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Break of Dawn I Catastrophe

[* Break of Dawn --- Schusterap *]

Break of Dawn I



Main Characters:

Frankenstein·Rodriguez Keith·Hernandez

Wade·Wilson Amanda·Hall Slade·Wilson

Jaden·Lee Sean·Harris Frederica·Hill


Galen·Wayne Ava·Wayne Nicole·Wayne Winfrey·Parker Katie·Moore Lilith, Joshua·Moore


Thomas·Field Stephanie·Garcia Jack·Scott Tony·Gonzalez Dominic·Baker Jennifer·Taylor



Blight·Nelson Black·Nelson Brian·Smith

Raymond·Miller Nicholas·Turner Luke·Evans





When everyone was telling about their own heroic stories, however, what does it mean? I have got nothing to say, this world exists as it is supposed to be, my story won’t end so far.

I used to dream about such a world, totally free, no limitation, excited and exhilarated. Now look at it, I have lost everything…

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter One

(Wiliton district, Skyim, May 5, 2026)

”Wayne! Our baby is crying! I am busy in the kitchen.” A woman shouting in the kitchen.

“Hanging on there, I am on my way.” Galen Wayne, 31, firefighter, father of a 10-month-old baby, husband of a pregnant lady.

“Oh, God! I think I am still not ready to be a father! God, Judy is taking a shit! Oh, so smelly! Help! Ava! Help me!” “Oh Wayne! Come on, you can do it! You have to get ready! We’re gonna have another baby, you have to!”

Holding the baby, Galen is watching TV, a man was bite by a sick dog, and he attacked passers who offered help, rabies won’t cause this, it seems that the man got a new kind of virus, the government is still doing research on the man. “Crazy dog, bad luck, so he became a human-dog, ha ha.” Wayne laughed.

(Bizarre event researching center, Skye district, Skyim, October 26, 2026)

“This is Thomas Field, the patient is still in a crazy condition, biting everything alive, I have tried many kinds of vaccine but in vain. Here what I am facing is a totally new virus, once it is out, I wonder what disaster will happen, I apply for a secret, protective dispelling.”

Thomas Field, 34, doctor, has a girlfriend who is living in Cloud City right now.

“Application failed.” Showing on the screen.

“Damn!” Shouted by Thomas.

“Hey, calm down, you worried too much, the patient is now in good station. I remember today is your girlfriend’s birthday right! Come on, you gonna fly back to Cloudim before 12pm tonight. Let me take care of the man.” Said Ben, Thomas’s colleague.

“Thank you buddy, I almost forgot. Be careful.” Field goes out to change his cloth.

The man is lying still in the quarantine, no breathe, no motion. Ben is confused ‘cause it still has heart beats!

“Okay, such a strange thing. I gonna go inside and check.” Ben wears gowns, gloes and masks and opens the gate…

“Oh God NO!!!”(Screaming)

(Loius district, Starim, December 10, 2026)

“Sir, we found a corpse, a jumping one! I can’t believe it.” Said a soldier.

“Must be some cos-play or what. Such supernatural event won’t happen!” Said Frankenstein Rodriguez, 35, captain of an army, father of an 8-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. “Hello!? Can I help you?” the soldier walks towards the jumping corpse, it suddenly grabs him by his neck and then bites his neck.

“Shot it! Fuck! What the fuck! Help!” Shouting by the soldier. “God. Bullets caused nothing to it! I am sorry Wade! Hold your fire!” Bang! Frankenstein shots at Wade’s head. The corpse jumped away after it sucks all blood of Wade.

“Is that a zombie? Wade is dead!” Said Slade, another soldier.

“Not just one here, more than we can imagine, they are not afraid of bullets. We still don’t know how many people died here. Let’s move back and tell the president. It might be the fucking end of this world!”

Like a thunderstorm strikes the city, thousands of people lost their blood and turn into a zombie, jump corpse. The army can do nothing because zombies are not afraid of bullets, even cut their head they are still able to drink blood. Some soldiers inside the army are scratched by zombies, that caused the collapse of the whole army, attack from the interior, hierarchy. Almost everyone died. Sky darkens, the street is full of jumping corpse, filled with death, resentment, darkness.

Jaden: “I need to make sure my family are still alive.”

Frankenstein and a small team of soldier survived from the chaos, during the meeting with hierarchy of the government, the president was infected by the virus from Skyim, another kind of zombie take up of the building.

Slade: “It’s crazy, what happened is fucking kidding me!”

Frankenstein: “You gonna be strong Slade! We still have a long way to go! I have noticed that, the former one we met in Loius, was totally different from the later one in the meeting. At least from the way they move we can call them jumpers and walkers respectively.”

Slade: “I don’t care how you call them, I only want to get out of this fucking place!”

Frankenstein: “OK, first we need a map, and a car, also we must know how to deal with jumpers outside this building. My grandfather used to be a corpse chaser, I think I know how to deal with them. But we need tools, yellow soft paper, pen, ink or what, maybe they are afraid of sword made by mahogany.”

Keith: “I have a map of the whole continent.”

Jaden: “Come on! Sir you dream too much, this is not making a movie!”

Frankenstein: “We gonna try, or we will never be able to get out! Hush!!! Hold your breathe! I think they won’t attack creature without breathing.”

Slade: “What the fuck are you talking about! We all gonna die here!”

Frankenstein: “No, Slade, no!”

Slade runs out of the gate and uses his machine carbine to shoot jumpers, the one approached Frankenstein and the group turn to Slade because the group did as Frankenstein said. Suddenly, Slade is besieged by several jumpers and screaming.

Slade: “God! Noo! Frank! Help me…ermmm! Ahaa! Amanda! Jade…”

Amanda: “Rodris, we cannot just watch him dying! We gonna do something! Rodris!”

Frankenstein: “Sorry, let him go…Move, to the parking lot.”

Sean: “We still have 4 Rovers and a military RV, but I think we’d first have a trip to the armory. Can’t let those big guys sleep for a long time.”

Frankenstein: “OK, here is the plan, Amanda, Keith and Jaden go to the parking lot to get the RV, Sean and Frederica go get some weapons from the armory. We shall meet at Martin street after an hour.”

Frederica: “What are you going to do sir? I mean, for the very first, emergency, how can we kill those zombies, jumpers?”

Frankenstein: “Pace on the lane, avoid conflicting with them face to face, when one is passing by, better hold your breathe as long as you can. I got some essential things to deal with, move now, keep safe, careful! If necessary, I think they might be afraid of fire.”

Sean: “OK, we must go now, time is not enough, and those jumpers will notice us soon.”

p<{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Two

(Wiliton district, Skyim, December 13, 2026)

Galen :“Oho, God!!! What happened!”

Running on the street, Galen is so nervous about what he saw and what he fears, he need to make sure his families are okay now.

Galen: “Ava!!! Are you there? OH GOD! A mess… Fuck!!! Ava! Ava!”…

“Aha, aha, Em, Ea,,,” A walker climbs towards Galen, actually, a woman without her lower body, blood is everywhere, the floor is full of intestines, visceral debris.

Galen cries with tears: “No!!!NO!!! Ava,, Oh God! No!”

He kneels down on the floor, cries to death, waits for the walker to kill him.

“NO!!! I can’t just leave! Judy, where is Judy?” He struggles to his feet, steps up the stairs, a sight strikes his eyes, a walker is eating the 10-month-old baby !

