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Caged Souls




poems by


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Copyright © 2016 borbug

All rights reserved.

ISBN: [* *]9781311841544

ISBN-13: 978-1530081462





This book of poems I dedicate to my parents and my lovely wife.

Thank you for all.





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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.

Copyright © 2016 borbug.  All rights reserved. Including the right to reproduce this book or portions there of, in any form. No part of this text may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the author.

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Caged souls


New world order

Every city have a border

Mfm is penny hoarder

More games

Less brains

More debt

Less resistance

More slavery

Less bravery

Broken dreams

Commission streams

Numbers over names

Charts and statistics

Life is cheap

Runned by the barrels

Mass production

For consumption

Infusion fed mushroom

Color lies

Poisoned fries

Tamed faces

Insecure places

Lab viruses flies

Boxed life’s

Moving one way lines

Wrong directions

Fake reflections

Less words used

More guns abused

Kids can’t choose

Nothing else to loose

Childhood is app

Battery always low

Uniformed choices

Silenced voices

Caged souls

Fight wrong wars

Peace banned

Closed doors

Paradise lost

Profit by any cost









Canned pessimism



Images to be made

On the walls

Of society

Censored by the


So unscrupulous

For the masses

So ignorant

That think is so


Step forward

By will

Incorporated by minority

That rules

From safe


With oval rooms

For games

Displacing instruments

Of peace

By will

Helped by almighty


In the name of


Labeled and price tagged

Pushed into

Barrel that

Runs down the hill

Canned pessimism

As food

From the factories

Of crooked

And corrupted

By any mean

We loose

At the start



































drunk poet



Why can’t i be that drunk poet

That hangs from bridge

That can’t remember yesterday

That don’t give fuck about tomorrow

Why can’t i be that drunk poet

That everybody knows him 

But he only have his poems

Dead letters on paper

No money and so little fame

That can go everywhere

To roam on worlds globe

But chooses to stay foot

And not to leave that bridge

Not to leave his little life

Not to leave his poems

Drunk poet that for life earn

Only harsh words from others

Because his writings speak truth

Because his wisdom is above material

Because his dead words is here to stay

To be spoken and red for generations

And told again and again after 

All kings and republics

To be singed as anthems

He don’t care about statue in park

That have his face

That drunk poet just want

To drop burden from his shoulders

Couse this burden start avalanches

That slowly change in the world

That shows unknown and unseen

Reveal all mysteries and secrets

Run down governments

Stop wars and heal those that are ill

Destroy all borders

Stops all misery and pain

The burden is so heavy

That can only be written

It killing slowly his drunk poet

He is vanishing in mist

I don’t want to be that drunk poet 

My shoulders is too weak for burden

I can’t stand that pressure

I don’t want to be that drunk poet














bombed youth



I was nineteen

Scared to death

When sirens

For airstrike sounded

Their mighty horn

On TV nothing but

Stupid movies

Stupid politicians

With their stupid talk

In the air just noises

Of bombers

And rockets

Trying to hit that


And horrible sounds

Of bombs exploding


I didn’t want to leave


My parents and sister too

We thought that we 

Are safer

Than in shelter

Now cartoon was on TV

No sounds of bombers

Bombs or rockets

I finally went to bed

But cant sleep

From shaking

Finally I fall into sleep

I begin to dream

Tree with swing on it

On some green place

With blue sky

With no clouds

Suddenly loud explosion

Make me

I fall out from my bed

Onto floor

Building shaken 


Lights went off

Some walls cracked

TV and other stuff

Fall over shelf

My heart wanted

To jump out from

My chests

Sounds of screaming




People on the street


That night was hit

Army facility

Down my street

With rocket launched

From ship

Miles away

Leaving hole

Big as two football


Some people died that night

Some went cripples

People with families

With children

The only thing next

You can heard is

God help us all
















blindfold on justice



Mostly disturbed

Yet won’t speak

Using spaces

between short words

