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Camping Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Camping and Escape from Civilization

Camping is a favorite pastime and at one point or the other, something many of us have done. Whether you have camped in your backyard with the intention of stargazing, or whether you have done it in the wild where you were open to the elements and one with nature, camping is good for you. Other than being a fantastic activity that provides a way to have fun and connect with loved ones and nature, being in nature and under the open sky has a wide range of health benefits that traverse the physical and the mental. Of the many benefits of camping, one of the greatest one is that it acts as a total unplug from the modern day world of the internet and connected devices. If you do camping right, i.e. if you plan well, you will find no use for the internet while you are camping. Further to this, because you will be out of the city where every city block offers free WI-FI and the notifications on your device never stop stealing your attention, you will experience the peace and tranquility that comes with unplugging and being one with the present moment. This total unplug from the connected world is very good for you because when you are not constantly looking at your phone, worrying if someone texted, emailed, or PMed, commented on your photos or wanting to Instagram every flower or scenery you see in nature, you can truly enjoy the experience and earnestly enjoy the company of those around you. This is invaluable. NOTE: This does not mean you should not bring your phone. Bring it along in case of emergencies. However, keep it turned off so you can sustain battery life and focus on being one with nature throughout your camping. Camping is indeed fun. However, for it to be fun, you need to get a few things right. You are probably wondering, “OK, I want to make sure my camping trip is fun. Which things should I get right?” That amazing question shows your desire for knowledge. This guide is going to detail—to the tiniest bit—everything you need to know about planning for a camping trip in nature. The content in this guide shall help you untether from modern day civilization—at least for a while—and immerse yourself in a raw world, the natural world. In addition, most of what we shall discuss applies whether you are going on a solo camping trip or whether you are taking your family away on an amazing camping trip getaway. If you keep in mind the many tips, tricks, and strategies in this guide, your camping trip shall be one for the memory books. Let’s begin.

  • Author: Freeland Sport
  • Published: 2018-10-01 21:50:06
  • Words: 6698
Camping Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Camping and Escape from Civilization Camping Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Camping and Escape from Civilization