possessing unique supernatural powers, traits or abilites of both light and darkness.

– Nephator (light and dark): Descendants of angels and vampires, each adapting traits of either or both. Their elemental base can be light, darkness or both.

– Nepheles (dark): Descendants of devils and vampires, each adapting traits of either or both. In Everna, the most powerful and legendary nepheles is Mephistopheles.

– Rephaim (Giant Race, Class B, Nature, Al-Kalam-Aurelia): The rephaim is a race of giants descended from nephilims. They are also called zazummin or emim.

– Anakim (Giant Race, Class B, Nature, West Al-Kalam-Aurelia): The anakim is a race of giants descended from a mix of rephaims and ordinary humans.



Race, Class A, Earth or Chaos, Global

Giant is the true race of gigantic humans, said to have a nation of their own. After their ultimate defeat from humans, giants are confined in a big, floating island offshore Lore. It’s the Isle of Gargantua, which can only be reached by airships or a giant beanstalk. However, there are a few tribes and groups still scattered all over the world.



Monster, Class C, Lightning, Global

Gayzers are jellyfish-like monsters, each with a perfectly round head and can float in the air. They attack with electric shock. Sometimes gayzers are assigned to guard tombs, vaults or important places because of their absolute obedience to their masters. Reference: RPG Maker VX by Enterbrain.



Monster, Class A, Earth, Global

This giant has an appetite larger than its 50-meter height and a very broad body. Its excessive fat makes it extremely hard to kill. The only good news is, gargantua is extremely rare.



Monster, Class B, Dark, Aurelia

Larger than common hellhounds, garms originally are also the guardians of the gates of hell, lieutenants of the mythical Cerberus. A garm has four eyes and blood trickling from each eye, signifying its blood-thirsty nature.



Race, Class A, Wind or Fire, Arcapada and Antapada

Garudas are giant celestial monsters with body of a human and head, beak, feet and wings of an eagle. Garudas are very powerful and a close rival to dragons. The garuda race are descendants of the original, first, divine and immortal Garuda, the esper midea.



Race, Class B, Water or Wind, Arcapada and Antapada

The gandharvas are male nature spirits, husbands of the apsaras. Some are part animal, usually a bird. They have superb musical skills.



Monster, Class B, Chaos, Aurelia

Gulons are half-hyena, half-lion monsters with wolf tails and razor-sharp fangs and claws.


Ghoul, Al-Kalamian

Monster, Class D, Darkness, Al-Kalam

Like the global variant, the ghoul is an undead scavenger which feeds on the flesh of corpses. It is recognizable by its ghastly skull and decaying body.

Ghouls are often encountered in packs and stop at nothing to feed. If one rakes its target with its filthy nails, there is a chance that paralysis will ensue, slowing the target down greatly. While the near-stasis does not last long, it may be enough time for the masters to finish off their target. Unless consumed, a person killed by ghouls becomes a ghoul.


Great Ghul

Monster, Class B, Darkness, Al-Kalam

The great ghuls are the undead cousins of the genies. They are often female, have donkey ears and hooves, and their flesh is rotting and foul. They have the power to shape-shift and appear in more appealing forms. They attack with surprisingly powerful claws and sharp teeth. The victim should not be surprised if ghuls become invisible during combat. Although they cannot be seen, they can still cause and take damage.



Legendary, Class A, Earth, Erytheia Island on Petravia Ocean

Geryon is one of the most powerful ogre ever lived. He has three bodies, three heads, six arms and hands and a pair of legs and feet. In the Age of Myth, Hercules once catches Geryon’s cattle, a herd of giant red oxen and brings them to his king. Geryon chases him and Hercules kills Geryon with an arrow dipped in Hydra’s blood and it comes through all Geryon’s three bodies.



Mutant Race, Class C, Earth and Dark, Aurelia

Gwyllion is a half female fairy, half mountain goat mutant. It is evil, because it often makes travellers lost their way.



Mutant Race, Class C, Wind and Dark, Aurelia

Gytrash is a half male fairy, half horse and half dog. They often can do good deeds by guiding the lost people back on track.



Giant Race, Class B, Chaos, Antapada

Genderuwo is an ape-like giant with a dark-red skin. Two fangs shoot up from his lower lip, and his body is very hairy. Evil genderuwos are brutal, while the good sones help humans to guard houses or buildings.



Race, Average Class A (Range: B to S), Any, Global

Genies are powerful magical, supernatural beings, mostly from Al-Kalam, Arcapada and Antapada. Some are good, some are bad, and most of them are between those extremes. Genies halp or hinder, sometimes frivolously. Genies are frequently confused or identified with djinns. They may be invisible, they can be trapped inside a small object in their ethereal form. They can also be forced by a curse to obey those who release them from bottles, lamps etc. Genies are of a lower caste than angels, yet some of them can be equally or more powerful than angels.


Some of the genie sub-races are as follows:

– Efreet (fire): Genies who live on fire as their elemental substance and sustenance.

– Marid (water): Genies who live on water as their elemental substance and sustenance.

– Djinn (wind or lightning): Genies who live on wind or lightning as their elemental substance and sustenance.

– Tomang (earth): Genies who live on earth as their elemental substance and sustenance.

– Demith (darkness): Genies who live on darkness energy as their elemental substance and sustenance.

– Nuriah (light): Genies who live on darkness energy as their elemental substance and sustenance.

– Hima (ice): Genies who live on ice energy as their elemental substance and sustenance. Extremely rare.

Great Ghul: See section “G”.

Nas Nas: See section “N”.






Monster, Class B, Chaos, Global

Very tall humanoids with blue skin, very long noses and very elephant-like broad ears. They’re the end result of a symbiotic breed between a goblin and a troll.



Race, Class B, Wind, Global

Harpies are humanoids with bird wings as arms and birdlike legs and claws. They can be beastly or like humans. They have women heads and upper torso.



Race, Class D, Order, Global

Havenling is a race of little humans (human sub-race) who are shorter in average than dwarves. They live in houses that resemble mounds. There are layers of thick fur as the sole of their feet, so they don’t need shoes to travel. Havenlings can also be called “hobbits”, “halflings” or “colobockles”.


Hell Hound

Monster, Class C, Dark, Aurelia

Hell hounds are dogs of darkness. They actually are wild, savage dogs made “dark” by being a carrion – rotten corpse, carcass and bone eaters. Hell hounds are unlike zombies because they retain their speed, dog-like intelligence with much more aggressive nature and strength. Among cerberi and orthi, hell hounds are considered “soldiers”.



Monster, Class D, Wind, Global

Hornets are giant monster bees. Be careful with their lance-like giant stings.



Mutant Race, Class C, Nature, Global

Homunds are human-dog mutants. They adapt dog’s traits of strength, agility, strong sense of smell and absolute loyalty.


Hippogriff / Hippogryph

Monster, Class B, Light, Aurelia

See Griffin. Hippogriffs are rare mating outcomes between a male gryphon and a mare (female horse).



Monster, Class C, Wind, Na-Wan Region

Hsigo is the Wushunese variant for flying monkeys / imps. They are monkeys with human faces, with bird wings to make them fly.



Monster, Class A, Water and Poison, Aurelia

Hydra is a giant water serpent or dragon with many heads, usually nine and it starts with just one head. If one head is cut, two grows on its place. Its breath is toxic and very lethal.



Monster, Class A, Fire, Al-Kalam

Huma is similar to griffin, except that it is half-lion, half-phoenix. It also adapts phoenix’s traits, including being reborn from its ashes after a 500-year lifespan cycle or it gets killed.



Monster, Class C, Water, Aurelia

Hippocampus is a half-fish, half-horse monster. It has legs of a horse, but also flippers to swim and a fin on its back.



Monster, Class C, Nature, Aurelia

Hippocerf is a half-horse, half-deer monster. It represents indecisiveness because of its contradicting behaviors.



Race, Class C, Nature, North Aurelia

Huldra, skogsrå, skogsfru or tallemaja is a legendary race of the forest, they are usually female. Very rare male huldras are called huldrekall. Female huldras are very agile and extremely beautiful. The difference with human girls, a huldra has a tail of either a squirrel, an ox or a fox. Huldras often kidnap men to mate, or human children to be raised among their children called the huldrebarn. Huldras have various supernatural powers, and they lose it if they exchange it with the grace of holy matrimony. A slap with the powerful huldra tail can make ordinary people lose their senses and their mind – temporarily or permanently.



Monster, Class C, Wind and Darkness, Al-Kalam

This giant spider queen is the strongest and the largest, twice or more the size of common giant spiders.






Monster, Class D, Dark, Global

Imps are lesser devils with appearances like bat-winged monkeys. They jump around to move, being lousy fliers but very ferocious.



Monster, Class B, Water, Aurelia and The Seas

Ichthyocentaurs are another variant of centaurs who live underwater. The upper body is a man with dolphin tail and front legs of a horse or lion.



Jiang Shi

Undead, Class C, Dark, Wushu

Jiang shi is a living dead corpse which kills other creatures by absorbing their “qi” (life force or aura). This zombie-like creature hops around with outstretched hands. To avoid a jiang shi, just hold your breath. To stop its movement, just stick its forehead with a yellow paper talisman with magic words written on it. And certain holy items or ingredients, including holy water can burn it.



Race, Class A, Ice, Fjorn-Bjordan

Jotun is a large human race with large, muscly bodies and incredible powers. Often mistaken with frost giants, although possessing the same blue skin.



Monster, Class S, Water, Shima

Jinshin-Uwo is a hyper-gigantic eel with enough power to make wide-scale earthquakes. More bad news, it’s an amphibian.



Undead, Class C, Dark, Antapada

Jenglot has a tiny body and only comes out at night. This blood-sucking undead is believed to have mystical powers and attracts disaster. Because of jenglot’s mystic powers, certain people will keep it for a certain purpose. A jenglot’s body is like a human’s, shrunk into the size of adult’s hand palm.



Legendary Mutant, Class C, Dark, Shima

Jorogumo is a mutant giant spider that can shapeshift into a beautiful woman. It ensnares its victim, usually handsome young men with its spider web net, then turns back to half-woman, lower-half spider and devours them.






Monster, Class C, Earth, Global

Half-dog, half-goblin, they live in mines and feed on minerals. They are said to produce finest cobalt minerals through their digestive residues.



Monster, Class B, Water, Aurelia

Kelpies are shape-shifting water monsters which live in rivers. They most likely take form of horses or maidens, drowning in water. If somebody tries to rescue a kelpie, it’ll ensnare, drown or kill and consume him. That also apply to other beasts who try to prey on the drowning kelpie.


Kinnara, Kinnari

Race, Class B, Light, Antapada – Arcapada

A kinnara is a paradigmatic lover, a celestial musician, half-human and half-bird. Kinnaras (male) and kinnaris (female) have the head, torso, and arms of a man/woman and the wings, tail and feet of a swan.



Monster, Class E, Dark, Sylvania-Underworld

Kragel is a mix between a mosquito and a centipede. When it bites a human, that human must immediately warm himself near a fireplace or sunlight. If not, that human will suffer from Kragel Fever. His body will be full of pebble-sized lumps, and he will die in a matter of days. Kragels are originated from the underworld and join the exodus to Sylvania. Then they spread throughout Aurelia as a plague-bringer unleashed by the Dark Forces as an advance for their invasion. Created by Ashara.



Monster, Class S, Water, The Oceans Throughout Everna

The largest, most enormous sea monster ever lived, rivaling the ancient dragon Leviathan. Its form is like a giant squid, the size of Man o’ War ship or larger. Its tentacles can crush a ship. There are a few krakens in existence throughout history. Few were killed and the rest live for centuries, producing new kraken offsprings.



Undead, Class B, Dark, Al-Kalam and Aurelia

Kudlak, from Western Al-Kalam Peninsula is a very powerful sorcerer whose power source is from ghosts and nether spirits. If a kudlak’s body is destroyed, he becomes a dybbuk (evil spirit) and possess people. After seven years, he will become a live kudlak again, possessing his host’s body completely.



Monster, Class D, Water, Shima

Kappa is a half-frog, half-monkey monster with duck beak, turtle shell on its back, scaly green body and fins between its fingers and toes. Its height and size is like a ten-year old human child. It dwells in a pond or a river and spies on its prey from there. Then it drags and drowns its prey into the water and devours it. Kappa’s weaknesses are its obsession to eat cucumber. Another weak spot is the thin membrane on top of its head, surrounded by its hair. The membrane contains liquid that is said to store its supernatural and life force. If that membrane is puncutred and the liquid drains out, that kappa will be weakened and die. That particular weak spot earns it the Class D for “vulnerable”.



Monster, Class C, Hybrid Nature, Taehon

Kye-Ryong’s upper half body is a rooster and the lower half of a dragon, with bat wings. Like cockatrice, it can kill by staring at its target and turning it into stone, or simply stunning or paralyzing it.



Monster, Class B, Dark, Global

Keres is formerly a death angel for Hades. He glides around the battlefield with the blackest skin, wearing a ragged red hood. His two eyes gleam eerie red, and he grins and bares his pale-white fangs at the face of death. In the Second World Era, kereses serve Arachus as grim reapers.


Komaninu / Shishi / Chonthe / Singha, Lion Guardian

Magical Beast, Class B, Light, Na-Wan, Antapada-Arcapada

The lion guardians are ordinary lions strengthened and infused with holy powers and are trained to guard holy places. Sometimes Singha becomes the steed for great warriors, law enforcers or martial art fighters.






Monster, Class D, Dark, Aurelia-Avalon

Luchis are magical winged guinea pigs that resemble michas. The differences are michas’ fur color is white and bright, pastel colors. Whereas luchis’ are black and dark colors. Michas are peaceful, luchis are aggressive. Michas’ wings resemble a bird’s, while luchis’ resemble a bat’s.

Created by Andry Chang.



Race, Class E, Order, Global

Lilliputians are miniature humans living in a miniature realm of Lilliput in Everna. They’re much smaller than halflings,yet very resourceful. One lilliputian is as big as an adult man’s thumb.



Mutant Race, Class C, Nature, Global

Lairdts are mutant human-turtles or human-tortoises. Unlike normal turtles or tortoises, they can be very strong and very agile, depends on their training.



Legendary Monster, Class A, Poison-Nature-Ice, Global

Lamia is a monster with upper body of a beautiful woman and lower body of a giant snake. Her bite is toxic, and it can breathe ice like a blizzard, plus sharp, dagger-like claws to complete her arsenal. Being a hermaphrodite, Lamia can produce offsprings on her own, called lamiae.



Monster, Class B, Poison-Nature-Ice, Global

Lamiae are offsprings and soldiers of Lamia and their own kind. After years of training, they’ll grow into full lamias. Being hermaphrodites, lamiae can produce offsprings on their own.


Lycan or Werewolf

Monster, Class B, Dark, Global

Lycans are humans who transform into werewolves anytime, anywhere at will (applies in Everna). In werewolf form, lycans are very aggressive with strength superior to humans.



Creature, Class E, Nature, Wardstone and Lore

Leprechauns are tiny fairies with strange forms. They are cousins to gnomes, usually clad in green coat.

Leprechauns are no taller than small children. In Everna they are male and female. They tend to wear green suit with leather apron, silver belt and silver-belted shoes, red or green cone hat and sometimes glasses on the tip of their noses. Leprechauns are experts of making shoes. However, one leprechaun only makes one shoe at a time, never a pair. So it takes two leprechauns to make a pair of shoes. They can avoid encounter with humans very swiftly. So, leprechauns, as well as brownies like to do mischief on humans.

So, a human who can control leprechauns is the one who employs them to make shoes and get rich together. Leprechauns can work with minimum wage and get rich, because they really don’t need to buy for their needs – either they make them, steal them, forage for them or provided by their masters.



Creature, Class C, Nature, Eastern Aurelia

Leshies are a kind of treants, part of the dryad race, spirit of the forest. All of them can shape-shift dan becoming so tiny to hide under leaves. They usually take human form (human-tree), but they’re very easy to recognize. That because of their blue faces and bodies, caused by their blue blood. They also grow green, long beards. They have bulgy, green eyes. They look like humans on their backs, with heads facing front.



Monster, Class B, Light, Al-Kalam

Lamassus are monsters with a human head and body of a bull or a lion. They possess enormous strength and have wings to fly high and fast. Its power is light, so it’s assigned to guard temples, shrines and palaces.



Monster, Class C, Wind, Aurelia and Orien

Leucrocottas are more agile and speedy than average. They have bodies of a deer and heads of a weasel, with necks and tails of a lion. Their mouths are so large, extending very close to their ears. It’s said that their fangs are as one with their skulls.



Monster, Class C, Wind-Earth, Aurelia – Meshallah – Al-Kalam

Lindwurms are winged snakes without legs. They are kept for guarding treasures. They prey on cattle and humans.



Race, Class B, Nature, Global

Lympagos are tiger-men mutant race group, covering werelions, weretigers, wereleopards, werelynxes, etc.



Undead, Class B, Dark, Rainusa in Antapada

Leaks are originally evil, dark witches in Rainusa mythology and mystics. They experiment in elixirs using human organs to master black magic. Sometimes, their experiments can fail and result in deforming of their bodies. They become undead monsters with very long tongues and long fangs, sharp nails and bulging eyes. The most bizarre result is leaks become ghouls with only their heads and intestines floating in the air, making them one of the most terrifying undead ever.

The most powerful leak in existence is Rangda the Witch Queen (Esper Midea, Class S, Dark), also said to be the Queen of Darkness in Antapada.



Race, Class D, Earth, Borgia-Aurelia

Lorelei, like a siren is a beautiful mermaid-fae who mesmerizes people who listen to her song into a trance. Smitten, feeble, helpless, then gets swallowed by the maelstrom. Sometimes the sailors get smitten so their ships crash into rocks and drown.



Undead, Class D, Dark, Eastern Aurelia

Likho is an undead demon with a form of skinny, one-eyed old hag with a very large and wide mouth.



Monster, Class A, Fire/Wind/Water/Earth/Lightning, Wushu

The Wushunese dragon is called lung. It has a giant serpent body with four legs. Its body is a combination of nine other beasts. It has a camel head, a pair of deer antlers, its body is covered with fish scales with a number of 117 (81 contains yang energy, 36 yin). Rabbit eyes, bull ears, a snake neck, oyster belly, tiger legs, and eagle claws. It can be immortal and can fly without wings. There are over 100 varieties of Wushunese dragons with various abilities.


Some of the lung, Wushunese dragon varieties are:

– Emperor Dragon: The golden dragon with five claws.

– Sky Dragon: The blue dragon that guards the east.

Sea Dragon King: The green dragon that guards the east.

Celestial Messenger Dragon: The yellow dragon guarding the skies and messengers to the heavenly realms.

Fireball Dragon: The red dragon that always carries a fiery orb flying in front of its mouth.






Monster, Class D, Light, Aurelia-Avalon

Michas are magical critters that look like winged hamsters, with their heads merged with their bodies in an almost round shape. Some are highly intelligent, with healing light magic as special ability. Created by Andry Chang.


Mantis, Giant

Monster, Class C, Nature, Global

Giant praying mantises are very dexterous, nimble monsters with scythe-like sharp pincer-like arms. Watch out, they can leap to a great distance with their long feet.



Creature, Class D, Order or Any Element, Isle of Ymer in Aurelia

Morfs are creatures with various shapes. They’re actually will-o’-wisp spirits that gain physical forms according to the things they or their parents choose. The original creation process is through alchemy by one of the greatest mages and alchemists in Evernian History, Gaspar Portiva. Created by Andry Chang.


Mutant Races, Minority

Miscellaneous tribes and species of mutant races in Everna

– Pandaren: (Class B, Wushu) Human-panda bear mutants. Credit to Blizzard-Warcraft.

– Arias: (Class C, Parthenia) Human-lamb or sheep mutants.

– Satyr or Capri: (Class C, Parthenia) Human-goat mutants.

– Faun: (Class C, Aurelia) Human-deer mutants.

– Lizaro: (Class C, Global) Human-lizard mutants, also known as lizardmen.



Monster, Class B, Earth, Aurelia-Ubanga

Mermecolion is identical to a lion, but with superior powers. Its difference with ordinary lions is its genitals are upside-down.



Mutant Race, Class D, Nature, Global

Muscas are human-mouses, weremouses or ratfolk. Tiny but much larger than mouses and rats, muscas can move fast stealthily and noiseless. They can even live in unhealthy environments like sewers or sorts.



Race, Class C, Light, Global

Morbits are also called wererabbits. These are rabbits evolved supernaturally into larger, more advanced and human-like beings with intelligence almost equal to elves and a considerable amount of magical power. They also retain their speed and agility.




