Changing The Impossible Things In My Life

We all face Things in our life that Seem to be Impossible for Us to change or Overcome. This book follows the Journey I have traveled in my own life, If you Follow these Steps you will Find Yourself Walking in Things that were once Impossible for you to walk in. The Miracle is in the Motion... So Let's Get Moving ... today. Change happens through Choices. When Choices become Actions Change occurs. Your Actions Determine your Direction . When you Change your Direction you Change your Destiny! It's all determined by making the Choice to Change. I was waiting for the Change to Come , but God was Waiting for My Choice to Change. I was a prisoner of my past but I Discovered My Destiny was Ahead and not Behind ... in My Future ...not in My Past. I have Found A Father Holding My Destiny In His Hands ... Saying " Let go of what you are leaning on ... and take little steps to Me." Learning to Walk with God into Your Destiny is Incredible! Come Join the Journey A Quote ,“God promises everything to the future you ! We get confused because we think God promised the young us something that We didn't receive ( you are no longer young ) . God did not promise who you Were ! He promised who He would become in you !! That is Amazing!”

  • ISBN: 9780463607916
  • Author: Len Parsons
  • Published: 2018-05-28 01:50:08
  • Words: 7702
Changing The Impossible Things In My Life Changing The Impossible Things In My Life