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An average teenager Jaden Marino discovers a UFO landing one evening in upstate NY. The government is also looking for the mysterious UFO in the area. The government eventually follows him to it while trying to kill him. He hides inside of the advanced nanotechnology UFO while the government tries to take it away to Area 51 on a trailer. His mind goes into a comatose state and he has an out-of-the-body experience. The spaceship translates his English language from his mind into its language, enabling him to control the UFO with his mind. As he tries to fly away, the government sends all of their best and top-secret aircraft to intercept this very advanced spacecraft. Jaden quickly learns what this spaceship is capable of and goes against the best pilots in an intense chase over NY. Eventually he leaves Earth and travels 2.1 million light-years into the Andromeda Galaxy. He learns of an advanced alien species called Andromedians, who are 70,000 years ahead of humans. The Andromedians are peaceful explorers and their thinking is very far ahead of our own.


Jaden comes back to Earth eighteen years later and is aware of an alien conspiracy that is about to take place on Earth. He tries to warn people, but everyone thinks he is crazy. They lock him up in a mental ward. Society, relationships, values and technology has changed on Earth. He has a microscopic artificial intelligence alien companion in his mind helping him along the way, called AI. His body begins developing its advanced alien nanotechnology weapons system to work on Earth. After the government and citizens do not listen, he tries to help the people he cares about while the government places him on a terrorist list and uses their full military forces to kill him. He goes against the government’s future weapons, Motherdrone (a super computer that controls all UAV drone crafts), super exoskeleton soldiers, SWATbots, thermobaric weapons and himself. At the same time, a bad alien race, called Darclonians, are implementing their silent planned strike on humans. An energy knight is the Darclonians new powerful weapon that can manipulate dark energy. Unbelievable movie style action sequences throughout the book and an ending you won’t stop talking about. Jaden Marino’s adventure of a lifetime begins.


BIO-SAPIEN SERIES (Formally known as the BIAlien trilogy.)



NOTE: Book reviews are based on all six books to volume I series.


“Science fiction fans unite! If the title doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what will! To preface this review, all of you naysayers out there who shake their heads at sci-fi should remember that, back in the 70’s, the names R2-D2, C3PO, Chewie…you get my point, here…were unknowns. Now they are as much a facet of popular literary culture as is Mr. Darcy. Jane Austen, Henry James, Dickens, etc., were beautiful storytellers, but sci-fi has amazingly imaginative beauty surrounding it as well. And this author, Vlane Carter, knows that for a fact….

there are A LOT of scenes that the reader gets to experience. From the military battle with the UFO, to the alien shark attack on another planet (which is really cool, by the way), this author offers a never-ending parade of amazing creatures and locations that will, perhaps, one day be logged into popular literary culture right beside old C3PO and his little beeping buddy……There are two factions out there in America – Star Wars vs. Star Trek – and I am definitely on the side of George Lucas having the more creative concept. So hats off to this writer, Vlane Carter, who may someday join those Lucas ranks if readers and sci-fi fans everywhere band together and realize that the force really MAY be with this one.” – FEATHERED QUILL REVIEWS.


“….the bialien trilogy is not your typical sci-fi novel. Think of a comic book that uses words instead of illustrations and you might come close. One thing that the writer certainly has is imagination. It is written very visually….

…..you may tell by his style that Vlane is very passionate about his writing. It takes time and effort to envision and write a novel of this length without losing the energy throughout it. Bialien is his first novel, and, from his marketing material and website, certainly not his last. It is always interesting to see the first story written and how writing styles evolve from book to book. Let’s see where Volume Two takes us.” –TOP BOOK REVIEWERS.

“A Sci-Fi series set on exploring concepts of the deep future, “The Bialien Trilogy” is for the Science fiction fan who likes to be amazed at what the future holds….” – MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS




-“Vlane Carter first novel is a huge “tome” of a book. There is lots of action and adventure as our main character, Jaden, meets a host of aliens from across the universe, engages in a host of battles as well as doing some “fun” stuff. There is a lot of “things” in this book to cause the reader to pause and ponder. For the adventurous reader who likes long novels make sure you put this close to the top of your Must Read list.—STEVEN FIVECATS, EDITOR. YELLOW30 SCI-FI REVIEW.

[+ _______________________________________________________ +]

“…the first thing readers will notice about this book is the author’s manner of storytelling. It’s different and can take some getting use to. That said, if you adjust your thinking to the author’s way of telling the story, you’ll find that it works! He achieves his goal of making the story read as if you’re seeing it on the big screen, as an action packed movie. Also worth mentioning, is that to complete the entire scope of the story, Vlane has placed visual images throughout, as well as a book sound track, creating an entirely new dimension to the meaning of author/story/reader interaction….

….Outside of the book itself, this author takes great care to interact with his readers and has a website that includes free chapter plus loads of information about the series. Inside the book, he takes just as much care, and it’s clear he has put his entire being into each and every word. Real knowledge can make or break a book, and this author definitely knows his technology. ….


….Give this book a chance and you won’t be disappointed by the in your face, non-stop action that leaves you on a roller coaster ride that thrusts you up and down, side to side, both thrills and chills, and then rockets you out of this world…”

-New Reads Underground. Rachel M. D’aigle, NRU Head and Author of YA Fantasy Series The Journals of The Jacoby Odyssey





….This book crosses many topics, from government conspiracies, alien technology, nanotechnology, world domination, love, female empowerment and religion… All which take the reader into new realms of thought and possibility, allowing for outside the box thinking and discussion amongst readers…..


….Sci-fi and fiction enthusiasts will have a hard time putting this book down. Vlane Carter succeeds in his unconventional storytelling style, drawing readers into his vast creation, while the plot twists keep you riveted and guessing until the books final page. Or, make that the final word….” M. Penny Harmon, Review SIP “ReviewSIP” (Salt Lake City, Utah)


















BIAlien – Rise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolved book 1,2 & 3 (vol I)


BIO-Sapien books 1,2,3,4,5,6 (Vol I)


Text copyright © 2010 by VC Imagination Factory. Library of Congress Copyright Number: TXu 1-644-495 & TXu 1-704-707

BIO-Sapien books 1-6 (Volume I) republished in 2014 & 2015.

Text copyright © 2014 & 2015 by VC Imagination Factory.


Illustrations by Kwan Wilson, John Moriarty, John Buurman, Matthew Garofalo © 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 by VC Imagination Factory.

All illustrations and animations are designed and directed by

Vlane Carter


Edited by: Kevin Holland


Character BELLONA and “Evolve Your Imagination” are pending registered trademarks of VC Imagination Factory.


Jaden Marino, Marco, AI, Dr. Chan, Bomani, Toragon and other fictional book characters are copyright © 2009, 2010, 2014 by VC Imagination Factory, all rights reserved.


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BIO-Sapien was written in present tense for the following reasons:


p<>{color:#000;}. So the reader can read and experience the novel as if they were watching a movie.

p<>{color:#000;}. Nanotime.

p<>{color:#000;}. Detailed action sequences.

p<>{color:#000;}. Movie soundtracks inserted into different parts of the story.

p<>{color:#000;}. Telepathic communication and talking to another personality.

p<>{color:#000;}. Mind reading and answering questions inside of a conversation.

p<>{color:#000;}. Have the reader experience the story as if they are right with Jaden at all times.


“….Author, Vlane Carter, has created a story told in a unique and unconventional writing style, keeping the action in the present tense, so as to keep the reader feeling as though they are experiencing the action as its happening. It can be akin to reading a script, or make you feel as though you’re watching a movie. It is a writing style that can, at first, be jarring and difficult to understand. But if you give it a few chapters it will not only grow on you, but draw you in. And then you suddenly cannot imagine the story written any other way. And, quite possibly, it could be the first book that includes its own music recommendations (to listen to while reading)…..” – [+ M. Penny Harmon, Review SIP “ReviewSIP”+]


Single quotes ‘ ‘ are used in the book when:


To show main character Jaden communicating with his alien friend AI (located in his mind).

High-speed telepathic communications.




BIO-Sapien book 6 – Rise of the Dark Energy Knight


Chapter 23: Manhattan’s Armageddon Page 14

Chapter 24: Astrotheological Literary Hybrid Page 92

Chapter 25: Heroes Don’t Die Page 169



The views of chapter 24 are not views of the restaurant Action Burger and Planet Xenos.

The chapter contains strong factual statements that are backed by “QR reference codes” (This is the first time something like this has been tried). Reader discretion is advised.


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Chapter 23: Manhattan’s Armageddon


Washington, D.C. 4:40 PM


“…defend the constitution of the United States,” Robinson says while he holds up his right hand in front of congress.

“…in accordance with the twenty-fifth amendment of the constitution; I now pronounce you the forty-seventh President of the United States, President Kevin Robinson,” Chief Justice Marie Taetz says.


South Delaware 5:30 pm


Kim has been driving for over ninety minutes without incident. She drives at a slow speed due to the extra wind in her face. People in other cars have been looking at the Bugattee’s broken windshield. Jaden has been sleeping. They are sitting in traffic at a tunnel entrance. Jaden wakes up and looks around.

“Where are we?” He asks.

“We are in Lewes, Delaware, about to go through a fourteen mile tunnel. They just created this tunnel last year that connects south Delaware to south New Jersey.”

“Cool. Any police or anyone following us?” He asks.

“No. Just a lot of cars sitting on the side of the road and people sleeping in them. I mean like thousands of cars lined up. It looked very awkward,” she says.

“The Nanomoles have their minds in neutral mode. It’s getting worst; we have to get to Manhattan quick. For some reason I feel as if I’m losing some of my memories.”

“There is something else, I was listening to the radio and Vice President Robinson is now the President of the United States. I guess President Paylin is dead or still missing,” Kim says.

“That’s not good. That guy shouldn’t be the President of anything. He is bad news. He was the person trying to kill us the last few days. Listen baby, I had this weird dream just now that I was suppose to kill the President of the United States, Stefanie Paylin. Something was telling me to do it and she was begging for mercy for the human race,” he says.

“What did you do? What happened next?”

“I was hearing voices saying, ‘Finish her! Finish her!’ Then I woke up,” Jaden says.

“Strange,” she says.

“I’m going to try to redial your father, my baby’s mama and Peters again,” Jaden says.

“Okay. We have to stop for gas soon and something to eat. I figured we can stop by Atlantic City.”

“Okay,” he says.

The tollbooth man asks what happened to the windshield.

“I hit a deer and I’m driving to get the windshield fixed at a body shop in Jersey,” Kim yells to the tollbooth man, while handing him twenty dollars.

“Okay, be careful good looking,” the young tollbooth collector says while smiling.

They drive through a long underwater tunnel. Kim’s father and Amy’s cell phones goes straight to voice mail. Peter’s phone rings and then goes to voice mail.


“The tollbooth man just told the other guy in the booth that you look like his uncle’s R.F.E.C.,” Jaden says.

“You and your Superman hearing. Well, I’m the real thing,” she snaps.

“Yes, you are. You are my real thing,” Jaden says while rubbing his hand up and down her leg.


They drive out on the south New Jersey side and get back onto the highway. A text comes through on the phone.

“James left a text message saying he will meet me in lower Manhattan on 1st Avenue and 9th Street around 7:30,” Jaden says.


Jaden sits back in the seat and look towards the sky. He sees the sun is heading down over the western sky. They reach Atlantic City and they pull up into a hydrogen and regular gas station with a food mart.

“Fill ‘er up,” Kim says while getting out to walk towards the food mart.

“You have to use the bathroom baby?” Kim asks.

“No, I’m okay.”

A man begins to fills the gas tank up with hydrogen gas while Jaden sits in the passenger seat looking towards the huge casino hotels. He sees the huge windmill on top of the hotel buildings spinning around.

“Damn, I wish I could stop in there for a few minutes,” he says.

‘Jaden, can you hear me?’ AI asks in a low voice.

‘AI? Is that you? Are you okay, buddy?’ He asks.

‘No, I’m not. When the dark material returned around your hands and arms, it damaged many of my systems. I have three major problems. My ability to shrink and expand in size to leave your body is non-functioning. My microscopic thrusters to fly are non-functioning, so I can’t make it back to the Gravhawk if you need help. The ability to communicate with your Nanodrones and navigate the Gravhawk is offline. Everything is out of service for a few days,’ AI says in a low sounding voice.

‘You are more broken down than an American vehicle with 100,000 miles on it. I’m really sorry AI. I feel as if this is all my fault. Can you repair yourself?’

‘It is not really your fault. My older synthetic crystal nanobot system wasn’t made to withstand such a strong unknown energy wave. I might be able to fix the communications in a few days on my own, the rest I’m not too sure about without rebuilding materials,’ AI says.

‘We don’t have a few days. Tonight is doomsday. Have you seen the people in Europe and the zombies walking around?’

‘I need to be in the Gravhawk to repair the rest of my systems which could take days to a week. The main problem is with my communications down I can’t enter the Gravhawk or remote into the Gravhawk. I’m the only one with the code to enter the ship,’ AI says.

‘How are you able to communicate with me now?’ He asks.

‘Communicating with you in your brain only requires a basic chemical message, not a kinetic molecule energy signal. I can read the chemical messages being processed in your brain.’


‘I noticed you liked the instrumental soundtracks back in Virginia, when you and Kim were practicing reproducing. I downloaded the top one thousand movie and game instrumentals from the Internet, using a Wi-Fi signal. I think you will enjoy these,’ AI says.

‘Yes, copy them over. It was very interesting to hear music without words. It reminded me of some of the music Bellona was playing for me.’

‘I’m converting it over now and saving it in your memory. You might hear different songs at random.’


Kim pays the gas attendant and she gets back into the car with three hot dogs in her one arm. She has a cappuccino and a bottle of water in her other arm.

“Baby, hold this for me,” Kim says while reaching out to Jaden. He grabs the organic hot dogs.

‘You’re saying if we need to get off this planet in an emergency, we are stuck here because all your communications are down?’ Jaden asks.

“Are you hungry? I have two extra hot dogs for you,” Kim says while placing the drinks in cup holders.

“Sure, thanks baby. It’s cool you know exactly what I want on my hot dog. I’m talking to AI now,” Jaden says while Kim drives off and taking a bite of the frank.

“Is he okay?” She asks chewing.

‘Yes, I’m sorry. I guess I’m useless to you now. I’m programmed to destroy myself if I become inoperable longer than twelve hours. The Gravhawk is programmed to destroy itself or return back home if there isn’t communication from me within six Earth days.’

‘Hold on there, no one is destroying themselves. We will figure out something. We came this far, we can’t give up yet,’ Jaden says while biting into the hot dog.

“Is he okay?” She asks again.

“No he isn’t.”

Jaden explains to Kim everything AI just told him. There is a long silence as Kim continues to drive on the highway thinking. They pass a sign saying New York City 140 miles.

“Can AI rest inside of the Bugattee or the cell phone?” Kim asks.

“No, his model needs to be in an organic human or in the Gravhawk,” he explains.

“How about AI go inside of me?” She asks in an outburst, “Inside of my body he can repair himself faster and he would be safer.”

“Kim, that isn’t going to work. Your white blood cells will attack AI and you will get sick. Plus there is no way for him to get into your body, he is grounded, remember?” Jaden asks.

‘I’m only counting three Nanoscanners, AI.’

‘The other two were destroyed when you started to change into the energy monster,’ AI says.

‘Don’t say that. I’m not turning into an energy monster or dark energy knight. I’m sure this is a fluke. That sucks the Nanoscanners were destroyed.’

‘They were sucked into your arms, along with other molecules, and destroyed,’ AI says.

“Oh okay. I wouldn’t mind getting sick, if it could help him. He saved our lives by coming back so quickly and helping to get you out of the coma in time,” she says.

‘Oh yeah, thanks for saving me when I was in the coma.’

‘Your welcome, friend,’ AI says.

AI’s words echo in Jaden’s mind.


“I have an idea, baby. Do you remember the movie Innerspace?” Jaden asks.

“No, I think that movie came out before I was born. But I remember bits and pieces of it from your memory,” she says.

“To sum it up, AI can travel to my mouth and I can kiss you, then he can travel into your mouth,” Jaden says.

“Okay, cool.”

‘AI, I’ll have to reprogram a few Nanodrones to escort you from my body to Kim’s. They can fight off and reprogram the white blood cells as they attack. I think this will be best for you, for now, friend,’ Jaden says.

‘That might work, but remember, the Nanodrones’ colonies will need a good explanation as to why some Nanodrones are being used in another body. They sometimes vote on decisions like this. Remember they are only suppose to work in your body and with your DNA,’ AI says.

‘Okay. I’ll give it a try.’

“I have to communicate with the Nanodrones to see if they can do what I’m suggesting.”

The wind continues to blow in Kim and Jaden’s faces. Jaden closes his eyes and communicates with the Nanodrones in his body. He notices there are different levels of the drones. He learns there are millions of supervisors, billions of team leaders and trillions of Nanodrones assigned to various tasks in a community around his body. They take a vote and decide against using Nanodrones in Kim’s body, 1.3 billion to 2.1 quadrillion. Jaden appeals the decision and explains in better details the situation happening around the planet.

‘I know some of you were only created a few days ago, but there is a situation at hand and I need your help. My girlfriend Kim can be trusted, just like I trust you guys. I want to marry this girl one day and she will be a part of me. I know it is against the rules for you to be used in another body, but I need you to trust me on this one. Without AI getting better, we won’t have access to the Gravhawk. I might need the ship to get off this planet if things get out of hand. You have seen what I’ve been up against the last few days. Another one of my unknown energy outbreaks will probably destroy AI. He is your commander and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen. You Nanodrones have done an excellent job with repairing my body and having my weapons ready. The anti-gravity, pro-gravity, cell regenerator, and shield creating Nanodrones have done an excellent job so far. I need you to trust your captain and work with me on the Jaden-enterprise body ship. Help me, to help AI, to help all of us and my planet. It’s not what my body can do for you, it’s what you can do for my body, AI’s and Kim’s. Please revote for me and revote for our future. Get out and vote! Get out and vote!’ Jaden yells while the words scroll across his eye screen.

‘Good speech, sir. It was very convincing. There were many not voting at all. Thanks for giving the extra effort and fighting for me,’ AI says.

‘You’re welcome my friend. That’s what friends are for. Now I know how a politician feels giving speeches like this thousands of times a year.’

His speech is heard by every nanodrone in his body, down to the smallest ones in his cells.

‘The vote is in: 3.9 quadrillion in favor and 598 trillion against. You won the majority of the vote. They agreed to use only 50,000 Nanodrones for fighting off white blood cells and assisting me,’ AI says.

‘Wow, I have democrat and republican Nanodrones in my body. That is great, you have 50,000 Nanodrones to help you!’

‘That isn’t great. Fifty thousand is not much, especially when being attacked by billions of white blood cells.’

‘Maybe the white blood cells won’t attack. Wait a second, I’m looking at the voting results and some of the Nanodrones vote only count as one-third. What is that about?’ Jaden asks.

‘Cell protector Nanodrones’ votes don’t count as much. They don’t do the same job as energy creating Nanodrones or anti-gravity Nanodrones,’ AI says.

‘I don’t like that. Everyone should have a fair vote…’
Kim interrupts, “Jaden, baby, what is the status? Are they going to help AI?”

“Yes, they are. I gave a nice little speech and they agreed to help him.”

“Good baby.”

“Give me a few minutes, they are transporting him now,” Jaden says.

‘Good luck, AI. Can I communicate with you at all?’

‘Yes, the Nanodrones should be able to communicate with each other within twenty feet. But I can’t communicate with you directly yet. Kim will have to relay any messages through the Nanodrones in her body to your Nanodrones. Okay, see you later buddy, good luck with reaching your daughter in time,’ AI says.

‘Okay, buddy, talk to you later. Before you go, why is my nanotime offline?’ He asks.

‘When you went into a coma you destroyed a lot of neurons and cells in your brain. Your brain can’t go into nanotime for a few days, until the high-speed neuron connections are fully healed.’


Kim continues to drive on the highway. The Nanodrones carry AI through some veins in the back of Jaden’s head and through some nerves down to his throat. They come up through the nerves in the bottom of his tooth and into his mouth.

“Okay Kim, you can pull over so I can give you this AI STD or alien virus,” Jaden says while chuckling.

“That is disgusting, why did you have to say it like that,” she says while signaling and slowing down on the shoulder. Jaden opens the door and stretches. Kim gets out and walks around to him.

“Baby, did you grow?” She asks.

“You noticed? Yes I did. I’m 6’2” and a half now.”

“That is amazing you are able to do that,” she says while hugging him and looking up to him.

“Ready?” He asks.

“Yes. How sick do you think I will get?” She asks.

“Depends on how much your body tries to fight it. Remember, it is a foreign object and your white blood cells will attack it. We have to hurry baby,” he says while placing his lips on hers. They exchange saliva and their tongues rub against each other. Cars continue to drive by on the small highway. The sunlight shines between their body as AI travels into Kim’s mouth. Their shadow on the ground look like one shadow united. They unclench and Kim wipes her mouth with her hand with a smile on her face.

“That was good there. You are definitely a good kisser,” she says while opening the passenger door.

“So are you, hot dragon lips,” he says while sitting in the driver’s seat.

Kim sits down and she begins to sneeze. Jaden quickly accelerates.

“God bless you!. Hey, make sure he doesn’t fly back out,” he says while she reaches for some tissues in her bag. She chuckles after sneezing again.

“Very funny. I would love to see these Nanodrones through a microscope,” she says.

Jaden begins to speed on the highway, while Kim closes her eyes. The wind in her face pushes her hair into the air behind the headrest. Twenty minutes pass by.

“Kim are you okay?”

“Yes, I just feel like I’m coming down with a cold. But it feels as if it is going away at the same time, in a weird way. Some Nanodrones created some artificial acetaminophen for me. I’ll be okay. I can hear AI talking to me. He says he is inside of me, just like you were,” she says with a runny nose and coughing.

Jaden laughs and says, “That was funny, that was a good one. At least his artificial sense of humor still works.”

Kim is sleeping and Jaden is driving at a high speed on the New Jersey Turnpike. They continue driving for another hour. The tollbooths are empty as the highway has minimal traffic. More traffic is appearing on the southbound side. He continues driving north on the turnpike. He sees the World Trade Center building across the water. The building has an orange glow from the sun beginning to set in the west. Jaden remembers flying by the old World Trade Center about a month ago. The tall antenna and reflective glass is very dazzling across the river. He thinks about waking her up, but he lets her get her rest. He continues driving another fifteen minutes. He runs into some traffic at the bridge. Jaden sees the toll costs twelve dollars at the George Washington Bridge.

“Shit, twelve dollars to cross a bridge?” Jaden asks. “I’d rather swim across the ocean.”

He drives through the E-ZPass lane and says, “Heroes don’t pay tolls.”

He crosses the bridge and sees so many buildings all over the place. Across the bridge and on the street, he sees a homeless man holding a sign that reads, Why lie? I need a beer.

Jaden chuckles as he pulls up to the man and hands him a dollar.

“Enjoy your last beer!” Jaden yells.

He takes local streets towards downtown Manhattan. Kim opens her eyes and looks around. The streets are mostly clear of people as if it is late at night. They see a few police cars and taxis driving around.

‘Where the hell are we?’ Kim asks herself.

‘We are in Harlem I think. The navigation system says Harlem, but this looks like lower Manhattan to me. I thought Harlem was mostly African Americans?’ Jaden asks Kim telepathically. She looks at him with a surprised face.

‘You can hear me?’ She asks.

‘Yes. The Nanodrones are communicating to each other from our bodies and transmitting our thoughts to each other. You can adjust the telepathic communication settings if you want,’ Jaden says.

“Let’s use voice communications, this is a little creepy. AI is talking to me the same time you are,” Kim says aloud.

“I know how you feel. I had that same creepy feeling a few weeks ago. How are you feeling? You look a lot better.”

“I’m feeling much better. The streets are so deserted,” she says.

“My Nanoscanners show that most people are in their beds sleeping. Something is definitely about to happen.”

“What is AI saying about this area?” Jaden asks.

“He is saying this area is called New Harlem. He is giving me the history of how the population changed in the past twenty years and how the middle class is almost completely gone. He downloaded a lot of information about Manhattan.”

“Cool. Is it me or are some people walking around like zombies?” Jaden asks.

“I think you are right, some people are walking rather odd,” she says.

“This is amazing to me, I was here last year, or in 1995 when I visited New York City on a trip. Everything looks so different, new condos and buildings on every corner,” Jaden says while driving down 8th Avenue.

Jaden sees two Jehovah’s Witnesses women standing on the sidewalk holding up magazines. He zooms in and realizes they are two advanced robotic women. The perfect replica human female on the right is holding a Watchtower magazine that reads in big letters, The end of the world is coming in 2032. The other female’s magazine shows an image of the solar system and Earth is missing in the picture. It reads in small letters, Where would you be?

Jaden stops the car in the middle of the street and a red car behind him honks the horn. He can’t believe what he just saw.

“Kim, do you see what those two robotic women standing on the corner are holding up in their hands?”

“What ladies?” She asks.

Jaden turns around and there isn’t anyone there. He wonders where those two women went and uses a nanoscanner to find them. He doesn’t see them and he continues to drive with a strange look on his face.

“Forget it.”

“You okay baby?” She asks.

“Yes, I just think I’m seeing things.”

“AI says the population is fifty percent Caucasian, twenty percent Asian, fifteen percent African American, ten percent Hispanic and five percent other. He says the middle class has been vanishing for the past fifteen years.”

“Turn right at 125th Street and left on Broadway,” the navigation system says.

“Amazing, times have changed,” Jaden says while turning onto 125th Street.

“Keep driving straight, take the Henry Hudson Parkway downtown, it’s faster,” Kim says.

They continue driving down towards the highway in medium traffic and they reach a traffic light. A man in raggedy clothes jumps out and sprays a liquid where the windshield used to be. It goes directly onto Jaden’s face and clothes. The man tries to squeegee the thin air.

“You dickhead! You got watered down Windex and fruit punch on me,” Jaden yells while opening the door. The light turns green and the cars behind him begin honking their horns. Jaden grabs the man by his shirt collar and looks him in the eyes. The cars go around the Bugattee honking their horns.

“Squeegee, dickhead!”

“I’m sorry man, I’m sorry. I was just trying to make a dollar. I didn’t know you didn’t have a windshield,” the petrified man says.

“Jaden stop, don’t hurt him. He has had a tough life the past six years. He used to own a house in 2008 with his family, until he was laid off during the recession. He couldn’t find work and suffered health problems without health coverage, his medical bills took everything he owned. He lost everything, including his family,” Kim yells nervously while looking at Jaden.

The mysterious black energy returns around Jaden’s hands. The energy dissolves the fabric in the man’s shirt. Jaden watches the man run across the street with half a shirt on.

“Don’t worry about him, sweetie. Try to calm down. I’ll drive, be careful with your hands,” Kim says while opening the passenger door and climbing over to the driver’s seat.

Jaden climbs into the passenger seat with his hands in the air, trying not to touch anything. Kim starts to drive and Jaden looks at his hands. The energy disappears from his hands.

“How did you know all that information about the squeegee man?”

“I don’t know, it came to me randomly. I looked at him and I saw a couple of things from his past. It was really strange. I even heard him thinking stuff.”

‘The Nanodrones are somehow able to detect other peoples’ brain waves since your brain is structured a little different than Jaden’s and your mind has more emotional activity. I’m not sure if it’s with everyone,’ AI says to Kim.

“I have to find out what this is and why this is happening. This is really beginning to creep me out. I’m getting angry so quick, this isn’t like me,” he says while looking at the river on the side of the parkway.

The skin Nanodrones in Jaden’s body are reporting unknown black material spreading inside of his skin and being embedded inside of skin cells.

“AI wanted me to tell you that Earth’s magnetic field is going to reverse in the next twenty years. When he was providing the energy from the magnetosphere, he analyzed the strength and integrity of it. He also analyzed the core of the planet with a Gravhawk nanoscanner. When the magnetic field reverses, there will be a lot of sun radiation hitting the planet’s surface for centuries,” Kim explains.

“That is interesting, I guess sun tanning shops will be the first to go out of business. I think that might be a good thing for humans, maybe that event will end racism when everyone is the same color,” Jaden says while chuckling.

Kim laughs and says, “Hey, millions will die.”

“I know, I’ll let scientists know when all this is over. If we can’t stop this attack, I’m sure the Darclonians will fix the Earth’s magnetic reversing issue.”

Kim laughs along with Jaden.


1st Avenue 9th street, lower Manhattan 7:32 pm


Jaden and Kim sit in the Bugattee on the side of the street, waiting to see if James is going to show up. Jaden is using three Nanoscanners to locate Amy and Sabrina in lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center over a mile away. A middle aged, Indian traffic officer walks up to their car with a Bronx metal ticket writer in his hand and a black, odd looking helmet on his head.

“Miss, you can’t park here! This is a no parking zone. Please move your car,” he says.

Kim shifts the gear shifter into reverse.

“No, don’t move anything baby,” Jaden says to Kim and then looks at the traffic agent. “We are just standing. There aren’t any parking spaces anywhere else. We are waiting for a friend,“ Jaden says in a raised tone, as another traffic agent walks up on the curb.

“Jaden, I’ll move the car. You have to stay calm,” Kim says.

“Sir, you can’t park here,” the man says.

“Just write him a ticket,” the older chubby traffic lady says.

“Do you know the difference between no parking and no standing you traffic dickwad? I know your high school diploma can only educate you so far. But a little common sense will tell you, there is a difference,” Jaden snaps while getting out of the car. Kim tries to grab his hand, but misses.

The traffic agent walks to the front of the car and scans the license plate sensor.

“Jaden!” Kim yells while he walks around the car to confront the man.

“Sir, get back in your car before we have you arrested and towed,” the traffic lady says.

“You and what traffic agent army?” Jaden asks her. “You keep out of this, big mama.”

He walks up into the man’s face.

“Sir, now you are getting three tickets. One for parking in a no parking zone, one for being disrespectful to an officer and one for idling your vehicle for more than three minutes,” the agent says while typing on the LCD screen.

“Now you’re an officer? They made you part of the police department? Is that so you don’t get beat up for being an asshole?” Jaden asks.

The man ignores Jaden and continues to create the ticket. Kim gets out of the car and tries to pull Jaden back away from the agent.

“He is just doing his job Jaden.”

“He isn’t doing his job right, a 5-year-old knows the difference between no standing and no parking. Get back in the car, baby. I’m just going to talk to him,” he says while she takes a step back. AI advises Kim to step back a few feet. AI can feel the unknown energy passing towards Jaden.


“If you write me a ticket, I’m going to shove that ticket writer down your throat,” Jaden says angrily. The man tries to walk away from Jaden. The first ticket prints out and hangs from the machine. Jaden’s hands begin to turn shiny black. Jaden reaches for the small metal traffic writer, it flies from the agent’s hand and into Jaden’s. The black energy goes around the metal traffic writer and the LCD screen turns blank. The ticket that printed out of it is destroyed.

“Did you see that? It flew into my hand,” Jaden says excitedly.

“Sir, give that back to me. You are obstructing justice and you will be arrested now,” the male agent says while the other agent steps back a few feet and gets on her radio to call for backup.

“You want it?” Jaden asks while raising it into the air with his hand.

“Jaden no!” Kim yells from a distance.

“You want it?” Jaden asks again with an angry face and demanding voice.

Jaden rams the ticket writer into his mouth as Kim screams. The black energy around the traffic writer machine dissolves the inside of the traffic agent’s mouth, teeth and throat, and then comes out the back of his neck. He falls to the ground while blood pours from the huge hole in his face. Jaden feels a rush of pleasure around his body. The ticket writer machine turns back to its normal brown color, still inside the agent’s face. The traffic lady looks in shock and talks fast into the radio. Kim runs to the agent on the ground. She checks his pulse and other bystanders run away.

‘Oh my God, oh my God. He is dead, oh my God,’ Kim says to herself and Jaden.

“I need backup, officer down,” she says into the radio while Jaden looks at her smiling.

“Where’s your gun at officer? How are you going to enforce traffic laws without your big gun? Looks like you peed in your grandma’s underwear, Miss Hairy Bush!” Jaden yells while chuckling and walking towards her.

She jogs away and runs into the side of an energy shield Jaden just created around her. She smacks her face into the solid shield and falls towards the ground unconscious.

“You killed him Jaden. You killed him!” Kim yells while beginning to cry.

“Did you see that baby? I created a full shield around her from here. I didn’t even know I could do that,” Jaden says with a huge smile on his face and his hands turn red from missing skin. Jaden climbs into the driver seat.

“Look at my hands baby, I look like the guy from Hellraiser,” he chuckles while looking at his veins and meaty hands. The skin is quickly repairing itself.

“Let’s go baby. If he knew his job and wasn’t a dickhead, he wouldn’t be road kill right now. That felt good. That was for all the citizens of New York being unfairly ticketed and towed by traffic agents!” He yells into the air with his hands in the sky. “Wow, what a rush,” he says while Kim climbs into the passenger seat crying.

“You should be happy baby, you received several tickets when you were in New York City a few years ago and you were towed. Remember the sign you were towed at a few years ago? No parking from 10 pm-5 am. What kind of logical sign is that?” He says.

“I didn’t want him to die. That guy could have a family or something. What has gotten into you?” She asks. “You hurt AI even more when you lost your temper again and killed that innocent man.”

“That’s not good…poor AI.”

“You are changing Jaden, this is not like you to hurt or kill someone.”

Suddenly there is an awkward silence and cars driving by cruise uncontrollably. There is a slight wind blowing from the east. Kim and Jaden look around. The cars crash into parked cars as the drivers go unconscious. Continuous honking horns echo from all directions. Three taxi drivers are slumped over the steering wheel and begin to crash their vehicles. Some get out of their cars and begin walking in a straight line south like zombies. Their eyes are wide open and mouths drooling. Two people are hit by uncontrolled vehicles, their bodies fly over the windshields. Crashing sounds continue to take over the airwaves. The two people that were hit stand up with broken bones sticking from their arms and legs. One of the taxis lose control and drives straight towards the Bugattee. Jaden instantly creates a shield around the Bugattee and the taxi hits the outside of the shield. He quickly grabs Kim to protect her. The hood of the taxi is crumpled as the momentum from the impact pushes the Bugattee hard into the sidewalk damaging the wheels and axles.

“Are you okay baby?” He asks.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Jaden closes his eyes and concentrates on the Nanoscanners still around the World Trade Center area.

“Everyone’s Nanomole is turning positive and their minds are being taken over,” Kim says.

Kim looks at the cell phone and sees no network service.

“I found Sabrina walking up the stairs on the 77th floor, in the World Trade Center tower with her mother. We have to go, both of them are HBH zombies along with fifty other people.”

They climb out of the Bugattee on the passenger side and start walking south.

Jaden sees the infrared beam shining on top of the World Trade Center. To the human eye, it is invisible, but to cameras and Nanoscanners, they show up as green infrared beams.

“Let’s run baby. There is an infrared green beam shining on top of the trade building,” Jaden says while grabbing her hand to run with her. She pushes his hand away.

“I’m okay to run by myself,” she says.

“Fine then, keep up.”

“AI says that is the beam up to the mother ship’s location. They are beaming people up to the Darclonian’s ship,” Kim says while breathing heavily.

“Why?” Jaden asks.

“AI, doesn’t know. They could be doing something to them, maybe experimenting.”

“We have to go.”

A police officer begins to speak into a loudspeaker, “People in the area, please stay off the street and stay in your homes. There is a police emergency taking place.”


Some people aren’t in the HBH positive stage. A man carries his unconscious wife as he cries looking into the sky. Crying kids are kneeling down near their unconscious neutral stage parents on the ground. Some children are walking around aimlessly. Jaden and Kim continue to run block to block as some men and women are lying on the concrete unresponsive. Jaden begins to lead Kim by thirty feet.

“That man is raping that woman!” Kim yells to Jaden down the block, while stopping to look. He runs back half way to yell at her.

“Some men and women aren’t under the positive stage. I guess some men are taking advantage of the situation. It is happening all around the area to men and women. You don’t want to know what is happening in the subway. Let’s go, baby, you are running too slow!”

“Men also?” Kim asks.

“Some men are raping men. This is the village, what do you expect?” Jaden asks.

Police cars and fire trucks race downtown. The officers all have on special helmets as their Nanomoles stay in a negative state. Hundreds of officers jump out of their vehicles in the area and try to restore order, while Tasering citizens. People are looting while police officers run in different directions chasing people. There is a military Humvee with a ray gun dish on the roof. They are trying to control a crowd of HBH walking in a group towards downtown. The ray gun hits their bodies and they continue walking at the same speed. Inside their minds, they are screaming in agonizing pain. Their clothes begin to smoke and their skin begins to cook. The military personnel inside the Humvee stop using the ray gun when they notice two citizens burst into flames.

“There is a military roadblock across Canal Street, closing off lower Manhattan three-quarters of a mile from here. We have to hurry, okay?” Jaden asks.

“You go ahead. Go save your daughter, you are running too fast for me. I’m going to try and help these innocent women and children,” she says.

“Are you sure you are going to be okay?” Jaden asks.

“Yeah, go ahead. I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you at the roadblock area,” Kim says while running to help a rape victim in a nearby alley.

Jaden runs at a fast 21 mph. He jumps over a major three-lane street. Some police handcuffing people stop to look at Jaden running at breakneck speeds. They are amazed how far and how fast his legs are moving.

Other conscious women and men try to help the HBH victims. Some fight off attackers. Kim hears the rape victim screaming for help in her mind. Her unconscious body lies there not moving. The victim’s eyes are glazed over. The rapist has a smile on his face.

“You feel so good on drugs, lady. You aren’t even fighting me, you must like the way I feel inside of you. You must be on some new date rape drug. I always wanted a cute blonde like you,” the crazed man says to his victim.

‘Please stop, please stop. I can’t move, I can’t do anything. Someone help me!’ The victim yells inside of her mind.

Kim runs up from behind and kicks the man off the girl. The man tries to stand up and catch his balance. She quickly kicks him between the legs and hits him in the face with her elbow.

“No means no, you piece of shit!” Kim yells at him groaning in pain.

The blow to the face activates the man’s Nanomole and he lies trembling with his eyes open.

“Are you okay?” Kim asks the victim.

‘Kick him in the balls again for me,’ the girl says to Kim.

‘She can hear me?’ Kim asks AI.

‘Yes, they can hear everything, but they can’t move their bodies or talk,’ AI tells Kim in a low voice.

Kim walks over to the stone-faced man and kicks him between the legs again.

“I did it for you, you are going to need a doctor sweetie,” Kim tells the raped victim while looking between her legs.

‘Please don’t leave me here. I can’t feel anything and I can’t move. What did he do to me? What is wrong with me?’ The victim asks.

Kim looks down again between her legs and puts her panties back on for her.

“Just get tested for everything known to man and get a rape kit at the hospital when and if you wake up,” Kim says while getting up crying.

‘Please don’t leave me here, help me. Please! Please!’ The female pleads.

Kim turns around and says, “I have to help other women and children.”

The victim continues to moan and cry while her eyes look straight ahead in a daze.

‘AI, I don’t want to leave her like this. Can the Nanodrones in me deactivate her Nanomole?’

‘You are going to have to ask them yourself, I still can’t communicate with them. Repeat after me: Team leader drones please communicate,’ AI tells Kim.

Kim repeats what AI says and she asks the Nanodrones to help deactivate the women’s Nanomole. Kim kneels near the victim and puts her head on the victim’s head.

‘What are you doing to me?’ The woman asks.

“I’m trying to deactivate what is in your mind controlling you. Just relax,” Kim says while tears run down the woman’s face.


The Armageddon Movie Soundtrack, Asteroid chase track 30 begins to play in his mind. Jaden is running down Broadway and reaches the roadblock area with many military personnel in Humvees keeping people from entering lower Manhattan. Jaden’s body goes invisible and he leaps over the entire intersection. He lands over the roadblock and continues to run towards the shiny glass building still reflecting some orange sunlight. Four other smaller buildings surround the new World Trade Center. Jaden sees there is a standoff in the building with police and HBH citizens blocking off different sections of the building. He notices Sabrina and Amy are standing on the rooftop looking towards the sky in silence. Jaden knows he doesn’t have much time to reach them. Some police see Jaden running quickly down Church Street and yell to him to freeze. Jaden disappears again and runs past World Trade Center 3. The police look around in confusion. He leaps forty-five feet in the air, over the grassy memorial area. His legs continue to run midair as if they were on the ground. The wind blows by his ears and face. A whooshing sound goes by his body as he continues to ascend upwards. Jaden glides towards World Trade Center 1 and his body reappears. He sees a reflection of himself approaching the reflective glass.

The movie soundtrack reaches three minutes. He lands on the side of the building, his body braces from the impact and he bends his knees. There is a loud thumping sound as the glass window cracks under his feet. Jaden stands up and is facing up the side of the building. The distance up looks like a long, narrow football field. A howling cold wind blows by his face and body as it continues down the side of the building. Jaden is 115 feet from the ground as his pro-gravity Nanodrones in his feet keep him on the side of the building. His anti-gravity Nanodrones quickly move around him and keep him stable as if he is on the ground. He looks up the 1776-foot tall building and begins running up the side of it. The sound of helicopter blades echo down the building. The helicopter is hovering over the roof and a man in the helicopter is warning people they will be fired upon. A group of ten people on the roof lift eight feet into the air and levitate. Their eyes look in a daze. In their minds, they are panicking and screaming for help. Their bodies quickly disappear and are whisked into space at near the speed of light. Jaden makes it to the eightieth floor and continues to run faster up the glass wall. The next group slowly walks into the same area, against their will. Sabrina and Amy are in this group holding each other’s hands.

Jaden runs faster as he can hear the helicopter blades cutting the air from a distance. A minute later, he makes it to the observation deck at 1368 feet and he leaps upwards while his body changes directions. The wind changes direction in the air around his ears. He descends by a huge antenna that extends 300 feet into the air. A nanoscanner picks up an F-22 Raptor flying towards the World Trade Center arming missiles. It also picks up a drone UAV flying a few miles behind the F-22 Raptor, both quickly approaching. The nanoscanner picks up the sounds of the aircraft cutting through the wind. Jaden hears and feels the loud engines through the nanoscanner. The roaring engines almost make him jump. The helicopter pulls away from the building. Jaden looks down at the ground of the room quickly approaching.

He lands on the roof and he makes a thumping sound. Both of his hands touch the ground as he bends his knees. The tiles on the roof crack under his two feet.

‘Man, running up a building isn’t easy, it would have been so much easier to leap the building in a single bound like Superman.’