Monster, Class C, Water, Antapada – Arcapada

Makaras are creatures with bodies of a crocodile, tails of a fish and heads of an elephant. The original Makara is the steed for old Arcapada gods. Its descendants, however are just like typical monsters, aggresive and carnivorous.



Monster, Class A, Chaos, Aurelia

Manticore, mantichora, manticora or mantiger is a man-eating giant monster. It’s a lion with a human face, with scorpion tail and dragon wings. Very powerful, it’s a close rival to biological chimera.



Monster, Class A, Fire and Earth, Aurelia

Minocentaurs are the ultra-rare variants of minotaurs and centaurs, comprising a combination of both. As breeds between minotaurs and centaurs, minocentaurs resemble minotaurs from upper body and up, and the lower body resembles a bull’s or a cow’s. The combination makes them stronger than the originals. Consequently, the minocentaurs become the ruling race in Thalag’dhega, they even consider elves their inferiors. Created by Andry Chang.



Monster, Class C, Nature , Aurelia

Monoceros is a mutant monster with head of a deer, body of a horse, feet of an elephant, and tail of a pig. It has mediocre power.




Genie, Class B, Any Element, Al-Kalam

The Markeen is a lesser genie cursed at birth to be the spotting image of a human baby. The markeen then grows of age as the human does, continuing to be an identical twin. However, the genie is not spiritually linked to the human and can die earlier or later. The markeen is not necessarily evil and will rarely encounter its human double. Other genies look down upon the markeen, often exiling them to a life of seclusion.



Monster, Class A, Dark, Al-Kalam

Mushussu is a three-headed dark or black dragon, inferior to Tiamat and Omegron.



Undead, Class C, Dark, Global (Especially Al-Kalam and Seth-ra)

Mummies are horrific, powerful undead who destroy all that is living. Usually it’s because their eternal rest was disturbed. Clothed in rotting strips of linen, they stand up to seven feet tall and strike with an unnatural strength. Anything that they kill immediately rots. The mummy has one major weakness, and that is flame. All fire-based spells and skills cause extra damage to them.



Legendary Mutant, Class C, Chaos, Meshallah

Mardagayl is said to be a woman cursed to wear a fiendish, enchanted wolf skin and becomes a ravenous she-werewolf. The only way to stop this curse is by burning the wolf skin with or without the woman inside it.


Mermaid and Merman (Merfolk)

Race, Class C, Water, Global

Merfolks have a shape of half-human (waist-up) and half-fish (waist-down). They live underwater and only come to the surface for a short period of time like amphibians do. There are many varieties of merfolks, including sirens, nereids (water nymphs) and special kinds mentioned in this codex. More merfolk sub-races and varieties are as follows:


– Macchanu: (Race, Class C, Water, Khor-Moshaka) With the name derived from the original demigod, Suvannamacha in the Age of Myths, the macchanus are half-monkey-man (waist-up) and half-fish (waist-down) merfolks.

– Ningyo: (Race, Class C, Water, Shima) Ningyo is depicted as a human with fish tail lower torso and very long human hands. Its face is like a monkey’s (sometimes more human’s) with small fangs like a fish’s. It also has golden-colored fish scales. Ningyo can’t talk, but it can whistle like a flut

– Nereid: Water nymph mermaids (See Section “N”).

– Sirena: (Race, Class C, Water, Limazon) The version or name of siren or mermaid in Limazon. Its merman name is siyokoy. Siyokoy is more fish-like than human-like and more aggressive than sirena. Siyokoy’s skin has various colors, from mud-brown to blue or green.

– Susulu or Susuna: Siren’s (female) name in Meshallah.

– Jiaoren: (Race, Class C, Water, Wushu) Jiaoren is a Wushunese mermaid. It can transform into a human woman at will and live among humans for several days. All jiaorens are female.






Race, Class B, Water or Earth, Global especially Arcapada, Antapada and Parthenia

Nagras are human upper-half and serpent lower-half beings. Very powerful yet slow-slithering amphibians. Nagras usually live underground or underwater, and many nagras can shape-shift into normal humans to travel above ground.


Nereid or Naiad

Race, Class B, Water, Global (with various names)

Nereid is a water nymph or fairy, another name for merfolk and mermaid. Some even consider nereid as a higher caste or tier of merfolk according to nobility and power (merfolk is class C).


Nas Nas

Monster, Class C, Dark, Al-Kalam

The nas nas are perhaps the most bizarre creatures in Al-Kalam region. Created by evil wizards with depraved and dreadful magic which requires their own blood, the nas nas is a human sliced in half and is very, very insane.

Hopping on one leg, fighting with one arm, unable to speak with but half a vocal cord, and looking at the world with one crazed eye, the nas nas often finds a way to kill itself before reaching thirty years of age. Unfortunately, that often means throwing itself with wild abandon into combat, hooting and screaming the only sounds it can make. Though only on one leg, the nas nas moves rather quickly, and its one massively muscled arm dexterously wields a scimitar.



Monster, Class B, Earth, Wushu

Nian is a giant monster with a lion’s head and bull’s horns and body. It is very ferocious and hunts for food and prey like ordinary beasts do.



Race, Class C, Nature, Global (with various names)

Nymphs aremagical creature who live in certain places and embody with nature. They are often considered among the spirits of nature, with unique names according to where they can be found. For example dryad and nymph (trees), naiad or nereid (water) and oread (mountain).



Race, Class B, Dark-Poison or Earth-Ice, Wardstone or Frigia

Nuckalavee is a variety of centaur with upper body of a human and lower body of a deer.



Race – Fairy Variety, Class D, Water, Borgia

Nixies are water fairies. Male nixies seldom show themselves to humans, while the females are often seen basking on the terrace of their wet houses. Nixie virgins have beautiful faces with long hair and a pair of sapphire eyes. If humans try to spy on them, their song can boggle the humans’ minds.



Hybrid Monster, Class A, Chaos, Shima

Nue is a Shimanese chimera. It has a monkey face, tiger body, legs of a tiger and the front part of a snake as its tail.



Celestial Being, Class A, Wind, Al-Kalam

The celestial nisroch is a human with a head of an eagle.


Nightmare or Thestral

Monster, Class A, Dark, Global

Nightmare is a horse with dragon wings and a skeletal dragon tail. Its body is all black, no other colors whatsoever. Its power can be limitless, depending on the dark energy around and inside it.



Race, Class D, Unknown Element, Northern Myriath

Nagumwasuck are fairies that live in Northern Myriath. According to myths, these fairies are hideous and they are aware and ashamed of it. They help humans while fishing and hunting. However, they tend to hide from humans.






Race, Class B, Chaos, Aurelia-Ubanga-Myriath

Orc is a humanoid race with green or brown skin. Their faces are like boars, with very big tusks coming out from the lower jaws and lips of their very large mouths. Known for their great strength and ferocity, with intelligence equivalent with humans in average. Orcs are the most populated humanoids in Everna, with one or two orc nations in Aurelia.


The orc sub-races are as follows:

p<>{color:#000;}. Kull: The most common and the main orc sub-race, and also the most civilized.

p<>{color:#000;}. Orgg: The demi-giant orc sub-race. Stronger, slower with less average intelligence than the kulls.

p<>{color:#000;}. Uruk-Hai: The orc sub-race originated from corrupted elves. They’re the strongest orc kinds.

p<>{color:#000;}. Firbolg: The orc sub-race originated from corrupted faes. Firbolgs invade Wardstone to claim the magical realm of Avalon. They are finally annihilated and massacred by Tuatha de Danann, the original fae race and firbolgs are in a brink of extinction.



Race, Class C, Earth, Global

A demi-giant human race with brute strength and various levels of intelligence. In Everna, their skins are brown or tan, plus a rare variant of green-skinned ogres. The most intelligent of ogres can also have magical powers and become ogre magi (Class B).



Monster, Class B, Dark, Aurelia

Orthi are giant two-headed hell hounds, inferior to cerberi. If cerberi are “lords” of hell hounds, orthi are their “captains”.



Race, Class C, Earth, Aurelia

Oread is a kind of nymph or faerie that lives on mountains, valleys and caves. They have different tribes with names according to their dwelling place. They submit to no king, no ruler but of their own kind. Yet, the kingdoms let them live because oreads tend to help and support humans, elves and such.



Race, Class C, Nature, Aurelia

Onocentaur is a variant of centaur, that is upper half of a man and lower half of a donkey. The bad news is, it also adopts donkey’s stubborn nature.



Race, Class B, Fire, Al-Kalam

The ogrima is a result of breeding between standard ogres and ogre magi. They have limited spell use, and are quite strong and cunning. An ogrima stands nearly nine feet tall, has sickly skin, and has a head covered with a nascent horn.



Giant Race, Class B, Earth, Shima

Oni is a kind of giant in Shima. It’s human-like, but much taller, with red, blue, green or black skin, with fangs and one to three horns on its head. Some of them have more than a pair of eyes. All onis have tiger-like claws, only wearing tiger skin loincloths and carrying iron clubs.



Monster, Class B, Lightning, Goran

Olgoi-khorkhoi is a giant monster with the shape of a worm with thousands of sharp fangs. Its body is bright red and its length is about 60-150 cm. The worm can spit acid that can melt anything it touches. Besides, that worm can paralye its victim from afar with electric shock.



Monster, Class B, Fire, Meshallah

Onachus or Bonnacon is a scaly, bison-like beast which burns everything it touches.






Monster, Class A, Fire, Global (Different Names)

Phoenixes are celestial birds which are reborn from the ashes of their burnt body when they died, or rather, completed a cycle of its life. Phoenix gets its fire energy from the sun and volcanoes. Its size varies from like an eagle (Lesser Phoenix – Class B, Fire) to gigantic like a roc or garuda. The Aurelian-Ubangan variant has fiery-red-and-golden feathers. Its hard and long beak has 100 holes like a flute. Each hole produces a different note, so it can play very beautiful music. Whenever it sings, all animals, even the strongest and the fiercest will stop and listen to it.

Phoenix lives naturally for centuries, and it knows exactly when it’ll die. When it is near death, a phoenix decorates its nest with aromatic branches and herbs, plus palm leaves. And then it shrieks shrilly and sadly while flapping its wings and rubbing its feathers, igniting flame. The flame then burns the phoenix into ash. When the fire extinguishes, a little phoenix chick emerges from that ash.

Among the names and variants of phoenix all around the world are: Simurgh (Al-Kalam), Feng Huang (Wushu), Ho-Oo (Shima) and many others.


Piranha, Mutant

Monster, Class D, Non-elemental, Aurelia (Ovalna) and Quezal The mutant piranha is some sort of flesh-eating fish with sharp, big fangs. It usually strikes its victims in groups, overwhelming them.



Monster, Class B, Wind, Global

Pegais is a very large bird with head of a horse. Its attack is like a hurricane.



Monster, Class B, Light, Aurelia and Global

Pegasi are winged horses with ability to fly superiorly swift and agile. They tend to support worthy warriors, and the pegasus riders’ clan in Escudia-Corazon is renowned through their numerous heroic deeds. The first original Pegasus (Class A, Light) was born in a pool of warriors’ and a warhorse’s blood during the Age of Myth. That warhorse, Pegasus’ mother gave birth to it with its dying breath.



Monster, Class C, Wind, Northern Myriath

Peryton is half-bird, half-deer monster. Its tendency to do lots of killing makes it most hated and hunted by humans – up to its near-exctinction state.


Phaya Naga

Monster, Class B, Fire, Na-Wan – Khor Empire

Phaya naga is a giant serpent which looks like an eel and can shoot fireballs from its mouth.



Monster, Class B, Wind, Na-Wan (Shima and Wushu)

Pheng is another name of roc in Na-Wan Region.


Monster, Class A, Water, Wushu

Pi-His is a river-dwelling monster from Wushu, with half-dragon, half-tortoise form.



Monster, Class D, Wind, Aurelia

Pixies are mischievous fairies that look like humans with red hair and a pair of green eyes. Usually their size is no larger than a human’s palm. They have long noses and cunning smiles.



Monster, Class D, Nature, Aurelia

Puck is a creature similar to pixie which lives in Lore, especially Lumien Forest and Enchanted Forest. The difference with pixie, puck has a good relationship with fairies and faeries (fae). Puck is kind to all plants and wild animals, but lives to play tricks on humans. Puck likes to dance to tunes of a flute.



Ghost – Undead, Class C, Dark, Global

Literally, noisy ghost. Poltergeists are mischievous household spirits which traditionally make rapping noises, throw around furniture and small objects, etc.



Mutant Race, Class B, Nature, Global

Pantherion is a human-panther mutant race that includes panthers, black panther, lynx, oselot etc. Not including felix that is a human-cat mutant race. The pantherion major sub-races are: tigris (human-tiger) and leo (human-lion). Many pantherions can transform into humans as part of their original, unique supernatural traits.





Queophi, Questing Beast

Monster, Class B, Earth, Aurelia

Queophi has a head of a snake, body of a leopard and legs of a lion. It can move with tremendous speed like a deer, with leopard’s strength, lion claws and snake’s agility to match. Some said that it always seeks water to quench its ever-recurring thirst.







Monster, Class D, Dark, Aurelia

Redcap is a darkness goblin which is easy to differ with other goblin kinds. Because it wears a red cap and has a pair of eerie red eyes. Its hat is red because redcap dips it into its victim’s blood. Redcap wears a pair of iron boots that feels strangely light on its feet. It lives in high places like abandoned towers or castles. Redcap has sharp claws like eagles to kill larger victims, including humans. Redcap is very short, usually has white beard and looks like an old man.


Rat, Giant

Monster, Class D, Poison, Global

Giant rats are monsters which infest the sewers or filthy places, scraping for food or being predators. Its bite can cause poisoning or illness on the victim. Even a great swarm of giant rats can bring about a plague of pestilence.



Monster, Class B, Wind, Al-Kalam

Rocs are giant birds that live mainly in Al-Kalam. They are said to be able to carry humans on its sharp talon. Their cousins are anka and simurgh in Al-Kalam, garuda in Antapada and pheng in Wushu. The elemental species similar to roc are phoenixes (global) and thunderbirds of Myriath.



Monster, Class C, Earth, Ubanga and Arcapada

This monster has head of a hare, human ears, with a long body and front legs of a ferret and hind legs of a bear. They are scavengers.



Undead, Class B, Dark, Aurelia

Revenants are believed as raised from the grave to terrorize the living. They used to be evildoers in life. A revenant can spread plague among living humans. It also drinks blood from living creatures.



Race, Class C, Water, Val’shka

Rusalka is a water fairy who lives down river. She looks like a beautiful maiden with white skin wearing a thin, almost-transparent dress. Rusalka can be evil, mesmerizing people with her beautiful voice and looks and then drowning them, or be good by enchanting the crops to grow plentifully.



Giant Race, Class B, Earth, Antapada-Arcapada

Rakshashas are ugly giants with two tusk-fangs, red hair and red eyes. Some rakshashas can be formidable warriors and can use magic, while the rest are brutal and wild.



Monster, Class A or S, Various Elements, Shima

Ryujin is the Shima version of the Wushunese dragon or Lung. Ryujin itself is the “dragon god” version of the emperor dragon.

Like ryujin, there are many Shiman dragon varieties like Seiryu (esper midea), Benzaiten (esper midea) and Kuzuryu, the nine-headed dragon (esper midea) with the other name Susano-o the Orochi, the Ancient White Dragon.








Undead, Class D, Dark, Global

Skeletons are the chassis of various living beings possessed with souls by dark magic and can self-animate. Their bodies are fragile but their strength is the same as when they’re still flesh-and-bones.


Sea Serpent, Giant

Monster, Class A, Water, Global

Giant sea serpents are very rare monsters living under seas and oceans. Sea serpents eat any creature, even their own kind. They always attack any ship they spot when they are hungry, and they are always hungry. Giant sea serpents are classified as dragons, especially in Eastern Orien.



Monster, Class B, Light, Seth-Ra

Sefert is griffin’s name in Seth-Ra.



Monster, Class A, Earth-Poison, Global

Scornader is an ultra-rare giant monster with head of a snake, body of a spider and eight legs and tail of a scorpion. Scornader lives on the bottom of cliffs, preying on other reptiles and its favourite meal, humans. Its traits is similar to its cousins, scornak (scorpion-snake, Class A, Earth-Poison, Aurelia) with head of a snake and body of a scorpion. Created by Andry Chang.



Devil, Class A, Dark, Global

Succubi are she-devils that feed on lust and unholy passion. Often disguised as beautiful women, they seduce men and then drain their energy or life essence, leaving them to wither and die. The male counterpart of succubus is incubus, with the same rating and traits.


Salamander, Elemental

Monster, Class B, Fire, Global

Salamander is a lizard with size of a cow. It’s also considered as a lesser dragon, yet it resembles a wingless drake. Its difference with other lizards or snakes is that salamander is a fire elemental beast. It emits fire from its mouth and body, it also has immunity towards fire and can extinguish fire because it thinks the fire belongs to its enemy. Its inner body temperature, however is very cold. It exists all over Terra Everna, and its population is endangered.



Race, Class C, Earth, Aurelia

A satyr is depicted as a human with goat’s horns and feet, curly hair, short nose and a bushy, long tail. It has pointy ears like a horse’s. A satyr fawn doesn’t have full-grown horns yet. A mature satyr has full-formed goat horns. A satyr likes wine, also playing flute, castanet, bagpipe, cymbals and long to dance with nymphs they like. A satyr doesn’t have eternal life so they can age like humans do.



Race, Class C, Water, Aurelia

Selkies are humans with fins on their fingers and toes. They have seal-like skin and flippers to cover their lower bodies when diving in the sea, and transform into human form when reaching the shore. Selkies dwell in Darude Sea and Alluviel Sea, and roam the Aurelia mainland and islands to interact with humans.



Monster, Class C, Order, Al-Kalam

Senmuru is a monster with head of a hound, body of a fish and wings and tails of a bird. Sometimes it’s used as a symbol of harmony between land, sky and sea.



Monster, Class B, Light, Al-Kalam

Similar to lamassu, this mythical beast has a human head, body of a cow and wings of an eagle. It’s also a stout guardian in temples and palaces. The difference is, shedu is always a female and lamassu is always a male.



Monster, Class A, Wind, Al-Kalam

Simurgh is an ancient giant bird monster with a mind of, even superior to human’s. Its lifespan can reach 1700-2000 years, even a few are considered immortals. It hungers knowledge more than food. The five great simurgh ancients with vast magical powers can even transform into humans and become seekers and sharers of knowledge, oracles and sorts.


Race, Class B, Poison+Sand, Al-Kalam and Seth-Ra.

Scorpus or Scorpion Man is a race of half-human, half-scorpion mutants. Equipped with a poisonous tail and augmented strength, scorpuses are often assigned as treasure guardians and the like.



Race, Class C, Water, Aurelia, The Seas and Oceans

Sirens are legendary, mythical creatures. They’re half-woman, half-fish mermaids and a unique kind of naiads, nereids or water nymphs. The best known of sirens live in an island named Sirenum Scopuli that is situated between Valanis and Parthenia, near Isle of Shilfen on Centromare Sea. The island is full of reefs all around. Adventurers said they live in other remote reef islands as well.

Maybe to guard their territory or part of their nature, sirens sit on reefs every day, singing alluring songs, making the sailors who hear it mesmerized, so their ships will collide into reefs, get wrecked and drown.



Monster, Class B, Wind, Aurelia

Sleipnir is a large-than normal horse with eight legs, so it can run faster than wind plus for a divinely speedy attack. Sleipnirs can be spotted in Windy Hills of Ekalla in Edel, plains in Fjorn and Bjordan, and several open, vast meadows.



Legendary Monster, Class A, Earth, Aurelia and Seth-Ra.

Sphinx is a legendary monster with body of a lion, face of a human and with or without wings. It possesses human wisdom, kindness and/or villainy. There are three kinds of sphinx: Androsphinx (lion body with human head). Criosphinx (ram with lion head). Hierocosphinx (lion body and eagle head, more like a giant griffin).



Monster, Class C, Nature, Al-Kalam

A unique mixed-up mutant monster, sirrush is a snake with front legs of a cat and hind legs of bird talons.


Spider, Giant

Monster, Class C, Chaos, Global

They are eight-legged monsters that produce very sticky, transparent web to ensnare their victims.



Elemental Race, Class C, Wind, Global

Sylphs are air elemental fairies. The most powerful sylph is Eshmyria, who becomes an immortal deity in her ethereal form and an esper midea.



Creature, Class C, Light, Jerian

Szes are unicorns with ordinary powers that inhabit Jerian.


