Blogging 101: Tips To Get Started By Karan Chopra



101 Tips To Get Started

By Karan Chopra


Blogging: 101 Tips To Get Started

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The Author

Karan Chopra is the founder and CEO of G2OneNetwork, the conglomerate that has a number of banners under it ranging from self-help blogs to online marketing sites, publications and even, recently launched line of designer shoes and T-Shirts. What started off as just a web development company in 2011, G2One Network has come a long way since its inception.


So where did it all start


Hailing from a business family, venturing into business was not new. After completing his post-graduation from the University of Aston in the UK, Karan decided to start something of his own. Karan returned to India in 2011 backed with a degree in Distributed and Network Computing as well as experience that he gained in the European market, and launched his first business venture – G2One Network.


G2One Network dealt with web development and design, which although was Karan’s background, didn’t excite him that much. This led him to establish I2Mag, the publication he is best known for. With I2Mag, Karan saw an opportunity in the market, a niche that demanded the presence of good content that was informative as well as entertaining. The success of I2Mag came with a lot of hard work, experience and knowledge which was Karan’s forte. After completion of his degree Karan had spent his time freelancing as a web developer, taking care of content management as well as content generation. During his stay in UK, Karan got exposed to the international market and learnt the intricacies of dealing with clients from all across the globe.


With the core principle that revolves around maintaining a good work ethic, a keen eye for venturing into new business opportunities and maintain a lasting relation with clients, Karan has managed to kick start 16 other brands under G2One Networks.



The Journey So Far


While 2011 saw the launch of I2Mag, he consecutively came up with JustWP, another publication site that deals with everything related to WordPress and hosting. 2013 also saw the launch of 99Books and 99Dollarwebsite that deals with web designing and development.


2014 – 15 was a busy period with the launch of seven other publications, as well Brand99, the site that took the G2OneNetwork into the world of e-retail. By 2015, G2One Network was making headway in the internet communication and publication world, and Karan also launched four new consultancy-cum-service sites namely – Business123, Blogging123, Entrepreneur123 and Hosting123.


Through these four years, one can see G2One Network grow from strength to strength making inroads not only in digital communication and publication but also networking, designing and consulting. Karan has taken what was just a one man station and made it into a network that has a clientele spread across the globe and a has over the years put together a dedicated team that helps the running of his empire.


What is in store for the future?


While Karan has made a name for himself and his companies, in the world of publication and design, he is now all set to foray into product design and sales. Having recently launched designer shoes and T-Shirts, Karan is all set to capture the world of advertising and marketing by storm as well.


Blogging is a lifetime school. As long as you blog, you keep learning. As long as new blog features, social media platforms, widgets, plugins, applications, online tools, gadgets, (you name them) appear, you will keep learning.

You can’t ever say you have reached the bottom or the end line. Blogging it’s an ever ongoing process.

And You and I are having a blast enjoying the ride. That’s why you’re reading this 101 Blogging Tips and that’s why I wrote it for you. Because We love it.

That’s why, don’t take this task lightly. Blogging will force you to expand your personal horizon, your personal development, your knowledge, your inner boundaries and limits, your points of view. Will break down your bad habits (like procrastination or poor time managing) and help you develop new, better ones.

Blogging it’s a double personal Adventure: it’s taking you into the jungle of *B*logosphere and towards your own *E*volution as a person and blogger. Infinite benefits.

I gathered from my own Knowledge and Experience, through trials and errors, through victories and achievements these 101 Powerful Insights of highly valuable, extremely useful and fantastic Tips on Blogging to share with you.

There are for both newbies and experienced bloggers. Some are new to you, some are here to remind you to apply them.

Use them wisely and continuously to grow your blog, expand your business, strengthen your social media presence, grow your profits, grow your customers and followers’ list, find your own reputable place in the market, develop yourself, adjust your attitudes and habits to become a better you in the first place and a better blogger.

Blogging is going to change you to the better, on your way to SUCCESS. And I’m here to support you along the way, like a good friend.

Sharing now with you 101 Keys to Success.


The Author – 3

Foreword – 5

The 101 Tips – 7

Additional Resources – 43

Want More? How About FREE Blog Setup – 45

#101 Keep It Growing

The last, but not the least tip. Or the first one you read. It’s a complete circle.

Wow, you think, I hit the end of the story. You completed all #1 – #100 steps and think that now you can rest on the laurels of victory. Wrong.

You planted the seed; you helped it spring a stalk, a few little leaves, and maybe a bud or two. But the work continues. Now you have to keep nurturing your blog to make it grow and blossom at its full potential.

Believe in it. Invest time, energy, creativity and money in it. The results will not be long to appear.

Blogging is an EVER ongoing process. It never ends, unless you want to stop blogging.

Keep implementing and applying all the tips I taught you here.

#100 Promote Your Blog Heavily

If you don’t want to remain anonymous in a dusty, forgotten corner of the web, then you should start heavily promote yourself.

p<>{color:#000;}. Use the entire social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

p<>{color:#000;}. Enable tracking tools/plugins (like Google Analytics) to be able to track down your success.

p<>{color:#000;}. Install Share buttons on every post, in the beginning, at the end, and on the side.

p<>{color:#000;}. Install “Follow me” buttons on your posts for all your social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

p<>{color:#000;}. Promote with ads, on Google AdWords or Facebook.

#99 Starting New – Reinvent Yourself

Once in a while, take a break, go in a short vacation, unplug your laptop and disconnect completely from any blogging duties.

Relax, reconnect with nature and with your inner self. Do Yoga. Play. Enjoy life. Enjoy time with your family and friends.

