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Chemical X

Chemical X written by Tyler Fink

Chapter 1 the Spill

The day started off just like any other. I was playing the big hit video game Zombie Slayer 2000, when my father called me downstairs to watch the news. The lady began to speak “I am near the accident site where a PCC truck hit into another vehicle flipping over and spilling tons of Chemical X. If you don’t know what Chemical X is it is Chemical Xyloidine the world’s most dangerous chemical waste. They used it in the Cold War in 1945 shortly after the Second World War. The crash took place on Pittsburgh Street in Springdale around five o’clock pm. Both drivers were killed in the accident first respond is still cleaning the mess up,” My mother turned and looked at me in shock. No one spoke for ten minutes. Until I raised my voice and said

“Well, accidents happen, right?” my mother too shocked to speak just shook her head yes.

My father then spoke and said “I hope they clean that up fast before someone becomes a zombie,”

My mother spoke now “Tom stop trying to scare our kid,’‘.

“Hey it could happen, you never know,” he said. My mother just shook her head in disbelief. Then I got a glass of soda and went to my room to continue playing video games.

I plugged my headset into my controller and started to talk to my friends. I asked them all “What would they do if a zombie apocalypse broke out,” They all just told me they would try to live until the end. It was ten o’clock pm so I told them I would talk to them in school about it and I went to bed. When I woke up I got dressed and went to meet up with my friend Dillon. He was a cool kid, but he was always late to everything. He also was one of my best friends. We were supposed to meet up ten after seven, but he didn’t show up until seven fifteen. We started walking to school, and then I asked him

“What would you do in a zombie apocalypse’‘? He turned a said

“Do you remember the plan that we made three years ago”?

“Of course, I remember we meet up in the ally then we head to the cemetery and grab guns and knives” I assured him.

“That’s what I am going to do,” He said.

Then we continued to walk up the long and steep hill. It was a Friday that meant it was garbage day and the whole street reeked with garbage. So we ran up the hill and plugged our noses. I had a gym class first period, we had to play basketball. Most of us were able to play, but the fat kids couldn’t keep up with my one friend Chuck. He was a fat kid with big glasses and he was short but he always had nice clothes. He was very intelligent, but acted as he wasn’t. He was nowhere close to being an athlete, but he tried though. After gym class, we had English and then science. I was never good at Science, I always struggled with it. In History class, I sat next to two of my friends, April and Troy. She is a sweet girl and also very smart, but she couldn’t kill a fly if she had to. I had the biggest crush on her since third grade. Troy, on the other hand, happened to be one of my crazier friends and would probably last long in a zombie apocalypse, He happened to be very unintelligent and a great athlete and also very strong.

Finally, it was lunch time. I was in line when I looked out of the big windows in the cafeteria when I saw a group of people walking towards the school. They were pretty far away so I didn’t worry about it. After I got my lunch I sat down with my friends Dillon, Troy, Chuck and April. We all started to talk about the car accident that happened on Pittsburgh Street. Most of us laughed it off and made jokes about a possible zombie apocalypse. We all ate our food and had a good time I finished my food and got up to throw it away when I saw one of the teachers looking at the group of people they were extremely close at this point. The teacher saw that most of them were bleeding or their clothes were ripped so she opened the door so she could help them. When she opened the door, the group came in and started biting her and wouldn’t stop the other teachers, in an effort to help, tried to pull the guys off of her. The men were biting everyone. Panic set in rather quickly and people started running out of the building. One of the men ran toward me, so I grabbed my lunch tray and hit him in the head; he stumbled back and came at me again, so I punched him in the face. He fell over, so I grabbed my tray and started to beat his face in until my tray broke and when it did I got off of the guy and saw that he wasn’t moving so I reached in to feel for a pulse when I jumped up and grabbed on to me.

Dillon ran over and tackled the man then he stomped on the man’s head. So we walked out of the cafeteria in the halls people were running all over the place and a guy grabbed onto Dillon so I grabbed him and push him into the door and his head went through the glass. His body sagged down and after a little his head was cut off from the glass. As soon as that happened we looked back and saw the head roll over to us and Dillon kicked the head away.

“Dude that was pretty sweet,” Dillon told me.

“You didn’t think I was going to let my best friend die this early did you?” He just shrugged his shoulders and we continued down the hall when we saw a lady trying to bite Chuck when Dillon and I ran over and I ripped the girl off of him and I smashed her head on the edge of the wall.

“What’s going on?” Chuck yelled.

“It’s the zombie apocalypse!” I told him. We then kept moving toward the exit and we saw Troy fighting off a zombie when we got over to him he had finished it off with April Sitting down in the corner.

She then got up and hugged me said thanks and we all left the building. We all went to my house, my parents weren’t home, and I thought they probably died. I had no time to mourn their deaths. We grabbed as much food and water as we could and left. Before leaving, Troy asked me if I had anything we could use for protection. I went downstairs to my dad’s tool room and grabbed a hammer a couple of knives and a screwdriver. Troy took the hammer and I grabbed the screwdriver. Chuck looked at me and asked

“How do I use one of these things?”

“Just stab them in the head that always works in games and movies,” I said.

“How do you know it will work?” Dillon asked me.

“I don’t know, do you have a better idea?” I said. Troy looked out the window and looked back at me pale.

“I don’t think we are going anywhere anytime soon” He said.

“What’s the problem?” I asked him.

“Those things are everywhere!” he said.

“That’s not a problem at all we can just stay here until it dies down or when it’s okay to leave we can try to look for some survivors. We have many options here. We can vote to see what everyone else thinks we should do” I said. I turned around to ask the group what they wanted.

“Okay everybody, we should vote for a leader and vote on what to do next. Raise your hand if you want Troy to lead us,” only one person raised their hand and it was Troy.

“Now if you want Dillon to lead us raise your hand,” No one raised their hand not even Dillon. “Alright what about me” everybody’s hand was up.

“Well I’ll be the leader then. Now we need to decide on what we are going to do next. We can either go out the back door and go to the high school and look for some survivors or we can just stay here and play it safe for now. So if you want the first choose, please raise your hand,” Everybody’s hand was up.

“Okay I guess it’s time to look for some survivors,” We left through the back door and walked across the grass. I was in the front and Dillon was next to me Troy was in the back Chuck and April were in the middle.

“So what do we do if one of us gets bitten?” Dillon asked me.

“I am not too sure, maybe we wait it out or we just kill them” I told him.

“I think we should just kill them no point to wait and see if they are going turn or not,” I shrugged my shoulders and we continued on. As we were walking up the street ten zombies followed us Troy yelled up at me. I looked behind us

“Shut up we don’t want to attract any more of them” I said.

“What are we going to do’‘ Dillon asked me.