Stymphalian Birds

Monster, Class C, Wind, Parthenia

Stymphalian birds are destructive and deadly monsters. Their claws and beaks are of brass. They can shoot their feathers like arrows. These birds are believed to be cruel man-eating predators. One of the twelve labors of Hercules is to drive these monsters out of the Stymphalus Lake.






Monster, Class C, Earth or Nature, Global

Trolls are giants with large ears and oversized noses. They’re mostly dumb, but very strong and brutal as compensation. There are two kinds of trolls:

p<>{color:#000;}. Mountain Troll: Their skin is thick like a rock, but with fragile skull and thinner skin on their foreheads up.

p<>{color:#000;}. Forest Troll: Greenish-skinned, these trolls can regenerate their wounds with their self-nurturing green blood.



Race, Class S, Any Element, Global

Titans are the ultimate giants; each is a master of an element. Whether it’s used as a weapon or an armor, their elemental powers are near divine (Class S), the most powerful of all giant races. Powerful beyond compare, they are often considered as the “elemental gods”. Like the old gods, many of the titans who fell in the Age of Myth become espers, whether as esper mideas or esper dios.


Tauren or Minotaur

Race, Class B, Earth, Global

Minotaur is a race of half-human, half bull (male) or cow (female) creatures. An average minotaur is stronger than an average human fighter, while minotaurs have the same level of intelligence as humans’. The females look like women with heads of a cow. Minotaurs are great miners, rivaling the dwarves. They even battled the dwarves many times for a domain in Thalag’dhega Mountains near Escudia-Arcadia border, abundant with minerals including mythril, adamantium, even orichalcum. Now Thalag’dhega is considered an independent nation of minotaurs.


Trog (Troglodyte)

Monster, Class D, Mud (Water and Earth), Global

Troglodytes are ugly monsters with a very strange-looking head and body, like a halfling in size and somewhat similar to frogs. Trogs come from the same family as imps, but they mostly live underground and cannot fly. It’s also called atog.



Monster, Class C, Wind, Shima

Tengu is a monstrous bird-man from Shima.

There are two kinds of tengu. The first is daitengu half-man, half-bird with bird wings, tail and a long nose like a beak (the longer, the more powerful), wielding a feather fan as weapon or just a tool. The second, inferior kind is kotengu. It usually serves as daitengu’s underling, with a more birdike physical features, especially the head.

The daitengu lives in seclusion inside mountain caves to avoid humans and spends its time in meditation. It’s much more powerful, wise and almost-divine than its fierce, brutal and beastly kotengu cousins.




Monster, Class B, Nature, Global

See Dryad. Treants or treefolks talk and move slowly, yet they are powerful and somewhat wise. Like elves and other dryads, treants can live naturally for centuries.


Tigris, Manungsa

Mutant Race, Class B, Nature, Antapada-Na-Wan-Arcapada

Tigris is either a human who can shape-shift into a weretiger at will, or a permanent half-man, half-tiger mutant. Like a common tiger, a tigris is very fast, strong and agile, retaining his human intelligence and can fight with human skills.



Monster, Class C, Dark/Psyche, Limazon (Lupang Araw)

Tikbalang is a lean, half-horse, half-human creature dwelling in forests. It messes up with human senses, so that human will be trapped and get lost in the forest. In some cases, tikbalang becomes a man-eating carnivore.



Monster, Class A, Earth, Arcapada-Antapada

Taksaka is a serpent-dragon which can manipulate earth and land, creating earthquakes and so on. The most poewrful of them is Rai Taksaka (hero/character) the human-serpent, the mutant king of Watas.



Undead, Class C, Dark, Ubanga

Tokoloshe is a mindless critter living in Ubanga. These creatures are created from corpses by shamans. A shaman usually makes a tokoloshe as a curse for somebody because that somebody offended him. Only a cursed or targeted man can see tokoloshe. Though its size is of a child, tokoloshe can cause a major damage quite easily.



Legendary Titan, Class A, Fire+Wind, Parthenia

Typhon is a legendary titan with a hundred snakes on his head as hair. He has a gigantic, fury body, scaly legs and also wings. He breathes firestorms like dragons do.



Legendary Monster, Class A, Water, Arcadia

The Tarasque is a fearsome, legendary dragon-like hybrid monster from Arcadia. It has a lion’s head, six short legs like a bear’s, an ox-like body covered with a turtle shell and a scaly tail with a scorpion’s sting as the edge.



Monster, Class A, Fire, Global

Taurogriff is a hybrid monster with eagle’s head and upper body like a griffin and horns and lower body of a bull. Unlike the “noble” griffin and hippogriff, taurogriff is very aggressive.


Tao Tie

Monster, Class C, Nature, Wushu

Tao tie is a ferocious monster with its eyes near its front legs. It has tremendous speed, strength and agilty and can climb high walls. Tao tie is hard to kill, but one hit to its eye that also functions as the main artery to the heart will kill it instantly. Tao tie is very ravenous. It will cannibalize its own kind or even its own body if food is scarce. The tao tie kind comes in some variants, with various levels of strength and abilities. They also have certain roles in a tribe or horde, and are led by one tao tie queen which commands the entire horde with radio-like soundwave. Disclaimer: This Everna Saga variation is a concept adapted from tao tie in “Great Wall” movie by Legendary Pictures).






Creature, Class C, Light, Global

Unicorns are pure, sacred beasts, with form of a horse with a horn on their foreheads. Usually unicorns have white fur and spiral-like long horn. Unicorn blood is said to be a very powerful medicine, even can bring longevity, if not immortality. In fact, anyone impure drinking that pure blood can live a very long life, but it’s a cursed half-life.


Unicorn types and variants are as follows:

– Re’em: (Monster, Class A, Earth, Al-Kalam) Re’em is a gigantic monster with body of a bull or cow and head and one horn like a horse or unicorn. It’s said to be as big as a mount or a hill. Actually, it’s as big as a dragon.

– Monoceros: (Monster, Class C, Water, Arcapada) Monoceros (Parthenian name) is a unicorn with a shape like a donkey. Its body is white, its head is blood-red and its eyes are navy blue. A 50-cm horn protrudes from its forehead. It’s the Arcapadan variety to the Aurelian monoceros (See “M”).

– Karkadann (Monster, Class B, Sand, Arcapada-Ubanga) Karkadann is the ruler of the desert. It’s a one-horned unicorn with a lion tail and tri-pronged claws at each of its four feet. Its body is white and its horn is black. Karkadann has a few scales. It’s as big as a bull and its eyes are a bit lower than on a common horse head.

– Catazonon: (Monster, Class B, Nature, Arcapada) Catazonon has a body of a horse with reddish-yellow skin and a black horn plus black mane and tail.

– Koresck: (Monster, Class B, Light, Al-Kalam) Koresck is a unicorn that is half-horse, half-goat with a goatee beard. It’s considered a noble animal.

– Shadhavar: (Monster, Class B, Wind, Al-Kalam) Shadhavar is a unicorn with a body of a deer, one horn and a black mark around its eyes. When wind blows through that horn, it creates a beautiful music that draws humans and other creatures to it as its prey.



Monster, Class C, Nature, Lore-Wardstone

This mutant lives on the northen plateau of Lore near Mount Armitage, with half-human, half-mountain goat head and body. It is said they make their homes near waterfalls. Once in a while they help farmers do their work. Although urisks are not evil, they often terrorize humans in order to keep them away from their dwellings.



Monster, Class A, Light, Arcapada-Antapada

Uchchaihshravas is a white horse with seven heads and a pair of wings. In the First World Era, its ancestor is a steed for Indra, the King of the Old Gods of Arcapada.





Race, Class B, Dark, Global (according to variants)

Vampire is a race of people who gain their immortality through endangering others. Predators among humans, they often call themselves. Blood is vampires’ source of sustenance, and they can get it by biting and sucking blood from living or dead creatures, as long as it’s still fresh. In Everna, vampires are sensitive to direct sunlight, not fatally vulnerable.


Vampire types and variants are as follows:

– Vetala: (Undead, Class C, Dark, Arcapada) Vetala is a dead human spirit which possesses a corpse and becomes a vampiric zombie. It sucks human blood and devours flesh from corpses. When captured, some vetalas can give out divinations and revelations.

Jiang Shi: Look at section “J” in this codex.

Broxa: (Race, Class C, Dark, West Al-Kalam) Broxa is like vetala, it also sucks animal blood and goat milk directly.

Edimmu: (Ghost, Class C, Dark, Central Al-Kalam) Edimmu is a ghost that sucks life force from living people when they are asleep. It also can shapeshift and possess living humans and sucks blood instead. In Arcapada it’s called pisaca.

Mhachkay: (Race, Class C, Dark, Meshallah) Mchachkay is a name for humans born with two hearts and two souls and short-lived. When it dies, only one soul goes to the afterlife. The other soul still lingers in the world, turning mhachkay into a vampiric zombie. Mhachkay can be distinguished from humans through its visible veins on its skin and bulging, bloodshot eyes.

Upyr/Upir: (Race, Class C, Dark, Meshallah) Upyr is a kind of vampire with ugly appearances, a fat belly and filthy. Not like vampires in general, sunlight doesn’t affect upyr at all so they can roam at daytime.

Tiyanak: (Vampiric Ghost-Demon, Class D, Dark, Limazon and Antapada) Tiyanak is a baby or infant-shaped vampire. It draws the victim into the woods with baby cries. When that victim is close, it shows its true, fiendish face and drains the victim’s life force. Some consider tiyanak as the child of or a child version of kuntilanak. Kuntilanak is the “mother ghost” and tiyanak the “child ghost”.

Sigbin: (Monster, Class C, Dark, Limazon) Sigbin is a kangaroo-like monster with a long tail for whipping and long ears like rabbits. Sigbin walks backwards and its head is always lowered at knee level. Sigbin hides in the shade of its victim’s shadow until the victim is vulnerable so it can suck the victim’s blood.

Wak Wak: (Monster, Class D, Dark, Limazon) Wak wak is a vampiric bird with razor-sharp claws and bat wings. Wak wak and sigbin are often become aswang’s pets or minions.



Race, Class A, Dark, Global

Varcans are hybrids, humans with both vampire and lycan (werewolf) virus in their blood. He adopts both traits, and more powerful than the originals, yet tend to go berserk. Hybrids can be produced by mating or marriage between a vampire and a lycan. Name created by Andry Chang.



Race, Class C, Water, Val’shka

Vodyanoy is probably the male version of rusalka. They look like men with a frog-like face, a bushy beard, green algae-like hair, finned hands, a scaly skin and sometimes have fish fins on his body. He lives around whirlpools or near shipwrecks. Or even swamps, because his body is covered with mud and moss.

Vodyanoy can be evil or good. When being good, he protects fishermen and even honey bee farmers. When being evil, however, vodyanoy can sink ships and eat humans. Some vodyanoys can transform into handsome men or salmon fishes and back.


Vasuki (Monster, Class A, Water, Arcapada-Antapada)

Vasuki (or basuki in Antapada) is a serpent-dragon which can manipulate water and has a magic gem called Nagamani embedded on its head.





Will o’ the Wisp (Will of the Wisp)

Creature, Class E, Ethereal, Global

Will o’ wisps are spirits of people, especially children which still linger in the world, waiting for a chance to reincarnate into the same or a more superior being. Often mistaken as fireflies, they often serve as channels for divine guidance. When their hearts choose the light, Vadis will grant them entry to heaven instead.



Monster, Class C, Earth, Global

Wargs are like dire wolves, only they have colored fur and live in all kinds of mountains.



Monster, Class B, Ice, Cold-climate places in Everna

A monster that looks like a headless human with thick fur all over its body. So it has no neck, and its face is on its chest.


Winged Snake

Monster, Class D, Nature, Al-Kalam

Winged snakes guard the natural spice plants in Al-Kalam.



Monster, Class A, Wind or Dark, Global

A dragon sub-species, wyverns have body, wings, neck and tail of a dragon and legs of an eagle. Their head is a combination of both dragon and eagle. Wind wyverns live throughout Aurelia, and dark wyverns live in Sylvania or any Dark Forces dominion, plus Terranova, home of the dark elves.

The most powerful wyvern is Algaban, the Ancient Red Dragon, one of the most powerful allies of the Forces of Light.



Monster, Class C, Dark, Al-Kalam and Ubanga

The werehyena is a lycanthrope, able to change from human form to that of a giant hyena at will. In human form, the werehyena is often quite friendly and charismatic. However, it usually fights in its hyena form where it is six feet long and has massive jaws with which it rips its prey. The werehyena is somewhat afraid of fire, but if cornered is not daunted by it. Note: Werehyena is different from gnoll, which is a permanent humanoid hyena.


Woman in White

Ghost Classification, All Class C, Dark, Global

Woman in white is a classification of female ghosts, some of them have deadly supernatural powers.


Some of the varieties of female ghosts are:

Kuntilanak/Pontianak/Lang Suir: Kuntilanak (Antapada), pontianak (Baraka, Jerian, Limazon) or lang suir are female ghosts which devour and drain life force from their victims.

Sundel Bolong: Sundel bolong (Antapada, Jerian) are female ghosts with a big hole on their backs. They scare passerbys and suck the negative energy from their victim’s fear or kill the victims out of their grudges.

Onryo: Onryo (Shima) are female ghosts from women who die untimely deaths and become ghosts to seek revenge and become psychotic murderers. Other names for onryo are phi tai hong (Moshaka) and nu gui (Wushu).

Chudel, Wewe Gombel: Chudel (Arcapada) or wewe gombel (Antapada) are female ghosts that can shapeshift between beautiful women and ghouls. In ghoul form, they have big breasts, long messy hair, reversed feet (heels in front and toes on the back), big belly and long, sharp nails to rip their victims’ bodies off.






Monster, Class C, Lightning, Global

A beast with X-shaped body, consisting of four legs that conduct electricity between those legs and can blast lightning towards targets of choice. Created by Andry Chang.






Yaksha, Yakshini

Race, Class B, Earth or Fire, Arcapada and Antapada

Yaksha (male) and Yaksi or Yakshini (female) are elemental humanoids with stout, strong figure like warriors, usually represents elements of fire, earth or both. Yaksis are female of Yakshas, and together they dwell on the land, sometimes among humans.



Undead, Class C, Dark, Shima

A woman-like undead from Shima with very long hair. It can change its hair into a group of snakes, which it uses to capture its victims. After that, the snakes function as hands that move the victim into a stretchable extra large mouth on its forehead.



Monster, Class C, Water+Earth, Aurelia

Yale is a monster with dark or brownish-yellow hide and big, long horns. It can move its horns to any direction at will like trunk of an elephant.



Monster, Class B, Earth, Arcapada

Yeck is a shapeshifting little fairy, its original shape includes a furry body and a white turban on its head. Yeck is very powerful, said to have the power that can lift mountains.


Yuki Ona

Character, Class C, Ice, Shima

Yuki Ona, meaning the “snow maiden” is a devilish woman who travels in blizzards and uses it to make travelers lose their way.



Monster, Class B, Ice, Aurelia, Orien and Frigia

Yeti is a bear-like monster with human-like face and all-white fur. Ferocious only when threatened. Yeti lives in snowy mountains of Grad and in Na-Wan and Arcapada Peninsulas. Yeti is similar to its family, including bugbear in Aurelia and bigfoot in Myriath, with similar behavior as well.


Yatagarasu / Sanwuzu / Samjok-o

Monster, Class B, Light-Sun, Na-Wan

Yatagarasu is a giant crow with three legs. Its golden feathers can cast a light as bright as a sun.

Yong and Imugi

Monster, Class A, Various Elements, Taehon

Yong is a serpent-dragon like ryu or lung in Taehon. The difference, maybe that Yong is a celestial dragon with supernatural and elemental powers because it gets the divine giant pearl, yeouiju that turns its sea serpent form into a dragon form.

The sea serpent which doesn’t get the yeouiju is called imugi, and this serpent is more ferocious than yong. Without yeouiju, it takes a thousand years for imugi to become a full dragon that is yong. Dragons like yong in Goran and the upper Na-Wan Region is called druk (Lightning, Class A). In Khor, yong is called rong.






Undead, Class C, Dark, Global

Zombies are living corpses. Their bodies are rotting but their souls still linger thanks to necromancy magicks. Their souls hardly control their bodies, so they move slowly but strike with brute strength.


Zombie, Ubangan (Zombified Slave)

Undead, Class C, Dark, Ubanga

Zombies are made by a black magic shaman, so these zombies are under their masters’ absolute control. In Ubanga, a zombie is also a human with a stolen, tampered and shackled spirit, supernaturally. Originally, a zombified man is employed as a shaman’s slave.



Legendary Creature, Class S, Light, Global

Ziz is an eagle-like gigantic bird, protector from storms and has a beautiful voice. Ziz has six wings and two front and hind claws. It draws its power from the sun. Its size is bigger than its counterparts like roc, anka, simurgh and phoenix and matches the ancient dragons like Algaban and Omegron. Ziz is an independent soul and protects the weak without needing to make a soul contract like guardian spirits or espers do.





Beings that are once or still deitified, superior or worshipped in Everna, or become espers or guardian spirits.



The essential datas on creatures are classified as follows: Name – Race/Creature/Monster/Esper Type – Overall Class – Element Affinity – Origin – Description and Information.

Classes: F (Helpless), E (Feeble), D (Poor), C (Mediocre), B (Strong), A (Superior), S (Godly), X (Ultimate)



Creature, General Term, Global

Another name for summon and guardian spirit. An esper can be a spirit or a living being, forming a bond with a worthy, compatible partner so they can perform ultimate magic or skill with augmented, doubled or infinite power. There are three kinds of espers according to their power: Esper Infero (superior being), Esper Midea (demigodly being) and Esper Dio (godly being).


Some of the mythical beings and legendary espers are:


Aegis, Thunder Bird

Esper Midea, Class A, Lightning

A lightning energy-form esper. Its original form is a giant eagle which body is fully covered with lightning. Its containment artifact is Aegis Lightning Orb. Aegis is the king of the Voltrs.


Frei Val’shka, Ice Goddess

Goddess – Esper Dio, Class S, Ice, Val’shka

Val’shka once ruled the world during the post-apocalyptic Second Ice Age. Her death marked the end of that era. Yet, her soul still lingers in her eternal confinement in the Crystal Palace of Zaburyvostok, looking for a new vessel, a new heir, a new opportunity to rule Everna again as a goddess.



Esper Dio, Class X, Nature, Thyrine

The godly Tree of Life or World Tree, protecting the natural aspects in Everna and also a source of infinite natural power source. The soul of Enia, one of the Trinity Patron of Everna merges with Yggdrasil, and if summoned, Enia will show up instead of Yggdrasil. Only the ruler of Thyrine can summon Yggdrasil.


Zal’mandar, Fire Efreet

Esper Midea, Class A, Fire, Meshallah

Once a powerful efreet in Al-Kalam, Zal’mandar becomes a shape-shifting esper in form of an efreet (genie), a salamander (dragon) or a simurgh (phoenix).


Undine, Water Goddess

Esper Dio, Class S, Water, Merida

Undine is the mermaid (nereid) and water elf queen of Ovalna, ancestor of Res’marth Anvernii. When se becomes an esper, she also becomes a goddess worshipped by the nereids and water elves.


Rytsaried, Ice Knight

Esper Midea, Class A, Ice, Val’shka

Once the lover and loyal aide to the ice goddess, Frei Val’shka named Wolfram, he falls during the battle with Jormugandr, the revived frost giant serpent. As a spirit, his upper body is merged with Jormugandr’s body and he becomes Rytsaried. It’s said that in the First World Era and the Age of Myths, Rytsaried is known as Freyr, brother and husband to Freyja, the goddess who then becomes Frei Val’shka after surviving Ragnarok.


Eshmyr, Wind Fairy

Esper Midea, Class A, Wind, Thyrine

Eshmyr is the most powerful sylph (wind fairy) ever lived. When she reaches divinity, her body turns ethereal and she lives on ever since, worshipped by sylphs and wind fairies as their goddess.


Darion, Earth Colossus

Esper Midea, Class A, Earth, Parthenia

The largest and the most gigantic of all esper mideas, rivaling Barudan the Ancient Earth Dragon (the Behemoth King). Darion also is the strongest physically and inferior only to the celestial titans.



Esper Infero, Class A, Dark, Parthenia, Ex Legendary Monster

Echidna was a legendary, magically powerful and intelligent monster-mutant with the upper body of a beautiful woman and lower body of a giant serpent. It was killed in the First World Age and returned to Everna as a guardian spirit of darkness (Esper Infero).



