Cannibal Killers: What Makes A Cannibal Killer Want To Eat People? Tragic True C




What Makes A Cannibal Killer Want To Eat People? Tragic True Crime Cases and Murder Mysteries of the Worlds Cannibal Killers

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I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the book, “Cannibal Killers: What Makes a Cannibal Killer want to Eat People? Tragic True Crime Cases and Murder Mysteries of the Worlds Cannibal Killer

Cannibalism is the act of eating human flesh or human organs. Does this sound horrendous to you? You might wonder why any person in their right mind would want to be a part of such a blasphemous act.


The truth is cannibalism is a practice that has existed for centuries. There is evidence which shows that human beings have indulged in the practice of cannibalism from the Palaeolithic Era.


The word cannibalism has come from the Island Carib people of the Lesser Antilles. According to their records and legends, they have been practicing cannibalism from the seventeenth century.


You may believe that cannibalism is only practiced in certain cultures. But that is where you are wrong. Many tribes practiced cannibalism due to a superstition or a belief. But that is not true for every other person. There have been many instances where cannibalism has been performed in a gruesome manner.


I am going to present to you five cases of cannibalism that are not based on culture or beliefs. It is a simple act of murder. These are the true stories of people who have resorted to torture their victims.


The depressing aspect is that the people who perform such heinous acts are intellectuals. They exude a level of confidence which would have you second guessing yourself. You might succumb to their charm and might give in to what they ask.


These people have a reason why they perform such acts. They believe that their convictions and needs have to be fulfilled and they will go to any extent to do so.


Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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[] Chapter 1: Albert Fish – The Werewolf of Wysteria

Albert Fish is a classic example of how mental illnesses pave a path for people to become monsters if not treated at the right time. Hamilton Howard ‘Albert’ Fish is one of the most infamous serial killers, child rapists and cannibals of our times.


Fish was born on 19th May, 1870 and went by many names – The Brooklyn Vampire, The Moon Maniac and The Bogey Man. He boasted to the world that he ate a child in every state of the United States of America, and had stated at a point that the number was close to a century. Nobody still knows if he was talking about rapes or cannibalization and there is no certainty if the statement was true or just a bluff.


Hamilton Fish was born to Randall and Ellen Fish. His mother was 43 years younger than his father; his father was 75 when Albert was born. Albert changed his name to Albert Fish in order to avoid being branded as ‘Ham and Eggs’ when he was in school.


He had three siblings –Annie, Walter, and Edwin who were diagnosed with mental illnesses at different stages of their life. One of his brothers was confined to an asylum and his mother was diagnosed with a disease that caused aural and visual hallucinations. It was then that Albert was sent to an orphanage.


He spent close to nine years in the orphanage and later claimed to have ‘gone wrong’ during his stay there. He was treated sadistically at the Saint John’s Orphanage in Washington and was beaten often for no fault of his.


He later realized that he started enjoying the feeling of being beaten. Later in life, he stated that he had seen boys do things to themselves that they should never have done. This was when he began to show a keen sexual interest in boys.


His mother took him out of the orphanage when she got a government job. At the age of twelve, he engaged in a sexual relationship with a telegraph boy who introduced Fish to the acts of ‘Urolagnia’, which is the act of drinking urine, and ‘Coprophagia’, which is the act of eating faeces.


Fish then began to spend a majority of his weekends at public baths where he watched boys and men undressing. He also loved writing obscene letters that were addressed to women who placed advertisements looking for employment or matrimony. He did this throughout his life and was arrested for the same on multiple occasions.


He once wrote an obscene letter to a woman who had responded to an advertisement about a maid. She took the letter to the police who were shocked at reading such profanity. They tracked down Fish and arrested him on the charge of harassment; little did they know that the man they caught was going to do a lot more than write an obscene letter.


Fish later moved to New York where he started raping young boys not more than the age of six. His mother got him married to a woman who was younger than him by nine years. They had six children whom Fish had to raise alone as his wife ran away with a man who was boarding in their house.


It was then that he began to have aural hallucinations and he began to inflict self harm. He pierced himself with needles around his groin and pelvic region. He hit himself with a nail studded paddle. He also set himself alight near his anus by setting a piece of wool doused with lighter fluid alight.


Fortunately, for his own children, he never harmed them physically. However, he encouraged his children and some of their friends to flog themselves with the nail studded paddle that he used to harm himself. It was during this time that he found himself attracted to cannibalism. He would sometimes eat raw meat and also feed his children the same.


During his stay at New York, he witnessed the act of dissection of a penis, which fascinated him and got him obsessed with the idea of sexual mutilation. Fish also enjoyed the thought of causing harm to another person. This led to Fish being in a sadomasochistic relationship with a 19 year old man.