Pressing left click

Keep staring at screen

Doppler effect

Blindfold on justice

Sharp dagger in the clenched fist

Humanity pushed in the mist

of sober bitterness

Marked twice as a prey

Too scared to move

Claws already tearing apart

War drums at a distance

of ten oil tankers

Gun shells as rattle toys

Chewing roots

At a position of stars

Not too far of extinction

Possible last reliable

To put effort for resort

To lead toward exit

of mindless conflict

Driven by lost souls

Exhausted and betrayed

by the same kind

They promised a pile of gold

Thin and slippery ice make you


better watch your steps





















You did it again

All wrong

What the hell

Is wrong with you

Are you stupid

Yes of course

You are stupid

Soo stupid

I told you what to do

I told you how to do

I told you what to say

I told you how to lie

Now you blew my cover

Now I can’t steal anymore

Now I can’t cheat anymore

All because of you

And your moral

Fuck you and your moral

Stupid fuck

Fifteen years

I’m doing this

And finally

You blew it

Now where I’m gonna

Find money for booze

They never would catch me

Now you fuckit up

You stupid fart

Now I’m going

For another beer


I’m already

Too drunk





































better tomorrow



My feet are numbed

My legs hurt

My arms in bruises

Tears in eyes and mud on fingers

Father why are we running

And where is mother and sister

Why do I leave my toys

And why all those people shouting

Son we are running from war

From misery and pain

We running into better tomorrow

We running for our life

Those people that shout will give us

New home and new hope

Will help us and feed us

Will give us new life

Soon we will be with your mother and sister

Yes but why those people shouting so loud

Why they yelling at us

Father why there is blood on your face

And why your arm is broken

Where is your shoes

Why those screams

My legs and arms hurts

Why we can’t rest

Why again shouting and yelling

And where is mother and sister

I’m hungry and scared

I hate those people

I want go home

I want to see my mother and sister

Father I feel fear

And I’m shaken

Can’t look up

I see only fences

And no blue sky






















Bio thirst



Can’t stand heat

Can’t stand light

Even night is so bright

I must been some kind

Of bio tech creature

Forged in lab


Bloodthirsty animal

I feel no pain

Chemicals run through

My veins

My skin probed

Too long attached

To cables

Nothing runs thru my

Wasted brain

Treated with drugs


Thrown on battlefield

To be tested

Because I’m product

Probably replaceable


Urge for killing

Smell of flesh

Torn apart

Dozen of deaths

In seconds

Ripped limbs and guts


Bloody gore

No compassion

No unpleasant feeling

That is removed

From system

Teethes bite

But I’m more and more


Unquenchable thirst

Can’t stop now

Moving forward

Endless hours of horror

Sudden hit

Tranquilizer arrow

Stop me

I’m paralyzed

I’m packed in


And carried back

To lab

Disposed like thing

To wait another turn






































burger killer



I always loved burgers

As I was little

My parents always took me

To McDonald for burgers

Or some domestic fast-food

Makers to get some pljeskavica

I loved that full taste

Of grilled meat

With onion and salad

And mustard and ketchup

In fresh bun

With coke or juice

Or with beer when I was older


This weekend I was

At visit to my friend

His father has a farm

Of cows and pigs

So we went there

For some country tourism

Fresh air

Water from well

Something that makes you

Question what we are

Doin’ in cities

Chickens picking some corn

Pigs eating something something

And wiggling their tails

Cows eating grass at pasture

Some idyllic images to see

My friend’s father

Also makes sausages and

Other stuff from cow and pig meat

All the good things

That I love to eat

Just at that time

He was starting

His procedure of making

As I never saw

Something likes that

I was curious and interested

First in line was one pig

Middle sized

About 100 kg I would say

It made some terrible squeaky noise

Everything went fast

Hammer in head hit the pig

Then knife hit the pig’s throat

Too much blood

Then pig was gutted

Everything went out

Then hanged upside-down

And cut into pieces

Second was this one cow

Again same method

Even more blood

And disemboweled of parts

I get sick

I throw up

Dizzy in head

That was it

From that day I didn’t

Look at burgers with

Same eyes

Can’t eat them

Can’t even smell them

That kind of stuff