Esper Dio, Class S, Nature, Thyrine (Yggdrasil Forest)

Hamadryad is the one-of-a-kind nymph with godly magical powers. She is also considered the eternal queen of the nymphs, equal to a goddess.



Esper Infero, Class A, Wind, Enia’s Sanctum – Escudia – Aurelia

Eshmyrgigantes is the true name of the giant wind elemental in Enia’s Sanctum, which is used as a unique single target for esper summoning or controlling spell.



Esper Infero, Class A, Earth, Al-Kalam, Ex Legendary Monster

Humbaba is a monster with horns of a bull, claws of a lion and back, curved claws of a vulture. Killed in the First World Age, its soul merged with an ogre, so it revived with a new body.



Esper Midea, Class S, Water and Poison, Bjordan

Jormangund is a gigantic serpent monster with divine powers. Killed during the Ragnarok, its spirit still lingers in Everna as it was a god to begin with. It becomes a guardian spirit (Esper Midea) before at last assuming human form from his last dying master or summoner. At last he’ll be reunited with his brother and father, setting a new cause for the Jotun Race.



Esper Infero, Class A, Water, Aurelia, Ex Legendary Monster

Scylla is a sea monster said to have six heads and fins along its waist down to the legs. Very fearful and powerful, it becomes an esper since the Age of Restoration.




Bijuu (Group of Espers)

Esper Midea, Class A and S, Any Element, Shima and Wushu

The Nine Bijuus are the legendary creatures from Shima. Most of them have gigantic bodies and tremendous powers. They are scattered all over the Shima region. They are ranked and classified according to their chakra (inner strength) capacity, shown by how many tails they have. For example, the one-tailed Shukaku has the lowest chakra capacity of all bijuus.

Not all bijuus are giants. For example, the seven-tailed weasel, Kaku is not too big. The most colossal bijuu is Yamata no Orochi with divine power (Class S). The bijuus lived during the First World Era. Starting from the beginning of the Second World Era, they become guardian spirits (Esper Midea) that are sealed in nine temples all around Shima or assisting their masters or summoners. Especially when there are rumors of the tenth bijuu’s emergence.


The bijuus are as follows:

– Shukaku (Class A, Wind + Sand)

Ichibi no Shukaku is a one-tailed raccoon. Compensates lack of chakra with tremendous physical strength.

– Nekomata (Class A, Dark + Psyche)

Nibi no Nekomata is a two-tailed cat. Its primary powers are shamanism, necromancy and curses.

– Isonade (Class A, Water)

Sanbi no Isonade is a three-tailed horned shark. Its skills are healing and Tidal Wave.

– Sokou (Class A, Poison)

Yonbi no Sokou is a four-tailed rooster-snake. With poisonous gas and venom as weapon and an adequate amount of chakra, it has the weakest physical strength and tends to be cowardly.

– Hokou (Class A, Fire-Wind-Water-Earth-Lightning)

Gobi no Hokou is a five-tailed dog. It can combine all basic elements, one kind in each tail.

– Raijuu (Class S, Lightning)

Rokobi no Raijuu is a six-tailed beaver which depends on its chakra capacity and lightning speed.

– Kaku (Class S, Earth) Shichibi no Kaku is a seven-tailed weasel, the smallest and the sneakiest of all bijuus.

– Yamata no Orochi (Class A, Dark + Psyche)

Hachibi no Orochi is an eight-tailed serpent, the most gigantic of all bijuus. It can be considered the strongest physically, and its chakra and speed are inferior only to Kyuubi.

– Kitsune no Kyuubi (Class S, Fire)

Kyuubi no Yoko or Kitsune is a nine-tailed fox. The strongest of all bijuus, representing perfect balance between physical strength, speed, agility and chakra.



The Celestial Guardians (Group of Espers)

All Esper Midea, Class A, Any Element, Na-Wan Region

In Everna, there are five unique celestial beasts that serve as guardians in Na-Wan Region (four in Earth Mythology). They guard the west, east, north, south and center regions as their base camp. In fact, they are free to roam everywhere within the region. At a time, they’re pitted in Shima or Wushu. Once or twice, they’re entangled in a conflict or a cooperation with other espers or legendary creatures or groups, like the bijuus.


The Celestial Guardians are as follows:

– Seiryuu / Qing Long / Cheong-yong / Thanh Long

Esper Midea, Class A, Water and Wood, Na-Wan Region

Seiryuu, the Eastern Blue Dragon represents the spring season and guards the eastern part of Na-Wan. It’s considered as a bringer of prosperity and justice.

– Suzaku / Zhu Que / Jujak / Chu Tu’o‘c

Esper Midea, Class A, Fire, Na-Wan Region

Suzaku, the Southern Red Phoenix represents the summer season and guards the southern part of Na-Wan. It’s considered as a bringer of luck and fortune.

-Byakko / Bai Hu / Baekho / Bach Ho

Esper Midea, Class A, Wind and Metal, Na-Wan Region

Byakko, the Western White Tiger represents the autumn season and guards the western part of Na-Wan. It’s considered as a protector from evil spirits.

– Genbu / Xuan Wu / Hyeonmu / Huyen Vu

Esper Midea, Class A, Earth and Water, Na-Wan Region

Genbu, the Northern Black Turtle with a serpent as tail represents the winter season and guards the northern part of Na-Wan. It’s considered as a bringer of wisdom and longevity.

– Kirrin / Jing Qilin

Esper Midea, Class A, Lightning, Na-Wan Region

Kirrin, the Central Golden Kirrin, the horse with the dragon head guards the central part of Na-Wan. It represents spirituality and acts as a representative of celestial wills. That includes being the host of the yellow rainbow crystal.




Garuda (Original)

Esper Midea, Class S, Light, Arcapada-Antapada

The original Garuda has an all-white male human body with widespread wings and a head and feet of an eagle. He is the primordial being, the first and the strongest of his kind. He earns an exalted place among the old gods of Arcapada and Nirvana. Survivor of the First Apocalypse, he lives on as a living guardian spirit, esper midea.



Esper Midea, Class S, Wind, Aurelia

Typhon is the most powerful wind titan around, with freakish snakes hedging on his back.



Esper Dio, Class X, Light, Valanis, Demigoddess

Galateia is called “The Blue Fairy”, Vadis’ personal assistant. She taught the people protective spells, so they modified the trigger into “Galatr” to honor Galateia.


Esper Dio, Class X, Dark, Aurelia, Devil Lord

Mephistopheles is the King of Darkness, successor to Arachus and Vordac. He tried to dominate the world during the Crystal Wars and was vanquished by Galateia and her chosen heroes. He’s originally a nepheles, mixed descendant between a devil and a vampire.



Esper Infero, Class B, Earth+Chaos, Antapada, Legendary Ashura

Cakil is a giant with his lower jaw longer than the upper, with two big tusks on the lower jaw like orcs. He can cause earthquakes with his fists, only lacking in intelligence and defensive skills.



Esper Infero, Class B, Dark, Quezal, Legendary Vampire

Azeman is a vampire from Quezal Peninsula. At daylight she takes a woman’s form, and at night she can transform into a bat or any beast. There is one way to avoid this powerful vampire. Azeman is obsessed with counting, so if seeds or grain is scattered on the floor, or straw tied in a bunch is thrown in front of her, Azeman will stop to count, letting her victim escape.



Esper Infero, Class B, Water, Aurelia, Legendary Monster

Cetus is a water monster with a dolphin body, splitted tails like tentacles of an octopus, and head of a dog. It was killed in the Age of Myth, but its immense magical power made its soul into an Esper Infero.


Rangda, the Witch Queen

Esper Midea, Class S, Dark, Antapada, Demigoddess

Rangda is the one and only witch who attains the ultimate, devilish black magic, thus earns the title “Queen of the Leaks”. She keeps her beauty but sometimes she can turn into a very hideous woman with a long tongue during a fight, casting a very infernal spell or in her wrath.


Barong, the Divine Lion

Esper Midea, Class S, Light+Earth, Antapada, Demigod

As a considered-divine being, the giant white lion, Barong attains ultimate white magic to rival his mortal enemy, Rangda. Barong and Rangda fought several times, and Rangda fled that many times. At last, the eighth fight resulted in a draw. Both Rangda and Barong were destroyed and became espers.



Esper Infero, Class B, Fire, Al-Kalam

The giant mutant armored red wolf which can breathe fire from its mouth. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.



Esper Infero, Class B, Wind, Aurelia

The giant mutant armored eagle which can summon whirlwind with its wings. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.


Simurgh, Esper Version

Esper Infero, Class A, Water, Al-Kalam

The legendary Simurgh, the original phoenix-roc from Al-Kalam, able to transport people on its back. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.



Esper Infero, Class B, Earth, Ubanga

The giant mutant armored bear which can break into any object with its entire body. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.



Esper Midea, Class A, Dark, Ubanga, Demigod

A trickster god in the shape of a man-spider mutant.




Evernian Ancient Dragons

The most powerful dragons in existence in Terra Everna that serve as espers, whether alive, in spirit or resurrected.


Patra the Leviathan, Ancient Blue Dragon

Esper Midea, Class S, Water, Petravia Ocean

Patra is a giant sea serpent with the power to create giant water swirling current, the Maelstrom.


Hazmat the Zmey, Ancient Green Dragon

Esper Midea, Class S, Wind, Mount Mallevarte

Hazmat is a three-headed green dragon with powers to create storms, i.e. Hazmat Tornado.


Omegron the Tiamat, Ancient Black Dragon

Esper Midea, Class S, Dark, Sylvania

Omegron is the five-eyed ancient dragon, its Omegron Breath can melt creature bodies along its path.


Algaban the Bahamut, Ancient Red Dragon

Esper Midea, Class A, Fire, Hvalgarr Mount in Halethia

This living esper is once very fierce, an aide to Kullsheim orcs and lastly to the last Kullsheim Khan, Grimlock. It reaches the peak of its power since its spirit merged with Xegvis, the elf mage heroine’s soul. Beware of the blast of its Inferno.


Susano-o the Orochi, Ancient White Dragon

Esper Midea, Class S, Light, Shima

The eight-headed white dragon, the ancient emperor of the dragons, Orochi was sealed by the sea god Susano-o, who later sacrificed his life during the Age of Myth (First World Period). Since then, Susano-o’s spirit merged with Orochi’s body and survived the ages since then. Susano-o is the most ancient of all dragons alive (as per the Arcane Age).


Fafner the Frostdrach or Jokldrach, Ancient Frost Dragon

Esper Midea, Class S, Ice, Fjorn

In the Age of Myth, Fafner or Fafnir, the two-headed ancient ice dragon was slain by Siegfried, the legendary, mythical hero of Fjorn (formerly Midgard). Fafner was resurrected as a dracolich (undead dragon), making it the largest, most powerful and most ancient jokldracolich ever.


Jawzahr, Eclipse Dragon

Esper Midea, Class A, Dark, Al-Kalam

Jawzahr is an ancient, powerful Eclipse Dragon. It has a shapeshifting ability, it commands an army of darkness and is always curious. In Everna, it has a powerful skill from the sun or moon eclipse.


Ladon, The Sleepless Dragon

Esper Midea, Class S, Earth, Aurelia, Ex Legendary Monster

Ladon is the name of a gigantic ancient dragon with one hundread heads. It never sleeps and can talk with human language. During the Age of Myths, Hercules killed the mortal, smaller and one-headed Ladon (Class A, Earth) and stole the Hesperides’ apples it guarded. In another legend, Jason must defeat another dragon which never sleeps, also called Ladon (Class A, Earth) to grab the golden fleece it guarded.




The Legendary Dragons (Group of Espers and Monsters)

The legendary, mythical dragons that still live or become spirit, deceased or become espers. They are different from the Ancient Dragons, mostly because of their sizes.


Some of the legendary and mythical dragons are as follows:

– Myndie Dhakkan . Called Ayida-Weddo in Ubanga, this dragon is called the “Rainbow Serpent” because of its rainbow multi-colored wings and scales.

- Apep (Dragon, Class A, Dark, Seth-Ra) Apep resides in the darkness below ground and comes out to attack its prey.

– Vrithra (Esper Midea, Class S, Lightning, Arcapada-Antapada) In the Age of Myth, Vrithra once wreaks havoc in Arcapada, bringing great lightning disaster like doomsday. Then Indra, king of the old primordial gods kills Vrithra and turns its body and organs into the divine weapon, Vajra or Vajrastra (Class S), the double-club that can be transformed into double swords. Vrithra’s soul can be summoned as esper midea.

– Quetzalcoatl . As the feathered serpent or dragon-serpent-eagle, Quetzalcoatl is Vrithra’s equal in lightning power, residing in Quezal (the region which is named after Quetzalcoatl).

- Y Ddraig Goch (Dragon, Class A, Fire, Lore-Wardstone) Y Ddraig Goch is a fiery red dragon, residing on the heights of Mount Armitage. It’s said that Algaban, the ancient red dragon is a mutant variant from this red dragon species, which is a mix between a wyvern and a bahamut.

– Zmey Gorynych (Esper Midea, Class S, Wind, Aurelia, Val’shka) This particular kind of zmey has three heads. It has a great green body and walks on its two back claws. Its two front paws are much smaller and curled, signifying its ability to spit fire, hurricane or firestorm. Hazmat, the ancient green dragon is probably one and the same, or a sibling to Zmey Gorynych, the latter is considered deceased after being slain by a Val’shkan hero, Dobrynya Nikitich.




Medusa, the Gorgon

Esper Midea, Class A, Dark, Parthenia

The Gorgons are three terrifying sisters, they are Stheno, Euryale and Medusa. Their hair is living snakes, they have scaly necks and razor-sharp fangs. One long stare by a Gorgon changes anyone who stare back at her into a stone. Plus poisonous venom, Medusa is one fearful enemy of all life, because she hates all living beings. Medusa is killed by Perseus in the Age of Myth. Her head is handed here and there, before it’s re-merged with her body as an esper. Euryale and Stheno also become esper mideas.


Erynnyes / Erinyes

Esper Infero, Class B, Fire, Aurelia

Erynnyeses are remnants of the Age of Myths, they’re also called “The Furies”, meaning “The Wrathful Ones”. They are three creatures in form of hideous hags, with heads of a dog, hair of snakes and wings of a bat. They are frequently depicted to carry a lantern and a whip each.

During the Age of Myths, the Furies, Alecto, Tisiphon and Megaera have the same task and mission. They chase the villains and evildoers, then catch and punish them. Their most severe punishment is of a gruesome death. The Erynnyeses are also called Eumenides, meaning “The Caring Ones.”



Esper Infero, Class B, Fire, Thalag’dhega-Aurelia

Erlking Gadgumble was a very powerful, tyrannical dwarf king in Thalag’dhega. He had a strange hobby of capturing and binding humans, especially human childern and torturing them to death. Later, a brave human boy conspired with unhappy dwarves to escape, and they finally assassinated Erlking. Erlking’s soul lingers in the limbo, waiting for a chance to take revenge on humans by lending his power to human haters as esper infero.


Basuki or Vasuki

Esper Midea, Class A, Earth, Antapada-Arcapada, Dragon

Vasuki is a giant serpent that lives in an underground realm, a descendant of Antaboga.



Esper Dio, Class S, Earth, Antapada-Arcapada, Legend Dragon

Antaboga is an ancient giant serpent dragon who is the king of the underground realm in Antapada. He’s very ancient, and is among the first beings to evolve into a deity at the Age of Myth. He himself becomes a deity, assuming a form of an old, yet very wise man. It’s believed that he can travel between Antapada and Arcapada anytime at will.


Bedwang / Bedawang / Bedawang Nala

Esper Midea, Class S, Water, Antapada, Legendary Monster

Bedwang is a gigantic turtle. It can shoot jets of boiling water from its mouth. As an amphibian, it can cause a local tremor or earthquake with one forceful stomp with its two front legs.


Esper Midea, Class A, Wind, Al-Kalam

Pazuzu is a hybrid, humanoid hero with head of a hound, torso and hands of a man, eagle claws, feet, a pair of wings and scorpion tail. Pazuzu has tremendous power and deadly wind elemental skills.



Esper Dio, Class S, Dark, Global

Lilith is a very ancient vampire-succubus (nepheles) who likes to drink human blood. She becomes the Dark Overlordess, the successor to Arachus and consort to Mephistopheles. Lilith dies and ressurects several times and is more superior than Xylen, the Succubus Queen.


Tiamat, Abzu (Apsu) and Their Monster Creations

Esper Dio, Class X, Light and Dark, Al-Kalam

The original Tiamat and Abzu in Everna is considered the mother and father of the old primordial gods in the area that later becomes Al-Kalam. Their son is a shape-shifting dragon-human called Kingu (also esper dio class X).


The eleven minion monsters created by Tiamat are:

– Basmu, the Poisonous Snake (Legendary Monster, Poison, Class A) Basmu has a pair of legs on its upper body, a pair of wings and a pair of horns. Its head will keep growing when it’s cut off. Bashmu possesses no intelligence, only eating everything in front of it.

– Usumgallu, the Great Dragon (Legendary Monster, Light, Class A) Usumgallu has three horned heads, with four legs. It’s also called the lion dragon because of its lion head.

– Musmahhu, the Divine Snake (Legendary Monster, Ice, Class A) Musmahhu has seven heads and has a red skin. It has poisonous snake heads and eagle wings.

– Mushussu, the Angry Snake (Legendary Monster, Earth, Class A) Its head is like a dragon’s, its body is of a snake and its tail has a poisonous sting. Its front legs are like a lion’s and the hind legs are like an eagle’s.

– Lahmu, the Hairy One (Legendary Monster, Void, Class A) Lahmu has a form of an old man with an extremely long beard, with a red scarf.

– Ugallu, the Weather Beast (Legendary Monster, Dark, Class A) Ugallu has a lion head, bird legs, human body and donkey ears. He holds two weapons, a flower and a dagger.

– Uridimmu, the Mad Lion (Legendary Monster, Lightning, Class A) Uridimmu has a human head and a lion body. It wears a horned tiara and wields a crescent-bladed spear.

– Girtablullu, the Man-Scorpion (Legendary Monster, Lightning, Class A) Girtablullu is the original, primordial version of Aqrabuamelu (See Magical Creatures Section A).

– Umu Dabrutu, the Raging Storm (Legendary Monster, Wind, Class A) Umu has a shape of a gigantic serpent.

– Kulullu, the Fishman (Legendary Monster, Water, Class A) Kulullu has a shape of a man waist-up and his waist-down is a fish fin. It breeds with its mate, Kuliltu into a race of kululu and kuliltus.

– Kusarikku, the Bullman (Legendary Monster, Metal, Class A) Kusarikku has a shape of a man waist-up and is waist-down is a bull. Kusarikku is assigned to guard the door to cast the trespassers away.




The Gorgon Sisters (Group of Espers)

All Esper Midea, Class A, Dark, Parthenia

The gorgons are the three hideous, monstrous half-human, half-snake sisters once lived in the Age of Myths. They each have hair of living snakes, razor-sharp fangs and claws and lower bodies of a snake.


The Gorgon Sisters are as follows:

– Medusa: Medusa, in particular has a special power of turning anybody who sees her into stone. The most notorious of the gorgons, Medusa was killed by Perseus the hero with the help from Athena and Hermes. Perseus then used the severed Medusa’s head to kill Cetus the gigantic sea kraken. Perseus then gave the head to Athena, who embedded it on her shield, Aegis. In Everna, after Ragnarok the shield becomes the legendary thunder bird, Aegis and the separated head rejoins its body and becomes the esper midea. So Medusa is reunited again with her sisters, Euryale and Stheno.

– Euryale: The middle gorgon sister who has less petrification power and more physical power than Medusa.

– Stheno: The youngest gorgon is the weakest and the ugliest of the three.




The Nymph Queens (Group of Espers)

All Esper Midea, Class A, Various Elements, Global

The nymph queens are actually the strongest of all nymphs who are granted with eternal life. Meaning they can turn into ethereal forms and back to ensure their longevity.


The Nymph Queens are as follows:

Undine: Queen of the nereids, the water nymphs.

Hamadryad: Queen of the nature nymphs and dryads.

Eshmyria: Queen of the sylphs, the wind nymphs.

Terrana: Queen of the oreads, the earth dryads.

Ignicia: Queen of the pyreads, the fire dryads and nymphs.





Esper Midea, Class A, Fire, Arcadia

Vyrion is one of the three prime phoenixes ruling the Velcan Peak (Phoenix Peak), one of the three legendary peaks of Grad Mountain aside of Gryveil (Griffin Peak) and Mallevarte (Dragon Peak). Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.