It was never known whether the nineteen year old had agreed to the torture that Fish put him through. He later accepted that the teenage boy was intellectually weak. When Fish decided to kill the boy, he took him to a warehouse that was secluded and away from civilization, so no one could hear a sound.


Fish tortured the boy sexually and also tried to dissect his penis. He got a high from the agonizing pain that he put the boy through. He wanted to kill the boy, but chose to leave him in the warehouse by wrapping gauze around his wounds. He then walked out on the boy and never gave him a second thought.


Fish then began to have aural hallucinations and mentioned that God had asked him to kill young boys. He created a set of weapons that he used to kill the young boys. He sexually harassed them and then killed them with the weapons that he believed were the weapons of God.


He first tried to lure a little girl called Beatrice by giving her some money. Fortunately for the girl, her mother came out of the house and chased Fish away. He later came back to sleep in their shed but was caught again and was chased away by her father.


He then decided to test his weapons, which he called ‘Implements of hell’ on a young boy named Cyril. Cyril and his friend were playing in the street when Fish lured them to enter his house for sandwiches. The boys were asked to wait in his room, while Fish stepped inside another room.


While playing in the room the kids came across the tools that Fish intended to cause harm with. They found the whole setting suspicious and ran out of the house.


He performed his last act of cannibalism in the year 1928 and was arrested after that incident. His other acts of cannibalism and murder were known to the world after his arrest. Had he not been captured, he most likely would have committed many other heinous crimes.


In 1928 when Fish was about 58 years old, he came across an advertisement in the newspaper that read, ‘Young man, 18, wishes position in country. Edward Budd, 406 West 15th Street’. Fish met the Budd Family on May 28 under the name of Frank Howard.


He claimed to be a farmer and agreed to hire Edward Budd and his friend Willie. He promised to call the two boys in a few days but failed to do so. He sent out a telegraph and set a later date.


When he visited the Budd family for the second time he met Grace Budd, their 10 year old daughter. Initially he wanted to cause harm to Edward by tying him up and mutilating him. When he set his eyes on Grace, he changed his mind. He lied to the Budd family stating that it was his niece’s birthday and requested that Grace accompany him.


The unsuspecting parents let Grace go with Fish and after that they never saw their daughter again. They received a letter in 1934 that was addressed to Grace’s mother. Mrs. Budd could not read and made her son read the letter to her.

My dear Mrs. Budd

In 1894 a friend of mine shipped as a deck hand on the steamer Tacoma, Capt John Davis. They sailed from San Francisco to Hong Kong China. On arriving there he and two others went ashore and got drunk. When they returned the boat was gone. At that time there was a famine in China. Meat of any kind was from $1 – $3 Dollars a pound.

So great was the suffering among the very poor that all children under 12 were sold to the Butchers to be cut up and sold for food in order to keep others from starving. A boy or girl under 14 was not safe in the street. You could go in any shop and ask for steak – chops – or stew meat.

Part of the naked body of a boy or girl would be brought out and just what you wanted cut from it. A boy or girls behind which is the sweetest part of the body and sold as veal cutlet brought the highest price. John staid there so long he acquired a taste for human flesh.

On his return to N.Y. he stole two boys one 7 one 11. Took them to his home, stripped them naked, tied them in a closet then burned everything they had on. Several times every day and night he spanked them – tortured them – to make their meat good and tender.

First he killed the 11 yr old boy, because he had the fattest ass and of course the most meat on it. Every part of his body was cooked and eaten except head – bones and guts. He was Roasted in the oven, (all of his ass) boiled, broiled, fried, stewed. The little boy was next, went the same way.

At that time I was living at 409 E 100 St, rear – right side. He told me so often how good Human flesh was I made up my mind to taste it. On Sunday June the 3 – 1928 I called on you at 406 W 15 St. Brought you pot cheese – strawberries. We had lunch. Grace sat in my lap and kissed me. I made up my mind to eat her, on the pretense of taking her to a party.

You said Yes she could go. I took her to an empty house in Westchester I had already picked out. When we got there, I told her to remain outside. She picked wild flowers. I went upstairs and stripped all my clothes off. I knew if I did not I would get her blood on them. When all was ready I went to the window and called her.

Then I hid in a closet until she was in the room. When she saw me all naked she began to cry and tried to run down stairs. I grabbed her and she said she would tell her mama. First I stripped her naked. How she did kick – bite and scratch.

