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Buying Made in Nigeria and Nigeria Economy

This work could not have come anytime better than now that Nigeria economy is faced with depression resulting from economic/market uncertainty, scare alternative means of revenue other than crude oil, unguided macroeconomic policies, inappropriate understanding and wrong use of devaluation techniques, political factors, environmental factors, and socio-cultural factors. One thing among what this study established is the fact that the price of dollar will continue to fluctuate and rise as we continue to buy dollars in order to import foreign products. This singular act has therefore caused tumor to our economy thereby affecting every sector of the economy via price level. Just like a tongue of fire that rose down a forest in a jiffy, Nigeria was unaware of the nemesis of abandoning other sectors of the economy, most especially the agricultural and the manufacturing sector, and concentrating on the oil sector due to its abundance, high price and boom starting from late 1973. Then, money was not our problem but how to manage it, proving for and protect the future was a big problem. Now money has become our problem, what should we do? Among other factors that will revamp Nigeria economy is, “Buying Made in Nigeria Products”. The question is what proportion of Nigerians patronizes Nigerian products? This research find out that about 62.5% of the true but unknown Nigerian population have heard about “Buy Made in Nigeria”, but only about 18% Nigerians patronize Nigerian products always. It is on this ground that this work is appreciated.

  • ISBN: 9781370649082
  • Author: Obed Philadephia Umuenyen
  • Published: 2018-01-19 03:35:06
  • Words: 13949
Buying Made in Nigeria and Nigeria Economy Buying Made in Nigeria and Nigeria Economy