“We can’t just go down there and kill them, we would risk getting one of our own killed” I told him. I looked back again and Troy started to swing at the zombies. He connected with the first zombie’s face it fell over and Troy went to swing at another and that swing got a zombie in the head, but this time the hammer got stuck and then I started to run down the street to help him but as I did a zombie sunk his teeth into Troy’s head. Troy let out a scream so bone chilling that it gave me goose bumps. Dillon ran down the street and stabbed the zombie in the face and blood flew from the zombie. Dillon didn’t hesitate to drive his knife into Troy’s thick skull. I looked over at April and she started to cry. I Walked over to her and hugged her and told her we have to keep moving. Chuck was shocked and didn’t say a word. When Dillon came back no one said a word to him we all just looked at him as blood dripped from his knife. As we made it to the top of the street we saw many people running out of the school, we saw our one friend Emma, she was just like April they both were very good friends. When April saw her, she ran over to her and hugged her.

“Hey Emma do you want to come with us, we have food, water and shelter,”

“If you don’t mind” she said.

“Is there anyone else in their” Chuck asked.

“Yes there are a lot of people in their” she told us. I just looked at April and she looked at her friend and started to speak.

“We have to go in there” April said. So we opened the doors and walked in.

Chapter 2 the Head

When we walked in it was like a horror movie, the lights were dim some were flickering. You would hear a scream every now and again. The hall was getting darker and darker as we got closer to the lunch room. It was so silent that you could hear our footsteps. When we reached the lunch room doors, I looked inside there was over a thousand zombies in there. I turned around and told the group of the situation. They all wanted to keep looking so we did. We went further down the hall it was almost pitch black at this point. We reached a corner I looked back and asked the group what they wanted to do. Most wanted to keep looking, but Dillon and I wanted to leave. As I looked around the corner a zombie popped up and grabbed me and was about to bite me when Dillon grabbed him and pulled him off of me.

Dillon picked the zombie up and slammed him on the ground and stomped his face in. Blood was all over the floor I had to make sure that Chuck didn’t slip on it. We started to hear gun shots as we were walking down the hall. We all started to run toward the noise. Then we reach a classroom where our teacher was blasting shots off at zombies. He pointed his gun at us when I told him that we weren’t those things. He put his gun down and told us that he was bitten. Dillon told him that he wasn’t going to make it. Mr. Anderson pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger. Blood was now painted on the walls. Dillon ran over and grabbed his gun.

“Look around for some ammo” I said. Dillon nodded his head and looked around. After about ten minutes of looking we found some ammo. When we left the room a zombie jumped out and grabbed Chuck. I stabbed the zombie in the head.

“Thanks man” he said.

“No problem,” We continued to walk down the hall until we reached another pair of doors. I poked my head in the room no one was in there. I told everyone to get in. We all went into the room.

“Hello, anyone in here, don’t shoot us, we won’t hurt you” we all kept saying that until we heard a noise coming from a closet.

“Go check it out Tyler” Chuck said. I walked over to the door very slowly I reached out for the door and opened it. Nothing was in there, but a bright green jacket and a backpack. Dillon opens the backpack and dropped it as soon as he opened it.

“What’s wrong with you man” Chuck asked him. Dillon pale as a ghost turned and looked at us and said

“There’s a head in there,” We all just stopped doing what we were doing and looked at him. I turned around and Chuck had his lunch all over the floor. I looked back at Dillon I grabbed the bag off of the floor and looked inside. The head was trying to bite me so I picked it up by its hair and dropped in on the floor. April took a long look at it and asked me

“Who do you think this is?”

“Probable one of Miss. Smith’s old boyfriends” Chuck said. We all started to laugh at his joke.

“Maybe we should play soccer with it” Dillon said. Nobody laughed at this joke instead I just shook my head.

“That’s messed up dude” Chuck said. As we all started to leave the room, Dillon turned and kicked the head as hard as he could.

“Goal” he said underneath his breath. The zombie head bounced off the walls and hit the cup of pens on her desk.

“You coming already”? I asked him.

“Sorry” he said. We all left the room after that. When we walked outside of the school there were two more people. One was a girl and the other was a guy. We walked up to them and they turned around they were Billy and Sally. I didn’t recognize at all. We asked them if they wanted to join our group and they said no. So we moved on and started walking back to the house. We went down the street, Troy was killed on. April just put her head down and kept walking. When we made it back to the house I checked to see if anyone was bitten no one was. I locked all of the doors and set up barricades by every door. We all slept in my room we talked about the plan ahead and they all still wanted to go the cemetery.

“Okay everyone, we need to have someone stay up to watch every two hours we switch. Make sure you switch with someone that has not been on watch,” I was the first person to stay watch then I switched with Dillon. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the screech that Troy let out when he was being eaten. I also started to think about Mr. Anderson and how he decided to end his life. Then April rolled over and started to talk to me. She told me how she was scared and couldn’t sleep. I told her the same thing was going on with me. She looked at me for a long time, and then asked me.

“Do you think everything is going to be okay”?

“I don’t know I would like to think that it will be” I told her. She then cuddled up next to me and then fell asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes.

Chapter 3 home invasion

I woke up to the sound of a loud banging noise. I looked around the room and woke everyone up. I told Dillon to give me the gun. As I walked down the steps I heard more banging. I looked around the corner and saw that there were three random people in the house. I slowly crept back up the steps.

“Hey Dillon I need your help” I asked him.

“What’s the problem?” he then asked me.

“There are people down there. I have no idea who they are” I told them.

“We going to kill them?” he asked me.

“No, we are going to see who it was and ask them what they are doing. Dillon there is a shotgun in my parents’ bedroom goes grab it,” He nodded at me then he left about five minutes later he came back.

“Is this thing loaded’‘.

“Of course it is. It has five shots in it. This pistol has about ten shots left,” We both got up and went downstairs. I looked around the corner again. They were still there. This time I only saw two of them. Where’s the other one at I thought? I grabbed the pistol and pointed it at the one guy and Dillon did the same, but pointed it at the other man.

“Hey, what are you doing in here”? The one man grabbed his gun and I shot him soon as he went to reach for it. He fell over and started to scream. The other guy started to shoot at us Dillon started to let some shells fly at the other guy. The man was launched back and hit the wall and knocked over the picture. I jumped over the rail and pointed my gun at the guy who was lying on the ground.

“Go to hell” he spit at me. I turned my head and pulled the trigger killing him. I slowly crept around the wall of the kitchen. I heard the floor creak and I jumped around the corner and saw the other person he was just a little kid with his hands over his head.

“Who are you”? I asked him. He picked his head up and pulled out his gun and pointed at me. I jumped to the right as he pulled the trigger and missed me, I grabbed my gun and shot at him, but missed him I scared him enough to have him drop his gun, then Dillon ran around the corner and started to fill the kids chest up with lead.