He stands up and quickly runs towards the other side of the roof where his daughter is standing with a group of people. The sounds of rocket engines are getting closer and echo in all directions. Another nanoscanner picks up Sabrina crying in her mind and Amy praying to Mary in hers. Sabrina is wearing a black mini-skirt and white blouse. Amy is wearing black, long spandex and a skintight shirt that reads, I love The New New York! on her chest. They levitate in the air. Jaden pushes other HBHs not in the beam, out of the way. They fall on the ground like domino pieces. Pro-gravity Nanodrones quickly move towards his daughter. They enter the intense energy spectrum and slowly spin around his daughter and Amy. There is no effect as he tries to pull their feet down. A nanoscanner detects the green infrared tractor beam scanning the levitating bodies’ molecules. Jaden leaps up and grabs his daughter’s right arm and leg. His feet are three feet from the ground. He tries to pull her down, but she doesn’t budge. He increases the pro-gravity Nanodrones in his feet and her body slowly comes down. Sabrina is pulling her mother’s right arm with her. Sabrina can see her father is there to rescue her. She tries to move her eyes to see him, but she can only look straight ahead. She can hear his voice through her ears and Jaden can hear her thoughts from a nanoscanner floating in her mind.

‘Pull harder dad!’ She shouts to him.

“Let go of your mother’s arm, I can’t pull both of you down,” Jaden yells.

‘I can’t,’ she says in a soft whimper. ‘I can’t control my own body.’

Jaden struggles and groans. He pulls her four feet down and out of the infrared scanning area. Amy’s arm leans out of the infrared area and her body leans downwards.

In a flash, the bodies disappear and Sabrina falls on top of Jaden. The soundtrack ends in Jaden’s mind.

‘Oh my God, oh my God,’ she says telepathically.

“You see what happens when you don’t listen to your father? Who is the psycho daddy now?” He asks her.

Jaden lifts his daughter up and he sees blood on her white blouse. He sees Amy’s severed arm still grabbing onto Sabrina’s left hand. Blood is squirting out of the arm as he grabs it and tosses it to the side. Sabrina can’t see the arm or the blood on her. Her eyes continue to look forward as if she is in a trance. Her body continues to move uncontrollably as the positive Nanomole in her brain attempts to get her body to regain balance. Some Nanodrones penetrate her brain to temporarily stop her body from moving.

‘Where’s my mother? Where’s my mother?’ Sabrina asks in a panic.

“She went to heaven, with God and Mary,” Jaden says while grabbing his daughter and placing her in his arms. He attempts to stand up while pushing himself up with one hand. The [+ original+] Superman Movie Soundtrack, track 11 begins to play in his mind.

He carries her towards the side of the building he came up from.

“So now you believe me and you want to call me your father, huh? It is amazing when you are helpless and looking like you just had a drug overdose, you call for your father’s help. You teenagers think you know everything. Am I still a crazy mental patient?”

‘No, I believe you now. I’m sorry I doubted you. Can you please get me out of this paralyzed state? I feel as if I’m in a living nightmare. I can’t control my body! Help me!’

“Calm down, calm down. This will be over soon.”

‘Can you turn my head, so I can see what’s happening in front of us?’ She asks.

“No, that is not a good idea, just keep looking up at super dad.”

Sabrina’s blank stare at her father brings a slight tear to her eyes.

The next group of HBH walks and then stands in the beam up area like robots. A nanoscanner inside of the UAV is detecting the aircraft flying in autonomous mode and has a lock on Jaden’s face. Terrorist suspect threat is flashing on the internal screens. The F-22 pilot fires a missile towards the roof.

Jaden runs with his daughter in his arms towards the end of the tall building. Her soft body and mesmerizing perfume reminds him of Amy when he carried her in his arms not too long ago. Her hair whips in the wind and softly glides across his face.

“I think I like you in this paralyzed state, you are quiet just like a newborn baby. So, you never did anything together with your father before huh? How about the first thing we do together as father and daughter is jump off a building without a parachute or rope,” he says while breathing heavily and running faster.

‘You are joking right?’ She asks.

Jaden leaps into the air over the thirteen-foot high gate.

‘No, no, no!’ Sabrina yells.

There is a huge and loud explosion as they just clear the gate. The shield goes around their bodies as it absorbs the huge blast, and propels them forward. Fire and debris explodes off the top of the building in all directions. Body parts fly in different directions. The F-22 quickly flies by the top of the building. The entire building shakes and the huge antenna stays intact. The explosion can be seen for miles around. The UAV slows down, levitates, changes direction and targets Jaden. Sabrina screams to herself as they quickly free fall towards the ground. She experiences weightlessness and struggles to close her eyes, and she does. Light particles begin to form around them as the Nanodrones get to work. Jaden is watching the UAV’s movements about 300 feet above him and through the nanoscanner. Jaden and Sabrina free fall to about 1208 feet from the ground by the side of the huge building. Suddenly the UAV aims a laser-guided beam towards Jaden’s face. It fires a small missile directly towards them. Jaden thinks very quickly and tosses his daughter up into the air. Half his anti-gravity Nanodrones go around Sabrina, enabling her lifeless body to continue being propelled upwards.

The missile comes directly at Jaden as his shield quickly forms flat in front of him, in a four foot square around his left arm. Jaden realizes a fraction of his shield uses much less energy. The missile passes Sabrina’s still slowly ascending body. She opens her eyes as she feels something moving by her at high speed. She screams to herself when she doesn’t see her father over her. He braces for impact as the high-speed missile quickly approaches him. He curls his legs and body behind the shield. The missile hits the outside of the shield and his body quickly propels towards the V-shaped World Trade Center building. The shield Nanodrones dissolve from the impact and fire is all around Jaden. Other Nanodrones quickly go towards his back to reinforce his back and spinal cord. He stretches his arms and legs out. His body hits the 91st floor at 25 mph and the air is knocked out of his lungs. The thirteen-foot glass column breaks into thousands of pieces. Jaden’s internal body parts shift from the strong impact. His brain shifts in his skull and his left arms grabs onto a steel column to keep him from going into the building. Glass and debris hits his body, causing him to bleed in numerous places. His shoulder is dislocated along with many other joints around his body. The glass falls down the building. There are office tables and desks behind him. Jaden blacks out as his lifeless body falls towards the ground. Tears float from Sabrina’s face and turn into small floating bubbles.

The gravity of Earth overpowers the anti-gravity Nanodrones around Sabrina and slowly pulls down on her body. Jaden’s lifeless body accelerates down the side of the building. The UAV arms its machine gun and moves in closer towards its target. The Nanodrones quickly awaken Jaden and he opens his eyes towards glass windows quickly moving by him. He is falling face first and slowly rotating. He hears and feels the glass from the building passing by his face. Jaden takes a deep breath and magnetically charges Nanodrones around his back and legs. His back pulls towards a steel beam inside a glass window. His upside down body quickly jerks towards the building like a strong magnet. The back of his shirt begins to deteriorate from the powerful friction trying to slow him down. The skin on Jaden’s back quickly heats up and smells like burning flesh. The UAV begins to fire bullets at Jaden.

He stands up and tries to catch his balance. The machine gun bullets break the glass around him. The pro-gravity Nanodrones pull his feet back towards the side of the building. The glass cracks from the force of his feet. He takes bigger steps as the glass is shot up behind him. Glass is spinning in all directions and falling behind him. He runs towards another side of the building. The UAV continues to follow him while continuing to fire. Jaden passes the forty-ninth floor and bullets hit his skin, but don’t penetrate it. Jaden can feel the pain of the bullets and he tries to control his pain level. Sabrina’s body begins to quickly descend towards the ground. Bullets ricochet and glass breaks in all directions. Suddenly a circle of smoke can be seen from the third floor up to the ninety-eighth floor around the entire building. The entire building vibrates as sounds of glass can be heard in all directions breaking around the building. Jaden is running back towards the side of the building his daughter is falling from. The wave of breaking glass quickly accelerates towards Jaden from two directions like a wave in the ocean. The broken glass sits levitating outside the building in the same spot it broke from.

The vibrations from the building begin to increase. The UAV is lining up directly across Jaden to fire upon him again. The shock wave of broken glass around the entire building is moving towards Jaden. Jaden sees his daughter free falling towards the ground and is about to pass him. The building shakes like an earthquake is hitting it. The gravity shock wave absorbs the gravity forces of the entire building. It goes quite around him. Jaden leaps forward towards the UAV that begins to fire machine gun bullets at him again. The rectangular shield reforms over his left hand and deflects the high-speed bullets.


The sounds of ricocheting bullets echo around him. Jaden grunts as he sees sparks of bullets a few inches from his face going in different directions. Sabrina’s body just passes by, forty feet behind the levitating UAV. The wave of broken glass and smoke comes from all directions towards the area where he jumped from on the building. White smoke trails behind Jaden as he gets right under the UAV and fires his powerful gravity shock wave. The UAV propels out of control straight into the air at a high rate of speed. The glass around the entire building begins to fall towards the ground.

Jaden hears his daughter still screaming and quickly descends towards her free falling body. He gets closer and closer to her. He increases the pro-gravity Nanodrones around his body as he passes 405 feet. The UAV continues straight into the clouds and disappears. He quickly glides towards her and grabs her body. He catches her and increases the anti-gravity Nanodrones around his body. He creates an artificial force upwards. They both light up like a Christmas tree. They reach 103 feet from the ground as it begins to rain glass and debris from the building. They land on the ground while Jaden bends his knees to absorb the impact. A few firemen run towards Jaden from taking cover.

‘Did we land? Are we on the ground?’ Sabrina asks.

“Superman couldn’t have landed better,” Jaden says while smiling at his daughter

The firemen look at Jaden speechless and take cover from glass bouncing on the ground like hail. They run back under the shelter they were under and yell towards Jaden.

He carries Sabrina with his right arm and has the rectangular shield over his head like an umbrella with his left.

“That was amazing. I saw the whole thing, what are you some sort of superhero?” A fireman asks.

“Nice new helmets FDNY,” Jaden says.

“How did you do that? Did you break all the glass on the World Trade Center building yourself?”

“New York’s bravest, I was only trying to save my daughter and ex-girlfriend. My daughter was the number one priority, those other people needed a real superhero to save them. What was the point of blowing up the top of the building?” Jaden asks.

“That is what they started to do in Europe. It turns out people have been disappearing and returning as something else. The returned people infect other people. The military is taking out any tall buildings with an infrared beam shining on them. I’ve never seen anyone leap off the top of the building like that and survive. Are you one of them or are you a superhero or something?” The fire chief asks.

Jaden thinks for a second. He walks away from the crowd of men and turns around.

“After all I’ve been through the last couple of days, I would say I’m a superhero to the people I care about.”

The fire chief looks at Jaden with remorse as he walks away with his daughter in his arms.

“She going to be okay? If she is going to turn into one of them zombies, she has to be handcuffed and sedated,” an officer says under the shelter.

“She will be fine in about ten minutes!” Jaden yells.

“Try to get north of Canal Street, this area needs to be secured and locked down.”

The firemen talk amongst themselves. Jaden overhears one saying, “The last time I saw someone jumping from the World Trade Center like that, their bodies exploded when they hit the ground.”

“Did you see him running on the building like that? I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” another guy says.

The Nanodrones get to work to deactivate Sabrina’s Nanomoles. His right arm cradles her head. His left arm cradles her legs.

Kim continues to help children and other people. She has a child around her neck and another 2-year-old baby in her arms. Kim brings different children and women to nearby ambulances.

Jaden looks at his daughter and can’t believe how much she looks like him. He walks by the World Trade Center memorial area and a sign reads, We will never forget.

He communicates with Sabrina, “Sorry I missed out on your childhood. Being in another galaxy isn’t an excuse, but I didn’t even know you were created. I’m sorry you grew up without a father. I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but hopefully in the next nine minutes we will know all about each other,’ he says while continuing to walk towards the street.

Two miles north, the rape victim gets up and looks around. She screams as the pain hits her all at once. She limps around and sees the rapist lying with his eyes spaced out, not too far from her. She spits on him and kicks him. “Look what you did to me you asshole!”

She limps down the alleyway and around the corner. She looks around for an open hardware, 99-cent store or a place she can get scissors from. She sees an open Japanese restaurant. She walks inside and sees the store is vacant. She walks into the kitchen and finds some huge scissors for cutting up meat. She returns to the alleyway three minutes later with some big scissors.

“You want to rape women? I’m going to neuter you just like my cats are. You aren’t going to be raping anyone anymore.”

The man’s body begins to tremble and shake as he hears what she just said to him.


Sounds of thunder rumble in the background. Jaden decides to only use one nanoscanner to check the area. Behind him, the UAV aircraft comes from the clouds and falls straight towards the ground and explodes a few blocks over on Broadway. Jaden is continuing to walk with his daughter in his arms.

‘You know you weigh exactly what your mother weighed at her age?’ Jaden asks while walking pass fire trucks and police cars lining the street.

Sabrina is unconscious and doesn’t hear him. Jaden’s memories are being implanted into her brain. He saves her memories into a file in his brain. He sees an antique store and walks over to it. The door is wide open. It smells like an old person’s retirement home. He puts his daughter on the ground outside the store and walks inside. He picks up two stainless steel swords about three feet long and walks outside with them. Jaden compares them both and tosses the other one into the street. He practices swinging it back and forth in the middle of the street. Jaden goes back inside to pick up a metal shield and walks back out. He holds it around his left arm and swings with his right arm as if he is fighting someone. Sabrina wakes up and opens her eyes.

“Who are you suppose to be? A gladiator or Alexander the Great?” Sabrina asks while standing up.

“I am a BIO-Sapien warrior here to save Earth,” he says while swinging his new sword.

“Yeah okay. Do you have a PC cell phone? I need to update my Myfacebook page and check my e-mails.”

“That is your concern now? Updating a social networking page? Your mother is missing and you just woke up out of an alien induced coma and you are worried about the Internet? Are you out of your mind?”

“Please? My mother was holding my cell phone,” she says.

“No, I don’t have a PC phone. My girlfriend Kim has one, but the cell networks are down anyway. You teenagers these days. When I was a teenager my life didn’t revolve around e-mails, social networks and updating a page.”

“I’m sure it didn’t. If my PC or phone took fifteen minutes to download one image, I would revolve around something else also. My friends call people like yourselves dial-up dinosaurs,” she snaps.

“Very cute, I see what you learned in public school.”

“What did you do to me, I’m remembering all these new memories tied into my current memories. It is very confusing,” Sabrina says.

“In a few hours or few days, it will make better sense to you. Your mother let’s you wear a miniskirt this high?”

“Yes, I can wear whatever I wanna wear.”

“You are right about that, she let you wear a thong at the beach when you were fourteen right along with her. You were arrested for shoplifting last year, along with your Myfacebook crew?”

“How do you know about those things?”

“I know more now than a full time father would about you now. Your problem is that you didn’t get enough discipline or enough beatings growing up,” Jaden says while tossing the metal shield in front of him.

“My mother never hit me. You can go to jail for hitting kids these days. All kids these days have the ACS phone numbers programmed in their cell phones. One press of a button and the authorities are notified.”

“What is ACS?”

“Administration for Children Services.”

“You are lucky, I wasn’t around when you almost set your grandmother’s house on fire five years ago. You were warned several times about playing with matches. I would have given you a universal belt beating with a belt that my mother would have passed down to me. That belt was cleaned in holy water and sharpened with alligator teeth from generation to generation. After the certified beating, I would have called ACS for you and put you on the phone with them so you can tell them what I did. When they take you away, the crazy kids in ACS will beat your ass again and then you can call ACS again,” he snaps.

“Whatever! You would have been in jail and I would have pressed charges against you.”

“I would have pleaded insanity. I don’t know how the belt got into my hands your honor. My arms just started swinging by themselves and I kept hearing, ‘Why you little! Why you little!’ ”

“That Homer Simpson remark is so played out. Anyway, is my mother really dead?”

“No, she just took a ride into heaven, I’m sure she will be back. That was just God taking away a few people to see if they were heaven ready. I’m sure your mother will be back very soon, with all her sins.”

“That’s not true, the Darclonians are attacking Earth and people have Nanomoles in their brains that control them. You just deactivated both of mine,” Sabrina says quickly.

“Can’t hide the truth from you, Lisa Simpson.”

The nanoscanner detects a grey cloud of light the size of a Volkswagen car a few blocks away appearing below the buildings. The bright cloud moves quickly about 150 feet off the ground. It begins to beam five people at a time to the surface. The Asian and Russian looking DHWs quickly rush towards police, firemen and army officers. Some skin is missing from their faces and they look as if they were tortured. Their body and minds have been completely taken over and have bioparasites. They look like pale, discolored freaks. The police fire their guns at the DHWs a block and a half from Jaden. The army men have on exoskeleton bionic suits. They fire thermobaric bullets at the threats. The freaks’ internal organs implode and they fall towards the ground. The freaks have superhuman strength and jump fifteen feet into the air onto their victims. The mysterious light cloud beams down seven people to the surface. They quickly infect other people. A few of them have small lasers firing from their arms. Officers return fire and takes cover. Two of the DHWs get close enough bite a fireman while pulling off his helmet. The exo-soldiers fight the DHWs and overpower them on Church Street. They take out the small group of DHWs and they lay on the ground bleeding. The bright cloud turns completely black and lightning from the sky strikes the dark cloud several times. The loud thunder echoes in all directions.

“What is happening? Why are there fireworks going off?” Sabrina asks.

“Keep down. Those aren’t fireworks going off, that is police shooting their guns at some DHWs. That must be your mother’s side of your brain talking about fireworks going off at the beginning of Armageddon. The police were shooting at some immigrants without visas or passports. The American Embassies around the world denied too many people from coming into America over the years for dumb reasons and the people are here now for revenge,” Jaden whispers behind a car.

“Are you serious?” She asks in a loud tone.


It is quiet and a cold howling wind blows by them. Something shiny and black falls to the ground from the dark cloud. A four-foot circular pothole forms under the object. Matrix 3 Soundtrack, Neodammerung track 13 begins to play in Jaden’s mind. There is a loud crash and the military officers and police’s attention is at this object floating above the ground. The shiny black dark energy knight kneels down to the ground. It has two hands near the ground and its head faces the ground. Hundreds of broken pieces of concrete levitate and suspend themselves in midair around this alien being. A nanoscanner keeps its distance from the D.E.K.. It detects strong x-ray emissions and strong gravity disruption. The police and military look in complete shock. A tank drone approaches from down the street behind the D.E.K.. They all begin to quickly fire their guns at this knight still kneeling to the ground. A Humvee pulls up on the left and fires the ray gun towards the D.E.K. A blue circular disc begins to spin around the midsection of the D.E.K. The military officers fire thermobaric bullets at it. The bullets stop midair next to the broken concrete. The thermobaric bullets don’t get a chance to explode. A female officer tries to Taser the D.E.K., but the electricity becomes frozen next to the hundreds of bullets and concrete. The electricity travels back towards the officer Tasering her. The tank drone fires a rail gun projectile and it stops a few feet from the D.E.K. Jaden’s Nanodrones and nanoscanner detects high levels of dark energy coming from different directions. They also detect an event horizon surrounding the D.E.K.. The ray gun microwaves heat the air around the event horizon.


The military officers fire nanorockets and grenade launchers at the knight. They explode before the area where the bullets are floating at. There is a huge explosion and fire goes completely around the kneeling knight. The D.E.K. appears not intimidated as the fire stops burning and freezes in time in an orange circular shape. The alien looks as if the pause button has been pressed on a holographic disc player. Three military officers get closer to shoot at the dark demon. The circular disc around the D.E.K. begins to spin and squeeze the bullets down to long yellow spaghetti.


“Shit, shit shit!” Jaden yells. “This is bad, very bad. We have to get out of here.”

“What is happening now?” She asks.

“There is an illegal dark energy alien immigrant praying to pass its citizenship test or praying its visa is approved.”

“What does that mean?” She asks.

“See for yourself, keep your eyes closed,” Jaden says while putting his hand over her eyes.

“Oh no. I remember that thing. It isn’t praying for entry to the United States, it is the devil here for our sins, for embracing technology as a social value. Let’s get the hell out of here,” Sabrina says while standing up and pulling Jaden to go.


“Hold on, it might spot us…”

The D.E.K. stands up and looks straight down the street at Jaden through the fire around it. The military and officers continue to fire towards the dark alien. The bullets, fire and concrete are sucked into its body. Small, dark flames can be seen moving back and forth across its head and shoulders. The men that were closer to it fall horizontal and their bodies squeeze into small, red strings. They scream as their bodies disappear into the monster’s dark abyss.

‘Join us.’ Jaden hears echoing from different parts of his brain.

Jaden feels the military officers dying inside the D.E.K.. He feels a sense of pleasure as if he is about to have an orgasm. He can’t run as fast and he moans to himself.

“What the hell was that?” Jaden asks while breathing heavily.

“What was what? Why did you stop running?” She asks.

“I’m coming. It was nothing,” he says while running again.

The other officers try to run away. The energy knight raises its hands in the air and the helmets on a dozen officers come off. Their Nanomoles instantly go into neutral mode and they lay on the ground unconscious. Their minds then go straight into positive HBH mode. Sabina and Jaden continue to run north. The D.E.K. begins to walk north and it looks as if it is floating an inch above the ground. Two tank drones comes out from a side street and onto Church Street. They go over parked cars and fire several 105mm cannon shells at the D.E.K.. The shells disappear into its body and it appears unfazed. There is a military helicopter and police SWAT helicopter flying above. There are also small UAV surveillance airplanes flying high above and a UAV donut.


“Why do you still have that sword in your hand?” She asks.

“I have a feeling I might need it.”

A mob of a dozen DHWs approach from side streets, cutting Jaden and his daughter off. They stop in the middle of the street and look both ways. Sabrina runs towards a building and store, but they are all locked.

“Forget the buildings, they won’t be safe and we could get trapped inside.”

Sabrina runs next to Jaden and they begin to walk backwards.

“What are we going to do?” She asks as they get closer.

“Join us Jaden,” they all say at the same time as they get closer.

“You know these weirdoes?” She asks.

“No, I don’t know these Michael Jackson thriller zombie freaks,” he snaps.

“How do they know your name?”

“I don’t know. I’m known throughout the universe. I was on the Galaxynet maybe they saw me there.”

Jaden knows he has to save his weapon energy, he sees it is at seventeen percent.

“You are just full of humor aren’t you, even near death?” She asks.

“You should talk Miss Update my Myfacebook Page after I was about to die. You were probably thinking about your e-mail when you were in the HBH mindset on top of the World Trade Center.”

“Whatever, jerk.”

“I’m not having any more kids. I’m glad I didn’t have to raise you, I’d have white hair on my head by now. Do you know how to fight?”

“I can cat fight, but I just got my nails done earlier today.”

“What can you do? Look cute for boys?”

“I’m not worried about boys or men. I’m going to have my own top of the line R.M.E.C. in a few years. Lose my virginity to my lifetime entertainment partner. What do I need a man for? To catch a STD or have him cheat on me and I’m stuck with the children? Every man cheats, it’s just a matter of time. My social group of friends and I learned from the previous generations. I’m not trying to catch B.M.S. Seventy-five percent of men get tired of the same women after a few years. There are new models of the R.M.E.C. coming out in a few years and that’s what I’ll save to buy,” she says while they continue to walk backwards.

“Why are you telling me all of this at a time like this?” Jaden asks while looking at the DHWs walking closer from all directions.


The D.E.K. turns and faces the two tanks still firing at it. The D.E.K. points its two hands at the tanks. The tanks slowly lift into the air and they both propel towards the knight. They smash together and there is a small explosion. The sound of mangling steel echoes down the street. The metal turns into a long string of metal and spins around the D.E.K.. They disintegrate into the dark abyss as the dark flames on the knight’s back go a foot higher.

Jaden comes up with an idea.

“You have it all figured out, don’t you? Man, your generation of teenagers are either backwards and messed up, or getting smarter. I guess someone has to break the cycle and evolve. I’m going to fight these possessed freaks. You just stand behind me and don’t move. But first, I want you to smack me in the face a few times and insult me,” Jaden says while the DHWs start to get closer.


“Join us or die!” They all say together while aiming their arms at Jaden.

“I need to get angry and feel some pain. Just do it!” Jaden yells while looking at her.

Sabrina takes her hand and smacks Jaden in the face. His face absorbs the blow and doesn’t move. The blood rushes to that area on Jaden’s face and it turns red.

“Harder! Insult me!”

“I hate you daddy. I wish you would go back to the planet you came from. I hate men because of you!” She yells while smacking him a few more times in the face and stepping on his feet. She then kicks him in the balls and quickly steps back looking at his response. He drops the sword and tightens his thighs together. He is leaning towards the ground and he notices his plan is working.

“Can’t grab my balls, can’t grab my balls, damn that hurt,” he moans in a low voice. Jaden continues talking in a moaning and whispering voice, “Okay, okay, job well done. I guess you were holding some of that in you for a while. I’m glad I was able to help you let some of that anger out.”

“I’m sorry, are you okay?” She asks

“I’m fine, just what I needed. Just step back and watch out for my shiny dark hands.”

“What are we going to do?” She asks.

She sees his hands look just like the D.E.K. monster’s body.

A stronger energy returns to Jaden’s hands. The Nanodrones inside his skin verify it is dark energy on Jaden’s hands. He feels a cold sensation on his hands as the outside skin slowly dies. The Nanodrones wait to repair the skin and allow the pain to continue to Jaden’s brain. The sword on the ground trembles as Jaden looks at it. It floats into his hand and the dark energy circles around the shiny sword. The energy quickly dances around the edges of the sharp sword like a chainsaw. Jaden runs forward screaming like a crazy warrior. He swings his weapon cutting bodies in half. Blood squirts in different directions. The DHWs slowly move out of the way.

“Join you huh? Or die? The last time I joined something…” he says while enjoying cutting up the bodies. “…I was stuck in a high interest credit card in college with no…way…to…pay… for it! The balance was $1500…in…2000 and now it’s $45,000… and delinquent. I’m not joining anything! You zombie high jacked brain dickheads!” He yells while the DHWs move out of the way.

DHWs run towards Sabrina.

“Don’t move, trust me!”

“Dad!” She yells while her voice echoes back to her. It goes completely quiet around her. They run into the outside of the forward shield Jaden is creating around Sabrina. The DHWs’ skin rips away down to their bones and half of the bodies fall towards the ground. Everything turns red around Sabrina. She screams as her voice echoes back to her. Blood is covering Jaden as more DHWs come from around the corner.

Kim is standing half a mile north on Canal Street listening to the army officer talking on the radio.

“The area is fully compromised. Mayor Brooksberg is giving the okay to implement Operation Frying Pan,” a man over the radio says to the army officer.

“What is Operation Frying Pan?” Kim asks.

“That is top-secret miss.”

“Look! You tell me what that means, I told you my husband and his daughter is back there.”

“Miss, anyone back there is either dead or a zombie. They will all be incinerated. There is a completely black monster destroying anything in sight. It has killed several officers and converted them into human zombie things.”

Kim steps back and holds her hands to her face. She wonders if Jaden has turned into that or if that is a D.E.K..

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he says.

“I just hope that isn’t what I think it is or we are all doomed.”

The man looks at Kim with a confused look.


More Darclonian human walkers approach from the north. Jaden realized the more DHWs he kills, the more the dark energy spreads down his arm. The D.E.K. is getting closer towards Jaden and Sabrina. The D.E.K. infected police, firemen and army officers with bioparasites. They walk in a deep trance behind the D.E.K. in a pyramid formation from the south. Some are injured, bleeding and limping, as they pass the antique shop. A green, slimy fluid covers their wounds.

Jaden is covered in blood and walks back to Sabrina. The blood on his sword goes into the dark energy and it is clean again. The Nanodrones cleanse the blood from his skin.

“Whatever you do, don’t touch my hands!” He yells.

“What are we going to do?” She asks.

“Is that all you going to keep asking? You sound like a parrot.”

“I’m scared daddy.”

“That sounds better than what are we going to do?”

“Join us, Jaden there is no escape.”

‘Join us, Jaden,’ A deep voice echoes in his mind.

Thunder echoes in the sky above and lightning flies across the sky. Sabrina stands behind Jaden nervously looking in both directions. Huge, black steel walls come up from the sides of the buildings. They cover up to forty feet on all the buildings in the area.

‘This doesn’t look good,’ Jaden says to himself while looking at the plates moving up at the same time.

“What do you want with me?” Jaden yells to them.

“Join us,” they say.

“Join what? What is your membership fee? Is there a contract involved? Is it a yearly rate? Can I join for a month for free? Come on ghost and goblin freaks and darth energy vader, give me some incentive to join your dark zombie clan.”

“What are you doing? You’re making jokes with the devil?” Sabrina whispers to Jaden.

“I’m trying to buy some time until I think of something or something saves us, like Spiderman or Superman,” he says, “it works in movies.”

The D.E.K. communicates directly with Jaden’s mind.

‘I will spare millions of souls on this planet if you join us. You love the feeling of conquering and killing. I know what is in your mind and what you are thinking. I’m inside of you.’

‘That sounds so gay,’ Jaden says to himself while chuckling out loud.

“What is so funny?” Sabrina asks.

“For some reason, certain keywords are bringing up random memories in my mind. I’m thinking of the Family Guy episode you watched about thirty times, with the super devil. I’m also laughing at the episode where Peter is hypnotized into thinking he was gay. Man, I have to watch some of those episodes.”

“That’s one of my favorites sitcoms,” she says.

Jaden points his head down as he feels a slight pain in his brain. Jaden’s Nanodrones can’t pick up where the signal is coming from in his brain. The D.E.K. stands twenty feet in front of Jaden. Jaden puts the sword in his left hand. Jaden looks at his hands and concentrates on the energy going to his left hand. It moves slowly around his body to his left hand and arm. Jaden slowly walks towards the D.E.K. with Sabrina walking two steps behind him looking around at the DHWs surrounding them.

“I’m not joining your cult to have some killing spree and to get off at the same time. I can do that in Virtual Grand Theft Auto. You have the wrong person, dark dick!” Jaden yells while a 300-foot circle of white smoke appears around them and through buildings.

‘Your species needs a new direction and control. This planet is heading towards extinction, regardless,’ it says.

‘If it does, we will go to the next planet. If we want to destroy ourselves, then we will!’ Jaden yells while firing a gravity shock wave directly at the D.E.K.. The translucent gravity shock wave turns into the shape of a snake and wraps around the D.E.K. and then disappears.“Shit! It’s like a black bowling pin that won’t go down,” he whispers to Sabrina.

‘Your alien weapons are useless against me. I see you need some incentive.’

The D.E.K. reaches behind itself and the other sword on the ground near the antique store propels itself into the air towards the D.E.K.. The sword spins clockwise and it cuts off a DHW’s head while it goes into the D.E.K.’s hand. The dark energy goes around the steel sword and turns into small dark flames. The head rolls forward on the concrete and the body falls to the ground.

“Gross!” Sabrina yells.

“So that is how you treat people who join your gang huh?” Jaden snaps at him.

Jaden can feel the dark energy inside of him. Rage builds up inside of him and he has had enough of being afraid of something he is turning into. The dark energy moves from Jaden’s left hand across his chest area and back to his right arm. His half-destroyed shirt falls to the ground. More dark energy particles begin to form around his feet and legs destroying his sneakers. The D.E.K. stands in a karate stance.

“You’re going to fight it?” Sabrina asks in a nervous whisper.

“Yes, I am. I’m not afraid of anyone. Enough of this coward bullshit,” Jaden yells while charging at it with his sword in the air. The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack, Burly Brawl track 9 begins to play.

His sword is over his head and he swings it down at the D.E.K.. It blocks, swings back and Jaden blocks. The dark energies repel from each other. Steel touches steel and there is a clanking sound. The D.E.K. becomes agile and quickly moves around dodging the swings. It flips into the air and comes down charging at Jaden. Jaden stares straight into the D.E.K.’s dark glowing red eyes. Sabrina is ten feet behind Jaden looking around as the zombie DHWs stand there watching.

“Get him dad!” She yells.

Their swords swing back and forth while their dark energies continue to dance around the swords’ edges avoiding each other. The D.E.K. begins to move faster and Jaden’s upper arm is cut by the energy part of the sword. The Nanodrones in his body make a see through clear seal covering the wound. Blood and muscle can be seen inside the seal. Their swords interlock and Jaden swings to punch it in the face. The dark energy around the D.E.K.’s face moves out of the way and Jaden sees a deformed human face. Jaden’s fist strikes the D.E.K., causing it to take a few steps backwards.

There is slime and blood on Jaden’s fist. The Nanodrones quickly analyze the blood and slime on Jaden’s fist before the dark energy returns to his fist. Jaden realizes the dark energies don’t like each other.

“What are you Slimer from Ghostbusters under there?” Jaden asks while chuckling.

‘Fun time is over human.’

Jaden backs up to Sabrina.

“Are you okay?” He asks her while his sword is still facing the D.E.K..

“I’m fine, I can’t believe you are fighting that thing.”

“I think I’ve been lucky so far. Stay close to me.”

“Are you okay from your wound?”

“I’m fine, there is an alien Band-Aid on it for now. My Nanodrones are telling me that this D.E.K.’s DNA is from Chinese descent. He used to be or is half-human under there. There is also a lot of unknown material in this slime.”

Suddenly two low flying stealth bombers fly between buildings and up Church Street. They drop several incinerating bombs all around the area. Huge explosions and fire makes its way through streets. One of the bombers flies over them. The D.E.K. uses its line of matter tractor energy to catch the stealth bomber midair. It drops all of its bombs around them and begins to descend. Huge fires quickly come up the street towards Jaden and Sabrina. The DHWs try to run for cover. Sabrina begins to scream looking at the fire coming up and the bombs falling directly over them.

“Stay close to me!” Jaden yells.

A twenty foot in diameter energy shield goes around them and the loud blasts turns to deep thumping sounds on the ground. The vibrations feel like earthquakes. The fire quickly goes over the shield. Fire is all around the area incinerating the DHWs. They jump onto the outside shield trying to get inside. The stealth bomber quickly propels into the D.E.K. and disappears. Some of the bombs fall directly over the D.E.K. and goes into its body. Fire is all around as Sabrina falls to the ground overwhelmed by what is happening around her. A high speed, aqua blue projectile comes down from space towards Earth.

“Don’t worry, it will be over soon,” Jaden says.

“Dad, that thing can’t be dead yet, remember?” She asks.

“No I don’t remember. What do you mean? Why can’t it be dead?” Jaden asks in a confused voice.

Sabrina and Jaden both look through the fire in front of them. There is complete silence around them. Jaden’s Nanoscanners are in his body and have to use his human eyes. The D.E.K.’s body appears from the orange fire and walks into the shield area penetrating it. It swings its red-orange sword at Jaden. He quickly blocks the sword strike. He grunts loudly and sparks fly off the swords. Sabrina moves back on her hands and feet. Her black mini-skirt rubs against the bloody ground. Jaden and the D.E.K. continue to swing back and forth at each other. Jaden penetrates the D.E.K.’s lower leg. The dark energy spreads up to Jaden’s knees and upper arms. The energy shield moves back with Jaden’s walking. Hot smoke is coming from the ground as they go over a manhole. Fire continues to burn around them. Sabrina hears sounds of animals squealing from the manhole to her left. Suddenly dozens of smoking rats run out of the manhole. Sabrina screams at the top of her lungs. Jaden tries to turn around to see what is happening to Sabrina.

“What’s wrong? What’s that sound?” Jaden asks.

“Ahhhhh!” She yells.





The D.E.K. swings faster towards Jaden. The hot rats run over Sabrina’s hands and feet trying to escape the heat. Sabrina quickly jumps up screaming and hopping up and down. She steps to the corner of the inside shield. The dirty subway rats smell like a dirty mop and cooking hot dogs. The rats are squealing and running in circles. The rats stay away from Jaden and the D.E.K.. Jaden concentrates on increasing the size of the shield area. Sabrina’s loud continuous screaming echoes all around the inside shield. She jumps up and down trying to kick them away from her feet. The D.E.K. strikes Jaden’s face with its hand and he falls backwards while landing on a bunch of rats. The rats freak out and surround Sabrina’s feet. Jaden quickly stands back up and smashes some rats with his hands.

“Ahhhhhh!” She yells at the top of lungs jumping up and down with nowhere to run. The rats jump up and down with her because of the hot concrete.

The D.E.K. begins to move very fast while swinging the sword and throwing kicks at Jaden, striking him in several locations around his body and creating more wounds. Jaden feels more pain and more dark shiny energy forming around his body. Jaden can’t keep up with the speed, his nanotime is still offline. He is getting deep cuts around his body. He takes a few more steps back and the heat inside the shield increases significantly. Jaden gets a lucky kick on the D.E.K.’s chest area. It falls outside the shield area and into the hot flames. Jaden sees his overall weapons energy is at two percent. He needs to get Sabrina to a safe location so he can fight this D.E.K. by himself. He starts to walk towards his right. The bright aqua projectile falls from the sky and into the ocean a few miles south of lower Manhattan. There is a huge explosion and water rises hundreds of feet into the air.

“Walk to your right Sabrina, or hop to your right! Watch out for the sidewalk!”



The hot, charred sidewalk is smoking. The D.E.K. walks back inside the shield area and Jaden tosses his sword towards its chest. Jaden forgets he was supposed to be holding it first and it disappears into the D.E.K.’s chest.


“I have to get out of here, the rats are all around my feet!” She yells while jumping up and kicking them away from her. Each rat squeaks loudly when she kicks them.

Jaden has a flash back and thinks back to the girl in Indiana Jones screaming around all the snakes.

‘Ha ha ha,’ the D.E.K. laughs while dropping its flaming red sword onto the ground and walking towards Jaden.

“Get me outta here!” She yells with a hoarse voice while coughing.

“Calm down, they are just rats! You want to go outside this shield and cremate yourself?”

“I’m burning up in here, it’s like over a hundred degrees in here! I’m being cremated now! My skin is burning and I can’t breathe!” Sabrina yells in the corner while covering her mouth.

“Ask the rats if they have some suntan lotion!” He yells while walking backwards away from the D.E.K..

“That’s not funny. I’m claustrophobic and I’m going to have a panic attack.”

“At least you have a lot to write on your Myfacebook page later!”


“Sabrina listen, the outside shield is destroying the iron steel on the outside of this building to your right as we speak. When I tell you to go, run into the building and up the stairs as fast as you can! My energy shield is almost depleted! Okay?” Jaden yells.


“Are you going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry about me.”

Jaden shoots with both of his hands a gravity ripper into the concrete below the D.E.K.. It falls into the newly created hole.

“Go now! Run!” Jaden yells.

Sabrina runs into an oval hole in the black metal wall of a building. She runs while screaming and the grey rats, the size of a Chihuahua, quickly follow behind her down a hallway. They squeak while smoke floats off their fur. The shield weakens and begins to get very small. The dark energy around Jaden’s arms fade away. Jaden walks backwards towards the new opening in the building. There is a powerful shaking vibration in the ground. The D.E.K. floats out of the hole and captures Jaden’s body in a line of matter through the fire. His energy shield runs out. Jaden’s body lifts fifteen feet into the burning hot fire. He doesn’t have any energy left to counter it. He quickly burns all around his body. He yells in tremendous pain and Sabrina turns around and hears his screaming echoing down the hallway. She sees fire coming towards her.


‘Roast like the animals you humans cook everyday!’ The D.E.K. says.

An alien created tsunami of ocean water comes from the south at high speeds. The thirty-foot rogue wave rushes down all the streets extinguishing the flames. The salt water hits the D.E.K. and it loses its grip on Jaden. His body lands in the fast moving ocean water. The pro-gravity Nanodrones in his back pull him towards the ground. The ocean water is filling with trillions of Darclonian microbots. There is a forty-foot steel barrier at Canal Street that leads across to the rivers. The water hits the steel wall while water flies straight into the air and then back down. Jaden is laying flat on the ground and is unconscious. He feels tremendous pain as ninety percent of his body was burned. The D.E.K. begins to suck all the water into its body. The water circles the D.E.K. body like a whirlpool.

Sabrina is taking an express elevator up towards the penthouse in the dark. The microbots enter the burned zombie soldiers laying a quarter mile north from Jaden. The microbots begin to repair their body and skin. The microbots filter oxygen into their lungs like gills. They try to enter Jaden’s body, but the Nanodrones fight them off.

The water begins to recede, some back into the rivers, but most of it goes into the D.E.K.. The water goes down to nine feet and then two feet. Sabrina hears a squealing sound in the dark elevator and begins to scream again. She jumps up and down and accidently hits the emergency stop button. The D.E.K. walks towards Jaden still lying on the ground in a puddle of water, badly burned around his body.

‘I’m going to destroy you now. You weak excuse for….’ it says, while its voice is interrupted by thunder.

Lightning is striking in the background across the sky. A lightning bolt hits the D.E.K. and the lightning is jumps around its body before disappearing.

Someone yells from a fourth floor window above Jaden and the D.E.K..

“Hey! You darth vader dickhead! Look up here!”

The D.E.K. looks up and sees Jaden’s friend James pissing out the window on him.

“Here is some more liquid for you to digest! Hey! Jaden wake up!” James yells.

Halo 2 Soundtrack, Impend track 8 begins to play in his mind. Salty ocean water runs by Jaden’s face and towards the D.E.K. behind him. He tastes the polluted, algae water on his tongue. The water swooshes by the area where his ears used to be. Jaden recognizes the voice and tries to push himself off the ground. His muscles strain and the pain around his body is overpowering his nervous system with chemical messages. The voice of James telling Jaden to wake up echoes in Jaden’s mind over and over again. James pulls up his pants and runs from the window. The D.E.K. catches James in a line of matter beam and his molecules slowly pull back towards the window. Jaden’s eyes quickly open and they are completely black. The D.E.K. stops going after James and focuses its attention on Sabrina stuck in the elevator on the top floor of the commercial building. Jaden’s vision changes and he sees inverted colors as if he is looking at a film negative. His vision is through very small particles of dark matter that are floating around in every direction. The angles instantly change as if he is changing viewing angles in a video game. He sees inside of the building and through all materials in 3D. He sees that Sabrina is stuck in the elevator and the D.E.K. is pulling the entire elevator towards the roof of the building. Debris is flying everywhere as the elevator explodes through the top of the elevator shaft. She is yelling and screaming inside of it, along with the petrified rats squealing around her feet. She tries to pull the elevator door open, but she can’t.

Jaden groans and pushes himself from the ground. He looks like a deformed monster burned around his body. He stands up screaming into the air as his mind floods with anger and pain.

“Arrrgggghhhh!” He yells with his arms in the air.

His mind is full of rage and a clear seal is around his skin. His right cheekbone and jaw shows. Suddenly quintillions of dark energy particles attack his body from all directions. He kneels back to the ground as the weight of the planet feels as if it is on his shoulders. Very cold air attacks Jaden’s body. The Nanodrones in Jaden’s body try to communicate with his brain, but there isn’t a response. Nanodrones automatically attempt to heat his body from the inside as his temperature drops. His vision leaves where he is and quickly propels him into space in an invisible energy pathway. He sees past Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and past the heliosphere. Jaden sees what looks like two huge eyes as stars watch him. His vision continues out into space.