Then come back and start anew, refreshed.

Take time to reinvent yourself, to innovate your ways, your style, your plans, and your ideas, to put things into perspective. Change the air and you changed the angle.

New beginnings are always injecting new life into your business.

Reinvent yourself and this will affect in a positive, tremendous way your blog and your business.

#98 Smart Ways – Smartphone

New times, new gadgets and new features ask for new measures on your blog’s design.

Since the successful launch of the Smartphones, Touch screens and Tablets, so many people are using their mobile phones or tablets to read their favorite blogs and websites, to buy, share, play and spend time of social media.

This means one thing: you have to make your blog’s template mobile-friendly.

Use the mobile-version for your blog. Both Blogger and WordPress have this option.

#97 Online Warehouse For Your Content

If you want to save your files and articles on an external source, other than your blog, to be sure it’s safe and you can have it as a backup plan, in case something unexpected happens, you may want to look for a secure digital storage option.

It can be local (on your laptop or computer), mobile or online (on a secure application or platform).

Consider a hard drive as a first option to save, protect and easily access your data.

As an online storage option, I recommend you Google Drive or Dropbox and iCloud for Apple users.

#96 Fabulous And Original Creative Content

There are many type of content that stir people’s interest and emotions. They usually teach people something, motivate, engage, inspire, uplift, encourage, entertain them, stir their curiosity, call them to action, trigger their emotions – be it happiness, sadness – present weird news, scandals and real life stories.

I list here some of ideas:

p<>{color:#000;}. Live your life to the fullest

p<>{color:#000;}. Dreams may come true

p<>{color:#000;}. Believe and have Faith

p<>{color:#000;}. Enjoy the simple things in life

p<>{color:#000;}. Remember to smell the roses and blow the dandelion

p<>{color:#000;}. Stories with a twist

p<>{color:#000;}. Personal journeys

p<>{color:#000;}. Inspire and motivate

p<>{color:#000;}. Laughs and jokes

p<>{color:#000;}. Secret truths, desires, keys

p<>{color:#000;}. Never give up

p<>{color:#000;}. Entertainment

p<>{color:#000;}. Different perspective on things

#95 Create an Elite Team

Build relationships with customers, friends, and followers in a new, deeper, more direct way. Create a Community, a Club, Online Classes or Courses, a Membership.

For example, entice your existing followers with exclusive membership offers, with paid access.

Start Online Classes, to teach your followers from your knowledge and experience.

You can do it with videos, tutorials, eBooks, online courses, Skype Video conferences.

You offer value, more insights, something different than the free bonuses and good stuff that you already share with the general public on your blog.

#94 Grow your list of Email Subscribers

This goes hand in hand with your planned Email Marketing strategies.

One of the tricks is to use on your blog the Opt-In forms that the email marketing services offer. You can set up the color (match it with the template colors of your blog), the fields, the pop-up option, the static form in your blog, etc. It’s fully customizable.

Add a Subscribe Me button on your blog.

Constant Contact, Aweber or MailChimp are some of the best Email Marketing providers on the market.

#93 Stand up as an Authority and Trustee

How to build trust within your blog’s community:

p<>{color:#000;}. Make yourself known: write an “About Me” page, upload a nice, happy, smiling colorful picture of you on it. This way, your followers will get a “touch” of you. You are a real person. It shows them that you’re not hiding, but you’re stepping forward. You’re the real deal.

p<>{color:#000;}. Show sources: give credits to the authors, researcher, photographers or designers whose work you are using in your blog.

p<>{color:#000;}. Make visible the stats or the picture widgets of your social media, like Facebook or Google Plus. People tend to follow others.

p<>{color:#000;}. Establish your area of expertise. Show that you are pro in a single direction. People don’t trust you if you say you’re good in everything.

p<>{color:#000;}. Engage your followers. Keep them interested and on their toes. Post regularly, valuable and interesting information.

p<>{color:#000;}. Give Quality, not quantity. Better to post 2-3 amazingly great articles a week, than 2-3 poor articles daily.

#92 Promote Your Content With Structured Data Markup (SEO Tip)

Never heard of that? Neither did I, a long time ago. But as soon as I heard about it, I started to research the mysterious sounding issue. There is always a beginning for everyone.

Structured Data is none other than information indexed in online databases ready to be used by search engines. Structured Data Markup is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. Thus, Google uses data to index your content better, rank it higher in search results and make it available on Google Maps, Voice Answers, Google Now, etc.

I recommend using Markup Helper from Google, Breadcrumbs, Rich Snippets or Sitelinks Search Box.

#91 Ka-ching While You’re Blogging

p<>{color:#000;}. Sharing your knowledge and passion will eventually pay back. Literally. If you prove yourself as an authority in the field you’re blogging about, your followers will become customers. So, add a Services tab to your navigation bar, and promo buttons in your sidebar. And while you blog about what you love, your customers keep clicking in and you keep cashing in. Ka-ching!

p<>{color:#000;}. Affiliate with similar services around the web and make money while you’re sleeping. Ka-ching!

p<>{color:#000;}. When you are so good in what you do (blogging for some time, have lots of constant followers and therefore, heavy traffic to your site) you will have requests for sponsored Ads and Banners. The better you are, the more you will cash in with sponsorship. Ka-ching!

#90 Demographics

Track your follower’s demographics, in a special Agent 007 blogging mission.

Find out their age, gender, interests, habits, income, and technology.

Use a survey tool, rely on social media reports, or do your own research like a good old charming James Bond.

#89 Which Blogging platform is better?

