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“Boycott Yudowitz.com”


By Larry Margulies


May 1, 2017
























Boycott all law services of Yudowitz.com.

A group of people have targeted me for murder and my baby’s death was no accident, nor was the attempts on my life, by hired hands. I also want to mention here that an innocent old lady was also likely murdered, I was told she was, because she found out about the murder for hire, she got between me and one gunman as I got in the taxi when the gunman approached, she was a very nice lady, she used her hands to slice across her own throat to warn me when he came towards the taxi. (This also happened at 26C Imus Highway).


Being a lawyer should have meant something when Yudowirz.com’s Martin Yudowitz,alsomy brother, had advised me and made an agreement to me. I hope that this boycott will force the California Bar to examine whether MartinYudowitz of Yudowitz.com should have a license to practice law. MartinYudowitz made a solid agreement to me in 2016 after my escape from the Philippines where I had been targeted least a dozen times, after already there had been an attempt in Hong Kong and Seattle around 2009. Soon after my arrival to Macau, my Wellsfargo ATM card was eaten by an ATM machine so Martin agreed to pay for my hotel waiting for my new card to pay him back in full. The last time I had spoken to Martin were two times in Philippines, an American man named David was surveillancing my room at the Tonros Hotel across the street, that had began as soon as my mother had sent my high school transcripts from Brookline, in order for me to go schooling for criminology. David would often run up to me from his seat at the Kukoos Nest café in Cebu with his phone outstretched and ask me how I was, and after that happened several times including his stationing a woman outside my room to notify him when I was coming or going, I called Martin about something that had happened there. At that hotel across the way, Kukoos nest, were several foreign men, including David who said he had a purple heart ( It makes me ashamed as an American to know a purple heart earner would be involved in my assassination and a baby girl’s death and other’s) and an American (he called me by my Hebrew name), and two Finish men who claimed there sailing boat was confiscated after sailing up a river into America, and those particular Finish men whom I took as Americans said to me upon my farewell that it was “like a game of chess isn’t it”, but the only time I played Chess was inside a detention center during the 2008 Olympics, they also said farewell with the comment that I would need guns (perhaps referring to sailing the dangerous seas)They gave me a name card which I scanned and sent to my parents’ computer, but have since asked for it from them and Ken Schulman, our middleman for any contact, because it may give a clue if these men in Cebu were hired by my family or not. I have deleted all emails since and only use my account now for school and work; I was too scared. My requests for the name card in the computer has been ignored as all my requests to see a copy of the private trust in question that martin helped to set up (He told me he had helped the family financials) After ten years of attempts against my life I think it is about time that someone answers who hired the hit men, my family or the government. I am not crazy or am I stupid and I have been a decent person. After the attempts on my life in Seattle after leaving the passport agency to have lunch at the Brooklyn seafood restaurant, I made my very first complaint in my lifetime and to the government as to who else could it have been but the men at the detention center but the closer I examined my father, and ponders about his trips to D.C., Panama, Israel, and Cuba, with his government job as director of the department of corrections, and the fact that guests at our house always gasped at how much inside knowledge he had seemingly about everything, I assumed he was with C.I.A. as he had friends who were. The man David I approached and had told him that perhaps I would investigate him, I was bluffing, and he said to me that if I did he would attach my feet to cement and throw me in to the Ocean, so I never did.. I am trying to make a family! David then immediately made a phone call ordering someone to delete all phone records. These people were threatening me and coming to my doorstep, and I was only trying to be careful One would have to know Martin to guess he might be involved. I try not bringing into this my personal feelings, though I might put in a few facts about our shared background:


