COBOL for the Approved Workman

Drawing from many years of professional software development and teaching experience, I prepared an innovative text that presents the COBOL language in a simple, yet powerful way, at the same time integrating Biblical perspective. Few textbooks address the simplicity of COBOL, many are unable to address the complexity of real-world systems, and few if any have attempted to integrate faith with content to prepare the Christian student for the workplace. This textbook has three goals. The first is to arm the Christian student or developer with Scripture compatible with business-oriented programming, that they may be able witnesses for Christ. The second is to present COBOL in all its simplicity, that it may be a joy to use. The third is to present real-world prototype systems at a high level so students can be prepared for good works in their business endeavors. Software applications illustrating major concepts in each chapter are available electronically upon request. These can be used as is, or tailored to suit a variety of information processing applications. The text was written primarily with the PC market in mind. However, since the essential elements of COBOL are standardized, the concepts, software and structures presented here can be used on mainframe computers as well with slight modifications. Having started using COBOL on mainframes in 1977, it has been my experience that COBOL is consistent on all varieties of computer platforms. Micro Focus COBOL was used extensively for many examples. Micro Focus has improved its products since this text was originally written so be sure to reference those aspects of the product currently available at https://www.microfocus.com/. I have found it a great joy to develop this text under the influence and leading of the Holy Spirit of God, and count it a privilege to present it to you.

  • Author: Wesley Sweetser, Jr
  • Published: 2018-07-27 19:35:06
  • Words: 44738
COBOL for the Approved Workman COBOL for the Approved Workman