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Chakras for Beginners


Chakras for Beginners

How to Balance Your Chakras, Radiate Energy and Heal Yourself

Copyright © 2015 by Tai Morello

Shakespir Edition

Table of Contents

Introduction: Meet Your Chakras

What is a Chakra?

How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: What are the 7 Chakras and what do they Do?

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Fourth Chakra: The Heart

The Fifth Chakra: The Throat

The Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye

The Seventh Chakra: The Crown

How to Release the Power of Chakras

Chapter 2: The Root Chakra

Yoga for Awakening the Root Chakra

The Mountain Pose

Warrior One Pose

The Bridge Pose

Other Methods

Chapter 3: The Sacral Chakra

Awaken Your Sacral Chakra through Creativity

Play like a Child

Coaxing the Inner Child out of you

Other Ways to Awaken the Second Chakra

Yoga Asanas to Awaken your Chakra

Chapter 4: The Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus

Making a “Gut” Decision

Yoga Poses for the Third Chakra

Digestive Center: the Third Chakra

Miscellaneous Tips to Awaken Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Chapter 5: The Fourth Chakra: The Heart

Awaken the Chakra

Making the Choice

Practicing Empathy and Compassion

Chapter 6: The Fifth Chakra: The Throat

When the Throat Chakra is Awakened

The Other Side of the Chakra: Listening

The Lion Pose

Chapter 7: The Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye

Trust Your Intuition

The Third Eye and Meditation

Yoga Poses to Awaken the Third Eye

Chapter 8: The Seventh Chakra: The Crown

Awaken Your Crown through Meditation

Be Grateful

Positive Affirmations


Upon Reaching Enlightenment

Introduction: Meet Your Chakras

Acupuncture. Acupressure. Herbal healing.

While these are all concepts that came from various parts of the Eastern or Oriental tradition, they have gained respect with the allopathic or conventional medicine of the Western World. In fact, several conventional hospitals have integrated some of these services into their array of treatments for their patients.

The Cleveland Clinic, for example, now offers reiki, or healing energy sessions for patients who request it. So it’s a bit puzzling that the concept of chakra isn’t getting more attention.

To say that the idea of these seven vortices aligned up your spine has yet to catch on is an understatement. While you probably have heard of these centers, you’ve probably also have heard others scoff at the mere thought of them. Because of this, you may wonder whether to remain skeptical or to accept them at their supposed face value.

Don’t worry. This book will take you by the hand and show you exactly what chakras are, where they come from and how you use simple techniques to balance them, inevitably leading you to a healthier, happier and more successful life.

[]What is a Chakra?

Chakras are considered your body’s energy wheels. According to Deepak Chopra, a medical doctor as well metaphysical and spiritual guru to many, they are points in the body where matter and consciousness meet. In fact, “chakras” is the literal Sanskrit (the language of India) translation for “wheels.” The seven major chakras are the openings from which your life’s energy flows into and out of your body.

It’s no coincidence that these most vital of the wheels are located along the spine. In India, it’s widely accepted that the spine carries the life’s prana, its breath, which in turn is known as a conduit of natural energy. It’s this natural energy and life force gurus and others use when they meditate. Notice they always ensure their spines are straight and they concentrate their breathing along this life-giving conduit. It’s an activity that not only calms the body, but also re-invigorates it.

You’re probably already beginning to understand why if one of the chakras along the spine is blocked, it’s going to weaken your life’s energy. A blockage in one, naturally limits the life’s force necessary for the others to sustain their energy.

It’s not unlike, in many ways, blockages in your heart. If one of your arteries is functioning at less than its normal capacity that means other areas of your body are receiving less of the life-giving blood necessary for good health.

Depending on which chakra is blocked, you’re going to feel the negative reflection of that throughout your entire body in several ways, not the least of which is physically, psychologically and mentally.

Each of the seven chakras is related to a specific area or areas of your body as well as your emotional and mental characteristics. Eastern medicine is predicated on the holistic concept, that no part of your body is isolated from any other part or aspect of your overall health. If you experience problems in your mental or emotional well-being, it’s not unusual these will surface within the body through physical aches and pains.

Each of these swirls of energy also are identified. Contained within their influence are bundles of nerves and even major organs. If you’ve noticed from the discussion so far, quite a bit of movement occurs along the spine. That’s why is so vital that these chakra remain open, in order to get the necessary prana to all areas of your body.

Similarly, if you’re experiencing problems in your physical body, these issues may stem from issues in your psychological wellbeing.

In order to ensure a healthy flow of energy, these chakras need to stay open, balanced and what many call “awakened.” If you don’t even realize you have these meeting centers of consciousness and matter, it’s more than a bit difficult to maintain their open flow.

The first key to clearing them, obviously, is to become aware of them. Once you begin to work on one chakra you believe to be obstructed, you’ll not only discover how much better you feel in the area related to this energy, but your mind and thinking will be clearer as well.

You’ll also discover that as you work on one area or chakra the health and psychological benefits soon overflow to other chakras. There’s really no magic to it at all. It’s simply the body and mind showing you once again the holistic nature of the body.

Only in this way, by keeping all seven chakras balanced and open can your life force, prana, or energy, flow smoothly and quickly throughout your body. Once this occurs, you’ll feel the difference in your vitality, energy level and in the physical and emotional issues that are governed by the particular chakra that was blocked.

How to Use This Book

Read through this book at least once until you have gained a familiarity with the seven major chakras. When you’re reading it the second time, pay attention to how the areas governed by the different chakras are affecting you right now.

Once you have taken an honest inventory of your health and wellbeing, then you may want to choose one or two ways in which you could awaken the governing chakras. Don’t go jumping around hitting the exercises randomly. If you do this and experience relief, you’ll never know for sure which exact activity helped it.

As you do the exercises and activities then, do so in a methodical manner. You may even want to keep written notes on what you did and what day as well as your body’s reaction to it. Many of us after performing a few of these exercises feel much better the following day, but fail to see the causal connection between the two activities. When you keep a “wholeness journal” as you may want to call you, then you can pinpoint with some certainly what might have helped.

This is also a great way to remind yourself of your activities should the same problems re-occur.

If using the same exercises don’t work the next time, then choose another set. Stay open minded, keep believing something will change and most of all – have fun.

In the first chapter, you’ll be introduced to all seven chakras and be provided with a brief overview of their influences in your body, mind and spirit. Don’t panic, there’ll be no test. We also give each chakra a chapter of its own later in the book. In this way you can get better acquainted with its abilities.

Chapter 1: What are the 7 Chakras and what do they Do?

The seven major chakras are located beginning at the base of your spine. The lower three are referred to as the “chakras of matter” because they reflect your physical nature more than the other four do.

The first of these sits at your tailbone. It’s called the root chakra.

It affects issues in your legs, feet, tailbone, rectum as well as the immune system. For men, it also affects the proper and healthy functioning of the prostate gland and the male reproduction organs.

Those individuals who experience pain as varied as degenerative arthritis, sciatica, eating disorders, and constipation, may also have a blockage in the root chakra.

Emotional problems associated with the first chakra may surface as issues that contend with the necessities of live, including basic shelter and food as well as the ability to provide for other physical needs of life.

You’ll know if this chakra is balanced and awakened because you’ll feel connected to others and comforted by a sense of safety.

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, located just several inches below your navel. When this particular wheel of energy is out of balance, it can easily reveal itself in your body through physical problems such as sexual reproductive system, urinary issues as well as kidney and hip issues. Low back pain is oftentimes due to blockage in this chakra.

Emotionally, you may suspect that your second chakra needs to be re-balanced when you have commitment issues in relationships, the inability to express your emotions and the lack of creativity. This chakra, when blocked, may also inhibit your ability to enjoy yourself – to have good old-fashion fun.

Additionally, any fear, addiction, impotence and betrayal you possess probably indicates a problem with the second chakra.