“Holy crap man, you okay”? Dillon asked

“Yeah, never better. That was only a kid and he almost killed me,” Dillon started to laugh. I got up and walked over to the picture and rolled the guy over who was on top of it. I then smiled as I remembered the day of the picture. We had a party that day for my sister, she was turning sixteen. I could smell the hot dogs being cooked on the grill and I could hear the people laughing at the jokes being told. Then I heard a loud banging noise and I stopped day dreaming. I looked over and saw the dead kid crawling at me as blood was gushing out of his chest. I jumped up quick and pointed my gun at him; I pulled the trigger and all I heard was a clicking sound so I emptied the clip and realized that they was no bullets. So I ran over to the cupboard and grabbed a frying pan. I hit the kid in the head, he rolled over and stopped moving. I slowly walked over to him and poked him. He then grabbed my leg and lunged to bite me, I swung again and hit him in the face I started to beat his face into a pulp.

Then Dillon tapped me on the shoulder and I stepped away, he then shot the other guy in the head. I sat back down and looked at the kids face or at least what was left of it. Then I looked over at the blood flow on the floor and the other guy’s blood connected and formed a pond of blood. I brought my hand to my face and wiped off the blood. I then saw the blood on my shirt I started to feel it for a while, then I dropped my hands down and got back up and walked upstairs. I opened the door and everybody was hiding in the corner. I took a deep breath and started to speak.

“Are you guys okay? We heard a lot of gun shots,” Emma asked us.

‘‘We got into a gun fight with the two men and a child down there and they turned and almost bit me’‘.

‘‘How old do you think he was”? Chuck asked me.

“He was old enough to hold and shot a gun’‘ Dillon told him.

“I have no idea how they got inside without anyone hearing them, but anyway I have a question now do you want to stay here or go to the cemetery’‘?

“Why are we even thinking about going to the cemetery anyway? Its fine here,” April asked me.

“Because the walls there are fortified and we have some vehicles and guns there also” I assured them.

“How do we know it hasn’t been raided yet’‘? Dillon asked me, I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Well if everyone wants to do it we will” Dillon told me.

I looked at him and assured him it is the right thing to do. He just shook his head and we returned to the group. “Does anyone know what time it is”? I asked them.

“It’s almost five o’clock. Why”? Chuck asked me.

“I think it’s getting a little late. We can wait till tomorrow to go” Dillon said.

“Sounds fine to me’‘ Emma said.

“Good I am pretty tired anyway” I said.

Dillon and I went downstairs and dragged the bodies outside. One of them had a backpack on him so I reached down and picked it up. When I unzipped it, I found two pistols, some ammo for them, a couple of snacks and a water bottle. Dillon looked back at me and I pulled the pistols out of the bag and showed them to him. He just nodded at me and started to clean the house up. I grabbed a mop and started to clean the blood and Dillon grabbed a candle and matches.

“Grab some more candles and bring them upstairs” I told him.

Dillon went into the other room and grabbed the rest of the candles. Before we went up the steps I turned around and saw the picture of my family I bent down and picked it up and hung it where it use to be. I then started to look around to see where the robbers come in at. I couldn’t find out where they came in at downstairs so I went up with Dillon. I open the door to my parent’s room and felt a breeze as I walked in the room. I looked over at the bed and saw that the indents that my parents left. I then sat down and put my head down between my legs. I heard the door knob turn so I got up quick and wiped the tears from my face. When the door opened I was Sam.

“Are you okay”? She asked me.

I sniffed and nodded my head. I didn’t make eye contact with her fearing that she might find out that I was crying over my possible dead parents.

“I bet your parents are probably in a safe spot and waiting for you to find them. I am sure they are just as worried for you as you are for them” she told me. I just nodded my head again. She turned around and left the room. I started to walk around my parent’s room. I felt the breeze again. I felt it blowing my hair back, I took a deep breath then exhaled. I walk into my parent’s closet and the windows were opened. So that’s how they got in I thought to myself. I walked over to the window and climbed out of it onto the roof. I walked over to the edge and looked over it. There were only a few zombies down there I also saw a couple of cars to. I then thought of a plan to get to the cemetery. I backed up a couple of feet and sat down. I looked down at my watch, it was seven o’clock.

“It’s nice out here” Emma said.

“That’s why I am out here’‘ I said back to her.

“This is your house right’‘?

“Yeah that’s why we are here” I said to her. She then sat down to.

“What are you guys doing out here’‘? asked Dillon.

“Just enjoying the view” I told him.

“What time tomorrow are we going to leave”? He asked me.

“I am not sure, probably when everyone else wants to” I said to them.

“Let’s go back inside and think of a plan” Dillon told me.

“I already have one, don’t worry about it” I assured him.

‘‘Maybe we should head in, Its getting pretty dark fast” Dillon said.

“You guys can I am just going stay out here” I said to him. Dillon walked back inside and Emma followed along with him. I looked back down at my shirt looking at the dried blood. I started to feel it. It was very crispy feeling some of the flakes started to fall off of the shirt. I turned around and got back inside. When I went back to my room I grabbed a new shirt and threw the other shirt away.

Chapter 4 the Drive

When we all got up I started to tell everyone about the plan and how we were going to get one of the cars from the street and use it to drive to the cemetery. After telling the group the plan I looked over at Chuck and he began to speak. “Well sounds like a great plan and all, but who is going to drive,”

“Me, of course, because I am the only one with any driving experience” I said.

“How long of a drive will it be?” Emma asked.

‘‘About ten minutes at the most” I said.

“How many bitters are outside?” Chuck asked me.

“About fifteen, maybe more” I said.

“How do you think we are going to take them out?’‘ asked Chuck.

“That’s the thing we don’t take them out we are going to try to sneak to the car and try to get inside of it before they see us” I told them.

‘’ Sounds risky” Dillon said.

“We can do it just trust me” I told them.

We all slowly walked outside and saw all of the zombies. I looked over and saw the car that we are going to take. I turned back a round and told everybody that’s the car. Some of them nodded. I started to walk to one of the cars, when one of them saw me; I instantly dropped down next to a wall. My heart started to race and I started to inhale harder. I slowly started to lift my head over the wall. When I looked over, the zombie wasn’t there anymore. I sat back and looked over at my group and they weren’t there my heart stopped. I started to look around and still didn’t see them. Where did they go, I thought to myself. I ran back into the spot where my group was at.

No one was there, so I went up the steps to the house. I went inside and they were not there, so I went back outside. I ran over to the car and got inside of it. When I did this something grabbed my shoulder I turned around fast and saw that it was a zombie. He grabbed onto both of my shoulders now I struggled to lift up my arm but when I did I pushed it back and grabbed out my screw driver and stabbed it through the eye and kept stabbing it until I ran out of energy. I turned back around and sat down in the driver’s seat. I looked down at my hands which were covered in blood. I wiped them off on my shirt. I started to look around for the keys until I looked down and saw the keys in and I turned it. It started up and I hit the gas pedal. You could hear the tires screeching on the cement.

