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Build your life on Christ’s teachings

Never sin again to be a slave of sin

Do you love Jesus more than your sinful pleasures?

No Eternal Life without obeying God’s Commandments

Salvation by Faith or Works

Depart from deceptions of the worldly wise

Whoever is born of God cannot sin

Sanctification is the process of keeping yourself holy

Jesus is a friend only to those who obey Him

If you love the Lord, you will hate the world

Parable of Unsaved Believers. Which believer are you?

Does Christ know you?

Pluck out that causes you to sin

Christ is our only Teacher

Your Grace is Expiring! Repent Now!

Cost of Kingdom of Heaven

Pretribulation rapture is a lie to not prepare you for what’s coming!

Who are you to Christ?

I desire mercy not sacrifice

Beware! Some will not receive any grace. Repent while you are alive

Father takes away, Son rejects and God destroys

Why must Jesus Christ had to die for saving us?

You must be worthy to attain Salvation

Go, make disciples, baptize and teach all Christ commanded

Depart from being Christ-coated goats and become Christ-like sheep!

You are not saved by grace through faith without righteousness

Dancing with filthy moves in churches is a doctrine of Balaam which God hates!

A little leaven leavens the whole lump

I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!

Parable of Reversible Grace

No one is born as a sinner

Never mix wool which is our forgiven sins with linen which is our righteousness

Parable of Conditional Grace

Not all verses in the Bible have equal authority


Statement of Faith

About the Author


Christian comics is a set of 34 comics explaining the truth taught by Jesus Christ and exposing some of the false teachings within Churches.


p<>{color:#000;}. All Scripture verses are quoted from New King James Version (NKJV)

Statement of Faith

Being a Protestant Christian, it is easy for me to simply say, I believe the Bible. But, there are lots of different interpretations of the Bible and several deceptions without sound doctrine which created thousands of denominations. Hence, I had put forward a Circle of Discernment to discern every interpretation from the Bible to avoid deceptions.

Source: File: Circle-of-Discernment.png – http://www.trumpet-call.com

Circle of Discernment is another way of saying, all interpretations must match God’s spoken words, Christ’s teachings, Scripture (Law, Psalms and Prophets) and the teachings of apostles and disciples in the authoritative order. E.g., if anyone interprets Paul’s letters and arrive at a conclusion, the conclusion cannot supersede Scripture, Christ’s teachings or God’s spoken words. If you cannot find the conclusion of your interpretation taught by Christ, or found in Scripture, or spoken by God, then your interpretation is wrong. Similarly, if you interpret Scripture that does not agree with Christ, then your interpretation is wrong.

About the Author

Felix Immanuel is a born again Christian, trying to live a Christ-like life. He is a software professional who write blogs in trumpet-call.org focused on the spiritual growth of Christians. God had blessed him with his wife and two daughters. He currently live in Canberra, Australia.


Christian Comics

  • ISBN: 9781370622665
  • Author: Felix Immanuel
  • Published: 2016-11-05 09:05:20
  • Words: 524
Christian Comics Christian Comics