Growing up my ‘door length crack’ in my room door was never fixed that martin had caused while having a fit that I had ‘argued’ with our sister Ann. Martin had spent some time breaking into my room to get me that day. I suspect my family hired these people because they acted protective of my mother who has denied that I was. My mother had accused me of lying about abuse, but her doctor Silvio Onesti can show a cover letter of what I referred to. I also have a handwritten letter from her admitting it, and a Jocelyn Bonner was the mediator when mom admitted locking me in my room for two years. There is also a David Kuppenheimer and a nanny named Jan. In combination with my parent’s accusations that I lied to them about wishing to settle in Canada and buying a house, they all agreed to kill me, is how it seems. My brother Mike who witnessed some of my sexual abuse ignored my need for help when it happened, rather he scolded the abuser, but when the attempts on my life began he told me that the abuse never happened. At 17 bought my first bag of weed, and afterwards Martin and Anne referred my oldest brother Mike to ask for weed if I needed some, and he sent me a small package of it, however Martin used that as a way to “set me up”. Martin and Anne both called me separately from College, one from Cornell and Anne from Rochester, worried that their own stashes would be discovered at home by our parents, so I was asked to move them. I did move them but I had little experience hiding anything and my mother discovered the stash, so Martin and Anne took revenge on me by holding an ‘intervention’ ‘against’ me with my parents in our living room. I was 17 and if there were any reasons why i performed poorly in school you could blame my family, not my first bags of weed for I was always a poor student since my parents divorce talks which lasted more than ten years of their fighting and I lived alone with them. My family always found some way to cover up the terrible things that happened to me at home, and my father tried to make it look as though I had some problem which I did not. I remember once visiting my mom and her dog had the head like a basketball and my mother had admitted kicking it some times, a very sweet dog. The violence at home was tremendous for me as a youngest child, and I had always an escape route to rehearse out of my window. My oldest brother Mike had taken me outside his window once when Martin chased us with a baseball bat, I was about 7.


Starting about 2009 I was attacked was in Hong Kong leaving a nightclub and I ran to the Mandarin Oriental hotel which was across the street from my office address. My head was bleeding and I needed stitches. With police and a hired bodyguard I switched hotels and then I called a ‘diplomatic security man met from the Olympics. I was scared and so called him for advice to which he said “I don’t know you” and then after that some short guys came to my table and told me they were going to kill me and then I went to Seattle which is when the bottle was dropped from the rooftop of The Brooklyn Seafood’s restaurant, the rooftop was secure, and two men followed me whom each I stopped, one said when I asked him what he does “I Kill people”; that was Jean Luke a retired veteran working at the piano bar (he told me he was ex nay team 5 but the navy commander I called said he was not, and another man I stopped him said he had been a secret agent. There were also two bald men following me and the smaller one had been in Hong Kong, he had also asked someone on his phone while right next to me if he should shoot me. I was at a distance at another time but nearly certain that the gray-haired man responsible for the hit on me in Philippines asked a girl whom I befriended below the roof of the Seattle convention center working at a coffee shop, if i was bothering her. (To solve this crime a cross reference is necessary on people’s names and of all the cities I visited on airlines may give an answer who they work for). I called my father’s home phone to tell him what happened at the table in H.K. with the two men who said to me “we are going to kill you” I had told them “there is no reason”. I told me father that these two strange men said very seriously that they were going to kill me. My father said to me, “Did you tell them there is no reason” Starting after that time period, my father and my family said many things and did many things as any guilty party would, and was acting on my father’s advice he gave to me while I was in Cebu to settle issues and also therapist advice to confront people in the name of better health, not as an attack. He was evidently part of the surveillance. And my mother and also sister were living with his at the time, and they all had direct knowledge of what was happening in the Philippines at that time and many times. At the Kukos nest is when there was some blatant talk about shooting me, so I called Martin to asked advice he told me to ignore them. I had made a request to talk to my family about my sexual abuse as a child, as advised by a therapist for it, my father had specifically told me to “deal with” my “issues” when I was in Cebu at that time.( A note to the reader is that I never intended to make this public, only after this situation have I the need to make this public) Overall I thought they had hired the surveillances because of that timing with the arrival of my transcripts , and I had also received later on email that I took as a Freudian slip looked as if my family admitted guilt to dropping the bottle with hired hands from the rooftop of the Seafood’s restaurant, the email said “I sent the package’ which should have been I sent the wire, in reply to my questioning about the package dropping from that rooftop exactly where I had stood before taking one step.