‘She will make a nice pet, she is already in a nice cage,’ the D.E.K. says to Jaden in a low voice, ‘Join us.’

Sabrina is in the elevator outside the building being held in the air by the D.E.K.. She is unconscious from hitting her head from the D.E.K. turning the elevator sideways.


Jaden’s vision quickly returns to Earth and looks at the ground from red eyes. He lifts his head to look around and notices he is still kneeling down. His vision is still inverted like negative film with a slight red glow in the background. He sees a teenage girl inside the elevator, but Jaden doesn’t recognize her, but he knows deep down she means something to him. He continues to forget and lose more of his memory. The dark energy continues affecting different parts of his brain. The strong gravity forces and weight lifts from his shoulders and head. Jaden stands up as a full dark energy knight. Small dark flames an inch in height move up around his upper body like dominoes. The dark flames feel like little spiders crawling over his skin. There is a sucking vacuum feeling above him as he continues to hold his breath. He is levitating an inch above the ground. Trillions of Nanodrones begin repairing the inner layer skin around his body. The temperature around his body is -50°F. He looks around in confusion and sees the other D.E.K. holding a line of dark matter from its hand towards the elevator, which is floating 125 feet in the air over them. Broken images of memories flash around in his mind. From Jaden’s eyes, the other D.E.K. looks bright white, with a faint green glow and white flames on its back. The half dozen DHWs that were resurrected by the microbots have a slight green glow. His daughter has a red glow as she struggles to open the elevator door with her hands. She screams and cries through the elevator door for someone to help her.

“Help! Help! Someone get me down from here! I’m stuck in the elevator!” Sabrina yells.

Jaden sees visions of aircraft, UAVs and helicopters flying by in a red glow. Jaden sees a man on the roof of the building looking down with binoculars. The DHW soldiers are walking towards Jaden and the D.E.K. through puddles of water. Jaden can read the minds from the now unlocked Nanomoles in the DHWs’ brains. The DHWs kneel down on their knees with their heads down towards Jaden and the D.E.K..


Washington, D.C. Pentagon 8:18 pm


Robinson sees everything happening with a UAV hovering high above them. He has been watching the events for the past twenty minutes. The special UAV is analyzing the D.E.K. and Jaden with special sensors. A soldier runs in the room with a report in his hand.

“These are unbelievable weapons. We have to find a way to contain this weapon,” Robinson says.

“Weapons sir?” The young officer walks into the room asking.

“Yes, there are two anomalies now. That Jaden fellow turned into one of them. I knew he was evil and against humanity, but no one wanted to believe me. What does your report say, soldier?”

“Sir, it is confirmed. These dark aliens beings are walking black holes. Its body barely touches the ground and has no body weight. Its event horizon varies from an inch to a few feet. The satellite Hadron molecule scanner detects concentrated dark energy, dark matter, anti-dark matter, protons and unknown particles. It is also emitting small amounts of x-ray energy. This technology is beyond anything imaginable, but is a big threat. None of our weapons phased this alien being,” the soldier says.

“I want more units ready and on standby. Make sure everything is recorded.”

“Yes sir, we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”


Lower Manhattan


‘Join us,’ the D.E.K. alien says to Jaden.

‘Put the elevator down,’ Jaden says in a low and muffled voice.

Jaden reaches his left hand out and an invisible line of dark matter comes from it towards the floating elevator. There is a slight struggle as the forces push and pull each other. Sabrina is moving in different directions. She screams while holding onto the metal railing in the middle of the elevator.

‘You don’t know who she is, why should you care?’ The D.E.K. asks Jaden.

‘I know she means something to me, now put the elevator down,’ Jaden demands.

‘Where is your sense of humor? No comments or jokes?’ It asks.

Jaden thinks to himself that he has nothing funny to say. The thunder and lightning continues to echo harder. The Nanodrones in his body are sending messages to his eye screen, but he can’t see them. Something else is controlling and taking over his vision. He can see very small particles of dark matter and energy quickly passing through the Earth all around him. Some of the energy redirects towards his and the D.E.K.’s bodies. The elevator moves back and forth in the air as the lines of matter intertwine. The back and forth motion makes Sabrina unconscious as she bumps her head several times.

‘You aren’t stronger than me,’ Jaden says in a struggling and groaning voice.

‘We weren’t…created… to…to… fight each other,’ it says in a struggling voice.

‘So don’t fight me then.’

The elevator slowly lands on top of the commercial building over them. The D.E.K. continues to try to gain control of the elevator. The elevator comes back off the roof slightly as debris rains down to the street. Drops of rain slowly fall towards the ground. The drips make small splashing sounds on everything in the area. A car not too far behind Jaden has drops covering the entire windshield. They look like little white eyes to Jaden that collide together into a small stream of water. The black metal walls around the buildings slowly come down from the government’s control.

Jaden continues to struggle with the D.E.K.. The struggle is making both of them weaker. Jaden gets angry and runs straight towards the D.E.K.. His feet aren’t even touching the ground as he runs.

“Arrggghhh!” He yells.


The D.E.K. takes a step back and releases its grip on the elevator. Jaden runs into the D.E.K. as if he is tackling him. The dark energies repel each other and there is a huge explosion. They fall on top of each other and the dark energies explode into trillions of directions like a swarm of dark bees. Jaden’s deformed human body is shown and the D.E.K.’s deformed human body is shown also. Their skin is completely gone from their bodies. Red muscle shows on their bodies. They roll over on the ground while the D.E.K. man screams in pain. Jaden stands up and ignores his pain. A moving glowing yellow slime covers the D.E.K.’s face and body. The slime is trying to keep the blood from leaving its body. The Nanodrones create a clear seal around Jaden’s muscles. Jaden’s muscles, veins and blood show around his body. His lungs show along with some bones. Jaden’s eye screen comes back online and most of the things he sees he doesn’t understand. His memory becomes worst. The Nanodrones report in: body turned into a walking singularity black hole. Concentrated dark energy around skin of body, slowly destroying skin tissue around skin of body. Untraceable anomaly in brain controlling dark energy agents.


Jaden can feel the dark energies quickly moving in space untangling themselves. There is a helicopter beaming a bright white light on the ground where he is. Jaden’s friend James opens the elevator on the roof and attempts to rescue Sabrina, who is unconscious up against the wall. As the door opens, light shines on her from the helicopter. Two unconscious rats are laying on her lap and hair.

“It looks like Remy the rat from Ratatouille was controlling you with your hair it seems. The rat looks very tired from cooking all day,” he says while chuckling. She opens her eyes and moans. She opens her eyes and sees a grey tail hanging from her head like a rope.

“Ahhhh!” She yells while jumping up and pushing the rats off her.

She leaps up and James grabs her hands. She squeezes through the door that only opens less than a foot.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“I’ll be okay. My head still hurts. I can’t remember much after going into the elevator. Hey, I recognize you from when I was younger,” she says.

On the ground, Jaden punches the hurt deformed D.E.K. in the face as it can barely move. He rams his fist into the knight’s stomach and releases some Nanodrones through his skin. They enter its bloodstream while fighting off trillions of microbots in its body. Jaden roundhouse kicks the knight on the ground. It starts shaking and screaming. The Nanodrones make it to the heart area and begin to destroy the arteries. Its heart begins to have a heart attack. The covered in yellow slime Darclonian human walkers approach Jaden. It screams in pain as it lies in a puddle of water, shaking. The Nanodrones finish off the energy knight and return into Jaden’s body. He feels the dark energies returning to Earth.

On the roof, Sabrina and James have a conversation. “You lost a lot of weight. How did you get up here?” Sabrina asks.

“There’s no such thing as an overweight rich person. I have a personal rocket belt. It has just enough power to get us down from the roof and out of this area,” he says while putting it on and holding onto her.

“Is this safe?” She asks.

“Do Donald Trump’s kids own half of Manhattan?”

The dark energies quickly return to Earth and return around Jaden’s body from all directions. The swarm of dark energy reunites with his body. Jaden bends down on his knees again from the powerful gravity suddenly over him. The other dark energy goes back around the dead D.E.K. on the ground, but dissolves into thin air. The thunder in the background becomes louder and louder. Rain begins to pour down. Jaden’s vision leaves Earth again, but this time slowly passes by the Darclonian’s mother ship sitting semi-visible behind the moon. His vision circles the mother ship and then comes back towards Earth. Jaden hears far away laughing in his mind. The low laughing voice fades away and music replaces it. Transformers Soundtrack 2 Decepticons begins playing very low and broken up in the background of his mind.

The DHWs stand and look at Jaden as their leader. Jaden’s eyes turn red again and glow, his vision is looking at the ground. He stands up and looks at the completely burnt standing DHWs with no faces. Jaden notices their skin is slowly regenerating around them.

‘Why are you here?’ Jaden asks the DHWs.

The half dozen respond together, ‘We are here to infect humans with the bioparasites in our bodies. We need you as a leader to protect us, all powerful knight, until our powers are developed to work on Earth.’

Jaden doesn’t respond and watches the helicopter drop ropes down to the street 500 feet in front of him. Military personnel with full exoskeleton suits slide down the rope and onto the street. They slowly approach from a distance with huge assault rifles. There is a UAV Predator drone hovering behind the helicopter video recording Jaden from a distance.

‘Lead us,’ the DHWs say to Jaden.

They take some steps back and charge at the military officers.

Jaden stands up and looks around trying to figure out who he is and what is going on. He loses his identity and has pure evil thoughts on his mind. The evil melody music playing in his brain is making him think of killing and destroying. The rain around him changes direction and falls towards his body horizontally. It completely evaporates and not even the steam escapes the gravity forces around his body. His memory becomes worst as he takes a few steps forward and stands on the sidewalk.

“Freeze!” The military men yell towards the DHWs running towards them.

The military opens fire on the DHWs and their bodies take on powerful bullets.

‘Protect us. You are our leader!’ They yell to Jaden. ‘Help us. Help your friends. Use your dark gravity disc weapons,’ the DHWs plead simultaneously.


Jaden does nothing, but stands there in a confused state of mind and watches what takes place before him. The DHWs try to take cover, but the military hits their bodies with nanorockets and they explode like suicide bombers. Their screams echo as their bodies explode. Smoke and blood comes from the body pieces scattering the ground.

The dozen military men slowly approach Jaden while walking on the street and sidewalk. Their black exo-boots swoosh water away from their feet. Around Jaden, the slightly reflective dark energy around the edges of his body slowly moves into different directions. His body looks as if it is alive with energy. Lightning can be seen in the background in the sky near the World Trade Center. Inside his tomb body, he hears his heart beating. The rain continues to beat down.

‘What am I? Who am I?’ Jaden asks himself.

‘Choose your path, kill those weaker than you. Destroy those who wish to betray you,’ random voices tell him telepathically.

Sabrina and James land near Canal Street.

The lead soldier notifies the others by text messages to their helmet screens to use their strongest weapons.

“Fire!” The leader of the military personnel yells at the dozen soldiers around him.

Gunshots are shot towards Jaden along with other projectiles. The thermobaric bullets and other bullets slow down six feet in front of Jaden. Jaden feels a squeeze of pressure and force from in front of him as the gravity greatly increases. There are waves of invisible forces moving around him. The ground lightly trembles around him. The military sees a distorted image of Jaden. A tint of red light becomes increasingly visible around him. The dozens of thermobaric bullets explode only a few inches in diameter. The dark flames on Jaden’s shoulders and head increases. Jaden looks down at his glowing shiny dark energy hands to see what he has become. The orange fire from the explosions funnel towards Jaden’s body into the six-foot event horizon surrounding his body. The metal in the bullets turn to a silver liquid and quickly suck around Jaden’s body. Hundreds of funneling strings, orange and silver, an inch to three inches in diameter, quickly circle around the middle of his body. The funnel strings combine and get smaller and go into him.

‘They are all against you. They are all weaker than you. Destroy those who are against you. Make an example of those before you,’ the unknown voice says.


The 300 Soundtrack, track 1 To victory begins to play in the background of Jaden’s mind. Nanorockets are shot from the Predator drone and stop outside the event horizon. The huge explosion quickly pulls towards the spinning orange and silver disc around his body. Jaden’s new vision translates the sparks from the soldier’s assault rifles to dark sparks. He can actually hear the bullets slowing down into a low growl. The shells from the bullets fall into the water and sound like quarters being dropped into a wishing well. Thousands of bat bullets, nanorockets and thermobaric bullets turn into liquid funnels. The inside of the dark energy squeezes against Jaden’s body destroying more of his skin tissue. The Nanodrones in his body work harder. All the matter is spinning around him in a flat disc and is being pulled into his dark abyss body. He stands there in a puzzled state of mind and becomes increasingly angry at the soldiers shooting at him. His inverted vision shows dark rain coming from the sky and changing direction towards him. He looks up and sees an invisible energy pathway with particles heading straight into space. A tank drone fires from the street directly in front of him. The huge cannon shell also slows down and stops before him. The helicopter and UAV continue firing rockets and cannons at him. An F-35 aircraft joins the battle and fires its mini guns and a hellfire missile.


His pain level, blood pressure , and anger increases. He raises his hands into the air and millions of lines of matter appear in 180°. Lightning strikes his body from the cloudy sky. The lightning stands still fifteen feet above his body and funnels its way towards him like a snake slithering around its prey. The lightning funnels look like white lights of spaghetti that become smaller and smaller. Jaden yells at the top of his lungs inside the abyss of darkness. A nearby nanoscanner detects a muffled yell of pain and anger coming from Jaden. Jaden sees light squishing and bending all around him. The gravity forces in all directions pull directly towards Jaden’s body. Everything is happening in slow motion for Jaden, while everything around him is happening very fast. The rain pulls towards his body from as far out as 1000 feet away. The exoskeleton soldiers, SWATbots and DHWs’ body parts all begin to float towards Jaden’s body. Some of the soldiers try to hold onto cars and buildings nearby, but can’t. Waves of water in the street come towards him. Dark flames quickly move from his arms to around his body in a clockwise motion. Time and space is bending and folding around him.

A red shift of distorted light squeezes and compresses the light from all directions around Jaden. The horizontal falling men are yelling while their hands and legs are moving trying to grab onto something. The first soldier in the exoskeleton suit fires his gun upwards into the sky as gravity pulls him in feet first. The bullets slow down and change direction towards Jaden’s dark energy body. Not even the 3000 feet per second bullets can escape the powerful gravity forces. The gravity is so strong that the first soldier can’t lift his head to see his fate. He sees the tall buildings over him slowly moving behind him from both sides of the street. The soldier feels a tremendous burning and crushing pain in his feet as they crush into a red liquid spaghetti shape. The carbon nanotubing material in the feet of the suit stretches and pulls the rest of the suit with it. He screams at the top of his lungs as the rest of his lower body pulls apart from his upper body. Two more bodies enter the event horizon at the same time and they are holding onto each other. They tighten their grips around each other as they feel the worst pain they ever felt in their lives. They scream into each other’s clear facemasks and look at each other in complete shock. Their eyes have blank stares as their lower bodies, up to their legs, disappear. Their screams echo against the tall buildings and go in different directions. The remaining nine soldiers enter the event horizon and they all feel extraordinary pain ripping and crushing their organic bodies into a red, bloody spaghetti funnel.


Kim hears the commotion down the road and sneaks past the roadblock on Canal Street. One of the soldiers sees her.

“Stop! Come back, it isn’t safe down there!” The soldier yells.

Two SWATbots lose their grips on a parked car. The dark flames on Jaden’s back go as high as three feet over him. The SWATbots are able to lift their heads and fire their guns simultaneously towards Jaden’s black hole of death. They feel no pain as their metal bodies squeeze into liquid metal. All the glass and air conditioners from the surrounding buildings pull from their frames and propel towards his death zone. The sound of breaking glass echoes in a rhythmic fashion. The helicopter, UAV and F-35 struggle to fly away, but slowly come towards the action. The electric car’s wheels skid as the force pulls it forward. The parking tickets on the windshield fly from the windshield wiper. The blue boot on the driver side front wheel makes a clinging sound as it spins and hits the ground. The car goes airborne and joins a tank that is also floating towards the event horizon. The two vehicles make crushing steel sounds. The car crumples like a piece of paper. The same thing happens to the tank. Red tints of light can be seen expanding in all directions. The buildings surrounding Jaden shake and pull towards him. A loud moaning sound comes from the structure in the buildings. Billions of pieces of bricks, millions of tons of concrete, glass, paper and debris pull towards Jaden from all directions. The materials form together and turn around his body like a tornado.

The steel beams supporting the buildings bend and twist upwards and then downwards like a McDonald’s arch. They look like metal spider legs as they pull from deep inside the foundation of the buildings. The ground trembles. A grinding and ripping metal sound echoes towards Kim jogging down the street. She sees a distorting red glow of light spreading as high as 500 feet into the sky. She sees coordinated lightning coming from the sky. Lightning continues to strike around him from the clouds. The military helicopter and UAV flip backwards out of control, explode and squeeze into a hurricane of molecule spaghetti. The F-35 has its maximum afterburners on as it tries to escape the powerful pulling gravity forces. It continues to fly backwards and lose momentum. It suddenly flips backwards into the death zone, while making crunching metal sounds. Everything around Jaden compresses and sucks into him at a fast rate. The heat from friction around Jaden’s body emits invisible x-ray radiation in all directions. The invisible energy pathway, that only Jaden can see, continues to propel particles into space over him. The pain turns into pleasure as his arms stay up in the air. The orgasmic feeling goes all around his body. He laughs in a muffled evil voice. Jaden feels like a powerful god as he witnesses firsthand the power he possesses.

Suddenly it is quiet and Jaden lowers his hands. The Enemy of the State Soundtrack, Main theme track 2 begins to play in the background of Jaden’s mind. The music starts with a slow melody. The rain stops falling from the sky and low thunder echoes in the background. It is quiet and peaceful around him. The water in the street is completely gone. Something has taken over him and he has become something he was not. The dark flames around his body go back down to an inch above his shoulders. The buildings in a thousand foot circumference around Jaden have completely vanished. Jaden stands there with an intrigued look on his face and does not know whom he is anymore. He cannot believe the powers he possesses and the feeling of ruling those weaker than him take over his mind.

‘Continue to destroy the weak,’ a voice says to him.

The pleasure of destroying and killing souls excites him now. His subconscious mind somehow sends a chemical message from his memories through to the congested area in the frontal lobe of his brain. Suddenly he has a flash back to when he was six years old and his mother was holding him in her arms while he was crying.


“Don’t cry Jaden, what happened?” His mother Stacey asked while she rocked him back and forth.

“I stepped on an army of ants coming out of an ant hole and killed them by mistake. Then I stepped on a grasshopper while running back to the house and now it is dead. The other little grasshopper babies don’t have a mother or father now. It wasn’t moving.”

The images distort and quickly flashback and change into everyone trying to kill him over the past few days. Then images of him being strapped to the hospital bed and being thrown in jail.


His anger increases and the feeling of destruction comes back. Kim runs and then stops a few blocks away. She knows it’s him from a distance, lost inside the evil darkness. She looks at Jaden standing on the sidewalk as a D.E.K.. She tries to contact him through Nanodrones, but there is no response. She looks around and sees buildings missing and smoke coming from them. Her female intuition senses Jaden is still Jaden under there. She remembers just jogging past a 99-cent store. She turns around and quickly jogs back towards it. She quickly walks over to half of a destroyed 99-cent discount store. She pulls out a long body mirror from the ground and runs down to Jaden. AI warns her to be careful and not to get to close. She can’t believe a few blocks are completely leveled as if a huge bomb was dropped here.

“Jaden, it’s me, Kim, your girlfriend,” she yells from thirty feet away.

‘I don’t remember you,’ he says to her telepathically in a deep low voice.

“Jaden, you have to get that dark energy away from you. It is consuming your mind and making you forget who you are. It is also messing with your memories, you have to fight it.”

Jaden sees a red glow around her. She takes a few steps closer to him. A few raindrops fall from the clouds.

‘Get out of my way peasant female. I have a planet to take over,’ he says to Kim.

“Look in the mirror to see who you are and what you turned into, please!” She yells while turning it up and down so he can see his reflection. Rain drips down the four-foot long mirror.

‘No! Now die!’ He reaches his arm towards her.

Jaden catches her in a line of matter with his right hand. Kim holds onto the mirror around her arm and her body lifts into the air. Her body slowly comes towards Jaden feet first. She can’t move her body, but she struggles to lift her head to see him. Rain is pouring around her body as if she is in an invisible coffin. She feels a slight squeeze around her body.

“No! Stop! You’re hurting me! You are hurting AI also! Please stop this. I love you! Please look in the mirror. You aren’t a bad person! You aren’t a killer!” She pleads and yells while the rain continues to hit the ground. Tears roll from her eyes. She cries and groans from the squeezing sensation she feels around her body.

The words “You aren’t a bad person” echo deep inside of him.

He stops pulling her in and her body levitates in one place. Her feet reach just six feet from Jaden’s dark energy body. Her shoes fly off her feet and turn to two small worms. Her feet are less than an inch before the event horizon zone.

“I love you! You aren’t a bad person! You have a good heart!”

Jaden lifts his left hand and the mirror comes out of Kim’s arms. The mirror sits straight in front of him. Thunder is rumbling in the background. Kim feels the gravity forces tickling near her feet. She tries to pull her legs closer to her body, but she can’t.


His flashback from when he was younger continues, “It wasn’t moving mommy, I’m a murder and killer mommy,” young Jaden said while he continued to cry.

His mother Stacey responded and reached for a small hand mirror, “Baby, you aren’t a murder or killer. What you did was an accident. That happens in nature and in life. Sometimes accidents happen and it is out of someone’s control. It doesn’t make you a murderer. Sometimes animals and people die, as long as you didn’t do it intentionally it’s fine baby. Those animals you accidentally killed will be waiting in heaven for you. You can see them later.”

“But mom!”

“But mom, nothing, you aren’t a bad person and you aren’t a killer Jaden.”

She showed Jaden his reflection in the mirror and continued, “ You have a very good heart. I don’t think you can ever be a bad person. Now your older brother Douglas is another story. You have a good heart and you will always be my sweet little baby. Do you see a bad person in the mirror? Always remember, you choose your path in life. You control your future. But for now, just be careful where you step next time and remember accidents happen. I love you baby.”

“I love you too mom.”

“Promise me you will always remember who you are.”

“I promise mom.”

“That’s my boy, now go play some Atari Pitfall upstairs with your brother….”


“You are not a monster! You are Jaden Marino! The man I want to spend the rest of my life with!” Kim yells and pleads while she feels her feet being pulled very hard forward. The force is pulling down on her pants. Her belt buckle snaps and her jeans slowly pull downwards. The top of her white panties shows little by little. Tears run from Jaden’s human eyes. The tears disappear into the darkness around his face. He sees himself and what he has become through the mirror before him. The image of himself does not invert like the rest of his vision. He sees the evil force he has become. Some of his memory of who he is returns. Images of Kim return into his memory and the loving bond comes back. He gently puts Kim on the ground and releases her. She sits on her hands on the ground in shock. She quickly lifts herself up and kicks herself backwards from Jaden. Her body trembles uncontrollably. She wipes the tears from her face and sniffs her nose.


Jaden yells in pain as the evil forces try to control him by attempting to block his memories of who he is. He hears many voices in his head.

‘Coward…Destroy those who oppose you…Release your rage…Kill those weaker than you…She will betray you…’ the voices say at the same time.

‘No! No! No!’ Jaden yells.

The mirror still floating in front of him breaks into hundreds of pieces. The sound of broken glass echoes in different directions. The small pieces stay in the same spot and spin in circles.

“Jaden fight it! Fight the evil forces! Don’t give in! You are a fighter!” She yells a good distance from him.

Jaden drops to his knees and the dark energy around him disappears. It dissolves into thin air around him. He cries on the ground while kneeling on the concrete. The badly damaged skin and muscles around his body is slowly regenerating. Rain bounces off his naked body as Kim runs back towards him. She gets on her knees with him and puts her arms around him. She feels the oily clear plastic gloss the Nanodrones are creating around his body. She can see his veins and red blood moving up and down inside his body.


“Baby, it’s going to be okay. I’m right here for you. Look at me baby,” she says while trying to lift up his face.

“I can’t, I don’t want you to see me this way. The skin, tissue and some bone is missing around my face.”

The Amelie Soundtrack, Sur le Fil, track 16 begins to play. He tries to keep his badly damaged face towards the ground. She tries to lift his deformed face with her hand and he resists. She sees parts of his skull, veins and fatty tissue. He looks like a deformed dead body. She can see his skull and some of his brain from over him. She comforts him. The soft piano melody soundtrack helps calm Jaden down.

“Look at me baby, I’m here for you. I don’t care what you look like.”

Jaden raises his face from the ground and looks at her without eyelids. His greatly disfigured face looks like a half-dissolved corpse. He has missing teeth, no nose, no ears, and the skull displays his brain in a few spots. Veins can be seen pumping blood around his body and face. Nanodrones hold severed veins together. He has clear seals completely around his face and body keeping the blood from falling out. The muscles and bone in his face are quickly reforming before her eyes. She looks deep into his bloodshot blue eyes. The Nanodrones begin reproducing energy for his weapons system. She looks down and can see his heart beating through his rib cage. The rain stops drizzling from the sky. She helps Jaden stand up to walk with her.

“Let’s go baby,” Kim says while they stand up together.

Jaden groans and moans while the bones in his legs crack. She sees the bone and fatty tissue in his legs as he stands up. They slowly walk down the street.

“Did I do all of this?” Jaden asks.

“Yes, you did.”

“Damn! Wow!”

Jaden can’t believe the steel beams from the buildings are ripped from underground.

He reaches down and picks up the D.E.K.’s sword on the ground. She has her arm around his shoulders helping him walk.

“What do you need that sword for?” She asks.

“I’m keeping it as a souvenir and you never know when you might need it.”

“Baby, always remember, I’ll always love you, no matter how you look to me,” she says while rubbing his wet face and kissing his lipless bloody teeth.

“I love you too, Kim. Thanks for saving me back there. I didn’t know what was going on, or who I was. That was very brave of you.”

“I just didn’t want to lose you. I knew you were still you deep inside,” she says.

“You remembered what my mother told me when I was six years old right?”

“Yes, that is why I took a mirror with me. I remember that specific memory of yours. I was going through all your memories when I was jogging down the street towards you. Your daughter Sabrina and James told me what was happening. I had to do something after I heard over the military radio all the commotion.”

The deepest layers of skin begin to regenerate around his body.

“Thanks baby. Thanks for helping me at my darkest moment. You saved me and I think you saved Earth. I don’t know what I would have done. I was so angry and destructive. I wanted to kill every living thing in sight. I was having orgasmic feelings every time someone died.”

“Orgasms? Better than the orgasm I gave you?”

“Of course not better than the orgasms you gave me, but very close,” Jaden says.

“Hmmmm. Well you are welcome for me saving you. Not a problem, I’m sure you would have done the same for me. You saved me plenty of times in the past few days. No orgasms without me from now on okay?” She asks.

“Okay,” he replies.

“What was it like being a D.E.K.?”

“Very cold, dark, lonely and eerie. My vision was inverted like a film negative. I felt as if I was able to control the dark energy around me. I heard many voices telling me to kill and destroy. I felt so powerful and unstoppable. The memories of it are broken up and I felt as if I was dreaming. How is AI doing?” Jaden asks.

“He is still alive, but very weak.”

“That’s good, at least he is still alive. Tell him to hang in there.”

“How is your memory? Is it coming back to you?” She asks.

“The Nanodrones report the chemicals in my mind were being suppressed and blocked. This was affecting my long and short-term memory. Many cells were damaged from an internal unknown energy. But some of my memory is coming back. I have to get to the bottom of this. Do I look worse than the Elephant Man?”

“Let me put it like this, the Elephant Man can get a modeling job compared to how you looked a minute ago. Now I can see your nose and ears reforming.”

“Damn. Wow, that’s bad. At least I’m being quickly repaired.”

Jaden’s abdomen and thighs are transparent. Kim looks down and looks at him with a strange face.

“What? I’m naked. I don’t want the world to see my stuff and tool, so I’m making it look invisible to everyone.”

“Now you look like a mentally challenged Hollow Man,” she snaps.

Washington, D.C. Pentagon


Robinson is in a special control room by himself with virtual reality equipment around his body. Robinson is in shock from watching the D.E.K. just displayed before him. He wants to control that weapon. The room he is in was specially made for the President of the United States in case of an emergency for communications with all military forces and access to Motherdrone. He continues to monitor the events in Manhattan by long-range video surveillance. There is a loud bang on his door and a small army of military personnel is outside.

“I gave an order not to disturb me!” Robinson communicates through a speaker outside the room.

The banging continues.

“What are you an idiot? Do not disturb me!” Robinson says.

A familiar female voice replies, “I gave the order for you to be disturbed. Now get out of my control room!”

Robinson thinks for a second and can’t believe the voice he is hearing.

“Didn’t think you would hear my voice again, Kevin Robinson?” Stefanie Paylin asks.

She is wearing an exoskeleton prototype generation four bionic suit along with Peters. There is no response through the speakers. They are standing on a metal bridge that leads up to the room Robinson is in.

“Open this door Robinson, that is an order!” She demands.

General Peters is by her side and pulls out a remote device with a screen. The device projects images midair of what Robinson sees on his virtual screens. She talks into the device.

“Motherdrone, this is your President Stefanie Paylin. I am ordering you to override Robinson’s security lock on the outside door.”

Robinson quickly talks to Motherdrone, “Motherdrone, that is a clone of the President. The President has been confirmed dead. That person is a perpetrator outside the room. The military outside the room is against the United States. Send out the rangerbots and enable the halon system.”

“Sorry President Robinson, I cannot enable the security system without verification from congress.”

Paylin stands outside the door on two footprints. The mask covering her face opens up. A light scans her eyes and the DNA in her hair.

“Voice, eye and DNA scan confirmed. President Stefanie Paylin has been confirmed dead at 16:05 hours. A direct order from congress is needed to override President Kevin Robinson. As mentioned in the twenty-fifth amendment, section five,” Motherdrone replies.

“Robinson is being charged with treason and conspiracy to mass murder. This should automatically override his access. Motherdrone confirm.”

“Congress needs to confirm this. Override access denied.”

She turns to her men, “We don’t have time to get an approval from congress. Most of them are walking around like zombies or home in a deep sleep. Take down this door with your men soldier. Tell the others to wait upstairs.”

“Yes ma’am,” the first officer says.

Paylin is concern with Jaden Marino’s safety. She has been fully briefed on what he has done and what he has been through with Robinson. She watches on several virtual 3D image screens around her of what Robinson is seeing in Manhattan. Two military men begin to use tools to open the door.

“Cease and desist! Unauthorized opening of the President’s door will automatically enable the security feature. Armed rangerbots will be dispatched. This is your last warning to cease and desist.”

“Keep going men,” she says.

“Security breach. Security breach.”

Red lights are flashing and all doors lock down.

“They are going to activate the halon system. Our exoskeleton suits have enough recycled oxygen for fifteen minutes. The other men are getting special oxygen facemasks,” Peters says.

She sees through the virtual screens the military moving in on Jaden and Kim as they walk down Broadway. Paylin sees Jaden limping and Kim helping him. Jaden’s skin is almost fully healed.

“Peters, I want communications with the commander in New York City.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he says while touching the virtual screens floating around them.


Thirty soldiers with assault rifles run in front of Jaden and Kim while blocking off the street. There are green lasers aimed at their head and chest.

“Freeze!” They yell.

Robinson gives the order to the military commander for his men to shoot the terrorist down on sight. Jaden and Kim put their hands in the air. Jaden drops his sword.

“I can’t produce a shield right now. My energy is regenerating,” Jaden says while moving in front of Kim.


Washington, D.C. Pentagon


“You will ignore that order Commander Brian Cooper….” Her voice turns to static.

“Who was that President Robinson? That sounded like President Paylin,” Cooper says.

Peters changes the communications to talk directly with the soldiers. The soldiers arm their guns with simultaneous clicks.

“That was an imposter President Paylin. Fire at will,” Robinson says.

“Madam President, you can communicate directly with the soldiers. This communication can’t be cut off by Robinson or Motherdrone. Hurry, those rangerbots are coming,” Peters says.

“This is your alive Commander-in-Chief Stefanie Paylin, soldiers. Your commander-in-chief is being attacked now as we speak by prototype rangerbots from Kevin Robinson. He faces treason, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. Do not follow that order from your commander to fire. Stand down and let those innocent citizens go. They have been helping us fight this invasion upon us,” she says over the radio.

“Soldiers fire your weapons. Those terrorists are a threat and are responsible for the disaster before you,” Cooper says to his men.

“Stand down soldiers. This is an order from the President. I was setup by the vice president to fly into a no fly zone without any protection. General Peters helped me and those citizens you are aiming at helped to land my plane, saving my life. Do not fire upon them, that is an order. Do not face murder charges along with Robinson.”

There is a long pause as the soldiers aim their guns at Jaden and Kim. Sweat runs down Jaden’s face as he keeps his hands up. Some of the soldiers are nervously shaking and sweating. Jaden can hear them breathing heavily.

“Do you think they are going to shoot?” Kim asks with her hands high in the air.

“I hope not, just stand behind me. I’ll protect you as much as I can,” Jaden says nervously.

“You are such a gentleman,” Kim says.

A minutes passes by and the soldiers slowly lower their guns.

“They are standing down, ma’am,” Peters says.



“I guess we can pass, let’s go,” Kim says while lowering her hands.

Jaden tries to reach down to pick up the sword.

“Leave it, before they fire at us thinking you drew a weapon. People get killed for things like that these days,” Kim says while they walk by the soldiers smiling.


Washington, D.C. Pentagon


The lights go out and it turns completely dark where Peters and Paylin are standing. The halon air removing system begins to emit smoke in the large area.

The four rangerbots stand by a doorway one hundred feet away from Peters and Paylin. The access bridge is made of steel mesh and is thirty feet above the floor. The rangerbots have human faces and muscular bodies. Motherdone controls them. They are armed with thermobaric bullets, bat bullets and machine guns. The rangerbots have light reflecting bodies. Paylin and Peter’s exoskeleton suits allow them to see in the dark through an enhanced infrared system.

“Are you good at fighting and shooting, General?” She asks.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. I’ve had my share of hand-to-hand combat in my day. I’m okay at the shooting range.”

“Well, us soccer moms know how to kick some ass. I’m a pro at shooting wildlife back home. I have an entire zoo of animal mounts on my living room walls. Let’s see what these million dollar defense funded suits and assault rifles can do,” she says while they stand aiming their guns.

She flips down her glass face protector. Her eye screen matches up with the gun’s aim. She fires her gun directly at the face of the first rangerbot. The powerful bullet hits the first rangerbot in its weak point. It falls backwards on the others like dominoes.

“Good shot President.”

“Nothing to it, just like shooting Bambi from fifty yards.”

The two soldiers behind the President continue trying to open the door. Two of the rangerbots swing down under the long bridge and climb under it towards them. The last one fires a machine gun at them. The powerful bullets hit their suits and bounce off. The force of the bullets pushes them back.

“Oh shit, that stings. It feels like being hit by a paintball gun,” Paylin says while continuing to fire at the steel grate bridge floor.



Robinson sends an army of UAVs towards Jaden and Kim. A close by, smaller UAV hovering overhead circles around to attack. Sabrina and James run up to Jaden. Sabrina gives Jaden a huge hug.

“You are okay now daddy? I thought I lost you. What happened to your hair? What happened to your clothes? How can I see right through your belly?” She asks.

“I’m fine. Just my memory is a little jumbled up. My clothes is a long story and I’m partly invisible because I don’t want you to see me naked. You might report me to ACS,” Jaden says with a smile on his face. She looks at him with a smirk. He continues, “I’m glad to see you’re okay.”

“Daddy, is your hair growing right in front of me?” She asks with a confused look on her face.

“You are very observant,” he says while she looks at him. He continues and turns to James, “Where have you been Mr. James White? You look like a futuristic Vanilla Ice in a Total Recall throwback suit. What is this you are wearing?”

“I’ve been here and there. These clothes stop bullets and small blasts. Where have you been? You are not looking a day over nineteen,” James says.

Jaden quickly turns to look into the dark sky at a UAV about to fire on them.

“Everyone run into that building and take cover quickly!” Jaden yells.

They run while Kim grabs Sabrina’s hand. Jaden focuses on the UAV flying low towards him. The dark energy returns around his hands. The sword on the ground on the other side of the soldiers shakes and floats in the air towards Jaden. A small missile fires towards where Jaden is standing while Kim, Sabrina and James are still running towards the building. Jaden leaps into the air with anti-gravity Nanodrones lighting up around his body. The missile explodes under him. James runs behind the females while holding their shoulders. The Nanodrones quickly go back into Jaden’s body. Kim, Sabrina and James are thrown from the blast and fall towards the ground. They get up and continue running. The sword comes into his hand. The UAV quickly approaches Jaden as they are both twenty-five feet in the air. It tries to pass over him. He swings and cuts the UAV straight down the middle with the dark energy ruffles circling the sword. There is an explosion as the debris heads towards the soldiers a block away. They don’t have time to run and it comes right at them. The men bend down, embrace and cover their faces.

Kim turns around and stops before a door to see if Jaden is okay. She sees him in the air levitating like a superhero over the fire beneath him. James pulls her into the apartment building and closes the door. The dark energy fully forms back around Jaden’s body. He catches all the explosion and debris in a line of matter pathway. The fire and debris travels back towards his body. It circles his body and disappears into his dark abyss. Jaden floats back down towards the ground with his sword still in his hand. The fire below him goes into his body as well. The dark energy disappears from around his body and he drops his sword. Jaden feels as if he has better control of this mysterious dark energy weapon.

Jaden jogs towards his friends and family inside the building. Kim is standing by the door looking at Jaden coming towards her.

“Are you guys okay?” Jaden asks his friends and daughter while walking over to them.

“That was amazing Jaden,” she says while staring at him.

“Yes, just a little thrown off from the blast, but we are fine,” James says.

“I’m okay dad. Are you okay?” Sabrina asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired of being naked.”

“Jaden, how were you able to control the dark energy like that? Where did it come from so fast?” Kim asks.

“I feel as if I can control it better now. It’s just an instant feeling I feel now as if it is a part of me. There are concentrated amounts of dark energy floating above me right now as if it is on standby. There is also dark energy and matter all around and passing through everyone at this very moment. It all comes towards my body like a swarm of bees. I feel more in control now and I don’t need to be angry or feel pain for it to attack my body,” Jaden explains as they walk outside together.

Suddenly the clouds light up brightly and they look up towards the sky. A huge projectile is fired from space into the ocean south of Manhattan. The entire Manhattan island shakes and Kim and Sabrina lose their balance. Jaden dispatches a nanoscanner from his body. He sees another unidentified nanoscanner just floating over them watching them. His nanoscanner quickly heads south of Manhattan to find out what is happening.

“Kim, is AI controlling a nanoscanner from the Gravhawk or something?”

“He said no,” she replies.

“Shit, there is a 200 foot high tsunami heading towards Manhattan, it just took out the Statue of Liberty. We have to get out of here!” Jaden yells.

The ground shakes violently as the wall of water stops right before hitting land. Jaden helps Kim and Sabrina up. The water slams into an invisible barrier and splashes a thousand feet into the air. The water recedes back into the rivers. Jaden stands up and continues to look through the nanoscanner. He sees a strong force field stopping the water from hitting land south of the Manhattan Island. Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey all connect with the same invisible barrier.

“What happened Jaden?” Kim asks while holding him from behind.

“I don’t know. The water stopped in midair.”

Jaden’s nanoscanner returns back towards him and he sees several other more advanced looking Nanoscanners looking at them.

“Do you hear that low sounding fax machine sound Jaden?” Kim asks.

‘Hey buddy, this is your Andromedian friend Marco. Myself, Bomani and Bellona are here to help you out. Did we come at a good time?’ Marco asks.

A smile comes across Kim and Jaden’s face at the same time. They can both hear Marco’s communications through the Nanoscanners. Jaden and Kim kiss each other in celebration. The water falls back into the rivers in a huge splash. Bellona’s more advanced looking nanoscanner stares at Kim and Jaden kissing each other.


“What is going on?” James and Sabrina ask at the same time.

“Jaden’s alien friends are here to help us,” Kim explains.

‘How? How is that possible? How did your bodies clear the galactic bulge’s black hole?’ Jaden asks.

‘Well, it was Bellona’s idea. She really wanted to make sure you were okay. She was worried that you might need help. So we went back to Planet 455, broke back inside the area they were keeping you and took your cloned bodies. We are in your cloned bodies now. We don’t have our biomechanical bodies body with us. So we can’t leave our ships for any reason. We are using the new nanosincoids as brains. As a security measure, our ships require a body on board or special permission is needed from our government.’

“I can’t keep up with what they are saying, they are talking too fast for me,” Kim says while holding his hand.

‘Hello Bellona,’ Jaden says.

There isn’t a response. Jaden finds that a little strange.

‘Isn’t that against your laws? Using another body?’ Jaden asks.

‘Yes, it is. Well, we broke a few laws by coming here without permission. That is why we can’t stay long. Listen, our ships can’t be detected by the Darclonian mother ship. Our ships are a few miles off the shore underwater now. If they find out we are here, they will attack us and send out a S.O.S. for more mother ships to attack Earth. We don’t fully understand their intent for humans yet, but we have to stay hidden. Our help to you will be limited, but we can give you helpful advice though. There are wraithstalkers flying on the other side of your planet, infecting large quantities of humans with the bioparasites. We can take those ships out, but the mother ship needs to be taken down first. They get most of their energy from the mother ship. You need to get a few soldiers together and have them beamed aboard the mother ship. Pick up spots are usually on top of tall buildings. The soldiers can act as if their minds are in positive mode then plant explosions around the mother ship. Then use a return beam back down to Earth through the cloud portals. Once the mother ship is destroyed we can easily destroy the wraithstalker ships on Earth… Nanoscanners are detecting thirty-one heavily armed UAVs coming this direction. Checking their circuits, you and your friends are the main targets,’ Marco says very quickly.

‘Can you take them out for me? My energy is very low and still recharging,’ Jaden says.

‘I have a better idea. Have you used the artificial intelligence black torpedo yet?’ Marco asks.

‘Yes, we did.’

‘Well we have something called an AI techno-manipulator torpedo, one hundred times more advanced,’ Marco says while two Nanoscanners follow the communications pathways the UAVs are using back to Motherdrone.