I didn’t look back when I left. When I was driving, I turned right onto Pittsburgh Street and saw a massif horde of zombies. I slammed on the breaks and looked at all of the zombies. I took a deep breath in and out and pushed down on the gas and went speeding forward. I started to hit zombies left and right. I could hear the bodies hitting the car. Then, all of the sudden, the car slowly came to a stop. I hurried up and gabbed the backpack out of the back and got out of the car.

Chapter 5 the Run

When I got out of the car, running down the street as fast as I could I started to realize that there was too many zombies for me to take on. The zombies started to come my way I hurried up and grabbed the pistol that Mr. Anderson used and started to shoot at them. I shot the first zombie in the head and he fell over I turned around and jumped on top of a wall about seven feet high. While sitting down for a couple of minutes I realized the zombies were coming. I got up and started to run again then stopped when I reached the bridge. I stopped to catch my breath and I looked back to see how far ahead I was from the zombies. A long piece of rope was hanging from the bridge. I grabbed onto it and started to climb up it until I reached the top. I rolled over onto my back and looked into the sky. Then a zombie grabbed me and pinned me down I tried to push him off until I felt more pressure on my arms I looked past the zombies head and found that another one was on top of me I started to push back against them when I felt one of them fall off. I tried to grab the pistol it was out reach. Then I got my arm free and grabbed the gun and shot the zombie in the head.

I scrambled around then got up and saw all of the cars stuck on the bridge. Walking over to one of them and the windows was all dirty and you couldn’t see inside of it. I went to wipe the window off when a zombie throw its body against the window and in fear I shot the window and the car alarm went off. The zombie went to reach for me and I pulled my arm away and slammed its head on the shards glass. I composed myself and started to run away from the car. I slowed down when I reach the far end of the bridge. I stopped to catch my breath I grabbed out water and started to drink it. I then took a deep breath out and slumped over. Still trying to catch my breath I heard footsteps behind me I turned around fast and held my gun up. It was a tall zombie. He started to walk toward me after I made some noise. I looked at his face for a while until I realized who it was. It was Jax from my school. He was the star power forward for the high school basketball team. I was just the somewhat good point guard for the team. He had his lettermen jacket on. I sighed a little then I jumped in the air and stabbed the giant in the face. He fell to his knees and made a loud noise when doing so. I looked around for a little more, so I could figure out where I was.

I started to walk towards the other side of the bridge. I looked over it and saw the massive pile up of cars and all the zombies surrounding it. I started to look left and right. I was trying to find an easy way around the chaos. I felt the cool breeze on my face and I smelled rotting flesh and I heard moans and groans of the zombies below me. I started to think about all of the movies and video games about the zombie outbreak. The first thing that came to my mind was in almost every movie or show they would rub zombie guts and blood on them and they would be hidden from them. I walked over to Jax’s dead body and I drove my knife into his stomach and started to push it away to open up his body. I then stabbed his chest and pulled down I put my hand inside of him and pulled out his intestines and wrapped it around my neck. I then pulled out a hand full of blood and wiped it on my shirt and pants. I grabbed another hand full of blood and wiped it on my face. I turned my shirt around and wiped some on it then turned it back around I did the same to my pants. I tried hard not to breathe through my nose. I then got up and walked over the rope and started to climb down. When I got to the bottom, I walked over to the first zombie that I saw. He looked at me and started to walk toward me. He came up to me and still stared at me. He then walked past me. I exhale heavily then continued to walk into the horde of zombies.

Every time I started to get near a zombie I started to sweat a bit. My screw driver was in one hand and small knife in the other getting ready for the worst to come. When I reached the other bridge I knew I was about half way there. I looked around myself and saw the downed tanker truck that spilled the deadly Chemical X. I slowly walked over to the truck which was flipped over on its side. I looked down and saw the green liquid I knelt down and smelled it. I came to regret this dissension. When I turned my head, I noticed a label on the truck. It had a bright yellow color to it and the words were in black they were also bolded. It was hard not to notice it. A banging sound was coming from the tank itself. Then a loud bang, it was getting so loud that it started to draw nearby walkers. I reached back and pulled out my hammer that Troy used. A walker came up from behind me and I pushed him down into the tank. A loud slam noise came out of it and he fell over I picked him back up and smashed his head into the tank and the head blow up on me and tons of blood and brain parts flow in my face. I wish I hadn’t done that I thought to myself. I then pulled my shirt up and wiped my face off. I started to walk over to the other side of the truck to see were the noise was coming from. Bang, bang, bang is all I heard as I was walking around the truck. When I got to the other side there was a medium sized hole in the tank of the truck. I pulled out my flash light and I shinned it one the hole I tried my hardest to see inside of it, but all I saw was darkness.

Another thing I wanted to do was check the front seat for any weapons. I climbed up onto the truck. I reached down to the truck’s door and pulled on the handle. Disappointment went through my body faster than a bullet coming out of a gun. My body reacted before my brain did, so I stomped on the window and my foot bounced off of the window. A jolt of pain went through my body so fast. I lost my balance and fell off of the truck and hit my head off of the hard cement. My hair felt wet, so I picked up my arm and began feeling my head. My armed dropped down and I saw that it was covered in red. I rolled over and looked up and saw a figure. I put my hand out guarding the bright sun from my face. The figure was a short and thin body I squinted my eyes and all I saw was beautiful blue eyes and long blond hair then complete darkness.

Chapter 6 the Mysterious Figure

The sound of voices woke me up from my deep sleep. When I opened my eyes I was tied down to a bed with gauze around my head.

‘‘You took a hard hit to the head” a ladies voice told me.

“Who are you?” I asked her.

“My name isn’t important right now, I have a couple of questions for you” she said.

“Okay go right ahead and ask them” I said

“First question what is your name” she asked me.

“My name, my name is Tyler Fink” I told her.

“Okay Tyler I have a few more questions for you” She said to me in a polite tone. “Next question, where is your group?’‘

“They all left me when I needed them the most” I told her.

“Okay, last question have you been bit or scratched yet?” she asked me.

“Of course not’‘ I said back to her quickly.

“Well all we can do is untie you, we aren’t going to let you in our group yet” she told me.

I heard a large steel door being opened right after she told me this. A big muscular man came into the room and untied me and told me to stay put. I just nodded my head at the statement he made. I looked down at my wrists and saw the marks left by the rope. I started to feel them and then got up and started to walk around the room. Then the lights came on and I immediately covered my eyes. I continued to walk around the bright white room. There was a bed in the corner and a trash can in the other. On one of the walls was a window with a hole on the bottom of it. A tray of food then came through the hole. I lightly jogged over to it. I grabbed the tray in a rush. The food looked so good and smelled great. It was a fresh salad with a bottle of water and a napkin and a fork. I grabbed the fork and began to dig in I reached over and opened up the water and started to drink it. After I was done eating I wiped my arm across my face and got up and asked the lady if I could just be let go.