I choked her to death then cut her in small pieces so I could take my meat to my rooms, cook and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me 9 days to eat her entire body. I did not fuck her tho I could of had I wished. She died a virgin”


When he was caught by the police, he said that he had initially planned on killing Edward Budd. During his interrogation, he told his lawyer that he had never thought of raping Grace Budd, but he did have two involuntary ejaculations when he was strangling her.


It was only when he was arrested, in 1934, that his other murders and acts of cannibalism were known. He performed his first act of cannibalism in the year 1924. His first victim was an eight year old boy, Francis McDonnell. His parents said that he had never returned home after playing catch with his friends.


Fish sexually assaulted the boy and let him hang to death from his suspenders. The police found that the boy’s left hamstring was stripped off its flesh. Fish had initially claimed innocence, but later came around and told his lawyer that he intended to castrate the boy after he was arrested, but had to run away when he heard someone approaching. He later accepted that he consumed the flesh that was stripped off.


He performed his next act of cannibalism in 1927. This time it was a four year old named Billy Gaffney. He was playing with a three year old and a twelve year old. When the twelve year old had gone inside the house, Fish had come and taken the two young boys.


The three year old was found at the end of the street. He had said that the Bogeyman had Billy. He provided the police with a description.


The police could never recover Billy’s body. After his arrest, Fish had written a letter to his lawyer giving him the details of the murder. Fish had taken Billy to an empty house and stripped him and gagged him. He burnt the child’s clothes and left for the night and returned the following afternoon with a knife.


He cut the child’s ears and nose and also slit him from ear to ear. He then stabbed the child near his belly and drank his blood. He then cut the body into pieces and separated his chest from the rest of his body. He then put the rest of his body into potato sacks and filled them with stones to help the sacks sink.


After this heinous deed, he returned home with the ears, nose and the front of his body and the ass. He mentioned in his letter that he had made soup out of the ears and the nose. He said that he had mixed onions, carrots and other vegetables in the soup.


He spent four days eating the meat.


Billy Gaffney’s mother visited Fish in prison to know if he murdered her child and to learn how he died. She believed that Fish did not murder her child. However, Fish refused to answer her questions. However, the police had evidence that Fish kidnapped and murdered Billy.


Another person had remembered that a young boy was being dragged by an old man. The description that individual gave matched the description that the three year old gave. It was only then that Fish was charged with the murder of Billy Gaffney.


Fish was incarcerated at Sing Sing after the murder of Grace Budd. He had pleaded insanity. The psychiatrist who took up the case stated in court that Fish was insane. The psychiatrist said that Fish’s religious convictions made him assume that if he sacrificed a young boy, he would be asking for redemption.


Fish stated that he heard God asking him to kill young boys. The psychiatrists who tested Fish claimed that he was unfit to live in society. A few hours prior to his death, Fish had written a few pages addressed to his lawyer, James Dempsey, about what he had done to all his victims.


He was killed in an electric chair. When he was forced by the press to reveal the contents of the document, Dempsey vehemently disagreed stating that the document contained the filthiest string of obscenities that he ever read.


[] Chapter 2: Alexander Spesivtsev – The Cannibal of Siberia

A lot of people would want to ease the suffering of the homeless and provide them with shelter. But not Alexander Spesivtsev, also known as Sasha. Not much is known about Sasha’s childhood. It is said that he was born on March 1, 1970 in the town of Novokuznetsk.


There are some records that claim that he was born in 1969. Like most serial killers, Sasha too was born in a dysfunctional family. His father tormented and tortured his entire family; this torture at a tender age led to a mental imbalance in Sasha.


He went through life like any other human being. He fell in love with a girl and stayed with her. Like they say, an apple never falls far from its tree, Sasha too started torturing her the way his father tortured his family.


He began slowly and then started torturing her repeatedly and one final day, killed her. He was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend in 1991 and was sent to a psychiatric facility for a period of three years.


He was confined to his room during the course of his treatment. He was allowed to leave the facility after his mental balance had stabilized, or so they thought it had. Sasha moved into an apartment with his mother Lyudmila, who worked at a school near the River Aba. Sasha had a Doberman who went everywhere with him. He started working as a metal painter and it seemed that his life was moving towards normalcy.


However, it was not to be, as something else kept brewing in the killers head. He wanted to clean the streets of the evil that democracy had brought. He believed that the homeless children were deteriorating society so he decided to clean the streets off of these children.


He lured these children off the streets and off the trains and would then bring them home. The ghastly aspect to these murders is that Sasha’s mother was in on them. She helped him lure these children.


Once the children were inside the house, Sasha would torture them the way his father tortured him. He would then rape the children and kill them. Once he killed them, he would mutilate their bodies. His mother would use a few of the body parts in her cooking.


