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Choices of the Soul

by Patrick Spatz


Copyright 2017 Patrick Spatz


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Choices of the Soul

By Patrick J Spatz



Wearing a gravity shirt made Hadtec look like a dolphin covered in oil, at least so he had been told. He had seen pictures of dolphin’s caught in oil-slicks from pre-space flight days. They’d always looked very unhappy and weighted down, but a gravity shirt made him feel wonderful. He was free to move easily in the human sector of the space station. Hadtec looked a lot like a wild dolphin—only a larger cranium gave him away. Despite this there was a world of differences between the two species. He was glad he was a gene enhanced dolphin, not one of those ignorant wild things. They had no human or alien friends, while Hadtec had both.

The space station’s bar and coffee shop was about half full. As always there were hundreds of things for Hadtec to hear, taste, and see. However, today he was on a personal mission. He was going to find his friend Carter Raymees and share his happiness for him.

It was always hard for Hadtec to find one human in a group of humans. Particularly Carter, he looked so normal even for a human—medium build and height with dark skin and light hair, but oh what a nice voice. If he would only say something, Hadtec could pick him out of any group.

Hadtec hung in the doorway, oblivious to the people squeezing by him. He tilted his body back and forth, letting out sound whistles and trying to focus on faces. Quite a number of faces turned his way, but none of them were Carter.

At last he saw his friend. Carter Raymees hadn’t even noticed Hadtec come into the Port View Bar. He was too busy trying to find the answer to his troubles, hidden somewhere under the creamy clouds inside his coffee cup.

Since Carter sat alone at a table big enough for a dozen humans, Hadtec decided to just fly over and greet him. He whistled a command that adjusted his gravity shirt so he had relative mass of about one kilo and let himself settle to the floor. One sharp push of his powerful tail got him air borne again. Hadtec was an excellent flyer. He easily missed colliding with the bar’s other customers. Using his flippers as air brakes, he came in silently about four inches over Carter’s cup.

“Sweet Jesus!” shouted Carter spilling some of his coffee.

Hadtec landed on the table top, then slipped to one side and came to rest with his tail holding him against the back of a chair. “I heard you’re getting married!”

"Yes... I mean, No. I mean, -oh Hell I don't know. You scared me, Hadtec."

For a time the two friends sat in awkward silence. Hadtec cocked his head to one side and watched the gas giant Parsius, through the Cafe’s main window. As usual Parsius was in the grips of a night-time electrical storm. Hadtec thought it a most beautiful view, whenever he could get his eyes to focus on it. Reluctantly, he gave up, returning his attention to Carter.

Carter was staring mournfully into his coffee cup. Hadtec thought about his friend’s last comment, “‘Yes’, I can understand,” he said, “‘No’, also seems to make sense, sort of. But, how can you not know if you’re getting married?”

“Easy,” groaned Carter. “You just have to have the strangest luck in the known universe!”

Hadtec let a little more of his true mass bleed through the gravity shirt, seating himself more firmly on the table as he pondered this answer. It didn’t seem to make much sense to him. Hadtec tasted the air near Carter’s coffee. No, there was nothing in the coffee, but cream and sugar so that wasn’t it. He did, however, taste the presence of a human-cat gene-cut somewhere very nearby.

Hadtec focused his eyes on the seven foot fur covered humanoid figure slipping up quietly behind Carter’s chair. He wondered if maybe he should say something, but it was too late. With one move the half-human swept her arms around Carter in a great furry hug. “Congratulations lover boy, you managed to get yourself caught at last!”

“Jesus, Karecat!” Carter said while trying to get his breath back. “Why am I worried about my future? My friends are going to give me a heart attack before I see another birthday!”

Karecat’s answer was a half laugh, half roar as she sat Carter back in his chair. “I have to get my hugs and gropes in now before two wives stamp the ‘Stay Off’ sign on you.”

“Janet and Marseena would never get jealous of you, Karecat,” Hadtec chirped in, “Besides, Carter’s not sure he’s getting married.”

Karecat was in the process of sitting next to Carter when Hadtec made this announcement. She stopped, turned, took Carter by both shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “How can this be? Janet was just now in Vid-Ops telling everyone you said yes!”

“I did!” moaned Carter, letting his gaze fall back to his coffee.