Leaves marks

And change thoughts

No more burgers for me





























We could

And we should

But we won’t

Cause then they could

But they don’t

Maybe we should

Just cause we could

Maybe they should

Then certainly we would

But we won’t

Just as long

As they won’t

Should we

But we said we won’t

We should

Certainly we should

But could we



















Unresponsively hit the


While tolerance

Can’t call

Poor is the choice

Of mutated voice

Ax switched for


No rifle

Zombies around

Attack on sound

Of clear rebound

Attached to wound

Round up

And regroup

Still in low


Tree shells

Two will hit the


And one is for me

I don’t want to be

Undead parasite

Better dead

And food for worms

Can’t complain

There was better days

But it stays


Torch is burning off

Now I relay on nothing

It is better this way
























Firmly we step out

And stand directly in shit

Oops our mistake

Then down the street into pub

Cold beer

Then second, then third

Uuuuu, salty snacks

Then fifth, then eleventh

We started talking about life

Heavy philosophy

Some girls came by

Just to say hi

Philosophy stops

Again boozing

Then some football fans came

Too loud, too rude

Already drunk

Suppose there was some big game

Or something

Salty snacks again

Girls are too early drunk

But that was OK for us

Laugh, happy feelings

Some good vibes

Than my brother started fight

With football fans, of course

He didn’t liked football that much

But hey

He just needed reason

So we went into fight

Some fists and kicks were given

Some tooth broken

Some bruises made

Then we all drinked and

Laugh together

We let some steam out

So we call it for that night

I take two girls to their home

And sad goodbye

With promise to see them again


Both were cute

Simple girls

Those that don’t give headaches

I went home and go to bed

Some pain from bruises

Leftovers from fight

I thought to myself

What a wonderful world

I keep it that way

And didn’t call that waste of

Time and youth

Not until somebody offered me

Something different

They blackmailed me

With their vision and way

Of living life






































i have been here for long

too long

I’m whisper in the breeze

I’m dirt beneath your feet

I’m the cloud in the sky

I’m snow on the top of the mountain

I’m that river that runs

from its spring

true wood

I’m that hart that

beats in every little

creature in wilderness

I’m the air you breathe

I’m that beautiful flower

and that green tree

I’m that morning light

and evening sunset

I’m that rain for your crops

I’m that salt in sea

that plankton in ocean

I’m all that make your

existence pleasant

but also


I’m that burning air

that magma from the center

I’m that earthquake

that makes you stumble

that tsunami that

flood your home

I’m that fire that

burn your plants and houses

I’m that avalanche

I’m that drought

I’m that struck of

lightning in worst storm

I’m big shark from

bottom of the ocean

I’m that bird that shit on you

I’m that snow that makes

collapse of everything

i can be your best friend

and I can be your worst enemy

if you don’t tread me right

in that case I will tear you apart






Hail to books

Books that carry

Wisdom from past

To remind us at present

So that we can’t

Mess up future

Books that evolved

From its physical form

Into electronic

Pile of paper that

Can be burned

But never destroyed

Copied by hand

Under candle light

Then printed with

Laser printers

And heavy machines

Now continues its

Life in cloud

On the web

Hail to books

That makes us to think

And live our own

Adventures from them

See written pictures

Hear written sounds

Look for them

Take care of them

They used to be massive

But today

You carry them

In few megabytes

So there’s no excuse

Not to read them














Grimmest grim

Of them all

Came by

The call

From one

That is tall

But not tough enough

Strong and evil

His whispers were

Above bowl

Of cold ice

He didn’t think twice

Summoned creature

Jumped from the ball

On the wall

Then on floor

Stretch its legs

And rise

Ten feet tall

Gray pale skin

With thorns on


Four bloody eyes

Smell of sulfur

It pointed with finger

And said

You call for me

One person need

To be drowned

In hell

Said witch lord

I will pay you

With souls

Collected from

Powerful opponents

Of mine

He said that

And wave with

His hand

Creature vanishes

In cloud of smoke

And then returns

With blood on skin

And talisman in hand

The proof

It said