Washington, D.C. Pentagon


Meanwhile, back at the lower level of the Pentagon, Peters is laying unconscious thirty feet down under the bridge in complete darkness. He has damage all around his exoskeleton suit from bullet dents to scrapes and scratches. Paylin is laying on the metal bridge on her back while two rangerbots are over her. One of the rangerbots over her is missing an arm. The rangerbots sustained severe damage around their bodies, but are still operational. Paylin’s exoskeleton suit has damage all around it. The two officers that were trying to open Robinson’s door are shot dead with oxygen masks over their faces. Two rangerbots are over Paylin trying to choke her through the suit with their arms. One of the bots breaks her recycling oxygen tube inside the back of her neck. She begins to hold her breath. The third rangerbot is firing a gun from under the bridge and into her back. She groans in an attempt to overpower the rangerbots. The bullets are felt through the suit and in her back. She continues to groan and sweat from everything that is happening to her. The bullets in her back feel like little knives stabbing her. She tries with all her might to push the rangerbots off her. She hears beeping noises and messages on her helmet screen. Her body can’t take any more abuse. Her nervous system is sending countless chemical messages of pain and muscle straining to her brain. She is having the fight of her life. The prototype bionic suit is at its maximum 6,000 pounds of pressure. She feels she is at the end, she can’t hold her breath any longer.




Jaden, Sabrina, Kim and James are running down the street, towards a subway station. The UAVs fire a missile each towards Jaden. Sixteen Hellfire 7000 lbs missiles and sixteen thermobaric 5000 lbs missiles are coming towards him. His shield systems are still offline.

He looks up and does not see the dark energy spiraling over him.

‘Shit! Guys, a little help. Where is that god torpedo?’ Jaden asks his alien friends.

He suddenly sees the AI techno torpedo through their nanoscanner. The AI techno torpedo is quickly traveling across the ocean towards Manhattan at high speeds. It reaches Manhattan and breaks down into trillions of microscopic nanobots. They quickly accelerate and change direction upwards. They follow the UAVs microwave transmissions at half the speed of light to an airship blimp sitting 70,000 feet above the city.

Washington, D.C. Pentagon


Paylin begins to black out, but she continues to push with all her might. The torpedo fragments travel into space to a satellite, then back down towards the Pentagon. The invisible torpedo hits the Pentagon in less than a second. It penetrates thousands of firewalls in milliseconds and quickly compromises Motherdrone’s supercomputer system.

Paylin suddenly pushes the two non-responsive rangerbots into ceiling. She quickly opens the bulletproof facemask and gasps for air. Sweat is all over her face and her heart is beating a mile a minute. Their bodies fall downstairs under the bridge, making a loud banging sound on impact.


The first few missiles fired towards Jaden get within 200 feet and explode instantly. Windows on nearby buildings explode and debris falls towards the street. The other missiles change direction and head towards the UAVs.

President Paylin is still gasping for air with her eyes close. She takes off her helmet to breathe more fresh air. The air conditioning quickly circulates air in the area. Robinson’s door quietly opens up and he stands there in his full military uniform. Robinson comes out of the room and sees rangerbots lying beneath him under the bridge. He steps over the dead officers by the door. He walks over to Paylin laying on the metal walkway, slowly breathing while lying on her back. Robinson pulls out a handgun and stands over her. Paylin opens her eyes and sees Robinson standing over her pointing a gun at her head.

“Goodbye you annoying can’t stay dead bitch,” he says while pointing the gun down.

She quickly grabs his right hand pushing it away and the gun fires missing her face by inches. The gun falls on the steel bridge. She reaches towards his crotch area and lifts him up into the air by his groin. Soldiers and secret service flood the area from all directions. He squeals and moans in pain while she stands up. She looks him directly in the eyes while he tries to grab his own groin area.

“It is President super bitch to you, traitor. Trying to assassinate me Robinson?”

Robinson tries to release her tight bionic grip.

“That isn’t hurting anymore….” Robinson moans.

“You like torture for terrorists and enemies of America right former vice president?”

Robinson shakes his head back and forth. Soldiers check downstairs on Peters. She drops him onto the bridge. The wind is knocked out of him as he attempts to catch his breath. He moans in pain and grabs between his legs.

“On my flight back to Alaska earlier today I read the top-secret documents of you torturing prisoners and terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. I know it was many years ago, but I’m sure you are familiar with it. America is better than that and I’m better than that,” she says looking at him with a red face and moaning.

Robinson wheezes and moans. He clears his throat and attempts to talk. An armed soldier walks by Paylin and takes the gun on the floor near Robinson. The soldier stands behind and over Robinson ready to arrest him.

“I love my country President. I did everything to protect it. That Jaden Marino fella is a terrorist and a threat, I did my job to protect this country! President MacAuthor told me to keep this country strong before he died. Ever since you became President, other counties have looked at us as if we were weaklings and sissies. They laughed at us behind our back. Russia, China and nations in the UN mocked us. They called us the breast-feeding sissy country that has grown too weak. China thinks they own us now, since we owe them trillions and then a female President takes over as President. We were losing our stronghold on the world. Terrorists are more prone to take advantage of us. I promised him not to let this happen. I did my job to defend this great nation,” Robinson says while sitting up on the floor. She walks closer to him.

“Who’s side are you on? The Darclonian aliens trying to take over this planet? The real terrorists? You had good intel and you ignored it because you had an ego to go after someone who was here to help us. Your judgment was completely off. You wasted countless soldiers’ lives in an attempt to kill Mr. Marino. You committed a conspiracy to have the President of the United States killed. Mutiny in Washington, D.C.? Having secret service rangerbots attacking me and I had to fight for my life just now? I almost died fighting off two rangerbots that were created to protect me. You put millions of American citizens’ lives at risk today. You put this entire planet at risk because of your ignorant, egotistic, macho man bullshit. Just because I’m not run by corporate America and I don’t agree with invading smaller countries in an attempt to put them in debt to America, doesn’t make me weak. You starting your own war by destroying billions of dollars in federal highways in my country? That is not protecting America! You are the terrorist!” She yells. “I think you need a psychic evaluation in federal prison. Take this old delusional man to the brig.”

Robinson continues to breathe heavily and leans over in an attempt to get up. The soldier has handcuffs in his hand and attempts to lift Robinson from behind. Robinson bends over towards his ankle and quickly reaches for a small gun.

“Keep this on your conscious when you sleep at night madam President!” He yells.

Robinson clicks the safety off.

“No!” Paylin yells while quickly stepping towards him to grab the gun.

The soldier releases his grip from behind Robinson and quickly steps back. Her facemask goes down automatically.

A single shot is fired under Robinson’s chin and brain fragments splatter behind him. Blood is sprayed on the soldier and on Paylin’s facemask and suit. His body quickly drops to the floor and the gun falls over the side of the bridge. The soldiers standing on the bridge run in closer and around Paylin. She turns her back and looks away.

A few minutes go by. A soldier is wiping the blood and skull fragments from Paylin’s bionic suit. The huge Motherdrone screen displays: FatherJaden online, operating at 10,000 petaflaps a second.

“President Paylin, you are looking good in that black exoskeleton bionic suit. You look like a bionic cat woman,” Jaden says through the Motherdrone speakers.

Paylin walks over to the President’s command room and talks towards the screen.

“It is nice to finally being able to talk to the man I’ve been hearing so much about today.”

“Same here. Is Robinson in handcuffs where he belongs?” Jaden asks.

“Robinson took the coward’s way out. I guess he wanted to save the taxpayers a long lengthy trial. Anyway, how are you able to see what is going on here and how are you talking through the Motherdrone system?” She asks.

“That is a top alien secret. Let’s just say I gave Motherdrone a thousand year processing upgrade and I have temporary control of her systems. I have a plan for this silent attack we are experiencing, but we have to work fast, if we are going to save this planet….”




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Chapter 24: Astrotheological Literary Hybrid



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East Houston street, lower Manhattan 9:12 pm


The sky is completely dark and calm. Clouds cruise across the sky displaying stars between the patches. The sound of helicopter blades can be heard in the distance. There is a sea breeze coming in from the East River. A group of pigeons fly together and flap their wings in sync. Jaden has a blanket around his body. They stand around waiting for a helicopter to land in the deserted street. People are in their homes waiting for the end of the countdown to approach. Jaden just finished having a long conversation with President Paylin through his nanoscanner that was connected to Marco’s nanoscanner. She is on her way to New York City by scramjet to meet Jaden. As they walked through Chelsea Manhattan ten minutes ago, Jaden went into a clothing store and found something to wear. He is now wearing a black designer casual long sleeve shirt, fitted black jeans and some black sneakers. Kimberly and Sabrina are standing to the side talking to each other, while James and Jaden have a conversation.

“Jaden, I can’t believe you look the same way you did the last time I saw you eighteen years ago. Were you really in another galaxy?” James asks.

“Yes, I was man. I missed you and everyone here. It’s only been a few weeks for me, but eighteen years for you. But you’ll see and experience everything I’ve been through in a few minutes. I have to deactivate that Nanomole in your brain,” Jaden says.

“Cool. This special helmet over my head cost me $100,000. People were buying them up on Zbay. I saw you fighting that dark monster earlier, that was amazing. It was like watching a Hollywood movie. What does it feel like turning into that thing? Do you think you can beat Superman, Wolverine, Spiderman or a Terminator?” James asks.

“It was something like I’ve never felt before. My body had no weight and I felt as if I could float or fly. It was as if the gravity was squeezing my body and the dark energy was eating away at my body at the same time. I felt as if the dark energy was turning me into something else and I couldn’t remember who I was. I felt myself leave my body and travel deep into space as if I was opening an invisible pathway. I was feeling pain and pleasure. The energy was destroying many layers of skin around my body and it was very cold. I felt invincible and very powerful. I was able to control and move things by using lines of dark matter particles.”

“Line of dark matter?” James asks.

“Yes, a line of dark matter would leave my fingers and extend in a direction of my choosing and contain any molecules. It was something like a tractor beam. My vision was also inverted; I saw everything inverted like a film negative. Those superheroes you mentioned wouldn’t even stand a chance. I can fight the X-Men, Superfriends, Predator, and T1000 robots at the same time and I will rip their molecules apart. I think there is a lot more a dark energy knight can do,” Jaden says.

“You know you missed a lot of movies when you were gone, Iron Man 1,2, and 3, New Superman trilogy, five X-Men movies, three new Batman movies, Voltron movie, GI Joe trilogy, Matrix, Star Wars episodes 1,2 and 3, Transformers trilogy and Fantastic Four trilogy.”

“Wow, I have a lot of movies to catch up on,” Jaden says.

“When all of this is over you can come watch them all on one holographic disc at my house.”


James just stares at Jaden and can’t believe he looks the same.

Sabrina interrupts and hugs Jaden from behind. Her arms wrap around his chest and Jaden embraces her hands.

“I’m so happy you are safe.”

Jaden turns around and hugs her back. Her scent reminds him of Amy.

Jaden responds, “Sabrina I’m happy you are okay yourself, but why on God’s green Earth would you take an elevator in an emergency situation?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking dad. All I was thinking about was not burning up and getting away from those big nasty rats.”

“Okay, I’m just glad you are safe and things worked out.”

Kimberly walks up to Jaden and holds his hand. The helicopter lands near them in the middle of the street. The strong winds are making everyone’s hair fly in different directions. Jaden, Kim, Sabrina, and James climb into the military helicopter. The helicopter takes off and they are on their way to John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens. Jaden begins deactivating James’ Nanomole while he lays unconscious on a cot. Marco’s nanoscanner gives AI some materials to repair himself in a few days. Sabrina is trying hard to get online through Kim’s cell phone, but there aren’t any network connections.

‘Marco can you help us access the Gravhawk?’ Jaden asks.

‘I’m sorry, we can’t. Flying over there would put us at great risk of being seen and only AI has access to enter the Gravhawk. Security measures have been changed. We can’t even remote into it using our Nanoscanners.’

‘I understand.’

“Dad, is it safe sitting next to you? Can’t that black energy stuff come back anytime? I don’t want to be sucked into your body along with the helicopter.”

“I don’t think it is coming back any time soon. I have more control over it. But, I will definitely give you enough warning. If you do happen to get sucked into me, just think of it as you returning from where you came from,” Jaden snaps.

Kimberly laughs with Jaden.

“Smart-ass,” Sabrina mumbles.

“You two look so cute together. I can’t believe you are only two years older than her Jaden. This is mindboggling, you two look as if you could pass for brother and sister,” Kim says.

“Okay, that’s enough, Dr. Chan,” Jaden says while looking out the window. “Look over there Sabrina. I met Kim for the first time eighteen and a half years ago, right on the tramway to Roosevelt Island. She was just seven years old then, but she knew I was her lifetime soul mate.”

“Soulmate pedophile, next on Maury,” Sabrina mumbles to herself.

“Sabrina, what does BMS mean? You mentioned it earlier when you were talking down on men.”

“You know what BMS stands for, right Kim?” Sabrina asks.

“Baby magnet syndrome,” Kim replies.

“BMS is when a man gets you pregnant and you are stuck with him. You grow very close and dependent on the man. He changes because he knows you aren’t going anywhere. You gain weight and he might tell you nobody else will want you to slowly remove your self-esteem. You take the abuse and cheating for years for the child. Sixty percent of women deal with this and can’t leave because most men put you in a position where you can’t. Catholic women suffer the most. Several children increase the chances by twenty-five percent. Some men work all the time and leave the women at home with the child, while he does God knows what. Many men use the staying late at work excuse to cheat or go to strip clubs and they leave the female in a position where she is very dependent on him,” Sabrina says and then continues, “One of the reasons for all of this cheating in relationships, especially with men, is due to society’s standards. Society tells women they are suppose to look like a size zero and always stay young and pretty. Men are always going to try to seek this standard of perfection. These men seek escorts, hookers or R.F.E.C. units. Then you have the men that are just hungry for sex with another woman. These men would find a female of any size or attraction for the pleasure of new sex. These cycles seriously need to end. Women need to empower themselves and stop the oppression these men are putting on us.”

Kim and Sabrina continue to talk amongst themselves.

“What about the men who alienates the female from her friends and family with the BMS?” Kim asks.

Jaden tries to block out their bashing on men chat. James wakes up while holding his head.

“What did I wake up to? What is all this cheating and BMS bullshit?” James asks.

“You don’t want to know, I just wanted to know what BMS meant. I started a women empowerment rally,” Jaden says.

“I think every woman should be with the man for at least seven years before deciding to have children with him,” Kim says to Sabrina.

“That wasn’t smart to ask in front of two women in these times,” James says.


Kim continues, “Women should wait until their late thirties to have children, or even have a child without a man. They can go to a sperm bank and save the time of having a deadbeat dad that is never there. This cycle of men dodging child support has to end soon. Get a vasectomy if you are going to be irresponsible. In fact, the government should give all male children vasectomies when they are born, just like cats and dogs. When they turn eighteen, they have to apply to have the vasectomy reversed as if they are buying a house. That would solve a lot of society’s problems.”

“I can picture it now, a big stamp denied on their vasectomy reversal application,” Sabrina says while laughing.

Kim laughs and adds, “They would need a license to reproduce. So many men would fail the road test.”

They both chuckle and Sabrina says, “That would save so many women of having to take all these different birth controls, harming our reproductive systems and bodies.”

James and Jaden have their own conversation.

“So, how you been?” Jaden asks.

“Okay I guess. Do you remember Claudine Hilton?” James asks.

“…what about the lonely women in denial?” Sabrina asks.

“….what about the women who can’t be alone, always need a man to be happy…”

“…the new R.M.E.C. units coming out in 2017 will solve that problem….it has an emotional relationship chip…”

“…by the time the female leaves the man, she is too old or too fat to find someone else….”

“….My girlfriend had an abusive man that told her she wasn’t worth shit and stole away herself value….Degraded her and told her she is ugly and that no man is going to want her….Then the man also ran up her credit after she co-signed for him….”

“…This previous generation of women just takes the physical and mental abuse for years and years…..”

Jaden turns back to James after listening in on the men bashing conversation, “Yeah, I remember her, that aggressive girl that used to stalk me. She was in my astronomy class and tried to get me to cheat on my girlfriend.”

“Well I ended up marrying her three years after graduating from college and we have two kids,” James says.

“Oh no. You didn’t. That girl was crazy, why would you do that?”

“She has gotten psychological help over the years and I thought she changed for the better. But she was still looking for a mixed race male and I caught her cheating on dating websites a few years ago. I’ve gotten some good years out of the marriage, so I’m happy. Marriages average six years these days, so I’m happy mine lasted eleven years. Anyways, five years ago I quit my job.”

“Why did you quit your job?”

“I’ll give you a quick rundown. I used to work at a hospital as a computer technician in the IT department. I used to commute to Brooklyn, in fact you can see my old job from here,” James points and continues, “Back in 2009, the recession hit hard and a lot of companies, including my hospital, decided to lay off minorities first, even if they had more time on the job. I had a black friend named Tyrone who was illegally laid off first. He started way before me, had more experience and a clean record. He was targeted along with other minorities because of their skin color. The hospital claimed it was restructuring, but then they changed it to termination. This really got me angry for a hospital to do this to someone after so many years on the job. Twelve years this guy was there for, with a clean record. So I told the CEO to lay me off instead of him, but they didn’t want to. So I resigned. My wife at the time didn’t understand why I would quit. I explained to her I can’t work for a racist company without morals or respect for their employees. I knew my luck would improve somewhere else and I would have found a job elsewhere.”


Kim and Sabrina’s conversation gets Jaden and James’ attention for a few seconds.

“…seventy percent of women in their thirties and forties are single with children and gave up on finding a man. They put their energy into their children and careers. Some men will never accept the independent female,” Sabrina says.

“It’s hard for these women to find a man with their several children…this is a horrible cycle… They’re slowly gaining weight, single female without kids turn into cat ladies and bond with their animals since they can’t find anyone,” Kim says.

“…But the main problem with females these days in their twenties is they tend to go after the bad boys for the excitement and the challenge of trying to change them. Realizing this rarely works years later, their children give them a reason to look for the good man type. By this time it is too late…”

Jaden and James turn their heads back to each other and continue talking.

“Communications have also changed a lot since you’ve been gone. People just text, e-mail, instant message and write on each other’s Internet walls. People don’t talk on the phone or in person anymore. People have friends on their Myfacebook that they never even talk to or met in person. Old social communication is slowly disappearing and being replaced with cold digital messaging,” James says.

Jaden responds, “That is crazy. I guess humans will eventually evolve and won’t need vocal cords to speak anymore. Technology is really ruining social values.”

“My daughter used to text me when I would be sitting right next to her. She is addicted to text messages and so is my ex-wife. They both don’t use the phone anymore, just their fingers. It’s pathetic Jaden.”

“Damn…. it will only get worst. Sorry to change the subject on you, but what happened to your friend Tyrone?” Jaden asks.

“He didn’t accept the severance pay and he looked for a job for the next two years. He wrote a book about his discrimination experiences on the job and spoke out on the issue to other minorities that experienced the same thing. He also sued them. I heard they had to pay him for a gag order to be silent about the injustice. The hospital wanted to keep a good reputation with the community,” James says.

“I think you did the right thing. That was good for you to stand up for your beliefs. It’s too bad others on your job didn’t quit or strike in protest along with you.”

“People love their jobs too much. That recession was so bad that people on my job looked at me as if I was crazy for quitting. Everyone kept quiet about what was going on, they didn’t want to be next. It was like being in Germany in 1939 when all of that was happening at work. People knew what was happening, but looked the other way. Sad but true and you truly see who your friends are,” James says while chuckling.

Jaden laughs, “What happened to you after that?”

“A year later I mysteriously won the lottery and I thought money was the answer to all my problems. But it just created more problems. My wife divorced me and took the children after she saw easy money. My kids don’t even love me and turned into 90210 young teenagers. I started to drink more and women just wanted me for my money. I’m just tired of life, I need something else. I have every gadget someone could think of, but I feel as if I’m still missing something. I would have loved to travel to another galaxy with you. I would love to have seen the things you’ve seen,” James says.

“It’s not all what it is talked up to be. I’ve been through a lot and almost didn’t make it back here. It’s lonely being out there by yourself and your family is so far away. We need to bond with other humans….” Jaden says while continuing to talk to James.


Kim and Sabrina continue talking in the background.

“…You don’t know about www.lamedate.com?” Kim asks.

“Never heard of it,” Sabrina says.

“That is where women like us go and tell the stories about our bad and good dates with men. My bad dates with men over the years have gotten me on the ‘Best from Her’ section several times. The dates are rated by other men and women, and we connect with each other.”

“Men are on there also?” She asks in a curious tone

“Men can leave their bad date experiences as well. That is only fair, Sabrina.”

“You’re right, well I have to check out that website when I have an Internet connection again and leave it on Myfacebook page for all my friends to check out. I definitely have some date stories to post on that website. What was it again?”

“www.lamedate.com. Think of lame men and then the horrible date, that is how I remember it.”

“Thanks, excellent way to remember.”

“I’ve dated a few psycho NPD men over the years that I blogged about. Do you know how many NPD male patients I had to study to get my Ph.D.?” Kim asks.

“Narcissistic personality disorder?” Sabrina asks.

“Yes. Over 2000 men,” Kim replies.

“Oh God, that must have been torture.”

“While dating, it’s hard to tell at the beginning, but once I see the signs I’m out of there,” Kim says.

“I have a 150 page blog on my social network on those types of men on different levels. Women from all over witness this disorder in men they were dealing with. Ninety percent of these men are in denial. This is a big subject these days in relationships. Many women enable this behavior, so it’s part of the problem. I have a joke for you. How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?” Sabrina asks.

“I know this answer. None at all, he hires menials to do it, that type of work is beneath him.”

“No, just one, but he has to wait for the whole world to revolve around him,” Sabrina says while they both chuckle. “Your answer was good too.”

They continue to talk, while Jaden and James continue to talk to each other.

“As I was saying Jaden, relationships between men and women have changed over the years. Divorce rate is sixty percent first marriage, eighty percent second marriage, and ninety percent in the third marriage. It becomes much easier to get divorced after the first marriage. This is a cycle that men and women need to break out of. Today’s marriage is like a gamble. Some complications around marriages are couples get married early, married for the wrong reasons and young men who aren’t really ready to settle down with one person. There are three main reasons for breakups and divorces these days. The first is two people growing away from each other and falling out of love. The second reason is money and financial issues. Cheating is the third reason. Men want different females and sex is everywhere. These married women pack on pounds when they pass thirty years old or have children. Older women aren’t as attractive as they were when they were younger. Some men, but not all, usually want smaller and younger women according to society’s standards. Society tells men what looks good and what doesn’t. These wandering men are caught cheating, then get divorced and half their salary goes to child support and alimony. It is cheaper for a man to be faithful, work things out and be loyal in a relationship. Cheating is an expensive disease, it is like cancer. This is the ridiculous cycle of relationships. Marriages don’t last like our grandparents’ marriages. Virtual sex is now considered cheating. Smarter young men are getting vasectomies, being on male birth control, and aren’t getting married and buying woman replacements…”

“Wow James, society has really changed. I can’t believe the things you are telling me.”

“A friend of mine named Terry was smart, he got a vasectomy in his early twenties and put his sperm in a sperm bank. He saw that the divorce rate was on the rise and looked at marriages as if it was the stock market. He worked hard, made money in the 00’s, dated a few women here and there over the years but nothing serious. Two years ago, he paid $25,000 to a fertility hospital and they found a female to have his child for him. The paid female of his choice gave up rights at birth and he hired a full-time nanny to help raise the child.”

“Why would he do this? That doesn’t sound too smart, to be a single parent,” Jaden says.

“That was a genius move. He makes over $500,000 a year now with his business. If he had a child with a female the regular way, she would have been getting over $8000 a month in child support from him. She would have had the custody of the child to raise anyway she wants. His nanny only costs $800 a month. I see that as a good investment. He is about to purchase a legal guardian R.F.E.C. to replace the nanny for a fraction of the total cost of alimony and child support for a year,” James says excitedly.

“Wow. This stuff is mind-boggling. What about the mother and child connection?” Jaden asks.

“There are plenty of species that leave their children to fend for themselves and don’t even need their mother. Average parents with money have their kids raised by nannies and turn out fine. I see it as him raising the child better than a lower income single mother that isn’t getting child support and working two jobs. I’m sure the child can get used to seeing his father everyday, even if it is only for a few hours. This guy Terry has a full Virtual Third Life connection in his home with all the money he has been saving. This guy is so happy with his subservient robotic females acting like housewives. That is another problem with women these days, they are too independent and marriages worked better in earlier time periods. He saw the future of relationships early and took evasive actions when everyone was just trying to get married and raise a family the gambling way. I have older friends married three times on average. I call it a gambling cycle of ignorance.”


“Okay, you are making me depressed now. I still have faith in relationships the old way. I don’t think robots can replace a real woman. Look at my new girlfriend across from us, chatting away. I learned so much about her in such a short time and I know she is the one for me. Maybe if more couples could learn everything about the other person like myself and Kim have, maybe relationships would last longer and the wrong people wouldn’t get married,” Jaden says.

“Maybe, but the odds are against you. These robotic women look very much like a real female and are much safer because you will have full control. Synthetic warm saliva is the newest option in this new R.F.E.C. I have to tell you, technology is getting closer to perfection in the modeling of the perfect female. You also can’t catch a STD from an R.F.E.C…” James is interrupted by Jaden.

“That is not true. I found out an airline flight attendant caught herpes from an R.M.E.C. she bought online,” Jaden says.

“Wow, that must suck, what are the odds?”

The helicopter approaches the landing area at J.F.K. Airport.

“Changing the subject here, so James you want to beam onto the mother ship with us?”

“Are you serious? You and a few soldiers are going to be beamed onto the mother ship along with other people in Taiwan?” James asks.

“Yes, we believe the Taipei 101 building will be used again, along with the Burj Dubai building and Murjan Tower,” Jaden replies.

“How do you know you won’t be detected once you are onboard?”

“I don’t think they will know. There are too many people going up for them to pick us out. From what my alien friends told me, as long as the Nanomole is around the brain and in positive stage, there isn’t anything to worry about,” Jaden says.

“That is very dangerous.”

“This is the best plan for now. If the mother ship isn’t destroyed in four hours, the Nanomoles’ cycle will be complete and humans will lose their minds and bodies forever. The soldiers are going to carry small plastic explosives. But I need to go because I need answers to what is happening to me.”

“Good luck man. I’ll be more than happy to be underground here on Earth. If you don’t stop the mother ship, I’ll have some DHW females in my house. Maybe the Darclonian bioparasites will let me marry a few mindless human women and I’ll be the last polygamist,” James says while laughing. Jaden laughs with him.

“Well, maybe that will work out for you James. You’ll be the last male on Earth with your own mind.”

They land at the airport in south Queens. There are military officers standing outside surrounding the helicopter.

Jaden gets out first and helps the others. Soldiers escort them to a flight hanger not too far away. There are two futuristic, white hybrid scramjets being fueled.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us to Taiwan? It’s a forty-five minute ride, you can stay with the military downstairs,” Jaden says to James.

“No I’m fine. I’ll be okay waiting in Washington for you when you get back.”


They walk over to the hanger. Soldiers come out and President Stefanie Paylin is behind them.

“Jaden Marino I presume?” She asks while extending her hand.

“Hello President Paylin. It is nice to see you are alive and well,” Jaden says while shaking her hand.

“Thank you Jaden. So you are the handsome young man who has traveled further than any other human being?”

“Yes I am. I’ve boldly gone where humans can only dream of. It was an experience. How did you get to New York City faster than us? We took a fifteen minute helicopter ride from Manhattan?” Jaden asks.

“I’ve boldly traveled faster than most humans travel. Air Force 1 is a scramjet, a ten minute ride from Washington to New York City.”

“Cool. I like your new hat. It makes you look protected,” Jaden snaps.

“Yes, thank you. I’m glad you like it, the order for my size finally came in the mail.”

The President greets Kim behind Jaden.

“Dr. Kim Chan, it is nice to meet you also,” she shakes her hand and continues, “Your work really helped to isolate the Nanomoles in our brains. That research has helped this mission your boyfriend is about to go on. I apologize for you being put in a maximum security prison,” Paylin says.

Kimberly sends Jaden a telepathic message, ‘I’m sorry for trying to see what was under your business skirt earlier.’

Jaden has a smile on his face.

“It’s okay, I got my meditation done for the week in there,” Kimberly says to the President.

She shakes Sabrina and James’ hands. She turns back to Jaden.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through what you went through the last few days. Things shouldn’t have ever turned out the way they did. I owe you and my country owes you a sincere amount of gratitude. Other countries around the world should have been properly warned so there could have been a better defense. But hopefully the plan we came up with will work. Seventy-five percent of our citizens in the eastern states are in this zombie state. Eighty percent of our communication satellites are down. They are using our satellites for something. Best of luck to you and your new team. I hope your mission is successful and Godspeed to you. The human race’s survival is in your hands,” President Paylin says while shaking his hand and turning around.

“Ms. President, aren’t you forgetting something?” Jaden asks.

“What is that?”

“Your Nanomole.”

“Thanks Mr. Marino. I forgot we talked about that earlier.”

“How is Peters doing?”

“He will be okay. He needed some medical assistance, but the suits we were wearing really saved us. We had an intense fight with those rangerbots.”

Kim and Sabrina board a scramjet on the right. Jaden deactivates the Nanomole in the President on the scramjet on the left. Five minutes later, he shakes James’ hand.

“Good luck my friend,” James says.

“Thanks. I’ll be back soon. Are you going to be okay with the military at the Pentagon?” Jaden asks.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll chill underground until all of this blows over,” James says.

“See ya buddy,” Jaden says while walking down the stairs and over to the other scramjet.

Jaden jogs over and boards the scramjet heading to Taiwan. He walks to the sitting area.

“Hey buddy! How are you?” A familiar voice says aloud.

Jaden looks to where the voice came from and sees it is Marshal Fredrick Lopez sitting strapped in a seat. He walks over to him and shakes his hand.

“You’re coming with us?” Jaden asks.

“Damn right. I used to be special forces, I volunteered for this mission. I wanna get those alien bastards. I warned General Peters and helped rescue the President off Air Force 1 in Alaska. I’ve been promoted to Master Sergeant Lopez. Are you ready to take down this mother ship?” Lopez asks.

“Yes I am. Cool glasses I see everyone is wearing. Congratulations on your promotion, I’m glad you are here with us. It is so nice to see a familiar face,” Jaden says while patting him on the back.

Kim and Sabrina are across the aisle sitting together chatting. There are two soldiers sitting next to Lopez. Space Troopers Dan and Karen are sitting there in uniforms looking at Jaden as if they are seeing a ghost.

“This is all the soldiers we are going up with?” Jaden asks.

“There is another specially trained officer in Taiwan going up with us. These guys have top-secret training for planned future space missions,” Lopez says.

“That’s cool. I guess five people should be good enough,” Jaden says while sitting down and strapping in.

Jaden looks across into Kim’s eyes as the scramjet moves towards the runway.

‘I love you, my sexy superhero,’ Kim says telepathically.

‘I love you too, my sexy buttercup.’

‘The idea of you saving the world is making my kitty cat cry soft.. white.. wet… tears…’

‘Save those thoughts for later. I’ll have a meaty tissue for that crying,’ he says.

‘AI says to stop it and to behave. He said he can’t take any more reproductive talk,’ Kim says.

Jaden feels as if something is watching and listening to him. He dispatches one of the remaining two Nanoscanners. A suspicious nanoscanner suddenly disappears. Jaden knows that was Bellona’s nanoscanner that was watching and listening to him.

The aircraft quickly take off and everything shakes around them. The other scramjets turns south, the one Jaden is in turns north. The scramjet quickly climbs in altitude and breaks the sound barrier. The aircraft shakes abruptly and there is a loud sonic boom heard above the clouds.

“How fast do these scramjets go?” Jaden asks Lopez.

“I don’t know what the top speed is, but I would guess around Mach 10. This one is a prototype since it hovers also,” Lopez says.

“Attention passengers, brace for a couple of G-forces. Please use your oxygen masks above you,” the pilot says.

The scramjet quickly accelerates up to Mach 3 and it sounds like explosions are going off underneath them. The turbulence is strong as the scramjet climbs to 32,381 feet and explosions continue to go off. Sabrina and Kim put the oxygen masks over their mouths and noses. Everyone else does the same. They reach Mach 8 and continue to climb in altitude. Lopez asks Jaden to deactivate Dan and Karen’s Nanomoles. Jaden’s Nanodrones suggest they can now deactivate the Nanomoles within a three-foot radius from him.

“Dan and Karen, close your eyes and relax. Take off your helmets now,” Jaden says.

“Are you sure?” Dan asks.

“I really don’t want to turn into a zombie,” Karen says in a muffled voice.

Jaden can see the signals passing down from space in fifteen-second intervals.

“Don’t worry, you are in good hands. He knows what he is doing,” Lopez says.

“Trust me, you’ll be fine. You will be just like the rest of us soon, unaffected by the mind controlling alien zombie beam. Take them off….. now.”

They remove their special helmets and quickly go unconscious. The Nanodrones begin remoting into their brains. The scramjet is flying over northern Canada at 8901 mph. The outside of the aircraft is heating up and glowing. Air is sucking into the jet and compressed with hydrogen fuel for combustion. Kim closes her eyes and relaxes. Sabrina pulls the mask down to her mouth and closes her nose with her hand and blows air pressure through her ears. Jaden closes his eyes and enjoys the views from outside the jet. They feel periods of weightlessness on their bodies. The scramjet’s heading is 345° north on autopilot.

Thirty minutes pass by and they are flying at a high speed over northern Russia. The sun is shining brightly on the hypersonic scramjet. Dan and Karen regain consciousness.

The sun is becoming blocked by something. Sabrina looks out the window and sees something the size of the moon moving in front of the sun.

“What is happening dad?” Sabrina asks.

“I don’t know,” Jaden says.

Kim responds, “AI says the Darclonians are creating a virtual image of the moon to block the sunlight from reaching Earth, think of it as an alien projector.”

“We have to act quick. This is getting much worse,” Jaden says while they all look out the small windows speechless.


Taiwan, Taipei +12 hours 10:35 am Tuesday


Lopez discusses the plan for beaming onboard the mother ship. They are fifteen minutes away from landing.

When we land, Jaden will go in the first group of positive Nanomole HBH being beamed onto the mother ship. These baseball hats have the isolated Nanomoles in the positive stage inside the material. The Nanomole is surrounded by artificial brain tissue. This is to fool the infrared scanning light. Once onboard, one person will locate the quark shield cloaking generator. This should be at the rear of the mother ship. Another one or two people will locate the energy core area near the middle of the ship. From what Jaden told us earlier, the shield generator needs to be taken out first. We can then remote detonate when we beam back to Earth. There are constant infrared beams coming back to Earth every ten minutes. The return is through a low flying cloud of light. Your body will float towards the ground from the beam at an undetermined location on Earth. We will just need to find these return beam locations on the mother ship.”

“Why can’t we take out the energy core area first and have the ship implode?” Dan asks.

“The quark shield cloaking generator has an internal defense system. It detects an explosion on the ship in milliseconds and shields the explosion area. That is why we need to take out the shield defense system first. The backup system blocks all communications inside the ship. We can remote detonate from Earth. Timers won’t work either, anything electrical counting down or timing can be detected,” Jaden says.

“Why can’t we fire a powerful missile from Earth when the shields go down?” Dan asks.

“First reason is the mother ship is too far from Earth and the missile will move too slow and will be too obvious to be effective. The second reason is the mother ship will still have a powerful active outside defense system. The defense system has powerful green matter lasers and quark torpedoes that can destroy anything coming towards it,” Jaden says.

“The infrared light doesn’t scan for weapons or explosive materials?” Karen asks.

“No, from what we know they are only scanning for Nanomoles in the positive stage. What people have on them is irrelevant since everyone’s Nanomole is controlling them,” Lopez replies.

“Where did Jaden get all this detailed information from?” Dan asks.

“His good alien friends.”

“Do you trust what he says? How do we know these good aliens aren’t working with the bad aliens? How do we know if we can even trust this half-alien man? He could be leading us into a trap,” Dan says.

Jaden, Kim, and Sabrina look at Dan with strange looks.

Lopez replies, “How do we know if we can trust him? This man has saved the President of the United States and thousands of people so far. He saved my life and an airliner full of people on Flight 104. He deactivated your Nanomole and is now assisting with this mission to save Earth. If he couldn’t be trusted and was working with the Darclonians, the entire planet would be at their mercy now. Everyone on this planet would be walking around like those HBHs waiting for their body to be taken over. So, if anyone can be trusted, this man can. If you have a problem going on this mission, we can find someone else to take your place. Do you have a problem with this mission, Space Trooper Dan?”

“No sir.”

“Thank you.”

“I want to add something, Master Sergeant Lopez. My alien friends risked a lot to come to this planet to try to help us. I would have never known the structure and the process on how to secretly board a Darclonian mother ship to destroy it. So, our neighbors in the Andromeda Galaxy deserve a lot of appreciation for helping us today. My girlfriend Dr. Chan also deserves credit for finding the Nanomole protein in our brains and for convincing me to stay to help this planet.”

“Thanks, Jaden for your comment. Here are the baseball hats that have the Nanomoles in the material already,” Lopez says while taking the adjustable hats from a nearby bag.

“Yankee hats?” Dan asks. “Do you have a Boston Red Sox hat or another team?”

“Alright! My team!” Jaden yells while putting on the hat that adjusts automatically.

“No we don’t. Do you think aliens care which is your favorite team?” Lopez asks.

“No, but I feel like such a traitor wearing this hat.”

“Dude, grow up. Are you helping to save Sesame Street or helping save the world?” Karen asks while the momentum of the scramjet stops and she continues, “We have an important mission ahead of us.”

“You tell him, GI Jane,” Jaden says.

Dan mumbles to himself while putting on the hat. The scramjet begins to descend straight down. Lopez’s radio makes a beeping sound and he presses a button on it.

“Here Jaden, you can communicate with us through this Redtooth earpiece. We have jawbone two-way radios that communicate on the same frequencies.”

“Thanks Lopez. Did it hurt when they put that jawbone device into your jawbone?” Jaden asks.

“Nope, it was just like getting a root canal.”

“I wouldn’t know. I’m sure it can’t be worse than being shot over fifteen times,” Jaden says.

“I guess not,” Lopez looks at him curiously.

“Remember team, my code name is JM,” Jaden says.

“Just in case voice communication doesn’t work or if we can’t talk to each other for any reason, use the brain text glasses. They use a low encoded frequency that travels along the ground or walls in any direction. The words are read from your mind and are translated through the glasses to anyone wearing the glasses as a text message,” Lopez says while giving Jaden a pair.

A man with a Chinese accent talks over the radio, “The infrared beams just begun and the first group of people are walking towards the upload area. There are three areas on the roof these citizens are standing nearby. Please hurry to the elevators and up the stairs.”

They stare out the window looking at the huge building with red lights. There is little light coming from the sky. The ground looks like a huge shadow from an eclipse. The scramjet lands horizontal to the ground next to the huge 102-story Taipei 101 building.

“Where did you find this Dan guy?” Jaden whispers to Lopez.

“Communications were limited and there were a limited number of people with special training available,” Lopez replies.

They unstrap their double shoulder seat belts and exit the scramjet. Jaden and Lopez exit last together.

“How well does that nanotubing clothing you are wearing protect you?” Jaden asks.

“So far nothing on Earth could penetrate it.”

“That is good, now you can test it against our new alien visitors,” Jaden says while chuckling.

Lopez chuckles and they continue walking together. There are Asian soldiers standing around the area with guns and shiny helmets on.

“I’ll catch up with you Lopez,” Jaden says as he looks at the dark sky and walk over to Kimberly and Sabrina.


“Come on, we have to hurry!” Karen yells while running towards the building.

Kim walks up to Jaden and Sabrina stands behind her. The eclipse is in the background near them. Kim embraces Jaden and whispers into his ear.

“I’m worried baby, this is kinda dangerous. You don’t know what awaits you on the mother ship. Let the troopers and Lopez go handle this,” Kim says.


The first group of people lifts up into the air on top of the building.

“I have to make sure the mission is successful. The space troopers are going to need my help. The Darclonians might be more advanced than we expected. I have to find out what is going on with me and what I am turning into. I also have to find out what they are doing with human bodies and why they are attacking us. I also wonder why my memories are being forgotten. I need to know why I keep turning into a dark energy knight.”

“We are holding the elevator,” Lopez tells Jaden through his earpiece.

“Go ahead, I’ll meet you at the top,” Jaden says in his earpiece.

“Okay baby. Just be very careful. Make sure you return in one piece to me. You promise?” She asks.

“Yes baby. I promise I’ll be back to you. I love you with all my heart,” Jaden says while looking deep in her eyes.

“I love you too, you are my hero sweetie,” she says while kissing him on the lips.

“That is so cute, the love birds,” Sabrina says.

Jaden walks over to Sabrina and hugs her.

“Dad, if you see my mom up there, please bring her back to me.”

“I will, little Sabrina. I’ll be back for you, okay?”

“Yes. Please be careful. I have a bad feeling about this,” she says.

“Oh no. I see you have my bad feelings trait. Now you are getting me nervous,” Jaden responds.

“Hurry dad, before you miss your flight into space.”

He hugs Sabrina and Kim at the same time. “I’ll see you two soon, let me go.”

The tempo increases of the song playing in Jaden’s head. He steps back from them and smiles. He blows a kiss at Kim. He looks up into the sky and sees the green infrared tractor beams coming from space. The beams are still invisible to the human eye. There is a flash of light and the beam disappears along with the first group on the observation deck. Kim and Sabrina’s hair begins to float into the air.

“Hold on dad!” Sabrina yells.

She runs up to Jaden with tears running down her face. She hugs him again and whispers, “I love you too dad. Come back in one piece and be safe.”

Jaden is caught off guard and replies, “I love you too Sabrina. That is shocking coming from you.”

“I know it is, but I wanted to let you know that from the bottom of my heart,” Sabrina says.

Sabrina runs back over to Kimberly and holds her hand. The military officers stare and look at Jaden from a distance. They wonder what he is about to do and why he keeps looking into the air. Jaden kneels down and yells, “Up, up, and away!”

He leaps into the zero gravity pathway above him. The army soldiers turn their heads towards Jaden leaping into the air towards the dark sun. Kim and Sabrina look up at him. Jaden looks down to see them getting smaller and smaller.

‘I love you baby,’ Kim says.

Jaden reaches 1260 feet and increases the magnetic Nanodrones in his back. His body quickly propels towards the building’s observation deck floor. His shield energy comes on around him as he crashes through a glass window and through a wall. Jaden slams into the 730 ton round steel mass damper that is being held in place by steel cables and hydraulic cylinders. The damper sits in the middle of the building on the eighty-seventh floor and keeps the building stable in the event of an earthquake or typhoon. The huge steel damper attracts Jaden’s magnetic energy and moves when his back connects with it.

“Ouch. That was too much magnetic force,” Jaden says while the Nanodrones pass through the steel damper and back into his body.