“But why would you want to leave our group?” she said to me.

“Because I am still looking for my own group” I told her.

“By the looks of it I don’t think they want you back” she said back.

“Yeah maybe your right but I will never stop looking until I find them all. I always told myself no man or woman left behind. So far they aren’t dead nor running from me we just got split up so please let me go” I said to her assertively.

“Fine if you want to leave so bad then we will let you go in the morning” she told me.

“Thanks and I want all the stuff I have had when you found me”

“Oh and what if we don’t give it back to you” she answered quickly.

“I will find out who you guys and girls are and I will kill you” I said to the woman behind the walls and the doors.

“Well then you are an aggressive little one aren’t you” then she started to laugh.

The door opened back up and the man was back but this time he seemed to be angry and ready to fight me. “Well let’s see how you will do against are strongest guy here” she said to me.

“That’s all you have”

Then I grabbed down at the hidden knife I had strapped on my hip. He ran at me and I ducked down and slashed his knee cap open and blood started to ruin the beautiful white room. He fell over and let out a strange scream and I ran over and stabbed him in the throat and pull the knife across his neck and watch the blood spray on the walls and then it was silent and all you could hear is the blood bubbling up in his opened neck. The door started to close very slowly so I ran out the door before it closed.

As I went through the door I realized that I didn’t have my backpack or any of my weapons besides the knife. I looked around the corner and ran down the hall. I reached a door and I pulled on the door handle, it was locked. It was an old wooden door with the white paint peeling off and you could old colored started to emerge. I took a step back and kicked the door by its handle and it flung open and smacked the wall. The room was dark the only light I had was from the door way and I went to the wall and started to feel along it. Until I smashed my finger along something on the wall. I had to hold in my scream because the pain was so intense all I did was hold it. I pushed on the random button on the wall and the lights started to flicker on. I turned around and in the middle was a browned stained table with my backpack on it. I ran over to it and zipped it open and I looked inside and it had all of my stuff in it. Then I thought what if this was all just a big plan and I was supposed to kill that man and reach the door and my stuff to be in it, but why would they let me kill one of their own instead of just killing me then and there. They could just be playing with me like a cat and a mouse. then it came to my mind that I didn’t have my shot gun so I started to look around the room until I heard a voice coming from the door way asking me.

“Are you looking for this,” I turned around fast to find a young girl about five years older than me. She was wearing a new bright white shirt with white pants and white shoes.

“Well yeah that is kind of my gun” I told her.

“Come and get it,” She aimed the gun at me and I jumped behind the table and flipped it over and then she started to shoot at me. I started to push the table toward her and I heard her reloading she I grabbed my knife and stood up fast and throw it at her. It was like the knife was in slow motion. The knife finally hit her in the stomach she dropped faster than a bag of bricks. I walked over to and she got up fast and shot me in the shoulder I think I dropped faster than she did. She lay back down I rolled over and pushed the gun away from her and she got up and jumped onto my back and started choke me. I pushed up and ran at the wall and spun her around and slammed her off my back. I ran over to my gun and pumped in a shell and she got up and I blasted her back to the wall. I walked over to the table and grabbed my backpack and shut off the lights and slammed the door behind me and I started to walk up and down the halls looking for and exit. After thirty minutes of looking I found another door but this time it has a knob on it so I turned the knob and pushed on it opening the door. I covered my face because of the bright sun then a warm breeze of air.

After going outside I had started to feel loads of pain in my shoulder. I screamed and looked over at my wound and it was bleeding through my shirt. I admittedly grabbed my shoulder. I felt behind it and I felt the bullet on the other end. I pulled my shirt off and I grabbed the bullet and started to pull but I couldn’t because I was in too much pain. I put on my shirt and walked away from the building. Where in the hell am I, I thought to myself. I walked around the building and saw that I was in Cheswick. Well at least I am closer to the cemetery I told myself.

I started to walk toward the street, I didn’t see a zombie. I then stopped when I reached the road and started to think about which way I needed to go because I was not that familiar with the area. I looked down one street and saw the pool place and a medical store looked down the other street and saw a pizza shop and a bar. I started walking to the medical store it was called Harry’s Med Shop. All I could hear was the crunching of rocks underneath my feet every step it got louder and louder my heart rate started to sky rocket my breathing started to get heaver and I finally got to the doors and reached out to open them and I would not open and I kept pulling and pulling nothing worked I started to get angry when I realized it said push not pulled. I had to laugh then face palm myself then I pushed on the doors and they opened with ease. I walked in and saw that it was completely dark.

Chapter 7 Harry’s Store

I then reached in my bag a got out my flash light and I made sure it still had batteries I turned it on and flashed it on the ground to start and saw a huge blood trail it started at the door and I wasn’t going to follow it. I heard a loud crash and I started to walk in that direction. My heart started to beat fast again I tried to keep my breathing under control. A slight breeze started to come from the front door I kept looking in the aisle for a zombie or a person. Then I reached the aisle where the sound came from and I looked down it and nothing was there. I flashed my light on the ground and saw that a jar was smashed. I started to whisper that I wasn’t a zombie and I started to approach them slowly I whispered again that I wasn’t going to hurt them I was here to help but they didn’t answer maybe they didn’t hear me so I said it again a little bit louder and still nothing then I yelled it out and I heard footsteps and I ran over to it and I could hear them running now so I started to run even faster and I flashed my light on them and saw that it was a guy and I started to think maybe it was Dillon. This guy ran into a storage closet to hide.

“Why are you running for me” I yelled at him. I walked over to the door and kicked it and my foot bounced off.

“Just open the door” then I let out a scream in frustration and then said why. I then sat down next to the door. I heard more things in the store start to fall. All the things in one aisle kept falling so I got up and turned on my flash light and walked over to the noise. I poked my head over the aisle and saw five zombies in the aisle. I picked up a jar of salsa and throw it at one of them. The jar smashed and glass went everywhere and in the process it knocked down the zombie. So I kept throwing jars at zombies when I looked over and saw the door open from the closet. Then a tall kid walked out probably around six feet seven inches he looked scared and I then pulled out my pistol and shot the zombies and killed them I walked over to him and asked him.

“Why did you ran after you knew I was a human” then he looked at me and said

“Some other kid I ran into said to watch out for a kid about your height and he said his name was Tyler”

“Was he my height and did he say his name” I asked him.

“Yeah his name was Dillon and how did you know about him” he then asked me.

“Cause he left me behind with a ton of zombies to die but I never asked you what your name is”

He looked around for a second then told me his name was David and he said he was from Deer lakes, which is pretty close to Springdale, so I decided to stick around with David for now.