You’ll know when the second chakra is awakened. You’ll have no issues feeling committed in relationships, you’ll be able to take risks with little or no fear, and you’ll feel outgoing, sexual and passionate.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third wheel of energy is labeled the solar plexus chakra. Its location lies three inches above your navel. If this energy area is blocked it’ll reveal itself through digestive problems, issues with the liver, as well as diabetes, high blood pressure, gallbladder an pancreas issues, Stomach ulcers and colon disease have also been attributed to blockages in this this chakra.

The third chakras also guides such psychological issues as personal power and self-esteem. If this energy wheel is out of balance, you may have difficulty accepting criticism, you may have an irrational fear of rejection and you may be hypersensitive about your appearance.

When the solar plexus chakras is aligned and awakened, however, you’ll be free of these issues. You’ll regain your self-respect and gain self-compassion. You’ll feel in control, confident of yourself and talents as well as assertive without being aggressive.

The Fourth Chakra: The Heart

The heart chakra is the fourth one and is believed to be the conduit between your body and spirit. It’s located, of all places, the heart. A blocked heart chakra can be revealed through the disorder of asthma, issues with your lymphatic system and your breasts, as well as upper back pain and shoulder, arm and wrist pain.

It should come as no surprise that emotional troubles related to this chakra include issues of the heart and romance, as well over-loving friends and family who are actually suffocating you. Many with blockages in this area are overcome with an inconsolable loneliness, as well unexplainable jealousy, resentment and anger.

Joy, gratitude, love, compassion. These are just a few of the emotions that flow through you when you awaken the heart chakra. You’ll also be able to forgive and trust others again.

[]The Fifth Chakra: The Throat

The final three chakras are known as those of the spirit. The throat chakra is the first of the final three and is located at the throat. You may suspect you have a blockage in this chakra if you’re having difficulty with your thyroid gland, or laryngitis or TMJ. Blockages here may also surface physically as ear infections, facial, neck and shoulder pain.

Emotionally chakra blockage here surfaces as issues of self-expression, both verbally as well in writing. Also, individuals who have blockage issues very often feel out of control and fear they have neither power nor choice over their life.

When this chakra is cleared individuals can speak with confidence and without fear. They also speak kindly, truthfully and honestly.

[]The Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye

The third eye. You may have heard this expression before. This is the name of the sixth chakra which is located equidistance from each eyebrow in the middle of your forehead.

Indications of an obstruction in this energy area include headaches, vision problems and eyestrain, sinus issues, hearing loss as well as hormonal dysfunctions.

Emotionally your third eye influences such issues as moodiness and self-reflection. These individuals find themselves daydreaming excessively and residing in a world of their own overextended imagination

When balanced and awakened, though, this energy wheel can contribute to a vibrant and focused outlook, in which you can discern the differences between reality and the illusion. Not only that, but a clear opening in this area can also help one gain wisdom.

[]The Seventh Chakra: The Crown

The seventh chakra is at the top of your head and is called the crown chakra. When the energy is blocked to this spinning vortex, it’ll show up as headaches, as well as sensitivity to light and sound. You also may be struggling with an inexplicable ability to learn.

Emotionally, those with an obstruction in this energy wheel are grappling with issues such as knowledge of yourself and greater power. You may be rigid when you deal with such topics as religion and spirituality. These individuals are usually highly prejudiced. They also fear being alienated.

When this seventh energy wheel is balanced, awakened and aligned, though, the individuals then find themselves able to live in the present as well as owning an unshakable trust in their intuition.

[]How to Release the Power of Chakras

You may have recognized some of your own physical and emotional issues in the descriptions above. After contrasting “before” and “after” behavior and physical problems, you may also be asking the next logical question: How to I unleash the full power of my chakra, break the blockage and experience a balanced, vibrant and awakened life.

That’s exactly the reason for this book. Too many individuals complain of many of these ailments. They visit doctor after doctor, none of whom can find exactly what’s wrong. Sure, you may get a prescription for this or that problem. To be truthful, when you first start taking the medication it seems to clear up the problem. That, however, doesn’t last long and you find yourself back at step one.

You’re puzzling over what’s wrong with you. Why do you ache? Why do have inexplicable pain? You’re not happy. You feel you have more than your share of fears. That’s what the rest of the book is all about. We’ll take each individual chakra and provide you with a few tips, tricks and techniques on re-awakening that spinning vortex so you can experience wholeness again.

But more than that, you’ll also learn a few different ways to help awaken and re-balance your chakras. Hopefully, when you’ve finished reading and implementing the tips and suggestions of this succinct volume, you’ll be well on your way to whole and healthy again.

Chapter 2: The Root Chakra

In addition to the physical characteristics associated with this first chakra, this vortex of energy is also one of your physical body’s most intimate connections with your environment and the earth. In India, this chakra is referred to as the Muladhara. It’s considered to be the instinctual of all of the energy wheels. In fact, it governs your primal and animalistic nature.

Its purpose, among other tasks, is to allow you to harness courage and allow you to gather your resourcefulness as well as the will to continue despite what you may consider to be “trying times.”

Even after these fundamental tasks, the root chakra links you with the spiritual energies of your ancestors, including all their challenges and their triumphs. It’s shouldn’t be too surprising, considering its close alignment with the memories, hopes and trials of your ancestors, that this chakra is the most common area in which to discover obstructions.

Traditionally, it’s believed that the memories of all of your ancestors are imprinted here, getting passed down through the generations. For some us in the Western World, this is a difficult concept with which to grapple. The result of these imprints of these memories creates what many refer to as “unconscious generational pattern.”

Consider the fact that all war, natural famine and other natural disasters which threaten your very survival are actually recorded with your root chakra. It’s difficult to try to awaken and balance this attitude when it encompasses a concept that appears incredulous to many of us.

Nonetheless, it’s possible. If you can lay aside the disbelief for even a short period of time, then you can begin the process. The first step is to take responsibility for your own life. Once you do that, then you can begin to work on awakening and balancing your root chakra.

It’s vital that you take the time to awaken your root chakra first, before you begin working on the others. It’s important to note that when you balance one, there is always a “chain reaction,” if you will along your life force. The other chakras will react to this new (and hopefully improved) flow of energy.

If you try to change the other chakras before the root one, you may still feel a lack of stability as well as a sense of not being rooted, both of which are essential for any real and substantial transformations to occur. You can’t experience any significant personal growth until you feel as if you’re in a safe and secure environment.

Yoga for Awakening the Root Chakra

One of the best methods you can use to heal this chakra is physical exercise. Considering this vortex’s close link to the earth and your physical body, this should come as no surprise. While any form of exercise will help immensely, walking or dancing included, you may want to start with a few yoga positions that are widely known to open and release the energy of the root chakra.

Yoga is the traditional exercise of choice for many for awakening blocked chakras. This is because yoga is more than just physical exercise. It’s also, in a very real sense, a spiritual practice. It heals not only your body, but your mind, your spirit as well as your emotions.

The specific yoga poses that will balance and awaken this vortex of energy near and around your tailbone, are those that will keep you grounded to the earth and “rooted” so to speak.

[]The Mountain Pose

If you’re already familiar with yoga, then you probably already know how to perform the Mountain Pose, which is without a doubt the most basic of the poses. It’s simple in nature, yet effectively connects you to the earth, your own physical body and in addition grounds you to the present.

You’ll also discover that it’s quite relaxing. It’s recommended that you not only perform this regularly, but also go into this pose at those moments throughout the day you’re feeling “scattered,” as if your energy is being spread too thin. Even holding this pose for a short time – even as short as a minute – will produce incredible results. You’ll feel calming and more in control.

If you’ve never performed yoga before, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a yoga mat. You can find them for $20 or less either online, at various department stores or health food stores. You’ll less likely to slip when you stand on one of these.

The Mountain Pose starts off with you standing barefoot on a yoga mat. Your shoulders, neck and your upper body should not only be relaxed, but they need to be kept straight. Keep your arms at your side.

The next step is to focus on your breath, inhaling slowly into your body. Then exhale slowly as well. You’ll continue this for several steps. Take your time with this step, become aware of the breath or prana flowing through your spine and by extension your chakras.

As you do this, feel the ground underneath your feet. Spread your toes and lift them off the ground (only your toes, not your entire foot). You’ll then relax them and place them on the mat again.