Once the murder was done, and the food was cooked, Sasha and his mother would sit at the table and enjoy a meal. He never got rid of the body parts, which were mostly strewn across the house. He continued to rape, torture and murder these children on a regular basis.


Eventually the neighbors complained to the police about the stench and the loud music that emanated from Sasha’s house. They had also begun to notice a decrease in the number of street children in their area. When they mentioned this to the police, the police did not bother to investigate. They assumed that the complaints were a civil problem that did not require their interference.


Had the police intervened earlier and conducted an investigation, they would have found that Sasha had killed his nineteen year old girlfriend in 1991, and the fact that he was capable of murder and was not just another civilian as they assumed him to be.


Around the summer of 1996, Sasha began to get rid of the body parts. He would ask his mother to drop off the trash in the River Aba or would sometimes make the trip himself. After a point of time, Sasha stopped stepping out of the house. For reasons unknown, he refused to lure any other homeless child.


Things didn’t get back to normal after this; it rather took a worse turn. His mother took up the job of luring homeless kids. She was an old woman and would use her age to gain sympathy from the children. She would carry heavy bags with her when she walked the streets and on the pretext of taking help from the kids, she would lure them inside the house.


Though Sasha stopped luring the kids, he was no less a monster than what he was before. He still continued with the rapes, killing and mutilation of the kids. The mother/son duo would then cut the bodies of their prey in the bathtub. Some parts of the mutilated bodies would run down the drain and block it, which later turned in to a major clogging issue.


This clogging of flesh led to a putrid stench that the neighbors could no longer bear, so they called a plumber to get the problem fixed. The plumber realized that the problem had occurred due to the clogging in the drain at Sasha’s house.


The plumber went to Sasha’s house and knocked on the door, but got no answer. He continued to pound on the door and finally decided that breaking the door open was the only option.


On entering the house, he found a thirteen year old young girl by the name Olga Galtseva, on the couch. She had multiple stab wounds but was surprisingly alive. The police were informed. Olga told the police what had happened; but unfortunately the poor girl died shortly after making her statement.


As per her statement, she and her two friends had seen Lyudmila carry heavy grocery bags. They took pity on the old lady and offered to help her. Once they entered the house, they found themselves trapped. They tried to leave through the front door, but Sasha and his Doberman blocked their way.


The three girls were beaten and tortured. Sasha then raped each one of them repeatedly. When the first girl died, the other two were ordered to cut the girl up in the bath tub. Olga was then forced to make soup out of one of her friends and drink it.


The police were shocked and continued to scan the entire apartment. They found close to eighty bloodstained clothes in the apartment. The blood was not from any member of the Spesivtsev family. They were also shocked to find many body parts strewn in different rooms of the house. They found a headless corpse in the bathroom and a human rib cage in the living room which was in plain sight.


When the plumber had started pounding on the door, Sasha escaped through the balcony. His mother; however, could not run due to her age. The police arrested her first. Sasha was captured by the police in a woman’s house where he was trying to rape her. When he was questioned, he proudly confessed to over eighty murders.


However, the police found proof of nineteen murders. Sasha had maintained a diary where he had written down the entire procedure that he had used to kill his victims. He had given a detailed description of every aspect of the killing in his diary.


The killings that he had detailed in his diary were only those of nineteen girls. It was only through the contents of this diary that the police had decided to arrest Sasha on the charge of serial murders.


Sasha is considered an intellectual as he wrote a book on philosophy when he spent three years in the psychiatric facility after murdering his girlfriend. Sasha has given consent to give his brain for testing after his death. He wished to be repaid right away, in advance, in the form of cigarettes. What surprises the psychiatrists and psychologists most is that a man with that level of intellect had performed such a ghastly crime.


When Sasha was questioned during his trial on why he murdered innocent street children, he questioned the authorities back asking them what these children had provided to the country. He also asked them how many people have destroyed and mutilated democracy in their country.


He had vowed to ensure that he rid the country of the vile and filth. He believed that the street children were the main reason for the filth on the streets. Sasha spends all his time writing poems on the evils of society and is also undergoing psychiatric testing.


His mother was released after thirteen years though she was sentenced to life imprisonment. She however, has not uttered a single word even after her release.

[] Chapter 3: Yoo Young – Chul – The South Korean Cannibal

Yoo Young – Chul is a perfect example of how childhood experiences and separation from his mother at a young age lead to unleashing the frustration that made him a cannibal. Yoo was born in South Korea in the year 1970. He was the last born in the family.


His parents were both blue collar workers and found it difficult to make ends meet. Yoo’s mother was always depressed and stayed away from home as much as possible. His parents separated soon after Yoo was born.