Karecat let go of Carter and turned slowly to look out the port. “I don’t know, Janet is all human like you are, and full humans do funny things. Jilt her and maybe she’ll just go off and die of a broken heart, or write epic novels about what a heel you are. That’s the kinds of things humans do. But Marseena now, she’s got cat blood like me. She’s apt to take out her claws and redesign your face. You just don’t look that dumb.”

“Marseena got her gene cuts from a snow leopard,” said Carter. “Where did you get yours?” He looked at her cat eyes and then the small mane around her face. “African lion?”

“Lion, Gorilla, even some Human giant, there were some human types considered endangered species once, you know. My grandparents were poor. The more endangered genes they stored in their children, the higher government subsidy they received. You would not believe my family reunions!”

“I know Janet and Marseena.” Hadtec turned enough on the table to eye both Carter and Karecat. “I don’t think they would do anything like what Karecat said.” He turned again so that he was fully facing Karecat and asked accusingly, “I thought you were their friend?”

“She’s being sarcastic, Hadtec.” Carter answered for Karecat because she was busy giving Hadtec a tooth filled grin.

Hadtec whistled something in his native tongue that he’d never been able to find a translation for. Then just to make his point, he gave Karecat a dolphin raspberry.

Turning back to Carter he said, “When I was growing up all the humans I worked with were so careful not to confuse us with slang or sarcasm. Now I wish they hadn’t been. Maybe I could be of more help with this problem of yours. If you have a good reason for changing your mind, I’m sure Janet and Marseena will understand.”

“Don’t bet on it, Whistles.” Karecat said, turning back to Carter. “The fin has a point there, handsome. You tell Janet and the Mark family, ‘Yes I will’; then get cold feet less than an hour later. If you have a good reason, I, for one, would love to hear it.”

Carter let out a deep sigh. Hadtec had often seen humans do this before starting some hard job. He wondered what job Carter was about to start, hoping it would not interfere with him telling the rest of his story.

“Karecat, you remember me when I first came to the station four years ago? Hadtec, this was a little before your time.” Hadtec gave a nod and whistle and Karecat just grunted. Carter went on, “I was hell bent to get myself a deep space mission—one of those long things with glory and your place in history in it.”

“Just like all the rest of us,” said Karecat, “Myself included.”

“My grades were good in school,” said Carter. “But not that good. I found out you had to be in the top one percent to get one of those assignments right off the bat. So like everybody else here, I dove into the idea of getting the right experience and connections to be in the right place at the right time. I wrote a couple thousand resumes and letters. I went to seminars, receptions, and the right parties.”

“And then you fell in love!” Hadtec jumped in, showing his own strong romantic streak.

“No. That came later. I found out that there were things I wanted to do with my life other than deep space. A lot of them right here in this system. This is the most diverse system on the frontier. If I were to stay in one place, a family became possible. Then, as you said, I fell in love.”

“Ok. So this brings us up to date,” Karecat said. “So where’s the Devil in the mix?”

“The Devil in the mix, as you put it,” Carter answered, “came by com-mail about thirty minutes ago.” He pushed a button on his wrist link and tapped it against the glass table top. The flat surface took up the image of a formal business letter. “Here, read it for yourself.”

Hadtec shot up into the air turning his gravity shirt up to its maximum. He then flipped himself nose down with his tail bent to clear the ceiling, while his nose was almost on Carter’s letter. It was all necessary to do the difficult job of getting dolphin eyes to focus on print. Karecat just rested her elbows on the table with her chin on her fists. There was not that much to read. It was from the deep space ship Darwin. The captain remembered Carter from a resume he had sent twenty-one months before. If he was still interested in an assignment, please report for an interview with Captain Blackwell and his first officer at zero eight hundred tomorrow morning.

Hadtec flipped around again, increasing his weight, to settle back in his resting spot at the end of the table. “Easy,” he said. “Just say ‘no thanks.’”

The pain on Carter’s face told Hadtec that, for some reason, it wasn’t that easy. Karecat saw it too, “There are still a few sparks of wander lust left over aren’t there? Did this letter just fan them into a flame?”

Carter seemed not to want to look at Karecat anymore. Once again, it looked to Hadtec like he was trying to find something deep in his coffee.

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, every bit of conversation in the bar came to a stop. Hadtec looked over at Karecat and saw her staring at the door. “What the Hell!” asked Karecat, “is that!”