Mariel and Melial

Esper Midea, Class A, Light and Darkness, Aurelia

Mariel and Melial are twin sisters with tremendeous powers, each mastering magicks of opposite elements, light and darkness. They are separated as children and reunited just to battle each other to the death. When unleashing their final attacks, Mariel transforms into a long, silver-haired angel and Melial a long, black-haired devil. They kill each other in the end, and their souls are reunited in peace as espers (guardian spirits). Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.



Vampire, Female, Witch, Darkness, Myriath

Azeman is a Quezalan vampire. She always dresses as a noble lady, and is obsessed with mathematics, arithmetic or counting. She is a witch who drinks the monster blood she has killed to enhance her strength.





The legendary heroes and essential key characters in the lore, stories history and serials of Terra Everna.


SPOILER ALERT! By reading this, you reveal the whole plot of Everna Saga stories. To increase excitement, please read the stories first. This list is for reference only.



Essential Everna Saga Characters

New Gods” is an unofficial term for the gods first emerged in the Second World Era, starting from the Restoration Age, Ancient Civilizations Age and Arcane Age. Along with the avatars, deitified heroes and other essential figures, they appear or are mentioned in many Everna Saga stories and series,


The Trinity, Patrons of Everna

p<>{color:#000;}. Vadis: The God of Light, The Way, Ruler of Heaven, representing positive energy and aspects. Vadis’ names in many regions are: Shen (Wushu), Asvai the Sun (Ubanga), Mahesa (Antapada-Arcapada), Al-Khalik (Al-Kalam).

p<>{color:#000;}. Adair: The Devil of Darkness. Ruler of Hell, representing negative energy, time and evil aspects. Mo (Wushu), Angkara (Antapada-Arcapada), Al-Thair (Al-Kalam).

p<>{color:#000;}. Enia: The Mother of Nature. Ruler of Everna, preserver of nature and all beings. Her names including: Srisari (Antapada-Arcapada) and Tie Mu (Wushu).


New Gods, Deitified Heroes and Lords of Darkness

p<>{color:#000;}. Ulric: One of the founding fathers of Grad and the God of War. He single-handedly fended off the assailants of the dwarves In the exodus from Thalag’dhega.

p<>{color:#000;}. Thurlam: One of the founding fathers of Grad and the God of Strength. He helped build the pathway to Emole Doldrum with his divine hammer, the Cavemaker (Ougl Ludlum, Class A Chaos Weapon).

p<>{color:#000;}. Joldin: One of the founding fathers of Grad and the God of Wealth. He was an intrepid prospector who founded Emole Doldrum and the City of Ylbarra, then became the first Grand Trow of Grad.

p<>{color:#000;}. Yggdrasil: The godly Tree of Life, protecting the natural aspects of Everna, especially Thyrine and source of infinite force of nature. (Esper Dio, Class X, Thyrine)

p<>{color:#000;}. Galateia: The Blue Fairy, Vadis’ personal assistant. She teaches people protective spells, so they modified the spell trigger to “Galatr” to honor Galateia.

p<>{color:#000;}. Mephistopheles: King of Darkness, successor to Arachus and Vordac. He tried to dominate the world and was vanquished by Galateia and her heroes.


The Avatars (Deity Representatives)

p<>{color:#000;}. Alistair Kane: Vadis’ avatar, always traveling throughout Everna and the fantasy worlds beyond to seek wisdom, inspiration and weaving lores and legends by helping out heroes. His true job is to maintain the balance in Terra Everna, one of the ways is to visit other fantasy worlds. He’s immortal, almighty and limits himself by relying on his teleportation skills and the two glowing crystal balls he carries around whereverhe goes. Most of the time, he assumes a form of a man in his forties with white beard and white hair, wearing a hooded, long white robe and an all-white suit-and-tie. He is called by different names in any countries, like Zhang En in Wushu, Altair Kain in Al-Kalam, Arya Manikrama in Antapada and many others. Actually, he’s an avatar for Everna Saga author and creator, Andry Chang.

p<>{color:#000;}. Leina Navael: A planeswalker with curse-removing abilities. A pretty, purple-haired girl who loves reading light novels who once works together with Alistair Kane in an Everna Saga story. She is originally the mascot for Indonesian Light Novel Group in Facebook.


The Old Gods of Valhalla

In Asgard, the gods belong in a race superior to humans, fae, giants and so on. In fact, they are the result of the final stage of evolution. They obtain godly powers through training and heroic deeds, and longevity from eating apple from Idun. However, they are not immortal. The gods can be killed in battles or sorts. They are immune to diseases and effects from old age. So the gods can live on until doomsday, called the Ragnarok or the Apocalypse.


In Asgardian Myths, there are two types and castes of gods, namely the Aesir and the Vanir.

p<>{color:#000;}. Aesir: Aesir is the primary race of the old gods in Asgard. Some of them are: Odin, Frigga, Baldr, Thor and Tyr. These gods are actually creatures with almighty powers of a certain kind. Their task is to maintain order and balance between beings and creatures in the world.

p<>{color:#000;}. Vanir: Vanir is the caste of natural gods. They possess powers to maintain fertility and goodness of the land and nature. Some of them are: Njord, Freyr and Freyja.


The Aesir and the Vanir interact like two different nations or kindreds, just like the Titans and the Olympians. Like humans, the Vanir and the Aesir have battled each other, making feasts and exchanging hostages. So there are conflicts between the “heavenly gods” of light, order and positive traits and the “worldly gods” of the natural and neutral traits.

All-Time Everna Saga Characters

The essential characters who appear or are mentioned in many Everna Saga stories and series.


Vordac, the Dark Overlord

Devil, Male, Dark Knight, Darkness, Global

Weapons: The Crow (Deathscythe)

At the start of the Age of Ancients, Vordac leads an uprising in hell to replace the ruler and his father Adair, the God of Darkness. Vordac is lost and Adair banishes him from hell and curses him to wander in Everna forever. Freed from more than 1,000 years of imprisonment, Vordac determines to conquer and dominate the world, with help from the Dark Forces.


Arachus, Lord of the Pit

Devil, Male, Warrior, Darkness, Global

Weapons: Infernal Whip, The Crow (Deathscythe)

Like Yvariel in Yvais, Arachus is a representative, lord regent of hell in Everna, initially residing in the Underworld below the Frozen Wastelands of Val’shka. Joining forces with Vordac, the balance of power seems to tip in favor of the Dark Forces.


Fireheart Legacy Saga

The third installment of Fireheart Saga, the main arc of all Everna Saga history and legends. The first is “Fireheart” and the second is “Fireheart Freedom”.


Cristophe Deveraux

Human, Male, Paladin, Bounty Hunter, Light, Arcadia.

Weapons: Wyrthal (Long Sword), Excalibur (Long Sword)

Armory: Arsenal of Light Armor, Helm, Boots and Shield

Partner: Yvariel the Archangel (Esper Dio)

Starting out as a carefree fool, this novice bounty hunter is known as a careless, loudmouth, quite greedy and childish, egocentric lad. Sometimes, he brings more trouble than help for his team mates. His friends call him “Chris”. He is truthfully a prince with no burden of the throne on him, being a second son. So to avoid conflict with his brother Alexis he doesn’t return to the palace, Instead, he travels with his cousin Carolyn to seek adventure and experience as monster hunters. In book one he is known as ‘Christopher’. But his encounter and adventures with Robert and his hunting party turns him from zero to hero. He is sometimes funny and irritating, but truthfully an intelligent and wise man fit for ruling and a very talented swordsman. The future Emperor Sage V of Arcadia.


Carolyn Deveraux-Deneuviel

Half-elf, Female, Mage, Fire and Lightning, Arcadia.

Weapon: Esthagar (Trident), Ring of Love, Magic Headband

Partner: Aegis the Thunder Bird (Esper Midea), Chiel (Pet Micha)

A sympathetic, pretty and charming sorceress. Sometimes, this pink-haired girl can be talkative and a smart-aleck. She criticizes a lot. Yet, we can expect some bright ideas from this resourceful young maiden when needed. Carol frequently gives out solutions for any problem, no matter how complicated it is.


Robert Chandler

Human, Male, Fighter, Ranger, Bounty Hunter, Fire, Lore

Weapons: Kiliji (modified), Grimlock (broadsaber)

Partner: Algaban, Ancient Red Dragon (Esper Midea)

Robert is an ex-soldier who becomes a bounty hunter, forged in the fire of vengeance and deep childhood grief. He is a calm-looking man with tendencies to do unexpected things, like going berserk. He talks much only if necesary. Robert is indifferent, ‘cool’, serious, and full of determination, a personality formed by the traumatic incidents of his youth. For him, it’s very difficult to trust anybody. He even fears that someday his closest friend may stab him from behind. He prefers to focus to his disciplined life and training than women (he also had a traumatic experience with women). But several near-death experiences change his attitude and he can finally be a good leader to his hunting party and a great general of Lore. His prior obsession is to see orcs extinct from Aurelia, by his hands or another. His great loathing and vengeance towards the orcs earned him the nickname ‘Orcbane’ and the title master hunter in Lore.



Paolo Marvellini

Dwarf, Male, Priest, Healer-Cleric, Light, Grad

Weapons: Gloria Vadis, Necklace of Compassion.

Fatherly and good natured, this elderly dwarf always says, ‘It’s hard being a nice guy, but I like being nice and I like hard work, so there’s no problem.’

His love for family and his determination to help people with the craft he does best: healing collides with his brethrens’ principles and belief, so he learnt Vadisian and came back to his homeland with a new faith. His mission to bring cure and salvation to his people will cause him to do so many sacrifices: separated with his family, scorned by his brethrens, prosecuted by the leaders, and who knows what else next.

In spite of his sufferings, he stays calm and cheerful as usual. He is the ‘father’ of his hunting party. He cools things down when his much younger partners begin to heat up and quarrel with each other, with witty advices and sometimes mild jokes. His dwarven name (real name) is Rollo Bigstumble. He has a wife, Uli Nockimble and two children, Ivor Bigstumble and Eni Bigstumble.


Lavennia Iris

Wood Elf, Female, Archer, Enchantress, Ranger, Bounty Hunter, ex Yggdrasil Guard, Wind, Thyrine

Weapons: Wysteria’s Bow, Elf Dagger.

Partner: Eshmyria the Sylph Queen (Esper Midea)

A typical show-off and a bit flirty (but is steady with one boyfriend at a time). Being an 80-year old elf on her first appearance in this story, Lavennia Iris acts bossy and show-off her talents to influence people and gain respect, because she doesn’t get it in Thyrine. She looks like a teenage elf, a bit under 16 in human age reckoning, but she already gets the thirst and hunger for adventure. She gets bored easily over monotonous works. What she really seeks in life is love, which seldom happens among fair Thyrinian elves.


(Left-Right, Up-Down)

Carolyn, Iris, Robert, Cristophe, Paolo

Alexis Deveraux

Human, Male, Knight, Prince, Commander, Wind, Lore

Weapons: Colathaloc (customizable weapon set)

Alexis is a living enigma. He can be a great leader sometimes, but he seems to make wrong decisions and choices all the time. He once killed his opponent, Duke Adamar Walthorn in a battle duel with a desperate move, cheating in order not to get killed instead. He often kills by mistake. Nevertheless, he is the apple of his father, Emperor Sage IV Marcus Deveraux’s eye, and viewed by all as a perfect man, excelling in every endeavor.

How far will he go to retain his honor and get the glory he deserves – even surpassing his forefathers’? Maybe too far.


Adler von Bachmann

Human, Male, Knight, General, Bounty Hunter, Fire-Wind-Earth-Water, Borgia

Weapon: Ulcergash, Kraal’shazar (2-hand swords)

Partner: Arachus, the Lord of the Pit (Esper Dio)

As explained in the story, Viscount Adler von Bachmann is the man who likes to dominate, influence and control others. He’s not necessarily evil, but he’s obviously ambitious. The facts that even the King of Borgia is within his influence and being the Grand Marshal of the Borgian Army form his hyper-arrogant and hyper-egoistic character. He knows no true friend – until he meets Don Hernan y Parvaez. His positive traits are his resourcefulness and his ability to notice opportunities even in the most obscure manner. He is also a good negotiator (although many are proved better than him in this kind of field).

Hernan y Parvaez

Human, Male, Fighter, Light, Lore

Weapons: Kiliji (modified), Grimlock (broadsaber)

Don Hernan y Parvaez Besso Trinidad, a noble loyal to King Jaime of Escudia, Hernan repeatedly saved the country by doing secret missions as a secret agent in his noble, flamboyant disguise (just like James Bond in 007 movies). As a token of appreciation of his heroic feats, King Jaime awarded Hernan a sum of land worthy of a Marquis in addition of Hernan’s hereditary lands, and the body-part armor set of Eil’thanath.

Hernan’s only weakness is his reverence of beauty – especially in beautiful women. Although he already has a wife, a daughter and two sons, he still likes to seek adventures in distant lands just to meet and woo beautiful ladies with his charms. Unfortunately, his age and marital status, if known, makes him somewhat ‘repulsive’ for ladies with uncommon beauty and qualities.


Erydos Crydias

Human, Male, Chronomancer, Scientist, Bounty Hunter, Airship Owner, Time-Space, Parthenia

Weapons: Chrono Chakram (chakram)

Erydos Crydias is known as a typical opportunist. He supports people only if he can reap some benefit out of them. He is also a coward, often using his old age as an excuse to be exempt in difficult missions – a trait very unlikely for a true paladin, for sure. Actually, people tend to “use” him instead because of his two talents: One, his superb Chronomancy (the magic that manipulates the flow of time and space), and two, his scientific expertise and Airship Aurora as his greatest masterpiece.


Kyflynn the Windwalker

Night Elf, Male, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Wind, Terranova

Weapons: Maraj’vriad (double elf daggers), Assassin Weapon Set

Unpredictable, irritating. Being an outcast dark elf (night elf), Kyflynn frequently finds himself in difficult situations. And sometimes his decisions to solve certain situations might be very controversial. His principles of ‘Not killing good people’ made him banished from his kindred, but it’s not his privilege to judge who’s good and who’s bad, right?

He may laugh in critical situations and gets angry in happy times. He is the elf for himself: doing things the way he likes, as his heart pleases. He has no regard for decency, law and rules.


Desmond Edmundsen

Human, Male, Warrior-Berserker, Blacksmith, Bounty Hunter, Earth, Bjordan. Weapons: Great Maul (war hammer), Terra Nakroβ (war hammer)

A blacksmith by trade, he is willing to leave everything just to travel around the continent with Vera Vyrkova, the attractive sorceress he once rescued. Their adventures get into an exciting turn with Kyflynn entering the picture.

Crushing the myth that “big guys have small brains”, Desmond is quite intelligent and wise despite of his extremely brawny figure. He even holds the principles of love and sacrifice, meaning that he’s willing to die to protect the woman he loves.Wielding a great maul, then the great hammer Terra Nakroβ, he is a very formidable ally and an extremely feared adversity in every battle. As a berserker, he is unstoppable, earning him the name “The Thousand Gates Breaker”.


Vera Vyrkova

Human, Female, Ice Mage, Bounty Hunter, Ice, Val’shka

Weapon: Frost Wand (magic wand)

Partner: Rytsaried the Ice Serpent Knight (Esper Midea)

If you think Robert is “cool”, then Vera is “ice cold”. She rarely shows any emotion, and people often mistake her as a mannequin or a golem. Actually, her eyes and ears work triple as her mouth, making her an excellent observer. She acts and speaks if necessary, and she seldom gets angry.

However, you really don’t want to make her angry, because if she does… things will get extremely catastrophic.


Janna Pavlovic

Havenling, Female, Pugilist-Animorpher, Rogue, Secret Agent, Wind-Water-Earth, Edel

Weapon: Pugilist Gauntlets (gloves)

Now here’s another outcast. This havenling (hobbit) likes to travel to distances because she is considered both a hero and an abomination in her village of Ekinmor, Edel Kingdom, Regia Confederation. She is gifted (and cursed) with an ability to change into three kinds of animals at will: a wolf, an eagle or a dolphin – an animorpher.

Possessing exceptional reconnaisance skill and also a martial artist using either an iron claw or her bare hands, Janna is a very versatile warrior, despite her little figure and her lack of physical strength compared to her fellow paladins. She is quite cheerful, helpful with a good sense of humor, always ready to assist her comrades. However, in terms of making decisions, she tends to ask people’s opinions first and goes by the most reasonable suggestion.


Other Heroes and Key Characters:

– Sheena Mekh’ta: The corsair and then the bandit queen from Meshallah, living as a thief, a bandit and a treasure hunter. She wields the Dancing Scimitar.

– Adamar Walthorn, Duke: Walthorn is the governor of Walfront district, also the Grand Marshal of Lore.

– Tholocaus: This demonic general in the Dark Forces is called “the Massacrer” because he likes killing a great number of people in one attack.

– Ney: Ney’varíth Ushmiel is an elf sorceress, a secret agent, an aide to and a sworn sister of Rael’charon.

– Eloise Galford: Eloise is the princess of Lore, daughter of King George XIV of Lore.

– Elena Galford-Martinez: Elena is the queen of Lore, wife of King George XIV of Lore.

– George XIV: The king of Lore, born Gerard Galford. Handsome, valiant, intelligent with great integrity.

– Rael’charon Luvazel: Rael is an elf who becomes Chief Advisor of Lore, a master strategist.

– Bloin Stormthimble: Bloin is the dwarf hero who is rescued in Uvarse and is transported to Grad.

– Haägi Thornhelm: The Grand Trow or the dwarven king of Grad Mountains. Haughty and mysterious.

– Uli Nockimble: Paolo Marvellini’s wife, a healer.

– Eni Bigstumble: Paolo’s eldest daughter, a farmer.

– Ivor Bigstumble: Paolo’s youngest son, a warrior.

– Kelba: An ex-knight, now a stablemaster in Jeland.

– Hulfred Randall: The owner of Sansarine Hunters’ Guild in Rand. Good at recognizing someone’s potential.

– Bakkhal: The Ghoul King, servant of Arachus. Using ghosts as energy source, he is the master of disguise and mind manipulation.

– Guryal: The Skeleton King, Bakkhal’s bodyguard. A fallen warrior who becomes the strongest of all living skeletons.

– Talbot du Bois: War Advisor of Arcadia, nicknamed “the Snaketongue” because of his cruel tactics and cunning.

– Felicitia I: The one and only woman throughout Evernian History who becomes the pope, leader of Vadisian Religion.

– Palmural Arnuviel: The most ancient of the Thyrinian elves, Keith Arnuviel’s ancestor.

– Keith Arnuviel: A travelling, blind elf bard who holds centuries of mysteries, including about his past.

– Wysteria: Named after a plant, this elf enchantress is Keith’s lover who lives in seclusion and is turned into a monster. Former mistress or partner of Eshmyria.

– Gwynne O’ Neal, Lady: A knight lady from Wardstone.

– Harold Walthorn: Adamar Walthorn’s eldest son.

– John Walthorn: Adamar Walthorn’s second son.

– Larter Walthorn: Adamar Walthorn’s third son.

– Chiel: The white micha with mysterious powers of light, friend of Paolo Marvellini, then Carolyn Deveraux.

– Baxter: The rogue monster hunter with a tricky mind.

– Ellephar Trunks: The rogue monster hunter, strong but stupid. Relies on his muscles rather than his brains.

– Daiel Orlevant Ushmiel: One of the Thyrinian prominent elf generals and Ney Ushmiel’s older brother.

– Nikanomikos Paliades: Paliades is the descendant of Nikanomikos Theripides, the archmage. He wields the great

hammer, Terra Nakroβ.

– Genilda Yemima van Holsten: Genilda is Kluyvard van Holsten’s wife and a mother of two daughters. She is also a pretty good water mage and owner of a secret hunters’ guild and later leader of the resistance force in Bresconnor.

– Zalvyra van den Koort: A necromancess from Bresconnor, wielder of the Black Cobra Staff and master of dark, poison and psyche magic. She is cruel and enigmatic.

– Xylen: The Succubus Queen, consort to Vordac.

– Nöac: The Man-Spider Knight, adopted son of Vordac.

– Oliver MacLair: A fearsome assassin from Wardstone, nicknamed “The Death Dealer”. Wielder of Ultimatum, the twin daggers cursed with the royal blood.

– Sargathos: A fallen warrior whose soul possesses a dracolich (undead dragon).

– Dullahan: A headless knight who has revived many times since the Age of Myths, First World Era.