Yoo and his siblings were raised by their grandmother who told him that his mother did not want him and had decided to abort her pregnancy but ended up giving birth anyway.


After a while, Yoo and his siblings went on to live with their mother. Not that the other kids had it any better but his mother especially despised Yoo. He was a constant reminder of the mistake that she made. Yoo eventually left his mother’s house and moved in with his father, who lived in the Mapo district, Seoul.


Yoo had begun to go to school by this time. The district where his father lived was highly impoverished. His father had enough money on account of being a veteran, but he ran out of money quickly due to his gambling habit.


Yoo was always made fun of in school on account of poverty. This teasing sowed the seed of resentment that Yoo felt towards the wealthy section of the society. When Yoo was young, it was discovered that he was color blind.


But this did not let him fall behind in class. While in school, he took a great interest in art. He always used to paint and draw. His color blindness was the only thing that stopped him from becoming an artist.


When he knew he couldn’t become an artist, he started instilling an interest in music. He learnt how to play the guitar and also sang, but he could not get over his interest in art. He wanted to enrol himself in a school that specialized in art; however, due to his disability, he was denied admission. He then enrolled himself in a technical school.


It was during high school that Yoo began to start committing crimes. He spent a majority of his teens in juvenile detention. He stole during his sophomore year from a neighbour’s house. His interest in music drove him to steal a guitar and a Sony cassette player and he always stole from the rich.


He believed that they had no right to have so much when he and the people like him had so little. He believed that they had to give back to society. He started stealing more often. He began to steal money, cameras, cash and any other expensive item that he could find in houses. He was in and out of jail very often, it was during these years he fell in love with Ms. Hwang, a masseuse and married her.


Hwang and Yoo spent very little time together. After getting married, Yoo was convicted of rape of a fifteen year old girl. His wife divorced him when she found out and he was sentenced to prison for two years in 2000. He was released in 2002 after which he resorted to extortion of money from prostitutes.


He considered prostitutes as vile creatures. During his time, women in Korea were considered a level lower than men. They had no rights and were asked to do everything that men had asked them to.


Yoo considered this as an advantage. He found that it was easy to extort money from prostitutes and pimps. He used a fake police ID in order to extort money. He figured that the money he made by this extortion was enough for him and he wouldn’t have to work again. To increase his earnings, he decided to step up his criminal activities.


His resentment towards the wealthy and the affluent rose to its extremes. He began to steal from the houses of the wealthy and stole whatever he could lay his hands on. Unfortunately for him, he was diagnosed with epilepsy around this time. He realized that he could not go out much, but he had needs that needed to be fulfilled.


One day, he called a prostitute to his apartment. A few hours later, the woman ran out of the apartment because he hit her. She reported Yoo to the cops, which led to Yoo’s arrest. Scared about the punishment and the ill treatment at the hands of the cops, he fled the station before he was put behind bars.


I am sure you have noticed that up until now, Yoo had not committed any murder or not engaged in cannibalism. But he committed his first murder in September, 2003. Yoo broke into an old couple’s house under the pretext of stealing.


He found the couple sleeping in their room but for reasons unknown, he stabbed the old man in the neck and hit him on the head with a hammer. He then hit the woman’s head with the hammer as well and stole whatever he could from the house.


He murdered four other old men in the same manner. This eventually became his modus operandi; he focused on killing wealthy old men. He would carry his hammer with him and hit the victims on their heads and walk away with any valuables that he could find in the house.


He did not limit himself to just killing; he even burnt a house down. He had murdered an old man and his wife using the hammer but hurt himself while opening the safe. He got agitated with that and burnt the house down. Yoo also killed a baby in the process.


He committed other similar crimes where he murdered wealthy old men but he didn’t steal from those houses. He wanted to get revenge against the wealthy people in society, as he believed that they were the reason he had an impoverished childhood.


It was during the year 2004 that he met another woman, an escort. She came to know about Yoo’s killings and warned him to stay away from her. He took offence to her rejection and decided to teach her a lesson by killing escorts and prostitutes.


The hate that he felt towards women began due to the frustration that he felt towards his mother. Yoo took advantage of the anonymity that the sex market in South Korea provided. He performed his first act of cannibalism when he murdered an escort girl. He strangled the girl and mutilated her body and ate her liver. He then left her body on the trail that led towards a University.


Yoo then found another method of killing prostitutes, by luring them into his apartment and killing them. He learnt that there was a service which allowed him to invite a prostitute to his house.


He identified different pimps and contacted them for a prostitute. He never stuck to one pimp since that would make it too obvious, instead he called different services and lured the prostitutes to his apartment.