Hadtec followed Karecat’s gaze, focusing his eyes on the bar entrance. Standing in the entrance was a Coorbaty. Hadtec knew this particular Coorbaty by sight. Its name was Tar’c. Standing just under four feet high with skin the same grayish brown as his home-worlds mud, Tar’c had two very large round black eyes. Where a human’s nose would be, a boney ridge ran all the way to the top of his bald head, connecting with a hollow horn through which were blown the musical notes of his native language.

With their home planet in-system, Coorbaty were not really an unusual sight on station. What was unusual was to see one standing between a young naked man, and a six foot tall cake floating just off the floor. Looking around the bar, Tar’c at last saw the three friends sitting together. His face broke into a large grin, an expression that Coorbaty and humans shared. He grabbed a small control box off his belt and punched some buttons. The male nude began to dance, the candles on the cake lit up, and all three began moving towards the table. “I bring stripper. I bring cake. Carter, you jump in cake now. We begin congratulation party!” His three friends just stared at him along with the rest of the bar. This brought Tar’c at last to a full stop. “Did I not right get? Miss do some?”

“You want it in chronological or alphabetical order?” muttered Karecat.

Hadtec didn’t think Karecat very diplomatic. He knew how hard Tar’c tried to understand his human hosts. A struggle Hadtec could fully relate to. Fortunately, it seemed Carter understood too. He stepped in before the Coorbaty could become even more confused. “First off Tar’c, the stripper usually goes in the cake, not the bachelor. Then later the stripper comes out, and then usually takes HER clothes off. It’s usual to have a female stripper at the bachelor party and a male at the bachelorette’s party.”

Tar’c pushed a button on his control box and both cake and dancer disappeared, confirming Hadtec’s suspicion that they were holograms. They just hadn’t sounded right. “But now you have two wife-female-lovers, don’t you need wife-male-lovers?” asked Tar’c.

“They’re called husbands.” Karecat broke in, “Males are called husbands. He’s getting one of those too actually, Donald. Donald and Marseena are already married, so they come as a team. That makes Donald a husband-male. Though I don’t know about the lover part.” Here she looked questioningly at Carter. “I’ve never really found a polite way to ask…”

“Good!” Carter shot back. “Anyway Tar’c, it may be a bit early to start this party yet.”

“Oh good! Give time me rent really stripper female and get bake into cake.” With a happy smile he turned to leave.

“No!” All three friends spoke at once.

Tar’c turned back to look at his friends, puzzlement written all over his face. “I still right not?”

“What I mean to say Tar’c,” Carter went on more carefully this time, “is that I’m not sure there should be a party at all. Look, sit down and Hadtec can fill you in. I don’t know, maybe you can give a fully alien perspective on this?”

“That can.” Tar’c nodded sitting across from Carter. “Do not know good though. Hard me tell what one sex all time like. Mine change often.”

“How often are your sex changes?” asked Hadtec. “About every ten station months, right?”

Tar’c smiled. “Every 9.9613 month maybe.” Human time and numbers, unlike human language, was something with which the Coorbatys had no trouble. In fact they liked to use them whenever they could. “Now what trouble?”

Hadtec could fill in Tar’c using his native language. Dolphin language was much closer in pitch and grammar to the Coorbaty’s own language than English, and Tar’c did well in it. Carter was trying to learn the language from Hadtec and so wanted to listen, but Karecat wanted to continue working on Carter’s problem. “You’re a child of a generation marriage yourself, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” answered Carter. “but, even today, monogamy is still more common.”

"I've heard this said before," Hadtec said breaking off his dialog with Tar'c. "Then I read that monogamy is only 40% of all human families. How can both be true?"

“Well, there are more types of human families than I could possibly name,” Carter answered, “but the three big ones, at least sexually, are monogamy, one mate with one mate and no one else, as you said about 40%; group, a small group all about the same age all mated to one another, I’ve heard that is about 30%; and generation, two or three couples usually about a generation apart, about 25%.”

"5% more make miss 100?" complained Tar'c.

"Oh, that 5% is everything else. There are men with multiple wives and no other men, women with more husbands, and so on," Carter answered, "but, to me, a family is made up of pairs living with pairs. It's what I grew up with, and it's what I want my kids to grow up with."

This time even Hadtec failed to notice when another friend joined the group. This one was more polite than the rest. He was also older. A musical tone was the Cyborg’s equivalent of clearing his throat. It got much the same effect. Everyone looked up. “Arthur!” Carter exclaimed, “I didn’t see you there.”

