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Chaos of Choice: Book One - Blood and Fog

This is a tale of Age defining events, and the people who are involved in those events. It is a tale of personal choice and the illusion of choice. When we make a decision is it really our own, or are there external factors and subconscious manipulation that decide what we will choose? In a world of ancient grudges and new threats, of religious bigotry and racial segregation, an ambitious military organisation plots against the stubborn rulers of the realms. For many years relative peace has existed between the six realms of Essinendeür. But no longer, the old hatreds are rekindled in a vicious fashion and it seems the realms will tear themselves apart in a bloody war. Lieut, a single minded warrior sets off to complete his purpose, his mission. A mission that will cast the nations into darkness. But through an unfortunate chance he discovers that he has developed the freedom of choice. Something he has never known. But is it really his choice? Or is there something else at play that he does not understand? With chaos following wherever he goes, Lieut has to come to grips with the changes in himself, his new found freedom and the chance to change the fate of the world.

  • ISBN: 9780463944035
  • Author: KLDAppleby
  • Published: 2018-10-26 05:15:06
  • Words: 79019
Chaos of Choice: Book One - Blood and Fog Chaos of Choice: Book One - Blood and Fog