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Bout That Life In Rock'n'Roll City




Rock’n’Roll City


Rule 1: You may not leave your dwelling at 4:00 am.

Rule 2: You can only make 2 EPs and 2 LPs every year.

Rule 3: You can have only 4 or 5 members in your band.

Rule 4: Only practice playing with your Father.

Rule 5: Your only 2 studios are Sun Records and Abbey Road Studios.

Rule 6: Only have 3 children in your family.

Rule 7: Your limit for your Album is 12-14 songs.(30-32 for Double-Albums) Rule 8: Your only Producer is Sir Giles Martin

Rule 9: Buy as much Instruments as you can.

Rule 10: Only put 3 Instrumentals on your Album (if you want).

The Person who made these rules is the Chief Musician J.M Williams of all times. These rules are enforced by the Chief Musician and are sent to each dwelling by November 11,2015. Who ever breaks the rules are sentenced to 10 months in jail. If the whole family breaks the rules, they will be sentenced to leave Rock’n’Roll City and never come back.




The School will be called Beatle Academy,Named after the most famous British Rock Band The Beatles. The Teachers at the Academy will teach kids from ages 5-14 how to become a Musician. The Subjects will be Art Rock,Folk Rock,Heavy Metal,Rock’n’Roll,Outlaw,Bluegrass,Psychedelic Rock,Rockabilly,Jazz,R&B,Pop,Disco, & Dance.The Kids will also go to Recording Classes if they want to become a Producer. There will also be a Management class If the Kids want to be a Manager of a Band. This Academy is very different from the other Schools because the Other Schools doesn’t even teach music only just other subjects. But This Academy teaches abouts all of the different Rock styles. And this School is Controlled by Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon.



The Families in the City are just regular Musicians. But The Mother can’t play an instrument because she is in charge of taking care of the Father and the Son’s Instruments. All Of the Families In Rock’n’Roll City are going to be Matriarchal, Because The Father is the Strongest and if there’s any Burglars coming to the dwelling,The Father will strike back. Each Family will have only 2 children. And it is not regulated, Because only Boys can form Bands not Girls. And each Family will not live in the same Dwelling because then it will get crowded and there will not be enough room.



The Neighborhoods in Rock’n’Roll City Is just Houses that are Big Mansions. The People live in separate houses because they are rich and there are tons of other Vacant Mansions. People will


live in Townhouse-like Mansions because every time a LP from a Family is released, It earns them $500,000 every year. These Houses are different, because some mansions have special features and some Mansions are just Penthouses.



There are many different types of jobs. Here are some jobs that you may like: MUSICIAN: If you want to become a Musician, You can have 4-5 members in your group. And they’re chosen by their talent. Because if they’re good at playing a instrument, then they can be a Musician. These people are trained by people who have been a Musician before but now retired.


PRODUCER: If you want to become a Producer, Then you’re lucky. Because you have to check if the Band’s music is right. If it is, Then you go to the EMI Record Maker Machine.After the Record is made, then you send it to the EMI headquarters so they can publish it as any label that is owned by EMI. People are chosen by their Recording Talent. The only Person that will train you is Giles Martin, Because he is the son of Sir George Martin.

MANAGER: If you want to become a Manager, Then it’s gonna take a lot of work. Because you’re in charge of all the band’s contracts and concert tickets. People are chosen by how they can handle that much work. And They are Trained by people that have been Manager before but are now trainers.



Yes, I have a system of money in my Community.



This is called Beatle Money. Here’s how it works: John Lennon represents $500 dollars.

Paul McCartney represents $1,000 dollars.

George Harrison represents $1,500 Dollars.

And Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) represents $2,000 dollars.

This Money was created back in 1973 By Apple Records, The Label The Beatles had created. It was also the same year that The Red Album (1962-1966) and The Blue Album (1967-1970) was released. An unofficial version of the Beatle Money was released. But in January of 1996, Someone at Apple Records thought that they could create a town that Nobody would know. And it would include Beatle Money. But, On September 9, 2009, when The Beatles Remasters were released, Rock’n’Roll City was formed and it included Sean Lennon and Sir Giles Martin.



People get around in the Community by taking The Magical Mystery Tour Bus. there are about 6-10 buses so people can get around quickly. And there is a mass transit, Because my Utopia is a very Large so The Magical Mystery Tour bus can take so many people at once and they can have some fun in the bus. There is Also a snack bar and a TV in every bus.



The Climate is very Warm in the Spring and the Fall. And it’s sometimes Tropical in the Mid-Spring. The Seasons do change because of the Climate in the Community. But, there is only Spring, Fall, and Winter. We have many types of Animals. There are Dogs,Cats,Parrots,Turtles,Puppies and Kittens. They are Pets Because we don’t want animals to escape in the wild.



The Recreation in the Community is very nice. You Get to Perform live in front of People with your band. People go to restaurants and play any type of British Sport for fun. The Government controls people with their free time by how they are behaving. If they beat someone up or throw some dangerous stuff at the stage, they will be Banned from Recreation for the rest of their life.

At other Communities, they don’t usually have recreation people just go to the nearest park, But this town has lots of recreation time.



At Rock’n’Roll City, we view Technology with Computers and other devices that can do stuff like booking Concerts around the world,Experiment with Recording Techniques,And Listen to your Music on Itunes. They are Advanced because someone at Apple Records thought that the devices could be upgraded to a higher level. So we did that and everyone at Apple liked the idea and sent it to the whole world. Maybe people in this town could live a simple life with devices because it’s the only way to send and publish music around the world.





5 Seconds Of Summer

One Direction

The Beatles


Justin Timberlake

The Bee Gees

Elvis Presley

Pink Floyd

The Who

The Doors

Buddy Holly & The Crickets

Little Mix

Fifth Harmony

The Rolling Stones

Chuck Berry

Eric Clapton


Ozzy Osbourne

Led Zeppelin



The Beach Boys


Billy Preston

The Box Tops

The Animals

B.B King

Jackie Brenston

Ike & Tina Turner

Frank Zappa

Elton John

The Monkees

Johnny Cash

Carl Perkins

Jerry Lee Lewis

Bill Haley & His Comets

Dick Dale


The Ramones

Black Sabbath

Blind Faith

Derek & The Dominoes


Eddie Cochran

Ritchie Valens

The Big Bopper

The Emotions

Otis Redding

Chubby Checker

Ray Charles

Whitney Houston









Bout That Life In Rock'n'Roll City

  • ISBN: 9781370219711
  • Author: Tyler Thierry
  • Published: 2017-08-01 21:35:08
  • Words: 1278
Bout That Life In Rock'n'Roll City Bout That Life In Rock'n'Roll City