Well, there are three titans of Blogosphere: Blogger, WordPress and TypePad.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, it’s the most flexible, has the most developing tools, SEO tools and plugins. Lots of features and HTML possibilities. It’s free to use in the standard form, but you have to pay for every plugin, widget and feature. Yet, it worth it.

Blogger it’s owned by Google, it’s very popular, it’s free, and yet it offers many tools to develop your own blog. Of course, it’s fully customizable.

TypePad is for advanced webmasters, not everyone can use it, yet, it is not fully customizable. The downside of it is that you have to pay a fee per month to use it.

#88 Printer Friendly Posts

It’s nice to think of others when you share your content. To the extent of enabling your posts to print only the article area, leaving out the sidebars, ads or banners inserted in the body of the article.

#87 Ask Expert’s Opinion

For a better optimization of your design, branding, content, SEO, analytics, marketing and social media, work closely with an expert in the field.

There are many excellent, professional, online companies that offer these kinds of services for a good price, with amazing results for your blog.

If you have financial resources and you have big plans for your future, don’t hesitate and hire the experts.

#86 Embed YouTube Video In Your Posts

If you want to make your articles more interesting, engaging and multimedia friendly, learn how to insert a YouTube video in the body of your article.

Of course, chose a YouTube video related with the specific topic you address in your post.

Or, if you’re bold enough you can even open your own YouTube channel, where you will share tutorials, insights, news, views related to your blog. Sounds sweet, isn’t it?

Did I mention that if your video has a certain number of viewers, (well, a number with many zeros) you will begin to cash in money? Did I stir your interest?

Don’t wait a minute longer and start planning it already.

#85 What And When to Post

What? Anything you can think of and that will also interest your followers. Research well, gather valuable, intriguing facts and data, give it a new perspective and twist, pour into it your personal style, and Voila! You have a new great content to publish.

When? Statistics show that the most traffic to blogs is around 11AM. Most comments occur around 9AM and Saturdays. Most inbound links come around 7AM, Mondays and Thursday.

But you can pull out your own custom report, with Google Analytics, to find out specifically, for your own blog, what time of day and which day of the week you get most visits from your readers.

Go to Google Analytics, Customization tab, click on “New Custom Report” and get started. Click on “Report Content” to give your report a name, like “Best time for traffic, select “Explorer”, then “Visits” as a metric group and “Day of Week” as dimension. Click “Save” and from now, here it goes in the air. Then, all you have to do is wait a whole week. When the report is completed, read the statistics.

Now you know when it’s the best time to publish your posts.

#84 Know Where You’re Standing

It’s good to measure post’s predictable ranking before, so you can improve it. Mainly, you can only influence it directly by working the page’s SEO, the links authority. You can use Moz.com for that.

#83 Safety First

Take security measures, against hackers. Recommended tips: use strong passwords and change them every 2 or 3 months, update often to the latest version of the Blog, back up your content.

#82 Boost Your Ideas With Mind Maps

What? Now you’re probably wondering how you can make a map in your head, and I don’t blame you.

Know that Mind Map it’s just an ingenious tool that helps you expand an idea into a powerful network of other ideas, images, colors, all linked together and coordinated in an efficiency oriented manner.

I encourage you to visit their website to find out more and to use it in a creative manner. You’re welcome.

#81 Use Checklists And Templates

Checklists and Templates are a great way to better organize and plan your blog content more efficiently.

You can find online different website offering already made checklist and templates.

#80 Engage In Live Chat

Embed a Live Chat on your blog to be able to answer questions from your followers, readers, visitors and potential clients.

In order to do that, you have to make sure you have the time to stay online some hours daily, so you can be able to answer and talk with people. By all means, do not use it, if you’re never online on your website, don’t have the time or you’re shy chatting.

#79 Build Links

Experts advise to spend 90% of your time in creating high quality content and [* 10% in building links *].

Links from your text can redirect your readers towards:

p<>{color:#000;}. other posts, products or services on your own website

p<>{color:#000;}. a relevant post you’re sharing on your website from another source or website

p<>{color:#000;}. one of your own posts that others share on their websites, aka a guest post.

From all these possibilities, the last one is the best link building strategy that gives you the most benefits for SEO.

Use hyperlinks naturally within your text. “Click here” should be avoided, as it has no SEO value. But rather hyperlink on keywords, expressions, sentences that directly relate to the post, product, service, campaign you want to link to.

#78 Forever Organized With Evernote

Evernote is a valuable application, a way to keep your thoughts, dictations, ideas, pictures, brainstorming results in a single place that will develop them into great content.

With Evernote you can: take pictures, record voice, take notes, synchronize with other devices, store on Cloud, use multiplatform, word processor, web service and combine them all into amazing content.

#77 A Book Is Just A Step Further From Blog

Combine relevant articles from your blog into a book or eBook.

Create one book for each category or topic.

Use Blurb or Blog2Print.

#76 Protect Your Registered Domain

Purchasing a Protected Registration prevents you from losing you domain name accidentally (auto renewal not working, credit cards payment problems, etc.).

#75 Tune In New Audience With Podcasting

Podcasts bring your content to life.

You can enliven old articles by transforming them into interesting, engaging audio records that will boost your website’s marketing, promote yourself to a new enlarged audience, and connect you to your readers or followers more directly, more vividly.

Keep in mind that your voice is a powerful tool. You voice can transmit emotions and can engage immediately your audience.

#74 Keyword Optimization

You’re probably already using Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which helps you find the best keywords that work for your business.

You should go now to the next level, trying a paid high quality service for your SEO enhancing keywords.

If you plan to expand your business, look for the best experts in the market. They can help you achieve incredible results.