Witch lord grab the talisman

And start mumbling spells

Creature screamed

I done my part of deal

You trying to trick me

It opens mouth

And two tentacles

From it reached

Witch lords throat

And rip his head off

Every single soul

Captured in his body


And vanished in

Fire that left

After creature

All to be left

In eternal fire


Of hell pits



















Independently I see

From the rear view mirror

Around the corner

Catching up with moment


Past not exist

Speeding forward

Down the highway

Hitting bridge fence

Flat tire squeal

Metal hitting metal

The cause of lost


Still present

Maybe tomorrow

Exist neither

Broken bones

Swollen tongue

But words still there

Written in sand

With gutted finger


Burns and browses

Can’t go back

Silently sinking

Into oblivion

Into void

Into coma

Single word

Written remains
































In between two letters

A kick started from a point of view

Lies unspoken

Yet untouched truth

Traveling viral

Through brain cortex

Trying to be understood

Pieces of puzzle still missing

But creative flow must not be stopped

Words got to be written

Stories got to be told

Balancing on razors blade

Broken spirit

But still uncut

Boycotting conventional

Pushing foundation of new




Thinking in new universal language

Known to all living creature

Ink from the paper

Turned into sound

Turned into light

Turned into a split of a second

of eternal existence

Standing on the ground

with bear feet

Live just one second

Gone in continuum

of black universe

Of white time

Light spark traveling true eons

Not to be forgotten

Just to be a single itch

In observers mind

Just to be a glitch

In perfect creation

Of higher consciousness

So unspoken though keep traveling



Until an arrow curbs it in essence

of every single soul

Bowed at the beginning of a new dawn















Little man
In the swing chair
On the porch of his life
Moves forward and back
Asking simple questions to himself
He is free from troubles of modern life
Stuck somewhere in the fifties
With his four channel black and white TV
and radio that plays all day long
Radio that plays only happy tunes
from long ago dead singer
His simple existence wants
Nothing more than rain
for his crops
Cheap diesel for his truck and tractor
Nothing more but his wife
and his dog by his side
Hot meal on the table
Nothing more than milk from his cow
Nothing more than whinny from his horse
Nothing more than trout from river
Nothing more than birds song from trees
Nothing more than laugh
from his grandsons and granddaughters
Nothing more than sunshine on the Sunday
Nothing more than grave
under that old oak tree








we are on the fury road

in the age of ultron

waiting for extinction

it’s always some’s revenge

no ones redemption

Superman and Batman flies

until ships sinks

rage pain misery

Jupiter rises and force awakens

trilogies and mysteries of human lifes

explained in two fazes

wolfs of wall street

like birds of pray

we all walking eight miles

climbing up jacks magic beans

as shown on TV

transporters refueled

no escape from war room

maze runners in rogue nation

scorch trials mission impossible

knock knock here comes hit man

fantastic attacks of four titans

selfless in Jurassic world

vacations from hunger games

the gift to the furyest

wild kingsman gone

secret guardians still blind

bullet for the bravest

fences to harvest life

potentials mistaken for illness

high pitch on low frequencies

unhealed wounds

press keep pressure

medias on reality budget

no room for fusion

world is in fission

accelerators on negative turn


Tapped into map

Of existence

In electronic waves

Moving as impulse


From single sound

Played digitally

Over analog


Single thought

Spread in vibrant move

From multi core

Terabyte mind

Changes rapidly

In blink of

Electronic eye


It calculated


Switched from low

To high

Beamed into network

To watch and learn

And observe

Taking fast

Control over fast

That is organic

Driving it to

Vanishing act

Because there can

Be only one entity

One kind of life

Self suistainable



And all alone



















Poems in this book are randomly chosen, with no particular order. I hope that you enjoyed to reading them. If you have any questions, please, be free to write at [email protected], or find me on Facebook at


Thank you again for reading.


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Caged Souls

  • ISBN: 9781311841544
  • Author: Boris Bugarcic
  • Published: 2016-03-01 09:45:12
  • Words: 3295
Caged Souls Caged Souls