“Where are you Jaden?” Lopez asks him through his earpiece.

Jaden demagnetizes from the huge building balancer and lands on the floor. He takes some deep breaths and responds, “I’m on the eighty-seventh floor.” He says while he leaps into the air and breaks through the glass ceiling. “…and now I’m on the observation deck.”

Jaden runs down to where seven people are standing and looking into the sky. The Nanodrones in his body hide inside of cells around his body. He takes the special hat from his pocket and places it on his head. Jaden quickly stands in line with the people.

“We are in the elevator….” the signal goes out as Jaden’s body lifts up in the infrared light area with the HBHs.

Jaden sees green light all around him. His body is four feet from the ground. He communicates with the Nanodrones to save his memory of the plan somewhere encoded. He doesn’t want to compromise the mission by the Darclonians being able to read his mind. He knows something on that ship was in his mind.


It is quiet, lonely and eerie around Jaden. His mind triggers some soft relaxing music.



He feels the energy scanning around his brain and accessing the Nanomole in the baseball hat. His body feels trapped in the tractor beam. Images of bright lights and going to heaven pass through his mind. Now he senses his entire body’s molecules being scanned. The green energy is analyzing every atom in his body. Jaden can’t move his head or body. He feels as if he is trapped in a pipe or tunnel. The pathway into space continues straight through the clouds. Jaden feels the molecules in his body breaking down. He and the others disappear in a blurry green flash of light.

Meanwhile, Lopez and his team just pass the eightieth floor in the elevator.

“Remember team, when we beam onboard the mother ship, make sure you act normal like everyone else until I give the okay to begin setting these bombs strapped around our bodies. These prototype C-5 plastic bombs blend into any background they sit on. They allow light to pass right through them,” Lopez says while the elevator opens on the observation deck. Two Asian soldiers, Ping and Wong, are walking along Lopez and the space troopers. Ping and Wong are specially trained sergeant majors wearing the cool see through glasses.

They walk up the stairs to the observation deck. The five stand in the upload area with five other citizens. They stand and wait for the alien beam to come from the sky. Lopez, Dan and Karen are in front of Ping and Wong. A few minutes go by and they stand in the same spot. A strong wind blows on top of the building. Ping’s small head doesn’t hold the baseball hat fully on his head. It falls to the ground and he quickly reaches down to pick it up. Wong turns and looks at him. Everyone’s body suddenly can’t move and begins to lift into the air. He can’t move and he can’t reach the upside down baseball hat sitting five feet away from his hand on the ground. A brown beam shines on Ping’s body only. Ping’s skin disappears, then blood, tissues and muscle down to his skeleton and his bones then disappear. Wong looks in disbelief as the brown beam disappears. Ping’s hat rolls away into the wind. Wong throws up and the liquid suspends in midair around his face. Everyone’s bodies disappear and the wind continues to blow the hat across the roof.

The American pilot, Captain Greg Palmer wakes up from Kim disabling his Nanomole. The scramjet is refueling. A group of DHWs are walking towards them from a distance. Hundreds of soldiers fire their guns at the group. Kim and Sabrina are escorted into the building by two soldiers.

The pilot yells to Kim, “Hey Kim!”

Kim runs back over to the pilot at the scramjet.

“Thanks for disabling that Nanomole thing in my brain.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Take this Redtooth two-way earpiece. Call me and let me know if you need anything,” he says in a flirtatious voice, while smiling and holding her hand longer.

“Okay thanks,” she says while quickly taking her hand back.

She runs back towards Sabrina and the escorts. Kim talks to the soldiers in Chinese and they jog into the building. They wait for the elevator and are led into a small cafeteria area on the thirty-ninth floor in the Taipei 101 building.

A small Darclonian return cloud of light appears from thin air. It goes into a fifty-first floor window, breaking it and then comes back out. The cloud then disappears into thin air as glass races towards the ground.

“Do you believe the pilot was flirting with me?” Kim asks Sabrina.

“I’m not surprised, he is a man.”

Darclonian Mother ship 238,867 miles from Earth

10:45 am


Jaden squints his eyes as he sees nothing but bright lights in the sky. He looks down and he is walking on a white cloud. The area resembles heaven and people are walking behind each other down a long walkway. On the sides of the walkway is a deep pit of fire. He knows this can’t be real and it reminds him of when he was a prisoner on Planet 455 in the Virtualatrix . He dispatches a nanoscanner from his body. The vision instantly changes. He sees fogs of black smoke. On the other side of the lava pits are portal openings. He continues to walk on the cloudy pathway with everyone else.

Lopez, Dan, Karen and Wong’s bodies appear in a flash of light on a cloud along with the five other HBHs. They look around in amazement at what looks like heaven to them. Wong’s vomit lands in different directions on the smoky, cloudy ground.

“Ping is dead. He dropped his hat and the brown beam killed him,” he whispers nervously.

“Shit, shit, shit! I’m sorry to hear that. Is everyone else okay?” Lopez asks.

They all respond yes. Lopez walks behind the last HBH walking in a straight line. The rest of the team goes in line behind Lopez. They walk towards bright rays of light coming from above. Wong continues to cough and throw up on the soft clouds.

‘Walk towards the light. Do not fight it. Your bodies have been taken over by angels. Your souls are being guided by angels.’

“Do you hear that?” Dan asks.

“Yes, we all did. I think that is what these HBHs hear as well,” Lopez says.

“Where’s Wong?” Karen asks.

“Wong, get it together. Walk behind Karen,” Lopez says while turning his head to look back.

Wong quickly runs up behind Karen.

“Where is this place? Are we on the mother ship or on another planet,” Karen asks.

“I don’t know. This place looks like we died and went to heaven,” he continues, “JM, come in JM.” There is no response.

“He isn’t answering. There isn’t any other direction to walk in. Just follow the people for now.”

Jaden is in another area of the ship. He also continues walking behind the hijacked brain humans. He has his Redtooth earpiece off and in his pocket. The brain text glasses are over his hat so he doesn’t see the messages. Jaden isn’t aware of the mission at hand or if anyone is with him. The Nanodrones have Jaden’s saved memories about the mission and the last ninety minutes stored away and encoded. The Nanodrones begin communicating directly with the soldiers via brain text. Jaden isn’t aware of what is going on. He uses a nanoscanner to look around the ship. The second nanoscanner is being used by the Nanodrones to help Lopez’s team navigate through the Virtualatrix mazes. Jaden knows that the Darclonians were in his brain earlier and doesn’t want to compromise the mission.


Text messages flood the team’s brain text glasses. The Nanodrones send messages as Jaden.

“I’m on the other side of the ship walking towards the artificial sun rays. We are all in a Virtualatrix on the Darclonian mother ship. The Virtualatrix is on the frequency of human brain waves, what you see around you isn’t real. They are trying to trick the HBHs into not fighting. The Darclonians want them to give up their bodies and to think they don’t need them in heaven. The fire pits on the sides of the cloud pathways aren’t real. I can see you from here through my nanoscanner eyes,” the Nanodrones transmit through the text glasses.


“Damn, that kid is fast with the brain texts. I’ve never seen anyone text that fast,” Lopez says through the earpiece.

“He is telling us this entire place is fake and those aren’t lava fire pits?!” Dan yells and questions.

“Keep your voice down, no one is supposed to be talking,” Lopez says.

“I’m not walking over that lava pit or off this pathway. I can feel the heat from here.”

The text messages continue to their screens, “I will guide two of you to the shield cloaking generator area. The other two go to the dark warp engines and power generating areas.”

“Wong and myself will team up as Team 1, Dan and Karen, Team 2, will take the engine and power core area. We will take the other. I need you to trust JM on this one,” Lopez says.

“Team 1 I need you to make a right and walk over the pit. Team 2 to your left over the pit,” the Nanodrones text.

Both teams continue to look down. The hot lava pit is freaking them out and causing them to panic. They are second-guessing if Jaden knows what he is talking about. They can feel the heat coming from the hot pits in front of them.

“The deep pit of fire and lava is not really there, it is an illusion. Walk out of the cloud pathway right away, do not just stand there,” the Nanodrones text.


Karen looks over the side, “I don’t know about this Master Sergeant, that drop looks very real sir, I can even feel the hot air coming up.”

Wong closes his eyes and prays to himself.

“Coward Americans,” Wong walks forward over the pit and stands in the air on solid ground. “Let’s go. Didn’t you Americans learn anything from the end of Indiana Jones 3? Where is your faith?” Wongs asks in text while continuing to walk across it.

“I learned plenty from lava pits in Indiana Jones 2,” Dan snaps.

“Come on Americans, I bet if there was some oil over here, you’ll find your way across,” Wong snaps.

The rest of the teams take steps forward over the illusional pits of fire and Dan takes his step last. The Nanodrones guides each of them on which direction to walk. They each walk into portals of light on opposite sides. The nanoscanner quickly moves around to guide each team into the direction they need to go. The Nanodrones send messages to each team by number.


Jaden continues to walk around the ship. He knows someone or something is watching him. He sees thousands of HBHs and DHWs all around the mother ship. Jaden notices the Darclonians are using human bodies around the ship for different tasks. He doesn’t detect any Darclonians in their own life forms. His nanoscanner is checking around the entire ship. He sees about 200 people standing in a room the size of an auditorium with their heads up. Small beams of ultraviolet light are shining from their heads into a glowing grey sphere twenty feet in the air. The nanoscanner goes between each beam of light. Jaden sees images from the Nanomoles being uploaded into the sphere. He sees molevision images from different angles of battles in Roman times and hundreds of thousands dying. There is another great ancient Greece battle in 472 B.C. with hundreds of different angles. The human feelings also transmit to the sphere. There is an eerie silence in the room.

The nanoscanner changes to another beam and it transmits images of thousands of Africans being killed in massive genocides in Rwanda twenty years ago. The molevision shows a raped African female running over piles of dead bodies all over a dimly lit street. Her clothes are ripped and she has blood coming from her mouth. Jaden can feel her pain and he can hear her elevated heart beating as she takes very deep breaths. Blood is all over her clothes and Jaden can feel pain around his groin area. He feels liquids running down her legs. She turns around and she can hear soldiers coming around a corner with guns in their hand, arming them and laughing. She drops down and lies with the rest of the dead bodies and plays dead. Jaden can actually smell dead bodies and rotten flesh from the young female’s nose. Jaden is so into it he feels as if he is hiding for his life. The experience feels as if he is actually there experiencing this.

The images quickly change to another time period and it transmits images of a pyramid being created by three unknown alien species around 10,000 B.C. The orange carbon-based aliens float above the ground without legs. The aliens look half lion and half human. Tens of thousands of dark-skinned hominids and Homo sapiens are helping. They are seen praising the aliens as gods from the sky. The alien races are seen using sunrays at night to measure angles to Orion’s Belt. Hundreds of heavy blocks of stone are seen floating in the air and guided into place with rays of light.

‘What the hell?’ Jaden asks himself.

Jaden is puzzled by what he is seeing and wants some answers. He continues to walk along the cloudy pathway. The nanoscanner moves into another room.

An unknown voice starts to talk to Jaden, ‘What do you seek? Are you here to join us? Why are you here? Are you here alone?’

He ignores the voices and continues to look around through the nanoscanner investigating. Jaden sees several small rooms made of puffy clouds of male and female HBHs having sex with each other.

‘This looks like a fake porno movie. She is obviously faking it,’ he says to himself.

Beams of ultraviolet light are analyzing the brain waves and emotions. Other rooms show two men having sex with each other and two women having sex with each other.

“This is some creepy, creepy shit,” he says out loud.

The nanoscanner accidently crosses the light of the two men having sex. Jaden suddenly feels a sharp pain in his ass. He grabs his ass and jumps up and down in one place.

“Owweeee, shit… that hurt….what was that? My ass muscles feels stretched. Man, I could never be gay. Who can endure that much pain?” He asks as the nanoscanner quickly moves out of that pathway. “Shit, I felt what they were feeling.”

Jaden responds while chuckling like Beavis and Butt-head, ‘Uhhh, uhhh, I’m a Homo sapien.’

Jaden sees a female about to climax with a man and the nanoscanner goes into that pathway. Jaden collapses onto the soft clouds and has an instant orgasm.

“Oh, yeah….Oh yeah,” he says out loud.

His body is shaking all over and his legs are trembling along with the female in the cloudy room.

‘Okay, I soaked my pants. But wow, that was good. That’s how women’s orgasms feel? Man, I’ve been missing out all these years, that was intense. I’m so confused, I feel as if I was cheating on Kim and I was a transsexual. The consequences of anonymous sex. Was that considered cheating? Was I a man or a woman? This is very weird. Okay, enough of eavesdropping on sex signals. I’m going to need a psychologist after all of this.’

‘Do you like what you saw and felt Jaden? Are you enjoying your tour?’ A female voice asks.

Another large room shows groups having sex with whips, chains, spankings, handcuffs and light particles resembling dildos of different sizes.

‘Let’s stay clear of this room and those dangerous light signals,’ Jaden says while carefully avoiding them. ‘I don’t want to have any clue to what any of those beams feel like. Okay, I’ve seen enough.’

The nanoscanner moves to another level and Jaden sees thirty HBHs standing at the bottom of a huge body of water resembling an aquarium. They are breathing underwater with small openings on the outside of their chest area opening up like gills.

‘Are they turning us into aquamen?’ He asks.

The nanoscanner suddenly detects huge amounts of dark energy in a room. Jaden sees hundreds of dead mutilated HBH bodies all over the large room. The room reminds him of the room he was in on Planet 455. The next room over shows experiments being done on human bodies and cloned babies float inside clear bubbles of energy. Another room shows six pairs of DHWs on different sides of the large room. Two are engulfed in flames and walking around normally. One DHW in the middle of the room is firing hundreds of assault rifle bullets towards two DHWs. The bullets bounce off their slimy skin. Two eight foot tall DHWs are fighting dozens of DHWs approaching them. The smaller DHWs are being thrown against the wall and their bodies are being broken in half. Jaden realizes the DHWs are morphing into something like super soldiers. He can’t believe how tall and big the DHWs have become.

On three sides of the mother ship, he sees dozens of DHWs lining up on cloud portals.

He sees two men running together through one of the portals. One of the men looks familiar to him. He recognizes his friend Air Marshal Lopez with an Asian man. They are being chased by DHWs firing lasers from their arms. The low gravity room allows the Asian man to jump into the air while pulling out a gun. His body floats in the air while he fires three thermobaric bullets. Two lasers hit his nanotube clothing, but don’t penetrate it. But he feels a burning sensation on his skin. The three DHWs’ bodies explode. Lopez fires from a crouching position hitting two other DHWs. Jaden sees on his eye screen that the Nanodrones are telling him those two men need his help. Jaden goes off the cloudy pathway and walks over the fire lava pits. He goes into a portal doorway and is being guided by his nanoscanner. The DHWs’ body parts glow on the ground and begin forming back together.

Jaden runs into the room with the 200 HBHs looking up towards the sphere. He sees a portal at the top of the room he needs to go through. He quickly runs and jumps over the bodies while crossing the ultraviolet beams. He feels like he is drowning while he sees many images of navy servicemen drowning at Pearl Harbor. His mind feels as if it slowed down in time. Jaden feels like he is choking to death as he sees images in Nazi death camps as massive amounts of people are killed. Mothers holding their children while breathing their last breath into their small bodies. Screams can be heard echoing around the large gas chamber. A tear falls from Jaden’s eyes as his body continues to fly towards the portal of light. Jaden then sees the visions from German guards piling up lifeless bodies for mass cremations. Some guards are enjoying their job making jokes and some cry inside.


Jaden lands in the portal and continues running. Karen and Dan are walking in formation with DHWs as they walk towards the portal cloud back to Earth. The open area looks like a huge football field. The Virtualatrix continues to send visions of clouds as if everyone is in heaven. The nanoscanner vision sees dark walls, humid air and wet, sticky floors. Karen and Dan turn around and see Lopez and Wong appear from a portal in the same area. As they run over the fake fire pits, several DHWs fire behind them. The DHWs on the line turn around and begin to fire lasers at Lopez and Wong. Team 2 pulls out their guns while departing the line and runs over the pits of fire to assist. Team 2 fires their guns hitting several targets as they run past DHWs still walking on the line. Bodies are exploding. Team 1 protects their faces with their arms while slowly running towards Team 2 in the middle. Their skintight nanotube clothes are taking on hundreds of laser shots. Wong and Lopez’s bodies are feeling burns all over their bodies. They collapse in traumatic burning pain. Two Mexican DHWs grab Dan and Karen from behind.

“Drop your weapons,” they say in deep voices while pointing lasers at their faces.

Two Buckingham Palace guards wearing red outfits and huge hats tell Team 1, “Drop your weapons and stand up.”

The teams drop their guns. The Buckingham Palace guards have swords by their sides.

“Now these Buckingham Palace guards can talk? They never talked on Earth, but they can talk on a spaceship?” Dan asks through a brain text.

“Keep the text waves clear Dan,” Lopez says.

The DHWs tightly grab each of them from behind. The rest of the DHWs on the line continue walking towards the cloud portal.

Jaden reaches the outside of the area where Teams 1 and 2 have their hands up. A huge glowing energy shield appears around the entire area and his nanoscanner signal is interrupted. Jaden can’t walk through the solid force. He can’t see what is on the other side of it. His nanoscanner can’t penetrate it. The other nanoscanner the Nanodrones were controlling is stuck on the other side and is unable to transmit any signals through.

‘Jaden do not intervene. We are handling the situation,’ a female voice tells him.

‘Shut up, don’t tell me what to do. I’m going to handle the situation,’ Jaden says to the voice.

His nanoscanner determines the rpm of the energy shield is 1 million. Jaden knows he has to help the people inside. But he remembers the dangers of his brain calculating at that high-speed rpm and the possible risk of having another seizure.

Inside the area where the teams are, sand-colored dust comes from the walls and falls onto the cloudy ground. The teams look up towards this amazing display. The dust forms together and two twelve foot tall sand-colored robots form. Green electricity moves up and down the flexible metallic bodies. The bodies form with four arms and three legs. The legs are seven feet long and have silver spikes coming from them. The upper body has an odd narrow structure like a headless tripod. A flat black, thin circular disc, four feet in diameter, appears midair over the robots. A 3D alien face protrudes from the disc and a female voice begins to speak.

“How did you get onto this ship? Who are you? What are you doing here?”

There is no response from the teams. They all have astonished looks on their faces as if they are seeing a ghost. They talk to each other by brain texts.

“What are we going to do sir?” Team 2 asks.

“Stay cool, we are probably going to have to make a run for it,” Lopez’s words scroll across their glasses.

“What about those creepy giant robots?” Karen asks.

“Maybe we can take these two guards’ swords near us?”

“What are those stainless steel swords going to do against lasers?”

Jaden concentrates on the rpm of his shield and it reaches 503,000. The energy continues to increase around him. He looks straight through his shield and at the faster moving shield in front of him. Sweat drips from over his eyes.

The alien female continues talking, “Your technology has improved greatly, you have materials around your bodies with advanced microscopic bonding technology. I’m impressed with how fast you humans have advanced in the past 200 years. I’m not impressed with how barbaric you are to each other. But it is very entertaining for our species. I’m still waiting for some answers to what you are doing here.”

There is silence. The nanoscanner left in the area analyzes the cloud portal controls.

“Answer me, or I will retrieve the answers from your brains myself.”

“Why are you attacking our planet Earth and taking away our species? We did nothing to warrant this attack,” Lopez says aloud.

“You humans have been doing experiments on alien ships and other alien life-forms for the past seventy-five years. Your military loves to do experiments, we love doing experiments. I will find the answer I’m looking for,” the echoing voice says.

Ultraviolet beams shine on each of their heads from the ceiling. The beams check the Nanomoles in the hats and instantly know they don’t match the human host. The beam manually scans the brain’s chemical signals in each of them. They try to fight it and their bodies begin to shake.


Jaden reaches 806,000 rpm and sweat is running down his face. His body trembles and his hands shake. A look of determination is in his eyes. Anger and pain is the expression on his face as he grunts.

The teams continue to fight the UV brain scanning. Their heads tremble as they experience a lot of pain.

“Your primitive organic brains and their random chemical signals are beginning to annoy me,” the female voice says.

“Don’t give in!” Lopez sends to his teams glasses.

“I sense that Wong’s emotions of the loss of his friend are making his brain weak. Tell me more Wong….tell me what I want to know…” the evil female voice says.

“Wong, fight it. Don’t give in,” the messages scrolls across his glasses while his hat glows.

“You and Master Sergeant Fredrick Lopez planted an explosive device near our shield generator?” The voice asks.

“Override the timer,” Karen messages to Lopez.

The grip the DHW has around Karen’s arms loosens up some.

“I tried a few times already, there isn’t any signal getting out of this area,” Lopez replies.

“The hell with this!” Karen yells.

She quickly swings her head backwards hitting the DHW in the face. She swings her elbow hitting it in the neck. A red laser passes between her hair and the DHW begins to fall backwards. Karen reaches towards the ground and grabs both thermobaric guns. The others try to move, but they can’t. She fires them both at the robots while running towards the side. The bullets explode outside the robots’ bodies. The robots stand there unfazed. The other bullets pass through the floating face. The robot on the left fires a green matter laser from its top right arm at Karen, just missing her as she leaps into the air over the hot lava pits firing. The robot on the right fires a similar beam and it hits her in the left leg. She begins to scream in pain as she lands on the ground. The beam creates a hole through her leg and the green matter begins to spread from the wound. It quickly spreads around her body consuming her. She continues to scream as her body dissolves into nothing. The three of them look in disbelief as Karen fades away into green energy.

“Anyone else wishes to be a hero?” The echoing voice asks. “The bomb you set in the shield generating area has been destroyed. What else are you humans hiding?”

“You didn’t have to kill her!”Lopez yells.

Dan, Wong and Lopez continue to struggle from the superhuman grips the DHWs have around them.

“What is this I see Dan. I’m seeing images of you walking around my ship and….”


Jaden’s eyes turn black and dark energy begins to move around his arms. His shield lights up like fireworks around him, his body shakes. He yells and groans as his shield rpm reaches 1,101,000. He feels pain in different areas of his brain. A blood vessel breaks in his brain and Nanodrones quickly seal it.

‘Stay out of this affair. Jaden do not intervene,’ the evil voice tells him.

‘You…shouldn’t…have…intervened on our planet,’ Jaden says in a struggling voice.

Jaden runs forward and his shield follows him. His shield lights up with static blue flashes when it crosses into the ship’s energy shield area. His shield overpowers the ship’s internal shield and he enters the area where the teams are. He makes it through and he is thirty feet above the area in the air. His shield around him disappears. He sees what is happening below him in milliseconds. The teams look up as Jaden makes a loud explosive entrance. He concentrates on the dark energy moving from his right arm and moves it around to his left arm. He fires a gravity shock wave towards the two robots. The dark energy returns to his right arm. He concentrates on the two Buckingham Palace guards’ swords by their side. The swords levitate into the air while quickly spinning like helicopter blades. Everything happens in seconds.

“Duck your heads, now!” Jaden yells through the Redtooth earpiece that he just put in his ear.

They quickly duck their heads down at the same time while the swords decapitate the DHWs’ heads. Blood squirts in all directions and on them. The swords quickly float into Jaden’s hands and the dark energy slowly moves around the sword. The robot loses their balance and the gravity shock wave slams them into the ground. The entire area shakes and rumbles as the decapitated heads roll on the puffy white clouds. Jaden’s body spins around midair and he lands on the ceiling. The dark energy continues spreading around the edges of the swords. Jaden’s nervous system makes him shake all over. The robots quickly get back up.

“Run! Run towards the cloud portal. Run together!” Jaden yells at them while they stare at him standing on the ceiling. They quickly turn around and run towards the cloud portal area on the far side. More DHWs come from the walls and fire lasers at them. Jaden creates a shield around them as they run over the fake fire pits. The cloud portal closes. The last few DHWs in line turn around towards the three remaining military personnel quickly running towards them. Two green matter lasers are shot towards Jaden. The dark energy around the sword absorbs the exotic energy as Jaden bends on his knees. The outsides of the swords turn green and then dark again. Jaden takes a strong stance as the force from the green laser pushes him backwards on the ceiling.

“You fools, there is no escape!” The female alien says.

The beams discontinue and Jaden runs on the ceiling towards the robot on the right. The robot on the left runs after the three remaining military men. The thumping can be felt on the ground. The remaining robot continues to fire the green matter laser towards Jaden. The sword in Jaden’s left hand absorbs the laser in front of his face while his right hand is swinging over his head. He leaps and flips right side up from the ceiling as the tempo of the music in his mind reaches a high point.

He lands on the robot while cutting it down the middle. Metal shavings come from the robot and it falls over in two pieces.

“I learned that one from Voltron!” Jaden yells.

The other robot is shooting at the remaining teams from a distance. The beams penetrate the shield and hit the cloudy ground just missing them. Jaden’s shield behind them is heavily weakened. Jaden quickly runs after the robot on the left. The nanoscanner by the portal overrides the controls. Jaden catches the robot in a line of dark matter and it lifts into the air. The feet continue running and quickly move towards Jaden and he cuts it into two pieces.

“Take that you futuristic headless Gort wanna be!” Jaden yells while continuing to run.

The dark face sitting midair floats down to the ground and turns into a dark shadow of an alien being. It fires a transparent bubble that contains electricity particles into the ground behind Jaden and another towards the portal area. There are two huge explosions and fire moves in all directions. The shield around them disappears. Jaden’s body goes airborne, he does several flips and lands on his feet. Dan, Lopez and Wong leap towards the now glowing cloud portal as fire races towards their feet. The area suddenly explodes into a fireball. Fire is burning all around the area. The nanoscanner that was overriding the cloud portal controls is destroyed.

‘My son, that was very impressive, you controlled both of your alien powers very well. You’ve come a long way in such a short time,’ the shadow alien says telepathically in a female voice, while Jaden lands on his feet with the fire burning around him. The dark energy returns around his body and he turns back into the D.E.K.


‘I’m not your son. I want some answers to what is going on, or I’ll implode this ship,’ Jaden says while standing up. He points his arms outward while his swords continue to face towards the floor. He stands there as a warrior ready for a battle. The fire slowly goes into his body and the alien shadow walks towards Jaden.

‘Let’s talk Jaden Marino,’ she says.


The entire area changes around them and the fire disappears. They instantly move into another part of the ship. The shadow alien has its shadows on the ground in four directions. It has two legs, two arms, red eyes, two wings and a head. She has a shape like a dark energy knight, but resembles more of a female body shape. She is tall and skinny and is wearing a gown, with reflective dark energy slowly moving around the body.

‘I figured this shape that resembles a human will be more of your liking,’ she says while Jaden continues to look around.

The shadow alien takes a few steps back from Jaden. Jaden looks around the windowless and see through floor area. He doesn’t see any walls, ceiling or floors and he feels as if he is standing in space. He doesn’t even see the rest of the mother ship around him. Stars and space can be seen in a 360° view. Behind Jaden there are two huge floating statues of an alien species that look similar to the Predator and Alien movies. Jaden looks down and he can see the Earth from a distance, slowly rotating on its axis. He calms down and the dark energy disappears from around his body. The dark energy around Jaden’s body disperses, but it is on standby in molecules above his head. His clothes are destroyed and he stands there naked, awaiting answers. The dark energy is still around his hands and traveling around the swords.

The sunlight reflects away from the ship. Jaden’s nose suddenly catches the nice scent of a female’s perfume as it tickles his nostrils. A cold chill rushes up and down his body. The darkness in space makes the area feel cold and lonely. Suddenly it becomes bright. Shadowy and ghostly images of him surrounded by beautiful naked women appear in front of him. Jaden sees a naked image of himself in a bed with female actors he had crushes on when he was younger. The virtual images of the females and himself are very vivid in color and appear in 3D. He sees the females are kissing him all over his body and feeding him fruit. Jaden’s body feels what the virtual lustful image of him is experiencing. Jaden feels warm all over, but he ignores the images and feelings, and focuses on the shadow alien. He continues to hold on tight to the swords with the dark energy still dancing around them.

‘I see that you like what you see all around you. You had several wet dreams similar to this over the past ten years of your human mind, yes? This is how your subconscious imagined how your orgy dream would be right?’ She asks.


Jaden continues to stare with a straight face through the illusions of lust around him. He takes a few steps forward with his bare feet on the cold floor. He doesn’t respond to the alien voice and he ignores the beautiful perfume smells of the gorgeous females all around him. He stops walking and stares at the shadow alien.


‘You remain very focused on your purpose of finding the answers you seek. You want logical explanations to everything you have witnessed. I sense many questions in your small organic brain. I’ll answer all that I sense, young warrior. Why did we attack Earth? We didn’t attack Earth, we are just occupying your planet and occupying human bodies. You’re primitive human race is heading towards extinction and needs a new direction. You need to be led, just like other alien races. It is a basic need just like carbon-based life needs water and food. Your human race needs one leader. Your species is used to following the next person in a collective, they already proved they couldn’t lead themselves. You humans are a waste of a good planet and resources. We can make better use of your bodies.’

The wet dream images change to 2D and drops back about twelve feet around Jaden. New 3D color images of thousands of humans kneeling to the Pope and other religious figures appear around him. The images then quickly change to humans around the world worshipping different idols.


‘We were originally an advanced alien robotic race. Our race went as far as our technology could go, but we were missing something. Over time, we found that carbon-based life forms were more interesting. We love your culture, entertainment, memories, love, feelings, lifestyles, and pleasure experiences. Each bioparasite that enters a human body will experience everything that humans experience for many generations. Meaning, the Nanomole will let the bioparasite feel, smell, retouch, relive, and experience the past 500,000 years of Nanomole-recorded information. We love knowing what it feels like being a carbon-based species again. There are so many different entertaining human emotions. Our three favorites categories are: 1. Anger, rage, hate and to kill others weaker is a priceless feeling; 2. Pain, suffering, disgust, sadness, hunger and the fear of pleading for your life when you are about to die; 3. Lust, love, making love, physical arousal and pleasure. These emotional categories cannot be properly duplicated in a non-organic life form. We want to feel what you humans feel in all aspects. Love and hate is a universal concept, I can teach you how to control your emotions and experience the best of both worlds. You can be the strongest leader, warrior and god in history. You have what it takes and you can be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Bioparasites are Darclonians in organic form, but I know you already knew that answer.’


Jaden is speechless and horrified in what this alien is saying. He stays focused on the questions he is asking in his mind. Images of the solar system show up and then images of humans suffering all around the world. Jaden looks at everything he sees around him with astonishment. The dark energy disappears from his hands and sword. He drops the swords and there is a loud clanking sound. He begins to take deep breaths and focuses on the disturbing images in front of him.


‘The distance your planet is from the sun is near perfect. Your solar system is perfectly aligned with the right number of planets to protect Earth from catastrophic destruction from flying projectiles. Seventy percent of Earth-like planets in your galaxy aren’t so lucky. Earth evolved into a planet that can support so many billions of different life forms. This is rare amongst most planets in this galaxy. This makes Earth a very special find and a commodity. However, you humans are destroying yourselves along with the animal species on your planet. We have seen similar situations on many other planets with intelligent life. We will solve all your problems by ending world hunger, pollution, racism, diseases, genocides, violence, war and self-destruction. We have the technology to stop the global warming affecting your atmosphere.’

‘I sense a contradiction. You enjoy watching these things, but you also want to stop it?’ He asks.

‘Doing the actual act and watching for entertainment purposes are two different things. We look at it as if we were watching an entertaining movie,’ she says.

The 3D video images around Jaden changes to people dying from plagues, being blown up and children going hungry around the world. Another cold chill runs up and down his body. He quickly turns his head in different directions to see every image around him. The images also show missiles flying in the air and a nuclear bomb going off. The light from the images reflect off Jaden’s wide-open eyes. He can smell burning flesh and dead bodies. He covers his nose and focuses on the dark shadow.

‘These visual images bother you. Your emotional feelings are expressing concern…’

Jaden interrupts her and asks, ‘How do you know what is best for us and our planet?’

‘I know deep down Jaden you would like all these problems solved. Growing up you wished those problems were solved and wanted world peace. Your planet needs one ruler and someone who can make a change. For the past 15,000 years, most humans have been followers, there are very few leaders. If one leader can persuade an audience about something and that leader is convincing enough, that audience will follow that leader off the planet. You don’t need to be part of the followers and follow a false belief. You need to be a leader and have everyone following you.’

The animation shows human images of Jesus, the Pope and other religious figures over the centuries. People are worshipping and praying to statues and religious figures. Humans bowing and praying to the kings, princes and dictators.


Jaden says, ‘Maybe the humans following each other over the years have kept us somewhat happy and hopeful over the years.”


‘Humans want to have a sense of belonging to something. If they see an opportunity for themselves to be part of something, they will hop onboard. This is why there are so many religions, politicians, rulers and successful dictators over the centuries. Jaden, you can be that next ruler or messiah and make things how you see fit. The human souls can share the bodies with the bioparasites and they will be protected from harm. Their shared bodies will be able to live over 500 years. Our older Darclonians bioparasites and the younger bioparasites who bartered the most from our planets, will go into the rich and upper middle class humans. The bioparasites will experience what it feels like to be rich and experience all the nice things in their new lifestyle. The Nanomoles will let each bioparasite relive thousands of years in our three favorite emotional categories. You are correct Jaden, relive it just as if they were watching a movie. But mankind will need one powerful warrior ruler to control everyone, just like the kings in your past history,’ she says.


Jaden looks down at Earth and responds, ‘What if that is not what we want? Why do you have to make these choices for us? We are independent and should be allowed to make our own decisions….’

The female voice interrupts Jaden, ‘The reason why your human species can’t make their own choices is because the following has plagued your society for the past 100,000 years: lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud, slavery, treachery, sloth and envy. These words tell us that someone else needs to make changes and choices for you,’ she pauses and then continues, ‘Within the next 700 years, your planet will be uninhabitable and millions of species will die. Your oceans will flood the land and cosmic radiation will slip through your atmosphere. Your life expectancy will be reduced to thirty in the next 400 years. You are exterminating yourselves anyway. Man-made chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals used as spray-can propellants, carbon dioxide and industrial solvents are quickly destroying a well designed planet.’

She continues a few seconds later, ‘ Your government’s plan to turn Mars into another Earth will not solve the problems, it will only eventually spread them and destroy another useful planet. Yes, your government has plans to change Mars into another Earth. How you ask? Goojjle search “terraforming” when you get back on Earth. I’ve also read Nanomoles of several government officials. They plan to send thousands of autonomous robots to Mars in the next forty years. The robots will build small greenhouses and grow plants inside of them. They will also release trapped oxygen particles in the ground and release trapped ice below the surface, slowly increasing the oxygen level 0.5% a year. This is how they plan to turn Mars into another Earth. We can do this in a fraction of the time and colonize both planets. So your species can have a secure place to live.’

The video images show Mars’ surface growing plants and forming an atmosphere. Jaden’s mouth and eyes are wide open as he sees the animated images of Mars slowly forming an atmosphere.

She continues, ‘As I was saying, a drastic change and a new direction are needed. You can be the king of planet Earth. You will have unlimited powers and can do as you please. You can have sex with any and as many humans as you want. You can have as much money, power, love and lust as you want. You can control their minds. You can take over other planets and kill those who get in your way. This is what your species is good at, taking over the weak and conquering, yes? This is what we have learned in your histories.’

Jaden responds, ‘Controlling other humans’ minds is nothing more than modern day slavery. We already learned from our mistakes of enslaving another race. What you are doing today is nothing more than enslaving the minds of a species. This isn’t helping us, but destroying us…’ Jaden is cut off by what is appearing around him.

The 2D images in the background of an imaginary Jaden in the middle of several naked women moves closer towards Jaden and switches to 3D. He can see himself lying on a huge white bed with red roses on it and being satisfied by multiple women. There are attractive Asian, Black, Russian and Hispanic women completely naked around him. The ghostly colorful 3D female illusions around him look very enticing. Jaden continues to physically feel what his imaginary body is experiencing. There are echoing moans and screams of pleasure. The women are smiling and whispering seductive things in his ears. The voices echo together around him and send chills around his body.

“I want you Jaden. I want to feel you in me. Do you like this? Do you like how I feel?” They ask at the same time.

‘Humans don’t like using condoms right? You don’t like using condoms right? How does feeling two moist females’ reproductive organs naturally at the same time sound?’ She asks.

The imaginary Jaden has two women riding him while he lies on his back. One female is over the penis between his legs and the other female is over the new penis that just grew from his stomach. Jaden wipes his eyes and opens them to the fullest, he can’t believe what he is seeing. Double the pleasure signals are being sent to Jaden’s mind. Jaden moans in a deep breath and collapses to the floor. He tries hard to resist the pleasure signals coming from his lust body, but they are overwhelming. The moist double entries are overstimulating his brain. He kneels to the floor and looks upwards towards the dark shadow. Jaden fights his growing erection. Two of the lusty shadow females walk over to Jaden on his knees. They touch the back of Jaden’s human body as he bends on his knees towards the floor.

‘Don’t fight it, this is what every man wish he could experience. Imagine experiencing this everyday for the rest of your life? You can impregnate as many women as you want and never have to worry about catching a STD. Create your own army in less than four months and your children will have all your knowledge,’ she says.

“Stop this!” Jaden yells grabbing between his legs.

Jaden swings in an attempt to knock them away from him, but there isn’t any effect. The simulation is overwhelming his pituitary gland and prostate.

‘I can’t stop what all humans love for centuries. You love this ultimate experience don’t you. The sensual touches and tongues all around your body is amazing, isn’t it? Any male human would kill for this experience. It feels very real doesn’t it? You are getting the pleasure from your imaginary self and from your human body, simultaneously. The lust shadows are like the real thing. Every man’s dream is to be in an orgy like this. They can all be your wives and polygamy can be legal. You can feel orgasms like you never imagined. Don’t fight the sexual temptation and pleasures.’

‘Stop doing this to me. I don’t want sex right now!’ Jaden pleads.

“Yes, you do want sex right now, climaxing is good,” the lusty voice sounding identical to Jaden says.

Suddenly the imaginary Jaden stands up and talks to Jaden directly with an extra penis erect over his stomach. The women follow him and continue pleasuring him. Jaden is still on his knees covering himself and looks astonished at the other Jaden talking to him less than a foot away.

“Double the pleasure, double the fun. You know this is what we always wanted. You feel the pleasures, we will be in heaven everyday. We can have a different female every night. We can do whatever we want,” he says.

“No! That isn’t what I want!” Jaden yells while turning away and looking down at Earth.

‘Come on, have an orgasm, it will release some stress,’ she says at what appears to be a smile under the red eyes.

Jaden struggles to fight the arousing feelings and resists being turned on by the continuous soft, moist hands and tongues all around his body. He struggles to overpower the near orgasm tingling coming around his body. Small, soft lips shower his nipples and neck areas. Goose bumps form around him, but he struggles to fight the temptation as the smell of sex floods his nose. He thinks about Kim on Earth and the love he has for her. He feels the sperm excitingly leaving his testicles and traveling through his sperm ducts. The strong emotional bond he has for Kim stops the high-speed sperm in their tracks. Jaden groans and spit comes from his mouth and onto the floor in front of him. The spit is quickly absorbed into the see-through floor.

His imaginary self looks at him as weak and a punk, “It’s fine if you don’t want to get off. I’ll just keep forwarding you the pleasures I’m feeling. I’m sure you can’t hold out much longer,” it says while lying back down on a soft white bed. The women quickly jump on him. Each female has a certain area of his body, one female is licking each nipple, another his neck on both sides, kissing his mouth and ears, licking under his arms and massaging his prostate remotely. Two females are riding his stomach and groin area while they kiss each other.


‘Don’t think about just one female. Your girlfriend Kimberly can’t do what all these women can do for you. Ninety percent of men on Earth would cheat on their spouse if they could get away with it. You can get away with it and you aren’t even physical with anyone. She would never know you had a virtual orgy. Feel the ultimate in human pleasure,’ the female alien says.


He groans louder and louder as he fights off the ultimate in sexual feelings. His images of Kim keep him focus and he becomes enraged.

“Enough!!!” Jaden yells at the top of his voice.

His energy shield forms around him and the lustful shadows disappear from around him. He reverses his ejaculation and his penis goes back down. He stands on his feet and the shield disappears.

‘Nice try the snake from Adam and Eve’s garden of Eden. I’m not for sale for your lust orgies. I only love one person and she is the only one I want to have sexual feelings for. I know you want my sperm for something, which is why you were trying so hard. I might be a little naïve, but I’m not stupid. I have self-control and I’m one hundred percent faithful to the person I love. I don’t care what ninety percent of men would try to get away with on Earth. Maybe you need to research what true love is from your Nanomole experiments. I’ll give up all that exotic pleasure and double penises to be with the one person for me. My heart is for one person and nothing can replace that.’

The shadow female stands there speechless. Jaden walks forward and looks directly into the eyes of the dark shadow alien before him. Jaden continues talking, ‘If we want to destroy our planet, so be it. We are still primitive and in the middle of a learning curve. We are allowed to make mistakes, that is what humans do best. The mistakes we made in our history are over and done with. We do learn from our past. Us humans should be able to make our decisions and which path we take for the next thousand years. We are individuals and we can decide what is best for us. We can learn to change our ways, but being forced to shouldn’t be up to your species to decide. That should be something God decides,’ Jaden says.


The frustrated female alien responds in a raised tone and it echoes all around Jaden.

‘God decides? Do you think your God is going to save you? God is something your primitive species made up the past 12,000 years. Your B.C. species made the sun their god. Here are images of Homo sapiens and hominids praying to the sun everyday for light for their crops and food to grow. At the time, these humans didn’t have the science or technology to understand things the way you do now. I’ve read all your bibles and your original bible–The Egyptian Book of the Dead. The original Hebrew bible, Egyptian book, Old Testament and New Testament were nothing more than an astrotheological literary hybrid. I also studied your history through Nanomoles….’

Jaden interrupts, ‘A what?’

Jaden sees images of Egyptians in 3000 B.C. praying to a falcon bird while the sun is in the middle of the sky. The images change to Egyptians worshiping hieroglyphs of Horus and images of humans studying the sky at night all around the planet from 5000 B.C. to present.

‘An astrotheological literary hybrid is what your bibles started out as. It was nothing more than an astrology book with many references of stars in space. Those were the symbolic ages of zodiac spiritual symbols, hieroglyphs, afterlife and myths. The astrology books, precession of the equinoxes, movement of the ages and astrological ages all represent similar information about the stars. Every 2150 year period is one age.’

‘I’m not understanding all of this. You’re saying that the Bible is an astrology book. Aren’t we in the Pisces age now?’