Arthur Moteve looked like a middle aged man who was in the process of getting himself bronzed. Much of his body was covered with a skin of dark metal. The pupils of his eyes looked like camera lenses. He smiled at the group. “I can see I’m not the first, but still, let me add my own congratulations to the others.”

“Good God!” Carter put his head in his hands. “Did someone take an ad out or something?”

“Well, yes actually, I thought you did,” answered Arthur with a frown. “I saw it in Ping-dot-com, and I think it was in Social-dot-news as well.”

“What?!” Carter exclaimed.

“Also Friend-dot-new-dot-all,” chimed in Tar’c. “Even go small strip broadcast advertisement change T.V. show all time channel…” He lost his smile as he saw the look of horror on Carter’s face. “Miss one?”

“The New York Times.” muttered Karecat.

Before Tar’c could become even more confused Arthur stepped in. “Tar’c, did you ask Carter or Janit before you wrote these announcements for them?”

“No,” said Tar’c.

“Well, remember to do so next time. Sometimes things are not as simple as they seem.”

“That’s sure the case this time,” remarked Hadtec.

“Why’s that?” asked Arthur looking at Hadtec.

“Say, why don’t you get in on this help Carter session?” Karecat asked. “You’re the only one in this group already happily married.”

“I married.” corrected Tar’c.

“You are?” Carter said in disbelief.

“All Coorbatys, that is the continent Tar’c comes from,” Arther filled in for the others, “are married on the day they are born. Have you ever actually seen your mate, Tar’c?”

“Pictures!” Tar’c said merrily.

“That’s what I thought,” said Arther. In Hadtec’s own language Arthur asked Hadtec to fill him in. But he also began reading Carter’s letter and talking all at the same time. Hadtec wished he had multi-processors in his brain so that he could do things like that with as much ease.

“I will, of course, help,” said Arthur “but I should warn you if it’s a problem with sex, I’m really out of practice.”

Arthur went on talking casually as if he did not see the shock on the others’ faces. Hadtec could hear the shock in their breathing, all except maybe Tar’c, who understood less than a fourth of what was being said. Hadtec recognized it as happy shock. It had been hard for Hadtec to grasp the idea of different kinds of shock.Good happy shock that made you laugh, good wake up shock that taught you things, and bad shock that stopped you from doing almost everything. Arthur was particularly good at getting people to experience happy shock. Hadtec wished he had a talent like that.

Arthur went on in his most casual of voices. “Both Memma and I prefer to interlink straight into the sex centers of the brain. We have so little use for the actual body organs, and getting as many upgrades and replacements as we do, well we kind of needed the space.” Arthur finished the letter and remarked, “This looks more like a career problem, to me.”

“Well, career versus family.” suggested Karecat,

“Raising a family is a career, believe me,” said Arthur.

“My life wasn’t always as simple as it is now. You should see our place when the grand-kids and great-grand-kids come around.”

“But at least that problem wouldn’t come up here,” put in Hadtec. “Donald and Marseena only have one child, and she is at university on Earth.”

“True enough,” answered Arthur, “but that would mean they are getting close to being able to apply for another license. And unless I am mistaken, both Janet and Carter here are old enough for a child license of their own?” Arthur turned the statement into a question.

“We’ve talked about it, a little,” answered Carter.Arthur held Carter’s gaze for a long second. “Ok, maybe more than a little. But we still haven’t decided on anything, and we’ve only just brought it up with Donald and Marseena.”

“That tears it!” exclaimed Karecat throwing her arms up. “You’ve been sitting here telling us how much you want Donald, Marseena, and Janet. Now you say you’re planning on having kids.” Carter started to deny this, but she cut him off. “Ok, planning on planning having kids. Sounds to me like you know what you want. Go tell the Darwin to take a hike and start working on becoming a Daddy!”

“It’s tempting,” admitted Carter. “Then I think back over my life. The one thing I’ve wanted to do since I was six is go into deep space. All of my life I’ve studied and worked for it.”

“Deep Spacers,” Arthur commented, “are like the old time rock stars or astronauts. All the kids want to be one, and so damn few can.”

"There's more to it than that," complained Carter. "Ever since physics hit the so call 'Wall' a few decades back, 90% of all new discoveries have been connected directly with deep space missions. We've only found three alien races so far, but we know from the signs there have to be more, most likely hundreds. Why, even this place here was found by deep spacers."

“I hear a good deal of passion there,” remarked Arthur. “If I remember right Janet wanted to be a deep spacer too. How do you think she would react to this choice?”