Galen feels dizzy, he wants to die right now, but his resentment is over sorrow, he grabs a machete to kill the walker, then his ‘wife’, then he rushes out, killing every walker he meets, like a demon, his resentment drives him crazy, he has already lost his mind.

“Fuck you!” “How could you just kill them!” “You have no idea how indispensable they are to me!!!”

His consciousness blurs gradually, he feels so exhausted that he cannot wave the machete anymore…… He falls down…Somebody’s voice is getting closer and closer: “Galen! Wake up! I need you please come back……”

(Cielous district, Skyim, December 9, 2026)

Thomas: “Only around 20 days, walkers have occupied Skye, Dreiy, Cielous and Wiliton, four districts, I have lost contact with Emily for 10 days! I don’t even know she is still alive or die!!”

Stephanie: “You’d better worry about yourself more, we are in great danger now! You have to take good care of yourself first if you want to see your girlfriend.”

Dominic: “Your condition is much better than us, your parents passed away long time ago, all you have to care is your girlfriend, but look at us, we lost our families, best friends!!!! I watched my wife dying in front of me, but I can do nothing!!”

Jack: “Hey!!! Keep quiet, can you just keep quiet? Walkers are around us!”

Tony:” If you don’t want to die, better shut up your fucking mouth. Now get on the bus and we are moving to Delores right now!!!”

A group of people ran out of the city, where is now full of walkers, from the radio they heard that Delores district is building a shelter for refugees, and Cloudim government is sending an army to fight against walkers. Thomas’s girlfriend Emily lived in Chloes district, that’s why he joined the group. Skyim is breaking up now, jumpers in Startim strikes most districts in only a few days, all refugees are traveling towards the last pure land- Cloudim. Nonetheless, Cloudim is close to become a death land.

Tony: “Guys, have a look at this, huge group of walkers! They are walking towards Cloudim. Do you still think it’s a good idea to go to the shelter?”

Thomas: “I don’t care what they are doing, just reach Chloes first. High mountains and the river can stop them.”

Jack: “That may work, but how can we pass through so many residential districts filled with walkers?”

Stephanie: “Why not move to Junous?”

Jack:” No, it’s dangerous, much more, something from Starim are more threatening than walkers.”

Dominic:” Yeah, the radio didn’t mention it, but my family there told me stay away from Junous city, those, hmm, Jumpers, they said, their skin is so tough that normal bullet can cause no harm to them, and they move faster than walkers!”

Thomas: “More like a zombie…”

Bang!!! The bus ran into a tree. Tony was shoot in the left arm. Somebody on the roadside are taking rifle to shot him.

Unknown man:“ Now get out of the bus! Or we shoot!!! Hand out your stuff, and weapons!!! I’m not gonna say it again!”

Jack: “Tony!!! Are you OK?”

Tony: “Fuck! Damn!!! Gosh my arm feels so painful!!”

Bang bang bang…… “I am, not gonna say it twice!”

Stephanie: “God bless us! What are they doing?”

Jennifer: “Why don’t they shoot zombies?”

Dominic: “ Oh, God, my leg was shot!!!” A bullet shots in his leg. Unknown man: “Get the fucking out!!!” “Boss, walkers are approaching! We gonna be quick!” “Fire!!! Kill them!”

Jack: “Wait—-!!! Hold your fire. We can talk, what do you wan…” Bang!!! A silvery bullet shoots in Jack’s head, from right eye through his head.

Stephanie: “Oh God!!! Jesus Christ!!! They just kill him!”

Bang! Tony uses his pistol to shoot those gangs, “Fuck you son of bitch!!! Fuck!!!”

Thomas: “We must run now!!!”

Jennifer: “We can’t leave Tony!!! And Jack’s dead body, Oh……I cannot hold my tears.”

Tony: “Run!!! I cannot hold for too long!!!”

Thomas: “Come on buddy! Let me help you. Can you move?” Thomas helps Dominic get up and rush to follow Stephanie and Jennifer, they dash into the shrub wood, Jennifer’s hand was shot in by a stray bullet.

Jennifer: “Oh I am going to die!! I am bleeding!”

Stephanie: “Hey! Keep up! You will be fine, we need to find a safe place to help you two stop bleeding.”

Thomas: “Come on, buddy, you can do it!”

Dominic: “You can just leave me alone! I cannot catch your pace, let me die please!!!”

Stephanie: “How could you say that! We survived a long way to here, you cannot just give up!”

Thomas: “I am here, buddy, you will be okay!”

Hundreds of walkers gather here because the sound of gun shot. The gangs’ group are busy killing zombies, Tony catch the chance to get out of the bus and run away.

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Three

(Loius district, Starim, December 10, 2026)

Outside the parking lot, Jaden is trying to open the gate, Keith and Amanda are watching over in the front.

Amanda: “Be quick Jaden!!! If those jumpers come, none of us will survive!!”

Jaden: “The code is hard to decipher. Give me a minute.”

Keith: “Why don’t you just cross over the wall and get in?”

Jaden: “Oh, we must be polite! Right, I mean……hey, what are you doing?”

Keith climbs the wall and crosses it quickly.

Jaden: “……”

Amanda: “Good job Hernandez!”

Suddenly a jumper approaches, “Hush!!!” Jaden and Amanda hold their breathe, even dare not to change their emotion.

The jumper smelled Keith, and jumps between Amanda and Jaden, tries to jump in the lot but is blocked by the iron gate.

The two exchange their eye contact, hold the jumper’s left and right arms rapidly at the same time, the jumper is struggling.

Jaden: “Its strength is so huge! I can’t hold it…”

Amanda: “Control it or die!!! Use your knife to cut its damn head!”

Jaden: “No way! It will bite me! ”

Roll, Hum hum hum… Zoom!!!! Keith is driving the RV towards the gate.

Keith: “Watch out!!!” Clank!!! The RV dash into the gate, Amanda and Jaden let the jumper go and rush away separately. Boom!!! The jumper was crashed meters away.

Keith:“ Get on right now!!!” The two rush to climb the RV.

“Fuck!!! I feel so excited!!! Good job man!” Jaden shouts.

Keith drives the RV towards Martin street. There are only 8 minutes before 1 hour ends.

Sean: “Frederica, come on! No time to waste!”

Frederica: “Jesus! They are so heavy!!!”

Sean: “I’ve got two bags of weapons! You dare to say heavy?”

Frederica: “I ma a girl! Okay?”

Sean: “We are already here, where are the others?”

Frederica: “Sean!” Several jumpers approach, Sean and Frederica hold their automatic rifle and shotgun ready to shoot them. Nevertheless, bullets can only slow them down, but they are still ‘alive’. 10 meters, 8 meters, closer and closer.

Sean put his shotgun to his mouth, “No, Sean, Please!!! Don’t leave me alone!!!” Frederica shouts.

“It’s good to stay by your side…” Sean is going to press the trigger, at the very moment, Frankenstein appears!

Sew! An arrow shots into the closest jumper, and it soon burns ! Other jumpers turn around and jump to him.

Sean, Frederica: “Rodris!!!!”

Holding an iron bow, Frankenstein is shooting jumpers down one by one, calmly, rapidly. Suddenly one jumper jumps behind him, he grabs a yellow paper full of codes and put it on the jumper’s face swiftly. It stops immediately.

“What the hell?!!!” Sean cannot believe what he saw.