#73 Mark and Differentiate

Use small images or icons to mark identically a series of posts, for example. Or a series of post from a certain category or topic.

This image-mark will differentiate those articles from others and will make them stand out in the crowd from other articles.

Another benefit is that they are easy to track this way. Like a tracking system device.

They also look nice, different and cool.

You like it cool, don’t you?

#72 The Hovering Pinterest Button

That powerful Pin It button is a cool and quick way to get your pictures pinned faster.

Just make sure you put it there on each of your posts, to your infographic images, to your videos, tutorial, etc.

Pins are a fast way to be exposed and visible.

#71 Want Another Cool Widget For Your blog?

Use Covert Player for your videos. It lets you add your Newsletter’s Sign Up Box right into your video.

Well, it’s not for free, it costs something, $78.67, but you pay once, own it forever.

So, if you’re using a lot of videos, you should definitely buy it.

#70 Use Twitter Vine

Twitter is now so much more than a boring text message. It allows you to add a short video. You can set up a screenplay for it, in which you showcase your product, your brand and your message.

#69 State Your Affiliation

Federal Trade Commission is constantly updating its regulations, so you should better keep up with the news.

For example, you have to make it clear to your readers you’re affiliated with some products or services; you’re presenting a sponsored post or an advertised product, etc.

Be relaxed and honest. Don’t hide it, do it openly. People don’t like to be dragged cunningly into something they didn’t agree with, in the first place. They will appreciate your honesty and openness.

And if you gained some trust by now, they will even follow immediately your call to action or buy the product. Just because you recommended it.

#68 Cool Infographics

Create powerful, straight to the point, colorful, fun, attractive, easy to remember, easy to forward to friends or on social media Infographics.

You can use Piktochart, they have a standard account for free, and more advance features for a (not so cheap) fee, starting from $29 per month.

Other good tools are: Infogr.am, Visual.ly, Venngage, Datawrapper. They are user friendly to easily create and customize charts.

Or you can try and create an Infographic yourself in Photoshop, for example, using images with text and layouts.

#67 Share Great Content From Others

No, it’s not a guest post on your website.

Here I’m talking about valuable content you come across on other websites. You find it interesting and you share it on your site, with your readers.

For that, you can:

p<>{color:#000;}. search the internet, bookmark online news sites, as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and check them daily or subscribe to them

p<>{color:#000;}. use tools like Stuff To Tweet, Inbound or SmartBrief that gather the most popular posts

p<>{color:#000;}. use Google Alerts, using keywords relevant to your website and get alerts when new posts similar to your interests are published on internet

p<>{color:#000;}. share funny posts, jokes, videos, viral content.

#66 Read More…

You know that first impression counts. Well, that goes for your blog, too.

Do you still post your lengthy articles on the front page, in a long, long, really long scroll down? Then, you have to …. Read more.

“Read more” it’s a feature that only makes visible the first paragraph or your article. It’s an extras from your article, which entice you to read more.

You have to click on the “Read more” button, to see the whole article and read it.

This way, your home page looks more compact, more organized, more clean, and more articles get displayed on your front page, without needing to scroll and scroll and scroll forever.

#65 Use Creative Commons

As a writer, you may want to license your articles, pictures and basically, all your content through Creative Commons.

#64 Storify Your Story

Social networks are a great source of information. Just while I talk new great stories get publish and shared.

First hand reports from all over the world are just waiting for you to grab them and transform them into fantastic content for your website.

You can get the news that interest you with Storify bookmarklet or Chrome extension.

Compile and create new stories with Storify’s editor – drag and drop anything, from anywhere. Share with embed code. It’s as simple as that.

#63 Become Visible With Google Places For Business

Open an account with Google Places and all your information about your company will be included in Google Search, Google map and Google+.

Share the road to your local business, your working schedule, your website’s address, pictures of your office, your company’s phone number, anything about your business that can be included and that can help your clients.

#62 Stay Alert

Let Google Alert you and give you updates on what is the competition doing, what is new in your field, who is writing about you.

You can use this information to write great content or share news on social media with your followers or readers.

#61 Monitor Your Website

Pingdom is a great tool to know in real time your website’s functionality, performance, and interaction in order to improve it.

Your blog is not working, too slow, broken or down? You’re going to find out first.

Pingdom alerts you on every problem that may appear on your website.

#60 Broken Links And The Infamous “404 Not Found” Error

Clean your website of links that are not working anymore.

This sounds to you like an Impossible Mission or like looking for a needle in the haystack? It just means you don’t know that it exist an appropriate tool that does this dirty job for you.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

I give you the Golden Tip: Use Google Webmaster Tool.

#59 No Sidebars

No! Really?

Yes, it’s possible. You just chose this option from your blog’s settings and hide the sidebars.

As simple as that.

#58 Protect Your Images

You don’t want others to download your pictures and use them on their blogs or websites, pretending it’s their work.

To prevent this theft, use a form of protection for your images, using a photo editor to put a watermark on them (writing text over images), to make them unusable by third parties, yet still appealing to the eye.

You can:

p<>{color:#000;}. write with big letters over the whole image

p<>{color:#000;}. write with small letter, in a corner

p<>{color:#000;}. blur the image, etc.

I suggest you to mark your pictures with the URL of your website, for example, www.yourblogname.com.

#57 Match Colors

Show you not only have flair for blogging, but also have good taste and style.

When posting publicity banners on your blog, match the color of the sponsor’s image with the color of the specific page you’re inserting the banner on.

Use Photoshop, Paint, or other free image editing tool to pick up the banner’s color so you can duplicate it. See the color code and match it on your blog’s theme.