On April 6, 2004, Yoo called another prostitute to his apartment as usual. He invited her in and bashed her head with the hammer and then decapitated her in the bathroom and mutilated her body.


Yoo cut the corpse up into different parts, he also claimed to have eaten her liver. He then buried the body parts in a construction site near the Bongwon Temple and continued to do this with eight other prostitutes. He dismembered their bodies and buried them in the very same place.


After he was arrested, he claimed that he had devoured the livers of all his victims. He was a self – proclaimed cannibal but there was no proof of his cannibalism.


Of course, the missing prostitutes didn’t go unnoticed, especially from the pimps. They had to crack the case and find out where the girls were going. Technology got the best of Yoo, as he used the same phone number to contact the pimps to send the prostitutes to his house.


The pimps realized that it was only one number that called the prostitutes who never returned. They worked with the police and tracked Yoo down and arrested him on July 15, 2004. The police found Yoo in his apartment carrying his fake police badge and trying to get rid of phone cards.


Yoo confessed openly to all the murders that he committed and was proud of what he had done. He proudly led the police to the places where he buried the corpses. He murdered a total of 21 people, for which he was sentenced to death.


The policemen were surprised when they entered Yoo’s apartment. The apartment was clean and tidy. It was a one bedroom apartment and looked nothing like a killer’s apartment. They found a closet with the most immaculate clothing. The policemen and the other psychiatrists found three DVD movies in his drawers. They believed that it was these movies that led Yoo to perform the most gruesome murders.


The movies were about serial killers and how they dismembered the bodies of their victims using a chainsaw. The police and psychiatrists realized that Yoo was a smart criminal. He had a black sketch book where he drew a lot of portraits of nude females and female celebrities.


They concluded that he had a lust for females. Before he was killed, he confessed to have consumed some of the body parts of his victims after mutilating them. He was sentenced to death in 2004.


Yes, there has been no proof of cannibalism in this case apart from Yoo’s own statement, as per which he especially liked eating the liver of his victims.

[] Chapter 4: Vince Weiguang Li – the Winnipeg Cannibal

Vince Weiguang Li was born in China in 1968. He graduated from the University Of Wuhan with a bachelors in Computers. For a period of four years he worked in Beijing as a software engineer. He later immigrated to Canada in 2001.


He was unable to procure a job in software and had to resort to coveting menial jobs at the Grant memorial Church in Winnipeg in order to support his wife Anna.


The Pastor had said that Li looked happy while working at the Church and did not seem to let the language barrier cause any problem in his work. He did get frustrated at times when he was unable to understand what was being said to him, but the staff at the Church was patient and handled him with ease.


Li quit working at the church in the year 2005. The pastor told that Li had shown no signs of frustration or anger when he quit. Li went on to working as a forklift operator in Winnipeg while his wife took the job of a waitress.


He obtained his permanent resident visa in the year 2006 and after that he abruptly left Winnipeg. He did not tell his wife that he was going to Edmonton but she ended up joining him in a few days. Li worked menial jobs at Edmonton – service at Wal Mart, newspaper delivery and service at a fast–food restaurant.


He received commendable praise from all his employers. They found that he was a hard – working man and that he did not show any sign of trouble. It was four weeks after he was fired from Wal Mart that he committed his first every act of cannibalism and murder. He was fired from Wal Mart on account of a disagreement that had arisen between the other employees and Li.


On July 28, Li boarded a greyhound bus that was bound for Winnipeg. On the 29th of July, he got off at Erickson, Manitoba, with his luggage. Witnesses who had seen Li at the bus stand earlier had stated that he was sitting upright gazing right ahead of him with his eyes wide open at three in the morning.


On July 30, in the morning he sold his new laptop to a fifteen year old boy for 60 dollars. The boy had approached the police who had seized the laptop as evidence. It was shortly before 6 pm that Li boarded the bus to Winnipeg.


The bus was carrying 36 passengers including Tim McLean. Tim McLean was a carnival worker who was returning home to Atlanta after having worked at a fair held at Alberta. He was sitting at the rear end of the bus next to the washroom. His fate had changed when Li had entered the bus at around 6 pm.


Witnesses described Li as a tall man who was in his forties. He was bald and was donning sunglasses. He was initially sitting at the front of the bus but later moved to sit next to Tim McLean after a scheduled stop. McLean had no energy to talk to Li. He had acknowledged him and had fallen asleep with his head against the window.


The witnesses state that McLean was sleeping in peace when the man next to him, Li, produced a large knife and started stabbing McLean in the chest and neck. The bus stopped at that very second and the remaining passengers ran out of the bus.