Visualize that your feet possess roots and these roots are spreading and growing from the bottom of your feet into the earth. Make this visualization as real as possible. Your goal is to actually feel the stability the roots provide you.

All this time, you should continue breathing slowly and evenly. Hold this pose for several minutes. Imagine you’re standing as strong as a mountain.

The next yoga pose you may consider performing is called the Warrior One Pose. This is also known as the Virabhadrasana 1.

This particular pose is creates a strong connection between your body and the earth. The result is a more fluid movement of the prana throughout your entire body, which effectively uses the root chakra.

As you breathe throughout the performance of this particular posture, visualize the color red flowing throughout your entire body as well as your first chakra. Red is the color most associated with the root chakra.

[]Warrior One Pose

This posture helps to physically strengthen your legs. It also opens your hips. If you’re suffering from weakness either in the knees or lower back, then this is sure to help you.

You’ll begin by assuming the Mountain Pose, the one we just learned above. Take a deep breath and when you exhale, you’ll step your left foot back about three and a half feet.

Your next move is to turn that left foot about 45 degrees, always ensuring its planted firmly on the mat and is touching the floor at all times.

The next time you exhale, you’ll bend your right knee over your right ankle. When you do this properly, your shin is perpendicular to the floor.

Now raise your arms so they are above your head and place them together, fingers pointing straight up. If you do this correctly, it will look as if your hands are in a classic “prayer pose.”

Breathe deeply. Hold this asana for approximately one minute if you can. Don’t worry if you have difficulty holding the pose this long, just do what you can.

After that, bend your knees and return to the Mountain Pose. Now, repeat this using the other side of the body.

[]The Bridge Pose

This particular asana, or yoga pose, roots your feet firmly into the earth while your spine is releasing any excess root chakra energy it may be holding onto. This is a dynamic pose because it engages not only your root chakra, but it also stimulates the throat, hear and solar plexus chakras. The sacral chakra also re-balances when you perform the Bridge Pose regularly.

Unlike the other two yoga poses, you’ll begin this one laying on your back on you yoga mat with your arms straight at your sides. Your palms are facing down.

You’re now ready to bend your knees while keeping your feet parallel to one another. They should be approximately hip-width apart.

You’ll bring your heels close to your body. The best position is that you heels touch the tips of your fingers. Now, press your feet into the mat. At no time should any part of your body be off the ground. At this point, this move is more about touching the ground than testing the strength of any area of your body.

Move your leg muscles as if you were about to lift yourself up – but don’t. At least not yet. At this point feel the energy as it courses through your legs. Continue to breathe deeply.

Press your feet even more deeply into your yoga mat and now lift your buttocks and lower back off the ground. At the same time, press your chest upward.

Support yourself in this position by placing your hands on your lower back. Breathe deeply.

Hold this pose for about a minute.

More than any other chakra, you’ll discover your first energy wheel responds best to physical stimuli, similar to the yoga poses recommended here. In fact, you’ll see actually the first three chakra are best awakened in similar ways. That’s because the three of them are concerned with the physical world.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t even attempt to reach your higher self. One of the best methods to awaken your first chakra, in fact, is through meditation. It’s actually an excellent choice. Many individuals are fully aware of the benefits of meditation, which include connecting you to your higher spiritual self.

Fewer individuals understand, though, that meditation, at the same time, can also perform miracles in grounding you. If your root chakra is obstructed that means you’re doubting the world’s ability – and yours as well – to provide you with the barest of what you need to survive. What better way to ensure you’ll always have what you need, by depending on your powerful, loving high self?

Normally, those who meditate regularly either close their eyes or focus on one object, like a candle. Instead, if you’re meditating to awaken your first chakra, you should meditate on the tip of your nose.

Seriously. You’ll feel improvement quicker if you do this. The reason it works is because your sense of smell is intimately related to your first chakra. Focus fully on the tip of your nose. This elicits the qualities your body needs to re-balance and fully awaken your root chakra.

[]Other Methods

Chanting can be another technique to re-balance your root chakra. It’s not a very popular practice in the United States, but in many other regions of the world, it’s a common way to connect to your higher self.

Chanting works because as you make those sounds, you’re actually creating vibrations that are being felt across you entire body. And your body is reacting to those sounds and vibrations. These vibrations, in effect, encourage the cells in your body to work together to create a more harmonious physical you.

The root chakra, as you’re well aware of now, is near your tailbone, so it’s easy to see why concentrating on physical exercises and vibrations would help awaken it and stimulating a more abundant flow of energy.

As we climb the chakra “ladder,” as it were, you’ll see the re-awakening of these vortices depend less on the physical exercises and more on your emotions and on your thoughts.

The second chakra is also associated with physicality more than spirituality. If you suspect yours is blocked or obstructed the following chapter will help you re-balance and awaken it.

[]Chapter 3: The Sacral Chakra

The second energy wheel, called the Sacral Chakra is also known as Svadhisthana, in India. Translated it means “the dwelling place of the self.” The element associated with this energy is water which symbolizes cohesiveness.

Specifically it’s located above the pubic bone and below the navel. Take a moment now and visualize where that would be on you. This helps to make these areas real and not just random, imaginary places on your body.

Referred to as the creativity and sexual chakra, this energy wheel, when obstructed can lead to issues of sexuality as well as emotional imbalance. Those who experience a blockage here will also fear change, may experience periods of depression or be contending with addictions.

A person whose sacral chakra is balanced and awakened is enjoying a wholeness – both physically and emotionally. He is also aware of the abundance around him and receives and offers pleasure and joy wherever he travels and whoever he is with.

Because this second chakra, like the root one, is one of the first three that deal with physicality, you discover that many of the recommendations for opening this energy flow will revolve around physical elements of the world.

It should come as no surprise, knowing this, that simply by “honoring your body” you can help it heal.

In addition to the physical aspects of your body, the second chakra can be re-aligned through creative expression.

[]Awaken Your Sacral Chakra through Creativity

As strange as this may sound, it’s true. After all, humans are nothing if not creative. You don’t have to be a Picasso or a Van Gogh to consider yourself creative. In fact, you don’t even have to be one of those “artsy” individuals to realize you have a creative streak within you just waiting to be let loose.

Every time you make dinner, plant a garden or bake a cake you’re using your natural creativity in a very real sense. Several years ago, I would never have thought as scientists as creative individuals. Now I realize how wrong I was. Every time we find a solution to a problem, we’re using our inherent creative powers.

Anyone involved in such diverse ventures as building a house, writing a book, or knitting a sweater is using her creativity.

The fact that we don’t recognize our own creative powers is part of the inherent problems with this second chakra. Far too often, we’re discouraged from acknowledging our own creativity. We’re encouraged, instead, to call it anything but what it is.

What it seems like the world wants from us is our conformity. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” How many times have you been told that? “Don’t rock the boat.” That’s another great admonition people use when they begin to see someone using their talents creatively.

Sure, it’s fine to color, draw and build yourself anything in the world with Legos, when you’re a child. But don’t try to do any of these as an adult. “You need to be a bit more sensible in your choice of vocations.”

Once you become an adult the pressure is to conform to society’s standards. Our culture doesn’t fully appreciate or reward artists, particularly. Even in issues of fashion, women, especially are urged to follow the latest fashion trend – to dress and look like each other.

Perhaps, I’m exaggerating a bit, but not by much. Conformity over creativity could be the motto of this century.

So what does this have to do with unlocking and awakening your second chakra? Everything.

[]Play like a Child

Do you remember when you stopped taking risks, or stopped working on that novel? For that matter, why aren’t you painting anymore? The chances are, if you seriously reviewed your life, you stopped the day someone said you didn’t do the activity very well.

In order to fully awaken this chakra, you need to take risks again. You need to be open to performing creative acts. No one is telling you to quit your job in order to go hiking along the Appalachian Trail. Nor should you buy up all the oil-based artist’s paints in the store and pretend to be the next Jackson Pollack.

But you can take steps toward being more creative, more child-like in your approach to life. The bottom line is that in order to fully open your second chakra you must take risks and not fear failure.