Aren’t you a Wiz of Colors or what?

#56 Learn A New Language

CSS. What? Is this a language? Yes, a new programming language.

If you’re building your website alone, you should have some general knowledge on how to do it.

CSS combines programming and designing.

Look online for tutorials showing how to use CSS coding.

Be a good white wiz hacker. Break down the CSS codes and apply them creatively and professionally on your website.

Try also CodeAcademy or W3Schools. They are free, but very helpful sources.

#55 Spread The News(letters)!

Ever wanted to send letters to everyone to tell them the good news? Now it’s time to use a Newsletter service. Never heard of that?

Newsletter is a tool to promote, market and fuel traffic to your website.

Use a newsletter marketing provider, like MailChimp (free for up to 2000 subscribers), ConstantContact or Aweber.

Build a “Sign Up” Form and embed it to your website.

Offer a bonus, like an useful eBook, to entice people to subscribe to your Newsletter. Promise exclusive tips, news, articles and insights to your subscribers.

#54 Size DOES Matter

For better SEO, use the long URL. Show the name of your blog and the title of the article in your URL.

A shorter, anonymous URL like www.tinyurl.com/23 instead www.yourwebsitename.com/yourtitlearticle is going to drive all the traffic to tinyURL’s website, not yours. All the juice is going down the river, on somebody else’s site.

Plus, people don’t know where they are taken with that anonymous link, so they even might avoid clicking on it. And, can you blame them?

So, longer is better! Don’t cut it short.

#53 Befriend And Be Known

Don’t sit in your corner of web, waiting for the visitors to come to you.

Make a step forward, make your blog known to the world attending other’s parties. You know what I mean: parties=blogs.

Search for interesting blogs from your niche, and participate actively in their comment section. Join the “party” with your name or your blog’s name and refer to your blog or even send links to it, occasionally. Don’t exaggerate. You don’t want to be spammy, do you?

You can go a step further and befriend the blog owners and the fellow bloggers commenting on their blogs. Make connections. They are bridges upon which you will cross the tumultuous blogging river of interlinking, guest posting, round up posting, social media connecting.

Be a good friend and fellow blogger. It will pay up later.

#52 The Search Box

Want to be found? I strongly recommend you to add a Search Box to your blog.

Visitors or subscribers might want to search for a specific category, keyword, or article of interest. Help them find easily what they’re looking for, with a click of a button.

#51 How Much You Show Off?

Not too much, and not too little.

I’m talking about the number of posts on the front page.

Limit your posts shown on the home page to a maximum 10-15.

Don’t let your home page look like a kilometric loooong scroll. It’s unprofessional, plus the page will take very long to load. Check 10, 7, 5 articles. See what works best for you.

Also, check #66 Read more.

#50 Keep It On Top

Showcase a new service, product, promotion, campaign, give away, sweepstake, contest, or event.

Use HTML coding, or “Feature This Post” option to keep it posted on top of others.

#49 Affiliation Banner

You are an affiliate for a service, website or product?

You may want to add a special category on the sidebar, named “Recommended Services” or “I recommend”.

Add a banner stating your affiliation.

#48 Map It Up

Add a SiteMap of your website, so that search engine index all your pages and articles right.

It’s the structure of your site, so you want to make it visible to crawlers and to your followers.

It helps a lot your SEO.

#47 Be Present


You already started your blog.

Now go out on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it.

Expand gradually, you don’t want to be on many social media platforms at once and can’t keep up with your blog’s scheduled duties.

Just take it one step at a time, one Social Media Network a month.

Take time to become accustomed with the way each social media platform works, then move to the next one.

Become a stronger online presence, more each month.

Be sure you have a plan to manage them all, once you added them on your To Do List.

#46 Learn Another New Language


Learn it. Try it. Apply it.

It helps you customize your website, articles, and newsletters just the way you want it.

#45 Structure

Structure your information and content on your website or blog, so that your followers find it easily.

Create a drop down menu, or a sidebar category menu.

Place the information strategically, on the left side, because people are usually reading from left to right.

Keep your work consistent, follow the structure.

#44 Want To Get Votes?

Use the Poll feature of your blog to get feedback from your followers.

Create yourself (or get inspiration from other fellow bloggers) a questions Poll.

For example: “What would you like to read on this website?”

Or a question Poll with more possible answers, like:

“Would you rather:

1. Read my articles as a blog post

2. Listen to them as an audio Podcast

3. Other.”

You will obtain a graphic with the percentages of the three possibilities. Then act accordingly.

#43 Get Featured On Technocrati

What is that, anyway?

Technocrati is a blog directory, a search engine for blogs.

If you want to register, you will have to insert a code they provide for you into one of your published posts. This is to prove that you are the owner of the website.

Well, that’s also their way of getting better SEO for their website, but…that’s life.

It helps you to be present on a big directory.

#42 Get some Dynamic Dynamite Comments

Get more comments by setting up the comments feature on your blog.

Make the process quick, smooth and easy for your followers and visitors.

Enable comments and enable anyone to comment on your website, not only to your registered followers.

Be comments-friendly and you will get friendly comments.

#41 Image Sells

Yes, as clothes and make-up are important to us, so is design important for your website.

You website has to look professional, serious, engaging to people, if you want them to keep coming back.

Keep the same logo through your social media platforms, for a cohesive branding strategy.

#40 No Twins Allowed

Duplicates. I’m talking about duplicate articles.

Avoid duplicate posts and content with all cost.

Don’t post your already published articles on another site and don’t post articles from other sites on yours, because the search engines will consider them duplicates, copied content and will penalize your blog. Will declare it stolen content, not original and with NO authority.