Frankenstein clear 23 jumpers in 5 minutes, which gives his men a great shock !

“Rodris!!!” Frederica runs to him and hugs him tightly, “I thought we will never see you again!”

“Stupid girl, here I am.” Frankenstein smiles at her, “How’s it going Harris? Ready to push the trigger?”

Sean: “Oh, man, I’ve never been so happy to see you in my life. ” Sean laughs.

Zoom—-!!! “Good morning everybody!!!” shouts Amanda.

Keith stops the RV next to them, :“Wanna go for a drive?”

“Why not.”……Hum, hum, hum…….

Amanda: “What’s the next plan, Rodris?”

Frankenstein: “Delores, CLOUDIM.”

Jaden: “Is everyone okay? Come on, give me a smile, you can have a good rest now, welcome to my villa!” Ha ha ha…

Amanda: “How did you get those, tools?”

Frankenstein: “From my father, the corpse chaser. He learned it from a master. How to deal with jumpers. They are afraid of sunshine, but today is cloudy, I mean when the sun is out, they will not jump outside.”

Keith: “That is why they could attack us even it’s daytime ha!”

Frankenstein: “And they are afraid of mahogany, I know this is wired, but we should do as Romans do.”

“Wish we can arrive at our termination safely.” said Frederica.

Sean: “I wonder if walkers from SKYIM meet jumpers, what will they do? Fight for ‘food’?”

Jaden: “I hope so, or it could be worse.”

(Wiliton district, Skyim, December 14, 2026)


Nicole: “Bro, you wake up? You were in a coma for 10 hours! I ‘m so worried.”

Winfrey: “Buddy you are very brave, ha? You should be thankful that you were not bite by any of them, or I would shoot you in the head.”

Nicole: “I am really sorry for what happened to you, but Wayne you have to be strong, survive for Ava, she doesn’t want you to die.”

Winfrey: “Yeah, even though she turned in to a walker, Oh so cruel, you had a baby right? That’s terr…”

Nicole: “Could you please shut up!”

Winfrey: “Oh, okay, I’m sorry.”

Galen: “ Where am I?”

Nicole: “ This is my boyfriend’s car, we are heading towards Delores. There’s a shelter. And CLOUDIM has a big army fighting against walkers. We will be fine there.”

Winfrey: “Yeah, we’ll be fine, unless we get there first, we don’t even pass Junous district.”

Nicole: “Are you deaf? Don’t you hear what I said? I say shut your fucking mouth up and drive your damn car!”

Winfrey: “Alright, hang on there, I’m driving.”

Galen: “Now what the world is like? I rushed to home, only found they all gone. Will CLOUDIM be safe? I don’t believe.”

Nicole: “There is no where else to go, we have to, and most refugees choose this way, Delores is the final termination, like it’s said in radio.”

The car drives along the main road, walkers stand or lie on the roadside sparsely, suddenly the car knocks into a walker, Winfrey cannot see outside the windshield which is stained with blood and visceral debris. Passer: “Please stop!” Bang!!! The car suddenly stops. “Oh, no! Moore! No!” “Daddy!!!” “No!”

Nicole: “You hit some… People?”

Winfrey: “I don’t know, I can’t see…”

The three get out of the car and find a man lies down on the ground, bleeding, a woman and two children crying by his side, walkers are coming.

Winfrey: “Gosh! I’m, I am, I am so sorry lady, I didn’t notice him.”

Nicole: “Go help them, Parker, the man is still breathing!”

Winfrey: “If you don’t mind…”

Woman: “Get away from me! You kill him! You killer!”

Galen: “Hey! If you don’t want to be their food! Please be quick!” He points those walkers coming around.

Nicole: “Madam? We should get on our car…… I wonder if there’s a hospital or what we could save your……”

Winfrey: “They are coming, let me raise him up, get in the car!”

Galen: “Hey, little guys! Come here!” Galen pushes the two children into the car, “Nicole, pull her in! We don’t have time!”

Winfrey: “Oh Jesus Christ! He bites me! Oh no! My arm is bleeding! I cannot take him! Go go now!”They rushes in the car and drive forward. Winfrey turns on the wipers. Blood flow down along the wipers.

Nicole (crying): “Are you alright?”

Winfrey: “I’m okay, just need to stop bleeding. Don’t worry.”

Galen: “what’s your name lady?……Look, I feel very sorry for your loss, but I also lost my families, you can only depend on us now, two children to raise, think about it!!”

The woman stops crying: “I’m Katie, this is Lilith and her little brother Joshua. Oho, they are only 8 and 6 years old!!! They lost father!”

Galen: “I’m Galen, this is my sister Nicole and this is Winfrey, We will help you Katie, I promise!”

Nicole: “Winfrey? You looks terrible, maybe we should have Wayne to drive?”

Winfrey: “Na, no, I am okay, I am OK!”

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Four

(Chloes district, Cloudim, December 17, 2026)

Dominic: “My leg is feeling better, the cut is mending.”

Jennifer: “Me too……It left me a huge scarlet!”

Thomas: “You should be happy that one was not in your face. Come on, no complaining, we already reach Chloes ’s symbol -- Doubche mountain. I got a private villa on the mountain. I’m sure she is there.”

Stephanie: “I miss the beach, the long long bay, never have a chance to go there any more.”

Thomas: “……The mountain is greater! And there is a lake under it, we can go fishing there, if no walkers.”

Dominic: “Guys, we’re not gonna walk through this forest right?”

Several walkers wandering in the wood, it’s close to dust.

Thomas: “Only a few, I have a big machete waiting for them! Nothing can stop me from seeing Emily!!! Nothing!”

Stephanie: “Alright, guys, walk after Tom, close to each other, do not separate! Hold your weapons!”

The four walk into the wood, Thomas leads the way to his villa, only a few walkers in the way, it’s easy to kill them one by one. However, unfortunately, they come through the gangs they met several days before, they got a camp fire, and several people sitting around, chatting, laughing. Inside a tent there is a woman screaming, “Get away from me, no, fuck you! God, noo..”(crying). A man was tied on a tree, with blood all over his face.

Jennifer: “Ton……..hum!!!”

Thomas cover her mouth tightly, “Quiet, if they find us they will kill us all.”

Dominic: “We must save him.”

Stephanie: “Oh god, he seems already died.”

Thomas: “We will, but not yet.” They hide themselves behind trees.

(Sobbing) A black skin man walks out of the tent, pulls the zipper of his pant, “Oh, God, I feel so high, excited, it’s been a long time I haven’t done this ! ”

“That girl is nice isn’t she? Quite a bitch!”

“It’s your turn now, Nicholas.”

“I can’t wait!!!!” Another stunt man rushes into the tent(Woman’s screaming, crying).

“What are we going to do with this man? He is dying.”

“He killed my men, he needs to pay back!”

“I feel tired, I need to get enough rest, wake me up at my turn to watch Luke!”

“OK I will……Boss you need some sleep, come on I will pay attention of walkers.”

“Alright, Black! Let’s go get some rest.”

Two men walk into tents and it’s pretty dark outside, quiet around the camp instead of the sound of a woman’s weeping and a man’s short deep gasp.

“Only one person stands sentry, move right now!” Thomas whispers, “Stephanie and Jennifer go help Tony, me and Dominic catch that man’s attention.

“Okay.” Thomas throws a little stone into the wood, causing some noise.

Luke: “Who’s there?” He points his shotgun to the wood, “I see you, get out!”