Li then dismembered the body. He severed the head and displayed it to the passengers who had fled the bus. The driver and two other men had tried to reason with Li. But Li brandished a knife at them and they ran out of the bus. Li then walked back to the body and began to mutilate it. He began to consume some of the flesh from the parts of the body.


At 8:30pm, the police had been informed of a stabbing that had occurred on a Greyhound bus. They rushed to the spot where they found the suspect, Li still on the bus. The bus driver, a passenger and a truck driver were carrying their own weapons – a crowbar and a hammer.


The other passengers who had fled the bus were seen cowering in fear. They were disgusted with the sight that they had just witnessed and were throwing up on the side of the road. They had all witnessed the act of Li severing the head of McLean.


When Li had finished mutilating the body of McLean, he decided to escape. He tried to drive the bus away. The driver had engaged an emergency immobilizer system. This ensured that Li could not run away from the scene of the crime.


The police had arrived and were trying to devise a strategy to capture the suspect. They had requested for the presence of special negotiators and also had a heavily armed tactical unit. The suspect was testing the patience of the police by walking along the length of the bus while defiling and cutting the corpse.


On July 30, at 1 in the morning, Li tried to escape from the bus through a window but the police caught Li at that time. He was tasered twice and was handcuffed to avoid any complications. The police then began placing the victim’s body in plastic bags.


They found the ears, nose and tongue in the pockets of the suspect. They however could not find the eyes or a part of the heart. The police suspect that the suspect had devoured those parts of the body.


The witnesses were asked to rehash the events that had occurred on the bus. A witness, Garnet Caton, who was a driller, was sitting a row ahead of McLean. He heard a blood curdling scream which made him whip around and see what was happening. He said that Li showed no emotion when he was stabbing McLean.


It was like he was a robot and was stabbing him in a programmed manner. He was stabbing McLean in the throat repeatedly. He was sickened to the very core of his being when he saw that Li had severed McLean’s head and had looked at the other passengers and dropped it onto the floor of the bus with a perfectly calm expression. Other passengers believed that McLean had begun to fight against Li which is what gave them time to leave the bus.


Li’s trial began in March 2009. He was pleading that he was not criminally responsible. This meant that he accepted that he had performed the offence. He claimed that he had heard God telling him that McLean was a force of evil and that he needed to save himself and the other passengers on the bus.


Li had never been diagnosed with any mental illness and there was no other proof of a family history of medical illness. However, a psychiatrist had said that Li was suffering from schizophrenia.


The presiding judge accepted the diagnosis and ruled that Li was not responsible criminally for the murder. He was remanded to a mental health centre where he is now closely monitored.


His psychiatrist has said that Li is slowly venturing out of his psychotic phase and is able to understand what he has done. However he is unable to accept the fact that he had practiced cannibalism on McLean.

[] Chapter 5: Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – Kazakh Cannibal Serial Killer and the Metal Fang

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev was the penultimate child to a Kazakh father and a Belarusian mother and had three sisters. He joined railway school after he finished his ninth grade and then started working at Sasha after which he joined the army in 1970.


During those times, women were considered to be second class beings. They were treated as filth and expected to do whatever a man asked of them. However, Nikolai did not have any trouble in relationships with women. His sexual life began when he turned a man legally.


He contracted syphilis in the year 1977, and was soon diagnosed with trichomoniasis. It was then that his hatred for prostitutes began. He tried to join college and tried his hand at many other occupations but did not find any occupation suitable to his liking and finally moved to Uzun – Agach and began to work as a fire-fighter.


Anyone who knew Dzhumagaliev would say that he was a clean shaven man who was good looking and well mannered. He had one physical flaw that not many could look past – he had metal teeth for he had lost his natural teeth years ago. He was not an introvert or a loner, but he always kept to himself. But he would always make an effort to talk to different women on the street.


It was his hate towards prostitutes that gave him his modus operandi. He had made it his goal to ensure that the world was rid of prostitution, he loved stalking and leading his victims to secluded places where he butchered them and would then drink their blood and also practiced necrophilia.


Sometimes he committed intercourse in the stab wounds of a corpse. His favourite spot was a river bank which had a park at the rear. This was where he lured most of the women he murdered not to mention some at his apartment.


Dzhumagaliev was a very strategic killer. He prepared himself well before he murdered anybody and picked his victims with care and understood them before he began to stalk them. His first victim was from the Seventh–Day Adventist Church.


When he was arrested for his murders, he eagerly described his first murder. He said that he had always loved to hunt and went on hunting trips quite often. But this was the first time that he was hunting a woman.


When he was walking along the track, he found a woman alone. He began to run after her to cover the distance between him and the girl. She heard his footsteps and was a little late. She had begun to run when he caught up to with her.