“I don’t really know,” admitted Carter. “We wouldn’t have even met except for trying to win a mission the wrong way. We both knew Donald and Marseena had been deep spacers. I thought a romance with Marseena might open up some doors. Janet had the same idea with Donald.”

“A lot of young people seem to get that idea sooner or later,” added Arthur. “Someday, I’m going to have to do a study to see how well it works.”

“By the time we found out that they couldn’t really help us, we were already involved.” There was a catch in Carter’s voice as he said this.

“All my life I wanted to be a deep spacer. Then I started seeing other people with the same dream that had NOT come true. I began to realize that it could happen to me. I was lost, and there was Janet, just as lost as I was. And there was Marseena and Donald to help us get unlost.”

“Now I know that it’s not hopeless. Even if the Darwin does not take me on, I know they think I’m good enough. That means sooner or later, some other ship will too. If I don’t take this opportunity, I could wind up blaming the people I love the most for costing me my dreams. I could blame them for the rest of my life. On the other hand I’d have them around for the rest of my life.”

Hadtec tried to put himself in his friend’s place and found it frightening. He had been too young to remember much when his own family had first taken to space. Every port had been an adventure and he felt his life was so much more than it would have been stuck on Earth. He also dearly loved his small pod, from the youngest baby to old grand-mom Issasn, even with the taste her bladder problems left in the water. He could not imagine being forced to pick between the two. He had no idea as how to help his friend make such a decision.

Arthur was speaking softly to Carter now, in what Hadtec thought of as his fatherly voice, “You know you are going to have to talk this over with the others before you can decide anything.”

“Families, that’s it!” Hadtec declared triumphantly, as an idea hit him. “Long-haul ships like families. Just get the rest of your new family to come with you!”

“Oh, that’s a great idea.” The sarcasm in Carter’s voice was thick enough for even Hadtec to pick up. “I don’t know which thought is most outrageous: saying to a ship captain, ‘Yes, I know I’m the newest of your crew, with no experience and damn lucky to even be thought of much less picked. Still, I have some demands to make before I come on board, like berths and jobs for three more people.’ That’s almost as funny as the idea of going to the others and saying, ‘Gee, now that we’re engaged to be married, let me take over your lives for the next…’ oh, God knows how many years the Darwin will be gone this time.”

“Ten,” answered Arthur. The other four looked at him. “The Darwin supply officer was in my office today coordinating with the station.”

“You God not,” protested Tar’c. Tar’c had even more trouble than Hadtec with the human concept of God, but apparently even he was sure that Arthur didn’t qualify. “So why Carter not say; ‘God and Arther know.’”

“Tar’c,” Karecat interrupted. “We’ll explain later. Carter, just because you’ve got an interview with the captain, doesn’t mean you’ll be picked.”

“That makes it even worse!” Carter’s voice was just short of a wail. “I may lose everything, and gain nothing in return. How can I even go to the interview and not tell the others about it?“His eyes fell back down to his coffee. “Of course, just going to the interview and blowing it might solve everything.”

“Would?” Asked Tar’c, “Good!” He looked at the others, “Should say congratulations problem solved now?”

“I wouldn’t,” said Karecat.

“Neither would I,” said Arthur.

“So,” concluded Tar’c. “I should not congratulate Marseena now she here.”

Hadtec turned with the rest and brought is eyes to focus on the club’s entrance. Sure enough there was Carter’s most-likely-wife-to-be scanning the bar looking for him. She was much more clearly cat descendant than Karecat. Marseena’s fur was a pattern of gray, going from dark through light, all the way to white. Her eyes, nose, and upper lip also showed the snow leopard blood in her. Her figure was all human female but her long curly hair seemed to be infused with the wildness from both her bloodlines. She wore a mid-thigh skirt and a spandex-T top. She found Carter at last and smiled without showing her fangs. Her walk was almost like a glide as she came over to their table.

“Excuse me,” she said when she was close enough to be clearly heard above the rest of the bar. “I need to borrow Carter from you for a few minutes.”

“Borrow?” Tar’c was clearly having trouble with this concept. “Carter say you want ‘Kaa{click}uerp’!”

The last comment came out in Tar’c‘s native tongue, because Hadtec had just nipped his hand and Karecat kicked him under the table.

“Of course, Marseena,” Arthur, said covering smoothly for the others. “In fact I was just about to have Tar’c help me on a point or two in his native tongue. You know how loud that can get, so we were just about to step over to a sound booth.