A great, nonthreatening way of doing this is simply playing like a child again. Approach everything you do as if it were an adventure. Remember those Lego towers you built as a child? What did you do with them when you were finished? That’s right, knocked it down.

But of course you did. Why? Because you had an idea of how to make a bigger and better one. And if you didn’t start it right away . . . well, it might not get done.

Why not create that gourmet meal you always dreamed of making? What’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would. But you’d at least have fun making it and believe it or not learn a lesson or two you can put toward your next gourmet project.

Coaxing the Inner Child out of you

Sometimes your “inner child” as many people call this child-like creature who resides in the recesses of your mind, is shy about venturing out and displaying all of his talents. That’s when you must be firm but gentle with him and coax him out. The best way of doing this is by showing him a setting or performing an activity that’s joyful or one that refreshes your soul. Below are just a few ideas that your “inner child” might delight in:

1. Your soul searches for water

In fact, water is one of the ways that your sacral chakra can be awakened and re-balanced. That could be why so many of us crave a summer vacation at the beach – even if we don’t know how to swim.

Perhaps there’s an intuitive side of us that knows that water can help awaken that second chakra. If you haven’t been to the beach lately, consider going. Can’t get to the ocean? Look for a lake or even a pond. The size of the body of water doesn’t matter as much as that you spend time there. The closer the water, the easier it’ll be to get there and hopefully, the more time you’ll spend there.

You don’t even need to go into the water to help re-balance your energy wheel.

2. Sit in the moonlight.

There’s something romantic about moonlight, now isn’t there? There’s also something magical about moonlight as well. Whatever it is that our souls yearn for, it’s also an especially good way to help align your sacral chakra, allowing a more abundant energy flow.

[]Other Ways to Awaken the Second Chakra

If you’re not quite ready to take that risk yet, that’s understandable, there are other methods that will work to re-balancing your chakra (Once your chakra is awakened, though, nothing will stop the flow of creativity running through you!).

A few of them include:

Develop a healthy sex life.

Honor and respect your body.

Examine your feelings daily.

Are there any emotional issues you refuse to let go of? Issues that could be possibly at least partially obstructing your chakra? If you discover that there’s something hidden that could be contributing to your blockage, deal with it immediately and in a healthy manner.

Learn the Ida Nadi breathing method.

This is a simple breathing exercise that specifically uses the left nostril that can contribute to re-balancing and awakening your sacral chakra.

Using the first two fingers of your right hand, block the right nostril of your nose. Now inhale only through your left nostril for eight to ten breaths.

[]Yoga Asanas to Awaken your Chakra

The second chakra belongs to the group of the lower three chakras that governs matters of the physical body. So it should come as no surprise there a several yoga poses which can be useful in opening your blockage. The first pose is called the seated pelvic circles.

Sit either in a cross-legged position or in the half-lotus pose. Place your hands on your knees. Now using your torso, move in circles in one direction five to six times. Then repeat the circling in the opposite direction for another five to six times.

Try doing the butterfly pose with forward fold:

Sit on the floor on your yoga mat. Bend your legs so the bottom of your feet touch each other. Slowly lower your knees to the sides – as much as you can. Next, you’ll bring your heels in as close as possible to your pelvis. After you’ve done this, sit up strength, lengthening your torso as much as you can, then fold forward.

The cobra pose

This is possibly one of the most celebrated of the yoga poses, with just about everyone at least knowing what it looks like.

You’ll start out by laying on your stomach on your yoga. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Your hands are tucked under your shoulders.

Now you’ll slowly lift your head, chest and abdomen. At the same time, you’ll want to keep your naval on the floor. In fact, you’ll want to press down through your pubic bone toward the mat.

In the next chapter, you’ll be completing the awakening of the first three chakras which affect the physical body, as you’ll learn more about your solar plexus chakra.

[]Chapter 4: The Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus

Are you feeling self-confident about yourself and your purpose in life? Are you one of those individuals who don’t need push-started to get a project running?

If so, chances are your third chakra, called the Manipura in Sanskrit is allowing an abundant flow of energy throughout your spine.

But, when you begin to doubt yourself, what you were meant to do with your life, then you may consider that his energy wheel located near your navel and up through your breast bone, may be obstructed.

This chakra also influences your digestive issues and metabolism.

Think of the third chakra as playing a large part in your “inner drive.” You know what your goals are, you know where you’re going in life and you know exactly how you’re going to get there. Nothing but nothing is going to stop you.

Believe it or not, every step you take, toward this, regardless of the size, strengthens your chakra and adds to an abundance of prana, making that goal seem all the more realistic.

[]Making a “Gut” Decision

Of course, even the most determined of us, all have our moments of indecision. That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that your third chakra is actually blocked. What it does mean is that you may want to “consult” with it about your next step forward. This may be just the time to depend on your “gut” feeling about an issue.

As silly as this sounds to some Westerners, it’s a legitimate and quite reliable form of decision making for many individuals. It works this way:

First, you close your eyes. Place your hands just above your navel. Now, think about the problem. Give it a few alternatives about what you believe you can do. As you do this, pay close attention to how this area feels.

If you get this “sinking” feeling in this area or if you get nauseated, then you may want to think twice about taking that type of action.

However, if this area feels lightness or you even find it easier to breathe, then you may have hit upon the right solution.

[]Yoga Poses for the Third Chakra

You’re already familiar with two of the yoga asanas for awakening and re-balancing the third chakra because they are also good for the root chakra. They’ the Mountain Pose and Warrior One. If you’re practicing these poses for the first spinning energy location, then continue to do so.

If not then return to the chapter on the first chakra and check them out, because we’re also going to add the Warrior II pose to them for an excellent set of yoga poses that’ll also clear blockages from your third, or solar plexus, chakra.

Warrior Two

This posture should pose no problem if you’ve been performing the first warrior stance, because it’s merely a modification of that. Why not try it to see if it just might help this energy wheel as well.

In the second warrior pose, you begin with the Mountain Pose (confirm that you’re doing this correctly by checking back to the chapter on the root chakra.).

Take a deep breath. Then as you exhale, place your left foot about three and a half feet behind you. Turn that leg about 45 degrees outward. Make sure that this left foot is grounded and fully planted when you do this.

Raise your arm to either side of you so they are parallel to the flow. Keeping your left foot straight, gaze at the fingertips of your right arm. Now breathe deeply to feel the power in your legs. Every time you inhale elongate your spine. With each exhalation, plant yourself deeper into the pose.

After several minutes of this, repeat the process with the other side of your body.

The Bow Pose

Once you’ve completed the two warrior poses, you then perform the bow pose. You’ll start off on laying on your stomach – chin touching the floor; arms by your side. Bend your right leg and then grip it with your right hand. Do the same thing with your left ankle and hand.

Now, carefully stretch your legs so they are close to your buttocks. Inhaling, raise your upper body and your thighs. Keep gazing ahead of you while you continue to gently pull your body and thighs toward your buttocks.

Many individual are tempted to quit breathing during the final stance of this pose. Don’t. When you’re ready gently return to original pose. If you like, perform this exercise again.

[]Digestive Center: the Third Chakra

This particular energy wheel can either aid in your digestion process or play havoc with it. You can help to clear any digestive disorders and problems you believe you have, simply by eating a different menu and begin to change your drinking habits.

You probably don’t need an entire dietary overhaul. You can start simply by making a few changes in your habits. Why don’t you begin a few of them now?

1. Drink water and other liquids at room temperature.

You could even drink them just slightly than room temperature, if you’d like. If at all possible don’t add ice.

2. Take small sips of water while you’re eating.

Avoid, if you can, fruit juice, soda, alcohol and caffeine.

3. Allow your stomach to rest between meals.

This basically breaks down into the elimination of grazing – when you eat a little bit all day long – or eating five meals a day.

[]Miscellaneous Tips to Awaken Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The following tips have are known to have already helped untold number of people with re-balancing and awakening their third chakra. While you can’t label any of these a yoga poses or affirmations, or even dietary lifestyles, you may want to choose one or two which sound as if they may help you and practice them for a period of time.