Beginning back in 1990 my father had begged me on his knees crying to accept monthly payments from him, I really didn’t want to but I got used to it and lived very simply, his idea he said was that I was too soft to survive on my own. On retrospect I should never have accepted that deal, but he and I both knew that because of all the traumas at home, I would have likely never talked to him again unless he had a way of connecting with me by way of small payments monthly. My other siblings had all run off to California to hide from him until he paid them much money and they reunited. he took this monthly payment later as his way of proving that either I was bad or disabled. In fact he asked me to sign papers just afterwards when I was 19 to accept social security benefits so that he wouldn’t have to keep his promise that he had begged me about.( In 1990 when I graduated high school was a huge recessions making it hard to land jobs) My siblings began hating me annoyed so much that my father asked them to go out of their ways to visit me. If my father had not asked them to visit me and see what I was doing, then he would lose grip in his personal necessity for control, this took away my last chances to have a normal relation with my siblings, to be able to visit them and they to visit me naturally without them feeling forced. I had been out of close contact even when we did live together as a a family, last time we lived together was before i was 15, and since we met only briefly a dozen times. Martin drove to Portland once to pick me up and take me for a visit to L.A. and upon returning to L.A. my father greeted us and asked Martin “is he using drugs?. Martin said no. Then Martin asked my father Didn’t you work for John Gotti” to which my father said, “don’t say that, you’ll get me killed”. Martin and Anne both had an affection and fan like base for my father, they would do anything for him even lie against me as they have done, likely in order to be seen in better light or have more chance to have his money. Martin even persuaded his catholic wife to become Jewish. I never asked for money and they always did, especially when I was given a chance to have money to buy a house, an early inheritance” my father said, or for his gift tax, whatever it may have been, I don’t know, and that is gone now all due to his madness. This is when the attempts on my life began, while this money wherever and for whatever it was meant was being readied, and so I took a copy of my fathers Cayman Islands account faxed from Scotland basically incase something happened to me and the men who came to the Kukkos nest asked me if I had been to the Cayman Islands before showing me their elbow like Paul Mcsweeney had made a point about before he said he owed my father his life. Martin had told me that he was involved insetting up the family financials.


The promise martin made to me to cover expenses upon making it to Macau and losing my ATM card was of great life and death importance. The threat against my life was very real. Martin insisted that I give him my exact address as a condition of helping me with his loan for about a week’s time. I told him that my location was very important to keep secret. Some unknown reason all my family members asked my address several times before while I was in Philippines, they said they were coming to visit( but not one visit nor reservation is the four years I stayed there) even to come see the birth of my child but they never did come nor did they even make reservations. The month my baby was killed and men violently tried to enter my apartment, America men involved, my sister Anne emailed and said both hat it would be the last time I would have with my girlfriend (perhaps to be busy with the baby but also strange considering the circumstances) and also comments about the American men outside my house coming and threatening me even though I had not told her. Martin made a solid agreement that he would pay with his credit card to that hotel, the Masters hotel in Macau, and that I would call him the next day about the next day’s hotel costs. I gave him the address and two men came who were not guests and on a mobile phone. Martin and I spoke on my phone while the two men stared me down from the entrance, and at that time martin asked me was it because of my appearance that the hotel asked him for a deposit, obviously we both knew they hotel needed deposits, Martin wanted to verify my appearance. The next day, and every day for the next several days Martin rejected my calls again this agreement, and I should not have given him my exact address which he insisted for as part of our agreement. My baby was killed, I was nearly killed a dozen times, and Martin knew of the dangers, and he knew what could happen if I was destitute in Macau, i could have at least made other arrangements. people, martin is involved with the murder attempts, from my perspective and my baby would still be alive, I am still vulnerable to attack not knowing who and no one has made a confession yet. Boycott Martin Yudowitz legal services, to bring out more information and also hold him as a lawyer responsible for breaking his agreement is such a life threatening situation for me and my soon to be born child. When my mortgage was necessary I didn’t ask for more money like my siblings have done, and I always disclosed everything going on, yet my father took it as a criminal act.