Tar’c asked something of Arthur in a quick whistle burst and Arthur answered back just as quickly. No one else could follow what they had said.

Arthur stood as he turned to Karecat. “Karecat, where did you say you and Hadtec were going?”

“Ah, we were just going, ah…” Karecat tried not to flounder as she stood up. “That is Hadtec was just going to go over his week’s game listing. I’m trying to learn Water-jen you know.”

“You want to try again?” Hadtec asked hopefully.

“What do you mean again,” snapped Karecat, catching Hadtec by his dorsal fin and leading him away from the table, “we’ve been at it all week haven’t we?” Hadtec started to answer but Karecat seemed bent on getting him across the room as quickly as possible.

Once away from the couple, she didn’t asked anything about the Dolphin’s favorite sport. Instead she picked up a flyer about an upcoming dart tournament. The second Hadtec drew breath to question, she said “Shush, I’m listening.”

Hadtec noticed that Karecat’s ears were oriented towards Marseena and Carter. From this, he gathered that in this case it was at least semi-polite to listen in. He easily adjusted his own hearing to zoom in on the two familiar voices.

Marseena was talking to Carter, “You got your letter from Captain Blackwell too.” It was a statement not a question.

“How did you know…”, started Carter then stopped. “Who else got a letter?”

“Why Janet, of course,”, answered Marseena. “She came to me in tears because she thought she would have to decide between us and ‘that-last-decent-shot-at-deep-space’. I swear, if I’d known Blackwell was going to do this, I would have drowned him in his imported split pea soup!”

“Soup,” said Carter his voice sounding stunned. “That mysterious dinner last night that you wouldn’t talk to us about? It was with Captain Blackwell?”

“Yes,” said Marseena, “but we didn’t commit to anything. We knew how much you two both want to get into deep space, and Donald and I have been talking about going back for years. We just wanted to be sure there was something for all four of us before we got your hopes up. Dear, you want to close your mouth, you’re looking like a fish someone took out of its bowl.”

If Marseena was going to say more it was interrupted as Carter took her in his arms and kissed her. It was a long kiss. A few seconds later Marseena gasped, “Woah, dear, this place doesn’t go for the kind of entertainment they’ll be getting if you keep that up!”

Hadtec slanted his head around and brought his eyes to focus. He saw Carter holding Marseena completely off the ground in a bear hug “We’re going to deep space together;” Carter said. “Gods, what a honeymoon!”

“It’s hardly going to be a honeymoon, besides, we’ve all got to talk this over as a group. Nothing has been finalized yet.”

“Right,” said Carter setting Marseena down. “So why don’t we do that right now? You said Janet’s home.” He looked at his time piece, “Donald should be off work in a few minutes. Let’s all get together and agree.” Then he kissed Marseena soundly just to emphasize his point.

“Ok, ok,” Marseena said smiling. “You go home and tell Janet we’re coming, I’ll get Donald. But first Carter, you better tell your friends what’s happening. I don’t think all of them got really good eavesdropping posts. They’re all trying so hard to look like they’re not listening, they might have missed something.”

Hadtec’s head snapped back around at the same second as Karecats’ did. Marseena swept out of the bar waving a hand at Hadtec and Karecat as she passed. “He’s all yours, but don’t keep him too long. We’ve got a family meeting to hold.”

After the first round of congratulations, Arthur suggested that after their family meeting they all come back to the station bar. “We’ll put together a real congratulations party for all of you.”

Karecat added “I’ll even see if I can straighten out Tar’c‘s problem with the dancing cake.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Carter. I’ll ask the others and call, they may all want to come and make a big party out of it.”

A question had been bothering Hadtec since he first heard Carter’s relieving news. “Carter, I’m glad you don’t have to decide between space and marriage. But if you had to, what were you going to decide?”

For a moment Carter just looked at Hadtec, then he smiled. “See you at the party in a couple of hours. Bye.”

As Carter walked away, a very confused Hadtec turned to Arthur. “Does that mean he is going to tell me later at the party what he was going to decide?”

“Possibly,” answered Arthur, “but I doubt it.” Then Arthur smiled, “You tell me Hadtec, which do you think he should have done?”

Hadtec thought about that one for a long time.


The End


Choices of the Soul

Aliens, humans and others, talk about sex and marriage.

  • Author: Patrick Spatz
  • Published: 2017-01-16 02:20:07
  • Words: 5384
Choices of the Soul Choices of the Soul