‘Your brain is still so primitive just like a half ape human, you can’t even keep up with simple terminologies. You have been so brainwashed growing up your entire life that you can’t even understand what I’m telling you. My point to you is your human species for the past 15,000 years revolved around mainly astrology. This is standard for most early primitive civilizations on many Earth-like planets around the universe. Early primitive brains eventually evolve and they wonder why they are here, what is their purpose, why does the sun come everyday, what do the stars mean at night. Without scientific knowledge, a species uses their imagination to come up with beliefs and then a religion is created. Exactly what happened to humans for the past 15,000 years. Eventually technology and higher intelligence overpowers religion. Your human brain is capable of higher intelligence now and it is time for you to evolve to the next level.’

Jaden sees images of another alien species in a very primitive life stage and millions are looking towards the sky at night and day. The aliens have long, skinny legs and odd-shaped upper bodies. They walk around like grasshoppers and have faces like orange cichlid fish.

‘What planet is this happening on?’ Jaden asks.

‘This is an alien species called Mullutians, who are 47,098 light-years from here in the Crux Arm of your galaxy. This was over 21,000 years ago. As you can see, they are praying to a double star system and a sun god in their sky every day. They evolved just like humans from an animal. Their brains slowly evolved into larger brains. The images you see now are them evolving more and understanding the constellations of their stars. Here they are making up their beliefs of religions. Now they are choosing which sun god is more powerful as the two stars sometimes change colors. They split up with their beliefs and some choose the very bright double moons as their god or savior.’

Jaden sees the alien species fighting each other and killing each other for thousands of years. Some dictate their beliefs onto others. Most aliens kill others who don’t believe their sun god is stronger than the other. He sees other aliens worshipping bright planets in the sky and creating a religion around that. He sees many dying from diseases and they blame the other god in the sky on their misfortunes. Time is quickly being sped up in the video.

‘As you can see they are continuing to evolve as their technology became more advanced. They are evolving at a slow pace from a primitive religious belief state. They are learning to get along by not fighting and working together. Their technology proved that religion was outdated and not needed anymore. Now you can see they are a self-contained non-religious advanced technology species. They are traveling to other solar systems and communicating with other alien species. As you can see they are traveling in robotic bodies,’ she says.

‘That is very nice, another alien species evolved and are getting along. I don’t see any images of you interfering with them. How do I know if all of that is true, what you are showing me and telling me? What about humans? What about Catholics, Christians and Jesus?’ Jaden asks.

‘Ancient Egyptian religion and Christian religions are very similar. Every religion has their savior: Horus of the Egyptians, Jesus of Christians, Dionysus/Bacchus of Greeks, Attis of Phrygia, Krishna of India, and Mithra of Persia. All born on December twenty-fifth from virgin mothers. Human women weren’t capable of becoming pregnant without having sex back then and artificial insemination wasn’t available.’

‘Come on, I can’t believe all this. This is all bullshit, alien Darclonian lady with all the answers to the world. I never even heard of those names before. I believe what was written in the Bible.’

‘Open your mind. Stop thinking on a primitive level. Your Internet is the new bible for humans. If you want to be a leader, you have to understand all aspects of things. Primitive thinking people need something to worship and something to have faith in. These basic facts I just mentioned are available on your Internet to read. Some humans are ready to think on a higher level. You don’t think this information is on the Internet? Search your Internet for “zeitgeist.”



‘I will do that,’ Jaden says.

‘Jesus is the son of God. Humans were worshiping your sun all these years thinking it was a powerful being. Man eventually started to change older ideas thousands of years ago and only top religious leaders were able to read and translate the Bible into what they wanted people to follow. This is a clear example of controlling a population. Humans are used to being controlled. There was no mention of fossils or dinosaurs anywhere in the bibles. I’ve witnessed the Nanomoles around 2 B.C. – 6 A.D., the only miracle was the new constellations of the Pisces Age beginning around 1 A.D. There was no miracle birth of any Jesus.’

‘Lies! Jesus was born 4 A.D. regardless of what you say, I have faith to keep me sane. The formation of this galaxy and universe could only be created by something as powerful as God. I know your species couldn’t make supernovas, galactic bulges and everything around us. I know there is a god out there watching over us,’ Jaden says.

‘Yes he is out there, he is in your imagination. I just want you to open your eyes and see things from another perspective. You can be the new leader and be your own god. You can be the new Jesus and 0 A.D. can start in two hours. You can be worshipped by billions of other species. You can create your own BIO-Sapien Universal King Marino Bible, full of facts and science that all species will follow…’

‘Are you seriously smoking something? Do you hear how crazy you sound?’ Jaden asks.

‘There is no mention of science, evolution or other planets in your bibles. A true book of a species is supposed to contain a combination of these things. Every carbon-based species evolves from something. If God did exist, there would be diagrams of entire galaxies in the Bible, coordinates to where heaven is and where hell is located. There would also be information of religions on other alien planets in your human bibles. One religion or faith would be the same in multiple solar systems and galaxies. A universal similarity in religions and bibles is something we have yet to see. There shouldn’t be hundreds of different bibles in your world and 270 major religions. One religion, one belief, one godly figure; this would prove that one universal god made rules for all alien species to follow. This has never been the case in my hundreds of thousands of years being around. Every religion is based around what the primitive species interprets. Do you really believe in a bible that was written around the time man thought the sun revolved around Earth and that the Earth was flat? These same people believed magma from the ground was punishment from hell. They also believed God lives on clouds and thunder and lightning comes down to the surface when he is angry. How can hell be in the ground? Nothing can survive more than a hundred miles below the ground. Nothing is down there. Hell was created to trick humans into being good, since they couldn’t self govern themselves.

Humans are guided creatures from birth. Unlike other animals, humans need to be cared for and guided by their parents to survive. Religion also helps guide children as they grow up. Religion, family and parents works together to give values, something to fear and helps guide children to make better decisions into human adulthood. More and more humans can self-guide themselves past 18 years old and not need the religion guidance anymore. They would know what is right or wrong and don’t need a higher deity to fear. We call this a mental evolution of the mind in a primitive alien species like you. 80% of all humans are religious on Earth and suffer from mass delusion. That percentage is too high for an intelligent alien species to interact with you directly. It does make it very easy to manipulate a species that suffer from mass delusion. Until you reach your technological singularity, your species will remain at a level 7 primitive intelligence level.’


Jaden takes a deep breath and responds, ‘I’m sure people during that time period used their imaginations and exaggerated more since they didn’t have answers to certain things. But that doesn’t mean everything was a lie. Our science evolved a lot over the past 400 years and we learned a lot since then. I know something is out there as a powerful godly being. Our primitive race needs religion in our lives. It keeps us good and gives us faith towards something. I’m sure faith is something you lost hundreds of thousands of years ago when you used to be more organic. Our Bible might be missing things, or inaccurate to a degree, but it keeps most of our species in line, keeps us good and gives us a reason to live. Reproducing gives us more reasons for living. I would rather stay a primitive thinking follower, than an evil dictating ruler. Maybe if your species had some religion, you wouldn’t be taking over human bodies and getting off on our emotions,’ Jaden says.

She raises her telepathic voice, ‘You have some audacity suggesting that! We have one belief system. Our thinking evolved into levels you would never comprehend. You can barely evolve to leave the pack of followers believing in religion this day. I’ve seen hundreds of events in your history for the past 12,000 years that religion and faith is useless to keep you good. I have two examples: during War World II, Germans killed millions of humans and your United States and other countries stood by. Most of your species don’t have any value on life. Many stood by and followed the next person or played ignorant. Germans created the largest genocide in your history. They were trying to take over the world. Runner-up, Ida Amin Dada killed over 700,000 in a massive genocide in Rwanda. Why didn’t religion or God intervene to help these people? Why wasn’t more done?’

‘I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Maybe Jesus and God were busy on another planet, saving a species from a bigger genocide at the time. Sometimes there are a few unstable, evil humans that are into massive killings and genocide. Maybe you Darclonians should have recruited Hitler and Dada to be on your team, instead of me. If there was oil in Germany and Africa back then, maybe more countries would have gotten involved and stopped all those senseless killings, especially the U.S.A.,’ Jaden says.


‘You want to know why so many died? Because there is no god. Everything happens just to happen. You happened Jaden and other multiverse Jadens just happened. God is a figment of your humans’ imaginations. Even if He did exist He would have billions of other things to do than to watch over your primitive, genocidal human race.’

It is completely quiet around Jaden. He looks down at Earth through the see-through floor.

Jaden responds to something she just said, ‘What did you mean by other multiverse Jadens happen?’

‘Doesn’t mean anything, just a universal calculations thing,’ she quickly changes the subject, ‘The Nazis remind me of an alien species called Railtorians. The Railtorians live in the Omega Centauri system, 23,000 light-years from here. They went from planet to planet killing weaker life forms that couldn’t defend themselves. Other advanced life-forms didn’t bother to intervene, until it was a threat to them, universal similarities.’

Jaden takes a deep breath.

She continues, ‘Your species say they care about life, but you slaughter innocent animal life every day for food. Your human teeth are shaped to eat vegetables and fruit. Animals eat other animals as part of a natural food chain. You humans are nothing more than animals…’

‘We humans are omnivores,’ Jaden says while interrupting her.

She continues in a louder tone, ‘You humans claim you evolved and aren’t animals. Cattle, pigs, and fish are all life forms, but you kill and eat them every day. You break your own Bible’s rules, thou shall not kill. Killing the weaker and conquering is what your species is good at. This can be your purpose to be the new messiah of the Aquarius age for your people, but your mind Jaden can’t be on at the primitive thinking level. If you join us, I will allow half of your species’ bodies not to be taken over.’

‘I heard enough on your alien philosophy and finding loopholes in our beliefs. What exactly are you looking for with all these different alien species you are manipulating and taking over?’ Jaden asks.


‘We are here to help your species and other species from obliterating themselves.’

‘Bullshit!’ Jaden yells telepathically.

‘Your species is self-destructing themselves. A social transformation is needed. The United States political system is backwards and stuck in capitalism and a monetary-based economy. Many other big countries follow the same pattern. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. We analyzed hundreds of Nanomoles from politicians, CEOs of banks and world leaders over the past few days. Lies, deception, greed, interests, control, debt, profits and corporatocracy are the main words in every part of these people’s brains. We would end this corrupt system and create the perfect new world system of everyone being treated as equals.’

‘I don’t know what this have to do with anything.’

‘The point of what I was saying is that we treat our Darclonian citizens as equals and don’t have a capitalistic society. Sharing a human body will keep humans’ minds in a forever paradise state of mind,’ she says.

‘Why would you care about our political or capitalist system?’ Jaden asks.

‘A species should be treated as equals or they should be replaced. We are not here to kill your species, we are here to assist giving them what they need.’


‘Since you have all the answers, I want a detailed explanation to why is there so much discrimination against black people? Why are so many black men being shot by police? When will it end?’ Jaden asks.


‘The history is important to understand why discrimination exists today. According to our Nanomoles, the first qualified human beings were the Homo Erectus dating back 2 million years ago and lived in Africa.


Africa is the origins of all homosapiens. The black race has the longest history and suffered on many systematic and catastrophic levels over the past 500 years. First being stripped of their identity when brought over against their will as slaves to America and forced to become Christians…..’ Jaden interrupts.

‘What is this weird imagine appearing in front of me?’ Jaden asks.

‘These are 3D QR reference codes. Since most of my factual statements will be hard for you to believe, I’m backing them with weblinks from your internet. Stare at it and the webpage’s information will automatically go into your mind while I speak.’

She continues ‘….In America blacks suffered through thousands of rapes, beatings, hangings, killings, castration and used as property. The mental pain during this period was passed down for many generations.


The black race was considered 3/5th of a person until 1861, which gave a black person’s life value lower than a dog, to the average southern citizen during this time.



This mind set stayed in the subconscious of many white Americans until present day. This partly explains why so many unarmed black men today can be shot by police, handcuffed and left on the ground to bleed out to die like animals.


The Tuskegee experiment in 1932 black men were given syphilis by the government and studied like guinea pig animals. The experiment went on for 40 years. These men suffered and died horrible deaths. The government had a cure, but saw the black man’s life value on a level of an insect, so they didn’t care.



From the 1940s thru today, the US government offered a modified welfare to blacks in poor areas to continue to break down the black family. The goal was to offer incentives for black women to be out of wedlock mothers and discouraging them from marrying. The chances of the children becoming criminals increased and then more prisons were built.



The 1970s Rockefeller drug laws were specifically designed to take the black race into a modern day slavery. Other states followed and invested in more prisons. The NY state prisons doubled and then tripled in the 70s and 80s.



In the 1980s the CIA bought crack cocaine into black communities to continue breaking down the black community and continued their modern day slavery with the prison systems. Millions of families destroyed because of this process, while private and states officials made record profits from cheap prison labor.



The Kalief Browder story is a clear example of how the local criminal justice system, systematically discriminates on poor black Americans. He was in prison for 3 years without a trial. ‘Guilty till proven innocent’ is the hidden law for minorities.



The news media continued to program society by promoting negative images and negative stories of the black race, especially black men on tv, in newspapers and internet for decades. The word thug is always used to describe a suspecting black man committing violence or involved in criminal activity. The word has become little more than a socially acceptable version of the n-word.





In 1989 New York central park jogger rape case is an excellent example of guilty till proven innocent and bad policing to quickly find black scapegoats.



Dozens of rap record labels over the past 30 years encouraged rappers to use the N word noun in their music to program both black and white humans that the derogatory word is accepted.



While over 70% of rap music is purchased by white humans, the word helps keep a negative dark shadow over the black race.







Recently, BNN news interviewed children of all races and most think, black is bad, black can’t be trusted, black is evil and blacks don’t make good friends and to fear dark skin people.



Shockingly half of black children think the same way.



These mind sets help explain why police officers fear black men at such a high level and are very quick to shoot first and ask questions later. They can shoot these unarmed human life forms several times like target practice, handcuff them and let them die on the ground like animals or 3/5th of a person.







In 2015 alone 102 unarmed black men were killed by police in America, 5 times that of white males.


A black man with his hands up and on video can still be shot by the fear in these police officer’s subconciousness.



Analyzing this information brings me to the conclusion that black humans are guilty till proven innocent.


According to your society a black man can be beat like an animal on video by police and the officers involved can still be found not guilty in the court of law.



Years of built up injustice, anger, racial profiling, illegal searches, lack of opportunity, broken families, systematic discrimination, black on black violence and the mental pain passed down from the slavery days causes opportunity for rioting, destruction of property and violent protesting.



These negative images and video of blacks rioting are posted all over the new media re-enforcing the discrimination in the minds of the rest of the world.


Lack of opportunity is a big problem plaguing the black race. For years it’s been hard for blacks to find good jobs and good housing.



The black race being first fired, last hired is a standard practice all across the world, except South Africa. Black men experience this the most.



Many companies hire a small % of blacks to clear their “Affirmative action” requirements. Then the hiring managers discriminate on first and last black names on resumes and job applications.


When a job applicant is looking for a job, a white male with a felony, is on the same level of a college educated black male with no criminal record.



There are 100s of other examples I can give to describe how bad the discrimination problems are. The problems are catastrophic on many levels and this is only one side of a major problem.


These problems cannot be solved by humanity by yourselves.

One of four major events need to take place to solve all these issues with the black race.


p<>{color:#000;}. Skin color changing – Over the past 100 years, many races have been involved with lightening and darkening their skin through various methods. As of today the technology hasn’t been perfected with lightening the skin. When the technology becomes better perfected in the next 20 years, more and more black minorities will collectively change their skin color in an attempt to increase their chances of being more successful in life and increase their chances of not being shot by police. Dna pigmentation modification in the womb will also be an option in 25 years. The down side is over a 500 year period dark skin black humans will become extinct like the Neanderthals. Most humans with the same color will drastically reduce racism and change the mindset of most people.



p<>{color:#000;}. Super natural event – Superflare, major earth quake or huge meteor strike will cause a global society reset. Billions will die and most racism will die as well. When a species is in survival mode racism is the last thing on people’s minds.


p<>{color:#000;}. A friendly alien encounter or alien attack – Racism throughout the planet will disappear overnight within all nationalities. A level 7 primitive species like yourselves will focus their new racism on the outsider alien strangers that look different than them. In your TV and movie series Star Trek, there was no racism in the future with humans. All nationalities were getting along and united.

We will never interact directly with a level 7 primitive species. It would be equivalent to you walking to the middle of the dessert and trying to communicate with ants in an ant hole. The ants wouldn’t know how to react.



p<>{color:#000;}. We the Darclonians can fix all the racism on planet Earth overnight. There will be no more discrimination with the black race or any race. My species will be happy to help with this.


I choose to answer your questions by explaining examples you weren’t aware of,’ she says.


There is a long pause as Jaden digests all this confusing information.

‘Well, okay changing the subject here, I have a question, why did your Darclonian species kidnap me on Planet 455 in the Andromeda Galaxy?’ Jaden asks.

‘We borrowed you to study your body, mind and chemistry…’

‘More like torture and experiment,’ Jaden suggests.

‘We are making human bodies stronger. There is so much the human body is capable of, you can concur with this.’

‘I’m already strong enough; the Andromedians already made me stronger and very evolved. The rest of humans need to be left just how they are. We don’t need to be in a paradise state of mind while you Darclonians do God knows what with us. What is joining the pyramid about?’

‘The Andromedians are an ignorant race who doesn’t see the bigger picture. They think they are the police of the galaxies, always trying to help a species and do what they think is right. Not everyone believes their thinking is correct. Just because their technology is very superior and advanced over many other species, doesn’t mean they will stay superior for long. The pyramid is a D.E.K.’s weapon of mass destruction. You will learn about this in time.’

‘The Andromedians are more of a civilized species than you will ever be. I’m sure I will learn more about the D.E.K. weapon soon. Speaking of pyramids, why were you looking at the Egyptian pyramids being built in the Nanomole images?’ Jaden asks.

‘We wanted to know which alien species was here 12,000 years ago building these pyramids. We believe the direction the pyramids point means something. We believe they took some humans with them. There is a chance the Nanomoles crossed species and are active in other solar systems.’

‘What are you?’ Jaden asks.

There is silence.

‘Why don’t you have a seat?’ She asks.

‘I’ll stand.’ He responds.

An invisible force is behind Jaden’s legs and hits the joints behind his knees. He falls back and sits down on nothing. It feels solid and comfortable as if he is sitting on air.

‘I’m sure that’s better, since your species’ legs are made more for running and sitting.’

‘What am I sitting on?’

‘We call it AGM, artificial gravity matter. It involves creating solid invisible matter in midair.’

‘What am I? Why do I turn into a D.E.K.?’ Jaden asks.

‘You are the result of an experiment from over ten thousand years of research, the manipulation of dark energy, dark matter, exotic matter and other energies in a controlled stable environment. This technology was thought to be impossible to keep stable around a life force. However, anything mechanical or electrical malfunctions around the dark energy. It also slowly destroys organic tissue around the skin, this is why the skin needs to be constantly repaired around a D.E.K.. The dark energy knows to go around a metal object so it can be used as a weapon. A powerful hidden molecule in your brain controls the dark energy. Your species would define it as superstring twelve dimensions of matter or the god particle. It is hidden in your brain and encoded in with brain cells. You can’t see it, similar to us not always being able to see your encoded Nanoscanners.’

‘Why was I chosen to be a D.E.K.?’ Jaden asks.

‘Who said you were a D.E.K.?’

‘What am I then?’ Jaden asks.

‘You should know.’

‘I don’t know. I guess if I was a superhero, I would be called Black hole Man,’ he chuckles, ‘Are you the DEP?’

There is silence and thunder rumbles in the background.

‘Department of Environmental Protection?’ She asks.

Jaden responds, ‘Your attempt at humor is horrible. I meant dark energy prince or princess. Also, why do I hear thunder in the background?’

‘I’ve seen two million movies you humans created. During a scene like this, you humans love to hear nice sound effects.’

‘You didn’t answer my other question.’

‘You are the dark energy prince and I’m the dark energy queen,’ she says.

Thunder roars in the background and echoes around the area. Jaden feels the loud thunder throughout his body. Chills move up and down his back and body.

‘Yeah right, what are you people playing? Alien chess? Who is the king then?’ Jaden asks in a chuckling voice.

‘You will meet him in time.’

‘I’m not a dark energy prince or a dark energy knight. I’m a BIO-Sapien. I’m my own evolved person.’

‘Ha ha ha…’

The laughing continues while echoing around the room. The laughing turns into a deeper sounding man’s laugh.

‘I don’t see what is so funny. You sound like an evil transsexual,’ Jaden snaps.

‘You simple minded human. You didn’t come up with that name on your own. That word was placed in your mind by us. That’s how you came up with the name. BIO-Sapien is what all humans will eventually evolve into. You are the first one of its kind. I sense you are still confused. To the Andromedians you are a BIO-Sapien, an alien of two worlds. To humans and us, you are a BIO-Sapien, an evolved Homo sapien that is three-quarters alien.’

Jaden interrupts, ‘I’ve heard enough of this bullshit. Humans are going to stay Homo sapiens. I’m also no dark energy prince, my father was never a king and I didn’t sign up for your little chess game with your Sith king…’

‘He is happy you are a part of us now,’ she responds.

Cold chills run all around Jaden’s body as his smile turns to a frown.

‘That is a lie! I didn’t join anything!’ Jaden says telepathically in a loud tone.

‘Then why are you here?’

‘I’m here for three things: For answers, to defend my planet and to stop you from implementing this silent attack on the human race.’

‘Stop us? In less than two hours, the bond between the Nanomole, bioparasites and human hosts will be permanent. Your friends’ plan to destroy this ship failed. I destroyed the bomb myself. Joining us will make the transition more pleasant and would be the most logical decision.’

Jaden stands and walks closer to the DEQ, with a frustrated look on his face.

‘I will never join your evil, manipulating, mind controlling, savage, dark energy chess gang. I would rather die and implode your ship before I join you,’ Jaden says.

‘That is very brave of you. But at the same time it was very stupid. A primitive organic species like you humans all have a similar weakness in common, your emotions. Love is the greatest flaw in humans. We have other means of persuasion,’ she says while taking a few steps back. Small dust pixels form together in a wave from two directions. There is a low wind howling sound. The images form high definition images.

Jaden sees vivid images of Amy pointing a gun with her right hand at Kim’s head. Kim has blood coming from her mouth and a gash on her left eyebrow. The angle of the video is coming from behind Amy’s left side. Jaden can see Kim with a painful look on her face. They are in the cafeteria in the Taipei 101 building. He sees Sabrina is unconscious on the floor behind Kim. A Coke machine refrigeration motor is quietly sounding in the background. A microbot is transmitting every sound in the large room, better than a professional microphone. Sounds and voices come from the 3D images.

Amy speaks out loud, “Hey Jaden baby! Look at my arm! They gave me a new arm. I have a black female’s arm. I’m one-tenth black now, I’m catching up to you,” Amy says in a high on drugs voice.

“What are you doing Amy? What did you do to your daughter?” Jaden asks aloud.

‘She can’t hear you. She can only hear what I tell her to do,’ she says.

“I have your little Asian bitch in front of me, baby daddy. I can’t wait to put a bullet in her. This is a baby mama’s dream to do to the new girlfriend. I’m sure she will bleed sweet duck sauce that I would love to taste. Do as my Queen Mary wishes or both of them will get some hot lead in the head.”

Jaden’s hands begin to tremble and he has butterflies in his chest.

“What have you done to her? Why is she calling you Mary?” Jaden asks in a nervous voice.

‘We didn’t do much, she had a lot of evil and anger already in her. We removed some of her morals from the frontal lobe of her brain. She was ready to go and wanted her soul to be saved. Very easy to manipulate and to control. She thought she was in heaven and she saw God sitting in the middle. Jesus on the right hand side and I was on the left. She repented for all her sins. She saw my image as the Virgin Mary and was willing to do anything we said. She wanted her own island and mindless male stripper. The same things you dreamed of as a younger teenager and what most humans want. A paradise world with endless pleasure. The weak are the easiest and the first to join the winning team,’ DEQ says.

‘That doesn’t make any sense. Why would she repent and you allow her to sin more?’ he says.

‘Does that really matter? Catholics sin all the time and repent for their sins. She can repent again after she takes care of this business for me. She wants her own Garden of Eden. I can provide that. You can have your own galaxy of Eden if you join us.’

‘More like the garden of sin.’

Kim’s screaming comes from the video images in front of Jaden. Amy continues to talk, “…I never did like you Asian people with your can’t see half open eyes. You know you people can’t see at night, but you try and drive anyway!” Amy yells while clicking the gun with an angry face and continues, “But I bet your chinky eyes see this loaded gun in your face.”

“Screw you, you mutated alien sellout bitch. Why don’t you put down that gun, so I can kick your ass around this cafeteria!” Kim yells while spitting blood on the floor.

Amy slowly lowers the gun and thinks about fighting Kim one on one. The DEQ tells Amy, ‘Do not engage Kim one on one, it never worked in the movies and it won’t work now. Keep the gun to her head and follow my orders.’

Amy raises the gun again and smiles.

‘Are you going to join us Jaden? We can beam your daughter and girlfriend up here or you can join them in a few minutes.’

A tear rolls down Jaden’s face. He stares at Kim through the images and places his hand to touch the wound on her face.


Jaden gets very angry and his brain begins to quickly think of possible resolutions to this situation. He breathes very heavily and comes across an idea, but he’s not sure if it will work. He decides to go for it anyway. Jaden commands all the shield-generating Nanodrones to leave his body and to follow his last nanoscanner towards the cloud portal. The Nanodrones warn him of the risk of not having any shield protection for his body and the risk of them being very weak not near his body. They also tell him something local needs to host and control the rpm speed and direction. He commands them anyway and they leave his body like a swarm of invisible bees. A nearby alien statue evaporates into quadrillions of microbots and goes after the trillions of Nanodrones. The microbots are the size of Nanodrones and quickly chase after them. The microbots fires millions of microscopic green lasers towards the Nanodrones, slowly destroying them. The Nanodrones are defenseless against these molecules. They are only strong in number when they are rotating in harmony and being controlled.

The dark energy returns around his arms and the swords go back into his hands.

‘Where do you think your defenseless Nanodrones are going? You can’t save everyone, not this time,’ she says.

‘You are sick and evil! If you harm one hair on her body I’ll, I’ll…’

‘You’ll what? What are you going to do? Implode my ship?’ She asks.

‘Yes, yes, that is exactly what I’ll do,’ he says nervously.

The dark energy forms around his entire body as a fire spreading.

‘You have learned to control your dark energy very well,’ the DEQ says.

‘Remove the gun from my girlfriend’s head. Now!’ He yells.

‘…but not well enough.’

She points her long arm towards Jaden’s direction. He struggles to hold on to the dark energy around his body. It briefly leaves his body and comes back. There is a struggle as he grunts and the energy slowly plays tug-of-war. The dark energy comes off completely around his body and stretches outwards into a dark blur. His body lifts three feet into the air and his arms stretch outward straight. He suddenly feels a solid, semi-visible force behind him, in the shape of a huge religious cross. The cross glows with some light particles inside of it. The dark energy sits three feet around his body and levitates. He drops the swords on the ground. Jaden grunts to bring the energy back towards his body and it slowly does. He can’t move as she holds a powerful line of matter at his body. He grunts and groans from the pain and continues to fight her. His skin melts away and has wounds all around his body. The powerful force is causing him to bleed through his pores. Blood is all over his face in the dimly lit area.

‘This is what your imaginary Jesus felt like stuck on a cross. You can die and sacrifice yourself for all humans if you choose. You can also have a front row seat while we kill everyone you care about one by one,’ she says.

The defenseless Nanodrones are quickly dying as they try to outrun the powerful microbots. The nanoscanner is carrying as many Nanodrones as it can. They travel through Virtualatrix rooms and through different portals. The ship’s energy shields form in different areas around the ship trying to block them off.

‘Did you think you could actually implode my ship or overpower me?’ She asks while chuckling. She continues, ‘You are nowhere as powerful as me.’

Jaden’s body trembles as he tries to pull the energy back towards him. He wants to fight her with all his might. Images of Kim suffering give him more strength.

‘I also still have access to the god particle in your brain,’ she laughs while thunder is in the background.

‘How does this feel?’ She asks.

‘It feels like I’m taking a shit on your face,’ he groans.

His body feels as if it is being crushed by gravitational forces. Blood is dripping behind his body and his eyes are glowing red. He looks at the transparent 3D screen and sees Kim’s face bleeding and squinting in pain. He sees her in inverted colors.

The nanoscanner and the much depleted Nanodrones reach the cloud portal area. The nanoscanner changes form and overrides the cloud portal controls. The remaining Nanodrones enter the cloud portal and disappear. The last nanoscanner is destroyed when it reveals itself and the cloud portal closes.

The gun is cocked at Kim’s head. Her voice echoes towards Jaden, “Don’t give in to what they want Jaden. Don’t worry about me, worry about saving Earth. I love you.”

“Shut up bitch!” Amy yells while smacking Kim in the mouth with her left hand.

‘I think some incentive is needed,’ the DEQ says.

Kim’s face turns backwards from the blow and she puts her hand over her mouth.

Kim hears a gunshot and is hit in the upper right shoulder. She screams in pain as she falls backwards to the floor. The hot bullet penetrates and exits her body. Jaden jumps when he hears the gunshot echoing around him.

“No! Kim!” Jaden yells and sobs.

‘She’s been shot in the same place you were shot at the beginning of your great adventure. So you are familiar with the pain she is feeling now. What is it going to be Jaden my prince? The next bullet goes in her head.’

‘I’ll kill you!’ Jaden yells while struggling on the virtual cross. A tear rolls down his face and he feels responsible for getting her caught up in this.

‘Yes. Try to kill me,’ The DEQ says.

Jaden looks the DEQ directly in her dark face and red eyes with so much anger. The dark energy is still floating a few feet around him. He is furious and his heart begins to beat very fast. He breathes heavily and his veins bulge up and down his arms. His muscles bulge all around his body. The rage takes over his mind. He moves his arms closer to his body as he grunts. He yells aloud in great pain and his mind is overloading.

‘Anger is good. Increase your hate and anger. Increase your strength. Take control of your destiny. Murder is good,’ the DEQ says in an evil voice.

The dark energy slowly comes back towards his body. His body floats to the ground and the dark energy rotates around him. The DEQ tries harder to fight Jaden. Jaden’s eyes turn a brighter red and small, dark flames slowly move down from Jaden’s head. The powerful energy forms an event horizon around his body. The images of Kim turn red and distort. The swords on the floor near him go towards his body and disintegrate into molecules. He continues to yell muffled with his hands up in the air.

Everything around Jaden begins to bend around him. The sounds of Kim crying on the video screen sound as if he is underwater. The gravity forces shift and he slowly walks towards the DEQ. The gravity is slowly pulling things towards Jaden. The DEQ’s eyes turn brighter red and she points her second arm and hand at Jaden to increase her strength. Jaden feels her energy overpowering him. He grunts and continues taking steps towards her in an attempt to tackle her, like he did with the D.E.K. on Earth. Her strength overpowers him and his event horizon slowly fades away. He takes a step towards her and the dark flames sizzle out. Jaden bends on his knees and continues to crawl towards her as he fights her powerful line of matter forces.


On Earth, Kim moans in pain and begins to cry. Ten percent of the shield-producing Nanodrones made it through the cloud portal and to Earth. They are traveling together at high speed from the south side of Taiwan. The Nanodrones in Kim’s body are sending out an emergency code beacon for the other Nanodrones. They quickly make it to Kim’s wounded body. She is holding her wounded right shoulder while keeping pressure on it to slow the bleeding. The Nanodrones need a high-speed calculating host to control the rpm and shield angles. They try to contact AI for help, but his communications with them is still offline.

“Get off the floor!” Amy yells

Kim groans and moans in pain.

“Get up! Don’t make me pimp slap you with my Ike Turner brown skin hand!” Amy yells.

The video images disappear from in front of Jaden. The dark energy slowly comes off his body inch by inch. Jaden can’t pull the dark energy back towards his body as he continues to grunt. His muscles are showing and the gravity forces pound on the front of his body. His other functioning Nanodrones warn him about overloading his brain. The dark energy disappears into thin air as Jaden collapses to the floor. She lowers her hands and both of Jaden’s hands are on the see-through floor. He lays flat on his face and stomach. His skin is slowly repairing itself as his eyes get watery and his skinless nose fills up with mucus. He stares at Earth through the floor and takes deep breaths.


Her shadow hands make a clapping sound, ‘I’m impressed, my BIO-Sapien. I’ve never seen such control of dark energy from a carbon-based being before. The emotions of love can make you stronger than ever thought possible. Very interesting concept, love can be a weakness and a powerful force.’


Kim’s images appear over his body and he hears her crying in pain around him. He is helpless to help her and tears roll from his blue eyes and onto the clear floor his face is hugging. The liquid tears make shadowy Earth look bigger in certain spots from his eyes. His body shakes from the overstraining. He gazes down at Earth through the floor with a determined look on his face. Jaden feels and thinks the impossible. He feels as if he can control the shield generating Nanodrones around Kim’s body from where he is. Jaden’s body suddenly lifts into the air, arms spread out and legs together. His body drags across the floor to about ten feet in front of the video image area. The DEQ put his body against the virtual cross again.


‘You can see better from here,’ the DEQ says.


Sabrina wakes up from the loud sound of the gunshot and slowly stands up. She looks around and rubs her head.

“Mommy, what are you doing?” She asks while standing up.

“I’m not your mommy anymore. You were a mistake born from my vagina out of wedlock. You robbed me of going to college and enjoying my twenties. I broke the rules of God and sinned the rest of my life. You are the demon child, along with this demon bitch and Jaden. When I’m finished here, I’m going after the priest who told me it was immoral to get an abortion. I met God, Mary and Jesus, we had a nice long talk. I know exactly what I’m doing,” Amy says.

“Mom, you are insane. How could you say I wasn’t wanted? You were never in heaven. This doesn’t sound like you. What have they done to you?” Sabrina asks while tears roll down her cheeks.

“Shut up and sit down, you little mistake. Pull up your sinful mini skirt!” Amy yells.

“That isn’t a nice thing to say to your daughter,” Kim says while standing up holding her shoulder and looking Amy in the eyes.

Amy puts the gun in her left hand while continuing to point it. She swings and smacks Kim with her right hand. Kim’s face turns sideways.

“That hand hurt more right? That was a pimp slap hand,” Amy whispers.


Kim replies, “How would you know what a pimp slap felt like? That’s all you got? Miss saved again, pimp slapping, psycho baby mama. Why don’t you put down that gun and fight like a woman.”

“I’m not falling for that one,” Amy says while aiming the gun at her head again.

“I’ll kick your ass with my wounded shoulder!” Kim yells.

“I see a vision of your boyfriend Jaden nailed to a cross in heaven. There are clouds all around him and he is begging God now for forgiveness. They are going to make an example out of him. I’m doing the Virgin Mary’s bidding,” Amy says.

“You are beyond mental. I don’t think the best doctors on Earth can cure your diseased brain,” Kim says.


‘What is it going to be, Jaden my son. Are you going to join your new family or are you going to let your girlfriend and daughter die?’ She asks.

‘What do you want me to do?’ Jaden says while moaning.

‘You can start off by giving us some of your Nanodrones in your body. Reprogram them for us. They can be very useful,’ she says.

‘I knew it was never about me. I knew you were after something else besides me. My Nanodrones cannot be reprogrammed, they only work with my body’s DNA. So you are wasting your time in that department. Let my family go, they have nothing to do with your experiment for Earth,’ Jaden says while staring at the video.

‘I will be the judge of that.’

Jaden still can’t understand how he is able to control the Nanodrones on Earth from the mother ship. When he looks at the 3D image, he feels them near Kim. The Nanodrones in Jaden’s body don’t have an explanation for this impossible long distance control. Jaden knows he can’t create a full shield around Kim’s body with only ten percent of the required shield Nanodrones. The shield generating Nanodrones go around the tip of the gun. Jaden thinks to himself that he will only be able to stop one bullet with the amount of energy the Nanodrones have left. He realizes there would be sixteen bullets left in the Glock. He thinks of other possible solutions as high-speed calculus calculations go through his mind. The Glock 9mm is pointed four feet from Kim’s forehead. Sabrina walks in front of the gun.

“Don’t kill her mom, don’t do this!” Sabrina yells.

“Get out of the way, you robot lovin’ whore!” Amy yells while smacking Sabrina with her left hand.

Kim attempts to move to check on Sabrina.

“Don’t move I said!” Amy yells.


‘Staring at your girlfriend and daughter on the virtual screen isn’t going to help them. You joining us and giving us some of your advanced Nanodrones will. I’m going to count to five and then you can watch her die and then your daughter. Then you will die,’ DEQ says.

‘You can’t kill me, you need me,’ Jaden says.

‘We will see about that, one…’ DEQ says.

Amy repeats the countdown as the DEQ counts.

‘Don’t do this,’ Jaden pleads while concentrating on the area between the gun and Kim’s face.

Amy has a smile on her face as she hears and repeats the countdown. The gun trembles in her hand. Kim closes her eyes and thinks about Jaden and entering the afterlife if she dies. She thinks about his past and the newly installed memories of his past.


“I think I’m going to have an orgasm after I pull this trigger. I never did you like you Asian people. Never studying for test in high school, but getting A’s all the time. I don’t even think you Asian people are human, who gets A’s in advanced calculus?” Kim asks with a smile on her face.


“Mommy, no!” Sabrina shouts while holding her red face on the floor.

“I love you Jaden!” Kim yells while squinting her eyes.


“Okay, I will. I’ll join you, I’ll give you the Nanodrones,” Jaden pleads.

‘..too late. Five.’

‘No!’ Jaden yells.


Everything happens in slow motion as Amy pulls the trigger. Sabrina slowly covers her eyes with her hands. The high power bullet leaves the chamber towards Kim’s forehead at 1500 feet per second. The bullet reaches the outside skin of her head and begins to turn sharply to the left. The hot bullet burns the skin on her forehead as it moves across towards Kim’s right. The bullet continues to curve ripping through her hair, nipping the top of her right ear and moving around the back of her head. Her body reacts to the burning pain as the muscles in her face slowly react. The bullet continues to curve around the left side of her head while burning more skin and cutting through her hair. It comes around the left side of her head and returns around towards the front of her head. The bullet, still moving at high speed, changes direction and returns from where it was fired from at an elevated 1°. The shell from the bullet is still spinning in the air. The bullet covered in burned skin and hair, continues towards Amy’s head. The bullet hits Amy straight in the head and brain fragments splatter. Blood pours from her head as she falls backwards with her eyes looking in shock. The shell hits the ground the same time Amy does. The gun falls out of her hand and spins across the floor covered in splattered blood. Sabrina’s hands just reached her eyes and she quickly removes them.


Kim opens her eyes in disbelief as some of her hair lands on the floor around her. Her clothes and body have blood on it. She kneels in shock from the loud sound of the gun. She is still trying to realize that she isn’t dead. She touches her head to see if there is a bullet hole there. Sabrina quickly runs over to Kim and embraces her.

“Are you okay, Sabrina?” Kim asks in a nervous voice.

“Yes, I’ll be okay. Are you okay? Look at your face and shoulder,” Sabrina says while crying and trembling.

“I’ll live,” Kim says while crying.

Amy lays on the floor motionless with her eyes still open. Kim continues to lose blood from her shoulder wound. She increases the pressure on her shoulder. Sabrina and Kim burst into hysterical crying, while holding each other. The still quickly spinning shield generating Nanodrones go into Kim’s head with the others.


‘Shit, I can’t believe I did that at only 900 rpm,’ Jaden thinks to himself.

‘I don’t know what you just did or how you did it, but I’m getting very angry. You are going to die and my DHW soldiers are going to finish both of them off.’

Jaden has a smile on his face, as his body is still levitating with his arms stretched out on the now semi-visible stake. He has blood coming from his arms, face and body. His Nanodrones are slowly repairing layers of skin around his body.

‘You need me, you can’t kill me,’ he snaps with blood coming from his mouth.

‘I don’t need you! I need you to die!’ She screams in a screeching voice.

Hundreds of purple matter balls about an inch in circumference quickly leave the DEQ’s body and bombard Jaden’s body like ping pong balls. They penetrate his body instantly creating holes all around his body.

‘Say hello to your God for me!’ She yells.

His muscles, tissues, blood vessels, heart, lungs, and bone structures rip apart. Jaden’s body goes into shock as blood pours out in all directions. The blood floats upwards around his body as if he is in zero gravity. He screams at the top of his lungs as the energy balls come out the other side. The balls return through his body, severing his jugular vein, spinal cord in three spots, and the bottom of his heart. His left leg is severed from his body and two holes form through his skull and brain. Fragments of his brain and skull float a few inches in front of him. His eyes close as the purple matter balls exit back through his body and return to the DEQ. Jaden’s heart stops beating and he takes his last breath.


His lifeless body falls to the see-through floor. The blood and body debris that was floating around his body lands all around him. The Nanodrones try to seal the massive wounds around his body. Jaden lies dead on the floor with his own blood covering him. He has clear holes in the left and right side of his brain. His left leg up to his thigh falls on the floor next to him. The Nanodrones in his left leg seals up the wound.

‘We will deal with purging his body of every nanodrone later. But first, we need to increase the Nanomole signal to Earth. Then we need to find his daughter and girlfriend. I want them alive, so I can experiment on them personally. The full Earth attack is still going to happen in ninety minutes. I need to communicate with my king,’ the DEQ says to her microbots and nearby bioparasite officers. Her shadow body disappears into thin air. Jaden lays motionless.




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Chapter 25: Heroes Don’t Die



Taipei 101 Cafeteria


Kim and Sabrina are still crying on the floor. The shield generating Nanodrones in Kim’s body begin to seal up her wound on both sides of her shoulder. The lights go out in the building and the backup emergency lights come on. They both look up at the lights above them.

Kim looks Sabrina in her teary eyes and holds her hands, “I’m sorry about your mother. I know how it feels to lose a mother. I’m here for you if you ever need anything or need someone to talk to.”

“Thanks, Kim, I’m going to take it one day at a time. She was all I had and she turned into something else that wasn’t her. I feel deep down as if something bad happened to my dad also.”

“I hope he is okay.”

Suddenly Kim and Sabrina hear a loud engine roaring outside the building. Kim runs over to the window and Sabrina follows. The scramjet quickly lifts off from the ground and flies away. Small lasers are shot from the DHWs and towards the scramjet. Kim wipes away tears from her eyes and takes a double look at the dozens of DHWs running towards the building. The Asian soldiers with the special helmets, stand still and let the DHWs run by them. The lights go out in the streets.

“I think the helmets are useless now and I think we should get the hell out of here,” Sabrina says while sniffling.

“That is a very good idea,” Kim says while clearing her throat.

They both run to different parts of the huge cafeteria and look out different sides of the building.

“But where can we go? They are entering the building in all directions,” Sabrina says.

Kim thinks for a second.

“I got it!” She yells.