#39 Be Your Own Master

Own your very own domain for your website.

Become independent from the blogging platforms.

Instead of yourname.blogspot.com or yourname.worpress.com, your website could be yourname.com.

First, think of a desired name for your domain, or maybe you just want to use the name you already have in your blog.

Then check the availability on GoDaddy.com or on other domain registrar website. If it’s available, buy it. You can use .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. You will find more options there.

Chose the one that suits bests to your website. Buy it. Own it. Be proud of it. Build on it. Grow with it.

Reasons to own your own domain? It gives you credibility and authority. Displays a high level of professionalism. Easy to remember. Building up your brand. Building up ranking on search engines.

#38 The Power Of Tutorials

People love tutorials. So take advantage (in a nice way, of course) of it. After all, you, too, like a good, informative, well done, clearly explained tutorial, aren’t you?

So, this is your opportunity to create powerful valuable Tutorials on your niche for your readers. Believe me, they will be thrilled.

You may even create a special Category: Tutorials (or come up with a creative unique name or adjective to add). Sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

See, I already got you excited to start working on Tutorials.

Pick a certain topic, look for resources on internet, conceive a how-to structure, explain in detail, clearly, with examples, in a language that anyone can understand, with pictures or print-screens if you can (remember, Pictures equal Power, see #27), and here you go.

You just made a great Tutorial! Congratulations!

#37 Get Feedback With A Survey

Find out what your readers want to know.

Create a Survey to ask them questions, get their feedback and use it to improve your content, your marketing strategy, your website.

People will be happy to see that you care for them and you are ready to implement changes they asked for.

It’s a Win-Win situation.

#36 Get A Virtual Assistant

I’m not talking about a computer generated, virtual woman, like in the famous Al Pacino movie “Simone”.

Too busy with your website? Can’t manage all the tasks? It’s time to hire a help, an Assistant.

Look for a freelancer. Let your Assistant manage your social media accounts, newsletters, proofread, answer emails, etc. Find a reliable person, whom you can count on, who shares your visions and who is very skillful.

#35 Believe In FREE Sharing

People love to come back again and again on websites offering real, insightful, valuable content, information, tutorials, how-to articles for FREE.

Only occasionally promote a sale with a specific product or service. But don’t do a habit out of it.

Sharing freely, kindly and generously your expertise, your talent or your knowledge builds a strong connection with your readers. They see you as a friendly authority in your area.

Stay connected. Stay true to yourself. Share. Freely.

#34 Be A Good Host

Well, it’s like hosting a (blogging) party.

Invite other fellow bloggers in your area of expertise to (occasionally or regularly) post articles on your website.

Keep the fresh, new, engaging standard to your content.

Your readers will be happy to partake to a new perspective, a new angle, and a new voice.

Also, you get links from their blogs and your blog will get linked to their.

#33 More Articles In One

In the Blogosphere it’s called Round up.

Put together a series of articles in one post containing links to all the other previous posts from your website.

Or write a comprehensive article citing various sources inserted as hyperlinks in text.

Benefits? Fresh, consistent, valuable content. Building relationships with fellow bloggers. Social media increased shareability.

#32 Serial Blog Posts

They are a great strategy for your website.

Break down a longer post into a series of multiple smaller ones. On each post of the series you can offer more in-depth analysis of the topic.

You can interlink these posts in a smart way, to increase the views per reader.

Thus, your readers stick to your website. Your website’s ranking skyrockets.

And you can always make a Round Up out of them.

#31 Colorful Tip

Blue is considered to be the best option for a business website’s design.

It suggests trust, strength, stability, control, peace, coherence, authority, intelligence.

When looking to design your theme, search the meaning of each color, to see what impression you want to give to your readers visiting your website.

Try the color that best suits your website’s interest, not the color you like.

If you like pink, for example, but you build up a business website, it’s not a smart idea to make it all pinkie. You know what I mean.

#30 Give Credit

If you learnt something new from someone else’s article or work, don’t just copy and paste the text on your blog and present it as it’s your own.

It’s not good for your ranking, but it’s also a dishonest and dishonorable thing to do.

Always give credit to the source, if you want to use someone’s work, and never copy all of it, just a paragraph, or rephrase it, or give a link to it.

Respect other’s work and others will respect yours.

#29 Refurbish Old Posts

You have a new idea on a topic you already wrote an article about? Refurbish it. Make a new post, mentioning the old one (with a hyperlink, of course, it’s good for SEO, you know already), stating you want to bring a new perspective on it.

Make it different. Make it remarkable.

#28 Double Power

“Words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone”, said photographer and writer Willian Albert Allard who worked at National Geographic.

You should use this power in your posts, infusing new life into them.

You can say more than words can do by inserting images in your text, to strengthen the message you convey and have a smashing impact on your readers.

#27 The Amazing Power Of Images

Visual content creates an emotional connection with your followers.

Bring your business’s messages to powerful impacting visual social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Pinterest is curating visual content from all over the internet, with pins linking to external sites, while on Instagram you share your own pictures and short videos. Pinterest redirect traffic your website and is helping you with SEO. Instagram engages conversations with comments over pictures.

#26 The Importance Of Title And Description

Don’t overlook the power of the title and description tags. They create the first impression on the readers. It takes them a few second to decide if they want to go for it or move away.

This is their first contact with your blog. Make them clear, specific, concise, but also intriguing, so that people want to click and enter your blog.

Convert potential readers to followers by according the rightful importance to your blog’s title and description.