1. Set an intention

Before you set any goal or make any decision, first set an intention into the Universe. Don’t set any small intention or be hesitate about it. Now is the time to declare what you “intend” to do, and if you already know, how you intend to do.

Simply by setting an intention begins the process of opening up the flow of energy through your spine and bursting that blockage at the solar plexus that has been holding you back for so long.

2. Seek solitude

This particular goal is getting more difficult for everyone with every passing day. Gaining a few more minutes of “alone time” is not something society appears to value. However, having said that, more corporations than ever before recognize the need for their employees to sit in the silence occasionally. That’s why now more companies are offering at least one quiet room, cut off from the hectic activity of the daily routine, for meditation. And they encourage their employees to use it.

The purpose of this time is to become better acquainted with your higher or core self. This is the part of you that also helps to set your intentions, so it just makes set you’d sit in silence in the hopes of even a bit of guidance.

If you’re not used to sitting silently, then it’s wise to only start with a few minutes a day. That will be challenge itself. Don’t expect any kind of out-of-the-ordinary experiences at the start of your practice. If you continue with this, however, you may find that your higher self does speak quietly to you in many different ways.

3. Sit out in the sun

Just as humans, we crave the beach, we also crave the sunlight. There are few people who aren’t inspired by natural sunlight. When people are deprived of sunlight during winter months, especially in regions where they can go without seeing sunlight for days on end, they find themselves depressed and without resolve.

These suggestions and yoga poses will give you a start at unblocking your third, or solar plexus, chakra. That’s good news because, when that happens, your fourth chakra will automatically receive a larger flow of prana.

If you’d like to help awaken and re-balance your fourth chakra, the heart, then read on to the next chapter. You’ll discover several ways you can open your heart energy wheel without even leaving home.

Chapter 5: The Fourth Chakra: The Heart

Located in the midst of the physical chakras – the first three from your tailbone up – and the three of spirituality, from the crown of your neck to your throat, the heart chakra plays a special role in your overall health as well as your emotional and psychological well-being.

It’s not surprising that your heart chakra or Anahita is located, of all places, near your heart. It’s the chakra, according to tradition, where the physical meets the spiritual. In Sanskrit, by the way, Anahita, means unstuck or “unhurt.”

The physical aspects it affects include the heart (that should be no surprise there), your lymphatic system, thyroid and parathyroid glands as well as your breasts and your lungs.

The name itself, by the way, implies that underneath the pain and grief of your past there is a spiritual refuge where no pain exists. Isn’t that a wonderful promise?

So what are the classic “symptoms” a person with a closed or locked heart chakra display? When this chakra is closed you’re quick to anger, are more likely to be jealous of others and may even feel an irrational sense that someone is about to betray you. Those whose heart chakras are blocked are also quick to feel grief.

There’s still one more signal that the chakra located in your chest is blocked. If you feel hatred toward others, it might be due to this.

Wow! You have to admit that’s it’s quite a long list of symptoms. But more than that, each of those seem, at first glance to be irreversible issues or at the least, complex ones. Easily dissected and dissolving those, you’re thinking will take a bit of time. Before we address this, however, let’s see how individuals act when their heart chakra is flowing with an abundant supply of prana or natural energy.

Let’s look now, though, at the signs that your heart chakra is clear and flowing abundantly with prana. First, when this energy wheel is open, balanced and awakened, you experience a flood of lovingkindness and compassion throughout your body.

But more than that, you’re ready and willing to forgive others and most importantly, yourself. You accept others as they are – flaws and all. You also accept yourself, including all of your own flaws. Perhaps, that is the most important outcome of all of these exercises.

[]Awaken the Chakra

In some ways, there’s no chakra more vital to your overall wholeness and wellbeing. If you believe that opening and awakening this chakra may take years of going through personal counseling and therapy, think again.

There are some effective, yet simple actions you can take right now to re-balance this vortex of energy.

It could be that your heart chakra is closed and blocking energy toward the other three energy vortices because you’ve been hurt so many times in the past, you believe that pattern is going to continue. You don’t have to continue an emotional or psychological pattern that you’ve been for so many years.

[]Making the Choice

It’s amazing how much power you can discover simply by making a choice. The next time you feel that someone is “out to get you” or something is considering purposely hurting you, remember the choice is yours.

You can choose to keep your heart chakra closed, wrapping your arms around the front of you, as if you’re trying to protect that organ and that chakra and hope for the best. Or you choose to react.

Lower those protective arms and while the other person is slinging their hurt, anger and anything else they can find at you, go ahead and receive it. Feel it fully. Yes, you’re reading that properly. Feel the pain fully. But the difference is this time you’re not going to wallow in this. Instead you’re going to release it.

That’s right! Feel it fully in the moment, then let it go. When you can do that, then you’ll have room within your heart to accept and love new people, enjoy new and wonderful experiences and in the process begin to introduce a fresh flow of prana into that spinning wheel of energy.

When you consciously choose to act this way, you’re awakening this spinning wheel of energy to help you meet new people with the compassion, love and understanding they deserve.

If you refuse to do this, you’re just tightening your fists around old pain. Imagine for a moment that you refuse to let go of your old pain. Make two fists with your hands. These are your hands already filled with pain and grievances from the past.

Now, imagine getting the chance to meet new and kind people, the type you know won’t hurt you. But you can’t. Why? Look at those fists. Where are you going to hold and cherish their lovingkindness and compassion? Certainly not in your hands, they’re already filled with past pain.

The only way to meet new people, experience new and exciting relationships and enjoy loving others is by releasing the pain you seem adamant at the moment of clinging to. If you continue to do this, you’re effectively judging any future experiences by the past and you’ll just continue to feel that cascade of the classic symptoms of a blocked heart chakra.

[]Practicing Empathy and Compassion

You may be searching right now for ways to release all that pain. You may want nothing more than to be able to open those fists, drop the pain like the dirt it is and awaken your heart chakra. You can do it. And as you begin to do it, you’ll find that you’ll feel lighter and happier than you have in a long time. Below are just several options you have to consciously choose letting go of your injuries and rebalancing your chakra.

1. Use the “what if” scenarios.

These are amazingly effective at helping you to open up to others, even others who don’t appear like they want to be bothered by anyone, especially another person who doesn’t want to subscribe to their commiserating in the anger and pain.

This is one of my favorite activities. The next time you meet someone who is less-than-friendly, run these types of questions through your mind. She might be a cashier at a grocery store or an anonymous person working a phone line. Here are a few you could start with. What if:

The person is just having a bad day?
His spouse has just lost his job?
She’s discovered her spouse is having an affair?
He or a member of his family was just diagnosed with a serious illness?

Basically, you want to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself how you would be feeling and acting at that moment. The purpose of this exercise is to take your mind off your own pain and suffering, even for a few moments, and think about what must be going through their minds at that moment.

No matter what I think may be bothering them, I immediately begin to send them loving thoughts. While I never know if it works or not, it makes me feel immensely better. I even target one cashier at my local grocery store. I know she’s not by nature friendly, but I always try to chat with her and do my best to talk kindly to her.

2. Smile at everyone you meet.

Yes, that does sound insanely Pollyannaish. But, surprisingly, it does work wonders. Not only for you, but for the people you smile at as well. It’s hard to stay sad or mad at the world when you’re around even one person with a smile on his face.

3. Consciously offer your friends positive affirmations

They could be any type of sayings or adages. If you see they’re struggling with issues, then offer them something positive to which they can hold on to. It’s the same principle at work.

When you visit them at their home, however, you can take this to on more level. You can bring them a gift, regardless of how small.

You’ll be amazed at how cheering your friends and family on, you’ll be feeling better yourself.

4. Go one day a week without criticizing anyone or anything.

This is a tough vow to take. We are such a culture of negative thinkers that the first thoughts in our minds are usually negative. Imagine spending an entire day without saying any negative or nasty about anyone or even anything.

Can you do it? Imagine what it would feel like if you did? That alone should help you try.