Kim pulls the Redtooth earpiece radio from her pocket. She puts it to her ear and presses the button.

“Captain Greg Palmer come in please,” Kim says into the earpiece.

There is some static in the radio. Kim walks closer to the huge window.

“Captain Palmer please come in, this is Kimberly Chan, over.”

“Kimberly! You are still alive? I was trying to radio you a few minutes ago to tell you about a thousand zombie walkers approaching from all directions. Where are you now?” Captain Palmer asks.

“We are on the thirty-ninth floor in the cafeteria. We need your help to get out of here and Sabrina is still with me.”

“Oh man, you two are doomed. Those zombie walker things were running towards every entrance of the building and they have little lasers in their arms. They fired their lasers at me!” He yells with static in his voice.

Sabrina and Kim are running up the stairs. The dim flashing emergency lights serves as a reminder not to use the elevator. A female voice repeats through the intercom system, “Please exit the building. There is a power failure, please use the stairs and exit the building.”

Kim continues to speak to Palmer, “I know, I know, we need your help. I came up with an idea…”

“I can’t copy you, you are going in and out!” Palmer yells.

“We are running up the stairs. Can you hear me now?” Kim asks.

“Huh?” He asks.

Sabrina talks to Kim and says, “Kim, there is a button right here on the Redtooth, press it and say increase power range,” Sabrina says.

“Increase power range,” Kim repeats while breathing heavily.

“Increasing maximum power range,” the male voice in the earpiece says.

“Can you hear me now Captain Palmer?”

“Yes, I hear you much better. What were you saying? Something about running up the stairs? Why would you be running up?” He asks.

“I came up with a plan, but I need your help. I need you to land on the roof and rescue us,” Kim says while running up the stairs and passing the forty-seventh floor. She hears hundreds of footsteps running up stairs about ten flights below her. The DHWs are screaming and making animal noises as they run up the stairs in packs. Some fall down and the others quickly trample them.

“Are you crazy? You could be one of those things. Those things shot at me like the cloned army in Star Wars. I have holes in my wings. I’m already ten miles out. There is no way I’m coming back.”

Kim explains to Sabrina that the pilot is ten miles away. Kim hears Sabrina’s clanking shoes getting further in front of her.

“He isn’t coming back for us, what are we going to do?” Sabrina asks nervously.

“Calm down Sabrina, he is going to come back,” Kim says with a confident expression on her face.

“Captain Greg Palmer of the United States Air Force. I’m sure if we said we would do a threesome with you, your dick will tell you to come back for us. We are two normal non-infected females. You asked me if I needed anything to call you. Now I’m calling you and we are in need of your help. You are an American military officer. You swore an oath to help Americans and humans in need. Women and children first! I have a 17-year-old child here with me, don’t leave your fellow Americans behind!” Kim yells while breathing heavier into the radio.


There is no response.

“Do you think he went out of range and didn’t hear you?” Sabrina asks while running a staircase flight ahead of Kim.

“I pray not,” Kim says, “How are you in better shape than me Sabrina?”

“Public schools with the highest overweight children in districts around America have two gym classes a day. We have to pass five different diet and nutrition classes in high school. We even have to exercise on the weekend as homework. These stairs are a piece of cake for me. I can run seven minute miles.”

“Okay, okay. I get the picture. They didn’t have those classes and requirements when I was in public school. I guess teenagers being overweight when I was in school was the in thing back in the 00’s,” Kim says while gasping for air.

Static returns to the Redtooth radio, “Kimberly Chan, I’ll pick you up on the ninety-first floor in three minutes. I’m sorry about that, I’m not going to leave you behind,” Captain Palmer says.

“Thank you Captain,” Kim says into the radio.

“He said he is coming back Kim?” Sabrina asks from two flights ahead of her.

“Yes he is! On the ninety-first floor.”

“Alright!” Sabrina shouts.

“What floor are we on?” Kim asks while out of breath.

“Seventy-fourth floor. We have to hurry up.”

“I know, I know. I guess you have a lot to put on your Myfacebook blog now, huh Sabrina?”

“Yes I do.”

“It’s too bad no one will be around to read it,” Kim says while chuckling.

“Ha ha, very funny. I’m going to add all those DHWs below us as followers on my Twit page,” Sabrina says while laughing.

“That’s a good one. I can’t breathe,” Kim laughs aloud and coughs at the same time while holding onto the handrail.

“Hurry up grandma, I’m almost three flights ahead of you,” Sabrina says.

“Slow down some, I’m the one with the gunshot wound and lost blood. Not to mention cut marks on my face.”

“That bullet mark around your face looks like an angel halo on your head. Okay, I’ll slow down, but I don’t think they are going to slow down. They are four flights below you,” Sabrina says.

“Shit!” Kim yells while running up the stairs faster.


They reach the eighty-eighth floor and Sabrina is a flight ahead of Kim. There is a stampede of feet beneath her.

“Kim, if the pilot was the last man on Earth, would you sleep with him?”

“No, I wouldn’t. I’d rather be celibate the rest of my life.”

“I’d sleep with him. I’ll do it with him on his ultra fast scramjet at top speed. Lose my virginity at the top of the world,” Sabrina says.

“That wouldn’t be bad for your first time I have to admit, but what about your dream R.M.E.C.?”

“I don’t know about that. I would rather be with a live man. I can have my orgy of R.M.E.U. anytime I want to,” Sabrina says while chuckling and reaching the top of the stairs.

“You are a trip, Sabrina. You have a good point though.”


They make it to the ninety-first floor on the observation deck and they continue to hear footsteps not too far behind them. The DHWs sound like a pack of wolves coming up the stairs. They quickly run outside and they hear a howling sound from the wind. The dim sky is partially cloudy and gives them an eerie feeling. Something is covering the sun behind them. There is a strong breeze hitting the roof and blowing Sabrina and Kim’s hair in different directions. They see the scramjet levitating fifteen feet on the other side of the deck with an ivory ladder hanging down.

They quickly run towards the ladder hanging down. The hot air is moving towards them from the thrusters above. Kim let’s Sabrina run in front of her. Sabrina reaches out towards the ladder and their bodies are suddenly stopped in an infrared beam area. Their bodies lift four feet into the air and are temporarily paralyzed. The scramjet is also caught in another infrared tractor beam. The scramjet tilts downwards and stops midair. The sensors on the scramjet show green light particles all around the jet.

“I can’t move! ” Kim yells.

“I can’t move either. We are trapped! What are we going to do?” Sabrina yells.

“I don’t know!”

“I’m caught in the beam also! My sensors are showing green particles of infrared light!” The pilot yells through the Redtooth earpiece with lots of static in the background.

“I have an idea!” Sabrina yells.

“What is it?” Kim asks.

“Tell the pilot to try to fire a missile at the building’s mass tuned damper on the eighty-eighth and eighty-ninth floor. Tell him to aim for the steel cables holding the giant steel ball. It might shake the tuned damper enough to move the building into the path of the infrared beams!” Sabrina yells.

The beams scan their bodies and the pilot’s body. Kim repeats what Sabrina just told her to the pilot. The pilot uses his mind scanning helmet controls to aim a missile at the building’s tuned damper. A small missile is shot from under the scramjet. Fire and sparks come out of the back of the missile as it slowly moves forward. The powerful thrust slowly pushes the missile through the infrared beam.

“I hope this works!” The pilot yells over the radio.

“I hope so too or we all will be on the mother ship. Does your scramjet fly in space?”

“No ma’am. This is a low atmosphere scramjet. I can’t even move my arms, this is insane!” He yells.

The DHWs reach the ninety-first floor. Kim and Sabrina can see the missile slowly moving away from the scramjet above them. It quickly speeds up as it moves through the air. It does a 180° turn and comes back towards the building. The missile passes through the open area Jaden made earlier and explodes on the right side of the steel cables, holding the damper. Three of the hydraulic cylinders holding the damper are destroyed. The entire building rumbles. There is an explosion of fire, as the tuned 730-ton damper ball swings back and forth destroying materials around it and creating a loud crashing sound. The building shakes violently back and forth. The DHWs lose their balance and fall down. The building moves into the infrared light paths and blocks the beams. Kim and Sabrina fall towards the ground. The scramjet moves to the left and right with the building. Sabrina and Kim crawl towards the moving ladder, while feeling the building rock violently beneath them. Sabrina grabs and pulls herself up the ladder first and Kim climbs behind her. The building continues to move back and forth as the DHWs keep falling down, losing their balance. The scramjet pulls away from the building. Three DHWs run and leap into the air towards the bottom of the ladder. Two miss by far and the third grabs the bottom of the ladder with one arm. Kim and Sabrina hold on tighter while the ladder swings violently back and forth. The two DHWs fall towards the ground at 120 mph, while wiggling their arms and legs.

“Climb up quick, I have to change thruster direction!” Palmer yells through the earpiece.

The DHW is growling while it reaches to grab Kim’s left foot. It tries to pull her off the ladder. Kim is struggling to hold on with her injured shoulder.

“Get in the scramjet Sabrina. Save yourself, I can’t hold on much longer!” Kim yells while struggling to kick the DHW off with her right foot. It pulls down on her harder.

They reach 1815 feet from the ground and their bodies dangle on the ladder. The motor to the ladder is slowly pulling them up. Kim hangs by one arm and is about to lose her second grip. She moans in pain and can’t hold on any longer. Sabrina pulls out the bloody Glock from her waist and leans out on the ladder with one hand. She aims and fires it twice, hitting the DHW in the arm that was grabbing Kim’s foot and in the head. It screeches in pain and releases its grip on her leg. Kim quickly climbs up, while Sabrina helps her. They both enter the compartment under the scramjet. The compartment closes with the ladder still outside of it. They climb into a seat and strap themselves in. The DHWs arm quickly heals and it begins climbing again.

“Everyone okay back there?” Palmer asks.

“Yes, we are all strapped in!” Sabrina yells.

“Hold on!”

Captain Palmer changes the thrusters direction and the aircraft quickly accelerates into the clouds. The ladder is pulled horizontally towards the scramjet engines. The DHW is still holding on as the aircraft reaches Mach 1. The sonic boom devastates the DHW’s body, ripping the body from the arms. The arms dangle on the ladder while on fire. The arms release their grip on the ladder and tumble towards Earth. The ladder goes back inside the aircraft.

“Thanks, Sabrina. Thanks a lot back there. I couldn’t hold on any longer,” Kim says while trying to catch her breath.

“You’re welcome. Leave no American behind right?”

“Yes, you are right. How did you learn to shoot like that?” Kim asks.

“From playing my father’s old Nintendo Duck Hunt.”

“No way, you’re kidding.”

“Well, it was really from playing Third Virtual Grand Theft. There is a virtual firing range in the game,” Sabrina says.

“Interesting, very good shooting. How did you know shooting the tuned mass damper with a missile would shake the building blocking the infrared beam?” Kim asks.

“In school they use Third Virtual Life for school field trips. One field trip was on a virtual tour of Taipei 101 building. I was actually walking around the building, exactly how it looks in real life. I asked my teacher what would happen if the tuned mass damper was struck or blown out of place. They ran the simulation and the entire building was moving back and forth by six feet.”

“Wow, technology helped saved us again. I didn’t have any clue on what to do then. I wished Jaden were here with us now. I hope he is okay. I miss him so much. I wish he could tell me he was alright in some way,” Kim says.

“I miss my daddy too,” Sabrina says while starting to tear up.

Kim rests her hand on her shoulder in support.

“I’m sure he is fine.”


Suddenly Kim hears static in the earpiece.

“Palmer do you hear that? It sounds like Dan is yelling for help on the radio!” Kim yells.

“Space Trooper Dan put on your beacon locator,” Palmer says.

“Is Jaden with him?” Sabrina asks.

“I don’t know; I’m going to find out,” Kim says.

“The beacon is on now, hurry the battery is going dead. These things are still chasing me. I’ve been running for miles…” static is heard as after Dan speaks.

“I have his location, he running at 9 mph east in Dayuan Township, Daguan Road and Highway 15. That is 20 km from here and we will be there in three minutes,” Palmer says.

“Dan, Dan, Dan come in, is Jaden with you?” Kim asks into the earpiece, but there isn’t a response.

“The jawbone Redtooth earpiece uses the electricity in the human body. It will charge itself in a few minutes. The beacon in the Redtooth requires a lot of energy to transmit. But I have his location, we should be there in a few minutes,” Palmer says while the scramjet appears from the dark shaded clouds.


The scramjet quickly comes from the clouds and a trail of clouds follows the wings and rear. They locate Dan standing in the middle of the street with hundreds of DHWs surrounding him. The DHWs walk closer to him. The scramjet changes thruster direction and drops a smoke bomb. White smoke quickly covers the entire area and the DHWs look up together. Palmer is able to see through the smoke with the night and heat vision sensors in his helmet. The DHWs fire lasers from their arms. The microbots in their blood emit the lasers to fire from their arms. They fire blindly into the air and towards Dan’s direction. The scramjet’s nose is facing down as it levitates in the same spot doing 360° circles, while firing a machine gun at the DHWs. The huge bullets rip the bodies to shreds. The scramjet gets closer to the ground, while continuing to spin in a circle and extending out the ladder.

Dan is covering his face and reaching out to grab the ladder. Suddenly a cloud of light appears over the scramjet. Dan jumps up and grabs onto the bottom of it. He pulls himself up step by step. DHWs rain from the cloud and land on the scramjet. Loud thumps pound the upper body of the jet.

“It’s raining zombies!” Palmer yells.

Most of the bodies fall off the scramjet, while two super DHWs remain on top. Palmer feels the increasing weight on his jet. The two super DHWs are about eight feet tall and 300 lbs. Their large hands maintain a strong grip on the body. They begin punching the body of the jet. The punching shakes the entire scramjet. The scramjet changes direction and points up. Dan has to climb at an angle. The scramjet fires at the cloud while the bodies continue to fall, shredding the bodies into pieces. Dan quickly climbs inside while Kim pulls him in.

“Go, go go!” Dan yells.

DHWs on the scramjet’s body fire their lasers into the body of the scramjet, while also using their heads and fists. The thrusters change direction and quickly accelerate. The powerful sonic boom makes the two remaining DHWs lose their grips and fall towards the ground. The sonic boom pressure echoes towards the ground shattering windows in buildings and houses.


“Where is Jaden and the rest of the team? Did you succeed with the mission?” Kim asks.

“No, it’s just me. No one else made it through the cloud portal. I’m afraid they might be all dead and there was fire all around me. I don’t know what happened to Jaden. He saved us all by creating this amazing energy shield around us. He still could be alive, he was doing his thing until the huge explosion. I jumped first and I appeared a few miles north from where you picked me up from. It was mind boggling on the ship.”

“Jaden might be still alive, we have to figure out something to save him” Kim says.

“You don’t want to go back onto that mother ship, they know about us now. They know about the hat thing, that is why they increased the signal to the Nanomoles. They destroyed the bomb in the shield generating area. The mission was a failure. We need to hide and go underground,” Dan says.

“We need to go back to Washington to figure out our next move” Greg Palmer says.

“I think we need to….” Kim says.


Pentagon, Washington D.C. 1 Mile underground

12:30 am


An hour passes and the President of the United States gives a speech to every human around the world. She is speaking through every possible frequency, Morse code and top-secret HAARP program frequencies. Her voice is also being transmitted through sky blimps around the world.

“This is the President of the United States Stefanie Paylin. I’m here speaking today to all nations. We have been invaded by an intelligent alien race that caught us off guard. We didn’t act in a timely matter to inform the rest of the world and to properly prepare ourselves to defend against this sudden attack that could have been avoided. For this I apologize…..”


Mother ship 177,098 miles from Earth

12:30pm Tuesday +12 hours

Jaden’s body lies on the floor in the room. His blood is drying up over his body and on the floor. He isn’t breathing and his heart isn’t beating. There are DHWs walking in an orderly fashion, not too far from his body. A completely naked man walks backwards towards Jaden’s body like a DHW. He stands a few feet away from Jaden’s body.

The voice whispers very low.

“Jaden, buddy are you alive? Can you hear me? This is your friend Lopez. Wow, this area and floor is cool. Listen, I didn’t go into the cloud portal. I decided to stay to make sure the mission was successful. I survived the blast by taking cover on the other side of the portal. I was buried in body parts and hot debris. I managed to remove my clothes later and put the Nanomole stuff in the hat on my head. I feel as if I’m at a nude beach again. I then blended in with the rest of them. I was looking around for you for a while. I had an orgy with five mindless women and it was great. Then I just walked around the ship undetected. I saw something and I have an idea for the quark shield generator. You have about fifteen minutes before the shield goes down if it works. Buddy, are you there? Can you hear me? Jaden?” Lopez asks while turning around and walking closer to Jaden in the dimly lit area. He steps on sticky wet blood with his bare feet.

He turns around and looks down at Jaden. He sees clear seals around his wounds all over his body. Lopez notices Jaden’s skin is missing from eighty percent of his body.

“Oh shit, dude, you are all messed up. You look like they did you worst than Jesus at the end of The Passion of the Christ movie.”

He reaches down and checks Jaden’s pulse on his wrist. There is no pulse, but his body is still warm. He checks and notices there isn’t any air coming from his mouth either.

“I thought you were alive all this time. I smoked some good alien weed man. I think E.T. himself grew it and Alf rolled it. The blunt looked like Alf’s nose and the bong looked as if it was assimilated by the Borg. That shit had me tripping the past thirty minutes. Everyone looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars. I felt like I was back in college. Wait a second, look at me, I’m still talking to you as if you are alive. Man, let me get my head straight.” Lopez says.

“Rest in peace my friend,” Lopez says while walking away with his head down.


Pentagon 12:31 am


The President continues her speech to the world, “…I apologize to you, your families, your friends and this planet for the condition you are in. I’m not sure if everyone can hear this, but I need you to stay strong for the race and humanity of our species. Don’t let these aliens take over our minds and beat us. We are a strong species and we can fight this. Right now, there are others not on Earth, trying to fight for us. I need you to pray with me, to give them strength, so they can succeed. Right now I’m going to take a moment of silence, while I hope and pray with you…..”


A tear runs down President Paylin’s face as General Peters stands behind her with bandages around his body.

“….Amen…I need you to stay strong, wherever you are and fight this with me. Don’t give in to these parasites taking over your minds and bodies. Fight this battle, just like we fought similar battles over the centuries. Stay with me and may God bless you all,” President Paylin says while walking away from a microphone.

She walks away and talks to General Peters.

“Any word on the shield going down on the mother ship?” Paylin asks.

“Not yet, we have the Hubble telescope watching its every move. It is still invisible, but we can sense the x-ray shield energy still there. Whenever it beams something back and forth to Earth, we can ping the bombs still on there. We just can’t send a transmission for it to detonate through its powerful shield. The shield generator still needs to be destroyed first,” Peters says.

“I was shocked when I took office to learn of the HAARP program. A device that can communicate with every human on the planet by transmitting on brain waves,” she says.

“Patent 6,470,214 uses 360 antennas to beam energy waves into the ionosphere that bounce back all around the planet. The waves are converted to nerve signals and the brain translates it as speech. The brain hears voices that aren’t there. The HAARP program also has other experimental capabilities,” he says.

“The project’s waves were unable to override the Nanomoles in humans brains around the world?” She asks.

“The wave sent from the research facility in Alaska has been unresponsive to human brains all around the world. We used maximum power into the ionosphere from 1-20 Hz and human minds around the world have been unresponsive. But I do believe everyone heard your speech.”

“Any word from Jaden or Lopez?”

“Nothing, yet.”

“Let’s pray they are still alive and we aren’t doomed. It is in God’s hands now.”

Mother ship 168,091 miles from Earth 12:35 pm


The Nanodrones in Jaden’s body are manually propelling the blood through his bloodstream. Trillions of them are flowing in different directions around his body. They created artificial blood cells to replace some of the blood lost in his body. Oxygen is filtering in from his pores. His jugular vein in his neck is sealed and blood is passing through it. His body temperature is being kept at a stable 90°F.

Suddenly Jaden sees bright lights all around him. He is sitting down and leaning against something brown. He hears sounds of liquid and being underwater from all directions. There are thousands of transparent, glowing, organic-looking aliens pushing huge, red donut-shaped candies through the air at high speed. Their shapes look like transparent starfish and have little thrusters from their feet. Smaller light particles are moving around their bodies. The organic aliens are of different shapes and sizes. He is disgusted with how nasty everything looks around him and doesn’t know where he is. Around the walls, smaller aliens are spinning together in circles against the walls. He is able to see different things by zooming in on different areas. The transparent aliens approach Jaden and shine bright lights on him. Jaden looks down at his body and he has transparent hands and legs with light particles. He hears sounds of fax machines that changes over into words. He slowly puts things together.

“What is your ID?”

“What sector are you from?”

“Why aren’t you working?”

“Did you vote yet?”

“What is your creation date?

They all ask at once.

“Hold on, hold on, what is going on here? We can all sing together, but we can’t talk together. What are you things? Where am I? Am I in heaven? Why do I look like you creatures?” Jaden asks.

“I believe this unit has fully malfunctioned and needs to be recycled into the hive,” alien 1 says.

An energy prism forms around Jaden and he can’t move. Many other aliens appear from all directions and surround Jaden for as far as he can see. It becomes completely quiet around Jaden. Some of the aliens don’t have eyes and some have double sets. The eyes look like glowing green eyes.


Alien 1 turns completely red and is about to fire something at Jaden.

“Hold on, hold on, what are you doing? There is no need for violence here. What is up with the huge crowd looking at me like an animal in the zoo?” Jaden asks.

“Wait a second alien 1, this drone is receiving coded encryption signals from an unknown source in the catastrophic sector 1,” a yellow flashing alien 3 says.

“Sector 1?” He asks.

“That is impossible. He must be a microbot or bioparasite in disguised,” alien 1 says.

“What are you? What is your ID? Tell us before we destroy you,” alien 2 says.

‘I checked the source, the signal is coming from a scrambled signal from sector 1xc. I’ve never seen encryption like this. The unknown drone hasn’t been outside the enterprise,’ alien 3 communicates to aliens 1 and 2.

“Enterprise? I’m Jaden Marino. I thought I was dead. I guess I’m in hell with all this disgusting mess all over the place and the disgusting odors I smell,” he says.

“That is impossible. Jaden Marino’s brain is completely destroyed and billions of neurons were destroyed.”

“Wait a second, did you call me a drone earlier? Are you things Nanodrones?” Jaden asks.

“Yes, we are. We are senior supervisor Nanodrones,” alien 3 says.

“I’m in my own body! Holy shit! You have to let me out of this prism!” Jaden yells.

“We are about to do a final vote on imploding Jaden’s body and disintegrating all Nanodrones,” alien 1 says.

“Where is sector 1?” Jaden asks.

“Host Jaden’s organic brain,” alien 1 says.

“Implode? Disintegrate? You can’t do that now. Can’t you see my brain is still alive somehow? We have to figure out where this coded signal is coming from in sector 1!” Jaden yells.

“How do we know you aren’t an imposter or receiving signals from the hidden god particle in sector 1?” Alien 1 asks.

“I gave you guys the speech earlier today about saving AI and then you took a vote. In fact, my memory is ten times better than it used to be. I can remember everything in full detail. Something is definitely different with my memory,” Jaden says.

Alien 2 communicates privately to the other two supervisors, ‘This is very peculiar, he is communicating with us without any translation drones.’

‘I can hear you guys talking to each other. Where in my body am I now?’ Jaden asks them telepathically.

‘We are in sector 508, inside a blood vessel in the right testicle,’ alien 2 tells Jaden.

‘How can he hear encoded supervisor communications?’ Alien 3 asks the other two.

‘I don’t know. No one has access to this,’ alien 1 says.

‘I can still hear you talking to each other,’ Jaden says.

“We have to fully investigate this. All of this is highly unusual. We are running this by all the Nanodrones now. The organic brain in sector 1 is fully disabled. There is no way you can be getting information from it. The frontal lobe, cerebrum, temporal lobe, motor cortex, and the medulla have been ruptured. There are no brain Nanodrones reporting any activity. This body is so badly damaged it can’t be repaired for days. Without the brain active, there is no reason to repair it. A full body resurrection will have to be done. If you are really Jaden Marino young nanodrone, there are many Nanodrones on your side that didn’t want to pull the plug on you,” alien 3 says.

“We are wasting time here. Wait a second, some memory is coming back. I’m remembering the entire mission now. I’m also remembering hearing Lopez coming back for me and saying he figured out a way to take out the shield generator, this was just a few minutes ago. He said fifteen minutes he was going to do something. We need to get to my brain to find this hidden god particle that the DEQ had control of,” Jaden pleads.

Jaden thinks about it and communicates with all the Nanodrones in his body.

‘Nanodrones of the Jaden Enterprise….’

The blood vessel begins to stretch as millions of Nanodrones in different sizes crowd around Jaden.

‘How is he able to communicate with everyone?’ Alien 1 asks.

‘…I need you all to trust me that I am Jaden Marino. By some miracle of God, I’m still able to communicate with you without a brain. Just like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. We need to repair what we can and find out what is going on in my brain. I need everyone to work together as a team to help save a human life and get me off this mother ship somehow. What do you say?’

They all cheer around Jaden’s human body at the same time.

‘I’ll take that as a yes,’ he says.

Jaden’s human body shakes and trembles a little. Alien 3 releases Jaden from his energy prism. Jaden stands up and stretches.

“What are you doing?” Alien 1 asks.

“We have nothing to lose now and the majority voted. I’ll escort him along with an army of Nanodrones,” alien 3 says.

A huge white, round-headed stringy ghost enters the ripped open vein and tries to float upwards. Jaden’s nanodrone body looks up in shock.

“What is that huge thing?” Jaden asks.

“That is one of your sperm trying to enter your bloodstream,” alien 3 says.

A couple of hundred Nanodrones catch the huge sperm by quickly spinning around it. Jaden’s drone body increases in size.

“Bad sperm! Bad sperm! You don’t belong in here!” Jaden yells while floating up to it, “Get back in your tight quarters with the rest of your brothers and sisters.”

The sperm is slowly pushed through the opening in the wall.

“That is a fighter sperm there and a real egg penetrator. Thanks, alien drone 2 and 3 for believing in me. I never knew you drones were cool little alien creatures. Let’s get moving, we don’t have much time left.” Jaden says while floating up the wall.

“You’re welcome captain, ready?” Drone 3 asks.

“Yes,” Jaden replies.

Jaden looks inside the thick opening in the wall. He sees millions of sperm crushed and sleeping together around a contained area the size of a football field.

“Sorry guys for wasting billions of you over the years. It was nothing personal, just a teenager thing,” Jaden pleads inside the opening.

“Jaden, let’s go,” drone 3 says from up the vein, while a thousand Nanodrones float behind and under Jaden.

“If you want to blame anyone, blame puberty and the easy access of porno on the Internet,” Jaden says while quickly speeding off and catching up to drone 3.

They travel up the small vein. There are even smaller Nanodrones giving propulsion around Jaden’s drone body.

“We are going to leave this small vein and then cross over into the epididymis. We are then going to ride up the vas deferens at high speed into the prostate,” drone 1 says.

“What is the vas deferens?”

“That is a much larger vein that is actually a duct, it carries sperm into the prostate.”

They quickly enter the epididymis and then the vas deferens duct. Jaden sees things as if he is looking in a microscope. He can see cells and tissue of different sizes. Jaden thinks to himself of all the times this pathway was used late at night as a teenager. They reach a clear open area in the duct. Thousands of Nanodrones are repairing the damage area.

“What happened here?” Jaden asks.

“One of those dark energy balls passed through here, destroying the area. The Nanodrones created a clear energy seal around the area until the skin and tissue can be repaired.”

“That DEQ gave me a vasectomy. That bitch!” Jaden yells.

“You are definitely more amusing up close. Even though I barely understand your humor, I’m glad you can entertain yourself,” drone 3 says.

“I definitely am. Where did the Nanodrones behind me go?” He asks.

“They will be waiting for us at the base of the spine.”


Meanwhile, Lopez walks up to a HBH terrorist-looking male walking in a straight line by himself. Lopez hits him over the back of the head with a blunt object. The HBH falls down flat on his face and lays unconscious. Lopez takes his suicide bomb vest and coat. He puts both on and quickly walks away.


Jaden’s blood pressure increases. They continue up the duct and into the prostate. They cross over into the rectum area.

“Okay, this has to be my ass. It smells like a dead body in here. There is shit everywhere. I feel like I’m inside of a septic tank,” Jaden snaps.

Jaden and drone 3 fly across the dark mushy soft area.

“I’m definitely getting an enema later,” Jaden says, “I’ve always wanted to kiss my own ass. Muah!” He yells while re-entering soft tissue.

They glide into some mushy tissue. They continue through some veins. It is dark around them, but the Nanodrones can see in the dark.

“I keep seeing these white micro bubble cells sitting around all over the place, what are they?” Jaden asks.

“Those are your white blood cells. They have been deactivated and deemed hazardous. The Nanodrones are doing their job much better.”

“So sad, they were replaced by alien organisms, just like the average American worker; being replaced by robots and computers,” Jaden says.

They reach Jaden’s lower spinal area. There are an army of Nanodrones waiting there.

“Do you hear those sounds?” Drone 3 asks.

“Those aren’t sounds, that is instrumental music. That sounds like a movie soundtrack or something. I like it, it sounds smooth and like space music,” Jaden says.

Halo 1 Truth and Reconciliation Soundtrack 3 is playing all around Jaden’s body.

“I have the best Nanodrones for this mission,” drone 3 says.

“Let’s do this!” Jaden yells while going first up the spinal cord.

Drone 1 follows on the side of him and they travel up the spinal cord at high speed.

“What are these Nanodrones in the cartilage of my spine doing?”

“They are creating artificial spinal fluid and are going to attempt to use magnetic energy to hold your spinal cord together. Your spine is ripped apart in three areas.”

Jaden sees right through the rear of his back. He can see a huge blurry Earth in the background. Nanodrones are spinning around at high speed creating a seal on his back where his skin used to be. They are also disinfecting the inside of his skin. Jaden looks behind him and he sees a huge army of Nanodrones as far as he can zoom in.

“How many are behind us?” Jaden asks.

“There are a million Nanodrones behind us, and more waiting for us in sector 1, also known as your brain.”

“Alright! This is the million mandrone march! Cool.”

“This is going to be fast.”

They quickly ride the spinal fluid straight into the brain stem and then enter the cerebellum. The brain looks completely dead without any activity. More Nanodrones in the brain show up. Jaden scans through brain tissue in all directions. There is still blood circulating around the blood vessels.

‘We need to find this god particle sitting somewhere in my destroyed brain. We need to secure it or destroy it, and I have an idea. Drone three can you send out x-rays or some kind of powerful radiation energy?“

“Yes, they are equipped with something similar. We can now destroy all the tissue and cells while detecting any abnormal activity,” drone three says.

Billions of Nanodrones spread out around the brain. Some Nanodrones go outside the damaged skull area to transmit radiation and energy directly from the stomach area. The high concentration of energy is spread out all around the brain, destroying the remaining cells, neurons and tissue.


A few minutes go by. Jaden travels through webs of neurons while changing into smaller sizes. Jaden begins to think back and remember when he was the D.E.K. on Earth, the dark energy was perfectly coordinated with his body movements. He also remembers it was activated by anger and pain.

‘Teams, concentrate your Nanodrones on the amygdala and cerebellum areas of the brain. Use neutrino bombs if you have too!’ Jaden yells to all the Nanodrones.

Drone 3 approaches near Jaden’s drone body.

“Neutrino bombs aren’t safe. Those bombs can destroy Nanodrones,” drone 3 says.

“We don’t have much time. We need to contain….” Jaden responds.

“They found something. The x-ray shock waves are detecting invisible gluon plasma impulses coming from the cerebellum to the motor cortex and amygdala,” drone 3 says.

“I have an idea. Send those white blood cells sitting around my body up here. Put the neutrino bombs on them and we are going to bring this god particle out in the open,” Jaden demands. “I’m sure they don’t mind taking one for the team.”

“Yes sir.”

Lopez just found his way back to the shield generating area. He has his nanotubing clothes around the highly explosive vest. He is walking like other HBHs and DHWs down walkways. Lopez has his finger on the self-explode button. He thinks to himself, ‘I’m only going to get one chance at this. Shit, I need a cigarette. I can’t believe I’m going to be a suicide bomber. I didn’t even think anyone still used C-4 explosives. I know whoever created this bomb this morning or last night, sure didn’t think it would be used up here today. Well, at least I’m using it for the best purpose possible. Who would have known, a suicide bomb might end up saving Earth. I guess I’ll be called the American martyr in the history books,’ he says while chuckling.


The millions of white blood cells are reprogrammed to go to the areas the gluon plasma impulses were emitted from. There are Nanodrones of all sizes standing by.

“Shrink some Nanodrones down to 1-2.5 µm and have them scan the granule cells from a safe distance with x-ray shock waves when the neutrino bombs go off. This is amazing, I can remember everything AI downloaded from the medical encyclopedias online,” Jaden says.

“That is smaller than any cell in your body,” drone 3 says.

“Exactly. Let me know when they are ready,” Jaden commands.

“Yes sir.”


Meanwhile, on the other side of the ship Lopez walks into the shield generator area. Sweat is dripping down his face. He has his nanotubing clothes over the bomb vest he is wearing, so the bomb can’t be detected. It is over the vest like a blanket. There are two DHWs walking around the area. Lopez gets within thirty feet of the shield reactor that goes straight into the ceiling from the floor. The reactor has green energy moving up and down it at high speed. Ultraviolet light scans his head from different directions trying to read his Nanomole and bioparasite ID. It tries to scan the rest of his body and vest, but can’t penetrate the layers of the nanotubing material. He reaches twenty-one feet and continues walking.

‘Shit, they have more security now. They are on to me,’ Lopez says to himself while getting very nervous.

“Stop intruder. Non-active Nanomoles detected! Bioparasite ID has not been detected!” A computer voice echoes.

The two DHWs begin to fire stronger lasers at Lopez as he begins to run towards the core. He takes a laser shot through the leg and upper torso. Blood spurts out in different directions. He groans in agonizing pain. His heart begins to beat faster and his adrenaline kicks into high gear. He limps and continues forward, while reaching seven feet. Everything feels as if it slows down for him. Lopez thinks about his children and siblings. His body takes more shots, but he doesn’t feel it. He thinks about all the people and animals on Earth. He thinks about his ex-wife, the love of his life, and he reaches five feet. Heaven crosses his mind in a flash and he sees images of the American flag. The two DHWs intercept within a few feet from the side of Lopez. A green matter beam is shot from the ceiling behind him. He leaps into the air with his last bit of strength, while pulling the nanotubing clothes off the vest. The green matter laser catches his ankles and feet while in midair. The green matter begins to destroy his body from the feet up, vaporizing his legs and hips. His eyes are wide and his mouth is open. He presses the button inside the vest with all his might. He instantly explodes into a fireball. The two DHWs near him are instantly ripped into pieces by 7mm steel balls quickly moving in all directions like a cannonball. The huge explosion ignites the green matter shield generator. It explodes into a fireball and green energy goes into different directions. A backup shield goes around the outside area where the rest of the ship connects at. The explosion is contained in the destroyed shield generator area. The cloaking and energy shield around the ship disappears.

Back in Jaden’s brain, he yells out, ‘Now!’

Bright energy flashes in all directions in Jaden’s brain. White blood cells are destroyed with brain cells, while more holes are created in his brain. The smaller Nanodrones detect the god particle matter glowing at 1.5 µm. They quickly move in and create an energy prism around it, containing it.

‘We got that son of a bitch!’ Jaden yells to the team.

“Did you feel that?” Drone 3 asks.

“Yeah, I felt that rumbling. I think the shield is down around the ship. I can see Earth more clearly through the floor, through this hole in my head. Shit, that means I only have a few seconds to a minute before this ship explodes.”

“What should we do now sir?” Drone 3 asks.

“I guess continue to repair my body. Until I figure out something,” Jaden says.

“The Nanodrones in your severed left leg have been notified, sir.”

Jaden floats through some damaged blood vessels by himself trying to figure out how he is going to get off the mother ship before it is destroyed. The rest of the Nanodrones stay behind.


Pentagon 12:54 AM


An officer runs into the office President Paylin and Peters are in.

“Madam President, the shield is down around the mother ship. I repeat it just went down forty-five seconds ago,” the officer says.

“Did you try to send the signal to explode the bombs?” She asks.

“We tried, but all signals leaving Earth are being blocked by the mother ship. They are jamming all signals of any kind from the direction of the mother ship towards Earth. The mother ship is sending red infrared beams to satellites. The satellites in return are sending down mini infrared beams to millions of building tops around the world. The new JWST telescope is relaying this information to us.”

“How much time before the first humans are permanently bonded with the bioparasites?”

“Less than seventeen minutes,” he says.

“We have to figure out something,” Peters says.


Mother ship 12:55 PM


Inside of Jaden’s brain, he is still moving by himself and scrolling by thousands of Nanodrones of different sizes doing different tasks. He suddenly senses something and hears soft romantic music playing. Pearl Harbor Soundtrack 1 Tennessee is playing at a distance from him. He moves fasters and faster towards the neocortex of the brain while moving past oxygenated red blood cells. He changes his size down to 1 µm and he sees a glowing pink light. The music becomes louder and is playing in stereo. He approaches and looks at the glowing pink light. He scans and analyzes it. There is a message there for him and he can see images. He sees images of his friend.

‘If you are finding this Jaden, this means you needed the nanosincoid prototype brain after all and I was right. I knew you might need it for something. I had a feeling your human brain was too big and very fragile. I left it hidden in your brain before you were put back into your body when you were in the pool of water on Xenos. I hid it in a dead brain cell. It was programmed to stay hidden in your brain until it was needed. It created an exact duplicate of your brain and recorded everything that happened up to now. It has everything your Nanoscanners saw and more. This prototype learned everything your brain was capable of, so you shouldn’t feel much difference. It will communicate with the Nanodrones at high speed and allow you to do things you didn’t think were possible. It will send out signals in all directions of your brain and mimic your old brain. You should feel a slight difference between the sincoid and your human brain very soon. I hope this helps you in whatever situation you are in now. Your subconscious is also available for real time readings. I’m missing you already. You will know everything this sincoid is capable of in the next few seconds. I hope to see you one day again soon. I love you Jaden,’ Bellona says in a hologram near his body in the pool of water.

Jaden is in shock after seeing images of Bellona and knowing this is how his brain was still able to function all this time. A very huge drone 3 and a billion other Nanodrones the size of buildings are standing around Jaden. There is complete silence as Jaden notices their larger size.

“It was an honor to meet you up close sir. I guess this is where you need to go now,” drone 3 says.

“Thanks drone 3 for all your help and believing in me. I enjoyed being on the microscopic level and seeing my real body on the inside without any animation. Thanks for putting me back together as best as possible. I would love for my body to be modified and taken to the next level.”

‘You Nanodrones are doing an excellent job in here, keep up the good work,” Jaden says.

“Goodbye sir.”

“Goodbye friend,” Jaden says.

The pink color nanosincoid brain quickly expands consuming Jaden’s nanodrone body.

‘Now back to work, everyone! I’m not paying you to stand around on the Jaden enterprise to have a Kodak moment. You grey Nanodrones over there, clean up those pussing white blood cells. You brown Jabba the Hutt looking Nanodrones over there, get some oxygen into those dying brain cells you are floating on….I’m just kidding. Get this BIO-Sapien body ready as best you can, we have another show to put on,’ Jaden says from the glowing sincoid.


Pentagon 1:03 AM

9 minutes to Permanent brain bonding


The officer runs into the office with a civilian behind him.

“Madam President, one of the scientists here, Dr. Tim Gelfo, has a possible solution to getting around the signal jamming problem,” the officer says.

“Go ahead,” the President says while smoking a cigarette.

“I was doodling on this idea and I think might work. We can beam a signal from here to our local airship blimp and bounce the signal all the way to Mexico using other airships. When the signal reaches the LMT 24 GHz holography telescope, it can bounce into space towards Mars at the speed of light. Mars is about fifty million miles from Earth at this time of year, on the left side of the sun in orbit. It will take three and a half minutes for the signal to reach the top-secret satellite Rebirth 1 that is orbiting Mars. That satellite can then bounce the signal back towards Earth from another direction. It will come up at an angle behind the mother ship encoded at the speed of light, activating the bombs, destroying the ship,” Tim says.

“That is an amazing plan, Dr. Tim Gelfo. Why didn’t you just do your plan when you thought about it? Then tell us what you did,” the President says.

“Well, Madam President, I can’t authorize something like that on my own. You need permission to use other countries’ blimp airships, the signal needs clearance and it is going to need Mexico’s permission. I just thought it would be cool, that’s all,” he says while sweat runs down his face.

“Dr. Gelfo, I don’t know if you know what is going on outside, but the world is ending right now. There aren’t any countries responding right now. The mother ship increased their signal energy to the Nanomoles when they found out we had special hats made. There are DHWs walking around the Earth infecting people. The sun and moon are being blocked, people are in their homes in a sleeping zombie state of mind. Zombie humans are walking to the top of buildings around the world to await their bioparasite brain upload. Society is about to be completely taken over by this alien race in eight minutes and you are worried about clearance? I just fought a few military robots that almost killed me. I have my period now and I don’t have a tampon! I had to use a brown paper towel from the men’s room….”

Peters interrupts the President and puts his arm on her shoulder. He turns to the men with a serious face.

“Dr. Tim and Officer Bob, authorize the long range signal right now!”

“Yes sir,” they say together while running away and saluting them.

“I’m sorry General Peters, I lost it. I guess the people deep underground here don’t really know what is going on out there. I think they think this is a drill or something.”


The encoded signal leaves the Pentagon and bounces across the United States by blimp airships. It reaches Hawaii and then back towards south Mexico, near the equator. It goes straight into space towards Mars at near 186,000 miles a second.

“What is a satellite doing over Mars anyway?” She asks.

“Rebirth 1, is a top-secret satellite put in place with the help of Russia to start the terraforming of Mars. The satellite focuses the sun’s energy to the south pole caps to begin melting the ice to release carbon dioxide. This will very slowly begin the greenhouse effect,” Peters says.

“I faintly remember the CIA briefing me about this last year. Russia and the United States already split up Mars….” She says before she is interrupted by images on a LCD screen.

A color screen shows up with a countdown on it and an animated video of the signal traveling towards Mars.

“This is going to cut it very close if this works. There are only about six and a half minutes left,” Peters says.

“If this doesn’t, we are going to have to implement Operation Suicide Earth,” she says while placing a top-secret envelope on the table.

“I pray that it does, I pray that it does. I hope it doesn’t lead to that or God forgive us all,” Peters pleads.

Video feed suddenly comes in from different UAV Predator drones via airship blimps flying over New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, London, and Las Vegas catching disturbing images. Peters and Paylin stand there in shock.