Thomas: “If he walks between us, we knock him down!”

Dominic: “Okay.” The man walks slowly towards them, and Stephanie and Jennifer pace slowly towards Tony. Closer and closer, when the man was right in the middle of Thomas and Dominic, they cover his mouth tightly and hold his shotgun. “Hit his head!” Thomas said. (A dull thud) The man lies on the ground. Tony is supported by the two girls coming next to them.

Thomas: “Move right now!!!”……

“ Luke!??” Nicholas shouted, “Fuck, where you go? Luke?” He pisses off in front a tree, “(Whistle)......what the hell?? Luke!!! Buddy I am sorry, I don’t mean to piss off on you! Luke?” He find Luke was in a coma. “Boss!!! Somebody attacks!!!”

Several men run out of tents, “Fuck, is he okay?” Black shouts.

“Motherfucker!!!” a tall man shouts, “Boss!!!That man was gone!!!”

“Fuck!!!!” the boss says, “Whoever they are, I will kill them! I swear!!!”

(Junous district, Skyim, December 15, 2026)

“Oh god! Run!!!” Galen shouts, “I can’t hold him!”

The car was knocked down on the freeway, Winfrey turned, almost killed Nicole.

“Ah…em, aha..” Winfrey screams, want to struggle out of control, “Give me a knife!”Galen shouts.

“No, how could he… No Winfrey!!! Parker!” Nicole cries.

“Give me a knife or we die!!! He is not Parker!” Galen shouts at his sister……

Galen: “We have to walk now, the car broke down.”

Katie hugs her children crying, Nicole sits on the ground stares at his boyfriend’s dead body.

“……give me your response? Don’t cry! This is the world! The world we are in now, straight up! You wanna die?” Galen is about to lose his mind, “Okay, whatever,” he lies down on the ground and close his eyes, “Let walkers eat us.”…

Zoom—!! Suddenly a big RV running towards them, Galen stands up immediately, and Nicole is still sitting there, Katie and her children hide behind the crashed car.

Clank-- The RV stops in front of Galen. Two men walk down. One holds a rifle, another hands a pistol.

“What’s your name?” “Galen… Galen·Wayne, that is my sister Nicole, and that is, Ms.Katie and her children.”

“What happened?” “A friend turned, into a walker, our car crashed, we need some help.”

“Sorry to hear that, any weapons?” “No, just a machete and some knifes.” “That’s good, my name’s Frankenstein·Rodriguez,” “ Sean·Harris.” “Yeah, we are heading towards Delores.”

Katie: “Yeah! That is where we wanna go, please take us, we have children!”

Frankenstein: “You guys look a little bit exhausted, must be a long day.”

Galen: “Yep, as you see sir.”

Frankenstein: “Alright come on. Sean, lead them to the back. Give them some supplies.”

Sean: “Yes, sir. Come on, ladies and gentlemen.”

Clank— “Hello, I’m Frederica, oh, little guys, so adorable!!”

Jaden: “You gonna love this moving house!”

“What’s your name little girl?” “My name is Lilith.” “Beautiful name, what about your little brother?” “He is Joshua.” “Sounds nice, how old are you?”

Sean: “Hey Frederica, are you taking a census?”

Frederica: “Not your business, bastard!”

Jaden: “Quiet guys!!! I can’t fall asleep.”

Frankenstein: “Keith, call me to take turn if you get tired!”

Keith: “I’ll sir. Just take a good rest.”

Amanda: “Watch the way, do not drive into a river!”

Keith: “Kidding me, ya.”

Amanda and Frankenstein sit on a sofa. There are two double-deck bed at the back, which is now taken up by Jaden, Nicole, Katie and her children. Sean is on the top of the RV to stand sentry, and Frederica is sleeping on another sofa. Galen was so tired that he fell asleep in a chair.

Amanda(Leaning on the sofa): “We’ve got 11 people now, which mean you have to protect 10.”

Frankenstein: “You can protect yourself right? We are close to CLOUDIM, hope everything there will be fine.”

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Five

(Doubche mountain, Chloes district, Cloudim, December 17, 2026)

T·F·VILLA,” Stephanie frowns, “So this is your house?”

Thomas: “Actually, ah, it’s a laboratory. I did some research during my vacation.”

Jennifer: “Oh, you are such a workaholic! Gross!”

Thomas: “Whatever you call me… Emily? Are you there? You told me you will wait me here! Emily?”

The house is dark, inside is a mess, it seems that some rude guys had come over.

“Oh, man, I’m afraid…” “Shut up! She won’t die! She won’t! I will find her, I promise her, I promise…” Something strikes Thomas’s head, “The woman, Jesus Christ! That woman!”

Dominic: “Which one? Hey, calm down!”

Thomas: “NO!!! The tent! In the tent!!!! I was supposed to save her!!! I was suppos… No, I have to go back! I must!!”

Dominic: “Hey, are you mad? We are not gonna go with you! Everybody is tired now! How could you think that woman is your girlfriend?”

Thomas: “They came here before us!!! They took her away!!! I will go back!!!”

Jennifer: “What about Tony? He needs to stop bleeding.”

Stephanie: “Think about it Tom, it depends on you.”

Thomas walks upstairs and takes the shotgun he hided under a counter long time ago and then rushes down.

Dominic: “Hey, Thomas!!” “Just, let him go.” “Come on, help, Tony!”……

“Son of bitch! I will kill you all!” Thomas rushes towards the camp, fire flies out of his eyes. He is so furious that he ignores paying attention to the ground, all of a sudden he was trapped in a big tight net hanging on a tree.

“Ha ha ha……” “You idiot!” “Ha ha ha…What I said!” “I knew he will come back!!! For that bitch! Ha ha ha!!!” There are several people beneath him, laughing, tricking, taunting.

Luke: “I’m gonna cut his damn head off!!!”

Brian: “No, no, buddy, boss wants him alive.”

Luke: “How about digging one of his eyes?”

Nicholas: “Ha ha ha, you motherfucker!”

Brian: “Let’s hand him to boss.”

Nicholas: “Not yet, boss is still do some riding.”

Luke: “Ha ha, hey boy, don’t you hear hear that? Our boss is riding!!! Ride on your fucking girlfriend, Oooo!!!! Ha ha”

Thomas: “You bastards! I will kill you all!!! Fuck! Son of bitch!!! I will kill you!! I swear!!” He is struggling in the net, on the tree.

Nicholas: “How do you know that bitch is his girlfriend, I bet it’s his sister!!!”

Luke: “Oh, you’ll lose! 100$, dare you!?” “Ha ha ha…”

Thomas tries his best to rip the net but in vain, he screams shouts, he cannot believe it’s truth. Walkers are not dangerous, they are pure than those people. At least they only want something to eat, not insult, bully.

Lower and lower, Thomas was put down, then what comes to him is beating, punching. The three use fists, feet, stick……until he lose consciousness.

Brian: “Okay, stop!!! Not kill him.” Brian raises Thomas up, “Let’s go back, see what our boss will order.”

(A-Lake, Amofous district, Cloudim, December 19, 2026)

“Hey, guys, have a look at these! A lake!!” Frederica screams and rushes to the lake.

“Be careful!!! Sean! Go watch her.” Frankenstein points at her and walks down the RV.

Sean: “Oh, babysitting job on me.”

Amanda: “You are good at it right?”

Sean: “Kidding me.”