– Bragl Dar’gum : A warrior orc, champion of Gremion and wielder of the Chaotic Axe, Il Khatl J’nadh. He often travels with his two sons, Ze’bog and Chugal.


The Knights of Order of the Lion:

1. Adamar Walthorn, Duke: Grand Marshal, Leader.

2. Mallard Everingham, Sir: Admiral, North Pillar Marshal.

3. Vincent Rompard, Sir: West Pillar Marshal.

4. Irene of Everglades, Lady: East Pillar Marshal.

5. Eldric O’ Brennan, Sir: South Pillar Marshal.

6. Alaric O’ Brennan, Sir: Protector General.

7. Cyril Lenderdough, Sir: Admiral, Explorer General.

8. Theval Carrington, Sir: Fighter General.

9. Mortimer Galford, Sir: Provisions General.

10. James Hickram, Sir: Archer General.

11. Zachary McConnaugh, Sir: Infiltrator General.

12. Tylich Turnbill, Sir: Enforcer General.

13. Harman Kordion, Sir: Left Vanguard General.

14. Barnaby Patterson, Sir: Central Vanguard General.

15. Lex Wallace, Sir: Right Vanguard General.

16. Keenan Whittington, Sir: Coordinator General.


The Knights of Arcadia named in the story:

1. Ronald Lefebvre, Sir: Assault General.

2. Bertrandt du Garginn, Sir: Rammer General.

3. Jean-Pierre Beauvais, Sir: Covert General.

4. Jacques de Lesseps, Sir: Trainer General. Stand-in and teacher for Alexis Deveraux. The predecessor wielder of Colath-Thaloc weapon set.



Fireheart Saga

The first installment of Fireheart Saga, the main arc of all Everna Saga history and legends. Including cameos for the second and third series. So the characters in this list also apply to all Fireheart Sagas and Everna Saga stories.


Sage Deveraux

Human, Male, Paladin, Light, Arcadia

Weapons: Wyrthal (long sword), Excalibur (long sword)

Armory: Arsenal of Light Armor, Helm, Boots and Shield

Sage is chosen by Azrael as a disciple due to his courage. Sage’s father, Jean-Pierre Deveraux expects his son to be a sage, a high mage. Realizing his original talent, Sage must accept his destiny as a paladin, a knight-mage.


Azrael Elishamar

Human, Male, Archmage, Lightning, Valanis

Weapon: Esthagar (trident)

Azrael is a wandering sorcerer. Vadis puts him in a test, resulting in Azrael as the new owner of Esthagar trident and master of Aegis the Thunder Bird. He is also a key figure in Vadis’ grand scheme to fight the Dark Forces.


Caeleth Deneuviel

Elf, Female, Archmage, Nature/Wood/Bio, Thyrine

Weapon: Eye of Yggdrasil (necklace)

Addicted to witchcraft and sorcery, sometimes Caeleth can be a dreamy lady elf who lives in her own world. But, when she knows what she want, she’ll stop at nothing to get it, even against all odds.


Nikanomikos Theripides, the Archmage of Time

Human, Male, Chronomancer, Time-Space, Parthenia

Initial Weapon: Chrono Chakram

A chronomage (time mage) since youth, Theripides aided the hero, Antoine Deveraux as one of the Ten Righteous Heroes. After the war, Theripides along with his fellow archmages, Azrael and Caeleth sealed the Deathblade Kraal’shazar. An opportunistic sceptic in nature, Theripides inherited those traits along with his chaotic weapon, Chrono Chakram to his best disciple, Erydos Crydias.


Galliard Everingham

Human, Male, Knight, Earth, Lore

Weapon: Everingham Hereditary Lance

Galliard is a free knight from Lore, initially working with Borgia as a mercenary general. He builds a reputation as a dragon rider and master of Hazmat the Zmey, the Ancient Green Dragon.


Res’marth Anvernii

Water Elf, Female, Mage, Water, Ovalna Lake (Merida)

Weapon: Undine’s Nereid Glaive

Res’marth is a water elf who masters powerful water magick. She’s willing to leave her natural habitat in Ovalna Lake, Merida to hone her experience in adventures.


Quentin Lyford

Human, Female, Archer, Wind, Wardstone

Weapon: Compound Long Bow

An intrepid archer, Quentin, a girl is raised as a boy and enrolls in the army. Her attitude and strength is like a man, while her feminine side seeks warmth and love.


Byron McCallahan

Lycan, Male, Berserker, Earth, Wardstone

Weapon: Claymore (2-Hand Sword)

Byron is Quentin’s partner. He is sometimes careless and too bold for his own good. Maybe that’s because he’s too overconfident with his brawny physique. As a lycan, he can turn into a werewolf when he’s enraged or going berserk.


Gairon of Crypton

Vampire, Male, Warrior, Darkness, Sylvania

Weapon: Kraal’shazar, Deathblade (2-Hand Sword)

Gairon Nocescu is a hero of the vampires, who once ruled supreme in Sylvania before the Demonic Takeover. Now, there is only revenge in his mind. So Gairon tends to act cold and silent. A mysterious helper, to sum it all.


Anne-Marie Geine

Human, Female, Cleric, Light, Arcadia

Weapon: Gracia Vadis (Magical, Healing Trident)

The princess of Arcadia Empire who disguises herself as a healer and ventures into the depths of Yggdrasil Forest. She then joins Sage and Azrael’s hunting party.



Everna Saga Anthologies

Major and important Everna Saga characters specially portrayed in anthologies and short stories.


The Triage Tales

– Lucianna Bouvignon: Lucianna “The Red Riding Hood” is an assassin and lycan hunter from Arcadia.

– Vorai Arantes: A special hunter girl armed with magical guns. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.

– Alvaro Gibanez: An old hangman from Corazon who attempts to assassinate the whole royal family out of jealousy. Created by Heru Zainurma.

– Pinocchio de Geppetto: A puppet from Valanis turned into a boy by magic. Originally created by Carlo Collodi.

– Sira Naj and Sanjay Gaj: Sira, a nagra princess who is in love with Sanjay, a garuda prince in Arcapada. Created by Anjar Adityatsu.

– Baersk: A mad blacksmith from Borgia who turns legendary by accident. Created by Sufiatur.

– Myrk Judikov: A mage in Val’shka who discovers the last of the alien race, nef’ragh in Everna.

– Davire Evgenikova: The new host of the nef’ragh queen.

– Hazel: A homund (humanoid dog) in the modern-time Archelia who can shapeshift into a very handsome pianist man. Created by Dini Afiandri.

– Olsen var Ehlreid: An ex-thief turned hero in Halethia.

– Fraven Ingelham: A hermesier who becomes the key factor to his nation’s freedom. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.

– Jozef: The exorcist with a vengeance in his mind and kindness in his heart. Created by Kayzerotaku.

– Ken Sangra: A detective in the Machine Age Jayandra with superhuman abilities. Created by Ninna Rosmina.

– Yaoun Oghal-o: A warlord of J’long Khah tribe in Ubanga who unites other tribes to establish a new nation, Mirkah. Created by Anjar Adityatsu.

– N’yala: Daughter and successor of G’bwangi Tribe chief, later consort queen of Mirkah. Created by Anjar Adityatsu.

– Philemon Marthen: A famous exorcist in the Modern Age Archelia. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.

– Nelson Kirkhefner: A legendary necromancer in the Modern Age Archelia with mental issues. Master and user of the Necronomicon Tome. Created by Wiendi Lauwinder.


North and South

– Nguyen Phrinh: A dragon rider from An-Khor whom, with his dragon Shura becomes a guardian of Thaung Shurian, the World Mount. Created by Ambu Dian.

– Yeona Ljubijic: A very powerful young sorceress from Edel who can summon someone or somebeast through time, space and dimensions. Created by Shin Elqi.

– Esseah: A banished, rogue death angel who uses conscience to deal with death. Created by Alexia Chen.

– Wilhelm van Kreulen: A mischievous child-king of Bresconnor. Created by Sufiatur.

– Hang Tajiri: The richest merchant in Swarnara who helps rebuild the capital city with his wealth. Created by Sufiatur.

Kiky the Davan: A human-mouse deer intrepid bounty hunter with gorgon powers. Created by Rickman Roedavan.

Baihu: An extremely powerful man-tiger mutant (see “Byakko” in espers section) cursed to be a cat for a purpose. Created by Dya Ragil.

Marielle Bingham: The little match girl who becomes a mage after miraculously surviving a freezing night. Originally created by Hans Christian Andersen. Co-adapted by Anggi Mardina Suwindar.

Rai Taksaka: King of Watas, the realm of monsters and magical creatures in Antapada Region.


West and East

– Shayna Lopez: An alchemist-healer girl who suffers from a mysterious disease called “The Scarlet Butterfly”.

– Zhu Yue: A felix (cat-girl) who inherits the power of the Prime Kirrin after losing her entire family. Later she shall inherit the Yellow Rainbow Crystal in the Crystal Wars.

– Don Santos da Lima: Don Hernan y Parvaez’s superior officer and also his love rival.

– Kodra Bhaskara: A heroic Kalinggan galahasin athlete.

– Guillaume de Zemeckis: A hunter and archer nicknamed “Strong Bow” residing in Bresconnor. He helps regain and defend his nation’s freedom over Kullsheim.

– Xegvis: A heroic elf enchantress who sacrifices her life for another country’s freedom. “Strong Bow” Zemeckis’ partner.

– Yuen Shi Rou: A physician in Wushu who has the power of altering someone’s fate through the law of reincarnation.

– Faelos: A swordsman from Parthenia, partner and spouse to Shayna in “The Scarlet Butterfly”.

– Duyanha: A fierce Goranese vanguard general.

– Galahasin, Mpu: The prime minister of Jayandra who invents the galahasin game to maintain peace in Antapada.

– Incubus: A mercenary leader who sells his soul to the devil to gain more power and expand his influence.

– Esmeralda: The damsel in distress who turns out making everybody else in distress. Spouse to Hernan y Parvaez.

– Holgar and Gynell: The rivals and lovers who end up being spirits possessing their favourite weapons, the Holgarcon Axe and Gynheid Sword.

– Grimlock: The orc from Kullsheim who rides the ancient dragon Algaban and wields a divine, fiery sabre.

– Mbhagwa: A terrifying giant gorilla-like monster who retains the last flicker of its human conscience.

– Tsgoro: A powerful shaman who transforms the dying warrior, Mabboang into Mbhagwa and controls it. He also plants the eerie Takha, the green rainbow crystal into Mbhagwa, transforming him into a gigantic form.

– Pall and Lora: A married couple between a wizard and a sorceress. They are so powerful, so when they are in a quarrel, beware. Be very aware.

– Deng Lao: A tigris (man-tiger) with an ambition to rule the entire nation with his newfound, massive powers.

– Zhu Ming and Zhu Lian: Zhu Yue’s father and mother.

– Annabelle and Barsec: Wielders of Gynheid Sword and Holgarcon Axe, Gynell and Holgar’s pupils who are also rivals to gain the title “the most powerful fighter of all”.

– Luku-Wa, Withali, Tamur, Nagta: Kodra’s fellow team members from Kalinggan Galahasin Team.

– Cut Asthi, Yudha, Hang Janak, Bur-Gai, Salikha: Members of Swarnaran Galahasin Team.


The stand-alone story of a maiden who is tangled in conflicts, one even related to the past and crucial to the future of Terra Everna.


Maven Istravel

Elf, Female, Thief-Archer, Wind, Thyrine-Arcadia

As a very young orphan elf girl raised among humans, her behavior doesn’t differ from the girls her age. She is cheerful quick, naïve, and tends to be sensitive. She cries when she wants to cry, laugh when she wants to laugh, even shows amazing bravery when the situation calls for it.



Reyl Adelant

Human, Male, Fighter, Fire, Halethia

Reyl is a teen who is becoming an adult, forged by his struggle as an independent travelling merchant. Armed with the sword he inherited from his father, he looks at the world coldly, without much willingness to interact with people even though he possesses the appropriate charisma and attractiveness for it.

Sophia Wellss

Human, Female, Mage, Ice, Halethia

Comfortable with a handsome lover and a capable magic intstructor, this witch girl chooses to spend most of her time to learn from her teacher, Nepathya Lei rather than building a firmer relationship with Reyl.




Declan Pervius

Human, Male, Cleric, Light, Arcadia

Truth be told, Declan doesn’t mind to be always thought as ‘brother’ by Maven when they are once raised together in Saint Ambrosius Monastery. However, after they part ways for years and meet again, Declan begins to grow an attraction for Maven, his foster sister.

Nepathya Lei

Human, Female, Mage, Ice, Halethia

Lei is a woman who have to give up her beauty due to an accident. She then becomes a magic instructor for Sophia, for seeing a great potential in that girl. Strangely enough, Lei sometimes seems to be obsessed to match Reyl with Sophia.



Nigel DiMessina

Human, Male, Cleric, Light, Valanis

Nigel is a wandering cleric who later stays in Saint Ambrosius Monastery to raise and teach Maven. It turns out that his most gifted student is Declan.



Calhoun Cavendier

Human, Male, Rogue, Arcadia.

Like a wolf, Calhoun, the leader of the Viperwolves appears and almost always behaves wildly. Only his love for his wife, Theana LaSalle that enables him to restrain himself as a foster father for Maven.

Theana LaSalle

Human, Female, Assassin, Arcadia.

Femme Fatale, a fighter and vice leader of the Viperwolves has long been craving to become a mother, because she has not managed to get any child with her husband, Calhoun. Eventually, Theana showered her motherly feelings upon Maven, though without forgetting to educate Maven harshly like a professional bandit she is.

Croac le Toadt

Human, Male, Fighter, Arcadia

The resemblance of Croac’s face and appearance to a frog, as well as his occasionally harsh and crude behavior gives the impression that this mayor of Redne is a cruel tyrant. In fact he is a father and a husband who strives to do his role as best as he can, while at the same time maintains justice and order over his city.








The important terms either adapted from Earth or unique to Terra Everna, the Arcane Age.



Magic and Power Crystals

A wide variety of crystals used as power source, in alchemy, sorcery and science.


p<>{color:#000;}. Golemium (Red/Yellow/Green, Spirit): Golemium functions as “spirit vessel” for golems. The widely-used golemium is the pure-red one.

p<>{color:#000;}. Alluvium (Blue, Light): Alluvium has magical energy, gradually heal the person who touches it.

p<>{color:#000;}. Thaumaturvium (Purple, Chaos): Thaumaturvium is a dangerous crystal which turns natural creatures into monsters, sometimes it mixes two or more creatures into one monstrous creature.

p<>{color:#000;}. Cyrilium (Blue, Ice): Cyrilium is an ultra-rare crystal which drains someone’s life force very slowly to awaken the dead, whether they’re ice creatures or even deities. The best use is on the necklace Cyrlionel (Artifact, Class A)

p<>{color:#000;}. Staslium(Green, Space): Staslium is a rare magic crystal that can magically stash one thing at a time.

p<>{color:#000;}. Nervatrium (Yellow, Psyche): Source of psyche energy for illusion, disguise, mind control etc.

p<>{color:#000;}. Arsenalium (Red, Liquid): A crystal that produces solid form objects, including weapons according to the wearer’s will.

p<>{color:#000;}. Cumlaudium(Mauve, Psyche): A magic crystal that enhances the wearer’s intelligence. Any student that is caught using this at school is surely expelled.

p<>{color:#000;}. Enervium (Transparent Colorless, Alchemy): Enervium is a common crystal that is widely used as a source of energy, until it depleted in the Machina Age.

p<>{color:#000;}. Evernium (Rainbow Colors, Alchemy): Evernium is a combination of metal and crystal which can be crafted into divine-class weapons and armors. Sometimes it comes in a powdery form called stardust.



Magical Gems

Colored gems used as storage, source and/or channel of magical powers, which are only effective on certain elements. They are usually embedded on magical artifacts, relics


Some of them are:

- Ruby (Fire)

- Sapphire (Water/Ice)

- Aquamarine (Water)

- Emerald (Wind)

- Jade (Beast/Plant/Nature)

- Diamond (Light/All-Elements)

- Pearl (Light)

- Jasper (Earth)

- Turquoise (Psyche)

- Amethyst (Lightning)

- Onyx (Dark)

- Bezoars (Poison/Antidote), etc.



Superior, Legendary, Godly and Demonic Weapons, Armors and Relics

Global, Arcane Age-based magic weapons, armors and relics. Some of them exist before or after Arcane Age.


Superior and Legendary Weapons are usually Class B or A, Godly and Demonic Weapons Class A, S or X.


Excalibur, Sword of Justice

Class X, Godly, Light, Type: Long Sword

Set: The Arsenal of Light

Excalibur is made with evernium, also called “stardust”, the strongest metal in Everna. In Everna, the great heroes of the Second World Era, even the Patron of Light himself, Vadis wield Excalibur as their ultimate weapon. When Everna enters Third World Era, Excalibur travels through Avalon to Earth and is wielded by the great King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot.


Kraal’shazar, Deathblade

Class X, Demonic, Dark, Type: Great Sword – Zweihänder

Set: The Devices of Darkness

Also known as Deathblade, it’s the blade with infinite power, rival to Excalibur. Kraal’shazar can channel and store massive, almost unlimited proportion of dark energy. Made with orichalcum, the strongest metal in Everna equivalent to Evernium.


Colathaloc and Thalocolath

Class A, Godly, Wind, Type: Broadsword / Double Naginata / Double Long Machete

Originated from Quezal Region, Southern Myriath, this weapon can optimize the positive and negative aspects of elements with proper skills. It’s said to be related with the godly bird-snake, Quetzalcouatl (Class S, Esper Dio).


Colathaloc can be modified into several forms as follows:

– Im’colath: White long machete, enhancing and projecting the positive aspect of an element.

– Im’thaloc: Black long machete, enhancing and projecting the negative aspect of an element.

– Colathaloc: Two machetes combined into a broadsword, uniting positive and negative energy.

– Thalocolath: Two machetes combined into a double naginata, conflicting positive and negative energy.


Valanian Holy Weapons

Different Classes, All Elements: Light. Origin: Valanis

These are the special weapons for the saints, patron saints and champions of light.

– Gloria Vadis (Class B, Legendary, Type: Magic Poleaxe): Special legacy for champion healers.

– Gracia Vadis (Class B, Legendary, Type: Magic Tri-Pronged Spear): Special legacy for champion clerics.

– Exalta Vadis (Class A, Godly, Type: Scepter): Scepter of authority for the Pope of Valanis.

– Victoria Vadis (Class S, Godly, Type: Spear): The holy, divine spear, special legacy for patron saints.


The Arsenal of Light, Vadis’ Holy Relics

Different Classes, All Elements: Light.

Origin: The Five Kingdoms of Regia

Besides Excalibur, there are holy gears in the set that are placed in Regia Confederation, until a worthy soul claims them and become the Sacred Paladin of Light.


This is the whole set of armors and relics:

– Armor of Righteousness (Class X, Godly, Type: Full Plate Mail): A very magical evernium armor which can transform according to the wearer’s body and gender. It enhances the wearer’s aura with light.

– Helmet of Truth (Class S, Godly, Type: Headpiece): It’s actually a headpiece which revelas the truth to the wearer, also function as lie detector to its target.

– Boots of Diligence (Class S, Godly, Type: Mail Plate Leggings): Wearer of this boot can move faster and seldom getting tired, though wearing a heavy armor.

– Shield of Faith (Class S, Godly, Type: Kite Shield): A magical shield enchanted with permanent protection spell .

– The Bracelet of Courage (Class S, Godly, Type: Accessory): As its name states, it strengthens, toughens its wearer’s physique and resolve.

– The Ring of Love (Class S, Godly, Type: Accessory): Bringing life through healing, protection, mind-warding and cure from abnormal or dark statuses or diseases. It can also resurrect its wearer once, and then its whole power is depleted and replenishes in a year or so.

Wysteria’s Bow, Wind of Nature

Class A, Godly, Wind and Nature, Type: Long Bow – Double-Edged Naginata

Once known as the Yggdrasil Bow, it’s claimed by Wysteria, the Thyrinian champion. It’s made from the strongest, hardened branch of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. It has a special slot for magic orbs, especially Eshmyria Wind Orb.


Wyrthal, the Hereditary Sword

Class B, Legendary, Light, Type: Long Sword

Wyrthal is a hereditary sword of Deveraux Family. Made from finest steel, yet it’s lightweight and superiorly sturdy. Wyrthal can also project the wielder’s energy of light very well.


