Career Scope for .NET Professionals

Career Scope for .NET Professionals

.NET programming has been very popular worldwide for over a number of years now. As a .NET professional, you will develop applications such as XML web applications for various platforms. One of the most common questions that students ask is whether or not .NET is the best programming course or should one prefer Java, which is now a very popular and most sought after qualification in the IT sector. To answer this, let’s first understand the basics. While .NET is a framework, Java is a programming language. The .NET framework supports various languages such as VB.Net and C#. Both have their own utilities and so their scope is equally high. Now that this is clear, let’s see what career scope exists after .NET training.

.NET Career Opportunities

What students need to know is that while hiring, employee do not simply state that they are looking for .NET programmers. Rather, there will be job openings that ask for skills such as SQL server and C#.

.NET is growing in popularity because of its demand in India and abroad. Since Hyderabad is an IT hub, the demand for .NET training in Hyderabad is also sky-rocketing. .NET career scope is growing in the international IT sector, especially in UK, USA, South Africa and the Gulf. .NET is immensely popular because of the availability of Rapid Action Development or RAD. The high penetration of the Microsoft operating system among users is also one of the reasons why applications built on the .NET framework are constantly required. Learning .NET makes it easy to develop applications for a large number of environments and platforms. .NET allows the creation of window based as well as web server applications that are compatible on both mobiles and personal computers.

Options for .NET Developers

As a .NET professional, you can choose to work among a large number of profiles such as .NET technician, software developer, programmer and so on. It does not require any specific qualification although those with a computer science background in graduation will find it much easier to secure a high paying job. Anybody, be it a diploma holder, graduate or a post graduate can work as a .NET professional after training and certification from a good institute. It’s best to approach credible institutes that offer placement oriented training in .NET. A few international certifications in .NET include MCPD, MCTS (ASP.net and VB.net).

Tasks of a .NET Professional

As a .NET professional, you need to develop programming code (logic series) after understanding the requirements of a project. This code will enable communication between computers and networks and databases. .NET professionals develop new applications and modify, repair or upgrade older ones. A .NET professional has to create software solutions through data integration after understanding business requirements. Common tasks you would need to handle as a .NET professional include writing codes for applications and web pages for various platforms, testing and debugging software, accessing business servers and using databases.

A good career scope comes after good training. Therefore, choose the training institute wisely. Placement School is one of the best .NET training institutes in Hyderabad as it offers placement oriented training along with real time projects and placement assistance.

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Career Scope for .NET Professionals

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Career Scope for .NET Professionals Career Scope for .NET Professionals