Frankenstein: “Alright everyone, have a good rest, we move on 15 minutes later.”

Katie: “Come kids! You gonna love this.”

Lilith: “Oh, hurry Joshua, a beautiful sea!!!”

Katie: “Oh baby, that’s a lake.”…

Galen: “You are a soldier right?”

Frankenstein: “Captain, more accurate.”

Galen: “Wow, that sounds cool.”

Frankenstein: “Just apparently.”

Galen: “Do you have children?”

Frankenstein: “……”

Galen: “I’m sorry, I mean, it’s okay, I had a beautiful girl named Judy…She was pretty like a fairy, to me…”

Frankenstein: “I had two children. Clementine and Tristan.”

Galen: “I could have two, but my wife… Ah, are they still alive, I mean…”

Frankenstein: “I don’t know, they live far away from me, I don’t know where they are, their mother took them away from me years ago. She hates me.”

Galen: “Oh, sorry to hear that…”

Jaden and Amanda are carrying some water out of the lake with a barrel, Sean and Katie are watching the three playing in the lake, Frederica Lilith and Joshua. Keith is sleeping in the RV. Nicole is still lying on the bed, cannot sleep either play outside, maybe losing her boyfriend caused great pain. “Hey I lost my wife, pregnant! And my 10-month-old baby Judy!!! Look at her, better than dying! I could do nothing, as a brother, I just…”

“Who’s there!!!” Frankenstein raises his pistol towards the wood, “Get out now! I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Oh, please don’t shoot! Sir! We need your help! We have a patience here in a terrible condition, we need some hydrogen peroxide solution and some medicine, pills, he is dying!!!” Shouts by Stephanie, along with Jennifer, Dominic and Tony(In a coma).

“Who did this?” “Some gangs, we don’t know.” “They shoot him in the chest, left arm and right thigh, cuts all over his face, monsters!” “Can you save him Frederica?” “I’m trying.”

Dominic: “Thank you sir, you do us a great favor!!! But…”

Stephanie: “We are in big trouble! Those gangs! They caught one of our friends.”

Frankenstein: “Calm down, tell me what happened.”……

Frederica used to be a military surgeon, that’s why she is busy saving Tony’ s life now, Keith, Jennifer are beside her ready for help.

Amanda(Whisper to Frankenstein): “Hey, we don’t need to care about their business!!! We have to go straight to the termination!!!”

Frankenstein: “Soldier! Watch your words! I won’t ignore these, beasts. They could harm anyone, any refugees, they already suffer too much!”

Amanda: “What about you? Yourself!!!! Your children!!! Frank!!! It’s time to wake up! Care more about your people around okay!”

Stephanie: “Sorry, we don’t want to…..”

Amanda: “Shut up!!!”

Frankenstein: “Amanda!!!” He stares at her, seriously with anger, “Go back to the RV.”

Amanda: “I have had enough of you! Do whatever you want.”(Middle finger)

Dominic: “Sir, if you don’t want…”

Frankenstein: “Where, is the camp?”

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Six

(Doubche mountain, Chloes district, Cloudim, December 20, 2026)

(One eye opens slowly) A campfire, something burning to dark on a bracket, several people around, laughing, eating something.

“It’s been a while I didn’t have such tasty meat!!!” “I’m sure you love it bastard!” “Ha ha ha…”

“Emily…Emily….” Thomas said weakly.

“Oh, you wake up, welcome come to our camp! Are you hungry? Come on try some fresh meat!!!” The man tries to put the meat into Thomas’s mouth, he is so hungry that he swallows it immediately.

“Ha ha ha!!!!! Fucking kidding me!!! Do you know whose meat this is!!! Tasty ha!!!?” The man burst into laughing.

Suddenly Thomas restores his consciousness, only realize that he can see with only one eye!!! What’s worse, the thing on the bracket, is in a human shape!!!!

“Noo!!!!!!!!!” Thomas shouts in sorrow, anger, “Emily!!! Noo!! You monsters!!! Fuck!!!”

“Ha ha ha!!! Nice food!!! I have to say, your girlfriend tastes good!” The man sucks his finger and walks away.

Nicholas: “Come on Brian, you gonna eat some!!!”

Brian: “I feel sick, you are eating a human!!! Oh, gross.”

Black: “Guess what, you gonna get used to this, we will suffer a long time without any fresh meat, animals bite by walkers? NO!”

Luke: “You should blame Nicholas, it’s his fault! If he didn’t fuck the bitch to death, we won’t eat her! Anyway, or it could be more humanitarian.”

Blight: “You said there were two people attacked you, Luke. But now we just caught one.”

Nicholas: “Oh, I bet the other guy won’t come, if he dare, ha ha ha, why not set a trap?”

Luke: “Just tie that guy on the tree, we hide in the dark, when they come we shoot them all!!!”

Nicholas: “That’s a good idea!”

Zee--zee-- (Walking-talkie) Blight: “Wait, wait a minute. It’s the Governor.” Blight walks away to talk with the governor.

Black: “Maybe it’s time to get back, we were out for a week.”

Nicholas: “But we haven’t got enough supply.”

Luke: “Somebody boss afraid……we get nothing for him.”

Blight: “Alright everybody, we gonna go now.”

Black: “Look, what I said.”

Luke: “What about that guy?”

Blight takes his weapon and goes straight: “Kill him.”

It’s like something stabs in his heart, Thomas is so despair that only tears reacts to the words.

Luke holds his pistol and walks straight to him, “I’ll do you a favor, send you to see your girlfriend!”

Thomas: “You fucking metamorphosis!”

Luke points his pistol to Thomas’s head, ready to push the trigger. Bang—! Thomas opens his eye, only to see Luke falling down with blood spreading around.

Black: “Fuck! Get your weapons!!! Somebody attacks!!!”

Bang—Bang—-Bang!!! An intense battle starts, ‘cause those gangs cannot see their enemies, most of them get hurt by bullets.

Nicholas: “God!!Damn it!!! Cover me!!!”

Black: “My shoulder!!!”

“Put your guns down and kneel!!!” Frankenstein walks outside the shadow, holding a pistol, “I said put your guns down and kneel!”

Sean walks out beside him, holding a refile, behind him is Jaden, holding a shotgun. From the other side (North side) of the camp walk out Dominic and Galen, holding a pistol respectively.

Black: “Fuck, they kill Luke! What could we do boss?”

Blight: “4vs5, ha? We still have chance to win!!”

Amanda(Walks out from the west side, holding a sub-machine gun): “You can try.”

Frankenstein: “Put them down and make them kneel!!!”

Blight: “Hold on! I give up!” He throws his gun away and kneels. Other 3 do as what their boss does.

Sean: “What the fuck! They are eating a human! Isn’t that a leg!!!”

Jaden: “You monsters!! I will kill you…!” He points at the gangs. “Put it down, Jaden!” Frankenstein says, “Tie them up, on the tree.”

Dominic runs to Thomas: “Oh, god, what they have done to you!!!”

Thomas: “You, should be thankful, that, they didn’t eat me!! But, they ate her!”

Galen: “We should kill them right now, or I wonder leaving them alive, how many people they will eat!”

Frankenstein: “No, we are not going to kill them!”

Galen: “But……” “Let walkers eat them!” “……” “I think gun shot has already attracted some walkers.”

Sean: “Sir, already done!”

Frankenstein: “OK, let’s go back.”