Maraj’vriad, Legion of Shadows

Class A, Godly, Wind, Type: Twin Daggers

Originally made and used by Thyrinian Wood Elves, Maraj’vriad was snatched and became weapon for Terranovan Dark Elf assassins. Very lightweight, yet very sturdy and sharp, it’s a dream gear for assassins all over the world and a worthy rival to the cursed daggers, Ultimatum.


Grimlock, Red Dragon Saber

Class S, Devilish, Fire, Type: Broadsaber

Set: The Chaosmakers

Named after the greatest Orc Khan Grimlock, the saber with vermillion crystallite blade and dragon head-shape hilt was sealed in the depths of Mount Hvalgarr and guarded by Algaban, Ancient Red Dragon. And there the saber waits for its worthy heir to come.


Aschinova, the Shifting Stars

Class S, Godly, Light, Type: Long Claymore

The archangel’s sword. A hit from its blade sounds so heavenly, the wielder sings with each blow.


Esthagar, Eye of the Storm

Class B, Godly, Lightning, Type: Trident

Esthagar is actually a magic staff with three-pronged blades of a trident. With Aegis’ Lightning Orb, it’s upgraded to Class A.


Terra Nakroβ, Groundbreaker

Class S, Devilish, Earth, Type: Great Hammer

Set: The Chaosmakers

A blow with this hammer can cause a massive earthquake. It’s the heaviest of all Chaosmakers set and second only to the supernaturally heaviest hammer of Thor, Mjölnir.


Crypticon, Carrion Lance

Class A, Devilish, Dark, Type: Lance

Set: The Devices of Darkness

Crypticon is a lance empowered by the spirits of its victims. So, anyone killed with this lance will get their life force and spirit sucked by that carrion lance.


The Crow, Reaper from Hell

Class S, Devilish, Dark, Type: Long Polescythe

Set: The Devices of Darkness

The Crow is actually the weapon of Death, Death Angel or the Grim Reaper. It was “borrowed” by the Lords of the Underworld to distribute with Kraal’shazar and Crypticon.


Chrono Chakram

Class A, Godly, Time-Space, Type: Chakram

Set: The Chaosmakers

Wielder of this weapon can manipulate time and space more easily, more powerfully and more effective.


Il Khatl J’nadh, the Decapitator

Class A, Devilish, Earth, Type: Great Axe

Set: The Chaosmakers

J’nadh’s Decapitator once belonged to a great Orc Khan, J’nadh Khan who was beheaded by his son, Bragl Uvak’ghul. The great axe has claimed countless heads until then, including Uvak’ghul’s.


Ophiucus, the Black Cobra

Class A, Devilish, Dark+Poison, Type: Magic Staff

Set: The Devices of Darkness

Ophiucus, better known as the Black Cobra Staff is used by warlocks and witches to perform dark magic, including necromancy. Originally, only the strongest necromancer can wield this staff.


Ultimatum, the Blade with Cursed Blood

Class A, Devilish, Dark, Type: Twin Daggers

Set: The Devices of Darkness

Ultimatum is a set of daggers for assassins. One of the daggers is stained with a cursed royal blood, so a slash with that blade will make the flesh rot very slowly and gradually.



Class A, Godly, Water, Type: Rapier

Made with pure mythril, its blade is very flexible and feels light, but divinely sturdy.


Dancing Scimitars

Class B, Legendary, Sand, Type: Scimitar (Sword)

A pair of magic scimitars, the “male” and “female” that can fly towards targets, controlled with inner strength or aura.



Class B, Legendary, Wind, Type: Long Sword

An enchanted sword made alive with the soul of its original owner, Gynell.



Class B, Legendary, Earth, Type: Axe

An enchanted axe made alive with the soul of its original owner, Holgar.


Bluchwald, the Legendmaker

Class B, Superior, Non-elemental, Type: Hammer

Bluchwald is a blacksmith’s hammer, said to be the “mother of superior weapons”. Made by Baersk the Mad Blacksmith in Freidle by accident.


Dwivayudha, Pride of the Nagra

Class A, Superior, Earth, Type: Spear, Origin: Arcapada

Dwivayudha is nagra king’s hereditary weapon. it’s said that this three-pronged spear can pierce mounts.


Agnichaya, Pride of the Garuda

Class A, Superior, Light+Fire, Type: Bow, Origin: Arcapada

Agnichaya is garuda king’s hereditary weapon. Every arrow it shoots is like firestorm, especially with the divinely magical arrow Chakra Surya (Class A, Light)


Necronomicon, Book of the Living Dead

Class A, Devilish, Dark, Type: Grimoire, Origin: Aurelia

Necronomicon is a magic grimoire of spirit summoning. It was made by Nostradamus, one of the most powerful acolyte of the Devil Lord Mephistopheles in the Latter Arcane Age. The book contains spells to summon various kinds of human or devil spirits, and it can store and cast dark mana like a magic wand. Up until the Modern Age, there are seven known Necronomicons in circulation and spread all over Everna. The magic grimoire is also basically a text book to study necromancy and a weapon for novice or apprentice necromancers. Once they become powerful and experienced, they don’t need Necronomicons and tend to pass it on their apprentices.



Class A, Legendary, Ice, Type: Machete, Origin: Ubanga

Jkul’shazar is a machete once wield by Zadouk, a general of Ice Goddess Frei Val’shka stationed in Ubanga. After Zadouk fell at the end of the Second Ice Age, Jkul’shazar remained on the peak of Mount Mbaburo, the highest peak on Pakwalabo Mountains in Ubanga, until N’yala became its worthy wielder and became the consort Queen of Mirkah.






The skills and magic spells used by legendary heroes or commonly used in Terra Everna.


Data Guide

The levels of this skill is graded from 1 to 5 according to the amount of mana, energy or inner strength required to cast the spell or unleash the skill. 1 being the least and 5 is the most, including energy limit breaks. The skill types are determined from the most dominant trait of that skill, either Power, Technical, Speed or Balanced.


Skills List

Famous and legendary martial arts and inner strength skills.


Heart of the Sword

The basic and general sword mastery skill set.

Element: According to User. Weapon: Swords and Sabers.

1. Power Bash (Level 2, Power): A powerful bash with double the strength, sometimes with a spinning leap.

2. Spinning Slash (Level 1, Power): Slashing while spinning from any direction. Variants including changing the directions more often and randomly.

3. Jump Slash (Level 1, Technical): Jumping into an unpredictable position and strike at the same time.

4. Sword-Shield Counter Strike (Level 1, Balanced): Defense with the shield or scabbard and counter with the sword.

5. Air Slash (Level 2, Power): Shooting sharp crescent, moon-shaped blade of air single or multiple times.

6. Whirlwind Slash (Level 3, Balanced): A defensive skill, by spinning multiple times like a whirlwind. Sometimes it’s added with a lethal counterattack.

7. Three-Point Chain Slash (Level 3, Technical): High-speed combo slash into three weak point possibilites or three vital points of a target’s body.

8. Ten-Point Chain Slash (Level 4, Technical): High-speed combo slash into ten weak point possibilities or ten vital points of a target’s body. The adequate amount of energy required (level 4) ensures all strikes look like they’re done in a second or less.

9. Soul-Splitting Thrust (Level 3, Speed): A single hyper-speed thrust, usually used by ninjas. The combination of concentrated power and speed can break into armors, protection auras and such, very lethal.


Bloodgusher Lance

The blood-inspired spear or lance skills.

Element: Water (Blood). Weapon: Spear.

1. Rings of Frozen Blood (Level 1, Balanced) Rings of power.

2. Ensnaring Bloodwebs (Level 2, Tactical) Spider web-like.

3. Flooding Blood (Level 3, Technical) Random multi-stabs.

4. Bleeding the Universe Red (Level 4, Technical) Random, unpredictable multi-stabs covering all directions.


Will o’ the Arrow

The basic archery mastery skill set.

Element: According to User. Weapon: Bow or Crossbow.

1. Eagle’s Eye (Level 2, Precision): Precision shoot + energy.

2. Bull’s Eye (Level 1, Precision): Ultra-precision shoot.

Dragon Slayer Blade

The mastery of Grimlock, Fire Dragon Saber and the like.

Element: According to User. Weapon: Saber.

1. Dragon Wings Air Slash (Level 2, Power): Slashing two times with the sword, sending a criss-cross shaped razor-sharp air wave towards the target.

2. Dragon Fire Slash (Level 2, Power): Slashing one or two times, sending a crescent or criss-crossed firebolt.

3. Dragon Claw Jump Slash (Level 1, Power): Jumping, then pouncing directly towards the target like a dragon’s claw.

4. Dragon Tail Sweep (Level 2, Speed): A swipe or hook kick, striking from below to disrupt the opponent’s balance.

5. Dragon Hammering Down (Level 3, Technical): Leaping and slashing vertically from the air to the ground.

6. Dragon Flying to the Sky (Level 3, Technical): A vertical uppercut slash which can also be added with a jump.

7. Sleeping Dragon Curls Up (Level 3, Balanced):

A sword parry with a shielding energy.

8. Rolling Dragon Counterstrike (Level 3, Speed):

Evading attacks with a somersault, following it at once with a counter-slash or thrust.

9. Twin Dragons Scour the Seas (Level 3, Power): Pinning the opponent with ultra rapid slashes from left and right.

10. Dances of Myriad Dragons (Level 3, Technical): Slashing repeatedly, creating slithering waves of energy that block attacks and counterattack at the same time.

11. Brown Dragon Mountshaker (Level 4, Power): Thrusting the ground, spreading an earthquake-like shockwave.

12. Blue Dragon Roar of Pain (Level 4, Technical): A defense and attack move by exploding energy through soundwave.


13. Green Dragon Assault Strike (Level 4, Speed): A very speedy, stealthy and accurate strike from any direction.

14. Red Dragon Hellriser (Level 4, Power): Shooting pillars of hellfire upwards with an uppercut slash.

15. Black Dragon Soulstealer (Level 4, Technical): Moving in ultra-speed like a shadow, thrusting as though running through the enemy’s body.

16. Gold Dragon Dominator (Level 4, Power): One full-powered slash, concentrated, compacted thrust or slash towards one critical target point.

17. Regrets of the Dragon (Level 5, Technical): A quick combination of the sixteen skills of the set, resulting in an ultimate power and technique of a finishing move.

18. Algaban’s Absolution (Level 5, Technical):

A secret technique perfected by Algaban and Xegvis, adding a brutal, concentrated strike to the Regrets of the Dragon combo, summing all up for a godly finishing move beyond the ultimate.


Spear of the Storm

The improved basic spear mastery skill set.

Element: According to User. Weapon: Spear.

1. Propelling Shield (Level 1, Defense): Rotate to defend.

2. Judge by the Gale (Level 2, Power): Sneaky yet powerful.

3. Shredding Tempest (Level 3, Balanced): Multi-thrusts.

4. Rolling Rainstorm Thunder (Level 4, Technical): Multi-thrusts combined with rotations and whipping.

Wings of Destiny

The bird-inspired double swords, glaive and broad sword skills.

Element: Fire-Wind-Air-Water. Weapon: Colathaloc/Thalocolath.

1. Shielding Eagle’s Wings (Level 1, Defense, Wind): Spinning two swords or a glaive so fast, it forms a shield.

2. Eagle Fishing in the Lake (Level 2, Speed, Water): Jumping then snatching the target with a speedy slash downwards.

3. Phoenix Fire Wings (Level 3, Technical, Fire): Slashing continuously and swiftly like spreading fiery feathers.

4. Garuda Falling Skies (Level 3, Rain, Lightning): Ensnaring the target from above with a shower of thunder storm.

5. Garuda Supremacy (Level 4, Blast, Light): Firing a powerful blast of light to a distance with a single thrust.

6. Phoenix Rampaging in Hell (Level 4, Technical): Ramming into the ground with vertical slashes.


Death by the Dagger

The most advanced dagger skills, especially for assassins.

Element: According to User. Weapon: Double Daggers or Dagger.

1. Backstab (Level 1, Speed and Stealth): Stabbing the opponent from behind with super speed.

2. Cartwheel Thrust (Level 2, Technical): Cartwheeling to the front or back, then stabbing forward or backward to any position of choice.

3. Soul-Splitting Drill (Level 3, Technical): A drilling frontal thrust, breaking the opponent’s defenses.

4. Legion of Shadows (Level 4, Speed and Stealth): Moving with hyper speed, creating illusions of many figures of self.

5. Shadowless Wolf (Level 5, Speed and Stealth): A forbidden, secret skill, rendering the user invisible due to godlike-speed movements.



Earth-powered skills for hammer, axe and both.

Element: Earth. Weapon: Hammer, Axe or Both.

1. Boulder Smash (Level 2, Power): Direct hit, smashing into a target like falling boulders.

2. Ground-Splitting Quake (Level 3, Quake): Hitting one point on the ground, spreading a shockwave to an area.

3. Earth and Sea Divide (Level 4, Technical, Axe Version): Hacking continuously towards one or multiple targets.

4. Thousand Gate Ram (Level 4, Power, Hammer Version): One hit on target, sending a destructive wave that affect others behind that target.

5. Stone Skin (Level 1, Shield): Protective skill, hardening the skin like it’s made of rock.

6. Ultra Shockwave Impact (Level 5, Area Blast): An ultimate shockwave, spreading to an area and even upwards. The power is equivalent to 12-richter scale earthquake.


Four Oceans, Five Continents

A skill set featuring the best combination of skills in Everna.

Element: Various. Weapon: All, Especially Great Swords.

1. Pouncing Tiger Slash (Level 1, Power, Orien, Nature): Half-jump with a powerful slash.

2. Buffalo Stampede (Level 2, Direct, Myriath, Earth): Series of powerful, speedy thrusts.

3. Ettin’s Fingers of the Blade (Level 2, Technical, Al-Kalam, Wind): Spreading five sharp waves with one overhead strike.

4. Phoenix Rampages in Hell (Level 3, Balanced, Aurelia, Fire) Series of powerful, speedy fire slashes.

5. Tusks of Myriad Elephants (Level 3, Breakthrough, Ubanga, Earth): Series of powerful, speedy thrusts.

6. Eight Dooms of the Kraken (Level 4, Area Blast, Four Seas, Water): Thrusting eight ways in one strike.

7. Omnipotent Catastrophe (Level 5, Catastrophic, Cosmic): Exploding energy that damages enemies within an area.


Might of the Khattar

The skill set created based on the harsh Meshallah deserts.

Element: Earth (Sand). Weapon: Khatara, Scimitar etc.

1. Blinding Sands (Level 1, Tactical): A curtain of illusionary sand, blinding anyone who enters it.

2. Scorpion Sting (Level 2, Counter): While evading or blocking an attack, leaping acrobatically and “stinging” the enemy with a powerful kick.

3. Sandstorm Skirmish (Level 3, Technical): A serial slashing like a sandstorm blast, blinding and hurting enemies.

4. Dancing Scimitars (Level 3, Remote Control) A pair of magic scimitars flying together towards target(s).

5. Scirocco or Khamsin (Level 4, Catastrophic): A gust of sandstorm with an added heat wave.

6. Dances of the Desert Rose (Level 5, Technical):

Sheena Mekh’ta’s secret technique, combining Dancing Scimitars, Sandstorm Skirmish and Khamsin skills into one devastating combo.


Seven Cores of Darkness

Darkness-based skills and spells based on seven principal sins.

Element: Darkness. Weapon: Any or None.

1. Dark Disintegration (Level 3, Blast, Greed): Big, dark blast with a massive destructive force.

2. Spirit Legion Burst (Level 3, Technical, Greed): Multiple strikes, shots of dark spirit that looks like a multitude.

3. Eternal Banishment (Level 4, Blast, Wrath) A gigantic swirling ball full of amplified, compacted and concentrated force of darkness.

4. Insatiable Desire (Level 4, Absorb, Lust): Absorbing dark spirit power with a touch to gather and store power. Usually it’s done with a hypnotism to lure the enemy first.

5. Spirit Legion Storm (Level 4, Shoot, Envy): A typhoon-like concentrated force which spreads swirling, drilling bolts to all directions or the direction of target(s).

6. Knocking on Hell’s Gate (Level 2, Speed, Sloth): Speedy thrusts, shooting dark, sharp aura bolts multiple times.

7. Infinite Darkness (Level 5, Catastrophic, Pride): The ultimate force of darkness unleashed as a skull-shaped ball, then it explodes, spreading a destructive force all around.

8. A Crow Snatches a Soul (Level 4, Technical, Lust, Vordac): Rotating strikes using the Crow Deathscythe and the like.

9. Grim Reaper’s Snatch (Level 2, Speed, Lust): Leap and dive with a lightning-speed slash for an instant kill.

10. Devilish Titan Devours the Sun (Level 4, Technical, Gluttony): An attack like a gigantic devil’s jaw opening, devouring the target from all directions.

Magic Spells List

Famous and legendary magical spells, sampled in two runic languages, the Eirienne (Ei) and the Encanta (En or none).


Infernal Rage, Fire Magic

Element: Light or Holy

1. Firebolt : Spell: Agnii (En), An Vyr’me Tyral (Ei). Shooting sharp and powerful fire bolts or bullets.

2. Fireball : Spell: Agnios (En), An Vyr’me Shuryv (Ei). Shooting a single fireball towards the target.

3. Fireblast : Spell: Pyroagnios (En), An Vyr’me Fyasch (Ei). Shooting a fireblast with massive destruction.

4. Inferno : Spell: Inferno (En), An Vyr’me Inferno (Ei). Covering an area full of flaming hellfire.

5. Fireball Rain : Spell: Polyagnios (En), Vare Vyr’me Shuryv (Ei). Fireballs raining from the sky or above.

6. Firestorm : Spell: Severagnios or Agniastra (En), Vare Vyr’me Nek’havr (Ei). A fiery storm.

7. Incinerate : Spell: Cineragnios (En). Burning target(s) with a concentrated combustion.

8. Flare : Spell: Magnaferno or Magna Agniastra (En), An Vyr’me Nek’havr (Ei). Burning target(s) with a concentrated, spontaneous combustion until it’s completely turned to ash.

9. Wall of Fire : Spell: Agnioparadh (En), An Vyr’me Prdaj (Ei). Conjuring a wall of fire to trap enemies.


The Skyspark, Lightning Magic

Element: Lightning

1. Lightning Bolt : Spell: Voltarus (En), An Voltar Shuryv (Ei). Shooting a bolt of lightning.

2. Lightning Blast : Spell: Magnavoltarus (En), An Voltar Fyasch (Ei). Shooting a big blast of lightning.

3. Lightning Storm : Spell: Polyvoltari (En), Vare Voltar Nek’havr (Ei). Lightning raining from the sky.

4. Chain Lightning : Spell: Clustrvoltari (En), Vare Voltar Clustr (Ei). A bolt of lightning that travels from one target to another until all targets are hit. The last target usually receives the most damage.

5. Ball Lightning : Spell: Raduyevoltarus. A very big ball lightning that tramples everything in its path.

6. Wrath of the Skies : Spell: Xacravenos.

An area of godly, ultimately severe lightning storm.


Deep Freeze, Ice Magic

Element: Ice

1. Ice Arrow : Spell: An Jokul’me Tyral (Ei) Shooting an ice arrow towards a target or targets.

2. Blizzard : Spell: An Jokul’me Fyasch (Ei) A gust of blizzard that destroys and freezes targets in its path.

3. Ice Arrow Rain : Spell: Vare Jokul’me Tyral (Ei). Ice arrows from above rain down diagonally.

4. Diamond Dust : Spell: Frigio (En). A barrage of sharp ice pieces towards targets.

5. Avalanche : Spell: Vare Jokulhaups Nek’havr (Ei) A great landslide-like attack on the target(s).

6. Frozen Doomsday : Spell: Joklgaeanos (Ei, En). An ultimate all-destroying ice attack. In its fullest extent done by the Source himself, it has created the Second Ice Age. Its power rivals the other two world-ending spells, Armageddon and Apocalypse.

Watery Wonders, Water Magic

Element: Water

1. Holy Water : Spell: Aquedelmetr. Purifying the body from the scourge of darkness and poison.

2. Make Water : Spell: Aqua (En), An Aqua Tyral (Ei). Make water from air, the amount is according to the caster’s magic strength.

3. Water Spray : Spell: Aquavia (En), An Aqua Shuryv (Ei). Shoot a jet of water like a modern water cannon.

4. Water Wall : Spell: Aqueparadh (En), An Aqua Prdaj (Ei). Conjuring a wall of water for defense, also trapping and drowning the enemy to death in that wall.