He dragged her by the neck to the side of the track near some landfill. She resisted him the entire time but he could not bear to listen to her so he slit her throat after which he drank her blood. He had to lower himself into the snow when a train passed by and since his hands were cold he decided to use the woman’s body to warm his hands.


He then stripped her naked and started mutilating the corpse and then cut her breasts into strips and separated the ovaries. He folded these parts of her body carefully into his backpack and walked home.


Nikolai then melted the fat from the parts of the body to fry the body parts. He then decided to pickle some of the body parts and also made meat dumplings for himself. He had never wanted to share the meat of this woman with anybody else.


Dzhumagaliev found it difficult to cook the meat. He stated that he had used this meat as his food for a month and it was the first time he had consumed human flesh.

In the year 1972, Dzhumagaliev performed six more murders. He stalked all his victims to secluded spots and always chose women since he wanted to rid the world of prostitutes but he never bothered to verify if the women were in fact prostitutes.


He would always drink their blood and carry home with him the strips that he made from the woman’s breasts and never forgot to carry the ovaries, the heart or the kidneys. He would spend a great deal of time cooking the meat and devouring every last bit of it.


Once, Dzhumagaliev had gone out to meet a friend for a drink, in a drunken rage, he pulled his gun out and shot his friend. He was arrested for this and was released in less than a year when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia by a Siberian institute. After he was released, he committed three more murders. It was after the ninth murder that he was arrested by the police.


Dzhumagaliev had a celebration at his apartment and had invited all his friends over. He had taken a friend to the next room and attacked him, after which he stripped himself to avoid getting any bloodstains on his clothes.


He then drank his friend’s blood and began to butcher him while chewing the meat off the body after cutting it into strips. His other guests had wondered where he had gone and made the mistake of glancing into the adjacent room.


The heinous act that they had just witnessed shocked them to the core. They fleed from the house and the police arrived and found Dzhumagaliev naked and smeared with blood. There was not much of the corpse left though. Dzhumagaliev said that the guests had fled when they had seen what he was doing.


The policemen were stunned and this gave Dzhumagaliev an opportunity to escape. He ran to the mountains naked with only a hatchet. Although the police finally caught him in his cousin’s house.


Dzhumagaliev has been tried for seven murders. Multiple psychiatric tests were conducted to understand what had been the motive of Dzhumagaliev to commit such a heinous crime. The court ruled Dzhumagaliev not responsible for the murders on account of insanity. They passed judgement stating that Dzhumagaliev would be placed in a psychiatric facility where he would be monitored closely. While being shifted to a facility, Dzhumagaliev escaped.


He was on the run for a year and there is no certainty of whether or not he had committed any other heinous crimes during that period. He was finally caught and was then shipped to his house in Uzun –Agach, where he was condemned by society.

He then requested that he be shifted to an asylum. His psychiatrist said that Dzhumagaliev has been cured of his schizophrenia. However, he has not been released from the asylum as nobody is sure whether or not he will overcome his cannibalistic instincts.


Thank you again for downloading this book!


Charles Darwin said we developed from Apes. There are many other theories of evolution that state that man has developed from an animal. This proves that human beings are never far from their animal instincts. We have advanced in every industry and aspect of life when compared to animals. Yet sometimes we choose to kill, maim and torture another person.


There are many cultures that believe in cannibalism. They believe that there is power in holding the life of another human being. This has however become a perverse thought in most people’s minds. These people are surprisingly educated in good institutions.


Yet, they perform acts that are detrimental to society. So why do they resort to such acts? This is a question that has caused a war between psychologists. They have very different theories about why people resort to cannibalism.


The unfortunate part is that the people who resort to cannibalism are so sure of themselves that they have a very calm exterior. You never know what is going on in their minds. It has been shown that such people are intellectually powerful. They have strategic minds that help them execute their murders perfectly and efficiently.


They are people you would stop and have a conversation with. However, it is their mental disorder or a traumatic event that has occurred in their childhood that causes them to have breakdowns which lead them to perform such acts.


It has been proved on a number of occasions that it is because of both nature and nurture that a person resorts to cannibalism. You might worry about how you can save yourself from such people; people who will go to any extent to kill, dismember the body and consume the flesh.


You might also wonder what must be done to such people. This is a question that has never been answered honestly, it is something that must be left to the authorities and psychiatrists.

I hope you enjoyed this book, thank you and good luck!

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Cannibal Killers: What Makes A Cannibal Killer Want To Eat People? Tragic True C Cannibal Killers: What Makes A Cannibal Killer Want To Eat People? Tragic True C