“Okay David have you ever heard of deer creek cemetery”

“Oh yeah that Dillon kid is also heading their”

“Why didn’t you go with him instead of coming here?”

“Well I did go with him he just sent me on a food run”

“How well is that place fortified”

“It is pretty awesome”

“Okay I am going to break into that place”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because he left me to die and it will be the last time he will ever do that to anyone” I told David.

“Oh so we are going to kill everybody” he said

“No just leave him all alone because I know that some of them are my friends. You understand now” I told him again.

“I think I do” he said a little confused.

“Good enough for me. Okay David the plan is you will walk in and give him the food and if he asked what happened just say that you ran into a kid that he warned you about and say you killed me so he gets relaxed do you understand so far,” he then nodded his head yes. “Then walk over to the top of the hill you will see lots of dirt that was dumped over there and wait until you see a flashing light and you’re going to tell them that you saw a pack of zombies by the hill then go hide after. I am going to see who it is at first if I don’t think they are good enough I will have to kill them. Then when I come up the hill I will look out for snipers and continue to move up gradually. When I reach the office which Dillon will be in expect all hell to break lose,”

“Okay are you really going to kill him?’‘ he asked me.

Chapter 8 Road to Revenge

David and I grabbed some supplies. We walked out of the store and saw there was a car in the parking lot. David ran up to it and I told him to open the door slowly. He started to open it and the smell of rotting flesh came running out. David turned around a throw up and I reach in grabbed the rotting carcass and pulled it out of the car. David looked back over at me and asked

“How didn’t you just throw up?”

“Because I have smelled worst than this,” I answered him.

He looked back at the car and opened the passenger door.

“Do we have to take this one?” He asked me.

“Well do you see any other car here,” I responded.

“No, but this one smells,”

“Shut up,” I told him angrily.

I walked back into the store and grabbed three cans of Febreze. David opened the door and we sprayed the inside of the car until the cans were empty. David was now happy and he got in the car. Then I began to look for the keys after ten minutes I found them in the ignition and I waved David to get in the car. I turned the key and the engine started first try to my surprise. I pressed the gas and the car started to go down the cracked and hot road to the cemetery. We were about half way there and I saw a survivor on the side of the road and I just kept driving. After a while I took a right by the bar then drove up a long winding road. We were going about sixty down a long stretch of road when out of no-where a person was walking and I wasn’t paying attention when I hit them the windshield busted and the person flew into the air and hit the ground hard.

HOLY SHIT! Was that a person or a walker?” I said to David.

“Wow, I have no idea man,” He replied.

“That blood looks fresh,” I told David.

“Yeah, go out and check,” He said.

When I opened the door a bullet zinged past my head. Then someone started to spay the car down with a machine gun. Glass and pieces of metal started to fly around me. As I was keeping covered I realized that David was still in the car so I went to the front to check if he was still there. I looked into the passenger seat and a lifeless David was in it. He was shot around fifteen times. I grabbed his body and pulled it out the driver’s side I picked he up and used him as a body shield and ran after the person who was shooting. After I the body was shot about a hundred times I dished he to the side. The person shooting started to reload so I charged at them and tackled them. Grabbing the gun I had realized that it was Chuck I rolled off of him and he realized it was me.

“Holy crap, I didn’t know it was you,” he said.

“Chuck, who in the hell gave you a gun?’‘ I asked him.

“Dillon said to shoot at anyone who looked shady,” He said back.

“Chuck you almost killed me man,” I told him.

“Dillon said you died back at the house so we left,” He said.

“Why would he say that?’‘ I asked him.

“I don’t know but I am sorry for killing you friend here,” He said.

“It’s fine he was annoying anyway,” I said back to him.

Chuck started to laugh about it. Then he looked back at me. So we got up and I shot David in the head to make sure he didn’t turn. Chuck and I got into the car I turned the keys and it didn’t start I looked back over at Chuck and smacked him in the head.

“Now we don’t have a car, great,” I told him.

“Look I am sorry about your friend and the car,” Chuck said to me.

“Now we have to walk,” I said to him.

“At least it isn’t that far unless we go through the woods then it wouldn’t be that long at all,” he said

“Chuck you need to know that I am not going to be so friendly when I see Dillon,” I told.

“I kind of figured that,” He said back.

We started walking through the woods there was a path made for them to walk back and forth from the road to the house instead of using the gate all the time. On our way back I heard the bushed start to move then I heard it all around us.

“Get ready” I whispered to Chuck.

Pulled out a pistol and aimed it at the bushes. I did the same but aimed behind us. I looked back and a group of zombies came out and bit Chuck’s foot I shot the first one in the head. Then one grabbed me but I was able to turn around fast enough to push it back put a hole in its head. I saw five more coming I looked back a Chuck and he got bit again in the shoulder. I shot the zombie and ran over to Chuck and started to shot more of them. Chuck then fell over I grabbed him before he hit the ground. I throw him on my shoulder and ran through the rest of the zombies.

“Man they got me,” He said.

“I know they must have heard the gun shots from earlier,” it told him

“I am losing feeling in my arms,” Chuck said.

“Where are you bit at?” I asked him.

“My shoulder and arms,” He replied

“Set my down by that tree,” he told me.

I then set him down as he requested. He looked over at me and started to cry. Looking back I saw the rest of the zombies coming closer. Looking away I handed him a gun.

“It has ten bullets in it,” I told him

“Thanks for saving me back there,” said to me.

“Hold on,” I said.

I turned around and pulled out my other pistol and began to shoot the other zombies. One after the other they kept coming. I didn’t think it was going to end. Running out of bullets I grabbed my screw driver out and charged at the zombies. I stabbed the first one in the eye then kicked the other one back and stabbed her in the head. Chuck then started to shoot them near him I ran over to him and stabbed another one in the head. The last one came out of the bushes and I punched it in the face then broke its leg and stomped on its head over and over again.

“I think you got it,” he said.

“How many bullets do you have left?” I asked him.

“Only one,” he answered me.

“I am going to leave you and come back in a bit you do what you want with that last shot.’‘ I told him.

He nodded and I started to walk away when I heard the gun shot I then cringed and kept walking. I heard more sounds coming from all around me so I started to run through the woods I finally saw some of the road from the cemetery. When I came out of the woods I could see the house from a distance. Also I saw that it was guarded very well.

I started to run towards the house then jumped out of the way when I heard a car coming my way.

“I heard the gun shots this way,” one of the voices said.