If you try this suggestion for awakening your heart chakra, don’t get upset with yourself if you miss the mark the first couple of times around. We all do. The idea is for this “no criticism” zone you’ve set up will eventually become a habit.

5. Offer a family member with whom you have issues compassion from a distance.

You may be smiling right now, thinking that this suggestion is nothing but an escape exit. A way to get you out of actually have to do anymore with this person. And in a way it is. But in another sense, this act of love is setting both you and her up for a closer and loving relationship somewhere down the road.

Don’t forget that love is nonlocal. You can cast your love anywhere and have it come back to you three, four, even five or more times.

If you can nothing more with this person than hold good thoughts about him, at least you’re letting go of that dirt that has prevented your love from growing in the first place.

The idea with all of these suggestions is that you need to recognize and then act upon situations in which loving and compassion are missing. Your job, as part of stirring up your heart chakra and awakening it is to take any opportunity you come across to create and foster love and loving feelings.

If any of these activities appear a bit intimidating, that’s most understandable. You may want to start working on opening and awakening your heart chakra with something that doesn’t seem too threatening. That’s why you may want to perform a few yoga asanas to help crack open that blockage before you try anything like the above activities.

The Sphinx

Begin this pose, beneficial to awakening your heart chakra by lying on your stomach. Your legs should be extended behind you. Place your forearms so that they are parallel with each other. Place your elbows next to your shoulders.

Now inhale. You’ll want to keep lengthening your tailbone as you lift your head and torso from the yoga mat. After that, begin to slowly lift your stomach off the mat as well. Round it toward your lower back. Hold this pose for five to ten breaths. You can repeat this another two times if you’d like.

The Camel

Begin this heart-chakra awakening pose kneeling on the floor. Your legs ideally should be about hip width apart. Your hands should be on the back of your pelvis.

You next move is to lean back into the support of your hands. If you can, take your ankles by your hands. Your focus is no on your hips so they don’t move forward. Keeping your neck long, look behind you.

Remain in this pose for at least thirty seconds – a full minute if you’re able.

Once you’ve done this you can release this pose by returning, carefully, to the original kneeling position.

When you begin work on opening your heart chakra, you’ll not only feel it on the physical plane. Your body will feel lighter, you’ll have less issues with those parts of the body this chakra influence and greater overall health.

But you’ll also be providing the next three chakra, those of the spirit, with more prana and you’ll experience a distinct change for the better in this area as well. You’ll feel so good, I’m guessing, that you’re ready anytime to move on to the fifth chakra, the throat.

That’s what the next chapter is all about.

Chapter 6: The Fifth Chakra: The Throat

Authentic expression.

At the moment, it may merely sound like a “buzzword” to you, but it’s a quality that comes naturally to those who have awakened and re-balanced their fifth chakra, which is not surprisingly, located near the throat.

It’s also the first of the three wheels of energy that affect your spirituality. In English it’s simply called the throat chakra, though in Sanskrit it’s referred to as Vishuddha. The fifth chakra combines both your ability to understand yourself and others as well as helping you in discovering your faith.

The physical areas this chakra affects include the thyroid and parathyroid glands, as well as the larynx, jaw, mouth, neck and tongue. It’s easy to see why this chakra is so closely bound to your ability to speak a “higher truth.” Your sense of hearing, not surprising, is closely linked with this spiritually aligned chakra as well.

[]When the Throat Chakra is Awakened

There’s a fine line between expressing your opinions and being diplomatic and tactic at the same time. Anyone can be blunt about “the truth,” at least how you view the truth. Just think about the wife who enters the living room and asks her husband, “Does this dress make me look fat?”

Hopefully, it doesn’t, but if his fifth chakra is fully awakened he probably won’t answer yes. Perhaps he’d say something like, “I think you look more beautiful in the red one.” If he says yes, then he definitely needs to clear the obstruction in his fifth chakra.

Of course, the easiest route in this situation would be for the husband to say “no,” and quickly return to playing his video game.

What causes so many of us to fear telling the truth and simply go along with what’s being said in a conversation – any conversation? Probably the biggest impediment to speaking the higher truth is the innate fear of being rejected. You may also avoid speaking what you believe is the truth because you don’t want to open yourself up to other people’s judgments.

If you feel that you may have an obstruction in this area, you’ll be tempted to jump right into this area to remedy the situation. That’s not recommended. First, you need to have been working on the lower energy vortices previously. Doing this has been known to help prepare individuals for this higher form of communication.

Why? Here’s just one example of how the lower ones affect your ability to develop and awaken this chakra. If you fear telling the truth, both the first and second chakras can help you overcome the fear. As you overcome the fear and you climb the chakra ladder, the third chakra aids you in strengthening your personal power along with providing you with the necessary confidence to express it in an authentic, but diplomatic manner.

Finally, when you align, awaken and balance your heart chakra, then you can be truly confident you know what’s in your heart and reassures you that you’re speaking the truth.

A blocked fifth chakra shows up for many individuals as their inability to say what they want. The reasoning behind this could be anything and as we’ve just noted could be grounded in blockages in the lower chakras. One way to overcome this is to practice saying exactly what you desire.

Sound silly? Not at all. It’s also quite effective when you practice this exercise in the form of positive affirmations. Many of us never receive what we want from loved ones and from the universe because we simply are too afraid to ask for it.

Writing down your affirmation first, then reading it aloud can be an effective way to practice bringing forth your needs and desires. Let’s say, Joe believes he can still be a great employee and complete his workload at his office while working several days during the week at home. But, he’s afraid his supervisor will tell him no and, in fact, laugh at him.

Write down the question in the best form you’d think to which he’d respond positively. Now, look yourself in the mirror and start practicing saying it. You’ll be completing two objectives by doing this. First, the spoken word is more powerful than any of us can even imagine. When you repeat your question, you’re sending out an intention that is, in effect, preparing the events ahead to provide you with a positive response.

The second objective is that every time you say it – especially looking yourself in the mirror – you’re sending yourself a shot of self-confidence. The more you practice the question, the exact phrasing, especially, the more confident you sound and the more likely it is that your supervisor at least takes your question seriously.

Here’s another example of how this can help you in your daily life. Let’s say Aunt Louise has this habit of just dropping by your home whenever she’s “in the neighborhood.” Many of these visits occur at the most inconvenient times for you. You’d love nothing more than having Aunt Louise call ahead of time. You know for a fact she has a cell phone, so even if it’s a spur-of-the-moment idea, she can give you a ring.

Only problem is, you’ve never been one to like confrontation. In reality, you’ve thought about asking her, but already played out the over-dramatized snarky remarks you’ll have to hear from her.

Do the same thing for this second illustration. Write down exactly how you would ask your aunt to call before she visited. Rehearse this out in front of a mirror. Think about what her response to this might be. As you’re doing this, you may also want to include affirming a few counter-arguments to her initial reactions as well.

One of the most important ways to awaken the throat chakra is by thinking your comments through before you blurt them out. For some of us, this may be a new idea. Some people believe that when they’re asked a question, it gives them a license to blurt out what’s on the top of their heads, without regard to how it will make the other person feel.

They truly believe what they say when they brush off your being offended with the sentence, “If you didn’t want to know, you should never have asked.” These individuals take no responsibility for how their words sound and hurt others.

Did your mother ever warn you that if you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all? The next set of questions is very similar to that line of reasoning. Until you’ve awakened your fifth chakra and can judge without the need of a questionnaire, the following exercise is useful

According to some experts, there are three questions you need to ask yourself before you speak. If anywhere in this line of questioning, you can honestly say “yes’ to the question, then it’s better off not to say anything.

1. “Is it true?”

Are you speaking the truth, or perhaps just saying something to either pique the other person’s anger or to hurt them.

2. “Is it absolutely necessary that I say it?”

If it’s not imperative that you say this, then you should consider holding your tongue.

3. “Is what I’m going to say kind?”

Too often we say things with the intention of hurting the other person. You can see this far too often in marriages. But it can occur in all relationships. Don’t believe that adage for a moment that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Words hurt. And while bones can heal quickly, there are times the pain from words never do heal properly. There are many adults who carry the pain of high school teasing and harassing around with them for decades.