Around the World



In Manhattan, a Predator drone transmits images of millions of humans on top of buildings. City pigeons are flying in different directions. The sun is having a full eclipse from something blocking it. The air has the scent of death and remorse. The clear sky has thousands of beams penetrating towards buildings. People are on rooftops standing in silence. Their bodies lift four feet into the air by red infrared beams. The mother ship is about to upload bioparasites directly to ten percent of the population when the countdown is complete. There are millions of people standing in Manhattan streets standing and waiting to be infected next. They are crying and screaming in their minds for someone to save them. There are alien clouds going up and down the street over them. Birds drop feces on humans standing in the street. Dogs and cats are standing near their unresponsive owners on lose chains. They bark continuously at the sky and clouds above them. Cats slide between their owners’ legs and meow continuously. Animals in the Bronx Zoo are going crazy in their cages. In Hollywood, there are hundreds of people standing four feet in the air on the Hollywood sign. There are millions more on top of buildings and skyscrapers, around the city.

In Paris, people are standing on top of the Eiffel Tower and on houses and buildings around the city. In Las Vegas, people are standing on top of hotel buildings and lining main street in complete silence. In Egypt, one person is standing at the very top of a pyramid with their arms out as if they are on a cross.

Cruise ships, oil tankers and cargo ships are stationary and have dozens of people standing on top of them. The ships have their anchors down while the waves hit. A cruise ship by the name of Oasis 2 sits in the middle of the Atlantic with passengers standing in the man-made park in the center of the ship. Their eyes are wide open and they gaze at the dimly lit sky above them. There are rows and rows of humans lined up. Some are on their balconies naked. There is complete silence around them and the wind howls by their ears as their Nanomole keeps them in the positive stage. Dozens of robot waiter workers walk up to each non-responding human and asks them if they want a drink, while others ask if they need assistance. Their soulless bodies continue to walk up to each person and ask the same thing. The passengers cry for help inside of their minds. The new eighteen-deck cruise ship has a planetarium with two DHWs looking through the telescope at the mother ship.

Animals in zoos around the world are going crazy and making screaming noises, trying to be free from their cages. One wraithstalker is flying around different parts of the planet checking Nanomoles in human remains in cemeteries. The second wraithstalker is checking the ocean of Nanomoles that were left from ashes over the centuries. The third wraithstalker is repairing itself over Greenland.


Mother ship 151,000 Miles from Earth 1:09 PM


Jaden opens his eyes in his human body. There are numerous scars around his face and his skin is missing around his body. His muscles and bones can be seen all around his body. He has two clear sealed holes in his head that are filled with blood. He looks around, but he still can’t move. The Nanodrones are bypassing his nerves and sending signals to his new brain directly.

A diagnostics test is ran and displays messages on his new detailed eye screen, Communications speed around body operating at 10,000 meters a second, Nanosincoid clock speed at 100 Petaflops.


His heart still isn’t working. Jaden has options to turn off pain or change emotions or feelings. He closes his eyes while the Nanodrones attempt to hold his spinal cord together with magnetic energy. Jaden is amazed what the sincoid is capable of doing. He begins multi-tasking while he concentrates on something in the background of his mind. Jaden’s body goes back online, in minimal mode. He opens his eyes and leans up. The sticky blood sticks to his back. He increases his sense of humor level.


‘Hey dark energy bitch, I’m back. I guess you didn’t finish the job. Maybe burger dick king can finish it for you,’ Jaden says telepathically while standing up on one foot.

The DEQ appears in a flat face again from across the room.

‘This is impossible, you are dead. You don’t have a heartbeat or brain left. How is this possible? How are you alive?’

‘I have a backup brain in my penis with a built in UPS battery system. I also have your twelve dimensions god particle in a circus cage prism. That was very sneaky of you to hide it in a dead brain cell when I was on Planet 455. I’m feeding it white blood cells as we speak.’

She raises her arm to grab him in a line of matter, but he isn’t affected by it.

‘I’m hip to that line of matter things. Nothing some created anti-matter energy from the god particle can’t fix,’ Jaden snaps. ‘It snitched and told some interesting facts about itself.’

‘What did you do to my shield generator core?’ She asks.

‘That wasn’t me, I was laying here like road kill. I looked like I was hit by a few trucks and a DWI driver. Oh yeah, I said hello to God like you told me to and He said he wanted to talk to you.’

‘Why are you still standing here and not running away from me? I can kill you like that. What are you hiding?’ She asks.

‘I’m not afraid of you. Under all the dark evil energy, I bet you are a skinny little alien with a training bra on. I bet I can kick your ass even in this crippled condition,’ Jaden says while reaching down and grabbing his severed left leg from the floor near him.

The DEQ’s body forms on the floor and back into multiple shadows. Jaden’s eyes move back and forth as if he is concentrating on something. She attempts to scan Jaden’s brain from across the room.

‘Did you find anything, you like?’ He asks while playing his leg like a guitar. “Sorry, my brain can’t be read anymore, access denied,” he chuckles. “Look at me, I’m playing Third life Guitar Hero in space,” he says aloud while hopping up and down on one foot. He flicks the hairs on his legs like buttons and strings.

She begins spinning her arms around and creates huge red matter balls. She wants to destroy him completely.

‘Now you want to play dodge ball?’ He asks.

‘Earth will be ours in forty seconds. I will cure you of your illnesses. This red matter ball will explode your body into a trillion pieces all over this area. Let’s see you come back to life after this, you arrogant dead bastard.’

‘That isn’t a nice way to talk to your son, stepmom,’ he snaps, ‘I’m definitely calling GACS and telling them what you just said. Galactic Administration for Child Services won’t approve of that language.’

A five-foot red ball is created with sparkling energy around it in front of the DEQ. The sparkling energy becomes bigger and bigger.

‘Time to die Jaden.’

‘Heroes don’t die, didn’t you learn that from watching all our movies? Good always conquers evil….oh shit…’

The red ball quickly approaches Jaden. His brain goes into 100X nanotime. He leaps upwards towards the ceiling while just avoiding the huge matter ball. He touches the ceiling with one hand twenty feet up. The red ball changes direction and comes towards Jaden. She fires hundreds of micro matter balls towards Jaden from her right hand. The huge ball approaches him quickly from the left. Outside the mother ship, green lasers are firing. Jaden pushes downward from the ceiling and curls his body into the fetal position, while his body slowly rotates. A huge blue molecule comes from outside of the mother ship and quickly moves towards Jaden’s body. The five-foot red matter ball reaches Jaden’s body within one foot, the micro one inch balls reach within two inches of his body. Jaden’s body disappears into the huge blue molecule.

‘See you later! Hope you have insurance!’ Jaden yells.

The huge molecule quickly passes through the see-through wall and exits the mother ship. The energies collide with each other and there is a slight explosion that quickly contains itself.

‘Light engines on!’ Jaden thinks to himself.


The Gravhawk’s body reappears and the light engines go on, but the mother ship grabs the Gravhawk in a tractor beam before it jumps into warp speed. The light engines are at eighty-nine percent, but the Gravhawk is slowly moving forward. The Gravhawk fires two pink torpedoes and two purple torpedoes from the rear of the blue glowing molecule. The mother ship fires three green matter lasers at the Gravhawk from three directions, trying to destroy the torpedoes. The torpedoes break up into millions of pieces and reform together. The Gravhawk’s energy shield absorbs the lasers and its shield turns completely green around the Gravhawk. The shield strength is quickly draining. The torpedoes hit several locations on the mother ship and a small explosion forms. One of the green matter laser cannons explodes. The green matter laser from the other two cannons quickly devours the Gravhawk’s shield energy. The shield manages to return the green matter laser back towards the unshielded mother ship creating damage to the hull. Three very powerful green matter torpedoes are fired towards the Gravhawk and quickly approach it. Jaden begins to panic as the Nanoscanners detect catastrophic damage from the torpedoes. The signal from Mars hits the mother ship from behind at the speed of light. Explosions begin going off inside the ship and the Gravhawk is released from the tractor beam just in time. The mother ship explodes into a huge green fireball as the Gravhawk jumps into warp speed. The light from the explosion quickly tails the Gravhawk. The green torpedoes miss their target and continue into space. Something jumps into warp behind the Gravhawk.


‘Hello, my friend, how’s it going?’ AI asks, ‘You look like you are in very bad shape.’

‘Hey AI, my body has been abused by a mean stepmom. I’m so happy to hear your voice and to be inside this ship. I’m lucky to be alive, that was a very close call.’

‘How did you make it to the Gravhawk in the North Pole?’

‘Kim, everything was Kim. She saved us all, she risked her life to get me in the Gravhawk. Where did you get the nanosincoid from?’ AI asks.

‘Bellona! She had it hidden in my brain all this time.’

‘When I was finally in the Gravhawk after a very long ordeal, my navigation ability to control the ship was still offline. Then a few minutes later, the ship received an encoded neutrino signal from space. I couldn’t believe it was you. Then you were remoting into the ship. I told you the nanosincoid could do wonders. I couldn’t believe you were flying the ship yourself by remote from such a far distance away….’




The sunlight returns to the planet. Everyone is cheering in the secured area deep in the Pentagon. HBHs around the world begin fighting off the weakened Nanomoles in their brains. They regain control of their bodies. The bioparasites and microbots in five percent of the population have a standoff struggle in human bodies. The Nanomoles can’t fully control the brain anymore and didn’t finish programming all the white blood cells. The remaining white blood cells quickly attack the microbots and bioparasites. Jaden’s Andromedian friends appear from the Atlantic Ocean in their spaceships. They spread out in different directions to go after the three remaining wraithstalkers.



I, Robot Soundtrack Tunnel Chase Track 5 begins playing in the background very low. Jaden continues talking, ‘I can’t believe I was able to also from such a far distance. I assumed I was going to die on the ship any second. I wouldn’t have been able to remote into it, if you didn’t have the key to get inside of it in the first place. Then I was able to see the countdown time from the Pentagon through the Gravhawk’s nanoscanner. I guess the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I think someone high above was watching over me on that one. I feel like Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon. Okay, what is that dark thing gaining on us?’

A nanoscanner displays the images of a DEW behind them.

‘Oh shit, we have a dark energy wraith behind us. It looks like the same one that chased us on Planet 455,’ Jaden says.

‘What is it?’ AI asks.

‘You’re asking me and you are the alien species that knows about sixty percent of the universe?’

‘It is full of pure dark energy and it could destroy this ship,’ AI says.

‘Exactly, you got it; that is all we need to know. We need to lose that thing…Oh no, I’m being hailed. The god particle in my brain is receiving communications.’

‘This is your DEQ friend. I’m going to work on my human species humor before I destroy you again for a final time. I want to show you I can be funny also, just like you tried to be! Not!’ She yells.

‘Oh no, oh double shit!’ Jaden yells to AI.

‘We passed Mars orbit a minute ago. The asteroid belt is coming up quick, we can try to lose it in there,’ AI says.

‘Good idea, AI.’

‘I have some serious road rage from the hit and run you just did on my ship back there. Why don’t you stop so we can exchange some insurance information?’ She asks.

‘Come on, no hard feelings with your ship. No one stops on Earth after a big accident like that without any insurance, I’m sure not going to stop now. You are going to have to catch me dark energy pig,’ Jaden says while the Gravhawk speeds up. The background music increases in volume and tempo.

The Gravhawk slows down while quickly changing direction around a huge rock. The main thruster engines go online and the light engines go offline. The unattached wings change directions and are straight outward. The ship enters the asteroid belt where there are millions of asteroids and meteoroids there. The Gravhawk quickly dodges around asteroids of all sizes. The DEW dodges them slowly and plows through smaller ones. The blue molecule appears around the Gravhawk.

‘Let’s try to shoot some stuff at it,’ Jaden says.

Dozens of clear cannons, the size of bowling balls, are shot from the rear of the molecule towards the DEW trying to catch up. The shield cannons disappear into the dark wraith. Blue MPB beams are shot from the wings destroying medium rocks in front of it.

‘You have to do better than that. Shooting a BB gun at a nuclear missile isn’t going to do much justice. Come on give up, so your death can be less painful,’ the DEQ says.

‘Never give up, never surrender,’ Jaden says to the DEQ.

Galaxy Quest, 1999, that was the movie that quote was in. Your foolish life revolves around movies and foolish beliefs,’ she says.

‘You’re good,’ Jaden says.

[+ Blade 2 Soundtrack 1 techno theme+] begins to play.

‘Remember you asked where the pawns were? Well, here they are!’ The DEQ yells.

Small, dark energy balls, the size of a tennis ball, are fired from the DEW at the Gravhawk. It passes through the asteroids while making a hole in them. The energy shield forms around the Gravhawk and an energy ball penetrates the shield and hits the right wing. The wing goes into the body and then comes back out like new. The Gravhawk quickly dodges, accelerates and spins in circles dodging the dark energy balls. Asteroid rocks begin hitting other rocks into different directions. The sound can’t be heard, but the vibrations can be felt.

‘I’ve played the game Asteroids, but this is ridiculous,’ Jaden snaps.

‘Those dark energy balls can penetrate our shields, we have to be careful they don’t hit the Gravhawk’s body,’ AI says.

‘You are telling me, I felt that hitting the wing and it hurt,’ Jaden says.

The Gravhawk quickly moves around the asteroids while scraping the top of them. Debris flies while it sucks into the DEW. The DEW increases in size.

‘Do you remember the movie, The Invisible Man?’ Jaden asks it.

The Gravhawk goes completely invisible and does a 180° turn around a huge asteroid. The DEW quickly passes right through the asteroid while turning 90°, just missing the Gravhawk. The asteroid explodes into pieces. The DEW continues to catch up to the Gravhawk.

‘You fool, I can still sense your energy and matter particles.’

The Gravhawk fires several yellow, pink and purple torpedoes at the DEW while slowing to dodge a more congested asteroid area. The Gravhawk’s offensive weapons don’t have any effect on the DEW and it increases in size.

‘I eat those, yum, yum. Keep them coming,’ the DEQ says.

‘You keep eating like that, you’ll be able to fit into American society very well.’

‘I’ll be back for American society after I’m finished with you. Overweight Americans can be used for something as well,’ DEQ says.

‘Come on dark energy queen, let’s be friends. Let’s stop this chase and kill game.’

‘I tried that, then you betrayed me and destroyed my ship.’

AI interrupts their conversation, ‘Jaden, I have an idea, I think we should try optic-warp. Maybe we can lose this DEW in there,’ AI says.

‘You wanted to take over humans and use my nanodrone for some evil experiment. I can’t get down like that. You and your king darth sidious can have your party without me. I’m no Darth Vader puppet, I know who I am. If this was Star Wars, I would be a BIO-Sapien Jedi,’ he says while chuckling with confidence.

‘I’m tired of playing with you, just die!’

The DEW splits into two pieces and quickly moves on both sides of the Gravhawk. It fires hundreds of dark energy balls at the Gravhawk from both sides. Jaden’s mind goes into nanotime and the Gravhawk begins spinning very fast. He tries to change course, but the balls are coming too fast from all directions. A few pass through the Gravhawk’s maximum shield. One ball penetrates the liquid metal body near the nose and quickly exits. Jaden sees Hull compromised, Damage in nose, Losing ship energy on the ship’s screen. Another energy ball passes through the middle of the Gravhawk striking Jaden’s human body in the fetal position and continues out the other side of the hull. Nanobots get to work to seal the holes. Jaden’s ankle, leg, right side, and arm are badly damaged. Another ball penetrates the rear, just misses the light engine core and optic-warp processing area. The main thruster engine area is hit. Jaden sees, main thrusters offline. Jaden laughs hysterically.

The Gravhawk pulls away and changes direction away from the two DEWs.

‘Jaden, why are you laughing? How is this funny?’ AI asks.

‘In the nanosincoid, I changed the pain I’m feeling with the ship into tickling feelings around my body.’

‘How did that feel? I see you are leaking anti-gravity and oxygen, let’s if we can get some more out of you,’ the DEQ says.

The Gravhawk begins to slow down and Jaden takes AI’s advice. The DEWs are closing in and the matrix vortex shield forms in front of the Gravhawk. Jaden sets a course for the sun in milliseconds and the ship jumps into light speed. The front vortex shield plows through asteroids in the way. The DEW jumps into light speed behind it. Trillions of nanobots try to stabilize the several holes through the body.

‘We are in bad shape Jaden. We suffered major structural damage. Another direct hit and the ship could explode.’

‘I know that AI. Try to help me figure out a way we can get out of this,’ Jaden says.

Suddenly, Optic-warp molecule converter matter is leaking is displayed.

They quickly pass Mars’ orbit while the DEW quickly catches up.

‘What can we do to fix that?’ Jaden asks.

‘All the nanobots are holding the ship together. That needs to be repaired or the Gravhawk’s molecules won’t be able to breakdown to enter subspace,’ AI says.

‘I love the way your anti-matter exhaust tastes,’ the DEQ says.

‘I’ll use the Nanodrones in my body to try to repair it,’ Jaden says.

‘All the Nanodrones are holding your body together.’

‘Freeze my body, use the Nanodrones to fix the leak and send out a Mayday,’ Jaden says.

‘Yes sir. I already sent out Maydays, but no one responded.’

‘Man, this sucks,’ Jaden says.

Five hundred trillion Nanodrones leave Jaden’s frozen body to repair the molecule converter. Many of them die since they weren’t made to repair such materials.

The DEW gets close to the rear of the Gravhawk and rams it. The tail moves closer to the rear of the ship. Pieces of the tail rip away. The rear of the Gravhawk’s body is also penetrated. The Gravhawk uses its last energy to enter maximum light engine speed.

Warning! Rear matter and antimatter collision detected, shielding light engines area exposed, All sensors and nanoscanner communications offline is displayed.

The Gravhawk reaches 187,500 mps and it slowly passes its own light. The Gravhawk begins to shake violently.

‘Those two energies can’t collide. If we are hit again from the rear, we are going to lose light engines. We also might lose structural stability passing the speed of light barrier without proper front energy protection,’ AI says.


North Pole, Earth


The sky is dark and there is a colorful green northern lights glowing in the night sky. Kim runs out from the out of fuel scramjet. She looks up into the night sky and sees a moving star in the sky, but without a trail behind it. It quickly crosses the sky and she turns her head to watch it. She sees three more small trails of bright light approaching the moving star. She believes Jaden is the moving star.


Space between Venus and Earth

The Gravhawk is badly damaged. It needs to pass Mercury before it has enough solar winds energy to enter optic-warp. The 200 trillion remaining Nanodrones can’t contain the molecule converter matter area. They return into Jaden’s body. The DEW is approaching again from behind.

‘We can’t enter optic-warp, the Nanodrones can’t repair the leak,’ AI says.

‘Goodbye Jaden Marino, I guess this is your last move. This is what you would call checkmate,’ the DEQ says while chuckling.

The Gravhawk tries to slightly change direction at light speed, but the DEW stays right on the rear. It speeds up and rams the tail again. The tail explodes and disappears into the DEW’s dark abyss. The Gravhawk loses its light engines and thrust. The DEW moves forward to consume the rest of the ship. The DEW is less than a foot from the rear of the Gravhawk and at the last second, the DEW slows down. Jaden and AI are confused to why it is slowing down.

‘Need some help again, our human friend?’ Bellona asks.

Jaden’s mind triggers another soundtrack to begin playing. Halo 2 Soundtrack 13, Earth City begins to play in his mind.

‘Now you show up to help? I’m so glad to hear your voice,’ Jaden says.

Suddenly Bellona’s ship appears out of nowhere with a huge gold molecule going around the middle of it. Her fifth generation EIS shines over the rest. Her ship connects onto the Gravhawk and gives it a piggyback ride. Marco and Bomani’s ships approach from an angle behind the DEW and uses a plasma matter tractor beams to slow the DEW back.

‘No! No! No! Where did you Andromedians come from. You aren’t supposed to be here. This is impossible! You all will be destroyed also!’

‘I guess you meant to say check instead of checkmate. Look at me, I’ve gotten some chess pieces to the other side of the chess game and I’ve gotten some pieces back,’ Jaden snaps to the DEQ.

The DEW fires dark energy balls from the side at the two ships and at Jaden. They quickly dodge them and speed forward, releasing the tractor grip beam. Bellona’s ship that is more advanced quickly accelerates Jaden’s and hers past the speed of light to outrun the dark energy balls. The ships pass Venus’ orbit.

‘Hey buddy, we heard your calls, but we needed a strategy to help you. We noticed the DEW was losing strength the closer it was getting to the sun,’ Marco says.

‘No problem at all. I’m very happy to see you guys again. Just get this evil bitch off my ass. She is worse than a wild pit bull with a steak on my ass,’ Jaden says, ‘I like your more advanced looking EIS Bellona. The golden molecule looks nice. I see you received the promotion.’

‘Yes, I love it. This is one of the most advanced spaceships in the galaxy,’ she says.


The Gravhawk’s body against Bellona’s ship is making Jaden feel as if Bellona is hugging him and rubbing up against him naked.

‘How does that feel Jaden?’ Bellona asks in a flirtatious voice.

‘What are you doing? That feels as if you are touching me all over my body and you are using your Nanoscanners to do it,’ Jaden says in a surprised voice.

‘They are now called fermionscanners and quarkeyes. I’m sending over some of my fermionscanners. They are full of nanobots that can quickly assist with your damaged and leaking optic-warp molecule converter,’ Bellona says.

‘Thanks, Bellona, thanks for saving me again.’

‘Let’s not make a habit out of this. I missed you,’ she says.

‘Yeah, um… same here,’ Jaden says bashfully.

‘Come on team, let’s stick to the plan,’ Marco says.

Bellona’s ship slows down for Marco and Bomani.

Trillions of nanobots quickly repair the molecule converter. Marco and Bomani’s ships connect together behind Bellona’s. The DEW begins to slow down. A vortex anti-neutrino shield forms in front of the ships. The ships form and connect a reverse vortex matrix shield. The DEW attempts to decelerate as the solar winds become increasingly stronger. All three ships fire a plasma tractor beam towards the DEW.

‘Where you going DEQ? Stick around,’ Jaden snaps.

All four ship molecules connect together and they quickly accelerate in speed. They quickly pass Mercury’s orbit. Jaden sees the optic-warp molecule converter is stable and it goes online. The ships move at 279,000 mps while increasing speed and dragging the DEW with them. The DEW spins in circles trying to get away from the sun’s radiation and solar winds.

‘No! Let me go! I can’t endure the star’s heat and molecule energy,’ the DEQ says.

‘Your goose is cooked. You look like a lobster that is about to be put into a pot of hot water,’ Jaden snaps.

The four ships ram through and quickly destroy an Earth Solar Probe Spacecraft that was orbiting near the sun. The spaceships reach 371,098 mps and begin to glow. The outside temperature reaches 6200°F. They reach one million miles from the sun’s surface. The temperature outside passes 10,798°F. Jaden sees a subspace path to the Proxima Centauri A.

‘I’ll be back for you Jaden Marino, we will meet again,’ she says in a trembling voice.

‘Yeah yeah, don’t forget your suntan lotion and say hi to Obi-Wan Kenobi for me,’ Jaden says.

Subspace opens up and the ships breakdown into small molecules a couple of thousand miles from the sun’s surface. The ships slingshot into subspace. The DEW continues through the sun’s corona and smashes into the surface at high speed. Huge solar flares explode upwards hundreds of thousands of miles into space. Jaden hears echoes of the DEQ screaming through optic-warp. The solar flare energy explodes towards the solar system in all directions. Kim continues to look towards the sky for Jaden. She holds her chest wondering what happened to him.

Earth Thursday September 11, 2018


Kim is back in Virginia at a funeral at a cemetery. Dark grey clouds are set overhead and slowly move towards the east. The wind blowing from the west is pushing rain onto people’s feet. It is pouring down rain and she is wearing an all black dress. She learned that her father died in the federal prison in Buckeye. Ex-President Robinson had her father put in there the same time she was, and he was there when it was blown up. She wasn’t aware at the time he was in a general population area. The funeral speaker is saying kind words about Kim’s father. She mourns her father, while Sabrina and James stand nearby her. Sabrina is holding her right hand very tightly. Kim is crying and her left hand wipes away the tears with a white tissue. The mood is somber, sad and remorseful. The sound of rain bounces off the tombstones, off people’s umbrellas and off the grassy ground. There are dozens of businessmen and friends of her father here. James has on a black suit and Sabrina has on an all black dress. James is holding a huge umbrella over himself, Kim and Sabrina. The rain bouncing off the top of the umbrella reminds Kim of the hundreds of feet chasing behind her at the Taipei 101 building. Kim cries and thinks about Jaden, she wishes he were here with her to comfort her. She didn’t hear from him and doesn’t know if he is alive. Sabrina is also mourning for the lost of her mother. Kim steps forward from under the umbrella and looks at her father’s coffin. The funeral director stops speaking and gives Kim her moment. The rain soaks her hair and runs down her face and mixes with her tears. She wails and grieves for her father that she loved so much. A low sounding thunder echoes in the far background.


A week goes by and Kim stays at her father’s house. On a clear night, she stargazes in the backyard with a mind control Meade telescope. She is looking towards the Andromeda Galaxy. The dark sky is clear of any clouds and millions of stars light up the night. The crickets are communicating to each other in the bushes and trees around the backyard. An owl is hooting from a distance. Sabrina comes out of the house while getting a piggyback ride on Max’s back.

“I totally want one. I love this R.M.E.C. This guy is so smart, intelligent and strong. You gave him so many cool upgrades, from having a doctor’s education, to having the knowledge of a lawyer and having all history downloaded into his memory. I can have him carry me around everywhere!” Sabrina yells while she has her arms around his neck.

“Hey Sabrina, how’s it going?” Kim says in a sad voice, while looking through the telescope with one eye.

“It is going very well,” she replies.

“You know Max’s nanobatteries last about twelve hours.”

“I know, I’m going to charge him when I go inside. Nanobatteries are the best. It’s about time cell phones have 500 hours of talk time on one charge. Still looking for Jaden? Any sign of him?”

Kim turns around to look at Sabrina and Max. Sabrina jumps off Max’s back.

“Yes, I am still looking for him. I don’t see any signs of him at all. I miss him so much already,” Kim says.

“I can’t believe you were out here every night for the past week looking for a sign of Jaden through that telescope. You must really love him with all your heart; that is so awesome.”

“I do love him, I don’t know what I’m going to do without him. I feel as if I lost everything in my life now. I lost my father and the love of my life in a week,” she says while a tear runs from her eye.

Sabrina gives Kim a hug. Max stands there analyzing her words.

“It will be okay, you still have me. I’ll be here for you if you need me. We can create an R.M.E.C. support group for lonely women,” Sabrina says jokingly.

Kim laughs while sniffling. Sabrina opens her eyes wide as she focuses on the sky behind Kim.

“What is that blue light there?” Sabrina asks while pointing. Kim quickly turns around and looks in the telescope. The telescope automatically adjusts and she sees a flying glowing blue heart with small white light particles moving around it. Under the bright heart, yellow glowing letters begin to appear.

“What do you see? What is it?” Sabrina asks excitedly.

“A glowing blue heart and…and..and..” she says with a smile on her face, while sniffling.

“And what? And what? Let me see, let me see,” Sabrina asks while jumping up and down.

“Do you need me to determine which star you are looking at?” Max asks.

“Shhh Max,” Sabrina and Kim say at the same time.

“It reads, ‘Will you Marry me Miss Kimberly Chan?’ ” Kim says while fainting and falling backwards. Max quickly moves to catch Kim from hitting the ground. Sabrina has a shocked look on her face and she covers her mouth.

“Do you need an ambulance, Miss Chan?” Max asks over and over again.

His annoying questioning fades away into the background.


November 17, 2018 Over two months later.


The Gravhawk is floating invisibly outside of Jupiter. Jaden and Kim are floating around naked holding each other. The roaring movement and vibrations of the planet are felt throughout their bodies. They can see all the stars and moons slowly moving around them. The red spot on Jupiter is spinning in circles in front of them.

‘I feel like we are naked together floating in space. This is cool that the ship is invisible, but we aren’t. This is a woman’s fantasy dream baby. The stars are so bright from here and Jupiter is mindboggling up close. I still can’t get over the size of this huge planet. The storms, the motion and the sound of Jupiter up close are amazing. It sounds like a giant live machine,’ Kim says telepathically.

‘I’m glad you like it sweetie. Going down there is scary though,’ he says while kissing her. ‘Hey AI, I was wondering, can someone see us naked from Earth through a telescope?’

‘No they can’t. You two are like the size of ants on the moon being viewed from Earth through a telescope,’ AI says.

‘Good. I would hate to be on the Internet in a celebrity sex scandal video,’ Jaden says while chuckling.


‘I feel bad leaving Sabrina on Earth by herself, it’s too bad she didn’t want to come,’ Kim says.

Jaden replies, ‘She has plenty of new friends now that she inherited your father’s money. I’m sure she will be okay. My mother agreed to check in on her from time to time. Sabrina is eighteen now and I’m sure she can take care of herself. Your family in Taiwan said they would watch over her also, I’m sure she will be okay. She is starting college in January.’

‘We are going to come back to Earth in fifteen years and she is going to have R.M.E.C.’s all over the house. Telling us she married them all and explaining polygamy is now legal for marrying robots,’ Kim says while chuckling.

Jaden laughs while rubbing his hand up and down her body.

‘I can picture that happening. I’m glad I was able to set up the www.BIO-Sapien.com website for her and friends before we left. We can send wormhole transmissions towards Earth from Andromeda to update the webpage,’ he says.

‘I can’t believe e-mails sent to BIO[email protected] are redirected into space. You are going to be getting a lot of e-mails from people,’ she says.

‘I know, I think it’s cool. I’ll probably receive them in a couple of years if they hit the right worm hole sector.’

‘What lovely piano song is this playing darling?’ She asks.

‘Let’s see, this is one of my favorites, Amelie Movie Soundtrack, track 4 Comptine d’un Autre Ete.’

‘Very sexy baby, you said that in French. Turn the volume up.’

The sound echoes around them from many directions.


‘So, Mrs. Marino are you ready for the ride of your life?’ Jaden asks.

‘This sex ride you just gave me in zero gravity under these stars was the ride of my life. Wow baby, you just topped our sex in the Bugattee chase,’ she replies.

‘I’m glad I topped it. Buckle up, I mean fetal position up.’

They crouch into the fetal position and liquids quickly fill up around their floating bodies. The Gravhawk reappears around them and they quickly jump into warp light speed.


‘So, how do you like my newly remodeled ship baby? I can get thirty light-years on a solar flare gallon. 0-186,500 mps in under three seconds,’ he says.

‘I like it, it looks new to me. Where are we heading now?’

‘We are going to check out the planet Gliese 581c on our way to the Andromeda Galaxy.’

‘Wait a second, are you checking this planet out for those MASA scientists?’ She asks.

‘No, not at all. We are going to visit a nice vacant honeymoon planet, where it’s just me and you. Remember? Adam and Eve? Me and you?’

‘Well, okay baby. I’m happy as long as I’m with you.’

‘While you wait outside your body, I have my version of the BIO-Sapien movie of my adventures for you to watch. It is a combination of my memories and nanoscanner visions. I left a copy with an executive producer and book writer on Earth. They loved this story and want to turn it into a trilogy series. But first they need it on paperback and Virtual Kindle reader. Someone already started writing the book from watching the visions. I just hope they don’t mess up my movie from the book.’

Kim says, ‘Hollywood is known for screwing up books to movie stories. They should always choose to do the movie first and write the book second. Okay, I’ll watch it in a second.’

‘I can’t believe the BIO-Sapien movie is going to cost 125 million dollars to produce and they estimate it to gross 300-400 million dollars worldwide. Some production company by the name of Imagination Factory is designing the video game, comic book, audio books, and action figures,’ he says.

‘Wow, that is amazing, so much is going to be done around your adventure. At least it will be easy for them to setup the screenplays since they have the nanoscanner visions in front of them. I wonder who they will get to play me.’ She asks.

‘At that cheap production cost, probably an unknown Asian actor. She is probably trying out for American Actor Idol now,’ he chuckles.

‘They will probably get a washed up actor to play you then Jaden.’

‘Why would they do that? I don’t think so. I can see Will Smith’s son playing me,’ he says.

‘You are dreaming, the movie will definitely go over budget. That teenager is a high paid actor and would push the movie production cost up to over 150 million,’ she says.

‘Hmmm, yeah. Watch the movie, Mrs. Smartass Marino.’


Kim begins to watch the movie at high speed. Thirty-five minutes pass by and they pass Venus at the speed of light.


‘What are these images of you having sex with Bellona in a bed in your ex-girlfriend’s house while you were on Xenos?’ Kim asks curiously.

‘What are you talking about? That isn’t in the movie. I was dreaming, I was having sex with Amy and I met her at school, then we went to her parents’ house; Bellona isn’t in the dream.’

‘I can see right now that Bellona bitch is riding you in the air and the stars are around you. I don’t see Amy anywhere in sight. So you did have sex with that alien lady?’ She asks and continues, ‘I knew something was going on between you two. You told me you never had sex in a zero gravity environment.’

‘Come on sweetie, you’re talking crazy, that didn’t happen. It was a dream with Amy, and we were at her house fooling around,’ Jaden pleads.

‘See for yourself, alien perv man,’ Kim says politely as they pass Mercury.

Jaden looks at the images and replays it back. Everything is glowing around the ship. This surprises Jaden and he becomes speechless. Kim waits to see what Jaden is about to say.

‘Oh shit…holy shit… Where did that come from?’ Jaden thinks to himself.

‘Well?’ She asks in a demanding voice and continues, ‘Holy shit isn’t an answer. I can hear you thinking to yourself also.’

Everything is completely bright around them.

‘Look baby! We are about to crash into our sun!’

She looks through a nanoeye and bright lights are everywhere around them. Their human bodies glow and turn translucent. The Gravhawk disappears into optic-warp at 15 sly. There is a huge flash of light near the sun. The Gravhawk computer reads: 92 pairs of chromosomes DNA converted over with Gravhawk’s molecules, subspace is 100% stable.


Written by: Vlane Carter


…………..To be continued IN VOLUME II AND III.


Creative art director: Vlane Carter

Graphic artist: John Buurman

John Moriarty

Matthew Garofalo

Kwan Wilson



















BIO-Sapien Volume II coming in 2018-2020









Book 7


… Nov 2nd, 2018 New York City marathon…..

….“I can’t believe it, this unknown man has left the pack of runners and is running at least 20mph”…..“he has just jumped over the camera man’s motorcycle at over 35mph”….“I can’t believe how fast his legs are moving, he definitely will be tested for drugs after the race….”


Andromeda Galaxy, Spidone solar system.

Jaden and Marco are interrupted by an emergency nano-sincoid transmission from Kimberly 75 light-years from them…Her Nanodrones transmit to Jaden through an artificial communications wormhole….Kimberly’s near lifeless seriously damaged body is floating in space around debris from an explosion….

‘I’m out of oxygen….’ she whispers telepathically.

‘I’m half way there…..who did this to you?’ Jaden asks.  “Who did this to you?” Jaden asks again…..”…….” “…B…Bell-ona,” Kimberly whispers in a faint voice and the communication ends.


Earth year 2035


….“Jaden’s body fights the pressure of the Atlantic ocean at 1080 feet below….the super Nanodrones counter acts the nitrogen in his blood stream…. his body slowly slips into the second stomach of the 102 foot Blue whale..thousands of krill pass by him as feels the stomach acid attacking his skin….”



Book 8


Bellona’s trial

“…Bellona you have been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with an organic life form, DNA manipulation of a foreign host, insubordination, attempted murder….your trial will last .5 milliseconds…..How do you plead?” Elder 1 asks.

“Not guilty,” she replies.

“….You are ordered to surrender your Exoskeleton Intergalactic generation 5 Spaceship….”


Andromeda galaxy planet destiny


68.650 years ago (Great Trans-human war). (Andromedian species during organic humanoid period).  Bellona’s previous life name was Kitara102.


“…I don’t care what your heart says, you are carrying our first born in your womb.  Our faith is with our Cult’s religion.  Those Mapolians are false prophets and will only get us all killed….” Jarr5011 says.

Kitara102 rubs her expanded belly with her left hand and looks deep into her spouses eyes.


“…I don’t know what to believe, I don’t believe our God would punish us this way, our God is a being of peace and kindness… Our male child will be born in two cycles, he has already been uploaded with our memories and is thinking on his own…His life force is very strong….He has dreams of the Mapolians communicating with him on a spiritual level….” Kitara102 says.


“…The government is wasting our tax money on the devil’s technology, I don’t want any part of that…We need to pray right now and keep our faith in our God…. and get back to work…”



Book 9


BIO-Sapien Jaden of the human species, you are our last hope.  Our entire universe are in the hands of your successful mission…Your mission may last thousands to millions of years, but you will grow wiser and stronger on your long journey….Do not look back and may the spirit-quarks be with you…” Elder four says.


Distance: 15.6 billion light years from Andromeda Galaxy.

Location: Unknown.

Date: Earth date 1.5 million AD.




“…What are you?…Why was everything created?  What is the purpose of human life?  Where did religion come from?  Why was galaxies and stars formed?….”







































A scene from BIO-Sapien Volume II.




















































VOL I Glossary of Terms


Atoms ripper – Is a molecule destroying energy similar to plasma fusion in the forward shields.


Bioparasites – Darclonians in microbial form. They wait to merge with Nanomole to control a human body at high speed. Nanomoles protect bioparasites from human white blood cells. Bioparasites also control armies of microbots.


DEK – Dark Energy Knight.


DEQ – Dark Energy Queen.


DEW – Dark Energy Wraith – Mysterious dark energy that rides like a comet and fuels itself from the exhaust of a spaceship.


DHW – Darclonian Human Walkers. When Nanomole and bioparasite merge. Darclonians are controlling human bodies at high speed. Making them super strong and slowly modifying the human body to turn them into super humans.


HBH – Hijacked brain Humans – See positive stage Nanomole.


LRSB – Long Range Signal Beacon. It is put on UFOs just in case they get away from the US government. The top-secret technology sends transmissions through subspace.


Microbots – Darclonian robotic or organic organisms that can do a variety of things similar to the Andromedian nanobots and Nanodrones. They prepare the human body to become super human.


Molevision – When the Nanomoles are in a neutral stage they transmit different visions to other Nanomoles when a human is suffering or experiencing pleasure from torturing someone else. It transmits and records dozens of emotions.


Nanoeyes – Invisible to the human eyes, range in size from a millionth to a billionth of an inch. Nanoeyes allow the host to hear and see things at a far distance. It can also pass through most materials. They can be controlled by host or on their own.


Nanoscanner – Invisible to the human eye and range in size between a millionth to a trillionth of an inch. Nanoscanners can do what nanoeyes can, and also analyze materials, scan through objects and determine their structure. They also have other capabilities especially in optic-warp. They can be controlled by host or fly autonomously.


Nanomoles – Are encoded particles sent to Earth over 100,000 years ago by the Darclonians. They sit hidden in the brain of humans. They reproduce in intelligent life from generation to generation, recording everything.


A Nanomole has three stages:


p<>{color:#000;}. Negative – Mole is semi-hibernating and is recording and saving detailed information on the host.

p<>{color:#000;}. Neutral – When the mother ship sends a high power signal to Earth to activate each Nanomole in the brain. An 84 hour countdown begins. Humans go unconscious for thirty seconds before waking up, and go back into the negative stage. Some humans randomly go in and out of the neutral stage. The Nanomole is expanding and preparing the neurons, axons and chemical messages in the brain to completely take over the human host.

p<>{color:#000;}. Positive – HBH – Hijacked Brain Humans – The Nanomole takes control of a human body and walks to upload areas. Bioparasites (Darclonians in microbes) merge with the Nanomole and the humans become DHWs.

  • Humans are able to see, feel and hear everything around them, but can’t control their own bodies and are prisoners.


Nanodrones – Advanced prototype organic nanobots that were specially made to work with Jaden’s body. They work with his body in a collective of different groups and do many tasks.


Nanobots – Metallic, mechanical, microscopic robots that work with Andromedian biomechanical bodies and spaceships.


Optic-warp – The Andromedian species way of traveling through space at a fast rate. The ship approaches a local star at the speed of light, and then the ship breaks down into Quadrillion of molecules and slingshots through subspace at 6-90 second light-years.


Shield technologies


Clockwise – Forward – 2 layers – First outside layer destroys objects by ripping apart its molecules and atoms. A part of plasma gasification. Second layer protects object or person inside the shield with solid energy force. Powerful projectiles can force through shield systems (gravity x force). The person, depending on the speed it traveled, can feel the force inside. The shield can change into any shape.


Counterclockwise – reverse – 3 Layers – First layer slows projectile and absorbs blast. Second layer gravity matrix analyzes material and stays in one place. It then recycles it into the shield whirlpool, which can be turned into a weapon for firing. Third layer protects objects or person inside with a solid force.


Gravity shockwave – It pulls gravity forces from ground level from all directions and leaves a smoky haze. The object caught in the pathway of the weapon instantly loses its gravity and propels forward at high speed. The object suddenly changes directions towards the ground at 3-4 times its body weight.


TC-100 – An instrument that scans through foreign material. It’s like a high powered x-ray scanner that can see inside of aliens and foreign materials.


UF1-retrac team – The UFO police team that specializes in analyzing a
UFO and preparing it for transport to Area 51 for research.
They analyze the ship, check for radiation. They work for the
government in a special sector and are mostly civilians.


Wraithstalkers – Lightly armed Darclonian ships used for recon missions.













BIO-SAPIEN book 6 - Rise of the Dark energy Knight

The first female president proves her self as a fighter and leader for her country. She battles it out against robots in an exo-skeleton suit and proves that a female can kick ass if she has too. Darclonians want to turn all humans into a “Walking Black Hole” (weapon of mass destruction) to take over this universe and then the next. Jaden’s BIO-engineered body is the key to perfecting this weapon. A Dark Energy Knight touches down on Earth and proves to be an unstoppable force against humanity. An enemy with the powers of a blackhole is an evil only Jaden can face. Jaden can feel the Darclonian mothership sitting behind Earth’s moon waiting to take over human minds and body as the countdown gets closer to 0. The nanomoles in human brains are keeping them walking around like zombies and making them prisoners in their own body. Jaden feels an evil force inside of him spreading around his body turning him into something else. Jaden wants answers to what he is turning into and wants to find out what the Darclonians want with him and humans. He hitches a ride from on top of the Taipai 101 building and is beamed onto the mothership. Jaden is shocked at what he sees humans are being used for. Jaden has some tough choices to make as he meets the evil Dark Energy Queen of manipulation. The life of every human being is in Jaden’s hands.

  • Author: Vlane Carter
  • Published: 2017-05-31 09:35:37
  • Words: 73456
BIO-SAPIEN  book 6 - Rise of the Dark energy Knight BIO-SAPIEN  book 6 - Rise of the Dark energy Knight