Nicholas: “You can’t just leave us here!!! Nooo!”

Thomas snatches a pistol from Galen and shots Nicholas immediately, “Hold him!!!” Frankenstein shouts, “Take him back!” “Fuck! Let me kill them!! No!! Emily! Give Emily back!! You son of bitch!……”

Nicholas: “Fuck you! You son of bitch! Ah… He shots in my chest!!! Fuck!!Ah…”

Frankenstein: “Move back. Walkers are coming.”

Dominic and Jaden hold Thomas and follow Frankenstein, Sean and Galen walk behind to kill walkers coming behind.

“Ah!!! Fu…Fuck!!!” “Shut up Nicholas!!!” “Fuck! You will kill us all!!!” “Nicholas!”

Because the gun shot and Nicholas’ s screaming, many walkers turn to the camp, death is waiting for the 4.

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Seven

(A-Lake, Amofous district, Cloudim, December 20, 2026)

Frankenstein: “……Thank you!”

Amanda: “For what?”

Frankenstein: “For your help.”

Amanda: “I was just, just, I don’t want others to jump into the hell with you, fool.”

Frankenstein: “Thanks anyway.”

Amanda: “……I’ll go and check our patience……”

Frankenstein is driving the RV on the road, Sean is on the top of the RV, others are helping with Frederica or taking a rest. The RV seems so crowded, 21 people, so many that the RV moves in a very slow speed.

“Keith!?” “Yes, sir?” “Pay attention to some cars or buses. We need more. RV will break down if keep on driving!” “ Yea, I think so, I will pay attention!”

“Sir, guys’ getting tired of traveling in the RV, life on bus seems so uncomfortable, someone suggests us to find a safe place to stay down!” Keith sits on the auxiliary driving seat.

Frankenstein: “I’m thinking about that, but we are pretty close to Delores. We will stay down there.”

Keith: “They mean just one night, we cannot always sleep on the bumpy RV.”

Frankenstein: “Just hold on for a while, we will arrive at our termination in 3 days. Unless this big guy is run out of fuel……” The RV stops all of a sudden, Frankenstein try to start it off but in vain, “Well, as you wish……”

“Take turns to stand sentry, set tents close to the RV, everyone be very careful ! Just one night!” Frankenstein said to his people, Jaden and Keith choose to take the first turn, others help themselves to set tents around the RV.

Galen: “Come on Nicole! Let’s join others!”

Nicole: “No, I just wanna stay alone here. Leave me alone.”

Galen: “It’s been a week! How could you!……”

Katie and her children sleep in a tent next to the door of the RV; Sean just lies on the top of the RV; Frederica, Stephanie and Jennifer are in the same tent; Dominic sleeps on the sofa near to Thomas and Tony, the two patients are still in a coma; Frankenstein takes a nap on the driver’s seat, Amanda is on the auxiliary driving seat, but she doesn’t fall asleep, she stares at his face, under the moon light, even when he is asleep he seems so solemn, just a feeling she cannot hold back, she moves close to him, she can feel his breathe, she kisses on his cheek and then sleeps serenely.

Galen: “OK, hey, boys, come on get some sleep, let me take your turn.”

Keith: “Jaden, you can go first.”

Galen: “No No No, I mean you two, trust me okay! I swear I will protect us all, to do the alarming job perfectly!”

Jaden: “Alright, I feel so tired, let’s go take a good rest.”

Keith: “……I will later.”

Galen: “Oho, come on, Keith, am I look like a jerk? A liar?”

Jaden: “I trust you, oh, I can’t feel my eyes…”

Keith: “OK, be careful, if you are tired remember to call for a turn! Don’t keep plugging!”

Galen: “Yes sir!”

Galen holds a shotgun, does some goosestepping, walks around the RV and tents for a while, then he sits down on the ground, takes off his shoes and starts to scratch his feet. “Oh, fuck, my beriberi is getting worse!”

After scratching for several minutes, Galen wanders to the border of road and the forest, starts to pee on the bush. Suddenly a walker lunged at him, he is scared a lot, “Oh God!!! Fuck, help!!!!!” He tries his best to stop the walker from biting him, “No! !Jesus Christ!!! Somebody help!!! I don’t wanna die here!!!”

Puzi -- A knife flies in the walker ’s head, the walker dies immediately and lies on Galen.

“Keep screaming, you gonna wake everybody up and attract walkers to kill everyone! What the fuck are you doing here?” Sean walks towards Galen and helps him up.

“Oh buddy, thanks a lot! I think I pissed on my pants! What a shame!” Galen kicks the walker and walks back with Sean.

Galen: “Nice shot buddy! I mean, fortunately it didn’t fly into my head.”

Sean: “Don’t worry, my nickname was the flying dagger.”

Galen: “Wow, that’s great.”

Frederica: “Hey, Galen? Wasn’t that your screaming? You wake us up!”

Galen: “I swear it won’t happen again!”

Joshua: “Mom, uncle Wayne’ s pant is wet. Why don’t you give him a diaper?”

Katie: “Oh, baby uncle Wayne is old enough, he can do that by himself ! Why don’t you say he pour some water on the pant in accident?” She blinks at Galen.

Galen: “……Yeah, just some water…”

Sean: “Ha ha, that’s funny! Hey, I think somebody’s gonna take your place Uncle Wayne! Go get a new pant!”

From the windshield, Frankenstein stares at them, smiles. He turns right and has a look at Amanda, she is sleeping deeply. “Tomorrow will be better, I hope……”

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Eight

(Termination, Delores district, Cloudim, December 23, 2026)

On the main road, a Ford car runs at the first, then comes a Jeep, a big RV and a Chevrolet car. Frankenstein, Amanda and Jaden are in the Ford car; Sean, Jennifer and Dominic are in the Jeep; Galen, Katie and Nichole are in the Chevrolet; Keith is driving the RV. Thomas, Tony are still in treatment, Frederica is taking care of them; Stephanie is taking care of Joshua and Lilith; Nichole is getting better and chats with Keith on the auxiliary driving seat.

Frankenstein reaches his hand out of the Ford, signals to the later vehicles to stop.

“What’s wrong?” Sean opens the door of the Jeep and asks.

Frankenstein:“Nothing, we are very close to the termination.”

Amanda: “So why not go straight forward?”

Keith(RV/shouting): “Hey!? What’s wrong?”

Galen(Chevrolet/shouting): “Walkers are behind! Come on guys? Let’s move!”

Sean: “Why do you stop? Sir?”

Frankenstein: “I don’t think it’s wise for us all to move in at one time.”

Amanda: “Which means what?”

Frankenstein: “Hide our cars in the woods, just few of us get into it and check whether it’s safe or not.”

Sean: “I agree with him, if some gangs took up it, we not only would be robbed, you girls would also be raped!”

Jennifer: “Oh, that’s terrible!”

Frankenstein: “Now, turn back and drive into the woods. Who are willing to have a trip to hell? Just two.”

Sean: “I would like t…..”

Frankenstein: “No, you should stay and protect them.”

Sean: “Alright.”

Galen: “Me!!! I would like to!”

Amanda: “The other will be me.”

Frankenstein: “……OK. Let’s move right now.”

Guard A: “Hey! Put your hands up!”

Frankenstein: “Hold your weapons! We are survivors!”

Guard A: “Is there anyone infected by walkers or jumpers?”

Galen: “No! We are all normal human!”