5. Erosion : Spell: Aquepetra (En), An Aqua Erode (Ei). Chipping off the target like eroding a rock.

6. Tidal Blast : Spell: Aquamagna (En), An Aqua Fyasch (Ei). Blasting the enemy with a forceful tidal wave.

7. Tsunami : Spell: Tsunami (En), An Aqua Nek’havr (Ei). Area blast with a massive sea quake.

8. Maelstrom : Spell: Maelstrom (En), Ex Aqua Maelstrom (Ei). Dealing continuous, nearly-godlike damage with a massive, gigantic whirlpool.

9. Healing Water : Spell: Aquavitali. Conjuring a wall of fire to trap enemies.


Soil, Stone and Sand, Earth Magic

Element: Earth

1. Stone Skin : Spell: Armoreo Barudios (En), An Behmar Letva (Ei). Armoring self with a layer of stone skin armor that is stab-proof, slash-proof and hit-proof.

2. Petrify : Spell: Petrifio Barudios or Petrifio (En), An Behmar Petri (Ei). Paralyzing the target like a stone.

3. Earthquake : Spell: Bragash Barudios (En), An Behmar Richtr or An Behmar Letva (Ei). Making earthquake.

4. Stone Wall : Spell: Paradh Barudios (En), An Behmar Prdaj (Ei). Conjuring a sturdy stone wall.

5. Meteor Rain : Spell: Meteo Barudios (En), Megalon Zathr (Ei). Shooting a meteor rain from the sky.

6. Tremor : Spell: Tremo Barudios (En), Vare Behmar Tyral (Ei). Conjuring a tremor that is quicker, yet with less power than an earthquake.

7. Hyperquake : Spell: Catastrof Barudios (En). More catastrophic than ordinary earthquake.

8. Apocalypse : Spell: Apocalypto (En, Ei). Ultimate wide area total doomsday-like destruction.


Support, Control and Technical Spells

Element: Psyche (Mind)

1. Levitation : Spell: Eleviant. Making things and living beings float in the air.

2. Summon Esper : Spell: An (Esper Name) Aschi or Vare (Esper Group’s Name) Aschi (Ei). Summoning spell that varies in power level requirement for esper midea, esper infero or esper dio. A summon spell can be used to teleport a thing or a common creature from a long distance. So the classifications are: Summon Creature (Level 2), Summon Esper Infero (Level 3), Summon Esper Midea (Level 4) and Summon Esper Dio (Level 5).

2. Sleep : Spell: Lullabio. Causing sleep.

3. Stun : Spell: Stunno. Stuns the target.

4. Petrify : Spell: Petrifio. Immobilize target.

5. Confuse : Spell: Confundio. Confuse target.

6. Craze : Spell: Charrcerebron. Smite target into a temporary or (rarely) permanent madness.

Divine Authority, Holy Magic

Element: Light or Holy

The defensive or support spells are:

1. Protect : Spell: Galatr. Conjuring a layer of force armor to protect the target from physical or elemental attack.

2. Mass Protect : Spell: Omnigalatr. Conjuring an armor of energy to protect several or many people of the caster’s choice in an area.

3. Cure or Dispel : Spell: Delmetr. Dispel poison, curse or enchantment.

4. Mass Cure or Mass Dispel : Spell: Omnidelmetr. Cures targets of the caster’s choice in an area.

5. Ward : Spell: Nervatr. Warding one’s mind, repelling magicks that affect the mind (psyche).

6. Mass Ward : Spell: Omninervatr. Warding the mind of many targets of the caster’s choice in an area.

7. Heal : Spell: Vitali. Healing one person or target’s wounds.

8. Great Heal : Spell: Viavitali. Healing critical wounds on one person or target.

9. Mass Heal : Spell: Polyvitali. Healing wounds of many targets of the caster’s choice in an area.

10. Mass Great Heal : Spell: Omnivitali. Healing critical wounds of many targets of the caster’s choice in an area.

11. Resurrection : Spell: Resurrectovitali. Reviving a dying person. In reality, in the real world, only God can raise the dead.

12. Shield of Light : Spell: Schaigalatr. Summoning a large shield of concentrated light mana.


The offensive or attack spells are:

1. Divine Retribution : Spell: Eleison ex Tributalis (En). Summoning a legion of angels at a cost of the caster’s youth or energy from the core life force.

2. Armageddon, Wrath of God : Spell: Kyrie Armageddon (En). Ultimate destruction by the force of light in an area, whether widespread or limited.

3. Starlight Bolt : Spell: Zapnos. Shooting bolts and bullets of starlight very quickly.

4. Rayblast : Spell: Megazapnos. A big blast of light, an antithesis and equal to its black magic counterpart, the Dark Disintegration spell.


Wailing Skies, Wind Magic

Element: Wind

1. Wind Shear : Spell: Eshmyr. Shooting a sharp wind sickle towards the target(s). At level 2 power, the caster can shoot multiple wind sickles with a single cast.

2. Hurricane : Spell: Eshmyriad. A gust of hurricane storm that destroys targets in its path.

3. Tornado : Spell: Eshmyraiden. A gust of more powerful storm that destroys targets in its path.

4. Ball Whirlwind : Spell: Raduyev Eshmyriad. A Hurricane variation spell, compacting, dampening and concentrating wind energy from Hurricane into a swirling ball full of wind energy.

5. Typhoon : Spell: Eshmyrmidon. A gust of an ultimately powerful, swirling storm-whirlwind that destroy targets in its path.

6. Pandemonium : Spell: Pandemonium (Ei, En). Filling the whole, wide area with gigantic whirlwinds and controlling them all to destroy targets of the caster’s choice.


Seven Cores of Darkness, Black Magic Version

Darkness-based spells based on seven principal sins.

Element: Darkness

1. Dark Disintegration : Spell: An Nekraal’me Fyasch (Ei). Big, dark blast with a massive destructive force that consumes everything in its path.

2. Mass Raise Dead : Spell: Omni Skülag Kraal Gehreisen. A necromancer special spell, raising undead by animating all corpses and skeletons in an area and controlling them as a squad.

3. Eternal Banishment : Spell: Vare Nekraal’me Morteva. A gigantic swirling ball full of amplified, compacted and concentrated force of darkness energy and/or evil spirits. Its shape looks like a skull.

4. Forbidden Passion : Spell: An Nekraal’me Erosycum. A mind-bending special spell to incite lustful passion and thoughts during battle. It creates a hallucination of the target’s deepest, darkest desires and turns it against them, damaging or destroying their mind. After effects include mental scarring, insanity, nervous breakdown, permanent brain damage or even death.

5. Toxic Necroballs : Spell: Vare Nekraal’me Wimblr. Shooting a barrage of toxic skull-shaped blackish-green balls that destroy and poison targets.

6. Drain Life : Spell: An Nekraal’me Hyssov. Grabbing or grappling and draining an opponent’s aura/mana/life force, absorb it into the caster’s body.

7. Infinite Darkness : Spell: Necropandemonium. The ultimate force of darkness magic. A gigantic skull-shaped moon descends from the sky or above, then it explodes, spreading darkness, dark bolts and dark shockwaves to a great distance and all directions. Its ultimate destructive force can be amplified to level 6, equal to Armageddon, Apocalypse and Frozen Doomsday.


Seven Thunders of Zeus

Element: Lightning, Aegis’ special magic from the old gods.

1. Lightning Bolt : Spell: Voltarus (En), An Voltar Shuryv (Ei). The first lightning like the original.

2. Lightning Rain : Spell: Voltari (En), Vare Voltar Shuryv (Ei). The second lightning, raining lightning bolts with less the power but more in numbers.

3. Lightning Blast : Spell: Magnavoltarus (En), An Voltar Fyasch (Ei). The third lightning like the original.

4. Chain Lightning : Spell: Clustrvoltari (En), Vare Voltar Clustr (Ei). The fourth lightning like the original, with added speed and control.

5. Thunderbird Flies the Universe : Spell: Self-induced by Aegis. A thunder bird flies towards targets.

6. Lightning Storm : Spell: Polyvoltari (En), Vare Voltar Nek’havr (Ei). The sixth lightning like the original.

7. Wrath of the Skies : Spell: Xacravenos.

The seventh lightning like the original.

Seven Eyes of the Rainbow

Element: All. Special Magic for the Divine Rainbow Crystals. A very rare, very versatile set of spells, each can be customized between level 1 to 4.

1. Rainbow Red, Fire of Purification : Spell: Lumen Scarletto. A dragon breath-like burst of fire.

2. Rainbow Blue, Mirror of Extermination : Spell: Lumen Azuro. Reflecting energy back to the caster.

3. Rainbow Orange, Heat Seeker : Spell: Lumen Vermillion. Heat-seeking bolt of orange or vermillion ray, mostly bodily heat and real heat from the fire.

4. Rainbow Green, Soul Splitter : Spell: Lumen Jadeitos. A wind sickle rotates, mincing and slashing.

5. Rainbow Yellow, Radiant Sun : Spell: Lumen Solaris. An explosion of compacted light.

6. Rainbow Mauve, Eternal Guardian : Spell: Lumen Mauvio. Energy shields of ice enveloping the caster.

7. Rainbow Violet, Lightning Rain : Spell: Lumen Violetta. Lightning rain showering from the sky.

8. Rainbow All Colors, Divine Compassion : Spell: Lumen Septiagape Dio. A shower of seven multi-colored lights that merge and spread, penetrating deep into the target(s) body. Those who have a positive mind and heart are healed, but those with a killing or destruction intent are destroyed.

9. Rainbow White, Holy Light : Spell: Lumen Ecclementi. Casting a blinding light to disrupt enemies’ sight, also showing the enemy’s invisible form. It’s very effective on creatures of darkness.




Sample stories, poems, song lyrics and articles that are closely related and essential to Everna Saga lore.


Come Forth, Heroes!

Theme song for Everna Saga multimedia publications.

Melody and lyrics are created by Andry Chang.


(Verse 1)

Come, we got to see, we got to feel, we got to realize

That we are the same and we are one

Come, we shall unite, we put aside enmity and strife

We must fight for a much greater cause



See, the land and the trees

Feel, water that runs free

Hear, the whispering breeze

Fire burn and ice freeze


It’s the land we live on

It’s the world we die for

For the people we love

We shall fight and come forth


(Verse 2)

We move on forward, we shall not stop, we shall not give up

Through the path of light and righteaous love

Go, no matter hard, no matter strong, our enemies are

With the power inside, we shall stay strong




(Verse 3)

As we reach our goal, our purpose, our destiny

To bring the light in darkened lands

No matter how great, how mighty is, our final challenge

If the light stays with us, we shall prevail


(Chorus and Finale)



Monkey Mask

A sample story written by Andry Chang


“Sarimin goes to the marketplace.”

People often said that when I came at the marketplace with Granny Rahma. Many of them got excited and crowded around me. Some were laughing, some were pointing at me as though I was some kind of attraction around here, in this quiet village I lived.

The reason? Well, for one, I wasn’t a human, but a monkey. Yes, a three-foot, long-tailed, grey-furred animal walking on two feet like normal humans do. And sometimes four, if my “hands” were free. Plus, wearing a farmer’s hat and a vest, I looked pretty ridiculous, a funny sight that attracted many people along the way.

So, I tried to ignore them all and walked on, carrying my two empty baskets hanging on a long stick. My instinct has told me to just go, jump away to the trees of freedom since long ago, but my common sense said you can’t do that. You see, Granny Rahma had raised me since I was a wee baby like a mother I never had. So, it a was natural to help her in return, as a sign of my filial love and devotion.

On the vegetable stall, Granny Rahma was having trouble selecting the goods, most probably because of her blurry sight. So, I became her eyes, ears, nose and fingers, picking only the freshest of the lot. “Wow, Sarimin did it again,” said the vegetable hawker, a fat woman with a nasty little smile on her thick, hideous lips. “He’s such a great picker, isn’t he?”

Granny Rahma smiled back, her skinny, wrinkly cheeks swelled. “You know, ma’am, I’ve trained Sarimin for years to do chores and sorts. If not, well, let’s say he’ll make a mess of everything, don’t you think?” The hawker made up a giggle, taking the copper coins hastily from granny’s wrinkled hand while I watched the whole thing and made sure nothing went wrong. I just imagined wrecking her stall and feasted on the merchandise until my belly bloated. But no, I managed to restrain myself all this time, because I, Sarimin am not your average, ordinary primate. Nosiree!

My burden got a lot heavier and my stomach started to grumble. Just then the greatest, the most powerful temptation stormed into my view. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the gleaming, yellowy, big, ripe thing. It was none other than a stem of bananas, hanging so elegantly on the fruit stall like a beautiful female with furs of gold. I drooled, dying to just leave these burdens, chase after it and savor my tongue with that unmatched sweetness.

Suddenly, Granny Rahma’s skeletal face came into sight, bursting my imagination away. She said, “Here, Sarimin, I have bought you a bunch of bananas for being a good boy. Just wait until we get home, and then you can eat them.” I flipped joyfully to see my favourite fruit, my baskets almost tumbled to the ground. “Well, not if you got naughty, no no no.”

Oh well, the reward is won when the effort is done. It took a long time and more than my primate instinct to understand that, but hey, somehow I did.

When we were done shopping and left for home, I heard a boy beggar shouted, “Come again tomorrow, Sarimin, Hanuman’s incarnate!” Incarnation? Granny Rahma once told me about Hanuman, an immortal white monkey with godly powers, one of the mythical heroes in Arcapada. But if someone should ask me whether I was really Hanuman’s incarnate, I have three words for him, “I don’t know.”




One day, Granny Rahma couldn’t get up from her bed. “Sarimin, I think I got a bit of fever. Can you go to the market in my stead?” she said feebly.

I stopped and stared at her for a while. Could I, a monkey stand in for a human and do a human’s task? Well, what could I say, Granny Rahma only lived alone here, without family or relatives to take care of her. So, I readily grabbed her money pouch, my hat and the basket-on-a-pole. And then I, Sarimin zoomed out from our simple hut.

As I arrived at the marketplace, I tried hard to remember Granny Rahma’s actions. I then came towards the vegetable stall, and the fat lady hawker asked, “Eh, Sarimin, you come alone? Where’s Granny Rahma?” I made gestures to show her that she was sick, and then I picked the fresh vegetables we usually bought. It was spinach, I thought.

When I gave her a copper coin as payment, the fat lady shook her head. “Spinach costs two copper coins a bunch. Give me one more of this!” She rudely shoved that copper coin right in front of my eyes. No way! I remembered clearly Granny Rahma only paid one copper coin for that! Did that fat hawker think she can swindle me easily because I’m a monkey, an animal? No! I growled, I bared my fangs and teeth in front of her. I flexed my body and limbs threateningly, ready to wreak havoc on this fraud.

The lady hawker’s face got pale at once and she spoke gibberish. “Oh no, goat, no, ape, no, monkey! No, spare me, o’ mighty Hanuman! Yes, yes, it’s the right price, one copper coin. I thought you took two bunches of spinach. Here, I give you one more, for free! Please, just go away, don’t wreck my goods… please!” So scared she was, the sarong she wore as a skirt got wet and smelly… yuck!

When my basket was laden with spinach, I sped away. I didn’t care if the fat lady was scared or angry with me, I just didn’t like being swindled, and my instinct just told me to fight it off. Was I right to follow my instinct? Was there a better solution? Anyway, my name was Sarimin, not Hanuman.

When I arrived at my hut, it seemed that Granny Rahma was a bit better. So, I told her about what happened in the marketplace. I expected her to be proud of me, but instead, she shook her head.

“Sarimin, you are a very clever monkey, cleverer than I thought you are. But it takes more than your instinct to deal with people, especially those who do wrong things to you. Just think, will the hawker sell you vegetables again after you threatened her? If she told the fruit hawker about your behavior, will he sell you bananas too? What if you are them? Are you not scared of the ‘monster’ too?”

“I’m so sorry, grandma.” I said that, but of course she couldn’t understand monkey language. Yet she smiled upon seeing my apologetic face. Grandma Rahma hugged me and said, “Well, when we go to the marketplace tomorrow, we will apologize to that lady hawker and buy more vegetables from her. But if she tries to swindle us again, just show her that the vegetable hawker on the next stall can be trustworthy.”

Now I understood how people solve a problem with a better way. “Thank you, grandma, I love you.”

Grandma Rahma didn’t understand what I said, but she knew what it meant.“I love you too, Sarimin.”




The next morning, I came to Granny Rahma’s bed to wake her up. But, she was just leaning there, moaning with her eyes closed. I touched her forehead, alas, she was boiling hot! Not only that, she was also gasping for breath. There was only one conclusion, she was terminally ill and I must get a physician, quick!

But how? I was only a monkey, how could I get people to understand what I say or do? Panicked, I ran as fast as I could to get help. I didn’t know where the physician’s house was, so I sought attention from the villagers. I tried pulling on their shirts and sarongs, shrieking and sorts. I shouted, but of course none could understand me. I went to the marketplace and did the same. Some people there ignored me completely, some shooed me away, and some even laughed, thinking that the monkey was acting again.

Only a boy beggar with no shirt on his blackened, sun-scorched skin came to me and said, “What’s wrong, Sarimin? What makes you that distressed?”

I answered instinctively, “Help! My grandmother is very sick! Can you get the physician to go there?”

“Of course! Let’s go!” Now the surprise was on me. This boy, Jalu understood monkey language! Granny Rahma often gave him alms and promised to adopt him one day, but I thought it was out of pity, not love. Anyway, we ran straight towards the physician’s house, and the physician, a forty-year old woman followed us immediately to my hut.

We finally came into my hut and the physician tended to Granny Rahma. However, the old woman was not moving at all. The physician touched her; the high body heat has changed into cold. Her skin turned bluish pale, no breath came from her nostrils. Rahma’s face was pale and stiff, showing no sign of life whatsoever.

To sum it up, the lady physician stood up, stared at me and Jalu and shook her head. “I’m so sorry. If only I came here earlier, your grandmother might still be alive.” After promising to arrange Grandma Rahma’s funeral, the physician went away.

We were too late. I cried and roared at the top of my voice, shaking Grandma Rahma’s stiff body, in case the physician was wrong and there was still life in it. “Please, wake up! Please! I’m begging you, don’t leave me alone! How can I live without you… mother…?”

Jalu the boy beggar tried to console me by saying, “Be brave and strong, Sarimin. You are a very clever monkey, and perhaps more human than some of us. I’m sure you’ll survive either here or the wild.”

“All my life I’ve been with Granny Rahma, and I’ve been trained to survive in the human world, not the wilderness. And now I’m all alone, and only you can understand me and talk to me. Will you be my friend and my brother from now on, Jalu?”

The boy nodded. “Of course, we can be a great team together!”

Suddenly, that word “team” gave me an idea. “Hey, Jalu! How about we set up a road show together? I shall be an acrobat, and you will be my instructor, my bridge to the audience. We can make a living from that.”

“What a fantastic idea!” The boy clapped his hands. And then he and I turned towards the late Grandma Rahma and prayed. In this hour of despair, came a ray of light that brought a boy and a monkey together, showing us a way. And perhaps, it was a way towards greatness.




For years to come, I and Jalu travelled far and wide, re-enacting my “going to marketplace” act with addition of acrobatic moves. I flipped, jumped and somersaulted into hoops and sorts, fully using my agility as a monkey. I also performed more acts that imitated people, like a king, a physician, a farmer and even a dancer. My imitations were so perfect that people thought that it was a man with a monkey mask performed it, not the other way around. And so, “Monkey Mask” became the name of our show.

As our popularity rose, we performed in front of kings and officials throughout the islands, and gained an ample sum of riches to last us seven lifetimes – I was not exaggerating, of course. Jalu then reached old age and passed his talent and skill to his children and disciples. More monkeys were trained, and the Monkey Mask attraction became so widespread that it lasted to this day.

As for me, I, Sarimin had lived as an immortal, and I shall live on to see this world revolve for ages to come. Honestly, I still don’t know whether I am really Hanuman’s incarnate or not. All I know, if ever again anyone performed Monkey Mask anywhere in this world and said, “Sarimin goes to the marketplace,” he did it in memory of me, the monkey who started it all.





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Fireheart Saga

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Fireheart: Legend of the Paladins

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An Everna Saga Encyclopedia, First Edition. Come, follow me to the World of Everna and the vast Universe of Omnia Let us travel through time and space, to a dimension mirroring our reality From the first spark of existence to the time of unlimited multiverse Come, follow me through the evolutions and revolutions When the first world strays to its end, the second world decides to change And the third world strives under guidance and grace to the future Come, follow me to explore all around the World of Everna To see the fantastic creatures, superior beings and valiant heroes So we shall know in a glance, the true meaning of these entire existences Come with me by the Codex Evernium.

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Codex Evernium - First Edition Codex Evernium - First Edition