Martin had years earlier glorified how Graham, a worker for my father in Scotland used his bare hands to kill a man. Paul Mcsweeny , my fathers best friend lied about surveillancing me when I met with them together after he bottle in Seattle fell. Paul had met me just after i graduated high school and I confided in him that I knew a man was going to be killed, and he told me to keep that secret because otherwise I could be convicted of conspiracy, so that shows Paul would not say anything if someone were to be killed, not even his best friend’s son. But Paul did give me a hint and told me to remember his elbow, one of the meant the Kukoos nest made it a point to show me his elbow, those people at the kukus nest had a big boat just like Paul, and the second man in Hong Kong sitting with the Russian sounding one resembled an ex military man like was on Pauls’ Boat as a handyman for the late 80’s.


My father’s father, my beloved grandfather, a great man, was nicknamed Rocky after attending Brooklyn s gambling spots, he likely knew Myer Lansky personally, and the clothing store he managed with my father can be seen in a Peekskill New York photo in the Google book site search, one of the stores they managed was across from a prison where some of Murder Incorporated Jewish hit men waited to “throw bombs” at the executioner leaving the prison. My father’s mother would complain about the lights inside the store dimming as the executioner killed mobster associates, she often hit my fathers head against any wall. My father is a dignitary of sorts, his client is a princess, and he has helped in the New York Police department’s defense also. What does it mean that F. Lee Bailey in his book quoted my father expert opinion that O.J. showed no signs of having killed anyone after the Nicole Simpson murders, even though at dinner during that trial he said all the lawyers knew of O.J’s guilt? This is all I have to say, I am not a rat, that these murder attempts on my life are a maneuver by my family who happens to have the connections inside the State Department and ability and to pull it off. Martin had said to me that my father asked for him to “Take care of me’, (I do not need caring of). Martin told me over the phone ‘Never tell a murderer that he’s wrong’ Read my other two books to learn more. I give my book for free except Amazon that asks price of.99 cents, if there were any money I’d give to do some babies.


A note about my girlfriend who killed my baby, they took advantage of her personality, she would not have killed the child if not for these men. The loan company that stopped the loan for baby care a few weeks earlier were told by someone that I had a trust account, only someone in my family would have been able to have that disclosed as that was a private trust that even I have not been given any chance of seeing when requested. I consulted with my brother as a lawyer at Yudowitz.com ever since the attempts on my life began, for his computer expertise and knowledge of law mostly. When I arrived Los Angels to attend his son’s bar Mitzvah a bluish sports car waited at the airports’ exit and I filmed it as it slowly drove after me when the driver waved his hands In front of his face and sped off to the highway with no passengers, a lady driving the green GMC truck in Vancouver had done the exact same thing. I bought a new computer in San Francisco that trip and upon sticking my also brand new Verizon Data Stick into the computer to download an antivirus, the blank forms to fill out already said in the space for my email “INEEDLARRY@GMAIL.COM”, Martin said it was big data, but then about a month later the newspaper headlines said that the NSA had hacked millions of people’s Verizon accounts. My Google account for either [email protected] and [email protected] were hacked from Davao Philippines using Linux system when my baby was due almost and I was in Cebu, this is said so on my Google Gmail security details, and so I used a tracking software to record the details of this internet invasion and sent it to Martin but he never replied about it for his advice. My baby died horribly and I also nearly did a dozen times. It appears as though my father the shot caller used his contacts in covert government, such as people with him in Israel and other places, my father manipulated a story that I would be ill and a manipulator to dissuade anyone from discovering the truth. My family member joined in anger to protect my mother from my accusations ( I love my mother) He probably thought I was going to try stealing his Cayman Islands account as he already thought I manipulated him to buy the house and steal that money, which was not true, he also purposely abandoned approximately $20,00 dollar value of my possessions from Canada that he insisted of handling even though could have made different arrangements, he said to me that I would have set him up to pay for further expenses, but I have never done anything like that to anyone before. I loved my family.





"Boycott Yudowitz.com"

A boycott is asked on Yudowitz.com for giving poor legal advice, ignoring imminent danger to another human being, and breaking a legally binding agreement. This account is a nonfiction real time boycott which asks for a review of Yudowitz.com's legal advice and ethics.

  • Author: Larry Margulies
  • Published: 2017-05-01 08:35:08
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