#25 Secure Your Property

Protect your content from stealth in easy steps:

p<>{color:#000;}. Learn what copyright is

p<>{color:#000;}. Post a copyright notice on your blog

p<>{color:#000;}. Add a Creative Commons license

p<>{color:#000;}. Use Copyscape to check for possible plagiarism

p<>{color:#000;}. Check your backlinks.

p<>{color:#000;}. Register with DMCA, the copyright monitoring and protection portal

p<>{color:#000;}. Use Google Alerts for each unique page.

#24 Schedule Posting On Facebook

To save time and to enhance your social media presence, you can use a tool to automatically post your blog posts on Facebook, right after you publish them or whenever you think it fits your business needs.

Facebook has an application named “Notes” that automatically updates your wall stream with your newest blog posts. You just add your blog’s RSS feed.

WordPress has a feature to automatically post your articles on Facebook.

Other three party tools that help you with that are: SproutSocial, Buffer, Dlvr.it, Onlywire, Postcron, HootSuite, Twitterfeeds, Triberr,

#23 Organize Posts On Categories

Establishing a range of well determined Categories from the beginning will help you boost your SEO, increase your visitors’ time on page, give them more option to browse your content, ease your readers’ task of searching what they are interested in.

Categories are the structure of your website, upon which you keep building.

Chose them wisely, use them confidently.

#22 Keep In touch

You want your readers, potential customers or clients to contact you for questions, your services or your products, then make sure you add a specific page with your contact details, like email, phone number, etc.

Set a “Contact” button for your page and display it in the top bar or in higher up in the sidebar.

#21 Fast Loading

Make sure your website is loading fast, so you don’t lose customers, clients, potential clients and readers.

It can also affect conversion rate and bounce rate, customer satisfaction, SEO ranking.

Check regularly the speed with tools like Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, Google Analytics.

What slows down your website’s page loading?

Duplicates, oversized images, embedded YouTube videos or videos, animations, radio or music links, too many plugins, etc.

#20 Share Buttons

Use a call to action button, which asks people to share your blog, your logo, your badge.

Add a “Sharing is Loving” button on the sidebar with embedded code, which your followers and readers can copy and paste it into their blogs.

#19 Cool Images For Your Blog

Looking for specific designed icons, buttons, items like calendars, widgets, pictures for your sidebar?

Try Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, Google Images, Pinterest.

Remember to give credit for the free stuff, unless you pay for royalties.

#18 Consistent Regular Posting

Experts suggest you should post at least 2-3 times a week.

What are the benefits?

p<>{color:#000;}. Your readers will have fresh content and will come and check regularly your website for updates and new posts.

p<>{color:#000;}. Your traffic will be increased.

p<>{color:#000;}. Your SEO will benefit also.

#17 Tell People About Yourself

An “About Me” page is mandatory for your blog.

People relate more easily to a real face (remember to put a picture of you smiling, happy, relaxed) and to a real person.

Write about yourself in an original manner.

Describe your unique talents, hobbies, passions, likes and dislikes.

Be funny, witty, interesting, engaging, familiar.

#16 Share Buttons

To help and encourage your readers to share your content, make sure you add eye-catching Share buttons for all social media platforms right at the end of your blog posts.

Make sure they are visible, colorful, friendly.

#15 Subscribing Form

You want followers?

Then use call to action forms like Subscribe.

The best place is to have it on top sidebar, as visible as it can be.

Tell people what they will get if they subscribe to your blog.

Promise them exclusive offers, first hand news, updates, tips, promotions.

You may want to entice your potential subscriber with a free eBook.

#14 Be Personal. Be Yourself. Be Free.

Let your personality infuse your blog. Your articles. Your views.

Don’t write boring stuff, in a boring style.

Do exactly what you feel like.

Write the way you want. Say what you want to say.

Be a strong unique voice, not a parrot repeating what others have said.

Respond on a personal note to comments and questions.

#13 Schedule Your Posting

Write more articles at a time and use the scheduling option to post them on the desired day and time.

Maybe you have a day when you are most inspired to write or you have a certain day during the week, when you write your posts. Of course you don’t want to publish them all at once and you don’t want to lose time each day, posting them manually, one by one.

Save and organize your time scheduling your posting.

#12 Occasionally Do A Call To Action

It helps improve your SEO and build your site.

You can promote an event, a product or a service, ask your readers to join your newsletter, advertise a third party sponsor, product or service, organize a Give Away, a Free bonus, a Sweepstake.

#11 Encourage Interaction

In your articles, ask your readers questions, make them think, make them wonder, intrigue them, fascinate them, zen them.

Ask them to comment on your posts, to come up with ideas, questions, topics, tell what they want to read, ask for their opinion. Encourage them to participate and share.

#10 Check Your Blog On Different Browsers

Sometimes, different browsers give different results in your blog’s appearance.

Check your blog on each browser to make sure all is good.

Check your website on the mobile version as well.

#9 Track Your Visitors

Use Analytical tools to find out your visitors habits, how long they spend on your blog, what content they like.

The information you obtain will help you organize your marketing strategies and your content, will measure the conversion rate, etc.

#8 Create Your Unique Signature

Use an original signature in the closing of each of your articles.

Make sure you include it every time, in the same way. Make your readers accustomed with your signature. It’s part of your branding and marketing strategy, so make it really unique.

Also, under your name, leave links to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and also your email address.

#7 Hyperlink Your Text

To improve your SEO, get used to insert hyperlink naturally and fluidly in your text. Include keywords too.

You can hyperlink to previous articles from your blog or to posts from other websites.

#6 Proofread

Read again and again your text, before making it public in a post.