[]The Other Side of the Chakra: Listening

It’s true. Listening, in a very real sense, is merely the flip side of the throat chakra. Speaking the truth with compassion and honestly go hand in hand to being fully in the moment when you’re listening to someone.

For some of us, especially in this day of instant electronic communications, this may be difficult. As a writer, I feel as if I’m always at my laptop working. While I warn people when I’m working on a deadline. I try to explain I can’t talk and keep my laptop lid up.

However, when someone approaches with a serious conversation, I close the laptop and give that individual my full attention. The same way with my cell phone. I don’t take calls, answer emails or text messages when I’m fully engaged in listening.

If you can perform small acts like that while you’re listening to another person, you’ll realize you’re on your way to clearing your fifth chakra.

The following is yet another exercise that incorporates not only your ability to speak with an authentic voice, but to be fully in the present moment when you’re the individual listening.

First and foremost, you’ll need to perform this with a friend who understands you, fully accepts you and is willing to help you. While that type of individual are difficult to find, at times, I’m sure you can find someone. You’ll see in a moment why this level of trust and acceptance are absolutely necessary.

Sit down with a good friend and start a conversation. It could be about just about anything. The topic isn’t as important as it is that you listen to him. Try to understand exactly what they’re saying. According to Steven Covey, author of 7 Habit of Highly Effective People, you then say something along these lines “Let me make sure I’m understanding you correctly.” Paraphrase, as you understand it, what your friend just told you.

If you’re not on the mark, then ask you to explain it again. Do not get upset or sarcastic. Just listen with all of your presence and then respond in the most kind and compassionate way you’re able.

The more you do this, more the blockage in your throat chakra should be diminishing.

We’ve talked about the power of the spoken word, which is what the throat chakra is all about. We’ve also showed you a method of overcoming fear when you desire to ask someone for something important to you.

Along those same lines, you can help awaken this chakra through positive affirmations spoken to no one in particular but your higher self, breathing as well as humming

You can devote as much time to this exercise as you’d like. I’d recommend, though, that you at least give it a fighting chance to work and spend a minimum of 10 minutes practicing it. All you really need to do here is to speak out loud healing positive affirmations. Some of them are the easiest. “I am heard,” works well in quickly dissolving the blockage in the throat chakra.

Several other positive affirmations that you can say throughout the day are listing below.

“I am able to speak.”
“I am expressing myself.”
“I am freely creating my world.”

If none of these resonant with you, then write your own that best sizes up your intentions. There are only a few “rules,” if you will, when composing them. You want them always to be stated in the present tense. Secondly, if at all possible, you want to start them off with the phrase “I am.” Those two small words has the ability to create a great deal of good in your life.

In addition to speaking them out loud, don’t be afraid to write them out on index cards or print them out and keep them in locations that you pass all the time. Everything you see one of the affirmations say it out loud – and say it as if you believe it.

[]The Lion Pose

Not many yoga poses are effective at clearing a blocked throat chakra, but there’s one that most yoga instructors feel will work if performed regularly. It’s called the lion

When implementing this for the purpose of awakening and balancing your fifth chakra, you’ll want to start off kneeling on the floor. Cross the right ankle behind the left ankle.

You know you’ve crossed them correctly because your feet will pointed to either side.

Sit back until you feel you’re sitting on the top of one of your heels. Press the palms of your hands against your both of your knees, your fingers splayed (in dance they call these “jazz hands”).

Breath in deeply through your nose while, at the same time, open your mouth as widely as possible and stretch out your tongue. Then curl its tip toward your chin. After you do this, open your eyes widely while tightening the muscles at the front of your throat.

Your next step is to exhale your breath through your mouth and say as loud as you can “ha!” Be aware of how this feels as your breath at this moment should be passing over the back of your throat. Throughout this later stage, you’ll want to be gazing toward the tip of your nose.

Perform this facial expression two to three times, then uncross your ankles and cross them in the opposite way and perform this pose again.

Chapter 7: The Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye

The second of the three chakra involving matters of the spirit, the third eye, as it’s called in Sanskrit, ajna.

Whether you were at all familiar with chakras before this, you probably at least heard the phrase “third eye” in reference to the gift of intuition some individuals seem to have. Ajna doesn’t really translate into intuition, though. It means “beyond wisdom.” Those who have been blessed with a natural sense of intuition would never argue with that interpretation.

That’s exactly what this chakra represents, your intuition. Many individuals appear surprised to discover that all of us in some fashion are blessed with varying degrees of intuition.

Could your intuition be blocked because of a less-than-healthy flow of energy from your root chakra to your third eye?

Of course, there is no real way to know until you start working with your chakras and find out what happens.

According to many, if you awaken and re-balance this energy wheel, it’ll lead to greater powers of clairvoyance, intuition, telepathic talents, as well as the ability to experience lucid dreams. You’ll also discover you have a greater field of imagination and a greater capacity to visualize.

This third eye chakra is, appropriately enough, located between your two physical eyes and in the middle of your forehead. The physical areas of your body that is influenced by this chakra include your eyes, head and the lower portion of your brain. It also exerts an influenced over your pituitary gland.

We’ve all experienced this intuitive power to varying degrees throughout our lives. Most of us, however, simply chalk it up to coincidence. What about the last time your best friend phoned you? You were surprised because . . . well, you had just been thinking of him. Crazy? No. Intuitive? Yes!

[]Trust Your Intuition

There is nothing mysterious, mystic or even evil about trusting your intuition. The problem is that most of us have learned how to dismiss it. Too many of us have decided that it isn’t “scientific enough” to believe in.

Why not try out that intuition once more? This time while you’re awakening and re-balancing your third eye chakra. You may be surprised that your intuitive self has been waiting inside of you for a long time so it can be re-discovered. (And yes, it really did know you would find it again. After all . . )

After all, who knows how long your third eye chakra has been lacking in the proper flow of energy. It’s perfectly fine to start small and slowly use it on larger projects or more important decisions. You’ve already seen, how with the solar plexus chakra, you can ask for inner guidance. When you align the third eye chakra, you’ll receive even more precise advice and inner guidance.

[]The Third Eye and Meditation

Meditation is probably one of the most efficient ways of awakening your third eye chakra. If you’re new to meditation, you may feel the area around your third eye is tingling. Some individuals complain that sitting in the silence gives them a headache. If this happens to you, whatever you do, don’t abandon the habit, that tingling or other feelings are actually signs that your chakra is getting re-balanced. Congratulations!

The following exercise can help your flow of prana during your meditation and encourage the opening of this chakra. It’s called the bee breath.

Start by bringing both hands to your face and placing the two middle fingers over your eyes. Your index fingers should rest gently over your eyebrow lines while your “pinkies” should be gently touching your cheekbones. Take your thumbs and close your ears.

Next, inhale deeply and make the sound of “aum” with the emphasis on the “m” sound. This should sound like a bee buzzing. Do this for at least two minutes. Not only does this work to help break up the obstruction in the chakra, but it’s also an effective way to eliminate tension as well.

[]Yoga Poses to Awaken the Third Eye

The first pose that can help awaken, align and re-balance your third eye is referred to as the thunderbolt pose. The mythological history behind this pose is that it was the weapon of the god, Indra, who ruled heaven.

It’s not just any weapon, though, because this god used it to quell the inner critic within, our own worst enemy along with the judgments we make on a daily basis. Isn’t it a wonderful myth?

This asana works so well because it’s based on the power of observation. The theory behind this is that simply by observing our thoughts and not engaging them in any form that we can actually release ourselves from the power we believed they had over us.

Begin this asana by sitting on your heels, spine straight, and your knees about hip-width apart. Place the palms of your hands on your thighs. If your knees feel uncomfortable, then place a towel underneath your buttocks.

With your spine still straight, release all your weight down through your bones. You should be breathing in and out through your nose.

Next, lengthen your spine upwards and stretch your shoulders. Then release the shoulders,

Gaze about four feet in front of you down toward the floor. Continue this gentle breathing and observe your thoughts. Don’t judge them, just observe them. Visualize them as clouds slowly moving by on a sunny day. As one slips by another will take its place. This is fine and is how it should be.