When they passed I got up and began to run again. Looking down by the big garage I saw that there was a guard sleeping on a chair. When I got to the guard I got angry. I started to think about Chuck and why he died so I kicked the leg out from him then I kicked his gun away and kicked him in the face then rolled him over. I could fill the rage build up in me I started to punch him in his face. Reaching over I grabbed a rock and started to hit the man in the face over and over again. Getting up I looked over and grabbed his gun and it had ten bullets in it. I then saw the office doors and walked toward them when I heard a guard scream I shot him in the face then the other guard came around the corner and I tackled them and beat his face in with the gun. Then I shoved the gun in his mouth and pulled on the trigger. I then got up and continued walking toward the office. I reached I door when I saw out of the corner of my eye someone coming up behind me I pulled my knife out and stabbed them in the chest then the head. I reached out for the office doorknob and it was unlocked I opened it up and someone shot at me so I ducked and dove in the room then crawled to the desk and shot it three times. Then slide over the top and punch the man in his face and pulled him out from under the desk. It wasn’t Dillon so I put him in the chair.

“Where is Dillon?” I asked him.

“He left for a run about thirty minutes ago,” he said.

“When do you think he will be back?” I asked him.

“Any second now,” he said.

I heard footsteps near the door and then the door opened. I went under the desk and pointed the gun at the man in the chair.

“Jim what are you doing and why is everyone dead and who beat the crap out of you?” The person said.

“This group of raiders came and attacked us,” Jim answered him back quick.

“Well are you okay?’‘ The man asked Jim.

“I am fine Dillon,” Jim said to him.

I shot Jim in the face and grabbed his gun and pointed it at Dillon.

“Oh my God,” he said to me.

“Yeah, I am still alive.’‘ I told him.

“Why don’t we settle this like real men?’‘ he asked me.

““Where is April?’‘ I asked him back.

“She is around here somewhere,” Dillon said.

I laid my gun down then he laid his down. He then charged me and I punched him in the face knocking him down he got up then swung at me and I ducked and punched him in the ribs. He reached for his gun I stepped on his hand and kicked it away then punched him in the face. I pulled out my revolver and looked away. I then felt a strong pain in my leg. I looked down I saw a knife sticking in my leg. My angry then got to me; I pulled the knife out and stabbed him in the ribs. Then in the chest.

He let out a scream and I grabbed my gun and looked away a squeezed the trigger ten times only four bullets came out.

Someone was outside so I ran out of the office and saw it was April. She looked at me and started to cry.

“I thought you died,” she said to me.

“Yeah I am sorry about this place, but I had to come and get you and Chuck,” I told her.

She looked down and put her hand over her mouth and I walked over to her and hugged her.

“Do you know what to Chuck?” she asked me.

“Yeah, Chuck and I were in the woods and we got surrounded by zombies. He got bit multiple times. I tried to save him. I wasn’t strong enough,” I said to her.

“We found him by a tree with a gun in his hand. He shot himself,” she said.

“I know I gave the gun to him,” I responded to her.

“Why would you do that?’ she asked me.

“He was already dead and he put himself out of misery. I didn’t want him to suffer any more. He was my best friend,” I said.

“What about Dillon?” she asked.

“That was different. He left me to die and then attacked me,” I said.

“So you killed your other best friend?” she asked me.

“It was me or him and I didn’t come here to kill him,” I answered her.

“Well it is only me, you and Rob now,” she said.

“Who is Robert?” I asked her.

“We saved him on the way here and he stayed with us,” she said.

I just shook my head. We walked over to the Jeep they had been driving around. Rob was in the driver’s seat. He was tall and average built. He was from New York. I found out when I started to talk to him.

“Rob do you know where the hell you are going?” I asked him.

“Nope, no idea,” he said.

“Let me drive then, I know this area more than anyone in this car,” I told him.

Rob pulled the car over he got out and switched me seats.

“Hey! Tyler you are bleeding!” Rob shouted at me.

I looked down and saw blood oozing from my ribs. At that moment I felt a pain in my ribs and I stopped the car and fell out. April ran over and pulled my shirt off and said to Rob that I was shot. Then I reached down and grabbed my side and felt that it was wet and I looked back at my hand to see it was covered in blood.

“April how bad is it?” I asked her.

“It is pretty bad,” she responded to me.

My vision began to blur, then all I saw was black.

“Take a left up here and hurry up,” a voice said as I started to fade away again. I heard tire screech and a crash sound and I faded away. Waking I found it was dark out and the car were flipped over. I rolled over and felt the glass from the windshield. Another sharp pain came from my side. Crawling toward the open windshield I heard moaning. I looked over to find the car was surrounded with walkers. My hands started to shake and I could fill the anger building up inside of me. Reality struck me when some of them started to get through the back of the car I then began to crawl faster and could hear the glass crunching under my body as I dragged it along. A gun was placed on the ground near the radio and I grabbed it and saw there was only one shot left in it.

“Someone help!” I screamed.

Pain shot into my side I reached down and felt a cloth bandage on it. I got to the front of the Jeep and I crawled out slowly and silently. I used the car to help me stand and I began to limp away. As I was walking away the car exploded launching me forward. After I hit the ground I looked back at the car and I saw zombies walking out on fire I tried to get up fast but fell over. I started to pick myself up when something grabbed me and pulled me up.

“You okay sir?” a woman asked me I then fainted.

Chapter 9 a Set Back

My eyes started to open up and I saw some random girls around the bed were I was sleeping.

“Hello, are you okay?” she asked me again.

“I’m fine, I think,” I said back to her.

“Well you have been sleeping for three days,” she told me.

“Why did you save me back their?” I asked her.

“I heard someone shout out that they needed help so I came to save who it was. Then I heard the exposing and I started to run,” she told me.

“Well thanks, but I only have one friend left and I need to find her,” I went to get up and I couldn’t because I was in hand cuffs and I looked back over to the lady.

“Unhand cuff me woman,” I demanded to her.

“I am sorry we just put those on to make sure you weren’t going to turn on us,” she said.

“Well I am not so let me leave,”

“You are in no condition to leave,” she told me.

“I don’t care I need to find her,” I told them

“She must be important then?” someone else asked me. This person seemed to be a girl.

“Yes, and I will not stop until I find her” I said. As I looked in the crowed I saw Dillon’s face and I got up.

“You can’t be alive I killed you,” I said to him. He looked away and vanished in the crowd of people.

“Hey, come back here,” I told Dillon. The lady looked at me as if I was crazy.

“Who are you talking to?” she asked me.

“The man in the back of the room his name is Dillon,” I said to her.

“There is no man in the crowd sir,” she reinsured to me.

“No, he was just there,” I told her.

“Okay, just get some rest and we will talk tomorrow,” she told me.

“No! I have been sleeping for three days I must find her,” I told the crowd of girls.

“Who are you trying to find?”

“I need to find April, she was one of the others with me during the car accident,” I told the girls. They are looked around and the leader of them told them to leave me alone. She then informed me that I was now in Highlands and I was far from Cheswick. After five minutes of sitting in silence I began to speak again.

“Do you have a car I could take?” I asked her

“Well the condition you are in you shouldn’t go anywhere,” she said.

