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Cathy vs. The Ninja Army (Bug Adventures Book 14)

Bug Adventures: Book 14

Cathy vs. The Ninja Army

Written by Jake Swartwout

Illustrated by Natalie Swartwout

Copyright 2016 Jake Swartwout

Cathy Caterpillar was walking home with her “boyfriend” Brent Bumblebee. He was telling her all about this beautiful Junebug he had seen, and it was making her angry.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s take this shortcut through the alley.” Brent smiled. “Alright! I’ll show you my sweet new ninja skills and keep you safe!” Cathy sighed, and continued walking. Behind her, Brent screamed. “Ahhhhh! a leaf!”

Cathy smiled, but noticed something strange about the leaf. It jumped up and down, then was blasted away when ninja bugs exploded out from the manhole. Brent screamed and ran away, while Cathy started fighting.

Cathy used her ninja kick to decapitate five at once. She whirled around, fighting off tons of ninjas and protecting Brent. When they were all gone, Brent stood up. He called out: “See? I chased them away!”

Cathy winced at his stupidity, then walked away with Brent calling for her to come back. She had to think without being distracted by him. Where had all of those ninjas come from?

She quickly searched “Bugtown Ninja Shops” and wasn’t surprised when the first result was “Sam’s Ninja-Academy”. “Ooh” She grumbled to herself. “I’ll bet he’s creating fake ninja’s to promote his school!”

Cathy stomped over to Sam’s school and angrily burst in the door. “I know what you’re up to!” She shouted. Sam looked up from a group of disabled kids he was teaching to defend themselves. “What?” He asked.

Cathy grumbled and angrily walked out the front door. “I’ll prove he’s guilty.” She said to herself. She headed home to find more proof and get ready to fight.

That night, she heard a tapping on her window. She thought it was the ninjas, and armed herself with a nunchuck. Cathy crept around the corner to find Brent punching the window, trying to break it and get inside.

She sighed and opened the glass door, making Brent fall on his face. “Are you stalking me?” Cathy asked. Brent just yelled: “I’ll protect you Cathy!” and pointed to a dark black blob that was flowing over her fence. Cathy squinted and gasped, seeing the thousands of armed ninjas it was made of.

Brent ran out to fight the ninjas, then fell into a bush and got stuck. Cathy swung her nunchuck, getting ready to start fighting. Then, Sam crawled over the hill. “Cathy! I can’t have you telling the police about my evil plans. Join me, instead, to become the ultimate ninja; or face the wrath of my army!”

Cathy shouted “Never!” and started smashing ninjas. Metal parts flew everywhere. Cathy was confused, then realized what Sam had done. He created an army of Evil Robot Ninja Bugs!

She fought and fought, carving a path towards Sam. She hit him with her most powerful kick, causing him to drop a remote. She smashed it and caused all of the ninjas to fall over, powerless.

Pat Pillbug pulled in, just noticing the 400+ ninjas. He saw Sam and arrested him for looking like a ninja. Brent struggled to get away from the bush, only managing to get stuck worse. She laughed, hoping Brent had learned to appreciate her, and her awesome ninja skills.


About the Author

Jake Swartwout is a high school sophomore and the author of Bug Adventures. Jake created this series for younger readers seeking a thrilling mystery. You can discover more about the series and characters at www.bugadventures.us

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Cathy vs. The Ninja Army (Bug Adventures Book 14)

  • Author: Jake Swartwout
  • Published: 2016-04-05 05:20:10
  • Words: 615
Cathy vs. The Ninja Army (Bug Adventures Book 14) Cathy vs. The Ninja Army (Bug Adventures Book 14)