You’ll discover that you don’t judge yourself as you allow these thoughts to flow through your mind that you’ll have more compassion for yourself and you’ll begin to see behavior patterns that aren’t healthy for you. Not only will you recognize these behaviors, but you’ll be able to change them.

As a bonus, as it were, you’ll also feel a greater unity with everything in the world around you and discover a greater joy and peace of inner knowing.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose not only opens your third eye chakra, but according to those who teach yoga, prepares your body the headstand postures which follow. If you can, concentrate on your third eye as you perform this posture. In this way, you’ll be providing even a greater flow of energy to this spinning wheel.

Get on your hands and knees on the yoga mat. Keep your back straight. Move your hands forward, much like if they were going for a walk without the rest of your body. Keep your hands on the floor.

Spread your fingers and make sure they are securely set on the floor. Exhale, making sure that as you do so, you lift your tailbone straight up. The concept at this point is to try to put distance between your tailbone and your pelvis.

At the same time lift your legs and straighten them. Just be sure you don’t lock your knees. When you’ve finished and are correctly postured, then your hands and arms are straight holding your upper body off the floor and your palms are firmly pressed into the yoga mat.

Positive Affirmations

One of the best ways to keep a consistent flow of energy to this valuable area is through affirmations. When we spoke about the throat chakra, we emphasized how potent the spoken word could be. You’ve done the work to open your throat chakra in order to be able to speak the higher truth. Now is the time to actually speak it.

We’ve prepared some affirmations for you, but keep in mind that the best are those you create for yourself.

“I trust my intuition.”
“I embrace my inner knowing.”
“My inner wisdom and I are one.”

Some individuals seem to think the power of an affirmation lies with the wording. To some extent that is true. They should all be written in the present tense, should start off with a word of thanks.

But it’s so much the wording that allows affirmations to help us. It’s the realization that through affirmations we’re keeping these ideas in the forefront of our consciousness. What we say out loud are affirmations, not incantations.

As you begin to clear your sixth chakra, you’ll not only find that your intuition is kicking into high gear, but you’ll find yourself searching for what many call their “higher self.” The crown chakra, the seventh, leads you, if you let it, toward the path of enlightenment.

Chapter 8: The Seventh Chakra: The Crown

You have nearly all of your chakras closer to being awakened, aligned and flowing with the energy of the universe. There’s only one chakra left to re-balance. That’s the one located at the top of your head known as the crown chakra.

In Sanskrit it’s called Sahaswara and is widely thought to be the fount of your enlightenment. This chakra is responsible for your very real spiritual connection to the universe. In effect, it’s the source of what many spiritual gurus call enlightenment.

The thousand-petal lotus, and is located at the crown of your head. The lotus as a symbol of the seventh chakra is relevant to the purpose of the crown chakra.

In both the Hindu and Buddhist tradition, the juxtaposition of the location of the growth of the flower and its beauty is symbolic and touching. The lotus is nurtured and grows in muddy waters. It’s from these same muddy waters that it arises beautiful, all of its thousand petals. From a muddy, murky very dark environment where it’s questionable anything could survive.

Since this is the ultimate spiritual chakra, there are no physical parts of your body that are influenced by this spinning wheel of energy. You can only tap the energy found here is through daily silent meditation and silence.

When you discipline yourself to meditate daily with the purpose of connect to your higher consciousness, this is enough to keep the flow of energy to the chakra and the symbolic lotus flower alive.

As a result, you’ll also experience a spiritual awareness of the outer world, but you’ll discover that nothing “out there” can you only if you allow it to. Soon, you’ll be experiencing more moments of spiritual enlightenment throughout the days.

But there’s another benefit to this becoming one with the universe. You’ll experience more moments where you actually experience unconditional love. You’ll find yourself acting more compassionate toward others. You’ll be a more kind, gentler version of your pre-enlightenment self.

One of the most amazing changes you’ll go through is that you’ll be more forgiving toward others and especially yourself.

[]Awaken Your Crown through Meditation

One of the most effective ways to help awaken your crown chakra and to keep the energy flowing is through meditation. Below is a brief description of a meditation created to do this.

Sit in a comfortable position, the exact position doesn’t matter as much as that you feel comfortable with it. Breathe slowly and deeply. As you do this, feel your body begin to relax. Allow your feet, your les your hips, and torso to release the tension it may be harboring.

Once you feel this relaxation visualize it moving up your spine, giving a release of tension to all the muscles in your back. Next allow this relaxing feeling move to your abdomen and then slowly up your chest. Allow it to work its magic by relaxing all the organs in your chest.

Don’t forget to relax your shoulders, neck and head. Once you’ve felt that release of tension, then feel your face and all of its muscles relax.

When you’re satisfied every part of your body is relaxed, then you can perform the visualization aspect of this meditation. Imagine that there’s a lotus flower directly above your head, its petal slowly beginning to open. As you watch the petals open, you see a stream of pure white light pouring out from inside the flower throughout your body.

See it enter your head and leave through the bottom of your feel. This beautiful white stream of light will feel like a loving energy. As you allow the loving energy to freely flow through you, then you’ll also feel the oneness of the universe, being one with the source.

Next, affirm that you are one with God, or whatever word you use to call your divine self. God is now residing within you. Continue to affirm this.

Finish meditating by giving thanks to the true Source, whatever you may believe that to be.

[]Be Grateful

One of the best way to keep the flow of energy to your crown chakra is through the powerful tool of gratitude. We tend to underestimate this potent tool we always have at our disposal.

Sure, it’s easy to be grateful when events are flowing positively, when everyone in your family is healthy, you have a new car sitting in your driveway, and other positive events occur.

But maintaining that same level of gratitude when life seems to be handing you less than what you expected, when you or a loved one are ill, the children are screaming and you don’t have enough money to cover the bills is difficult to do. But yet, that single act of gratitude, even in the toughest of times, is usually exactly what’s needed to help turn the tide.

[]Positive Affirmations

Perhaps now, while your energy flow to your crown chakra is healthy, is the best time to keep your energy flowing through the use of positive affirmations. One of the most helpful is simply to repeat “I am open and expanded.” Some individual like to say “I enlarge my ideas of what truly is possible in my life.”

As always, if you can adapt these type of positive statements to your personal situation, you’ll discover how truly effective they can be.


Congratulations! Using a variety of tools you’ve opened your chakras. However much you feel as if you have “completed” a course, you really are only beginning your magical journey to a new you.

A new version of yourself that should include less aches and pains, less doubts and fears and the courage to speak up and speak the greater truth . . . or any type of truth for that matter.

Hopefully as you awaken your chakras one at a time, you’ll feel a genuine shift in your experiences, your thinking and your physical well-being. If you continue with these exercises and add more you find along your journey you’ll should be living the start of a new life.

Oh at first, you’ll only be given a peek here and there, a preview of what’s to come. That’ll be enough, though, to drive you toward the next level of chakra clearing. But if you continue that discipline that accompanied you when you begin first working on that first chakra, you’ll be able to maintain these wonderfully new feelings

Upon Reaching Enlightenment

Once you’ve experienced even a moment of enlightenment, you’ll be returning to your meditation and other spiritual practices in order to experience that special feeling again. Don’t be disappointed if the next time you meditate you can’t seem to find it as you did previously.

One of the most difficult aspects of enlightenment that most people grapple with is the seemingly whimsical nature of the universe. One day it’ll invite you in and give you a peak at the fundamental oneness of it all. The next day, it’ll deny you entrance for no apparent reason.

More than one person has fretted over what they’ve done or haven’t done to be denied access to one of the most amazing secrets in the universe. Believe me, it isn’t necessarily you.

No one has yet discovered why this happens, but it may very well be for our own good. Some gurus suggest that the oneness of it all is so grand that we can stand only a preview here or there.

Practice gratitude and other habits to keep your chakras open and know you’ll be admitted entrance again. Just never, ever stop trying. Now that you’ve open that loving healing flood of energy along your spine and your chakras, don’t ever allow them to close again.

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