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Catching Avery

She wasn't even the one who wanted to go out and get laid! So, what happens when you vow to be the best wingwoman you can be, but you run into your bosses while you're out looking for...uh, a good time? Well, if you're Avery Ellis, you drunkenly blurt out how you and your friends are out looking to make your sexual fantasies come true. Probably not the best career move, but there's no going back. Especially when one of those said bosses offers his services in the interest of safety first! There were so many reasons why Avery Ellis was off limits, but Nicholas Savage wasn't open to listening to any of them. Especially when he learned everything that was on her drunken, little mind! Now, he can't get her off his mind and he'll do anything to have her. Even if it might grant him a court date for workplace sexual harassment. With the misguided help from their friends, Nicholas and Avery's...uh, courtship is a rollercoaster of fake weddings, kidnapping, West Coast gangsta rapping and a sexual fantasy involving peanut butter and glitter.

  • Author: M.E. Clayton
  • Published: 2018-09-15 05:35:06
  • Words: 106867
Catching Avery Catching Avery