Use grammar and spelling corrector to assist you with that. Rephrase if necessary, improve meaning and understanding, correct any typos.

Only when you’re sure your text is error free, post it.

#5 The Magic Of The Alt Tab

This is useful when adding images on your articles. Use the Alt tab, to insert additional information to the image, for SEO purposes, of course, like specific keywords. Further, you can add title and description to your image.

#4 Resize And Optimize Your Images

Even if a bigger image is clearer, and more impacting, keep in mind that a bigger picture takes more time to load. And, as we previously discussed, you don’t want to slow down your loading speed of your website.

So, a smart decision is to resize it to fit your blog’s frame. You don’t need high resolution. Generally, use around 72 dpi, 400 pixels in width if centered, and 200 pixels if they are left-right oriented.

Look for free online resizing tools.

#3 Simplicity Is King

Use a simple, easy to understand language, so everyone gets it.

Don’t try to sound sophisticated and pretentious.

Keep the article simple. Don’t overload it with technical information, long complicated explanations, unnecessary details, rambling thoughts, or silly small talk.

Use a simple, friendly tone.

Simple is simply better. Just try it and you will see.

#2 Shape It Up

As explained in the previous point, give your article a nice, compact, coherent shape.

Be a Michelangelo, sculpt a remarkable article, bit by bit.

Paraphrasing one of his famous quotes, “Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculpture to discover it”, I would say that every block of raw idea has an article inside of it, and it’s the task of the writer to take it out, shape it up, and make a memorable article out of it.

Organize it in bullets, lists.

Use Headings to improve SEO. Use small phrases, short paragraphs, and clear to read fonts.

Try to make your readers experience on your blog easier and pleasant, so they keep coming back for more.

#1 Magic Numbers

Numbers work magic in headlines. I can’t emphasise that enough. Headlines with numbers show from the beginning that the article has structure, substance, specificity, organisation, clarity.

Examples: “20 Tips to Boost Traffic on Your Blog” or “7 Remarkable Social Media Tools”.

Headlines with NUMBERS will get:

p<>{color:#000;}. More Traffic

Check up your stats, you’ll see that headlines with numbers bring you 3-7 times more traffic.

p<>{color:#000;}. More Interest

Somehow, when you hear or see a number, your interest is immediately awaken. I’m talking about numbers as figures, not as words.

(Example: “9 ways to raise interest”, as opposed to “Nine ways to raise interest”)

p<>{color:#000;}. More Shared

Statistics show that articles with numbers in headlines tend to get more viral than others.

p<>{color:#000;}. More Opened

Test and you will see that headlines that contain numbers will get more easily opened and read in email.

p<>{color:#000;}. More Attention

People are attracted to facts, and that’s what an article with numbers delivers. Concrete, accountable FACTS. That’s the reason they get more attention and more click than others, on your blog.

Additional Resources

Blogging Software

p<>{color:#000;}. Self-hosted: WordPress.org (recommended), B2evolution.net (alternative), Concrete5.org (alternative)

p<>{color:#000;}. Free tools: WordPress.com (blogname.wordpress.com), Blogger.com (blogname.blogspot.com), Tumblr.com (blogname.tumblr.com)

p<>{color:#000;}. Freemium tools: TypePad.com (14 days free trail), SquareSpace.com (14 days free trail)

Domain Search

p<>{color:#000;}. Basic search: Pcnames.com, Domize.com, domainr.com

p<>{color:#000;}. Premium search: DomainSearch, WhoisLookup, DomainMarketplace

Web Design / Development Services

p<>{color:#000;}. oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Fiverr, Dribbble, Behance, DesignContest, 99Designs

WordPress Themes

WordPress.org Themes, Topwpthems, Fabthems, Fthemes, StudioPress, ElegantThemes, Themefuse, Thesis Themes, WooThemes, [+ ThemeForest+], Press75, WPLove.co, JustWP

Graphic / Web Design / Logo / Photo and Image Galleries / Video Tool

p<>{color:#000;}. Graphic: Canva, Picmonkey, Gimp.org, PiktoChart, Easel.ly, Infogr.am, Google Charts, Picfull

p<>{color:#000;}. Logo: Squarespace logo, Logogarden, LogoMaker, LogoYes, LogoTypeMaker, GraphicSpring

p<>{color:#000;}. Photo, Image Galleries: Flickr, Photo Pin, MorgueFile, FreeImages

p<>{color:#000;}. Video: Camtasia, Camstudio, Jing, Screenr, ScreenFlow, FlixPress, IntroMaker, VideoScribe

Content Marketing

p<>{color:#000;}. ScribeContent, Inbound Writer, TrendSpottr, Contently, Soolve, SlideShare, ShareGrab, Clicktotweet, Triberr, Dlvr.it

Search Engine Optimization

p<>{color:#000;}. Keyword Research: [+ Google Keyword Tool+], Google Trends, Wordtracker, LongTail Pro, Market Samurai, Hittail

p<>{color:#000;}. Measurement Tools: SEOmoz Tools, SEOBook Tools, Google Webmaster Tools, Serp IQ, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, SEMRush, Alexa

Website Analytics

p<>{color:#000;}. Google Analytics, Clicktale, CrazyEgg, HubSpot, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, Clicky, KISSmetrics, Mint Analytics, BrokenLinkCheck, Pingdom, [+ Google PageSpeed+]

Email Marketing

p<>{color:#000;}. AWeber, MailChimp, MadMimi, CampaignMonitor, ConstantContact, GetResponse

Shopping Cart

E-Junkie, ClickBank, PayPal

Want More? How About FREE Blog Setup

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