Guard A: “OK, Owen, open the gate!”

Guard B: “Come in please. Welcome to the Termination!”

Stranger A: “Wow, look at them! New comers! Welcome! My name is Jason, nice to see you guys.”

Frankenstein: “Nice to see you too.”

Jason: “Let me take you guys to visit our governor. He is a Hospitable man. He will be happy if he see you guys.”

Galen: “This place seems so huge! Look at those high steel walls, how did you build it?”

Jason: “Hmm…… our designers, constructors started to work on these right after the broke out of the virus. Miller was a senator at that time, he organized all these things, and made sure everything goes well. And he did a good job, everybody here respects him.”

Amanda: “Sounds like a great man. So how many survivors are here?”

Jason: “hundreds. Not too many, our place is limited, we are considering enlarging it. But at the same time we need more food supplies. We got some farmers, there are some fields and livestock. While not enough for hundreds people. Then Miller started to send small groups to get supplies from outside. That’s dangerous but we only lost few people till now.”

Frankenstein: “That seems great. It’s a good place. So how long shall we go to see the great man?”

Jason: “Already here.” Jason opens a gate of a medieval style house and lead them to the second floor, where the governor sits and deals with daily things.

Jason: “Hey, come and see some new friends!”

Raymond: “Oh, hi! My name’s Raymond·Miller.”

Frankenstein shacks his hand: “Frankenstein·Rodriguez, so you must be the great man! I have heard a lot of your stories! This is Amanda·Hall and this is Galen·Wayne.”

Raymond: “Oh, that’s just so so, where are you come from? Skyim?”

Galen: “Yeah, I am from Wiliton district.”

Raymond: “How about you two?”

Frankenstein: “Startim, where the jumpers originates.”

Raymond: “Yea, jumpers, they are hard to cope with. So there are only three in your group?”

Galen: “No, we’ve got…”

Amanda: “16, including two children. They are waiting for us outside termination, I’m sorry for suspecting your place but……”

Raymond: “No, no, that’s okay! I always do that when we receive new group, you see, we cannot let bad guys take this place right? Just let them in, don’t worry!”

Frankenstein: “……Yeah, so why don’t you suspect us? I mean, we don’t look like some kind guys…”

Raymond: “Oh, I’m good at observing people, insight, you know, I used to work in RFI.”

Galen: “RFI? That’s damn cool!”

Amanda: “But Jason said you used to be a senator.”

Raymond: “Yeah, I did. But after resigning from that I prefer working in RFI.”

Amanda: “Oh, the two jobs barely have no connection.”

Raymond: “Ha ha, I bet ya think about……” “Governor!” Some people breaks in all of a sudden. “I have some emergency to……” The man saw Frankenstein and suddenly stops.

Amanda: “Frank……”

Frankenstein: “It’s you.”

The man pulls out a pistol immediately and points at Frankenstein. “God damn!” “Put your gun down!!!” “Blight!!!” “Frank!” “Hold on!”

Blight: “Governor, you will never know what this asshole did to us, to your people!!!”

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Nine

(Outside the Termination, Delores district, Cloudim, December 23, 2026)

Stephanie: “It’s been two hours since they went in.”

Jennifer: “I’m afraid……”

Sean: “No, we will wait here until they come out! Or we attack!”

Jaden: “Oh, man, that’s crazy! Don’t you see that! At least 30 guards!”

Sean: “But we cannot leave them!”

Keith: “Hold on guys, there must be something, something they have to deal, please trust Frankenstein, he won’t make it worse.”

Frederica: “Yeah, I trust him. Through all those hardships we ran into, he is worthy of trust.”

(Doubche mountain, Chloes district, Cloudim, December 20, 2026)

Blight: “Fuck! Nicholas! Shut up!”

Black: “Jesus! Walkers! Blight! Couldn’t you think out anything!!!”

Several walkers walk towards the 4, Nicholas was bite by 3 walkers and screams aloud which attracts more. Blight uses his leg to kick some walkers trying to approach him. Black struggles to break the rope but in vain. At the moment a walker is going to bite Black in the neck, Bang—! The walker falls down.

“Brian! Come on! Help me, get out of this!!!” Black shouts at him. Brian cut the rope with a knife and release Black and Blight. However, Nicholas was teared apart by walkers.

“Damn it!!” Blight shouts, “Move! Or we will be like him!”

The 3 breach the surrounding of walkers, Black’s left hand was bite by a walker in accident.

“No, help me Blight!!!” Black covers his bleeding hand.

Blight points his gun at Black’s head. “I’m sorry, bro.”

“Noo!! There gonna be some ways!!! Don’t shot me!”

Brian: “Are you crazy!! You cannot just shoot him! We lost so many!”

Blight: “What you want me to do? I don’t wanna do this!”

Brian: “I know this may sounds crazy, but……cut his hand!”

Black: “What? Fuck you! No you can’t! There gonna be some other ways!!!”

Blight: “Do you wanna become one of them?”

Black: “……”

Brian: “Boss, hold him. I will do this.”

Blight: “…Alright, buddy, bite this piece of wood.”

Black’s closes his eyes tightly, Brian hold his left arm and cut immediately.

“Wum!!!! Ah!!!! FUck!!! Wum!!!”

Blight: “Hold on!!! Hold on! Buddy you can do it!!!”

Blood spreads everywhere. Black falls into a coma because of the violent pain from his hand.

Blight: “Stop bleeding! Help push!!!”

Brian: “Give me your belt!”

Blight: “I’ll carry him, you clear the way!”

Brian: “OK. Follow me.”

(Termination, Delores district, Cloudim, December 23, 2026)

Blight: “He killed Luke! Nicholas! And he almost killed me!”

Raymond: “……Calm down Blight! I can deal with this so put your fucking gun down!!!! Now!!!”

Galen: “We are really sorry! We didn’t know they are……”

Frankenstein: “They deserve.”

Raymond: “What do yo mean?”

Amanda: “Your people, they are monsters! Why don’t you ask them what they have done outside?”

Raymond: “What did they do……”

Frankenstein: “They did some good things…cannibalism. They raped a girl and ate her! And they made one of my friends lose his eye.”

Raymond: “…Blight, tell me, is that true?”

Blight: “Governor, we just……”

Raymond: “Is, that, true!!!?”

Blight: “……Yes…”

Raymond: “I asked you to search supplies!!! Not to kill people!!! Not rob! Rape! Kill!!!”

Jason: “Calm down Miller. You don’t need to be so. Let Charles deal with this.”

Raymond: “…Alright, take him away, take a note to Charles, exile.”

Hearing this, Blight raises his pistol again suddenly and shoots Raymond. Bang—- “No!!!” Jason and Galen rush to control Blight and push him down.

Amanda: “Frank!!!”

Frankenstein rushed to block the bullet, which shoots into his left chest, caused him fall into a coma immediately.

Amanda: “No!! Don’t! Please!!!” She holds Frankenstein’ s heavy body and crying.

Raymond was stunned by Blight’s action and Frankenstein’s action, “……Jason!” “Yes?” “Take him to Charles. Now!”

Blight: “Fuck!!! You will regret what you have done!!! Miller! You son of bitch!!!”

Jason and Galen carries him out. Amanda is still crying.

Raymond: “I’m so sorry……”

Amanda: “No, it’s not your fault……He shouldn’t have done that! He always does!!!”