“Trust me I will be fine just give me the keys,” I responded to her.

“I hope you are okay, you lost a lot of blood,” she reminded me.

“Yeah, I will be okay,” as I said okay I reached for the blankets to pull them off and she helped me off the bed and toward the door.

“I want to thank you for taking me in the world needs more people like you,” I told her.

“You are welcome,” she said back to me.

I opened the door and covered my face from the bright sun. The air smelled a little better than it did in Springdale. The lady throw me the keys and I walked over to the first car and put my stuff in the back and got in the driver seat and drove away from the place. While driving down the road I started to realize I had no idea where I was. So I continued down the street until I came to an intersection. I began to look left and right then back to my left and I saw Dillon running toward the car so I got out and pulled out my gun and began to shoot at him until he disappeared then I slowly walked where I saw him last and nothing was there. I backed up and got into the car and drove up the street until I saw him again laying on the side walk until I shook my head and it became a dead woman lying on the side of the road with her legs cut off and a puddle of blood next to her. I am starting to lose it I thought to myself as I stopped the car and pushed my hair back. I looked down at the gun in the passenger seat and I grabbed it and put it to my head but as much as I wanted to pull the trigger I couldn’t. When I was thinking about ending it all I remembered why I left that place. April’s face appeared in my head and I lowered the gun. Stepping on the gas I continued to move on.

The sun began to fall as I was driving I started to realize that I was running out of gas and I was only near the mall. So I continued and when the car ran out of gas I was at the mall entrance.

Chapter 10 the Mall

The door at the front was dusky and had cracks in it. I reached out to open the door when a zombie hit the door and shattered the glass and I backed up and pulled out my knife. The zombie hit the ground hard and started to crawl toward me. I kicked it in the face and walked in the mall. The mall was dark so I pulled out my flash light and I turned it on to find that most of the stuff was gone. The only things that were still there was toys and baseballs. Walking over to the basket, with the baseballs, I grabbed one of them out and looked over to find that there was one baseball bat left. So I grabbed it and tossed the ball to myself and hit it into the television up on the wall. With a loud crash the television came down to the ground and I was flinching the entire time. I looked over and saw a group of walkers coming to me. Then I grabbed another ball and hit it toward the crowed of zombies and saw that one of them fell. I began to laugh as I grabbed another ball and hit it into the crowed. After I hit another one I ran over to the gate and closed it.

Then I went over to the hunting section to no surprise nothing was left so I jumped over the counter and began to look in the back room. Still nothing was there so I came out of the room and jumped back over the counter and took my knife to the gate and started to stab the zombies against the gate. An idea came to my head I then ran to the lock section and grabbed a heavy duty pad lock and locked the gate then I put the keys in my bag. The ground started to shake viscously. I then heard a loud crash sound so tried to look through the fence and I saw that part of the build was starting to collapse. Most of the zombies started to walk toward the noise. The few that stayed I began to kill. After I killed the last zombie at the gate I unlocked the padlock and push the gate up just enough were I could get out. As I walked up to the big hole in the mall I started to think what if we were bombed but I could not think for long because another bomb dropped on the mall and it was not far from me so I ran over to that side. When I got there, there were about fifty zombies so I pulled out my gun and began to pick them off. After I unloaded a clip I started to back up and shoot some more.

I slowly started to realize I was out number big time when I turned the corner and a horde of them coming to me. I charged at the zombies and began to slice my way through them. One of the zombies jumped onto my back I flipped him over my shoulders and stomped his head in. When I started to get towards the end I started to run out of energy so I started to shove them out of my way. I finally reached the doors at that moment I started to feel a sharp pain in my side I reached down putting my hand on the area. Pulling my hand up expecting to see nothing but I found blood covering my hand so I pulled up my shirt and displaying to myself that I was bit. My eyes started to fill up with tears. My hands began to shake. I then fell to my knees and began to sob.

Chapter 11 the End

Getting back up I realized maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. As I started to feel better I started to think about April and what has happened to her. I left the mall to try to find her. About to grab the handle of the car the world started to get dark and then it all became dark. I later woke up on the ground with a zombie chewing on my shoe. With a bolt of energy I kicked him off of me I walked over to it. His face was covered in blood. He had glasses on and a nice button up shirt with a name tag that read “Hello my name is Chris”. He began to come after me so I grabbed him and swung his head into the car window. He fell and started to get back up when I started to kick him in the ribs until I exhausted myself I then shot him in the back of the head splatter more blood on the cement. Finally I got into the car and turned the keys and then I remembered that it had no gas.

In a rage I began to punch the horn. I started to hear a whistle I got out of the car and looked up seeing a black dot dropping from the sky as a plane passed. Also I noticed that it was coming right at me. I started to run away from it until I fell over and I got up and continued to run. As I looked back it hit the ground next to the car. All I heard was a loud boom and my body lunched forward hit the ground. I started to fade in and out as a horde of zombies began to move to me. After I snapped out of it I rolled over and grabbed my backpack and got out my pistol and I started to shoot at the zombies until I felt something grab my shoulders I looked up and it was Dillon.

“Hey, you had a hell of a ride” he told me.

“Is this it?’’ I asked him

“I am sorry” he said.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“No, you won’t feel a thing”

“Thanks” I told him.

In his place a zombie appeared and grabbed my arm and took a chunk out of it before I shot it in the face. Another zombie then bit me in the leg and I shot her in the face. I pulled myself up then a zombie jumped on my back forcing me down. It then bit my ear and I elbowed it in the head and rolled over then I put the rest of my strength in getting myself up. I took a long look at the zombie’s face and realized it was my father I pulled my gun up. I didn’t have the strength to pull the trigger. I heard another whistling looking at it I saw that it was much bigger then the last. As I was looking at the bomb the zombie that use to be my own father sunk his teeth in my neck. My legs then gave out on me and I collapsed to the cement as I hit I saw the bomb was about to hit the ground. So I closed my eyes and everything became black.

“That’s it general, the nuke was successful” the one voice said.

“Great, get ready for the cleanup process” said the general

“We just got word that the virus has spread to California and there were reports of it in Florida” said another

“Damn it”

Chemical X

You need to read this story because it takes place before and during the zombie apocalypse. You will be following the main character, Tyler Fink, on his journey through the zombie outbreak. Tyler is an average teenage boy. He loves playing video games, hanging out with his friends and going to school. He didn't think much of the zombie apocalypse until a news report triggered these ideas. He goes to school the next day still thinking about the news report and begins wondering who would most likely survive the longest out of all his friends. Later, he goes to lunch and as he is eating, the principle comes over the loud speaker. Find out what happens next to Tyler when you read Chemical X.

  • ISBN: 9781370507443
  • Author: Tyler Fink
  • Published: 2016-09-08 17:50:08
  • Words: 13568
Chemical X Chemical X