Raymond: “I’m sorry, but if we don’t destroy his brain……”

Amanda(crying): “No!!! He is not dying! Not yet……”

Raymond holds a knife, waits to kill ‘him’ if he turns.

Amanda(Crying): “Oh……How am I supposed to tell guys……We cannot live on without you!!!….”

“Ah….em” “Hey! Be careful! He is about to……”

Frankenstein(Weakly): “Come on, if you keep on, watching me dying……I need first aid! And, put your knife away!”

Amanda: “Oh!!! Jesus!!! Frank!”

Raymond: “You are still alive!!! Isaiah, my medicine assistant, Katherine, my best doctor! Come on, they will save you! I promise!”

(Outside the Termination, Delores district, Cloudim, December 23, 2026)

Another two hours passed.

“I think they may meet some trouble!” Sean says, “Those clothes, those guards’ clothes, or suits, I think I have seen it somewhere……Oh, shit!!! It must be!!!”

Stephanie: “What?”

Jaden: “Those gangs we met few days ago, they wear the same suits, they must come from the termination!”

Frederica: “Oh, god! Frankenstein, Amanda…..They are in great danger!”

Keith: “Those gangs had already died! Frankenstein left them with walkers!”

Sean: “That doesn’t mean they were died.”

Jaden: “So what are we gonna do?”

Sean: “We cannot just break in, we move at night.”

Frederica: “Wait!!! Somebody’s coming!……It’s Galen!”

Katie: “They are still alive! Thanks god!”

Sean: “Fuck! What happened inside? You made us wait for so long! Wait, where’s the others? Rodris and Amanda? Where are they, and who the fucking you are?”

Jason: “Hey! Calm down please, your friends are okay in termination, but just……”

Galen: “We met one of those gangs inside, he shot Rodris. He is not good……”

Sean grabs Jason’s neckline and shouts: “You all are gangs? Fuck you!…..”

Galen: “Hey! Hold on man!!! He is good! Just some bad guys. The governor is a nice person and he is taking care of Rodris with Amanda inside. Let guys move in! It’s a good place.”

Jason: “I promise!!! Look, I promise!”

p<>{color:#000;background:#f3ffec;}. Chapter Ten

(Termination, Delores district, Cloudim, December 23, 2026)

Katherine: “He is still in a coma, but is out of danger!”

Amanda: “Oh! Thanks God!!!”

Raymond: “Good job! Isaiah, remember offer him some……”

Sean: “Amanda? How is him?”

Jason: “Miller, these guys are their friends.”

Raymond: “Well, welcome! I’m Raymond·Miller.”

Sean: “Sean·Harris, I wanna know whether Frankenstein is okay?”

Amanda: “He is out of danger, but still in a coma.”

Raymond: “Yeah! Listen, I feel great sorrow about what happened, but I promise I will give you guys an answer!”

Sean: “Now I wanna see Blight!”

Raymond: “No, I’m afraid not, he and his gangs were exiled one hour ago!”

Jaden: “You exiled them?”

Sean: “This is fucking wrong!!! You have no idea what they will do to you in the future! To your people! To this place! You are setting free a beast!!!”

Jason: “That’s our law, Sir. Everyone here must obey it. No one excludes.”

Raymond: “We don’t kill, that’s blasphemy! We exiled them ‘cause that’s what they deserve!”

Sean: “They deserve death!”

Galen: “Ha? Ha ha, Let’s talk about something else, we’ve got two more patients, maybe offer them a ward or what. And most of us are so tired now……It’s been a long time that I didn’t have a good rest.”

Raymond: “Sure, you can sleep well here and worry about nothing! Jason, take our guests to their room.”

Jason: “Yes, Governor. Come on, this way.”

Galen: “You two don’t come?”

Frederica: “I wanna stay with Rodris, Amanda.”

Sean: “You go first, I wanna talk with the governor.”

Galen: “Oh, hey, do as Romans do. OK? We shall follow them. What they set we have to……”

Sean: “Enough, you have no idea what you’re talking……”

Galen: “Okay, okay.”

Frederica: “Are you going to shout at him?”

Sean: “No, am I look like a barbarian?”

Frederica: “I’m not sure…well, maybe.”

Sean: “……”

Frederica: “Anyway, Amanda! Let’s enter the ward! I wanna see Rodris right now!”

Amanda: “……what? Okay, okay. I’m sorry, I was a little…”

The two goes into the ward, Frankenstein lies on the bed, with gauze around his chest, some blood can be seen from the white gauze.

Isaiah: “You can see but don’t bother him, he is still……”

Frederica: “Yeah, I won’t!”

In the office.

Raymond: “I said, without my permission, no one are allowed to go out!”

Sean: “You can’t just let them go! We need to find them and kill them!”

Raymond: “Enough! We do that we’ll become monsters!”

Sean: “Then just let me in! I don’t care what Jesus what Christ! Do you want to see more people dying?”

Raymond: “Hey! You should remind yourself who you are talking with!”

Sean: “I’m talking with you because I think you are reasonable, don’t you ever worry about them coming back and taking up this place?”

Raymond: “We’ve got enough security guards, and weapons… They won’t try even if……”

Sean: “They will, please listen to me.”

Raymond: “OK, then you just leave me alone.”

Sean: “You will regret.”

Sean went back to meet Keith and Jaden, guys are having their own rooms now. There are many double-deck houses here, Galen gathers everyone and choose to live in one house for safety sake.

Sean: “We are gonna sneak out this night and find the gangs! Kill them!”

Galen: “No, that’s dangerous! The governor had said no.”

Sean: “Leave them alive is a bigger danger!!!!”

Keith: “Rodris is still in a coma, or we could ask him about this……”

Sean: “But he is not! He is not here! Wake up guys! We are gonna do the right thing and be independent! From Frankenstein! We cannot depend on him for everything!!”


Sean: “No one volunteers?……That’s good! I’ll go by myself.”

Galen: “You are gonna kill yourself! It’s so dangerous outside! You cannot leave alone!”

Sean: “So what? No body wanna go with me.”

Jaden: “Hey buddy, just relax okay? Guys are all exhausted! We need a good rest.”

Sean: “Fuck you!!!” Sean leaves the house angrily.

Dominic: “Hope he won’t do something stupid.”

Katie: “Galen, you are not going with him right?”

Galen: “……Just get some rest, you and children, a long tired day……I just, I just can’t make decision. Gosh, it’s not until now that we find out that Rodriguez is so essential…”

Keith puts his hand on Galen’ s shoulder, “He will be back soon! He also need some rest……”

Dominic: “Yes, I always keep him as our leader. Hum…where’s Stephanie? Jennifer?”

Jennifer: “She is taking care of Tony and Thomas. They’re getting better. Come on, let’s have a look at our new house!”

Sean: “……Why did you follow me here?”

Nicole: “I wanna go with you.”

Sean: “Hey girl, this is not a joke! Go back and find your brother!”

Nicole: “I’m not kidding! I know how to use guns! I had been trained!”

Sean: “……You should know the outcome, if we cannot make it outside.”

Nicole: “Then just shut up, I am in. You know, quiet life doesn’t suit us…”

Sean (smokes): “……OK, we move at 3 AM.”

May, 2016


Break of Dawn I Catastrophe

  • ISBN: 9781370107445
  • Author: Schusterap
  • Published: 2017-04-22 16:05:27
  • Words: 9849
Break of Dawn I Catastrophe Break of Dawn I Catastrophe